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By HydrangeaHussy

Shannon Beador – “Some Days are Harder than Others”

Shannon begins by commenting on how hard it is to watch her marital problems play out on TV. “It’s especially difficult to watch these episodes that are about my marriage. It was hard enough to go through as we were filming, but as I watch again, I am basically reliving it.” She’s glad that we get to see some of their more light-hearted moments this week, like packing for Mexico. “When David and I are connected, sometimes I act like a little kid and get giddy around him because I am still so in love with him. I am really looking forward to going on the trip and starting to initiate different approaches to my relationship because the ones I have been using have been failing miserably.” I didn’t think the packing scene was very fun, David was trying to joke with her, but Shannon kept on whining as usual. She really needs to lighten up.

Shannon was disappointed to see Heather discussing their meeting with her assistant, but “was even more disappointed with Tamra after seeing her phone call to Vicki. After she apologized to me for revealing confidential information to Heather, you see her doing it again to Vicki. Wow.” I was surprised that she seemed more upset with Heather than with Tamra last week, when Tamra was the one who blabbed her friend’s secret. The bottom line is that Heather & Shannon aren’t friends, so Heather doesn’t owe her anything. Was is it bad taste to spill Shannon’s marital problems? Yes, but I would be way more upset with a friend who blabbed than someone I was fighting with.

Puerto Vallarta was beautiful! As for the condo situation, “David and I have never stayed in a condominium with anyone other than our immediate family so this was definitely going to be a different type of trip for us! We were very appreciative of the invitation! When Vicki showed me to our room, I wasn’t as concerned about the size as I was about the noise.” Hmm, it seemed like the double bed was the big deal. Shannon says that she was grateful when Billy offered to switch rooms with them. Maybe she should have been grateful that her friend had invited her at all.

Shannon notes that she had a blast riding jetskis. I saw her whining more than having fun. “I am not going to lie and say it doesn’t hurt when David hesitates answering whether he enjoys spending time with me. But I do appreciate his honesty.” I don’t blame David at all, I wouldn’t enjoy spending time with someone who constantly criticized me either! “Vicki is always a great person to talk to. She was incredibly supportive as I told her about my issues with Tamra and Heather. She has had her own problems with Tamra so I know she can relate to what I am going through.”

“And now to the worst part of the episode. Prior to Mexico, David and I had our fair share of conversations about tequila. I was a bit shocked about his newly acquired taste for tequila because he rarely drinks, and never drinks straight alcohol. He explained to me why he likes it and the conversation was done. At dinner, I was just telling everyone that tequila was David’s new drink. In my head, it was my way of affirming him. I had no ill will or hidden agenda by making the statement. I was completely misunderstood by David and Vicki (and probably all the others) so I was frustrated. I don’t want to make excuses for my behavior because once again, it was wrong. I’m just trying to explain.” For someone who orders straight vodka every time, I was a bit taken aback that Shannon had such strong feelings about David drinking tequila. As for the constantly being misunderstood, as Heather told Gretchen – if everyone’s telling you that you’re dead, maybe you should lie down.

Lizzie Rovsek – “Wanting It All is Different for Everyone”

“On tonight’s episode you see me trying to juggle it all. As many of you working moms out there know… it’s definitely a juggle running a household, being a mom, and running a company.” I think that this is something every woman can relate to. It was brave of Lizzie to open up about her struggles to “have it all.” So often women don’t acknowledge what a struggle that can be.

Lizzie opens up a little about how her faith helps her juggle everything in her life. “I thank God daily for the blessings in my life and I also call on him to help me figure out this crazy world we live in. Let’s be honest, we don’t have ALL the answers. I find great comfort knowing that HE does. And let’s face it when all else fails, sometimes you just need to pray for answers or the strength to get through tough times in our life.”

