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Kristen: It’s Not OK to Throw a Glass at Anyone

UGGG. . .My heart was pounding watching this episode. It was obviously a big one for me. Imagine being the “new” girl and the “old” girl is picking on you.

I think the newbie is picking on the veteran.  Kristen didn’t have to take Ramona to task about not going to Heather’s party and tell her what she should have done.  Also, Kristen called Ramona jealous which started the fight.  It’s fine for Kristen to have an opinion and voice it but not her place to put Ramona in her place.  If she has been watching past seasons, it doesn’t work.  I understand the newbie needs to have some drama in order to have some screen time.  This reminds me of Carole picking on Luann last season.

It’s interesting that she was talking about me when I approached the canoe. And then my splashing her just added fuel to her already over-heated fire. BUT IT IS NOT OK TO THROW A GLASS AT ANYONE!!! SHE DREW BLOOD, MY BLOOD FOR GOD’S SAKE!!! I didn’t even realize that I was bleeding until Carole said something and then I could taste it running into my mouth. The only comforting thing was learning that Lu was a nurse, but I just wanted to get out of that water clean my lip and assess the damage.

It is not okay to throw something and she should be penalized for it.  If these housewives keep thinking it’s okay to throw something at someone or pull their extensions or flip a table, someday something really bad will happen.

PS: My two and five year old know better than to throw anything at someone!

In all honesty, it is just not OK and can’t be tolerated. She needs some serious anger management. What happened to the days of having a conversation or some level of communication. . .You know like Aviva — she is good at talking things out. . .#STFU

It might be safer to pick on Aviva.

Ramona accepted the invitation to join us all in the Berkshires. She needs to stop complaining and just embrace it and enjoy it. I don’t really understand where she was going with her childhood issues and the woods — but that’s something that she has had plenty of time to work out. . .PLENTY OF TIME. And if it triggers violence in her, then she certainly should not put anyone else in harm’s way if her temper can be that explosive.

You and Heather with the age digs.  If you plan on being Ramona’s age one day, you just might wind up eating your words.  It didn’t feel so great when someone tells you you’re too old to model.

As far as the Josh helping out Sonja thing. . .let’s be clear, Sonja is amazing! She is brilliant, smart gorgeous, and so damn talented in so many ways. But, let’s be honest, she is all over the place and needs some help and dose of reality. Last time I checked she is my friend and friends help friends. My husband is great at marketing and branding and knows tons of people that could help her — and thought it would be great for Sonja to get an outside opinion and some suggestions. Josh is not good at the sugar coating. He pretty much tells it like it is — and I think this may have been then first time she has been told all of those things. . .with no sugar on top. But it’s the truth. Does any one else remember last episode at the winery where Sonja went on and on about all of these businesses and not one of the girls knew what she was talking about? Ramona was just as confused and if your friends are confused by your businesses, then you may need to take a step back and get a handle on it.

Telling some “they’re effin bananas” is not helping them.  It’s making fun of them.  Who is this guy anyway?  Other than Kristen’s husband.

Ramona saying that I need to muzzle Josh??? We are at a table amongst friends. Oh right, I get it — you would prefer that we leave the dinner and all talk about the same things privately to each other in circles for a few weeks and get the story all contorted? No! Josh and I are concerned. Heather tried and has no more energy for Miss Morgan’s business affairs. No one else seems to care,  so I am trying to help her and Josh really wanted to try and help her

Sonja did them a favor by filming that scene going to Kristen’s husband for business advice.  It made him look like the expert.  All he can say is she’s crazy, delusional and doesn’t listen. Then he tried to sell her on using his marketing expertise and providing referrals to his friends.  He’s an ass.

Heather on Ramona the Sh—Stirrer

I do believe in Sonja Morgan. I think Sonja is a beautiful, witty, and dynamic woman trying to find her way through what has proven to be a traumatic divorce and a lawsuit against her company, Sonja Productions. But Sonja’s real problem is that she has more contacts and opportunities then she knows what to do with and although she feels focused, it’s hard to be with everything on her plate.

That is not a bad problem to have. She just needs to decide what to focus on.

