Survivor Finale – Final 4, then the end.. – Dancing With The Stars – Finale


Hello everybody.. Here we are after Trish was voted out, 4:1, by what is now, the final 4. I watch these finale shows looking for 3 things. The final challenge that will name one player immune from the final vote (before Jury time), To see the final3 sweat the jury, Then to see who won.. I will take this recap in 3 separate parts, one for each of those. I won’t spend much time on the reunion, they usually bore the hell out of me.

The final 4 we stand with are Spencer, Kass, Woo, and Tony. After the vote the 4 return to camp. Tony feels bad about voting out his show wife, Trish. He figures however between her and Kass, he can beat Kass. This is what Kass is counting on, the cocky douche thinking he can beat her. Maybe he can. His ass kissing dog, Woo, is just digging life and I can still barely understand anything he says. I’ve still never been that stoned.

Spencer knows that if he doesn’t win that next immunity, he’s done. Kass isn’t there to make any friends. Both are wondering and will keep wondering about that special idol and how long it can be played. Final 5 or final 4. Tony still trying to bluff the others about that special idol. Of Tony, Kass thinks it was a mistake to vote out Trish, says he hasn’t had to do much, says he was on a winning team until the merge.

The next day, the castaways are surprised with family visits. Kass’s husband, Spencer’s sister, Tony’s freind (wife home with 4mo baby), Woo’s cousin, didn’t catch his name).. They all kiss and then it’s lunch time, PB&J.. Tree mail, not a good time to be afraid of heights, Jump Right in but could be voted out.. (or something like that)… Kass talks about being hated by the others, She played like a man, to the women, she’s a bitch.. That’s how they see her. Once again, Spencer knows he has to win the immunity challenge.

Immunity Challenge

SF1The ‘loved ones’ can watch. In past seasons they participated.. Sometimes it helped contestants, sometimes it did not. Usually, the latter. As you can see, each is perched on top of a platform on a pole, in the water., The ropes they are holding have buckets at the end of them that they will scoop water with and use that water to fill another vessel to raise a key. Once they can reach the key, they take it back to shore, and unlock some puzzle pieces. First one to complete that puzzle, wins and is guaranteed a final 3 spot.

Out of the gate, both Tony and Spencer have a method to their madness. Both are able to fill that floater  tube (shown at bottom right of perch post) without much trouble and get their keys first, in that order. Woo isn’t too far behind. Poor Kass can’t get a drop of water to go into that vessel, and in fact, her rope gets tangled in the key float. She has to untangle it in order to keep going. Also worth noting, Tony cannot swim so he has to climb down and walk rather than jump and swim. By some miracle, Kass gets her key while the others are trying to put their puzzles together. sf2 Now, Tony sucks at puzzles, and I think Woo does too. Spencer isn’t great at them and all of this combined allows Kass to catch up. Before getting to the puzzle, she was basically a lost cause in this challenge. In the end however, she won immunity.. She won that coveted third spot.. But, is it so coveted?

A new twist in this game along with a few others is that TWO will be sweating it out in front of the jury rather than three. Regardless of which one, Kass wants to be there with a brawn, rather than Spencer. Her plan all along, since the merge has been to get rid of him because she believes he Could beat her. Anyway,  Spencer is a Bitter Benny The Bitch about Kass’s win because he wasn’t very far behind Kass when her puzzle was completed.  He remains bitter throughout the rest of the episode (Asshole).

Back at camp, Tony and Spencer and Kass and Woo are having their chats. The bottom line of these chats is Kass is an idiot, and Tony cannot make final 3 (these people are still questioning the validity of that special idol and whether or not it’s just a souvenir  at this point.. Spencer knows he’s gone so he’s working on Tony about who he can beat (I think he pried Woo’s lips from Tony’s ass to get his own in there, hoping for at least a 2:2 split, forcing a fire challenge).. We’ll see about that..

Tribal Council

Not much of one.. Probsting asks Kass about her motivation in her stunning win at the challenge. Kass’s husbands voice inspired her, she says. Who can beat who and all that fun stuff.. Tony finally fesses up, that his special power idol can be used after the vote but only before or during final 5. Votes are cast, the one falling short of final 3:

sf3Spencer is gone and yes, he’s still bitter.. This ain’t over yet though.. Normally, as long as I have been watching, we’ve had a final 3. The game use to go to final 2 however and we are going back to that for this season. There is still one more immunity challenge left. By the nature of the vote, whoever wins that one gets to choose who will sit next to them at the jury. 5050 shot of getting it right.

2nd Immunity Challenge

That’s some maze, isn’t it? Each has to race through there collecting parts to a puzzle lock, to open that chest. Once they get all of them and unlock the chest, with the gears they puzzle solve again to make a crank mechanism they will use to turn and raise a flag. The rubs here are, all parts of this challenge are puzzles, and second, throughout that maze are turnstyles that may or may not turn. Where they don’t. dead end.. Let’s end the suspense here.. Woo beats Kass by literally less than a second. While Kass may be the puzzle master, she isn’t very good at navigating these courses.

So Woo is one of the final two. Kass and Tony will vote for each other. Woo has sole say at this point, who the 2nd of the final 2 will be. Back at camp, both try to convince Woo how much they suck, in the eyes of the jury, against him, so he should pick them.. Got that? Think about it for a moment if not..

Tribal Council #2

Woo has a choice to make and it’s a million dollar question. Kass or Tony… He’s hell bent on sticking to his Tai Kwon Do teachings and values and doing the honorable thing. Since his lips have been locked to Tony’s ass almost since day one, that’s who he chooses to take to final 2, and votes out Kass. (Idiot) He hands us some bullshit about wanting to beat the best one there instead of just winning.. He just wants to vote and doesn’t want any input from Probst (Moron) This guy is too painfully stupid to watch anymore..

