Real Housewives Of New Jersey – What A Difference A Plea Makes

 Real Housewives Of New Jersey

S6E1  “What A Difference A Plea Makes”

By HydrangeaHussy

The New Jersey ladies are back!  The 6th Season begins on February 28, 2014.  Melissa and Joe are watching the news, which says that Teresa and Juicy Joe have pled guilty to federal charges.  Joe is scared because there are too many stories out there and he doesn’t know what to believe.  Melissa suggests that he reach out to let Teresa know that he is there for her.  Hmm, perhaps not all is so sunny in paradise anymore?  Melissa calls Teresa to ask if the news was true.  Teresa says that it isn’t true.  She has not accepted a plea deal.  Of course, we now know that, days later, she does accept a plea.  As she’s talking on speaker-phone, Gia is sitting in the kitchen, watching and listening.  Teresa explains that something has been in the press that isn’t true.  She doesn’t want Gia to worry about it.  Gia tells her that she’s old enough to understand what’s going on.  She knows way more than her parents think she does.  Teresa doesn’t want the kids to be affected by what’s going on, but they obviously will.  Gia begins to cry and Teresa comforts her.  We then cut back to 3 months earlier…

RHONJ S6E1_1Milania is trying to avoid doing her homework by getting Gabriella to do it.  She’s just as dramatic as ever.  And “the bitch is back!!!”  Dina arrives!  I missed Dina!  She says that she and Teresa may go through stages of not seeing each other much, but she says that they always pick back up easily.  They are like sisters.   I’m sure that wasn’t easy for Caroline or Jacqueline to hear.  Dina’s mother made a guardian angel bracelet for Teresa.  They discuss the pending charges, but not in detail.  Teresa says that she wakes up in the night worrying.  She’s paying lots of attorney fees, but can’t seem to get ahead of her debt or save for the girls’ future.  She had a normal life and is now in a nightmare.  I do feel kind of sorry for Teresa.  I know that she caused this situation and has no one to blame but herself (and Juicy Joe), but it has to be hard to worry so much about your children.  Dina is also struggling.  She and her husband have separated.  She says that young women would fall in love with him and think he’s amazing because he bought them a purse.  Dina’s life is really changing right now.  Lexie is going to college and leaving Dina with her pets.  She still has Grandma Wrinkles, but now has Gracie (a 2-legged dog) and Botox (another bald cat).  The bald cats are so creepy that they’re kind of cute!

Back to Melissa, who is meeting up with Teresa for the girls’ cheerleading practice.  Teresa says that she is done fighting with Melissa, she has much more important things to worry about.  Melissa says that they are focusing on their family right now and in a much better place.  I’m glad to see the two of them getting along.  Or at least pretending for the cameras.  Milania knows how to twerk, but Antonia doesn’t.  Melissa brings up her friend, Amber.  She says that they were friends, but that they lost touch after Melissa got married.  Amber recently called to invite Melissa to a fall harvest party.  Melissa invites Teresa and Dina.

Amber is planning a harvest party.  I’m not sure what a “harvest” party is.  She is assured, by a party-planner or someone, that the servers will be pretty, but she says that they must be smart too.  She doesn’t want to have to correct them.  She likes to control everything around her and has high expectations.  Her husband arrives at their house with a whole pig for the party.  She is not amused because the kids are upset by it.  Amber has 4 kids.  We get some footage of her teaching table manners to her children.  She thinks that kids are a reflection of their parents.  She is expecting 50 or so people at the party.  Amber and Melissa were friends in their 20’s and used to party a lot.  Amber is a Columbia graduate (in exercise physiology) and says that Melissa wanted to marry money.  She disappeared after she married Joe.  She’s already reinforcing the gold-digger theory; kind of telling to hear it from someone who knew Melissa before she got married.

RHONJ S6E1_2Dina arrives at her therapist’s office.  Spirituality is important to Dina.  She went on a retreat where she would spend 10 days with comforts like running water.  She made it 5 days, which is 5 days longer than I would have made it.  She is worried that she won’t be able to open her heart again and will.  She hasn’t yet filed for divorce because she isn’t seeing anyone else.  She’s happy with the way things are.  She tells her therapist that they both have their own lives, but that they meet in the bedroom.  She doesn’t have any desire to move forward.  Her therapist advises that sleeping with an ex isn’t a very good idea.  Yeah, it’s kind of hard to move on when your ex is still in your bed.