Josh Taekman is a great guy and one of the greatest friends you can have. He is also pretty smart. He’s a good businessman and a great marketer. And, he cuts to the chase. He is not one to dance in dreams. Josh is a guy that looks at a business straight-on and tackles the issues — which is what he’s trying to do with Sonja. Sonja squandered away the free opportunity I gave her with an award winning branding guy, myself, and a fantastic photographer — she didn’t get it. I was thrilled to see, however, that she took my advice about having an umbrella brand. The thing is, that establishing your umbrella first –before opening it up to allow for other things to fall under its cover is key, and this is the point Josh is trying to get across.

Both of you were trying to sell yourselves in those scenes.  Sonja gave you both a chance to help her with what she wanted, not what you think she needs.

I always include my single girlfriends in my life, and it’s quite rare for me to host a “couple’s dinner,” but I thought it would be nice to thank the guys for letting me steal their girls away for the weekend. But here comes Ramona!  She shows up with an un-announced guest! I am not a stickler for the rules, but geez! I certainly didn’t mean to make Joey feel uncomfortable, because he did get an invitation, but it was from Ramona and not me, (the host!). Joey was charming and wonderful and I did enjoy meeting him, (you’ll actually see more of him again soon), but it’s just plain rude to show up at a private dinner party someone is hosting with an additional guest that wasn’t invited or at all expected. Ugh. Ramona, why do I even bother?

Ramona would have kicked an uninvited person out of the party.

Ramona is also being lame on this Josh thing. This is not private news, Sonja’s struggles are out in the open, (some because of Ramona!) and what Josh lacked in tact, he made up in sincerity.

He made himself look like a misogynist.  Who would take sincere advice from someone that calls you delusional and crazy?

What is most disturbing to me is this ignorant side Ramona is showing. The Berkshire Hills are one of the most decadent places on Earth, made famous by the likes of Norman Rockwell and James Taylor, and I feel so lucky to own a piece of such a beautiful place! I do not fake who I am, or what I have. I don’t have bag handlers, — nor does Ramona. Not all rich people are flashy. Gaudy doesn’t mean luxury. The privileged? Well, they come in many forms. Be it a cool breeze or a bag of caviar! Who is to say one is better than the other? Or worse, Ramona, that one is better than another? You have no idea what you are talking about girl or what you are googling — shame on you.

Maybe if you took her to Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires she would have changed her tune.

So, the girls are coming and it’s the middle of a heat wave — it’s literally the hottest week of the summer at 100+ degrees and thank god for the Berkshire breeze at our Mountain Nest. We never need air conditioning there and frankly, I don’t really like it. Although, that may change after menopause.

And you may need to use valet parking because valets don’t forget where you parked your car.  That’s the kind of jokes you’ll need to get used to when the menopause happens to you.

Jax named it the Black House and it has affectionately stuck. Jon and I bought 26 acres of land in the Berkshires with big plans and big dreams — just before we got pregnant with Jax. We designed the black house, as the pool house, and built it first — under some great advice from my brother-in-law’s Dad. It is part of a bigger plan, which also includes a barn, a main house, and of course the pool — all for down the road. But for now this is all we need, and it is a special place for our family and friends. The black house is full of fond memories of annual get-togethers and holidays and all of the many the good times we’ve shared there.

Building a pool house first?  That’s interesting advice.  Are you sure your brother-in-law’s Dad wasn’t going through womenopause when doling out that advice?

I love how Ramona blames the Berkshires on her own behavior. When you hurt someone you apologize and when you misbehave, or you f— up, you take responsibility for your actions.

The apology comes in the next episode.  What a doozy!

Carole: Men are Stupid, and They Like Big Boobs

Oh No, It’s a Rental! Sonja has traveled the world, had homes in three countries plus, I think, owned at one time nearly all of South of France, but she’s bewildered by her journey three miles downtown to Kristen’s. 

It’s an anthropology lesson — and look, we do things the same way here as they do uptown. We take subways. We eat strawberries. We knock or ring the bell and then wait for someone to open the door. We are not animals.

Josh is the Knight in Shining Reason. If Sonja’s the umbrella, he’s a pair of Wellingtons and is trying very sincerely to keep her from stepping in the puddles. It’s clear he has her best interests at heart, but this is what he hears: Saudi, diamonds, French shirts, fragrant football teams, tags hang in stores, girls want the books, condoms, lingerie, hats. . .Oh, and a team is all ready to go with it.

