The Amazing Race – 2 to go in S24E10 / RHOA Reunion part 3

TARlogo2Welcome back Racefans.. I’m just going to come right out and say this.. I am not enjoying this season very much. Call it whatever you want, I call it boredom. I am having a lot more fun reading about Veena’s side adventures with the people she is running across on her trip. From the idea that all these teams have been there before in this ‘all stars’ season to the multiple and tired use of the non elimination round that has saved those vacuous blondes at least twice This time around. Question – What makes THESE people ALL STARS to begin with? I have studied it in my mind, and I can’t come up with an answer. I could see it if they had all won their seasons but none did. I could even see it if they were all first eliminated and are being given a second chance or if they were the runner ups of their seasons. I just don’t get it. Maybe they performed some awesome feat of magic on their season.. The Blondes? Really? Did any of them rescue babies, puppies or kittens from a burning building during their time on the show last time around or even since? I think not. Are any of them greatly loved by adoring fans? Some are well liked but I think loved would be a stretch.. I mean come on, we had an asshat, the only one in race history, to get eliminated holding an express pass. Maybe that’s what made him an All Star, being dumbest of the dumb. I don’t know.. I’ll finish it up though so let’s get to it…

Note on the images used in these race recaps. Many of them are from Google Images and may not be public domain. I try to make sure they are and some of them are stock photos but I just don’t know for certain. All pics that are not screen captures are linked back to their original images.

Last week as you know, the Blondes were last and rightfully should have been sent home. CBS Production must really love these two wet rocks because they were not eliminated. The cry babies, Depends and his son had formed an ‘accidental alliance’ against Brenchel because they had been mean to poor Dave. Mean by uturning them in a previous leg. I guess Dave hadn’t brought an extra Depends with him that day so he wasn’t prepared for the extra time on the race course. Can you tell I hate these people on these shows who think they deserve some sort of special treatment? If you couldn’t, there it is…

This week, we start off in Switzerland and are going to The Alemeda District in Seville Spain via plane. Teams have to book their own flights and Depends and the animals get the spots on the direct flight arriving the earliest. The other three are on a flight that stops over in Barcelona.. Does anyone really think that matters? I don’t either and in S24 I’m surprised any of  these assholes think it matters as well. All teams upon departure agree to uturn Brenchel at first opportunity.

Once in Seville after everyone waits out the clock until 8:30 am or they arrive on that second flight that is not that far behind so they can get their next clue. It’s a roadblock. It tells them they must go to this barber shop (barber of Seville, Get it?) and shave a balloon without popping it with a straight razor, in 60 seconds while a couple guys sing the parts of the opera, Barber of Seville. If the balloon pops, they have to start over. Once they finish, they get their next clue. Conner, Jamal, Cort, Rachel and one of the blondes all do this task. Conner finishes fastest which upsets Jamal, because the kid who cannot grow facial hair finished faster than he did. Maybe if Jamal scraped that shit off of his face more often, he’d have more practice at it. The others get through it okay with some popping their balloons more than others…

The next clue takes them to Alcázar of Seville to find their next clue. It can be found floating in a flower basket in the reflecting pool on the grounds. This place is a palace, originally Moorish, and somehow, the Cowboys managed to get lost in there. The clue they all find is a detour Stomp it out or Run With the Ballz. Stomp it out is to learn a Flamenco dance and perform it. The blondes are the only one to choose that one. Actually they first chose to run with the ballz but immediately switched (groan, eyeroll, bullshit).  My feeling of dislike is strong with these two. Running with the ballz, is a takeoff on running with the bulls.

Teams have to don these big ball type outfits and run the streets of the city, collecting parts of a phrase to memorize and repeat at the end of the course. The phrase is A Matador – Never thinks about – his own death. Each of those 3 parts are found at different locations along the coarse. If they miss one, they have to go back through the course and find it. Naturally, they aren’t alone on this course. along the way at intervals there is another pair of ‘ballz’ waiting for them and it is their job to prevent teams from completing the course, and they take their jobs very seriously. They clobber Depends and his son, who quips about being an old man and jokes that he’s fallen and can’t get up. They really tore into Rachel who complained about the mean BULLies BULLying a girl. If she’s going to go on a show like this, compete with men, and then when she thinks it suits her, pull the ‘girl card’ then bitch needs to stay home and off of these programs. I admit, part of me, a huge part of me, rather enjoyed watching her get knocked around the square each time Brenchel encountered their opponents.  Jamal blew out his knee during this part. He did finish the leg of the race but I would say it may be questionable if he can finish the race.

