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Real Housewives Of New York Cast Blogs S6E13

By Ramonacoaster

Kristen Lets Sonja Be

Is Cody into George for the money? Hmmmm. . .When I was at the engagement party I couldn’t help but think that she was — BUT seeing her with Aviva and Sonja, I am thinking George must be really good in bed and I think Cody might be in love. LOL!

Why would you even think of George doing anything in bed?

The Museum of Sex was the PERFECT PLACE for George’s engagement party! Well done Aviva!

Blatant, out there sex is not sexy.  Leave something to the imagination.

Getting felt up at this point is a #RHONY right of passage. I knew it was coming. I am the new girl, I was prepared to take one for the team.

She talks as if she is proud of getting felt up.  How much attention do you need?  Luann was smart not to attend.

What’s up with Ramona asking about Cody’s parents when she was told not to bring it up? Who says did you get the ring appraised at an engagement party in front of a group of people? Oh, Ramona that’s who! Maybe that was another “knee jerk reaction.” So rude, so tacky. . .

She can’t seem to help herself.  Everyone else is so polite on the outside but not really saying what they are thinking unless it is behind someone’s back.

Saratoga: fun, fun, fab! Saratoga was a blast. I knew nothing about horse races, so I trusted Heather and Carole with the money! Can you believe that we won and won big!!! What’s up with Sonja saying that she normally wins big on a $2 bet? Hilarious!!! She was definitely getting her drink on.

And you were getting your mean girl on.

Sonja had a steady drink going all day long. She held it together quite well considering! This is what really went down — I went back to the house to nap. The girls minus Sonja went to see a friend in a box, and Sonja took off and didn’t tell us where she went. Hello! We were a bit worried. . .until she came home smashed and obnoxious. I was trying to help her upstairs and get her straight. You can only take so many “f— yous” until you start giving a few back!!!

She is a big girl. It’s so much better to just let her be. . .

So why go upstairs to talk to her?  I felt like it was a confrontation.  Yay!  Kristen gets another fight scene.  More screen time!

Aviva Feels Bad About Her Dad

It’s our job as parents to embarrass our kids. I did my part by becoming one of The Real Housewives of New York City. My dad has done his part by . . . well, pretty much everything he does. He does that job much too well in this episode. His behavior is mortifying to his daughter. And while I don’t understand what he’s saying most of the time, I do recognize it as excruciatingly vulgar. I’m not the slightest bit amused, and I feel bad for everyone that has to suffer in his presence. I wonder who his ghostwriter is . . . ?

So why put him on the show?  I think he’s the reason for the bad ratings.  His libido and words are not sexy or fascinating.

Sonja’s a dear. Even those who think she goes too far occasionally (I don’t), know she does it with humor, energy, and a great sense of fun. I was disappointed in my fellow Housewives for being catty and disapproving instead of being warm and caring when Sonia had a couple too many (OK, a few too many. Maybe many too many?) in Saratoga. Come on, girls, if you can’t have Sonja’s back, what good are you?

I felt like these women picked on the weak one this episode.  It’s no wonder she needs Ramona on her side.

Luann The Party Got the Best of Sonja

This week’s episode starts off with an interrogation of poor Cody. That girl had no idea what was coming when she entered into George’s life! How did George get so lucky is my question? Must’ve been his sweet talking ways. LOL!

Eewww!  Why suck up to this man?

I give her credit for putting up with Sonja and Aviva’s grilling. I feel like she was really open and honest with them both. I genuinely think she really does love George or she’s a very good liar. The idea of her and George having kids is insane. Certainly Cody knows what a danger it would be to have a child with sperm that’s 80-plus years old — frozen or not???

Cody seems lovely.  I am sure she can do much better than George.

Sonja loves to call me Pumpkin Head, but that nickname is really the brain child of Carole. She always compliments me on how I photograph so beautifully and that’s how it started. Those girls love to tease me, but I’d rather have a Pumpkin Head over a Pin Head any day!

They are both characters in horror movies.  Maybe you missed the joke.

I thought Ramona’s behavior at the engagement party was horrifying. She really doesn’t listen to Sonja! The one thing she asked her to not do, she shamefully did. Not only that, she continued on and on about her finances and all sorts of things that are none of Ramona’s business. I thought Cody handled it like a lady, she really had no other choice than walk away. I’m so glad I missed that party, although I’m curious to check out the museum! It really was the perfect venue for someone like George!

