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By HydrangeaHussy


Shannon Beador – Shannon Explains Her Relationship With David

I really hope she does explain, because so far I’m not impressed with the way that she treats her husband. Shannon begins by telling us that, when the show began, “I knew it was not going to be “the Shannon Beador show” — that I was going to be shown in both positive and negative lights.” Now that we’ve started viewing the episodes, “I find that some of my not-so-proudest moments have been chosen to air.” Umm, that’s the Bravo game. You didn’t realize this before you agreed to film?

Shannon writes, “David and I come from a different background. I am proud of David that he has achieved so much success in his life, all on his own, and that I have been privileged to witness it.” I think it’s great for his kids to have a role model that didn’t have everything handed to him.

“I felt a bit awkward at first because as soon as Heather and I entered the party, she went right up to Vicki and Tamra and I was left standing there. When everyone went to sit down, she sat on the other end with the gals while I sat by myself. If the tables were turned, I would have stayed with Heather, but I am a big girl and can take care of myself!” You just met Heather! It’s not really her responsibility to baby-sit you. She invited you to the party because you’re on the show together, not because you’re BFF’s.

She doesn’t think that her comments to the women about her husband was “airing any marital dirty laundry” because she’s sure that most married women feel the same. “My husband is extremely busy and I have been completely supportive throughout our marriage of his need to work long hours and on weekends. But when he joined a business group and started to take two vacations a year with them, I began to get resentful.” I understand being upset by his actions & I even understand discussing them with your friends, but telling women you just met about it & airing it on national TV – probably not the best idea for your marriage.

“Heather is quite opinionated about my decisions to try holistic things. She also seems to be strongly opinionated in Tamra’s discussion about potentially having another child.” Yes, her royal Heatherness is very opinionated about everything.

“David and I actually do get along and can have a good time together. You clearly have not seen that yet.” Shannon then proceeds with a listing of everything that’s wrong in her marriage & what David does wrong. Shannon seems like a person that needs everything to go perfectly all of the time. “I want everything to go smoothly, but most of the time it does not.” I think she needs to calm down. So what if the potatoes weren’t tender? “I am so grateful that this show is giving me the opportunity to watch my life played back and to learn all the many things I need to work on (and the list is growing!!!).”

Heather Dubrow – I Don’t Want Tamra To Do Anything Rash

“Vicki and Brooks are still together, and after talking to Vicki in Hawaii, I’m completely supportive of that decision. I just want Vicki to be happy and she is a strong, smart woman who is capable of making her own decisions.” What?!? Is Heather going to refrain from voicing her opinion on something? “Vicki’s said she has three qualities she looks for in a friend. She couldn’t remember the third one (typical Vicki) but the other two were “laugh with you,” and “learn from you.” Well, we have laughed a lot together but it doesn’t seem as if she wants to learn anything from me! If I talk about anything Vicki doesn’t know about she gets annoyed with me.” Um, maybe because of the way you sound so condescending when explaining things?

Shannon “shared a lot of information about her marriage with the group. I can’t tell if she is just someone that is an open book, or if she doesn’t have a good support system of friends with whom to talk.” I think she just says whatever is on her mind. It was clear that Heather wouldn’t have discussed her marriage so openly with strangers.

As for “Tamra and Eddie having a baby: I took what Tamra said at dinner to mean she wanted a baby to fill the void because her kids are gone 50 percent of the time. Had she said I love Eddie and we want to have a baby together I would have said, “Great, exciting!”” I’m not convinced. Heather seems like a person who always starts with the worst-case scenario. I heard Tamra say both things. She seems really torn on the idea of a baby & Heather just jumped on the negative.

“On to dinner… I LOVE a dinner party. Shannon has a lovely home and I was really looking forward to it. I was touched by her attention to detail remembering I drink champagne and that I don’t eat dairy. These are signs of a very good hostess! Shannon and David’s behavior at the party was just awkward. They seem to feel very comfortable arguing in front of us even though we barely know them. I have to say at this point I’m worried for them.” I would have been incredibly uncomfortable if a couple I barely knew was picking at each other like that. For once, I agree with Heather!

“Shannon saying that I have too many opinions shouldn’t be a red flag. Getting free dentistry because you saved a nation however? Raise it up, girl.” There’s red flags on both of those sides!

Vicki Gunvalson – I Have No Regrets

“I hope you all enjoyed seeing Tamra and I back to having fun together as I really missed her. I loved Hawaii as it was just the three of us, and I believe three is the maximum amount when going on a “girls” trip. More than that just causes chaos.” I was embarrassed for both of them. Their behavior in the bar – climbing all over each other – was just too much for women their age. It’s one thing to have a good time & another to make a fool of yourself.

“When Tamra told us how hard it was for her to share her children 50-percent of the time with Simon, I felt so bad for her. Having the void of not having the three kids around when they are at their dad’s I’m sure is huge. Since Eddie doesn’t have kids, I can understand why she would consider having a baby with him so he can understand the love that a parent has towards their child.” First, as we know now, one of the kids doesn’t want to be around Tamra. Simon is their father & has the right to see them if they want to. As for having a baby so Eddie will know the love of a parent, that doesn’t seem like a good reason to have a baby.

