Real Housewives of Orange County – “Skunk in the Barnyard” – S9E10

 Real Housewives of Orange County – By Stars99


Shannon Beador, Heather Dubrow , Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge & Lizzie Rovsek
Shannon Beador, Heather Dubrow , Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge & Lizzie Rovsek

Remember last week… Shannon went to a REAL doctor because she was having chest pains – I didn’t see any crystals pop out of anywhere so that’s a good sign… Shannon’s marriage is in a very precarious place and we learned that David sent Shannon an email that suggested that he move out for a while (Yes, we can refer to him as “Burger” like Post-it-Note breakup guy from Sex in the City)… And, since an episode is not complete without at least one “Friendship Summit” – Heather and Tamra have one because Tamra’s segment on “Good Day LA” didn’t go as well as she had hoped… Briana is having a baby boy… And the last scene was Shannon going over to Tamra’s house because she was distraught her relationship issues with David…

 This is an appropriate time to remind everyone of Over-Sharing-Shannon’s tagline this season: “The OC is full of secrets – But I have nothing to hide.”

 This episode begins with Tamra and Shannon still at Tamra’s house discussing Shannon’s marital issues. Evidently, according to their blogs, Shannon had phoned Tamra to tell her about David’s email and Tamra told Shannon to come over anytime she needed to talk. So the next day, Shannon shows up at Tamra’s house. Shannon says she doesn’t know what’s going to happen to her family. She evidently has observed that when David looks at the kids his eyes light up and sparkle – but that when he looks at Shannon they’re just black. So I guess we need to add “Doesn’t have sparkly enough eyes” to David’s ever-growing laundry list of wrongdoings (I suggest that David purchase some blue colored contacts…lol).  Tamra asks how long this has been going on and Shannon thinks it’s been since the kids were born. Shannon has had allergy issues (I hear that Aviva from RHONYC has an inhaler she’s almost learned how to use and a brand new note from her doctor that Shannon can borrow). Shannon’s issues were so bad that she had 2 surgeries 6-7 years ago (Now THAT is how you prove you have a REAL medical issue – Take note, Aviva…lol… Pun intended…lol…) It was hard for him to get quality sleep because of Shannon’s allergy issues – So they don’t often sleep in the same room.

Shannon TextWhile sitting there talking, Shannon gets a text from David. He said he was told that Heather Dubrow was seen at a table in a restaurant with some other women and they were all talking about the email Shannon received from David.  Shannon lets Tamra read the text on her cell phone and said that she hasn’t told anyone anything. Tamra quickly lies through her teeth and says she didn’t say anything to Heather.  I mean, Tamra even lies to us in her talking head by insisting that she didn’t tell Heather anything because Shannon and Heather are enemies.  Tamra tries to convince us that she would never go and tell Heather something about her enemy because it would just make Tamra look like a “big, giant, a***hole.” Okay, so tell us something we didn’t already know, Tamra. Now you just look like a “big, giant, LYING LIAR WHO LIES a***hole.”

 you can actually see the blazing light of enlightenment switching on in Shannon’s multi-jeweled head regarding Tamra.  The thing is – Shannon knows that she had only told Tamra about the email at that point of time.  Well, Tamra and the camera crew filming at her doctor’s office.  Shannon knows exactly how Heather found out the information.  Shannon crazily tells Tamra to her face that she believes her 100% when Tamra continues to insist that she didn’t say anything to Heather.  Whoa… Have you even met our honest widdle TamTam, Shannon? Obviously not… Shannon really can’t be THAT naïve, can she?  No seriously… Can she?

 Vicki receives an award in the mail, “For Outstanding Achievement in Picking Creepy Boyfriends” from Allianz Financial Services (Okay, so I added that last part… but she really has outdone herself in that category, no? lol…). While making a powdered drink for dinner, she calls Brooks (Ugh – Shiver…).  She and Brooks really don’t see each other too much because they’re both so busy (Vicki is busy working while Brooks is busy seeing other women – I mean allegedly and stuff) so they spend a lot of time on the phone (There are just not enough wet wipes in the world to sanitize that phone after hearing Brooks’ voice, right?). They’re going on a trip to Puerto Vallarta and Vicki invited David and Shannon to meet them there. (Ugh – This means we’ll see some Brooks in the not-so-distant-future – KMN!).

 Out of one side of her mouth, Shannon tells us that while she was at Tamra’s house that David came home from work early just to say he was sorry. Shannon says she is 100% committed to do whatever it takes to make their relationship work.