During that brunch or whaever it is with the stale bread the flat champagne, and the food that none of them knows how to cook, a note falls from the picnic basket and Tony finds is. It tells him something awaits them at camp.. That something is a mirror and a scale. The mirror so they can see how trashed they look, and the scale so they can see how malnourished they are.. Woo thinks he looks good with his 38 days of facial hair growth… (Ummm, Woo, that isn’t facial hair.. It’s that brown ring from Tony’s ass I’ve been telling you about all these weeks. I guess he didn’t hear me though)

Let’s let the jury have at these two.. EVERY SINGLE Jury member read Tony and called him a backstabbing liar, especially Jefra, Sarah, and Trish about him swearing on this and that, including his dead father’s grave. Jefra is just plain pissed at him for all his lying including the day she was voted off. Sarah thinks more of her badge than he does of his. Trish, is pissed that he’d use his dead daddy to make a lying promise because she has dead friends. Then, we get to hear from the Bitter Benny Bitch. Spencer. He reads everyone, including Woo about what a great game Tony played while they all sat on their asses and kissed Tony’s. Woo was his pet. Tony said sit, Woo sat. Roll over, that’s exactly what Woo did. (You got a little brown stuff on your lips there Spencer).. Jeremiah doesn’t believe he even has a wife and kid. Do you think any of this matters? Let’s see. Time to vote.

Live Show

I’m just going to end the suspense and ask you to remember how much they all said they hated the guy for his lying. 8 to 1, Tony won the big prize. Later when the jury was asked if Woo made the wrong decision by bringing Tony instead of Kass, they all said yes. He hadn’t a prayer against Tony and could have beaten Kass. He went back to his statements about wanting to play an honorable game.. Yeah, Woo, keep telling yourself that as Tony and his currently pregnant wife count their 600k (after taxes).. I think I saw Woo bite the tip of his tongue off when the Jury told him of his million dollar mistake.

That special idol? It was Tyler Perry’s idea who evidently is Probst’s twitter buddy of the last few years. I wish the guy would tell Probst that we’re sick of the retreads, returning players. Survivor sealed it’s fate with me for next fall by announcing Blood vs Water II. Another season of retreads. Probst seemed almost giddy that there would be a season 29 but, sorry folks, It’s going to take a near miracle to get me interested in watching that one. I thought the first one sucked and to me, most of those players were new. For me, Bring on the HoWives version. I’ll thank you for watching and commenting on my posts and I will leave you with  this. Plenty of time for someone to step up and take these retread reigns from the hound.

In case anyone is curious about prize money and pay…


The player chosen as Sole Survivor receives a cash prize of $1,000,000 (prior to taxes).[14] The Sole Survivor sometimes also receives a car provided by the show’s sponsor.

In addition, the final five or six contestants may have the opportunity to compete for a car. The winner of this challenge has never won the game, leading to the concept of a “Survivor car curse”.[15]

Every player receives a prize for participating on Survivor depending on how long he or she lasts in the game. In most seasons, the runner-up receives $100,000, and third place wins $85,000. All other players receive money on a sliding scale, though specific amounts have rarely been made public. Sonja Christopher, the first player voted off in Survivor: Borneo, received $2,500.[16] In Survivor: Fiji, the first season with tied runners-up, the two runners-up received US$100,000 each, and Yau-Man Chan received US$60,000 for his 4th place finish.[17]

All players also receive an additional $10,000 for their appearance on the reunion show.[18]


DWTS ABC logoDancing with the Stars Finale S18E10 & 11 by BB

The finals of Dancing with the Stars spanned this past Monday and Tuesday nights.   I have chosen not to do a dance-by-dance recap of the two nights mainly because, if you are a fan of the show, you’ve probably already watched the two episodes and, if you aren’t a fan and didn’t watch, you probably know the final results anyway or don’t care.  The mirror ball trophy went to Maks and Meryl for Season 18 of Dancing with the Stars.  Amy and Derek placed second, and Candace and Mark placed third.

On Monday night, James and Peta were eliminated.  As usual, that caused an outpouring of accusations about voting irregularities and such from the James fans because, obviously, James is a better dancer than Candace.  This seems to be a recurring theme with competition shows.  There are always those left in the last weeks that should have gone home earlier than some of the eliminated ones.  It’s going to happen when home viewers are allowed to take part in the voting process instead of leaving it up to the “professional” judges to decide.   I honestly didn’t know who James Maslow was before seeing him on Dancing with the Stars.  I think everyone, at least if you’re over a certain age, remembers Candace as DJ on Full House.  This series is still running regularly on various cable channels so it’s also probably gaining some new younger viewers.  Candace probably had a bigger fan base than James.  I would imagine James’ fans wouldn’t normally be watching a show like DWTS.  I mean, my 80 year old mom watches and she rarely turns on the television set.

I know a lot of people, myself included, held the opinion that it wasn’t quite fair to throw two ice dancers into the mix because they had the advantage.  Obviously Meryl and Charlie had to have taken dancing lessons in order to be Olympic ice dancing champions.  That being said, I still think Maks and Meryl deserved to win the competition.  It’s not that every one of their performances was the best choreographed dance.  To me, it came down to chemistry and how well they danced together as a pair.  There was just something about the two of them as partners that the others, even Derek and Amy, didn’t have.

MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY, MERYL DAVISFinally, after 14 seasons (he missed seasons 1, 6, 16 and 17), Maks won his first mirror ball trophy.  As he put it, “It’s just plastic but it means so much.”  After skipping the last two seasons, he seemed more laid back and less arrogant this time around.  Maybe Meryl made the difference.  They just seemed to click.