What about that speedbump before the detour? Before the Blondes could do the detour, they have to carry 6 hams through the streets of the city and deliver them. Easy enough I guess. Remember they chose the Flamenco dancing.. I wish they had gotten knocked around just like everyone else did. I am also going to say this right at this point. If these two actually win this race with all the ‘help’ they’ve had including two non elimination rounds, first, I’m going to laugh my ass off at all who helped them along the way and then, I’m finished watching this show. It is just too contrived for me. If they weren’t ‘tall and pretty and blonde’ they’d have been gone a long time ago.

How about that double U Turn, the one everyone was going to turn Brenchel at? It is located on the way to the pitstop. Team depends gets there first, and turns no one. I thought I heard them say they couldn’t. I ask, why not? Is there some rule against them doing it or did their balls fall of somewhere along the way and they do not want to be the assholes of the episode? Too late and it doesn’t matter. They already are. So they continue on to the pit stop which is at the Plaza de Espaà … Depends and son get there first and win a trip. HoooRah. Since they went all nutless wonder and didn’t turn Brenchel that gave Brenchel a second place finish. Afghanimals DID Uturn someone, The Cowboys, and took third place. The gag me Blondes Did turn Brenchel and took a 4th place finish. They were so upset that the Animals turned the cowboys.

What of The Cowboys… They had to go back and do the Flamenco task. They knew they were in last place and likely eliminated. They also had some commentary about Leo and Jamal.. They are never to be trusted and knew it all along. They did go back and do the other task, either just in case or just for the experience of it. So long fellas.

That’s it for this week.. Two more weeks of this crapfest to go. See you next week.


RHOA S06 Reunion part 3

by Ramonacoaster

Photo from RHOA Facebook

Photo from RHOA Facebook

We’re back for the conclusion of the Atlanta reunion and thank god for that. I need to watch the 2 hours season finale of Once Upon a Time next Sunday because it is going to be totes amazeballs and I get to squee, jump up and down & die of feels. The men get to join in on the drama. Andy revisits the relationship that happened between Nene and Kenya. They fought a lot. Kenya had not come after Nene until this season. Andy asked about the Bailey Bowl and what happened with Marlo. Nene felt no one wanted to have anything to do with Marlo and only Nene made friends with her. Marlo had been a bridesmaid at Nene’s wedding and on the housewives show, she seemed like a stranger. Kenya told Nene she is a dictator that tries to control people. Kenya shows a text that was sent from Nene to Marlo as proof saying if Marlo wants to shoot with Kenya then she can’t shoot with her (Nene). Cynthia straightens things out by saying Nene had a falling out with Marlo before Kenya got into the picture. Nene accused Kenya of trying to insert herself into the falling out with Marlo to create an illusion that Nene was trying to control Marlo by not wanting her to film with Kenya. Andy asks Kenya if Kenya decided to film with Marlo to get under Nene’s skin. Kenya said “absolutely not” and tried to turn the conversation back to Nene being controlling. Nene insists that she tried to help Marlo and Andy said Nene tried to get her on the show. So Nene says her falling out with Marlo happened off the show and Kenya tried to manipulate the situation.

Andy recited what Nene wrote on her blog about Mama Joyce She wrote “as much as I would like to be Mama Joyce and take my shoe off and hit someone I would never stoop so low in the gutter to with my son around.” This all started because Kandi said she never saw Nene walk away from a fight. Kandi was mad that Nene referred negatively about her mom. Nene never takes anything back. Kandi accuses her of having double standards. Kandi says she tries to keep everyone at a certain level of respect especially when it comes to another castmember’s family member or significant other. Nene just shouts until Kandi quiets down. Nene thinks she could play dirty with others but no one is allowed to play dirty with her. It’s rather hypocritical since she is the one that always says you never win when you play dirty.

