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Kristen Talks Josh’s Little Jabs

WINK is my dear friend Ilse’s store in NYC. It’s one of my favorite places to shop, so I was so happy that the girls decided to met me there! At this point, I was obviously still rattled by the #lipcident with Ramona. I am more annoyed by the lack of remorse from her then anything. What possesses this woman to throw things at other people? A good recap with the girlfriends always make it better! And how funny to learn about all of Ramona’s nicknames? #Tweetme what were they again? @kristentaekman

Ramona was wrong to throw a glass at you.  Not accepting her apology and continuing to make jabs at her is turning you into your husband.  Do I sense some transference there?  Ramona is also not the only shit stirrer in the group.  Heather is doing a good job too.

JCore Audition: Camel toe what? Who? Nice Josh. Always trying to be funny. . .

Does he even like you?

Ugh the actual audition part of it was brutal! Ah! I have had to do lots of things for auditions — sing, dance, “act”, jump, eat, drink, etc. But yoga moves were as far as I had gone in the exercise realm. OHHHHHH LORDY was this HARD! Halfway through I was thinking, “I don’t know if I can do this!” I did it and survived while looking decent on-camera, I hope. We shall see if I get the gig!?! Thanks Marci for thinking of me!

I thought you’d still be in shape from that extreme Spartan race.

“My little black secret” — straight out of Georges mouth referring to his new fiance. No secret any more George! I still can not believe that Aviva is related to that man. WOW! I still have yet to meet him. OHHH #staytuned

Why didn’t you stay away from him?

I got the JCore Job! I got the job! Yippee! Figures that Josh is there to watch me shoot the video. He can make time for that. It’s business, I guess. After all he is my “pimp daddy.” It’s very hard for me to have him around for that stuff. It just makes me nervous. Ugh. What people don’t realize is that Josh and I are always joking with each other and his little jabs are actually jokes we usually find funny — but doesn’t translate too well on TV. #notgoodfortv

Yippee! The video gets free advertising.  Keep telling yourself his jabs are jokes.  He doesn’t seem very supportive.

LuAnn Loves the Ramonacoaster

Are you sure Lu?

I really love this episode and feel like the drama is more fun than usual — maybe it’s because I get to pick on Ramona.

Of course.

There are so many nicknames I have for her so its really hard to choose, but my favorite is the Ramonacoaster. It’s a wild and crazy ride!

My favorite too.

Kristen certainly got a taste of the ride when she met with Ramona. There were moments of lucidity, shared by moments of staring off into the empty restaurant lacking for the right thing to say. I thought Kristen handled herself well in the situation and that Ramona tried to be sincere, but I have to say it looked to me that Ramona didn’t really care. She tried hard to care but it wasn’t happening and that’s why it didn’t really work (flowers and all). I do know Ramona does feel bad about what happened. but has a problem getting it across. I hope Kristen will eventually forgive and forget!

Oh you enjoyed Kristen trying to put Ramona through the ringer.  It didn’t look good for Kristen trying to shame Ramona after Ramona apologized. It made her look petty.

My favorite part of the show was Carole in Ramona’s office interviewing candidates for an assistant. LMAO! Love the random questions and Carole’s laidback way of handling the interviews! Ramona trying to hit on the boys and her random outbursts of advice made it even funnier!

Ramona and Carole make a good comedy team.  Carole seems to understand Ramona and Ramona really likes & respects Carole.

I think George’s girlfriend looks sweet and she’s pretty, but there must be a screw loose somewhere? At this point, nothing George does shocks me. He loves to shock and if you invite him for dinner you can expect a lot of vulgarity! The icing on the cake was the ring in the shopping bag! If you find a girl like that George, at least get down on your knee.

He may not be able to get back up.

Josh and Kristen are heading for trouble! I can see them getting on each other’s nerves. He doesn’t show up for the baby’s therapy but finds the time to critique the video she’s working on? It was nice of him to make the right connection for her but he didn’t need to be there. I think Kristen is smart to move on from modeling and move into fitness! I’m her biggest fan!