Funny you mentioned horrifying behavior.  Not attending the party was smart of you actually but listening to gossip about the party and taking it as gospel is not smart.

I love to hang out with Sonja when Ramona’s not around. Sonja is a totally different person when Ramona isn’t always looking over her shoulder. I know that she and Ramona are close, and I’m not the jealous type — but I do feel Sonja values her friendship more with Ramona than me. I will never understand why? The park is so beautiful for biking and our picnic was delicious. I didn’t realize Sonja was such a nervous bike rider and it’s a miracle the wine bottle survived. We had a great time and that’s why I invited her to come to Saratoga. Luckily Ramona was busy.

After watching you guys in Saratoga, I could totally see why Sonja would not trust you to be on her side.  I don’t think it has anything to do with Ramona.  She trusts you up to a certain point.  You will always try to go with the crowd instead of standing on by Sonja.

I wasn’t worried about Sonja when she blew us off at the track because I knew she had found some friends or most likely ran into a tall handsome stranger in the crowd! I love Sonja because I know she loves to have fun and is the life of the party — but it seems the party got the best of her this time around. I imagined she wouldn’t leave the house, she was just trying to make us think so hoping we would run after her. Child psychology 101!

If you were Sonja’s friend you would not make fun of her drunken state or join in on someone who is.

Now, let’s discuss George and Ramona. It’s not their first time in the boxing ring. I thought they were both so rude to each other and it’s a pity one of them didn’t take the high road! It was ugly and embarrassing to watch them throw one punch after the next! What both of them said to each other was awful and George went too far at the end of the match by giving Ramona a final blow over the head with his line about her V! YUCK. Really George?

It seemed a fight where whoever gave the lowest blow wins and George definitely won that round.

Heather is All About the Benjamins

Back in the saddle again!

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in Saratoga, whether I was competing in high-school athletics, carpooling in caravans with my friends to see our favorite 80s bands rock SPAC, (The Saratoga Performing Arts Center), or to drink beers in the outdoor space there kicking off festivals like Lollapalooza — or, of course, to learn and test our skills and young luck at the racetrack. I learned to get my gamble on with my big sister Sherry (who lived in Albany at the time) and a good gaggle of her friends who taught me a thing or two about betting. And the secret that I discovered is that mostly. . .it’s pure luck! Saratoga is a destination booming with fun and no matter what I am doing when I’m up north, win, lose, draw, or to rock out and party down, Saratoga has always shown me a good time! So, when Lu-Lu suggested we all go for a fun weekend getaway and a day at the track I was signed, sealed, and delivered! Sonja was too and she also knows it quite well, but her experience was from a different perspective than mine. Sonja knew all about the track, where to see and be seen, how to bet, and where to go after the race is complete. But I was more interested in a fun dress up day, testing my learned skills at our luck, and just hangin’ out with a few of my closest girls, taking in the thrill and all there is to see!

Saratoga seems like fun.  Always wanted to go there.

The track is a fun place with lots to do and but tracking someone down is not one of them. We had earlier discussed that after betting on a few of the races from VIP, where we get to watch the races trackside, we would go up to the boxes and see the excitement from the stands. Many of the owners sit up there, and it’s a place you often run into people you know. And when Sonja didn’t return to VIP or respond to Lu’s text, we assumed that’s where she had likely gone to and headed that way!

Well, you know what happens when you assume.  I hope you sent back the limo.

When we arrived, there was no Sonja, but we met several interesting owners, met up with friends, and bet on a few more races, some of which were not even happening at Saratoga, but that we could watch from a TV there — a race one of the owner’s other horses was running elsewhere! It sounds like a scam, and we lost, but it’s not! Radzi met a very nice and handsome man who was RICH, but also married! But still, it was a successful day at the races and we were getting ready to head out, rest up, and freshen up for dinner and a night on the town, but with still no word from Sonja. We headed back to the VIP tents to find her. With no sight of her there, we headed home.

I wasn’t at all worried when Sonja disappeared at the track, because I knew she had wanted to go to some famous horse auction traditionally held that weekend. When she didn’t come around and we couldn’t find her, I assumed that is where she went!

So you did know where she was.

