Real Housewives of Orange County – Choke-lahoma

 Real Housewives Of Orange County

S9E7 “Choke-lahoma”

by Stars99

Shannon Beador, Heather Dubrow, Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge & Lizzie Rovsek

Shannon Beador, Heather Dubrow, Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge & Lizzie Rovsek

Remember last week… We left a “ho” down at Heather’s hoedown when Tamra fell off the mechanical bull, hurt her arm, and had to go to Urgent Care.  You’ll be glad to know that evidently, you can’t keep a good “ho” down for long because there was no further mention of the incident in this week’s episode… But also remember that Shannon was reprimanded by Heather for being late to her hoedown/groundbreaking ceremony… Yet Vicki (who also arrived late with Shannon) didn’t seem to be reprimanded at all by Heather.  Danielle (I know, who? She’s the “friend” of the housewives this year…lol) also arrived at the same time as Vicki and Shannon but had already told Heather that she was going to be late – So she too, escaped Her Royal Heatherness’ poo poo list. OOoooOOOO and remember there were onion rings… and I’m still craving some, dagnabit…

This episode begins with tidings of Christmas! It’s picture taking time for Heather and Shannon’s family – and the Bravo elves really had a fun time editing and splicing the footage together to demonstrate the two very different approaches on how to take a holiday picture.

Shannons kids

First we have Shannon’s house that is all decked out in Christmas grandeur! Shannon loves Christmas and really gets into the decorating. She’s also planning her annual holiday party – It looks like we’ll see that during next week’s episode. She tells us that she doesn’t go over the top for her holiday party – But we’ll be the judge of that, won’t we? Normally, I would have written some sarcastic remark at this point of time – but I really relish any excuse to see Shannon’s house…lol.

They are preparing to take the photo that becomes their Christmas card. Someone somewhere decided that the family should all wear black. David is not so convinced that’s a good idea because he thinks they’ll look like they’re all going to a funeral. At this point, I think it’s probably the funeral for the dissolution of their marriage… but that’s just me.

Shannon proudly tells us that people look forward to receiving their Christmas cards every year and that she feels stressed to make each year’s picture really special. Nothing says “holiday” like wearing festive black. I mean all black. Not an accent color anywhere to be found. Yep. Yep. Yep. Well, except for the hot pink arm cast on one of the twins… lol.  They could have put twinkling lights on it… Or perhaps they could have hung some tinsel or garland from it or something, no? They’re also taking the picture while sitting on the steps of their grandiose curved staircase – Which to me is just so predictable and unimaginative – Plus, it’s probably the only nook of the house that ISN’T decorated for Christmas. However, they ARE sitting in the same room as my all-time favorite push button-lowering chandelier – So, I guess you can’t really go TOO wrong – although it’s not in the pictures, dagnabit!

Shannon is directing her kids about how they should stand. She wants them to point at each other and laugh – and to really have fun with the photos. She wants them to be wacky – but she is very stern about how there should be “no gang looks”… because “this isn’t a gang.” Really? Yeah, because your kids REALLY looked like they were throwing some gang signs… lolol. Oh well… Yes, Shannon wants her kids to be wacky while they’re wearing very formal black attire. I love black and I often wear it myself – but come on… There was just nothing imaginative about these pictures – I would have expected it to be snowing inside or something – and the black would just accentuate it. Ehhh, I suppose I’m just being overly critical – I guess I just expected more.  Actually, I’m sure the pictures turned out to be mahvelous… Sadly, I don’t recall getting one this year. I must be on Heather’s naughty list…

Shannon is encouraging everyone to laugh (Don’t worry, Shannon – I’m laughing at you… Oops I mean WITH you, I’m laughing WITH you… lol…). Shannon tells her kids not to do a “fake” smile – that she wants them to do a “natural” smile. She then turns towards the photographer and poses with a really fake looking smile. For some reason, this was hysterical to me. Shannon eggmits she isn’t feeling good about her relationship with Heather right now. She explains that when she isn’t being “heard” that she gets frustrated. She doesn’t know what the heck she did to get Heather so danged mad at her. Personally, I think it’s because Shannon didn’t sent me a Christmas card. Heather really has my back! Thanks, Heather, my new BFFL!

Heather, on the other hand has a different approach to their holiday cards. Like Shannon, Heather’s family takes annual family photos each year. Last year they were at the beach but this year they are traveling to a location. She wants it to look like they’re backstage… So they pose near lighting equipment, a director’s chair and a ladder…lol. It doesn’t look like the colors of the clothes were dramatically coordinated – But I’m sure they were. They all look dressed-up for a nice family photo. In fact, Collette looks like she has furry mink shoulders on her dress… lol.  This is a no-sleeve dress… in Southern California. Sigh. I’m sure it was fake – but still… I maintain that fur on any article of clothing worn in Southern California (except perhaps in the mountains or in some air conditioned buildings) is just ridiculous. I guess I can understand that a 3-year-old could love the texture of fur… but come the heck on…

Heathers kids

Heather tells Collette to stop acting like a 3-year-old – Yeah, like THAT’s gonna work. The photographer asks Heather if she wants to direct. She says, “No.” In her understatement of the year, Heather eggmits that she is controlling and that she tends to micromanage situations. What a shocker, no? As her kids are being photographed, Heather, because she just can’t help herself, tells them to look straight ahead and smile – But that they should relax their mouths. Right. ‘Cuz a 3-year-old certainly knows what that means. Heck, I barely know what it means. Whatever happened to saying “boyz” or “cheese?” After they take one “serious” shot they’re done.


