Let’s Chat – Real Housewives of Orange County & Ladies Of London

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A trip to Oklahoma causes Vicki massive emotional stress as she helps her daughter Briana look for a house. Back in Orange County, Heather and Shannon try to make sense of the rift in their friendship, leaving Lizzie caught in the crossfire of accusations and hearsay. Later, Tamra is shocked as she discovers that her son Ryan is possibly endangering his health by taking a potentially harmful medication without a prescription.


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“My Fair Ladies Of London”

In the series premiere, Ladies of London explores the world of Britain’s high society. True to form, the Brits and Americans may speak the same language but have different ways of interpreting their place in this tightly knit society.

HydrangeaHussy wrote a season preview that was published a few weeks ago. Click Here  if you would like to view the blog post with the preview.


Let’s Chat!


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74 Responses to Let’s Chat – Real Housewives of Orange County & Ladies Of London

  1. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Anyone watching??

  2. chismosa™ says:

    Did anyone watch the Game of Crowns preview ? I like it.
    It’s a hot mess!

    Ducking now. ….

  3. boston02127 says:

    Jill…no not THAT Jill ~~~~~Thank you 🙂

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      No problem…I hate when you and Cusi get left at the bus stop!!

  4. boston02127 says:

    Is Shannon a little slow?

  5. cusi77 says:

    I had a “Separation anxiety” for several minutes! Wrong bus stop! Luckily Jill found Boston and me!

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      I will always come back for you Cusi!!!

      • cusi77 says:

        Thank you Jill, you are my hero!

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        I can’t figure out what you people were talking about being left behind at the bus stop…I test those links and it worked for me! Weird! O_o

        • boston02127 says:

          TT—When I click on it I get old blog updates, I don’t know why it happens to me and Cusi, but it’s been happening to the two of us since Lynn blogged.

        • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

          Hey Tartsy-if you look to the right there is no link to this blog-when I clicked on the link on the previous blog it opened but not just to this blog.

          • boston02127 says:

            Jill—-That’s how I usually get on the new blog. But it’s not on my screen for some reason.

            Is that your daughter in your avi? She’s so cute.

          • Jan (TexasTart) says:

            I KNOW! Maybe we are in the twilight zone!!!

            I’ve never seen it do that, and I use that link to make the link for y’all to follow to the next blog….so I noticed immediately!

  6. boston02127 says:

    Tamra’s new name is Benjamin Button.

  7. boston02127 says:

    Heather is getting more and more unlikable. I use to like her.

    • cusi77 says:

      I still like her, even though with her royal Hetherness attitude… Better than the other woman who does not get any explanation good enough… Just my 5 cents…

  8. cusi77 says:

    I just can’t get interested in these women… Am I getting old? Or are they getting more juveniele by the minute…

  9. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Shannon’s main problem with Heather is that she is basing her opinion of Heather on what Tamra is saying behind heathers back….Shannon would be wise to form her own opinions and not listen to the two faced trick who turns on everyone!!! And if Shannon just gives Heather a chance I’m sure she will legitimately piss her off and then she won’t look like a follower of dumb Tamra!!!

  10. boston02127 says:

    Is this the first eppy of Ladies of England?

  11. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    I kept wondering why Caprice looked familiar — maybe not the modeling, but she dated Rod Stewart…David Spade and Dennis Quaid…..
    Wait! Back up…David Spade 😕

  12. boston02127 says:

    I could go for some tea. AND A PLATE OF COOKIES!

  13. mrs peabody says:

    What is wrong with Tamara’s eyes in her talking head? why does she have white around them? she looks funny.

    • boston02127 says:

      I didn’t notice. I’ll look when I watch it again.

      Maybe she didn’t have her 10X mirror to put her makeup on.

    • I saw that too, my daughter just bought a white eyeliner for Comic Con, I will ask her what is SUPPOSED to do, lol!

    • OK, she says it is supposed to make your eyes look bigger…you put it on the water line, inner line of your eye….but I don’t think Tamara had black eyeliner on the bottom…so maybe that is why it made her look like she was squinting….

  14. boston02127 says:

    Is this show all about making fun of Americans?

  15. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    “Nobody goes to watch Polo, they go to drink and socialize.”

  16. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Ummmm did no one tell these “ladies of London” that their show would be playing in the land of “dumb Americans”???? They are rude and insulting to Americans…what bitches!! I want to to go to London and kick their asses!!!

  17. boston02127 says:

    Top 100 Most British Slang Words and Phrases – Guide to English Slang

    1. Tosser – Idiot
    2. Cock-up – Screw up
    3. Bloody – Damn
    4. Give You A Bell – Call you
    5. Blimey! – My Goodness
    6. Wanker – Idiot
    7. Gutted – Devastated
    8. Bespoke – Custom Made
    9. Chuffed – Proud
    10. Fancy – Like
    11. Sod Off – Piss off
    12. Lost the Plot – Gone Crazy
    13. Fortnight – Two Weeks
    14. Sorted – Arranged
    15. Hoover – Vaccum
    16. Kip – Sleep or nap
    17. Bee’s Knees – Awesome
    18. Know Your Onions – Knowledgeable
    19. Dodgy – Suspicious
    20. Wonky – Not right
    21. Wicked – Cool!
    22. Whinge – Whine
    23. Tad – Little bit
    24. Tenner – £10
    25. Fiver – £5
    26. Skive – Lazy or avoid doing something
    27. Toff – Upper Class Person
    28. Punter – Customer/Prostitute’s Client
    29. Scouser – Someone from Liverpool
    30. Quid – £
    31. Taking the Piss – Screwing around
    32. Pissed – Drunk
    33. Loo – Toilet
    34. Nicked – Stolen
    35. Nutter – Crazy Person
    36. Knackered – Tired
    37. Gobsmacked – Amazed
    38. Dog’s Bollocks – Awesome
    39. Chap – Male or friend
    40. Bugger – Jerk
    41. Bog Roll – Toilet Paper
    42. Bob’s Your Uncle – There you go!
    43. Anti-Clockwise – We Say Counter Clockwise
    44. C of E – Church of England
    45. Pants – Panties
    46. Throw a Spanner in the Works – Screw up
    47. Zed – We say ZZZZZZZ
    48. Absobloodylootely – YES!
    49. Nosh – Food
    50. One Off – One time only
    51. Shambles – Mess
    52. Arse-over-tit – Fall over
    53. Brilliant! – Great!
    54. Dog’s Dinner – Dressed Nicely
    55. Up for it – Willing to have sex
    56. On the Pull – Looking for sex
    57. Made Redundant – Fired from a job
    58. Easy Peasy – Easy
    59. See a Man About a Dog – Do a deal or take a dump
    60. Up the Duff – Pregnant
    61. DIY – Do It Yourself home improvements
    62. Chat Up – Flirt
    63. Fit – Hot
    64. Arse – Ass
    65. Strawberry Creams – Breasts
    66. Shag – Screw
    67. Gentleman Sausage – Penis
    68. Twigs & Berries – Genitalia
    69. Fanny – Vagina
    70. Bollocks – Balls
    71. Ponce – Poser
    72. Don’t Get Your Knickers in a Twist – Don’t Get worked up
    73. The Telly – Television
    74. Bangers – Sausage
    75. Chips – French Fries
    76. Daft Cow – Idiot
    77. Do – Party
    78. Uni – College/University
    79. Starkers – Naked
    80. Smeg – From Red Dwarf
    81. Bits ‘n Bobs – Various things
    82. Anorak – A person weirdly interested in something
    83. Shambles – bad shape/plan gone wrong
    84. I’m Off to Bedfordshire – Going to bed
    85. Her Majesty’s Pleasure – To be in prison
    86. Horses for Courses – Won’t work for someone else
    87. John Thomas – Penis
    88. Plastered – Drunk
    89. Meat and Two Veg – Genitalia
    90. Knob Head – Idiot/Dickhead
    91. Knob – Penis
    92. Chav – White trash
    93. It`s monkeys outside – it is very cold
    94. Stag Night – Bachelor Party
    95. Ace – Cool!
    96. Plonker – Idiot
    97. Dobber – Penis
    98. BellEnd – Penis
    99. Blighty – Britain
    100. Rubbish – Garbage or ‘That’s crap!’

    • boston02127 says:

      This show belongs in #33.

    • chismosa™ says:

      DOG’s DINNER is hysterical.

      The bees knees is from the UK? Color me shocked …. I always thought that was American. Wow 🐝🏃

      Thanks for this !

      • MelTheHound says:

        Especially when you add “the cat’s pajamas” too it…

        Here’s one that didn’t make the list… “pointing Percy at the porcelain”… Need I explain it?

    • T-Rex says:

      One note, the word “Bugger” according to me mum and the rest of her family means the F**K word. I got my mouth washed out with soap by Me Gran when I was little for using that word. I heard my Gramps and my uncle john using it at the bar(our job as kids was to get those two from the bar when dinner was ready, everyone wanted that job because it took a few drinks for them to leave and the kid’s got “kiddie cocktails” while we had to wait for them). and I came back one time and used that word, well, let’s just say I was summarily marched off to the bathroom, and told NEVER to use that word again.

  18. boston02127 says:

    Well….I’m going to bed. I have so much of nothing to do tomorrow, I need my rest.

    G/N all. 🙂

  19. Ryan is ” buying growth hormones at his gym” ???? You mean the one he works at and is the manager…..????? You mean the gym you own???? So there is illegal activity happening at your gym and you are airing it on TV?????

    • mrs peabody says:

      Yea I heard that too and thought the same thing, don’t you own the gym?

      • My daughter says that Tammy should have used a more peachy shade at her age and a darker eyeliner… in another talking head in the preview she seems to have a darker eyeliner and it isn’t so odd…she forgets that she is not 16….

    • Orson says:

      I thought he was buying them in a parking lot. It’s good for business for her. She’ll get some new paying clients who won’t say they’re cops working undercover. Until they show up with search and arrest warrants. It’ll look good on the show. Think of all the publicity and stuff Teresa and Joe are getting. And think of the Victim flag she’ll be able to fly high when Simon gets primary custody of all their children. Look how she’s being oppressed!

  20. lillybee says:

    Vicki needs to let her adult daughter go.

  21. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It looks like it’s going to be a pretty nice day. I hope you have some cool breezes in your neck of the woods.
    I didn’t watch much tv since I had a migraine. I woke up just in time to see Mistresses. I saw a few tweets on The Ladies of London last night and it looks like viewers enjoyed it. I’ll have to catch it this weekend.
    I hope you have a great day.

  22. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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