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Kristen: What Was Ramona’s Intention

Where do I start?

Who knew Lu was a nurse? Thank goodness for Lu. I have to say I felt a lot better knowing her credentials.

What she do? Stitch up your lip with a fifth of whisky and a needle & thread or administer some antibiotics for your near fatal death experience?

Ramona kept saying it was not her intention to hit/cut me with a wine glass. . .I’m curious what exactly was your intention when you threw that glass at my face it was much more than a knee-jerk reaction? I would LOVE to know. Almost a year later, I am still wondering???

Psychoanalyzing Ramona is a wasted endeavor.

I certainly did not provoke her to hurt me — that was not MY intention. I was trying to be playful and have fun with “friends” in a lake, surrounded by water on a hot day and I splashed her, and she threw a glass at my face and cut me.

I couldn’t believe all that blood I saw gushing out of your face.  I hope someone called in a first class plastic surgeon to fix your gash.

BTW last time I checked water is not a sharp object! And did you notice Sonja and Carole also got wet and they didn’t even flinch or have any type of knee-jerk reaction.

That is correct.  Water is not a sharp object.  Kristen must be part of some particle physics think tank.

I want you all to know, including Ramona, that I am terribly sorry for what has happened in her past and in her childhood and any issues she has with her mom and dad. I also want you all to know that it is not OK to use that as an excuse for bad or violent behavior. . . She clearly needs therapy. She has got some major issues that need to be worked out.

Empathy is overrated anyway.

The craziest part of this whole thing is that she seems to have very little remorse!

That night when she tried to apologize to me, I couldn’t even deal I was sooo angry. Her attempt at an apology was so half-assed. #overit #elvistakemeaway

I’m sure there is a seminar on remorse and apologies in NYC that you can recommend to Ramona to attend.

Breakfast the morning of the hike in the woods before Ramona left was sooo awkward! Ramona was up and ready so early. I thought it was very suspicious. . . Why was she in a such a good mood and then all of a sudden during the walk in the woods she has a panic attack when some trees and shrubs reminded her of her past and low — and low and behold she had to leave and ironically there was a plane waiting for her at the nearby airport — as if her good friend just conveniently happened to be in the Berkshires at that tiny little airport. Not that I am surprised at all that she flew back and left us all in the Berkshires.

I would love to a have a good friend waiting at the airport to whisk me to the Hamptons.  Ramona’s got some high falutin jet set friends.

Sonja, poor Sonja, gets left in the dust by her BFF. Although I scratch my head because why would Ramona just up and leave Sonja with out saying goodbye — nevermind without taking Sonja with her? Sonja open your eyes! 

I’m sure Sonja was in on her plans.  How many times did Ramona say she wanted to go back to the Hamptons.

Heather: I’m Disappointed in Ramona

So, thankfully Kristen didn’t need stitches — just an ice pack and some TLC, which she is not getting from Ramona. Ramona agreed she was out-of-line and would apologize, but ohhh man it didn’t go over as well as one would have liked. But that was probably because Ramona took the opportunity to make the story about herself and play the victim again. In Ramona’s universe, the sun and the moon circle her. In fact, she is the sun, the moon, and the universe. She needs to stop thinking of herself and think of others. She threw a glass at Kristen and no matter what reason she is using to justify it, her actions require an apology — and a nice, sincere one at that. Ramona boasts that she is a sophisticated, “classy” lady; this is an opportunity to show it, but she passes it up.

I think Ramona was disappointed that you didn’t throw her out of the Berkshires for bad behavior sooner.

While everyone is enjoying our lazy, yummie breakfast, Ramona is pacing around the dining room table slapping her shoes together, dropping dirt all over everyone’s heads, and trying to hurry us up to go on the trail walk through the woods (which I planned for that morning). I was thinking to myself, “What is the sudden sense of urgency from the one person who was the least outdoorsy?”

She was ready for her dramatic performance.