I’m glad Luann came out and said that.  What’s the use of being a diplomat when it gets you demoted to friend of the housewives status.

Oh boy, the funeral! A little over-the-top I’d have to say! A moment I’ve never experienced before in NYC, but it was heartfelt and timely. Sonja needs to move on from her past in so many ways, so I think this was a cleansing in a huge way! I hope this helps her move on for the sake of her new pup and her daughter! The past is the past and the best medicine is to move on as fast as you can. . .I’m rooting for her!

I loved that she served drinks before the service.  It adds a bit of festiveness to the occasion.

Heather Reflects on Milestones


The start of a new career, an engagement, interviewing for new job, the evolution of a friendship, and the passing of a loved one are milestones we cross on tonight’s episode.

We are a group of women who have come together to share our lives, create bonds of friendship, celebrate moments, and, yes, even fight on camera in the hope we can shine a little light on the human condition as it is for us and one can take a lesson from us, draw a parallel to our experience, or just laugh at us — and it’s all good.

Or people could just watch a Lifetime movie.

Kristen’s career as a fashion model is in its twilight days and she is exploring new options. She is so strong and is handling it all with humor, which is admirable. It’s certainly not easy being compared to a car with a certain amount of mileage! But she takes it in stride.

If you don’t like getting compared to a car with a lot of mileage, why does Kristen& Heather make ageist comments against Ramona and sometimes Sonja.

Aviva is back and hosts a party for her family. After the meal, the perverted, yet weirdly charming George (one can only understand that when you actually meet him) gets engaged to his girlfriend. A milestone for their family and, while many may judge or disagree with this, in the end, you have to live and let live. People make their own choices, but it doesn’t mean one can’t question said choices, but more about that later. . .In the least, Aviva has embraced the moment and though she acts embarrassed by her father’s lascivious banter, she shrugs it off and laughs (just like any daughter must if George is your father and you love him — which she does!)

Does anyone really care if George gets married or not?  I think people just want him off their widescreens. 

Now onto one of my favorite moments, which comes with Carole interviewing candidates that she found on Twitter to be her new assistant. I was howling with laughter as she asks the off-beat and unexpected questions that only Radzi can conjure! Though I was shocked that none of the potential assistants had read her book, several were able to keep up with her sharp and hilarious wit even without a resume? And I loved them all!

Yes Heather, there are regular people that do have a sense of humor. 

We also get the lovable side of Ramona too. At times she can be a ton of fun, supportive and, well, straight up lovable!

Starting a new job is a huge milestone in anyone’s life who is serious about it. In the near future, I actually get the unique opportunity to experience the assistant Carole hired! Keep watching and you’ll see if she’s a keeper!

I hope it’s the girl from ABC that actually read Carole’s book.   

Ramona and Sonja have seemed to put a Band-Aid over their problems, but I can’t help think that Ramona just might be too comfortable in their relationship, and we may be witnessing a right turn on Sonja’s part, or a crossroads or just a scuffle, but I feel something has shifted.

Sonja needs to stand up to Ramona in order to equalize the relationship. 

The passing of a loved one is the most difficult milestone to cross. Our lives are a shared experience that is defined from womb to tomb by our connections with our family, our friends, and our pets. Sonja enjoyed and celebrated a relationship of pure love with her beloved Millou for 18 years. And to celebrate that love, and what I believe marks a moment of transition in Sonja’s life, we were all there, dressed to the hilt in our best funeral regalia, done up with a little Sonja “sexy J” style. All of us want to support her and honor the life of her love Millou — whose ashes will finally lay to rest — on the sidewalk. OK and maybe a little in the river, on the joggers passing by, and in his mother and her loyal intern’s lungs! But no matter — Millou brought us all together and isn’t that great.

What was the big deal over Millou’s ashes flying everywhere?  Isn’t it supposed to spread everywhere so there is a little part of him in the general vicinity?