But after time went by, I realized I had no idea where said auction was being held or even, to this day, what it’s called! I assumed it was somewhere near the track or at the track? And, it’s all very exciting. . .a handsome horse owner, some hundred thousand dollar horse sale. . .only like one Lady Morgan would know.

Sonja did make the decision to separate.

But, as time went by, I became uneasy. By the time Sonja thankfully got home, we were all rested and ready to go for round two, but I was also stressed out and bummed that Sonja had not answered our texts or calls and that upon her arrival her judgment was definitely screwed! I felt it was unfair and irresponsible of her. I was angry and knew it and so did the girls. I talked to Kristen about it and how it had been such a great day! Was she actually trying to spite us over our trifecta of fabulousness? That was just too petty for Sonja!?!  But I certainly did not want to argue with Lady J. I kept it cool and went to see what was up, but when she had the audacity to accuse us of leaving her and then threaten to leave us?

I can understand why Sonja would be angry at you guys for leaving her but she did make the choice to separate from the group.  It is partly her fault being left behind.  It might behoove you however to apologize for leaving her just to keep the peace.

It was just too much! I am over these ladies who shatter well-planned girls weekends because of their own hang-ups! But honestly, if someone wants to leave and they have their own plane or a car and driver, haunted or not, drunk or not — let ’em go!

Is this really something to get angry at?  Yeah let them leave and don’t get insulted when they don’t jump to spend time with you and Carole.

I am so grateful that Kristen came to my rescue and didn’t allow me to try to reason with someone who wasn’t being reasonable. I’m only sorry that things escalated with her and Sonja and then they argued. KT had only the best intention, and she did a good job! She did better than I would have done, up until things got well unreasonable, and infuriating! Although Sonja wasn’t drinking Mint Juleps, whatever it was was making her combative and mean. I hoped that with some food and a little TLC (if I could muster the TLC, and ignore that she was totally twisting that it was she, who abandon us) that Sonja would sober up and see we wished she had not wandered and that we had never gotten separated. We were having a great time all-together! And now that she was home, all we just wished she would come down off of her high flying horse and take a chill, because Saratoga has a really cool nightlife and the girls and I didn’t want to miss out on spending our winnings out on the town. . .

How can Kristen make fun of someone that is drunk and still be friends with someone like Brandi?  I feel like she is just using this situation to insert herself.  How about  being clever and interesting?  I do kind of miss Bethenny’s brand of cleverness and snark.  I can’t believe producers couldn’t find someone in NYC that can add a smarter sense of humor and different viewpoint for the show.  There’s plenty of women out there.

Ramona would love to Never See George Again

I really thought Cody seemed very nice. When Sonja told me Cody had no parents, that was all I heard. I never took in that Sonja said I should not mention Cody’s parents to her or speak about them. I had tuned Sonja out, and I must say I regret that.

Poor Sonja.  Not even Ramona is taking her seriously.

I had no clue that Cody would react and be so upset when I said she had no parents because I did not listen to Sonja’s entire conversation to me. It was never my intention to upset or hurt her.

This is yet another example of Ramona needing to think before she speaks.  Though hurling the racist badge at Ramona makes me wonder if Cody is just a set up to make Ramona look bad.

At Aviva’s home I also told her how sorry I was that I upset Cody.

I was quite shocked when George walked in. The conversation we had was shocking, to say the least. If I I never see George again, it would be too soon.

Ramona doesn’t like surprises.  George ambushed her.

I don’t know why the ladies all left Sonja at the race track. Sonja is very social and knows lots of people, and I am sure she was making great connections and having fun and wanted her friends to join her. They really should of been looking for her.

I understood that Sonja due to her financial circumstances couldn’t fully celebrate their winnings with them and split to have a better time elsewhere.  I don’t think she should have been that angry with them but the alcohol was fueling her fire.  I don’t like that Heather should have been so mad at Sonja and Kristen was making fun of her in her weakened state.  They should have just kept out of Sonja’s way like Carole and/or apologized to Sonja for leaving her.  I really don’t think they think of Sonja as a friend anyway.

Carole: Turns Out Size (and Age) Matters

OK the word of the night is, “Huh?” Take a sizable sip of your Saratoga Mint Julep every time you say Huh? during the episode. (Or just follow my lead.) And did you notice, the theme of the show is SIZE. I’ll get back to that.

