Real Housewives of Orange County – Not So Silent Night

 Real Housewives Of Orange County

S9E8 “Not So Silent Night”

by Stars99

Shannon Beador, Heather Dubrow, Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge & Lizzie Rovsek

Shannon Beador, Heather Dubrow, Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge & Lizzie Rovsek

WARNING***WARNING***WARNING***WARNING… This week, I believe that Tamra is acting like the most selfish, ungrateful, sniveling, petty, whiney, idiotic short-sighted dimwit that I have seen in a very long time. And that’s saying a lot because I watched an episode of “Marriage Boot Camp – Reality Stars” and “Hell’s Kitchen” this week. Tamra couldn’t recognize a great marketing opportunity if it hit her on the side of her over-Botoxed airhead.

Whew, thanks for letting me get that off my chest… I just had to vent… However, my feelings might not be completely out – So you might want to proceed with extreme caution… lol!

Remember last week… While looking at houses for Briana in Oklahoma, Vicki almost choked to death on her own foot and almost succeeded in locking Ryan (Briana’s gooberhead husband) in a tornado shelter forever… Shannon and Heather both take pictures of their family for their annual holiday card… Tamra’s son and employee, Ryan, is illegally buying and taking HGH he obtains from a guy in a parking lot without any medical supervision – But it’s okay, ‘cuz the HGH package has an official serial number on it and everything…  Heather and Lizzie (and kids) play well together, but Heather and Shannon don’t until they have a “Friendship Summit” which ended up in their toasting to, “Getting to know each other in a more appropriate way and to moving forward…” Let’s see what they have in store for us this week, shall we?

The episode begins with Shannon preparing for her annual Christmas party. As we know, when there’s a group of like 15 or less – Shannon likes to do the bulk of the cooking herself. However, when over 30 will be in attendance (like at this party), she always hires a caterer/chef. As if Shannon’s own decorations were incredulously not sufficiently adequate, she has hired Roger’s Gardens to come and augment what she already has on display.

On a side note, I have amazingly fond memories of going to Roger’s Gardens ( with my Mom several times each year. My Mom LOVED it there because she not only had a green thumb – she had a green arm!  The grounds are amazing any time of year – But during Christmas, they always carried extra fun and holy cow expensive Christmas decorations. I loved looking at the rows and rows of highly decorated Christmas trees. We couldn’t afford to buy much but Mom always got great ideas from there and would have fun trying to implement them. Since today is the actual 28th anniversary of her death and it felt really mentascental to me that something so special to my Mom was brought into my life’s path today – Even if it was through an unlikely vessel like RHOC…lol.


Shannon goes out of her way to tell us that she does not overdo it for their Christmas party and that she keeps the cost down at every turn. She says that their budget motto is, “as cheap as possible” – and that’s just how they roll. Yeah right, because don’t we ALL have Roger’s Gardens coming out to help us decorate for our holiday parties? And I don’t mean they just delivered a flower arrangement or two… They were doing all kinds of things for her party. Puhleeze… They also have hired a candy sculpturist (Take a look at the carousel horse he did…) – He’s 1 of only 2 in the world – Yeah, I’m sure that was cheap, too… Shannon says she doesn’t know what the budget for the party really is – but isn’t that quite convenient? It’s easy to pretend you’re staying within a budget when you don’t actually have a budget, no? (Insert gratuitous eye roll here.)

Tamra and Ryan

Tamra and Ryan are back at the doctor’s office. Tamra tells us that Eddie thinks the Botox and all of the treatments that Tamra is doing are stupid. Tamra thinks that he says that now – but if she stopped them that he would be singing a different tune.  The doctor tells Ryan about his lab results. He says there were, “Significant abnormalities.” His good cholesterol is too low and his bad cholesterol is too high and that he is in a high risk ratio for a coronary event. His total iron level is crazily high – less than 340 is normal – and Ryan’s is a whopping 1,187. Ryan tells the doctor that he sometimes has heart palpitations. With all of this combined, Ryan is at significant risk of having cardiac heart failure. Tamra talks to Ryan through her talking head interview, “You were fine the way you are… You don’t need to inject your body with stuff to make yourself look better – Just be happy with who you are… ” Right, Tamra – Did you film this segment before or after your Botox injections, boob jobs and tanning sessions? Later, Tamra tells Eddie that the doctor said Ryan could have a heart attack by the age of 40. She thinks the doctor scared the crap out of Ryan.

Okay, the rest of the episode takes place at Shannon’s Christmas Party. I’m severely disappointed because we didn’t even get to really see the kewl peppermint drinks they showed in last week’s previews, dagnabit.  There is a lot of hashing and rehashing of stories – so I’m going to try to capture it once for expedience… And to save us all from unnecessary crap.


The main scenario: Evidently, about 5 months ago, Heather guest hosted on a local Los Angeles news/talk morning show called, “Good Day LA.” She has guest hosted a number of times over the last several years since she’s an actress in LA – but this particular time it was because she was promoting her guest appearance on “Hawaii Five-0.” At some point, Heather was given a heads-up about the segments they were going to feature during that day’s program. I think it’s pretty normal – It’s probably so that the hosts can be as prepared as possible so everything goes smoothly during filming.  That day they were planning a couple of segments that included people within Heather’s world – A clothier (who is the husband of one of her best friends) and a chef (Fabio Viviani – Top Chef guy) with whom she wanted to open a restaurant.

In addition, another segment that day was going to feature the fitness studio in Newport Beach where Heather occasionally works out. According to Heather’s blog, the fitness studio’s PR person has a close relationship with one of the morning show’s producers. We’ve all seen the fitness equipment Heather already has in her home – So I’m guessing it’s not too often that she goes somewhere else to work out.  At that time, Tamra and Eddie had opened “CUT Fitness Studio” and could have used some significant publicity.  Heather’s side of the story is that when she heard that one of the segments was going to feature a fitness studio – She called and texted Tamra to talk to her about it because she didn’t want Tamra to be upset. Terry didn’t think Heather should take the guest hosting job at all because he knew it would upset Tamra.

Heather maintains that she had absolutely no say in the segments that were featured that day. She says that her options were to either 1) Take the job; or 2) Turn down the job. She couldn’t imagine that Tamra would want her to turn down this job – So she took the job but talked to Tamra about it before it even got filmed.

Tamra sent Heather an email that told her that her feelings were hurt about this whole thing. She didn’t get a response from Heather, but Terry texted Tamra and told her that his advice to Heather was not to do the job – because he knew that Tamra was going to be upset. This is also the man that tends to downplay the importance of Heather’s acting career…

Since then, two things have happened: 1) One of the instructors at CUT Fitness Studio (who used to be an instructor at the fitness studio that was featured in the segment) told Tamra that Heather had actually set the whole thing up; and 2) Heather was offered the opportunity to do several other “guest” appearances on “Good Day LA” since one of their regulars was going to be out on maternity leave. This gave Heather an opportunity to pitch several ideas for future segments – one of which featured “CUT Fitness Studio.”

Tamra finger

At the Christmas party, Heather shares the great news with Tamra and Eddie that not only is she going to have frequent guest hosting appearances on “Good Day LA” – but also that the producers have approved a segment that will feature, “CUT Fitness!” This is amazing, yes?  No – At least not according to Tamra. She gripes and complains about how her widdle feelings were hurt 5 months ago. Oh, Tamra – Would you like some Gouda to go with your whine? However, Eddie is really so “stick a fork in me I’m done” with Tamra’s pettiness, is thrilled at this obvious huge marketing opportunity and thinks Heather is a really good friend.


Since Heather and Vicki are off talking in another room about Vicki’s recent trip to Oklahoma and how her relationship with Briana is going to dramatically change – It was a perfect time for Tamra to maliciously talk about Heather behind her back. Tamra couldn’t wait to babble to the others about how Heather had wounded her all those months ago. Oh, booo honkin’ hooo. She holds court with Shannon (who already has serious doubts about the authenticity of any of Heather’s words because she’s an “actress”), Lizzie and Danielle. As Tamra rehashes the story, Shannon interrupts her – because she wanted clarification about the original fitness studio segment.  Shannon said, “Wait, it was her [Heather’s] choice to bring them on?” Tamra said Heather is saying that it wasn’t – but then Tamra proceeds to tell them that her fitness instructor said Heather had indeed set it all up. Because, you know – a fitness instructor would be privy to that level of information, right? I mean the producers could have even presented it to the owners under the guise, “Since Heather is guest hosting, we want to do a segment with you…” Yadda yadda yadda… And it would look like Heather set the whole thing up.

