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Episode 3 “Mother Tucker”

by TexasTart

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Last week we left off with one Mad Mamazilla refusing to walk Kandi down the aisle. Todd trying to have a rational conversation to defend accusations she made about his parents, all of which left Todd questioning if he can go through with the wedding.

14 days until the wedding. Kandi and Todd meet with Pastor Pollard for marriage counseling. He has them answer some questions on paper, like what makes them happy. Kandi wrote she is happy when Todd is rubbing her feet. They discuss their communication differences. Todd likes to take things head on and Kandi likes to let it build up. Kandi proclaims every battle isn’t worth talking about.

13 days until the wedding. Todd is trying to make the guest bed in the house when his mother, Sharon, calls on the phone to say she is at the airport on her way. She said they will be “Team Tucker” against the “Old Lady Gang”. Chuckles. Kandi enters the room wearing a shirt that reads “More Issues Than Vogue”. She helps Todd find the right sheets for the bed. Todd wants to know what’s the plan with the mothers. Kandi wants to keep them separate. Todd wants to get them to talk. A car arrives with Sharon, Todd’s mother. Todd is an only child and he is very close to his mother. It was previously revealed that they talk on the phone twice a day. Sharon came from NY, but she has a unique way of speaking that is a bit difficult for me to understand. Perhaps there is some Mississippi draw in her speech.

Todd asks his mother if she feels like she’s losing a player and she insists no, she is not and how Kandi got lucky. They mention the accusation Joyce made that Todd’s father was a pimp and how ridiculous all this is. There is a photo of Todd’s father on the screen for the viewers and Sharon said he looked like Superfly. It’s apparent that Sharon and Todd have thus far been kept in the dark about Joyce accusing Sharon of being a prostitute. Kandi greets her future mother-in-law and says in a talking head that Sharon’s always been so sweet to her. She thinks Kandi has lost weight and compliments her. As you may recall, Joyce takes a liking to chastising Kandi about her weight and blaming weight gain on Todd. Sharon wants to know if Kandi’s family is on board. Kandi said her mother will be there and said she will be nice. Sharon said Joyce needs counselling, all ya’ll do and joked how she does too. But Sharon rubs it in a little saying that she gets along with everybody and doesn’t have the problem. It’s Joyce that has the problem. Although true, Kandi was a bit taken back by the direct blame and asked Sharon what is her suggestion. Sharon said to put Joyce on meds. Chuckle.

Kandi thinks Sharon is too turned up about what’s been said by Joyce already and she didn’t even tell her the prostitute part. Really, Kandi?! Wouldn’t you be turned up if the shoe was on the other foot?! Sharon brings up Joyce’s setting up a situation earlier in the year with the accusations that Todd and Carmon had something going on the side. Kandi explains a little of her view and Sharon ends up feeling bad for Kandi having to deal with a mother like that and gives Kandi a hug and tells her to go get married. Awww.

10 days until the wedding. Cake shopping with Tan, the Matron of Honor. Kandi says she don’t play with her food, this cake can not only look good, it has to taste good! Tan asks about Carmon’s involvement in the wedding. Carmon doesn’t work for her anymore, but she will be the Maid of Honor. I’m feeling the tension before Carmon enters the cake shop. It turns out that Tan, Carmon and Kandi have been friends since childhood, but both besties with Kandi – but not with one another. These two are taking shots at one another, insulting one another big time in talking head interviews that are peppered all over the segments that feature the two of them. They are clearly opposites. Tan is very well thought out and Carmon flies by the seat of her pants. Todd joins and the four of them taste cake samples that all look so yummy. Unfortunately, they neglect to tell us the most important information, as to what type of cake was chosen, but it will cost $2700, which seems like a good price to everyone but Todd.

