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Southern Charm S1E9


By HydrangeaHussy

SC S1E9_1It’s Reunion time! The group has joined Andy in the clubhouse, with Cameran & TRav getting the prime seats. Jenna is stuck on the end, but leaning over Whitney so far that she’s almost in his lap. They begin with Charleston’s reaction to the show. Everyone admits that people in Charleston don’t like change & they don’t like attention. Craig says that, despite that, they have gotten a mainly positive reaction. Whitney says that Patricia doesn’t care what people think about the show.

Andy notes that Cameran was the moral center of the show & was the one that everyone talked to. Whitney notes that she got off easy by making unfettered commentary on the rest of the cast but didn’t have any of her own drama shown. She says that she was convinced to re-join reality TV by Whitney. Her husband supported her, but didn’t want to appear on the show. I think it was probably good for their relationship that it wasn’t put in the spotlight.

The guys were the ones who caused the most drama in this show. Craig points out that girls hold onto the drama longer than guys though. Whitney asserts that his advice to TRav came from a place of love. They both say that they’ve moved past everything & are very close now. Craig thinks that he was a better friend to TRav than the others, b/c he was telling TRav the truth. Shep doesn’t understand “bro code.” Whitney thinks it’s dumb. Craig doesn’t get why his friends who hit on someone that they knew he really liked. I agree. It was pretty crappy of Shep to go after Kathryn when he knew how Craig felt. It’s got to be hard when all of the guys are “fishing from the same pond,” as Andy says. That’s just asking for trouble.

SC S1E9Shep admits that his passion for leisure affects his ability to settle down. He wants to be able to travel the world without asking permission. Must be nice to be able to not work & travel whenever you want. The privilege he enjoys without any responsibility makes me sick. He wants freedom, not a partnership. I think he’s going to end up old & alone. The question of the restaurant comes up. Shep says that he’s over-educated & under-motivated, laughing. That’s just not funny to me. He gets his money from “funds”, saying people send him checks. Sounds very shady to me, like he’s trying to cover the fact that he’s in his mid-30’s & still living off of his parents.   He says that he doesn’t like it when girls put up with him, he wants a girl to put him in his place. Ugh, he goes on to say that he doesn’t use birth control, but assumes the girls do. That’s just wrong & dangerous. There’s more to worry about than pregnancy.

The pregnancy scare. Shep says that he was in shock when TRav & the crew woke him up. Whitney says that, at the time, he believed Kathryn was trying to trap TRav. I have to admit that the thought crossed my mind.

Whitney has moved back into his mother’s 10,000 sq foot house, though he seems a little embarrassed. He has a serious girlfriend, who is 21. Way to lecture TRav about younger women, but date one yourself. Whitney says its ok b/c she is European. She’s traveled, is more cultured & educated than Kathryn. I think it’s hypocritical for Whitney to judge Kathryn b/c of her age, but expect us to just accept his younger woman.

SC S1E9_4TRav’s political aspirations. Whitney also talked TRav into the show. Craig thinks that he has gained some support from his appearance. TRav is now running for the US Senate. The group agrees that TRav is a little old-school b/c he’s been honest about who he is, compared to today’s politicians. Craig says that he’s socially liberal & fiscally conservative, which is what lots of young people are. TRav thinks that his baby has grounded him & that people will see that he has settled down. He isn’t concerned with Kathyrn’s promiscuity before their relationship. TRav points out that no one is judging the guys. He doesn’t think that Kathryn expected to answer questions about her life. Umm, she put her promiscuity on national TV & thought she wouldn’t be asked questions? Seriously?

TRav says that he was stunned when his dinner devolved, which is why he didn’t come to Kathryn’s defense. Whitney thinks that TRav’s judgmental comments at dinner weren’t appropriate, but admits that he was being judgmental of TRav at the time. TRav gets a little emotional when they show his comments on his ex-fiancé.  He says that Kathryn didn’t appreciate the comments & that his ex’s husband probably didn’t appreciate it. They’ve both moved on now.