Sonja doesn’t need a branding consultant because she’s already been to France three times. She has a guy in China who’s got a factory, which sounds suspiciously like what my Italian Grandpa Tony used to say when he had business out of town. He didn’t know anyone in China, but he knew a guy he had to see about a horse. The only business Gramps had out of town, according to Grandma Millie, was monkey business.

Stop feeling. You’re not listening. OK maybe you’re listening too much. Poor Joshy. He needs a shot of Eboost to get him through this conversation. What book are the girls all asking for? Is it Sonja’s cookbook? Tina Fey called. She’s still waiting for hers.

Like how you inserted his product in your blog.  Sell girl, sell.

I think Josh puts on a brave face for the Nigerian soccer/Chinese-Columbian factory/tagged and hanging French shirts skit. He laughs at the punch lines; he’s a great audience.

One thing is sure, Sonja has mastered her character. James Lipton is eyeing her for Inside the Actors Studio. She’s a professional comedienne, as we learned at Ramona’s July 4th party, and now I get it. She talks this way for laughs, right? She’s yukking it up, she’s hilarious. Unless, of course, she’s serious. Then I agree with Josh, someone needs to get Sonja to focus on one business at a time. Harry said it, Heather said it, Big Guns (you remember him?) said it. Maybe she should take an Adderral. I hear it helps with focus.

LA Time Margaret! My beautiful sweet dog Margaret. She should have been the star of this scene. She’ll be annoyed when she sees that she wasn’t. Guess what? The guy on the message, the one who broke up with me before we dated called back a month later. His relationship didn’t work out. Shock. Speaking of Margaret, she’s taught me everything I need to know about men. If you want them to chase you, run in the opposite direction.

Couples Only Dinner. I am constantly reminded that I do not have a significant other. I’m really OK with that. No one leaves their socks lying around and the toilet seat is never up, well, almost never.

If there’s one thing we learn in this episode it’s that no one vacations in the Berkshires, apparently. No one. No one Ramona knows, no celebrities she knows, no famous people she knows, not even her dry cleaner or the mailman, no one. More people go to Africa. Ramona is scared.

Her fear makes her angry at Josh, who is not bad-mouthing or dissing Sonja, by the way. Is it spreading gossip to state what everyone in all 50 states has known for years — that there is no toaster oven? He’s late to the game. He’s just discovering it now.

If he’d watched us last season, he would have seen Heather trying to help Sonja with her toaster oven prototype. That was before she diversified into mitts, tongs, aprons, and recipes. Remember “Big Guns,” the top-notch branding consultant Heather lent to Sonja? Sonja wasn’t crazy about him. He didn’t have a sexy “J.” I thought he was great. I miss him.

Matchmaking: “Men are stupid and they like big boobs.” – Marilyn Monroe

I’ve actually spent more than a decade researching this theory and here’s what I’ve found: Men actually DO like women with big boobs and no brains. I know it for a fact. I produced a story years ago for 20/20 called the “Biology of Love.” It was about evolutionary biology as it pertains to, well, coupling up. Yeah. So men are hard-wired to like big breasts, its not just a myth sold by beer companies and Carl’s Jr. commercials. If men didn’t like big boobs they wouldn’t have invented the silicon implant. That was a man, by the way. Women weren’t clamoring to stick bags of gelatinous material — the stuff that makes up Silly Putty, in their chest cavity.

Large breasts (I’m talking C cup and up) attract men on a subconscious level because full breasts were considered a sign of femininity and fertility. The bigger the boobs the younger and more fertile the woman. This goes back 10,000 years.

Stone age men who liked small-chested brainy girls wound up with the less fertile women so didn’t reproduce as much. This means their genes were not passed down and their line eventually died out. Today’s males are the direct descendants of men who screwed a lot of big-breasted women. So we can’t really blame them. It’s biology, stupid.

Also, men who like successful women don’t run around announcing that they are “looking for a smart girl,” they just date them. The men who talk about it — finding a smart girl — always show up with the airhead.

Girly-girls go home from work, take a shower, braid each other’s hair and put on their girly clothes. If that’s the indication of attractiveness in a partner then I’m perfect. I’m a writer, I’m already home. Sometimes I even work in bed, in braids — I start out all ready to go.

Hanging Yoga What the hell is this scene about? We learned only two things: Ramona doesn’t like the Berkshires. They remind her of her childhood and she’s self-made so she doesn’t have to go to the Berkshires. And, if given the opportunity Bravo will include every single shot they can find where one of us is saying something dumb or spreading our legs. It’s as sure as death and taxes.

