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RHONY cast blogs S6E16- By Ramonacoaster

Sonja:  I Don’t Have to Prove My Loyalty to LuAnn

I couldn’t believe the girls canceled the dinner reservations because the restaurant at the Paws Up is fabulous with an amazing view from the veranda and has a gorgeous sunset. The service at this point had been very iffy at the cabins, and Ramona had yet to pick up the phone to put that in its place — so I didn’t understand why Kristen would take it upon herself to try to host a dinner.

It’s probably easier to film in the cabin than in a restaurant where they would need permission to film. The drama would have been the same.

I already had cabin fever since the only thing we could see for miles was trees and cabins — our two cabins. I know Kristen was already edgy and Lu had definitely been riding my ass since my Setai spa outing asking about my house. Even though she said it wasn’t proper etiquette to talk about a woman’s finances, she laced right into it at the winery, pushing me about my business opportunities. I just wanted to relax and have a good laugh and enjoy myself. I don’t interrogate my friends about their businesses and household finances, even though I hear things. I’m here to support them and to make them feel good about themselves.

She didn’t remember your deal with some royal family for towels or some crap like that.  See even I don’t remember.  Did those deals even fall through?  Maybe it isn’t worth remembering.

Speaking of lighter atmosphere when Henry showed up in his white nubucks I found that very funny since he was the cleaning crew/maintenance guy/butler/clean-out-the-fridge guy — and his shoes were spotless. He and I had a good, light-hearted time. I love housekeeping and making sure everyone is comfortable, especially Ramona. She needs things to go smoothly on vacation.

They looked like Bass nubuck shoes.  My friend has those.  At least there was a man to flirty with.

When LuAnn says that she and Kristen are from Connecticut and that’s why they get along so well, I couldn’t help myself but to say I wouldn’t admit that. I consider myself a Connecticuter, since I lived there my entire marriage and I think it’s the most beautiful state in America. However my comment was more aimed at LuAnn because she was just really aggravating me being so sweet with her new friend Kristen, yet every five minutes complaining about me not being a good friend.

I remember reading your ex had an island he was trying to sell.  Nice place!

LuAnn’s trust level really sank. I find that disappointing. My friends know me and trust me intuitively. They don’t question my loyalty. I’m one of the most loyal people you will ever meet. To a fault. I certainly don’t need to prove that to LuAnn, my reputation precedes me.

I think she was upset that you did not defend her from what the facialist said even though most people would not take the facialist seriously.

I still say if I want to ask my facialist to tell me what the beauty industry is saying then that’s my privilege. LuAnn’s lack of trust in me is an insult. I don’t have to prove my loyalty and friendship to LuAnn, as I said. LuAnn knows very well I’m not jealous of her relationship. When I made those comments that she goes to lunch, shops, and has Jacques, it was in direct relation to the fact that I don’t have any time to spend with her leisurely doing those things — other then whatever we do already, which is a lot! I did however last year confront Jacques to say that I’m sure he wants marriage and children, and I know that LuAnn wants different things in life. I want her to be happy and not lose time.

The Luann trying to have a baby storyline was a load of malarkey.

As I said in my blog last week we do a lot of things together and LuAnn just seems to have a short memory. Like I said she’s the Queen of C.R.A.F.T. (Can’t Remember a Fracking Thing). It’s starting to look to me like LuAnn’s not very happy and maybe there is trouble in paradise with Jacqueas because she’s acting very needy. I wish for her to just come out with it and say what’s really on her mind — because her problems not with me. Her problems are definitely not with the facialist and what the beauty industry is saying, because who cares if they say she’s a dominatrix and only likes short Frenchmen? Every Frenchman is short next to her! She’s a statuesque beauty and she is told this constantly. Jacques is shorter! You have to laugh especially when playing the game of telephone.

Hindsight is 20/20.  Maybe Jacques also heard that she likes to “do” what she wants.  Luann wasn’t saying anything about her relationship with Jacques and maybe Sonja tried to tell the audience what was up.

