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Aviva Reflects on ‘Heathers’

We make judgments on people based mostly on what we experience directly, though we can also be influenced by what we hear (gossip), read (gossip), or see on reality TV shows (God help us). But do we know them really? We don’t know if the smug bastard who gloats about beating us at Words With Friends also beats his wife or is a pillar of his community. We don’t know if the wily cashier who constantly shortchanges us at the diner is a career criminal or a church deacon. And we don’t know if the taxi driver who takes us the wrong way then pretends he doesn’t understand English is a con man or . . . nevermind. Bad example. He is a con man.

Is she saying Heather is running a con? Or is this self reflection? What kind of con is Aviva running? If…and it’s a very big IF I decide to buy her book, will I feel gypped?

I was thinking of this as I watched the last two episodes. I’ve been fighting with Heather. She’s angry with me because she thinks I’ve been trying to undermine Carole’s career, and I’ve been mad at her because she’s been acting like Carole’s attack dog. I swipe at her for her fatuous hip-hop act; she swipes at me because I’m a snob and a mother f—er. She says she doesn’t like me. Even when we make up, she doesn’t invite me to her anniversary party with all the other Housewives. Bitch, right?

Technically, she disinvited you which was bitchy but she’s not a bitch.

Not so fast, Aviva. In these episodes I’ve seen her in a loving relationship with her husband, surrounded by close friends (and Housewives), and being a great mother. I’ve seen her concerned about her son’s health, and very emotional when she thought she might not be able to help him. Which one is the real Heather? Turns out it’s an easy decision. The good mother/loving wife trumps the trash-talking assassin from the Legion of Carole. I’m glad I got to see that part of her – and I’m choosing to believe that’s the “Real Heather of New York City.” And she even dropped her signature street language for a Yiddish expression. Challah! I’m keeping Heather and her son Jax in my thoughts. And who knows, maybe Carole has a good side too. We just haven’t seen it.

Kadooz to your ghostwriter. Whoever it is doing a good job not addressing you jumping the gun and telling Kristen she needs to stay out of her fight with Carole when she told you a few minutes before that she wasn’t getting involved.

STFU: I make fun of Heather’s potty mouth, but I shouldn’t be one to cast the first stone. I drop F bombs the way she drops the names of rappers. I say STFU, FML, and AYFKM without employing the economy of abbreviations. That word — and a few more — have, alas, become a part of my vocabulary. Good example in this episode. When Kristen started to lecture me, I let slip a STFU. Big effing deal. Fortunately it was at a crafts store where the kids were making soap. I washed my mouth with that soap, and the next time I open my mouth to curse, only bubbles will come out

Wishful thinking. Heather’s situation with Jax puts everything in perspective that this drama is not important.

Heather: Aviva is Unpredictable

Having a sick child is difficult. It drains you emotionally and financially. With countless days spent in the hospital and with so many different doctors, you’re left with feelings of worry and helplessness. Since Jax’s liver transplant and the complications that have come since, Jon and I have learned to take one day at a time; otherwise it can simply become too overwhelming on a family and often times destructive to it.

Jon and Heather seem like a strong team and I hope it stays that way.

So instead, we try to focus on the joy in both of our children’s accomplishments, appreciating their uniqueness, and taking pride in the special qualities they each possess. Jax’s challenges have actually made us better people, made our marriage stronger, and given our children a unique perspective on life.

We are truly blessed and I am so proud of Jax, he is one of the most inspirational little guys I have ever known. I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and that everything does happen for the best. GAM ZU L’TOVAH!

Now onto the girls! There is a hypocritical, anti-“lean-in” drama flying about with a few of the girls and I don’t understand it — it’s certainly a double standard and it’s ridiculous.

I personally have not held onto any drama over Ramona and Sonja blowing off our Anniversary Party — part in partial because it was perfect without them. I do care about these ladies but, their absence came down to etiquette, which the Countess can confirm, they showed little of. The day after my party Sonja sent me a text explaining the real reason she missed it; the Aviva excuse was just for show. Sonja had to be in France for something that had to do with assets and her divorce. And despite the fact that Ramona can be infuriating, and never came up with a good reason for missing the party, she did send me flowers with a note explaining that she just needed to be in the Hamptons that weekend. And something isn’t right with Ramona — I have a feeling other issues are pre-occupying her and her decisions, and it’s not Aviva. And that is that.