 While out of the other side of her mouth, Shannon once again openly criticizes David to the kids when she snottily tells them that their Daddy is a creature of habit – Every day he eats the same thing – At the same time. David equally snottily responds that perhaps if dinner was ready when he got home that he wouldn’t HAVE to eat chips and salsa.  Okay, this is NOT rocket science… Why is it so hard for Shannon to grasp the concept that when you come home from a long day’s work that you’re hungry? How about preparing a tasty snack for him instead of berating him?  How about surprising him by making some kewl appetizers for him to eat to tide him over until dinner? And… gasp… How about sitting down with him while enjoying the snack together? Naw… that’s just too easy…

 Shannon shows up unannounced at Heather’s house. She’s on a mission to find out exactly how Heather knew about her husband’s email. Heather mistakenly thinks Shannon is there to apologize to her since the last time she saw her was at the Christmas Party when Shannon was scolding her.  So, of course, this is all going to go well, right?

 Shannon is actually really keeping her cool with Heather. Shannon repeatedly tries to play the, “I’m a Mother – You’re a Mother” empathy card but Heather all but tells her to “Go Fish.” The rumors that Heather is helping to perpetuate about the problems in Shannon’s marriage have the potential to really hurt Shannon’s children. However, Her Royal Heatherness is just so blinded by her own self-righteousness that she is unable to see that she is culpable in any way in this whole scenario. I think Shannon is just fighting through the swirling lies, feared betrayal and roller coaster emotions while hoping that the truth somehow won’t cause her to lose her marriage or her friendship with Tamra. When hearing that Heather is still so upset about what she said at the Christmas Party, Shannon apologizes and explains her feelings.

HeatherAfter talking about Heather’s issues (Because isn’t it always all about Heather?) Shannon wants to get back to her issue and directly asks Heather if “anyone” told her about what was going on with her relationship. Heather clarifies that they must be talking about Tamra. Heather explains that she and Tamra had lunch and that Tamra feels she is a kindred spirit with Shannon. Tamra had told Heather that Shannon is going through what Tamra went through 4 years ago when she was in a bad place, her marriage was falling apart, and she was drinking too much. Shannon wanted clarification that Tamra said Shannon’s marriage was falling apart and that she’s drinking too much… (Cue Shannon reaching for the very strong drink Terry had poured for her earlier and then taking a long, deliberate swig… lol). Heather is okay with disclosing this information to Shannon because she’s confident that if Tamra was there that she would say the same thing. Heather could have completely thrown Tamra under the bus… but didn’t.

Shannon FingerHeather said that she is surprised that Shannon came to her house and is asking her questions about things she may or may not know because she really doesn’t owe her anything. I doubt Heather would give Shannon the time of day much less roll over on a friend for her. Shannon tells Heather that it’s true she doesn’t “owe” her anything – but that it has come to her attention that Heather has been talking to other people about Shannon’s marriage. Shannon wants to know who gave Heather the information. In her talking head, Heather wonders why if Shannon told Tamra stuff about her marriage – And then Tamra told Heather – Why is Shannon mad at Heather? (Ummm… Could it be because you’re flapping your jaws about Shannon’s marriage to other people?).

The thing is… Three people screwed up: 1) Shannon should NEVER have divulged anything to Tamra that she didn’t want broadcasted to the entire world (And she probably shouldn’t have signed-up to be on a reality show when her marriage was already in trouble for that matter, either); 2) Tamra should have NEVER said anything to anyone (Except perhaps, Eddie) about Shannon’s marital problems – Much less Shannon’s “favorite” person in the world, Heather… It just pours salt in the already gaping and festering wound… Shame on Tamra – She knows first-hand how deeply it hurts to go through marital problems; and, 3) Heather should have NEVER said anything to anyone (But perhaps, Terry) about Shannon’s marital issues. Remember, just last season, Heather went ballistic when Terry confessed to the others on the show that he had mistakenly used the “D” word (Divorce) with Heather at one point in their marriage. Even though it had happened in the past, Heather flipped a freakin’ fig that he told the others on the show about it. Now, she’s doing the same thing but way worse to Shannon but she can’t see her own culpability.

Shannon’s audience with Her Royal Heatherness is quickly coming to a close. Heather tells Shannon to go talk to the person spreading rumors – and Shannon finally directly tells Heather that she was told it was Heather who was spreading the rumors. Heather implies that if she and Shannon were on “better terms” that she would be more forthcoming. This seems to just “infurryate” Shannon (Holla to ya, Gretchen!)… Heather is done with all of this and pointedly asks Shannon to leave. Shannon dutifully leaves – but I think it was only because Terry had already taken away her drink (It was still pretty full… lol). Terry was sitting and listening to the entire conversation – and when Shannon left he had this really awful smirk on his face.

Shannon calls David while she’s driving home and tells him she’s on her way home from Heather’s house. She just feels so betrayed by Tamra because she knows Tamra is the one who told Heather because she’s the only one Shannon told about the situation. Shannon thought she would receive compassion from Heather but instead Her Royal Heatherness kicked Shannon out of her house. Shannon’s never been kicked out of a house before this… Well, it’s a good thing Shannon didn’t eat a piece of frosting off of Heather’s cake ‘cuz Heather would have gone batcrapcrazy! David tells Shannon that he’s so sorry it happened… He asks if Shannon is okay to drive… He tells her that he’s there for her when she gets home. Shannon thinks that if someone showed up on her doorstep as distraught as she was – that she would help them out in whatever way she could.  She uses this to demonstrate this is a BIG difference between her and Heather De Bow…errr… Dubrow (Sorry, was still thinking about that icing bow…)…lol.

