Real Housewives of Orange County – Not A Good Day LA

 Real Housewives Of Orange County

S9E9 “Not A Good Day LA”

by Stars99

Shannon Beador, Heather Dubrow, Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge & Lizzie Rovsek

Shannon Beador, Heather Dubrow, Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge & Lizzie Rovsek

Remember Last Week… Well, actually I really don’t want to remember last week’s episode, do you? Let’s just get into this week’s… lol…

This week’s episode starts out with Vicki and Heather having a “Friendship Summit” where they can freely talk about Tamra behind her back. In a Captain Obvious kind of way, Vicki tells Heather that Tamra handles conflict different than everyone else. What do you mean, Vicki? Doesn’t everyone scream at their friends? No? I’m shocked…  Vicki is convinced Tamra doesn’t know how to maintain friendships because she seems to always ruin them.

Heather says CUT Fitness is scheduled to be on “Good Day LA” tomorrow – So it will be interesting to see what happens. Tamra is very lucky that Heather’s not the kind of vindictive friend who would have gone back to the Producers and said, “Well, unfortunately it’s not going to work out with CUT Fitness, but I do know of an amazing Insurance person” (Vicki)… lol… or better yet, “There’s this bikini company I recently found out about that’s absolutely fab! – Oh, and a former Miss Kentucky owns it…” (Lizzie’s company…lol).

VickiHeather’s heart, her achy breaky heart still hurts from Tamra’s complete lunacy during Shannon’s Christmas party last week. Tamra didn’t bother call Heather over the holidays but Heather thinks she should have. Heather says she feels that Tamra knew how much she had hurt her – and yet she didn’t receive a call. I wonder if Santa put coal in Tamra’s stocking – Wait, no – Coal is way too much of a precious commodity these days.  Now, if this was a real relationship we were talking about, I would hasten to point out that Heather didn’t call Tamra, either – And how it’s funny how phones work… Either side of a conflict could have initiated a call – But neither did. How many of us have called a friend within a few days after a conflict and said something like, “What the heck was that about?”… The air gets cleared and everyone can once again play happily in the same sandbox together.  I’m pretty surprised that Eddie didn’t strongly “suggest” that Tamra make the call – Since it was their business interests that were potentially at risk and not merely Tamra’s petty, vindictive, despicable, ungrateful, and selfish “widdle” heart.  Too much? Lol…

HeatherIn a fleeting moment of truth, Vicki confesses to Heather that in the past that she has chimed in with Tamra when they talked about how Heather has a tendency to make everyone feel “less than.” Her Royal Heatherness seems to really think that even though several people have now told her that she has this tendency – That it’s everyone else’s problem – Not her own. Heather tells Vicki she has a issues with the whole Vicki snoring in the middle of when she talks… (Which is still completely hysterical to me – probably because it’s not aimed at me… lol)…  Vicki insists that it’s just an inside joke that she and Donn have had going for several years – but Heather doesn’t seem to want to be in on this particular joke… Okay, you can be in on the joke or you can be the punchline to the joke, as far as I can tell. Heather starts to tell Vicki how wonderful, smart, successful, etc. she is when Vicki once again pulls the “snooze” card – and this was while she herself was being complimented… It was completely hysterical!  I’m kind of liking Vicki a little bit again – but I think it’s only because I didn’t have to see or hear about Brooks at all this episode…. Yippie!

Lizzie is up to her eyeballs in dirty diapers and play dates. She really wants any excuse to escape – and so she agrees to judge some upcoming beauty pageants. First up is the Miss Santa Monica pageant which has only been in existence for the last 3 years. Lizzie insists that most of the women involved in these pageants are not only beautiful, but they’re also intelligent and entrepreneurial.  The problem is that for every 100 contestants who are exactly how Lizzie describes them – There is one who REALLY isn’t. The following YouTube video contains two of the most egregious recent exceptions of pageant intelligence as narrated by Anderson Cooper – Oh, and Nene is one of the judges and is kind of slammed by Anderson – Which is kind of a win/win, no?

PageantLizzie insists you don’t have to be the hottest to win these competitions –  You just need confidence. She says that most of these women use pageants as a stepping stone to achieve something better. Later on, Lizzie has a fun little scene with her Mom – but mostly it’s just about Lizzie’s bralessness and the camera person’s repeated zooming in on said bralessness than anything else… And in another short but cute segment, her husband is on Daddy Duty while Lizzie is away judging the pageant… Lizzie calls and tries to talk to him over the phone.  Unfortunately, Christian hands the phone to Kingston who promptly hangs up on Mommy… Not once… Not twice… but three times…lol.  Ummm… Perhaps a better plan of action would be NOT to give the 2 year old the phone…

Tamra and Eddie are nervously preparing for their “Good Day LA” segment. Tamra is stressed since she hasn’t talked to Heather since Shannon’s party so she took a “whole bunch of Immodium.”  Oh, come on, Tamra – We all know the REAL reason you took all that Immodium was because you were afraid you were so full of “it” that “it” would certainly spew out of your head the moment you opened your vile mouth (I apologize for that visual – but I just couldn’t resist…lol).

Heather is bummed that she and Tamra aren’t in a better place relationship-wise but is not nervous that Tamra is going to do something silly on camera to her. Terry is not so sure about it… Heather tells us that normally, she would have clued in Tamra about what works and what doesn’t work during these segments… and perhaps would have given her some other pointers, etc. But since Tamra didn’t call – Heather didn’t go out of her way to help her. Heather knows Tamra has to be on her best behavior during the segment because otherwise who would want to go to CUT Fitness?

Meanwhile, because the entire world revolves around Tamra’s selfish widdle heart, she bellyaches about how it would have been if Heather would have visited her in her dressing room before the segment to say, “Hi.” After all – Heather knows Tamra is nervous about it. Oh yeah, well, it would been nice if you had shown up to Heather’s dressing room and kissed the ground she walked on for getting you this gig in the first place.