Ramona’s issues may have been her husband. She might have wanted to catch him in the act of adultery.

But let’s get back to standing up and speaking out for the things you believe in. When did this become so wrong? My heroes stand up for what they believe in! I can assure you that Kristen Taekman can hold her own and doesn’t need anyone to defend her opinions, that Carole Radziwill’s career speaks for itself and doesn’t need anyone to defend it, and that I don’t need anyone to stick up for me either, but it sure feels nice! Isn’t that what friends do after all? How come everyone wants us to “Shut the f— up” in regards to our POVs?! And who in the world says that in front of children — and someone else’s children no less? Aviva is so unpredictable and she’s full of double standards, but I am trying to enjoy the charming side of her when in her company. And while I’m attempting to ease into moving forward with Aviva, it’s going to take time and rebuilding and I can assure you, that’s not for show.

It’s too bad you need to take the time to rebuild since you are on the show together.

I am psyched for Kristen’s Clam Bake and I am thrilled KT can fulfill yet another Elvis fantasy! I just love Kristen’s quirky infatuation with Elvis and I think a crush on a dead guy. . .is pretty safe for a marriage!

I wonder what she would do if Elvis were alive. Be married to him?

The evening is just beautiful and the food is so delicious! Yum! This is my favorite type of food as you can see! At the moment, everyone has overcome some “bumps in the road,” but unfortunately no one can avoid the elephant at the beach. And in keeping with my word to Aviva, I think it might be a good time for Aviva to try to clear the air a bit with Carole. Everybody is in good spirits and I personally want to see Carole move above this toxicity Aviva has created. They don’t have to be buddies, but I want Carole to see the source of the damage for what it is (shameless self-promotion), see it’s not worth her time or energy and to move forward. Aviva simply needs to apologize.

I don’t think the audience is going to witness an apology. At least not one, with more drama attached to it.

But they sit down and right off the bat Aviva starts setting ground rules — telling Carole how to feel and what to say and Carole is understandably fed up immediately. Aviva loves to reprimand others and is so condescending with reveal of the early galley of Carole’s book. It’s just all so insincere, but Aviva will tell you, “She was trying to promote Carole’s book for her.” It’s just way too much. I don’t think this is the type of promotion Radz needs, or moreover, that anyone would welcome — but if that was really her goal, the honest way to promote the book (and redeem herself) would be telling us all she got an early galley (for the right reasons), read it and loved it.

Publishing is a hard business. Publishing companies swallow publishing companies. It’s hard for publishers to go out there and find bestsellers.

But instead, Aviva tries to pull off this “big reveal” that she’s read Widows’ Guide to Sex and Datingto prove she’s got connections. And it’s dark and it’s sneaky and it’s for all the wrong reasons. What was I thinking trying to bridge this gap? So sorry, Radz — it didn’t turn out as I had hoped but you know it was done with only love and trying to keep it to movin’ with Vivs. So now it’s time for the real fireworks and any leftover lobster tails.

Aviva should run her plans by someone who is sane to give an honest opinion of how her machinations come off. She cray-cray.

Kristen: Ramona is Out to Get Me

My playdate with Aviva: I walked into that playdate wanting to talk to Aviva about all of the #BookGate stuff. At this point, I was already much closer to Carole, but I wanted to give Aviva a “chance.” After all, we had just met and she hadn’t done anything to me “yet.” I wanted to clear the air about #BookGate and let it be known I am not involved.

Maybe not talking about ghostwritergate would be a good way of not getting involved. You need to give her a chance to make her own drama with you.