I honestly don’t know if Heather set it up or not. She says that she didn’t – but I’ve learned not to trust anything anyone says on these shows. What I DO know is; 1) Heather owes nothing to Tamra; 2) It isn’t Heather’s job to market Tamra’s Fitness Studio; and 3) If Tamra doesn’t shut her mouth – This marketing opportunity could EASILY be snatched away – and probably should be.

Tamra tells the group that now Heather wants to do a segment on “Good Day LA” featuring CUT Fitness.  On one hand, Lizzie immediately responds, “That’s great she wants to do that!” On the other hand, Shannon blurts out, “That’s f***ing bulls***!  Wow…

Shannon and tamra

Tamra also shares with Shannon about how Heather allegedly told her she had to “pick a side” in their friendship.  Evidently, Tamra was at Shannon’s house (The day After the Ho was down at the Hoe Down…lol… that just never gets old – at least not to me…lol…) – and Tamra says Heather told her to pick a side… Tamra interpreted it to mean she had to pick between being friends with Heather or with Shannon.  Shannon flips a fig over this…


Heather and Vicki unknowingly walk into the den of vipers.  There’s a long, awkward silence.  Lizzie breaks the icy stillness by telling Heather that the others were wondering if they should talk to her about something or not.  Lizzie thinks they all should just talk.  Tamra looks stunned like a deer caught in the headlights and she isn’t saying anything at all. You can tell that Heather knows they were all talking about her behind her back. In front of everyone, Lizzie tells Heather she was defending her because she didn’t think Heather meant to offend anyone – So this clues Heather into the fact that they were saying disparaging things about her since she needed to be defended in the first place. In her talking head, Shannon is completely pissed off and wonders who put Lizzie in charge of when Shannon and Heather’s issues would be discussed…lol… The viewers put Lizzie in charge, Shannon – We had a meeting… And we’re applauding!


Heather posits to Tamra, “Why would I go out of my way to upset you?” Tamra says, “I don’t know – Why did you?” Heather said, “So you don’t believe me.” Tamra tries to wriggle out of answering and Heather says, “Either you do or you don’t.” Shannon jumps in and tells Heather she needs to stop talking so condescendingly towards them.  In tonight’s quote of the night – Heather says in her talking head interview, “If you think I’m talking down to you – I probably am – because you’re acting like a moron.”


Shannon continues her tirade against Heather. Her Royal Heatherness says she feels like she’s being ambushed and she looks like she’s about to leave because she doesn’t feel she needs to be spoken to like this. Shannon says that Heather just did that same thing to Tamra. Heather tries to make the distinction that it’s different because she’s being accused of something.  Shannon thinks it’s the same thing as what happened between her and Heather.  Shannon exclaims, “Touché!”

The bottomline is that Tamra just doesn’t believe Heather. Heather and Terry leave because of a “phone call” they received from one of their kids (Although Vicki didn’t see the phone light up indicating there was an incoming call). Tamra “hopes” that Heather would never do anything to hurt her – but she’s not sure. When asked if Heather has ever lied to her, Tamra’s response was, “Not that I know of.” Ringing endorsements from a true friend, no?


Vicki was trying to stay out of this argument because she’s just happy that for once that she wasn’t involved. However, at one point she laughingly says that since no one in the room is buying insurance from her that she’s going to be offended! Lololol… However, in her talking head, she agrees that she doesn’t think Heather did anything wrong and that Tamra should just be grateful IF she is ever on “Good Day LA”… and that Tamra should, “Shut the mmmm up.” Later, when pressed by Tamra for her position on this subject, Vicki tells her exactly how she feels.

A couple other things of note in this episode but could have gotten lost because of all the drama: 1) We learn that Terry’s older brother was Kevin Dubrow of “Quiet Riot” – Terry spouts off some statistics but Mr. Stars99 tells me he thinks he exaggerated the number of sales etc. (Mr. Stars99 is an avid Randy Rhoads fan) – but it’s sad because Kevin died in 2007 seemingly of an accidental cocaine overdose; and 2) Vicki said that if she and Donn had never moved away from Chicago and their family ties that they would still be married – She believes if family was a more prominent part of their lives that that family would have glued them together… and that she and Donn would have powered through all their problems.

This week’s edition of, “I Kid You Not” has 2 finalists.  The first situation occurred when a guy named Ryan introduced himself to Vicki.  Vicki gestures to the woman standing next to him and Ryan, sensing her unspoken question, responds, “No, we’re just good friends.”  Vicki then asks these two complete strangers if they’re doing, “Chitty, chitty… bang, bang.”  No, Vicki, he happens to be gay – His husband is standing just over there. Then, I Kid You Not – Vicki says, “Oh, you don’t LOOK gay.” Seriously? How can Vicki possibly survive in this world? I feel like I ask that same question every week…Sighs…

The second situation was when Christian (Lizzie’s husband) and David (Shannon’s husband) are talking about having kids. Christian says they want to have a 3rd child (they have 2 boys now) and it comes out that Lizzie wants a girl. One of David’s 3 daughters is standing not more than 10 feet away from this entire conversation.  I Kid You Not, David said that he’s heard that when you’re making babies – If you’re happy you produce boys – and if you’re not happy you produce girls. David and Shannon have 3 girls.  What a complete imbecile. Christian then says, “Behind every joke is a little bit of truth.” They both laugh. I wonder if David’s daughter laughed. I didn’t.

Next Week:  Heather and Vicki go out on a friendship date… Well, at least it’s not a “Friendship Summit”… Heather is remembering how Vicki warned her that Tamra would turn on her at some point. In Vicki’s talking head she says that although she loves Tamra that she doesn’t always do the right thing… Yeah, right, Captain Understatement… Briana’s opening a box that contains a helium balloon that is supposed to tell her the gender their new baby… and Shannon is talking to Tamra about her relationship with David and says that divorce is not an option…

Thanks for reading… See Ya Next Time… Happy trails!



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159 Responses to Real Housewives of Orange County – Not So Silent Night

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Hump Day eve. It’s cloudy and going to rain. We need the rain for the grass so we can have a great weekend. I didn’t watch OC last night but saw the tweets. Saw our Sue and Diana tweeting about Icky Vicki. I’ve got some reading to do. 🙂
    You all have a great rainy day.

  2. HuskerHuny says:

    Howdy hi Miss Powell and to all else. Rain is a good thing especially this time of year. It’s sunny and just slightly warm here – perfect.

    New levels of lowness were reached on OC last night. I’m not ready to comment on it yet – it’s too early, but the recap Stars99 was right on.

    Onward to a great day for all!

    • Powell says:

      So Husker you have to get yourself together this morn before you comment huh? Hahaha. 🙂

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Last night’s episode really put me over the top. First of all, I didn’t think it was possible to dislike Tamra more than I already did, but BOING! She did it. She’s making me defend Heather, who is the most condescending woman I have ever seen and she’s so unaware of it.

        Second point – I believe Heather when she says she had no control over what was on Good Morning LA the time she hosted. That would be the job of the producer(s). The producers may have had background information on Heather and made the segments something she was familiar with (her clothier, her cook, her fitness instructor), thereby, it would be a better show. When Heather did have input as to what she wanted on the show, she pushed for Tamra and her business. That’s what friends do Tamra, but you wouldn’t know because you don’t know how to be a friend . . . or a wife . . . or a mother . . . or a daughter, but you’ve got nastiness down in spades. She takes the word of a casual acquaintance and not that of a close friend. She believes what she wants to believe, be it the truth or not. What does Heather get for lying to her? Nothing.

        Third point – Guilt by association and that’s why I’m off the Shannon train. She’s siding with Tamra. Did Heather tell Tamra to pick a side? Probably yes, but I would as well if Tamra kept coming after me and tattling. Either pick a side Tamra or stay out of it. If you want no part of it, tell Heather and Shannon to settle it themselves and leave you out of it. This is Tamra’s jr. high mentality showing once again.