“The biggest obstacle running Sun Kitten Swimwear and raising my boys is finding the perfect balance. Or perhaps it’s knowing that there isn’t a perfect balance. Christian would prefer I just be a housewife. We talked about that before we were married. We were both from very traditional upbringings and I thought I would love being a super mom housewife like my mother was.” Lizzie tells us that she’s re-thinking what it means to “have it all” and that it can mean different things to different women. There is no single definition. “I really appreciate Heather’s advice. Heather has a lot going on and she seems to really have a great balance.” Lizzie doesn’t agree with Heather’s discussing of Shannon’s marital problems, but she isn’t going to judge Heather based upon a situation that she wasn’t involved in. “Heather has been nothing but good to me. Heather really took me under her wing and seemed to really care about what was going on in my life.”

Lizzie admits that they didn’t really understand how bad things were between Shannon & David until seeing it play out on the show. “Shannon and David were obviously going through a rough patch and having a hell of time seeing eye-to-eye. I feel bad I didn’t understand her pain earlier. In my defense, I didn’t really understand the extent of what was going on.”

Vicki Gunvalson – Vicki Weighs in on Shannon’s Public Fights with David

Vicki lets us know how much she loves Puerto Vallarta. She feels close to her family there since it was their family vacation spot. “Since I was there for two weeks, I had lot of friends rotate through.” It’s great that she’s able to invite her friends to her condo & share her vacation. Billy arrived first, so he got the second master suite, leaving the smaller room to Shannon & David. “I knew that they weren’t used to that type of room and probably expected the “Ritz Carlton,” but to me that’s the fun of being in Mexico. It’s the culture, creeky beds and not 5,000-thread count sheets that make the experience, but I did understand it probably wasn’t what they expected.” They knew that they were going to someone’s condo, not the Ritz. Shannon brags about how down to earth they are, but she just proved that she can’t handle “roughing it” in a condo.

“I felt bad for Shannon when she said she thought everyone was always dissecting her marriage, but unfortunately it was the truth. They didn’t keep any of their “problems or issues” private so that’s what you’re going to get — people’s opinions.” Vicki felt bad for David when she saw Shannon picking at him for the tequila. She was trying to get the couple to loosen up, but Shannon wasn’t having it. I agree that Shannon should have kept her complaints to herself if she didn’t want people weighing in on her marriage. “I just felt she was a bit uptight, but after some jet skiing and tequila she loosed up just fine. Way to go, Shannon, for rallying and enjoying the day.” I didn’t really see Shannon enjoying anything, but maybe that was just me.

“For those of you that are asking… Briana is due to have her baby next week. I’ll be flying to BEAUTIFUL Oklahoma City to be with her for her scheduled C-section.” Congrats Briana!

Heather Dubrow – “I Didn’t Call Shannon an Alcoholic”

Heather begins by explaining the chef situation. “I love food and cooking equipment and eating, however actual cooking? Not so much! It’s so amazing that I can now enjoy dinner with my family instead of sweating the meal.” She handled everything on her own for many years, but can now afford the help. I don’t blame her one bit! If I could afford a chef to cook for my family every night, I would be all over it! “I do have support, and it allows me the freedom to work AND spend time with my kids AND not stress about any of it. Could I do it myself if I had to? Yes (and I did for many years)! But luckily I don’t have to — so don’t hate!”

“Shannon: Shannon’s recounting of what took place at my house gets larger and more dramatic each time she tells the story.” I agree, Shannon blew what happened way out of proportion. She acted like Heather had her drug from the house by her hair! Heather still doesn’t understand why Shannon is focusing her anger on Heather instead of Tamra. “Shannon doesn’t appear mad at Tamra for telling people about the email. She seems to get a pass, but it feels like I’m getting the blame.”

“Lizzie: Love her! I think she just needs to remind herself that she already HAS it all!” Heather recalls how difficult it was to compartmentalize the different areas of life to keep from being overwhelmed. She’s sure that Lizzie will find her own way to get through her kids’ younger years.

Tamra Barney

Tamra was too busy with her robo-baby to post a blog this week.


