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…. And we’re back… at camp that is. Kass just flipped to help vote out Sarah and Spencer is being a little baby about not getting his way and saying goodbye to Jefra instead. He has some not so nice things to say to Kass as does later on, Morgan.  I can see how dead do nothing weight could suck the fun out of this game, laying around expecting everyone else to serve them, and Morgan is about as dead weight as they come. Thinks it’s okay because she’s ‘cute’. I just want to hold her face in a shallow puddle somewhere. This rubs Kass the wrong way because she has this nutty idea that people should pull their own weight during the down times. Of course in Morgan’s eyes, Kass is just this bitter old woman and hates Morgan, because she’s pretty. Don’t worry Morgan… Soon you’ll be that old hag that all the young chicas are making fun of.. One day soon, you’ll wake up, your nipples will be bouncing off of your knees, Your boobs will look like mashed potatoes in a pair of tube socks, and you’ll wonder what the hell happened. It’s time to bring back the asshat pair designations.

surcastMorgan, is on the far right of the right pic above and she is asshat1 this week. I suspect if I were spending any time with this chick, I would be bored silly in about half a heartbeat. Joining her as asshat2, is Spencer, bottom left center picture.

This week was more challenge play than anything else. Not really a lot of strategery going on because there were two challenges. One being a reward challenge that the episode gets into pretty quick, and then the immunity challenge. We’ll start of course with the reward challenge.

Reward Challenge

This is a multistep challenge where teams, are racing to put together a puzzle. They have to run across this obstacle course to the beach and drag a large crate and themselves up a steep incline. Once there tho of them can start working the puzzle. The crate contains the final piece and the crate cannot be opened until all of the other pieces are put together.

Teams are random draw and are, Orange – Jeremiah, Jefra, LJ, Morgan, and Spencer. Purple – Woo, Kass, Tony, Trish, and Tasha.  It’s a pretty even run until Woo slips on one of the balance beams and has to start that part all over again, allowing the oranges74 team to slip ahead. All 5 team members must complete each segment together, so, the purple team never really recovers and Orange wins the reward challenge. The reward is they are taken to an Outback type streak dinner with all the trimmings. Orange team goes off to enjoy that while Purple goes back to camp empty handed. LJ and Spencer did the puzzle for orange, Kass and Woo were working it for Purple. Doesn’t matter, you already know the result.

While back at camp, alone, a few of the purple team decide to go blindly look for that special power hidden idol. No one finds it of course but that doesn’t stop them from looking. Oh yes, Tony was trying to feel out where Kass stands after she previously flipped to his side to get rid of Sarah.. Tony, she doesn’t call herself Chaos Kass for no reason.. Take what you get, be happy with it, but watch your back. She’s there to play too. Meanwhile, at the lunch, Spencer decides he’s made a pig of himself and decides to use his napkin to clean up a bit. Out of the napkin falls a piece of paper. What ever could it be? Why yes, it’s a clue to that hidden idol which Spencer pockets immediately hiding it from his team mates.

It’s pouring rain and the reward winners come staggering and belching back to camp and almost immediately, Spencer goes off to read that idol clue and try to find it. Right away Woo figures out what’s going on and decides to stalk Spencer  to see if He can find that idol. Spencer thinks he’s alone on this hunt but Woo has gone into Ninja Stealth mode, being all sneaky and stuff. He takes his pants off because he has to go into the water to find the idol, neatly folds them, withe clue safely tucked inside them, or so he thinks. Woo sees this, takes the clue, and tosses Spencer his pants after he realizes that Woo is there. As Woo hauls ass back to camp, Spencer realizes what has happened. Woo has the clue.

Woo gets back to camp with the clue and shares it with Tony. Now the mad dash is on to find that idol and all 10 players are looking for it. One of them says in TH interview that whoever finds it, everyone is going to know who has it because they’ll all be there when it happens. Spencer and Kass kind of make peace because they are standing right next to each other while looking for that idol. Spencer wishes she would just go away because he’s found it and doesn’t want her to see him grab it. He manages to get it however without her seeing it. So the idol is found but we don’t know yet what it’s magical powers are.

Back at camp, again, we are trying to figure out who to vote out. Team Tony is trying to figure what will happen if Spencer has that hidden idol. It doen’t really matter much because we haven’t done the immunity challenge yet.