Next we’re at Tamra’s where she’s taking herself out… No wait, she’s taking the trash out… lol. Sorry, I couldn’t resist…  Ryan comes over and she takes this opportunity to talk to him about her appointment with an anti-aging doctor. They start talking about hormones and Tamra finds out that Ryan is taking HGH. However, you’ll be happy to know it’s improved his skin and his hair. She finds out that he buys it unlawfully in her parking lot.  It’s all okay because it comes in official boxes with serial numbers and everything. Right – Because it’s not like we all have the ability to create a very official looking label on our home computers. Oh wait, we do? Rut roh…

I kind of wonder if Ryan’s injecting himself – because says, “Taken orally, HGH is digested by the stomach before it can be absorbed into the body.” Such a nice son that Ryan is – He is putting her business at risk by his behavior… Not to mention, he is serving as an oh, so inspirational role model for all of the people working out at her studio. Yep, yep, yep – It was all those hard workouts that built up all of his muscles…Actually, she will be very lucky if buying HGH for himself is the only thing he’s doing at the studio…He has direct access to a huge potential customer base, no? I mean, this is all alleged and stuff…He wouldn’t actually do that to his Mom, would he? Nawwww….and not on national TV – He’s not that silly, right?

Tamra feels like since he’s 28 that he is going to do anything he wants to. Well Tamra that may be true – Except that he’s also your employee and you could fire his dupa or at least put him on notice. He really doesn’t seem to think he’s doing anything wrong. She feels that she “needs to lead him down the right path.” Oh Tamra, that ship has long since sailed… But I’ve got to give it to her for trying to do that. Tamra makes an appointment for both of them to see her doctor. Well, at least that’s a step in the right direction. Wow… So this was the best storyline you guys could come up with for him? Yikes!

Vicki arrives in Oklahoma City to go house shopping with Briana, Ryan and Troy… Boy, this city just can’t get a break. They already were decimated by a tornado and by a horrible bombing and now they have Vicki on their hands?  Okay, let’s make this perfectly clear. Vicki does NOT want Briana to move. Period. She wants Briana and Troy to live at Vicki’s house and she wants Ryan to move to Oklahoma – And to come home on weekends. Vicki keeps trying to negotiate this with Briana who is so not interested in what Vicki has to say.


As Vicki starts quizzing them about the criteria for their house while trying to talk Briana into staying in Southern California… It’s really a moot point. The truth of the matter is that the $400,000 (the maximum they want to spend on a home) will go so much farther in Oklahoma than it does in Southern California. I’m not sure where that $400,000 figure came from – but okay. It just seems like a big amount for a first house wherein the Mom isn’t working and the Dad is in the military. But Briana is smart – Perhaps she has saved a lot over these years. Perhaps Mom or Dad helped out… Who knows?

Briana says that she is never ever going to live with Vicki ever again…She really used a lot of “nevers” and “evers”… lol.  Not sure she should have said that – I hope she doesn’t have to eat those words. After all she IS married to such a wonderful and delightful (cough, cough…gag) man. Briana does not want to raise her kids in California. It seems like this offends Vicki since she raised her kids in California and she thinks they had a very nice life. During dinner Vicki chokes on something (No, it wasn’t her foot) – Let’s just say it’s a good thing her daughter is an ER nurse. Briana wonders how Vicki is going to do living by herself. Briana feels that no matter what she does in her life – That it’s just not good enough for her Mom. Briana says she feels like she’s always trying to make someone happy – but that she’s always disappointing someone. That’s got to be a tough way to live.

They look at a couple of different housing options. Vicki’s priority is resale value. The reality that these homes are in “Tornado Alley” hits home when one of the houses has a built in tornado shelter.  Vicki wonders if they have couches in the tornado shelter (It looks like it’s only about 10’ x 10’ max)… lol. Ryan goes down inside the shelter and I just know that any minute Vicki is going to slam the door shut, lock the door and throw away the key. She will then borrow that “Men in Black” memory zapper from Will Smith and Briana and Troy will live happily ever after with Vicki in sunny, tornado-free, Southern California.


Lizzie and Heather get together for a play date at the park with each of their youngest kids. While still in the parking lot, Lizzie’s Preston goes ballistic. Heather was really cool about the whole thing and gave them the space they need. I think she was just relieved it wasn’t Collette who was acting out. Lizzie brought Collette a present because she likes buying girly stuff – and she only has 2 sons at this point.

Lizzie asks Heather for advice on her “Vicki” situation. Lizzie seems to feel that Vicki goes after her about one thing after another. Heather tells her that she loves Vicki and that she’s found her to be a loyal friend. However, Heather wonders why Vicki and Tamra seem to be talking behind Heather’s back to Shannon. In her blog last week, Heather made a big deal to tell us that she only talks to her husband about the other women – For example, that she doesn’t trash talk Shannon to the other women. Well yeah, perhaps… Except that she’s now talking to Lizzie about Shannon. Lizzie volunteered the information that when she talks to Shannon that Shannon basically rehashes to her what is currently going on between Heather and Shannon.  I think part of this is because they’re both newbies – and I think Shannon thinks it’s her job to keep the drama stirred up. She does this by talking to everyone but Heather about her issues with Heather… lol.

Tamra and Ryan go to their appointment at Tamra’s anti-aging doctor. On the door it says, “Family Practice/Sports Medicine.”  She is suffering from fatigue and bloating. They discuss hormone replacement.  She is told she has some testosterone deficiency and they talk about some hormone therapy and what it does.

At this point, it comes out that Ryan has been taking HGH. The doctor asks if there were any blood tests done on him to establish a baseline measurement before he started taking the drug (Of course not…) The doctor said that that if Ryan is going to do it correctly, that he should be monitored. They decide to do a blood test right then and there. It really surprised me that Ryan, who is all tatted up, went pale and got all sweaty when the blood test was administered. He also has been known to faint during blood tests… I get that some people have a hard time with blood tests – because of a bad experience or bad veins or whatever… But it was just surprising to me that someone who has subjected himself to so much “needlework” is squeamish about blood tests. I also think the doctor almost fainted himself when he found out what Ryan was doing to his body. We see next week that Ryan gets some not so great blood test results – Well, at least that’s what we’re led to believe at this point.