Good DayHeather has a whopping minute and 40 seconds to change into her workout clothes between segments. She breathlessly runs back onto the set as Tamra and Eddie’s segment starts. Heather is very professional and is all businesslike while on the set… Which is of course what they’re all there for, no? Of course Tamra interprets this as Heather being rude and not wanting them to be there in the first place. And because Tamra is generally so easily distracted by shiny objects, she is unable to really focus on her prioritized talking points during the segment – Which of course, is all Heather’s fault. Bad Heather.

Afterwards, Tamra whines to Eddie about the whole thing. She thinks Heather was “frosty.” Eddie thinks it was just, “All business, babe – And that’s what we came for.” He’s absolutely right…lol… Tamra then starts talking about how Heather should have come and talked to them beforehand… and Eddie again, correctly said, “Well yes, if she had the time.” Because, you know – Guest hosting on a show like that is always just so danged laid back and easy….lolol.

David (Shannon’s husband) is helping Sophie (12) with her math homework which is really quite cute – but kind of unsuccessful at this point. Of course, Shannon stepped in and re-explained the concept and Sophie seemed to understand it better. Shannon gives her husband a really dirty, belittling look like he was an idiot or something.  She said, “It’s not about the answer – It’s about how you get there.” Yeah, well I’ve had a lot of math teachers in my day, and while a couple of them (when you got into the higher math classes) would give you partial credit if you showed your work but got the wrong answer – Most math teachers actually do care about the correct answer… Surprise, surprise, surprise! (You get points if you imagined Jim Nabors saying that line… lol).

Over-Sharing Shannon once again tells us how she feels unloved in her marriage. She doesn’t have enough quality time with her husband. Heck, even her daughter remarks to both of them that she knows that sometimes her Dad isn’t happy. Since David gets up at 4:30 AM, he goes to bed around the same time as the kids (8:30 PM). This gives Shannon plenty of time to mope around the house and obsess about feeling sorry for herself because she is a night owl and stays up until midnight or 1:00 AM. Shannon says that she feels sad and alone when he’s asleep and she’s awake. She tells us that she and her husband really only have 3-4 hours together a day. Oh, boo-freakin’ hoo… Isn’t that about as much or more time than most people have with their spouses?

Shannon complains that David prioritizes his work and the kids above her. Poor, poor Shannon – She’s married to a man who is gainfully employed and actually cares about his kids. However, as much as I snark at Shannon, I do believe her feelings are real and valid. David really does need to make Shannon more of a priority in his life and they need to figure out ways to turn the time they do have together into quality time. They already have a couple of nannies… Why not go on walks together in the evening? Or just take an hour and go into one of the hundred rooms in their house, close the door – And tell the kids they can’t be disturbed?  I mean, c’mon, there’s a million ways to do this – Especially when you can afford to have help taking care of the kids. This is such a classic example of looking from the outside like you have it all – An amazing house, an amazing family, success in business…. And yet on the inside you’re a crumbling pile of rubble.  It’s pretty sad, actually… Cuz money can’t buy me love… Can’t buy me love, love, can’t buy me love… No, no, no… nooooOOOoooOOOoooo….

A BoyBriana and Ryan are about to find out the gender of their baby. They want their whole family to be involved. They hatched the following plan… When Briana had her ultra sound, she had the technician write the gender on a card and they folded it over. They took the card and a box to a party store and asked them to blow up the color of balloons that corresponded to the appropriate gender noted on the card. The helium filled balloons were secured in the box without Briana or Ryan ever seeing them.  Then, they opened the box in front of their family so everyone found out at the exact same time. It’s a boy! Briana is thrilled because she’s convinced that boys are easier and Troy will have a fun brother he can enjoy. Vicki, however, really, really wanted a girl. Vicki says she wanted it to be a girl because she thought that’s what Briana wanted. Briana thinks Vicki wanted a girl because she wanted Briana to follow in Vicki’s footsteps and have a boy then a girl. Vicki is convinced this means that Briana will have baby #3 because Briana wants a girl.

ShannonShannon is going to the cardiologist for a stress echocardiogram… She’s had some chest pains and she’s had problems with her mind racing. In the understatement of the year, Shannon says that she doesn’t feel her relationship with David is in a good place. Gosh, really? It’s gotten so bad that David wrote an email to Shannon.  He said he thinks he should move out for a while… Wow… Ouchie… I know that a lot of people like to express themselves in a written format rather than verbally – But to me this feels very “Burger Breakup via Post-it-Note” à la “Sex in the City.” Of course, this has thrown Shannon for a loop – and she maintains that divorce is not an option. She tells us that she loves her husband and wants to grow old with him. She wants to figure out how to make this all better. In her talking head interview, a light bulb went on above her head and she realized that she could get synced into being on the same sleeping schedule as her husband – That there’s no reason for her to stay up until midnight. While that may be true, in my opinion, there’s a flaw in her reasoning. The problem is that I don’t care how much I love and adore you – There is just no way that I am going to spend quality time with anyone at 4:30 AM on an everyday basis… There just isn’t…And the last thing I need when I’m trying to get myself ready in the morning is to have someone underfoot looking at me with puppy dog eyes trying to get me to have a quality conversation with them at 4:30 AM. I am getting ready and flying out the door – If I had an extra half hour in the morning – I would sleep an extra half hour…lol.