Please see my blog and pictures of LuAnn happy as a clam with me at my Sonja In The City Season 6 Premiere Party! And very cozy with Harry too!

Is Harry short and French?

I don’t think anyone likes playing geocache in the woods, especially without a refreshment cart. They should have a golf cart with the cooler and beverages on ice. It felt more like The Hunger Games with the heat building between Kristen and Heather. I told Kristen that she shouldn’t have done that wall climbing or whatever it’s called. That was just the beginning of the tension. I called the geocaching “geocrashing.”

Heather telling people what to do and how to feel gets irritating after a while.

I had to bring up the “tall girl syndrome” again as I have noticed they do tend to be bossy. Having said that, I’m pretty bossy myself so that would mean I have Napoleon syndrome.

That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of tall girl syndrome.  Maybe tall girls make short girls feel insecure.

I wasn’t so shocked to see Kristen and Heather battling it out because Kristen has been judgmental of everyone and just openly voicing her critical opinion of everyone. She crossed the line when she brought Heather’s husband into the equation. Kristen loves to get a rise out of people. When I met Kristen, I took her under my wing to share my facialist, my spray tan gal from Francky L’Official, and my favorite lingerie shop Lingerie on Lex, because I like to empower and inspire people. We talked about her greeting card business and how after she became a mom she let that go. She really needs to get back into being herself and being independent.

Kristen seems to love putting her designer shoes in the poop and spreading it around.

LuAnn: I’m Done With Sonja

Some of us aren’t as happy in nature as I am. Sonja seemed to let the cabin fever get her. I grew up in nature like that in Connecticut so it doesn’t bother me. I loved it but obviously Sonja started hating on it. What did Connecticut ever to to her? Quite honestly I’m not sure what’s gotten into her but she certainly hasn’t been behaving like my friend Sonja, the girl I used to know. Constantly finding things to pick on me about and not reacting to a facialist thats saying things about me she knows are untrue! With friends like these who need enemies?

Luann is being a bit sensitive so there was probably something brewing with Jacques at the time.

My heart warmed when I saw Heather jump to my defense. Sonja, once again, had too much to drink so hearing her call me a pig was just one more needle in the haystack, but for me its the last one! I’m done with her.

I wondered where the pig comment from Sonja came.  It seemed so disconnected to what the argument was.

I’m not jealous of her relationship with Ramona, I’m STUNNED by it. Its now crystal clear to me Sonja doesn’t appreciate my value as a friend — and she can keep Ramona anyday! I’ve got plenty of friends (like Carole, Heather, and Kristen) who really do appreciate me and who see right through Sonja and her jealousy of my life. Sonja even says it, “Lu has everything.” I know she’s going through hard times, but I learned a long time ago to get rid of people who are jealous to make room for well wishers. Jealousy is a very ugly trait!

Was their friendship really that close that Luann is ready to dump Sonja?  You usually have a stronger reaction to someone you care about than someone you don’t care about as much.

I must say geocaching was not my favorite thing, neither was fly fishing for that matter. I love hiking and being in the wilderness, but trying to find hidden things in the woods with a bunch of ladies was a confusing, who-really-cares kind of experience that most of us didn’t get! I know its pretty popular, but not with this bunch. If they had hidden jewelry that might have helped spark some more interest! When we lost interest, that’s when we seemed to loose Heather to beer. I don’t blame her, none of us were really enjoying it. I think that helped fuel the fight that would take place soon after we started on the hunt! Is Heather bossy? Not really, but I think we all needed guidance and Kristen took it the wrong way. I love women who have it together and if that makes them bossy, then bossy is for me!

How about walking across a rope and do trust falls on each other?  Heather knew how to fly fish and rappel and other cowboy stuff so it was natural for her to show off her knowledge.  That’s irritating!

Kristen: Heather Wasn’t There for Me


Fly Fishing: A River Runs Through It with Brad Pitt was filmed in Montana, and it always made me want to go there and experience it. The fly fishing was a very different thing for us NYC ladies to do. But I loved it and thought it was very peaceful and soothing. It was a hot day, the water was cool and refreshing, and the Montana air is so clean and fresh. Even if we didn’t get a fish it was a very cool experience and I was enjoying it.