“Going to counseling for me has really helped me be able to make choices that I WANT and not to be influenced by others.” I’m glad that Vicki has someone unbiased to talk to. It’s seemed like everyone around her hates Brooks & wouldn’t give true advice. “I was bugged that Tamra said that she doesn’t want me to wake up in seven to eight years and regret my decisions I am making now in my life. What I have to say to her is that… I won’t. I love every day that I am making, as no decision that I have made is permanent, and I’m enjoying my life and choosing to do things MY WAY now.” Good for Vicki! It’s her life & while friends should let you know if they think you’re making a mistake, at the end of the day it’s your own choice.

Tamra Barney – Tamra Opens Up About Family Issues

“I know our blogs are to recap what has happened on this week’s episode, but to be honest with you, the show is the last thing on my mind right now. For today’s blog, I want to share with you what is weighing heavy on my heart.” Tamra is devastated by the events of the last week. “As I always say…DIVORCE DOESN’T HURT KIDS, ANGRY/BITTER PARENTS HURT KIDS.” Pot, meet kettle.

Tamra is taking this opportunity to tell her side of the story & make herself look like a great mom. “I have always told the children that it would be great if their dad could live right across the street so they could see us both every day. It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t feel the same way.” I’m not going to comment because we haven’t seen Tamra’s interaction with her kids since the divorce.

“What most people didn’t know is that my relationship with my 15-year-old, Sidney, was strained and she decided that she wanted to live with her Dad. This came as a total shock to me! Sure, I knew things were not perfect and we didn’t always see eye-to-eye, but I thought it was her age? I had the same issues with my mother when I was her age. I often wonder if my parents had been divorced if I too would have ran to my dad?”  Tamra explains that she didn’t want this information to become public, but that now they have to deal with it. I can’t remember which parent it was that requested the latest court hearing which put Sidney in the spotlight. “We continue to work on our relationship with the help of a therapist, and some days things seem good and others, she pulls away.” I’m glad that the family has someone to help them all through this time.

As to the episode, “There was some confusion at dinner with Heather that I wanted to clear up. Me wanting to have a child with Eddie and having my kids 50-percent of the time were two different issues. I don’t think Heather understood what I was trying to say.” Tamra explains that Eddie has expressed a desire for children in the past & that she wants to have a child with her husband, not because she wants to fill a void.


Cusi’s Sofia – Recovering


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  1. cusi77 says:

    Good Morning everyone! Thank you for your support. Last night I sent a photo and had a little chat with MTH.

    Sofia had a rough afternoon… with some pain. I don’t know how is she doing this morning. I know that in spite of the pain she ate like the three tenors! Lol!

    The photo was taken late last night… “Sofia after the fight”

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Good morning, cusi. I wish Sophia will be doing better than expected and will have less pain today.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Warm wishes for her Cusi, sorry to hear that. I’m sure she’ll pull through swimmingly. ❤

    • Shiny says:

      hugs and much love

    • Powell says:

      A ferocious appetite sounds good to me. Sofia’s s little fighter.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Powell’s right, Cusi! A big appetite is a great sign!

        • cusi77 says:

          Thank you LaineyL, Powelly,Shiny,Chismosa,Barb,Jan, MTH,RR, I need a Life (we have to meet in Mancini’s!!!),BB, HH, And everyone here! Please forgive me I can’t mention all of you great ladies and gentlemen for your kindness, Diana, Shamrock, Mene, TSOA, all! ((((LynnFam))) You have made everything sooOooooO smooth! Starzy, Empress, RamonaCoaster!!!! Besos!

          • cusi77 says:

            (((((Icey, Booba)))))

            • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

              Please know that Sofia has been on my heart and mind for the last several days. I pray that peace will flood all of your hearts as you wait for the next phase of the process… I pray the doctors will know exactly how to provide the best possible treatment solution for her – and that her body quickly recovers. May she regain her strength so that she can be stronger than ever so she can shout out an incredible ROAR like the tiger she is! I’m roaring for her right now! ROAR!

  2. MelTheHound says:

    Good morning.,.. Photo of Cusi’s Sofia recovering added to blog 🙂

  3. chismosa™ says:

    Tarts I saw the tweet of SC …. I caught 2 more eps. Now 3 to go.

    Why is Cameron having a COKE in the clubhouse. Hmmm

    Clubhouse reunions are so ratchet. They couldn’t find a locale?
    I have to check bravo ratings to see how the show did overall but I thought it was tracking well.

    Where I’m at now I love shep’s personality the best. Whitney strikes me as an insecure anorexic and he seems to shake a bit sometimes on screen. Not sure if anyone caught that. His face shakes.

    The redhead is growing on me.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Oh and I FINALLY figured out who craig looks like : Joseph Gordon levitt! People probably tell him that all the time.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      SO Rachet! LOL
      So nasty, so rude. (ATL reunion)

      A clubhouse reunion is a way of Bravos saying, people like you on TV, were not sure we will keep your show. I think the reunion is a total after thought. Gotta run.

  4. rabblerouser2010R says:

    I watched the first episode of SC last night…so far I am not really feeling it. My DH said has caught a few episodes and he thinks it blows chunks.

  5. Orson says:

    Shannon, it’s like this. On OC, there’s a pecking order. And you’re at the bottom. You’re going to have to accept this. And yes, there’s a point where being open and honest can bite you in the ass. You’re going to be spending a lot of time on your Bravo blog defending your actions. And if your husband watches the show, apologizing to him.

    Heather didn’t seem all that uncomfortable raking Terry over the coals when she didn’t think he was supportive enough of her one-shot guest appearance on “Hot In Cincinnatti”. Or his onion ring transgression.

