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By HydrangeaHussy


Lizzie Rovsek – “Tell Me What You Really Think About Me”

“I started writing this blog several different ways until I realized that I don’t really have much to say or know what to say regarding this episode. Honestly, I didn’t even know what to think after I watched it.”  Me either!  Vicki was certainly in true form this week!  She could not stop criticizing the younger, prettier new wife, just like she did with Gretchen & Alexis.  “Vicki says that it takes “no skill” to be in a beauty pageant… Well, I tell you one thing it gives young women and that is confidence. And thank goodness I have some so I could handle the barrage of insults that came my way tonight.”  Lizzie handled it with true class & grace.

“No one has to agree with anything that another does, but that certainly doesn’t mean we should insult accomplishments in someone else’s life.”  Good point!  As much as Vicki says that she is pro-woman, she takes every opportunity to belittle & pull down other women.  “Vicki and I most certainly got off to a rocky start tonight, and all I can say is I am optimistic that things will get better. Oh, and there were exactly 139 students in my graduating class.”  Hehe!

Shannon Beador – Shannon Explains Her Side of “Chairgate”

Shannon has a lot to say this week!  “A lot is happening in this episode and I have many things that I would like to discuss. Let’s begin with the fun stuff…”  She begins by explaining Dr. Moon.  “Dr. Moon has a theory that when a person is “jammed,” energy cannot properly flow through the body for optimum health. He will go through a process to “de-jam” a patient and one of those areas to “de-jam” is the tailbone.”  She was really trying to get Vicki to relax & put the phone away.  She should have known better!  As for the rest of the Shannon-loves-Vicki-show, Shannon says “When Vicki told me she had recently moved offices and there was a lot of chaos in the new space, I recommended that Elaine come to visit.”  She hopes that the feng shui will help balance Vicki’s office.

“I met Lizzie and Danielle on tonight’s episode. Lizzie is dressed a little “racy” which to me spells “fun”! I always like to meet new people who might be a little bit wild like me!”  I’m not sure if “wild” is the word I would use to describe Shannon, but she does seem to be open to meeting the new women, unlike Vicki.

On to “Chairgate.”  Here’s Shannon’s side: “As we entered the restaurant, Vicki was in the middle of telling me the story of how her daughter was moving to Oklahoma. When we got to the table, she asked Heather to move so that we could continue our conversation. I never said one word to Heather about where she was sitting.”  She says that it was Heather who made a big deal out of the seating arrangements.  “I made I clear that I never uttered a word about moving and she said, “I know it was Vicki. I heard it was Vicki.” I offered her the chair back and she refused, so let it go.”  I really hope we don’t keep hearing about “Chairgate” all season.  “I wasn’t angry, yet I apologized if I gave her that impression to move forward and restore peace to the table. It clearly wasn’t enough for her because she then proceeded to call me “scary” as well. In true Heather form, she proceeded to give me a lecture like I was a child about what she incorrectly thought I was doing.”  Shannon really doesn’t know Heather very well at this point.  It seems to me that she’s been listening to the other women.  “Clearly Heather has issues with me that go way deeper than a chair.”

Heather Dubrow – “Clearly, Shannon Doesn’t Care For Me”

Heather gets into the episode in this blog, unlike her punt last week.  She begins with her upcoming party.  “Planning the hoedown: Yes, it’s very funny how I say I’m less controlling these days and yet am walking the lot and controlling everything about the party!!! Clearly still need to work on that!”  She tells us that, despite that appearance, she actually let her party-planner handle most of the details.

“Tamra, Vicki and Shannon at the nail salon: It’s very difficult to hear the ladies talking about me again. Tamra said I didn’t let her talk when we had lunch? That was surprising to me because I felt she talked a lot. She told me all kinds of things she doesn’t enjoy about me, I told her what was bugging me, we hashed it out and moved on, I thought.”  I thought they had moved on as well.

