Kandi’s Wedding – Dis-Engaged

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Episode 4 “Dis-Engaged”

by TexasTart

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Last week we witnessed a showdown between Kandi’s mother and Todd’s mother. And we discovered that Kandi’s Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor don’t care very much for one another.

3 days before the wedding. Kandi arrives at The J. Spot Salon By Derek J.  He looks to have a very nice setup in downtown Atlanta.  Derek asks what Kandi wants and she talks of the vision of hair the bride had in the movie ‘Coming To America’. They put a photo on the screen for viewers and I’m in a state of disbelief that Kandi would want to wear her hair that way at her wedding!  Boy, this movie must have really made an impression for her to take it this far.  Now, I’ve seen wedding pictures, so I can let you off the hook now to say she did not wear her hair very different than pictures above. She dodged a bullet, I tell you!

Joyce arrives and Derek compliments her appearance and she says she looks like this every day, with her chin held high.   Derek said this is a joyous occasion and Joyce shoots back with “for who?!”  Kandi follows with “for me, hello!”  Joyce, who never knows when to let something go, continues with how it’s going to kill a part of her.  Derek laughs, I think more because he just can not believe how Joyce is carrying on, but you see, it encourages her.   Kandi tells Derek that Joyce and Todd’s mother got into a fight.  Joyce acknowledges and says she doesn’t know what got into her (Sharon).  Kandi swiftly replies “YOU.”  Chuckles.  Joyce said “If homegirl get drunk and call me another bitch, she gonna be minus something. She gonna be in a coma if she ever try that trick again.”  Derek is laughing hysterically at this point.

Kandi said she can not have senior citizen smack down at her rehearsal dinner or at her wedding so she hopes they are past it.  I think Derek has been to the Mad Mamazilla school of acting, because he pipes up with “So you say Todd is an opportunist?” to Joyce. Which leads Joyce talking a bunch of shit that ends with Todd is going to be with a white girl.  Sigh.

Kandi is back at her house, where her manicurist Nina is working on her nails. Must be nice. I wonder why Derek didn’t come to her house….oh yes, to show off his fancy digs downtown!  Todd walks in during the manicure and he wants to know if there are rules for the bachelor party.  Kandi said no extra-curricular. Todd tells Kandi no flipping and licking at her (party). Kandi looks disgusted and asks why would I lick them?!  Kandi tells Todd, he’s to have nothing sucked and no grinding.  He seemed to dispute grinding, but I could not understand what he said beyond the laughter.

2 days before the wedding.  Kandi is at the wedding location and you can see the empty warehouse has undergone an exceptional transformation. For anyone who would recall the draped walls at Nene’s wedding, this is quite similar, however they will be in the center of the room on a round platform with candles on the base and a chandelier overhead.  It’s looking pretty good for two days before.

Meanwhile, Todd is with his attorney, Randy, who happens to represent Nene Leakes and Porsha Stewart.  Randy did the pre-nup agreement that Greg signed.   The attorney tells Todd, that an agreement of this nature is usually processed weeks before a wedding and this is so last minute there is not efficient time for both parties to review.  The attorney advises Todd not to sign it based on it not being a sufficient document for Todd.  Meaning, it doesn’t protect him. For instance, if Kandi were to die, Todd would get nothing.  Other issues were Todd leaving with what he came with, for which the attorney didn’t think was fair because they worked projects, like the play and other productions together.  Needless to say, Todd didn’t sign the document and his attorney is going to get back with Kandi’s attorney.

This next scene is at a cemetery where Kandis’ only sibling, and Joyces’ only son, is buried.  He was Patrick Riley 1968 – 1991.  Kandi was 15, at home and Patrick was 22, was vacationing in Mexico when a car accident took his life and Kandi got the call.  I think some of Joyce’s issues, or the disfunction between Kandi and Joyce stems somewhat from the devastating loss of their closest family member.  They brought flowers and reminisce a little, wondering what kind of man he would be today. Kandi would have him walk her down the aisle if he were alive.  Kandi is hoping this visit and help bring a peaceful spirit to her mother and I believe that it helped, because as they were leaving the cemetery her mother volunteered to walk her down the aisle!