    I can understand Vicki being sympathetic to Tamra on the having a child that doesn’t want to be around her. Vicki has 2 children that don’t like being around her. As for Vicki’s counseling, I don’t think he’s all that unbiased, as he’s only getting Vicki’s side of the story. Considering how well Vicki takes criticism and correction, I’m pretty sure if the counselor told her anything she didn’t want to hear she’d be off in a flash to find a new one. Because Vicki is the one who dishes stuff out. She won’t accept any.

    And Tamra is pulling a Brandi. She’s making personal issues public to fight them there. I suspect when the commentings goes against her, she’ll get really defensive. Because she needs to wave that “I’m A Victim” flag with “I’m A Mother” fringe around it.

    Wasn’t there another new housewife?

  6. meneseela says:

    I watched Flipping Out last night. I guess it’s just getting a little redundant. This season we are back at the therapist like season 2 or 3 to discuss Jeff’s inappropriate office behavior AGAIN. Sorry this is just dullzy.
    I kind of wish it followed the developing paint line story more closely. Kind of like watching Skinny Girl being born again.
    Instead we see yet another intern (or most likely the daughter of a producer ) quit after one day of boob and potty jokes.

    I’m loving Gage this year. I hope he has a % of the paint business.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Mene – I think you asked about the Nightline with Morris and Fredrik—> I believe tonight Nightline “Prime” will be a long 1 hr feature on the crazy real estate boom right now.

      Also Selling NY is on the air, Tuesdays 7AM …. !?!?!?!….

      Fredrik’s current team business partner ( who we never see on MDL) was on SNY back when sny first started. Then they changed agencies.

      Just thought you’d like to know.

      • meneseela says:

        OMG thanks!

      • Powell says:

        Chismosa I love Selling NY. I love the Kleinfelds. Is that there name? IDKW but I love MDLNY & Selling NY better than their LA counterparts.

        • chismosa™ says:

          Oh gosh the mother with the two daughters !
          The mom with the Hilary legs – she has such awful cankles !
          They’re ok, just very show offy to me with their style of dress and the Chanel necklace / bag/ jewelry, etc.
          the mom is smart though yes.

          Kleier is their name.

          • Powell says:

            Right Kleier. Kleinfelds is the upscale bridal salon in NY. Cankles? I’ll have to pay attention to that the next time. 🙂 I get what you’re saying about show offy but I see that’s how they were brought up. I love their style. One of them is married to a big name, NY society guy. I can’t remember right now. But it seems to me that’s how they were raised. To belong to NY society.

            • chismosa™ says:

              My parents did an estimate for the Kleinfeld salon when it was moving to manhattan from Brooklyn.
              Didn’t love the owners – they were only featured in the early seasons.

              Yes the Kleier – I don’t know if the daughters are really ‘society’ because I used to follow & comment/gossip on the society gossip blogs years ago of NYC and they were not spoken of. Back when Sonja was in there ! Lol
              Before those blogs shut down 😦

              One last name is morgenstern I think and our old DA was that last name but I think it’s a fairly common name and the other is Forbes, I believe. I don’t know if they’re of “the” forbes.
              I prefer the blonde daughter if I had to pick one.
              The mother’s legs should not be shown on tv. She should be wearing pants. I truly don’t think she should wear skirts.

              They just remind me of that upper east side crowd – and very jappy. Not into it

              But the mom is smart I’ll give you that!

      • chismosa™ says:

        I turned around on Gage too a few weeks ago. I love him now

    • Powell says:

      Yes Mene. I haven’t been in a hurry to watch epis because of just that. The show will be cancelled if they keep that up.
      I hope Gage has a percentage of the paint too. It seems he’s worked harder on it than Jeff.

  7. I find it funny that Vicky says her kids are her life yet her kids would say they want very little to do with her and that growing up, she was barely there! I imagine she was working CONSTANTLY and then when she got home, she was controlling everything. The dynamic between her and her kids is not normal. And Vicky is VERY selfish if she thinks she can guilt her grown daughter into staying nearby. Brianna needs to move as far away from Vicky as possible so that her marriage can work.
    Tamra doesn’t want her private issues played out in the public eye. Great. Then GET OFF OF TV!!! By signing that contract, you are signing away your privacy. Plain and simple.
    Oh and a comment on the intern on Flipping Out! I used to work for an international adoption agency. One would think this would be a very professional and compassionate work environment. It was not. When someone new was hired, we would write down their license plate number and take bets on whether they would come back after lunch. 🙂

    • meneseela says:

      I agree! Being on tv means NO privacy! Especially reality tv! IDIOTS.

      Interesting about the adoption place. I can’t imagine what went on there! Do tell!

    • Powell says:

      Hey Story. I think Vicki working so hard stems from Briana & Michael’s father being an alcoholic that didn’t provide for them when they were married and not when they divorced. Oh don’t blame Vicki having the mentality that she would do everything she could to make sure she and her kids were taken care of. My mom had to do the same thing. But Vicki took it too far trying to make the outside world believe she worked so hard for her kids when it was a lot for her so that she could live the Cota lifestyle. Remember when she wanted to buy the yacht? It was for her. Not the family. Brianna and Donn didn’t want it. Only Michael. He’s very materialistic like Vicki. So I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to work as hard as Vicki has and to get the things Vicki wanted, but only for the right reasons. Vicki wanted to be one of “The Joneses” that many aspire to be.
      Yes Vicki is selfish. She’s like a teenager that sulks cuz things aren’t the way she wants them. She’s mad that she can no longer control things.

