Real Housewives of Orange County – Making Woo-Hoo-Py!” – S9E11

Real Housewives of Orange County

“Making Woo-Hoo-Py!” – S9E11

By Stars99

Last week, remember…

Tamra and Eddie ordered a robot baby so they could learn what it’s like to have a baby – Even though Tamra has had 4 kids already and Eddie has established he has no time for another baby in their life – after all, he already has to deal with Tamra’s daily tantrums… Vicki and Brooks (ugh) are vacationing in Puerto Vallarta… Over-Sharing Shannon flipped her fig when she found out that Heather was talking about her marriage issues to other women in a restaurant… Tamra told a big fat lie to Shannon and Heather threw Shannon out of her house… In other words, just another Monday in paradise… 

This week’s episode begins with Shannon in the kitchen with her kids dishing out broccoli on their plates. David comes home from somewhere and says, “Hey Mommy” to Shannon and “Hey Sweety” to Adeline… Initially, we don’t hear Shannon greet her husband… She just looks jealously at her David hugging and loving on the kids until it’s her turn for hugs.  Once again we hear about how David’s email rattled her – And Shannon narrates to us that every relationship has its up and downs (Oh, I get it – THAT’s why we saw the picture of a Ferris Wheel as the scene opened… lol) and that people aren’t going to be happy 100% of the time. I think David would settle on being happy for 1% of the time at this point…lol…

They’re packing for Puerto Vallarta and David asks if they’re going to dress up.  Alas, Shannon’s Valentino dress is only good enough to wear at lunchtime… David balks because he thinks they’re going to be wearing shorts for lunch (Many places in Puerto Vallarta are really casual).  Shannon asks David when the last time it was that he ever saw her wear shorts… David thinks it’s been way too long.  Perhaps THAT’s their problem – Shannon never wears shorts… Or short shorts… If you dare wear short shorts… Nair for short shorts… (Sorry, but we needed to have a commercial break, no?3

At Heather’s house, 3-year-old Collette is busy drawing on Max’s homework she has to turn in tomorrow – just like any good little sister should…lol… Heather tells us that she knows her strengths and her weaknesses and that cooking is NOT one of her strengths. I think one Her Royal Heatherness’ strengths is looking down her nose at all the peasants living in the village below her royal castle. Another one of her strengths is that she can scold anyone for any little thing, including her husband.  She’s awesome at making people feel inferior to her superior intelligence… She’s a master at spinning a situation around to her personal advantage… Oh, I could go on and on… but who has the time?

Anyway, Heather spins this “Cooking is not a strength of mine” concept to rationalize her testing out a chef she hopes to hire who will come in and cook dinners for the kids first… and then for she and Terry later on when he gets home from work.  She’s quick to assure us that she will do the cleanup thereafter. Heather’s “foodie” kiddos LOVED the chef’s food – and Heather modestly, albeit truthfully, tells us they liked it because SHE didn’t cook it…lol. 

Heather gossipLet’s see… So Heather has at least one nanny, an assistant, a housecleaner and now a chef. I guess it really DOES take a village to raise a child…lol. Heather has a very nice life – That’s quite a lot of help! But to be fair, I suppose if I had money, I’d hire people, too. Heather starts to gossip to Natalie (Heather’s assistant) about how she recently threw Shannon out of her house. Now, Heather is a little nervous because Shannon is going to Puerto Vallarta with Vicki and she knows they’re going to talk about her behind her back. Heather is just not sure if any of the other women are really her friends…

Meanwhile, in Puerto Vallarta, Vicki also hired a chef but he barely speaks English. Surprisingly, this does not faze Vicki at all. Brooks (ugh) walks into the kitchen with a bag o’ live lobsters that the chef is going to cook for them for dinner.  Also with Vicki in Puerto Vallarta are her brother Billy and his girlfriend and her son Michael.  Vicki knows Shannon is having marital issues – and we see a scene with Tamra on the phone with Vicki gossiping about Shannon’s marriage. Hmmm… I don’t remember ever seeing that scene before but perhaps I’m hallucinating. So that means Tamra not only told Heather about Shannon’s marriage but also Vicki…lol!

Shannon and VShannon and David arrive and are wowed by the view of the ocean as they walk through the front door.  After checking out the outside patio and spectacular view, Vicki suggests that they change and get comfortable. Vicki tells them she’s kind of embarrassed that their room is so small but at least it has a private bathroom. She shows them to their almost-a-room and you could hear the shoe drop all the way in Orange County.

Evidently, Miss “Down to Earth” Shannon and David are used to travel “a certain way” and they’re not used to sharing a condo with anyone. Wait, I thought David never took her anywhere? Hmmm… After a short discussion, they bring Vicki back into the room to whine about their accommodations. David starts out by saying, “Look, we want to be honest with you” and then he proceeds to lie to Vicki’s face. They blame their wanting to go find a Five-Star hotel on the fact they’re upset that Vicki’s son is going to have to sleep on the couch. Vicki is having none of that and offers them her own room which they promptly turn down. The double bed doesn’t feel big enough to Shannon and Vicki suggests that David sleep on one of the other couches she has since they’re plenty comfortable. I’m sure David would much rather sleep with Michael than with Shannon at this point. Vicki pounces on the squeaky bed and lewdly says she hopes to hear the bed squeaking in the middle of the night (Bleach… Bleach…Who has the bleach? It’s gonna be hard to erase that visual from my mind…).

