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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills S4E21 Reunion

by BB

Hey, all you RHOBH fans!  Golly!  I’ve been anxiously anticipating Part 2 of this reunion for a week.  I’ve been excited all day!  I’m so stoked about it, I can’t even put it into words.  I hope this recap does it justice because such quality television programming deserves nothing but the best.

Being the expert moderator that he is, Andy starts off this portion of the reunion by talking about fitness and beauty and asking all of the ladies if they’ve had any “work” done recently; you know, plastic surgery, botox, fillers, that type of thing.  It’s a great start by Andy, although I’m a little surprised by this question, since they all look so completely natural with their youthful faces and hardly any makeup at all.  They sure were lucky when it came to the gene pool.  Oh wow.  That Andy is so smart.  He must have had some inside information because two of them confess!  Kyle does botox, but not fillers.  Brandi does botox and fillers but swears her cheeks are the same as they’ve always been, no matter what Andy says.   Joyce says her tagline about being two thin isn’t hers.  Hers was totally different, but I didn’t happen to catch what it was.  Lisa, Yolanda, Kim, Joyce, and Carlton don’t answer the question about having work done, so I’m assuming none of them have had any and are their natural selves.  I tell you, these reunions are so full of shocking revelations.  Just think, we all would have gone through life not knowing something this important had Andy not been on top of the situation.  Whew, that was close!

So, I’ve been wondering about Carlton’s religion all season.  She finally explains it in one sentence.  It’s all nature and vibrations and such.   So that’s what it’s all about!  I did not know that.  Why didn’t she say so from the beginning?  Perhaps if she had when Kyle first asked her about it, things would have been completely different between Carlton and Kyle.  They just got off on the wrong foot, that’s all.  I have such hope that one day Kyle and Carlton will become good friends.  I think it’s possible for them to come to a meeting of the minds about bee murder, Lisa’s nipple, tits on an ant, Jewish stars, pentagrams, confessionals, crosses, anti semitism, bigotry, how jewelry fits together, and important things like that.  I really, really do.   Hopefully Kyle can apologize for calling Carlton a liar, a hypocrite, a phony and a fraud.  She’s off to a good start by apologizing for the anti semitic remark.  Maybe Carlton can find it in her heart to apologize to Kyle for calling her rude and a bigot.  No matter where they are or what they say now, I truly see a close friendship between these two in the future.

RHOBH S4E21_1Oh, lawdy!  My heart literally melted watching all the moms with their kids, especially Kim’s Kimberly and Yolanda’s GiGi going off to college.  There are some questions I wish Andy would have asked though.  Like: Who’s looking after Kim now?  Who’s making the adult decisions in Kim’s house?  Who’s monitoring GiGi’s caloric intake and exercise regimen?  Is Yolanda now grooming Bella for her future modeling career?  So many important questions unanswered!  Perhaps it’s a good thing Brandi’s ex won’t allow her boys on television because Brandi says she’s scared of what they might say.  I wonder why she would be afraid of that because I’m sure they haven’t heard anything inappropriate from their mom or witnessed any inappropriate behavior in Brandi’s house.  Puzzling thing for Brandi to say.

RHOBH S4E21_2Kim and Lisa have a completely rationale and adult conversation about their issues.  Kim sincerely apologizes to Lisa for missing a large chunk of her life and her children’s lives, along with a party or two.  While Kim is apologizing, she says Lisa is full of shit and calls her a big liar.  Kim doesn’t remember Lisa ever calling her in the past four “missing large chunks of her life” years.  It’s so confusing because Kim really cares for Lisa, but at the same time, she wouldn’t trust Lisa with a shoe or an old pair of socks.  Kim sincerely apologizes for calling Ken a grumpy old man, but says he is mean.  I can’t quite figure out if Kim hates Lisa and Ken or if she wants to be best friends with them.  Perhaps one day Lisa will invite Kim to go into some type of joint business venture with her.  I could see that happening.

Brandi, Brandi, Brandi.  She’s so misunderstood.  Many little things piled up on poor Brandi that threw her into a deep, dark hole of depression.  She was having landlord problems (and still is to this day although not with the same landlord) and she was having major issues with her dad that her mom didn’t want any part of.  Lisa tried to help Brandi, but Brandi pushed her away.  I guess Lisa didn’t try hard enough.  Can you blame a girl with such problems if she leans on wine a little too heavily?  I mean wine and Lexapro are a depressed woman’s best friends, are they not?  Oh, and don’t even get me started on those demon paparazzi hounding Brandi every time she leaves the house.  How dare Joyce spill the beans that her publicist told her Brandi always calls the paps and tells them where she’ll be every time she goes out.  This just cannot be true.  I always assumed the paparazzi stayed camped outside of Brandi’s house and followed her because she’s such a famous person and all.  You learn something new every day about these housewives.

And may I just say something about Yolanda?  There’s a reason I call her the Caroline Manzo of Beverly Hills.  In this reunion episode, Yolanda definitely did not disappoint.  She did what she always does because she’s an expert in human behavior and is knowledgeable in all things.  She explains how all the other women are feeling and the reasons they say and do the things they do.  She knows what’s going on in all of their brains and what they are thinking.  She can speak for them.  Gosh, to think she is capable of doing that even though her own brain has been affected by Lyme disease.  That’s so impressive!

Boy oh boy, this 2nd part of the Beverly Hills reunion was AWESOME!   I learned so many things I didn’t know before.  Thank goodness Bravo does these reunions.  I cannot wait until next week.  Woo hoo!


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Kristen Isn’t Taking Sides, But She Believes Carole

Me again. I would like to remind you all that I am not a writer, just a Housewife with a “Real” in front of that. The good news is I hear that writing is much like sending a long email. Oh, my bad that’s for writing a book not a blog. Well anyhoo, here we go. . .#ghostwriter

I can tell you have no one to edit your writing.  #noghostwriter

I hope you all paid close attention to  Carole and Aviva’s lunch, I know I did. This damn lunch. We all heard about this lunch for four months. It was a she said/she said. No one really knew what happened — just Aviva and Carole. Until now!!! Did you notice the thunder and rain in this scene? Did they put that in? Carole, Aviva was it really raining and stormy that day outside or just inside? I loved when they scanned the restaurant and how uncomfortable Carole was the whole time. Aviva was trying make Carole comfortable or so she thought — the glasses thing (so weird), the moving men, and the bowl of pasta. I missed that? Did Carole love pasta last Season?

It really seemed like Carole walking into the restaurant was already off-putting towards Aviva.  It’s like she expected a verbal attack to happen or something bad to come up and as a result wasn’t comfortable in Aviva’s presence.  Aviva also had something planned up her sleeves when she brought out the glasses and watched for Carole’s reaction.  Carole already poked fun of Luann when she wore her cape after Carole wore a cape so I’m sure Aviva bringing out the glasses would probably prompt a wise-ass remark.  The whole scene was heavily edited and certain words these women said to each other may have been missed. 

Listen I am not a writer (Obviously! — “Not the sharpest tool in the shed”). But to imply that Carole had a ghostwriter is pretty down right cruel. She fanned on her so hard last Season, loved her book and her writing, and now is implying that she had a ghostwriter. I think Aviva should have just admitted if she I looked into ghost/cowriters and just found (like via long email) that she was able to to it on my own. There is nothing wrong with that. The only other friend that I have that’s written books is Brandi. She sits and she writes (like a long email. Yes, puts in tons of work). Then gives it to her CO-WRITER, who tweaks it and puts it together. Brandi has praised her co-writer! #justsaying. I think one can learn a lot from good old Walt Disney. #Pinocchio

#Pinocchio=Brandi #onceinabluemoontellsthetruth #justsaying

I think that you will see a lot of us ladies just confused by this whole #BookGate. Wonering whose side do we take? Who do we believe? It’s crazy to finally see how it unfolded. I am new to the group and don’t want to take sides just yet. It’s really not my fight. But if you ask me if Carole wrote her book, I say yes 150 percent or 100 percent — whatever, you know what I mean. #TooMuchPinot.

It is smart not to take sides.

I do think that Aviva was being overly sensitive, mean, gossipy about the whole thing. Even Ramona was surprised by Aviva’s behavior.

I don’t think Ramona was surprised by Aviva’s behavior.  It was how Aviva was behaving towards Carole.  They were friends last season.

At this point when I went out with the girls in the park, let’s remember I literally just met all of these woman except for Heather. I wasn’t at this lunch. I need to sit back and listen form my own opinions. I am listening, listening. . . Wait. . .her Dad’s a sex addict? My face.  I had no idea and boy do I find out — #staytuned.  (I also don’t usually exercise with that much make up.)

I guess it is too late to warn you to wear a suit of armor when meeting George.  Wait, didn’t you watch last season?

I DO NOT LET MY KIDS DRINK BEER OR WINE.  So funny Cashy’s quick response though right? #Reality. Kingsley throwing food on the floor, etc. Can we talk about what a mess my house is with toys everywhere! UGH.  It’s so nice spending time with Heather and her family. Our kids get along great as do the hubbies. We had just an all around great time!

I’m sure your house will be a mess until your kids get into their teens.  #thatslifewithkids

Okay. . .so Kingsley. She did this crazy crab crawl. Did anyone else’s child crawl like that? #TweetMe So when she was six months old she hit all of her milestones except rolling over and she never did a traditional crawl. My mommy instincts told me there was an issue, but my pediatrician said it was fine. #SecondOpinion I got rid of that doc quick. I saw a new one and got a physical evaluation (the super expensive evaluation where she cried so much she threw up — and I nearly cried and threw up). The results were that she was physically delayed and that she was indeed in need of physical therapy. Serious therapy, like three days a week. She is doing fine now but, as a mother, it breaks your heart. You just wonder where she would be today if we didn’t get that second opinion. It’s hard. It’s a year later and she is walking (no more crab crawl), but for some reason I am still emotional about it and having a hard time writing this. . .and I am not quiet sure why?

It is great that your instincts told you to get a second opinion.  Doctors are human and can make mistakes.  You really need to be an advocate for yourself and your family and educate yourself.

OK, she got fit for braces to help support her back and legs. We call them here “pretty girl shoes” or her “butterfly shoes.” The shoes give her the support she needs in her legs and ankles to help her to strengthening her back, etc. We try and get her to wear them at least once a day. It’s harder now that she is into all sorts of fun girl’s shoes. We do the best we can. Day by day. Listen, if I didn’t catch this early on would she have been OK? Yes, OK, but struggling. I am very happy that I caught it early.

I was crying watching Heather talk about Jax and all the struggles that she went through. Wow, unbelievable. I remember meeting her and hearing all about it. I am not that religious of a person, but I believe that God only gives you what you can handle. Jax’s story really makes you understand just how important organ donation is. Heather is one tough cookie, one kick butt business woman, a loving wife, an amazing mother and supportive, faithful, loyal, loving friend. Just don’t cross her! #BOSSYPANTS

It is amazing what she has accomplished as a professional and what she went through as a mother.  She is one strong lady.