Hhhmmm, Brad Pitt was hot in that movie.   Who am I kidding?  He is hot in every movie.

I am the first to admit, I am certainly not the hostess with the “mostest.” I am not about excess and over indulgence of amenities and pampering. However, some of my travelmates have much higher expectations and needs when it comes to what they expect from their leisure stays. I was just so excited to be on a girls’ trip and not have to worry about children waking up in the middle of the night, changing diapers, having breakdowns and cleaning bottles. I thought tending to children was a lot of work, but golly some of these woman are way more high maintenance — to the point they needed a butler to wait on them. Oh vey!!!

They wanted the vacation that they would have provided.

Lu and Sonja are really butting heads! Lu is really making some valid points, and Sonja just constantly is dismissing her feelings and her perspective. I think it was really hurting Lu’sfeelings. And Ramona loves to chime in there and rub it in Lu’s face and stir the pot. But let’s be honest, Ramona wants Sonja all to herself so it isn’t surprising.

Lulu doth protest too much.  I can totally picture Lu with a whip,  a short Frenchman and lots of leather.

REPELLING: Ugh just watching this was horrible for me. Having to relive it all. . .wah wah I am such a cry baby. I know I am and I am admitting it. I do these things because I CAN and WANT prove to myself and to my friends that I can do it, and yes I only need to do it once and NOT AGAIN. But I am I happy almost a year later that I did it.

The crying wasn’t that bad.  Heather made more of a fuss than she should.

Oddly, I feel that there is a part of me that wants to prove to Heather that I want to do these crazy things. Not sure why I feel I need to do that but I do.

It’s like she is a substitute for your husband on this trip.  Well, she is the most butch.  Next to Luann.

This ROCK was straight down 165 ft. It was no joke. SCARY!!! I felt completely out of control and vulnerable. Elvis got me down that rock. I was singing Elvis songs the whole time. “Treat me like a fool, treat me mean and cruel. . .”



Lu said it best — Heather and I had some major cabin fever. I felt that I needed her as my friend and she wasn’t there for me. The other woman were beating me down since the moment I got there, and I just lost it in the woods. Lost it. It all just boiled over for me.

Sucks to be considered the weak one of the group.  Maybe if you got them their own personal butlers they wouldn’t have been so bitchy.

I was emotionally raw from repelling, physically and mentally exhausted from planning and being on the trip, and, of course, I had a bunch to drink at lunch. I felt that my feet were finally on the ground and that I was back in control and I thought this GPS was going to get us all back on track. Not so much, but looking back I was exhausted and acting a bit irrational. Ooooops!

Unfortunately the GPS doesn’t point you in the direction of having a good time and some peace.

Heather: Why Can’t Kristen Let Me Be?

From the moment we even started discussing Montana, some of the women haven’t stopped kvetching. And it’s really starting to get to me. We’re off to fly fish in such a beautiful setting (the water was amazing) and I fall in. What they also don’t tell you is that if you fall in when fly fishing, you shouldn’t keep on swimming! Your overalls fill up with water, which gives a whole new meaning to cement shoes! I was sad my fish got away from me, that I fell in and that everyone was bickering. But we made it, we had some laughs, popped a squat (except for me — I went back at the ranch, people!) and landed ourselves on the porch for a beautiful dinner enjoying the outdoors in peace and quiet. . .think again.

It would have been funny seeing you climb out of the river with water-logged waders.  Production missed that comedic scene.

The facialist controversy keeps rearing its ugly head. . .Oy. I understand Lu’s point-of-view and I do think the issues between she and Sonja are bigger than a facialist.

They are jealous of each other in different ways.