Immunity Challenge

s75There isn’t a lot of action to this one, just a bunch of people standing around and Probst doing his play by play bit. Within these frames, players are standing on a beam on their tip toes. Doing so while pressing a block of wood with their heads to the top of the frame. Last one standing, wins immunity for the night. This goes on s73for about 90 minutes. Kass was the first one out and eventually it dwindled down to Spencer and Tasha. All the while, all of these people were probably wishing Probst would STFU. I know I did.. This was Spencer’s night because he won the challenge after Tasha was eliminated.

So now Spencer not only has that idol, that we still don’t know what it’s for, he also has immunity from winning the challenge. That pisses away any notion of him playing that hidden idol. Previous to the challenge, they were hoping for a split vote in order to force something to happen.

Pre-Tribal and Tribal

Two names are floated at this point.. Spencer’s faction wants to get rid of the biggest threat, Tony. Kass’ faction, which for now, includes Tony, wants to get rid of the do nothing dead weight, Morgan. The players head off to Tribal and once there, it’s the usual setup.. Jury of one (Sarah) brought in and the Probsting begins. For me, the biggest thing that came out of this is that it’s still brains vs beauty. It seems everyone is sick of Morgan not pulling her weight around camp and she is called out for it.. Her biggest move right now is that if she’s pissed at someone they won’t get her vote so they may not want her on the jury (Kass). Someone likened her to an old sick dog that no one has the heart to do anything with so they keep her around out of sympathy.. Even Probst gets in on the act by suggesting that she doesn’t have to do much because she’s ‘cute’. Not the first time he’s gone there. She’s quite happy with the fact that she can wave the girls in someone’s face (LJ and Jerimiah) and be taken care of as she deserves to be.. Puke. Let’s vote and not waste anymore time with this girl.

They vote, Probst collects and organizes them for the reveal. He polls for the idol and of course, Spencer doesn’t play it. The votes are read and it comes to a 4:4 tie between Tony and Morgan.. A 9th vote is read for Morgan.. 10th vote read, Morgan. She’s the second member of the jury. Couldn’t have happened to a bigger bitch. Tony got the message he isn’t secure either.. In her exit interview Morgan was just as bitchy as she was during the entire episode. Below is the voting history..


 See you next week – MTH



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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone and MTH. Happy Friday eve. It looks like it’s going to be a nice day out. AZGirl I hope you survived the heat last night. I’m so jealous. Husker I hope you finally got some sleep w/a happy grandma smile on your face. 🙂
    Everyone be good and have a great day.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Hey Powell! I got through my first day as an official grandmother quite well. The 80 degree weather didn’t hurt either. Grilled for the first time last night while cleaning out a portion of our freezer at the same time. I’m not quite sure if my feet are firmly planted on the ground yet. Life is good . . .

      • Powell says:

        Yes life is very good. Although I don’t know when your feet will be firmly on the ground cuz Tesla’s coming home and grandma Husker will truly be in grandma love. 😀

      • laineylainey says:

        Hi Husker Huny – You’re still on cloud 9? That’s awesome!!! Hi Powellypooh – hi everyone! I’m teaching today, so I’m happy, happy, happy,….(like the song)

      • Boobah says:

        Stay on cloud 9 for as long as possible!! Good for you! Tesla is going to have an awesome grandmamma!!! She’s a lucky little girl. Maybe one day you can show her this blog so she can see how excited you are. (And of course to meet us all)!!

    • Thank you Powell. We had the windows open after 8 p.m. It was still in the 80s at 8. Today we may hit triple digits. AHHHHHH. This is when the tide changes for our blog. You all get to come out of your houses and enjoy your weather and Rebecca, Contessa and I shut the windows and close our blinds and turn on the A/C.

  2. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good morning, new blog on Calvi Corsica. Heading to Tunisia tonight. Still having fun!

  3. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    MTH – thanks for Survivor! I love that show. Y’all have a good day! 😀

  4. Exit4 says:

    Hi T-Rex here’s the link for the forms. I brought it over here….I hope it works!