Aviva’s move. She states the most stressful things in life: divorce, check; death, check (her mother); and moving, check. All that with a horrible accident. Hello, just meeting her and hearing all about this. Does anyone else think that this is where all of her pent up anger is coming from? That’s a lot of stuff for one “Leggy Blonde.”

I know people that have gone through much worse and don’t release their anger on anyone else. 

This was my first spray tan ever! I had no idea what to expect. Let’s be clear. The fabulous Sonja Morgan invites you over for anything, you accept and make the hike all the way uptown! Krysten, the spray tan girl, is amazing! She is from Connecticut like me and I use her all the time now. She came over last weekend! I think most of the other girls are using her, too. 

She might invite you one day to come over and sharpie her Chanel bags.

Alrighty, so I get invited to Sonja’s for the spray tan. I was told to bring a bikini. I didn’t. I am not big on tan lines and well, I was hoping maybe the footage would never see the light of day. Ha ha, yeah right. The ONLY THING I forgot to mention to Josh the whole Season was that I spray tanned nearly naked. He was pissed when he saw it. Oops. . .I explained that it was like being in a bikini, and it wasn’t like I was dancing topless on a bar or something? He felt like it was way too much skin to show. Oy vey.

Why would your husband be pissed?  I’m sure as a model you have exposed your body before.  It was just awkward that Sonja was checking you out the entire time.

On to Aviva and Heather in the nail salon. Who is your audience? Aviva responds, “Anyone who reads I guess?” Even I could come up with a better pitch then that.

I guess Heather diverged from the script in Aviva’s head.  She didn’t expect her to ask that question.

Really low blow when Aviva makes that messed up comment in the interview about Heather’s business. #belowthebeltnotcool And stop talking about the ghostwriter! Moving on, Aviva’s new home is AMAZING! She is a gracious host! The bar was set up in her bedroom. That was weird, I was scared to spill or mess something up. The paint on some of the walls was practically still wet. The bed thing with Harry and Sonja and Reid and Aviva — so BIZARRE.  Imagine keeping your bed from you ex?  I do think that it is really cool that they are all so close.

Ok so this is interesting.  Did Aviva keep her bed she shared with her ex Harry?  Was Harry saying jokingly that he gifted the bed to her?

150 percent, 100 percent, whatever. I had a bit too much Ramona on the rocks and at that point, I had only just met these woman. Hello, you try sitting next to Ramona and see how you do. Ghostwriter/cowriter — whatever you knew what I meant!  Bad analogy with the example with the modeling in my interview — and that’s all I have to say about that. Ha ha. UGH this whole fight. Here we go, get ready this is only the beginning!!  Why is Aviva so hell bent on fighting with Carole about something that is so trivial and not even true? Aviva is just so aggressive. It’s not a competition!!

Aviva is angry that Carole ignored her during the off season and she is making her pay.

It’s really just like comparing apples to spaceships! Best line ever. #TEAMCAROLE.  Hindsight is 20/20.

Sonja is the Switzerland of #BookGate

Carole meets Aviva to talk booksoup and oh my, here goes Aviva again with the awkward, nervous comments. I almost died when she took out the eye glasses. I know she wanted to compliment Carole by buying the same glasses as her, but we saw Carole’s reaction last year when LuAnn mimicked her style in London. Carole said, “The bitch stole my look!” She didn’t take it as flattery, and now her book. LOL. She says the best flattery is flattery! I am definitely going to use that line. I have stolen other lines of Carole’s so why not? I’m also guilty of copying her!

Kristen stole Carole’s “crazy drunk aunts” line.  It seems like everyone likes to emulate Carole.  She does have great fashion sense.

Carole’s a professional writer and says that’s all she has. We know she is much more than a writer, she is one cool cat. But for Carole, her books are a major part of her identity. It’s not something she does on the side. It’s her THING.

I think that is why Aviva attacked her career.  It is where Carole gets most of her self-worth.  The question is why Aviva attacked.  Is this just her way of remaining on the show or does she feel insecure because she never had a job outside the home?

Aviva writes her memoir as a way to help others with their pain and to get over her own. I know when I perform my sing-song, self-depreciating comic skits and share my bargain fashion tips, I do it to help others and to liberate myself. I understand where Aviva is coming from, and I also understand where Carole is coming from. This is not registering with Carole and she does not congratulate Aviva for her accomplishment because she feels her unique talents are slighted. On another note what they should really be fighting about are those lips: whose are better? If I thought I could get a pair like that I would get them done!

Didn’t Aviva say she did not have a ghostwriter write her memoir and that may have been a lie?  Regarding Carole’s unique talents, she does have a writing style that is consistent in her blogs.  I definitely don’t think she used a ghostwriter.  I’m sure it is okay to get an editor or a friend to read your work to make sure it makes sense or for spelling or grammatical errors.

Last year, Aviva said Ramona had an alcohol problem. Yet, each one of their encounters has taken place over a glass of wine. First the tequila shots, and now Aviva really knows how to break the ice. She choses to meet at a liquor store to buy more alcohol! We can see that she definitely wants to get on Ramona’s good side when she calls her an expert in wine. I have to admit she can be charming when she wants to.

Last season Aviva attacked Ramona by calling her an alcoholic and now she is drinking socially with Ramona.  It seems she needs a friend on her side while she attacks Carole but I doubt Ramona would forget how viciously Aviva attacked her last season.

I really have to commend Heather for her contributions to organ donation and her dedication to helping save all those children’s lives. Jax is so cute and such a gift. I reached out and got her involved with the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center through the The Intimate Apparel Square Club (IASC), which dedicates its fundraising to support pediatric rehabilitation services at Rusk as well as programs at Tisch Hospital and the NYU Henry and Lucy Moses Center for Students with Disabilities. She donated her valuable time, as I have, to support kids in rehab who are recovering from burns and other debilitating injuries. I really appreciate and respect her support for children.

I hope the producers would showcase these charities as we watch during the season.

One thing I like about Harry and Aviva is that they are on the same page on parenting. That’s why it’s so important to me that they continue to get along even though they went through a tough divorce at one point. Kids always come first in my book and Harry’s son with Aviva, Harrison, is such a great kid. I’ve known Harry for almost 30 years. We dated decades ago, so he’s trying to rekindle our romance. Aviva seems surprised by this, but is 100 percent behind this. It’s really the best for all of us if Harry and I settle down. However, I’m committed to Ben right now. By the way, I sent Harry home right after. . .to be continued. I know, I know. . .I looked provocative.

You sent Harry home right after… drunk monkey sex?

I feel like Kristen could use some Sonja Style to spice things up, so I’m taking her under my wing: first lingerie shopping and now spray tanning. She seems to be at a loggerhead in her marriage, a bit fed up with the tiring side of motherhood and at a momentary standstill in her career. I just want to help her over that speed bump. Like I said in my last blog, I hate for moms to give up their power to marriage and momhood. She has some spunk even though I make the Stepford Wives jokes.

I thought you were doing those things to check her out.

First, we heard from Aviva that her publisher said Carole’s book needed eight months and that it came from a ghostwriter. Now we see Aviva come into the salon with Heather, who suddenly knows everything about Aviva’s book and the industry. It’s amazing how these girls all seem to know about each other’s books and who wrote them.

Aviva apparently spends a lot of time on the street hearing things in the book industry.

I still stand with what I said. If Carole says no co-writer, there’s no co-writer. If there is a ghostwriter, that’s her business. She should be happy that Aviva has a publisher and was able to write a memoir where shares her experience and guides other people through their pain. After all, Aviva has definitely been through a lot of pain. Aviva is voicing how denigrated she felt towards Carole’s reaction to the fact that she wrote the book. I someone who helped Aviva write her book, though I don’t remember her name or if she was an editor, a cowriter or a publisher. She does admit to having help of some sort. I’m confused about all this, are you?

I thought Aviva said she wrote her book herself, like an email and had someone edit it when she spoke to Carole.  Aviva is just taking the piss out of Carole.  She is trying to get her off her high horse about her career because Aviva never had one.

Doesn’t everyone Sharpie their bags? I thought they did! My daughter made a joke that you can fix and do everything with a Sharpie: bags, eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner, autographs, beauty marks and even the wrinkles on your ass. And, yes, I always use a bottle brush to clean those hard to get to places in the toilet. My toilets are French and fussy (in case you caught that in the Preview)!

I know certain designer bags can go up in value after a certain time.  Doesn’t Sharpie-ing you bags make the bags lose value?

I love Scalinatella restaurant on the East Side of Manhattan. I’ve been going there since they first opened. It’s a top restaurant that I used to bring my international power set when I was a luxury brand, restaurant, and hotel consultant. I started building my brand when I was 12 years old. I first started as a beauty pageant contestant, and later became an international model and actress, student at a fashion school in marketing, luxury brand consultant, restaurateur, producer, writer, performer, movie producer, and now an international entrepreneurial fashion lifestyle brand. When Harry says, “Just do one of these things,” he doesn’t understand that the brand I’m building is not something you just casually take and tack onto any one product. It must be launched properly and in synergy with the entire brand ID.

I feel bad for Sonja when she says “I used to bring my international power set.”  She can’t move forward when she is constantly dreaming about her past life.  Harry is looking out for her best interest (and getting some nookie on the side) by giving her that advice to do one thing.  Do one thing that is successful and build on that.

What I really need is an investor who is big enough to take it global. After all, you can’t put Sonja in a toaster oven box. My brand and I are timeless without a shelf life. Classic, and fashionable, yet unabashably me! Like Chanel Number 5. There’s no rush to grab the brass ring!

You should grab something while the cameras are on you because you never know how long you will be holding the golden apple.

Ramona: Aviva Was Stirring the Pot

Aviva is working on getting in the good graces of some of the ladies in group. She was drinking wine with me and now buying glasses like Carole?!? Aviva doesn’t realize that, with Carole, imitation is not a form of flattery. Does she not remember how Carole reacted when LuAnn wore a cape in London that was similar to hers the day after she wore it? Does she not remember Carole’s negative reaction to being imitated??

It’s a little too single white female for Carole’s comfort.

Numerous people use ghost writers but I don’t think this is a question one asks a writer. I would like to believe Aviva’s question to Carole was asked in innocence.

It might have been an innocent question that Carole took as offensive but if you are acting like you are Carole’s biggest fan, you should know her work and know that she is not hiring someone else to do her profession for her.  In hindsight, Aviva acting like Carole’s number one fan last season seems pretty fake.

I had fun shopping at Vintage Grape for wines with Aviva. I must admit I liked the fact she was going to serve Ramona Pinot in addition to Rosé at her party.

Of course you would.  Sell girl, sell.