When Cash and I got there, I told her that I wanted to talk with her. So fine, we started to talk. She asked me to keep it PG in front of the kids, “non-hostile,” and then she told me to “Shut the f— up” two seconds later in front of the kids!! After she made a point of telling me to keep it PG in front of the kids — can you say C-R-A-Z-Y! It seems obvious to me she is challenged in controlling her emotions. This whole scene is so insane to me. How can I not address the elephant in the room, #BookGate? All while she is telling me that its none of my business? At this point, a month later, it’s everyone’s business, which is why I felt the need to address it! She has made it all of our business thank you very much. All I wanted to do was tell her that I am here with her on this playdate to try and move forward despite all the crap thats going on. Tell her that I am not going to take sides. Then she flips her lid. Ahhhhhhhhhh, very frustrating.

Aviva is “challenged in controlling her emotions?” Watch for any sudden movements she makes or if there could possible be a concealed weapon on her persons. If she brings props to the reunion, take it away from her as soon as you see it. Oh yeah, the squeeze toy with Ramona’s eyes. Sometimes you just do things because you think that they are funny. I have been hearing about Ramona and her “crazy eyes” for years. It’s funny, Ramona makes fun of her eyes and how the tend to bug out of her head. It’s funny. I think it’s funny. Sorry, Ramona. I guess Aviva didn’t think that that was funny, but then again what does Aviva think is funny? 

Her “crazy eyes” were funny when she walked down the catwalk and in awkward red carpet pictures. It was funny at the time but it loses humor over time. Until the next funny picture or scene.

Tennis at Ramona’s: I don’t play tennis or bocce ball for that matter. I didn’t know about the shoes. Oh well, waaaa waaa the new girl doesn’t play tennis.

I had to voice my opinion to Ramona about her not showing up for Heather’s party. This was an intimate party celebrating her anniversary. I have no problem with her not going and I am sure Heather would agree. It’s the RSVPing and just not showing up. Come on Ramona: the text message not going through? At least own up to it and tell her the truth why you didn’t go.

I’m sure you can voice your opinion but Ramona will come after you for it. You’ve been Ramona’d.

Ramona’s Fourth of July party: Gorgeous house and it was a beautiful party with great food and drinks. The moment I walked in, Ramona grabbed me and had her chat with me — before wine even! Wow, I have to say I was shocked. She is just out to get me. Not my place to say anything? Do we all remember her getting involved with the fight at Aviva’s house with Carole and Aviva? Hmm, was that her business? Can you say hypocrite?  Listen, in my book it’s not OK to RSVP that you are going and just not show up. Ugh, #staytuned.

You should have told her you needed a glass of Ramona Pinot Grigio before you start your conversation then she would have let you off a little easier. Hasn’t watching the show taught you anything?

The Clambake: I was so excited to finally host a Clambake. It’s an Elvis movie, as you know by now, so it’s always been a dream of mine. I was very happy that Aviva’s friend pulled through for us with that fab house on the beach in Southampton! It’s so crazy how this #BookGate thing just keeps circling and won’t die. Please let it die.

Yes. Please.

Lady Morgan’s House Is Not Crumbling Down

Kristen talking to Ramona about us not going to Heather’s anniversary party was uncalled for. Ramona is right — it is not her place. I texted Heather, and she said she understood. Ramona sent flowers the next day and admitted she was too chicken to tell her the night of. I had the opportunity to go to France to get my house sold, or possibly get financing on it, and I took it. Heather wished me well and said to call her when I got back. I’m sure she was too busy to call me with the party and all.

How come they acted surprised during the party when Luann had to tell them you guys weren’t coming? In fact Luann, the snake, used the word boycott.

Ramona’s comment about the Caburlesque was hurtful to me because she was not there and she heard it from someone else. It made me feel that she was not being supportive. A true businesswoman manages more than one thing at a time. Ramona manages her Pinot Grigio, jewelry line, and skin care line. My houses, the assets, my financial investments that I gained over the years, and the lawyers that I deal with on a daily basis are a part of my business. There is much more to my life than just managing my houses. My daughter is thriving and getting straight A’s and has plans to go to top schools in the country.

I think Ramona just needs to tell you only good things and not be honest. She can just watch from the shore as you either sink or swim.