Aviva: My Dad, the Godzilla of Embarrassment

I was glad to get a nice break from Aviva’s blog ghostwriter.

Sonja’s funeral for Millou seems to have helped her move forward. Millou was her best friend and loss is so tragic. I think it was a first doggie funeral for all of us and I hope you all found some comic relief amidst all the sadness.

I am so thrilled for my father and Cody because they are happy. Cody is lovely, smart, and mature. My kids love her and as I write this, my father and Cody are returning from Europe. They are both consenting adults and love is love.

Were they on their honeymoon in Europe?  Love is love.

People’s dads are often a bit embarrassing to them. The only difference here is that my dad is REALLY embarrassing. I mean big-time, huge, Godzilla embarrassing. Now that he’s found happiness with Cody, he should be a little less . . . assuming he stops trying to bed everything that moves. Life would have been so much more simple if the accident had cut off his c— instead of my leg.

I don’t think that would have stopped him.  It’s all in the head.  He would have just gotten a really expensive, large prosthetic one.

Ramona: Sonja and I Are Friends for Life

It seemed childish when Kristen was speaking to Heather and LuAnn about me that Heather threw out all these negative nicknames for me. I would think they could discuss me without name calling. . .I really expected more from Heather, but perhaps she expected more from me in the Berkshires and felt justified.

Nothing wrong with being called Ramonacoaster.

I thought it was amusing that Carole advertised her position on Twitter. I have never known anyone to do that. I must say I really enjoy Carole’s sense of humor. While she was interviewing her candidates, I was holing back my laughter big time.

Knowing how to operate a fog machine is very handy.

I can’t believe that many of them did not even bring a resume or read Carole’s book. I would never be able to interview the way Carole did for an assistant . I really don’t care what their favorite flower is! To me, it’s more important they can multitask and prioritize. To each their own — that is what makes the world go round! But please tell me what was the importance of Carole asking them about wire hanger?!? LOL!!!!!!!!

Maybe Carole likes to pretend she is Faye Dunaway and reenact the scene from Mommy Dearest.

Millou was like losing a child to Sonja. He was very important for so many years in Sonja’s life.
When so many things change its nice to have a constant and that was Millou for Sonja. That is why the passing of Millou hit sonja so hard.

It is also like losing a member of the family.

I thought Sonja did a beautiful and thoughtful funeral for Millou. I never went to a dog funeral before and had no idea what to expect. Sonja handled it with class and elegance — right down to champagne plastic glasses.

Did you expect crystal champagne glasses?  I thought it was nice to serve champagne for a funeral but I think champagne is more for celebration.  Although the occasion could be seen as Sonja celebrating her letting go of the past.

Sonja and I are very close. We have our differences at times and can fight and argue intensely. What will never change is that we have each other’s backs and have been through thick and thin with each other.My love is always there for her and vice versa. We get each other in such a way that many people don’t understand and are jealous and resentful of. We are truly friends for life.

I hope it continues.  I like watching Team Ramonja. 

Sonja: I Run Deep

This is a totally cleansing episode for me. After Ramona “getting the dirt on Ben” and and then not coming to my get-together with Aviva at my beach house in Watermill, dissing my Caburlesque cameo performance at my Sonja in the City charity, and then ditching me in the Berkshires to go to the Social Life Magazine party (remember early on I had my Sonja in The City cover launch party for Social Life Magazine when Ramona was in the bathroom with Mario complaining she wasn’t invited by Heather to London and I was going without her?) I was really starting to feel manipulated.

I think a person only lets themselves feel manipulated.  If you are doing something from your heart and not expecting anything in return then you won’t feel used.

Come on  Lu. Hesitating to answer Kristen about Ramona throwing a glass at anyone before? I’ve never seen her act out before and neither has Lu! I was on the edge my seat thinking you might say something else.

I was wondering about that.  That was rather bitchy.

Kristen right away says “morbid” about the dog funeral! She says she’s not a dog person. Who’s not a dog person?

I don’t trust people who aren’t dog people.