Todd and his buddies that came to town from New York and Los Angeles are meeting for lunch. CJ will be his best man and they have been best friends since high school.  I appreciate how Todd and Kandi both have friends that date back to their childhood.  Todd talks to the guys about how he doesn’t want Kandi to do a 360, he still wants to be treated similar after marriage as he is now.  He wants a bit of freedom, like to go party with CJ all night long if he’s in town. Who knew Todd was a party animal?

KW E4_2Kandi arrives at her bachelorette party and proclaims “Its turn it up time.”  She’s expecting to see some hot Atlanta chocolate. And I think you know that doesn’t require a mug or marshmallows.  Kandi has a beautiful sparkly dress and tiara on for the party. I must say, throughout the filming, she has looked absolutely gorgeous and with her typical shoulder length dark hair. Looks like her party is in a club with at least 30 ladies. The photo above will show Porsha, Phaedra and Tan, but I do not recall seeing Porsha in the footage shown last night.  I saw Aunt Nora is there and future Mother-n-law Sharon.  Joyce and Bertha declined to participate – thankfully, so let’s get on with the fun, shall we?!  There were some plastic penis shots and of course the younger women were egging along the older ladies to take their shot, and they did so.

If you remember record players and the abrupt noise that the needle makes when pulled across the surface of the record – this is the sound I would insert to describe Kandi’s bachelorette party. It seems that Phaedra found it funny to have, well, let’s just say women you would never in a million years think should or would be, uh, lady performers.  That’s best I can put it.  Kandi’s talking head featured furrowed eyebrows saying  “I don’t know” and “It was like (long pause) different?!”  Kandi said she didn’t see any dicks tonight, but that was okay, she had fun and she’s ready to marry her lift-long-dick at home. Chuckles.

The same night, over at Bar One, Peter is hosting the men for a bachelor party and they did it up right for Todd. It appears the ‘no grinding rule’ was broken.  In his talking head, Todd said “It did get out of hand, it was a little crazy. It’s exactly what I expected. They did a good job!”

1 day before the wedding. All of the members of the wedding party are arriving at the venue for the rehearsal. Todd is tired from partying all night and his mother, under her breath, said “you should know when to stop.” Chuckles.  Todd is grumbling about this last minute dealing with the pre-nup and is loathing bringing up the topic with Kandi, on this day before they’re wed.

They practice the part where Joyce is giving away Kandi and she is asked who gives this bride. Joyce answers “we do”.   How amusing, but it did seem like an honest mistake and she was advised to say, I, Joyce Jones do.  The in-between commercials teaser, showed the dancers for the wedding, practicing their African style dance and the ladies, including Phaedra’s eyes popping out of their heads, talking about the male dancers had too much dick and booty packed in their shorts.

KW E4_1After the rehearsal Kandi takes a call from her attorney who advises her to call off the wedding because the pre-nup has not been agreed to.  She takes up issue with Todd and he seems to make it about his attorney said not to, instead of directly stating what he didn’t like about it. Kandi asked about who is the attorney and Todd said, he was Nene’s attorney. Kandi rolls her eyes and says how that explains everything.

Kandi was frustrated that Todd couldn’t verbalize what he didn’t like in the pre-nup and kept referring to things that had to do with money that the attorney pointed out.  I couldn’t figure why Todd didn’t at least take exception to the fact he would receive no compensation from their marriage if Kandi were to die.  Todd was frustrated that Kandi didn’t get this document to him until the last minute and he ends up storming out the room with his hands in the air proclaiming that everything is about the money, with you, with your family, it’s all about the money!   On the way out of the venue he shouts something about no wedding to Carmon and then has his best friend CJ drive him out of the parking lot real fast.

Next week the show will take a break. Tune in for wedding on July 6th!


Watch What Happens Live – June 22, 2014

KW E4_4

Kandi appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. This was advertised as being her and Joyce, but there was no Joyce, hallelujah!   I didn’t catch an explanation for her absence, but Kandi did mention they weren’t speaking at the moment and this is par for the course in their relationship.