Tamra and Heather have a “Friendship Summit” because things felt awkward when they filmed the CUT Fitness segment at “Good Day LA.”  Tamra once again said how hurt she’s been all these months… and Heather basically reiterated everything she’s said thus far about not having any say in who was scheduled for the original show. Tamra thinks Heather was “Frosty” when they filmed the segment… I think Tamra should be banished to the “Island of Misfit Toys” for being an ungrateful gooberhead.  Heather thinks Tamra wanted to publically punish her at Shannon’s party. Heather thinks it’s silly that anyone would think she has the kind of power that ordains the guests of the show. She said she can make suggestions – but that it’s up to the Producers to decide on what happens on the show. Heather tells Tamra she’s sorry she’s upset. Cue waterworks from Tamra.

Tamra SadHeather says that she’s not perfect and she says things she wishes she didn’t say – She wants both of them to stop picking at each other because life is too short. She tells Tamra she would never intentionally hurt her and asks her to cut her some slack. They have a kumbaya moment…Tamra says the next step is for Heather is to be friends with Shannon – Heather tells Tamra not to push it…lol.  Tamra says she’s drawn to Shannon because she can really relate to her. Four years ago, Tamra’s marriage was falling apart and she drank too much.  They agree that Shannon is a sad, sad, soul. Tamra tells Heather that Shannon shared about some things that were going on in her marriage… Tamra thinks that if Heather could understand what Shannon is going through – Then she would cut her some slack…(Didn’t we JUST hear Heather asking Tamra for her to cut her some slack?… Wow, Tamra can’t even be original in her talking head…. lol…) Now, I don’t know if it was creative editing or what – but you don’t actually hear what Tamra says about Shannon’s marriage. I think what Tamra said or didn’t say to Heather will be important in the upcoming episodes…

The last scene of the night shows Shannon going over to Tamra’s house. Over-Sharing Shannon explains she’s had a rough couple of days. She got into a big argument with David. She knew Tamra would understand because of what she went through.  She explains that David is a great dad. Shannon feels pathetic that she has to ask, beg, bitch or complain about why he’s not spending more time with her. She explains that when she feels connected with David she’s happy – But when she’s not – It’s not fun to be around her.  She and David both came from broken homes and they don’t want to screw up their kids. She feels that David needs to make their relationship more of a priority. Tamra said that her breaking point in her marriage with Simon was when she realized that staying with him was negatively impacting the kids.  Shannon cried with real tears and said that she felt like her marriage is falling apart. I believe her. I am sad for her and her kids.

Next week… While she’s still sitting on the couch talking to Tamra, Shannon receives a text message from David about how Heather Dubrow was discussing the email that David sent to Shannon about their marriage. Tamra immediately said she did not say anything to Heather about it… lolol… Shannon looks absolutely stunned and shell-shocked… There’s a scene involving live lobsters and Vicki so I’m sure there’s a contest to either see who has the strongest pincher or who tastes better after being slathered in butter… Tamra and Eddie take care of a fake baby… Lizzie doesn’t think that Tamra would purposefully try to hurt Shannon… (Oh that Lizzie, she so believes the best about these people… such a newbie mistake… lol) Shannon tells Tamra that she feels betrayed…  Heather tells Shannon that they’re done… please leave… Wow…

That’s all for this week… Hope to see you next week… Happy trails!



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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Looks like it’s going to be a nice day. Husker I hope you’re ok. Twin tornadoes!! OMG!!
    Have a great day everyone.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Hi guys! All’s good in my neighborhood, but not so much about 70 miles northwest of me. Some of my fellow Huskers have lost everything and unfortunately there were also two deaths and several critically hurt.

      Before I shut my computer down at work yesterday around 4:30 p.m., that ‘s when I saw the first pictures of what was happening. I ran to my car and rushed home. Although I was never in imminent danger, there’s that need of being with other family members during potential dangerous weather. We didn’t get so much as a drop of rain. I hurt for those who lost everything, but these people are strong and resilient; you know, that good old fashioned pioneer stock. Only last October, another EF3-4 tornado touched down only a few miles from this area. How much more can these people be tested? Prayers for them and a quick recovery.

      It’s going to be a scorcher out there today – 96 degrees and uber high humidity, but no threatening weather. Thanks to all who were concerned about me – I always feel your arms around me. Now put those arms around the people of Pilger and surrounding area. Thanks!

  2. Powell says:

    Tamra is like one of those crying baby dolls every epi. Tamra Cries A lot. #FakeTears

  3. ladebra says:

    Great blog Starzy! I didn’t watch, and reading your blog was so much better than fast forwarding through Tamraaaaaa.

    I did watch London Ladies. lol lol. Maybe it’s the accents lol I just can’t take them seriously. Pure hilarity for me, although Annabelle should take that telephone pole out of her butt – she would prolly find it easier to sit a horse lol.

    HH hope you have a storm cellar holy cow. Be safe everyone.

    • Powell says:

      Annabelle has a telephone pole up her butt? LOL. 🙂 She’s supposed to be so unaffected by the aristocratic lifestyle. At least that’s what she says. 🙂

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Thanks for your concern ladebra. All was good here, but as you saw, not so much northwest of me. And yes, I do have a basement! I’ve lived my entire life in this area and no tornado has gotten me yet!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Great blogzy, Starzy! Sooooo much better than watching. I haven’t watched since “she defiled my cake!” And I love it. I love not watching. But thanks to you, I can still participate here!!