Marley smells the collar of Millou because he misses him to. I invite Millsaps, Cesar, and Maria over (my former “interns”) because they loved and knew Millou very well and I wanted their input as to where, how, and when we would hold this remembrance to the passage of Millou.

I had been hanging on to those ashes and wonderful memories for a long time. It made sense to start with my first apartment that I bought in New York, because I was happy and felt I had everything to share and was able to bring Millou home there. It was a beautiful beginning for both of us.

It looks like a lovely part of the city.  Robin pronounced Millou’s name wrong.

I was wearing a grandmother pin in this meeting in front of the red hand painted armoire. I’m very nostalgic. I’m a sentimental person and I don’t burn bridges. I build my relationships. My relationships are very important to me — as I run deep.

I am a nurturer. It’s what I do. That’s why I love to build homes for a living, entertain, put people together (broker, branding, consulting, venture capitalist, name dropper, whatever you want to call it), and support my charities. I make a very good living doing it without feeling it’s against my grain because I enjoy doing it so much. It’s what I love doing.

I hope you make tons of money doing what you love.

I had such good belly laughs during Carole and Ramona’s interview process. Every single one of my interns sends a résumé before I even give my time to interview them. Their GPAs, their majors, and then their charity work tells me a lot about them. Then I look for former internships and work experience. This tells me about their commitment and what their other interests are. How long they stayed at a job factors in sometimes. It depends, because sometimes internships are short, and experiences such as Fashion Week are important but short. Having said that, I’d rather be in Carole’s interview process as it’s much more fun and I like her attitude. Read my book? Yes. Hired! She has a point. How can you want to work for me if you don’t know who I am or read the book! Isn’t that what I said when I was speaking about Aviva? Read the book! Did anyone read Aviva’s book. It’s about her.

Not reading Aviva’s book.  It is enough I read her blogs.

Resentment. That’s a trong word I let out regarding Ramona and my feelings towards my father. Aleta St. James says I can’t help Ramona with her inner child. Well I know that! But Aleta certainly has helped me with my inner child! I certainly need to let go of my ex-husband and Millou. They were wonderful but the future holds new wonderful experiences for me. I’m so grateful for the lifeshift Aleta has helped me make. Check out her book. That’s how I found her through a friend.

I hope she offered you a discount for that session.

Also new friends are coming — and the friends I have a great. But if the friends I have are not supporting new opportunities that are coming for me or simply can’t enjoy them and can’t be happy for me, then I’m just not going to talk about them with them. Those people are not being genuine.

New friends like Kristen?

George was a surprise. Cody was a surprise. The marriage proposal was a surprise. George asking Harry and I to double date was quite a surprise. George giving his daughter sex tips in her bedroom was very much a surprise. That was the limit. Like I said when Aviva tried to set me up with her dad — that was date crime. Hate crime is one thing but this is called date crime! She did not really think we were a pair, did she?

It is a date crime to pair George with anyone.

PS: I like Cody. I felt she deserved a better proposal. Tune in for more in Cody. Aviva and I are going to get to the bottom of this.

Cody seems nice.  I like a woman that does nail art even though crystal encrusted nails are a bit much for me.

Carole and The Gang That Couldn’t Drink Straight

After a quick outfit change, Kristen meets the girls at Wink and here’s my favorite line again: Who does that? Housewives do it, that’s who. And no one does it better. There’s nothing more riveting than a contractually obligated Housewife sit-down. I thought the flowers were a nice touch. But Ramona, if you ever need to send me flowers (I hope you don’t), I like pink peonies.

There are pink peonies currently blooming in my mother’s backyard. It is her favorite flower.  I also like to pronounce them “penis” to annoy her.

Lu had to give serious thought to the thrown glass, and appropriate nicknames. RamonaMonster, StingerSinger, Pinotpolar, Ramonacoaster, Crazy Eyes. Ramonify the House. My daughter this, my daughter that. . .I want a daughter to get out of doing things. And also to guilt into spending holidays with me when I’m 80 and cranky, and hopefully senile.