I was really stunned when Aviva discussed her lunch with Carole with me. I have never experienced Carole being condescending in any way. Aviva seemed to be truly upset about what went down with Carole at their lunch. She was expressing her feelings of disappointment and frustration with the lack of help she was getting from Carole. But, on the other hand, I felt Aviva was stirring the pot.

Aviva also had discussed her disappointment with others about you last season after the blow-up in St. Bart’s and you objected to the things she said.  She could have exaggerated the description of the lunch with Carole as well.

When I got to Aviva’s new home I must say I thought she did a great job on it. She got it together so quickly! When she started speaking to me again about Carole and her book, and now in front of our new friend Kristen, I felt I had no choice but to let Carole know. There seemed to be a major miscommunication, and I felt Carole should address Aviva on the comments she was making to the group so things would not get out of control.

And then there is Ramona stirring the pot too.  Hey, as long as she is not attacking you, right?

Heather on Her Most Precious Gift

Heather’s blog was about organ donation and her son.  I checked the organ donation box at the DMV and filled out the form that asks you which organs you would like to donate because if I can’t use them anymore, someone else might as well.

At 16 years old, I went to the DMV to get my license. I checked the box to be an Organ and Tissue donor, and I used a woman behind me in line as my witness. It was a no-brainer for me, a decision I made on the spot without hesitation.

Who would have known that so many years later, I would be the one benefiting from the life-saving donation made by another? Instead of the one giving, (which is the sole thought I had when choosing to be an organ donor), I was the one receiving.

When Jax received his life-saving liver transplant at just six months of age, it was a gift that you can never ever imagine. It was so very special, but at the same time, we knew there was a tragedy on the other end. The conflicting realities are the most bittersweet feelings you could ever experience. Feelings that my words can’t justly portray.

It was a most precious gift.

Our donor was a beautiful, vibrant and profound young man named Donald Blair. In his death, Don touched 50 lives because he was a donor.

One organ and tissue donor can save and improve the lives of over 50 others — and so your decision to give matters.

Through my research and life as an organ donor, an advocate, and a recipient, I have learned so much and have heard many of the hesitations that keep people from registering to be a donor.

Today, I would like to highlight the important facts about organ donation and encourage you to check that box RIGHT HERE to become a donor!


It’s simple! If you’re not a donor, you can register online HERE. You simply select your state, fill out the form, and press send! Then share your decision to give with your family and friends.


If you are taken to the hospital after an accident, it is the hospital’s NUMBER ONE priority to save YOUR LIFE. Your status as a donor is not even considered until every effort has been made to save your life.


Your age or health shouldn’t stop you! Even if you’re a drinker or a smoker, you have organs and/or tissues that can save a life! Organs have even been recovered from people in their nineties! Donation eligibility is determined by professionals at time of death, don’t rule yourself out!


All major religions in the US support organ and tissue donation. Read your religion’s statement on donation and talk to your religious leader.


A donor’s family will not have to pay for any medical expenses associated with the donation.


Organ donation and transplantation is very successful! In the United States last year, over 26,750 people received organ transplants and over a million tissue transplants were performed!

PEOPLE YOU KNOW TOUCHED BY ORGAN DONATION — and they had to wait their turn for an available organ — just like us. There is no such thing as preferential treatment when it comes to organ and tissue donation. This is one of those things money can’t buy. Celebrities and the rich, just like everyone else, wait on the transplant list until their required life-saving organ becomes available.

Sometimes you have to put the brakes on and put everything into perspective. And today, I am pressing pause on the drama, and the entertainment the show holds to talk about something that really counts!

Please take a moment to seriously consider being a donor. If you have already made the decision and you are a registered donor, thank you from the bottom of my heart! And spread the word by taking a photo of your license (covering up your info), and tweeting it @iamheathert  #donatelife

If you haven’t, I hope you will consider it for the first time or re-consider it with some of the facts I’ve provided here. Organ and tissue donation and transplantation provide a second chance at life for thousands of people each year. You have the opportunity to be one of the individuals who make these miracles happen.

By deciding to be a donor, you give the gift of hope for the thousands of individuals awaiting organ transplants and hope for the millions of individuals whose lives could be enhanced through tissue transplants.

Think about that — if Don was not a donor, 50 people, including my little boy, would likely be living a very different life or would not have been able to sustain one.

I always say, the only thing you need intact when you pass-on is your soul! But there are so many people left behind, whose lives you can touch with the selfless act of organ and tissue donation.

You can think of it as the last call you will make or the most important call you will receive.

DO NOT WAIT FOR THINGS TO HAPPEN TO YOU. . .MAKE THINGS HAPPEN TO YOU. You are responsible for the majority of your overall happiness; your success, your accomplishments, your life. Take control while you have time, the resources, and the energy. Practice on being the best possible person you can be. This is your one chance, please make it count”– Don Blair (Note to Self, 2004)

Carole: This Blog Was Ghostwritten by Stephen King

If you happened to read my Twitter feed over the weekend, then you know — a lot happened between seasons. Life keeps rolling after the cameras stop, and it impacts our relationships on screen. Andy often says in interviews that Housewives, off-camera, are pretty much the same as they are on and it’s true.

I love that Sarah Paulson is on your side IN CAPS.  Don’t mess with the new Supreme. #AHS

You probably guessed this — my friendship with Aviva was nearly non-existent already when we met for lunch at the St. Bart’s café. (I should have known. As we learned, nothing good comes out of St. Bart’s.)

Ha ha!  I didn’t realize you guys had lunch at the St. Bart’s café.

I can’t pretend to feel something I don’t (ask my ex-boyfriends). I’m a lot of things but not a liar or a phony, even when I know it’s in my best interest to be. I’m no actress, either, or I would have acted like Aviva and I were old friends catching up over iced tea in that first scene, which is what she wanted to do. Instead, I frowned so much that after watching the episode I ran straight to my dermatologist!

Turn those frown lines upside down.

This Isn’t About Writing, It’s about Lying

All that talk of moving men, glasses, and copyediting made me cringe. I couldn’t stop shoving bread in my mouth. This might be the most awkward lunch since President Bush vomited at a banquet with the Japanese Prime Minister!

And don’t forget you kicked her good leg under the table.  Doesn’t moving men do it for you? Moving things?  Yeah awkward.

I don’t really care that, as Aviva said, she “single white femaled” me and I don’t care that Aviva had a ghostwriter. No one does. The only person who seems to care is Aviva. I think its great if anyone gets published these days. Publishing is a tough business. Remember what I said about LuAnn’s book last season. I’m nothing if not consistent. And I didn’t even like her much then! [Spoiler alert: Now I love her.]

That’s interesting.  Now you love Luann.  Let me guess.  She decided to show you her real personality when the cameras aren’t filming.  I have always said that Luann would be more popular if she didn’t show her “Countess” side to the audience.  I think she would be more relatable and lovable without the walls and the haughty, condescending demeanor.  I always look forward to a new season where she is more herself in front of the cameras.

So this isn’t about books, it’s about behavior. I can’t understand why Aviva is so set on being dishonest when it’s much easier to tell the truth. It’s common procedure in the industry for people with little or no professional writing experience to get a book deal because of their profile, and then hire a writer.  (Although I know which ghostwriter Aviva worked with, out of professional courtesy to the writer and to Aviva’s publisher, I’m not going to name her. But she is well-known in the industry and has penned many books, including several by reality stars.)

I wonder if she feels she can get more press for her book by starting a fight with another cast member about ghostwriting.

Aviva was looking for a way to promote her book on the show, I get that. She knew that by engaging me in a drama about writing she’d get a lot of attention, which she did. There is nothing the Bravo likes more than a Housewife talking about another Housewife behind her back, again and again and again. So if I helped Aviva sell some books, that’s great. It’s not how I would have done it. But I’m sure my Thank You note’s in the mail.

Don’t count on it.  It would be funny if Carole seeks out the publisher that told Aviva Carole’s book was passed up because it needed work and sue the publisher for slander.

Who Drew First Blood?

I know it’s dramatic, but like an extra on Game of Thrones, Aviva told Heather that it was. . .I who drew first blood!

Like a Stallone movie.

I did? Here’s what happened, it’s simple. Aviva asked me to vet a ghostwriter for her, a woman her publisher suggested. So I did. During our lunch at St. Bart’s I asked her about it, during a long conversation we were having about writing. “Did you end up hiring the writer?” Those are the words that launched Bookgate. I had no idea she was going to lie to me and say she didn’t use one. Had she been honest I would have supported her whole-heartedly, as I did when she signed her book deal, and that would have ended what was already an awkward scene.

Why did she feel she had to lie in the first place other than the obvious getting press for her book?  It isn’t a bad thing for a person who is not a writer to use a ghostwriter.  Give someone a job in this crap economy!

Instead, she said she wrote the book herself. As she described it, it was fun, like “writing a long email.” Ouch! No offense to long-emailers but writing a book is nothing like that.

As you can see in the scene from my blank stare, I was puzzled. She was lying and I could have said, right then, “That’s not true. You went through two writers before you found one who would work with you. Your contract was close to being canceled. . .for failure to deliver.” I could have run to everyone else on the show with gossip about her. I didn’t. Instead, I said nothing.

That is a big mistake on a housewife show.  You should have disclosed that info right away as soon as Aviva started talking crap about you.

Let’s be clear: Me asking her about a ghostwriter (a woman she wanted to hire, who we had talked about) is not the same as her asking me. I am by profession a writer, she knows that, and she is not. Aviva acts ignorant of all of this as if she is — Surprise, Surprise — the victim. Please. Get over yourself. In typical Aviva fashion she goes on and on and on. First telling Ramona, then Heather, and then Sonja and Kristen.

The target is always the last to know.

Bitch in the Whine Shop

Even Ramona, who has seen her fair share of drama, is confused with this new absurdity. To cover up her fake story, Aviva behaves like a seven-year-old. She makes up a distraction story. She says: She didn’t have to hire a ghostwriter. But guess who did? Carole! And Aviva even knows his name! Imagine that. This whole time, I could have had someone else writing my books/columns/articles while I took kickboxing classes, or learned Mah Jongg.

Will the person who was named Carole’s ghostwriter by Aviva please stand forward?  No one?  Yup! Aviva was lying.

What Aviva keeps calling “silly show drama” is called something else by the legal community — Slander. Slander is serious business. If she were a lawyer as she claims then she would know that. I’ll rely on the intelligence of the audience to see through what she is doing. I think she makes it easy.

Which is why you should sue the imaginary publisher that puts imaginary info on the imaginary street!

Unlike Aviva, the wine from Provence explodes, but then settles down. And I’m still waiting for my bottle of Bitch wine.

It Doesn’t Take A Village to Write Book, It Takes a Writer.