At one point, Vicki sits proudly on a chair on her patio and boastfully says, “It’s good to be me.” I think it was important to Vicki that Shannon see her condo so she recognizes that Vicki is successful – although Vicki got the condo through her family (as we learned last week).

bab yOkay, can we puhleeze talk about the nonsense that IS Tamra’s manufactured storyline that she’s vacillating back and forth about having another baby? She has 4 kids for goodness sake… She certainly doesn’t need a robo baby to simulate what it’s like to take care of a baby. Eddie is having nothing to do with the robo baby – and who could blame him? He already deals with an adult-sized baby every single day of his life. Tamra’s actually mad at Eddie because he won’t get up at 2:00 AM to change the diapers on their robo baby. Tamra thought Eddie was going to “share” this robo baby experience with her. Tamra calls Eddie a “Disneyland Dad” – which is a Dad who is around his kids only for the fun times. She then tells him he’s a bad Dad… What a nice girl, that Tamra. It’s hilarious they named their Robo baby “Astro” ‘Cuz well, you know the word “Ass” is already contained within it… Obviously, they named it after Tamra and not the Jetson’s dog. 

Lizzie is also vacillating back and forth about having another baby – Although her storyline seems way more plausible than Tamra’s. She tells us that it’s difficult to have kids and also to be successful in business. Her husband would rather they have another baby than for Lizzie to have a successful swimwear line. It seems like he would rather her be a “stay-at-home Mom” and probably be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen… Well, maybe not barefoot. Lizzie feels that when she asks Christian for his help in taking care of their kids that it’s somewhat of a burden on him. We also seem to be only seeing the wonky side of Lizzie’s kids since the only time we see them are when they’re acting out and throwing tantrums.

Lizzie son not happyBack in Puerto Vallarta it’s breakfast time on the beautiful patio. They’re discussing what they’re going to do for the day. Billy (Vicki’s brother) tells Shannon and David that he’s willing to give up his bedroom to them for their use. They immediately accept. In her talking head, Shannon actually says she wishes they had that room the 1st night they were there. Wow… What an ungrateful gooberhead!

In other breaking news, Shannon is complaining again…lol. Shannon says she doesn’t like the ocean because of the fish. I think there’s a much greater potential that someone would want to purposefully drown her than for a fish to eat her to death… But hey, that’s just me. They’re all going jet skiing and Shannon doesn’t want to tip over. Brooks takes off with Vicki and her ponytail holding on for dear life.

V jet skiAfter they have way too much fun for words jet skiing, they have lunch at a private table on the beach. It looks like they’re having a “Tequila Tasting” of some sort. Oh look, Shannon is complaining about David again in her talking head… Surprise, surprise! She says she’s glad the others are getting to see the “Fun David” but too often she feels she is subjected to the “quiet, impatient, passive-aggressive” David. Shannon watches David having fun with Vicki and Brooks and she wishes he could have that kind of fun with just her. Right… because there’s SO much of your personality that spells “FUN.” Vicki is encouraging everyone to drink because they’re on vacation. Shannon gives David a dirty look when he says that he’s going to drink some more – and he instantly backs off. 

As an explanation to the others, David says, “Shannon doesn’t like me drinking tequila, right?” When asked if they go on these kinds of trips very often Shannon tells the others that David works a lot and so when they can break free to go on a trip he wants to include the kids. Bad David… How dare you?  I’m scrunching up my forehead trying to remember a single time in my life that my parents ever went on an overnight trip together and left us kids behind. Nope… Can’t remember a single time – Not that it’s a good thing… I wish they had… But I think it’s pretty common, no? 

Shannon wants there to be more times when just the two of them get away together. Vicki asks them if they like spending time together. Shannon says she likes to be with David but David says absolutely nothing. I actually don’t think he was paying attention to the conversation at that moment. When Shannon repeats the question, David explains that the two of them struggle because they have different interest levels. For example, he likes to work out and she doesn’t. In her talking head Vicki says she sees some big red flags. She thinks David has checked out and that he is just not that “into” Shannon. Vicki doesn’t see him doting on her and loving her like every woman wants. The thing is – I don’t see Shannon doting on David, either. I see her criticizing his every move. I see her pulling away from him when he tries to be affectionate. Don’t get me wrong, he has said some very wack-a-doo things – But oh my gosh… Who would WANT to spend significant one-on-one time with Shannon without anyone else around to buffer her constant whining and complaining?

LizzieHeather visits Lizzie who wants advice from Heather on how to juggle both a family and a career. Amazingly, Heather makes the conversation about Lizzie and commends her on how she seems to have it all. She thinks Lizzie is both successfully working in her career AND spending quality time with her family. Lizzie confides that Christian would rather she be at home all the time and that he gets upset when she’s out and about doing things for her company. He considers Lizzie’s career more like a hobby than as an actual career. Heather can relate because she and Terry have had issues with Heather’s career. When Heather has an acting job, it means that Terry has to start doing more with the kids in various ways. Lizzie says they’re talking about having another baby and Heather suggests she give herself a break for a few months. She tells her there is no reason she has to have a baby right now. Lizzie thinks she’s going to need some help.

FYI – This is the point where Mr. Stars99 finally had to leave the room because he felt his IQ slipping…lol.

So Vicki takes Shannon to a Cigar factory. I’m laffin’ my fool head off because either; 1) Vicki has never met Shannon; or, 2) Vicki hates Shannon. I mean really… Who takes Miss Holistic Health America to a cigar making factory? Vicki tells us that she isn’t a smoker and she doesn’t inhale. Right… It’s not like we haven’t heard THAT line before… Vicki thinks there is something sexy about a woman with a cigar in her mouth. Shannon disagrees… Shannon says they’re big, fat, and smelly – And that they have spit on the end. I am just going to stop there and let your own minds write the requisite joke.