The next scene we find out that Shannon has invited all the women over for a makeup lesson. No, no, no – It’s not what they REALLY need – Which is a lesson on how to make-up to people after an argumentative casino happens. Alas, it’s how to put on face makeup. Lizzie is game to go because even though she’s a pageant girl and knows all about makeup – There’s always a new tip she can learn.  Plus, she will finally get to see Shannon’s amazing house.

Hug it out

Lizzie and Danielle are the only ones who are able to attend the makeup session. Since no one was chastised for their non-attendance – Everyone must have timely notified the hostess of their absence. While on the tour of the house, Danielle and Lizzie decide to take the elevator to the various floors of Shannon’s house.  Since Shannon is claustrophobic, she decides to take the stairs.  She wouldn’t have even put an elevator in the house at all except she was advised she needed one for the resale value of the house. Shannon couldn’t miss tossing a dig out at Heather, though… Shannon snottily said that her elevator is pretty small and is not like Heather’s commercial-quality elevator… lol.  I dunno, if I had the choice, enough space, and money, I would choose the commercial quality elevator every single time. As they’re applying makeup, it comes out that Shannon had “nose and chin work” done while she was in college. Wow – Who has money for stuff like that while in college? The conversation steers around to the obligatory topic of Shannon vs. Heather. Lizzie encourages Shannon to talk it out with Heather. I’m noticing more and more about how Danielle is all but non-existent in these episodes – They really did edit her out – Or else she just didn’t say many things that were interesting enough to escape the cutting room floor.

Meanwhile, at Heather’s house… Terry is talking to 3-year-old Collette who is reaching for the cookies in the pantry.  Terry promises Collette that if she kisses him that she can have a cookie. Collette jumps up to kiss him.  Heather puts her foot down by saying, “Can we stop that – She can’t have cookies.” Terry wonders what’s wrong with having a cookie? After hearing what was going on – the other kids chime in that they also want a cookie.  Heather takes Terry aside and tells him she’s trying to teach them about good body images and healthy eating – And that when he does things like this that he’s working against her. She tells him that they’re supposed to be a team on this. You then see the kids mouths filled with cookies. I actually think Terry wanted a cookie himself and perhaps even an onion ring.

Vicki, Briana, Troy, and Ryan stop at a restaurant to have a meal. Briana and Ryan were overly insistent that Vicki try some “lamb fries.” They actually even order them – but Vicki was suspicious about how they looked. They were battered and fried (it looked like to me) and smartly, Vicki waved down a waitress and got the real scoop on what they are (testicles). Yikes. As they drive back to the hotel after house hunting, Vicki decides she doesn’t want to be a Debbie Downer. She uses her words and asks Briana and Ryan to be patient with her as she journeys through this process. I think that’s fair… but Vicki also should come to grips with it…

There was a short little segment that showed Lizzie visiting her sister Becky (who lives on the same street as she does). Becky has 3 kids and so does almost everyone Lizzie knows. Even though her husband is all for it, Lizzie is not yet ready for another child – Perhaps in 6 months or so.  She really, really wants a girl – but wonders if she could really handle a girl.

Shannon receives a call from Heather to get together for coffee or drinks because Heather thinks there’s weirdness in the air between them and she wants to fix it. Shannon tells us that she is hearing from the other “girls” that when they meet with Heather they don’t ever get any resolution.  But she agrees to meet with Heather… and so yet another Friendship Summit is born.

Heather tells us that she is not a paranoid person so when she feels like someone is talking behind her back – That it’s probably true.  As the two of them sit down, Heather says she is glad they’re sitting down together.  Shannon tells Heather she doesn’t understand why Heather is always on her case about things. For instance, Heather was upset with Shannon when she arrived late to the Hoedown, but she wasn’t upset with Vicki or Danielle who arrived at the same time.

Heather tried to explain that it was Tamra who was talking to Shannon about being late when Heather walked up to the conversation. Tamra immediately included Heather into their conversation – So that’s why Shannon’s tardiness came up at all.  Shannon feels that Heather was being condescending to her.  She then mentions Heather’s comment about Shannon being “scary angry” during ChairGate 2014™®© which meant to Shannon that she was flitting around being hysterical. Heather said that was her perception of what happened. Wow. I didn’t see anything scary about Shannon or her reaction… but then again, who knows what was edited out?

Heather now thinks the whole thing was juvenile and she’s embarrassed that they were fighting over a chair. Shannon says that what she was upset about was that Heather was telling her where she was going to sit. Heather accuses Shannon of coming out of the bathroom and waving her finger at her. Boy, that must have been one scary finger… This is so not setting well with Shannon because she doesn’t like anyone saying she did or said something that she didn’t do or say.


Heather wants to tell her side of the story – And she says to Shannon, “I’ve allowed you to talk… I think you should let me to talk.”  Heather wonders where they can go from here – and Shannon doesn’t think she can ever do right in Heather’s eyes. Heather feels that once she introduced Shannon to her friends – that Shannon didn’t have the time of day for her. Heather restates her position that she’s not accusing Shannon of anything – but that it’s all about perception. Heather tells Shannon that she feels excluded.  Shannon hopes that they can get to the point where their perceptions are on the same page.  Good luck with that! They’ll be lucky if their perceptions are ever even in the same library – Much less the same section of the library, book, chapter or page.  They decide that if something comes up that bothers one or the other of them – They will talk about it with each other. Heather wanted to make sure Shannon’s upcoming Christmas party wasn’t awkward for either of them. They decide to toast to “Getting to know each other in a more appropriate way and to moving forward…” Wow, that was pretty adult of them – How totally un-real housewifey of them!

