Dancing with the Stars S18E7 / Real Housewives of Orange County S9E3


Dancing with the Stars S18E7 by BB

Scores from last week:

Meryl:  40
Amy:  38
Danica:  36
Charlie:  36
James:  35
NeNe:  33
Candace:  32

It’s Latin week with Ricky Martin as the guest judge.  Also team dance scores will come into play.  Danica broke her rib but still danced.

Danica and Val/Amy and Derek are safe.  James and Peta are in jeopardy.

Amy and Derek danced the Rhumba.  Amy had a rough week because of things going on at home concerning a long term relationship she’s in.  I believe her boyfriend was in the audience this week.  Very sultry and I liked the song, Light My Fire.  Carrie Ann was the only one who had some criticism as she noticed Amy’s feet left the floor (although she gave them a 9).  Score:  36

James and Peta danced the Samba.  It’s hinted at during their interviews that they are dating.  The dance was hot, hot, hot, and Bruno loved it.  So did Carrie Ann.  So did Ricky.   Len thought the foot work and hip action could have been a little better.  Score:   35

Danica and Val danced the Salsa.  Danica broke her rib and she wasn’t sure whether to continue against doctor’s orders or not.  Looked like she gave it her all though you could definitely tell she held back and was careful.  There was also a noticeable misstep during the dance.  Score:  33

Amy injured her back during her and Derek’s dance.  She went to the hospital.  She felt bad about leaving her team (Team Loca) to dance without her.

Candace and Mark are safe this week.  I think Candace is shocked.  Charlie and Sharna are in jeopardy.  Meryl and Maks are safe (no surprise there).  NeNe and Tony are in jeopardy.

NeNe and Tony danced the Argentine Tango.  NeNe tried to work on her technique this week.  Also, tweeters voted for Tony to dance without his shirt.  NeNe actually had some heels on her boots for this dance instead of wearing flats.  I don’t see much improvement in her technique though.  The judges agree.  Score:  31

Charlie and Sharna danced the Paso Doble. Charlie goes to his ice dance partner Meryl for advice because she did so well on her Tango.  I liked this routine and thought they should score well.  I was wrong.  Len thought it wasn’t special.  Bruno thought it wasn’t steady enough.  Carrie Ann told Charlie it wasn’t sharp enough.  Ricky said he saw what the judges were saying but he loved it.  The audience booed the judges.  Score:  36 (They got a 10 from Ricky.)

Candace and Mark danced the Argentine Tango.  Candace has been having problems with blanking out during the live performances.  They talk to a sports psychologist. (Isn’t this Dr. Jenn a sexual health expert or am I getting her confused with someone else?)  Candace has let the pressure get to her.  Their Argentine Tango was better than NeNe and Tony’s definitely.  Score:  35

Last, but certainly not least, Meryl and Maks danced the Salsa.  Meryl is not experienced with the depth of the sexuality of the Salsa.  They have been battered and bruised during rehearsals this week.  I think Maks has finally found a partner who can keep up with him.  They look great together.  It was a group dance and Meryl fit right in with the professionals.  Len didn’t like the whole group production.  Score:  39

Team dance competition.  Team Loca:  Meryl and Maks, Amy and Derek, Danica and Val, and Candace and Tony.  Team Vida:  NeNe and Tony, Charlie and Sharna, and James and Peta (All three couples are in jeopardy).  For Team Vida, NeNe looked a little out of her element dancing with the others, but I have to hand it to her.  She looked like she was doing her best and didn’t seem to be slacking at all.

Since Amy had to go to the hospital to be checked out, Team Loca was scored on their taped dress rehearsal performance.  Better dancers, better performance IMO.  The judges agree.  Score:  39

Meryl: 39 plus 39 points for the team dance:  78
Amy:  36 plus 39 points for the team dance:  75
Charlie:  36 plus 35 points for the team dance: 71
James:  35 plus 35 points for the team dance:  70
Candace:  35 plus 39 points for the team dance: 74
Danica:  33 plus 39 points for the team dance: 72
NeNe:  31 plus 35 points for the team dance:  66

DWTS Bravo photo

Eliminated this week – NeNe.  The right choice.  That means Charlie and Sharna and James and Peta live to see another week.  I expected NeNe to be lazy and she wasn’t.  I think she gave it her best shot, even though I didn’t always like her attitude.

Next week the guest judge will be none other than Abby Lee Miller.  Ugh!  May I please be excused from watching this episode?


RHOOC S9 cast

Real Housewives of Orange County S9E3

“Fakes Giving, Fake Friends”

By Stars99

Welcome back… Last week we left our wonderfully perfect OC housewives and their significant others at Over-Sharing Shannon’s house having a wonderful get-to-know-you kind of dinner. Vicki and Tamera were both surprised at how Shannon and her husband (David) were comfortable bickering back and forth in front of them since they had just met.  Vicki wondered in her talking head that if they argue like that in front of people – What are they doing behind closed doors?  I feel it’s appropriate at this point to remind us all of Shannon’s tagline this season:  “The OC is full of secrets but I have nothing to hide.”  Clearly it’s a perfect tagline for Over-Sharing Shannon. Shannon is airing all of her dirty laundry in front of us all – Quick, pass the Tide with bleach.  Oh, wait… this is Shannon’s laundry we’re talking about… OMG… I’m gonna hafta go buy environmentally friendly, non-toxic, “Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent Powder, Free & Clear.” Oh well, perhaps I should be using it anyway, no? Wow… that Shannon girl is rubbing off on me already.

As everyone enters the dining room, they’re treated to a huge spread of food that David and Shannon made themselves. Shannon is a little worried because she hasn’t seen the ladies eat much on the show yet but she’s assured that it will get eaten. Tamra is shocked that Shannon made everything herself and snidely says that Shannon isn’t as fancy as Heather Dubrow – Tamra clearly meant it to be a dig at Her Royal Heatherness. Meanwhile, Terry says how much he loves the food – He says it over and over again – It’s kind of funny.

Over-Sharing Shannon tells everyone that she has begged her husband ever since the day they were married to let her be involved in his professional business because she thinks she might have a good idea or two.  Right – because I’m sure David would LOVE Shannon to come to work to criticize him in front of his employees. 

Shannon asks Tamra and Eddie if they have any issues about working together.  Tamra looks at Eddie and asks, “Do we have issues?” Eddie quickly looks away and stuffs food in his mouth so he can’t answer. Terry helpfully responds, “Clearly you do.” Vicki said she would never want Don or anyone else in her business because it’s HER business. I think Vicki doesn’t want anyone in her business – personal, career or otherwise. Eddie says that he and Tamra have times at work where they don’t see eye-to-eye. David said, “We have those at home though, so why bring them to work?” Shannon tells him to knock it off. Rut roh… Dinner quickly goes radio silent and becomes extremely awkward – Heck, if you listen hard enough you can almost hear the sound of the botox hardening in Gretchen’s face. Oh wait, we can’t make fun of Gretchen anymore… Dang it – That just infurryates me!  Shannon tells everyone that no one laughs harder at his own jokes than David… Terry raises his hand because he wants to be a contender in that competition. 