Of course, now that they’re by themselves, Shannon proceeds to clue in Vicki about her confrontation about the email with Heather. Vicki thinks that Heather had no right to tell other people about Shannon’s marital problems. Wait… Didn’t Tamra FIRST tell other people? Wow… Vicki thinks it was so mean of Heather to kick-out Shannon. She says that she would never ever do that…. But of course we ALL know Vicki WOULD allow her crappy son-in-law to freak out and yell at Lydia’s mom who put her tired legs up on a couch. Puhleeze.  Shannon likes Tamra but she doesn’t trust her. Vicki says Tamra really hurt her feelings a couple of years ago regarding Brooks (ugh) and that things between them have never been the same.

family night

The chef has made a meal for family night at the Dubrows. Evidently, this is the first time the chef has cooked for Terry.  Heather hopes that Terry really likes the food because that means they’ll be able to hire the chef permanently… I hope the chef has been alerted to Terry’s onion ring obsession ‘cuz that would seal the deal for sure… And the verdict is… Wow – Terry looks like he’s absolutely in food-lover’s heaven! I mean his eyes almost rolled back in his head and I think I heard angels singing the “Hallelujah” chorus and everything (! I’m actually kind of surprised they didn’t think of this solution earlier…

After dinner, the entire family watches Heather on her recent episode of “Hawaii Five-0” – Oh my gosh, I can’t believe we’re STILL talking about her part on this show… It was kind of cute though, because Terry and the family cheered for Heather when her name came up on the screen in the credits and applauded when the show was finished. At first, I wasn’t sure that little kids needed to see their Mommy be a girlfriend to another guy and to be beat-up like she was during the episode – but I guess it’s better to watch and have it explained rather than to see it in a different context on their own. The whole acting thing must be pretty confusing to actor’s children.

It’s dinnertime in Puerto Vallarta and they’re all going out to one of Vicki’s favorite restaurants. Vicki and what’s his name (ugh), Shannon and David, and Billy (Vicki’s bro) and his girlfriend are in attendance. Everyone is in full “Whoop it up” mode and there’s talk of going to Andalés after dinner (Remember during Tamra’s bachelorette party, Vicki kidnapped Tamra and Lydia from the stick-in-the-mud clutches of Gretchen and Heather and they escaped to Andalés where they danced on the bar?).

Shannon says that David is not a drinker. David doesn’t understand what the problem is with him drinking tequila. Vicki thinks Shannon has got to stop picking apart David because she’s chiseling him away to nothing. Vicki knows that she did that same thing to Donn during the last stages of their marriage. Shannon and David bicker back and forth. Shannon excuses herself to go to the little complainer’s room. I think they all should switch seats before Shannon comes back. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Shannon is still not back at the table and Brooks is fit to be tied because they can’t order until Shannon comes back. Why can’t they order appetizers at least?  Isn’t that what they’re for? Vicki goes to rescue Shannon from the bathroom. Vicki thinks the more Shannon tells David the wrong things he does instead of the right things – The more he is going to pull away. Shannon feels like everyone’s eyes are on their relationship.  Vicki doesn’t want arguing or conflict. Shannon tells us that it bothers her that people see tensions between her and David because it’s not a good reflection on their relationship. After talking to Vicki, blowing her nose, and retouching her makeup – Shannon returns to the table with a whole new, fresh, wonderful attitude… Right?

In this week’s edition of “I Kid You Not,” Shannon says to David as she sits back down, “Maybe next time you can make me NOT look like a bitch.” Well, perhaps next time you shouldn’t BE a bitch, Shannon. Okay, that’s not what David said, it’s what Stars99 sarcastically shouted at the TV.

After that little outburst, everyone became awkwardly silent around the table. David says, “The silence is deafening.” David tells Shannon she needs to smile… Rut roh… Yeah, like THAT’s going to work…lol.  David and Shannon excuse themselves from the table for a moment. Vicki explains to everyone that they’re just in a “bit of a muck” at the moment. In her talking head, Vicki says that she hopes they figure it out or else they’ll be divorced.

Shannon tells David that he snapped at her. She’s kind of right – He wondered why there was a problem with him drinking tequila when she was merely making an observation. Shannon thinks that everyone only saw her snapping at him so she feels very misunderstood. David hugs and kisses her. Shannon says that 9 times out of 10 David just wants to pretend their conflicts didn’t happen and that he glosses over them.  Shannon wants to get her marriage “back to where they were.” I’m not sure when they were truly happy… but okay…lol.

Crazy in my headShannon says, “All of the sudden I feel like all these people are criticizing our relationship and it’s driving me crazy in my head.” Right, like there was oh, so far to go… Most people wouldn’t put their marital crisis on television – Especially during their first season. I can see how it could be disconcerting for people to constantly comment on your failing relationship – but you’re the one who put it out there for everyone to see in the first place. David doesn’t understand why Shannon is worried about what other people are saying about their relationship.

Next week… Shannon is dancing on the bar at Andalés… Lizzie has a fear of failure… CUT Fitness has money issues… David expresses to Shannon he’s tired of wasting his life and that he wants to be happy – Shannon says she thinks he’s saying he wants a divorce…


That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading… See Ya Next Week… Happy Trails!

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  1. vilzvet says:

    Happy belated birthday to our adorable Cusi and world traveller Veena!! Hope it was awesome, ladies!