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  1. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Good morning everyone-hope you all had a great weekend-I sure did!! My sister had a big giant 50th birthday party and it was a BLAST!!! She had a DJ and we danced the day and night away!! So much fun!! Now I’m busy trying to get my house in order so I can pack us all up for our annual family vacation to OBX next week-so much to do and very little time to do it all!!
    Tartsy I hope you are continuing to heal and feel better!!!

  2. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Thanks for HydrangeaHussy for the OC blog and MTH for posting.

    I plan to recap Kandi’s Wedding Finale at my earliest opportunity.

    I’ve had a setback in feeling better, nothing serious for me, but my dog is having post surgery problems and I’m trying to deal with that too. I appreciate your understanding…I’m disappointed to not be able to get it together!

    • Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

      Take your time Jan. Your health and the health of your dog are far more important than the recap. We’ll read it whenever it is ready. Take care of yourself first.

    • Take it easy! You don’t want to become over stressed on top of everything else. I hope your pup feels better too.

    • designernailsdiana says:

      Jan you just focus on healing and we can share what we saw on Kandi’s wedding.
      I’ll keep praying for you and now your dog. Pets feel so much more than we think they do. My Pearl was at my side after my last trip to er and she wanted lots of petting/cuddling.
      Hugs and Blessings,

    • Jan, Just keep focusing on getting better!

    • chismosa™ says:

      Tarts you rest and don’t worry about NOTHIN

      Hope doggie is ok too – awwww 😦

      😘hugs to you

    • Powell says:

      TexasTart I’m sorry you’re not feeling so well and your poor pup. I hope you’re both feeling much better in a couple of days. Rest and relaxation. Don’t worry about Kandi’s crazy wedding. I heard on the radio that Momma Joyce was acting up about Kandi’s step daughter on the day of the wedding. That lady thinks someone else is going to get something from Kandi and she feels everything Kandi has is for her. That lady is sad and it has put me off . I haven’t watched the last 3 or 4 epis.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Awww! Thanks to each of you above for the encouraging words! ♡

  3. HuskerHuny says:

    Hey everyone! Back to the ol’ grind today. Seems like I’ve been off forever. Had a great 4th with my kids and grandbaby. Didn’t get to see many fireworks as Tesla and I hung out in the house. Can’t believe summer is now officially half over already. Our year-round schools in our town begin next week. Let’s all have a great Monday!

    • Hi HuskerHuny! So nice that you enjoyed time with your kids and grand baby!

      Have you been watching Big Brother?Oh my goodness Devin is craaaaazy!

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Hey Foxy Mel! With all of the activity at my house these past few days, I’m a bit out of the loop when it comes to BB. I got to watch last night though. I think I will like these people so much more than last year’s (wouldn’t take much) once I get to know who’s who and with whom. I want to like Devin, but he’s playing a really bad game. I think the America’s Team of Derrick, Donny and Frankie is a good group, but I have no idea what they are supposed to do. Frankie is a good player so far. As for the women, maybe Christine and Amber could go far. I still need more time with this group before I choose who I’m with. Hope you’re having a great day! Mondays after a three-day weekend are tough!

        • You don’t sound like you’re out of the loop at all! Let me know when you watch yesterday’s episode so we can chat about it. I still don’t know (even from the bb blogs) what America’s Team’s tasks are. I am also enjoying this year’s cast much better! Devin is the good kind of crazy I like to see. Lol 🙂

    • Powell says:

      Glad you all had fun. Bite your tongue at summer is half way over. I always want to stop time at the 4th.

  4. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you had a great weekend. It’s Bottom Lip Monday so back to the grind. 😃 Have a great day.

  5. Powell says:

    Can you believe that Sherri Shepherd is relinquishing all parental rights to her unborn child? I thought it was her biological child, that she used her eggs but she didn’t. Not that it matters but can you imagine giving up the rights to your child? Speculation is that this way Sal can’t be in her pocket for child support. Is she never going to see the baby? Can you imagine the child coming to her at 16 asking why she didn’t want her/him?