Heather was glad to see Lizzie stand up for herself & disappointed in the way that Vicki treated the new girl.  And “Chairgate.”  “Vicki and Shannon clearly wanted to be together and when Vicki told me to move, I just did. In retrospect, I should have just stayed in the new seat and resolved to not let that happen again. I wonder if Vicki or Shannon would have moved if I had told them to? Probably not.”  At least she admits that it was Vicki who told her to move.  She stand by her statement that Shannon was “scary” as she came back to the table.  “It was a strange outburst. She looked a little crazy with a scary look on her face. She doesn’t agree that this happened. I was facing the bathroom door, I don’t hallucinate and I have no need to want Shannon to look bad.”

“Shannon has LOTS of opinions about me. Just for the record, I don’t make negative comments about her holistic lifestyle. I think it’s quirky but interesting. When she said she had jewels in her teeth, I said “So you had your mouth feng shui-ed?” — it was supposed to be amusing, not derogatory.”  Heather notes that Shannon hasn’t reacted to any of Tamra or Vicki’s comments, which I noticed too.  “When Shannon asked me about Vicki giving new people a hard time I said, “That has not been my experience.” I wasn’t being contrary, I was being truthful. Vicki was super nice when she met me, she was very friendly last year meeting Lydia, and she was very nice to Shannon when they met. So that is my experience. Period.”  Good point.  Heather wasn’t around when Vicki met Gretchen or Alexis.  “Clearly Shannon doesn’t care for me. She seems very quick to judge me, think the worst of me, and feels very comfortable talking behind my back (even when I’m at the table!). It’s a bummer because I thought we would be friends.”  Heather has also noticed that Shannon seems to be in the Vicki/Tamra fan club & going in their criticisms.

Tamra Judge – Tamra Appreciates Lizzie’s Feistiness

Tamra begins by explaining her concerns for Ryan.  “Ryan has been doing an wonderful job managing the front desk staff and I wanted to give him more responsibilities. The reason why I asked Ryan “what his plans were” was because as a mother you want your kids to be doing something they are happy doing.”  Based on his history of floating through life, I can understand that she is concerned & wants to know that he’ll be successful in whatever he does.  She explains that she wasn’t questioning him, just trying to make sure that he didn’t feel pressured into staying at her business.  “I just wanted him to say to me, “I want to run the next CUT Fitness,” so I knew I wasn’t pushing him into doing something he wasn’t passionate about. But instead he got defensive thinking I was questioning his future plans like I did when he was younger.”

She then delves into the holiday dinner.  “I don’t think Vicki was trying to be rude, she was just being Vicki. I know Vicki better than anyone and she has the biggest heart. But as we know, Vicki has a way with her words. She honestly cracks me up because I know she means no harm.”  It didn’t sound light-hearted or harmless to me.  Vicki reminds of Ramona, both have been on the show since the beginning & now think that they can treat the new girls however they want.  “OMG, did Shannon and Heather really get in a fight over a chair? I am so confused about this whole incident and I was there.”  I’m confused too.  It was so stupid & petty.

Tamra also regrets talking about Brooks at the dinner.  “I feel so bad about telling Lizzie that Brooks is not a good guy. Brooks and I are now in a different place and I wish I would have just kept my mouth shut and let her make her own decision. You will clearly see that as the season goes on that Brooks loves Vicki so much and that’s what we all want for her.”

Vicki Gunvalson – Time Will Tell With Brooks (last week) & “I’m Not Proud of How I Treated Lizzie”

Vicki finally posted last week’s blog on Friday.  “It was great having dinner with Brooks at our local restaurant Hannah’s. We try to get together a few nights a week to catch up on each other’s lives.”  That doesn’t sound much like a relationship, more like a business partner.  “We still have the on-going conflict with Briana, which continue to causes stress in our relationship. I pray and hope that one day that they would be able to calmly sit down, be given forgiveness, and then move on. It would be good for all. Brooks is very sincere when he told me that he really hopes he has an opportunity to one day talk with her. Until then, we are taking it slow, asking for God’s hand on our relationship and to just take each day at a time.”  I don’t see Briana giving in anytime soon.

As for this week, Vicki is upset about the way that she treated Lizzie when they first met.  “All I can say is that is not the person who I want to be, nor am I proud of how I talked to her when we were in the limo.”  She says that she has apologized to Lizzie.