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    Thank you everyone for all the Birthday wishes! It was a very special one… 60… and I spent with my favorite people: Sofia (who sent me a video of her singing Happy Birthday and telling me how much she loves me… Awwww) Her sister Camilla told me thank you for always being there for her and her family (Awwww… I tear up all the way from Wheaton to Chicago…) and my Niece! What a beautiful Birthday and you all made me feel loved as well and appreciated,,, wow! Thank you!

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Glad you had a good one too, I think I replied to this on another blog – or pain meds have me confused, lol!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Kissie, kissie for Cusi, Cusi. And a couple of huggies too. Glad you had a wonderful day!

  3. cusi77 says:

    Thank you for the Blog Starzy! Love your style! Your Blogs are much better that the episode itself! 😀

  4. HuskerHuny says:

    It’s a beautiful day! No humidity, no rain, no heat and a soft breeze. Best of all, it’s going to stick around through the holiday. So looking forward to seeing my grandbaby girl, my daughter and son-in-law to be. We have three racks of ribs waiting to be devoured and many fireworks to be exploded. It’s going to be great! C’mon 4:30 p.m. Thursday!

  5. Veena (NMD) says:

    Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. We are in lovely Taormina, Sicily. Less than a week to our hike in the Alps and I’m still worried about being out of shape. I need to tell myself that I can do this – and then just do it!

    New blog on Taormina

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    Good morning everyone. It hump day eve. I hope everyone is doing well. Its gonna be a hot one. TexasTart continue to get your rest and let your Court take care of you. 🙂 Have a great day everyone.

  7. Powell says:

    And I see NJ is on again today.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      It is?! I saw in the blog it was on, but saw the message too late. I’ve been locked in on Netflix! I enjoyed early NJ a lot! Gonna go check and see….playing S1 reunion now!

      • Hulu plus has all of the old seasons of every housewives show right now, I’ve been binging on old NJ. It was so great until Theresa got too big for britches.

  8. ladebra says:

    Great bologna Starzy! I wat he’d both London and OC this morning. I am loving London ladies.

    OC … I ff through Tamra and ff through most of Lizzie .. and enjoying Vicki! Shannon is providing all the are-you-kidding moments.

    Off to work. Have a great day everyone

  9. lillybee says:

    I am surprised that I am liking Vicki this season.

  10. Kansas Girl says:

    Oh, Miss Starzy99, I am BOWING DOWN in thanks for your fast and snarky recap. Just as the show got started, the phone rang. Knowing there would be a great recap to look forward to, I turned off the tv (gasp) and answered the call.

    It proved to be nearly as amusing as the show, drama-wise. I had not heard from this friend for a while, and he began the conversation by saying he tends to avoid things he doesn’t want to do, and he had decided to just confront a problem he’d been avoiding. (Uh oh, spaghetti-o’s) And then he said he’s been neglecting his health for 10 years and finally went to the doctor. His voice was sadder and sadder as the tale went on. (Only a male, right?) The doctor diagnosed high blood pressure and “some other stuff”, and he has to go back to have blood work done. Meanwhile, he is just staying home. (He always stays home and hardly leaves the house in recent months. Reads the paper cover to cover and watches tv.) He went on and on in a morose way, giving no further details of his malady. I’m guessing trouble with the undercarriage. What’s your guess? I don’t think he’s dying. That would be a whole other drama. It did occur to me that this would fit right in to a housewives plot. And someone could get all upset and yell, and there could be gossiping. LOL!

    All this to say thanks for the great recap.

    And now, who watched London? I missed that too. Dagnab it.

    • Powell says:

      KG I’m sorry for your friend but from your description, so far his ailments sound manageable so that’s a good thing. Hopefully he will no longer neglect his body. My mom says to her sis all the time, “You only have one body. There is no do over.”. 😀

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Right. I’m kind of chuckling at it. As far as I can tell, it’s all male drama and there’s nothing really wrong with him that a little attention won’t solve. I think it’s that male fear of going to the doctor and that you might learn something terrible. I’m pretty sure he’ll be ok.

  11. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Good day everyone! 😀

    LOL just saw the Teresa table-flip that changed to landscape of HW – and not the better. I think that is the only thing that IS Teresa’s fault, lol. Powell, like a shiny object, lead me to Bravo….shame on you Powell! 😉 hee hee

    I had stayed off Bravo and commercial TV. I’m up to S1 E11 Orange Is The New Black. Going to take on House of Cards next. Don’t have help on hand, but don’t need it really. Husband will check on me at noon and of course be with me in the evenings. I’ve been able to eat and sleep. They put a patch on me before surgery and no nausea ever 🙂 I have gone too long without pain meds a couple times and this morning had a surprise coughing fit -OUCH- but it was short lived.
    Very difficult for me to stay still and be patient though.

    • T-Rex says:

      Good for you Tartsy on your recovery, but again take it easy. When I had the big “H” back in 2003, my motto was “Uterus free in 2003”, I know cheesy and juvenile but I liked it, HA, I rebounded quickly, almost too quickly. That thing had been polluting my system, along with it’s friend the ovary, and I hadn’t realized just how sick I was until it was out. I felt SO good after the surgery, I was up and doing things I shouldn’t have, but I was upright in a week which the doctor noted as astounding. Funny back then they thought I had ovarian cancer and it turned out they caught the cells early and nothing. Then my Thyroid decides it needed to give it to me anyway. Sigh, sorry for the digression, but I hope you are going to take it easy though and don’t really skimp on the pain meds at first, take when directed this way you stay pain free and the pills don’t have to “catchup” as I like to put it, to alleviate your pain. Good thing you have Netflix too, gives you something to watch.