Money. Jenna & Lou are no longer together. She said that she made her money off real estate investments with Lou. She did accept gifts & I don’t blame her one bit. If a guy wants to buy me expensive shoes, he is more than welcome to! Craig admits to being a little envious of the other guys’ money. He enjoys his job, but says that financial freedom is the ultimate goal. Andy says that Craig is the only one working a 9-5 job. Whitney points out that TRav works in real estate & he works too. Craig is graduating from law school in May. Good luck on the bar exam!

SC S1E9_2Kathryn joins the group. She says that she was hurt by many of the comments about her, especially the doubts about her feelings for TRav. She apologized for changing her stories about Whitney. She was embarrassed & that’s why she lied. Whitney says that they weren’t serious, so he felt TRav didn’t need to know. It has to be hard on TRav to hear all of the guys discussing having slept with Kathryn, though he says it doesn’t bother him.

Kathryn & TRav got back together the day after their breakup. Trav says that they’ve been accused of scripting their break-up, but asserts that it was real. Cameran says that was the first time she believed their relationship was real. Whitney was horrified for TRav because he cried on TV. I think it was nice that they shared that emotional scene with us. Everyone agrees that Kathryn has matured since having the baby. She’s had a chance to examine her behavior & make changes. Good for her!


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Real Housewives Of Orange County S9E3

Cast Blogs Blogged by HydrangeaHussy

Heather Dubrow – Heather Feels Terrible About Talking to Eddie About Tamra

“We are encouraged to use these blogs to clear up misconceptions and explain situations to the audience, since obviously they can’t show everything we film in just one hour a week.” Heather begins by addressing Shannon’s comments from last week. “The spooky party was not a costume party. We were all told to wear black. I knew that Tamra was doing goth makeup and decided last minute to add my third “eye” to cover my blemish. I texted Shannon and told her what I was doing.” She admits that she made a mistake by walking away from Shannon upon entering the party. She says that she didn’t ditch Shannon. “She walked in and immediately immersed herself.” It seemed to me that Shannon was holding her own at the party. “I also think it’s interesting that Tamra called Shannon a “whole lot of crazy”and Shannon didn’t comment on THAT at all in her blog. It certainly feels as though Shannon is making an early case against me.” Shannon does seem to pick apart Heather’s comments way more than anyone else’s.

Now that Heather is done complaining about how Heather mistreated her, she’s on to the episode. “What you didn’t see was that Tamra was not being very nice to me from the moment she arrived at the party. She turned her back to me in group conversations, made a few snide remarks and then just walked away. I also felt that Tamra and Vicki were cutting me off every time I tried to speak that evening.” I didn’t see Tamra being particularly rude to Heather during the party, but it was obvious after Hawaii that Tamra & Vicki were tiring of Heather’s know-it-all attitude.

“I didn’t join the basketball game because, honestly, at this point I was ready to go home. Tamra and Vicki were being so weird and rude to me all night, I didn’t feel welcome.” I don’t think she would have joined the game anyway. “If laying down on someone’s kitchen counter at a dinner party makes you part of this “fun bus,” I will take the train.” I agree. You don’t have to be ready for body shots to be a fun person. These women are getting way too old to keep acting like frat boys.

“Having said all of that, I feel TERRIBLE about talking to Eddie about the baby issue. He’s right, it’s absolutely none of my business.” It seemed like Heather talked to Eddie to get back at Tamra for being rude to her. It wasn’t her place at all! “I am truly sorry to Tamra and Eddie for my actions. This is between them, period.” She tells us that we’ll see how this unfolds next week.

“I was really happy that Tamra reached out to me to have lunch. I hate the animosity between us. I don’t understand why it started in the first place, and I want it to end. I love what Tamra said about not running away from the problems between us like she has in the past with friends, that our friendship is worth more. I feel the same way.” The parts of the conversation we saw didn’t seem to go anywhere to me. Heather complained & Tamra deflected. Neither one seemed to really process what the other was saying.