Tamra and Eddie

During the course of dinner, we find out that both Shannon/David and Heather/Terry met while on blind dates. Wow! What are the odds of that happening? Shannon starts to tell her story but Vicki keeps interjecting her own comments like she always does. Heather interrupts Vicki’s interrupting with a stern, “Let her finish.” Vicki was so not amused and told Heather as much. In her talking head, Heather says, “Vicki, let someone else talk – You’ll get another time later.”  Lol.  Shannon wasn’t sold on David at first – but she gave him another chance. She is a firm believer that you should let people have more than one chance.


Terry says that Heather didn’t like him at first, either. He was arrogant. We find out that when Heather met Terry, he was a plastic surgeon with a Porsche. Tamra deduces Terry must have been, “a prick.”  Heather starts to tell their story of how they met. As she launches off into her explanation, Vicki interrupted Heather’s story. Then Tamra starts playing along and continues the interruption – and it seems that Heather never gets to finish her story. Everyone abruptly decided it was a good time to take a tour of the house. I suspect it was creative editing – but you were made to feel like no one wanted to hear Heather’s story.

Everyone goes downstairs to see the indoor basketball court. David explains they originally built it because they had to figure out how to best fill the space.  Of course, they decided to build a basketball court even though David didn’t particularly play basketball. The guys take off their jackets and start to shoot hoops. Heather yells to Terry from the peanut gallery, “Don’t pull anything, honey – You’re old.”  So, so nice.

Basket-2Tamra, Vicki, and Vicki’s Plus 1 (Judy) take off their heels and join the guys on the basketball court. Vicki actually makes a basket which is more than we see the other guys doing… Everyone tries to get Heather to come down to the court and play along with everyone. Heather is quite happy sitting perched on her royal throne high above her royal court watching the peasants sweat, thank you very much. In her talking head, Tamra says she wants to see Heather burp or fart just once. Can a person burp just once? On a side note, I have this really, really great friend… She’s like the nicest person you’d ever want to meet in your life. She’s usually pretty quiet but easily laughs along at everything. The thing is – She burps – But no one knows it’s her. And I don’t mean demure little burps – I mean the “I just downed a 6-pack, belly scratchin’ kind of burps.” A few times when she’s actually burped in public, (Like 3 times in 25 years) people have immediately looked at me cuz they thought it was me! Of course, it’s because I’m the loud mouth between the 2 of us, but come on… Then she looks at me, too – like she’s all disgusted at my crassness. It’s actually quite hysterical because I get all embarrassed, my face turns bright red and I look all guilty and stuff – I just can’t help but laugh. No one believes it’s not me. Now that I think about it, I kinda doubt it myself…

CheersTamra and Shannon decide to go to the kitchen to drink vodka shots together. Tamra announces that she wants to get LIT! Tamra pours mega shots – I mean like 10 times a normal shot amount kind of shots. Shannon’s okay with it though, because she already took something called a “PartySmart Pill.” Tamra toasts, “Here’s to girls who keep it real – No Fancy Pants going on here!” Tamra wants to take a “PartySmart Pill,” too… So Shannon shows her the package and explains it’s an herbal pill you can get at Whole Foods (or Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/PartySmart-Herbal-Supplement-Morning-Capsules/dp/B000IEBXQ8). Tamra reads the package, “For a better morning after” and she jokingly announces, “I have a ‘morning after’ pill!” Heather, who is just coming into the room, instantly corrects Tamra, “That’s not a morning after pill.” Tamra continues playing off of the morning after theme and laughingly says it will keep her from getting pregnant. In light of recent conversations, Heather meanly points out to Tamra that her tubes are tied so she’s not getting pregnant. Tamra flips off Heather behind her back as Heather walks out of the room. The minute she’s out of sight, Tamra tells Shannon that Heather is so nasty and then goes into a tirade about the ever-awful Heather. Heather eavesdrops on them all talking about her behind her back. Tamra wants Heather to get the stick out of her dupa that is up so far it has lodged in her throat. In her talking head, Tamra says Heather has a chip on her shoulder and that Heather thinks she’s up there and we’re down here… Tamra’s sick of it. I’m sick of people quoting Kelly Bensimon, quite frankly.

FOAs the others take a tour of the rest of the house, Her Royal Heatherness takes the opportunity to stick her royal nose into Tamra’s business and talk to Eddie one-on-one. Heather clues him in about how Tamra has expressed to her that she thinks that Eddie wants to have a child. Heather was confused by this because every time it’s come up – She felt that Eddie has been clear that he didn’t want to have a baby. Heather thinks that Tamra is saying that Eddie’s the one who wants a baby – but that it’s really Tamra who wants another child. Heather explained the whole discussion when Tamra broke down and cried about missing her kids because she only has them 50% of the time.  Heather wants to make sure Tamra is making the decision with Eddie. While this was none of Heather’s business – I really didn’t detect anything devious about it – Just that Heather was looking out for her friend. I honestly think Heather was concerned that Tamra was not seeing the connection between missing her kids that she has only 50% of the time vs. wanting another child who will be there 100% of the time. I doubt if Eddie would have ever made the connection, either.   

Heather and EddieAfter Heather and Terry make their goodbyes and their limo has pulled away from the curb, Eddie runs with his arms flailing in the air to Tamra to tattle on Heather. He tells Tamra about their conversation. Tamra wonders why Heather is in the middle of all of this and why is she talking to Eddie? Tamra thinks it’s wrong and hurtful for Heather to take this conversation they had and turn around and tell Eddie about it. Well, yeah Tamra, except that you had that conversation on national TV so the entire world knows about it anyway. The hysterical part is that Eddie’s cranky that Tamra ever had a conversation like that with anyone but him. I’m sure he’s also not happy it’s on TV, either.  Eddie says that it’s their business and he wants to keep it between Tamra and Eddie.  He asks her not to share “this stuff” with her friends.  Really? Have you met your wife? I doubt there are many subjects that are out of bounds for our little Tamra. 

After Heather and Terry leave, the rest decide to have a pre-Thanksgiving like a “Fake Thanksgiving” dinner at Vicki’s.  David makes a funny face when he’s asked if he will travel inland all the way to Vicki’s house.  Shannon quickly explains that 99% of the comments that come out of her husband’s mouth are jokes – So don’t be offended.  Tamra commiserates with David because she jokes a lot and is frequently misunderstood, also. 