Next week… Christmas Party at Shannon’s – OooooOOO she’s serving some wonderful looking peppermint drinks… but we hear Vicki say she thinks Tamra should be quiet… Rut roh…lol… Oh, and it looks like Ryan (Tamra’s son) may not be getting very good news from the doctor about his blood test results….

Hope you guys have a great week… Happy Trails!






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115 Responses to Real Housewives of Orange County – Choke-lahoma

  1. HuskerHuny says:

    Looks like my neck of the woods is in for some turbulent weather today/tonight. It’s already dark and cloudy this morning and it’s not supposed to get bad until 3 p.m. this afternoon and then even worse after 7 p.m. I have my candles, matches, flashlight, batteries and radio ready to go when I head for the basement (should I have to) and I never forget that ever important element – a bag of chips.

    Hope the rest of you have a great pre-hump day. We Huskers are in for a bumpy ride today. Stay safe!

  2. plainviewsue says:

    Great recap! I know people found this episode to be boring (even Tamra, an employee of Bravo had tweeted to someone it was a boring episode), I enjoy these episodes.

    I can’t get over the fact that Ryan is 28. My oldest son is 28 and Ryan looks 10 years older than him! He doesn’t look well or healthy at all. I also cannot believe it was brought up on national tv that he bought steroids in a parking lot. I wonder if the parking lot of CUT (is that what it’s called?) is filled with federal agents today!

    I love Shannon. I love that someone is finally going toe to toe with Miss Fancy Pants. I enjoy Lizzie.

    I realize Vicki is not a candidate for mother of the year, but I still think that Briana does and says things to rattle her mom on purpose. Briana has gone way down on the likeability scale for me.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Can we blame Ryan for trying to get ‘buff’ by using artificial means? Hasn’t his mother been doing this for years, trying to stay young by using surgeries, injections, etc.? Yes, they are all legal, but it sends a message to her son. If you don’t like the way you look, there’s something out there (be it legal or illegal) that can make you feel/look better. Great example Tamra. Now let’s watch what the three younger ones will do. Hopefully Simon is instilling in them a better self image.

  3. Powell says:

    Good morning again everyone. 😃🌅🌄

  4. T-Rex says:

    I don’t watch OldCronesOFBeverlyHillsAdjacent, but was that a typo that Heather likes to decorate for Christmas? They are Jewish and none of the friends and relatives I have that are jewish, none celebrate Christmas.

    Oh regarding the HGH, almost everyone I have heard of that have used that crap has all done so from an intravenous level. When I worked out long ago at a gym, the reason I left was that this product HGH was being used a LOT in conjunction with steriods, which I would bet that TrailerTrashTrampySue’s son-RoidRagingRyan is also using. From what I remember from years ago, he had the pockmarks and acne bumps indicative of Steriod abuse, it’s also another reason so many folks that work out and use steroids get massive amounts of tattoos, it’s to hide the telltale signs of steroid abuse. TrailerTrashTrampySue also has to be worried that her MANAGER is selling/buying illegal drugs in her gym. Now, for the record, her son RoidRagingRyan is selling these in the parking lot, note TrailertrashTrampySue and GayEddie do not OWN the building where their gym is located, therefore even if RoidRagingRyan is drug dealing in the parking lot, they, as renters, are not liable for the actions of their employee if he is selling them outside the gym building, it’s only if he is selling them in the building would they be in trouble. This leads me to believe that TrailerTrashTrampySue and GayEddie were fully aware that RoidRagingRyan was selling/buying these products and just told him to make sure he isn’t doing any of his drug deals actually IN the building. I hope that they all get busted!

    • Powell says:

      Last epi or was it a Look epi she said they are Jewish and they put up a tree and the put out the menorah. I guess they want their kids to experience both and to be able to make their own choice when they’re adults.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Actually, T-Rex – You’re right – It was a typo – I meant to say, “Shannon loves Christmas” in that particular paragraph… Actually, it is all just a test to see if anyone read it… and I’m happy to say you passed with flying colors! Sorry about the confusion. And Powell is also right – We learned last week that Heather and Terry do put up a Christmas tree so their kids get to experience both holiday traditions. Powell, I love that you read with kind eyes… = ) Sighs… I just had a conversation on FB yesterday about hating to make typos or mistakes in my writing and how I’m trying to be less perfectionistic about it… So I guess this is a test for me, too… lol. However, I’m flunking because all I want to do is correct it…lolol! But alas, I can’t… lol… Fortunately, I can obsess about it all day…lol.

      • Powell says:

        LOL you can’t obese about typos about these ladies. 😀

        • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

          Dies laffin… I know you meant to type “obese” instead of “obsess” and you’re making me laugh!

      • T-Rex says:

        Actually Starzy I was going to snark on MzFancyPantsHeather if that was what she said! I typo all the time! I love your blog, I could never even imagine to do all that the bloggers here do, plus I love reading all the snark you also provid!!

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        I can fix the wording, but I think MTH is in the control center!

        • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

          Thanks, Jan – Thankfully, he already made the change… I just wanted to avoid any further confusion.

    • T-Rex you are so right about HGH. Stuff is terrible.

    • mm in oc says:

      I think hgh and steroids are different. But I could be wrong. Regardless, he’s a bonehead for taking either.