Twittering Assistants
I’ve been very busy keeping track of my bad dates and turning my kitchen into an office, as you can see. I actually have a real fulltime job. No one gets to see it. You only get to see me talk to boys while I eat. I spend a lot of time at my publisher’s office and I spend a lot of time sitting with my laptop in my chair, working on writing and publishing my next book. Riveting. Next season, each time I have a business meeting or wild writing binge, I’ll show up with camel toe or make my tooth fall out so I can be sure it gets on the show. It used to be enough to just be drunk. Now body parts have to fall. Literally.

Ramona’s the perfect foil in my search for an assistant. If the wine business goes bust, she could have a nice career as an SAT prep teacher.

Ramona is having a signing tomorrow. 300 people are expected and there is only one case of wine. The assistant rides her bike to the wine store at an average of 8 miles per hour and returns by the same route, traveling at 5 miles per hour. The roundtrip took 2 hours. How many bottles did the assistant buy?

Exactly. I wasn’t listening. I rarely understand the narrative thread of any of our conversations. Who do you think would be more difficult to work for, Ramona or me? If you want to work for Ramona, you’ll need to find the wine store and buy more wine. If you want to work for me, you’ll need to complete the following test.

PART 1, Multiple Choice:

1. If your uncle on your mother’s cousins side died after a long illness and the funeral was the same day that your boss had to prepare an important presentation would you:
a) Make sure your boss is prepared, but apologize and tell her ahead of time you cannot attend the presentation.
b) Call the morning of the presentation and say you ate a bad lobster and spent the night at Mt. Sinai’s emergency room.
c) Go with your boss. You haven’t seen your uncle since he got drunk at Christmas when you were 10 and he pissed on the tree.

2. If your friend had a party and didn’t invite you, you would:
a) Confront her angrily in a public place.
b) Talk about her behind her back.
c) Say nothing and invite her to your next party.
d) Be happy — you can stay home and binge watch Mad Men.

3. A friend offended you and apologized. You:
a) Accept the apology because nothing annoys people more than having to be forgiven.
b) Plot your revenge.
c) Tirelessly analyze the apology with your other friends for the next six months.

4. What song best describes your work ethic?
a) “It’s Hard Out There For a Pimp” (Hustle & Flow)
b) “She Works Hard for the Money” (Donna Summer)
c) “9 to 5” (Dolly Parton)
d) “The Lazy Song” (Bruno Mars)

5. I’m having a sit down dinner for 12 people and the caterer cancels the morning of the dinner. I’m traveling from Boston and will arrive by train at 7 pm. What should you do?
a) Cancel the dinner and make it drinks only.
b) Call a friend and arrange a private plane to pick me up.
c) Call Sonja and the City and hope she picks up the phone.

PART 2, Answer any four of the following: 

* On a scale from 1 to batsh– crazy where would your most recent ex say you fall?

* What’s the longest you are willing to go without sleep?

* What’s the longest you are willing to go without seeing your family? Friends? Lovers?

* Are you comfortable with nudity? Yours? Other people’s?

* When you go drinking in white party limos, where do you go?

* Are you willing to dress in matching outfits with me?

Please keep all answers to 140 characters or less. Ill get back to you

It would be fun to answer these questions on the blog.

MobWives meet Housewives
We all look amazing, don’t you think? I love a good veil. As Grandma Millie used to say, Italians do it better. Especially funerals.

Sonja asked me to write a eulogy for the memorial. Since I had never met Millou I had to do some research. There was a long profile of Millou in AnimalFair magazine, which is where I found out he was gay.

I don’t know why we weren’t arrested. Drinking in public and throwing ashes into the East River? I looked it up. Both of these are misdemeanors, subject to prison time and fines. I have a feeling that Sonja and her cadre of interns failed to notify the EPA, which you are required to do when spreading ashes in public waterways. And drinking in public was outlawed in 1979. We were outlaws! “The Gang That Couldn’t Drink Straight.” Had we been caught we would have spent five days in prison. Can you imagine that? The six of us sharing a prison cell fighting over who gets the corner bunk, and whether to watch Judge Judy or Ellen during television time? Orange is the New Black, with Hats!