Milania is making breakfast with Audriana observing from the table with a cute chefs’ hat.  Milania has started making eggs, without any supervision.  It can’t be safe for her to be operating a stove without help.  She can barely see into the skillet!  Teresa is writing a cookbook because she needs to make some money.  It’s good that, despite everything, she’s still trying to take care of her family.  I wonder what Juicy Joe is doing?  The girls are helping her making tiramisu.  Gia does not seem impressed.  Milania and Gabrielle do the most helping.  Milania continues to say whatever is on her mind.  I love that girl!!!  I also love that Juicy Joe has only made a brief, 1 sentence appearance so far!

RHONJ S6E1_3Amber is visiting her friends, Teresa and Nicole.  The two are identical twins.  Nicole’s BF is friends with Amber’s husband.  The twins tell stories about switching nametags in school and confusing the nuns.   Teresa pronounces her name “Ter-eh-sa,” not “Ter-E-sa.”  Her husband, Reno, has 2 restaurants.  She says that they are the king and queen of little Italy.  They were married for 7 years, then got divorced, then got remarried.  She wants Nicole to be happy, like she is.  Nicole’s life was close to perfect, but then she got divorced.  She’d like to be married again and is dating Bobby.  They’ve been together for 9 months.  She says that all women need is Dunkin Donuts and oral sex.  I really hope we don’t have to hear about her sex life constantly.  Amber invited the twins to the fall harvest and they have invited 5-6 other couples.  Amber is very regimented and not knowing the exact number of couples is frustrating to her.   Nicole thinks she should loosen up.

Teresa arrives at Dina’s to go to the party.  Dina has a fabulous closet!!!  In the car, Dina asks Teresa if she’s worried about being judged at the party.  She says that hiding is the easy way out and that she won’t do that.  She also says that it’s not easy being gossiped about.  I can’t imagine how hard it is to walk into a room and know that everyone is talking about your legal troubles.  The twins are planning their outfits and getting their eyebrows done.  Joe would rather Melissa stay home and get naked, but agrees to attend the party with her.  Melissa says that Amber had a vision for a “life of prosperity.”  Ugh, Amber implies Melissa is a gold-digger, Melissa implies Amber is a gold-digger.  Is this going to turn into a gold-digger competition?  Melissa is excited to reconnect with Amber.   Amber expects her children to behave in a certain way.  If they act like fools, they won’t get material things anymore.  I’m kind of liking that Amber is very honest and blunt.  She says exactly what’s on her mind, which may bite her in the behind on this show.

The twins arrive at the party and are introduced to Melissa.  We overhear that Reno is loudly telling Joe about his circumcision at age 27.  I already don’t like Reno.  He’s loud and brash and seems to say inappropriate things just for the shock value.  Amber says that Italians know how to be respectful of others homes, but Nicole’s friends are not doing that.  They are stomping snow on the welcome mat inside the front door.  Isn’t that what the mat is for?  Isn’t not like they stomped their wet feet all over the wood floors.  Nicole thinks that the more the merrier at a party.

Dina and Teresa arrive.  Dina isn’t impressed with the walkway because it’s very icy.  She would have had it salted.  Little details like that are important and Dina would know since she is a professional party planner.  Everyone immediately begins talking about Teresa when she walks in, but she doesn’t want to worry about what people say.  They meet Amber and the twins.  Dina tells them about project ladybug and Amber reveals that she’s a breast cancer survivor.  The experience of cancer and chemo changed Amber.  She thinks that she was superficial before and now wants to be the best person she can be at all times.  She offers to speak to the kids for Dina.  New Teresa tells Melissa and Teresa about her restaurants.  Teresa says that one of them is her favorite restaurant.  She thinks that the twins are like she used to be, very carefree and they don’t think before they speak.  Dina is talking to Nicole.  They are both going through a divorce, so they have something to bond over.  Maybe Nicole can help Dina move on?

LOL S1E3_4Amber wants to talk to Melissa before they move forward.  Melissa says that Amber disappeared too and Amber says it was because of her cancer, which Melissa didn’t seem to know about.  Amber is shocked that Melissa didn’t know.  Amber says that Melissa sent her a Facebook message saying to let her know if Amber needs help.  Melissa doesn’t recall that message.  Melissa hadn’t spoken to any of their mutual friends and no one told her.  She asks if Amber still has the message.  Amber says that she looked for it, but it wasn’t there.  Amber didn’t save the message and we don’t know exactly how long ago it was allegedly sent.  Reno is drunk, so Teresa gets him out of there.  In his TH, Reno says that there was no atmosphere.  I have to admit, the party seemed a little forced.  It just seemed like a cocktail party, rather than a themed party.  Melissa finds Teresa and Dina.  She tells them Amber received a message from her, but that she never sent one.  Teresa knows what it’s like to have people saying things that aren’t true.

