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Kristen: I Am Not Taking Ramona’s Bait

Ramona and I are butting heads, obviously. She was out to get me from day one. She said in her interview, “Oh now you talk, you’re not just sitting there pretty.” I have been talking this whole time. It’s not my problem you haven’t been listening. Give me something to talk about and have an opinion and I will.

If Ramona were after you from the get-go then she would have told you to get an education like she told that Hooters girl.  Ramona didn’t want to explain why she didn’t show up to Heather’s party.  If you go after her, she’ll come after you.  I do feel that calling someone jealous is like getting the first volley in.  I understand it is your job to start drama but it is better when it’s your own drama not somebody else’s. 

Sonja: She is such a beautiful fabulous talented smart woman! She has so much great potential she just needs to concentrate on one thing and focus! She needs an intern to wrangle her in and work on ONE project. I really have no idea what’s up with her financial issues, but it’s very scary and not something to sweep under the rug.

I feel bad for Sonja.  It’s like having a huge mountain in front of you and it is so hard to muster up the energy to climb it.

Modeling Agency: When we first started filming last summer, I was with FORD MODELS. It was a great agency to be with for a girl my age, a wonderful place to end my career. A month later, I got a call that they are closing my division (Classic/Lifestyle) along with half of the agency. Where is a 36-year-old model mom of two suppose to go? Ugh, I was really convinced that I was done for and going to just end up being a housewife. I decided to see what my options were and take a couple of meetings. Well, you all saw how that ended up. Not that many agencies take woman in their 30s, it’s sad. I am not going to give up. #staytuned

 It is nice that you have worked as long as you have.  I think there is still opportunity

It was a great idea to have us all try and let loose and relax at a spa. (Impossible for us all, but great idea). Ramona walked in with a perfect blow out — so bizarre, at a spa? Funny that Ramona kept talking about knowing Ben’s mother? Ramona is out to get me. She keeps pushing me. I am not taking her bait. I think it’s irritating her even more that I am not freaking out back at her. I have a calm and rational way of dealing with her and I am getting the feeling that that’s new to her. Not cool to throw anything at anyone. Ohhhhh, she was mad when I messed up her hair!?! Why can she throw wine at me and it’s not OK for me to throw it back?? #staytuned 

It’s not cool to throw anything at anyone especially after what we see in the previews she throws a wine glass at you.  There is no reason to take those chances especially after what happened in Atlanta and Married to Medicine.  Tempers can escalate and you never know where it is going to go.

Aviva on the Game of Sonjas

What they say. What they mean.
Can I be honest with you? I’m going to tell you what’s wrong with you.
That looks really nice, but . . . That looks awful.
I love how you don’t care what anyone thinks. Everyone thinks you’re awful.
You have the most beautiful face. You’re fat.
Now don’t take this the wrong way . . . I’m going to tear you apart.
You’re lucky; I could never get away with wearing that. You look like a slut.
Those shoes look so comfortable. Those shoes are uggggggggly!

In this week’s episode Sonja was getting a lot of “concern” among the whispers that she was in denial and the schadenfreude that seems to be part of the Housewives uniform as much as botoxed and lasered skin. Face it, Sonja was getting beaten up. Wait a minute — Sonja. Really? Sonja is the nicest of us all -– the first one to say a nice thing, the last one to be catty. She’s kooky, out there, and generous to a fault. She’s compassionate, smart, funny –– no she’s more than that -– witty, sexy, quirky -– the full package. She’s always the one helping the underdog, whether that “dog” is a person or an actual dog. There’s not a mean bone in her body. She shows her resilience in even the most difficult times. This episode fanned rumors about her financial difficulties and saw her bearing up to the sadness of being stood up on a date -– yet there she was the next day treating us all to a posh spa (marred only by a tiny splashing tiff between Ramona and Kristen –- I call it Watergate). While I didn’t join in on the Sonja bashing — or the Sonja concerning — I wish I’d stood up for her more.

Sonja’s financial difficulties were already on Pagesix.  I guess it needed to addressed on the show because it is Sonja’s reality.

Sonja trusts in the world, and I think we should trust her. And if you want to be her friend, take a lesson from Sonja — just be there. Sonja doesn’t need friends to help face up to whatever they think she has to face, she needs friends to play with. We all do. She’s fine, girls. Take another glass of her champagne and leave her the f— alone. As Sonja says, “My feeling is that every second of life should be as fabulous as possible.” Amen!

Heather on Good Friends and Good Tequila

Sometimes you just have to move on from trying to actually help someone and just support them from the sidelines — whatever their journey may be. I am glad Ramona finally sat down to talk to Sonja face-to-face about her concerns — instead of to everyone else.

It’s funny how scenes are blogged differently.  Heather accused Ramona of not having Sonja’s back and now this blog seems ever so polite.