    • Jules says:

      Think she is doing the right thing. If the child is no part of her and she knows she would not treat child fairly because of that then should not be held responsible for the child. If father doesn’t want to keep it on his own and pay for everything there are PLENTY of people that would adopt an infant.

      • Powell says:

        Jules yeah. I guess you’re right. If she feels she wouldn’t treat the child fairly then yes she’s doing the right thing for herself and the baby. Wow how does she explain it to her 7yr old son?

    • Good morning Powell! That is a tough situation to be in. I respect Sherri’s decision, but like you said– her decision may come back to haunt her later on. The child will wonder why in the hell they decided to do this without having the mom be in his/her life. Her ex seems like a royal scumbag.

      • Powell says:

        Foxymel even though Jules makes a good point and I understand from that point of view you get what I’m saying too about how the child will feel later in life. Even how Sherri will feel. Will she seek this child out and later want a relationship? I mean she’s said she wanted more kid(s) and now in this situation she’s changed her mind? Is it the feelings of love or financial?

        • I think maybe Sherri just wants an out from the chaos that’s happening around her. If she can truly escape her EX, then maybe she will be able to move on from this situation. Is she can’t and he’s always battling her in court, then she might have to have some rights to this baby. This is an example about the saying there’s a thin line between love and hate. What the F is wrong with this man? He lives in NJ and filed in LA? Did he think he’d get 50% percent of what she has and child support?

    • mrs peabody says:

      If she is giving up her rights then no she will never seen the child. I suppose it depends on the connection she has to the child and since it is not her biological child and the child has not been born there probably is not much of a connection given all that has been going on I’d say she is making the right decision for her. I agree with what she is doing.

      • Powell says:

        I bet she does have some feelings. Motherly feelings moms to be get, no matter biological, surrogate, adoption. It’s sad all around.

      • Exit4 says:

        I think she is doing the right thing ONLY because she probably understands the child will be used as a means for her ex to extract money from her. Basically-it will be a lifelong game of ping pong except the kids the ball. If it is true (and Sherri believes it is) that the ex pushed for this child with a plan all along to divorce her and use the child as a weapon. This is the right thing. Odds are the child will never know any of this transpired and will have a wonderful family to adopt him.

        If the ex can keep the child–that’s harder–but I’d like to place a bet that if the child will not be a financial tool for the ex, he’ll relinquish rights and we’ll know his intentions were not good.

        • Powell says:

          Exit that’s what my mom was telling me that Sherri said he tricked her into having this baby so that he could get money. He purposely thought out a plan to marry her, get her to have a baby, divorce her , and then basically try to extort alimony and child support?! Wow! So he’s trying to pull an Aubrey or whatever Halle Berry’s daughter’s father has done. He wasn’t married to Halle but he’s basically gotten away w/millions of dollars by being awarded money that will keep Nayla in the lifestyle she’s accustomed to. He got a multi-millions dollar home that Nayla lives in 50% if the time and he’s got millions in cash for 18 yrs. Damn! If true then it seems Sal had a plan all along. Neicy Nash better stop fixing her friends up

  6. I think we have seen it time and time again with these ladies believing they can “have it all”. I hate to refer back to Jill…yes, that Jill…who told Bethanny many moons ago that you can have it all, but not all at once (or something like that!) I don’t think it is possible to be a working woman, a perfect wife and a perfect mother without dealing with the guilt. You have to relinquish control to others and trust that others will get things done. Too often these women who “want it all” are too controlling to allow for help or partnership. They sabotage their situations and then everything falls apart…just my two cents!

  7. Powell says:

    Hydrangea I’m sorry but Heather owed Shannon an apology for opening up her trap to her friends at lunch. No they’re not friends but Her Royal Heatherness would have wanted that same type of respect.
    Now tell me we have been told since S1 of OC that Vicki is the only one that works and according to her she had to pay Donn a pretty penny in the settlement so why oh why doesn’t Vicki buy a new mattress and box spring for the guestroom? I’d have no problem staying in the room do to its size but damn if I’d want to sleep on a squeaky ass mattress.