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        Hiya T-Rex, I hear you on that feeling good post surgery….relatively speaking. I’ve surprised everyone, but the extent of discomfort that lead to this surgery somewhat explains how I’m dealing with it so well. I’m thrilled to enter this new phase of life without those organs!

        Yeah, I will have to take it easy, and not fall behind on meds. Good advice. I wonder why my blood pressure is so high, just hanging out in the house. They didn’t like my BP in my pre-op and post op, but I haven’t had trouble like that except recently. Maybe I will call my GP – but I am no willing to do an office visit at this junction though.

        • T-Rex says:

          Aaaah I will give you a good answer on your BP. It’s from Pain. I never had BP issues my whole life until my recent issues, and it’s been high. The minute they put me in the hospital get me all “pain free” with their meds, the BP goes back to normal. I would bet you that once you are healed up from this recent surgery your BP will go back to where it used to be. My docs can even tell if I haven’t taken a pain med when I see them now, because my BP will be higher. All my docs have said that the BP was due to the pain in my case, and I bet it will be the same with yours. Now, I just remember to schedule my meds in line with the doctor visit so the BP will be lower, not like it used to be, but low enough so that they don’t give me BP medication

    • Powell says:

      LOL TexasTart. When I work at home I scroll thru the tv. 😀
      Stay up on your meds. I get you’re trying not to use them & become dependent on them but take them. Especially since your “Court” has left the castle. 😉

      • T-Rex says:

        Powell, exactly on the meds! I have been on meds now since December, I have gone down on the amount, but even my docs don’t like that I am lowering my dosages. Had the Doc admonish me just a few weeks back that he thinks I am “toughing it out” sometimes on the pain because I don’t want to become addicted. He told me if I am not increasing the dosage than I am using the meds correctly. So Tartsy as long as you are taking as prescribed don’t worry about becoming too dependent.

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        LOL @ my court, Powell. Thanks for the comments T-Rex.

    • T-Rex says:

      Sorry, to me all of the JerseyShoreGrownUP folks of this HO-Wives franchise wouldn’t know the truth if it bit ANY of them. An entire cast of complete liars. Oh and I saw, only by accident, a commercial wherein LyinTeresa laments that she wishes her life was like it was a few years back and not like it is now with all this awful legal crap. UHM Yeah, you want to go back to when you and your equally Lying husband JuicyGorilla were ripping off partners, banks, the IRS, working folks, etc. and weren’t getting caught at it, and spending boatloads of cash obtained in under the table transactions. Yeah that was the life for her wasn’t it. UGH!

      • chismosa™ says:

        Trex I agree COMPLETELY. To hear her say “I’m in this nightmare” — why should A N Y one feel bad for you — you created this. UGHHHH

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Yes, she did…she also said they got the full asking price. Of course, we all knew it was a lie since every reality site did not show a record of sale and the county still has Joey and Messy listed as the owners.

      • Powell says:

        Wasn’t it a football player that supposedly bought it? And I remember MTH saying “they sold it with those cheap bathroom fixtures?” or however he said it.

    • Powell says:

      And if the article is about the Gorgas why put anything about the Guidices legal problems?

      • T-Rex says:

        Cause the Gorga’s are so boring and any time the press can place the LyingFelonGuidices legal problems in the article they think they will get more traffic to the article.

  12. SoutheastVA says:

    Happy belated birthday to Veena & Cusi!

  13. mrs peabody says:

    I guess in their book lease to purchase means it’s sold. No one ever said they were smart.

    • Powell says:

      So how do you “build” a new house if you’re just basically renting it to own? They haven’t paid off the mortgage or have a boat load of cash to build a new one. Oy Vey.. 😕

  14. Did anyone else notice Shannon’s lip? the right side of her bottom lip looked bruised. I noticed it especially in the scene in the “too small bedroom” at Vicki’s condo. Odd.

  15. T-Rex says:

    Forgot to post a WHOOP WHOOP to Starzy for the wonderful blog, since I don’t watch the OldCronesofBeverlyHillsadjacent I am really enjoying the blog!! If this David guy isn’t divorcing that crackpot wife OverSharingShannon at this point, he is the one in need of a shrink, although I think he is staying with her SOLELY because of the kids! I think he realizes that she will go BSC if and when he divorces her and like any moron in a divorce who is jealous of her own children, she will make it a horrific deal when setting up the custody arrangements. I really hope that woman gets some good counseling soon because she is an utter mess! I would bet she even accuses him of abuse when he finally divorces her.
    Oh and how does IckyVicky give TrailerTrashTrampySue the pass about blabbing to everyone except TMZ about OverSharingShannon’s marriange, oh yeah, forgot it’s the let’s hate the SnobbyDubrow this season and while she probably deserves it, this whole Shannon-Gate is NOT the crime to saddle her with.
    I also can’t believe that Bravo is giving more than five minutes to the ludicrous BabyRoboGate nonsense between TrailerTrashTrampySue and Not-GayEddie. From what you post in the blog that guy can’t wait to get out this sham marriage. Again, I think if he could figure out a way to “buy” TrailerTrashTrampySue out of that gym he would be saying Sayonara to TrailerTrashTrampySue. I know they have a third partner in the business and they must be someone that TrailerTrashTrampySue brought in to the deal. I know their gym is losing money big time, even as of today. I think the money is the reason that TrailerTrashTrampySue so badly wanted a Spin-off featuring the gym, that she never goes to, doesn’t have any training to run, or help out with other than maybe the laundry.