  5. mariareads says:

    OT: I have not been posting much but have been reading. We are going through hell here. DH’s headaches are horrid even though we have gone to yet another doctor. I have had to have shots in my knees for pain which happened OVER NIGHT! What the heck? And they didn’t work and the doc hasn’t called me back. taking my x-rays and going back down to my old home area and the doctor who took care of my back. Daughter-In-Law had 3 hours of contractions in the middle of the night last night. Seems we will be grandparents this week or next or even tomorrow! ARGHHHH! And I need my hair done! He has to wait! LOL!!

    OC=train wreck. I can barely watch. Am enjoying NY still. Ladies of London looks interesting. And the NJ peek was good. But not sure I like the new ones. They look cray cray.

    Have a good day. Thanks for the re-cap and please, stay safe everyone. I am nuts here running from one thing to another so forgive me if I post and run!

    • Powell says:

      Maria I’m sorry DHs migraines are worse. Poor thing. I so sympathize. I’ve been thinking about seeing if I can get into a trial/study. IDK. Your poor knee. OMG. You’re both having it bad right now. I hope it will get better. And a grand baby. 👶 Congrats. 🙂 Yes grand baby grandma has to get her do done so hold up. Make sure you keep us updated.

    • A friend of mine has a son…he keeled over in class from a migraine and they life~flighted him to the hospital….couldn’t find anything wrong with him. She knew a lady that was a chiropractor and after just one adjustment it stopped. He went for adjustments regularly and hasn’t had a problem since. Now I know a lot of people don’t like chiros and some swear by them…I just thought I would put it out there… Also, I am sorry about your knee!! ANd I am excited about the baby, baby, baby!!!

    • iceNfire says:

      Hi mariareads – “pain which happened OVER NIGHT!” … This happens to me, usually about 4 a.m. and I have to think back to the day before to try to figure out what ‘wrong move’ I made….been years and I still dont know what the wrong move is

  6. not THAT Jill says:

    Starzy-you always manage to make the recap way funnier than the actual show-thank you!!!
    When Lizzie got out of the car and her son was bashing her in the head and Heather said “we’ve all been there” I said out loud “NOT ME”!!! My kids have NEVER hit me-NEVER! And it didn’t seem like this was the first time that Lizzie got a beat down from her son-seriously? I don’t understand it-nip that shizzzzzz as soon as it happens the first time! I’m always shocked when I see kids hit their parents and I see it a lot at school-I find it shocking and so strange. I get that kids have temper tantrums-Maggie is a screamer-but the hitting is just over the top! Maggie screams in the house but even she wouldn’t pull that crap in public!!!

    • Powell says:

      JNNTJ I don’t get the kids hitting their parents either. Some parents are afraid to “parent”. To give discipline and correction. My cousin’s 16 yr old daughter is amazed at how our little cousins behave. She says to her grandmother, my aunt, you never let me get away with what they do. My cousin and his wife let their kids get away with too much. When I’m around I don’t let them get away w/it. And if my cousin or his wife say something I tell them to deal w/it or I will.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Powell I’m like you / my goddaughter and her brother were not allowed to get away with anything with me and my close friends’ kids just can’t with me either. It’s awkward if I’m around the parents but they know I’m just STRICT.
        They can’t be “plonkers” or “daft cows” around me. ☝️

    • T-Rex says:

      We NEVER hit either of our parents! My sister did once and she got her “ass” handed to her along with being Grounded! My two little bugs, my niece and nephew, don’t hit their parents. Now my brother and my nephew wrestle, but it’s called wrestling, as my brother was a wrestler in high school and a coach, it’s not “random” hitting. In addition they are the kind of parents that when a child “acts up” or “out”, guess what, we pack up and leave we have left many a full grocery cart, and have asked that are food be packed up for take out! They did this since the kids were little and now we can go anywhere with them, as they know if they act up we are leaving, and they will be grounded. No tantrums are allowed outside the house, now mind you, in the house let the drama begin with these two sometimes, oh and they have had a tantrum in the car as well, but just not outside of the house or vehicle.

    • I thought the same thing….they obviously don’t know the 10 x rule!!!!

    • plainviewsue says:

      Agree Jill. Lizzie did explain that he just woke up for a nap, but if my child ever hit me, they’d go back in the car and we’d go home. But then again, I’m not filming and being paid for a reality show!!

  7. Powell says:

    I’m watching Love and Hip Hop. They have a scene taped in Bar One. Peter’s making a little money. 🙂

  8. LOL Stars, you know you can’t keep a good Ho down!!! 😉

  9. HuskerHuny says:

    A Jewish family that celebrates Christmas? In the most simplest of terms, Jews view Jesus as a false messiah. So why in the world would they celebrate his birthday? I so respect the Jewish religion and those who observe it, but no way in the world would I put up a menorah because it’s not my faith. I have friends where mom remained Lutheran while dad and kids went to the Catholic church. They are a wonderful family, but at least, they were worshiping the same Lord and Savior, with a few differences. But Jewish and Christian beliefs are very different. For Jews who observe Christmas so they can decorate and give and get a few gifts, that’s just daffy to me.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      HH – It was a typo on my part – While it’s true that Heather and Terry have a menorah and put up a tree in December… I made a mistake in my original submission that said,”Heather loves Christmas” – I meant to say that “Shannon loves Christmas” and thanks to Mel – it has now been changed to avoid any further confusion. Thanks, Mel!!!! Sorry, HH…

      • HuskerHuny says:

        But I think that Heather did say the ‘celebrate/observe’ Christmas which I guess to her that means buying/opening presents with a tree involved. Does a tree represent Christmas? Does a bunny represent Easter? No to both, but I guess I was trying to catch Heather talking out of both sides of her mouth once again.

    • T-Rex says:

      Hhunny, oh and leave it to MzFancyPantsDubrow to celebrate the most holy of the Christian holiday traditions the commercial Tree with Lights! This is what I was going to snark at, just because you put up a fake tree with some lights on it doesn’t make it so your children are getting the best of “both religions”, UGH!