Do you sometimes feel like the entire show exists solely for us to analyze, discuss, observe, and pay homage to le penis? (That’s French for “penis.”) There isn’t a situation or conversation or scene or even snippet of thought that one of us can’t turn into a penis reference. Usually that person is me. This episode, though, the other ladies give me a thoroughbred’s run for my money. Literally.

I was surprised there was no mention of horse penis.

No Straw Hats! In the last show we wore black hats and in this episode we wear colorful ones. Spoiler alert: We wear hats in every episode until the very last one. We wear hats to the reunion! We love our hats. We wear hats better than any other city. Take that, Atlanta.

Love the hats.  Atlanta may have better ratings but you guys have better hats.

Like most models and all actors, LuAnn has a large-sized head and as a result she looks great in a hat. Kristen looks great in everything. (Bitch.) Wait, did Sonja just call LuAnn “Pumpkin Head”? Huh? (Drink.) That was my cute nickname for LuAnn, last season. She yelled at me at the reunion about it, but it was a term of affection! She likes it now. I’m the pin-head, Sonja, and maybe also your ghostwriter.

Luann needs to get in with “cool” girls, Carole and Heather.  She won’t mind what name you call her so you could take advantage of the situation if you were mean.  But you’re not.

Sex & the Modern Family: In the age of Viagra, embryo cryopreservation, and sperm thawing who needs to get knocked up the old-fashioned way? (You know, with martinis and late night Cinemax). I just read an article about a guy who froze his sperm for 40 years. That means he could technically father his own great-grandchild. Um. OK. Huh? (Drink.)

I guess there is no such thing as a biological clock anymore.

Whenever you think it can’t get weirder, it does. Is anyone wondering how often Cody and George have sex? I’d bet my cryo-frozen eggs no one is. Pretty much everyone is grossed out right now, right? Except for Sonja and Aviva. Daughter asks Dad’s girlfriend about their sex life. Huh? (Drink.)

Why would that be of interest to anyone?

George has Cody’s best interests at heart because he is going to freeze his sperm so she can get pregnant after he dies. Huh? (Drink.) Did I hear that wrong? (For fun, drink.) So Cody is not marrying him for his money. Huh? (Drink, drink.) Perhaps I’m old-fashioned but I don’t think mothers want their 25-year-old daughters to marry 85-year-old men, except maybe for the money. Money, at least, makes some sense. An old wealthy man and a young impressionable girl, who may have daddy issues and may want financial security. That story is older than God. But here we have not only an 85-year-old man, but one who openly gropes his daughter’s friends at his engagement party. In front of his new fiancé! Huh? (Drink, OK? Drink, drink, drink.)

Putting it that way, Ramona’s points make more sense.  She is the only one that voices them.

As usual, Ramona is Ramona. There’s no surprise there. She puts her foot in her mouth, I think she has a little rack behind her back molars for her shoes. She claims she didn’t know not to bring up Cody’s dead parents. It’s universally. . .um, rude. Do we need to be told not to bring up the death of someone’s parents in a casual first conversation? Huh? (Yes. Drink.) Still, as far as Ramonisms go, is it so vile that you’d call her “a bitch that should get f—ked by a dog.” Huh? I don’t think so. (Yeah. Drink again.)

She forgets the point she was going to make about Daddy issues because she already put her foot in her mouth.

Let’s place bets on how much Ramona’s florist bill is each month. There are a lot of apologies. Here’s another one, flowers in hand; it goes awry. Ramona needs to spruce up her apologies. Or maybe she needs to stop talking and being blunt. But wait, did she give Cody the ultimate insult when she mentioned her dead parents? Huh? (Drink.) If you point out a person’s lack of parents, is that code for saying they’re black? HUH? (Drink, drink, double-drink.) Ramona. . .is a racist? HUH? How did we get here? George is a pedophile. She’s a racist. And he’ll lick Ramona’s vaginal parts at her funeral. HUH? It’s all too gross to even continue, except to say: WTF? (Grab your bottle of gin and get a straw.)

Why or why were we subjected to that conversation?  Bravo must hate their audience.

Off to the Races: Sonja lived in the shadow of Saratoga Race track and has been betting since she was 17. But I lived in its heart. I’ve been betting since I was tall enough to reach the teller window, on tiptoes. Don’t mess with me at the track.

I’d go with you on any horse bet.