      • Orson says:

        The thing is, we only have Vicki’s word that her first ex was an alcoholic. And she edits stuff. I see her diving into work to support herself and her children after the divorce, though.

        • Powell says:

          No I think he admitted it also years ago when he came for Brianna or Michael’s HS graduation.

  8. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. I hope you’re having a great Saturday. It’s 68 degrees nice out. YES!!

  9. Powell says:

    I’m sitting here watching True Tori. Tori coping taking care of four kids under 7 trying to get them fed and dressed to get to school is kinda sad. She’s struggling. She thinks she’s not doing a good job taking care of them by herself. Dean has put that doubt in her. Very sad and unfair.

    • Boobah says:

      Hi Powell – I caught it this week. I agree that it was sad.

      Apparently there is a lot of blow back going on. Tori and Dean are being accused of making up all this! People were posting tweets that showed them together when Dean was supposedly in rehab. Other people are thinking they are crazy to do this on national TV, if its real.

      Personally, I don’t think its made up. But putting this on TV does seem really, really painful.

      • Powell says:

        I don’t think it’s made up but I don’t see how she wants to do this on tv. How about when she’s getting ready to tape and she apologizes to the crew for what she’s about to tell and she’s also sorry if they are embarrassed cuz she’s not embarrassed. Wow!!

        • Boobah says:

          IKR!? Or how about when she was right outside the rehab center, applied lipstick and asked them and us not to judge her – she wants to look good for her husband.

          I think she wants to put it on TV because TV is home to her anyways, so why not. Imho. Maybe she wants to have control over it instead of the tabloids.

          I agree w/ you….putting this on TV seems like adding more pain to an already painful situation. Why do that?

          • Powell says:

            You’re probably right on both fronts that tv is her home and she feels that she now has control over it. Like she said the tabloids have always gotten everything about her wrong.

        • Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

          I suspect she wants to humiliate Dean as much as his cheating has humiliated her. Tit for tat.

          • Powell says:

            This 1st epi it doesn’t seem like that but only time will tell as each epi airs.

            One of her friends said to her she’s too trusting. I also think she’s not a fighter. She wants to get along and not rock the boat. That’s how I see her personality.

            • Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

              I haven’t seen the show myself. I’ve only heard snippets here and there so IDK. Time will tell.

            • Boobah says:

              That’s how I see her personality also – non-confrontational.

          • LisaJ says:

            I think plain and simple? She needs the money.

  10. Powell says:

    Tori is at her first therapy session w/Dean at the treatment center he’s in. They don’t show the therapist, nor do we hear the therapist’s voice so they put the doc’s questions/answers on the screen. The doc asks Tori how she feels. She says she’s upset that Dean cheated, but she lowers her voice when she says cheated. Dean tells her her voice got tiny when she said cheated and she said she doesn’t want to make him mad. WTF?!?! Who the hell cares if he’s mad? The therapist says Dean has lied his entire life. Dean says he has a mean side Deano. Tori Saud she saw the other side of him two – four months into their relationship. WTF?!?!?! And she continued the relationship?!?! So she could have walked away free and clear of him. Could have chalked it up to, “Well I screwed up my marriage and helped ruin another one, I made huge mistakes but I’m rid of him cuz he’s got issues”. Not very smart to me.

    • meneseela says:

      Frankly I find Tori Spelling to be a strange girl. The whole Spelling family is weird. Remember when her father died and didn’t leave the kids a cent? Candy Spelling with her doll collections and useless extravagances.
      They raised the kids as pampered Beverly Hills royalty, not as kids who should grow up to support themselves emotionally and financially. No education. No street smarts.

      Tori’s always looked like she was one meal from going into a malnutrition coma.
      Dean’s a skank. Who has FOUR kids with no real profession to support them? A Bed & Breakfast? Come on!

      • Boobah says:

        Whatever happened to her brother?? I forget his name…he acted for a while too. I wonder how things worked out for him?

        • I Need A Life! says:

          I never thought I’d be interested in Tori or her life, but I caught some of her shows and I was impressed with her. I found her to be really sweet, organized, a wonderful mom, and great at being an entrepreneur. If they really did fake this new show, then I wonder if her friends were in on it, or if they were tricked. Her friends seem like really good people.

        • Powell says:

          He didn’t get any money. I have no idea what he’s doing. At one time he had a writing partner but I don’t know what came of it.

      • I Need A Life! says:

        Mene…he’s all you say and then some. Tori married the town idiot.

      • Powell says:

        Aaron not leaving the kids anything was very strange. Frankly I think Candy had something to do w/that. He had dementia for some time. She wouldn’t let the kids see him. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a new Will written and had him sign it.

  11. Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

    I haven’t been around much since I’ve been fighting a losing battle with what I believe is bronchitis. I may be driven to call the doctor yet since breathing has been down right scary this week. You feel like you are drowning but there is no water around. Please, if you smoke, stop while you can this isn’t any fun. (Don’t worry, I wont nag. It’s your choice just as it was mine.)

    Enough about me, Howdy Folks.