Well off we go into the woods and it wasn’t 20 minutes into the walk that Ramona comes unraveled and distraught with memories of her childhood spent playing in a wooded area not unlike my property. And I bit her story, hook, line and sinker.  

When she told me in the woods she was just too emotionally wrought over her childhood to stay, I was so sincere in my belief that I even stuck up for her leaving! I was actually proud of her for trying to overcome it, before realizing it was all an act. What I fool I was! Ramona had bigger plans in the Hamptons that didn’t include us — and this fake panic attack was all part of it!

How insulting she didn’t want to stick around with you ladies.

I wouldn’t have even cared if Ramona wanted to go and told me. I would have welcomed a plan for her to stay for one night and then head out. But she chose to lie and play me and the others. She didn’t even tell her supposed BFF. I mean look at Sonja! She’s actually more upset then Ramona about Ramona’s childhood. I should have been defending Kristen more than worrying about Ramona, who is once again only worried about one person — herself. Let us just agree on this — And the OSCAR AWARD for best dramatic performance does NOT go to Singer! She needs to remember she is a reality show star not an actress. Know your role Ramona. I say this mostly with jest, because quite frankly I don’t really care. But as I watch the show and see her saying that she is “free” when she is getting on the plane to take off, I am disappointed in her behavior.

She definitely didn’t have to pretend to be happy in that scene.

Ramona: I Left for a Multitude of Reasons

When Heather invited us all to the Berkshires, my first reaction was I did not want to go. The Berkshires is very similar to where I grew up. I do not have fond memories of my childhood there.

Parts of the Hamptons also resemble the Berkshires especially north of 27A.  I’m sure Ramona would not avoid the Hamptons because they remind her of her childhood home.

It was only because Heather and I had gotten closer that I agreed to go against my better judgement. I always spend the weekends with my family in the Hamptons, which bring me much joy and happiness. We go there not only during the summer, but it’s also where we celebrate all our holidays.

You forgot to mention all the fabulous parties and socializing that happen in the Hamptons.  That means a lot to you too.

Once I got on the lake and in the canoe, I became very relaxed. I was really enjoying the scenery, the calmness, and the environment– much to my surprise. I was actually feeling happy that I came. When Kristen splashed me, it did not feel playful. I reacted by throwing the plastic glass. Never in a million years did I expect it to hit her body — let alone her face.

So why throw it in the first place?

But the bottom line is, I should have never thrown it. It was totally un-ladylike and improper. After this incident happened I was shocked and in disbelief at my own behavior. The last time I threw something was at my father as a teenager. 

Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

When we got back to Heather’s house I could feel Kristen was not going to accept my apology. So, as a defense mechanism I gave her a back-handed apology. Or maybe I was just so embarrassed about what happened that I did not know how to even begin to address it. 

Can’t control if people want to accept your apology or even think it is an apology.

The next morning Heather prepared the most delicious breakfast. Kristen stayed as far away from me as possible. We could cut the tension with a knife.

Thank goodness I have a very good friend, Adam, who can fly at a moments notice. I explained my situation and asked to him to pick me up from the Berkshires and fly me to the Hamptons. He assured me that he would be there for me if needed. He said the flight was 20 minutes to the Berkshires and an hour to fly to my family in the Hamptons.

Ramona planned the getaway in front of the cameras to let the drama play out for the audience.  She doesn’t mind being the bad guy I guess.

Heather had put so much genuine, effort, time, and care into having us at her beautiful home. I chose not to let anyone know that I was planning to leave at that time. When I was packing, I pretended to be organizing, as there were no dressers in the room. Somehow or another Carole and I teamed up walking into the woods. Even though I am extremely close to Sonja, Carole and I have developed a special bond.

Carole would be able to vouch for your breakdown better than Sonja.

Walking in the woods, seeing the abundance of ferns growing, seeing the dried leaves on the ground, the fallen large logs. . .suddenly I felt very vulnerable and emotional. The eeriest moment occurred when we walked upon a spot that transported me back to my childhood. It looked identical to the place where I played make-believe as a child.