I hope she doesn’t get a ticket after law enforcement watches the episode.

But the very important lesson here, which I hope all of you take away, is that when you are scattering ashes, be sure the wind is at your back.

Here is my sendoff to Millou. Rest in peace.

“Ode to Millou”
By, Carole Radziwill

I didn’t have the privilege of knowing Millou personally, though like his keeper, Sonja Morgan, I imagine that to meet him was to never forget him. And this is why we are here today.

He had quite a ride. He travelled the world in style, entertaining on yachts with heads of state and hobnobbing with celebrities. He also gave back.
Millou did charity work, and was nominated for a Golden Collar Award. He lost out to the dog actor Uggie from The Artist, but Millou was always the star.

His steady Gemini was the perfect complement to Sonja’s sexy Sagittarius. Like his owner, he was bright and quick-witted, curious, and clever — always the life of the party.

He was also a bit of a dandy. He would most certainly have appreciated a good fascinator.

Millou spent nearly 20 years with Sonja. He was her faithful partner in good times and in bad, in joy and in sorrow. When she was flitting between homes in exotic locales, Millou was there.

And he was there, too, when she struggled to reinvent herself as a newly single mom. He was devoted to the end.

Harry Truman famously said, about Washington D.C., “You want a friend in this city? Get a dog.” It’s even better advice for a single gal in New York.

Millou passed away at 18, which is 126 in dog years. He had many gifts, but he was blessed with the greatest of all. . .the gift of time.

May we all use ours as well, and as honorably, as Millou did.



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  11. LaineyLainey says:

    Hi guys! I’m back (ish). Was out of town and out of pocket much of the time…out of pocket….that means NO WIFI right? Haha

    Company’s coming soon, so I will still be not as present…just wanted to say hi!

  12. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Tonight on Bravo:

    RHOA – Kandi’s Wedding
    (The first of several episodes – Bravo has not defined how long it will run, but it will be on Sunday nights.)

    Married To Medicine

    RHONJ Preview

    Game Of Crowns Preview

    Fashion Queens
    (No WWHL)

  13. VV™ says:

    So, I guess they did go or stopped at PUMP at some point that night.

    • T-Rex says:

      Yes, they probably did but I am sure did not get a VIP treatment or even a free drink! I would be that PrincessVPUmp wasn’t even there either

  14. boston02127 says:

    RHOC looks like it’s going to get juicy with Tamara running out of the building yelling….you’ll never see my face again.

  15. lillybee says:

    Last night TWOP closed down. I will miss it. I posted a lot on the GH thread.

    • T-Rex says:

      What is a TWOP?

    • Trashy T says:

      I was a big time lurker over there. I’m also going to miss it.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Hi –
      So was it not run by any tv network / or subsidiary at the time it closed down?
      I know that was an issue years ago ?

      I.e. What led most of us to lynn in the first place

      • lillybee says:

        It was still run by Bravo when it closed.

        • chismosa says:

          Thanks Lilly
          I think changes are afoot a lot.
          Andy changing his name and description on a lot of social accounts and sort of separating a bit from just the Bravo label. He’s been so feisty on twitter lately. Not as middle of the ground as one would imagine a Bravo/Universal/Comcast/ NBC producer to be, but as other blogs and people online have said – he was “demoted” LOL.
          I don’t know. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

  16. Powell says:

    Are you all watching Kandi?

  17. cusi77 says:

    Did you hear what I think I heard? Kandi didn’t want to get married when she was a teenager because both of her parents went through multiple divorces?

    • Powell says:

      Yes!!! That is even more evidence that Joyce doesn’t want Kandi to get married because she’s scared she will no longer have access to Kandi’s money.

  18. Powell says:

    Kandi’s aunt says why did she do that last season at the bridal shop. She’s sorry. Both sisters did it because Joyce amped them up and has been telling them lies about Todd. Kandi’s aunt’s and cousin are supporting her marriage to Todd.