        Fourth point – take the advice you gave to Ryan and apply it to yourself Tamra. Ryan is doing what he see’s you doing. He’s only using a different substance. He wants to look different and so do you and you both chose to do it artificially. Practice what you preach. I see this being discussed on the reunion, but she’ll spin it.

        Fifth point – I love Lizzie opening her mouth and calling out the situation when all parties are face to face. Maybe not the right time or place, but she doesn’t like the talking behind one’s back and she played the adult here and gave everyone an opportunity to confront it and move on. Unfortunately, these women cannot act as adults.

        Now Vicki is tweeting to the ‘haters’ about her and Brooks, again? Get off social media and TV Vicki if you don’t want people to comment, good or bad, or grow a thick skin. You really are a miserable individual. It is my greatest wish that you and Brooks do in fact get married and you find yourself in a few years looking at divorce no. 3, but you will be a whole lot poorer for it. He’s going to take you for everything you’ve got and don’t think he can’t. He’s slimy and knows where the bodies are buried.

        Whew! I think I got it all out. Sorry for all of the words. But to actually side with Heather really makes me angry!

        • trudie says:


        • Powell says:

          All good points Husker. And you know what I’m w/you. Let’s all hope that Vicki and Brooks get married. Momma Joyce is worried that Todd will take Kandi’s money. That won’t happen. Brianna thinks Brooks will take Vicki’s money. That will 100% happen. Vicki will be living in her Coto Insurance offices w/all her clothes. So yes Vicki marry Brooks and we won’t have to hear about again until the divorce and the forensic accountants are hired.

        • Orson says:

          I seriously agree with 2 of your points. The others, not as seriously.

          I guess none of the HWs remember when Alexis was a guest host on whatever that morning show was that she was on. She had no input on who she’d be interviewing. Heck, she didn’t even know who it was until she showed up the day of broadcast for makeup. And the producers would explain to her what she was supposed to talk to them about. So until they needed Heather for a solid week or two hosting, she had no input on who she’d interview. But Tamra needs an enemy, so she’s going to find one.

          If Vicki does marry Brooks, I hope for her sake she has a pre-nup. Considering the community property loss she took with her divorce with Donn, you’d think she’d learn THAT lesson. But Brooks is quite the “charmer”, so who knows what she’ll fall for. I don’t think Brooks could take her for as much of her business as Donn did, as Donn was with her when she built her business from scratch over, what, 17 years or so?

          Oh, and Ryan is an idiot and he must have inherited it from his mother. It doesn’t matter if it’s pharmaceutical HGH. Unless a doctor prescribed it, it’s illegal. And who the hell with a prescription buys stuff in a parking lot? And for Tamra’s sake, I hope after he buys it in the parking lot, he puts it in his car and DOESN’T bring it into the gym. Cause I’m pretty certain after this episode aired, if it hasn’t happened already, there’s some prosecutor working on obtaining a search warrant for Ryan’s home, vehicles, and place of employment. And if there’s anything illegal in C.U.T, it’s going to get closed down. That’s the difference between what Ryan and Tamra are doing; Tamra’s not buying her botox off the street, she’s getting it from a doctor. Not that, in the long run, it’s all that good for Tamra. In the recent photos I’ve seen of her showing her upper arms and thighs, it looks to me like the skin is sort of wrinkly. I’d suggest a little less botox on the face, 20 to 30 minutes a day in a gym if she knows of a good one, and maybe a little adjustment as to what and how much she eats and drinks. Genetics blessed her with good looks and a good metabolism, but over time, there’s only so much genetics can do. No, I’m not saying she needs to go on a diet per se, but maybe some adjustments might be in order to regain her youthful appearance.

          Gee, how did I end up standing on this soap box?

        • mrs peabody says:

          Husker, you have very valid points and well said. I thought it funny how they were willing to bitch about Heather behind her back but both of them shut up with lizzie brought it up, I’m not sure if they were embarrassed or shocked it was brought up. Anyway I thought it was funny. Oh and I don’t particularly like Heather but I don’t think she had anything to do with what they had on the show the day she co-hosted it.

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        It takes a while to let everything ruminate before thoughts can be appropriately formed, doesn’t it, HH? lol…

  3. T-Rex says:

    Starzy what a wonderful BLOG, you rock it! I am not watching the OldCronesOFBeverlyHillsadjacent, so your blog is a great read. Okay I have a couple of notes, first off, RagingRoidsRyan is wearing a heavy beard, long sleeves etc. why you may ask, because I would bet that his Steriod usage is pretty high and he is covering the tell-tale signs of Steriod abuse, in the form of what they call Roid-Acne(aka Steriod-Acne), you can google that for the pictures. I am sure the doctor was VERY careful for the cameras not to mention that RagingRoidsRyan was really suffering from long term, high dosage Steriod abuse, because that information would get him arrested, as opposed to the HGH information. TrailerTrashTrampySue your marriage is a crock of shite, I would bet that GayEddie is getting tired of a lot of things that TrailerTrasyTrampySue does, and I am sure he is already planning his exit strategy from this debacle of a marriage. Third, why would an LA TV program feature a business that is an hour and a half away in Santa Margarita California??? Because that’s where this CU(NEXT)Tuesday fitness place is located and those folks that post here from the LA area will attest, no one in LA is driving an hour and half, ONE WAY, to some cheap, low-class workout place when you can’t swing a dead cat and not hit a workout place in the LA area with much more clout, equipment and better trainers, than CU(NEXT)Tuesday fitness. HerHighnessHeather is on the this LA program because A) she is on a Bravo show called OldCronesOFBeverlyHillsadjacent B) she USED to be an actress, with some cameo’s still today, and her husband is a Plastic Surgeon to some Stars and has been on a couple of Reality shows of his own and C) I bet you she would do the show with very little pay just to get her “mug” on TV. ICKYVICKy, seriously, you think if you and Donn had stayed in Illinois things would have worked out differently, pfffft. First off IckyVicky you were MARRIED to HusbandNumberOne when you started F**kng Don! HusbandNumberOne would have gotten to actually SEE his kids growing up, something you kept from him(read the stories she was horrible to HusbandNumberOne), oh and your family which you say makes fun of you would have what, stopped that if you still lived there, I think not! You aren’t with Donn because you CHEATED on him, just like you CHEATED on your first husband, let’s put the blame sweetie squarely where it should be!

    • mm in oc says:

      So you think he’s doing both steroids and hgh?

      He could be wearing a long shirt because it’s december. It does get chilly sometimes.

      Dont get me wrong. I cant stand ryan or tamra but I dont think he would talk about hgh or steroids on camera.

      • T-Rex says:

        MM we know he is doing Steriods, he had to have plastic surgery some time ago to get rid of the breasts he was sporting, called Gynecomastia, this is from steroid abuse. Also, at one time Simon also called out RoidRagingRyan for his usage, it’s ONE of the many reasons that he was not allowed to live with Simon and TrailerTrashTrampySue.

    • mm in oc says:

      Forgot to mention, the LA news segments also cover orange county. It’s not unusual to see events down here covered on these shows.

      • T-Rex says:

        MM I agree about Events, but would they do a focus piece on a Random GYM that is an hour and half away, that you would have to pass by more than several hundred other gyms? I live in Tampa Florida, our local station does pieces on Orlando Events, especially since Disney World, Universal Studios, etc. is located there, but they have NEVER done a focus piece on a local business there, especially if there are a ton of other businesses doing the same thing locally.

        • MM in OC says:

          They would if they were focusing on Heather’s services, which I explained below (my theory of why they did focus on that gym).

          They do focus on restaurants from time to time, but predominantly it is the LA area. We also have Disneyland, Surf City USA, ANAHEIM Angels (refuse to call them LA Angels). so they focus on surrounding businesses at times in those areas.

          • MM in OC says:

            I’ll go one further and say that they would have preferred to have Tamra’s gym on versus that other one – for obvious reasons.