    • Oh Barb, I am so sorry!! I have asthma and not breathing is scary… please, I won’t nag, but go see the doctor! I few years back I thought I just had a cold and my brother was on the phone with me and heard my wheeze and since he is a paramedic he said I needed to go to the Dr., it was pneumonia. I wouldn’t have gone if I hadn’t heard it from him….(((((Barb))))

    • Boobah says:

      ((((JWIJ)))) I am so sorry.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Howdy, I noticed you weren’t around as much and I wish you had been doing something you enjoyed instead of this misery! Go ahead and get to the doc since you already have a condition and like what Princess said, something more serious could be brewing. We need you here, so take care! (((Barb)))

      • Barb (just wondering in Jersey) says:

        It’s nice to be needed 🙂 and missed lol. The mornings have been the worst and then it seems to be better later in the day but I still have the classic (at least for me) signs of bronchitis. The pressure mid sternum through to the back. I at first thought it might be a side effect of the inhalers as they can cause respiratory issues (how ironic). But it was lasting longer than it should and lately I seem to be having a slight increase in temperature which also leads me to believe it’s bronchitis so if I don’t see a marked improvement I will see the doctor whether I want to or not lol. Thanks for the hugs too. They’re good medicine.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Hope your doc can help you and you’ll be feeling better soon!

        • NJBev says:

          Good God, are you kidding me Barb???
          You better get your Butt to the Dr. and fast-
          If you need a ride, or someone to go with you
          just ask Jan for my e-mail or # and I’ll take you.
          I am not kidding-

    • meneseela says:

      Feel better soon Barb!!

    • Powell says:

      Barb I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you somehow find some relief.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Barb hope you’re feeling better. Take care of yourself.

      • Barb (just wondering in Jersey) says:

        Feeling a little better today. My appetite is slowly increasing (it better not pick up too much though lol). Thanks for asking chismosa.

  12. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Does anyone know what I came here to post?! Been working so hard today…not that hard work killed anyone. Just sat down and CRS took over :-/ Be back later, not even sure what I am cooking tonight, got hubs to go to the store for me and a little off my game not knowing what he brought back!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi! We are out of town visiting fam so I will be scarce til..We get back. Having a little dinner at a little place to celebrate our 30th. About 10-15 people coming. Should be interesting. But fun. I have to remember to breathe….sometimes family can be exhausting. But I’m being negative now and that’s not right..trying to prepare…I am going TO HAVE FUN, DAMMIT. Let it be written, let it be done.

    • Barb (just wondering in Jersey) says:

      This had me roflmao. CRS has to be contagious as so many of us get it. So what did you end up cooking?

  13. I Need A Life! says:

    Take a deep breath. Looks like George Clooney is engaged. Check out NY Post Page 6.

  14. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    I remembered! Seems like since the Wendy show and magazine came out with that shameful dish from Mario’s so-called side piece -Ramona has been tweeting up a storm of convincing us that all is grand in her life and standing by her it seems. It’s too much. It gives me an unsettling feeling about her mind set.

    • meneseela says:

      The worst thing that can happen to Ramona is the reconciliation doesn’t work. It would be much harder to walk away from a lifetime union and wonder if she should have tried.

    • Powell says:

      She doesn’t need to convince us. It’s all a mess. Mario should shoot his self in the balls. Him and Dean McDermott.

  15. Powell says:

    Hey everyone. Sorry I haven’t been here. Today is Saturday mani day. I take my time so it’s just taken me six hours. 🙂 I’m watching ATL reunion and I just noticed that when Porsha turned Mike Tyson on Kenya and NeNe, Phadera and that guy got Porsha off of the floor NeNe said to the guy, “do you have her house slippers”, and when Kandi and NeNe went on the back to check on Porsha they both had on their slippers. LOL they love wearing their 7 inch Loubis, but they needed their slippers. 🙂

  16. Powell says:

    Was watching OC earlier and now First Look is on. Please tell me why oh why does Vicki have on that tight ass leather dress? It’s a cute leather dress but it’s too short and too tight. She’s not 25. Splain please? 😉

  17. Powell says:

    And please Splain why Tamra is sitting her ass on Share to much Shannon’s kitchen counter? #1 she just met her. #2 it’s a dinner party w/food and drinks on the kitchen counter. And #3 don’t sit your ass on the kitchen counter.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      I have an explanation, but the people on these shows….besides Tamra and Brandi, really don’t fit the bill. Puzzling isn’t it?!

      First look was good, wanted to.see the rest of the show, dammit!

      Tamra’s blog …..UGH. I don’t know where to start. How’s about let’s just say I don’t think she ( or Eddie) have any intentions to have a child. IMO all this is made up drama on the show fed from her desperation for her existing children to care about her. (eye roll)

  18. Powell says:

    Orphan Black 9:00 est.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      I tried to get into that last night, but there’s too much I don’t know. Where are the crib notes…I need to watch Season 1, huh.

      • Powell says:

        Hahaha. It’s good. Very good.

        • iceNfire says:

          Season 1 is a Must for Orphan Black

          • Jan (TexasTart) says:

            I’m watching again, I should stop and watch from the beginning. I think someone said Amazon has it.

            • ladebra says:

              Amazon does have it. ! I binge watched the season one on Amazon, great show but you will enjoy more if you watch season one.

            • Powell says:

              I dvrd the marathon last weekend and just need to see epis 1 & 2. Last night was so good. Dang Mrs. S friends turned against her. The knife and fork in the hands kinda reminded me of The Omen when Gregory Peck’s character stabbed the crazy Nanny in the neck w/a fork. 🙂 It was good. And get a load of the Soccer mom’s husband following her to the cemetery. Too funny. Yup. Your husband is your watcher.