It was eye-opening to see that Aviva not only has little respect for me, specifically, but she has even less for working women in general. Instead of celebrating our accomplishments, she belittles them. She does exactly what she accuses me of doing. I have the utmost respect for the life choices she’s made, I think she’s raised a beautiful family. I have never spoken negatively about her life’s work. Yet she feels it’s okay to slander my writing career, reduce my decades-long news career to “a few essays,” and dismiss Heather’s multi-million dollar fashion company as “fat-binding pantyhose.”

What do you expect of an entitled, self absorbed woman?

Same lie again, now to Heather. Did you see it? Don’t blink, it’s quick because she instantly changed the subject to. . .you guessed it! “Carole’s ghostwriter.” Aviva “typed and wrote and consulted” all by herself. Hmm. Typing and writing are, I believe, the same thing. As for consulting, writers don’t do much consulting. They’re busy writing and drinking.

Like I said, “The woman is deranged.”

Housewarming Party From Hell

I didn’t want to go to Aviva’s house but. . .

I even brought a bottle of tequila because I’d heard she and Ramona reconciled over her newfound love of tequila!

But before we get to the Hellish part, how much did you love Heather’s dress? She’s showing Aviva’s image consultant friend. She has a Housewarming Dress! And if she’s not in the mood to wear her Housewarming Dress, she won’t. That is the only line in the entire show that still makes me laugh.

I love Heather for taking on Crazy. She gets it. She, too, has spent 20 years building a career. Speaking of careers — Sonja, love you, but I have the time to write a book because it’s a job. I write and companies pay me for it. That’s how jobs work. (Except for this blog, which Bravo gets for free!)

Kristin might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, as she jokes, but she nails it. She explains that in modeling there is one model; like in publishing, there is one writer. Okay, she loses me there in the end, but for the most part she is the only one who makes sense.

As usual, Ramona is stirring the pot. I don’t blame her. She’s just a pawn in Aviva’s sideshow. And then, yep, I take the bait. Aviva poked and poked until I lost it. I don’t care if she rearranges her own reality, but I care if she rearranges mine. I get mad. Really mad. White! Hot! Mad!

Ramona told you what you needed to know so you can address the situation.  The blow up was going to happen sometime.

Oh no, she’s heard things! Big bad things! Do you get the feeling that sometimes the only thing Aviva hears are voices in her head? (And why does she keep pushing the pasta?)

Aviva’s next book (if she finds a publisher crazy enough to work with her) should be a fictional one.  She knows how to makeup a good story.

Maybe I am John Grisham! It took him three years to finish his first novel and guess what? It was rejected by 30 publishers and had to be overhauled. Imagine that! He re-wrote and re-wrote until he got it. Wait, maybe I’m Stephen King. He chucked his first novel in the garbage then fished it out, overhauled it, and called it “Carrie.”

Before I leave you lovelies (are you still there?) let’s do a quick pop-review:

1. Aviva Says: Bill Whitworth ghostwrites my books. The Truth: Bill Whitworth is a real person, and an editor. He’s not a writer and he’s not a ghostwriter — not mine or anyone else’s. He’s retired now, after a long and distinguished career, but still considered one of the best and most respected editors in the business. Bill makes a cameo on the show!

2. Aviva Says: Her “Publishing House” passed on my novel. The Truth: They didn’t pass, they made an offer. They were one of six publishers who bid on it, but they lost in a heated auction.

3. Aviva Says: Her “Publishing House” told her I hired a ghostwriter. The Truth: Houses can’t talk. Aviva hired a ghostwriter. I have a professional relationship with her “Publishing House” and no one there told her my books are ghostwritten. No one wants to talk to Aviva about anything – surprise, surprise.

Maybe the night watchman told her? Maybe it was the voices in her head. Let’s hope they don’t tell her to burn down the gymnasium.

LuAnn: Aviva Didn’t Ask an Innocent Question

Hello my friends! I’m glad you liked my first blog, and I can’t wait for you to see me on the show beginning April 1. Until then, I’ll provide you with my insight into what is happening with the RHONY.

When I read a memoir, I imagine the author telling the story in her own voice — even if she hired help to get her words on paper. Nonetheless, Carole’s memoir of the time following her husband’s death is deeply personal, and I find it hard to imagine that she didn’t write this book herself.

It is nice that you are taking Carole’s side.  It seems you two have overcome your differences.

Aviva is crafty and she doesn’t ask “innocent” questions (nor do most of the Housewives, who often have ulterior motives). Aviva shouldn’t have asked Carole if she used a ghostwriter because it’s assumed when no one else’s name is on the book jacket that she authored the work herself. Aviva may think Carole was being condescending, but Carole was finding it difficult to take Aviva seriously after she claimed writing her memoir was as easy as writing emails. I think Aviva felt threatened and resorted to hurtful accusations.

Why would she feel threatened?  Because she had someone do her work for her instead of doing it herself?  She wants attention for her book so it would sell.

Aviva couldn’t resist stirring the pot when she shared the rumor that Carole had a ghostwriter with Ramona and Heather. I was surprised that Aviva would confide in Heather or Ramona since both ladies are Carole’s friends. This wasn’t a smart move as Aviva is trying to build friendships. Aviva is a lawyer and she should know that slander could get her in trouble.

Aviva knew Carole’s friends would run to Carole.  They don’t have loyalty towards Aviva.

I loved the scene where Sonja sharpies her bags! It’s a great trick for black bags and shoes when you don’t have the time or the money to spend on new ones. It shows that Sonja has a frugal side and that she understands the fabulousness of vintage.

This scene made me feel bad for Sonja.  Resurrecting old designer bags while getting an unpaid intern do it.  It’s not so fabulous.

I wasn’t surprised that Ramona encouraged Heather to tell Carole about Aviva’s rumor mongering because Heather and Carole are good friends. You never know with Ramona if she’s inciting conflict or really trying to stay neutral for the time being!

Carole would find out anyway watching the show.

Back to Book-Gate, the only name on Carole’s book is her own and that suggests to me that she did not employ a ghostwriter. Carole is absolutely justified to defend herself and she shouldn’t let Aviva spread malicious rumors that could impact her livelihood. In Carole’s situation, I would have confronted Aviva, but I would have chosen a more appropriate time than her housewarming party, an event that Carole should have opted not to attend. Regardless, Aviva’s rumor could have significant impact on Carole’s career and I understand why Carole would want to nip this situation in the bud.

Carole’s suspicions were confirmed when Ramona and Heather told her what Aviva said about the imaginary ghostwriter at the party.  She should confront her then and there so there is no wasting time and Aviva doesn’t have time to prepare other vicious rumors.

Aviva declares #BookGate the dumbest fight in Housewives history and steps out of the responding-to-Carole’s-vitriol business

The centerpiece of this episode is my fight with Carole about the use of ghostwriters. First of all, in the history of all the Real Housewives, everywhere, I officially declare this the STUPIDEST FIGHT EVER. Nothing will change what’s on the show, but I’m not going to continue the fight on my blog, on Twitter, or in an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) cage. So here are my final words on ghostwriters and ghostwriting:

I think the STUPIDEST FIGHT EVER happened on Beverly Hills with Brandi and Yolanda versus Lisa.  They literally fought over tabloid magazines that were never put in a suitcase.

WHO CARES? Who actually wrote the Bible? Did Homer have help on The Iliad and The Odyssey (Was there even a guy names Homer? I mean, other than Simpson)? Was Gordon Lish a co-writer of many of Raymond Carver’s stories, or merely the editor (and is editing every really “merely?”)? Who cares? I’m not comparing my book Leggy Blonde to any of these great works, but the work stands on itself. The only ones who will care or discuss it are historians and haters. I doubt historians will ever take an interest in my book, but the haters are already on the case.

Haters?  You must be reading your Amazon book reviews.

I was pissed at Carole when she dissed my right to write. She feels she’s earned the right to write books because of her several hundred years of experience as a journalist, and further that I don’t because, as she said in the episode, I’m a “nothing, never had a job outside the house.” Ridiculous of course, but then why did I respond to her in that cute pink room and say what I’d heard about her ghostwriter? You know, it’s what I do when I’m attacked; I could have handled that a lot better. Carole can say whatever she wants about me; I’m out of the responding-to-Carole’s-vitriol business.

I guess she needed a reason to understand why you attacked her career.

See, I don’t care if Carole used a ghostwriter, an editor, or room full of monkeys to write her book. It doesn’t matter if it takes a village or a solitary journalist, Carole’s first book is really, really good. Read it. Read mine first, but then read Carole’s. You be the judge.

I guess you don’t really get that you are attacking her career.

OK, I will once and for all, answer Carole’s burning question, “Did I write Leggy Blonde all by myself?” All by myself? No way. I wrote the initial draft then continued working on it with my own superb team, and I don’t think I could have written the book without them — certainly it wouldn’t be the same. I didn’t thank them on the title page; I did in the Acknowledgements but still, regrettably, probably left out a couple of dozen. I admire Carole for doing her book all by herself; it’s a huge task. It was for me anyway.

I thought you said you didn’t use a ghostwriter.  That writing a book was like writing a super long email.   And now you admit Carole did the book herself.

Still, I take responsibility for every word in Leggy Blonde. If you like it, I thank you on behalf of the team. If you don’t, don’t bother sending letters to everyone in the Acknowledgements, aim your arrows on me. It’s my fault. I’m the author. By the way, when you read the Acknowledgements, you’ll notice Carole in there. Yes, I thanked Carole. It was as a fellow member of “Real Housewives,” but I probably should have added as an inspiration. That Carole wrote such a good memoir, encouraged me to do the same. Okay, I take back what I wrote before: If you don’t like my book, blame Carole.

I’d rather spend my money some place else.


Happy Birthday



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  1. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Happy Birthday LavaLady! 🙂

  2. BB says:

    Good morning. Happy Birthday LavaLady! Hope you have a great day.

  3. Iowagirl says:

    Great job BB. Did you draw a short straw to get this job? I just could not watch but I think I got everything I need to know from you. I am saving the hour of my life I gained from not watching the show for something important, I think shopping maybe.

    • BB says:

      Your time would definitely be better spent shopping or doing anything else for that matter. lol

    • mariareads says:

      Great job on the Reunion blog BB! Thanks for doing it. Your funny take on it brought some great snark. I WOULD trust you with my socks (I threw out all my old ones, so they are new-ish) and my shoes LOL!!

    • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

      BB, do your cheeks hurt? I know you were typing all that up with a permasmile.

    • Shiny says:

      Wonderful job – your annotations make the blogs enjoyable. Reading them straight would have me grinding my teeth here and there, but you say what I’m thinking before I even know (or are you Lisa exerting mind control??….)

      • Shiny says:

        That was to both Ramonacoaster and BB on the reunion summary and blogs- can you tell I need more coffee?

  4. ladebra says:

    Great job BB and Ramonacoaster, thank you. I must admit, I FF through most of Bravo programming.