            • T-Rex says:

              MM I would agree that IF HerHighnessHeather were a regular on that program that she could have suggested TrailerTrashTrampySue’s gym, but like you said at the time it was a one time appearance and some Producer and their interns brought in folks for HerHighnessHeather to interview that she knew and interacted with already, they didn’t even THINK to bring in TrailerTrashTrampySue’s gym CU(Next) Tuesday Fitness, since HerHighnessHeather was just to show up and read cue cards. Now, if HerHIghnessHeather were to become a regular commentator of course they would take into consideration bringing in TrailerTrashTrampySue just for the HO-Wives ratings factor alone. I would suspect that the producers didn’t even realize TrailerTrashTrampySue had a gym to promote.

              • mrs peabody says:

                I think also from what Tamara said last night her gym had just opened, so why do one on a place that had no reputation of any type, good or bad.

    • Powell says:

      T-Rex I didn’t know Tamra’s CUT was 1 1/2 hrs from LA, so no way would people travel that far. Hey I can swing a dead cat at 5 fitness centers in a one mile radius from my bedroom window in MD so I know there are more than a dozen in a one mile radius in LA. Yes, yes, yes Heather would not only take little pay for doing the show as a regular, she’d have it catered. The many, many pilots I’ve seen her on for many yrs hasn’t stopped her from continuing to get acting jobs so good for her. OC has helped her get back into it so she’s accomplished her goal. Tamra and Eddie’s marriage being a farce is exactly why I don’t think they should have kids. A few epis back she was crying she wants a baby that Simon can’t take from her. No reason to have a baby and if she has a baby what does she think would happen if she and Eddie don’t make it? Yeah Eddie says “I don’t know anything about babies. Just how to work”. Look at Jason Hoppy. Situations are totally different but when people’s backs are up against the wall they do what they said they’d never do. I can see Eddie going harder than Simon. Vicki. No matter if she’d stayed close to her family her life would have turned out the same because of Vicki. Vicki takes people in her life for granted. She thinks no matter what she does they will always have her back and be there for her. She constantly talks about Donn. Clearly she’s not over him. Clearly Brooks is just a substitute. I believe if she could turn back time she would.

      • T-Rex says:

        Well on the fake-wantingababy-storyaka scam she was boohooing about, that was ALL for Bravo induced Drama, and I don’t believe any of it. She is going to be 47 in a few months, with a tubal ligation, chances of her having a baby naturally even with a tubal-reversal are SLIM TO NONE! Those dinosaur eggs probably not going to be producing much! So they would have to go through the expensive and long term process of trying IVF(which most doctors would advise against since her eggs are so old), or Egg Donation(even MORE expensive), or Adoption, and at her age that would mean out of the country adoption, no way GayEddie going to be UP for any of that. GayEddie would be content to work out at the Gym all day long that’s all he really aspires to. I am sure when her kids are around that he is picking up extra shifts at the gym to stay as far away from them as much as possible. I also think that GayEddie is “fiscally responsible” so he can’t stand to see his hard earned dough go flying out the window to be injected into TrailerTrashTrampySue’s body. Oh and I am sure that he just LOVES having to cut a paycheck to her deadbeat son, RoidRaginRyan! I also bet that TrailerTrashTrampySue never mentioned a word about her son dealing illegal drugs in their parking lot until GayEddie saw it on TV a few weeks ago. As far as IckyVIcky and Donn, you betcha she is NOW realizing the grass was greener when she was with Donn. He took care of the house, and everything else outside of her work, he didn’t cheat on her like BrookeTheCrooke, he was NEVER really OUT for her money while they were married, and he didn’t seem to mind that she would cheat now and again with random dudes, as long as she returned to him.

    • designernailsdiana says:

      I tweeted to TrailerTrashyTrampySue “Am I the only one who thinks @TamaraBarney is the pot calling her son the kettle black? Stop doing that stuff yourself and be the example”
      She could be a great role model or a horrible warning to her kids. I’m sorry to say I feel it’s the later one.

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        ITA… The irony was killing me last night… Too bad Gretchen isn’t on the show to help us define it…lol

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks so much, my favorite lil dinasaur!

  4. not THAT Jill says:

    Great blog Starzy!!
    Shannon is about to learn exactly how Tamra works-Tamra is going to turn on her ass so fast she
    won’t know what hit her!! I was never a big fan of Heather but Tamra is such a jealous nasty hag that I’m totally #teamHeather in this mess-Tamra is a shitty actress and should try to hide her complete jealousy of women who are BETTER and doing BETTER than she-what a horrible person she is.
    How does one go about “looking gay”…Lord… Vicky is just dumb!!!

    • T-Rex says:

      I agree! Doesn’t anyone WATCH the programs before they go on them? OF COURSE they do, TrailerTrashtrampySue has done her disgusting best to TARGET one or two women on the show to “go after” like a viper, doesn’t matter if this Viper was your BFF just a few months previously. She is a cold, calculating bitch, she does whatever she feels like, she could care less about the consequences. IckyVicky is the most clueless person and is a lot stupider than I had previously thought. She knows nothing about good food(that’s been seen on numerous seasons), she knows nothing about good wine, she knows nothing about men(except they have an appendage that can fill her tank, and she can’t be without one ever!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Vicky is really very classless-she’s seems so uneducated on so many things-how does she make it through the day???
        Tamra goes after someone every season so maybe Shannon thought if she just kissed Tamras ass she would be on her good side…Shannon is too clueless to realize that Tamra doesn’t have a good side!!!

        • T-Rex says:

          Jnntj, you know it regarding TrailerTrashtrampySue, if that viper is nice to you it’s only to help her “gang up” on whomever she is targeting at the time, and in true form she then goes after the person that was nice to her the past season and helped her, we have seen this EVERY season she has been on. I am just reading here but this Shannon person seems to be the next EX-OC HO-wife, I would venture to say she isn’t asked back next season. In addition she will probably be the next divorced OC housewife as well. IckyVicky, what can you say, she really is so uneducated and doesn’t have ANY street smarts either, I am clueless as to how she has run an insurance business so long, although it’s the ONLY thing she actually knows about.

          • Powell says:

            From epi 1 we could tell that Shannon’s marriage is on life support. I don’t see it lasting either.

          • MM in OC says:

            No way Shannon’s going anywhere. She’s the perfect HW in bravo’s opinion. She’s rich, eccentric, has issues with her marriage, and she brings the drama. I think it’s funny that the other new girl Danielle??? was obviously supposed to be a HW (not even just a friend) and she’s just too boring for the show.

        • Powell says:

          She thinks cuz she knows about insurance she knows everything. Wrong!!!

          • designernailsdiana says:

            If Vicki was so gifted in the insurance area, why are there no “customers” from the Ho-wives using her insurance??? Very telling. Maybe they are afraid they’ll get stuck with a Brooks lookalike if they are single!

    • Powell says:

      JNNTJ Tamra has been jealous of the other HWs since her puss came on our screens. She’s also very materialistic. Remember how she constantly spoke about Simon getting her jewelry, watches? She was jealous of Jenna’s house. Her jealousy took on a whole knew level when Gretchen came on. She didn’t stop liking Gretchen until Gretchen got that darn pink motorcycle. She’s constantly said things in a backhanded compliment about Heather and Shannon’s homes. I think she’s always been that way. Ryan has a bit of that so I hope the other kids aren’t like that.

      • T-Rex says:

        Powell, EXACTLY! TrailerTrashTrampySue grew up lower middle class and has aspired for YEARS to have money or marry into money. She got married to HusbandONE cause she got pregnant and that’s what you did back in the day, plus I think his folks had money and she thought he would take care of her financially. She cheated on him looking for a better meal ticket. She then left him for another man and dropped her kid off at HusbandOne and he raised him until TrailerTrashTrampySue met and married Simon, who had something she wanted M-O-N-E-Y! So, instead of saving that money for a rainy day those two idiots spent it like they had it growing off a tree in the back yard. Of course she wanted to make sure everyone knew they had money by having Simon buy her things to prove it, and that Idiot wanted to showoff as well and they spent every red cent they could get their hands on. From what I have read Simon is back to making money and learned his lesson and doesn’t spend it frivolously any longer. In the case of her new marriage NO WAY GayEddie is wasting any of his money buying her things that she doesn’t need. He has refused to pony-up for a new house, what they have is fine in his opinion, he doesn’t buy her bling, I think his words were at one time, that she has 3 kids to help put through college, and he has chastised her for overspending on things she doesn’t need. So when GayEddie gets fed up with her crap and kicks her to the curb, she will have blasted through all her Bravo money and will walk away with nothing and wind up back in that crappy apartment. She isn’t getting any younger so that trough of rich, eligible men going to be a lot harder to snag too

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks, Not not THAT Jill – but the right Jill… I agree – it kind of pisses me off that I’m so on Heather’s team at this point… I don’t even think she’s being all that condescending… I think I’ve seen her do worse… Pick an option, Tamra – Do you believe me or not? It’s not rocket science…

  5. mm in oc says:

    Im torn on the news segment issue. It’s probably because I cant stand Heather the most out of the whole bunch.