Between my anxiety and the flashbacks I was experiencing — and let’s not forget the tension with Kristen — I knew I had to leave ASAP.

More importantly, Molly Sims’s party would have started without you.

I did not want to tell Sonja I was leaving because I was afraid she might say she wanted to come too — that would have really spoiled Heather’s weekend. It was a personal choice I made to leave for a multitude of reasons. Kristen and I were bringing tension to the group, and ruining everyone’s fun. I became very uncomfortable as I was being reminded of my childhood by being in the woods. I just wanted to be with my family, as Avery was leaving in four weeks for college. I needed love and support from my family in the Hamptons.

This doesn’t even sound like good drama.  I feel like all the women are in on the made-up storyline.  The ladies feel outraged because they were lied to and ditched by Ramona while Ramona is whisked away on a small plane to a fabulous Hamptons party.  There is way too much planning for this to be real.

Sonja: No One Is Going to Change Ramona

I do not condone violence, but, like I said, I was worried about Ramona. I wish Kristen had just accepted Ramona’s apology.

Kristen now has a storyline that she has to milk for what it is worth.  Of course she will refuse to accept Ramona’s apology.

I know Ramona better than anyone. She would never want to hurt Kristen. 

If Ramona were to throw anything, it should have been a worm.

I know Ramona, and she has not been acting like herself — in the Hamptons when she was going off on me about the Caburlesque cameo I did for my Sonja in the City Charity Event, then not showing up for my poolside luncheon with Aviva to see my beautiful new NestSeeker real estate loaner, and at the Hamptons vineyard saying I was spread too thin.

Ramona had to reign in her husband’s wandering you know what from finding his mistress.

Finally in the boat, she was upset about what Josh was saying about my business aspirations and then Kristen splashed her — again after the reaction she got at the spa for doing the same. She’s very unhappy being back in the Berkshires where she grew up. No one is feeling where her pain is coming from. She made it clear she wasn’t going in the water she just had her hair blowdried for the weekend and I felt Kristen provoked her on purpose.

Sonja will risk being Ramona’s pushover friend because Ramona did defend what Josh said about Sonja’s business.

You cannot change people. We cannot cry over spilled milk, as they say. I would just accept the apology. No one is going to change Ramona.

Wheeee. Leopard is my neutral. A little Dolce and Gabbana goes a long way. I love that negligee I wore at Heather’s.

I got the kid’s (captain’s) number because he invited us to a party at his house with Willie Nelson’s son Lucas, who was staying at his house. He was in town on tour. Much older and very hot. He invited me. We never ended up going because we girls were bonding by the firepit all night instead. Too much fun!

I think a relationship between an older woman and a younger man is all upside.  If Madonna, Demi Moore and Katie Couric can add to a young man’s sexual education, so can Sonja.

Carole: A Blowout over a Blow-Out

I have to start this blog by telling you that Heather is a great water skier. She gets up on one-ski. Easily. LuAnn too. It’s too bad we don’t to see them skiing in this episode. We ran out of videotape. We used it all on our pontoon boat dance moves. But trust me, if water skiing was an Olympic sport Heather would medal. (She made me say that. She’s standing over me as I write this. She’s bigger than me.)

Hair, Bears and Berries, Oh My OK, so don’t poke a sleeping lion, or a blow-dried Ramona. Got it? I think we’re all clear on that now. What we aren’t clear on is the use of the word “provoke.” To provoke is a verb but the –ing form of the word provoking, which is what Heather said, could be used as an adjective. It’s like saying, she is annoying. Annoying clearly is the adjective in that sentence. But who cares.

Luann should have googled the term first.

What is your favorite Housewife line? Mine is, “Who does that?” We all say it. Every Housewife in every city has said it at least 17 times during her reign. If it were the secret word on WWHL how many times would we hear it in one episode? An entire season? We’d all be blackout drunk.