9 days until the wedding. A second meeting with dress designer Reco Chapple of House of Chapple. It’s Tan, Kandi’s stylist/male bridesmaid and Carmon joins. First we see work in progress dress that is for Phaedra, who will be a bridesmaid. He has a dress ready for Tan to be fitted, that we do not see. Then we find out he has nothing yet for Kandi to try on, but they’re working on it. There’s lots of talk about feathers. Yes, feathers?! Kandi and Tan are disappointed this is not a fitting for Kandi. Rico throws some shade ’round the room talking about playing down Tan’s appearance and of course Carmon jumps in on this train and more insults are exchanged in talking heads of the two ladies. Kandi feels confident Rico will pull it all out in time. Tan says, time is of the essence in this wedding and unlike Rachet Reco, she needs things organized and in a fashionable manner. Tan has arranged several members of the wedding party to meet at a local Bar that happens to have swings that hang from the ceiling as bar seats. They’re all seated at plush u-shaped table elsewhere in the bar. The topic is planning the bachelorette party. It’s Tan, the male bridesmaid, Carmon, Phaedra, cousin Weenie and Rasheeda (who we meet for the first time and I assume is a good friend of Kandi). Carmon seems to think this is Tan’s deal and she’s just going to tell everyone what to do, so Carmon is just looking forward to drinking it up on Tan’s tab.

KW E3_2They talk about having strippers, which was a mixed reaction, but most notable was Phaedra seems to have some freaky ideas. The conversation turns to the unfortunate event at an earlier dress shopping trip (featured on RHOA) where Mad Mamazilla tries to throw down with Carmon in the dress boutique. Tan thinks that Carmon doesn’t handle Joyce right and they get to arguing about what is proper in dealing with Joyce. More insulting talking heads, like Tan thinks Carmon drinks too much. Carmon (pictured above) and Tan keep upping the level of their voices making a scene and then Carmon says “Bye Felisha” with the appropriate hand gestures. Chuckles. Everyone skips a beat and the silence is broken by Phaedra, who wants to know who is Felisha?! Carmon tells Phaedra, she’s the random bitch you don’t give a fuck about. Cousin Weenie gets bent out of shape and yells to the two ladies you’ll need to squash this shit now – this is all for Kandi! If somebody messes up my cousin’s wedding they gonna have to deal with me! She was very upset. The male bridesmaid, I’m so sorry folks, they don’t say his name, if anyone knows, I would appreciate to call him by name. He put in his two cents, as he is in line with Tan and for everyone to remember this is about Kandi! He closed it with making a remark that Carmon needs to back off the alcohol.

If it’s not enough the mothers of the bride and groom don’t respect one another; now there’s competition from the dueling maid/matron of honors!

8 days until the wedding. Kandi and Todd cooking in the kitchen, making some spaghetti for dinner. Carmon stopped by with the invitations. Kandi wonders to herself why she had to fire Carmon to get her to actually help with the wedding. Maybe she should have fired her long ago. The dinner is for Todd’s mother and the Old Lady Gang. Todd and Riley are skeptical that all will go well, as it seems Joyce has backup and Sharon rides solo. Joyce, Nora and Bertha arrive with Fried Chicken in tow. Aunt Nora very enthusiastically greets, hugs, and kisses Sharon. That was no joke in the first episode when Nora lamented how much she likes Sharon. After that love fest, Sharon says “hello everyone” and as editing makes it appear, no one responds. Two things I find interesting in this segment. One is the ladies bringing chicken are the only ones eating chicken. Except Riley, who might have had some chicken on her plate, but she was apparently sent elsewhere in the house with her food by Kandi. I would assume that Kandi is making sure to minimize Riley’s screen time, as thus far she appears for a few minutes per episode….as well does Georgia the bulldog. Or simply put, Riley is sent away to protect her ears from Mad Mamazilla.