    • Exit4 says:

      The only people I know who do this is a friend who converted to Judaism. Her husband wasn’t a strict Jew anyway. The kids are raised Jewish-but they do Santa and the secular stuff and a tree. Easter they do the bunny and eggs. Her temple is one with a lot of converts, so it’s not totally uncommon among their group. Last year she showed me a new thing-the Jewish version of my sworn enemy the Elf on the Shelf. The Mench on the Bench. I kid you not.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I have a niece who married a jewish man, they celebrate both and they are always at hour Xmas party on Xmas eve. I don’t think they are very religious people in either religion.

      • Powell says:

        The Mench on the Bench. Too funny. 🙂

      • Toodybird says:

        My SIL has her husband and my MIL give her a present for every Jewish holiday (including every day of Hanukah) and generous Christmas presents. Convincing, much? We should all know how she does that. But do we really need that much jewelry?

        • Toodybird says:

          Hanging head, now. Just sour grapes spewing. MIL doesn’t like it that hubby loves to live with me rather than her for the last 27 years and he had two sons with me that were such a burden to him (in their family opinion). Only likes other DIL who did not burden husband with children. Whew. Such ventilation.

    • plainviewsue says:

      I think (and I’m not saying this is right or wrong) a lot of people get the Christmas tree and decorations not as a religious symbol, but because for them it represents a happy holiday.

      My husband is Jewish. My mom was jewish/my dad was catholic. We grew up celebrating Christmas. That’s the holiday that I know and where some of my happiest memories of my childhood come from. I grew up in a pretty Jewish area, and my friends used to love and come and see the tree. We didn’t go to church. We celebrated Christmas as a family holiday.

      According to Jewish law, you are what your mom is which makes me jewish. But we didn’t grow up in a religious household. When I married my wonderful husband, I told him that we were having a Christmas tree. This was my tradition. He had no issue with it at all. So my kids grew up with a Christmas tree and a menorah. We celebrated Passover and Rosh Hashuna with my husband’s family. We celebrated Christmas with my mom and my brother (unfortunately my dad had passed at 58, so never met his beautiful grandsons).

      However, I don’t know anyone who is 100% jewish on both sides that have a Christmas tree!!! It’s a shame that Heather and Terry don’t show the celebration of Hanukah. Maybe they do.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Husker I have a particular issue with that

  10. Powell says:

    Stars I could go for an onion ring right about now. I love onion rings. Mmmm. Maybe I’ll get some from Popeye’s this week. 😉

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Just had onion rings for lunch. Well, actually I had frings. A local fast food place serves homemade onion rings and french fries together.

  11. Powell says:

    I love lots of features in Shannon and Heather’s previous house. And the elevator and garage are way up on top of my favorites from Heather’s house.

  12. Powell says:

    #1 Either don’t buy cookies or don’t have them where the kids know they are and have access to them. #2 If body image and good eating habits is Heather’s goal w/the kids wouldn’t it pay to clue Terry in on that? Heather constantly leaves him out of things then expects him to be on board. Well then discuss things w/Terry. She can’t help herself treating him like the 5th kid.

    • mrs peabody says:

      She treats everyone like a child and talks to everyone like they are children. I can’t stand listening to her lecture her castmates.

      • Powell says:

        I can’t either Mrs P. I don’t think she hears herself. Parent and teach her children not adults and certainly not her husband.

    • T-Rex says:

      EXACTLY! As kids no matter where our mom tried to hide the “naughty foods”, as they were referred to in our house, we would ALWAYS know where they were, and if we weren’t supposed to have something, my Mom would most certainly clue in my dad what was going on. They were most definitely a UNITED Front against the evil child-minions(us!). Now, did my dad cheat and sneak us the naughty foods, yep! Did my mom some times sneak us the Naughty foods yep, not as much as my dad though! BUT they never reprimanded each other in front of us, unless they were making jokes, but any serious stuff was left behind closed doors and most certainly away from the Evilchildminion Ears! I think MsFancyPantsDubrow doesn’t realize her children actually have EARS!

      • Powell says:

        T-Rex no Heather doesn’t believe her kids nor Terry have ears. She constantly says things over & over again so in her mind they don’t know anything.

  13. Powell says:

    After every Friend Summit w/Heather she always stay, “If we feel we have an issue with each other let’s sit down and talk about it”. It hasn’t worked in the past. It won’t work in the future. Did she and Tamra have their Summit 2 epis ago? They’re still not straight w/each other. Sighhhhhh. Her Heatherness makes my head hurt.

    Oh Ladies of London is on 3pm est if you want to watch.

  14. Powell says:

    I told you all that LOL comes on at 3 and now we’re having a thunderstorm so I may not be watching. My tv is going in & out. 😏💦💦💦☔☔☔🌚🌚

  15. shamrockblonde says:

    had a hot date with Jack Bauer last night so missed most of the HW – I still don’t like Shannon – she irritates me – as for Heather – she does not bother me that much –
    I have two friends that are Jewish – both are raising their children in the Jewish faith, but only one allows her children to participate in Christmas celebrations – she actually took them to our church – Catholic – so the boys could see what a Mass is like – she did not make it just about the tree and Santa – her sons are 12 and 10 –
    TammySue is a hot mess – liking Lizzie a lot and Brianna – while I don’t like the way Vicki handles her relationships with her children, it does not give Brianna the right to treat Vicki the way she was –

    *hugs whole board really hard*

    • T-Rex says:

      Shamrock, there has got to be something more to the IckyVIcky issue with her kids, her son basically doesn’t want ANYTHING to do with her, and doesn’t even let her know where he lives. I think Brianna is a bit of a brat, she takes IckyViky’s money on one hand then wants to saw off that hand in the next breath, yet IckyVicky has allowed this behavior for years! I just see the whole dynamic there to be quite dysfunctional. I think maybe there is too much information that IckyVicky maybe shares with her kids that she should keep to herself. She bashed the first husband, the one she was cheating on and left him in the dust when Don wanted to move to California, Don was man she was cheating with when she was married to husband number one, then she cheats on Don with BrokeAssBrooks, so I don’t know if that’s the issue or not. As far as TrailerTrashtrampySue, if RoidRagingRyan is her display of parenting skills, let’s hope that her kids learn more from Simon than they do from their mother!