Where are the Damn Bagels?

Pop Quiz:
What is the perfect house gift when visiting a friend at her country house? A) An A/C unit B) A nice candle C) A dozen New York bagels D) Earthworms

Pop Quiz: Who checks out local real estate prices on the way to visit a friend’s summer home, orders an A/C unit for “vertigo,” mistakes the house for a garage and then locks herself in the car trunk commenting that it “is about as big as the house.”
A) Sonja B) Ramona C) Ramonja D) Your rude Aunt Kitty

Fishing for Trouble. Peaceful on the lake! Peaceful on the lake! I mean, come on. The number one rule of fishing is be quiet. Don’t scare the fish! I got lucky — I managed to hook the only deaf fish in the lake. Did you see it? It was THIS BIG!!!!

It wasn’t the one that got away.  That one was usually bigger.

 “It’s like being in your mother’s womb, but on a lake.” I hope this book Sonja’s talking about is a collection of her aphorisms. Or just the next 500 things that come out of her mouth. I’ll buy that before her Nigerian perfume.

Housewife Rule #103: Don’t mess with a girl’s blow dry. We have to get them often and sometimes try to time them around fun parties in our real lives. This is an important lesson that Ramona has been trying to get the new girls to grasp for two seasons now. You may not remember, but she didn’t want to jump in the pool our last night in St. Barth’s because of — yep — her blow-dry. The rule is simple. If you have a blow-dry, it’s like being on base in tag — just shout that out and you’re untouchable. Ramona’s mistake is she forgets to shout it out. You gotta tell us up-front, R. Then no one’s allowed to splash or throw worms or invite you to a house with hot air. But, because she didn’t, Kristen slipped and splashed her and glasses and paddles flew.

I’m good in an emergency. I didn’t drop my fishing pole the entire time, by the way.

Peaceful on the lake! Peaceful on the lake! Nevermind. . .girl overboard

Sonja: I’ve Learned a Lot

Yes Ramona, I built an amazing toaster oven prototype that was based on its unique features which is what sells. No, Heather, the half-naked guy was not needed on the box. Just me, since Sonja Morgan is the brand, as the brand experts have explained to me, since I represent all of the dreams that come true if you follow my tried and true lifestyle tips and secrets and learn from my mistakes. I’m still the straw that stirs the drink.

I still don’t see any products on the market under this brand of yours.  I like seeing success stories and hope you will have a success story soon.

I brought it to the department stores. I didn’t go in empty handed. I even had a wonderful home goods collection that I designed myself that they loved. Leopard is my neutral! In addition, I was even looking for some US manufacturers to partner up with who would invest in me, instead of manufacturing out of the country. And yes my original investor did drop out. It was sad. I was doing wonderful appearances with that toaster oven across the country and really enjoying myself — booking them with my 20-minute red carpet ready up-do and smokey eye included.

The problem is getting the financial backing and not the promotion & marketing.  It’s the chicken and the egg argument.  Do you need to promote your brand in order to obtain financing or do you need to obtain financing before you start promoting your brand?

But I needed to also keep my eyes on the cookie jar at home — my bank accounts, investments, and the three properties I already own — and my MAJOR asset, raising my young daughter as a single mom. My divorce has been difficult and I manage a slew of experts and lawyers. When everyone saw me at the Reunion last year, I was not upset about the money. I was upset about losing my best friend because we couldn’t settle over assets. I don’t see a settlement but I turned a corner. got out there and worked. Developing my website, newsletter, YouTube videos and sharing lifestyle tips and recipes.

I have heard about the Sonja and the City parties in the press.  Hopefully money from that business, your check from Bravo and possible rental money is enough to keep you living reasonably well.

I didn’t wait for the other shoe to drop. I am moving on and if I were to lose everything tomorrow, I don’t fear that I wont be able to continue to support myself and my daughter. I’m not afraid of making mistakes. I’m afraid of making the same mistake twice. That’s exactly what I tell my interns don’t be afraid to make mistakes while getting hands-on experiences. That’s how you learn.

Let’s hope they and you don’t ever make a $7 million dollar mistake.