Meanwhile, repelling is right up my alley. However it’s not easy, but is so exhilarating. From the beginning, Kristen was game to go and it didn’t even dawn on me that maybe this wasn’t the best choice for her — until we got there. I could feel the tension coming off of her and it hit me, “Why is she doing this?” She was shaking before we even got to the top of the mountain. My first time stepping backwards off a cliff was hard — it goes against human nature and it’s completely normal to not want to do it. I was trying to encourage her, not discourage her. I wanted her to know that if her choice is that this isn’t for her, I support her and am proud of her. If she can’t step back off of a cliff — don’t worry about it! I didn’t get that good by going down a mountain one time. I’m no Spiderman. I rock climbed in my twenties. Everybody has their own limits and when it stops being fun, you should stop doing it. Go do things that make you feel like you’ve achieved something and make you feel great. The only person you have to prove something to is yourself. There is no card that I check once my friends repel off a mountain or compete in a Spartan Race. My friendship requirements are loyalty, love, encouragement, laughter, and forgiveness. . .

Does climbing down a mountain count as an achievement?  I guess to some people it does.

Geocaching may be a little bit more challenging with a buzz on but what is geocaching anyway? On the ride over from the restaurant to the range, I learned. Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunt happening at all times, all around you. There are 2,429,407 active geocaches and over 6 million geocachers worldwide.

It’s just a sophisticated scavenger hunt.

So there you go — happy to enlighten you! Geocaching, as interesting as it may sound, is HONESTLY the last thing I want to do. I’m in woods, I’m in nature, I just don’t feel like searching for a box of treasures that are really trinkets, unless there’s a million bucks in there — I’d rather find a tree to hug! Clearly I’m not the only one that was not into this geo caching, but Kristen was not reading her audience. I’ve been super supportive of Kristen, as I want to be, but what’s the big deal about Geocaching? Why can’t she just let me be? I’m not going to be any help to her — I can’t even say a full sentence right now let alone read GPS coordinates on a tiny machine. Did anyone bring my glasses? I realize that Kristen is not yelling at me, she’s yelling out all the frustrations of planning this trip and putting it together. And I’m not taking it too seriously — it’s a tough group to please and I am not bossy after all, I’m the boss. And this is one time I don’t want to take a leadership role.

Ramona’s trip she planned to St. John’s was the best.  Who wouldn’t want to be waited hand and foot in a luxurious yacht?

Ramona: LuAnn Resents Sonja and I

I really enjoyed having both Sonja and Carole as roommates. Carole is easy going and we do get each other. She has a dry wit that I am getting used to. Sonja always puts a smile on my face and is so likable, funny, and easy to be with. I really felt I had the best two women to room with, so I was happy about that.

Sonja and Carole do seem like the most fun to hang with.

Fly fishing was hysterical. None of us could keep our feet on the ground in the water. Poor Heather feel completely in. I have to say, liking fashion, the outfits could have been better for flying fishing. That was the part I did not like LOL. There was something serene and beautiful about wading in the water with your pole and casting. I would do it again, but not with so many women at one time.

I’m sure you were scaring off the fish with your gabbing.

LuAnn and Sonja are friends for sure, and Sonja does care about LuAnn. The problem is when LuAnn witnesses first-hand the relationship Sonja and I have with each other, it makes her realize she doesn’t have that with Sonja. Seeing the dynamics of Sonja and I integrating and relating, I believe makes LuAnn resentful.

Luann always comments on the frick and frack relationship you and Sonja have.  Luann doesn’t really have a close relationship with anyone on the cast.  She has good relationships but not close ones.

Kristen is very busy with her children and it’s obvious she does not entertain that much. She really should have asked Sonja or I or even Heather to help plan and arrange things so they would have gone more smoothly.

It’s too bad you couldn’t be this understanding during the trip.

LuAnn was really getting bent over the facialist. I thought LuAnn was over it. The facialist was repeating what she heard on the street, not what she was thinking. People hear stories that are not true all the time. I always think it’s better to just let it go as Sonja did, especially in this situation.

Luann has a problem when she thinks her private life made up or not is up for ridicule.