    First, I dont think tamra should complain about the free commercial. But let’s face it, this is housewives and all petty grievances must be reviewed and discussed for an entire season.

    second, I think heather did bring in her regular studio. Production likely asked her these questions about the personal services she uses and then an intern secured the interview. She couldnt back out because she told them about the location. To t-rexs point, LA isnt around the corner and heathers story about the studio has a “good relationship” with someone at the station doesn’t ring true to me. I’m also going to guess that heather thought Cut Fitness wasnt ready for prime time (which is likely true).

    Just my opinion.

    • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

      Good point, MM. I don’t like Heather too much this season either, but Tamra seems to sabotage anything good going on in her life. She can’t help herself.

      • Powell says:

        Right. And Tamra’s supposed to be happy in her marriage and her biz.

        • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

          Hi Powell!! I was just going to reply to one of your posts! Ha
          Tamra better be very careful with Eddie. Like T-Rex said above, he’s probably looking for an exit strategy already. Powell, how are you doing with your migraines lately?

          • Powell says:

            Foxymel thks for asking about the migraines. I have them all the time. At least twice a week. Sometimes serve where I can’t go to work & it lasts for days and sometimes where I can work and it lasts for a few hours. But today I’m just fine. I’m grateful for days like today. 😀

            • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

              I’m so sorry, Powell! I am glad that you are migraine-free today. My neuro told me to not even hesitate for a second if I am starting a migraine and just take the meds. Having only nine pills a month, can be tricky. My husband got a script from our GP, so now I have a little extra. Please take care of yourself! 🙂

      • MM in OC says:

        To be clear, I haven’t liked Heather for almost 20 years. She always been a boorish snob. Event when singing at a restaurant on Mondays in Orange County. Her bandmates couldn’t stand her either, but she was sleeping with the band leader, so….

        • T-Rex says:

          Ooooo MM I never heard that before, nice info! Look I don’t like HerHighnessHeather either, in fact there isn’t one OldCroneOfBeverlyHillsAdjacent that I like, they are the most plastic of any Ho-wives franchise and it seems would sell their souls for the almighty dollar, their 15 minutes of fame and some Botox

    • Powell says:

      mminoc if Tamra can’t get her website together, she’s not ready for prime time tv. 🙂

      • MM in OC says:

        the beginning of this season she was still finishing up the studio. I just don’t think Heather is being entirely honest on this issue, but Tamra shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

        • MM in OC says:

          One more note, I don’t believe Good Day LA would turn down an opportunity to profile any of these housewives businesses. We aren’t talking about the Today Show here!!

          • MM in OC says:

            And one more note, it’s not difficult to get on these morning shows. I have friends in the carnival business (actually event production), and they have been featured on these shows several times promoting the Lobster Fest and other festivals and carnivals in the LA/OC area.

          • T-Rex says:

            MM I would agree with you there, they would LOVE to have some ratings tie-in by having a Ho-Wife stop by their studios while another Ho-Wife is interviewing them. Exactly what Bethenny did on her cancelled show. If in exchange they had to promote her business, so be it, they would probably do that in a heart beat. I guess what I was saying is that the reason they didn’t do that the first time was because HerHighnessHeather was just a fill-in host, the producer put the show together and all her ass had to do was read some cue cards. Actually sounds like they brought in folks and businesses she knew because they weren’t confident enough with her hosting skills so they only brought in people she already knew and interacted with. HerHighnessHeather probably didn’t even realize they thought she was too stupid to interview folks she didn’t know

  6. ladebra says:

    Great blog Starzy. I saw the First Look but didn’t watch the episode. What’s that song “true colors shining through…” That could be Trampy Sue’s theme song this episode. It’s really great that a part of the show brought you a good memory. Gift from the universe ❤

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks, my neighbor Debra… It wasn’t a bad episode – It’s not like they were screaming at each other (which drives me crazy)… It’s just that Tamra who hadn’t significantly pissed me off yet this season – just put me over the edge.

  7. Foxymel11(Mel) says:

    Good day, everyone!

    Tamra, Tamra, Tamra……what an ungrateful bitch!!!! If Heather was really her friend then she should believe that she had nothing to do with booking the other fitness studio 6 MONTHS ago. If someone throws you a bone, then take it. Eddie was right by saying that they were happy for the potential gig, and Tamra just continues to be her horrible self. Although I haven’t really like Heather this season, she came up on top this episode. Tamra will do anything and throw anyone under the bus for Bravo.

    Ps. Can’t stand Lizzie

    • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

      Lol at Vicki’s take on Heather’s fake call. I can’t believe Terry didn’t even chuckle.

      • MM in OC says:

        Vicki had the best line of the night when she said, ” I don’t see anyone here buying insurance from me”. I had to rewind to catch an additional laugh!

      • kit9 says:

        I didn’t have a problem with that because it was painfully obvious that they’d just been talking about Heather. Cut awkward tension with a knife.

        • kit9 says:

          oopsie. This is in reply to Lizzy comment below.

          • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

            But she went out of her way to bring it up. Plus, they’re at Shannon’s house. So I thought it was up to her to bring it up. Lizzie really looked satisfied with herself. I give Heather kudos for staying calm and collected, though.

            • kit9 says:

              I don’t think she went out of her way at all. She was just stating the painfully obvious. Heather isn’t dumb, she knew they’d all just been talking about her from the huge giant awkward silence when she came up and sat down. They literally all just sat there staring at each other.

              • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

                Kit, I just thought that since it was Tamra that started the shit talk, and involved Shannon, that it should’ve been up to her to continue to upset herself by telling Heather what they were discussing.
                OT, has. Brandi done a podcast lately?

    • Powell says:

      Lizzie seems nice to me.

      • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

        She seems nice, but she didn’t hesitate to stir that pot by putting the Heather situation on the table. Let’s see how she changes as the season go. In the mean time, let’s see more of Shannon’s house. 🙂

        • Powell says:

          I didn’t watch it but it doesn’t seem like she was stirring the pot. I think she’s tired of hearing these ladies “talk behind each other’s back”, she’s told Shannon to just talk it out w/Heather. Shannon did but there she goes again, “talking behind Heather’s back” even after she and Heather agreed to discuss issues. It didn’t sound like Shannon was discussing an issue w/Heather. She was blaming Heather and she only heard Tamra’s twisted side. I’d done the same thing if I was Lizzie. And I probably wouldn’t have been so nice about it. It’s never ending w/them when it comes to nonsense.

          • HuskerHuny says:

            I have to go with Lizzie on this. Probably not the right time or place, but get these harpies in the same room and hash it out already.

            • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

              I know Heather needed to know this, but this is Shannon’s Christmas party, so maybe she didn’t want to go there at that moment. Lizzie just thought it’d be convenient since it doesn’t involve her.

  8. plainviewsue says:

    Great recap. Call me nuts, but I am enjoying this season. I like seeing the houses decorated for the holidays. I like the new housewives. Go figure!

    • Powell says:

      Go figure. 🙂

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks Sue… I’m mostly enjoying this season, also… But just when I was lulled into a false sense of, “Wow… Tamra hasn’t been all that bad this season” … Something happens and voila!

  9. Powell says:

    I laugh at Vicki;s supposed revelation. Vicki had a family and threw it away to “stay at the office” working to ungodly hours. Then when she and Donna divorced she cried about how much money she had to give him. She has no one to blame but herself.