Ramona and LuAnn running around Hampton like chickens with their heads cut off acting as if they concerned about me is not the way to help me. They know that my case is very complex, that I was selling my house in France, and that I’m managing very well my case in LA. In fact, I had an appeal in place at that time which meant no urgency. I have no idea why they decided to do that when I wasn’t even in the scene with them to defend myself.

The stories were already out in the press so it is no big secret.  I think they were expressing their worry for you.

Ramona Didn’t Intend to Hit Kristen

I thought Josh was originally trying to help Sonja but end up coming across as condescending and unsupportive. No one responds well to negative energy and Josh was acting negative — and a business consultant!

Maybe his business isn’t going so well.

I must say I was extremely upset when the plastic glass hit Kristen in the mouth. That glass could have been tossed million times and it would not end up in her face. Who knew that would happen? I was totally embarrassed and regretful for my actions. When K totally drenched me in water I had a knee jerk reaction, tossing what I had in my hand. My intention was not to hit her or harm in any way.

How about not throwing objects at anyone ever again?

The day we went to Heather’s home it was over 100 degrees. I really wanted to cancel the trip due to the weather. My intention was to gift Heather four A/C units for every bedroom. Only one arrived — and even that one did not work.

I’ve never heard of anyone giving an air conditioner as a house gift.  Only Ramona.

Kristen and I were in an uncomfortable situation. It was giving bad energy to the rest of the group and I thought it was best for me to leave the pond — and perhaps the best decision to leave the Berkshires all together. I also had my daughter in the Hamptons, events to attend to and a house full of central air conditioning. I did not want to ruin the weekend

You wanted to ditch the filming and go to a party in the Hamptons.  The only good thing about this episode is that Aviva wasn’t in it.


RHONY New Episode Tonight!

“Bon Voyage Ramona”

Heather attempts to calm the quarreling Kristen and Ramona with a dinner fit for a King. The next morning, the women are hiking in the woods when Ramona stumbles upon something that brings out her worst childhood horrors, causing her to flee the Berkshires. Then, the ladies enjoy a relaxing afternoon of sunbathing, swimming, and hitting on young men before a final dinner out where they devise a plan to give Ramona her “just desserts” for abandoning them under suspicious circumstances.


Ramona Singer is a guest on Watch What Happens Live


Let’s Chat!


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  1. Powell says:

    So what is Ramontional going to do tonight?

    • AZGirl says:

      I don’t know but I have my wine ready 🙂 Long 2 days with 4 a.m rise and shine workouts. Needed to get into the office early. Get to sleep in till 5:30 a.m tomorrow. YIPPEE!

  2. Foxymel11(Mel) says:

    Have a great evening everyone!
    PPindy, please keep us posted about his trip!! You must try to stay cool in this hot sun and don’t let Shannon hear you use that word!! Lol 😉

  3. chismosa™ says:

    Can someone tell me who Joey was that Ramona brought to a dinner ?

    Just reading RamonaCoaster’s analysis.

    Totally agree on the age digs with Heather and Kris

    • chismosa™ says:

      Or rather, what scene was this Joey? I don’t recall this person at all?! Drawing a blank

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        When Heather had some of the ladies to a restaurant with husbands to invite them on the Berkshires trip. He came with Ramona – I don’t know who he is though.

        • chismosa™ says:

          Right when Mario said THANK YOU! And it was funny ….. I guess I am drawing a blank.

          Thanks Tarts! I’ll catch a rerun.

          #orderinganAC. Thanks.

  4. Sus says:

    Someone needs to tell Ramona that her hair looks awful whether it’s been splashed or not. It looks like it has split ends. I liked it much better when she was channeling Cameron Diaz. I wonder if she’s growing it out because Mario’s harlot has long hair.

    • Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

      ha exactly!

    • She is nuts!! Does she not know how to use an effing blow dryer and hot rollers?? It isn’t hard, I learned in jr high, she is off her rocker!! Her hair does not look like it is going to frizz out into tight curls….maybe she needs to get those microwave curlers that Ice got, lol!

      • chismosa™ says:

        If anyone came at me with water after a blowdry Id flip a table.

        No way no how.

        • lol, you and your special hair…

          • chismosa™ says:


            Kristen and HOLLA’s hair ain’t that complicated and frankly are hard to make LOOK bad IMHO.
            Ramona may need many more products and things in hers.

            Doesn’t hair thin as we age ??