  19. Powell says:

    Joyce is a BIT*H.

  20. Powell says:

    Did I say Joyce is a BIT*H.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      If I was Todd’s momma, I would punch mama Joyce in the throat then kick her right in the box for good measure.

  21. Powell says:

    Another Royal Family in ATL. I thought Phadera and her family were the Royal Family? 👸

  22. mrs peabody says:

    Wow can’t believe what Joyce called Todd’s parents, why would you say something like that knowing you are being recorded and it most likely will be on tv. That Joyce is really a piece of sh*t.

  23. Powell says:

    You all watching NJ Sneak Peak? Y’all know I don’t watch NJ but I’m watching this to see how Tre is “doing”. I won’t be watching the season.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I’ll watch this season but will stop once Teresa leaves, same with when Lisa leaves BH. I’m not watching Melissa act like the queen bee. That preview gave me a headache. All that screaming.

    • chismosa says:

      I’m going to …..

  24. Powell says:

    Did Joe say if he has to go on vacation? And did Tre say they have no money out away for college? They built a 50,000 sq ft home but they don’t have money for college? Oy Vey. 😏

    • mrs peabody says:

      Yea that’s horrible if they put nothing away for those girls. I’d feel at least better if they had to use what they put away for all their legal expenses but to put nothing away after the money she was making. Sad for those girls. All around sad for those girls.

      • Orson says:

        It’s not like they could sell their beach house. And boat. I don’t think they’re “send the kids to college” sort of people anyway.

  25. Powell says:

    Melissa didn’t know her own friend had breast cancer? Well that tells Mel is only interested in Mel.

    • mrs peabody says:

      Tells me that she still wouldn’t know about it if the gal didn’t get hired for the show.

    • ladebra says:

      I don’t know, didn’t Amber say they hadn’t kept up with each other since high school? If she wasn’t in Amber’s circle 5years ago, why would she know?

      • Powell says:

        She was in Mel’s wedding. I can understand losing touch, not hanging out. But they li e in the same state and she didn’t know from someone that she was sick? They know all kinds of gossip about people but not that a friend is sick. Umm umm. That’s Mel in her own little world.

        • ladebra says:

          Ah, I didn’t catch all that 😛 I sorta hear “blah blah blah” when they talk most of the time.

  26. Powell says:

    Nobody’s home but me huh? 😘

  27. mrs peabody says:

    I’m here. Watching Married to Medicine now. I really like Dr Jackie.

  28. mrs peabody says:

    Am I the only one at the party???? Well I guess I’ll go look at refrigerators and oven on the net for awhile. It’s boring here all by myself.

  29. rabblerouser2010R says:

    I HATE the twins.

    • ladebra says:

      I know people like the twins, they really do remind me of lots of people lol. For 5 min they are fun, cause you can’t stop thinking “did they really say that”. But 5 min tops is all I can take. Who said “I don’t do stupid”? Haha

  30. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I’m working at home today. Have got a migraine. Ugggghhhh. ;( I hope you have a great day.

    • ladebra says:

      😦 feel better Powell!

    • chismosa™ says:

      Feel better Powell 😦

      I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think I’m going to watch the Crowns show! I caught the preview by mistake and I think I will. LOL! Eeek! 😳

      I saw Kandi’s show and I was bored so I was on my phone during most of it …….HOWEVER, I think I’m starting to like Todd because what he said to Carmen was right. She’s an EMPLOYEE of Kandi’s. Shut up and do your damn job girl ! He stood up for her so well. I think he was getting teary … Go Todd.

      I don’t support the animals being brought in at all 😔🚫

      Is that Kandi’s father marrying her and Todd?

  31. boston02127 says:

    Good morning. 🙂

  32. Jan (TexasTart) says:
  33. Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

    Good morning all. Powell I hope you feel better soon. Boston enjoy your free time and congrats again. What sort of work will you be looking for?

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