    Be safe and warm! Happy Tuesday.

  5. Thanks for the blogs! I am so over BH, but enjoying NY especially see neighbor places.

  6. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you’re doing well. I’m sorry I haven’t been on the blog. I just haven’t been feeling well. I didn’t watch BH reunion, DWTS, or much if anything. I hope to read up today. Sigh. It’s snowing again!! I’ve had enough. Calgon take me away. You all have a great day and I hope you’re not getting snow.

  7. mariareads says:

    Sorry you are not feeling well, Powell. Rest up! Rumor of snow here for tomorrow. I.Want.It.To.Stop.

  8. Jill…no not THAT Jill says:

    Good morning friends-snow again this afternoon!! Really? I’m over snow and all winter related things-and most BH things too!!
    I did find this on twitter this morning though and found it quite interesting…Carlton and Alison…a match made in heaven or wherever!!!!

    This certainly explain Alison and her recent tweets-I like how she thinks she’s so slick tweeting crap about Kyle as if all these things just “came” to her on a psychic vision…hahaha!!!

  9. mariareads says:

    Ramonacoaster! Thanks for the NY blogs blogged! I’m enjoying NY so far.

  10. BB says:

    Did you guys notice the looks of complete panic on Kim’s and Kyle’s faces when Lisa brought up Kim’s son’s broken leg that turned out to be something else? Kim shot that down immediately with a complete denial that Lisa ever made any calls or texted her about her son. Pretty obvious Kim did not want to go there. Could that have been about the alleged rumor of one of Kim’s kids getting a 72 hour hold after wandering around the street naked and incoherent right before the PR trip? Notice I said alleged and rumor. Was that a warning shot fired by Lisa? Makes you wonder.

    • Jules says:

      too bad lisa is not a mean girl. Mean girl would have told everything about the son’s issue to prove she was in on the discussion.

    • BB says:

      Oh yeah. Kim denied she mentioned her son to Lisa in PR when Lisa said she did. Hmmmm.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Imagine if it had been Brandi with that information.

    • mariareads says:

      I don’t think that was a warning shot by Lisa. I think Lisa was trying to tell Kim that she HAD called her when she heard that something had happened to her son and I think she was being sincere. Yes, I saw that K & K didn’t want to go there. But I truly believe Lisa was just trying to defend herself and reassure Kim that she does care about her. I think Kim is very difficult to be friends with no matter what. She has so many issues that stepping on her toes is very easy. It’s hard to know what to say to Kim without setting off a firestorm.

      • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

        I don’t think it was a warning shot, just proof that she has some genuine care about Kim’s son. I wonder if she actually heard about it from Kathy and didn’t want to “out” her for it.

        Kim is a train wreck, and a horrible, nasty narcisistic one at that.

        • shamrockblonde says:

          Lisa could have gone a very different way with that conversation but in spite of being attacked by Kim, she handled it in a way that did not throw any shade at Kim or her family – I can’t think of a single other lady (term loosely used) up there that would have done that – and Kim completely missed it – I wonder if Kyle did – I agree that being friendly with Kim is a tricky thing –

      • mrs peabody says:

        I think a lot of problems with Kim and Lisa probably go back to Kyle and before Lisa got to know Kim better on this show. I’m sure a lot of what she knew about Kim came from Kyle and when K & K weren’t getting along I’m sure the information from Kyle was very negative about her sister. I half way expected Lisa to say something about her feelings for Kyle extended back to before she really knew her and that maybe has tainted her current feelings some. Another thought on Kim’s desire to be more involved with Lisa probably has to do with Lisa having been friends with both Kyle and Kathy and maybe still being friends with Kathy.

      • just wondering in Jersey says:

        I agree Maria. You hit the nail on the head.

      • But they accuse her of trying to “seem” like she cares, but not actually caring. They will use the fact that she even brought this up to reinforce their view of her. Hard to know what the rules are when you are trying to connect with the twisted sisters and all their family baggage. Meanwhile Kim attacks Lisa but her own sister Kathy didn’t come to the party…wow messed up much?

    • chismosa™ says:

      That was a VERY STRANGE denial by Kim. She was TOO eager to shut that down !

    • Totally saw that. Kim came out fighting calling Lisa a liar and Lisa left it alone. That my friends is what a friend does.

    • kit9 says:

      If Kim was panicked she’d have shut up and not wanted to p*ss Lisa off. She didn’t do that. She flat out called Lisa a liar, which Lisa did not deny. I think it was a warning, for sure. Lisa found out from someone else, then threw it out there thinking Kim would back down and not challenge her. Lisa could have said it was something ‘about one of your kids’ or just said she heard she was upset about something. But, no, Lisa got specific. She named the kid and made sure to add, though there was no reason to in terms of the discussion, that it was ‘something else’ wrong with her son. Absolutely that was a warning. And, really despicable.

  11. Jules says:

    Perhaps next week we are going to finally get the bomb shell about Lisa. the waiting is soooo hard.

    Kim’s routine of LIsa i want you there and then I spoke to Kyle about how much I didn’t want you there but you are so important was bizarre. Why after the RSVP came back as a NO were Kyle and Kim discussing it? I hope someone else caught that Kim pulled Kyle in by saying she had many talks with her about Lisa coming to the party.

    Seriously who is in charge of Kim’s affairs? And stupid lisa for not bring her phone records for the last 4 years to prove she called her. This discussion on the beach about kiMs son and kim adamant that she did not tell lisa is strange.

    • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

      But did you hear that Kim FINALLY admitted that all she wants is to be important? This is fame important, not good decent person important.

      He delusions on grandeur, “No Paris, I’M the icon” and “fans write to me and tell me how I change their lives” is complete bullshit. She needs to check herself into a sanitarium and stay there.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I can’t remember what the bomb shell about Lisa is suppose to be, I’m probably having a senior moment but what is it?

      • Jules says:

        suppose to be that they finally prove she is a liar.
        of course none of the other ladies have EVER lied and if they had overlook it because LISA is the only one that matters. Can we please get the show I want “Ken and Lisa get giggly with life”® I Copywrite that title.

        • mrs peabody says:

          What did she lie about? She really did live deep in the valley. According to them she lies all the time, but so do they so who am I to believe, them or her?

      • The bomb shell is that Lisa kidnapped Brandi’s dog and held him for ransom.

  12. BB says:

    Ruh roh. the postings seem out of order. I hate when that happens.

  13. HuskerHuny says:

    Great blog BB. Reunion part 2 gave me a major headache and I learned nothing new.

    Kyle still talks out of both sides of her mouth. You didn’t defend me Lisa – wah, wah. Just like Kyle has never defended Lisa against Adrienne or Camille. Turnabout is fair play.

    Brandi is the perennial victim. Depression? Who doesn’t get depressed now and then? It’s how you handle it and Brandi chooses to self-medicate. I guess that’s easier than growing up and acting like a responsible 41 year old mother of two.

    Kim is frozen in her 12 year old world. She has little if any memory of the past several years. To hear her call others out on their behavior, be it real or imagined in her mind, no one can take anything that she says and believe it. Please do yourself a HUGE favor and get off TV and work on your 12 steps.

    Carlton, I still don’t fully understand your ‘religion.’ What you say, what you do, your tattoos and the items in your house just don’t match up and therefore Kyle’s confusion (oh there’s something – Kyle gets confused!), but I understand where Kyle is coming from when it comes to you. Stop being so freaking defensive already.

    I can no longer give Yolanda a pass on having Lyme disease. You were born genetically gifted, worked as a model (hard work? not so much), married two wealthy men and haven’t worked since. Please stop talking about how you ‘earned’ everything you have. You fell into it. And yes, you ‘mother’ Brandi as much, if not more, than Lisa ever did.

    Joyce – other than saying that Brandi calls the paps whenever she goes out, I couldn’t hear a word she said from Brandi screeching over her.

    Lisa . . . for the Scream Team (Kyle, Brandi, Kim and Yolo) to come at you with all barrels blasting, you held your own and believe me, 90 percent of the viewers are not buying what they are selling. The more they talk, the deeper they dig their hole while you rise above it. Bravo.

    One more segment of this car crash next week and this time with the men. Ken will stand his ground while Mauricio will talk his usual nonsense. I find it hard to believe that people actually buy property from this guy. I prefer a real estate agent with a bit of class. But I don’t live in Beverly Hills.

    Much love to all of you as always. Trivia tonight – my teams needs to get back on the winning trail. Wish us luck!

    • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

      “I’m sorry if I missed a party or two.” “I was moving.” “I wouldn’t trust you with a pair of old socks.” “I have never called you.”

      Lisa was traveling to and from a charity event (which is an actual fact with pictures) and was “the most important person” she wanted there.

      What planet is this bitch on?

    • mrs peabody says:

      Here’s how I see the mothering of Brandi. The difference between Lisa’s mothering of Brandi and the that of Yolanda is Yolanda wants to be Brandi’s friend rather than her mother so she let’s her kid (Brandi) get away with everything and sets no rules with her. We all know parents like that, who want to be a friend rather than take on the tougher role of parenting.

    • Overit says:

      Like x10 Husker!

    • T-Rex says:

      Great HH! And AGAIN how does THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi and CarltonTheFakeWitch get a PASS at SpaceCadetKim’s daughters party, showing up DRUNK, dressed as HOOKERS, who ate burgers sprawled out on her front lawn, then left within 15 minutes of showing up, with NO GIFTS, because there was NO BOOZE at the under-age child’s party, thrown at a the home of a recovering alcoholic! I still do not understand this, I would have had a FIELD day with that kind of behaviour. AGAIN, Lisa did RSVP NO, it doesn’t matter if she was two blocks away or in TIMBUKTU, the fact was she RSVP’d, WELL IN ADVANCE, that she wasn’t coming and sent an expensive and beautiful gift to the graduating senior from high school.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        You’re right T-Rex! Lisa sent in advance her RSVP saying she would be out of town, sent a gift (for which they did not receive a thank you note), got back to BH after getting up early that morning and participating in a parade (for charity!), decided to visit their place of business, get something to eat and thinking that the RSVP would be enough to explain their absence, decided to go home and rest their weary bodies.

        Brandi and Carlton left their pole dancing party, quite drunk, ate hamburgers while sitting on the curb in front of the house, dressed in stripper clothing, giftless, went inside and asked for alcohol at a high school graduation party and at the home of a recovering alcoholic, one went to the bathroom to throw up and then decided to call a cab because they were too drunk to drive home.

        Oh yeah, Lisa and Ken were definitely the ones at fault here. It’s so obvious. If I recall correctly, didn’t Miss Kim miss Yolo’s painting party because she was helping her adult daughter move into a home with her adult boyfriend? Why no heat over that from Yolo? Why does Kim get a pass? Let’s don’t call out Kim, she’s too weak and may go over the edge. Got news for you all, she’s still there.