Juicy Joe’s entire family is taking a portrait.  His grandmother is turning 80.  Teresa says that the family has been supportive of them.  They haven’t taken a family portrait since Gia was 9 months old.  Juicy Joe is excited to see his whole family.  He has a huge family!  They are all in black and begin arranging themselves.  Juicy Joe’s grandmother is in red and stands out in the center.  I thought that was a nice touch since she’s the center of the family.  Melissa points out, in TH, that family needs to back each other up no matter what.  I have to wonder where that attitude was last year?  She sure didn’t seem to want to back her husband’s family no matter what.  Juicy Joe makes a toast because he is the first grandson.  He is so proud of his grandmother and her legacy.  She has created a wonderful family.  Whenever one of them is in trouble, they are all there in a minute.


Gia gets emotional during her father’s speech.  Joe, in TH, says that, though they’ve had problems, Teresa and Juicy Joe are still family and that “blood is blood.”  Again, not what he was saying last year.  Nothing like a series of federal indictments to bring a family together!  After the speech, Gia tells Juicy Joe what a great job he did with the toast.  I have to agree.  He was coherent and eloquent in talking about his family.  Gia begins to tear up and Joe comforts her.  It’s obvious that she is really worried about her parents.  Juicy Joe gets a little emotional too.  Frank (Juicy Joe’s father) approaches and tells them that he’ll always be there.  In Memorium, Frank Guidice.




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  1. VV™ says:

    Thanks for RHONJ recap. Not watching the show but like to keep up.

  2. Hey Lynnfam peeps! Just got back from arctic circle – go polar bears! I got a hell of a shock when I was overnighting in Oslo – I turned on tv and caught an old episode of NY Housewives when JZ was still on. Not watching many Bravo shows right now so may not be around much, but I didn’t catch some of Game of Crowns last night. Just kind of sad isnt’ it? Even if I am not around I am still thinking about my Lynnfam peeps!

    • Powell says:

      Brrrrr. Hey SJP. I hope it was fun. Those parts will never see my parts. I can’t take the cold here so no way could I take it there. 😉 🗻🗻🌀🌀

      • It was mostly not too cold, but one day I had on a silk turtleneck, merino wool zip, a columbia omni-heat puffer vest, a columbia omni-heat puffer jacket and a fleece lined rain jacket and I wasn’t cold but I still wasn’t warm! We did have snowflakes one day. Such a shock when we got to Oslo and it was almost 80 and we still had all our wooly, warm gear on! I am still rather jetlagged!

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      :::waves::: at SJP! Missed you – how was your artic adventure? Hope you got a new crop of photos and will share them with us sometime! 🙂

      • Lots of photos so will take me a while to weed through but will hopefully post a few soon. Bears are awesome, but walruses I have decided are just kind of disgusting. I have people describe things as so ugly they are cute – nope just doesn’t work for a walrus and I have many, many pictures of them. Overall it was a pretty good trip, not sure if I would go back. Very interesting the ecology.

        • Jan (TexasTart) says:

          Aww, the poor walrus will end up on the proverbial cutting room floor! I’ll bet you have hundreds of photos to sort through! Looking forward to seeing them someday. 🙂

          • Thousands of pictures. My camera takes 12 frames per second and I am snap happy – might not be the best combo!

            • Jan (TexasTart) says:

              Thousands – OMG!
              I’ve taken up to 250 on a trip, of course this was prior to owning a multiple frame camera. That was a heck of a lot of expense dealing with prints to find the best shots. So glad I got to live to see the digital age, but it took away some of the talent I had to get great photos. If you know what I mean, I’m saying with digital, people see immediate results and keep re-taking on the spot and they too could get great photos with a fraction of the knowledge I obtained over the years with manual settings and printing my own photographs. Well, I know you are talented from your web site link, which I no longer have. I don’t know if you’ll see this message, but I am serious about wanting to see the pics. I originally wanted to be a photographer before I got involved in small business management.

    • ladebra says:

      I was just wondering yesterday if you were back from the Arctic. Glad you enjoyed. I’m with Jan, hope you share some of your amazing photos.

      How are the new kitties doing?