My Grandpa Tony was a legend in our family, and also in his own mind. There’s no end to the tales of his exploits. He loved Grandma Millie, but his great love was the horses. Not the animals, but the horses — which means, of course, the races. He’d sit for hours with the Daily Racing Form, hunched over his notebook, scribbling down weights and speeds and the mysterious equations of Breyers numbers. He was up early every morning, handicapping races while my uncles snored off their late night in the next room.

I’m still trying to figure out those betting books and figuring out how they figure out those odds.

His small spiral notebook was filled with rows and rows of neat numbers: running times and finishes and turfs; winnings and weights and breeding stats. He had a savant-like command of science and superstition. Then each afternoon he took his notebook to the OTB in a nearby strip mall, where he changed most of his bets on the fly when he got up to the window.

He never came out ahead, because when he won he always parlay-ed it. When Grandma Millie asked how much he lost there was always a story.  “I didn’t lose, I won on the trifecta, and then I parlayed it onto the 8th race.” (I grew up thinking parlay was French for “to lose.”)

A few times each summer he piled the grandkids into his rusty Cadillac and headed to Saratoga. He taught us how to wheel an exacta and box a trifecta. You gotta go with your gut for the win, then box it to be safe, he said. Family habits die hard.

I guess it worked in this case and luck always has a hand.

W.M.D.: Sonja has no idea what she is doing, betting wise. She got mad, she got drunk, and she ditched us at the track. We told her we were leaving. She wanted to stay. I learned things about Sonja this episode. She was married twice. Huh? (Drink.) And she is a mean drunk, and a fast packer.

That whole situation was one big mess.

I also learned something in high school, and remind myself of it often — mirror, mirror on the bathroom wall — no one can make you feel good about yourself. No one can make you feel anything you don’t already feel. Sonja is unraveling in Saratoga and it continues.

Poor Sonja.  She needs a man to make her feel good about herself.  I think outside forces are affecting Sonja.  She does try to stay strong but to face those amount of problems can seem overwhelming at times.

Yes, It Does: I told you I’d come back to it. Size. Size is a central theme of this week’s show. So obviously, it matters. There is the size of Lu’s head, the size of a penis — which fits the size of the jockey, inversely, or not. There is the size of the bet, the size of the winning purse, the size of the suitcase Sonja has to awkwardly drag out alone in her escape. There is the size of a man’s wallet and the size of his bugle. You can size people up, and come out short.

I’m surprised there is no mention of shoes.

That, my friends, is a photo finish. Huh? (Drink.)

Sonja: Sure I Was Buzzed

I can’t believe I got caught on camera in the confessionals with the coffee and diet coke at once. I was embracing my inner trash. Priceless! When we film for five months it’s not the healthiest time period for me. Hey! As Sinatra says “Whatever gets you through the night!” I have my good moments and I sure have my bad moments.

That was funny.  Caffeine overload.

I love the hat scene at Suzanne’s. LuAnn told me she was a pumpkin head and I said I was a pinhead. Ages ago! I like inside jokes between friends. It makes me feel closer that I can joke like that between close friends in front of others. It shows how intimate we are. also have that with Ramona and Aviva. It takes trust. I do see here and there though that Lu and Ramona are a bit testy these days in front of me. When I am not around they are making snide remarks that they couldn’t possibly mean. I think something is going on in their lives aside from me that they are not sharing with me either. More to come!

Hindsight is 20/20.  They both must be having man problems.

I can’t believe I say to Ramona a million times do NOT mention Cody’s parents passing and of course she does! She says I’m a broken record and she tunes me out! Grrrrreat. Who doesn’t hear the word leukemia?

Obviously Ramona.  She can’t get out of her own way.

Lu feels I don’t spend enough time with her so we go for a bike ride? OK?!? We are adults! I can go without seeing a close friend for years and know that they are there for me, and they know I am there for them. It really just alwwwwaaaays boils down to Ramona.

Lu must be jealous of Ramona.  She wants the type of loyalty you reserve for Ramona to be hers. By the way, this concept is fictional because I don’t spend all that much time with Ramona. We just seem to be together all the time because of our on-screen chemistry. I don’t decide that. I actually see Lu just as much. She is a lot of fun when she lets her hair down.

I can see you have a better time with Ramona than Lu.