The next scene has Tamra dropping in at Vicki’s house. Of course they immediately start talking about the dinner at Shannon’s house. Tamra says that Shannon can drink like a fish. Tamra is afraid to go out with Shannon and David as a couple because they fight all the time. It reminds Vicki and Tamra of the dysfunctional/abusive dynamics of their previous marriages. Vicki concludes Shannon and David need some outside “help.” 

The conversation turns to Heather because of course, they need to talk about her behind her back.  Tamra doesn’t want to fight with Heather. Vicki tells Tamra that if she fights with Heather that she will lose.  It’s not just WHAT Heather says, it’s how she says it. She comes across as a know-it-all. And since Tamra can’t bother to respect her husband’s wishes, she tells Vicki about the whole conversation she had with Heather about having another baby and the subsequent conversation with Eddie.  Didn’t Eddie just ask Tamra specifically NOT to talk about these personal matters? Lol… Well, at least she didn’t tell Vicki the same night it happened… she waited a whole day….lol.

And because the producers can’t get enough of Shannon’s house – Heck, neither can I – We’re back at Shannon’s house in Dana Point. David is lowering the chandelier in their foyer through a key operated push button thingie on the wall.  Holy cow it’s beautiful! And shiny! Oh, now I get it – it’s one of those “down to earth” kinda crystal chandeliers worth a mere $240,000. I wonder if they realize the median sales price of a NEW home sold in the United States as of March 2014 was $290,000 (https://www.census.gov/construction/nrs/pdf/uspricemon.pdf). I’m just saying Shannon needs a reality check if she thinks they live a “down to earth” kind of lifestyle. I gotta admit – It chaps my hide a little that he’s made so much money from building freeways and roadways – because while I may be wrong – but I’m guessing a lot of the work was directly or indirectly from government contracts. I wonder if he pays his employees as well as he obviously pays himself. I’m sure he does. I hope he and his workers are experts at their jobs because we need quality freeways and roads here.

Shannon gushes that she bought the chandelier for half price. Sigh. Sadly, there’s a light that’s out in this fancy, down-to-earth chandelier so that’s why they’re lowering it. And because I’m convinced that David can never do anything right in Shannon’s eyes, she whines about how slowly the chandelier is lowering.  She also complains about how loud the mechanism is that is actually doing the lowering. You know Shannon, mere mortals have to climb up on a ladder to clean or change the light bulbs in most chandeliers. Shannon tells us that her husband thinks she’s b***ing at him all the time… but she wants us to know that she’s b***ing at him because she wants to feel loved and important to him.  Right… And how is that working out for you? Nothin’ says lovin’ like being nagged and criticized to death. .

Vicki visits Briana and Troy at their house. Troy said, “Nana”… How cute! Briana tells Vicki it’s hard to be the only parent there – She thinks kids are meant to have 2 parents. Wait until you have the 2nd child, my friend. Vicki wants to talk to Briana about their relationship.  Briana thinks Vicki pushed her aside for Brooks. Vicki wants Briana to know where she’s at with things.  After last season’s reunion, Vicki ceased all communication with Brooks for 2 months – and didn’t see him for 3 months.  Briana doesn’t want to sit back and watch her mother in another abusive relationship. Vicki asserts that Brooks has never abused her. Briana is over this whole thing. So am I. Vicki tells Briana she’s never asked for her protection. The bottom line is that Vicki wanted to tell Briana that she and Brooks are dating again. Briana is convinced Brooks is somehow manipulating Vicki. Vicki wants everyone to accept her decisions. I want Brooks to go babble somewhere else.

BrianaBecause this seems to be the “Shannon” show… We are back at her house with a guy who is going through her house holding a fancy electronic Geiger counter type of device that seems to be measuring radiation… and perhaps some other stuff, too – I dunno. Shannon knows that people may not take her seriously because she is endeavoring to live a holistic life but she really doesn’t care… But she would like those same people to talk to her in 30 years – She’s implying that she will be able to do a big, “I TOLD YOU SO” happy dance in their general direction. I’m completely surprised that Shannon doesn’t have her own handy dandy Geiger counter thingie… But I guess THAT would be too obsessive, no?

Yippie!  It’s “Fakesgiving” – at Vicki’s – Well, at least that’s what this episode is named, lol. Shannon shows up early and gives the hostess a pot of Hydrangeas. Troy is crawling around and Vicki explains she’s babysitting because Troy’s parents are at the Marine Corps Birthday Ball in Las Vegas.  It seems like Vicki is cooking the entire dinner while she’s also trying to babysit. Neither Shannon nor Vicki are big Thanksgiving fans. I wonder why she’s doing this entire dinner, then? Oh, right – a TV show.

Tamra shows up with a pumpkin centerpiece. Troy is running amok – he’s crawling everywhere and getting into everything. Vicki tries to call him like you would a dog – but Troy has a mind of his own. Vicki puts both Shannon and Tamra to work. Tamra says, “Nothing says holiday season more than being bossed around by Vicki in the kitchen.” Little Troy just makes Tamra want to have a baby.  Cheers to a holiday season… And to Heather in New York (They spent Thanksgiving there – That’s why she’s not at this dinner)!

Troy-1Once again, because Heather isn’t there – They begin to talk about her behind her back. Tamra thinks Heather has so much to say about everything and Heather makes Tamra feel stupid.  Stupid is as stupid does, Tamra.  Vicki thinks Heather puts herself in a little bit of a different class than Vicki – To Vicki, everybody’s equal and she doesn’t judge others based on money. (Cough, cough. Sorry, I had something stuck in my throat.) Shannon thinks they should talk to Heather about it. When Shannon asks if Vicki thinks Heather judges people based on money… Vicki responds that she always feels “less than” around Heather. 

Shannon-1In tonight’s edition of, “I Kid You Not”… Over-Sharing Shannon, whom we’ve heard repeatedly making negative and derogatory comments about her darling husband ever since we met her, actually says in her talking head, “I have a difficult time understanding why people can’t be positive.  What is the purpose of cutting somebody down?”  Mirror, mirror on the wall… Who’s the most negative holistic b**** of them all? (Don’t get me wrong, I like Shannon… But come the heck on…)

In walks Vicki’s son, Michael who has been such a ray of sunshine every time he hits the screen this year (Remember last week he was walking through the house brushing his teeth and criticizing Vicki at every turn…). Michael is there to cook the steak appetizers.  David gets there and gives Vicki a better “hello” than his own wife…Eddie gets there at the same time… As they’re all in the kitchen, Tamra discusses the giblets and then removes them from the gravy and identifies each part one by one.  David joins in the reindeer games and they laugh together… After David makes a joke about the turkey balls, his Miss No-Negativity wife dryly says, “Is that your dry sense of humor again?” Tamra just wants Shannon to relax and have another shot.