Amy and Derek, who came in second place, definitely deserve props for overcoming big obstacles due to Amy’s prosthetics.  Derek was definitely the right partner for Amy.  He’s one of the best choreographers among the professionals in my opinion and created great performances around and despite any limitations Amy may have had.  Amy’s fearlessness was astounding.

I enjoyed this season of Dancing with the Stars.  With the exception of Sean Avery, I thought all of the stars were gracious, good sports, and not uber-competitive to the point of not supporting the other dancers.  I’m including Nene in this group, although, if I’m not mistaken, she blamed her elimination on the drama surrounding the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion stuff going on at the time instead of the fact that maybe she wasn’t that good of a dancer.  She should be happy she made it as far as she did.  Oh that Nene – a legend in her own mind.

So with this being my last recap, I am taking a break from reality TV, at least from the standpoint of blogging.  I may catch a reality series here and there if I see something that sparks my interest but, for the most part, I can honestly say I am pretty much burnt out on that particular genre of television.  I would have never predicted I would be watching LESS television AFTER retiring from a full time job.  Who knew?

I’ll still be checking in with my Lynn Family to see how everyone is faring and giving updates on Just Jack and the newest addition to the family coming in the fall.  Between Jack and my mom, I have plenty to keep me busy and then some!

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  1. vilzvet says:

    Finally finished “The Ramona Trap” episode. Yikes, could Mario and Ramona be any more disconnected?? It was so weird watching them in the bedroom. He could barely seem to want to touch her, pretty obvious. Is it really true that they have reconciled? I thought she had definitely filed for divorce. Now I have to catch up on OC. Good day, all.

    • Powell says:

      Hey Vilzvet. They did seem awkward. Ramona told her story in a way to get Mario to be on her side and Mario just agreed to agree. I wouldn’t be surprised if they reconciled. Avery is in college and I think Ramona is afraid to be alone so she is willing to take the scraps Mario offers. I’d hope she has more respect for herself but whatever. If she chooses to live that way Oh well.

  2. Ok, started to watch Survivor, but then said to myself why bother, just read MTH’s recap on Thursday so thank you MTH for taking the bullet and saving me from watching these morons last night! Happy Thursday.

    • designernailsdiana says:

      I agree. My dvr cut off at the end of the first hour and I had left the house just before it. UGH I was upset then said Jeff will have a better recap than watching these morons.
      Really Woo you had to choose Tony??? ugh he was set on keeping his word he never thought he’d lose. Great time to get immunity.

      • MelTheHound says:

        I was pissed when Woo got immunity. Tony winning just goes to show that it doesn’t have much to do with the actual challenges. You don’t have to win those, I don’t think HE won one. Just part of teams that did.

  3. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. TGIT. Happy Friday eve. 😉 OMG did we have a summertime storm last night/this morning. Whew!!! How did you fare BB? It’s calm in the 60s but will be muggy. I love it hot but don’t like it muggy. Yuck. 😦 How’s the weather on your neck of the woods everyone?

    • BB says:

      No storms here, Powell, although I thought I heard some thunder as I was falling asleep last night. But no rain or anything

    • designernailsdiana says:

      It’s gorgeous today in Minneapolis. Right now it’s 65 an clear skies. Might get some rough weather for Sunday and Monday. When my kids were little we camped on Memorial weekend and it ALWAYS rained at least one day. I don’t miss that kind of camping.
      Tomorrow is Pay Day and beginning of a 3 day weekend WOOHOO!!!
      Hope you all enjoy the time off if you have it.

  4. Powell says:

    There’s a $30 million dollar castle on 50 acres is up for sale in Versailles, KY. A couple starting building it 30 yrs ago and by the time it was finished they divorced. Get your checkbook ready people. 😀

    • BB says:

      Kentucky is a beautiful state. At least the parts I’ve seen of it.

    • Up until HS, we would go every other year for 6 week trips all around the US, Canada and Mexico… I have seen most of the United States and I always say that in my mind that Kentucky was the #1 most beautiful state we ever visited…I still can remember how awed I was by it’s natural beauty.

    • designernailsdiana says:

      Don’t tell Nene or she’ll buy it with her millions and start her own RHOKentucky Ya’ll

  5. Powell says:

    Fires burning in Oak Creek Canyon AZGirl. How close is that to you? I hope everyone is safe.

    • AZGirl says:

      Morning Powell. Oak Creek is about 2 hours north of where I am. It is next to Sedona. It is one of the most beautiful places on this earth. We hike a lot up in the area. This is just so sad. Slide Rock is where it started. Human caused which pisses me off. Now 5000 acres burned.
      Slide Rock is a national park with smooth rocks in Oak Creek where you slide down. There is an apple orchard which has been there of hundreds of years. Google it.
      We now have 3 fires going. Slide Rock, Munds Park and Woods Canyon Lake. The only good side to this is that the fires started this week and not during Memorial Day weekend. Evacuating all of the campers would have been difficult. 89A is the only way in and out of Oak Creek Canyon.

      • Powell says:

        I hate all the fires but you’re right human caused is the worst. Are people living under rocks? We all know how devastating these fires can be yet there are still people that just don’t give a damn. I hope they get the fires under control very soon. It’s unfortunate that it happened but yes it’s better that it didn’t happen this weekend. Boy oh boy what more of a nightmare that would be.

      • Jules says:

        Last april on my sisters trip to Sedona, we put on our blue jeans and stook a slide down Slide Rock. Cold that tme of year but fun. Hope the get it out soon.