The whole geocaching was ridiculous. No one wanted to go it. It was out in the open, in the glaring hot sun, in the middle of the day. Kristen chose the hottest time of day to walk around for this hunt. No one was into it at all except her. As a hostess Kristen should have realized this and ended the game herself. The only fun part was watching Heather get cheeky with Kristen.

That was entertaining.  If it was hot, why were you wearing a leather jacket?  Maybe if you were appropriately dressed you wouldn’t have complained that much.

Carole: Montana Ain’t for P——

I’m a Celebrity. . .Get Me Out of Here!

I’m back. I needed a break. I’m busy with all my businesses plus trying to nap. You understand. But I see I didn’t miss much. We’re still in Montana.

OK on the show it looks desolate. And Montana viewers, that probably drives you nuts. Because for one, your state has cranked out an impressive number of Rhodes Scholars. Two, you guys are totally blasé about celebs, much less reality show girls who march in and want their lettuce stacked a certain way. Oh, and three, your state is really magnificent.

But we are RHONYs and so let’s get our RHONY on.

Why did I not bunk with Lu, K., and Heath? Why didn’t I shack up with the Antlers? It looks so relaxing. Instead, Beavers; the road more travelled. That’s where I went in my thin silky gowns.

Oh please!  Those two are more fun than the tall girls.  Admit it!

Sonja likes to talk in the morning. She’s talking to the food in the fridge when I come down for coffee. They seem to be tight, the foods understand her. She can’t sleep with the disorganized refrigerator, or with the squirrel trying to violate her. Or with the butlers she’s had for 20 years, some of whom it’s possible she slept with. (Shh. I heard that from my facialist!) Sonja is about as relaxing in the morning as a crack pipe. But she has a point. We are getting cabin fever, although it may be just the result of a lack of air conditioning.

P.S. Did Sonja just say “Will Smith”?

“Maybe this is where they go?” That’s right! Bingo. Maybe these very cabins are where Reed Weatherspoon, Reese’s long lost Missoula “cousin,” and Will Smith come to vacation. Celebrities come to Montana! Ramona should feel right at home. I bet Molly Sims is having a party two pine trees down. In case you’re wondering, I finally did find out who Molly Sims is. She’s very pretty.

I guess it’s hard for paparazzi to venture in the Montana nature.

OK, so I don’t have a terry robe and I don’t like A/C. Sue me. We all know how much Ramona loves cold air. I keep it at a comfortable 76 degrees. One thing is certain, Ramona and I could never be married on account of the temperature plus a bunch of other things.

You need some more insulation in your skin.

Dinner on the Fly

I love fishing. I was the one who caught a fish in the Berkshires. Remember? Fly fishing is slow, even for me. But Kristen organized it for us and I’m a good guest. The best thing you can be on the show is a good guest. Why is this never discussed?

The worst thing you can be is a “bad hostess.” This has been a hot topic since LuAnn took the gang to Morocco and Alex called her a thug in a cocktail dress (a classic). Last season, I was a bad hostess. It’s second only to not being a “girls-girl.” Now Kristen is taking the heat, and I feel for her. God forbid there aren’t proper ice buckets. We barely survived.

Meanwhile, the point of Montana is to breath (assuming you don’t have asthma) the mountain air, soak up the natural attractions and relax. You’re supposed to do outdoorsy type things that require fishing rods, or guns, or mountains, or horse sh–. Montana wasn’t put here for people to dine out at fancy restaurants, ogle bartenders, and drink. That’s what New York is for. Montana isn’t there for us to dance on tables dressed as pirates and drink. That’s what St. Barth’s is for. We can’t always do the same things again and again. And again. . .or can we?

Sonja is drinking. Again.

Sonja brings up a sore subject. Again.

A brief recap: Sonja invited her facialist home to facialize her and Kristen’s skin. The facialist repeated mean gossip about LuAnn. (About my ex, too!) And then Sonja continued to flame the gossip. Sonja is not my good friend, so I don’t care. But LuAnn does, and she should, they’ve been friends for a decade. Sonja listens to her facialist go on and on about Lu’s alleged sexual positions with short French men without saying, “Hey, I don’t like people repeating gossip about my friend.” Maybe the facialist would think twice about repeating it to her next client? Sonja is not a girls-girl.