They sit down to eat and bless the food. There is an awkward silence that Nora breaks saying she received her invitation. Joyce abruptly speaks up to ask Sharon when did she arrive? Sharon says Friday. Joyce goes has a tirade because she feels she can not spend the night in Kandi’s house since Todd is there and she is jealous that Sharon can. Good gosh, this rapidly launched into a messy nasty fight. Nothing less than you would expect from one Mad Mamazilla, but it shows us that Todd’s mother, Sharon indeed can hold her own. Sharon says she knows how Joyces speaks of her child. How she tried to set him up and how she needs to stop threatening him. Joyce told Sharon to shut the fuck up. Sharon replied you picked on the wrong one now, bitch. KW E3_1Joyce has steam coming out her ears because she’s been called a bitch. If there had not been a table between the two women, they would have had their hands on each other’s throats. We see Todd being very collected and unusually calm while Joyces’ daughter and sisters are trying to hold her back. Good thing Riley took a plate to her room. Kandi suggests Todd and Sharon leave before Joyce breaks their stronghold. Todd and his mama go to the guest bedroom. Sharon asks for a water and a shot of Brandy. He tries to calm his mother down.

I thought that would be all for the evening, as I can assure you it was enough! But no, the two ‘teams’ try to calm down, or rally their people to meet up again. Sigh. Poor Kandi has some of the most self serving individuals in her family. Tonight’s gem is Aunt Bertha, who proclaimed that Kandi just needs to get married and have babies and leave me the hell alone! Yes, she really said that for all to hear. Joyce was talking out of her head about setting Todd up and then Bertha spews some nonsense about the scheme that Todd set up. Kandi is lost in how ridiculous all this is. Bertha strikes me as the town drunk that pipes up maybe once in a blue moon to have everyone’s attention, but is ignored. I’m not saying Bertha drinks or was drunk, just how she erupts is comparable. Actually, it is Joyce claiming that Sharon is drunk.

And with that said, Todd re-enters the room and said his mother is not drunk, she is frustrated. Todd tries to defend his mother as she rejoins the the group. Joyce is not making eye contact with anyone, she has a stone cold look to her. Todd said Joyce can dish it but she can not take it. Bertha spews some more nonsense and I’m not the only one that is ignoring her. Joyce talks about they’re all bitches shaking fingers and more nonsense.  The woman that makes the most sense of the lot of them – Nora is completely silent. I presume that is because she actually loves both women and is tongue tied for that fact. Todd makes an announcement that Kandi’s pregnant. Almost everyone fell for it a brief moment, while Todd quickly let them off the hook that he was kidding. What was very telling about Todd’s ice-breaker of a joke is that Joyce’s cold stone face did not change one bit. Everyone else had an emotion of surprise or laughter. Not even the slightest movement on her face. Nothing. She looks very defeated and withdrawn, like sometimes how people will look when they are sentenced to jail. Kandi noted the expression on her face is saying that her mama still wants to fight. Sounds like the makings of another episode!

Next week we see Joyce telling Kandi “If homegirl get drunk and call me a bitch again – I don’t know what got into her” for which Kandi replies “YOU.” Chuckles. There will be bachelor and bachelorette parties that I hope Phaedra didn’t plan. Oh my, I just had a flashback of the RHOC bachelorette, help me. I might need to borrow the Lysol from Heather for next week’s blog.



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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning again everyone. Its a great day. 😃🌅
    Ladebra I was just responding to eat when TexasTart pushed send. 😁 Joyce needs 4 Xanyax alright. And horse pill size.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day . . . it’s dark and stormy here, but I think the worst of it went north of me. Hope we get the College World Series baseball games in today without rain. Not watching Kandi mainly because of her mother. Have a good day Powell!

  2. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Good Morning everyone, sorry for the delay this morning, I was not feeling very Tartsy and it took me a while to wrangle myself up. Hope you enjoy the blog and more importantly I hope you each of you have something about your day you find enjoyable. 😀

  3. rabblerouser2010R says:

    I hate Mama Joyce..
    I have never seen such a miserable person in my entire life.

  4. mariareads says:

    Kandi’s mother is the most miserable, thankless, ruthless person I have seen in a very long time. She is nasty and gets down and dirty. She is only looking out for her $$$ supplier and not for Kandi’s happiness. I can’t stand to watch her. That scene last night was disgusting. If I was Todd’s mother I don’t know how I could keep from throwing my drink in that sullen, misery guts Joyce’s face. Just ugly, ugly, ugly.

    • Powell says:

      Oh gosh Maria. Actions like that were what I was afraid of and that why I haven’t watched the last 2 epis. Ugggghhhh!