  4. not THAT Jill says:

    Great great blog Starzy!!
    I don’t know who is annoying me more-Shannon or Tamra!!
    Shannon is soooooo needy-she needs validation from her husband every minute but maybe she should have married someone who is that way? My husband doesn’t go around proclaiming his love for me every minute of the day and sometimes he even forgets to text me “goodnight” when he is working the over night shift-the horror!! Seriously-it never bothered me that Kevin wasn’t that way because he was NEVER that way-me asking him to be that way now would be sooooo stupid!! People forget who they married and then act shocked when they remember-sad and silly. Shannon is exhausting and her husband looks defeated. But here’s a great idea-let’s go on TV!!! Idiots!!
    Tamra is a jealous nasty witch who is never happy-well maybe she’s happy when she is making everyone else miserable-she is the worst person ever!! No gratitude to Heather for getting her on the dumb morning show-and then those fake tears? Did she think Eddie wouldn’t see the whole convo she had with Heather play out on TV??? She’s so dumb I can’t with her-AT ALL!! Eddie was so done with her bitching about Heather-she acts like a middle schooler-so immature! She can never just be nice to her friends b/c she thinks everyone is as evil as she is and always out to hurt her-like she is always looking to hurt everyone else!!
    Boston-the sign in Tamra’s kitchen said
    “ALCOHOL…because no good story ever began with a salad”

    • Powell says:

      JNNTJ you’re so right. IDK why Shannon all of a sudden thinks she can make David be the man he never was. Remember the dinner party epi at S & D where Vicki’s TH she said it was like looking at her and Donn? Vicki was right. David gets the same look Donn would get. They have the exact relationship. They will be divorced. Maybe that’s what Shannon has wanted all along. She’s seen the show. She knows.
      T & A. Doomed from the beginning. Eddie was stupid to take Tamra on.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Hey Powell-I was also thinking that maybe Shannon wanted a divorce and came on the show to get it…she’s weird!!!

    • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

      Hi JNNTJ! I agree 100%. I just don’t know why Shannon would consider doing reality TV when she’s on the brink of divorce. And to trust Tamra with her problems? And what is Heather doing discussing someone else’s marriage. These women…..making Vicki look sane. Lol

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Hey Foxy-I’m dying to know who Heather discussed Shannon’s marriage with!! Was it Terry?? He has a big mouth and always blabs things!!

      • Exactly what I’ve been thinking! Who in their right mind would go on national tv when their marriage was already in trouble?

  5. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    “….Tamra should be banished from the Island of Misfit Toys.” LOLOLOL!
    Thank You Stars! 😆

  6. catmom1 says:

    Completely OT. Just read this from one of my friends on Facebook. If you’ve ever had a problem dealing with Comcast, ATT, Infinity customer service you will instantly relate. It’s a brilliant letter written to them (in the authors blog on wordpress) that needs to go viral. Has a pretty good chicken and human pic on it as well. Here’s the link

    • Powell says:

      Catmom that was a great open letter. So good I posted the link on Twitter. I also commented. Here’s my comment:
      Brilliant open letter to Comcast Stacie. So brilliant I tweeted a link. I feel your pain. IDK why the name Xfinity is now used. To me it’s just to j make it seem like a different company. Comcast/Xfinity it’s all the same. I dumped Comcast 12 yrs ago and have never regretted it. My cable would go out if the wind blew. LOL at you sitting in your underwear eating cheese waiting. 🙂 It’s so unfortunate that you could probably do that. I bet their biz model does include multiple transfers, phone drops, and customer service reps not being able to address issues, but the sales department has none of those issues. I give you a standing ovation for your letter.

      Thks for the link. 🙂

    • Powell says:

      Catmom go back and read more comments. Party sent a letter to Comcast chief of talent development, Dr. Soehren via LinkedIn directing her to the blog. Since that went out Melissa Mendoza from Comcast answered Stacie Huckeba in her blog offering to assist w/her problems. This just keeps getting good.

      • catmom1 says:

        Thanks, will do Powell. Nice to see social media working as the great equalizer. I think back on the days pre-internet when I would call a co’s customer service for help and be told, “Hmmm, no, we’ve never heard of a problem like you’re experiencing. Must just be your (insert product of your choice here) that is having a problem.”. Yea, right. I do love being able to research things on the net.

      • catmom1 says:

        Just finished reading comments Powell. Wow! Do you remember the movie from late 70’s or early 80’s called Network with Faye Dunaway? This reminds me of the scene in that where the news anchor directs people to go to their windows, open them, and yell out, “I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.” I think this letter really hit a nerve. Think it will start trending?

        • Powell says:

          Oh yeah Catmom! I remember that movie. I had to shake my brain a little but I remembered being Faye Dunaway is a fav actress of mine. This situation reminds me of that too. 🙂

        • Powell says:

          Oops. Yes I think it will start trending. I tweeted the link to the blog and I’m sure I’m not the only one. The lady that posted it on LinkedIn was a good idea too. That’s a huge community.

    • Simply amazing! Comcast is the only game in town for me too & they are awful! One of my cable boxes has never worked, but the only options are take time off work to go to their single location & stand in line for hours to exchange it (yet again) or pay $40 for a service tech to come out & replace it. I just got an apple tv & am ditching Comcast!

      • Powell says:

        Good for you hydrangea. When I lived in my townhouse Comcast was still the only game in town. I hated them. If the wind blew the wrong way it would go out. When we moved to our house I said I’ll go w/o tv if I have to have Comcast. Thk goodness for DirecTV. We rarely have problems and then 99% of the time it’s major weather happening. We’ve never had an issue that took time like Comcast. In the customer service arena in my experience DirecTV has some of the best customer service. Are they 100%? No. They could come down on their mthly fee. As we/every service we’re provided w/daily living, everyone could cut their fees.

  7. ladebra says:

    And she’s baaaaaack. Sorry Kit.

    • boston02127 says:

      Someone needs to break her fingers so she stops tweeting. Any volunteers?

      • Powell says:

        Haha hahahahaha!!!!!! Boston that’s a good one. So true. 🙂

      • Jules says:

        I’m not mad. I just don’t listen or follower her twats. Good for her doing it to make a buck to pay for her or her kids.

        but don’t get it wrong I don’t follow any twitter and have never purchased a book from an HW AND because of the trifling fools producers have ruined the HW shows with made up story lines and GEORGE killed the last hope I had to watch NY. I don’t care if he won’t be back. Just that they showed the disgusting father daughter combo I stopped watching.

        Wow, I must be PrePMSing. Sorry about that.