Lady Morgan’s house is not crumbling down. Being in a Chapter 11 doesn’t mean that I can’t pay my bills or spent money that I don’t have. Chapter 11 is a restructuring of your assets — not a Chapter 7 or a liquidation. When I was in the movie business I gave hundreds of people jobs, and some at very high salaries. I ran the production business out of my townhouse with many full-time employees. When one movie deal memo went sour, I got this judgment against me and filed the Chapter 11 to protect and restructure my assets to have time to decide out how to pay this $7 million judgment for a $15 million dollar film that Sonja Productions LLC offered to partially raise money for.

Isn’t there some sort of deadline when you need to pay up? It can’t go on in perpetuity.

It’s very unfortunate, but it’s a risky business. I am selling my house in France and keeping my daughter in her childhood home in New York. I’m managing a lot while being on this show and doing my 20-minute red carpet and 20-minute recipes, press junkets, and meetings with potential investors for my lifestyle brand — and I’m just fine. My charity work means a lot to me, and I didn’t appreciate Ramona’s comments at her cocktail party. My art is my way of expressing myself through self deprecating humor, and I was surrounded by 90-plus off-Broadway and Broadway performers who all donated their time to the cause.

I feel bad for Sonja and hope her Caburlesque show is an effective escape for her problems.

I have been an artist, performer, and comedian my entire life, since my pageant, modeling, and acting days. All of my friends and the hundreds of people that came to the Sonja In The City Caburlesque charity event enjoyed my cameo that we used as a calling card to sell tickets. I didn’t like when LuAnn said that it could have been more polished.

Another person being honest with their opinions. I don’t think she was trying to put you down but trying to give you constructive criticism so you can do better at the next performance.

My comment to Ramona about her Rose wine is much more than you see. I know that Ramona is going to try so many more bottles and fine tune everything. Once it is perfect, then the Ramona Rose will be out! That is the essence of our friendship. Ramona and I can make these comments and look back at them and not get ugly towards each other. I got through ToasterGate with Heather without name calling as well. We trust each other.

I see the parallels with giving constructive criticism to improve on Ramona Rose and your Carburlesque. I think as a business person, an honest opinion should be taken into consideration if you are putting a product or service out in the marketplace. Maybe not everyone’s opinion but you can always filter.

The next day I found an earring in my dress and thought it was LuAnn’s. It actually turned out to be Ramona’s! It fell down my dress as she was hugging me. I like to say that it is from LuAnn screaming in my ear though!

If it was Luann’s, wouldn’t you notice the barbells weighing your dress down?

When she wore that headdress at Jill’s birthday party (and in general when she performs all glammed up), with her height, it’s like the glamorous drag queens — tall and glamorous! She does have a beautiful girl’s body — but she did piss me off. She hates when I call her LuMann. Hates it!!!

I’d keep calling her that.

Carole on The World According to Drescher

All the World is A Stage, Etc.

I’m reading How To Read Literature Like a Professor because it’s all about stories and that’s what I do — my business, my career, my day-to-day life — how I make a living is telling stories. When I get an assignment (my most recent one, a piece on Nascar — stay tuned!) the first part is collecting information. The second, and most important part, is telling a story.

Every once in awhile, I need a reminder of this. We’re all the stories we tell ourselves. When I watch these episodes, which six women filmed for a television show that all of you (thanks!) watch, I think of that.

Every Trip is a Quest (Except When It’s Not)

We also have many trips (quests). This week it’s to the Hamptons and the quest, brilliantly highlighted by the fireworks backdrop of Fourth of July, is: Let’s All Get Along. But why must everyone always get along? I thought that rule ended in grade school. Why are we obligated to build bridges to people we’d simply rather not have in our lives? For all the drama and posturing by all the other women it’s simple — My fragile friendship with Aviva could not withstand her lies and insults. There was a time I thought it might.

The Palace is Crumbling

I wish Woody Allen had cast Sonja in an alternate version of Blue Jasmine. It wouldn’t have been sad, Sonja would never have run out of vodka, and she would have been a much more spunky roommate. She could have brought her sharpies and spiffed up everything in that apartment. She’ll always bring a cute dog and she doesn’t mind sharing her water glass with anyone else’s. The palace might go down, but Sonja will always find hot water.