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        Sorry to hear that Oak Creek Canyon is burning. Such a gorgeous area – we’re visiting in 2 weeks and the Canyon Drive is on our schedule as a highlight. Hope that they get these under control and that everyone is safe. Still thinking about the Yarnell fires from last year…

  6. Powell says:

    Less tv BB. Yes who knew?! 🙂 I’m glad Maks won. Finally. I didn’t watch much this season but every time I did Maks & Meryl’s chemistry was brought up. Yes you could tell they had the best chemistry. From the dance world and from competitive ice dancing world Maks& Meryl know how to develop that chemistry needed to draw viewers in.
    Thks for the fantastic DWTS blog this season. And give Just Jack and your mom a BIG ole hug from me. 🙂

  7. ladebra says:

    Thank you for the blogs, MTH and BB. I didn’t watch DWTS, only the highlights they show on other programs. But while I thought Amy was amazing, I thought Max and Meryl just really entertained and deserved their Mirror Ball.

    And I enjoyed this Survivor. Lots of contestants were there to play the game I thought. And they weren’t playing the same game, so that was also interesting to me. I heard Probst and Tyler Perry talking about Tasha. I bet we see her back from the sound of the comments. I didnt have a problem with Woo’s choice to take Tony, I don’t think he would win against either of his choices. I think the jury was being disingenuous with their answer to the poll. Heh, but that’s jmo.

    I can’t wait for a 3 day weekend! Although I’m not sure I can finish what I need to before end of day tomorrow. Hate when that happens. I will miss your blogs BB. Thank you for all of them, and giving your time to get them done. More time for family and OBX, can’t argue with that.

    Have a great TGIT!

    • MelTheHound says:

      No, Woo didn’t play the game.. He kissed ass.. Kass could have gotten votes maybe even enough to win..

  8. HuskerHuny says:

    It’s a nice and steady rain this morning; the kind that makes you want to stay in bed and just listen to the raindrops fall on the leaves of the trees. Darn work!

    Predicted the American Idol winner back in March. I love Caleb Johnson and his throwback vocals. Wish him much success, but AI winners who hit it big in the real world are far and few. Second place finishers seem to do quite well though.

    Just two more days until the holiday weekend. Planning a barbeque in my head right now. Any suggestions for side dishes?

    • BB says:

      Tater salad, pasta salad and deviled eggs of course – the standard southern side dish BBQ fare.

      • ladebra says:

        Oh gosh that sounds good! Washed down with sweet tea 🙂

        • BB says:

          Sweet ICED tea, ladebra. There is no other way to have tea except for sweet and iced! I was shocked when I was in Florida many years ago and couldn’t get a glass of sweet iced tea in a restaurant. They had “flavored” tea (YUK!) but no regular sweet iced tea. That tells me Florida is not really part of the South – lol.

          • I always thought ICED was implied when you say sweet tea, but who knew? Florida and Texas never really considered them part of the South, but there are many who consider Virginia marginal even though the capital of the confederacy was in Richmond for a time.

            • BB says:

              Well, I guess I was thinking hot tea could be sweet since some people do put sugar in it. I can’t speak for all Virginians, but I consider myself completely southern, accent and all.

              • I am from Virginia too and consider myself a southerner. Of course I have now spent more than half my life in NYC so does that make me a Southern New Yorker? Hmmm, have to think about that.

                • ladebra says:

                  ok — I’m sorta joking here, please remember my grandparents and everyone are from Mississippi — but when I was little I thought Northerners were called Damn Yankees. lol I know I was first or second grade when I figured out it was just Yankee.

        • HuskerHuny says:

          Love, love, love iced tea – but not sweet. I take mine with no sugar (I get too much sugar by drinking regular Pepsi). Sweet tea was never really that big a deal here where I live. Practically everyone drinks it without sugar. My mama taught me if I have to put sugar it in, don’t drink it. I don’t drink coffee because of that.

          • MM in OC says:

            You can’t really find sweet tea in Southern California. 98% unsweetened.

          • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

            I can’t drink tea without sugar but I drink my coffee black with no sugar. I usually only drink tea when sick cuz I can’t stand the stuff.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        You nailed it BB – exactly three of the first things I thought of! Unfortunately, my husband is allergic to eggs. Leaves more for me and my son!

      • Powell says:

        Deviled eggs. YES!!! My mom makes the best. She puts shrimp in hers. Sooooo yummy.

    • ladebra says:

      Yum, yum Barbeque! Hope your weather stays gentle, watching the national weather looks wild!

    • Powell says:

      I didn’t watch Idol so I had no idea how good the finalist were. I watched the opening when they first started singing. Either could have won but he was great. Just reminded me of Meatloaf so much. They will both have great careers. If I were on Idol I really wouldn’t want to “win”. I think it’s soooo much pressure to have a stellar 1st album. 2nd place is just as good as 1st to me. But the top 5 if they’re really good have a chance to have great careers.

      • MM in OC says:

        They were both awesome. But being a child of the 80’s, I had a sweet spot for Caleb! I secretly wish for 80’s hair bands and new wave to make a comeback.

  9. ladebra says:

    Beautiful pic of Austin!

  10. Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

    Thanks for the recaps MTH and BB. I don’t watch Survivor or Amazing Race but I do enjoy your comments, especially those in italics 🙂

    BB I watched most of DWTS and was hoping Maks and Meryl would win even though she had a dance background. She tamed that wild beast Maks and made him nice, who would have thought? Enjoy your time away from reality TV and your grand children.

    Kudos to both of you for a job well done.

    • Powell says:

      They were on Wendy Williams this morn. Wendy asked were they together. Meryl said “we like to keep our private lives private” but we’re not dating. Wendy asked that cuz they had such great chemistry. She also asked Maks if he was offered Lynn’s job would he take it and he said yes. LOL he said again how he didn’t appreciate Abby as guest host. He said he’s been dancing since he was four and knows what he’s talking about.

      • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

        I’ll have to try to catch the midnight showing. Thanks for the heads up Powell.

  11. Veena (NMD) says:

    Thank you both for the blogs.

    I’m sad to think this might be the last show you blog BB. Thank you for all the time you’ve given to entertaining us at LynnFam.

    And thank you MTH for finishing this season of Survivor so that I could keep up while away. Survivor has been around – what 14 years. It’s probably hard to keep it fresh, but I think your recaps make it more interesting than it actually is.

  12. plainviewsue says:

    I absolutely loved this season of Survivor. I think the past few seasons have been among the best ever.

    Would of loved to of seen a Tony/Spencer final two, but I do think Tony deserved the win. Love him hate him. He played a hell of a game. I had tweeted Dalton Ross, he’s the EW writer of the Survivor recaps & is very involved in meeting the players, etc. and asked him if he thought that Spencer’s speech at tribal influenced the jury or if Tony was guaranteed the win. He said Tony was guaranteed the win. I was glad, cos I hate when the jury plays the bitter jury card.

    I was disappointed that Jeff didn’t question Kass more; I think he really hated her. I respected Woo for taking Tony, but it cost him big time.

    I read that the next Blood vs Water will be all new players.

    For me, Survivor is all about the cast. I wish they would cut down on the puzzle challenges, but this season, that was my only complaint.

    • MelTheHound says:

      All new? We will see then. Any retreads or even crossovers, I’m finished with it. I am not very optimistic about it though,.. 314 million people in this country and all CBS has to offer is this same old pool of asshats..

    • T-Rex says:

      PVS- I had heard that Season 29 Blood Vs Water is ALL newbies, but Season 30 is up for debate with various Survivor sites disputing a RETREAD season, and some saying both 29 and 30 are all NEWBIES.

      • plainviewsue says:

        I think season 30 will be an all star cast. Just guessing. Hard to believe this show has gone for 30 installments!!! I just love it.

        • T-Rex says:

          PVS- I was there in the beginning with Richard Hatch’s naked butt being blurred out during every episode. Can’t say I watched every season though, some of the RETREADS I couldn’t watch, just got too redundant seeing the same people try again and again for their fifteen more minutes of fame.

  13. T-Rex says:

    MTH-thanks for the Survivor Blog, I watched the show and loved when they edited Woo saying he would be the “stupidest contestant ever by taking Tony to the finals” as he sat with Kass after she won the Immunity Idol to send Spencer home. Yep WOO how DUMBASS could you be by taking Tony, unless they have done what others have done previously and made a “back door deal” to split the winnings, which I think is EXACTLY what they did. Yes Folks this has been done before and will probably be done again, when it was just a FINAL “two” at the end. I believe this was one of the reasons that Survivor switched to a Final “Three” situation, to keep folks from agreeing to split the 1 million winnings between the final two. I don’t think Kass would have made a pact to split the winnings with WOO and he knew it, so he made a deal with Tony instead. Personally, I don’t care what that jury said, they probably would have had a fair number of jury members still vote for Kass, as Woo to me or them, didn’t really play the game, he was just Tony’s lap dog the whole game.

    • MelTheHound says:

      I have considered that back door deal all along with these shows where people push one to the end..

      • T-Rex says:

        I believe it was the season with Tina and Colby that the proverbial “cat” was let out of the bag, that the two of them and colluded to split the monies since the votes were going to be too close to call for either of them. Colby knew Tina needed the money and brought her along instead of Keith, and the pact was if she won they would split the money. I think there were other seasons that did the “split” but these two were the first, and of course not the last ones either.

        • Jules says:

          I remember Tina and Colby got together early in they needed a third – grab that sad sad chef ith no clue to make their third they carried him all the way down to the end and then it was whatever was ever it is clear in their contract they cannot split the money that I believe she later wanted to buy him a motorcycle but the monies cannot be split it is in the contract lose all money won if found paying out to another contestant.n

          • T-Rex says:

            From what I understand there was “ways” to get around the splitting of the money and again I had heard an interview with either Colby or Tina, years after the win, where they basically fessed up to splitting the winnings somehow

  14. I watched Survivor, almost all of it, I shut it off with about 15 mins left to watch Fargo… Woo, geeze, I get that he wanted to go “up against the best”, I mean I get the concept…but if he says he came to win the million then he is STU~PID!!! Tony played him like a violin….anyway…I wanted Spencer to win but when he didn’t get immunity I knew Tony was too smart to take him with him….

    It is raining here…..could have used it last week…hope we don’t get too much because with all the burned out vegetation on the hills, that’s when we get landslides….who says we don’t have seasons, lol!

  15. Veena (NMD) says:

    I took the purse blog down – I can’t shake the feeling that I’m being watched by the people across the street (that I am watching).

    • Powell says:

      Love the Do’s and Don’ts NMD. The Gladiators and the Man with the roses just want money from tourists huh? Sad. I don’t buy knock off designer anything here so I sure wouldn’t buy it abroad. I don’t like fakes and I’m not tryin to go to jail here or abroad. Ain’t Noboy Got Time for That. 🙂 I would definitely go to a church of two. The architecture is breathtaking. Again amazing pics. Thks for putting us in your back pocket for the view. 🙂

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        The gladiators are just awful. I haven’t had much trouble with the Rose men -they were out in force tonight at the Trevi fountain, but went away once I shook my head.

  16. designernailsdiana says:

    Had the funniest thing happen at the office today. A FedEx driver came in to deliver a package. Me being the smiling, goofy, joker blonde at the reception desk says “Oh I hope it’s something a new puzzle, my last one has a lot of empty spaces and the edges aren’t even” He hands me the signing electronic thing a ma jig to sign while shaking his head. I look to see who it’s addressed to and die laughing “Diana ***** C/O Due Reality Company” Well first off the company name is not DUE and it’s a REALTY company. I asked my co workers if that video monitor was secretly recording me for a new reality show. They all laughed. I told my Boss I’ll stop picking my nose and scratching my butt at work. He asked that I also stop pulling my thong from my butt crack too. …. OK I’m joking about that last part. But it did say reality company.
    I love my job!!!!!