        These women (Kim, Kyle, Brandi and Yolo) are so petty and childish. Lisa followed proper protocol and gets dragged over the coals for doing the right thing. That’s how screwed up this group is.

        • T-Rex says:

          OH, regarding the CAB situation BRAVO ORDERED THAT CAB! Yeppers, THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi and Carlton-The-Fake-Witch drove DRUNK(well technically the THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrand was driving)i to the party in a car “supplied” to Bravo for Product Placement, by the car dealership. VileKyle and Murray also showed up in the same model car, just a different color, and THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi asked them how they liked driving that rented car. From what was said, Bravo was FURIOUS that they had driven the car DRUNK and didn’t tell the producers filming that they had been drinking! Once they got to the party and both were looking for booze, BRAVO made sure a CAB was called to haul their butts to wherever they wanted to go but they were NOT to get back into that car! BY the way you know where those two BOZO’s wound up, at another BAR! So they left the NO-BOOZE party in a CAB ordered by Bravo and went to a BAR to get even drunker! Look at the tweets from that day!

        • mrs peabody says:

          So this child who went away to school and that she has been crying a river over her leaving the home was not the first child to leave. I thought by the way she has carried on about her leaving this was her first time through a child leaving. She’s ridiculous. I understand her being sad but she’s been through this before she knew what to expect.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Hi. Maybe it’s the first time she went thru it in sober mode. Perhaps that is why she’s feeling it so intensely this time? I don’t know what to make of that. Oh and she’s the youngest child. So…she’s grieving for her lost youth, too….perhaps?

    • trudie says:

      I so wished that Lisa would have just smiled and given a nonresponsive response to every question Andy asked. What was the point of her trying to give an answer? No one gave her the chance to talk.

    • kit9 says:

      Kyle problem wasn’t that she didn’t defend her, it was that she completely changed her tune in favor of Carlton for strategic reasons. Lisa initially did defend Kyle but then conveniently did a complete 180 and ripped her to shreds. And, then, at the reunion, Lisa completely lied about it. Lisa did, in fact, rip Kyle a new one in that blog without a word of criticism for Carlton.

    • shamrockblonde says:

      Husker Hunny that was brilliant! – co-sign with every single word and good luck tonight!!

  14. Jan or Jeff – I think something is wrong. When you select “reply” under the post it is automatically making it a new post at the bottom. I am admittedly a moron and do post in the wrong place at times, but this seems to be a problem today.

  15. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Apologies for erratic posting. I am traveling now and not sure what to do, but I have emailed Jeff for advise.

  16. Foxymel11(Mel) says:

    Good morning everyone! Thank you so much for the funny and witty recaps! I just finished watching Atlanta and was laughing at Gregg trying to start a fight with Peter. Peter was calm until Gregg kept going and going. Um, Gregg, have you seen your wife? She doesn’t need protecting! Honestly, I thought Peter handled himself well at Kenya’s charity event. Nene was the instigator.

    Anyway, I’m sure I want to watch the BH reunion. I can’t stand Brandi, Kim and Yo. Ugh!

    Hope everyone has a great day!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I normally love my job, but somebody told me to “calm down” today and I wanted to break her neck. But I didn’t. Hope u had a good day!!! Home now,…yay, home sweet home.

  17. Haaha! Dear BB one word for your Blog Today H.I.S.T.E.R.I.C.A.L !!!!!!! I laugh out loud all the way through reading it! Accurate and spot on! Aren’t they all charming? Ain’t true Joe? Ain’t true?

    Thanks Ramonacoaster! You are my hero! Hard work on your part and very much appreciated!

  18. Good morning everyone. I stopped watching when Kim went ballistic last night. I am so sick of her BS. She needs to be off the show. Lisa’s blog is up and it is really good.
    Obviously, Lisa does not need this show or these ridiculous people on it. You could tell last night that she was just tired of defending stupid stuff.
    On the other hand, Kyle, Kim, Yolanda and especially Brandi do need this show. Without BH they would disappear and never grace our tv sets again. Thank god.
    I really hope that Brandi gets her butt kicked on CA.

    • Fat Free Buttercream says:

      Happy Birthday LavaLady!

      Get well soon Powell!

      Went searching for the cast of “THE DONALD Show” to see who Brandi is going to p%ss off and call potty names to … I found this: … states Kyle is trying to recruit FakeFaye and Camille for the next season of BH … FIrst, give Kim the big Kiss off before hiring one of those two to join the cast!

      Suppose to snow here too Jersey! “WINTER IS COMING” …tag line for HOB GOT .. I would like a LONG SUMMER PLEASE!

      • T-Rex says:

        Camilla-The-two-faced-biotch left the show on her own accord, she did not like the “offer” she was given and chose to “pass” on the show. Since Bravo wasn’t allowed to film at her home, film her kids, film her boyfriend, all that would be shown was Camilla-The-two-Faced-biotch, at random events, uhm like a “friend” of the show, so that’s the kind of money they offered her and she passed. Regarding the Evil-FayeKR, as long as Mz Andy is affiliated with the HoWives she will never be seen again as friend or HoWife. She threatened Bravo with a lawsuit, that’s a BIG NO NO, in Bravo-land, and that was to just take down that one blog she wrote, wherein she got blasted by everyone, I don’t think she had one single nice comment. She cited that she had received “death threats” from “BRAVO VIEWERS”, she used those words, “BRAVO VIEWERS” AND “DEATH THREATS”. They took it down and I believe Mz Andy made a comment to the effect of “no problem we will take down your blog” oh and don’t let that door hit you where the good lord split you, as you head on out. Buh-Bye, don’t call us we will call you, or not, probably should bank on the NOT.

        • Never liked Camile, always amazed at how many fans don’t remember her behavior from season 1. Always found her to be quite pernicious. She should win the Bravo award for biggest make-over.

          • T-Rex says:

            Not Me I have hated her from day one and still do! There is nothing redeemable about her and her “word of the day” dictionary she has used since Season one! I know I should feel sorry for her as a fellow cancer survivor, I did hope that she would pull through her surgeries and such, but that she would never come back to HoWives though

      • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

        Personally I’d rather have a long spring. I can’t handle the extreme temps anymore.

  19. beep beep beep Jeff/MTH. Posts are going everywhere on the blog.

  20. mrs peabody says:

    Joyce’s blog is up. Spot on as usual with Brandi

  21. lillybee says:

    Why is Yo giving Joyce such a hard time?

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      She and Brandi are tag team partners. ColonelKlink and CaptainSkank.

    • kit9 says:

      Yes! Please someone explain this! Yo was just a relentless bi*ch to Joyce for no conceivable reason. Wtf? I just don’t think Brandi explains it all.

      • Anne says:

        Kit9 — I have also been puzzled about Yo’s comments to Joyce since the Palm Springs trip. I think that something must have happened that we did not see. She is incredibly rude and hostile to Joyce. It definitely seems personal to me.

        Maybe Yo thought Joyce would be more easily manipulated and because she did not go along with Yo and Brandi at the lunch meeting we did not see, she got angry. Joyce blogged about a lunch meeting with Yo and Brandi prior to Palm Springs in one of her early blogs this season.

        • Anne says:

          Also, Joyce says in this week’s blog that she is “good friends” with Mohammed. I wonder if that contributes to Yo’s hostility to Joyce. Joyce’s blog is interesting. Although she is very wrong about the symptoms of depression and the behavior of people who are depressed, she is right that depression is not an excuse to be nasty.

    • mrs peabody says:

      She’s jealous of her. Joyce is young, pretty and smart. Has a husband who loves her. Has full use of her brain, beautiful hair. All her kids are young and live at home. Can go head to toe against any of them. In a nutshell she’s everything that Yolanda wants to be and isn’t.

  22. Amber...Real Wife says:

    BHReunion… A continuation of let’s all hate on Lisa while Yolanda and Brandi cut Joyce off everytime she speaks. Could Andy NOT be a worst host ever or what? Why he didn’t tell Yolanda to STFU and let everyone speak their minds is beyond me. Great point about her having 1/5 of her brain functioning yet she is able to ‘speak’ for the other women. I believe Joyce’s claim about the paparazzi because If Brandi WAS ever stalked by paparazzi it was in the midst of the ‘original’ scandal w/ EddieNLeAnn years ago. Now she’s just a photo op of a BRAVOHW, a drunk, disheveled, skank stumbling out of bars in the a.m. hours.

    Lisa should have told Kim “You want a pass because you missed countless events in four years, yet you want to vilify me because I missed one. Furthermore you say there are chunks of your life that are missing yet you’re sure I NEVER called you in four years. Ever?” To Kyle, Kim and Yolanda “What part of RSVP don’t you understand? No means no. Do I have to bring Tshirts and mugs to prove i’m traveling? I got in early so i’m supposed to race over to a teen’s party after an exhausting weekend, in my traveling clothes w/ the luggage in my car?”

    Next week looks like more of the same w/ Lisa getting her bell rung by Kyle. I hope Lisa puts the blame where it belongs… on the women/men making the allegations and the rags that printed them.

  23. MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

    Happy Birthday Lavalady 😀

  24. azgirl2345 says:

    Happy Birthday LavaLady!!!

  25. plainviewsue says:

    Haven’t read the NY blog recaps yet. BB, brilliant as always.

    You can see the frustration and misery on Lisa’s face. Kim made no sense. She simply embarrassed herself.

    Got a few DM’s from Lisa in response to a tweet regarding her blog. Which was masterful. Two parts of the reunion down and if anything, Lisa is more popular than ever. But it hurts her.

    1st DM: It’s ridiculous,all the press with them saying I will be exposed,take down,fake,ugh it’s all too much it really upset me.

    2nd DM: Yes but it totally has ruined the show for me.

    I think LIsa truly loved doing the show and was gobsmacked when her “friends” went after her.

    Yolanda needs to get off her pretentious perch and come back to earth.

    As for Andy, his reunion questions are getting worse by the season. Like BB said, who the hell cares what face work they’ve had done. Ask the questions we the viewers want answered. Do follow up questions.

    Yolanda is on her second reunion and never gets anything thrown at her. Bring up the starvation of her daughter. Bring up how she doesn’t shut up, but yet puts down Joyce for speaking.

    Yoyo, keep defending your friend Brandi. Your time has come.