LizzieThe rest of the episode basically deals with the rehashing of these events to other cast members. Shannon tells Lizzie and Danielle (Who?) what happened when they conveniently came over for an essential oil demonstration with a naturalist. Lizzie maintains that if Heather did throw Shannon out of her home – that she probably had a good reason to do so. She thinks Heather has a “deliberate sense of explaining herself.” Lizzie also doesn’t think Tamra maliciously wanted to hurt Shannon. Lizzie seems to believe the best about others – Except when their name is Vicki…lol.

Shannon Lizzie DHeather and Terry meet with Lizzie to tell their version of the events concerning Shannon. Lizzie had already heard Shannon’s perspective. Heather talks about the “Friendship Summit” she had with Tamra. She explains she went from there to a luncheon with some close friends and acquaintances. Someone asks Heather if she had heard from Shannon since the Christmas Party.  Heather told them “No” – but that she didn’t think Shannon was in a particularly good place at the moment because she got a funky email from her husband. Some of the others started putting in their 2 cents about what they had heard about David and Shannon’s marriage.  Heather said that she told them she felt weird talking about the subject. She shut down the whole conversation which had lasted for about a minute or so. Lizzie doesn’t think that Heather’s gossiping about Shannon was that cool but that she’s not going to abandon her friend just because she doesn’t agree with everything she does. Heather then talks about Shannon’s impromptu visit to her house. Heather said that they don’t live in a very big house at the moment and that since she could hear her 2 kids playing in the next room (in her blog she says that she knew at that point that if she could hear her kids that her kids could also hear her) – She asked Shannon to leave. Heather texted Shannon after she left and said that she was sorry she was so upset – and that Shannon’s problem was not with Heather.  Shannon did not respond to her text. I wouldn’t have either.

H T and LOther things of note: 1) Lizzie asked her ob/gyn about various strategies she’s heard about how one can ensure they will get pregnant with a girl – Fortunately, her doctor quickly dispels all of the myths; 2) Tamra and Eddie get a robot practice baby in the mail that only stops crying when he suckles on Eddie’s pecks (I kid you not…); and, 3) Tamra and Shannon have a “Friendship Summit” and Tamra orders a “Karma Tequila” of all things. Really, Tamra, do you think it’s a good idea for YOU to order something called, “Karma?” Lol… Tamra confesses to Shannon that she feels stupid and horrible that she told Heather about what Shannon had told her in confidence. She tried to spin it that she told Heather about the situation in a, “Can you just kind of lay off Shannon and leave her alone for a while” kind of way. Tamra insisted that Heather promised not to repeat their conversation. 

Tamra babyShannon feels betrayed by Tamra. Shannon told Tamra about her meeting with Heather and how she had apologized for what she said at the party. We all know Tamra is an opportunist who knows the bus schedule by heart so that she knows which way to aim her close friends when she throws them under the next bus… Tamra immediately said that Heather told her specifically that Shannon had never apologized to her. Way to go, Tamra!  Shannon says, “What Heather Dubrow did to me – there’s no word to describe it other than cruel…” 

After Tamra says she’s sorry again… Shannon tells her that it meant something to her that at least Tamra is “owning it” (Jill, No Not THAT Jill but the Other One and Tiara will be oh, so proud…lol). In her talking head, Shannon says that when you lie about something as serious as Tamra has lied about – that she doesn’t think there’s any way to ever trust that person again… ever.

Note: I purposefully left out everything about Vicki and Brooks in Puerto Vallarta to spare you all. Let’s just say that Vicki and Brooks get professional massages and that we see WAY too much of Brooks. You can’t unsee that… You just can’t. I’m scarred for life.

Next week… David and Shannon arrive in Puerto Vallarta and honestly, I can’t believe I heard it myself – but Vicki uses her relationship with Brooks as an example of a “Healthy Couple” and that it would be good for Shannon and David to be around them… Ack… gag… glub… lol… It looks like there’s more rehashing of stuff and Shannon feels like everyone is criticizing her relationship. Sigh.

Well, that’s all for this week… Thanks for reading – See ya next week!  Happy Trails!


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s hump day eve. I hope everyone is alright this a.m. it’s not to hot. I think it’s going to be pretty nice out. I hope you are ok in your neck of the woods.

    MTH ladebra said there’s flooding in your area. I hope everything is ok.

    • MelTheHound says:

      I saw and answered 😀

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Hi Powell and everyone!!! Been away for a couple of days. I had a busy weekend. After receiving about five inches of rain Friday night, I had water in my basement due to high ground water levels which means the water came up through the floor and flooded the main room in my basement. Had to rip out all of the carpet (which I didn’t mind because the carpet was rather icky anyhow). Just wasn’t planning on doing so, but now I’m cleared to put down linoleum (sp). Unfortunately I also have wood paneling as well and the water soaked up the wall about a foot and a half so that has to come out too. I was still able to get my trip in to Missouri to buy fireworks, so not all was lost except bad carpeting and a few water logged boxes. Have a great Tuesday!