    • I don’t know where to start with Heather, but The Ladies of London would think she’s too snobby!!

      That mattress came with that apartment! I could’ve had a better setup for my friends than Vicki did– and had Shannon really felt that uncomfortable staying there, I would’ve been fine with her going someplace else. This is the OC!! Let’s see some luxury!

    • mrs peabody says:

      I’m wondering why her brother and son were there too. If you are having a couple’s trip why are you bringing along others in your family? I’d have just thought it would be the couples. I agree about the mattress, who’d want that squeaking every time you moved.

      • I forgot about that, MrsPeabody. I can see if they were staying at a mansion then Vicki could’ve brought more people. And although her condo was really nice, it’s still a tight space with like 7 guests to be comfortable. I really don’t understand the point of that trip now.

      • I know someone mentioned this before…is this Vicki’s condo or is it her family’s (Brother, etc.) condo?

        • mrs peabody says:

          I thought it was a condo her dad bought years ago and it’s just in the family which is why the brother might have been there.

    • designernailsdiana says:

      Is Vicki’s condo a timeshare type? If it is then that would explain the mattress, unless it was for bravo’s faux drama like putting your marriage issues on tv is a smart??
      Shannon if you didn’t want EVERYONE to know then maybe you’ve thought about NOT discussing your marriage problems with cameras to film it all.

      • Bingo, Diana! It’s not like she came on this show and someone was spreading rumors about her marriage. SHE is showing all of America her dirty laundry. I do however still can’t with Heather. Such a bitch.

      • Powell says:

        If it was a time share I’d have bought a new mattress. 🙂

  8. Powell says:

    I keep telling you all that Over Sharing Shannon needs to get those damn crystals out of her head cuz they are bed luck for her. No love and light in her house between her and David. As a matter of fact dig that house up and get the crystals from out of the foundation.

    • mrs peabody says:

      It’d be easier for him to just move her out and then all his unhappiness would be solved.

      • Powell says:

        On her blog didn’t she say the next epi will be much more fun? On the previews David is saying that he’s tired of being unhappy. They are getting older and he’s ready to be happy. Is that the fun she’s talking about? 😉

  9. Exit4 says:

    Since we always come to the blog to share our animal stories-I’ll share mine. My second and last kitty Sabrina is in the kitty ICU on oxygen. We believe she had another stroke and the vet believes the tumor on her heart has grown and/or spread. She’s 15-so I will do no treatment besides meds (which she’s already on for BP) so, this may be a sign the end is near for her. 😦 We gave her a very nice life-and she have us joy. Most of the time! Lol! Just waiting for the call-I was allowed to go home and wait out the testing etc because I have a 6 and 2 year old who can’t sit in a vets office for a long period of time, which they understand. If they let me bring her home so we can have some time I will. If not-I’ll have to “do the right thing” and let her go. Worst part of having pets. But her brother is waiting on the rainbow bridge, so that make me happy, they’ll be together again!

    • BB says:

      Sorry about your Sabrina kitty, Exit. It’s never easy losing a beloved pet.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I’m sorry about your kitty. I went through this with my last kitty a couple of years ago. I was able to have her home for an additional 2 weeks after her blood clout happened the first time and the 2nd time. I’m so happy I had that time with her. I still miss her so much that I’m having a hard time typing this. She was my final kitty, I just can’t handle them leaving me. Mine too had her sister waiting for her plus all my other kitties so that did make me feel alittle better. 😦

    • So sorry, (((Exit)))

    • ladebra says:

      I’m so sorry , Exit. I love that name, Sabrina. And I’ve said it before, sometimes the right thing is just so hard. I know you’re sad, and I’m sorry.

    • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:


    • chismosa™ says:

      Oh Exit – hugs to you for your kitty. So sad but appreciate the very long time you have with her. That’s great.
      I wish her no pain. She loves you too. Animals hate to show their owners their pain and distress.