Kristen legit split her lip when Ramona threw a glass at her and Ramona allegedly split her lip on a shotgun. I think every girl needs a good lip split story, I have one. I fell onto my front door doorknob coming back from the mailbox, once. I was a bloody mess, I could have put my lip in a box ala Ginsberg on Mad Men, but instead I had it stitched and looked like a street fighter for three days. Sonja said she splits her lips all the time, I don’t even want to imagine how she does that. Heather split her nose last year in St. Barth’s. Lu could probably stitch her own split lip up one-handed in the dark while serving dessert. Did you remember LuAnn was a nurse? I’d forgotten. She is great in a pinch.

The Hair-Lip Controversy: There was clearly some disagreement around the hierarchy of hair and lips. Ramona is of the school where hair triumphs all. I can certainly appreciate the value of a good blow-dry, but this was a tricky one. Sonja sided with hair. Heather, LuAnn, and I went with lip. You can fix hair faster than you can fix a fat lip, and of course there’s the blood.

I can picture Kristen at the reunion complaining that the scar is still there in the inside of her lip where no one can see it.

As is the rule in these things, an apology must be squeezed out of someone and it rarely comes without pain. Kristin isn’t ready to accept it. Her lip was still throbbing, and there’s the blood blister to consider. The funny thing about apologies is it seems that everyone has them. My wise Grandma Millie used to say you can’t ask God for a bike but you can steal one and ask His forgiveness. That’s how apologies are to me. Don’t steal the damn bike.

Apologies and assholes.  Everyone has them.

Ramona gave Kristen an unintentional glass-throwing and a half-intentional apology that went something like this:

I kind of apologize?

That’s your apology?

Sort of, yeah. I guess. You hurled water at me. I hurled at you. Don’t throw water at me!

Back up.

No, you back up.

Who are you to get me wet?

Your hair is fine.

It’s wet! It’s not wet. It’s wet, I didn’t want it wet.

It’s fine. Your face is wet.

Your face is just pretty!

Admit it, this is Housewives at it’s best. It makes me laugh every time I see it. The screaming back and forth about. . .wet hair.

Sonja stopped splashing at 11, which made me wonder. . .what is the appropriate age to stop playfully splashing? This feels like something everyone should know. The Countess doesn’t have a chapter in her book about splashing, I looked. I don’t think this issue’s dead. How long will it take Ramona to apologize with some feeling? How long will Kristin stay mad? Let’s take bets. If we were the betting types (let’s be) what do you think is the spread? I’m going to set the under-over on the length of The Blow-Dry Fight at three episodes. Takers

Recently I witnessed two bald men in their 30s with 10 cc syringes shooting normal saline at each other.  They didn’t have to worry about any blowouts.

Of all the gin joints, in all the woods in the world, Elvis walks into ours. Leave it to Heather. A little ice on the lip, a little wine in the belly, a little Elvis in the woods, and the New York Housewives roll over another day.

A Room of One’s Own: After the night to dry our hair, we managed frittata and a walk in the woods to observe, as Heather points out, environmental things the Berkshires has to offer. LOL. Heather made the girls hug trees while Ramona and I took the road less travelled. There, she showed me the blueprints from her imaginary playhouse — a six-room Cape Cod bungalow with custom kitchen inserts for mud pie souffles. She had me for a minute. But everyone knows I’m uninterested in kitchens and cooking. The memories of mud pies apparently triggered an acute PTSD episode and Ramona took off into an un-air-conditioned private plane and it sent me off, apparently, to swim. Did you notice that? I managed to meet the girls for a swim, between taking Ramona to the airport and driving back to the house. Without even getting my hair wet. Hmm. . .I have mad blow-dry skills.

She came, she threw a glass, she half assed apologized and left.