      • Powell says:

        Sorry your basement flooded. That’s such a chore to clean it up, New flooring, painting, etc. I’m glad it wasn’t worse. The annual fireworks trek was accomplished so that’s good. Have a great day.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about the flood.

      • boston02127 says:

        HuskerHuny …..I’ve been thinking of you, I saw that area on the news.

  2. Powell says:

    When David came home and Shannon & the girls were in the kitchen David said hello to them. Shannon said in a irritating manner “So you’re home early” & David said something like “Not that early” in an annoyed manner. David then got a snack and Shannon said in an irritating manner “Look girls. Daddy is getting his same snack he gets every day”. And David said “If dinner was ready I wouldn’t have to eat before dinner” in an annoyed manner. Now Shannon cries her husband works all the time. He comes home early and she has an attitude which gives him an attitude right back. No wonder he was thinking about moving out. Sheesh poor guy.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      David seems to me to be a pretty nice guy. We don’t hear him snarking about anyone except what he says to Shannon. He works hard, clearly loves the girls. And he’s provided money (apparently) for that huge house to suit her taste. What’s not to love? Send him my direction!

  3. ladebra says:

    Good morning! Got the all clear from MTH on the last blog. Didn’t mean to sound alarming.

    I had a workaholic Daddy. Love him to pieces. But as I got older and went to therapy 😀 I recognize that his absences were a choice. David prolly has lots of reasons and excuses for checking out and working long hours, and I’m not saying that his work isn’t demanding – I’m saying he is making a choice. At the same time, if I had a partner who was as whinny and demanding, sanctimonious and rude, who marginalized me every chance she got – I would choose to stay away also. 😀

    Have a great day everyone!

    • Powell says:

      Ladebra yes David is making a choice. He’s the male Vicki. Vicki said on the dinner party epi that Shannon and David looked like her and Donn. I get why because Shannon nags and annoys the moment he walks in the door. But David needs to also take responsibility for their relationship.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        There’s a huge disconnect between Shannon and David. He works to maintain their lifestyle and I’m guessing it takes quite a bit of hours of his time to do so. She can stay at home, take care of the kids and house, but she wants more of his time and attention. He wants his dinner ready when he gets home. Both requests seem easy enough if BOTH put in the effort. I find it hard to believe that Shannon cannot get something on the table at a designated time each day if David communicates to her what time that should be. Teamwork!

        • jezzibel says:

          They have nannies and a housekeeper I think, so I don’t get what the difficulty is with doing dinner at a certain time, if Shannon hates cooking get rid of one of the nannies and hire a part time chef(who can do all the prep work so all shannon need do is sling it in the oven at the appropriate time and temperature). I’m getting the impression that Shannon is one of those people that would rather have a problem then working out how to solve that problem, its just easier for her to whine and complain than taking steps to sort herself out.

          • Powell says:

            Jezzibel it does seem like she’d rather have a problem and nag and whine than doing the work to make their marriage work. Didn’t Shannon tell Tamra that David hasn’t looked at her w/a sparkle in his eyes since the kids were born? Then it sounds to me like that when Shannon made her world the kids and let David fend for himself emotionally and physically. Now that the girls are older she’s making it David’s problem and his mission to make time for her, make time for them.

  4. Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

    Jan, I just read of your upcoming surgery. Sorry to hear you have been having problems. I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago for endometrial cancer and all is fine. I was operated on on Mon. and discharged on Thurs. You will probably spend a lot of time sitting when you get home. Getting back up will be more difficult than usual unless your cat drops a dead mouse next to you. I never moved so fast in my life. 😀 You will be fine!

    MTH thanks for always being there for us and lending a helping hand. It is appreciated.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Barb, thank you for the encouraging words! I’m glad everything worked out after your surgery. ♡

    • Powell says:

      LOL Barbara. I’m picturing you bent over and flying out of your seat. 😉

      • Powell says:


        • Jan (TexasTart) says:

          I bet it’s short for Barbarella 😉

          • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

            Nope, it’s Barbara. Powell your picture is correct. # 1 I had no idea we had mice. # 2 I’m terrified of mice and # 3 that cat just happened to be afraid of her own shadow so seeing her with her capture was a shock. This cat jumped up next to me when I got home, slapped my wrist twice because I left her then rolled over for belly rubs. It was later she presented me with her gift. Needless to say I always checked to see if there was anything hanging out of her mouth when she approached me. 😀

  5. mrs peabody says:

    I don’t remember what David does can someone tell me. Is he a doctor? Did anyone else catch Terry’s face during the whole Heather/Shannon conversation. It looked like he could barely keep a straight face. Heather is a cold hearted bitch in my opinion and everything is about her and only her. She has to be hard person to live with. Between her attitude about being above everyone and talking down to people all the time and Shannon’s bitchiness to her husband all the time I don’t know who would be worse to live with. I think I’ll take Vicky, at least she lives alone most of the time.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Hi Ms P. I think David is in real estate or urban development.