Soap, Soap, My Kingdom For Some Soap

It’s so ironic that Aviva curses in front of her kids while she has them make soap. (We’re all nothing without irony.) I’ve never been to a craft store but it doesn’t seem like a place to say “shut the f— up” while your young children make soap out of wax. I thought Kristen was really sweet in this scene. Did I miss something? She wanted to be friends, outside of whatever Aviva has going on with anyone else. She sincerely did and told me numerous times. Why did she have to shut the f— up? I feel for Kristen. This is what I’ve experienced with Viva. You don’t know what you’ll get with her. Sure, drama comes to her, drifts in on random wind gusts and sticks. None of the rest of us ever quite know, though, when it will.

If there’s a hypocrite, it’s Aviva D. (Is it too late for me to add hypocrite to my list?) She can say whatever she wants and she can characterize a conversation as rape. She can call people trash, slander careers, and ridicule women for their age but the rest of us have to Shut The F— Up. Ummm. Okey-doke.

Trust me, it’s as frustrating to be with her as it is for all of you to watch her.


I always think if I’d had kids that I’d manage them like I do my dog Margaret: camps, playdates, naps, and lots of snacks. They’d all be fat. When I’m in Los Angeles, most of my time there is spent at home with Margaret. We have breakfast, go to the dog park, take an afternoon nap, and then do dinner and TV time. I love the mindless activity of it all, it’s a nice break from the hustle of New York. But I have an unhealthy disposition to order and control. I never, in my imaginary parenting scenarios with actual children, picture a situation where my children suffer from something that I’m unable to fix or control like what Heather is facing. I’ve spent a lot of time with Jax and I have to remind myself that he has serious medical issues. All I see is a sweet little kid full of mischief, playfulness, and love. He is wise beyond his years.

Watching Heather and Jonathan face their challenges with Jax, and seeing such a strong woman rendered helpless, is heartbreaking.

It’s the 4th, again.

Ramona throws a good backyard BBQ, except when she’s tracking down her guests one by one to tell them how angry she is because they did, um, nothing wrong! Her conversation with Sonja got my attention. Did I hear her tell Sonja that is was wrong of her to say negative things she had heard about Sonja’s Caburlesque performance? And that once you say something like that and it’s out there you can’t take it back? Did she just apologize to Sonja? HOLLA! It takes Avs a year now, and counting, to get this simple concept. She may speak 87 languages but the language of friendship is foreign to her.

Life’s a Beach Okay, I’ll be the first to say it: I look like Meryl Streep in the opening scene of Mamma Mia right now. I’m not sure that it’s a good look at 50 (Yes, 50 and fabulous!), but I make up for the fashion faux pas in the next scene in black netted vintage Alaia. I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’m really glad the girls all think we should get over this “book thing.” In Reality world it’s been three whole weeks! (In my real world it was a year ago, and now I don’t give a damn about any of this but I’m obligated to write about this current episode, so there’s that.)

By the way, did anyone notice that on the show I’m the only one who doesn’t want to talk about the “book thing”?

Aviva trampled on everything I hold dear. Not only my career, but specifically a book I wrote about my life with my late husband and dedicated to him. A book that records our life together, for better and for worse, and then his death. A book that I not only wrote, but also lived. You get that, right?

Let me put it this way, it’s not a “book thing” it’s a life thing. Of everyone, I would have thought Drescher would have understood that. Ladies, in all the hundreds of hours of tape of me you won’t find a single frame of me talking badly about anything you hold dear.

The “book thing” was essentially cannon fodder for reality drama. Vivs used it to make a storyline and promote Leggy Blonde — a book I’ve very courteously not said one bad word about either on the show or in the press or on social media, even as she still continues to trash me and mine.

Whatever, this is Housewives, after all. To bitch is the thing. And whether you love to hate it or hate to love it, it’s a story. So please ladies, yes let’s get over this “book thing” and move on to more important issues like who wasn’t invited to the party, whether or not Sonja will take her act on the road, and what exactly defines a good blowie.