            Time for an AGE DIG at Ramona. Rolling my eyes …..😏

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      LOL! Right on the money, Sus!

  5. chismosa™ says:

    I get Ramona’s point that leaving is less dramatic than staying and starting or continuing – a casino

    Did carol the “writer” misspell Colombian in her blog? Or is she referring to archaeology? Huh
    Her writing dragged on for me I couldn’t anymore ….

    • kit9 says:

      I was really annoyed at the bit in her blog about evolutionary biology and breast size. It’s complete bunk and I can’t believe she was repeating suck drivel.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Oooh I have to read this. She’s getting a little annoying to me. The writing.

        And how funny that picture that someone put on here the other day of Carole with the big boobs holding a baby in the LV bag.

        Maybe she got a boob job

  6. AZGirl says:

    Listen it is not fun getting older and Kristen is beautiful. Not only is she beautiful she is smart. Ramona is having serious self-esteem issues. She is obviously heavily medicated. Her hair was an easy fix. Look at Heather and Kristen. They don’t care about how their hair looks. Ramona is a mess. She is destroying this show.

    • Powell says:

      Heather is definitely a let’s have fun and let it all hang out kinda girl. Ramona thinks she too upper east side.

  7. Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

    They have tried for many seasons to make Ramona the “bad” one and until now she’s been teflon coated. This shrill argumentative Ramona is not likeable and wears thin…maybe this is the season the worm turns.

    • chismosa™ says:

      I think people who disliked Ramona before just have more ammo now

      I don’t think it changes many opinions’. She’s polarizing.

      • kit9 says:

        It changes mine. I, while seeing her nuttiness/obnoxiousnes, always liked her. Not anymore. Enough.

        • chismosa™ says:

          Oh ok …. Sorry – generally speaking. Didn’t know you used to like her kit – cool !
          Hope you’re well. 🐻

  8. Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

    Well I have actually been a Ramona fan…until now. This season she’s annoying and insufferable. Already I would be happy not to see her the rest of the season.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Ok sorry didn’t see this – to me — I didn’t think based on other blogs and comments online and stuff that the Ramona fans generally turned. But yes some have 🙂
      Maybe she will get you back in her good graces one day. Who knows.

  9. The person that needs to be upset about their hair is the Countless….

  10. Is Sonja auditioning for a role or something, cuz she is turning on the drams…..biiiig time!!

  11. JumpTheShark says:

    Ramona “be honest” with Heather: as if she hasn’t already phoned for the plan. IMO she has multiple personality disorder: The 80 year-old protecting her “hair do”, the violent glass thrower, the whiny kid leaving camp early: how many more are there? Scary.

    • Sus says:

      Ooh, I just had a great memory. My grandparents used to take me to the beach. My grandmother would just float and only the very tips of her hair would get wet. Unless it was the day before the hairdresser. Then she’d swim and body surf. It was so fun.

      Thank JTS.

    • MelTheHound says:

      You forgot the kid whining about going To camp. Nice to see you JTS 😀

  12. NJBev says:

    Listen people, I got a serious problem with Heather right now!!!!!
    Last month she was on HSN selling her Yummie Leggins. 2pack
    One pair black and one pair navy blue. They weren’t cheap, so
    when I washed the blue pair today with regular clothes I thought
    I was safe, because at that price they shouldn’t bleed- (even cheap
    ones don’t bleed)
    well………. sigh…….. ruined the whole effing load of laundry.
    Everything is muddy blue.
    wrong, I tell you!! this is just wrong!!!!

  13. omgosh, Holy Inappropriate Sonja!!

  14. LaineyLainey says:

    Hi errbodeeee! Jake worthington is a finalist on the voice!!!!! Yay!!!!

  15. mrs peabody says:

    Without Aveeva there to be the bitch it makes you see just how mean and bitchy Heather and Carol can be. I don’t like Kristen very much at all, haven’t really all season and like her even less now. Ramona was wrong in what she did but Kristen needs to admit she did throw water at her knowing exactly how Ramona would feel about it. They both need to apologize to each other and mean it, if not stay away from each other. Sonja needs to stop the hitting on younger guys, it just makes her look silly.

  16. Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

    They are all pieces of work. I just sit here shaking my head.

  17. chismosa™ says:

    OMG I miss happy endings SO much !

    Ramona looks great must say. And no blue thank The Lord.