It was a joke.  How would this facialist know what sexual positions Lu likes unless she has some super powers like x-ray vision but why would you want to spy on Luann if you did have that super power.

I find myself having to explain very simple constructs, but I love doing it in my vintage purple silk walking gown. That’s how I roll out west. Sonja is jealous of LuAnn, she even agrees. Lu has alimony and her Hamptons house. She can shop and has no legal issues. Sonja has cold water, clingy creditors, and a house in France she can’t unload. Still. . .that is not the trust of a friend having your back.

Yes. People do talk about Sonja! I haven’t heard the one about the lopsided boobs, but you should hear all the gossip flying around the Beauty Industry about her divorce. It’s like a Danielle Steel novel, with faraway places and betrayals and even a French man, allegedly. LuAnn has heard it. We’ve all heard it. But because S-Sexy J-ya is a friend of ours (sort of) we don’t repeat it or let others repeat it because that’s not nice. Why is this concept so confusing to Sonja? You guys get it. Right?

It gets repeated anyway.  Why not have fun with it?

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Sometimes a storyline is so ridiculous it makes writing this blog seem like walking through a field of daisies on a perfect summer day with my best friend. 25 million Americans suffer from asthma (I googled, so I know) and we’re pretty sure Aviva isn’t one of them. No one believes she has asthma, not even Ramona. Let’s face it. She has a poor track record with this group. Last year she was addled with phobias so severe, she couldn’t leave her apartment without her husband wound round her arm. This year her phobias disappeared. (Heather brought this up and Aviva told her to shut-up about phobias. She said that was last season. You can’t make this stuff up it’s so dumb.)

It’s hard to keep track of your lies even when it’s being filmed and shown on a reality show.

By the way, Boise, Idaho is one of the “best cities for asthma sufferers” (I googled that, too, so I know, again). Boise is about 300 miles from where we were enjoying the clean air of Missoula.

So while Aviva dazzles you with Legionnaire’s and asthma, I’m going to match her two respiratory conditions and raise her an emotional disorder. So back up bitches because here comes Munchausen! It’s my all-time favorite syndrome.

She has it, I’m positive. She gets attention from her medical ailments — endless TV time to discuss her problems with cheery friends in ancient salted soaking tubs, and even to catatonic husbands in modern yellow-papered living rooms. Isn’t listening to someone talk about her severe to moderate asthma riveting? And to think you watched that but not Kristen’s full body wax — which, having witnessed myself, I assure you was much better television.

Even Dr. Oz did an entire hour on Munchausen. It’s trendy! Yes, this year I came back as a TV doctor too. Why not? If we’re just making stuff up now, I’m a doctor. OK, fine, I’m not a doctor, I’m not even a shrink. I’m not a pornographer either but I know it when I see it.


The Antlers and……

No one in their right mind would rappel 165 feet off a cliff. True. But none of us are in our right minds. For one, we’re on a reality show. Kristen is a cry baby. But it does look scary as hell. Heather is a natural athlete. She runs with the big dogs. LuAnn is a superhero. They all are.

The Beavers

Sonja may have replaced Ramona for foot-in-mouth disease. Ramona has replaced Sonja for lopsided boobs. And I’m a good student. Cowboy Paul is a good instructor. And he doesn’t take any crap from these ladies. I like that.

I have a thing for Cowboy Paul.  He’s hot.

My facialist said I hooked up with Cowboy Paul.

You lucky girl.  If only in your dreams.


So, I’ve Geocached before. This wasn’t new to me. It’s very popular out west, it’s very popular all over. Check it out. There’s a cache in your neighborhood. There’s a cache 50 ft. from my apartment in New York. What we were doing wasn’t real geocaching. I admit I got bored. I should have had four beers at lunch, spoken softly (I do!), and carried a big stick.