Speaking of blowies. . .

Where Have I Seen Her Before?

Vivs says I can literally not let go. Okay, duh! Mario is trying to find cute guys for me. Why would I want to run off with Aviva? I barely even catch this guy’s name before Viva-va grabs my arm. So yes, I pinched through Mario’s skin like someone falling overboard who doesn’t want to get swept out to sea. I’m done with books and gates and ghosts. It’s slanderous, ridiculous, and boring. I’m also done with Avvi. Can you tell? She’s so insincere, and yes, weird. I think that’s the best word for her. Much like at LuAnn’s BBQ I’d rather talk to cute guys then strident women. Didn’t the pending conversation with that man look much more promising than sitting on a blanket while Fr. Drescher whips out my book galley like a crucifix at an exorcism and lets out one more patronizing theatrical rant?

Had she screamed “The power of Christ compels me!” I would not have been shocked.

I wanted to know what I said at the lunch that so mortally wounded Aviva and sent her on a rampage about my career. (Oops, I’m not supposed to say “rampage.”) You must either live in the World According to Drescher, or be a verbal felon. It seems there’s no in-between. Simply put I’m not interested in being friends with her. I wish her the best, I forgave her long ago, but she is not a person I want to have as a friend. I think that’s fine, not everyone can be everyone else’s good friend. Let’s all be OK with that. I am.

I’m waiting for an answer, but not holding my breath. As for an apology, I’m still waiting for that, too. Though at this point, it’s moot. Only children believe that apologies fix everything. In the grownup world an apology tour is just for show. I like keep it real. To quote one of my role models, “you can’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”

Ramona: The Sun Must Have Gotten to Me

Sonja seems to be in a place where she is very sensitive. With all the stress she has been under I should of been more sensitive about what I am saying to her. Sonja is always very proud of her performances — as she should be. Making a negative comment that I heard really served no purpose. I learned a valuable lesson to never repeat any negative hearsay to the people I truly care about.

Especially when it is coming from people who don’t know Sonja and may not wish her well.


RHONY New Episode Tonight!

“Unforgivable Debt”

After standing Sonja up for a sunbathing date, Ramona decides to spill Sonja’s financial secrets all over the Hamptons. Meanwhile, back in New York, Kristen meets with a new modeling agent, and is shocked to learn that her modeling days may be over. When Sonja is stood up by her 23-year-old boy toy, she suspects that Ramona had something to do with it.


Kristen Taekman is a guest on Watch What Happens Live


Let’s Chat!


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      Those teeth. I don’t get it. An overbite ??

      If Jill Z was still on she could have taken her to her dental practice.
      I think she did that with Cindy Lou right ?

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I swear, I think Carol has dentures.

        • I Need A Life! says:

          I saw a very funny review of NY on You Tube. The gal who reviewed gave her overbite theory. “It’s from giving all those Blowies.” As Carol said, “They don’t call it a job for nothing.” 🙂 Good morning.

  12. ladebra says:

    I can’t watch NY yet, and probably will fall asleep before it comes on, but I want one of these, but the are endangered so I will settle for this picture 😀

  13. not THAT Jill says:

    I forgot to tell you all-Sonja had a contest on Facebook-I won!! The prize is a pair of sunglasses-Velvet Sunglasses…I never heard of the brand but I do love sunglasses…especially free ones!!

  14. chismosa™ says:

    Powell I’m watching the Kleiers — thought of you!

  15. chismosa™ says:

    I’m going to watch this. Tamra is on too? With her new hubby ?

    –Powell you had asked when it airs:

  16. Cristina (djprincessc) says:

    Is Sonja suffering from early signs of dementia?? She really has something wrong with her this season.

    • Orson says:

      She always struck me as a bit ditzy. Which might be attractive in a woman in her 20s that you’re picking up in a bar, but there’s an expiration date on it.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Yes, O, some of those things that seem cute or disarming in your 20’s are not cute when you’re over a certain age.

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