“I felt bad that Heather was upset about me asking her to change seats so Shannon could sit by me. We happened to be in a conversation that wasn’t finished yet, so I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal to have Heather move down. Watching this episode I can see how both of them could be “bugged.” Sorry, Heather! Sorry, Shannon!”  Oh, Vicki.  She started the whole argument & didn’t get any of the heat.  Vicki was hurt by Tamra’s remarks about Brooks.  “I don’t know why she continues to say one thing to other people, and then something else to him and I. I’m at the point where I have to do what’s right for me and not care anymore what others think. Only I know what’s right for my life.”  I thought that Tamra & Brooks were now in a better place?



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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. TGIF. Lots of rain in my neck of the woods. PrincessP the winds are going to die down to help you all out with the fire still burning. Husker did you all get more snow? Snow in May. My goodness. I hope everyone is well. Have a great day everyone.

    • ladebra says:

      Morning Powell! Hey Powell, I follow someone on twitter I think you would enjoy. She is a makeup artist, but she gives make tutorial videos on the web. I’m not a huge make up wearer but I do enjoy trying out some new products. So anyway, for some reason I thought you might enjoy the video tutorials also. Maybe because of your twit pics ! Or I could be crazy, and you aren’t interested at all.

      • Powell says:

        Thks for thinking of me Ladebra. I will definitely check her out. I follow over 120 ladies on YouTube that I watch and am always looking for me. I’ll watch her today. 🙂

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Hey Powell! No snow, but lots of frost this morning – May 16, really? Everyone either had to cover their plants or bring them in the house if they could. Glad to hear that the temps in San Diego have gone down considerably as well as the winds, but lots of hot sports so still be safe PP.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi there! Went to work, then a funeral, then shopping for something to to wear to a wedding. Are you happy with the rain? We wd love it here!

  2. Powell says:

    I see once again that Vicki thinks what she does is more important than what other women do. What if Lizzie had said to her selling insurance is not a big deal. It takes a lot to do pageants & you have to admire women starting from their teens to take the pageant road. Pageants give scholarships for education and like HH said helps build confidence. Raspberries to Vicki. 😛

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Ditto Vicki’s way too judgemental and all hell would break loose if someone questioned her professional work!

      Thanks to HydrangeaHussy for the blog today! I don’t think #Chairgate will be an actual ‘gate’ but it will no doubt be brought up at the reunion. That kerfuffle was 100% Heather! Really, it’s similar to BowGate because SHE blew up!

      Good for Lizzie realizing there’s no need to get wordy on a blog when you are the new girl and most of us think Vicki was rude to you right off the bat…..sound familiar? Ramona vs. Kristen … Brandi vs. Joyce

    • HuskerHuny says:

      I’m kind of on the fence about pageants. Some are really great and give young women chances at scholarship money and many of them have furthered their educations and became doctors, lawyers, community leaders, etc. No doubt the pageants gave them a chance at developing their poise, confidence and ability to think on their feet.

      And then there’s Kenya . . . a former Miss USA, but acts like a banshee on TV.

      • MM in OC says:

        I don’t like pageants where it’s obviously all about the parents. I’d say eight and older. Agree on the poise and confidence. Also takes a lot of discipline.

      • Powell says:

        Business I don’t like pageants. I used to but they’ve changed. But like I said women get scholarships, build confidence, and parlay it into careers such as journalism. I don’t think many women enter pageants to be like Suzanne Sugarbaker. 🙂

    • I am kinda liking this Lizzie and hope she continues to stand up to Vicky!

  3. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Vicki has gone too far…she has an alien face.

    Nene is a scene stealer…Dina almost looks like a different person – in this particular photo.

    • ladebra says:

      Ooo if Nene is at the up fronts, then she didn’t quit right? Or .. Ok I’m confused lol. They wouldn’t ask her to this if she was fighting with Bravo do you think? And you’re right about Dina, it really doesn’t look like her.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I’m confused as well ladebra – why is Nene there if she’s not coming back to RHOA?