      • Oh, the boys now have bonded with my husband so I am second fiddle now. I can’t believe how much one grew and I was only gone 2 weeks! But seriously, glad my boys had some bonding time while I was gone. I am a bit snap happy so have many thousands of picture to wade thru but when I get a few processed I wlll put them on website and give you guys a link. So funny to see JillZ when I turned on the tv in Oslo and kind of sad that we exported that crap!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Welcome back. 🙂

  3. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you had a great weekend. I hope you all enjoyed NJ last night. Y’all know I don’t watch but did see Dina w/ Lexi, who is so cute, and Dina’s pets. That cat is still ugly. Then I turned. I don’t even remember what I watched. Did y’all also watch Master’s? I’m not sure I had the dvr set to record it since I installed the replacement receiver. I hope it was good.
    Well everyone I hope you get thru Bottom Lip Monday. Have a great day. 😀

    • I have got to start watching Master’s – missed first season but I am sure I can catch up on demand. I haven’t watched NJ in a couple seasons. Actually I am not sure if I am watching any HW these days. I had missed the last few NY before the trip and I don’t seem to miss it so I should probably take that as a sign to ditch Leg and the gang. BH was on fumes for me by the end of last season and just not sure if I can torture myself like Kit does with Brandi’s podcasts.

      • Powell says:

        LOL “ditch Leg and the gang.” Too funny SJP. 😀 I think Ramona, Lu & Sonja would take offense to “gang”. 😀

    • chismosa™ says:

      When was Lexi on ? I never saw her ??? Was she on the ep last night ?

      • Powell says:

        When Dina was in the kitchen I think. Talking about Lex going to college and her pets. That’s all I saw chismosa.

  4. T-Rex says:

    I think it was nice to hear above they made a family photograph in light of Frank Giudices death. I think it’s horrific to put these minor children on television talking about the legal woes of her CONVICTEDFELON parents, no matter how much she may or may not know. Cripes a lot of adults on the blogs and in the media business didn’t know exactly what was going on, but this pre-teen does? Oh and cry me a river over their money woes, as they are still NOT paying their bills and spending money they don’t have like they are the Rockefellers. I hope their asses wind up in jail and the truth about their finances will come to light, the lawyers can’t, during the proceedings, acknowledge whether they have been paid or not, but they will certainly let that information out of the bag later on, as they start filing their liens against them for non-payments. In addition, the Juicy’s have to pay back a large amount of money to the courts, and they can’t bankrupt that dollar amount either. Sorry these douchebags are still POS’s, and using their children on camera to garner sympathy is pathetic and boo to Bravo for getting into that ditch with them. I am so GLAD to see that on most mainstream media sites the folks are 90% against this as well, not reading the Bravo site since they skew their posts.

    • I agree! Tre is delusional if she believes that Gia is not fully aware of everything going on…she can google!!! It also makes me sick that she cries about college funds….SELL YOUR MCMANSION and put money in the bank (although I doubt they could make money off the house because it is probably financed up the wazoo!) Seriously? You have people coming to your home to do your hair and makeup for a FAMILY PHOTO and you are bitching about your lawyer fees?

      • Dixie says:

        I believe Teresa could think Gia does not know everything because Teresa was able to turn a blind eye to everything Joe was doing right in front of her. She never asked, never questioned, did what he said and now she is a felon in bankruptcy. I can totally believe that Teresa would think that her daughter would be just like her. Thank goodness Gia is not, although this is an awful and unfair way for Gia to learn that lesson.

        • MM in OC says:

          Agree on this. Let’s face it, Teresa isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Husband asks you to sign something, you sign it.

          • Powell says:

            But she’s pretty. 🙂

          • kit9 says:

            No way she didn’t know. No way. They pulled the scam too many times and dont’ forget that Teresa completely lied to the bankruptcy court aobut her earnings. No chance of blaming Joe for that one. THat was all Lying Thief Teresa.

      • Powell says:

        Story that’s what I say. Sell Chateaux Guidice.

    • chismosa™ says:

      I’m reading the same EXACT comments as you are TRex on sites. People are more vicious than I thought !
      I hear ya barkin big dog. Totally.

    • Powell says:

      T-Rex I’m glad they took the pic also since Joe lost his dad. Do they get paid for the kids on the show? If so that’s reason enough for Tre to keep them on.