And just as I’m thinking this Kristen uses the “B” word. No, not Bitch. It’s the third worst thing you can be on the show. Bossy. Stay tuned next week for the word that launched the Hatfield–McCoy feud.

It’s a new one.  Though bossy can be considered controlling and other housewives have accused each other of being controlling.

As you all know by now, Bravo upgraded their website design. So before I go I want to thank everyone who took time to comment on the blogs. I’ve enjoyed reading them. Even the mean ones were funny — especially when commenters fought each other over the meaning of what was said on the show. As you all say on twitter, IMO. I agree. Keep watching, and reading.

No one knew why certain comments were posted and why some were not so why not remove it all together.


Heather and Kristen are still at odds as the ladies prep for their evening of “glamping.” Kristen accuses Heather of being bossy and the argument forces some of the ladies to take sides. Surprisingly, Ramona sides with Kristen and they form a bond for the first time. Heather and Kristen can’t make up before the big rodeo show where the ladies enjoy an event that brings them totally out of their element. At the final outdoor Montana dinner, the ladies and a posse of cowpokes throw hatchets, while Kristen and Heather convene down by the river to try and bury theirs.


Let’s Chat


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    HA Ramonacoaster I believe Sonja’s biz deals are a figment of her imagination. IMO she’s lazy w/no focus so she needs to stop sleeping w/20 yr olds, cover her ass & maybe she can get her a wealthy Wall Street type & get married again.

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    I learned a long time ago to never plan a trip with multiple friends. Never works.

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  14. About OC last night, I don’t mean this to sound insensitive, but does Lizzies oldest boy have autism?? The reason why I ask is because he’s always crying and screaming and doesn’t seem to know how to express himself. He wanted something and was screaming and pointing, not using words. My aunt works with autistic children so I’ve seen a lot. I know there are different types but just a guess. If there isn’t anything like that going on, I think maybe he just needs some discipline?? Instead of doing the baby its okay talk to him, the dad is just as bad! He’s never reprimanded!

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      thank you
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      I have been very distracted by her
      children’s behavior… like I wanna
      smack him- I’ll give some leniency points
      now for potential ADHD… (I doubt it- Heather
      would have picked up on it cuz she’s a genius)

      • Cristina (djprincessc) says:

        I’m sorry but he is beyond obnoxious. If there are some type of disabilities that he has then ok I get it, but if he’s just a brat, ya he needs a good smacking lol.

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      He was saying, “diaper, diaper” wanting his diaper changed!
      I don’t know how old he is but in my opinion, if a child is old enough to ask for a diaper change, he’s old enough to not need a diaper.

      • Cristina (djprincessc) says:

        I agree, I know each child is different when it comes to potty training but he is definitely past the diaper stage.

        • MelTheHound says:

          That has nothing to do with potty training. She had JUST changed his diaper. That’s for attention, that they freely give him just to shut him up.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I thought he seemed to old to be wearing a diaper to and then with the way he was acting and not really talking it made me wonder what was wrong with him too, in fact I asked that question yesterday. I’m glad it isn’t only me that is wondering about him.

  15. Bama Bell says:

    I would so love to do that. Camping with all the amenities. So glad to know that exists. I know my next vaca!

  16. Bama Bell says:

    Most of these girls are SO out of their element.

  17. AZGirl says:

    Kristen is getting some bad advice somewhere. She is whiny and should not have brought up Heather’s husband. Of course Ramona is all over it.

  18. AZGirl says:

    Ok need to get the dog collar and leash out for Sonja. She is horny.

  19. Bama Bell says:

    Girls, Man Up!!! You have nothing to complain about! That’s your friend. Talk to her. Have a good time. Geeze…

  20. Bama Bell says:

    Like I said… love me some Carole!

  21. NJBev says:

    Sonya eats like a horse and never gains a pound.

  22. NJBev says:

    Oh, for Gods sake Heather, be gracious………

    oh, Kristen you didn’t just say that…..