    • kit9 says:

      I know, I saw this yesterday. Oh, god, I was really holding out hope she got canned. lol. Well, wish me luck, I’m going back in.

  8. boston02127 says:

    Good morning. Great blog & funny too. Thanks Stars.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Hey Boston-read my post above please-I left a message for you at the end.

  9. not THAT Jill says:

    In a few minutes I’m sure she will tweet that the guy is a cheater or a liar or whatever….

  10. Veena (NMD) says:

    Mount Etna erupted, we’re changing plans and heading back next week ….

  11. Veena (NMD) says:

    Great blog Stars – I’m pretty sure the episode wasn’t as funny or interesting as you made it sound!

  12. HuskerHuny says:

    I just want to make a little comment on the Ladies of London. I thought I would really dislike Caroline and her snotty ways. But it turns out I’m liking on her and totally disliking that Annabelle. She’s nasty and I refuse to blame it on the loss of her friend. She would be this way regardless. She doesn’t like Americans, plain and simple. Sing the national anthem loudly and proudly Juliet – I’m singing right along side of you. And for Caprice to turn on her – take her citizenship away ASAP! Now I leave my options open to change my mind down the road . . .

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I’m with you HH…Annabelle is miserable moody and rude! Caroline I’m starting to really enjoy her-she’s quick.
      I’m glad you are safe after yesterday HH!!

    • Powell says:

      Annabelle better appreciate our Anthem.

  13. Powell says:

    Tamra is so easily distracted by shiny objects. Stars that is so darn funny. 😀

  14. Powell says:

    Why can’t Vicki be honest and say she’d like to be grandma to a girl and that she wants to be controlling to a little girl like she was to Brianna?

  15. Foxymel11(Mel) says:

    Thank you Stars for the great blog and to Texas Tart and MTH for the daily posts!

    Anyone ever watch Sister Wives?? Mary is the most selfish person ever. Lol doesn’t want to have another baby, wants a wet bar in her new house but in order to do that, they had to build 5 bedrooms in that home. She is living by herself now! Why couldn’t they build her a 2 bedroom home, or attach her home to the other ladies? She’s gotten worse…she wants to go back to college to focus on herself and do less in the new business they’ve started. What the hell does she do for this family?

    • sharonintexas says:

      She is the only “legal” wife. Maybe she thinks she’s entitled

    • mrs peabody says:

      I can see her wanting to go back to school but the wet bar was stupid. I really do think she should have taken less with the house as she has less people in her “family”. Maybe all their guests should stay in her big old empty house. She could have gotten a very nice smaller house for her and her one child and put a do it yourself wet bar in later. I understand her wanting equal share but she does not have equal family and should have been an adult about it. The only one I really like is Janelle. Christine is childish and Robin doesn’t know her place in the pecking order! She reminds me of Kristen.

      • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

        Ha! I like your reference of pecking order, Mrs Peabody. Each time they show Robin, they credit her as wife#4– clearly bottom of the totem pole.

        Janelle seems very mature and never complains. Christine is a little annoying and Mary is just too unlikeable for me. I believe that if you want to go back to school, then more power to you. But this is a different circumstance. She chose to live her life with other people and I am guessing she has to sacrifice a lot for the group. Is she going to get a full time job after her degree? I also didn’t understand why she expected her daughter to go to an out of state college and expect everyone to pay for it.

        • Powell says:

          Mary and Christine are always crying every time I watch and I don’t watch very often. Christine complains a lot too.

          • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

            Lol Powell, I just read your post about your cable and how it would go out if the wind blew. Ha!
            They all complain. He needs to run a tighter ship. J/k

        • mrs peabody says:

          I would hope she’d get a full time job and give back to the family in return for using some of their resources for her own schooling needs. Seems to me with all those kids coming up toward college age she would go to work with the skills she has rather than use the college money on herself. You know she is selfish, she needs to put those other kids’s education before hers.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      HI Foxy, I don’t watch the show but I would argue the dude who think he needs or deserves a multitude of ‘wives’ would be the most selfish person ever.

      • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

        Haha.That’s true, but I was referring to their commitment within their own family.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:


          I guess just can’t get past the the whole polygamy thing. The guy in the show doesn’t strike me as man enough for one woman let alone slew of wifes.

    • Powell says:

      Foxymel I don’t watch on a regular basis. I did catch a marathon last week or week before and Mary’s daughter was graduating and they were having a party for her. Mary is a TRIP. Yes she’s very selfish. So her sister wives have to work twice as hard to pay for her 5 BR wet bar house? My goodness. She’s got some nerve. Well I think she’s only going to get worse when the last wife has another baby. I think I heard her Sat she wants another baby. Mary became more intolerable when the last wife had her baby. She offered to be Mary’s surrogate. Mary doesn’t want a baby. She just wants Codie to herself. If her SWs don’t see that then they’re fools. Codie is a lucky man. Gets to lay his pipe, I think that’s what T-Rex calls it, LOL 🙂 , wherever he wants. He just has to listen to his wives bitch all the time.

      • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

        Powell, he’s bound to have a heart attack very soon. He’s got like almost 20 kids and 4 wives!! Mary is a weasel because when Robin offered to be her surrogate, I bet inside she was like, I don’t want another baby, shit! She deflected so much that the husband had to tell her he didn’t want a baby with her. Mary is living large right now-daughter in college, 5 bedroom new home, wet bar, no kids at home, no job, gets to be a college student…

        • Powell says:

          He has to be stressed. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did have a heart attack. I remember when he told Mary he didn’t want a baby but it’s laughable that he wants more kids w/Robin. Yup she’s living large and in charge. 🙂

  16. Powell says:

    Yup Stars it did remind me of Sex and the City. David should’ve just said it on a post-it-note.