Kandi revealed she did remove the clause in the pre-nup where Todd would not have received any compensation upon her death. She disputed some of the items because Todd and her, as business partners share profit 50-50% so there was no need to protect Todd’s interest, when he’s getting paid.   She explained that she had the clause about he must move out within 30 days if they were to divorce, because of what happened with Bethenny.

Kandi was asked about the very late submittal of the pre-nup and she claims that Todd waited until it was complete to hire an attorney. How it would have been more efficient if he hired the attorney while it was a work in progress so differences could have been ironed out sooner.  Personally, I don’t see that making a lot of difference – this should have been the very 1st thing they did to plan a wedding!

She said that a lot of people have misread her nervous smile and laughs while she listens to her mother say out right crazy things, but it’s just her method of coping and dealing with her.  We don’t see all the time she challenges her mother. We don’t see all the nonsense they fall out over and don’t speak for days.   What is the most upsetting thing of them all?  Kandi said that was when her mother insisted she wasn’t lying (about Todd’s parents’ line of work) and if she was to lay her down by her dead son in a grave. Kandi said that upset her far more than anyone will know.

The hardest to film was at the cemetery.  She wanted to keep all that private, but she respects that this part of their life has some relevance to how the viewer perceives their relationship and history.

I think this is some of how people get the feel that Kandi is more real than some housewives.  Even the bartender on WWHL said Kandi was her favorite for being most real.  Another interesting little fact is that Kandi and Ramona Singer are friends. She said they exchanged contact info long ago, at their first meeting and Ramona has nourished the friendship and visa-versa. The bartender made a crack about a friendship contract and everyone laughed.

Todd’s mother is very upset now that she’s seen the footage where Joyce claims she was a prostitute.  Andy asked why Kandi chose not to tell Todd or Sharon that at the time?  Kandi said, in all honesty, she was so upset about Todd’s father not being able to defend the claim he was a pimp (because his father is dead) that it overshadowed what was said about Sharon.

Kandi said her mother can go off on something ridiculous, that just is not worthy of a fight and all she can do is just back off and have a period where they don’t speak to one another.  Let it pass.  And that’s where they are at right now.

Would Joyce have been okay with Todd if he were more wealthy than Kandi?  Answer was a big fat yes. Are Kandi and Todd going to have children?  They are not using birth control, but they are not trying either. If it happens, it happens.

The poll was “Should Kandi get married if the Pre-nup is not signed?”   58% No  – 43% Yes


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      So do some brides purposely want to torture their bridesmaids. I’ve heard that before…LOL

      • Lainey, my first girlfriend to get married had us meet her at the dress store and when she showed us the dress she wanted us to wear we all started laughing and said, “NO!!” It was a huge yellow floral concoction that was ri.dic.u.lous!!! We settled for a simple yellow, qiana fabric, remember that stuff…blast from the past…this was about 1978….

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        Hi Lainey, I know! I want wings, lol!

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        I suspect Heather may be the only OC HW with a Bachelor’s degree. And as an actor (or is it actress? Seems to me it goes both ways, nowadays), it’s part of her job to be articulate.

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        Is that the way we say “heartless bitch” here now? I’d say she has those moments, but mostly she has an air of superiority and generally is unwilling to see the other side of an argument.

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    Warning…………….You can see Brooks bum.

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          given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior.
          “a capricious and often brutal administration”
          synonyms: fickle, inconstant, changeable, variable, mercurial, volatile, unpredictable, temperamental; More
          antonyms: consistent

          early 17th century: from French capricieux, from Italian (see capriccioso).

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    I really dislike this Summer By Bravo. Seeing MJ reminds me that TMZ has shown a photo shoot she did and she’s lost a lot of weight. Her waist looks really small and her boobs are still big but she’s lost some inches. On today’s epi they caught Reza and asked him if he’s seen the photos and he said he had and she looks good.

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    Omg more than I needed to see

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  21. These OC bitches are so boring.

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