This Kristen really likes to ruffle the feathers. I am not drinking hard liquor at 10. A mimosa made from prossecco is hardly hard liquor. What a Debbie Downer. I did not invent the mint julep at the races, and we did not get there until after the third race. So that would not be 10 am — nor did we even have the juleps. We did have tequila though! We always seem to imbibe on the girls’ trips!

Maybe Kristen doesn’t know what hard liquor is.

I always like to bet $2 on a horse coupled up with long shots. I don’t mind losing $90 on the whole day with the chance of winning thousands and thousands, but I’m not betting hundreds on a single race. In fact, at the end the day I collected more then $70 back on all the long shots that were scratched.

If your system works, use it.  The important thing is to have fun.

So I had fun and lost little, but if I won, I would have won big! I was happy for the girls, but they sure liked to rub it in when I lost! I really get tired of the negativity. Hey, if I lose at the races but win in love, I’m happy!

Maybe it was better to go in on their betting plan even if you didn’t think they’d win.  It would have shown solidarity.

The girls left me in the paddock to go box hopping. They went without me. They didn’t really want me to come, which is why I said, “You did not come and take me by the arm and say Son. . .we are leaving.” I was with the rest of the crew, played the rest of the races, went to see friends in the winners’ circle with winning horses, and then to Siro’s.

If you had a camera crew they could have easily spotted you in the crowd.

Lu told me over and over she was going to Siro’s. I was sure to meet up with her there. The others were planning on going back to nap and eat dinner at home. I went back to the house to be “dramatized”, accused of leaving them and being a mean drunk. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a lover and get mushy and kissy when I tip the cups. Quite the contrary to what the girls say!

There was a few choice curse words you used and some yelling so I can understand why they’d call you a mean drunk.

I’m very easy going, but if you get in my face and LIE that always brings out my fierce side. I hate liars. Was I buzzed? Sure! That’s what you do at Saratoga, you watch the horses and imbide, if you drink. I shot hoops, making baskets outside the house in Saratoga before entering the ambush of jealous biddies who obviously felt left out of fun I had. They made the choice to nap and go home. Then I packed my bag alone, grabbed my hat box and my Birkin, and go down the stairs to leave. Drunk? I think not.

Hold on! You were slurring your words and acting a bit crazy.  Buzzed is drunk.

Go to my Facebook page to see me making the baskets after Siro’s and before the attack of the girls who missed out meeting my friends who own winning horses. Next time they better stick by my side and not dump me to go box hopping! Who does that?!

You did dump them first.

But of course the puppy Kristen has to stick her nose into it again when Heather and Lu say, “Just let it go, do not go up and aggravate her further.” LuAnn texted me? She knew exactly where I was going — Siro’s. Just as we planned and talked about all day. Everyone leaves the stands after the races and goes to Siro’s. I had a great time. They simply missed out, and then they blame me!?!

If Kristen didn’t stick her nose in, she’d be labeled boring.

Now later, when they talk “the straw that stirs the drink” into staying and not going off the Hampton’s after doing the entire day at the track…. you will see drunk! Why do they need me to stay if I’m so mean?

You should have borrowed Ramona’s friend with the plane to fly you away.


New Episode Tonight!

“Sex Lies and Facials”

Ep 14: Sex Lies And Facials

Sonja’s gossipy facialist spills secrets about the women to Kristen,  who shares what she heard with Carole and LuAnn, who angrily refute the stories. LuAnn hosts a charity luncheon where Aviva sends around a naughty text that royally ruffles the Countess’ feathers.


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    Hahaha!!! Sonja’s said her ‘walk of shame’ is more like a victory lap!! Good one!

  11. lillybee says:

    I no longer get the east coast feed, so I will have to find a repeat.

    • NJBev says:

      ahhh. I’m sorry, that makes it very hard to chat while the show
      is on. (I am so selfish) but, in all honestly, what does it matter?
      It will be shown 75x this week alone- 😉

  12. NJBev says:

    Kristen is as bad an A-Hole as Lizzie.
    What do they feed the newbies????

  13. chismosa™ says:

    Can’t wait to see the linebacker ambush Ramona tonight and Ramona will be the one at fault – AGAIN
    ((Ps there was a picture of L#2 running in ny traffic again in the paper last week.
    Hasn’t learned about sidewalks yet …..))