Shannon Beador – “David and I Love Each Other”

I feel like Shannon spends all of her time apologizing & explaining the way she treats her husband.   “David has a very dry sense of humor. He will say something sarcastic to me and I will respond in an irritated way –that’s how we typically act, especially around our friends. They laugh when they hear it because they know us. The other Housewives, however, feel awkward and I am sorry for that. I can understand why they feel that way as I watch the episode.” She later tells us that they are both working on their banter so that people aren’t uncomfortable around them.

“When David and I got married, I was so excited about becoming partners in life. I did want to get involved with his business is some way so that we would function in that capacity as a team. He did not want any part of that. As we enter into our 14th year of marriage, I understand where he was coming from.” I have to wonder if they discussed this before the wedding or not. I would much prefer to have my work time & family time separate.

Shannon was proud that Tamra & Vicki called her down-to-earth. “While I know that certain parts of my life appear over the top, David and I do pride ourselves that we are never afraid to get our hands dirty.” Later on, she tries to convince us that she really is a bargain shopper, though she has a $240,000 chandelier in her entry. “We certainly did not pay the 50-percent off price of $120,000 — we paid substantially less. I looked for chandeliers for our foyer for about three years and found nothing as spectacular as the one we purchased.” I have to wonder what “substantially less” actually is.

“Tamra and I clearly started to bond that night. I haven’t had a shot since before I was married, but when she suggested it, I was game. I have never been one to turn down something wild!” Vicki will love Shannon if she’s game to drink too much & act a fool!

Then she’s back to explaining why she talks down to her husband so often. “I want to explain myself about how I reacted to David. Some people don’t understand his dry sense of humor and may get offended. I wanted to let Vicki know that most of David’s comments are jokes so that she wouldn’t think he was serious when he made a face about coming to her neighborhood. But even so, I didn’t sound like a kind and loving wife when I said it. I need to work on my delivery and tone.” She just said last week that it was ok to talk about her marriage to strangers because she’s so open. Why does she now care what people think about her? She hasn’t sounded like a “kind and loving wife” yet.

“I am bit bothered that Vicki and Tamra are commenting on the state of my marriage when they really don’t even know me.” Again, you’re the one that put your marriage issues out there by discussing them with strangers. Did you really think they wouldn’t talk about it?

Vicki Gunvalson – “I’m Finally Focused on Me”

Does Vicki really want us to believe that she hasn’t been focused on herself for years now? Seems to me that she was certainly focuses on herself – her career, her “whooping it up” – throughout her marriage to Don. Anyway, “Welcome back for another episode.”

Vicki was impressed by Shannon’s home & cooking. “I mean, really…a fricking basketball court?! I was so impressed at the amazing beef roast dinner they prepared as she is a fabulous cook. I love to cook too, so it was great coming to someone’s home who didn’t have it catered and actually made it themselves.” I agree that it was nice to see one of the housewives cooking for their friends. Most of the dinners we’ve seen have been catered affairs.

She addresses Shannon & David’s bickering, saying that “I’ve talked to her about it privately, and I told her how damaging it can be to a marriage.” Vicki would know, since she & Don did their share of bickering. “I am proud of Shannon and David, that they have really taken the steps to do what it takes to keep their family together and have a healthy, happy marriage.” Sounds like the couple has been making improvements since filming stopped. I really hope so.

“Heather is a great person, and the thought of any of us talking bad about her behind her back made me feel sad. Heather had a great point she told Tamra at lunch talking about the differences in people and their personalities, and to learn to accept one another the way we are. So Heather — if you’re reading this, please accept my apologies and I love you!” It’s all well & good to apologize via your Bravo blog, but I think Vicki should also reach out privately to Heather & apologize for her hurtful comments.