        • I am watching it right now! I am on episode 8 of the first season… The voice of Dr. Leekie was so familiar and I looked it up and he was Max Headroom, lol!

          • Jan (TexasTart) says:

            AhHA! I have been trying to place him …and I kept focusing on the voice but nothing yet – thank you!

            • As soon as he spoke I recognized the voice, I am doing a mini marathon…so it took me a few episodes to finally look it up cuz it was driving me a little more nuts than I am usually!

          • Powell says:

            Right. I knew who he was and kept trying to think of Mad Headroom. 🙂 He looks the same. Just a bit older.

  19. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Good Morning! We’ll stay on this blog, I have nothing new to post except

    Happy Birthday Princess Pindy!

    • ladebra says:

      Oh boy I was wondering why the sun is shinning brighter and all the birds are singing! Happy Birthday Princess Pindy !! 👑👯🎉

    • BB says:

      Happy Birthday Princess Pindy! Have a wonderful day.

    • chismosa™ says:

      PRINCESS P ! Didn’t forget about you ….. I don’t know how we would have forgotten ❓ lol!

      Have a wonderful birthday ! 30 is a great age to hit!

    • Powell says:

      Happy Birthday PrincessP. Party on. 🙂 Princesses deserve it all.

    • Boobah says:

      Happy Birthday PrincessPindy! WooooHooooo!!!!!! Have a GREAT birthday!!

  20. Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

    Here’s wishing you a very Happy Birthday Princess Pindy. May it be everything you wish for.

  21. chismosa™ says:

    The first look Atlanta I agree completely with Kenya. — and cynthia backs her up and of course nene attacks and sulks at cynthia.

    Nene 📢📢📢📢📢Get over yourself! And Kenya didn’t come up with the term moose– people online have so get over it.
    The Esq. had nothing good to retaliate with I don’t know how this woman ever did well in a courtroom. Not sure if she was in court that much.
    She and nene are just all faces …..

    Kenya’s skin looks just as pore-y as nenes. Why they know I Kenya’s skin I don’t know. Cause they can’t knock her hair???

    Cynthia’s on WWH tonight so that should be good, complete with hateful tweets by nene. 👏👏👏👏👏

    • Powell says:

      Oh you know NeNe will be tweeting away “her truth”.

      • chismosa™ says:

        To be honest I hope she’s voted off DWTS soon. To knock her ego down a bit.

        • Jan (TexasTart) says:

          I can’t believe she had the stamina to make it this far! She definitely needs taken down several notches, but I don’t think her placement on DWTS will matter….of course I’m assuming there’s no chance she could win!

    • chismosa™ says:

      Woops —- that should have said something like “why do they go after Kenya’s skin”
      My thumbs 👎

  22. chismosa™ says:

    Southern charm update: I’m all caught up just have to watch the finale.
    My biggest crush is on Shep. He’s like a big Labrador. Harmless fun. But great vocabulary. ⭐ 💯 🐻

    • Powell says:

      Good morning everyone and Chismosa. I hope you had a great weekend.

      Ok. I see it. Sheep a big Labrador. Yep. 😀 It’s a really good show. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      • chismosa™ says:

        I still sort of like whitney – but he’s a bit shaky, both physically and morally/ethically (some things he’s said). His mother I die for. Just die.
        She has a bit of a drawl so she can’t be born and raised NY, I need to research more …..

        I always have to keep in mind that whitney is an exec producer of the show. So imagine what doesn’t make the cut.

        Just read this which I had bookmarked for when I caught up.

        Can’t find the article that someone here (one of our southern commenters) posted about how real southerners feel about the show. I bookmarked and can’t find it. 😖 😦

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      I like Shep and big Labradors – that was a clever association!

  23. Powell says:

    Cusi I hope cute little Sofia had a better night and is doing much better. I hope you get to see her. If you do tell her LynnFam has been cheering her on.

  24. ladebra says:

    LaineyLainey congratulations on your 30th anniversary! 🎉🎉 hope you not only survived, but enjoyed 🙂

  25. iceNfire says:

    (¯`´(¯`´.¸________ღ☆ღ_________ ¸.´´¯)´´¯)
    ☆ ▓▒░ ☆ Happy Birthday PPindy ☆ ░▒▓ ☆
    (_¸.(_¸.´´ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ღ☆ღ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ `´.¸_).¸_)

    • chismosa™ says:

      ICE —- whoa !!!!

      This is like a BANNER! The kind even Aviva would love to have put up for her !


  26. Orson says:

    What is the proper etiquette? If you wish someone a happy birthday on FaceBook, is one still expected to do the same here?

  27. MM in OC says:

    OK, in honor of GOT tonight. I’m including two funny links that I think you’ll enjoy if you are a game of thrones fan.
    Honest trailer
    What happens when you cross GOT and Frozen


  28. iceNfire says:

    OT Orphan Black – I can’t figure out Mrs.S. She clearly isn’t with the Proletheans but she is linked to Dr. Leekie somehow. My theory is that she had the birth mother of Sarah and Helena on the DL and that is why Leekie didn’t know about Sarah. But that doesn’t explain how Mrs. S got custody of Sarah since the birth mother ran away and gave one twin to the Church and the other to the State.
    I hope Felix remains a good guy

  29. I Need A Life! says:

    Have to say that dear Lynn is jumping up and down. Her cousin, Patrick, just scored a key goal for the Blackhawks.