As they sit down to eat, Vicki welcomes them all to this “Friendsgiving.” Vicki is asked if her necklace is real. Vicki explains that it’s her “divorce necklace” that she just bought.  It’s 88 carats… Whoa… Tamra has a severe case of carat envy and in her talking head she says, “Really? Vicki gets a 88 carat necklace for her divorce and I get a box of bull***?” Tamra makes some comment about Vicki being the man in her marriage complete with a certain sexual accoutrement… And I’m just not going any further in this description. Tamra feels safe to just be herself at the dinner because Heather is not there scolding her or looking at her funny for things that she says. I miss Heather. I don’t want to hear about accoutrement. Or who is bending over whom with said sexual accoutrement.

Tamra decides she needs to have a friendship summit with Heather. Eddie asks Tamra not to talk to Heather about their personal life.  They meet in Newport Beach for lunch. Heather tells Tamra she’s sure Tamra noticed that Heather was quiet at Shannon’s party. In her talking head, Heather says she feels displaced – That she doesn’t know where her relationship is at with Tamra anymore. Heather tells Tamra that she feels people (Vicki and Tamra) aren’t interested in what she has to say anymore and that she’s being cut off.  She says that if it had been an isolated incident – She wouldn’t think twice about it. Tamra skillfully flips the script and the tables on Heather and says that it was actually Heather who was being persnickety about every little thing and that it is causing the distance between them. Tamra uses the example of when Her Royal Heathermess started talking about the temperature wine should be (Cue footage of previous episode when they’re talking about the pros and cons of stemless wine glasses wherein Heather didn’t like them cuz your hand warms up the wine and we all know wine should be at a certain temperature). 

Tamra tells Heather she treats them like they’re below her and that she comes across as a “know-it-all sometimes.” In her talking head, Heather blasts, “How could I come across as a know-it-all when I can’t even finish a sentence?” Heather also insists they don’t know half of what she thinks, says, or feels…Tamra continues to try to explain that it’s not what Heather says but how she says it… and that she makes Tamra feel like an idiot. [Note: I am trying HARD not to make a snarky comment about Tamra’s lack of intellectual prowess – but she keeps throwing softballs at me and it’s hard to resist – I mean, how much temptation can a snarky blogger take?] Heather says that if she’s going to constantly be in a group situation wherein no one wants to hear what she has to say or if she feels like she has to monitor herself – That it’s just not a group she feels comfortable in anymore.

Tamra-THHeather doesn’t want to feel inhibited and Tamra aptly points out that it goes both ways.  Heather, rather snottily, I might add, then tells Tamra that, “If I have a tone – or if I come off as condescending sometimes – then I apologize for that. But I am who I am.  And a leopard doesn’t change her spots. And you are who you are… and I love you and you’re my friend… I make allowances for parts of your personality that I might not be appreciative of and you do the same for me – that’s what you do when you’re friends.”  Tamra agrees. 

Heather tells her if they’re not interested in being Heather’s friend then she’s not interested in being around them. In her talking head, Tamra is wondering if this was a threat – and she doesn’t understand why Heather has taken the issue to this extreme…Tamra insists that she’s just bringing up a point… Heather thinks it’s interesting that people always say she has a stick up her dupa… Yet when she corrects someone’s grammar – THAT’s a no-no? Ummm, yeah… cuz no one likes to be arrested by the Grammar police over a dangling participle. Heather says that they rag on her all the time about being Miss Fancy Pants, etc. and she’s fine with that. Tamra tells her she simply knew that there was some tension and she wanted to fix it and move on. Tamra doesn’t want to fight about it or dwell on it… Heather thinks it’s sometimes good for friends to have disagreements – because somewhere in the deep pile of petty nonsense there may be that one thing issue is bothering you for real that they do need to discuss. 

Tamra wants a big, fat pat on the back because she says that this is a big step for her because usually when things don’t go well with friends she runs – But she doesn’t want to do that with Heather. I guess Tamra would rather repeatedly stab Heather in the back when she’s not around. Heather tells her she adores Tamra, she values her friendship, and she never wants her to feel bad. Tamra says, “Just so you know, you’re not better than me.” Heather good naturedly says, “Are you sure?” I agree with Heather.

Tamra says that she met this girl that came into her studio named, “Danielle” who invited her to a charity event at her house. Oh I see, this is when we finally get to meet the other new girl Lizzie and the new “friend” housewife, Danielle. It’s an Ugly Sweater event… Tamra brought a couple of examples for Heather to consider wearing. Heather breaks the sad news to Tamra she is NOT going to pick out the ugly sweater that Her Royal Heatherness will wear to the event. She has royal sweatermakers who will create something ugly for her.

Ugly sweaterWoo hoo! That’s it for this week… And we didn’t see Brooks at all (except in the previews for next week)… The next episode takes place in December… and while I think there’s prolly a scene with Brooks… We will also see an uncomfortable scene with Shannon and her husband lying together on a rose petal covered bed – They start to kiss but Shannon gets up and declares, “I wish I was drunker.” Rut roh…Really, you need to be drunk to make-out with your husband? Wow… Just wow. I bet next week that Shannon complains that the roses weren’t grown in the right nursery with the right type of soil. I bet she gets cranky that the rose petals get caught in her hair and stuck on her skin, too. I bet they’re not even the right color, either. That danged David just can’t do anything right…

See ya next time! Happy Trails!   

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      Someone on twitter pointed out that she did not thank Tony. Uh oh. Faux paux or as we say in our home…fax pax.

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    Stars I bet Over Sharing Shannon has a box of regular tide in her laundry room. 🙂

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    LOL can’t up just see PCH littered w/sparkly crystals coming up thru the black top? 😉

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    TRex that’s interesting – so you think Apollo’s going to get it —
    Wow. Andy’s franchise is truly winning. 👏👏👏

    I thought nene said she’d be on the View, they only mention Pors(tupid)ha.
    I never understand their co-hosts. Weird show.

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    I’m dvr’ing for later.

    • T-Rex says:

      Chismosa, oh yes, I think Apollo gets at the minimum 10 years, with a possibility of out in 7 for good behaviour. Remember he already did time for almost the very same crime, courts don’t look kindly at “repeat offenders”, and his cohort in crime totally “rolled over” on him and gave up ALL the information in exchange for her lighter sentence, so again no way she serves more time than he does, I don’t care what kind of plea deal he tries to make. Let’s also point out that Phaekdra is the “breadwinner” in her family, so there would be no considerations that if he were to be “sent away” that his family would suffer financially, in fact I would bet they would be better off with him out of the picture and out of her money.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Oooh it’s a woman he was arrested with? Interesting …..
        Shady shady shady.

        Thank you for the legal info !
        Maybe he can share a cell with juicy?

        Why does juicy and Teresa get less time …. I guess apollo’s a repeat like you said

      • Powell says:

        All I can say is Apollo is an idiot.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Thanks and I commented back and it didn’t show —-

        I was asking why he would get more than Tre and Juicy but maybe because he’s a repeat offender ….