      I totally agree with you about Heather ,. I also think Terry pulled a Chris Lurker Laurita that night. nor do I believe they were on their way to a surprise party any more than I beleive they ‘just happened to get a call from their ‘sick son’, when things started to go sideways at the Christmas party.

    • Dr. Dubrow had the look on his face that said, “Oh man, I am so glad it is Shannon getting reamed instead of me!”

    • MM in OC says:

      he builds freeways
      i can’t stand heather. Terry is just as bad as she is though. Terry is always angling for more screen time. Pathetic.

      • boston02127 says:

        He’s getting his own show.

        E! is premiering their new show Botched on Tuesday, June 24 at 9pm and you’re not going want to miss it! This show follows two world renowned plastic surgeons, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, as they try to repair damages their clients received from prior surgeries. On this show we’re going to see these two surgeons meet with patients, assess their needs, perform surgeries, and then view the results. Each episode is filled with new patients, new repairs, and new lives being improved. There’s definitely drama and tension, but there’s also heart to this show as we see how the repairs can create a new confidence in patients.


      • Powell says:

        MMinOC I think Terry takes his lead from Heather or fear being scolded. He’s what is referred to a P**** Whipped if you get my drift. 🙂 He just better do those face lifts, make the dough and fly right or he’s on punishment.

  6. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Good Morning everyone.
    Great blog

    I think I am back to hating everyone one on the OC. I did like Lydia next year and I was a bit hopeful for Lizzie and Shannon but I am souring on them too.

    Shannon iMO is just like another Vickie and always worried about her love tank and wanting someone or something to fill it, but in actually it would be like pouring water into a leaky bucket. YOU NEED TO REPAIR THOSE HOLES FIRST before you can be fulfilled.

    Tamra should keep her mouth shut, she had just finished telling Heather how it intrusive and what a betrayal it was when Lady Dubrow went to Eddie and talked about their personal life , yet two seconds later, she opens her mouth up to Heather about Shannon’s marriage.

    Heather is just a bitch and there is no way that she just had a one minute conversation about Shannon and David when she was eating with her girlfriends.

    LIzzy is also a pot stirrer who likes to ride the fence,when everyone is present, yet plays both sides when the other person isn’t around.

    Vickie is fool and I will never forgive her for Brooks. IMO it’s just like I will never forgive Aviva for George.

    • T-Rex says:

      RR- Like your assessment of the situation. I only read these WONDERFUL blogs, can’t watch OldCronesOfBeverlyHillsadjacent. What I can’t figure out is how everyone has amnesia when it comes to TrailerTrashTrampySue’s actions. She is loyal to NO ONE, not even GayEddy. She finds out some gossip and can never keep that to herself, she has to divulge the information, and usually does so to the one Ho-Wife who is that person’s bitter enemy at the time.

      • Powell says:

        RR & T-Rex on the whole HWs franchise there are always a few that gets up in arms about someone telling her info and then turns around and does the same thing to someone else. Throughout the yrs at the reunions I don’t recall Andy addressing this w/any of them.

  7. Powell says:

    **Wendy Williams spoiler** 😉
    An online columnist from the was on Inside Scoop, said he spoke w/Kandi who defends her pre-nup not to give Todd spousal support in the event of a divorce siting situations like Halle Berry and Sherri Shepherd. They will split 50/50 whatever is made after their marriage. I think that’s right. What I was thinking for Todd and I saw what Todd was telling Randy is that if Todd declines jobs at Kandi’s request to be w/her or to work w/her that he be compensated for loss income. Randy said Todd needs to be getting a paycheck if he works w/Kandi & I agree. And get this. Momma Joyce now loves Todd. Todd is being cautious. Oh and yes Momma Joyce is the star of the show. Mmmm hmmm. What have many of you said? Is she playing it up for the cameras? 😕

    • MM in OC says:

      I think a prenup should have degrees of award based on time served (haha), poor spouse behavior (drugs, adultery, etc), and mandatory 6 month counseling before divorce.
      Of course I’ve never been married so what do I know…

      • mrs peabody says:

        I signed a pre-nup and felt it wasn’t truly fair but since I had no intention of getting divorced again I went ahead and did it. That was 23 years ago and am still married to him. My reasoning was it was never going to go into effect anyway and I was going to benefit from what he had anyway my whole life. Ours kept his company as his separate property. The way I looked at it was the company was his job and it paid him a monthly salary and all his pay check belonged to us just as mine did. The part I felt was unfair was if something happened to him and say we had been married for 30 years I got nothing out of the company even though I did benefit from it all those years. I felt it was unfair in that I was being treated different from any other long time wife who would have inherited it on the death of her spouse and then from her it would go to their children. We each had our own and his kids will receive it but everything we have gotten during our marriage goes to me then all our children. I had a hard time coming to terms with feeling I was being treated differently as a 2nd wife but I did understand about him wanting it to go to his kids and keep it in his family and not losing it if we divorced. It wasn’t that I felt I deserved anything if we divorced because I didn’t it was how I felt if I became a widow after a long marriage. I have over the years come to accept it, I no longer have any problems with it. Some of these things will work themselves out over the years as the trust grows between them and they both know they are in it for the long haul. Even though I’m sure they both think that but you never know for sure in the beginning. I’m sure they will have a long happy marriage and I really think as the years go by Kandi will make changes to it that will include him more.

        • Powell says:

          Mrs P I understand where you’re coming from if you became a widow. I’m glad you came to terms with it. Are you serious that K&T will have a long marriage? HA!! I don’t think so. I hope so but I just don’t think so. If it’s not momma Joyce that Todd will no longer be able to take, I think it will be Kandi because she hides behind issues w/a giggle, and sweeping it under the rug.

      • Powell says:

        Me neither. Right. LOL. And boy do we have our opinions. 😉

  8. not THAT Jill says:

    Oh Brandi’s tweeting up a storm today!!

    • not THAT Jill says:

    • T-Rex says:

      Uhm no where on THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-MORONSTFUBrandi’s podcast page does it state that her podcast is ADULT ONLY! Just cause it’s states unfiltered doesn’t warn folks that you are one scummy POS, who is straight Trailer Trash and you can’t say one sentences without something either sexual, off color or a cuss word, this includes talking about your “minor” children.

  9. not THAT Jill says:

    Brandi moves too much-he kids must never feel “at home” with her because they are always packing up and moving

    • boston02127 says:

      Drunks tend to explain everything they think they do that is “good”. without realizing that their “good” is not good to normal people.

      • jezzibel says:

        I’m willing to be the movers delivered the stuff, she stuck a straw in her box of wine and called it a day..the kids will sort it out their stuff when they get home.

  10. not THAT Jill says:

    Starzy week after week you out do yourself!! GO FISH!!! I’m dying with laughter!!!
    I never know how I feel about Heather-sometimes she so snotty snobby and annoying and other times she’s great-last night I thought she was great. Shannon tried to play Heather for a fool-Heather wasn’t having it! Shannon trying to act like Heather gossiping about her marriage was going to hurt her kids-for realzzzzzz? Hey Shannon you big dummy-YOU TOLD EVERYONE IN THE WORLD ABOUT THE STUPID EMAIL!!!!! We all knew-we didn’t need Heather or TammySue the dirty shrew to tell us-YOU TOLD US!! She thinks we are dumb??? We know they are filming!! She tried to be cute b/c she felt silly telling the cameras about her marriage trouble and then tried to go to Heathers house and blame it on her…I don’t think so!! Shannon needs that STFU oil for herself!!!!

    • jezzibel says:

      Given that Shannon has tried to tear Heather a new one at the slightest provocation during their last few interactions, I could understand Heather being reluctant to engage her at her house with her kids in the next room. Shannon seems like the type that has no trouble working herself up to an irrational state at the drop of a hat(with or without booze), Heather could have just said, look my kids are in the next room, its past their bedtime, let’s continue this discussion another day…in public..with witnesses…preferably at a police station, with you already in the drunk tank and me filling out the restraining order.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Haha jezzibel!!! That was funny!!

        • Powell says:

          JNNTJ Shannon told us but when this was taped how did it get to David that someone or Heather blabbed about the email? Not saying Heather did but who? When did the email come and who did Shannon tell? She told Tamra right? I’m confuseED. 😉

          • T-Rex says:

            Powell, it was in the “script” since we have all pretty much deduced that a lot of this manufactured drama is pretty much scripted now on the HO-wives shows.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      I kind of come at this situation from another direction. When Shannon asked Heather who told her about the email, Heather should have told her it was Tamra and Heather should also have admitted that she talked about it at a dinner she had with other friends who then probably put it out on social media. Questioned answered honestly and nothing else comes of it other than Shannon learning to not tell Tamra anything in confidence again.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Addendum – Heather did ask that Shannon come to her when she had problems with what was being said about her and that’s just what Shannon did. Heather should have come clean and then asked Shannon about a possible apology about what happened at Shannon’s Christmas party. All in all, the entire situation could have been handled much better.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Heather said that to Shannon but then found Shannon sitting in the living room with Tamra talking trash-so that concept flew out the window. Shannon wanted to go to Heather and put her in the hot seat-Heather was to slick for it-this ain’t her first rodeo…but it’s clear to see who the newbie is!!

    • MM in OC says:

      While I agree with your premise – that they are putting all their personal crap out there and don’t complain later – I also believe that there are several storylines about gossipy bitches across all bravo shows.