  30. Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

    Gets up on a table in the center of the room… taps the microphone… Clears throat and sings, “Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday Tiaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. Happy Birthday to you… and many moooOOOOooooOOOOoooOOOOOooore!” = )

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      …..and the Princess makes a wish, extinguishes the candles and the crowd erupts into applause! What a voice Stars has…who knew?! What did you wish for Princess?!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      That was cute…I cd hear the echo in the room when u tapped on the mic and that awkward moment when you cleared your throat…very “blue Velvet”

  31. lillybee says:

    Happy Birthday, Princess.
    Happy Anniversary, Lainey.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Thanks Lilybee!

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      I saw the first look for the ATL reunion and I did not like the first 10 minutes. It was wrong to open discussion on what was appropriate, because nothing was about the fight needed discussed further on the reunion. It was wrong for Andy to ask “what happened” without Porsha to explain her side. I didn’t like what ANYONE said….especially Andy and Kenya!

      Andy is forevermore a hypocrite in my book!

      Nene in the first 10 was so rude – so nasty. 😡 She and Cynthia are expected to hash it out tonight. Cynthia will be on WWHL.

  32. AZGirl says:

    Back in town. Snow storm Saturday a.m. at the Grand Canyon! High winds. Hiked Friday afternoon. 50 mph gusts. Freaked me out on our hike on South Kaibab. I am so afraid of heights. I made it down a little over a mile and then a big gust of wind hit me. I was like ok. Back up. The trail is wide but right on the edge of the canyon. Beautiful. I felt like such a wuss. If it was not windy I probably would have gone further. Going up was not bad. Steep but not bad at all.
    We hit Monument Valley right at a dust storm. Crazy. We did do the self tour in our car. Very beautiful.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Sounds great, except for the 50mph business

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      I had been wishing I were with you in the GC until I saw snow and high winds. Good thing you arrived Friday. Sounds like you made the best of the trip!

    • Powell says:

      Glad you had a good time. 50 mph winds gives me a shiver so I can imagine how it made you feel.

    • NJBev says:

      AZ- too excellent!!
      I am so impressed! You
      really are the athletic (and brave)

  33. AZGirl says:


  34. AZGirl says:

    @ Cusi: So glad that Sophia made it through the surgery. Hopes she has a quick and painless recovery.

  35. LaineyLainey says:

    Happy Birthday Princess Pindy, I hope you always know that you can sit at my table and I know you DO go here! You are so fetch.

  36. LisaJ says:

    She who must not be named posted an absolutely delightful pic of her in a bikini back in the day. She’s asking if she looks like Kate Upton and pointing out her big boobs. Such a class act.

  37. iceNfire says:

    Did anyone watch the new show on cbs called Bad Teacher? Don’t throw eggs and rotten tomatoes at me but I think Brandi would have been perfect for the part…

  38. THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes!!!!!!! I am having a wonderful day! Just got home and am exhausted from walking around Oceanside. It is a beautiful day, a bit breezy but perfect. Not too many tourists…. My husband is going to BBQ and I am already in my PJs! My daughter made me a Hello Kitty Rice Krispie Cake….gluten free, lol! Thank you again, and Stars, you have a beautiful singing voice!

  39. lillybee says:

    Kenya claims that she was being playful with her props.

  40. California35 says:

    Happy Birthday Princess Pindy!

  41. lillybee says:

    Jillz must be greener with envy than the Wicked Witch of Oz. I remember how much she wanted to be a London HW and it looks like Bravo now has one and she is not on it.

    • chismosa™ says:

      OMG good memory !!! BANNNER for you ! ^^^^

      I forgot about that. and her fans abroad. Lol!

  42. lillybee says:

    Is Mama Joyce under the influence of something adult?

  43. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Mama Joyce…she’s a cartoon character, right? O_o

  44. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    What s up with these spider looking eyelashes? Nene… Cynthia?

  45. Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

    Nene’s “tude is really wearing thin. The smirk, pursed lips, sour face. She is the definition of too big for her britches

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Yep. I feel bad for Cynthia, she somehow became disposable in a snap. I find it impossible to imagine that Cynthia had any of this coming!

      • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

        No way and she’s expressed herself pretty well here while all Nene can do is roll her eyes and do her bully act. She’s really awful – over whatever Nene like I had before

  46. Sasha says:

    Mama Joyce is a joke. I did not find her funny or amusing. Kandi looked like she was embarrassed. i don’t care what she says about worrying about Riley. Her behavior is about Kandi’s money.

    • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:


    • NJBev says:

      she got a house that’s paid for!
      It’s Kandi’s house-
      It’s all about the Benjamen’s Baby!!
      It’s all about the Benjamen’s.
      sad, sad, sad.

      • Sasha says:

        Her declaration of how much she has done for Kandi is no different than what any other mother would do for her children. Most of those mothers would not expect repayment though.

      • Barb (just wondering in Jersey) says:

        U R so correct Bev.

  47. Sasha says:

    God, please hurry up and let Nene find out that she is not the A-list actress that she thinks she is. Her housewife popularity has to be dropping off because of that stank attitude.