        Uhhhh maybe my comment will show up later

        • T-Rex says:

          Well again comparing the two cases is apples and oranges. Although they are both charged federally, ConvictFelonNida’s crimes and the Juicy’s are completely different. In addition, ConvictFelonNida is a “convicted felon” he served four years on previous charges, so he can’t use the “first time offender” plea in his plea deal, which I am SURE his lawyers used in his first stint in PRISON. Now, doesn’t make the charges any lesser either, they are just different but carry about the same weight, which is why TheJuicy’s plead out their charges, in their case they will be using the “first time offenders” excuse, even though we know full well they knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

          • chismosa™ says:

            Thank you. It’s all greek to me. Oh wait …. LOL

            Thanks for explaining. 🙂

            Felonida LOL

            Hey TRex I thought of you – I watched Sofia Vergara on tv yesterday talk about her history with thyroid cancer and just — awareness.
            She’s so lovely.
            She had hers removed.

      • MM in OC says:

        My Aunt’s has evil step twins. One of which is married to a guy that started a ponzi scheme. Was put up on charges the first time, but started a second ponzi scheme to pay back his first victims so basically got out of it. Then a year later the fed came in with assault weapons and arrested him. He’s doing 25 years now. His wife (the evil twin) has never really had a job. They pretty much took everything of value. They were living in Westlake Village in what my aunt called the masterpiece theater house. Evil twin got pregnant with her third kid during the second trial (what a-hold does that??) and then decided she had to live with aunt and uncle. It took 4-5 years to kick her out and only after her mother in law bought her a condo. They were both leaches and preying on people. Karma got the best of them. I wish she was in jail too. She’s literally one of three people that I know and would consider a sociopath.

        • T-Rex says:

          ConvictFelonNida will NEVER learn, that guy is a “career criminal”! He has been in and out of jail since his early twenties, and even with all the money Phaekdra makes he still wanted to be a “playa” and criminal. I would bet that he also has an extensive Juvenile rapsheet as well, but that would be sealed at this point, but I believe the Atlanta A website alluded to the fact he had a healthy juvenile record. Nothing going to teach this grown-ass man anything, he thinks he “knows it all” and he is “above the law”, for cripes sake he did all these felonies while filming for National TV, if that doesn’t scream volumes don’t know what does. Do feel sorry for his children, another family of sons about to lose their father figure, but I guess he isn’t much of a role model either. Let’s hope Phaekdra’s next husband can at the very least stay out of prison

  10. Powell says:

    I believe Heather thought she was being a friend too but she practically told Eddie word for word what Tamra said, which to me was private girl talk. So I frankly didn’t think it was Heather’s place to talk to Eddie and I saw on Twitter yesterday that Heather realizes it was the wrong thing to do.

  11. Happy Tuesday – won’t spend much time online today because I need to clean up and cat proof the apartment! Yep, MTH has Lucy and we will have two 8 month old cats tomorrow, very exciting. They are brothers and pretty much crazy teenagers now so I expect the apartment will become a running and jumping and pouncing zone!!!!!!!!

  12. Powell says:

    Stars I get pissed every day I’m driving. So many of the roads have pot holes, flying black top, or roads that are paved are not smooth. And yes road contractors that work on city, county and State roads are all government contracts. I’m sure David may do roads in communities w/HOAs which he’d be paid by the HOA. When I worked in a bank many of our customers did what David does and it’s just about all government contract work. What I don’t get is w/all the taxes we pay why aren’t the roads properly maintained? They wait until pot holes are humongous before they’re filled and so often the government contractors do crappy work.

  13. chismosa™ says:

    Did nene wear the same thing on GMA ? Hate black 😖

    She’s probably talking a lot of good smack backstage with dum dum

  14. chismosa™ says:

    My comment disappeared. I was wondering if Mean-ey wore the same thing on GMA ?

  15. chismosa™ says:

    11:55 she comes on ! Bwahahahahaaaaa

  16. Powell says:

    NeNe and Tony showed up on The View. Porsha is explaining basically that Kenya amped up her abuse towards her from last reunion to this reunion. What pushed her over the edge was Kenya’s weapons is what she called them, being pointed at her. NeNe and Tony stayed in the audience and Sherri asked NeNe why she put her hands over Porsha’s mouth and NeNe said after Porsha was saying she couldn’t believe what she had done, NeNe knew Porsha was d hysterical and didn’t want Porsha to say anymore. NeNe agreed that Porsha was provoked. Porsha said Kenya has hated her and bullied her from day one. There may be something to what Momma Joyce said that Kenya is jealous of Porsha’s looks and youth. It could also be that Kenya looks at Porsha having a loving and supportive family, a legacy, that Kenya feels she didn’t have in her family.

    • chismosa™ says:

      I don’t see any of this. Kenya IMHO is secure. Yes obviously she has mom issues – but I don’t know anyone on the cast –?– that doesn’t have issues with a parent right ??

      Mama Joyce definitely has words of wisdom. When did she say this? Who’s interviewing her? She’s CRA. With her Cartier watch that I’m sure SHE paid for, not her daughter . LOL
      I don’t get people thinking Porsha is that pretty. Kenya is a knockout compared to her ! I only see Noxema Jackson.

      My comments are not showing up. It’s where I am …. Ughhhhhhh

      • Powell says:

        Joyce said that when she was on HLN, Vinnie Politan’s show. They discussed the legalities of fighting on the HWs, reality tv. I wish I had seen it the next day cuz they were discussing divorce and Bethenny’s was going to be discussed.

      • iceNfire says:

        • Powell says:


        • HuskerHuny says:

          That face has been rode hard and put up wet.

        • chismosa™ says:

          Um did someone SEND for me????? 👂👂

          If you take skin care out of the equation – anyone and lots and LOTS of people have skin issues including Meany Leakes — I feel her features (face) are more attractive.
          Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, et all are no less attractive due to their skin conditions IMHO. Lots of top models, actual MODELS have bad skin that they hide quite well or treat.

          I don’t find Porsha that gorgeous …..
          That’s just me. She’s ok but I think Phaedra is prettier or I don’t know, others ….

          People are projecting her personality to her outward appearance – I think. Not youse but others —

          Kenya is not without issues, at all— I just think Wesley snipes came for her big time last season also and most focus on Kenya coming AT poor adorable baby girl Dummy® because Kenya can SPEAK to and AT someone. Not unlike the other girls. Except Dummy™

          Mommy issues are different – that’s a whole other bag, I was just speaking to looks and being jelly of Dummy for looks alone.

          Sure Kenya would have loved a doting, spoiling mommy. I can’t begrudge her that. Or having a younger set of ovaries? I can’t begrudge that either.