    • kit9 says:

      It’s just disgusting. Shouldn’t be a shock, I guess, because Teresa has repeatedly shown she has no reservations about using her kids as props, tools and doesn’t give a damn that she’s hurting them. Gia has literally begged her mother-through tears- to stop putting her in the middle of her and her uncle and she wouldn’t. Teresa has no conscience. Zip. And, I love Teresa saying ‘our money’ when whining about attorney fees. First–yo, lying thief, don’t steal sh*t and you wouldn’t be up to your eyeballs in fees. Second, every dime you’ve earned isn’t yours, it belongs to the people you stole from. And LOL over Teresa saying that probably a lot of people are going thru what they’re going thru. Yeah, no. No they aren’t. I’d say relatively few peeps have been indicted on 41 federal counts of fraud.

  5. T-Rex says:


  6. T-Rex says:

    After re-reading the wonderful Blog by our Hussey, and doing some recon from a few seasons back, one of the reasons that DiabolicalDina isn’t leaving her, every straying, husband is that she will have to give up HIS home and other items when they divorce. Why would Tommy divorce her, DiabolicalDina sleeps with him, he also sleeps with anything that isn’t nailed down, and has since they first started dating, she keeps HIS house clean and tidy while he is away at work or with a mistress. Yes that was not a typo the house is HIS house, I do not believe she is even on the title of the home, so basically she is sleeping with him for rent. Nice.

    • lol! So true! Maybe she is waiting for the kid to live in a dorm? I also heard somewhere she is claiming to have an apartment in NYC and a place in the Hamptons so she could easily crossover to Real Housewives of NYC?

      • T-Rex says:

        I don’t think she owns any property herself, could be she has been renting or staying out something her siblings may own.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Diabolical — for SURE.

      she was on Bethenny saying she sleeps with her husband from whom she’s “separated” from. LOSER

    • Powell says:

      It’s a win win for Tommy.

    • T-Rex says:

      I pulled the records and the house is deeded ONLY to Tommy Manzo and it was his prior to the marriage, so is exempt from Community property in a divorce. He bought the house the same time AlbertSR and his Clown bought theirs in 2002, they live less than half a mile from each other.

  7. Powell says:

    S1 Tre said the Caro, Jack and Dina were “her family” and now Dina says Tre is like “her sister”. Oh boy. These ladies are soooo dramatic.

  8. Powell says:

    So Amber’s servers need to be pretty and smart. I guess she’s like Brandi and doesn’t like ugly people. And why “smart”? Will they be discussing Shakespeare at this harvest party or will there be a quiz after?

  9. Powell says:

    So now at this particular time Amber teaches the kids table manners? Boy oh boy. This us going to be some season these people will “act” their way thru.

    • T-Rex says:

      Reminds me of the first season of RHNY wherein the CountlessLu-Man was espousing her “manners” requirements to her children, because she was writing that book. Betcha dollars to Donuts(had to work that into a sentence) we hear about a book from this Amber person.

      • dickens says:

        Yes, and doncha know it’ll be another “book of ettiquessy”

      • Powell says:

        LOL T-Rex and Dickens. I won’t be surprised if she does have a manners or etiquette book out. I guess at least it won’t be alcoholic beverage #500.

  10. Foxymel11(Mel) says:

    Have a great day everyone! It has started to pour here once again and I was just able to catch NJ. First, thanks for the great recap.

    I am laughing that they didn’t show one lick of Kathy and her annoying husband. Ha! It broke my heart to see Gia crying and just being so emotional. I feel like Joe’s late father must’ve assured Joe that he would take care of his granddaughters during his time in prison–for him to have just passed away, what a terrible situation. I still can’t believe that Teresa is still living her expensive lifestyle, but I guess she doesn’t have to stop until after prison? I’m dying that Melissa now has to be nice to Teresa since she needs to tread lightly with the new girls. Not feeling the twins and the Joe Pesci Husband. Dina still living with her husband just so she has a roof under her head and a nice lifestyle–oh goodness. She needs to go get her own little apartment and move on with her life. I’m curious to see how this season unfolds.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Joe Pesci!

      And Gia was emotional during the entire run of her reality show career her mom put her through.

      Remember juicy drunk on wine and doing gymnastics on the marble floor (that he swindled money to pay for) – and he got bloody and Gia became upset.

      The parents are IDIOTS for not seeing their eldest in distress from years ago
      Shame shame shame shame on them.

      • Hey Chismosita! I feel for Gia so much. Her eyes are so puffy from crying. Teresa is so out of touch with reality– she should’ve told producers to not film Gia.