And the Daytime EMMY goes to. . .the sound effects editor for this scene. chirpchirp

Boys and Boats: If there’s anything more popular on Housewives than a fight over hair, it’s a housewife diving into water. It’s a prerequisite for the show, you have to know how to dive, preferably in a monokini.

I spent my summers as a kid in an upstate New York hippie town called Saugerties. It’s wedged between Kingston and Woodstock and there’s no lake there, but there is a muddy creek. We didn’t have pontoon boats, we had rowboats. It’s where I learned to fish and put worms onto hooks and jump into water and splash, and dive. We washed our hair in the water (indoor plumbing was spotty) and basked in the sun on the dock. I didn’t make mud pies but I did raid the neighbor’s farms after dark, outfitted in black clothes by that same Grandma Millie, with pillowcases for our loot. The Berkshires reminded me of all that, but with better outfits.

I hope you enjoyed some fresh chicken eggs to make frittata while raiding the neighbor’s farm.

Party of Fabulous: Word to the wise: If you are going to sneak out of weekend plans with friends to go to Molly Sims’ party to promote your wine business, steer clear of cell phone cameras.

Lu is a true sexual, I’m a bullsh– bi? I’m not a bullsh– anything. I’m still not sure why Sonja said this. Maybe it was heatstroke. Maybe she should have called Austin. Maybe she should have got her hair wet.


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51 Responses to Real Housewives Of New York Cast Blogs

  1. Hello – I’m rereading the Game of Thrones series (again, this never gets old) This is Not a spoiler….you all know Arya is on the run with The Hound. This is just a part in the book that makes me laugh. Upon learning the Jeffery is dead, The Hound asks who killed him:
    “The Imp, it’s thought. Him and his little wife.”
    “What wife?”
    “I forgot you’ve been hiding under a rock. The northern girl. Winterfell’s daughter. We heard she killed the king with a spell , and afterward changed into a wolf with big leather wings like a bat , and flew out a tower window . But she left the dwarf behind and Cersei means to have his head.”

    That’s stupid Arya thought. Sansa only know songs, not spells, and she’s never marry the Imp.

    *LoL I ♥ Arya

  2. Sam says:

    It doesn’t sound like you have much sympathy for Kristen, but I do. Her income is dependent on having a pretty face, and several of the people who saw the cut in person say it was way worse than it looked on television. Maybe it didn’t need stitches, but had it gotten infected it could have still led to a permanent blemish. At the point the scenes were filmed, she didn’t know what the outcome would be.

    And regardless of whether there was damage, I think it’s wrong to blame the victim of an assault for how she/he responds to that assault. Kristin has a right to her anger, a right to her complaints, and a right to refuse Ramona’s very insincere non-apology. Plus let’s not forget that she was almost hit with an oar too.

    If I had been in her position, I would have made an even bigger stink over what happened.

    • Powell says:

      I’m w/you Sam . Kristen’s face is how she earns income. Ramona wouldn’t like it too much if anyone messed w/how she earns a living. Kristen could have lost jobs during that time. We don’t know. But I could see her agency not sending her out on jobs cuz she had an injury to her face.

      • Sam says:

        Thanks, Powell! And you make a good point. They wouldn’t have been able to send her out while she was injured, even if there was just swelling.

    • kit9 says:

      I think what made Kristen so completely livid was how obnoxious Ramona was after it happened. Instead of immediately apologizing profusely-as any normal person would,no matter how angry they were over their hair, she was anything but apologetic and belligerent, as if she were the victim…”Don’t mess with me!”. She only attempted an apology much later that night. I think Kristen would have been over it much faster had Ramona immediately acted like she gave a crap and was sorry.

      • Sam says:

        I totally agree! And Ramona’s “blame the victim” routine makes me especially angry because I have a relative who does the same thing. He’ll slam into somebody because of his own carelessness, for example, and then yell at the person for “standing in the wrong place.” Or if he breaks something he blames whoever handled the object last for leaving it where he could break it. He never owns anything; it’s always someone else’s fault. It drives me nuts!