  17. shamrockblonde says:

    I work full time days and my husband works full time nights – I get up at 5:00am – when he has a night off, we make it a date night and the two of us go out – nothing fancy, sometimes just a walk in town, and a slice, maybe an italian ice, then home -we do have my daughter and the twins with us, so privacy does not come easily – sometimes we just check into a hotel for a night, but not often – and yes, we talk and text but sometimes it just is not possible – but we both know it has nothing to do with our love for each other – being married is hard work no matter who you are or what you have or don’t have – and Jill is right – Shannon and her husband are idiots for going on this show – and while I don’t like Shannon in general, the way she speaks to her husband is horrid – I would never speak to my husband like that – in private and especially never in public – yelling I get – being condescening and belittling is not a way to argue, let alone speak with someone when we argue we do it privately even it means getting in the car and parking somewhere and yelling at each other!

    Tammy sue………ugh – I am with Heather on this one – not sure I like that, but the fact that she is more well spoken than just about everyone on the show – Lizzie seems to be able to communicate very well too – is no reason to assume that she is wrong or being snobby – although I question why she likes Tammysue but that ‘s a whole other kettle of fish…..

    • Powell says:

      Shamrock good for you and your husband. But you see you BOTH make an effort. Shannon thinks David is the one that needs to make the effort for them to be together. She’s an idiot. Does she ever just go to his office and take him out to lunch or meet him at work so they can go to dinner, a movie, an Italian Ice. (I so miss NY. I can taste the lemon Italian Ice’s right now & I haven’t had one from NY since I was a little girl 🙂 ).

      I’m w/Heather on this one too and fancy pants Heather gets on my nerves so I’m mad I’m w/her too. 😉 Tamra’s an idiot. What’s she trying to do? Gain sympathy from the viewers? We see right thru her. Her rationale doesn’t even make any sense. She’s know Heather longer, yet she takes the word of some trainer that she’s employed for a yr that Heather has anything to do w/guests on a talk show she’s guest hosting. Tamra’s been doing HWs long enough to know how tv shows work. Again. She’s an idiot. Simon aren’t you glad you got outta that deal?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I think if it wasn’t for the show, Heather would never entertain the likes of TAM-RAW!!!!

  18. T-Rex says:

    Thanks again for the Great Blog Starzy! My two cents about living separate hours from your mate. My husband goes to work at 4am, so he is up at 3am and goes to bed around 8pm. I don’t have to be at work until 8am so I get up around 6am and go to bed at weird times with all these medications and the cancer crap. Right now during the week we actually sleep in separate rooms cause it’s just easier, but spend our nights before bed and all of our weekends together, works for us. What we also do is spend our waking moments TOGETHER, we find things to do TOGETHER in our odd hours. Granted we don’ t have kids, so all we have to worry about is the dogs getting in our way. My parents worked separate shifts when we were growing up, we didn’t have daycare back then and babysitters were far too expensive, my parents only saw each other basically a couple hours a day and weekends, and guess what, they MADE time to be together. Over SharingShannon basically doesn’t work, so guess what, your relationship needs to be your new J-O-B, on top of taking care of your kids. We, as kids, NEVER felt our parents weren’t there for us, and until we got older and had jobs of our own, we didn’t even realize the absolute sacrifice our folks made so that we were never without a parent at home for the most part. My parents argued about stuff, but NEVER about not spending enough time together, they were best friends, so their hobbies and outings always included us and them, they spent as much time together as possible, and when we were younger we were always with them too. It sounds to me like OverSharingShannon’s husband is DONE, other than their kids they don’t have anything in common, don’t spend any time with each other, etc. Her husband works so that she can have a HUGE ASS house, doesn’t have to work, etc and all she can do is BITCH about HIM not finding time for HER, she should spend less time worrying about Feng shui and whether her kids eat a morsel of food that might have dye in it, and spending all her husband’s money and work on her dang marriage. Sorry but I see these folks making the growing list of DIVORCED Ho-Wives

    • Powell says:

      T-Rex just like JNNTJ, Shamrock and so many of you, you make it work and you don’t leave it up to your husband’s to do the planning to make being together a priority. I was thinking what you said also that she doesn’t work. He’s busting his hump so she can have a $15,000 chandelier and the girls can have catilion. Like I said to Shamrock why isn’t Shannon just dropping by David’s office to take him out? She keeps saying she’s such a fun person. Why doesn’t she show it by being fun w/her husband. This will make HWs divorce #15. 😉

  19. shamrockblonde says:

    *hugs T-Rex really hard* – my husband originally took the night shift when our two girls were little in order to be there during the day for the school bus, homework, and then during the summer as well – we could not afford camp for the entire summer, so he was there durimg the day for the most part – our parents would take days here and there, and I would take two weeks off too but he was the day manager and I was the night manager – the girls never knew what was involved in order to see to it that their daily routines were consistent – and even now, it is the same with the twins – husband is home for the bus, not the homework so much now, but will help if asked – and I am there at night with my daughter and for my daughter when she is away on business or running late at work – and we still work to make time for each other – easy? no – worth it – very much so! and that attitude carries over to your children – they don’t have to hear anything – children can sense things, even things they do not fully understand, they are aware of something off – not good for them at all – it will worry and distract them –

    nope – not liking Shannon – at all –

  20. jezzibel says:

    Shannon has the luxury of multiple nannies, she has the time and money to pursue a varied amount of hobbies. Her husband seems to come from a blue collar working background, and I don’t think Shannon grew up as affluent as she makes out to be. She will be prying those gem stones out of her teeth, if her husband divorces her and I think he would use her excessive drinking against her.

    • Powell says:

      Right. She’s like Camille was w/multiple nannies. She’s said she grew up privileged or w/money, however she said it. The way she said it, to me made it sound like it’s generational wealth. If so David is the generation that’s made his wealth. Plus didn’t she say both their parents divorced? Maybe she’s the way one of her parents were.