      • mariareads says:

        I wish I hadn’t watched. I missed the Game of Thrones season finale for that garbage but I stayed up and watched it on Xfinity. Now THAT was great TV. Not this garbage. I don’t think I’m tuning into this again. It really makes me sick to watch it and who needs that?

        • Powell says:

          Maria you should never miss anything good for the HWs. 😊

        • T-Rex says:

          To digress, I haven’t seen the finale, glad to hear it’s really good! Thank Maria for posting that, going to have to watch this week. I LOVE the Game of Thrones, I tend to wait and watch a few shows at once, a mini-binge since i have HBO I can watch on Demand. Yes, this show is WAY better than ANY Reality show. I will say that I missed the shows last night to watch the Food Network Star show, only cause I was hoping the person I disliked the most got booted and they did(not posting who in case others watch this and didn’t know the outcome of last night)

    • chismosa™ says:

      Maria totally agree. So disgusting. Miserable person!

  5. ladebra says:

    Excellent blog Tartsy! I am really enjoying this little spin-off. I’ve always enjoyed Kandi, albeit sometimes she was a little low key and a tad boring, but not in this one! She plays the peacemaker all over her life – between her battling bffs, between Joyce and the rest of the world, ummm.. I’m sure there’s more lol. Anyway, if I can ff through all the Joyce baloney, it really is a great show!

  6. Powell says:

    TexasTart Rasheeda is a rapper, on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and a good friend of Kandi’s. Now don’t ask me what any of her songs are. 😏

  7. mariareads says:

    Jan, you went above and beyond to recap this Mama Joyce mess. Better to read it than watch it so thanks for taking the bullet for so many!

  8. Powell says:

    I wonder if we’re the only blog that calls Joyce and her sisters “Old Lady Gang”. 😉

  9. Powell says:

    See. That house. Joyce hates Todd partly because she’s not living in that house like “she” planned when she found the house and told Kandi about it. In Joyce’s mind, yeah right, MIND, but I digress. In Joyce’s mind it was supposed to be Kandi, Riley and her living in the second house on the property. Todd spoiled that. I don’t think she’ll ever forgive Todd for messing w/”her” plan.

    • T-Rex says:

      Powell, you are EXACTLY right. MamaJealousJoyce is what my husband refers to as a ‘MAN-HATER’! No MAN ever gonna be good enough for her, or any of her family that’s why she only hangs with a gaggle of other women, and hasn’t had a MAN in her life for many, many, many, many years. She doesn’t want Kandi mixed up with one of them “pesky MAN-folks” either, which is why NO MAN would EVER be good enough for Kandi. Why, because that would mean MamaJealousJoyce loses out on Kandi’s generosity. I remember when Kandi gave her, her old house, MamaJealousJoyce was SO MAD, she wanted the keys to the house Kandi had on her property. She is a “baby” of EPIC proportions and shame on her family for not teaching her the word NO! Her stupid sisters are STILL enabling her to this day, so she doesn’t go into tantrums when they don’t back her or say the word NO to her!

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        MamaJealousJoyce 😆 Oh wow, T-Rex you nailed it with the man hater tag!

      • Powell says:

        Just crazy isn’t it T-Rex. You have TexasTart laughing at your MamaJealousJoyce. 😊 It’s a shame Joyce can’t be satisfied and see her blessings. Kandi’s previous home wasn’t some shack. I think the main house is at least 2’000 sq ft & then there’s the separate pool house/guest house that was Kandi’s studio. Joyce is ungrateful & sickening.

    • Lola says:

      Oh my goodness…I was wondering why she started to hate Todd after liking him. You hit the nail on the head!!! Never thought of that until you said it. That is exactly why she doesn’t like Todd. She did have plans to move into that house. Unbelievable. She also acted as though she was going to throw a drink on Sharon but thought twice about it once Sharon called her the B word. People are only going to do to you what you allow them and it’s apparent that she has been doing this for the majority of Kandi’s life. Kandi needs to put a stop to it. Bless Todd because I would’ve called off the wedding seeing how his family gets treated. Unfortunately this is only the beginning.