        • T-Rex says:

          Her dumbass CONVICTFELONParents need to shut off her damn twatter and they are the ones that have allowed their children to be filmed. ANYTHING that happens to these kids are 100 percent the fault of their idiot parents

          • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

            They showed Gia too much in this episode. She knows exactly what’s going on and I bet she gets asked so many questions by other students daily. There was a scene where the family is taking a family portrait and Joe gave a speech– Gia looked at her dad and embraced him in a way like she knew that their time together was going to be cut short. It was truly heartbreaking. 😦

    • Powell says:

      HA Foxymel. Joe Pesci. 😉 I saw First Look and you’re right. He does remind me of Good Fellas GP.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Hi there Foxy, hope all is well. I think you could use a little dry spell there! ITA with your NJ comment. I’m curious too.

      • Hi Jan! I hope you’re taking it easy and feeling a little better. Has your dog recovered a little from post-op?

        It’s the rainy season here. But does it have to rain right when I have to drive? 🙂

        • Jan (TexasTart) says:

          I still have to bandage the dog and keep him from running, etc….but we’re both better, thanks!

          I’ll bet it’t getting you in the afternoons… I stayed Daytona Beach for a week in July once and it rained every afternoon!

  11. Powell says:

    Yup. Dina had a show on HGTV for two whole seasons. 😉 No, But Dina is right.

  12. Powell says:

    Ok so Amber doesn’t understand how Mel didn’t know she had cancer but she’s not acting like Mel committed a crime. Whereas Yo wanted to take Lisa in front of a firing squad for Lisa not visiting or calling Yo more often. Hmmm. Does that say something about Jersey girls and BH girls?

    • T-Rex says:

      Powell, in addition a lot of folks aren’t all that “up-front” about their Cancer diagnosis, holding up hand here! As someone going through the trials and tribulations of cancer, I didn’t tell a lot of folks about my disease at first, I even waited to tell you guys here until I had a decent prognosis. Placing a few facebook posts is not the same as announcing it to your “friends” personally. In addition, some folks told me later they had heard about my diagnosis but didn’t bring it up to me since they heard about it “second-hand” and didn’t want me to think folks were gossiping about my illness. SO unless this Amber person said something to MEGO directly then I could see why she may not know.

  13. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Feel better MTH! 😀

  14. jezzibel says:

    I don’t see the big deal about Melissa Gorga’s questionable past, she’s not doing it now, she’s married(husbands a bit of a sex pest)she’s got 3 healthy kids, who cares if she stripped or was a gold digger, or only got with joey because he had money, they’re still together(she’s not currently stripping or out lining up her next husband). Its not near as inflammatory as Danielle/Beverly/Staub/Merrill’s/???past(down right mild in comparison).

    • chismosa™ says:

      Agree and I would have loved Danielle back on the show.

      Just to ruffle DiabolicalD’s nerves

    • Powell says:

      Jezzibel I didn’t think it was a big deal when they were constantly focused on it. Even if she did she was no longer doing it. That’s why Momma Joyce got on my nerves about saying Todd’s mother was a prostitute. Todd said she wasn’t but even if she was in the past I would suspect she would have done what she needed to do. Joyce was married 4, 5 times. That’s how she got her money.

  15. designernailsdiana says:

    My husband said he wants Dunkin Donuts. I had to explain she was talking what WOMEN need not men. He looked so sad. I told him i need some new diamonds, he told me I have plenty. I said Can a woman EVER have too many diamonds? He doesn’t buy me flowers he gives me jewelry cause I’m such a girly girl.
    I’m not liking how these Ho-wives think or at least how they share the way they “earn” stuff.

  16. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Good news!

    Lynn’s Place has a new blogger who will recap LeAnn and Eddie! Their new reality starts Thursday, July 17 on VH1.

    I’m waiting to hear back from a potential new blogger for Don’t Be Tardy….let me know soon…it also starts this Thursday!

  17. Ashley/Ashlee may not be on the show anymore, but she tried to call Dina out via Instagram last night. Then this happened on Twitter today:

    @AllAboutTRH just a hint of why I stay away— Dina Manzo (@dinamanzo) July 14, 2014

    @ashleeholmes: LOL.. @dinamanzo @AllAboutTRH oh is THAT why? Okay. 👋” Really?I thought it was bc our fam knows2much u don't want public.— Jacqueline Laurita (@JacLaurita) July 14, 2014

  18. shamrockblonde says:

    I managed to mess up the time for NJ – thought it was on at 9:00 so I missed it – now I’m not good with the LOL ladies names so bear with me – one of the women on GOC, with dark hair – a newbie being mentored by a past winner also with dark hair – the two of them both wore the same outfit to the airport – well the newbie reminded me sooo much of the woman on LOL – the American who is loud with dark hair – kept saying “ruder and ruder” at the 4th of July party – that for a moment I thought it was her! – and the blonde fitness winner now trying to be a pagaent winner – not sure who annoyed me more – her or her husband….
    cutest part of the entire thing was when one of the other ladies and her family were all sitting down at a restaurant and the husband said lets make a toast to Mommy – the little girl raised her piece of toast!! – just too cute!

    we had our little ones down by the docks Saturday night to watch the supermoon come up and Ryan – the four old – noticed some people with strings in the water – when he asked his Dad what they were doing the conversation went something like this –

    Ryan -” what are they doing Daddy?”
    Matt -” they are fishing for crabs”
    When the one man pulled up his string he had not caught anything but there was still bait on the string
    Ryan – “look – they caught something!”
    Matt – “no, that’s just chicken”

    Ryan’s whole face lit up and he took off running to his Mom –
    “Guess what Mommy? that man was fishing for crabs but he caught little chickens!!”

    that supermoon’s got nothin on Ryan…..heehee

    Jeff – I hope you are feeling better *hugs Jeff really hard*

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I kinda liked game of crowns! It’s petty, catty and dishy. I wish I wasn’t entertained by women being mean to each other. I know someone who has brought her daughter up in pageants. The kid is now about 21 and a truly horrible human being. She’s pretty to look at, but ,….I hope I never have to be around her or her mother again. Anyway, the show made me laugh because it reminded me of a couple of my least unfavorite people.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Such a cute ‘slice of life’ moment – thanks for sharing!

  19. AZGirl says:

    Good afternoon everyone!!! Missed NJ last night. Our area got hit with a major storm. Came up suddenly without warning. No warning notices on TV or phone. No sooner did the thunder start we had 60 mph winds and hail. Did not have time to bring in the patio furniture and it was blown everywhere. Lasted about 45 minutes. Huge 25 year old mesquite and eucalyptus trees are down in the streets and parks. Water came in through the master bedroom door and window that goes out to the pool. Four of my neighbors had their mesquites up rooted but fortunately none of them landed on the houses. One friend had her tree land on her car in the driveway. What a mess.

    Hope MTH/Jeff is feeling better. Sending {{{{HUGS}}}} to Jeff.

  20. chismosa™ says:

    I thought I saw Kathy and Jacq wish a good seasons to everyone –

    But this was great.


  21. boston02127 says:

    Were Jacqueline and Carolinebacker get fired or did they quit?

  22. chismosa™ says:

    I’m sorry lol. Wtf

  23. Powell says:

    Oh boy we are getting it bad w/pouring rain, thunder and lightning. Power PLEASE don’t go out. 😱😬

  24. shamrockblonde says:

    explanation yes – pictures? NONONONONONONO!

  25. I’m sorry but I thought Melissa was lying when that girl (I already forgot her name) told her about cancer. She didn’t looked shocked or anything. Look at Melissas eyes when she is told. She’s lying she prob didn’t really care too much when she got the message and forgot about it. Its not weird to me that she sent fb messages to everyone, when my friends grandma passed away she emailed everyone (me included) informing us, it was just easier for her I guess. I don’t think at the time she could really TALK about it. Everyone is different.

    • Powell says:

      Hey DJP. When I saw First Look Mel didn’t have a surprise look on her face, in her voice or her body language. WHATEVER. She lies so much she probably can’t remember her lies from her truths.

      • Cristina (djprincessc) says:

        Hi Powell!!

        I completely agree with you!! She probably can’t.

      • Exit4 says:

        I think that’s their “story” this season! They’re both lying most likely!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        0k, I broke down and watched. Mel also lied and lied and lied about never having initiated contact with Danielle. She had the same look on her face back then when she lied as the look she has now (as she lies). She finally admitted what she did when Danielle said she had all the evidence.

        Someone mentioned to me last night how Milania’s behavior is worse than ever,…that’s why I broke down and watched because I love her kids,…and yes, Milania, while still cute,…is less innocent sounding. It all seems so much more deliberate. There is a def awareness of the camera, …as if she’s putting on a show. And now Melissa is allowing her little one to back talk, by laughing it off…perhaps hoping that he will be as well-loved as Milania? That last sentence is pure speculation, she may be horrified but maybe doesn’t want to lose her cool on TV. HE IS related to Milania after all,…I guess he’s the clown in his family.