        • Jan (TexasTart) says:

          Whenever a franchise wraps a season, here come the parade of rumors as to who’s fired. The Upfronts are making advertisements we’ll see in the summer…so they’re not specifically promoting individual shows like, RHOA, but the Bravo personalities in general. Nene could appear one way or another, as she is one of the Bravo personalities. I don’t read much into anyone who shows up at an Upfront – they may or may not be in the next season, if it has not filmed yet.

  4. BB says:

    It’s raining buckets here. Lots of our streets are flooded. We keep getting these public service announcements on tv – turn around, don’t drown. lol

  5. chismosa™ says:

    Mornin y’all —

    I’m dying to know where they ATE. The upfronts were at a huge HUGE conference center I believe. If it was there- I’ve done trade shows there and it’s beyond huge.
    I wonder if some went to eat separately.

    Who is the guy with Vicki and the man on the left front – blond?
    I see Jeff L and Gage and I think Jeff is next to looney tunes from BH. I’m sure he wanted to have some fun! 😜

    Why were the Miami HWs there ???
    And Kenya was there and cynthia and Kandi along with MEAN-y

    And lily from shahs? She’s back? Is she crazy? They’ll eat her up

    • chismosa™ says:

      And it’s so WEIRD to see complete LEGIT actors – even golden globe nominated ones – maybe even emmy – at the same event. With the reality people. LOL

      The woman from House, Janeane Garofalo, Piper Perabo, all the guys from USA shows. Hahaha!
      They probably RAN from the bravo and E people.

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        LOL! Don’t read too much into who isn’t there, you know they always just pull a few people from shows, they never put all their personalities in the summer ads.

        • chismosa says:

          TARTS- i was wondering where are the ads that run for bravo for the summer— fishy!

          I thought Andy was essentially demoted to his position only running HWs but it seems he made some sort of speech so… i guess bravo considers him important. Not as important as he considers himself of course. let’s see if this works: 😈

          • Jan (TexasTart) says:

            It works, lol! You mean their summer ads that are all done in one studio with a green screen, ha, oh yeah, that will probably start first of June. I thought Upfronts were to roll out or promote Fall programming…but I don’t think I ever know what they have coming the way everything is on a staggered rotation.

            • Exit4 says:

              The upfronts are for the advertisers and entertainment reporters and that crowd. There’s a ton of people there-it’s a money making promotion for NBCU. But this was just for the cable channels-the prime time network has a separate upfront-sometimes 2 one in NY and one in LA.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Chismosa-there are LEGIT actors/actresses there because Bravo is owned by NBC -it was the NBC UpFronts so all the celebs mix together-but I’m sure the LEGITS were not hanging out with the Bravo people.
        Bravo had an after party and most of the Bravolebrities were there. I can’t remember where the party was but I will ask and let you know. I didn’t see any pics of Cynthia and Kenya-I will look on twitter.
        The Summer by Bravo commercials usually start running in June-they filmed some parts in NY but most filming I believe was done In LA.

        • chismosa™ says:

          Thanks miss IN THE KNOW ! 😜

          Yes that looked like a restaurant. I couldn’t believe they were having it at the Javits center ? I saw that tagged on some photos —I mean ….. WHOA

          I know of course – USA/ Esquire/ oxygen?/ E — all same home as NBC …. But how funny to be mixing and mingling with reality stars. Very very déclassé. Hahahaha

          • not THAT Jill says:

            I bet the real STARS had no idea who any of the Bravo people were-although sometimes a few celebs go on WWHL and they say they love the HWs shows!!
            Miss IN THE KNOW my ass-I didn’t even know it was at the Javits!! I know nothing!!
            I’m mad that Zoila wasn’t there!!

      • Anne says:

        Chismosa – Janeane Garofalo and Lisa Edelstein (aka the woman from House) are starring in a scripted Bravo show. I can’t remember the name of the show or when it is scheduled to air — but I remember the news because I like both actresses and will probably watch the show, whenever it airs. I think it will be one of the first, if not the first, scripted Bravo show. So, that is probably why both actresses were at the event. I think that USA is part of NBC Universal — so probably why you saw Piper Perabo (love her show) as well.