Nene said on there is a video of her apologizing regarding her speech at the charity situation that Kenya set up. Kenya calls bs on her. Surprise, surprise! Andy made a point that the charity made it clear they received $500 for that event. Kenya said they retracted their statement and that she donated as much money as everyone else. Nene puts out a challenge to Kenya. Kenya gets to pick a charity of her choice and Nene will put $20,000 down and Kenya will match her. Kenya looks down a bit uncomfortable until she recovers and says okay. The lawyer wants to see certified funds. Let’s see if this happens.

Kenya wrote in her blog that Nene “is a former stripper with a few short lived gigs in Hollywood given to her by one man, my scoreboard says that makes her not on our level” in response to Nene saying none of the other ladies are not on her level. The lawyer felt that statement didn’t address her. Cynthia felt insulted. Kandi clearly knew she wasn’t talking about her. Kandi feels that everyone has long resumes and should be proud about what they have accomplished. Nene pandered to them. A viewer asked why Kenya kissed her ass with the trip to Mexico and the masquerade ball. Kenya says she was always a good friend to her. Nene disagrees and shouts over her. Andy finally sticks his fingers in his ears and waits until the voices die down after a few minutes of shouting. Andy wants to know if Kenya thinks she is the new queen bee with a new throne. Kenya has fun with the fans of the show on Twitter. She thinks the fans are sick of Nene. #byefelicia

It is Cynthia’s turn to face the inquisition. A viewer wants to know why Cynthia thinks she is in a partnership with Peter when he didn’t tell her he got a new car. She said she got a new car too but she thinks Peter should have told her. Andy asks Nene how she feels and she says she is strong in her own way and is very opinionated. Nene thinks Peter and Cynthia are a good balance and Cynthia should speak up more. Cynthia says she couldn’t be mad at Peter if he had sex with someone else while she was battling fibroids. That pretty much says it all about Cynthia. She is a doormat when it comes to Peter. How would she know if he did have sex with another woman anyway?

Now comes the lawyer’s turn at the inquest and Apollo joins her on the couch where he sits very close with his arm around her shoulder. They refute claims that they were separating and they are in couples counseling. He takes his jacket off and he is wearing a t-shirt and as he puts his arm around her he gets caught in her hair. Apollo says he got his wife back three nights ago. I think she finished school a while ago and she’s back to being his loving wife right before the reunion? Apollo answers questions regarding the bank fraud and identity theft that he is going to let it play out. Apollo addresses Kenya saying that he is her storyline for the past two years and that she should be paying him so she better hope he doesn’t go to jail. I have a feeling the lawyer fed him those lines 3 nights before the reunion. When he answers the question about dropping $5000 on strippers, he means all his colleagues all together spend 5 grand but really he spends $500. Kenya speaks under her voice not believing him. He addresses Nene’s comment about spending the money on her kids and asks how much she spends on Loubotins and Hermes bags. She seems happy to be bragging about how much she spends. Miss Moneybags.

Kenya on Bethenny’s talk show said Apollo will be found guilty & go to jail and Nene piped up and said Kenya on Bethenny said Nene was on drugs too. Nene said she never did drugs in her life. Kenya didn’t want to address it and she only implied that there was something wrong with Nene.

Andy wants to talk about Kenya and the lawyer’s relationship. The lawyer made it very clear that she didn’t want Kenya to talk to Apollo and the same with him. Kenya wanted to speak with Apollo personally to straighten out the truth that they met in Los Angeles. The lawyer called her a sneaky, trifling slut. Apollo said Kenya sent him a text last week and brings out his phone. Kenya wants to call security and even Andy says security is here and no one is leaving their couch. What happened to Kenya’s text Apollo? He puts his phone away. A viewer points out that Kenya keeps initiating a conversation with Apollo. The lawyer thinks Apollo is her storyline and while she is looking around for sperm, her sperm donor could be an axe murderer that would ejaculate into a cup for $10. The lawyer thinks from day one Kenya was lying on her and should have slapped the dog poop out of her. Kenya decides to take her phone out and text someone. A viewer wants to know if the situation were reversed would she want another woman to flirt with her husband and she clearly sees Kenya wants a piece of Apollo. Kenya says she is not going to dignify that question with an answer. The lawyer says she can’t because she doesn’t have a man. Kenya says she doesn’t want to be rolling around in the mud with pigs. Andy asks her if that means she is done with the show. Nene thinks only a woman with a character flaw would flirt with another man. Kandi doesn’t think Kenya used good judgment texting Apollo. Kenya doesn’t want to talk about it. Everyone wants to talk about it.