          WTF has Stupid® done on her own? Did she actually graduate high school?? Shame on the Georgia school system.
          At least Kenya had to rise above (I….I …. I rise above) —> and do $hit on her own. No mommy, no closeted man, nada. She didn’t get pregnant young and has her own accomplishments.

          Kenya answers to people SENDING for her. She doesn’t initiate the sending and calling.

          Clarifying in Mexico what EVERY BODY AT THE TABLE heard Porsha say about Kordell, at that table, makes Kenya the bad evil one. Mmmkay


          ((Everyone forgets the first s, it’s quite funny ))

          So don’t call for me unless …… You know …..



          • iceNfire says:

            That would be me. I thought Kenya was very pretty until her ugly personality cmae out.
            Is Dummy and Stupid the same person? i.e. Porsha?

            • Powell says:

              Kenya is pretty. She has skin issues that come and go like the rest of us mortals. I’ve known of her for years and she has disappointed me when/how she acts. If it’s just for the show then she picked a terrible persona to play on tv.

          • HuskerHuny says:

            I don’t like it when people have to keep reminding me about how smart, beautiful, strong, kind, etc, they are and Kenya can’t have a conversation without listing her many attributes. If she is indeed all of the things she says she is, it should be obvious to all of us without her saying so. Kenya is just as lacking at the other women in this shipwreck of a crew (like my nautical reference there?). I just find her and Nene equally irritating and self-serving.

          • Powell says:

            Porsha is clueless sometimes and should be ashamed she doesn’t know some history about what her GF fought for. So I don’t feel sorry for her on being clueless. That’s totally on her. She’s grown and can read a book.

          • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

            Chismosita!Haha smiling reading what your wrote–too funny!!

        • MM in OC says:

          she’s an attractive woman with bad skin. I think Kenya feels about Porsha the way I do – don’t suffer fools. I can’t handle dumb people. It’s just too easy to be annoyed by Porsha’s shallow nature and limited intellect.

    • Austin says:

      I think Kenya is jealous of anyone younger or prettier than she is. She is far from “secure”. lol

      • Austin says:

        Kenya looks like a she-male.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I agree Austin – Kenya is the way she is because of her insecurities. That’s why she talks over everyone in that loud, screechy voice. She tries to look smarter by using big words (most times using them incorrectly), bragging about unseen people and relationships with ‘famous’ people. Have you ever seen a housewife who has ‘famous’ friends and keeps it a secret? Kenya keeps it a secret because those relationships don’t exist, at least not on the level she thinks they do, not because she flies under the radar. Put up or shut up already Kenya and get some professional help to work out your issues. You’re in your mid-40s, never been married and you want a child. Something tells me your not all you profess to be.

        • iceNfire says:

          I don’t think she wants a child, that’s just another fake storyline for her. If she wanted to be a mother could have have been one years ago. I also think she may be a lesbian. No pictures of her with a man other then her gay guys can be found anywhere ….
          *her own words

  17. chismosa™ says:

    None of my comments showed up but here they do – lol

    Sarah Jessica Parker ^^^^ I cat sat too once when I was in the city. I thought I wouldn’t like them because I’m a strict dog person but it was fine. And the cats liked me so it was cool.

    Did nene wear the same thing she wore on her .3 minutes of the view on GMA? The black Stevie nicks outfit ?

    Dum dum’s media training made sure she used her *hot words*
    Ughhhhhhh. Blomit

    . 🚽

    • If we lived outside the city and had a yard I would love a dog, but I find cats pretty soothing. Although 2 teenage boy cats may not be soothing for a few years!

      I had one friend a many years ago that was anti-cat and whenever she came over she ignored the cats and they would come to her like she was catnip!

    • Powell says:

      I can’t remember what she wore on GMA.

  18. Powell says:

    And Heather went home from the lunch and said to Terry, “Who is Tamra kidding. Of Course I’m better than her.” 🙂

  19. chismosa™ says:

    Contract gone wrong!

    • Powell says:

      OMG Chismosa thks for posting. Cynthia’s letter is on point. I agree w/everything. Did you see the FB comments? 188 comments.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      This is why I don’t like Cynthia!! At the reunion she tried to act like she was not friends with NeNe anymore b/c NeNe called Peter a bitch-but the bitch thing was over. neNe and Peter have hung out after that whole thing-Cynthia is looking to strike out on her own and using this whole NeNe thing as a excuse. She was over it enough to spend 2 holidays with NeNe but then she acts all hurt and offended 3 months later? Come on now! And then saying the WWHL thing? That was filmed after the reunion so she can’t act like she didn’t know NeNe was “feeling some kind of way” about her. When HW try and act cute it annoys me…Cynthia is shady as hell and needs to take many seats…just like NeNe and Twirl need to do!!

      • chismosa™ says:

        Ash, I get what you’re saying — a bit, I haven’t read this whole thing yet —-> HOWEVER my one caveat is any post filming TH’s or interviews that they do AFTER filming wraps and during/ after hanging IRL —
        That would send me COMIN for you … Lol

        I think cynthia wants to secure her spot on the show. But I still think Meany was meany.

        Have to read this later —-

        They’re ALL shady. Each one. No one’s innocent. 👋

        • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

          I think Cynthia is boring and dull-beautiful as can be but nothing exciting about her. She knows that-she needs an edge and going after Meanie is a sure way to stay on the show-especially since she’ style only one who is friends with Twirl…talk about shady!!

          • iceNfire says:

            Cynthia brought Mallory for an edge this season.she isn’t capable of being edging on her own. If she isn’t offered a part next season what will poor Peter do without that extra income???

      • Powell says:

        The bit*h thing was over but she’s pointing out just who NeNe is and how she’s been her friend thru the good and the bad events of their relationship. It seems NeNe is the one that all of a sudden has been “carrying Cynthia on her back season to season; Cynthia has nothing to contribute to the show”. So if NeNe can go back to the beginning what 4 seasons now and say all of this about Cynthia, why can’t Cynthia go back to the season when NeNe called Peter a bit*h? Cynthia has been NeNe’s sort of friend before Cynthia joined Atl and their friendship grew and it was genuine on her part. But NeNe’s WWHL speech seems to me that all along she befriended Cynthia for a “friend” on the show since she dropped longtime friends Sheree and Kim. Cynthia wasn’t her real friend. NeNe has a “contingent upon” type of friendship she makes. You have to be “Her” friend and only “Her” friend. If she falls out w/someone she expects her “friends” to fall in line and do the same. Marlo started hanging out w/Kenya and that made Kenya Marlo’s new BFF and NeNe can’t have that. Cynthia showed a tiny bit more interest in talking to Kenya so now Kenya is Cynthia’s BFF. I don’t like Kenya nor Marlo. But Marlo and Cynthia were both NeNe’s friend. They supported her w/her LA career. But she cut them off at the knee because they spent any type of time w/Kenya. That’s 3rd grader attitude. It’s shameful and if that’s how she thinks friendship works, then she’ll never really have a great GF. She’ll only have soldiers that go along w/whatever she says just to be Her friend.