    Linebacker 1 is simply upset Ramona is the only OG from the original cast and she was demoted. Yuck! 💀

    Catch y’all later … 😦

    • chismosa™ says:

      Kristen’s live tweeting, again. With Carole and Heather

    • NJBev says:

      I’m guessing LuMann?

    • Jules says:

      Thought she goes after Aviva.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Jules ! 2 DAYS!!!!
        I’m upset, twitter had a hashtag flag thing going for each country but now it seems to not work 😦

        Aviva just has to have her “”””fight””””” with each cast member.
        That makes everyone I believe.

        Maybe that’s what makes Heather go for her and the Leg gets thrown. Heather seems very protective of her “Lu” lately.

    • Powell says:

      I knew who LB #1 was but just Got who LB #2 is. You are too funny. 😀

  14. Jules says:

    Good for Ramona. Letting that miss usa know what was being said about her.

  15. NJBev says:

    I KNEW Adiva would bring up Lumanns daughters
    picture- i freaking knew it-

  16. NJBev says:

    Sonja says
    “This is why I drink around you guys!!”
    they give her a built in excuse………… lol

  17. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  18. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  19. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  20. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  21. chismosa™ says:


    Haven’t watched yet.

    • Boobah says:

      Ha!! While caption is hilarious, the picture scared me before I even read it. Dear lord, man, stop effing with your face and cut your damn hair!

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:


      • chismosa™ says:

        I don’t watch the show BUT I saw the previews and saw this one ^^^^^ glaring at Kris — and it was SCARY. he looked mid-transition !
        It was quite scary and sad. It looked like they were totally exploiting him BUT he really was quite scary.

      • Powell says:

        HA!!!!!! 😱 scary Bruce.

  22. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    • chismosa™ says:

      The sad thing we have to keep in mind is that those 3 are all sitting around and cackling and composing these tweets ^^^^^^^^

      Like, all laughing about Sonja. Or whoever …..

      • NJBev says:

        you are 100% right.
        gotta take a step back and realize
        there are still “cliques” – even at
        this age. Still makes me sad.
        I feel bad for Sonja. I still don’t
        think “highly” of her. But this is a woman
        starving for attention.

        Does anyone know how old she was
        when her husband left her?
        She must have been very young-
        ie; marriage and divorce.
        she seems sO desperate.
        scary desperate.

        • chismosa™ says:

          Bev I don’t think she was young when she married or when they separated.

          I believe her daughter is not even in high school yet?
          And they separated about 5-7 years or so ago?

        • T-Rex says:

          Bev, DrunkenSlutGreyGardensSonja was NOT young when she married Mr. Morgan. She was always a person “starving” for affections apparently. She had several jobs hostessing at various high end restaurants, and she got FIRED from her last one, just prior to meeting Mr. Morgan for having “inappropriate relations” with several married men. She was called the “Hostess with the Mostest” in many circles. She had also been named in three(their could be more but I only found three) divorce actions as the “other woman”. A large majority of Mr. Morgans friends/acquaintances were kind of appalled that he married DrunkenSlutGreyGardensSonja, which is kind of sad that she went into that relationship already having a target on her back. Mr. Morgan wanted children and DrunkenSlutGreyGardensSonja wanted money and clout, I don’t buy for a minute she actually loved that old geezer. She knew EXACTLY what she was getting into when she married Mr. Morgan. This alcohol infused behaviour is NOTHING new, she was like this pre-Mr.. Morgan, during Mr. Morgan and now after Mr. Morgan. The clue here is that even after seeing herself on camera she STILL doesn’t own the fact that she was a drunken mess in Saratoga. It’s times like these I really miss Nancy’s insight into the alcoholic behaviors of some housewives, clearly DrunkenSlutGreyGardensSonja has a REAL PROBLEM with alcohol and she could use some REAL psychiatric help, not the nonsense psychics she has been using/

  23. Powell says:

    AZGirl I totally forgot about The People’s Couch. 😏

  24. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Orphan Black was featured on People’s Couch.

  25. Powell says:

    Is that Alvin, Simon or Theodore? #chipmunks 😉

  26. ladebra says:

    Ok, lmao, I just watched the people on the couch. They are great! “You are too old to know who is on the Disney channel”

  27. Veena (NMD) says:

    New blog on my favorite church in Rome

  28. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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