Now the husbands and one fiancée join them. You know this segment is going to be mostly about Peter. A viewer wants to know why Cynthia allows Peter to be involved. Cynthia thinks Peter should have an opinion. Girl, everyone is allowed to have an opinion but you don’t have to get involved. Peter munches on a peach as a symbolic gesture of joining the housewives cast. Nene didn’t like the way Peter handled her. Gregg thinks it is waste of brain cells to argue especially after he took them out to dinner and apologized for saying he acted like a bitch. Peter thinks the last 6 weeks was pleasant because Cynthia and Nene hadn’t talked in that time.

Pillow Talk is now up for discussion. Viewers think Chris grabbing Kenya’s arm is being lost in the discussion. The lawyer said Chris grabbed her to prevent Kenya from charging Chris’s wife. Kenya said she didn’t want to shout across the room. Todd said she would have grabbed her arm too. Kenya of course thinks no man should put his hands on a woman. The lawyer asked if Kenya was sleeping with Chris at one time which was why Kenya was upset with his wife. Interesting conclusion.

A viewer thinks Nene wanted to set things off. Nene said the fight came out of no where. Kenya then says when she came late to the event, she was getting mic’d and heard Nene screaming “I know why you (the producers) were making her (Kenya) late,” “your trying to make her the star of the show and I am the star” and was cursing all the producers on the set. Andy asked Kandi and she said she never heard it. No one in the room heard that story or heard Nene screaming. Miss Ratchet USA? I thought she was Miss America.

Apollo said he apologized to Brandon the day after and spoke to him for two hours. And then he said there are a lot of young people who looked up to him. Okay I almost choked there. Apollo must be living in some la la land. Stress can do that. Kenya said there was no apology in that conversation. The lawyer thinks Brandon needs an acting job which was why he was in the fight. Kenya thinks people should just admit their wrongs and move on. Peter doesn’t think Chris grabbing Kenya was aggressive and a real man would not let it happen. Kenya said Brandon was the only real man in the room. Andy wants to know if Kenya feels Nene should be held accountable for the Pillow Talk fight. They talk over each other again. These two will not be friends.

Then the conversation turns to Todd and Todd has said he addressed Chris about the “opportunist” comment. Apparently they never said it to his face so he let it go. Andy wants to know how he feels about Joyce speaking about him behind his back. Todd thought it was funny and disturbing because she is going to be his future mother-in-law. Smart man. He didn’t make any disparaging comments about his future in law.

A viewer is mad that Nene called Brandon a queen. Andy felt it was derogatory. Nene said she apologizes if it came off that way. She wants to know if she needs to pull his pants down and kiss his ass. Andy said he’d like that.

Now we see some behind the scenes stuff that happened at Pillow Talk. Porsha didn’t think the other married women were comfortable with their husband seeing other single ladies in their lingerie. Nene was shocked especially when the lawyer was in a thong bikini and a mesh dress in front of other men. Kenya pointed out that Nene said the star wasn’t there meaning Kenya which she feels was proof about her story that Nene cursed out producers because they wanted to make Kenya the star of the show. More talking over each other…. Andy says “And…scene!” He thanks the husbands for joining them and that wraps up the Pillow Talk discussion.

Andy starts to wrap up the final moments. He says there have been two events that no one was proud of and how does everyone look at those in the rear view mirror. Cynthia feels that they don’t represent those fights. Kenya thinks everyone here is trying to be better and get ahead. Nene says it is what it is and things have changed. The lawyer hopes they all inspire women for good and it can be difficult. Kandi felt it was a stressful year but there were positive moments such as successfully working with Todd and bad moments where she didn’t like her behavior during Pillow Talk. Andy wishes them well after having such a dramatic and entertaining season.


Thank you for all of your work, Ramonacoaster 😀 –




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81 Responses to The Amazing Race – 2 to go in S24E10 / RHOA Reunion part 3

  1. ladebra says:

    Thank you MTH and Ramonacoaster! I didn’t watch TAR, but I really enjoy your blog MTH. I liked the cowboys on their season, but I think they’ve been on the race a couple of times haven’t they?