“Lastly, my counseling session with Briana was unfortunate for you the viewers to see. We have a great relationship and have never really had to go thru anything like this together, which is raw and very emotional for both of us.” I’m not sure what to think about Briana’s reaction to Brooks. On one side, he does seem kind of sleazy & gives off a bad vibe, so I understand where Briana is coming from. On the other side, it is Vicki’s life. Last season we saw Briana’s husband behave atrociously at Vicki’s party, which Briana seems to overlook.

Tamra had not turned in a blog at this time.



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  1. HuskerHuny says:

    IT’S FRIDAY and the sun is shining. It’s a good day – let’s celebrate!

  2. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Good Day everyone! 😀

    I missed posting about Survivor yesterday and if I could carbon copy everything Stars said – that’s how I feel about it! Very much appreciated the recap MTH…and it was even more instrumental as I missed the first half of the show and had not recorded it…shocking, I know. 😉

    Thanks to HydrangeaHussy for an excellent recap of Southern Comfort, I mean CHARM and the Orange County ladies!

  3. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Sunny and heating up here in AZ. Heading to the gym for the first time in over a week.
    Posted this on the Prairie FB. I re-watched Atlanta Reunion Part 1. Something fishy is going on. Kenya is a wack-a-doodle. Every time Kenya speaks Nene, Pheadra, Kandi and Porsha all look at each other and roll their eyes. Cynthia seems clueless. I don’t think Porsha expected to lose it with Kenya. I think the megaphone sent her over the edge. Who wouldn’t? Andy should have taken it away. He knew it was getting everyone upset. Ok. So why did Nene have her hand over Porsha’s mouth when she was screaming? Anyone?

    • ladebra says:

      I think I remember Nene saying on The View that she covered her mouth to calm her down and keep her from saying something embarrassing. I think she said Porsha was semi-hysterical and babbling. I don’t know that covering my mouth would calm me down, but maybe. Maybe cause me to focus on breathing instead of talking ?

      • shamrockblonde says:

        I think NeNe was worried about Porsha saying something that might be used in court against her – and just maybe incriminating NeNe in the attack – as in “NeNe told me to do it” or something along those lines – maybe both, but I do think that NeNe was genuinely trying to keep Porsha from making a bad situation worse

    • chismosa™ says:

      My theory has always been that Porsha was pumped by both Phake and Meany to be ready to do their battle at Kenya for them.
      It’s so clear that Phake, Esq. has nothing substantive to go at Kenya with.
      Resorts to name calling with Kenya then AFTER has to resort to.

      My theory was meany the moose held her manhands over Dum Dum because she didn’t want things to come out like –“oh nene you told me to —-, —–, and ——”

      Just my theory. I still stand by it.

      Come at me 500 ways and I have as fiery a temper as any (—insert ethnicity —) but I’m not some animal to come beat you.

      Stupid™’s re telling of the story on the view was inaccurate and made fun of online. Kenya was never in FRONT of her. The scepter was wagged a bit in front. Bullhorn never was in front, blah blah blah Dummy needs better managers and media trainers. 🙈🙈🙈🙈

      At least Kenya gets a one on one too with ANDY. Thank you lord Jesus.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Rumors had been swirling well before the reunion that Porsha was being cut from the show…I believe Porsha came in all itching for a fight to lobby for a new contract. Perhaps she was advised to do that by her friends (fellow castmembers).

  4. ladebra says:

    Thank you HydrangeaHussy for both blogs. I wonder if Cameran is still selling real estate? Or doing Jr League? 😀 I thought it was interesting that it was Whitney that pitched this show and got them together. I’d watch a show with just Whitney and his mom lol. I haven’t watch a complete episode of OC yet, and I think that’s making it easier. Just small doses!

    Happy Friday!

  5. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Just got home from the doc. It’s pretty nice out. I hope you all have a great day. TGIF. 😀

  6. Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

    Good morning everyone. Hope you are all well. Thanks for the recaps.

  7. MM in OC says:

    For those who saw yesterday’s comments about Harry the kitten, I’m including links to show what he looks like today. He’s 15 lbs. now

    • Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

      I’m dying to see the pics but they can’t be displayed right now? Huh?