  17. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    DWTS – Thanks to BB for this season of DWTS. And a special 🐻 hug for all the time you’ve dedicated to blogging shows in the past. I’ve always enjoyed reading your recaps and opinions! “Oh that Nene – a legend in her own mind.’ – LOL!!

    I really wish that DWTS and The Voice were not pitted against one another. By the way, The Voice is the only singing competition I’ve followed, I never liked Idol or X-Factor. Anyhow, I’ve got to watch my reality competitions in real time, so nothing spoils it for me. So I usually just channel flipped to DWTS this season instead of recording. First off, I was not happy with the fact they had ice DANCERS (oh not one, but TWO!) and Nene was not a draw for me, like Lisa was. It was Nene’s attitude that lost me. I must say I’m still shocked that she was invited to compete on this show because she was a quitter on Celebrity Apprentice – and even more surprised she had the stamina to last as long as she did! So I’ll give Nene points for surviving that show….but that doesn’t make up for all the points she’s lost!

    I’m hoping that So You Think You Can Dance will return this summer….I didn’t see it on the list that IceNFire posted…thanks for posting that by the way.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      I think I saw a commercial for SYTYCD on American Idol last night.

    • Powell says:

      I watched Idol until they fired Paula. Big mistake that was to fire her. Paula was goofy in a good way. I never watched X-Factor. I only watch The Voice here and there and only for 5-10 minutes. The Voice is the best but I’m not too I interested in singing competitions any longer.

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        Paula also did some judging for SYTYCD. I still chuckle to remember Paula’s short lived “Hey Paula”. She was so…out there.

    • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

      Hi Jan, how are you doing? Tests done?

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        Yes, they want to look again in the fall. How’s it going for you, foxy?

        • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

          Glad it’s done! We’re going on vacation to Sanibel Island for the next several days!! Thanks for asking. 🙂

  18. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Survivor – First of all thank you, thank you to MTH for blogging this show again. You do the show justice and like I’ve said, I’ve followed this show 27 of 28 seasons. Season 27 – I only followed your blog! I appreciate your time, but don’t run away just yet, Blood and Water is the same theme with family members in pairs, but it’s new people!

    Well, I have too much to say. I will try to condense or you can scroll on by, lol. I enjoyed this season! Little over a month ago I predicted Tasha, Kass, Spencer and Woo (final four) with Woo for the win. Everyone was picked off in the order I predicted EXCEPT Tasha took Tony’s place going out. And it wasn’t that I wanted Woo to win, but I thought some funny stuff would happen and he would – like in a surfer dude movie – mysteriously come out on top. And there was that 1/2 second that made him the IN dude.

    Woo was hell bent, for sure. Personally, I have had issue with someone “keeping their word” or “doing the honorable thing” when the situation and times have changed radically, to the point that they look like an idiot for doing so. So to say, if everyone and their dog is going to think you are insane to do the honorable thing and shoot yourself in the foot – just please don’t make a fuss about why you are doing it – just silently pull the trigger, okay?! So yes, I had an issue with Woo throwing the damn competition to Tony. BUT I do think Tony deserved the win!

    Interesting how Spencer was allowed to give a speech to the jury to promote Tony?! Can’t say I remember anyone courting the jury when they were not up for the prize.

    I wonder how Kass thought she played like a man. Was that because she played a non-emotional and pragmatic game? You can be male or female and play that way, so don’t guess I fully understood her little rant.

    I’m glad the loved ones did not play in the challenge – I always thought that was wrong. Imagine your loved one comes to the game and blows it for you! I’m so glad there was not a stupid lame ass redemption island. I’m glad they threw in a special idol. I’m so glad there were a final two instead of three! I’m glad the swearing on loved ones and loved one’s graves came back to bite Tony in words at the end – though I know it will not change him, but just think about what you are saying – game or no game.

    • MelTheHound says:

      You’re welcome 😀 One thing I would like to see disappear is the recycling of idols. That is once it’s used, that’s it. It cant be put back in the game.

    • MelTheHound says:

      I think by the end, Kass was talking out of her ass… People on didn’t like her for the same reasons they didn’t like Tony. They thought she played them dirty. Any real physical challenges, she kind of sucked at.. Shame, I wanted her to win.

  19. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Survivor reunion – Wasn’t it funny that Spencer’s folks dropped him at the airport and thought he didn’t stand a chance – AND when Jeff Probst interviewed him for the show, he told him that he didn’t stand a chance sitting next to a clone of himself in the end (or something relatively insulting). And Spencer replied that Jeff should write him a letter when he wins (or something to that effect) so how interesting that by episode 15 Jeff realized he was way off the mark about the young man named Spencer! He wrote a letter to Spencer (probably apologizing!) and mailed it to postmark it, I’m sure, but handed it over to Spencer at the reunion. That was so funny. He really was a Charlie Brown on an island of Lucy’s.

    It was revealed Tasha had tried out for Survivor 3 times before making it on the show and then they tease about bringing her back – and no matter how much I liked her – why did they have to spoil that moment by the thought of repeats? Ugh. Probably why MTH thought Blood and Water was recycled.

    Also found it interesting that Cliff Robinson said Survivor was harder than the NBA. That actually surprised me a great deal, because he was not even there that long.