    • Curious, can anyone figure out the timeline? When was the reunion taped and when was the WWHL (not live) taped? Which was first?

      • Powell says:

        Who’s on first? 🙂

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        The reunion was taped first…I read it somewhere-of course I don’t remember where but it was an article about Cynthia acting mad about the WWHL stuff even though she knew after the reunion taping that she and NeNe were done. I happen to agree with Cynthia on all things NeNe I just think that Cynthia is being shady about it now-she’s acting like they were BFF when WWHL taped and that’s not true-she knows NeNe-when NeNe feels the least bit hurt or threatened (in her friendships) she attacks. Cynthia knew this from the start-if she didn’t want NeNe coming for her-she shouldn’t have called for her!

    • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

      You’re living up to your name!! Thanks for the juice!! 😉

  20. Amalfi says:

    Vicki likes Shannon because she is not 20 years younger than she is. That is all.

  21. Amalfi says:

    Also Tamra seems gleeful at comparing Heather’s house to Shannon’s. LOL… I have my fill of Heather at times, but Tamra can pull he giant foot out of her mouth when Heather’s estate is finished next year.

  22. shamrockblonde says:

    has Heather not noticed yet that Tammy Sue and Vicki constantly interrupt anyone who is talking? they have some sort of compulsive disorder that compels them to jump in and try to outdo each other with inappropriate commnets almost exclusively involving sexual innuendo or vulgarity – and apparently they have to do it loudly – Heather can be a bit of a stuck up fussy, but her upbringing is vastly different from theirs and she is more accustomed to manners and reasonably polite conversation – something those two avoid at all costs –

    Shannon – I love that name and seeing it wasted on that moonbat is hurtful – and I pray for her husband and her children – seriously? crystals in her mouth? IN HER MOUTH?

    • Powell says:

      Yes Heather does get on my nerves w/correcting people, like Stars said “being the grammar police”, and being a know it all but if she’s your friend you just have to point it out to make her aware. Now manners less Vicki and Tamra need to go to catilion because they are so so rude and talk disgusting in mixed company and company that you just met. Tamra flipping off Heather and sitting her ass on the counter were beyond manner less. Yes I made up manner less. 🙂

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Just to show you how I’m not up here and you’re down there Powell, I’m not going to point out your grammatical error in the above post. But did you know that Avon used to have a fragrance named Cotillion a long, long, long, LONG time ago? Haha!!!

  23. shamrockblonde says:

    *hugs Boston really hard* CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am – we all are – so incredibly proud of you!! the time goes by so quickly – you are the future, beautiful one – go make it a good one! Your Mom is beaming with pride and love, never doubt that –

    *sets down carvel ice cream cake* *hugs Boston really hard again* congratulations again angel – much love – shamrock

  24. AZGirl says:

    Bringing this over from yesterday’s blog.
    Congratulations Boston. We are all so proud of you. I remember when you had hidden your tuition money (cash) somewhere and could not find. Brought back memories of me paying cash for my tuition. You found the money and here you are…..DONE!
    To quote a popular song on the radio…”This is going to be the best day of my life”. “whot whoooo”!

  25. chismosa™ says:

    Hey JILL my bestie is on WWH tonight. She called and asked me advice on what outfit and makeup to wear. We’re cool like that. 👭
    She’s the best. So glad I have her in my life. ⭐

    Jelly????? LOLOLOLOLOL

  26. Powell says:

    Well, Well, Well. Sterling received a lifetime ban from the NBA & a $2.5 million dollar fine. He can’t be forced to sell. The Commissioner Silver said Sterling admitted it is his voice but there’s no response of remorse. Magic Johnson is ready to buy that’s for sure.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Very fishy the way the girlfriend/mistress (with BAD skin, FYI)— asked him such questions. Weird! If you listen to it.

      But so good he got some justice served up his a$$.
      Ain’t nobody got time ….


      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        That girlfriend-she tried to play the old man with those questions. He said what he said but I feel like she set him up…there is more to this story I think and it begins with the girlfriend-fishy fishy!!

    • Amalfi says:

      I think with a 2/3 vote, he can be forced to turn his franchise over according to the NBA Franchise bylaws or constitution or covenant — whatever they call it/

    • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

      Hi Powell!! Shame shame on what happened. Strange that it was recorded and released, though. Magic has set the record straight saying he’s not interested in the clippers. Hope you’ve been well!

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        A person being forced to sell their business b/c of a conversation they had the expectation of being private is disgusting-if all of our “private” conversations were recorded and released no one would have a business!!! His views are not mine but this is not a good a thing-to me-JMHO.

        • Amalfi says:

          It is not really the same — he is a franchise owner who agreed to the terms of the franchise board of governors which includes not making the entire NBA look bad.

          It is similar to living in a gated community with covenants — you cant just paint your house lime green… of course you own the house, but to be part of the community, you have to abide by certain rules.

  27. chismosa™ says:

    OC question:

    A) is there a point, because it seems from scenes I see and upcoming things and IRL—> where Vicki has something done to her face where her skin doesn’t look so — scarred? Like, old acne scars? I feel later and more recently she looks like she has perfect skin??? Dramatic change there
    Id love to know what she had done if she says it – please someone let me know!

    B/ that new chick- the only other brunette on the show- looks like a drag queen. Very severe features.

    • MM in OC says:

      I think a lot of it has to do with lighting and make up. She looks great in the talking heads. It’s the day to day stuff where you see the pits in her skin from bad acne.

      I think her acne was really bad. She’d have to do several laser resurfacing treatment or chemical peels to get rid of the scarring. In my opinion, she should have done that verssu the nose job. However, when you do those procedures you look like a leper for a week or two. And we all know that Vicki works 24/7.

      • Orson says:

        Ah, her old nose sort of disconcerted me. But I don’t think she needed the chin implant. She could have gotten her skin treated instead of that.

  28. ladebra says:

    Oh lá lá I might watch this wedding show. I skipped the last few.

  29. HuskerHuny says:

    Tamra fell in love with Heather’s money and perceived celebrity status. There’s absolutely nothing different about Heather this year compared to the first year she was on. Why now does Tamra find Heather so irritating? I always thought Heather was a bit too full of herself and she’s done nothing to change my mind. Just saw a Sonic commercial – now I want a lime Sonic slush and it’s still happy hour and it’s half price – time to go!

    • MM in OC says:

      yes, heather was insufferable then and is still insufferable. I will say that early in a relationship when you have a crush on your new friends you usually fail to notice their shortcomings. Frankly, I don’t know why anyone would want to be friends with Heather. She’s horrible, not fun, has no sense of humor, condescending, a bore, etc etc etc.