    I did watch the reunion. Oy vey. I enjoy watching some of the ladies, and I’m not entertained by some of the ladies. The reunion didn’t change that. I really didn’t like when they all talked at once and just got louder and louder. Maybe they should try those shock collars that stop dogs from barking. Ok, those collars are barbaric, but you get what I mean. It did seem like Kenya had a comment and inserted herself into every question. She wasn’t that relevant during the episodes, but she succeeded in making the reunion the Kenya show. I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Like I said, I enjoyed some of Kenya’s comments during the season. I did not enjoy what she brought to the reunion.

    Happy Cinco de mayo!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi there! Thanks for the blogs, folks! Happy Cinco de Mayo. Anyone going out tonight?

      • ladebra says:

        I’m going in search of a chile rellano for lunch!

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Two great blogs MTH and Ramonacoaster. I watched both shows at the same time, flipping back and forth.

        It breaks my heart that the cowboys are gone and the girls and Brenchel are still there. The cowboys ran their own race without help from anyone and never once did they whine or complain. Great racers and are definitely all-stars.

        I love how Kenya FINALLY shut her mouth when Apollo challenged her. Of all the conversations, I thought that she would for sure lose it on Apollo, but she sat there, looking away from him and did not say a word. What’s up with that?

        It’s a great day here after a great weekend. Got to hold my two-week old great niece yesterday and that made up for not getting to hold my three-week old grandbaby. They are both truly beautiful and I’m so lucky. A good start to the week. Going to be in the 90s on Wednesday. That’s too hot this early!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Awww! So many cute babies for you hunny. Re Kenya, Apollo did not shut her up, she was ignoring him. She was choosing not to engage with him. He was using the whole Kenya topic to distract from discussing his alleged criminal activities. Apollo seemed obsessed with Kenya, IMO. He was paying her lots of attention. If that was my hubby, I would have been a bit miffed that he seemed to only want to talk about and to another woman during the reunion.

          • HuskerHuny says:

            That may be true Lainey, but I’ve never seen Kenya shut up for anyone be they speaking the truth or not. If Kenya has the goods on him, she would tee off on him like Bubba Watson at the Masters. But she kept her mouth shut. During the entire reunion, she tried to shut down Nene, Phaedra and Porsha every time she could, but goes mum when Apollo speaks. Somethings not right there.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I think she wisely chose to ignore him and his attempts to bait her. It made him look like an even bigger fool. It’s one of those situations where you are damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. We would be dissecting every word she said to him and no doubt finding fault with her words vs, finding fault or suspicion with her silence. I think she chose the lesser of two evils; to be criticized for saying nothing vs. Have others twist her words or dissect the meaning. But only because it involves a man married to a castmember . She did right by disengaging. Too bad she couldn’t keep it going…she did call him a a liar and a criminal at some point, cause I remember him saying “I have a criminal PAST”. Great comeback Apollo.

            • Austin says:

              Very true. Kenya has never shut up and I doubt very seriously that she was simply ignoring Apollo.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                “shutting up” is a great way to ignore people. I enjoy using that technique, it drives people crazy especially if they were looking for lots of attention and a reaction from you. She paid him very little attention and it was driving him, the others and some viewers batty. I loved it.

          • Powell says:

            Apollo and Kenya were obsessed w/each other. If they thought they could have gotten away w/it they would have had sex. I didn’t see it yet but from what Ramonacoaster wrote it sounds to me like Apollo was using Phadera as his shield, sitting so close to her and w/his arm around her shoulders mess up her hair. And yes the Kenya text and blah, blah, blah were distraction tactics. And when since has he dressed so casually at a reunion?

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I sensed a major disconnect b/t Phaedra and Apollo. Regardless of the fronting he did, by sitting super close to her, etc. I could be wrong, but I sense that SHE HAS HAD IT with Apollo. Yes, she’s mad at Kenya (understandably) but she is seething with Apollo.
              But she will not air out her anger public. She will pretend to stand by him for now. See if you don’t see the disconnect too when you watch, Powellypooh.

              • chismosa™ says:

                Lainey I totally agree. 🙀

                They were so linked arms around eachother? Totally overcompensating.
                That footage of them fighting all the time. Whoa.

                She’ll NEVER let people see her upset. A wall is always there.