      • jezzibel says:

        Maybe asset rich, but cash poor. Cotillion is not that expensive, when I lived in SoCal my grandmother put to me that I either take cotillion or horseback riding lessons(not both)I opted for the horses. I think sadly Shannon is a lush with delusions of grandeur.

        • Powell says:

          Jezzible I just realized you had Hyacinth Bucket. 🙂

          • jezzibel says:

            its pronounced Bouquet!! 🙂

            • Powell says:

              Oh I’m sooo sorry Mrs. Bouquet. LOL. She cracks me up. And Richard says, “It’s Bucket.” Hahaha. I love that show. I dvr it. I haven’t watched for a a few months though.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Bwahahahahaha! Have u met her sis Violet and brother in law…Bruce? He’s the one who had enough property with room for a pony! “It’s my sister Violet – the one with a Mercedes, swimming pool, sauna, and room for a pony”. (bruce was actually a cross dresser LOL)

  21. jezzibel says:

    Hulu has all the seasons of OC, watching the first episodes is a trip. Andy and the producer manipulation has really screwed the series up

    • Thanks for the links! I was running behind on submitting the London blog today since my Comcast (see above) cable has been acting up.

    • Powell says:

      I think it’s pretty cool she has a husband and wife nanny team. IDK if it’s a good idea not to tell the boys which one was carried by a surrogate. Adrienne Maloof didn’t fair well keeping the secret.

    • chismosa™ says:

      I’m not sure which person Andy said I think it may be this one — will be on WWH next week

  22. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Just a note to say the chat blog will post one hour later than usual.

    Bravo moved The People’s Couch one hour earlier – and RHONY one hour later than usual. I can only guess the switch was made because their TV show about people watching TV has a better audience than RHONY?!

    • Powell says:

      Ok. Yes I bet PC has better ratings than NY. I get such a kick out of PC.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I laugh out loud at PC; even if I don’t know what the show is that they are watching. Funny stuff!

        • Powell says:

          Right Husker. I don’t watch GOT or that Kentucky or Alabama show and the viewers just crack me up. That Kentucky show one of the sets of two ladies said, “we want to see their weaners” or whatever they said about the nekked guys. That was too funny. And how about the three guys when the men were doing their Chippendale practice and routine. They were loving it. I love PC. I think it’s the best show on Bravo. 🙂

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I love PC-the people crack me up and like HH sometimes the shows they watch I have never seen but I don’t care!!

          • Powell says:

            Nope. I don’t care either. I wonder how they will do it. Is it seasonal or will it be on thru the seasons but just w/New viewers? That’s how I’d like to see it.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              I’m sure they will have new viewers but I love everyone who is on now-the older ladies and the dad with his daughters..they are all funny!!

              • Powell says:

                I love them all and would love if they were permanent but I know that’s not happening but the older ladies, the girls w/their dad, the husband & wife w/their son and the two girls w/the dog are my favs.

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  The girls with the dogs!! I love them!! Haha as you can tell I love them all!!

                  • LaineyLainey says:

                    Me too! I’m having a “The People’s couch”. love fest ovah heah!!!!!! No details, but I’m loving them! I am so happy they bumped the producer driven drama of RHONY to an hour later! YESSSSS!

          • MelTheHound says:

            Watching it is like following the chats either here or on FB and always better than the shows 😉

  23. not THAT Jill says:

    They should have paid her the 3 hundred she asked for 2 years ago!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      • Powell says:

        Lisa because the jury believes you let the behavior go on. You’re the owners and you let inappropriate, sexual harassment behaviors go on in your workplace.

      • PJ says:

        I thought it was interesting that damages were awarded after the manager was not held accountable. Looks like the jury is sending a message to someone. I wonder how much will have been paid out after all this is over. I think this also leaves the door open to future lawsuits because accountability has been established, if management allows this behavior then in my opinion they should be responsible.

    • Powell says:

      Yes. Stupid. It would have saved them time, grief and money. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be RIGHT.

    • kit9 says:

      Well well well! 100k?! ROFL! The Total Victory continues! Oh, wait. lol That’s what you get for being shady malicious arseholes. And boo freaking hoo- poor widdle Wisa is losing faith? Suck it, Vanderliar, suck it. Whether he did it or not is a TOTALLY different issue from how VB handled it.The jury found the VB acted with ‘malice’. Between this and Ken’s claim of being beaten by two contractors with grievous injuries being tossed out of court, these two aren’t fairing well in US courts. Maybe they should hop back cross the pond, permanently. Can’t have her losing faith, can we?

  24. Powell says:

    Have you all downloaded the “Rising Star” app? I’m going to try to participate in this new music reality show. I like the Josh Grobin will host and the judges Brad Paisley, Ludacris, Kesha. I hope it’s fun.

  25. AZGirl says:

    In regards to the verdict on VB I think something was leaked to the jurors. I am just guessing. Remember one of the rag site posted a story that the video from the security camera’s at VB were missing? They mentioned Ken as the culprit. This is a huge problem keeping social media stuff away from jurors if they are not sequestered. AZ Bar Ethics seminar last weekend focused on FB only and jurors. Serious problem. That information could come from anyone. Makes you wonder why there was an award for 6K last week and punitive 100K this weeks. hmmmmmmm

    • PJ says:

      You don’t think lawyers requested security footage and if the jurors know the footage is missing that’s the reason? I think not requesting security footage would constitute dereliction of duty or whatever it’s called in legal terms. Maybe this has something to do with the jury’s awarding punitive damages not to the manager but to the restaurant owners.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Another manager testified about the missing video footage so it wasn’t leaked-it was talked about in the court room. I think it was a big reason why Villa Blanca was held accountable-if the video was shown perhaps the girl would have been able to prove her case? Idk the whole thing is strange to me but the missing video is shady-IMO.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Another strange thing is that I read was ” But Villa Blanca attorney Marieanne Zakarian said what happened with Bustillos was an “isolated incident” and urged that no additional money be awarded to the plaintiff.” ( So what happened to her???