  10. shamrockblonde says:

    *hugs Stars really hard* – your Mom was watching that episode with you – I’m glad that from all that drivel, you had a good memory with your Mom to keep your heart light –

    Still don’t like Shannon – and its getting worse – I like Lizzie so far, and while I don’t care too much for Heather, I do beleive that producers call the shots for the segments – using her gym made sense to them, and more than likely, they researched CUT and found it not ready for prime time just yet anyway – Heather may be pompous a personality, but I do not believe that her intent is always to simply cause trouble or to undercut someone especially a “friend” – she even got Good Day to do a segment on CUT after all – again, if GD did not think the gym was worth the effort they would have nixed it so at least Heather was attempting to plug her friend’s business – unlike TammySue who is so self-involved that she cannot see past herself for one hot minute – instead of allegedly working at CUT, she should go back to school and get some form of education – as for her son – he is a drug addict and needs help – too bad his Mother is so into herself that she won’t lift a finger to help him – after all the storyline helps her – its about her – not his health – Vicki was – suprisingly – not too big of a fool this time – she stayed out of the drama, and even acknlowledged that Tammy Sue was in the wrong – not like her – she usually defends TS –

    • Powell says:

      Heather was a guest host. No way she had anything to do w/that segment. If Tamra would think, talk shows/morning shows plan segments waaayyyy in advance. They probably didn’t even know exactly when the co-host was going on maternity leave. Heather be a guest host they would say to her is there anything you think you’d like to do. Tamra’s kids could’ve told her that.

    • kit9 says:

      I’m cutting Shannon some slack here only because the crap she’s had to put up with from Heather over that stupid chair. Heather said she threw a rabid fit and Shannon categorically denies this. I believe Shannon on this since i think it very strange that they didn’t manage to capture said fit on camera or audio. So, I get why she’s hard on Heather and doesn’t believe her on this. Tamra, of course, was despicable. As always.

      Notice how, ONCE AGAIN, someone third party approaches Tamra with inside deets about a castmate?

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      *Hugs Shamrock back really hard…* I was shocked that Vicki stayed out of it… I was pleased when she told Tamra in the end what she really thought (After Tamra begged her to do so). Now, if only she hadn’t made the two other comments… it would be been okay… lol

  11. boston02127 says:

    Great blog. Thanks. Stars, That’s a nice memory of your Mom.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks, Boston… It was pretty surreal… I haven’t visited Roger’s gardens since my Mom’s death (and had kind of forgotten about it)… So it was both a jolt and then a flood of great memories. Almost didn’t make it through doing the recap…

  12. boston02127 says:

    I think that Eddie would like Tamara to be a nicer person and she came out of the door acting nicer but she just can’t keep it up. It’s not in her blood.

    I don’t care for Shannon. She keeps getting more and more unlikable. I’m usually a good judge of character but I’m having a hard time with her. Is she dumb? Is she mean? Is she a fake. She’s got me on my toes. Does she need help? I can’t figure her.

  13. Powell says:

    T-Rex do you have the 411 on the Vicki/Brooks lawsuit/case of fraud with her former vodka biz partner?

    • T-Rex says:

      Last official Court filing was in May of 2014. They IckyVicky and CrooksBrooks acutally had a judgement against them back in February 2014 by the Plaintiff, however they filed a complaint claiming they weren’t “served” properly, and the courts set aside the judgement and gave them 10 days to respond, which they did. The documents are rather lengthy but of course the two of them deny any wrongdoing and that the Plaintiff(dude suing them) didn’t lose any money, isn’t owed money, they didn’t try to kill him, for commit fraud etc. On April 28th their other business partner in this mess, Michael Nicholson, had his lawyer withdraw from the case because that guy isn’t paying his legal fees to his lawyer, aka “unable to fulfill his financial obligations”. So basically this case is still rolling through the Court system. The schedules as of today have them having to meet all the discovery requirements between now and September 30th, 2014 and that is the tentative date for the Pre-Trial Order, this is the date that all parties have to have all their documents, discovery paperwork, etc. into the courts. Civil trials take a long time to wind their way through the court system and if they don’t have everything done by September 30th they can ask for a continuance, and unless the Plaintiffs vehemently object they could be granted that continuance. Although reading some of the documents this judge doesn’t seem to like continuances. Note that this is all being heard in a Nevada court, not in California.

  14. Good morning everyone! Hot here in AZ. Did not watch last night. Curious what the gym was that Heather did a segment on. Orange Theory by chance?

    • boston02127 says:

      It was Orange Theory and being the idiot that Tamara is, she gave them plenty of advertisement.

      • Powell says:

        Boston OT probably thought just that.

        • designernailsdiana says:

          Someone tweeted a link to when “CUT” was on GDLA in January 2014. I watched. OMG so boring. They did more hugging, handshakes and chit chat than showing how to use the weights. I didn’t watch the full 4 minutes the 2 was more than enough for me.

          • T-Rex says:

            Well, if TrailerTrashTrampySue was doing the interview I could see why they didn’t focus on how to use weights or equipment, because she isn’t certified to teach anything nor is she certified for any job at her own gym other than be an owner and maybe to do laundry and clean up.

      • AZGirl says:

        Absolutely right

  15. boston02127 says:

    I know that Ryan’s job in the military takes him to different places but has anyone else thought that he’s an abuser and is happy to shut out everyone in Briana’s past?

    (Dr Phil said abusers do that. And you know he knows everything)

    • Powell says:

      Yeah docs say abusers isolate people they abuse. Only time will tell. I hope not.

      • 2Stupid says:

        I am NOT a fan of Brooks, but do you think some of Ryan’s and Briana’s issues with Brooks is projecting their own situation. Brooks said he snapped when he said those things to Ryan after being constantly attacked. I am not necessariy buying it, but I have always thought something was off with Ryan and Briana’s behavior tho her mom about Brooks vile. I understand being protecitve, but she has been downright disrespectful.

    • Orson says:

      That’s true, but consider this; is he trying to shut out EVERYONE in Briana’s past or is he just working with Briana to sever that 27 (?) year old umbilical cord to Vicki that Vicki is unwilling to cut? Look, if you have to fight to free yourself from a parent, you’re going to be wary of approaching them again because you might have to fight to get free again. On the other hand, if a parent lets you go knowing the door’s always open, you’ll be more open to coming back for a visit knowing you can leave when you want to. How is Vicki handling this? Here’s my answer: Her son, Michael, won’t tell her his home address. What does that tell you?

  16. Stars, great blog! Thanks for sharing the story about you and your Mom.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks, Empress… My Mom seriously had a green arm – probably body… She could grow anything anywhere… She created amazing rock gardens… She was one of the most artistic people I’ve ever seen in my life… She really loved Roger’s Gardens… Me? There is nothing green on my body… at all… and to this day I HATE to pull weeds. It’s hard to distinguish weeds from young plants when you’re 9-years-old…lol

  17. iceNfire says:

    Hello – Question for those here who are GrandMothers: Do you want you GrandChildren to miss you?
    I don’t have any yet but it seemed a selfish thing to say. Maybe my dislike of The Icki One is getting in the way here – idk

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Being a grandmother for only two months, I don’t want my grandchildren to miss me, but I sure want them to look forward to seeing me, which my little Tesla will on July 4.

      • designernailsdiana says:

        I agree with HH. When I didn’t see my oldest grandchildren for a year it hurt me more than them because we just picked up where we left off. They look forward to going to Grandma’s and seeing Papa Choo Choo, Nevaeh (7) likes to go down into Grandpa’s train room and make trees or put stuff on the layout. I just love making them clothes.

        • shamrockblonde says:

          mostly I want them to remember moments we have together – I want them to always be able to pick a time we did something and laugh no matter what else is going on around them – I did not hear that comment from Vicki – date with Jack Bauer – but I bet she meant that she does not want her Grandson to not be able to remember her – stupid of course – they are not moving to the ends of the earth and she has the means to see him every weekend if she wishes – not that she should, but she can – better to make even the smallest amount of time spent with them something they will feel in their hearts even if they can’t remember all of the details, Vicki –

          • iceNfire says:

            Thanks for feedback Ladies – Vicki’s exact words were “I want my GrandChildren to miss me” and that rubbed me the wrong way. My Eldest moved out of State over a year ago and when I think of him I simply send him a facebook message just to say “Hi”. I want him to be happy in both work and play but I never want him to miss me, that would mean he is sad for some reason.