    • Powell says:

      T-Rex David seems like the kind of guy who would wait until the kids are in college and then ask for a divorce.

      • T-Rex says:

        Yeah, I would hope that he doesn’t ruin his happiness through the years because he is staying with WackadooOverSharinShannon for the sake of his kids. Crap, I would bet that even in California he would only need to bring in the tapes of the show to get primary custody of his kids. But, he seems like a decent guy and he certainly deserves more than what he is dealing with being married to WackadooOverSharinShannon. I don’ t have kids but I would think that a mother would be thrilled that the father of her children had such a great and loving relationship with his children, and WANTED to spend time with them. WackadooOverSharinShannon probably has NEVER had a real job so she doesn’t understand that when David is home he wants to make sure to give his children quality time since he is away working so much. I would hope that after she as watched her BSC self on the show she realizes now that she has a pretty decent husband who gives her pretty much ANYTHING she wants and either gets an “attitude adjustment” stat, or gets some serious mental help

  16. Powell says:

    So why does the Chef have to cook for the kids, then for Her Royal Heatherness and Terry? The Chef can’t just cook a family dinner and then Her Royal Heatherness heat up her and Terry’s food when he gets home? Also if the Chef finished Her Royal Heatherness could have the kitchen cleaned when Terry gets home and then she only has their few dishes to clean. Why pay a Chef for unnecessary time?

    • mrs peabody says:

      Because she is the high and mighty Heather. She’s ridiculous, why can’t they all sit down to a family dinner together? Wouldn’t he want to see his kids when he gets home from work, wouldn’t they want to see their dad when he gets home. Who does she think she is the Queen of England.

  17. mrs peabody says:

    How come you can’t leave comments over at the bravo blogs anymore? How long has that been going on? (I don’t read them very often but the last time I did (Beverly Hills) you could still write them.

    • Powell says:

      Mrs P that website has always been crappy. They have never wanted to put any real money in maintaining a quality website. On my old phone when I tried to go to the website my phone would crash. On my new phone the website won’t even load. They only changed commenters views and thought anyway. Good riddance I say.

  18. designernailsdiana says:

    Great Blog Stars!!!!
    I must’ve set up to dvr this franchise because it keeps recording it. I delete it since whatever I missed won’t be that interesting anyway.
    That stupid robo-baby is great for a teenager to learn what it’s like to be a teen Mom. However, a pre-menopausel 47 y.o. woman who’s had her tubes tied should just try to keep her young stud hubby satisfied because he does NOT want to be a Daddy. A Step-Dad yes!
    I’m thinking OverSharingShannon is just looking for things to complain about as far as David goes. He’s Handsome, Hard working, Devoted Dad and he supports his wife in all of her holistic endeavors. Shannon cut the guy some slack will ya!!!
    David, come see me, my hubby works a lot. I think you can take his place at night cause I like to cuddle. Keep your boxers on though!!

  19. iceNfire says:

    Hello – I thought it was telling when David said he likes to work out and Shannon …long pause while he tries to think of something Shannon likes but can’t come up with anything so he simply says “And Shannon doesn’t”
    I wonder what Shannon does like to do other than seeing doctors, healers, masseuse, etc. Shannon is looking to David to make her happy but it is her responsibility to make herself happy. I wouldn’t want to spend time with an unhappy person, nobody would. … Just Sayin’

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Just saying the truth!

    • Orson says:

      That’s easy. Shannon likes finding fault in what David does.

      • 2Stupid says:

        I could only admit this here, but every time I watch Shannon and David, I think it is my husband and myself. Of course, I work and can’t sit around contemplating what to get mad about. We do bicker a lot! I got mad at him the other day because I got soaked leaving the grocery store. Like he can control the rain, but I was MAD! I had turned it around that if I wasn’t the only one that did the shopping I wouldn’t be soaking wet, and he takes advantage of me. However, I was just mad that I got wet!
        When everyone talks about they need to be divorced, I start thinking Oh No! Should my husband and I be thinking of ending our misery-LOL. I just thought it was normal for working parents with younger kids. We don’t have any family support, so we rarely get to do things by ourselves.

        • Overit says:

          Don’t worry 2Stupid… Of course ever couple bickers…. ESPECIALLY when you have young kids, both work, and don’t have a lot of family help. I am in this situation also. I work full time as an RN which is stressful, and it’s hard to come home and do all the work there too. I think the difference is Shannon has loads of money, her children aren’t that young, and she’s never had to work or really worry about much at all (has nannies, housekeepers, etc) yet STILL complains constantly.

        • Austin says:

          Most couples bicker, especially in the first 15-20 years. We were in a similar situation when our children were growing up (no family support) and it is stressful not being able to get alone-time together. It gets better if you hang in (assuming there are no other major problems). After 32 years, we hardly ever bicker.

  20. Powell says:

    Sitting her watching “Marrying The Game” and who is The Game’s ex’s friend but Omarosa. Ugh. She looks for opportunities to be “a friend of” on these reality shows. She’s so nasty and in your face I wonder if she’s getting paid even if she’s only on 1 epi for 15 minutes. I didn’t like her from the moment she spoke her first word on S1, epi 1 of The Apprentice & I don’t like her now.

  21. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Stars! I missed the episode last night and enjoyed your blog this morning! This part was especially hilarious: “In other breaking news, Shannon is complaining again…lol. Shannon says she doesn’t the ocean because of the fish. I think there’s a much greater potential that someone would want to purposefully drown her than for a fish to eat her to death… But hey, that’s just me.”