        • AZGirl says:

          I agree with you on the missing security video. I did not know that another manager testified that it was missing. Regardless, something happened in that jury room that made them award 100k. 100k is not a lot but you couple it with the 6K and make you think.

          • Cartwheels says:

            I read all the juicy details on another blog, she has the court depositions in detail . It is unbelievable to me that Ken was such a prick and refused to accommodate this girl after watching the video with the harassing behavior. To think they could have settle for 300 dollars. I am just loving how Lisa is playing the victim here, a whole jury sorted through the evidence and found your restaurant guilty of malicious intent. Lisa claims that there was no proof, LOL of course there wasn’t Ken took care to make it disappear and without that direct evidence there was no way to nail the manager but this doesn’t mean that the restaurant gets away with it.
            What surprises me the most is the appraised value of Villa Blanca, 1.4M , I thought it would be much higher than that, no wonder they were accused of hiding assets. Lisa is lucky that she hasn’t signed for next season and probably won’t. She can always claimed that she quit because the other ladies were meanies instead of saying that she didn’t come back because all this legal crap would be dragged into the show

            • PJ says:

              My impression of Vanderfabulous is that they are pretty nasty people, it’s just my opinion of course but I’m not surprised by any of this coming from them.

    • Cartwheels says:

      For what I gather reading the actual court depositions (they are on another blog) Ken requested the video tape of the harassing incident to be destroyed, so without such video there was no evidence of the sexual harassment from the manager of BV and that is why he got exonerated. But another manager testified on having actually seen and erased the tape at Ken’s request and that is why VB Is held accountable. There is also evidence that despite the waitress asking repeatedly not to be put on the same shift as the harassing manager, pandora and ken made the decision that they were not going to make special accommodations for the girl and when she refused to come and work the days he was there, they fired her. But most revealing was the case of the dish washing boy who got injured on the job and came back the next day with his medical report that he needed to be on work comp for two weeks just to get fired on the spot.
      To think that Lisa and ken could have solved this with three hundred dollars and rearranging this girls schedule or even transferring her to SUR is surreal.

      • VV™ says:

        The judge must be stupid then. I mean “Ken requested the video tape of the harassing incident to be destroyed”. So, Ken tampered with evidence and the judge let it slide……..

      • kit9 says:

        It shows incredible arrogance. And, this after that settlement with the other worker! Arrogance and cruelty. Unbelievable.

    • kit9 says:

      There was a difference in the awards because they were two different phases of the trial. Punitive damages, if awarded, are usually higher.

      • Orson says:

        Somewhere, I picked up the idea that punitive damages could not be more than 3 times the damages.

  26. Fat Free Buttercream says:

    Powell – hope you are okay with the “wind tunnels” blowing your way!
    I had to re-wind the DVR of this episode to see the link of Shannon tellintg Tamra her struggles with her marriage. Tamra told Heather who told (fill in the blank) who told David … Shame on Tamara and Heather for not keeping their big mouths shut when someone was looking for a handful of kindness .. instead she got a whole bucket full of trouble from those two!
    Can’t any of these women keep a confidence by being a true friend? I feel bad for Shannon and her children…

  27. VV™ says:

    “One minute” after Lisa tweeted the above tweet. Kyle tweets.

    ……..because I know how Kyle “operates” and how she plays with her tweets. I’m taking this as her usual, typical and immature way of throwing a dig. IMO.

    • Cartwheels says:

      The whole world doesn’t evolve around Lisa and her judicial problems so I doubt that Kyle was babysitting Lisa’s TL just to quickly post a dig against her specially when the main stream media has ridiculously kept quiet about this case, it is probably about something else. IMO

    • not THAT Jill says:

      So Kyle had a butterfly land on her shoe and used it as a dig to Lisa??? How is a butterfly a dig to lisa? Should Kyle not tweet b/c Vanderlawsuit didn’t win today? I don’t get how this is showing how Kyle “operates” but then again I like Kyle so I’m not looking at her tweet with “hater eyes”.

      • VV™ says:

        The best way to get red quilt, blue quilt (absent) and you to comment is to bash Kyle 😜
        Kyle does calculate. Too bad she’s bad at it.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          And the best way to get a sunflower is to bring up Vamderperfect…the flower always blooms when Vanderpump is mentioned!
          I guess it wouldn’t matter if Kyle tweet said “OMG I just had an ice cream cone”…the haters would say it’s a dig-maybe though Kyle isn’t as obsessed with Lisa as some May think…..

          • not THAT Jill says:

            BTW-I miss chatting with you VV-hope all is well with you!!!

          • VV™ says:

            The reason I use a sunflower it’s because it’s yellow and very bright. It’s easier to spot my comments on my iphone when scrolling up and down.

            • chismosa™ says:

              VV! That’s why I use a red quilt – it’s easiest for my eye on the phone too! I used to be some lime green 🍈

            • not THAT Jill says:

              That a good idea-now that I have Maggie’s picture I never know where my comments are!! I need my green quilt-I love Maggie but I need my quilt!!

  28. Powell says:

    The guys- “I don’t watch sports ball.” The People’s Couch. LOL 😀

  29. Cartwheels says:

    Two of my posts disappeared but the third posted just fine, not sure what happened, maybe they went on moderation, can somebody get them out of jail, please 🙂

  30. Powell says:

    Hahaha. One of the guys sings Whitney Houston I will always love you as the red hair girl on GOT is dying in lover’s arms.

  31. Jan (TexasTart) says:
  32. Powell says:

    Hey y’all I’m not dead. The guys talk I about Pretty Little Liars. 😀

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