  18. I did a little, very little research and Orange Theory was on Good Day LA in Feb. 2013, a live feed from the gym, before Heather was ever on GDLA. Heather’s first appearance was in March 2013. Then OT was on again in August of 2013 when Heather was on…so Tamara has sunk to a new low of DUMB!! She has no story line so she brings her son on, lies about wanting to have a baby and now goes after Heather who is doing her “a solid”!! And I watched last night in HD, YIKES!!! It was scary!!!! And what is up with Tammy’s nose?? is that from all the skin being pulled??? it is so bizarre…much more bizarre than her eyeliner…. AND I must say that watching it in HD made me so distracted because their skin is so amazing, watching to see which parts wrinkle and which don’t….that is all I was focused on…..Viki must have had cystic acne….

    Stars, bless you my child….I know that you work hard to get it all straight and am sure you rewound a bunch of times…I am so sorry that you had to endure it!!! lol!! My neck is a little sore cuz I was SMH during the whole episode….I won’t even get into the men….wowza…ok, since you twisted my arm, Terry is like a petulant child but he still does what he wants for the most part and takes his punishment, lol…Christian, RUN!!!! and Shannon’s husband, OY VEY…he is a piece of work….which came first the crazy bitch or the douchebag…… and Eddie, I think he is on tranquilizers…….

    • iceNfire says:

      Welcome Back
      。☆ 。☆。☆
      。☆PPindy☆ 。

    • not THAT Jill says:

      excellent hashtag PP…EXCELLENT!!

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Lol Tiara, “My neck is a little sore cuz I was shaking my head”… Careful, we wouldn’t want you to get whiplash… And you’re absolutely right that David is a “piece of work.” #tryingtobefunnynotfunny

  19. Kansas Girl says:

    It didn’t dawn on me till last night, but Tamera tells the doctor that Ryan gets his drugs from his gym’s parking lot. Which means people are selling in the parking outside HER BUSINESS. Me thinks she should not wonder why they po-po are parked out there now!

    • iceNfire says:

      Maybe drug dealing is her side business and she is using HW’s to plug it. 😛

    • T-Rex says:

      Well, unfortunately they get a Pass as they don’t OWN the building they are just renters, and so as long as the drug deals are done “outside” the building they as Renters aren’t libel for anything done in the parking lot. Now since RagingRoidRyan is a dumbass, I am sure “someone” told him to do this outside the building, probably his enabler his mother, TrailerTrashTrampySue. Now, since this crap has aired, i am sure the Po-Po are going to be staking out that parking lot for illegal activities. In addition, no clue as to whether the owners of that property will deny renewing their lease due to this situation, they would have a good reason not to.

  20. boston02127 says:

    Tamara spoke like an idiot when she was explaining to Eddie what the doctor had warned her son about regarding his health. When Eddie asked a question about what Ryan has to be aware of, Tamara answered “medical stuff”. (and she was serious)

    • T-Rex says:

      Sounds like TrailerTrashTrampySue didn’t want to fess up to her “husband” that her idiot son was dealing in illegal substances! By the way the idiot son they are PAYING as a member of their business, who is doing ILLEGAL drug transactions outside of your business while you are paying him to work. Way to go to lie to your husband, especially when all of the real information was filmed and going to “air on television”! Again, just another nail in that upcoming DIVORCE coffin those two are heading for.

      • iceNfire says:

        Tamara tells Eddie that Ryan could have a heart attack by the time he is 40 but in her Talking Head she says he could have a heart attack “any minute right now”…Eddie doesn’t want to hear it. He is So Over Tammy Sue

    • I noticed that too, it reminded me of the Walking Dead quote that we say around here all the time….”Stuff, Lori, things….” And she WAS serious!!! That was all her little brain could handle and poor Eddie wanted those veggies in the oven, STAT!! Just when I think I am judging her harshly, she sinks to a new low!

  21. boston02127 says:

    Not for nothing but………….what’s wrong with Ryan? He’s almost 30 yrs old and riding his mothers coat tails. Since he started on the OC it seems he’s never found his own niche in life. When the gym closes (and I’m sure it will) what will be next for him?

    • kit9 says:

      He’s a loser of epic proportions. Straight up loser.

      • iceNfire says:

        Seems he threw he life away but I’m pretty sure he blames it on someone else. This kid has never taken responsibility for anything

      • MM in OC says:

        This is what happens when parents fail to provide an environment that breeds discipline and ethics. Parents that focus on giving whatever their kids want, praising their every action, being their best friend, etc etc. Too many parents today and running with the “my kid is perfect” model. It’s creating young adults that are incapable of dealing with rejection, can’t take care of themselves, need constant kudos of mediocrity. It was exhausting managing these entitled brats (when I had a job, that is).

        • ladebra says:


          • iceNfire says:

            Agree MM – My kids entered the public school system at the time schools became little more than glorified day care. Self esteem was placed above learning abc’s and 1,2,3,’s and being outstanding quickly became frowned upon. Everybody got an award for some stupid reason. They even gave an award to a girl with perfect attendance, never mind the fact that she came to school with the flu and spread it around to everyone else

    • T-Rex says:

      Boston, in addition he is a Steroid abuser and dabbles in illegal drugs like HGH as well. I can’t imagine that anyone will hire him because at this point in his life he couldn’t pass a drug test or a physical to get hired. He has very little education, if I remember correctly he didn’t finish high school, he dropped out, I could though be mixing him up with Laurie’s son on that point.

      Although apparently he is engaged and he no longer works at CU(next)Tuesday Gym.

  22. not THAT Jill says:

    Last night Tamra gave us all the info we need as to where we should buy our “drugs”…just go to the parking lot of her gym! If we want a serious work out then we should go to the other gym that she mentioned 453 times…idiot!! Also-Ryan should stop injecting things into his body according to Tamra but it’s perfectly fine that she is a walking pin cushion with all the elective injectable a she has gotten…idiot again!! She’s on my last damn nerve and that stupid white eyeliner did nothing to lessen my annoyance with her!!

  23. T-Rex says:

    Things to ponder, I am wondering if GayEddie is just biding his time and packing away his money secretly until he can buy trailerTrashTrampySue out of the business, and the minute he has enough money to do that, he will kick her ass to the curb.

  24. HuskerHuny says:

    Blogs are up on Bravo and Heather does a great job of explaining the situation. Tamra plays the victim card. I believe Heather even more now.

  25. boston02127 says:

    If I lived in the OC/California the last business I’d put my money into is a new gym. Too much competition. I’d be wracking my brain to think of something that nobody has thought of yet. Also, does anyone know if Tamara and Eddie hold fitness certifications?

    • T-Rex says:

      GayEddie holds several certifications, TrailerTrashTrampySue owns NO certifications so she doesn’t teach any classes there nor does she do any personal training sessions. She was supposed to go to some school and do the work to get certified, but apparently she doesn’t have time for that, she would probably be a sucky trainer anyway.

    • boston02127 says:

      Ha ha ha……I just reread that. Like I have money~~~~ HA

    • Exit4 says:

      Same here in NJ. I have 3 huge gyms all within a mile of each other right up the street! Not to mention the YMCA, which is beautiful. Couldn’t even count the smaller ones….oddly enough, the 3 big gyms are always packed and each have their own “rep”. Young people gym, old people gym and soccer mom gym. Sadly, I belong to “old people gym”-but in my defense, they opened first! And they have a pool-and is cheaper then the Y.

  26. I know y’all be shocked, but I feel really sorry for Ryan….I just do…he breaks my heart…I know, I myself am shocked…but it just “is what it is”….I know EVERYTHING y’all will say to the contrary….