    • mrs peabody says:

      What really burns me is them doing these reunions before the final showing of the season. I’m sure everyone would have had a lot of questions about PR but they made sure no one had the chance to ask any questions on it. I also don’t care about their facework they had done, I can see it for myself and what was up with Brandi’s face anyway. She looked pinched. Ugly. If I were Lisa I’d tell Andy if you are not going to let me talk w/o everyone talking over me and not letting me have my say I’m done talking and not answer another question. Then I’d tell Kyle we had a fun friendship but it’s over, tell Kim I think she needs serious help still and to take Brandi with her. To Brandi I’d say yes I pulled away from you, you’re a liability and a joke, who in their right mind would want to associate with the likes of you. To Carlton, get over yourself, you had an agenda towards Kyle when you came on this show and you’ve been nasty and hateful to her the whole time. Joyce you are a nice person and I hope you stay that way. To Yolanda, what exactly is your problem with the people of this earth? You are a bitter, nasty hateful woman and are going to end up alone. There is a reason my good friend Mohamond divorced you, maybe with your 1/5 brain you should rethink how you act. And to Andy I’m out of here and I’m taking my fans with me! and starting my own Pump Station! and my first show will be the Young Housewives of BH, I have Pandy and Scheanna already signed up.

    • vilzvet says:

      What was she referring to, Sue, with DM2? Glad she is communicating with viewers; on her Bravo blog she said she does read all the comments.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Vilz, she was responding to this tweet:
        Sue Cohen ‏@plainviewsue · 7h :Thanx for DM @LisaVanderpump. Just know they failed miserably. The only thing that has been exposed is these women are petty & jealous.

        • vilzvet says:

          Thanks. I’m watching it as we speak; I thought Lisa was constantly interrupted, yet Andy told Lisa to “let Kim finish”, ugh. But she really handled herself well, especially when she was defending Ken.

  26. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Happy Birthday LavaLady xoxoxoxooxoxoxox

  27. BB,
    You are a riot. Excellent. I can’t stop laughing. Good Job. I tweeted this to @bravotv — let’s hope they read it. #takeahint

  28. Reblogged this on Reality Tv Scandals and commented:
    If you missed part 2 of the reunion of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.. Have no fear, BB at the did a great job.

  29. Does anyone else find it funny that Yoyo said last reunion she has been in bed for 18 months? You know, all a while filming a reality tv show..

    • We have made much fun of Lemons moving timeline for being in bed. Would you like to join the pool for length of time it takes Lemons to post a treatment picture after she makes an a$$ out of herself? Usually next day.

      • Too bad Yoyo doesn’t know that lemons are bad for the teeth.. oh that’s right, she either has veneers or implants.
        If Yoyo comes back next year, I hope she leaves the TIGHT yoga pants for yoga if you know what I mean… I don’t care — when you are Yoyo’s age, your ass turns upside down.

        All last night when I watched, I blurted out laughing… and Yoyo wants to open a romance line.. Remember, Yoyo said that was her reason for joining in the first place? F’ing Yoyo.

  30. shamrockblonde says:

    I got the feeling that Lisa was reaching out to Yo last night – very subtle, but I think she was doing it mainly out of respect for Mohammed – something tells me that if forced to choose between a continuing friendship with either Lisa and Todd or Yo, Mohammed would choose Lisa – yes be gracious and friendly with Yo – they have children together – but that would be it – and I suspect that Lisa is very much more aware of the fact that all of this nonsense is hurting Gigi and Mohammed – something that Yo is either not considering, has not thought about, or simply does not care –

    Kim needs help – she clearly does not remembe things and should not be relied on to make accurate statements – but Kyle has no such issues and the fact that she lets her sister sit there and make statements that make little to no sense, is a betrayal – my sister is my best friend in all the world and I would NEVER allow her to be seen in such a state – in front of friends, so-called friends and NEVER publicly – Kyle is a jealous wanna-be and she is so driven to be the most popular, the prettiest , the bestest that she gives no thought to how her behavior affects her sister – shame on her for that –

    Yo – you better watch out dearie – if you think that your husband is thinking that your behavior on the reunion shows has no bearing on his professional reputation, think again – and then there is Mohammed – and I agree about the way that she “mothers” Brandi – no accountability – she wants to be friends with this drunken mess thinking that is the way to help her – what she actually needs is to hit rock bottom – alone – and then when she sees where she is maybe – maybe she will find the courage to climb out, stand up and actually live her own life instead of attempting to mooch off of those who have already earned the lives they lead – easy? hell no – but the rewards are very great starting with how your children will learn – right now they are learning a very different lesson and all the BBQing in the world (Kim mentioned that she does that with the boys) will not help that

  31. shamrockblonde says:

    and Happy Birthday to LavaLady!!!! – hope all of your wishes come true – *sets down a carvel ice cream cake*

    *hugs LavaLady really hard*

  32. Sam says:

    Based on 30 years as a professional writer (with many books published — all of which I actually wrote myself!), I’m confident that Carol is telling the truth. It is a fact, as she says, that “houses can’t talk,” especially when it comes to ghostwriting. Moreover, books like Carol’s — ones where the author’s name, the subject matter, and the strength of the writing will undoubtedly attract a large number of readers — are often bought at auctions involving multiple bids, with six being a likely number for a ‘big’ book since many agents (my own included) submit in rounds of six. (That is, to six publishers at a time, starting with the most prominent.) Since Simon & Schuster — Aviva’s publisher, because Gallery Books is one of their imprints — is among the top six, I have no doubt that S&S was one of the bidders.

    I also have no doubt that Carol wrote her book all by herself, given that its style and voice are consistent with the author’s other works. And the fact that it was edited prior to publication (as all books are, although some are edited more lightly than others) does not negate the fact that she was the sole author of the book. So Carol is right to be angry with Aviva; it is an insult to say to a professional writer, “Oh, you must have had a ghostwriter!” In essence, such a remark suggests that the writer is incompetent and a liar, and if someone ever accused me of misrepresenting my skills in this way I’d be upset enough to talk to a lawyer to see whether it was actionable.

    And on a final note (sorry to be so long-winded!), Aviva was really stupid to create “bookgate” in an attempt to sell copies of her memoir. In the memoir genre, the books that sell the best are typically the ones that make a connection between author and reader, and author likeability is usually a factor in this. But running around spreading malicious lies certainly isn’t the way to make yourself likable!

    • Sam – thanks for posting and giving us an insider’s view. I don’t think anyone here seriously entertained Adiva’s claims that Carol ghosted her book and saw thru her attempt to create “book gate” to sell books. Let’s face it she wasn’t likable last year and she certainly isn’t improving her likability.

      • Sam says:

        You’re welcome! And thanks for letting me know that people here aren’t believing the lies. I was on another site earlier where commenters were pro-Aviva, which is why I felt the need to vent about the situation here. (Because no way was I going to do it on that other site!) And because of what I’ve seen elsewhere, I think Carol was right to be so forceful in defending herself against the lies.

        I did read somewhere, though, that Housewives’ contracts include an agreement not to sue one another for things said during the show. I have no idea whether this is true, but if so it would explain why Carol can only go so far in her defense — and I think that’s too bad, because I’d love to see Aviva punished legally for what she’s doing. (She’s already being punished online via those negative book reviews on Amazon. Wowzer!)

        • Wow, hard to believe there is a pro-Adiva site, yikes. This is a pretty level headed group, there is some debate, but it is healthy and respectful (thinking of you VV & JNNTJ). Personally I have enjoyed watching Adiva’s amazon ratings tank, the sample chapter is so poorly written I have no desire to read it. Cheers!

          • Sam says:

            I know, it IS hard to believe! I’ve seen pro-Aviva comments sprinkled on other sites too; I think the anti-Carol sentiment was triggered by the “you’ve never worked” comment that Carol made to Aviva — not the best way for Carol to defend herself because the remark could so easily be misinterpreted, but I get where she was coming from. She was really, really upset — as I would have been!

            So I have to admit that I share your delight in Aviva’s bad Amazon reviews, which are more enjoyable to read than the book excerpt the publisher provided. I couldn’t even get through that excerpt — and since such teasers are usually what the publisher’s marketing department considers to be one of the most compelling sections of the book, I can’t even imagine how awful the rest of the work must be. Yuck!

    • trudie says:

      I know you can’t tell us the names of your books as that would give away your “real” identity, but can you tell us what genre of books you write?

      • vilzvet says:

        I was going to ask the same thing, lol. Would like to know more about your work, Sam!

      • Sam says:

        Thanks for understanding why I can’t give you specific titles. But I’ve had over 50 books published, and I’ve written in several different genres, fiction and nonfiction. (Although the majority of my books are nonfiction, because when my kids were little those were the easiest to write. It’s hard to create fiction amidst distractions!) Some of my works are for kids, some are for adults, but most are for teens. Right now I’m writing my first YA (Young Adult) sci-fi novel and having lots of fun with it.

        • trudie says:

          Wow – truly an accomplished woman! Good luck on your YA novel. If you remember that writing a book is like writing a long e-mail, you may save yourself some stress!

    • T-Rex says:

      Thanks for the great insight and for confirming as a writer the truth about writers and what you all go through to get published and the fact that Carole did NOT have a ghostwriter, but FauxLegViva most certainly did. Also as a lawyer, well FauxLegVIva has a degree from a law school she may not have a current license nor do we know if she actually passed the BAR to actually practice law, however she should have learned what slander means, because what she did was complete slander. Of course Howives can’t sue each other under their contracts, or LIsaV and Ken would have sued THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi for her slanderous lies, so Carole won’t be suing FauxLegViva, but we can all see that she is a complete moron and she is also a liar since we know that she didn’t get shite from any publishing house about Carole she made the whole thing up!

      • But wait a minute, didn’t Adrienne sue “THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi??? 🙂

      • Sam says:

        You’re welcome! I was happy to be able to share it, especially since I’ve gotten so much great info from other people here! And as for Housewives not being able to sue each other, please remember that I said I wasn’t sure if this is true. I read it online, so you never know. But it does make sense to me that their contracts would address this. If they don’t, then the women probably aren’t suing each other because lawsuits are so darned expensive!

  33. shamrockblonde says:

    thanks Sam, great post and I agree!

    • Sam says:

      You’re welcome! And thanks for expressing your agreement! I’m so happy to be hanging out with like-minded people like you!

      • Shiny says:

        Really appreciate a little taste of the inside of the publishing world – thanks. (and congrats on your writing success – not easy!)

        So too bad that contracts mean Carole can’t sue for slander, I would have enjoyed the image of Aviva being deposed under oath. Publisher should sue for potentially hurting the company’s profits…but that would be true of Aviva’s own publisher, too, wanting to sue her to shut up because her speeches would hurt their own sales 🙂

        • Sam says:

          You’re welcome — and thanks for the congrats! And you’re right; breaking into the business wasn’t easy, which is why I get pretty irked at Housewife book deals. (Except for Carol’s, because her writing predates the show.)

          You’re also right that both publishers should sue — except that in the case of Aviva’s publisher, the judgment would probably be smaller than the cost of the lawsuit, since the book wouldn’t have been expected to make much of a profit even without Bookgate. (Why Aviva got a book deal in the first place is beyond me.)