  23. Bama Bell says:

    Loving this… SO going to Montana! Gonna GLAMP! Stay in those cabins& meet Paul!

  24. Bama Bell says:

    Really, Kristin? You need to think about what you said. You need to apologize to Heather. You were out of line.

  25. Bama Bell says:

    Heather is a friend.

  26. Exit4 says:

    I always catch the late version with the west coasters. My husband is into a show called tyrant? I think? I’m letting him have the TV!!! Lol

    • ladebra says:

      I’m recording that one Exit, but I didn’t get a chance to watch. It looks good though!

  27. Bama Bell says:

    Sorry, I stayed through MT. No one is posting on RHNY. Bye…

  28. lillybee says:

    Wow Lulu drinks beer from a bottle and Ramona drinks red wine..How things have changed.

    • Orson says:

      I understand if the Countless let out a burp it would rip the fabric of the time space continuum. Or if she farted. I don’t remember which.

  29. Prince Ali says:

    Kristin, just because it may (or may not) be the truth, doesn’t mean it is YOUR truth so you cannot expect Heather not to take offense to you talking about her marriage.

    • MelTheHound says:

      Kristin is a whiny little bitch. No wonder the husband doesn’t want to come home…

      • PJ says:

        I think Kristen’s husband is an idiot.

        • MelTheHound says:

          Both are

          • lillybee says:

            They are. I don’t see much difference between Kristen and OC’s Shannon.

            • T-Rex says:

              Lillybee I totally agree. Both of these women married their husbands for money, and neither have actually held a J-O-B and don’t realize that their wealth comes from the fact their husbands have to W-O-R-K to afford to them their big houses, their unlimited credit cards, neither having to actually get a J-O-B, etc. In addition I noted that both seem to be jealous of how their husbands, the FATHER’s of their children, spend time with the children. Kudos to the dads for wanting to spend quality time with the kids they brought into this world.

      • Austin says:

        I so cannot stand Kristen. She’s is the housewife that I have to mute to watch.

  30. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Nice bright sunny day & will be hot hot hot in my neck of the woods. 🌅🌅🌅 🔥🔥🔥 But I don’t mind. As long as it’s not cold I’m happy & humid. I don’t like humidity.
    TexasTart continue resting & taking your meds & everyone have a great day.

  31. T-Rex says:

    LOVE Carole! I know she is another Ho-Wife that you either love or hate here on the boards. I want to give a shout out to Geocaching, it’s my favorite hobby of all time, I have “cached” with millionaires, CEO’s of major companies, and folks that don’t have two nickles to rub together, and it is a blast. Of course the Ho-Wives didn’t like it, i they would rather be at some weird fashion show of items no one will ever wear and spend 6k on a pair of shoes they will wear once. I am really hating the two old fogies OldCraggyBitchDrunkenramona and SlutsIsHer-GreyGardens-DrunkySonja this season, more and more with each episode. SlutsIsHer-GreyGardens-DrunkySonja has some real issues and she needs professional mental help ASAP, first off she has crawled into a bottle to drown her problems, this is a clear path to Alcoholism, and I think she is definitely showing signs of becoming an Alcoholic on top of being a Sex Addict. The Sex addict portion is just her acting out her absolute neediness of attention from the male species, it is sad and quite pathetic that she finds her whole worth is dependent on whether a man will “mount” her like some dog in heat! It is definitely sending out the wrong message to her pre-teen daughter that is for sure. I know that OldCraggyBitchDrunkenramona is having to deal with her husband’s constant cheating and this one being brought into the public spotlight, but she CHOOSES to stay with LetharioMario after his many cheating escapades, if you choose to stay with someone who cheats then you have to take the consequences of that behaviour. I also think that she is drinking a whole lot more this season and that would account for some of her even more disturbing behaviour this season as well. We have all now learned that Bravo ENCOURAGES the Ho-Wives to be drunk as much as possible, and I think these two need to say Buh-bye to the franchise and really get a handle on their emotional issues. Just my two cents.

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