    • T-Rex says:

      Ppindy, I guess most of us can’t feel sorry for someone like RagingRoidRyan. He has an extensive arrest record for driving offenses going all the way back to 2002, he hasn’t held a job for more than a few months his entire adult life, since about 2010 he has been living with TrailerTrashTrampySue’s mother. He was given a “job” at the CU(next)TuesdayGym so he could have some money, then promptly decided to illegally purchase and sell drugs in the parking lot of that establishment. He has had two restraining orders against him for harassing ex-girlfriends, he has a child that he doesn’t pay for nor see at this point. His mother bails his ass out, however if he wasn’t committing these acts he wouldn’t need to be bailed out. He has now apparently moved far away from his mother and family and is the problem of his new girlfriend, who has three children of her own, and now has to take care of an unemployed boyfriend, because as of today he apparently doesn’t have a job. Oh and his Steroid abuse was/is SO bad he grew a beard to hide the facial effects and had to have plastic surgery to remove the breasts he grew that only happens with extreme Steroid abuse. So I guess that’s why most of us can’t really feel sorry for him

    • Orson says:

      Pindy, I love you but I disagree with you about Ryan. Are we okay?

    • PP I feel for him too. I think Simon was the best thing for him. He gave him discipline. Tammy Sue is not very educated and I think Eddie is not happy.

  27. shamrockblonde says:

    Princess I think its the Mom in you that feels sorry for him – you provide your children with nothing but love and encouragement – from what I’ve seen of this guy the only one I ever saw treat him with something resembling parenting was his interactions with Simon – yes Simon was hard on him, but that was what he needed – it is very hard to watch a child suffer the sins of their parents and I think maybe that is what you feel for him – he needs to accept his past and instead of using it as a crutch to not make any effort, to whine and find the easy way out, he needs to look at it and say that it is not what he wants for himself and then start doing everything he can to better himself for himself and by himself – hard work? sure – but so worth it, if only he could find the courage – that boy is all on TammySue – and a little on him for being too scared to try – *hugs princesspindy really hard* – having a good and lloving heart is a blessing, and you have one to be able to feel compassion for him –

  28. boston02127 says:

    O/T …….I finally pulled off a Pintrest recipe. Green pepper casserole. Scrambled hamburger, Minute Rice, 2 big peppers chopped up small, garlic, onion & Parm cheese, mix with Ragu. It was really easy and came out good. I added 2 left over hot sausages. I cut them up tiny and threw them in too.

  29. Exit4 says:

    I didn’t see it, but by following here-it seems like Heathers previous story was about people SHE worked with. Her chef, her stylist-so highlighting her gym makes sense. But, what Heather did, that most people wouldn’t do, was when she got a chance to make it up to Tamra she did. Tamra should be happy! Even though Heather really didn’t do anything wrong-she made it right. These women are dumb!

    Just wanted to comment to TRex-I only skimmed above but as far as the LA show doing OC based businesses. Here in Philadelphia-we have a similar morning show and a couple evening shows on the weekends. They also highlight places and businesses from Philly, western burbs, southern NJ up past Trenton, to the shore, to the Poconos even delaware. All in various times away from each other. It’s the metro viewing area so it’s not limited to just the city. I’m not going to join a gym in Delaware! Lol-but they try to hit the whole market. It’s how I find a lot of fun day trips! I didn’t know you were near Tampa. Every year until after my freshman year in college, we went to Clearwater to see the Phillies. My parents were “snowbirds” for years-spending 6-8 weeks down there. Pitchers and catchers report around my birthday every year and they’d leave and I’d see them in March or April, depending! My mom did 2 more seasons after my dad died and then stopped….most of their group got too old or passed on and it ended. We always did something Disney as part of our trip 2 or 3 days. I miss it. 😦

  30. Thank god I am home. 108 and too hot to even swim. I will swim later when the sun sets. Yesterday I had Pepper outside for just a few minutes and she was so out of it. Hate having her cooped up inside all day. I do get up at 5 a.m. and walk her before the sidewalks get too hot.

    Orange Theory is big here in Arizona. The craze is Orange Theory, Boot Camps and Cross-fit. I have had 3 friends end up injured at Orange Theory. Some of the trainers (not all) are just not experience enough to teach a circuit training with a wide range of fitness levels. It gets competitive and viola you get injuries.

    • Exit4 says:

      Cross Fit is huge here in NJ. I have a friend who does competitions. She even went to Italy for one. Another big thing here are mud runs. It a military style obstacle course-like Heather did in RHNY. I would never!!! Lol. Plus all manners of races-with all kinds of themes….my Facebook is littered with them every weekend! I work out, but I do not run unless someone is chasing me!

      • Cross Fit trainers joke about the “threshold”. This is when the clients get to a point where their bodies start breaking down. I heard about how they watch a client start over training due to the competitiveness of the workouts and then injuries start happening. The client keeps coming back and injuries get more severe. They almost encourage the breakdown. It is not a joke when your people are injuring themselves.

        This is not how I was trained and certified. Goal is to be able to do whatever exercises you want for the rest of your life. This mean incorporating all areas. Cardio/strength/flexibility. This is why yoga/pilates is so important when we get older.
        You want to be doing this till your number comes up IMHO. So you modify and rest when injured.

        • Exit4 says:

          My biggest complaint at the gym was the trainers. They give you free sessions every month and they always have me things that were too complicated to remember or beyond what I could do. It never made any sense….so I just use the gym for cardio (a godsend in freezing winners and oppressive summers) and the whole family uses the pool. My trainer (she comes to my house) has your mindset-don’t hurt the client! Once at the gym, the trainer wanted me to run up and down the steps (it has 2 stories). As a trainer you’ll hate me for this, but I actually looked at her and said “I have children. I spend my life running up and down stairs-don’t make me do it here”. My husband wants to start yoga-he’s stuff as a board!

  31. boston02127 says:

    This is an older pic of Tamra. She should of left herself alone. She’s very hardened looking. They way she dresses doesn’t help her look younger either.

    • Orson says:

      They’d do better offering chances to not have to meet JZ, if you ask me. Apparently that “Go on a cruise with Teresa Guidice” promotion never left the dock. As Goddess as my witness, I saw a billboard for that in the Philly area.

      • Exit4 says:

        You did not imagine it Orson! I saw them too! The cruise still went off-they just weren’t on it-I don’t think enough people signed up. But me and God are your witnesses!

    • iceNfire says:

      Well they didn’t give ‘fans’ much time to jump at this chance:
      Zarin, who was featured on the cover of the magazine’s May/June issue, will be joining The Real Deal and Luxury Listings NYC at Beautique Dining at 8 West 58th St. from 6 to 9 p.m. We’ll be randomly selecting a handful of fans from LLNYC‘s Facebook page to attend the event from now until 12 a.m. EST.

      • T-Rex says:

        Oh they didn’t mention that THeLunaticZarin had to PAY to be featured in the magazine! It’s a promotional only magazine and you have to pay to be in there, unless you are an Alist celebrity, and then you agree to appear somewhere for the magazine, but THElunaticZarin absolutely paid!

  32. Watched re-run of last night and Tamara is really not all that smart. Heather is annoying but really good at shutting down the b#tches. Eddie will be gone after this season. He just looks tired.

  33. Looking forward to Ny tonight. No more George according to Andy. Anyone with me??????

  34. ladebra says:


  35. VV™ says:

    Has any executive at Bravo noticed Kim Richards is free loading off of them? I mean seriously; she’s not liked by many, misses filming constantly, hardly does press for the show. Somehow, she manages to get signed every year by Bravo.
    #iwanttofreeloadoffbravo #iwantbravowelfaretoo

  36. Jan (TexasTart) says:
  37. janet says:

    I think tamara was stupid about the gym plug. Just say thanks. For business I would let it go. But heather has never cared how tamara treats others so I think its fitting that she be on the receiving end of what she has condoned. What comes around goes around. Heather wanted to back tamara at all costs instead of being a good person she wanted to be in like flint. Well isn’t it too sad fancy pants! Imagine little sweet tamara turning on me for doing a favor! Heather has been awful to shannon! So shannon doesnt know what to make of the whole situation and I don’t blame her. Hopefully shannon will be more true to herself and think for herself and not back whats not kind behaviour to be popular with tamara as heather has done like with alexis. Don’t know why everyone rolls over for tamara guess they’re hoping she won’t go after them. Cowards!

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