      • iceNfire says:

        Do we know that Brianna took any money from Icki? She lived at home rent free until she married, had her own income and maybe some bravo money. She could have saved a pretty little nest egg

        • Powell says:

          She probably did save but I bet Vicki came out of pocket. On the reunion she’ll deny it.

      • shamrockblonde says:

        *hugs T-Rex really hard* oh I agree – the family dynamic as a whole is dysfunctional – but then – Kandi has a Mom who has made a spectacle of herself and yet you rarely if ever see Kandi treating her Mother with anything but gentleness and respect publicly – what goes on privately remains to be seen – Bri should not address her Mother that way on camera any more than Vicki should embarrass and harrass her children on camera – just because one party chooses to behave badly does not mean both parties have to do it – it solves nothing and ultimately, makes the situation worse – as for TammySue – I pray for her kids all the time – hopefully Simon is giving them the stability they need –

        • Powell says:

          Shamrock so right. But Vicki has herself to blame for how her kids treat her just like Jena does w/her sons that treated her like craps just like their dad did and just like Lynn’s daughters treated her w/talking back & disrespect. These ladies live up in Cota de Casa thinking their money, cars and big homes are “the life”, material things are more important than values, how you treat your family and your fellow human beings in the world. And then they want grown as kids to now show them respect. That doesn’t work if those are not the values you have taught them from day one. They way Brianna treats Vicki isn’t right and how Vicki had treated Brianna her whole life isn’t right. But you know what, I don’t feel sorry for Vicki.

          • iceNfire says:

            wait – There is No comparison between the way Jena/and or Lynn’s kids treated them and the way Icki’s kids treat her. That is a very wide gap. I guess I just don’t see the bratty Brianna you guys see. What I see is Brianna trying to make her mother understand that the apron strings have been cut and I occasionally I see Bri trying to joke with her mother. Everybody knows that a happy, laughing Icki is better than the alternative

            • mrs peabody says:

              I see the same thing, Brianna trying to make her mother understand she is a grown woman with her own family that has a right to have her family life with her husband and kids be the way her and her husband want to run it and Vicky needs to respect that. Vicky is wrong in asking Brianna to live with her and to commute to OK once a month or whatever she was trying to get her to do. Her children are adults and it’s time for Vicky to cut the apron strings that she is trying to use to bind her children to her. Vicky is the one who needs to grow up. Yep her kids grew up and want their own lives and Vicky needs to get over it. All parents know how hard it is when your kids grow up and you are no longer a parent like when they were small and needed you but that’s life. Isn’t that the goal of a parent, to raise their children to be self supporting children? It was my goal, I never planned on taking care of my children for life. I planned on raising them, educating them, teaching them to be good people and to someday live on their own.

            • Powell says:

              I’m not comparing them. I’m saying the ALL let their kids treat them bad in one way or another and thinking the money and material things they gave them was what was needed to raise them to be good people. To be people w/values. I remember Jena telling her kids properties she bought were each a house for them. Well that’s fine and dandy but then the boys would turn around and tell at her or curse at her. Material things over what really matters.

    • Powell says:

      Shamrock I had a migraine and slept for 5 hrs after I shut off my computer from working yesterday a and missed my date w/Jack. Grrrrr. Like Sue said I’ll have to catch it Friday night. I woke up just in time to see Mistresses, although I missed the 1st 10 minutes. Did Savi have a miscarriage? 😦

      • shamrockblonde says:

        Hi Powell! – as always 24 is the fastest hour on tv – I won’t tell you anything! enjoy the date on Friday!!

  16. Powell says:

    The tea room Fortnum and Mason the ladies went to on LOL I could certainly go there & have tea. It looks so nice & the food looks fantastic.☕

  17. kendo says:

    this is in reference to question from yesterday

  18. iceNfire says:

    I understand that many of you don’t like the way Brianna treats her mother but last night didn’t Bri say she gave up going to college out of state and joining Doctors Without Boarders b/c Icki didn’t want her to go?
    How much of her life is Brianna suppose to sacrifice to keep her mother happy? She is now a married woman with children and a career of her own making. I feel like smacking Icki each time she tells Ryan that he is taking her family away form her. Yeah, she did ask for patience while she processes all this but it’s been two years and I don’t think she will ever get over it. In fact I think she would be thrilled if there was a divorce in Brianna’s future … Just Sayin

    • Didn’t she want to join the service at one point…..

    • Powell says:

      I’m glad Brianna has decided no more w?Vicki controlling her life. Vicki moved away from her mother. I really believe something happened in Vicki’s family w/her parents that she’s so needy. She’s said she’s working on herself. She needs to permanently work w/a psychiatrist. She’s needy and she’d rather be in the office than at home. Something is wrong there.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Why can’t Vicki move to Oklahoma and sell TORNADO insurance? Her beloved Brooks is from Mississippi and he’s her tank filler. Oklahoma has some fine gentlemen (Blake Shelton comes to mind). But I truly see that Briana is trying to distance herself from Vicki and her craziness/dependency. Good for B for being her own woman and trying to make a home for herself, her husband and boys.