      With that being said, Heather was a big ole fat A-hole for deflecting and not owning up to actually talking to her friends about it and apologizing to Shannon for doing so. To her own admission with Lizzy, she was at a lunch with people not related to the show and discussed her personal business (but then again, it could have been filmed and producers are feeding this fire). Heather is still the jerk here for not taking responsibility for her own behavior regardless whether it’s going to be aired 6 months later.

  11. boston02127 says:

    I don’t think Shannon respects her husband. On the first eppy, she and her girls were making fun of him for having no manners. I can’t imagine doing that to someone that I love on national TV.

    My mother use to say to marry someone like yourself because water meets it’s own level.

    • Powell says:

      I don’t know what Shannon feels about David. She’s a conundrum. Maybe she should take the diamonds out of her filling and the crystals from the foundation of her house and things will be right in her world. 😀

    • T-Rex says:

      Boston, totally agree, I married someone that I had a lot in common with, but we were opposite personalities which works. I think OverSharingShannon has no CLUE how good she has it her husband! He loves his kids and takes a lot of his time to interact with them, he gets his own food and snacks, and seems to be fairly self-sufficient. That stupid broad doesn’t even have a J-O-B and has nannies to help with her kids and people that clean her house for her! Oh and on TOP of that, she has this huge ass beautiful home and can spend any money she feels like and doesn’t have a spending limit it would seem. You know how many women would give their eye-teeth to have a fraction of what that moron has. I don’t EVER wish for a marriage breakup especially with children involved, but she doesn’t deserve her husband! Crap the least she could do was manage a snack when he gets home!

      • boston02127 says:

        I have no pity for Shannon either. She can go cry in her bag of money.

      • MM in OC says:

        I’m going to venture to say that Shannon feels marginalized in her relationship. When all you have are your family with no additional extracurricular activities, you will feel alienated. My mom was the same way. Part of the reason I am not married is a fear of losing myself. In other words, Shannon needs to create her own self worth – not look for it from her husband. Her neediness is just sad to me. And I don’t think most men find all her quirky new age junk very interesting. If she had more of her own life she’d have more to contribute to the relationship.

  12. janet says:

    Good recap! I can’t stand the wicked witch that is Heather Dubrow! But I do agree that Shannon handles her husband all wrong. I like Shannon but if she loves this man she should focus on her behaviour twords him to make a change for the better occur instead if going on the attack. Have you noticed its the bickering couples onthese shows that wind up divorced. Id like to clue in Shannon that if she thinks David is bad try seeing what else is out there in the current culture as not a real young chick anymore. If you want to keep your marriage stop being ungrateful and morose and demanding.

    • Powell says:

      Yeah. David doesn’t seem like a bad guy to me. He makes a great living, loves his kids. IDK what she could find that would be better.

  13. T-Rex says:

    Okay after re-reading this wonderful Blog, thanks Starzy for taking the time to watch something I won’t and then blog about it!!

    Okay, what is with the TrailerTrashTrampySue Fake-baby crap? Again, she is 47 years old, with her tubes tied! She is NOT going to be having a baby naturally with GayEddy! HE doesn’t want kids, he has made that fairly clear in the past, I am sure he is thrilled that Simon has HER kids half the time so they aren’t saddled with them full time. To have a baby they would have to spend a lot of money to adopt overseas, adoption in the states would be virtually impossible, or they would have to consider surrogacy which is even more money. GayEddy is very frugal with his money and I can’t see him paying to have children he doesn’t want, I am sure he was peeved she spent money on the fake electronic baby, although I would be pretty sure that the Bravo folks paid for that for some kind of storyline with the two of them.

    • jezzibel says:

      I don’t think Eddie is gay, I just think he can’t stand her and doesn’t want to be tied to her for the rest of his life, and now is sympathetic towards what Simon went through with Ryan. I think Eddie is using Tammy and the show to get ahead, I have no doubt he is going to divorce her once the show is off the air, will meet and marry and nice young lady and have 4 kids with her.
      I’ve been watching the early seasons, and Ryan is complaining about a job that Simon got him at that high end dealership, pulling parts(not installing, pulling them off the shelves) for $10.00 an hour, and the stupid brat is complaining that he deserves to be in an executive job position, with no experience whatsoever, but manual labor is beneath him. I’m betting Ryan does nothing at the gym, but work out,(buy HGH in the parking lot) and hang out with his gym rat friends who don’t pay a membership fee(because his mommy owns the gym), I’m betting it is driving Eddie nuts having to pay his salary.