    • ladebra says:

      OMG! My face book page has a more robust life than I do !!!
      I made a face book page ages ago, but I don’t really use it – just to log in places mostly. Well imagine my surprise when I went over there and saw everything that is posting rofl! I must have given every place I use my face book login permission to post on my page. Don’t ask me how, I don’t do face book. I’m not really computer illiterate just never wanted to communicate on FB. But I think I will check on it more often to see what I’m missing lol.

      • MelTheHound says:

        I have a FB page that I use for ‘other stuff’.. I don’t even know what is there..

    • ladebra says:

      Oh what a cutie! I just love kitties!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      What a gorgeous cat!!! Love those poses!

  8. shamrockblonde says:

    ladebra – what did you end up naming them?

    icenfire *sets down carvel ice cream cake* sorry so late! *hugs icenfire really hard*

    • ladebra says:

      You mean the kitties? I was throwing out names for SJP 🙂 My calico sisters I named Sugar and spice – cause that’s what they were. If you aren’t asking about kitty names, then I apologize. But the heat here is making me forget more than normal 😉

  9. chismosa™ says:

    Hydrangea thanks for the recapping. Sorry but I’m in love with shep. He’s just at a delayed stage. My brother is his age and would never imagine being married or in a relationship until later. He’s in the wind like shep. Typical younger bro. ….. And he’s well aware and knows himself to be that way. Self aware and doesn’t deny it!
    He’s not a mimbo, manwhore though (that I know!?!?!)

    I just have been following shep on twitter like a stalker of course and he’s intelligent and witty. He “got” the people around him. And he never wanted to disrespect his family and said he was on camera how he truly truly is IRL.
    Of course he’s immature but I don’t think he’s ever mean or cruel to anyone. And as long as he starts to grow up to SAFE SEX I’m sure he’ll be fine. 😉

    I’m sorry but Kathryn —- WHOA!!! It was like Adele — and Adele’s stunning (pre nosejob too) – but Kathryn must have been positively anorexic before. She truly looks like a different person.
    I got an uneasy feeling of TR and her on the reunion. Not sure if this will last.

    He was in Florida and now they’re back in SC.

    Also read a piece saying that Jenna (pointless IMO) – was in a house bought by bravo. Not her “man” who she’s not with and she’s now with some rocker in LA.

    Love Cameron and shep the best and hope they’re all back for next season !
    Really loved charleston and didn’t know it was voted best city in the US recently 2x!
    I want to visit

    • Anne says:

      Since Kathryn had a baby quite recently (late March I believe), She is probably still nursing and has not lost all of baby weight. No one that I know, got down to pre-baby weight within 4 – 6 weeks after giving birth. I think that she looks great. Plus, it looks like she stopped dying her hair that bright red (probably while she was pregnant) and that this is her natural (or close to her natural) color.

      • chismosa™ says:

        I think she looks beautiful and average weight— which only makes me see how positively anorexic she was prior.

        I don’t expect her to slim down just that she didn’t look like a different- faced person – forgetting weight

        She’s very pretty and I think natural red is much better – I said that weeks ago. Her new pic on twitter is the super bright red though 😦

  10. cusi77 says:

    Hola, Hola!

    I was watching “Celebrity Wife Swap” Andy Dick/ Lorenzo Lamas.

    Very strange life the life of Andy Dick… He lives with a woman named Lena Sved, they have one son and one daughter… but they live with three girls. The guy sleeps outside the house in a trailer (In Calabassas) He sleeps with JENNIFER (Brandi Glanville’s BFF) He is bisexual. I checked in Wikipedia and he has two lines of personal life and A PAGE and a half of “Legal troubles”. As probably you know he is a comedian (I have never heard of him). He probably told Brandi that she is a comedienne … Holly mess Batman!

    Lorenzo looks more normal in his 5Th. marriage… Lol!

  11. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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