    It’s not just you, lol.

    I am going to FF through fake baby segment when I do watch! Beyond ridiculous. They should fire Tamra for her lack of creativity!

  22. Prince Ali says:

    Who do you all think had the most beautiful wedding dress?
    My vote is for Adriana from the Miami Housewives.

  23. AZGirl says:

    Good Afternoon everyone!. Thank you Starzy for the snarky recap.

    I had an interesting morning. I got up for the 5:15 a.m. spin class. After class I head to the ladies room. I go to the bathroom and look down and there is a scorpion on my shorts. I was so tired I just brush it off and then stomped the sh%t out of it. I can’t believe I did not get bit.

    Last night’s OC was the first one I have been able to sit all the way through. Shannon is really nuts. I think she has some serious emotional problems. Vicki is actually likable this season. Brooks is gross. Tamara and that robot baby is stupid.

    Lizzie asking Heather about “having it all” cracks me up. Heather has it all because she has a boatload of help. I cracked up when Heather’s talking head was saying she needed to that a chef so she can spend more time with her kids then Bravo camera shows her gossiping with the nanny about Shannon in the next scene. Got to love Bravo editing.

    Not sure what is going on with Lizzie’s kids. They seem to always be sad or crying. Maybe it is the camera crew that freaking them out.

    Tonight is NY and I am looking forward to camping out with the ladies.

    • Powell says:

      HA!! Crunccchh. 👟👟 🙂

      • AZGirl says:

        I was so freaking tired from work and the heat it was like surreal. What is on my shorts? Brushed it off like it was a piece of lint. I stared at it in the stall watching crawl away and then I realized I needed to kill the sucker. Of course I come out of the stall and start to freak out and asking all the ladies getting ready for work is there anything else on me? They are like why? I told them what happened and all start screaming because they are barefoot and getting ready to shower.

  24. Kokuanani says:

    OT, but is anyone watching Gretchen & Slade on “Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars” over on E!? It’s on Friday nights.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Yes. I think of G & S as a business arrangement and they got to work together again. They do not have the same goals in life and he will never please her. I have not found any interest in their relationship, but it has been very amusing to watch “the white Oprah” interact with other housemates.

      • Powell says:

        The wife therapist said she wasn’t sure about G & Ss relationship. She tried to find out online if it’s a real relationship but she couldn’t find any. LOL. Too funny.

    • Powell says:

      I’ve been watching but didn’t feel like it last Friday.

  25. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Aw, no more early years NJ on Bravo. That was cute to see Gia doing her catwalk. Okay back to OITNB!

    • T-Rex says:

      Whoa! Unfortunately some of Mr. Patterson’s complaints aren’t going to fly, and good grief did he not get a Home Inspection prior to leasing/to buy that place, doesn’t look like it, they would have alerted him to those “beaver” issues immediately, in addition to the non-working items in the home. I do find it a bit odd that there weren’t any leaks when the Gorgas were in the home and I would say that those leaks are not going to be faulted against the Gorgas. Also the shower door issue is not the sellers responsibility either unless they had something in writing they would add them. I would love to see the “actual” documents from the sale to see exactly what the Gorgas actually agreed to provide in writing. I don’t like the Gorgas but have had family and friends deal with renters and a couple of lease to owns that fell through and this guy sounds like someone who didn’t realize what it takes to own a large home and the upkeep that goes with it, and who certainly did NOT do his homework before agreeing to lease to own the home.

      • Exit4 says:

        I think the documents are on the site. Still giggling at beavers. I’m immature! Lol

        • catmom1 says:

          I am doubting that the house has a beaver problem. Yea, I’m with you Exit, have to giggle when I type that. I’ve never heard of a home becoming infested with beavers (still giggling). What it sounds like is raccoons. They are notorious for home “invasions”. We’ve had them nest in our chimney as well as our attic. And they are noisy at night and in the morning. My neighbors across the street got a real kick out of watching one raccoon climb up our chimney to then go down inside it. They seemed to invade in late winter in time to start having their young. Finally had all entrances closed off after all of them had “left the building”. They are a royal pain in the @$$. Also, FYI just in case anyone ever needs to live trap a raccoon or groundhog, cantaloupe is an excellent bait. If you put out the bait in the morning, you’ll trap a groundhog. Set out bait in early evening and you’ll catch a raccoon. Ahhh, the joys of home ownership.

          • Powell says:

            Yeah catmom raccoons. When I lived w/my aunt raccoons where in the attic above my bedroom. You would hear them scratching. Raccoons yes. Beavers no.

            • Exit4 says:

              Beavers don’t seem the type of animal to live in a house-they like water. I’m with you guys-it’s raccoons. Or when squirrels-that’s a problem around here. We have a friendly groundhog in our yard, we named him Gus (original I know). We love when he comes around!

        • T-Rex says:

          The documents are generic and the last page is something that was “supposedly” sent by the leaser/renter, however nothing shows that the Gorgas even received that letter, I was hoping for an actual list of what they agreed to fix, all they show in the one paper is a dollar amount of things to be done.

          • Exit4 says:

            They are in court to get the unpaid rent-so eventually it will all come out. I know people that do rentals and I’ve heard some horror stories! And NJ favors renters over owners, it can be a tough situation. My husband always talks about doing rentals-I refuse!!! I’d only consider it at the shore. And even then I’m leery.

            I know rent to own is common-but it seems like a last resort type of deal to me.