    • kit9 says:

      Yes! The idea that Nene looked down on Kandi’s play, too good for it is beyond laughable. Kandi has won her field’s equivalent of an Academy Award. Kandi is SO out of Nene’s league in her talent and professional accomplishments, Nene should have begged her to be in her play. The best acting Nene’s ever done was on the HW when she pretended she was too good for Kandi.

  48. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Honestly, the reunion for Atlanta is ruining it for me. It’s overshadowing all of the interesting storylines, the humor and all the reasons that I enjoyed watching Atlanta. 😦
    That’s all.

    • Sasha says:

      Kenya and Nene ruined the reunion and had the worst behavior for the season. They are trying so hard to be top dog.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yeah, that wasn’t fun.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Lainey happy anniversary I may have said it the other day you were not here. Hope you had fun- you were hyperventilating over <20 people ? Girl! You're like Bethenny !
        I hope it was fun and that your daughter is back to being all better. ❤

  49. NJBev says:

    I am not going to be popular for this, but I understand
    Nene and her attitude during this reunion. The Atlanta
    girls (originals) didn’t usually let Andy pull any of the BS
    with them during the reunion, especially 2nd season.
    As much as Kim and Nene HATED each other, they
    had an agreement not to talk bad about each other,
    and they didn’t.
    Nene isn’t going to let Nay Nay to come out- I don’t blame her.
    I still think she is the original “dish it out but can’t take it”
    girl, but I give her creds for not allowing these people to
    get to her—- OH…. and, I think Peter was a Bitch during the
    season and he should have been told to shut up=
    He really did act the “Bitch” during the last few seasons…..

    • LaineyLainey says:

      You’re always popular here! Didn’t you get voted Most Popular for life? Yeah, you did.

    • Sasha says:

      Bev, I get Nene not letting Nay Nay come out to play but she does have a sourpuss attitude.

      I probably won’t be popular for this, but I like Peter even though he go a bit too far sometimes. I .think he was creating drama to keep Cynthia’s spot on the show.

      • NJBev says:

        I TOTALLY see your point, but that’s like keeping Gretchen on OC
        because Slade might offer some interest….
        It’s all personal, as we like some and we don’t like others. 😉

        • NJBev says:

          i can personally attest to the fact that I hate Kenya, as she talks about her upbringing in
          “DETROIT” she is not an Atlanta housewife and I believe that she scars the image of
          every” Atlanta Housewife” WHY WHY WHY WHY is Kenya here????


          • chismosa™ says:

            Similar to why they put a European on any of these American shows or a non- housewife (hi Bethenny!) on a show about moms, etc ….

            They never stick to script.

    • MM in OC says:

      The only two things I remember Peter getting involved in was the charity event (Nene confronted him on why he was mad and he answered), and the old men aren’t good in bed conversation (he’s an old man and there was nothing wrong with him having an opinion). The only time the housewives bring up the “men need to stay out of it” stance is when the men don’t agree with them. Let’s face it, the men are part of the show and will be featured.

      Now, if you are calling Peter a bitch because he can’t manage his business properly, then I’m on board. He’s a big dummy.

      • NJBev says:

        how about when they are all on the Party bus and he says
        “Now Porsha, I spent some time w/ my man Kordel, and now
        …………….say what??
        she doesnt need to give you ANY info-

        then he sits there with Kenya, and
        starts agreeing with her that Porsha was a beard!
        no no no no
        you love Kordell?? why his wife a beard??? you a fake ass
        Bitch Peter. and incredibly mean, and I mean MEAN to
        act like Kordell’s buddy, and then call ex-wife a beard.
        buddy. you ain’t nobody’s buddy. You an effin con.
        And you were Kenya’s best friend that trip.

        • chismosa™ says:

          You have a valid point Bev.

          And of course KENYA gets called on saying Kordell had Stupid™ As his beard. When they ALL WERE TALKING ABOUT IT.

      • chismosa™ says:

        LOVE it. Agree.

  50. not THAT Jill says:

    Happy Birhtday to the most FABULOUS Princess in all the land!! I hope you had an extra wonderful day-you deserve to be a Princess today and everyday…even if you have fake frosted tips and you are at should I say…tacky!! I love you with all my heart and it is an honor and privilege to call you my friend. ❤️❤️(Those are hearts-I don’t know if you can see them on your new phone-can you??)
    Happy Anni to the Lainey’s!! have been married forever!!

  51. NJBev says:

    How the Hell is Kandi supposed to
    tell her Mother to back off??
    Every single one of these woman
    are afraid of Joyce, too-
    Honestly, stupid Andy was the only
    one to ask her some serious questions.

  52. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Cynthia on WWHL – Classy.
    I respect her for not lowering herself to be so nasty, so rude, as Nene was to her.

  53. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Acccording to Andy, Nene posted some deep shade online…saying Cynthia rode her back all this time and not to make this her season 7 story (remember Nene wants her fired).

      Oh, and Kandi texted Andy to say her mother doesn’t drink – never has.

      • chismosa™ says:

        That statement about nene wanting her fired was deep yo. That was just Wack.

        Now if cynthia is off next year the blame will be on nene even if Andy says not her fault.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Ooooh cynthia got first seat over Rita Ora!? Maybe she’s not fired after all ….. Wow.

  54. NJBev says:

    i am going to try it last time.
    my posts not going through
    very quickly- JNNtJ good to see you, can’t rmbr
    what I wanted to say
    lainey x2 happy anniversary
    and Barb…… are you feeling ok?
    see my post above…. pls don’t eff around

  55. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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