        • Powell says:

          Husker you’re in baby love. 😀 It’s very sweet your family has welcomed two little ones just one month apart.

    • MelTheHound says:

      Cowboys were originally were on S16 (2nd place), Second time on S18 (6th place). This was their third run at it.

    • designernailsdiana says:

      Happy Cinco de mayo too. Our mall has a mexican grill so they are having Rojo de mayo and a block party too.
      Did anyone else notice how Kenya wouldn’t look at who was talking if she didn’t want to comment. It reminded me of my kids trying to ignore me like “I can’t hear you, I’m not looking at you so I can’t hear you” Her and Nene talking over each other was so childish. Nene did it at a lot of the reunions too. That is what they should’ve told Porsha about. Stop talking when the Twirler talks over her and ignore anything she says. Too late for Porsha though. The WWHL with Andy was so lame.
      Happy Monday Everyone and Go Wild!!!

  2. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Its Bottom Lip Monday. Hopefully it won’t be to bad today. Its a bit but should warm up slightly. Mother Nature still has not quite made up her mind if she wants it to be full blown Spring in my neck of the woods.
    I only saw maybe a minute of part 3 & it was NeNe but I cannot remember what it was. I did see a few more minutes of Porsha w/Andy though. IDK. I’ll see it this weekend.
    Everyone be good & have a.great day.

  3. Powell says:

    Ramonacoaster I couldn’t deal w/thr Atl ladies cuz I had to watch Once Upon a Time. It was sooooo good. I’ll be watching the finale w/you. 🙂

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I can’t wait. I heard it’s going to seem more like a movie than a tv show. Emma in a ballgown and Hook in princely garb dancing in a ballroom is going to make my heart explode.

      • Powell says:

        Hook is more handsome than Prince Charming. I hope Hook stays in Storybrooke.

  4. shamrockblonde says:

    the cowboys are gone – so not fair – afghanimals knew they could not beat them and did what was best for them by uturning them – think the other members of their alliance will recognize that, as they did not keep their word about uturning Brenchel? no? me either – they are in it for themselves and are gathering the teams around them that they are sure they can beat – but who knows how that will play out now with Jamal’s (?) knee – please don’t let the blondes win…not them – please – and I would just like to add that I loved that one quoted scripture on the way out and watching the other ride that horse and sweep his hat to everyone was such a gracious exit – no tears, no complaints, just an appreciation for the chance – thanks Mel for the recap – reading it made losing the cowboys a little bit better –
    I watched parts of the second half of the reunion and there is one thing I could not help noticing – Kandi repeatedly looked away or down when either Kenya or NeNe were talking – it appeared deliberate but I am not sure if that is something that signals disapproval, non-involvement or something else – did anyone notice this? Phaeadra did it too, but not as much as Kandi – she was the only one who came out reasonably well – not great – but much better than the others – I don’t like Peter – at all – and Cynthia is a moonbat –

    • MelTheHound says:

      When the animals turned the cowboys, one of the first people I thought of was you.. One thing I forgot to mention about them is while doing the bull run collecting the parts of that matador phrase, they forgot the first part of it and had to run the entire course all over again to get it right. That cost them a lot of time and were it not for that, they could have been past the uturn before the Animals got there..

      • shamrockblonde says:

        *hugs Jeff really hard* funny – I thought of you too – loved your blog on Lucy – such a cutie! – and a handful!! – enjoy her!!

  5. BB says:

    Today I am grateful that Just Jack is in a good mood. He’s been cutting some molars for the past couple of weeks and that has made him a Grumpy McGrumperson at times. I think a couple of them have finally broken through.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Oh that’s so hard…do you guys use baby oragel or anbesol. I used it when things were really bad. It gave immediate relief. Very temporary, but immediate.

      • BB says:

        Yes, I’ve been using oragel, baby motrin, frozen teething rings, popcicles, etc.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Well…you are using everything I know. Hee hee…time…this is when time seems to move at a snail’s pace.

  6. shamrockblonde says:

    my girls were very different when their teeth came in – shamrock 1 just woke up with a full mouth of teeth, or so it seemed – no crying, no fevor, nothing – shamrock 2, however, ran a temp, had bad poo and and was miserable with them – we fed her italian ices to help with the pain – it worked really well – that and a washcloth that was soaked in ice water – this way she could fit it into her mout any way that she needed to in order to help – good luck with Jack! give him a kiss for me!