      • Powell says:

        The home isn’t rentable let alone rent to purchase. The realtor and the Gorgas pulled a fast one sticking bandaids on problems instead of fixing them. Joey just threw his building supplies in the yard. That $25 grand they were supposed to use for repairs went to that Document Shredder Truck biz Joey got them into. Again MTH asked the question how did they sell it w/those cheap bathroom fixtures. 😉 Oh well. He can join Joe in the joint.

  26. shamrockblonde says:

    *sets down two ice cream cakes* Happy Birthday to Veena and Cusi!! may all your wishes come true!! *hugs Veena really hard* *hugs Cusi really hard*

    I never liked Shannon and still don’t – as for Heather – I think she would fit better with the NY crowd – yes, she can sound snobby, but I think what it may be is simply that she is well spoken and intelligent and not easily flustered – perhaps these traits are why she is thought of as being snobby – she also is not a booze hound like Tammy Shannon and Ms Vicki – I don’t think she thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips, I just think next to those three she comes off looking and sounding better and people mistake that for being snobby – I also do not perceive her to be a liar unlike so many of the other housewives – as for the chef – she and Terry have made a lot of money – money they earned through hard work – if she wants a chef, a nanny an assistant and a fly swatter, she has every right to hire them and good for her and Terry to be able to afford it – what I don’t like is when people who do NOT have the money for these things – looking at you Tre, Lynn, Mel, and Kathy, to name a few – but persist in spending what they do have on extras instead of basics – poor money management hurts not just them but their children as well – not smart – I fast forwarded through Vicki and Crooks – I mean Brooks – just cannot stand that con man – I mean guy –
    Tammy is just beyond – and I like Lizzie – for now and what I have seen of her – of course my dates with Jack Bauer keep me from seeing every moment of the OC but so far I am a fan of Lizzie – the rest – not so much –

    in other news – I babysat my seven year old grandaughter last night – she wanted me to do flash cards with her for multipication tables…..she got every one – I missed two! then she did a science experiement where she put an empty coke bottle – the plastic ones – in the freezer with the cap on and then after a set time took it out, took the cap off and placed a quarter on the top – the quarter started jumping all by itself! – she did it twice – then gave me math problems and we had races to see who could do them faster…..HER idea of fun – I am in big trouble with this one….oh – and her brother dropped all of his iron man gear at my feet, looked at me and said “suit up” when I asked why he told me were going to go get the bad guys – he was Magneto – in the middle of the flash cards mind you….

    • AZGirl says:

      Wow your Grandaughter is very bright for seven years old. Grandson is cute.

    • Powell says:

      Hey Shamrock. I don’t think of Her Royal Heatherness as snobby and she us very smart, intelligent and learned. But what I don’t like is her correction of people like she’s their mother. Correct her 4 kids and her oldest Terry but don’t constantly correct the adults around her. I don’t have a problem w?her use of “big words” like Tamra likes to call them. Tamra’s just dumb, afraid to grow intellectually.
      I was 45 minutes late for my date w/Jack Bauer. 😉 For the last 2 Monday’s I say I’m going to take a half hr nap and I wake up around 9:45. 😦 2 epis left. I cannot fall asleep. #24LiveAnotherSeason 😀

    • Powell says:

      HA!! Well I expect your granddaughter will be working at NASA. And your grandson said “suit up”. Too funny. Sounds like you had a great time. Now that’s fun quality time.

  27. shamrockblonde says:

    thanks AZ – she was tested at a fourth grade reading level – she reminds me so much of her Mom – when my daughter was little, I had to make her go outside and play – she would be reading or practicing math or doing puzzles – and playing school – my older daughter? – I had to chain her to a desk and chair to get her to do her homework – so very different but both so incredibly wonderful – not gonna lie – the math scares the heck out of me – I am VERY bad at it – once I run out of fingers and toes, its pretty much over for me….

    and yes shamrock 4 is such a good good little boy who marches to the sound of his own drum – very smart but only when he wants to be – sometimes when he is playing he will suddenly run up to me hug me really hard, kiss me tell me he loves me and then runs back to whatever adventure he was on – just out of nowhere – I love that little boy oh so much –

  28. Powell says:

    CrookBrooks is living the life since he’s hooked up w/Vicki huh? He got new choppers. He drove around in her expensive car. He hangs around her luxurious home w/swimming pool, good food and all the liquor he can drink. And he goes to Mexico to spend time at her vacation home and ride on expensive water crafts. That lil oh boy from Mississippi made out.

  29. Bama Bell says:

    I’m so through with Tamra and this doll. Give me a break!! She has no story except s**t stirer. Through with her.

  30. Bama Bell says:

    I do like Vicki’s brother, Billy. Hey, it’s the beach. Lay back and have some fun. Why the drama???

  31. shamrockblonde says:

    * *hugs Powell really hard* LOL! – yes, I will need to be on my toes with that one! – I normally switch channels when Crooks I mean Brooks is on, and have been doing it during the whole Tammy and the doll thing so the amount of time I actually watch the show is very little – thank goodness for the great recaps! – and more time with Jack – only two more to go – still the fastest hour on tv!

  32. Kokuanani says:

    Has anyone seen the new show [it’s actually on E!, I think, rather than Bravo] starring Mr. Dr. Heather [Terry Dubrow] and Mr. Dr. Adrienne [Paul Nasbitt(?)]. It’s called “Botched,” and the two docs try to remedy “botched” plastic surgery by others.

    It’s ripe for comments by folks here.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      It sure is…and a few people have commented. I haven’t seen it yet. Would have been a good one to blog, with their following from the real housewives!

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