        • iceNfire says:

          Yes! Good for Brianna! Yeah, Icki moved far away from her entire family but she did so for a man, Donn. She is very needy when it comes to having a man in her life and if she was happily in love and remarried she wouldn’t be trying so hard to get Brianna away from Ryan.

        • Powell says:

          Hahaha. Well tornado insurance. Hahaha. Good one Husker.

      • Orson says:

        Vicki has serious control issues and separation anxiety. I remember when she was giving her son a haircut before he went off to college on time and she was asking him if he was going to miss her. And there was that time she appeared on one of her daughter’s dates. And is there any doubt Brianna eloped with Ryan because she knew Vicki would be the Momzilla of all Bridal Momzillas? The best thing for Brianna and Ryan would be for Ryan to get transferred to the East Coast. There’s a couple of Marine bases there. Oh, and if they’re looking at homes in Oklahoma City, he’s probably being sent to Tinker AFB. I’ve spent some time across the street from Tinker AFB. B-1s are LOUD when they’re doing touch and goes.

  19. Powell says:

    Juliet’s make-up artist said jokingly she doesn’t like Americans when Juliet asked her if she has any American friends. I don’t think she was joking but whateverrrrr. I think we’re a pretty good bunch. Hey I think throughout history England has had more serial killers than America. 😉

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Juliet is my favorite. She’s the least impressed with being ‘British.’ I will keep my eye on her and if she stays true to her American upbringing. British society – really? We all know that the British royal family is inbred, but I do like William and Harry. They seem quite normal.

      • Powell says:

        I hope the American ladies stay American. I understand fitting into the British way of life. Yes the Royal Family is inbred. The Queen and Prince Philip are cousins. Not only are they inbred but they are related to so many royal families. Fathers made deals with other fathers that if you give me 10 ships my daughter will marry your son. If you supply us with soldiers my daughter will marry your son. 😉

  20. Powell says:

    LOL Caroline says British women have sticks up their butt but American women are Stepford Wives. Isn’t that kinda the same thing? 😜

  21. HuskerHuny says:

    It’s coming . . . just got the first weather warning for my area. Something about softball sized hail!?! I think I’m one good hailstorm away from getting my car totaled. I’m still at work until 4:30 p.m. so there’s nothing I can do!

    • Powell says:

      Husker so far our storm is over. Got very dark, pouring rain but that’s it. Hopefully that’s all you’ll get.

  22. Powell says:

    Seattle approves $15 minimum wage. Way to go Seattle. 👍

    • HuskerHuny says:

      But won’t that force some to lose their jobs, higher cost of living and businesses going out of business? I don’t understand how raising the minimum wage keeps everyone from paying more out of pocket expenses. But to earn $15 an hour and nothing else changes . . . yippee!

      • mrs peabody says:

        sure it will, $15 sounds great but not if you are barely breaking even as an employer and now have to pay out more. It will put some in the red, make some companies move out and shut down some all together. We pay our employees more than that but if we all of a sudden had to add another $5 an hour to everyone’s pay we’d move out of the area. Your business can’t survive if you are paying out more than you are taking in. I guess the other alternative is to start charging everyone more to make up the difference so you can continue to break even. Well at least it phases in.

        • Powell says:

          Well if they lower the prices for gas, electricity, water/sewer, food, clothes, phone-just the basics, and taxes then there wouldn’t be a need for $15. These huge corporations that supply all these essentials pay their CEOs, Presidents, Board of Directors huge salaries and bonuses even when the companies have losses but the grunt workers that are servicing the public get bupkis, nada, nill. If it weren’t for these corporations that get all kinds of tax loops and the smaller employer gets nothing then there would also be no need for a drastic increase in the minimum wage. For the past 7,8 yrs retailers have not had the earnings they had before the stock market went down because people are either unemployed or underemployed. People don’t have the money to spend like they used to. So tell me how do retailers expect to get the earnings they used to if people don’t have the discretionary income to spend? People that want to fight an increase in the minimum wage don’t see the vicious cycle. If people don’t have money to spend everything else falls behind. It’s not the wealthy that makes the economy move, it’s the middle income earner.

  23. It is the second day of 110 degrees. But I am so ready for NY tonight. Love that my “Torture Tuesday” ends with HWONY (as long as I am able to stay awake). 🙂

  24. iceNfire says:

    O?T – This is interesting Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands. Marlboro is # 9 and I don’t see any of the networks on there. Aren’t ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC brands?

  25. HuskerHuny says:

    Just spent the last half hour in the basement of my work. We have a lot of children here, so the PD called to give us a heads up that they were going to put the sirens on for approaching bad weather. Nothing but a lot of dark clouds on this one, but more is coming tonight after 7 p.m. Hope that one is as light as this one was.

  26. boston02127 says:

    Great blog. Thx Stars.

  27. VV™ says:

    Radar is reporting that trashy-broke-tampon-string-hanging-would-do-anything-to-secure-a-spot-on-RHOBH-only-to-backstab-and-play-victim-once-she-became-a-full-time-HW-Brandi signed up for Season 5 of RHOBH.
    Since Brandi is RadarOnline “source” occasionally. I wonder if this is true.

  28. Powell says:

    I’m watching OC and I’ll say Her Heatherness did turn dirt into a party. If I’m ever invited to this type of ground breaking party I’m there. 😀

    • boston02127 says:

      I just got done catching up with NY.

      Don’t get me wrong because I’m an animal lover but Sonja’s dogs death just went way too far for me. Also, George is completely vile.

      • Powell says:

        I didn’t mind the ceremony. The only thing I didn’t like was Sonja trotting in her past interns discussing Milou’s death. I’m so tired of her interns.

  29. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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