    • Orson says:

      I’ve heard that frozen waffles are good for teething. Something about the built in drool cups.

    • BB says:

      Thanks. I don’t remember his front teeth being as much of a problem as these molars. I’ve been using popcicles.

  7. Sam says:

    Dave and Conner couldn’t U-turn anyone in last night’s episode because they’d already used a U-turn earlier in the game, against the Afghanimals. (During the leg that involved riding a donkey and/or building a cart that looked like a donkey.) At the time they said they “had no choice” but to use the U-turn, which was ridiculous and only served to underscore later what hypocrites they were for whining about being U-turned themselves.

    • MelTheHound says:

      Thank you, Sam 🙂 I didn’t know it was a one time deal… I still can’t stand those two and him (Depends) and all his complaining about his lot in life..

    • shamrockblonde says:

      thanks Sam! -I did not realize that you could only use the uturn once – I remembered that they uturned the afghanimals because I was happy that they did not uturn the cowboys, but had no clue that you could only do it once – and the cowboys never uturned anyone……….there is always a choice –

  8. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Did not watch Atlanta. Done. Boom. Just curious but I am wondering where everyone has been? Rebecca and a few others MIA. Out of town on vacation? Seems like just a few checking in lately.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Rebecca must be tending to her dragons. It may be the season they hatch or something

    • designernailsdiana says:

      AZ my life has been crazy lately, but I manage to read the blog, just not commenting.
      Tomorrow I go back to pain clinic to discuss meds and I’m going to find out if this new med is making my migraines come more often. I end up with slowed speech and a bad headache that lasts about 6-24 hours.
      I’m so happy to see sunshine and no snow in the forecast. However, they are predicting severe weather by Thursday. UGH

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yes, it does seem quieter than usual here. May is a busy month!

      • AZGirl says:

        I am also thinking the end of the school year for some of us on the West Coast. Seems like there is a school event every night. Of course, my days of school event were over years ago.
        Soon our Boston will be graduating.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Right, lots of end of year activities for younger mommies. Graduations for the older kids…weddings…lots going on. Excited for Boston!!!

        • ladebra says:

          I hear you AZ, I don’t get on but once or twice a day lately cause my job is dirivng me c.r.a.z.y.! But I hope T-Rex is ringing her bell, and everyone is just busy doing springy things – like cleaning, and graduating, and partying!

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I can’t go on at all when I’m at work now! 😔. They are keeping us honest! No more goofing off for Lainey.

    • Powell says:

      I’m here. Boom. 🙂

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      :::hand raised::: Present!

  9. Buttercream says:

    Hello Ladies!
    Hope all is well with you all ..have not watched the BRAVO shows in a few weeks .. real life keeps me busy with a daughter and the fuss on her Sr. Prom Dress, son arriving home from college, graduations, celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary (where did the time go) and raking the leaves in the yard after all the snow melted! 🙂
    Thanks for the re-cap Mel! Enjoyed reading the update on your new addition to your family 🙂

  10. boston02127 says:

    Great Blogs! Thank you.

  11. kit9 says:

    Texas Tart, looks like she’s baaaaccckkkkk. After a long absence, looks like Brandi is back and will resume podcasting this week.

  12. Powell says:

    Jack Bauer is back!! 8pm est. Don’t miss 24 : Live Another Day.

  13. chismosa™ says:

    I don’t care for Andy’s tux. Have to see the back though.

    He’s such a ham 🍗

  14. Jan (TexasTart) says:
  15. Sus says:

    I know there is a new blog but I’m late to the party.

    I just have to tell you all that when Rachel was getting knocked down in the street, I laughed and laughed. I rewound and then laughed and laughed again and just had to rewind one more time. I just loved it. I laughed worse than when I laugh about Nancy Kerrigan getting hit in the knee and crying “Why Why Why”.

    I saw on the previews that Rachel melts down. I can’t wait!

    • MelTheHound says:

      Better late than never, Sus 😀 I Completely agree even with the Kerrigan hit.. Watching Rachel get knocked back down after getting back up after crying the girl card, was the highlight of the episode 😉

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