    Click to access teresafinalb.pdf

    • T-Rex says:

      Okay this is NOT their repayment to their creditors, this is a Trustee Report, this is report filed so that the Trustee can be paid for their time and services. If this were a report of Creditor payouts, the document would be MANY pages long because each creditor has to be listed by class. I can tell you just from one customer that has only about 15 creditors that bankruptcy pile is about a foot tall right now. This is NOT a final for anything other than the Trustee is done with them, again since the bankruptcy was dismissed in the courts previously.

      • Exit4 says:

        Exactly-I did say that yesterday, it explained it in the document! If Harvey levin is a lawyer-how did his site get it so wrong?

        I finally got to sit down and look up a legitimate news source to figure this thing out and the NJ papers covered it and explained it the right way. The trustee was able to extract a whopping $15,000 out of them-plus the $7500 for his initial fee. All of which went to administrative costs. There was nothing there at all to pay a creditor. Amazing.

        I think radar took all those zeros to mean that they weren’t paying. Which they weren’t-but they couldn’t anyway until the trustee was finished with them. Had they had any value in anything at all-some of their debt would have been paid down. But that chapter is closed now. They are on the hook for 13 million plus.

        I did notice there were no credit cards listed. I wonder where that went? They were on the bankruptcy. Did they pay it off or was it just not considered by the trustee when he was trying to secure some assets? In which case add more money to the 13 million! They’ll never satisfy this debt beyond the properties. Ever. It’s impossible.

      • kit9 says:

        Thank god. I didn’t think that could be true..would just be too infuriating and unfair!

  5. ladebra says:

    Happy Friday eve 🙂 thank you for the blog MTH, the last thing I remember before falling asleep was Morgan being anti-social lol. For some reason, that I am still trying to figure out, I am needing 9-10 hours sleep these last few weeks, so TV watching is mostly what’s on the DVR on the weekends. Y’all’s blogs are better anyway! So thank all youse guys. Hope everyone has a great Day! (Beautiful little baby girl HH, congrats again)

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Thanks ladebra! Get all the sleep you need. Right now, I’m getting a few less hours of sleep and feeling better for it. In my case I think it’s because of the change of seasons. Out with the cold and in with the warm.

    • Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

      Ladebra we seem to be in reverse. I’m getting up earlier than usual which worked well today since the groceries came 1.5 hours EARLY. Good thing I was dressed 🙂

      Good mmorning all. Mr. mashed potatoes in tube socks, thanks for the giggle and the recap.

  6. Powell says:

    LOL I was just reading what I missed last night on the blog. I tell you you all just make me smile. 😀 You all are so much fun and so funny. It’s a real pleasure to chat w/youse guys everyday. 😀

  7. Good morning everyone. Fell asleep at 7:30 last night. So tired from the concert Tues night. Missed everything. MDLNY and Flipping Out. Bummer. Off to walk Pepper. May hit triple digits today in AZ.

  8. VV™ says:

    • Powell says:

      Ok. And?

      • I am so over them all from BH, done, finished, fin, voltooi, نهاية, ավարտել, bitirmÉ™k, amaitu, аЕдабленне, свършвам, acabat, 完, 完, zavrÅ¡iti, provedenì, afwerking, lõpp, tapusin, viimeistely, finition, acabado, დაასრულებს, φινίρισμα, fini, לגמור, खत्म, befejez, ljúka, selesai, a chrìochnú, finitura, 終える, 마무리, apdare, apdaila, Еаврши, Tamat, finitura, finish, پایان, wykoÅ„czenie, acabamento, finisaj, отделка-, Еавршити prevedenie, končati, acabado, kumaliza, finish, เสร็จสิ้น, bitirmek, ختم, hoàn thành, gorffen~~~~~~~FINISHED!!

      • VV™ says:

        I have no clue why Kyle tweeted and posted it on FB.

      • VV™ says:

        • Powell says:

          So cuz people were like WTH does that mean Kyle, it was a mistake? I guess that poltergiest that put those scrolling words on her laptop is at it again. You better call Allison to come talk that poltergiest down.