      Warm thoughts to you ❤

    • Powell says:

      Oh Exit I’m so sorry. It’s terrible your kitty has to go thru that. I know it’s hard for you all to go thru this since your pet is a part of your family. BIG hugs to you. 🙅🙅

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      So sorry about your cat and what you’re going through, Exit. ❤

  10. shamrockblonde says:

    *hugs Exit really hard* my prayers are with you and your Sabrina – it is heartbreaking to let a bright spot, a bit of joy, an unexpected smile slip away, even if it is the compassionate thing to do – you are not alone – we are with you –

  11. Exit4 says:

    Thank you….I’m in such a dilemma right now. The bet called and they’d like to keep her overnight and maybe tomorrow. On oxygen, doing bloodwork etc. The cheast mass is still there-they also feel her lungs are showing signs of asthma-which they can apparently treat with inhalers. But she’s 15. She’s had a stroke and he didn’t mention if he believed she had another….I’ll ask when I go over later. The estimate so far is between $1100-2000. Not including moving forward. Do I spend all the money only to be back here sooner rather then later? I don’t want to kill her-I just don’t know how far to take this. I’m going up later to talk to the vet and of course give a down payment. I feel like I want to have her stay the night-see how she breathes off the O2 and if it doesn’t go well, make a judgement call. Her suffering is my primary concern. Finance is secondary-but I’m so afraid to ask the vet for the least costly route and have him think I’m horrible. Ugh. But I did giggle a little about the asthma-I said who does she think she is? Aviva? Humor helps. 😦

    • chismosa™ says:

      LOL- sorry to laugh. Sudden asthma. Oh my gosh

      I totally TOTALLY see your quandary
      ….I always ask my vet what he would do in the case. He’s a lovely guy and is very honest with us.

      Keep us posted. 😦

  12. shamrockblonde says:

    it is very clear that your primary concern right now is for not to suffer and be in pain – let her stay the night and see how it goes from there – don’t worry about what the doctor thinks – they know you and they know how much you love and care for Sabrina – a good vet can always tell a caring heart from a self-serving heart – do what eases Sabrina’s pain and what helps to ease yours – it will be ok –

  13. Exit4 says:

    What a day! I went up to see Sabrina and it went well. It’s been a little hectic because it’s not my regular vet. My vet does surgeries Monday and Tuesday and doesn’t see patients until the evenings. But she was in distress so they sent me to the larger animal hospital in town that does emergency care. I’ve been there before. The ER vet was able to get my regular vet on the phone and have her other records faxed over and the chest mass is basically the same. They both agree that it probably wasn’t a stroke this time like I thought, but a respiratory attack of some kind. They can mimic each other symptom wise, like disorientation and difficulty walking. So they are both perplexed that asthma would show up in a car this age (and it’s ok to laugh chismosa-in my head I’m saying maybe she didn’t want to go Montana!). So-the X-rays are at the specialist-I think at UPenn which is the best vet school around. I’ll know tonight if that’s the definitive diagnosis. But they believe something else is causing it-a laundry of possibilities.
    They’ll try to wean her off O2 and see how she does. They’d like bloodwork-but she was very stressed so they’ll hold off until she’s calmer.

    The hard part was I agreed to a DNR in case anything happens overnight. If she goes into distress, it is her time and it’s cruel to use extreme measures. I said goodbye just in case. 😦 Tommorrow we’ll see where we are. I told him that if she can be managed without a lot of stress to her and it’s not over the top financially-I’ll treat her. Maybe an inhaler or meds. If there’s multiple things happening and it’s going to be a stream of constant visits and treatments and tests, especially at 15, I will simply let her go. The vet made me feel better, he told me I was realistic and we’ll talk Tuesday. Ugh. I thought today was it, I may have her a little longer, but it’s her twilight regardless and we’ll make her safe and happy. Thanks for listening everyone! 🙂

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Thanks for the update. Veterinary medicine is sounding more and more like human medicine, isn’t it. Keep us posted. (((Exit)))

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