    Always, I wonder about the harm done to one’s body to be in this competition. It was revealed that Tony actually lost 45 lbs – which is NEVER good to lose so much weight, so fast – and he didn’t sleep hardly at all while there. He came home with intestinal parasites and ultimately had to take 3 months off work to recover from! His kids should love the Llama talk, LOL.

    • I would never do Survivor because I stopped letting my face be in the sun since I was 22…so there is that. I do admit that I play Survivor in my pool and challenge myself to made up stuff to see how hard it would be…..they don’t seem to have the hard swimming/diving under water challenges that they use to have. I am a really fast swimmer so I could do that part and I can dive and hold my breath for a long time. But the scars from the bug bites… thanks… Let’s face it the smoke from the campfires would kill me the first day!!!! HAHAHA!!!

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        LOL, Princess, I want to do challenges in your pool! I DIE when someone on Survivor says “I can’t swim” – Tony said that last night and he won the damn thing! I’m good with swimming, outdoors stuff, sun and even the smoke, but my downfall would be my skin is a freakin bug magnet! It would be the death of me!

        • They bite you cuz you’re so sweet…that’s what my mom use to tell me, lol!

        • Powell says:

          TexasTart that is kinda crazy. Swimming is a basic thing Survivor and shows like it may just do so on think contestants should learn to swim before the competition begins.

          • MelTheHound says:

            That’s like people going on TAR and not knowing how to drive a stick shift.. Or even survivor having not researched or learned to build a fire.

  20. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Survivor (again) WHAT happened to the 100k prize – the viewers favorite pick??? I thought for sure that would be Spencer and didn’t see that on the reunion, unless I dozed off, and I read the prizes – that was a nice addition to your post MTH, but the prize I’m thinking of apparently didn’t exist this season?

    • MelTheHound says:

      I didn’t see anything about viewer’s choice all season.. The only money awarded, was the grand prize. Probst just handed him an envelope..

  21. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    MM in OC – How did your interview go?

  22. cusi77 says:

    Oh! I have to share this:

    I am meeting CATHY (Lynn’s Sister) in one hour and a half! We are going to Have Pizza and wine! Girls Night Out! Yay!

    I will tell you later how it went! I wish ALL of you were here!!!! ((((((LYNNFam))))))))

  23. chismosa™ says:

    Did anyone see WWH last night ?
    Sean Avery – (another one of Andy’s besties 💤💤) called in to ask Fredrik something — and Andy asked him about DWTS. Sean said the show was a joke – and the audience laughed — and steve sanders was there from 90210- he pronounces his name so oddly. The correct pronunciation of ian is eeeeeee-un. (Sir ian mckellen?)
    What a weirdo! He defended DWTS and said it was great and not a joke.
    It was funny. Andy doing his best to defend poor baby sean. Haha

    Love Fred – he apparently is doing Andy’s deals, Bethenny’s deals, sean Avery buying the entire building – etc. the BEST!

    And the bartenders were from chippendales and one was the southern guy who was on amazing race one year – super nice guy.

    EYE-un is going to be weird on apprentice.
    I hope Brandi mispronounces his name a lot. Bwahahahahaa

    I hope toni Braxton is feeling better ?

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      I didn’t see the show, but I had noticed twice before Andy putting down DWTS ….which I thought was odd because they have invited two housewives – but I guess it’s because his buddy Sean talked bad about it?!

      • chismosa™ says:

        I agree with that tarts – I think that because until Queen Lisa was asked to go on – DWTS looked down at the housewives.
        So I’m sure Andy has some issues with them. 🔪🔪

    • Powell says:

      I bet Brandi will mispronounced his name. I didn’t know Toni was sick. She’s been on GMA, The View on her book tour so maybe it’s been tiring and she had a flare up.

  24. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    TGIF! No material for a new blog yet, so keep carrying on here. Hoping everyone can enjoy a long weekend. What are you looking forward to?!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Dear Jannifer: (jan) haha, your new nickname. Ummmm maybe not. Thanks for all you do! I love knowing you guys are always here and something new to read.

  25. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Lainey – something to read while we’re stuck in traffic:

  26. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Great news for dogs – Petsmart has finally decided to pull all China made treats off the shelves. Don’t know why that’s taken so long, but thankfully it has! I bake treats for my dogs. Started out doing this to control ingredients, but kept it up because they like them and it costs a tiny fraction of store bought.

    • ladebra says:

      You are such a good mom! On a kitty note, I deduced it was the Meowmix treats that were making my kitty sick! So no more treats for her! But maybe I will look up recipes for kitty treats, that’s a good idea. Who am I kidding, I won’t even cook for me. Haha.

    • MelTheHound says:

      Lucy gets Hunter’s Sausage.. Made locally, costs $10 per pound….

    • chismosa™ says:

      I heard it was petco.

      I’m very disturbed on some other things I just read about some treats I have now ! Ughhhh

      I’m calling the company today.

      • chismosa™ says:

        It’s both petco and Petsmart.

        But ….. The companies I mentioned above (that I’m going to call) are the “sneaky” label ones …..
        Just because it doesn’t say made in China doesn’t mean the fillers or meat product or some parts came via China.
        Can be made in the US by other countries’ ingredients.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      That is good, no …great news!

  27. ladebra says:

    Maks and his brother are two wild and crazy guys!

    • chismosa™ says:

      Maks was on Wendy yesterday. They’re both too arrogant for me but he’d be a good judge to shake things up.
      All judges have to change

  28. VV™ says:

    Because selfish, classless and bacsstabbers attracts selfish, classless and bacsstabbers.