  9. Powell says:

    I’m watching Wendy Williams. She said the saying “The Word on the Streets are…”. What streets? Is there more than one Street? Are these just U.S. Streets? Who puts these words out there? How do the Streets get these words to everyone? How do the Streets get the words to the mags, on tv, on social media? Do the Streets know these words are legit? Do the Streets fact check these words? When did the Streets start getting the words? How can we ask the Streets these questions? Do the Streets have people we need to go to to ask these questions? Inquiring minds want to know. 😀

    • Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? I think that is where all the words live, lol! 😉

    • Orson says:

      There are lots of words I’ve heard on the street that one really shouldn’t say in mixed company. Unless Aviva says them. It’s okay for her, I guess.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Powell she’s been saying that for years !

      It means her sources of gossip —- because the personality disorder on NYC says it it’s odd and because the queen of intelligence Carole made a witticism about it —> it’s lame

      I still love the saying ! Go wendy !
      Can’t reveal all your sources 😉

  10. Powell says:

    I hadn’t heard about this mom Julie Schenecker that goes on trial this month for killing her 13, 26 yr old kids. She supposedly shot them because they mouthed off to her? I’m watching HLN and they’re showing the police interview.

    • I find it amazing that this doesn’t happen more often….flippant yes, truthful….kinda….I just think that mothers that don’t snap is more amazing than mothers that do, ippho. I may be alone in thinking this……I think women take it out on themselves more often than on their children or Sig. Other….

    • Oh, just read the Wiki page, it was premeditated…she bought the gun 5 days before and supposedly was going to kill herself too…..

      • Powell says:

        I was gonna say PrincessP but the gun. I can see a overworked in the home, out of the home, stressed, gotta take kids from a to b, gotta make dinner, gotta go to the grocery store, can’t have 5 minutes alone, can’t go the salon, can’t get a manicure, exhausted mom. My mom and aunts were those moms. You ladies are those moms. I can see you yelling, screaming, popping your kid. But I can’t see a mom going in the house in her closet, under her bed, in her bedside drawer, in the safe holding the gun in her hand and hunting her kids down in the house and shooting them. That doesn’t make sense.
        Listening to the police interview she sounded kinda out of it, not fully aware. The pic they showed of her the day after her arrest she was being escorted and she was shaking. So I think her defense is saying she suffered from some mental illness. It’s crazy. I think they were saying her husband knew or felt something was wrong w/her. So he trusted her to care for their kids? IDK.

        • I can only see choking a kid…a spur of the moment, all out snap. Or a throwing of whatever you have in your hand….out of anger and frustration. But past that, a planning and plotting of your own child….it has to be a form of insanity, however, it is unacceptable. I know British law makes allowances for Postpartum Depression…but this is just such a tragic waste of life. I really believe that mental illness is under treated, under reported and needs to be addressed in this country…. It is just so sad. There are explanations but no excuses….and the shock waves of the friends and family….and THAT is why I never watch Nancy Grace and JVMitchell, it is all too sad!!!

    • Pghemtchick says:

      We just had a “snap” at the beginning of the month. There are a bunch of news articles on it her name is Laurel Schlemmer. She’s currently an inmate at Torrence State Mental Hospital for the next 90 days as she was deemed incompetent to stand trial at this time. She even made the Daily Mail.

      She admitted/is accused of drowning 2 of her sons. She put her eldest (7) on the school bus, and told the other 2 boys (3&6) it was bath time. She put them in the tub and then sat on them until they were unconscious. She changed her clothes and then dialed 911. She told them her kids drowned. When told to do CPR she said she didn’t know how so she didn’t. The dad was at work. The 3 year old was dead, but the 6 year old was taken to the hospital. She was charged that night. Her reason was the voices in her head said she’d be a better mother to the 7 year old if the others were dead. The 6 year old was pronounced brain dead and passed a few days later.

      On top of this already tragic situation, it was preventable. She was cited for leaving one of them in a hot car a few years ago. Last year, Children and youth were called in because she RAN OVER the two boys. They deemed it accidental. No one noted any other follow ups. Very sad case. I wouldn’t be shocked if it doesn’t make Nancy’s show one day.

      Then we have the school stabbing making national news. This hasn’t been a good month for the Pittsburgh area.