    • PJ says:

      I completely agree with you Sam. Also anyone would react the way Kristen did or more likely they would have had a worse reaction if that was done to them.

      • Sam says:

        Thanks, PJ! I also wouldn’t blame Kristen’s husband for chewing Ramona out on her behalf. My husband is a mild-mannered man, but even he would give a tongue-lashing to anyone who did something like that to me.

  3. Powell says:

    Hello everyone. I hope you’ve had a great hump day eve.

  4. Powell says:

    In no way am I saying that Kristen’s injury was as serious as a car accident but when a driver injures a pedestrian or another driver it was “never their intention” to do so, so Ramona’s words mean nothing. And she really didn’t mean her words of apology. Wait until the reunion. She will justify her actions at the time and then say but she’s sorry. Isn’t that the exact same thing that Leg did to her and she refused to accept Leg’s apology for a long time. That’s a running them in HW City. “You can’t do it to me. But I can do it to you because I was right to di it.”

    • PJ says:

      A car accident is just that an accident, throwing something at someone is not an accident and Ramona threw wine then the glass then she attempted to hit Kristen with an oar. So I agree with Kristen what was her intention? Ramona is making me think she is a sociopath this season with her violence, lying and lack of empathy. Whatever the case is I’m not liking Ramona anymore.

  5. Powell says:

    In Ramona’s explanation she managed to insult Heather. “As there were no dressers in the room.”. Why did she have to tell us that? It’s a house to relax, be laid back, have fun. Do we care if there was no dresser?

  6. Powell says:

    Well by the text Lu received from her friend Ramona sure got over her anxiety really fast cuz she was partying up a storm.
    Didn’t Ramona get Ramotional the season when Alex and Simon were going to Lu’s house instead of her house? See. No one can treat Ramona w/disrespect but Ramona can disrespect Heather.

  7. Ice – I started rereading GOT series also, but switch from that to other books. I really enjoyed the first 3 books!

    Now you and Powell are around so I just want to say was Orphan Black off the charts this past Saturday? That last scene with Helena and Sarah – damn she is a good actress!

    It has already been a long week so can’t wait for some NY crazies tonight! Go NY Housewives!

  8. Powell says:

    Well that makes two times that Ramona has shown violence toward Kristen. She threw her champagne at Kristen at the spa and she threw her glass at Kristen. Sonja is so sure Ramona wouldn’t want to hurt Kristen. I don’t think Sonja knows Ramona as well as she thinks she knows Ramona. She didn’t think Ramona would speak to someone that knows Ben’s mother either. She didn’t know Ramona would now be non-supportive of her burlesque either. Sonja should know Ramona has her moments/times when she’s just an ass.

  9. Powell says:

    Wow Sonja’s good. She plugged Sonja in the City(non existent in my book) & NestSeeker RE in one sentence. Well the next rental for Sonja is on the house after that plug.

  10. Cityside says:

    Ok here is my thing.
    Who is Kristen to say something like…Ramona will finally get what she deserves. Who is she to decide what Ramona deserves.

    I wish Ramona did not throw the plastic glass, I wish Kristen wasn’t so high and mighty. So I’m good.


    • Powell says:

      I don’t think Kristen was being high and mighty. She can have an opinion and say Ramona well get what she deserves. Since they have met Ramona has done nothing but tell Kristen to stay out of her biz when all that has gone on has been “the group’s biz”. They all keep making everything “the group’s biz”. It wasn’t Ramona’s biz what Leg said about Carole using ghost writers but Ramona put herself in it by telling Carole what Leg said and telling Carole she better go speak to Leg to handle it and then she leaves when the fight starts. We all know Avery went away to college and Mario was having an affair but Ramona shouldn’t be taking her angst and frustrations out on her castmates. She should have went home and kicked Mario’s ass instead.