        • Jan (TexasTart) says:

          Watch out for Lainey, she’s got the tabs on liars! 😉 I didn’t remember that, but I’m sure you remember that right! Milania does seem a bit more encouraged…I’ll call it.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi dear Cristina!!! Sorry, forgot to say hi!

    • chismosa™ says:

      Hi girl – I analyzed her and found her to restrain from overacting so I don’t think she totally knew. But I’m not her #1 fan, despite reports online surfacing that I am. ****Disclaimer.

      Hope you’re well ❤

  26. Exit4 says:

    Looks like the gorgas got scammed by their renter. That house will be their undoing-and the deal the structured was very strange-exchanging stock in their renters company. It’s not unheard of-but it’s kind of strange at their price point. Definitely a desperation deal. The stories on ROL-I don’t know how to link.

    • kit9 says:

      I can’t read ROL anymore since their site revamp. Anyone else having this problem? The page won’t load right. Keep trying to adjust setting but not helping.

    • No way that house would have passed inspection of sold on MLS. They are just as bad as the rest of the family. Joey will get dumped by his wife if he goes poor.

      • Exit4 says:

        I think that has was like Melissa-pretty on the outside, a mess on the inside! ROL had another story last week about joe being down in Atlantic city dining with developers. Obviously, radar is a grain of salt site-but I can see joe being dumb enough to get into the AC market. Just as it’s dying and 4 casinos are closing with a possible fifth on the horizon. It’s a mess.

        Your storms are headed my way tonight! The storm you described last night-we had one like that here in 2012. It was called a derecho and it was insane! We were at the shore, the lightening was blue, yellow and red-the winds were hurricane force. We could here the water gurgling up our sinks. The thunder shook our house. As fast as it came-it was over. Power didn’t come back for 2 days. That storm actually did more damage then sandy did later that year. Uprooted trees, knocked over power lines. One actually fell on a church in town that was 100 years old and burnt it to the ground. Sandy was all water.

  27. Last night while watching NJ, it seemed that every time Tre spoke….my reaction was “You STUpid Bitch!”… boggles my mind how she is playing a victim and the thing about the college funds, I was getting really angry with her…. I usually don’t let the HWs get me too mad and with NJ, I usually avoid voicing my opinion….Mondays on the blog use to be avoided, hahaha!! But seriously, “What a delusional, stupid bitch!” The twins are annoying and Dina is so dumb, I sure hope she is getting tested regularly for STDs, dumb bitch…. My daughter commented that “All the money Teresea spent (I said, “STOLE”) and she couldn’t get laser hair removal for that TwoHead of hers?” It is so low it isn’t a forehead, or a threehead, it’s a twohead…. Kim K did it….Tre should have raised the roof!!!

    AND the Mrs. America is a mean, mean bitch!!!!! That is all I got for now…

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Have you ever met a nice pageant person? I haven’t met that many,…but the ones I know are mean.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Tell us how you really feel, Princess. 😉

    • chismosa™ says:

      Dina was so funny saying that her hubby (who I thought we were speculating last year was perhaps gay?) would just “buy a purse” for every young gal with big boobs ….. Yeah he’s buying a PURSE is all 👛👜
      He’s buying herpes. – he needs Brandi’sAPP©®™

      Looks like the apartment above the Brownstone gets a lot of action.

      I enjoyed 👑👑👑crowns. It was cheesy fun. The Native American chick – tranny-ish —> is annoying.

    • Hi Princess!! I was pissed to hear that Tre didn’t bother to put anything away for the girl’s college fund. Just from that, you can tell how selfish and delusional she is. Good point about getting test for STD’s! Dina acts like little lost puppy that doesn’t know better. The rest of the cast is blah.
      I hope you’re doing well and not going too crazy with your project. 🙂

      • I am doing well AND I am going crazy, BUTT the good news is that my daughter’s friend is not staying with us for The Con….so that takes off a LOT of pressure and gives me a whole lot more time….and saves me some moola… I usually end up having to go get her and there is always stuff that she needs…$$$….I take them to the drive thru every night…she is staying with some cousin.. My daughter is good with it too cuz it takes pressure off of her too… And my hubs is THRILLED!!!! So all is good in the hood.

    • kit9 says:

      lol. I love how Teresa acts like this is something just happening to poor widdle her. Out of nowhere for no reason. And, the sympathy ploys are disgusting! Like the whining about college funds. Well, gee, Tre, I guess you’re just going to have to get used to being like everyone ELSE that worries about how they’re going to send their kids to college without resorting to fraud. And, like everyone who*horror*live in used homes!

  28. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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