    • Amalfi says:

      Agree — Heather is just as annoying as she was last year, except this time, there is really no one for Tamra to openly be hostile towards (until the new young brunette steps on the scene) so Heather is her whipping boy of the moment. I don’t mind seeing Heather get her due, but from Tamra of all people… ugh what a slug

    • Powell says:

      She’s the same Heather. Tamra doesn’t have Gretchen and Alexis to kick around. Simple as that.

  30. Barb (just wondering in Jersey) says:

    Just back from the doctor. My diagnosis was correct, acute bronchitis. Got some scripts and I’m on the up swing.

  31. Great Blogs BB and Stars! I am into The Voice so I haven’t been watching DWTS, I don’t think it is fair with the ice dancers, IPPHO! LOL at the OC idiots, they are all so stupid. I am enjoying watching….they just all seem clueless. Heather doesn’t have a clue about how she comes across and for that matter NONE of them do!!! I can’t wait till next week until we meet Lizzie. They are all rude and ill mannered, including Heather.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~And I listened to everyone complain about their weather so I am going to complain, IT IS FREAKING HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! OMG!!! I had to have my son bring my wood into the garage to sand because it was SO FREAKING HOTTTTTTT outside!!! Then I had him move it all back outside to paint….. I am wiped out. I will wait until this evening to paint the other side of my wood….because maybe then it won’t be

  32. Amalfi says:

    Aww.., no second Royal Wedding to look forward to for Harry and Cressida — they broke up. I loved when Tina Fey said that Cressida was named after a Toyota. lol


    • Powell says:

      Aww. So is Harry going to be like his uncle Andrew and date porn stars before he finally finds his Princess? I’m sure the Queen is trying to get him on the ball. His brother’s 3rd anniversary is coming up.

      • Amalfi says:

        Their third anniversary is today! I am embarrassed I know that — but it is the same as my sister’s anniversary.

  33. I haven’t watched the ATL reunion but I just saw a picture and they are ALL wearing LONG dresses……this has probably been discussed but wth???

    • chismosa™ says:

      Yes I’ve brought this up.

      AND black was allowed.


      So funny I was just listening to the cure- the song was HOT HOT HOT. goes with your post LOL

    • boston02127 says:

      I haven’t seen it either. Next week is the “kept men” of Atlanta. I won’t be watching that. I’ve always liked Atlanta until this season.

  34. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for all the nice congrats everyone. I got my cap & gown yesterday, I still have final exams. *week of the 18th. Ceremony will be on May 30th. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait.

  35. iceNfire says:

    *Warning those that try to catch the East Coast airing of bravo shows using the Ripsink online stream. Do Not downdload the update in an attempt to make it work!
    I had to nuke my hard drive all the way back to original factory setting :/

  36. boston02127 says:

    I’m watching the OC. The party at the new girls house or should I say castle. Is there really a need for a house that big?

    Also, why does Tamara keep saying that she doesn’t drink? And when she was laying on the new girls kitchen counter (drunk) what was that huge bandage on her thigh?

    Also, also….why is Tamara so angry with Heather about her and Eddie’s conversation? Eddie should have put a stop to that asap if it bothered him so much.

    • vilzvet says:

      I’ve just gotta say it, I don’t like Shannon! Her voice grates and she seems like a nutbag. They struck out again. Honestly would rather have Marisa Zanuck back.

  37. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    From BuzzFeed…http://www.buzzfeed.com/louispeitzman/things-that-happen-on-every-real-housewives-episode
    55 Things that happen on Every Real Housewives Episode.

    1. A housewife throws a dinner party.
    2. Another housewife is nervous about attending the dinner party because of tension among the group.
    3. The host insists that everything will be fine.
    4. Instead, everyone gets smashed and an embarrassingly loud fight erupts.
    5. A housewife says something so nonsensical and convoluted that it’s almost brilliant in a Dadaist way.
    6. A housewife downs a glass of wine that’s slightly larger than her head.
    7. Someone storms off.
    8. Someone is dead to someone else.
    9. Someone is so completely done.
    10. Someone has had enough of the drama.
    11. Everyone slurs.
    12. A househusband foolishly tries to mediate, making things worse.
    13. The host insists she thought things were going to be different this time.
    14. Two housewives sit down to lunch to solve their differences, even though they clearly hate each other.
    15. Scenes from the last dinner party fight are replayed in muted flashback tones.
    16. At lunch, one housewife immediately tells the other housewife that they’re not friends.
    17. They drink wine.
    18. They exchange vicious barbs through tight smiles.
    19. No one actually eats anything.
    20. The former enemies agree to disagree, and seal the deal with an awkward hug or cheek kisses.
    21. They proceed to talk shit about each other in the confessionals.
    22. A housewife experiments with puns.
    23. A housewife is concerned with her personal brand.
    24. A housewife is promoting her product.
    25. The other housewives pat themselves on the back for supporting their friend’s new venture while simultaneously making passive-aggressive digs.
    26. A housewife feels jealous of another housewife’s successful.
    27. An uncomfortable phone call plays out over speakerphone.
    28. A housewife who will deny having plastic surgery at the reunion is unable to lower her eyebrows.
    29. A housewife brags about her child’s accomplishments.
    30. The child graciously appears on-camera in the midst of his or her awkward phase.
    31. A housewife makes unreasonable demands of her child.
    32. A housewife makes unreasonable demands of her maid, who is “part of the family.”
    33. A housewife talks about how much something costs.
    34. Another housewife says talking about money is gauche while displaying her diamonds.
    35. Another housewife says she prides herself on being frugal while living in a house that costs more than you will earn in your lifetime.
    36. A housewife explores her closet, which is larger than your apartment.
    37. There is a stand-alone scene in which the wackiest housewife does something strange.
    38. Quirky music plays.
    39. Reaction shot of her dog, which has a stupid name.
    40. A housewife name-drops a famous friend or family member.
    41. A housewife consults a psychic or a celebrity.
    42. A housewife plans a charity event, explaining the importance of giving back.
    43. The charity event quickly becomes an opportunity for self-promotion.
    44. A housewife gives a speech about overcoming hardship.
    45. She gets choked up halfway through.
    46. At the height of tension within the group, there’s another contrived reason for all of the housewives to get together.
    47. A housewife criticizes another housewife’s parenting technique.
    48. A housewife “innocently” brings up the tabloid rumors about another housewife.
    49. A housewife questions another housewife’s class.
    50. A housewife says something so outrageous that she gets bleeped.
    51. Someone’s face registers shock, despite the Botox.
    52. Someone “can’t believe she just said that.”
    53. Someone says, “Here we go again.”
    54. The fight that was teased in the preview for the episode finally begins.
    55. And just when things are about to get interesting, the episode ends.

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