      • Powell says:

        Lola you’re right. Kandi needs to just tell her mother how things will be & set boundaries. She & Todd have never been married & Joyce in the mix may just sink it. I can see Kandi always taking her mother’s side instead of her husband’s. She has said time and again that her mom has always been there when no one else has & she’ll always take care of her mother. It seems to me that it’s not just monetary support. I think emotional too & Todd will be #2. Even Riley has told Kandi she needs to talk to Joyce and set her straight. It’s sad. We all have seen the HWs w?shacky marriages don’t last. Kandi’s whole relationship has been on shakey ground. I give it 2 yrs.

  10. T-Rex says:

    Tartzy! Thanks for the Blog, love reading it. I am OFFICIALLY off any further UN-reality shows that Bravo barfs up on their network, since we know that not a single one is actually anything remotely close to reality.

  11. T-Rex says:

    I don’t normally post links to rag-mags like this one, because I think they are no better than any other rag-mag since they “pay” for information from random “unnamed” sources that most times turn out to be false but they did link an email to the story. I actually happened to be at lunch to check on the ConvictFelonNida’s court case and this popped up in my search. First off, I personally have always believed this mistress of LetharioMario, and have heard that OldCraggyBitchDrunkRamona really hates this mistress, because all of the others LetharioMario has been with, apparently knew their “place” and didn’t rat the information out to the rag mags. LetharioMario messed with the wrong b*tch this time, cause she “will not be ignored”.


  12. mrs peabody says:

    Is it only me or do other people have a problem with understanding Kandi’s family when they are talking. I swear they never open their mouths and I can’t understand half of what they are saying. I watched Riley speak and she opens her mouth and I have no problem whatsoever understanding her words but the rest of the family I have such a hard time with. Todd opens his mouth and I understand him but not Kandi’s mom or sisters and sometimes even Kandi. And I also don’t understand what some of the words they say even mean. Am I the only one having this problem?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      You are not alone. Kandi is capable of enunciating better than she does on the Hw’s or I suspect on her spinoff…she is well spoken on talk shows, wwhl, etc. I think she gets comfortable with her close friends and relatives and goes back to a more regional type of dialect/language style. I do that when I go to South Texas where Spanglish is de rigueur. When in Rome…

      • mrs peabody says:

        My Rome is the Pacific NW so I’m really having a problem…….I kind of thought it must just be the way they talk in the south. I have a friend from LA that says y’all and it sounds strange to me.

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        That’s an excellent take on it, Lainey.

        Mrs. P, I can understand them all, but I turn the TV up louder. I found Sharon’s accent very difficult, I’m not even sure it was accent as much as being so muddled I had to rewind her several times to understand enough to get it right in the recap!

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I think it’s the tone and loudness of their voices. Kandi’s voice hurts my ears (unless she’s singing) and her mama screeches. It is hard to understand sometimes.

    • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

      You are not alone Mrs. P.

  13. shamrockblonde says:

    listening to Todd’s Mom, I was glad they had her audio in text almost every time she spoke – it was hard to understand her I think, more than the others – Joyce’s sisters were hard to understand too, but not as bad as Todd’s Mom –

    Joyce I could understand – at least as far as diction goes – just fine for some reason – Joyce is a piece of work – but I think she likes all the attention – she thinks that behaving like that makes her look bad tushie, but she is alone in that thought – I am still unsure how much of her behavior is due to mental issues and how much of it is for the cameras, but either way, it is really bad – I don’t get Kandi either – she is so much smarter than all of this – I think that’s why I feel that a lot of this is just for show – from her and from Todd – he is a producer and knows what is expected on these shows – I’m glad that Kandi is keeping her daughter out of this mess of a show for the most part – smart – and telling too – she knows Riley would not enjoy seeing her Grandmother behaving this way and involving her in it in any way would only cause issues that would extend far beyond the tv show – at least Kandi is aware of that much – I know she cares for and loves her Mom is which is why I suspect that a lot of this is strictly for the show – I just wonder how much Joyce’s sisters understand that it is for show – Sharon too for that matter –