  18. chismosa™ says:

    Jill / Ashy—–> have you been around tonight?

    I feel like I haven’t ‘seen’ you lately ???

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I’m here…watching Ramona on WWHL. She looks great-her hair is fab and her dress is perf!! She’s a whack job but whatever-I still heart her. I think your BFF Kristen was playing it up a little bit but Ramona was totally wrong for throwing the wine glass-which wasn’t glass but no one wanted to say so-it was all very weird. Why not say it was plastic? It looked like a cheap plastic wine glass-which doesn’t excuse Ramona but it does make me wonder about Kristen’s reaction-I would have been more pissed off about the oar!!! Kristen was telling her husband “wait till you see me” as if she had a giant fat lip? Idk-they are all on my nerves lately!! I saw your girl Kenya on WWHL and you can keep her!! She’s on my last damn nerve! Trying to act like she didn’t become friends with Marlo just to piss off NeNe…bye Felicia!!!

      • chismosa™ says:

        Rotfl at Kenya….. Hahahaha! At least I have Lainey on my side ✌️

        I didn’t watch NY yet. Just the preview. I’ll see what happens. I love how people act like Ramona doing this was like solange vs. Hova. Or Dummy attacking Kenya.
        I don’t condone it !
        But I take Ramona as she is. Like you girl ✊

        I saw a tweet today of her and Avery. Complete with a HAIR ROLLER in the picture LOL!!!! And her wedding ring showing.

        Uh Ramona ….. 😦

        How are your daughters ? Hope all is well and I’m sure you’re finishing up school soon.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          My girls are great-thanks for asking!! School is almost finished-Annabelle has her finals and regents coming up plus graduation and all that-Maggie is going to a new school next year-her school only goes to second grade so she also has a little graduation ceremony which she has been practicing for-singing her songs every minute!! One of the songs they are singing is Leaving on a Jet Plane-she’s so happy I know all the words so we can sing together (Kevin and Annabelle are over our duets!!) I’m trying to talk Annabelle into going to her end of the year dance but she ain’t havin’ it-her little “nerd herd” group of friends are thinking of something else to do-I told we can have a party here for them and I’m waiting for her to figure it out. She’s last minute for everything!! I’m still not really grasping the fact that she is going to high school next year!!

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Oh and what the hell with that whole Jay Z/Solange thing??? That was INSANE!! She kicked his ass…more than once!! Then when they got outside they put him in a different car? What the hell?? I have to check her twitter b/c I saw TMZ posted something that she tweeted-I think she kind of alluded to the fact that maybe Jay Z put his hands on Beyoncé?? It’s so crazy!!

          • chismosa™ says:

            Ok Annabelle has regents but she’s in 8th grade ?
            Whoa ! (Or is she 9th?)

            I was going to ask if you could lend her to me to help with my taxes last month. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

            She sounds like the middle daughter, Alex on modern family. Total super smartie pants.
            And you sound like the oldest sister !
            Clare is super annoying so you should be like the oldest sister, except smarter. Book smarter I mean.

            How wonderful – fun time for all …. How sweet. Be sure to post all pics for us to see here. Adorable and great job Annabelle ! 👏👏👏

            • not THAT Jill says:

              Annabelle is in 8th but takes high school algebra and bio-she’s a true smarty pants! She worked really hard this year and is happy that school is almost over so she can stay up all night and sleep all day like a real teenager!!
              I really need to go to bed but first I’m going to click those links you provided-this shizz is too much!!

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Your girls sound so wonderful! Leaving on a jet plane? Adorable! What a great song! You’re making sweet memories for her singing along with Maggie! And your sweet Anabelle! So intelligent and mature! I hope she and her friends have fun if they decide to go to the dance or make their own fun. That’s cool. My kid saw a lot of crap she didn’t want to see at jr. High dances. All that grinding…nasty.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              Thanks Lainey!
              It’s funny about the Jr. High dance-that’s one of the reasons Annabelle and her friends don’t want to go-they are sooooo not the type to “grind”!!! (Thank God!!) when Maggie’s turn comes for a jr high dance I will be telling a completely different story!!

  19. kit9 says:

    Hm, didn’t Ramona pull the same childhood trauma excuse card when she didn’t want to go to Alex’s in Brooklyn once? I love Heather’s house in the Berkshires. And, with the stream and waterfall, I want to live there!

  20. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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