    • T-Rex says:

      This story is in my neck of the woods, I remember when it happened. Dad was away in the military, the mby the milityom Julie shot her kids to death. Most of us here think she is faking her insanity defense, she had some minor mental issues, mainly she hated being a mom alone raising kids, while her husband was always deployed by the military. She wanted a better life and no kids, an older version of susan smith

  11. shamrockblonde says:

    thanks for the blog Jeff! – soooo close to losing Tony! ahhh! frustrated! – thanks for all the mental images too!!! – I laughed so hard watching Wu – I like that guy with his ninja mode! – and then watching Spencer chasing him – just too funny – I have to say though, that Spencer was the one handing off the puzzle pieces during that challenge – he handled that one very well – I like Kass, but Wu is growing on me – he knew about that hidden note thing and he wasn’t even at the reward – thanks again Jeff – hope Lucy is doing well –

    • MelTheHound says:

      Lucy is doing fine, as a puppy. Today, she chewed the leash I had her on so I could take care of a couple things in the yard. Good part is, I guess, she didn’t try to escape 😉

  12. boston02127 says:

    Congratulations to you Husker Hunny !!! I love her name. 🙂

  13. shamrockblonde says:

    HuskerHuny – I tried looking for the picture of Tesla, but could not find it – if you don’t mind, would you please repost it? I hear she is absolutely beautiful! not at all surprised either – and again, congratulations!

  14. HuskerHuny says:

    Here you go! She’s going home tonight. Bye bye eight consecutive hours of sleep mom and dad.

    • Orson says:

      Tesla is YOUR payback for all the sleep you lost over YOUR daughter.

      “And go round and round and round In the circle game”

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Make that daughterS Orson – I had twins! They were over 18 months old before I got more than five consecutive hours of sleep since they were born. If it wasn’t one, it was the other and more times than not, it was back to back to back to back . . . I survived.

        • Orson says:

          Yeah, they were double teaming you. A friend told me her twins developed their own language before they started speaking English, so they probably were complaining about her “behind her back”. The twins seemingly understood each other. 😀

  15. MTH, thanks for the blog, I missed the end…I need it whittled down to about 6 so that I can focus….I really haven’t been paying attention even though it has been on….I did like the stealthnija, that was funny….I didn’t realize he took the clue, I was wondering why that kid was so pissed, lol.

  16. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  17. Mene Seela says:

    Word on The Streets – located at the corner of This is Total B.S. and I’m Covering My Azz.

  18. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    • Powell says:

      All the tweets he got were all sugary. I tweeted him “I sure hope you did a better job than BH cuz it was one of the worst reunions. It did follow one of the worst HWs seasons.”.

  19. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  20. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    It’s about ghostwriters…

    • I want to know which “boney ass” HW…….

    • I don’t believe a word his woman says. I used to love her but now her ego is unleashed. JMHO

      • Anne says:

        Gallery Books is the Simon & Schuster imprint that published Aviva’s book. Not sure if other Housewives books were also published by Gallery (should be easy to check). Carole’s memoir, “What Remains” was published by Scribner (another S & S imprint) and her editor was Nan Graham, not the woman mentioned in KO’s blog.

        Also, I think that Carole wrote both of her books and then sold them to a publisher, which is different than Aviva’s deal with the publisher to write a book. I would think that a publisher contracting with a “personality” would want to have a ghost writer/co-writer/contributor involved to ensure that the book got finished.

        Interestingly, Bethenny, Teresa and Brandi acknowledge co-writers in their books (on amazon the second person is sometimes referred to as a contributor, but the names are on the cover).

  21. Mene Seela says:

    I’m rewatching NY…. Why did LuAnn wear a flapper outfit to the ocean themed parade?

    I’m tired of her already.

  22. I Need A Life! says:

    Husker…Congratulations on your new grand daughter. Beautiful!

  23. Thank you Melcito! Great recap!

    Tonight is the “Under the Gunn” Finale!!!!!!! Go Nick and Oscar!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

    Thanks, MTH for the recap… You crack me up… but I’ve made a note to myself to watch out for italics…lol… The whole hidden idol thing was hysterical and then Spenser got individual immunity anyway…wowowowow…. I don’t even have any favorites this season… it’s kind of sad… I like rooting for someone…lol

    • MelTheHound says:

      I was disappointed when Spencer won AND he had found the idol.. Right now, I’m kind of leaning towards Kass because she’s such a wildcard in the cast.. Watch out for the italics… Heheheeee 😉

  25. VV™ says:

  26. ladebra says:

    Yay! It’s Friday! Morning cuteness

  27. not THAT Jill says:

  28. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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