      • T-Rex says:

        Jezz- I know that RoidRaginRyan probably did NOTHING at the gym except to workout and deal drugs in the parking lot and get paid by his Mommy. Well one good note RoidRaginRyan no longer works there. Not sure when he was “let go” but I would bet it was once Gayeddie found out about the illegal “doings” in their parking lot. He was let go some time after that doctor visit, so not sure on the timing on the filming but it would be just after Christmas. I don’t believe that RoidRaginRyan was ONLY using HGH, he has abused the Roids for years, so much so he had to have breast surgery due to the overusage of Steroids, so he was probably dealing in that as well. As has been pointed out Eddie didn’t want a “regular” gym he wanted a Fitness Studio to keep the likes of Roidragers out of his gym. I would agree that the marriage between the two of them is on it’s way out, I would give it no more than a year, I am thinking Eddie has to save enough money to buy out TrailerTrashTrampySue to keep his gym. Oh and RoidRaginRyan has supposedly moved and is now the problem of his new girlfiend and her three kids. Yep, he’s a great catch, no job, can’t hold a job, Roidragin and HGH using, no high school diploma, although I think he has a GED, a three page arrest record, two restraining orders from two ex-girlfriends and a child of his own he doesn’t pay for, yep that is all kinds of Prince Charming.

        • Have the details of ownership of “Cut” been disclosed….do we know if in fact Tam and Eddie are owners and what %…???

          • T-Rex says:

            Ppindy, they own the company NOT the building, they are renters, and I believe they have a third business partner as well which is how they were able to have a downpayment and they owe the bank a whole lot of money. I have heard, not sure if true, that they are not even close to breaking even each month, but most businesses don’t the first few years in business.

      • MM in OC says:

        I agree. He’s not gay. I questioned it, but I have a friend that went to high school with him – not gay.

        Annoyed that Bravo seems to love the women in their 40’s having a baby storyline. This screams to me that they don’t understand their demographics and have too young producers managing these story lines.

        • jezzibel says:

          like I said, I think he wants kids, just not with her. But he better be made of stern stuff, cause she is going to get ugly in the media about him, when their relationship hits the skids.

  14. HuskerHuny says:

    Stars 99 – my thank you for glazing over the Vicki/Brooks segment on last night’s show. It was gross, icky and made me gag in my mouth, which I am doing again just thinking about it. That they hold themselves up as a couple to be modeled after and admired, well, they are more stupid than I first thought.

  15. T-Rex says:

    OT-I hope this isn’t true, if it is, the parents and family of this little girl are some sick individuals! Kudos to KFC though, who will donate money to surgeries to the little girl even if the story is truly a hoax. Note to hoaxers: WAKEUP! It’s the 21st century there are cameras EVERYWHERE, you can’t get away with this crap any longer, just makes you look like criminals to do this kind of crap!

    • jezzibel says:

      I think KFC is going to play this smart, they are not going to cut this family a check for that amount, I think they will have it put in a bank account and have it administered as needed or will pay the hospital directly, if they pay the family straight out they open themselves up to other dumb@$$e$ looking for a quick payday

  16. janet says:

    I was also wondering what the deal is with the baby story line with Tamara and Eddie. I guess they could do in vitro but probably need donor egg and would be a huge gamble and Tamara would not be able to keep up at the gym. I had a friend who went through that and its a huge undertaking!!! Im not sure that Eddie doesn’t love Tamara though he seems so supportive. I would be curious though what insiders think of them as a couple. I know Tamara came with alot of baggage but I’ve seen guys marry women like that. You guys could be right though. Time will tell.

    • jezzibel says:

      Tamra is struggling for a storyline, she’s chased away her punching bags Gretchen & Alexis, divorced Simon and married Eddie, started a business(that apparently she has very little to do with), she is not witty or intelligent, just vulgar and stupid, viewers have seen her feud and gossip about every cast member, her antics are getting old, but she wants to be seen a viable and capable of holding people’s attention and from high risk pregnancy(scares included) to a birth would guarantee her another year on RHOC.

    • Powell says:

      I don’t think the marriage will last. Tamra went what a few months w/o a man before she started dating Eddie? She really needed time w/just her kids. That’s why here are issues w/the oldest now. Tamra has issues of insecurity, selfishness, jealousy, envy. She needed to work on herself and be w/her kids before starting a new relationship. Before they were even engaged Eddie said he wanted a baby(kids). Now he only knows how to work, he doesn’t know anything about babies. His words. He’s had a wake-up call w/her kids. I think he got more than he bargained for w/Simon and Tamra’s contentious relationship.

      • jezzibel says:

        I seem to recall, her and Simon were only separated before she started up with Eddie( I remember Simon giving an interview about seeing them together for the first time) I think Simon was hoping for a reconciliation.

  17. GREECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. not THAT Jill says:

  19. Powell says:

    Oh crap! We got the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog today. Sighhhhh. It has clothes for fall at way discount prices. This is when I get a few things for fall/winter but crapity crap crap crap I’m not ready for the freakin cold weather. We just got summer. 😠 Sighhhhh. Y’all know I love shopping. Let me find me some clothes. 😉

  20. Dwight Schrute says:

    “Shannon shows up unannounced at Heather’s house.”

    Yeah, except there was a camera crew already inside the house and everyone was miked up.

  21. MelTheHound says:

    RHONY – Let’s Chat

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