Let’s Chat – Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Real Housewives Of Atlanta

“With Friends Like These”

Peter, Gregg, and Nene’s explosive confrontation in Mexico continues to escalate, leaving the entire group in shock and dismay. Kenyameets with Marlo to dish the dirt post-Mexico. Kandi begins to wonder if casting Porshain the musical was the best decision after all.

Let’s Chat!


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63 Responses to Let’s Chat – Real Housewives Of Atlanta

  1. Powell says:

    “Who Needs Enemies”. 🙂 Hey everyone.

    • Mene Seela says:

      Actually I enjoy the fighting on ATL. They are all so cartoony that I don’t get personally offended like I did when everyone was mean to Ramona in Morroco.

  2. chismosa™ says:

    Nene’s faces after she calls peter a B show she is so over it all and ABOVE this show.


  3. Sasha says:

    I agree that Peter is always in the women’s business, but I do think that Nene and Greg handled the situation wrong. I think that Greg was feeling a little overshadowed by Peter and needed his big moment for this season.

  4. Powell says:

    Hmmmmm. It seems that all season every time something pops off it’s all because of the involvement of one person. Kenya.

    • Sasha says:

      Kenya is the best a getting SUMTHIN STARTED and then stepping aside and letting it all go down.

  5. boston02127 says:

    Kenya’s ready for a baby cuz she has a dog. That would be like me saying that and someone would probably find my kid that I forgot on Dunkin Donuts counter.

    • Sasha says:

      Being Kenya’s friend is giving Marlo much more screen time.

    • NJBev says:

      … too funny, yet too true……

    • People “say” they are “ready” for a kid, however, THE REALITY OF THE SITUATION is NO ONE is READY for a kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still not ready, lol!!!

      Lainey, LG needs to realize when it concerns her health and well being that there are NO RULES!!!!! #textaway

      • mrs peabody says:

        I’m a bit more ready for them now that I have grandkids. LoL I agree about the no rules when your child is sick. Those darn kids anyway they just don’t realize how we parents worry and need to be called every 5 mins to be assured they are ok. (at least that’s how I felt and my boys would not do that one simple thing that I asked for)

        • I don’t think it is too much to ask!!! Before I had kids I had no clue what mothers go thru. I was with a mom of my friend and I was almost 30 and she stopped talking because she heard an ambulance, and she said, “you never stop worrying” and I thought, “what a nutcase”, lol, well now I COMPLETELY understand…

  6. NJBev says:

    Peter is out of touch with reality-
    He is always in the ladies business-
    and personally, I think he is a Bitch-
    Why does he think he is entitled to ask
    Porsha “now I need your side of the story”?
    …… say what?
    then he sits there next to the masterbitch Kenya
    and calls her(Porsha) a “beard”……… who does that??
    He is so all over everyone’s business he is like
    Gladys Kravitz. Mind your own GD business.
    …… and Cynthia, I think you know this. I feel bad
    for you b/c as much as you love Peter, you are just
    as much afraid of him……….

  7. NJBev says:

    the music from Kandi’s play sounds awesome…

    Does anyone know how the play turned out?

  8. lillybee says:

    Porshe is definitely acting the Diva.

  9. Everybody have a great night, I am going away until after Walking Dead so I don’t get ‘er spoiled by accident!!!

  10. Foxymel11(Mel) says:

    Good evening everyone, going to watch Atlanta tomorrow. I’m a bit tired from our trip to Disney, my boys had a great time but I think they enjoyed the resort more than the parks.My husband wants me to watch The Conjuring with him right now and I just gave him an are you crazy look.

    Lainey, how’s your daughter feeling?

  11. NJBev says:

    Im loving the comments from twitter on the RHONY-
    esp, Carolle Rad- she is hysterical, and you can clearly see that
    they all still HATE each other!! lol

  12. NJBev says:

    I’m going to bed.
    I’m tired of talking with myself.

  13. Foxymel11(Mel) says:

    Hello NJBev! Sometimes real time is much more interesting than the edited crap they show. I think perhaps they have to continue their bickering for more drama. I can’t imagine them still being mad over nonsense over a year later?

  14. VV™ says:

    • chismosa™ says:


      that’s up …..

      Hey VV- 📢
      I took the stupid HWs quiz about which HW you are !

      Did you take it ???

      • VV™ says:

        No, I haven’t. I’m trying to detox from HWs shows…

        • chismosa™ says:

          Ughhhhh I know ….

          I’m going to have to detox from you 😓👇


          Has Jill been on today? I hope it went well at the birthday party showing off her hubby’s plaque/medal!

          I’m just surprised at what HW I got in the quiz is all.


  15. chismosa™ says:

    The news says that BOTOX helps with depression.

    Brandi should be a very happy person. I guess she uses another filler

  16. VV™ says:

    All of you RHOBH enjoy another season of the show with this…


  17. VV™ says:

    While Brandi is destroying RHOBH (What used to be Berverly Hills Darling Shi Shi Shi Shi is now Beverly Hills Skanky Tampon String Tampon String Tampon String.

    LeAnn and Eddie are getting ready to debut their show. I just might watch!

    • chismosa™ says:

      I think I will too — July is a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way out for her to talk this up.

      She must be wanting to ride the coattails of the anti Brandi train at this moment as the reunions are airing & the public is (mostly- not some of you) bombarding Lisa with support.

      Perfectly timed.

  18. chismosa™ says:

    Sorry I had not read the Sunday blog.

    I hope your daughter got in touch with you and I hope she’s fine. Poor thing. That just makes me sad— I hope you’re not fretting too much

    Hugs to you 😚

  19. Pghemtchick says:

    Good morning.
    Thinking of Nancy as I post,
    “The whales won!” (Finally the court made the right decision.)

    Now to stop the Grind, save the dolphins, and so much more.

    Have a great day! I’m off to play with the bunny and prep opening day lunch as I’ll be in front of my tv when the Buccos take the field against the Cubs at 1. Lol

  20. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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