    • mrs peabody says:

      I kind of this most of it is for the show. I think Kandi’s mom probably has always been difficult but I think she is overdoing it for the show at this point. What I don’t understand why a person would make sure a fool of themselves for a silly tv show. I am glad Kandi is keeping Riley away from this fighting though….. I need to stop watching these shows. I love Little Couple, no fighting but sadly the season is already ending. Darn the good ones end too soon and these type go on forever it seems.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I think they are all “Puttin’ On” for the show. Joyce is doing her job, and now Sharon (Todd’s ma) is not one to be left out is turning up the drama, too! Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching!

  14. HuskerHuny says:

    Tornado watch again tonight. Had one all day Saturday, but got nothing on my side of town. The other side had a lot of wind damage. My co-worker’s trampoline was thrown on top of her privacy fence and the lawn furniture was thrown into a pile. Her neighbor had a big tree uprooted. You never know what’s going to happen!

  15. Foxymel11(Mel) says:

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone has been well. Thanks for the recap, TT! .I’m hesitant to watch because mama Joyce is just horrible to watch.

    Also, My SPURS won!! I am beyond happy they pulled through and gave the Heat a Gentleman’s Sweep. I have a feeling that the Western Playoffs were harder than the Finals for them. This is a special group of people. They have this quote in their locker room and I wanted to share it with you all.
    “When nothing seems to help, I go look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not that blow that did it, but all that had gone before.”
    They refer to it in basketball, and I refer to it in my own life.

    Anyway, does anyone know when NJ starts?

    • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

      Sorry, quote by, Jacob Riis

    • LaineyLainey says:

      That’s cool, Foxy!

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      July 13.

      Foxy, congrats on your team taking the trophy. I looked for you in Game 3! Tell me – how was it being in a sea of Miami white shirts? I can’t imagine the energy to be in the arena – not to mention with the wrong hometeam 😉 So funny you’re a die hard Spur living in FL! 😆

      • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

        Game 3 was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget! It was me, my husband and my best friend, who is a Heat fan. I was really worried since my shirt was grey and had San Antonio Spurs written in cursive on it. My husband and my friend are two big guys, and I wasn’t planning on being obnoxious that night -so I didn’t anticipate getting jumped lol. We got there very early and got to see the two teams shoot around, which was the biggest highlight for me. We sat in the 3rd Row but it wasn’t the nosebleed seats, which was good.The crowd was amazing until the Spurs got a huge lead and some fans were booing their own team! People starting leaving (from the lower levels) at 6 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter. I felt bad for my friend who was really quiet and my husband and I, kept giving each other high fives as the Spurs plowed through. We sat next to two Argentinian men who kept asking me questions about basketball, both Spurs fans.
        One food vendor did notice my shirt and she jokingly said she couldn’t serve a Spurs fan, and that was about the only thing I ran into. The crowd was pissed as we left the building, but since we stayed until the very end, it wasn’t too crowded.

        Thank you for asking! My youngest one got very sick the next day, so I couldn’t post my experience.

        • Jan (TexasTart) says:

          Interesting! Thanks for sharing…somehow the two Argentinian asking you questions and being Spurs fans sounds so comical. Hope your little boy is all better by now.

  16. Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

    Thanks so much for recapping this, Tartsy – I just can’t watch the show… It just makes my blood boil… I think it’s impactful because it’s a REAL daughter and her REAL mother… Oh, I’m sure they over dramatize things for the camera… and of course Mama Joyce is trying to get a full-time real housewife gig and she’s drunk way too much of her own Kool-Aid… but most of this stuff is just so hateful and hurtful… Who does this kind of crap? Yikes! Thanks for muscling through it, Tartsy – and for everything you and Mel do each and every day to keep the blog going… Great job!

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Good to hear from you, Stars! Joyce is literally drunk on her own kool-aid! I imagine a lot of people couldn’t stomach her – however real or played up for the camera, she’s despicable.

  17. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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