  6. Powell you are right, there is no wind, the temp has dropped somewhat to the 90s instead of the 100s so I hope that helps the firefighters!!!! It is so still outside and so smokey. I feel so bad for everyone that is affected by this. I have this lady I know that lives up in the hills, all isolated in this huge house. I went there for a luncheon and felt like I was driving out to the country…and I looked for it on the map last night and it is right where they are showing the fire. Then later last night they had her street name on the TV…. and they were showing this huge house burning and I think it was her’s but it was already dark.I cried. Her house is on acres of this mt and her hubs is a pool contractor and has all his trucks and equipment and out buildings on an acre behind the house… It is such a beautiful home and she is such a nice, gracious lady… And all the people that didn’t loose homes but their houses are going to have so much smoke damage. I am so blessed and so lucky. I just have to stay indoors for the next week or so. My hubby and son will clean up after everything settles, it will be quite a mess with the ashes everywhere….Just keep the firefighters and support people in your thoughts they are doing an incredible job in the worst case scenario!!!

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Absolutely! Thanks again for checking in with us. Take Care!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Hi PP

      I am so sorry to hear about the possibility of your friend losing her home and her husbands business in peril.

      Fortunately, the fire by us was put out yesterday although because of the winds , it’s carrying a lot of smoke from the Carlsbad fires this way. Ryanne’s school ended up canceling the carnival planned for after school today as a result and they will be keeping the kids in class during recess and lunch. I am hoping those with respiratory issues are okay.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Princess sorry just read this — OMG I hope your friend / acquaintance is ok ?this is just terrible. My god.
      You take care of yourself ! And count your blessings. ❤

      So you have to stay indoors is the rule?
      Stay safe !

    • Boobah says:

      That is horrible, PP. I feel for everyone that is suffering from this. Such a scary, unpredictable nightmare! Hope you were able to get some sleep last night! Please continue to stay safe!

    • Powell says:

      Oh gosh PrincessP. I’m sorry to hear that about the lady and her husband. If it is there house I hope they are physically alright. You and everyone who’s homes and neighborhood that was spared is very lucky. It’s a shame these fires happen every year.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      So sad, PP. I’m glad you are safe!

  7. not THAT Jill says:

    This one…she’s something else!!

    • She just never learns….how does someone get to be that old and have no common sense???

    • chismosa™ says:

      Wow Ash it’s been ages since you’ve posted about your bestie –

      How funny she wasn’t at the thing yesterday.
      She’s so funny in her tweets – I can’t stop laughing 😫💩

      • not THAT Jill says:

        She hasn’t been tweeting much since the season ended and she was sooooooo busy filming Celebrity Apprentice!! She’s still extra annoying!! She went to Miami yesterday “for work”…and today she tweeted a picture of herself in her FAVE BRA-she’s a damn nut job!!!

    • HuskerHuny says:

      How about if you don’t want to be homeless, try acting like an adult. Can’t Yolo put her and the boys up for a while – they are besties after all.

  8. shamrockblonde says:

    Princess – because she only has self-sense – she is all about her –

    please be careful – stay safe – and I am sorry for your friends’ home and her husband’s business! – will keep you and them in my prayers –

    we should be getting rain here any time now –

  9. Powell says:

    TexasTart shouldn’t we be seeing “Summer by Bravo” commercials soon? Bravo has used Bravolebrities that were at the Upfronts in the commercials.

  10. Powell says:

    RR I hope you’re safe. The smoke was close.

  11. AZGirl says:

    Heat from San Diego has now moved to AZ. All is good due the winds have died down. High tomorrow 103. This afternoon 102. But….doing the Urban Wine Walk tomorrow afternoon. Do not worry I will stay hydrated. Light Rail is sponsoring 🙂

  12. Plain Jane says:

    Aren’t Heather and Shannon close neighbors? To Shannon’s party…Heather and the husband drove and he mentions they could have walked. So what the hell is a Heathers problem?!

  13. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good morning from Rome – went to a bike race yesterday – fun fun!

  14. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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