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Hi Sam, long time no see!!! Thanks for sharing your insider info. I agree Carole has every right to be upset but no one has the right to call another human being “nothing” unless they raped or murdered someone you love. But that’s just me, I guess. Most people seem ok or maybe not ok, but they don’t think she should apologize for her poor choice of words,…mostly because they understand why she reacted that way. I understand, but I just can’t reconcile the two. She’s been on a negative twitter campaign. Again, I understand her ire, but most folks would stop talking about it if she would stop bringing it up on twitter.

            • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

              Hi Lainey! I agree with you. I was bothered by her nothing statement. Even though I was a teacher before being a stay at home mom. It’s like if someone told her she’s nothing because she only has her book and no hubby or kids. It would be terrible. We’ll see how this season unfolds. Hope your daughter has a speedy recovery!!

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Thanks FoxyMel!!! Yeah, I like Carole, so it’s disappointing. And thanks for your well wishes for my girl! I do appreciate it!

            • Sam says:

              Hi Lainey! Good to see you again too!!!!!

              And I totally get what you’re saying about Carol’s choice of words. I’m not happy about them either, but since when I get that angry I sometimes blurt things out that I don’t mean I don’t see how I can fault her for it. The Twitter thing, though, is another story. I didn’t know that she was on a negative twitter campaign. I don’t like that sort of thing and feel it’s beneath her. Plus she should be over the incident by now — although I guess that’s hard when it’s being dredged up again thanks to Bravo.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                Hey Sam-I was wondering when we would get your take on book gate!! Nice to see you! I just read above that you are writing a YA Sci-if book-good for you!!!

                • Sam says:

                  Thanks, Jill! It’s good to see you too!!!! And you’ve got my number, because you just knew I couldn’t stay away when there was a book brouhaha to discuss!

              • LaineyLainey says:

                To be fair, It’s not one-sided Sam (the twitter war) but because I have liked and admired Carole it disappoints me more to see Carole’s part in it. She’s entitled, I guess. Aviva is very different on twitter…very sweet, diplomatic (so different from what she shows us on t.v.), whereas Carole is super witty, but cutting just as she is on t.v. (More genuine). Most people see through it and see that Aviva is just goading Carole.

                • Sam says:

                  Lainey, thanks for the explanation! I appreciate getting a fuller picture of what’s going on.

              • shamrockblonde says:

                Hi Sam – I just finished reading the Divergent series and I have to say I enjoyed it very much so please give us a hint when your YA book is coming out, so I can scoop it up! – good luck!!

  34. LavaLady (Mary) says:

    Thanks for all the birthdays wishes, friends. I am having a great day. Flowers from friends, lunch with a friend, dinner with other friends. An Alex and Ani bracelet from the wonderful women I work with. Best of all I share my birthday with my twin sister. LavaMan is out of town in HOTLanta for work, that’s the only downside to my day.

    I Love NY. Will drv and watch later. Thanks again all.

  35. Pghemtchick says:

    Any notice Yolanda saying, “Child Abuse” and doing that dismissive laugh when the cake scene was aired? I laughed. All I could think was yep that’s renting free space in that 5% of yours. Guess it’s weighing on her mind.

    Oh gosh, could you imagine how her and Brandi would have pounced if Joyce didnt know what goad meant? No one dared to say a word to QueenSourpuss. That would have let her play Lyme card.

  36. Pghemtchick says:

    Celebrity apprentice pics from today’s pie challenge:

    There’s Kate G. and an overwhelmed looking Brandi.

  37. From the Twitter pictures it looks like Kate Gosslin is pissing off Brandi. Kate is a major bit#h/control freak. Brandi is dumber than a bag of rocks. Kenya is BSC. Can’t get better reality TV. Donald hit a gold mine with these three.

    • I am sooooo happy that Kate G. is there and not Yolanda to sugar coat the world for Brandi!!!!! I will not miss this CA Season!

      • plainviewsue says:

        I swore I’d never watch another season of CA, but I am in. Does anyone know when it will air? It usually aired starting in February. I’m hoping it’s for the summer. If it’s on Sunday nights in the Fall, there is way too much to watch on Sundays!!!

      • vilzvet says:

        I just put two and two together and realized I was actually invited to go to the Pie Face charity event today for CA! Too short notice though, to plan a city day trip. My connection is Ian Ziering from 90210 days, but I’m not actually sure if he part of the CA cast, does anyone know the full cast for sure? I have met him before as he also is involved in selling Nu Skin products and he came to a seminar at a private home here on LI. Anyway, our mutual friend sent me a message last night saying “Can you go, Ian needs help!” but didn’t mention Celebrity Apprentice. So now I know what the heck is was for.

        • Mene Seela says:

          OMG how fun! Maybe you’ll get another chance if Ian’s not “fired”.

        • BB says:

          Yes, one of the Jonas brothers has already leaked than he is on there along with Ian Ziering and Geraldo Rivera.

        • Pghemtchick says:

          Nice! We have an insider now 🙂 I remember Ian from his 90210 days-gosh the memories of that show! Lol.

  38. Orson says:

    Adiva obviously doesn’t understand the difference between an Editor and a ghostwriter/co-writer/re-write team. Editors tell authors things like “It’s not clear in chapter 5 why X did Y”, “You need more backstory about W”, and “Sorry, but it’s 15,000 words too long.” Teams like Adiva used say things like “Give us your draft and we’ll take care of it for you.”

    My nephew is the managing editor at a small medium publishing house. That is, it’s a medium house that’s small for a medium house but larger than a large small publishing house.

  39. Sam says:

    Apologies if someone already shared this, but while searching online to see if I could find details of Aviva’s book deal I found this on Radar Online, in an article on her book posted in February:

    “Aviva, who also has an anti-anxiety supplement called Vivacalm due out next month, also goes into detail in the book over personal pains such as chronic panic attacks and phobias, and her mother’s tragic battle with the bottle.”

    So now she’s shilling pills too???

  40. VV™ says:

  41. Pghemtchick says:

    I’ve heard of “duck lips”, but I think this more like an ostrich (no offense to them).

    PS: it’s supposedly whipped cream…

  42. Pghemtchick says:

    No Bravo loyalty… And I love it!

  43. VV™ says:

    • chismosa™ says:

      Shut up go away. Why can’t Ramona be on her own!

      Leave bravo ! BUH bye

      • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

        Haha love this. B sounds so full of herself. Why can’t Ramona get the night to herself or share it with another NYHW?

  44. shamrockblonde says:

    it’s ok – Ramona’s voice won’t be too taxed tonight – Bethenny will do most of the talking anyway!

  45. Veena (NMD) says:

    Great blogs today ladies!

    We visited a typical Canarian town and a big archaeological site today

  46. VV™ says:

    I wonder how Kim was able to cope with the fact that Kyle and Mauricio didn’t go to her daughter’s engagement party. Kyle and Morris were in Vegas that weekend.

  47. Leslie (SCGirl) says:

    Hello Everyone!
    I never saw the picture of Brandi drunk with the tampon string. Hope I don’t seem like a weird or gross person, but that photo gets mentioned on here often and I am curious to see how pathetic idiot Brandi must have looked. Does anyone know if there is a certain website or a way I could reference that photo please? I come here everyday to read, and I’ve just got to see the photo everyone is always talking about. Thank you!

  48. nyc mama says:

    We went to see Brandi, Kenya and Kate today near Union Square. Brandi didn’t look like a happy camper. Several people were yelling STFU at her from outside and she gave them the finger. Such class. Kate and Kenya seemed to be holding up better.

    • trudie says:

      LOL – people were yelling STFU? That is priceless.

    • nyc mama says:

      We happened to be passing by going to a meeting in Union Square when we saw the set up trucks etc. and thought they were filming a movie which is common here but then I saw Brandi. We only stayed for a short while but there were a group of about 5 girls there who definately didn’t like her and based on her reaction the feeling was mutual. We have been laughing about this all day.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Hilarious! Thanks for sharing NYC mama.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Thanks for sharing! Woohoo another insider. Loving the NY/NJ peeps and their access. Lol

    • T-Rex says:

      NYCMama how cool!! Now if they would call her “THE-LIAR-SUPREMEMORONSTFUBrandi”, we would know that the folks were also Lynn Family fans too!!! I hope the whole cast is against her!!

    • plainviewsue says:

      Well, Brandi must consider this to be her sixth job, one that she actually has to stand on her feet for!!

  49. chismosa™ says:

    BB thanks for the recap – hysterical!

    Ramona thanks also – Aviva don’t josh about Homer if you’re a “writer” GET WITH IT

    Happy birthday lava lady! 🎊🎊🎁🎁🎉🎉

  50. Mene Seela says:

    I have my new gravatar all ready for tonight!

  51. lillybee says:

    I can’t wait for Kenya to throw some shade at Brandi on CA. We all know that she will.

    • vilzvet says:

      My friend just messaged me asking how I saw pics of the pie event since “it’s a secret” haha. I told her pics are all over someone’s twitter. Oh well, it can’t be much of a secret anymore. She said if Ian Z. stays on she’ll let me know of future events.

  52. Mene Seela says:

    Goopy-de-Goop Paltrow and her hubs Chris Martin broke up.

  53. chismosa™ says:

    Ashy where have you been ? I feel like I haven’t heard from you all weekend.

    Are you with Kyle and Kim? Just chilling during the reunion airing? 😜

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I’m here girl-just over BH and all the BH HW-plus had a long busy weekend!
      I’m happy to watch NY tonight and sad that I’m starting to like that Kristen-I sooooo didn’t want to like her…but she’s preeetttyyyy!!!
      I think Tyler will be on NY tonight-Sonja refers to him as her gay husband-she’s old enough to be his mother!! I’m old enough to be his mother!!
      Our girl Ramona (CAAAALLLMMM DOWWWNNNNN) on WWHL tonight with your bestie Bethenny! Who is sitting in the first chair??? I hope I can stay awake to watch-I’m DVR-ing JIC!!!

      • chismosa™ says:

        That’s nice you got the heads up about your nephew.

        Um Sonja he’s too young !
        She’s crazy! He seems very nice. He had a nice vibe on screen

        Well miss ya for HWs….. Hope you watch for Apprentice !

  54. chismosa™ says:

    VV I got the two pics of Brandi. Working on the side by side now

  55. Eastbayca says:

    rewatching Carole and Adiva’s lunch….when Adiva make a statement, Carole gives her a look.
    Funny how last season Adiva was excited to model yummy tummy but this season it is “fat binding pantyhose”.
    Also at the wine store Ramona pushes Adiva back; seems like Ramona is uncomfortable with her sudden friendliness.

    • chismosa™ says:

      The lunch is VERY cut and spliced.

      Ramona has her number. Treating her with delicate fingers.

      — everyone note the pasta is Aviva being SWF to last year Carole getting pasta at lunch with Ramona !
      Aviva is a

  56. Eastbayca says:

    No words…


  57. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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