Since I launched my business in 2008, I have been have forced to protect my intellectual properties from bigger companies who think they can just take them. Today, I hold 12 US patents plus a comparable number in Europe. There are a handful of infringers I can’t mention because the settlement agreements we reached outlined anonymity in these cases, but the most arduous was with Maidenform. In 2010 — the giant house began selling a tank top that I felt looked eerily similar to my patented design. I ended up in an extensive litigation with Maidenform. It took a few years and much more than a few dollars, but in 2011 we settled with Maidenform and they paid us $6.75 million. 

I remember my mother talking with her friends while playing cards in the living room about the Tummy Terminator by Smoothie.  Her friend worked in the lingerie section of a major department store and she recommended that shapewear.  Customers would always ask for that.  The Waist Eliminator also was big.  I wonder what happened to that Smoothie brand.  Maybe it went to shapewear heaven in the sky.

Sadly, I’m engaged in this once again and I am in yet another lawsuit. This time with Spanx — the biggest name of them all. The lawsuit has cleverly been referred to in the press as “The Battle of the Bulge,” but to me it is another battle of fair play. I was gobsmacked when others knocked off my protected designs and I am incensed at the fact that it keeps happening. But this time around with Spanx, I feel more disbelief and disappointment.

I didn’t realize shapewear was so competitive.  This is not good for the customer if a bigger company decides to steal a certain design from a smaller company then once the smaller company disappears the bigger company decides to discontinue the design.  Then this design that works for you cannot be found anymore.  
Carole had it right, “The highest form of flattery isn’t imitation. The highest form of flattery IS FLATTERY.”

Imitation reminds me of the Single White Female movie.   
And the bottom line is this — even though inventors shouldn’t have to fight a battle in order to defend the products we’ve created and protected as a result of our ideas and passions, at the end of the day, sometimes we do. And it’s okay to be frustrated and tired of it all and take comfort on a school night with Don Julio, but then, you’ve got to always keep-it-movin’!

Unfortunately the law is for lawyers to make money.

A good spa day can do the trick for a good refresh, too! But I guess that depends on who you go with! Our room was more in keeping with my idea of a spa day with girlfriends than the other room. Or, should I call it the boxing ring? Kristen should have been with us!  And, why does Ramona keep throwing things at her? I am getting the sense that she may just be jealous of Kristen, because I can’t explain this reflex-sort-of outrage from Ramona! It’s recurring (just you wait), and it’s just not right. 

I thought you already experienced a reflex outrage from Ramona.  She doesn’t do well with new people and surprises. 

Boy, some of these ladies really get ruffled around opinions that differ from theirs! And who goes to a spa with a fresh blow dry!? Honey, that’s supposed to be the swan song of the day. . .a refresh! 

Ramona needed to keep her blow dry until she got to the Hamptons where she needed to keep an eye on Mario.

Sonja: I Knew Ramona Was Acting Out

First off, I must say my sheer, long cover-up at Ramona’s cocktail party is Kay Unger. I got so many emails and so many people asking about it!

That was a really nice dress.  I like Kay Unger dresses.

Also, before I get into my actual commentary on this episode, I just want to say that in general I see a lady who is happier then ever and her name is Sonja!

Is this a natural happiness or a pharmaceutical?

I’m staying in a gorgeous home in the Hamptons lent to me by my friends at Nest Seekers International real estate brokerage because I sent them referrals previously and never asked for anything in return. In fact, I just gave Luis Ortiz on Million Dollar Listing New York my $18 million dollar listing, which I understand he’s about to close on.

I’m trying to dissect this paragraph.  By “my $18 million dollar listing” does she mean her town house? Is Luis really closing on it?  Or did she find Luis an $18 million dollar listing and she considers the find hers?  I checked out his website and the most I see is around $11 million.  I know her townhouse is listed for sale at $8.25 million and some gossip sites reported that it has already been rented out.  But then again, gossip rags are unreliable.

I’m dating a sophisticated 23-year-old stunner, who I’m jet setting all over with and who can keep up and who is romancing me in five-star restaurants and hotels. My daughter’s thriving at school!

I thought Ramona called his mother and put the kibosh on that budding May-December romance.

Sonja In The City just threw a phenomenal Season 6 premiere party at Tokya, attended by multiple celebrities, press and Ramona co-hosted it with me. I continue to throw Sonja In The City events and continue to support the same charities I have been behind for decades. All the while, I continue to feed my creative energy, by surrounding myself with artists and other creatively inspired people who are like-minded and who want to support children, animals, the LGBT, and other artists.

I’m wondering if that “whole Ramona worried about Sonja’s state of financial and mental health” was a way to garner more pity for Sonja.  They have rich friends that may see it as charity to give business Sonja’s way.

My house is not crumbling and there’s no bank selling it. There never has been a bank. It’s not for rent. Heather and Ramona know very well that I went to France to sell my house there and I had a pending appeal on LA at the time.