    #kylesanidiot #spineless #hypocrite

  29. deco says:

    I haven’t read your recap yet but I will be. I wanted to post this the other day when I read your final AR recap. I don’t watch AR any longer but I do watch Survivor and Big Brother. I know you recapped BB and wanted to give you a heads up so you’re ready for the BB recaps. You have a slight reprieve….
    Countdown to Jun 25, 2014 8:00 PM in Hollywood :
    Big brother season 16
    33 days
    802 hours
    48125 minutes
    2887540 seconds
    until Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at 8:00:00 PM (Hollywood time)
    Current time is Friday, May 23, 2014 at 9:54:20 AM EDT (local time in Hollywood)

    • MelTheHound says:

      The only season of BB I have ever watched was 13 😉

      • HuskerHuny says:

        MTH – you have got to recap BB. I need someone to tear my hair out with.

        • MelTheHound says:

          We’ll see.. Another Amanda crew, definitely NOt.. I lied.. Forgot about last season..

          • deco says:

            Mel, you had me doubting myself there for a moment. I knew I was reading your BB recaps. They were great. You were ver at a losss for words when it came to describing the house guests. 🙂

    • BB says:

      That’s still one I might watch. Big Brother and Top Chef are still hanging by a thread on the watch list. Hopefully, Big Brother will have some less scummy people than last season’s crew. They really scraped the bottom of the barrel that go around. I don’t mind devious, lying, and scheming. That’s to be expected and part of the game. But please no more racists, homophobes, or pervs, whether they are “just kidding” or not.

  30. VV™ says:

    Exclusive: Lisa Vanderpump On Her New Show & Old Enemies via @wordpressdotcom

  31. deco says:

    BB.. Thanks for the recaps, they’re always fun to read. I was aware of the controversy around James’ elimination. It seems that when people logged in and voted for James through Facebook, they received a reply thanking them for their vote for Max and Meryl. FB blamed the replies on an automated reply system and that all votes were properly credited. Also, when I watched the finale, I noticed that all couples had a final dance showcased. Nene however, danced alone. I wonder what happened to Tony? Did he not want to dance with her again. Every time the camera cut to her when panning the audience, or in the background during interviews, she had such a sullen face on. She is graceless while dancing and lacking grace when she could have been at least trying to be supportive.
    Can’t blame you for not blogging reality any longer. I checked out of Bravo long ago, but always read. Have fun with Jack! Looking forward to new addition and all stories you share.

  32. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Quiet this morning. Summer has started and no bus stop activity for Pepper and I to watch on our walk. Beautiful morning. Cool front has moved in and winds have slowed so hopefully the Slide Rock fire will get contained. Off to the gym!

    • Powell says:

      Hey Dr. Pepper. 🙂 AZGirl I’m glad to hear that the winds have slowed down. Hopefully it will be completely out very soon.

      • AZGirl says:

        Thanks Powell. I was at the gym and everyone wanted to know how Pepper’s evaluation went. When I explained that Pepper is a “Prey” and the behavior will be managed but with a muzzle they were sad. It is hard. I try to explain that she is a good dog just fearful. They looked at me like I had been given the death sentence. We will work with her and just have to keep her caged or muzzled when people come to the house. She is very obedient and loving to us.

  33. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s the start of a beautiful holiday weekend. How you doin? TGIF. 🙂

  34. HuskerHuny says:

    IT’S HERE!!! IT’S HERE!!! IT’S HERE!!! Memorial Day weekend! And I have permission to sneak out of work early today should the mood strike me. Thinking maybe around 3:30 p.m. or so. It’s warm (but not too warm), sunny and breezy. Perfect, but rain is in the forecast all three days. Need it, so bring it. I can grill in the garage. But seriously, let’s take a bit of time to reflect on what this holiday is truly about . . . honoring those who went before us, especially our veterans. I love my freedom and it’s all due to them.

  35. designernailsdiana says:

    Enjoy a safe and restful weekend everyone!!
    I’m thrilled to get out of work at 2. My bosses ROCK!! I’ve been having a lot of pain lately so getting out early means I can go home and pet my Pearly girl while reading…outside!!!!!
    I’m so thankful for all of you. The bloggers give us their valuable time and snarky comments to make us laugh. This blog is like my little island of indulgence where I sneak away and read mostly about people who’s lives I’m thankful to not have to live myself. I laugh along with everyone else. I’ve disagreed vocally in the past, but found my middle ground where I can choose to agree to disagree without commenting. I know each one of us has their own life experiences that we draw from when we react to what these cray cray housewives do. Only we are able to just let it go and move forward.
    I’ll be lifting a glass of Sweet Iced Tea to honor our Lynn Hudson and remember how she brought us all together into her Lynn Family.
    {{{Hugs the whole blog family}}}

    • AZGirl says:

      So glad to are able to relax and enjoy the weekend. Hopefully the pain will subside.

      • designernailsdiana says:

        I stopped at Nutri Shop to pick up more Quest bars. The owners are a mother and son. I was talking to them and he asked if I’m having any pain. I wondered if the Long Island medium was in there lol he suggested Joint Therapeutics to try. I’m going to try it for 14 days before I decide if it’s helping. I just want relief!
        Enjoy your weekend dear!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hugging u back!!!!

  36. ladebra says:

    Oh, I just watched a First Look at CrossBones (series to start May 30) Pirates ! Yay! and John Malkovich is in it. Aaargh! Anyway, while I remembered I thought I would let you guys know 🙂

  37. LaineyLainey says:

    Hi Lynnfam! Please check the prayer request page. Thank you. 🙏

  38. not THAT Jill says:

    Just so y’all remember how KLASSY this MESS is I’m sharing this ever so FABULOUS tweet …
    you’re welcome…hahahaha

    • MelTheHound says:

      Free Vag… She must still be homeless and looking for a place…

    • VV™ says:

      Disgusting! She’s trash and not wealthy. Nothing, nothing NOTHING about her is Beverly Hills.

  39. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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