      • PJ says:

        If Ramona wasn’t such an a** maybe Mario wouldn’t be getting a piece of someone else’s. I’m now starting to see what Mario has been putting up,with all these years and feeling sorry for him. Although in no way do I condone unfaithfulness.

    • kit9 says:

      I think having now twice been on the receiving end of batchit crazy violent Ramona, Kristen has earned the right to have an opinion on what Ramona’s got coming! lol. And, remember, Ramona also threw an oar at Kristen.

    • Exit4 says:

      I’m sure she’s familiar enough with Ramona and the show to see the things she’s done over the years. The rudeness, the insults. Luann is chomping at the bit for Ramona for the rumors she out on air about the count (which were true-although Luann got her back in morocco) and for retweeeting something negative about her daughter-but I can’t remember what it exactly was. Imagine if someone did that with Avery? Kristen and Heather knew each other before she joined the show-I’m sure she’s heard it all. So I think she’s making a general statement about getting what she deserves.

  11. Powell says:

    See there goes Ramona again. She could say Sonja was spreading herself to thin but Josh couldn’t. Sonja agreed to speak w/him and just because he didn’t go along w/her Saudi football team deal or her King of Siam investment in her lingerie Josh doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Well Josh has a biz and Sonja doesn’t. Not that I’m a Josh fan but I’m totally w/him when he said Sonja is nuts.

  12. Powell says:

    Sonja makes herself look common and desperate flirting or throwing herself at someone that could be her son. Yes if Demi Moore can do it why not Sonja? Again, she looks common and desperate the way she does it.

    • kit9 says:

      Yeah, an older woman gettin in on with a younger man, all for it. But, how Sonya was pathetically coming onto that kid was cringe inducing. It was how she was doing it. Would have been embarrassing with a man her own age, throwing herself at him like that.

  13. Exit4 says:

    Even people who aren’t models or even preeetty can be VERY anal about their faces. It’s the first thing and only thing people really see. How many times have any if you stared at a zit or mole or imperfection on your face? Or someone else? To the point of distraction? I worked with a girl who burned her cheek with a curling iron and went on and cried like the world was going to end. People DO NOT like their faces effed with.

    To top it off-it wasn’t self inflicted. Whatever the case, having aggression shown towards you-especially physical aggression is unnerving. It bothers some more then others, but don’t forget she tossed the oar next. And wine the week before-which may be yet but it sure burns your eyes! Splashing someone may be obnoxious-but they were on a LAKE in a BOAT! Wear a ponytail Ramona!

    Regardless-you can easily fix your hair. You can’t always fix your face. Kristen’s injury wasn’t life threatening, but the whole mess of Ramona’s behavior is horrible, nasty and totally unbecoming of a grown woman. Let’s face it, Mario can probably sympathize, I doubt it’s the first object she’s thrown in anger.

  14. Powell says:

    Ramona promoted her wine at Molly’s party? DAMN Ramona! Why didn’t she just tell Heather she didn’t want to come instead of lying?

  15. Ramona’s behavior was De’classe’.

  16. Jan (TexasTart) says:
  17. chismosa™ says:

    Powell ^^^^^Ramona apologized last week on WWH – not that it was to kristen, privately, but it was more heartfelt than that bull$hit faux apology Leg have to them about St Barth’s ((the Rush Limbaugh excuse)) and that fake way leg tried to act repentant at the reunion. So fake !
    Ramona really just fully outright said what she did was very wrong and was truly apologetic.

    Not saying what Ramona did at all was justified just that she laid it out on WWH last week and by the way things are in real time, I have a sneaking suspicion she and Kristen have spoken and gotten much closer.

    Just saying ….

    Still have to watch the countless gloat and gleefully go after Ramona tonight. Heart of stone that one ….. Has it in for her for years ! 💩💩🔥

  18. Putchka says:

    These broads are all nuts. Except Carole, she seems to have a brain. Heather is down to earth also. Sonja and Romona are crazy this season. I wonder how those two survive in society.

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