If you say so.

I had a very strong intuition that Ramona was going through something at the time that was making her act out and say these hurtful things about me while not in my presence and with people I’m not as close to as her — about things she knows very well aren’t true and things she’s not an expert on.

She repeats what she reads in the papers.  We all come across these pieces of news and who knows how much is right and how much is a complete fabrication.  Ramona’s personal life was also publicized.

We all go through our moments, and clearly Ramona was confused and acting from fear. I’m very grateful for all that support from Team Sonja and those who have been with me during this tough time. It hasn’t all been a bed of roses — as you all know from watching and holding my hand through the whole process. I’ve had to learn to let people help me. I’ve always been the one helping, hosting, and entertaining and being the “hostess with the mostess.”

I’m sure you’ll get more business from people’s sympathy.

So I’m going to be understanding about what Ramona’s going through and be there for her as she’s been there for me.

Episode 7 Interns’ 3 favorite looks:

(Oops, forgot to post this last week. That’s why we are interns. We are learning to be consistent):
1. Sonja’s Kay Unger long sheer cover up over Verano High silver bikini at Ramona’s pool party 2. Kristen’s  white lace Dolce Vita shirt, high waisted Current Elliot jeans, and J. Crew ballet flats for the Aviva confrontation 3. Sonja’s Herve Leger black dress with gold tube accents and Alexander McQueen black suede pumps with skull shoes for the beach

Sorry ladies, looks like Sonja got two looks last week. We didn’t have much to work with with the beach outfits and tennis clothes. And we are a bit biased since we help dress her while learning to be stylists.

Is your interns required to vote you into the top 3?

Episode 8 Interns’ 3 favorite looks:

1. Countess LuAnn’s Collection dress at the designer house showroom in the Hamptons
2. Carole’s vintage paisley top and jeans
3. Sonja’s Verano High white bathing suit she shows off to Harry in her Nest Seeker International Realty beach house in the Hamptons.

I wasn’t so crazy about Carole’s paisley top.  I think she has worn better outfits.

Ramona: Water and Champagne Are Both Wet

Everyone has been concerned about Sonja. Everyone sees the stress she is under, and looks to me for the answers. I wasn’t trying to be mean or rude when I spoke about Sonja to Carole and LuAnn. I wanted to share the nature of the stress Sonja was feeling and how I felt it was effecting her. I hoped once they understood the situation they could be more supportive and understanding. Sonja holds things in a lot, and it’s her nature to always be positive. I felt it was important to share with LuAnn and Carole what actually was going on in Sonja’s life

I think you acted out of concern.  Most of what you were saying was already reported in the news.  Arousing people’s compassion would help Sonja in business.

I, too, read the book The Secret. I was following their rules on my own before I even read the book, and then it helped me even more.

I watched the Secret on youtube.  I think being positive is the first step.  There is a lot of research based on the diaries of nuns that show positivity and happiness result in age longevity.

Dinner time has always been very special for us as a family. I enjoyed watching Aviva with her family as the dinner table. Before Avery went to college, we would have family dinners four times a week. It’s important to have discussions and catch up around the dI never called Ben’s mother. A friend of Ben’s mother called me and asked if it was true that Sonja is dating Ben. I said: “Yes, Sonja is dating Ben.” I also asked him what kind of guy Ben was. That was the entire conversation. Sonja flipped out on me over this. It was totally innocent on my end and I wasn’t looking to create a problem for her.

Sure totally innocent.  Why start out the conversation with how young he is compared to your daughter?  There is nothing wrong with Sonja screwing a 23 yr old.  He has been of legal age for 5 years.

Kristen was in the water in a bathing suit at the spa! I got so annoyed when she was adding her comments of what she felt what was going on between Sonja and I. I said, “Why are you adding fuel to the fire Kristen? Kristen I am putting out the fire!” and I tossed my champagne, which is wet, into the water she was in, which is wet.

I guess Carole should add another housewife rule: The only things you can throw at other housewives are insults and compliments.

Then Kristen proceeded to get my hair wet, which I just had done, annoying me further. To me, if I am in a pool of water and someone tosses wine or champagne at me it is more playful than mean.  Getting my freshly styled hair wet when you know I am going to an event is below the belt.

At least you came prepared with a hair roller.


RHONY New Episode Tonight!

“The Last Splash”

Heather invites all the ladies, except Aviva, to her vacation house in the Berkshires for the weekend. Things get dangerously out of hand when a placid canoe trip turns into a blood bath, with Kristen and Ramona going head-to-head.


Sonja Morgan is a guest on Watch What Happens Live


Let’s Chat!


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      In the previews, Ramona said that she was afraid that she was like her father.

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      Crissy I’m with you except I don’t think she was even drunk. She was totally normal speaking (which for her can even sound a bit loopy) when she got back to that dock.

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