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Kristen: This Show Has Helped My Marriage

Dinner with Heather and Jonathan. I am so happy that Heather and I were able to hash it out and that she accepted my apology. Looking back at this fight was very hard. It sucks arguing with a good friend, but I feel that we have come full circle — and it was great that our husbands could be in on it.

I don’t even know what the argument was about.  Heather was three sheets to the wind and you usually ignores what drunk people say.  You pay attention when they are sober. 

I feel like I am airing a bunch of dirty laundry at this dinner with the Josh as I talk about moving back to NY from LA, etc., but, well, it came up and it’s on my mind. I wanted Heather to understand that I am very supportive, but it just reaches a point where you want to feel that same support on the other end. Work is work.

What about Josh?  Shouldn’t he understand?  Heather pretty much became the husband surrogate.

Dr. Giese’s Office: Light, tight, and right. I agree Miss Morgan 100 percent: who would have thought that I would be friendly with Ramona at this point? Right? Wow. Boobs and Botox — that’s the extent of it for me!

Isn’t that what surprises people on the NY housewives?  Getting along with Ramona?

Making dinner for Josh: We decided on a date night. I said I would cook, and I did. Josh got stuck at work and didn’t call. He had a really bad conference call — I get it. I just want a head’s up. When I make the effort, I want my husband to do the same. Did you notice how when I hung up on Josh I snapped at our kid? Ugh not cool.

Yeah, that sucks. 

Anybody want to come over for dinner? Doesn’t it look like it would be yummy? Ha! But at least I made the effort, and for Josh to see that it was like therapy for him. He really opened his eyes to how important it is to communicate, to be respectful of my efforts, and to find a better way to handle all the stress from work.

He is selling and promoting a health drink.  Stress is anti-health.

Marriage is hard work. It has its ups and downs. I think it’s really hard when your children are young — lots of stress and pressure. This show was one of the best things that happened to us. Getting a bird’s eye view on our marriage is just what we needed. Turns out watching our arguments has been the best therapy for us. At the end of the day, Josh and I love and support each other, and I couldn’t have done any of this with out him. He also realizes how he needs to separate work from family and how important it is for he and I to connect. It’s been great for both of us.

We’ll see if you don’t add to the housewives divorce rate. 

Birdland: It was very sweet and romantic that Mario sang for Ramona. Birdland is iconic What Ramona was saying about Lu and her singing was very rude (big surprise)! Not nice at all.

Lu needs autotune.  Enough said. 

But Heather, OMG! Damn, of course Heather can sing and bring the house down. Holla Momma!

Of course, she’s good at everything. 

LuAnn: I Sing When I Feel Like Singing

I think Sonja’s relationship with Harry is a long one. They are more friends than anything, as I see Harry stepping out with other women all the time. He’s even been dating a friend of mine recently, so I don’t think their relationship is serious in the least. I know Sonja would like things to be different but that’s not the reality of the situation. Harry is not the kind to settle down. He’s a player! Its a good thing Sonja has other men like 23-year-old Ben to keep her busy!

I guess you have to meet Harry in person to see the appeal because it doesn’t come off on screen. 

Things between Jacques and myself have been getting tense lately. We have been bickering a lot more recently. We are working on improving that, and I hope that it will. Jacques and I both love each other very much, but I’m wondering if we can go the distance? We are just at different places in our lives for the moment, so it’s hard! I expected the photo shoot to go a lot more smoothly, but that wasn’t the case. We are both learning that we need to do some work to make the relationship last. The photos did turn out great, and I am grateful to Christophe von Hohenberg, the photographer, for being the easy going friend that he is and making it work regardless of how we felt about each other that day. The dogs were happy! Check out his work at He’s taken many pictures in ’70s and ’80s of celebrities and rock stars around NYC and has a new book out!

French accents gets tiring to hear sometimes. 

The truth is I really wasn’t up to singing that night because I had a fight with Jacques that day and thats why he wasn’t there. I just wasn’t in the mood and Ramona pushing me only made it worse. I sing when I feel like singing, not when someone demands I sing. Ramona was just awful to me, and I felt like crying not singing. Ramona would of thrown me under the bus whether I sang or not. That’s just how Ramona is with me — horrible — and I don’t care what she thinks of me!

It sounds like you got wind of some plot to compare you and Mario. 

I thought Heather was amazing and I love her for getting up there and belting out her tune. I’m proud of her, and that’s what friends are for. I actually got up and sang “Hey Big Spender” later that night after Heather. She inspired me to get up there, and it actually felt great to sing. Sorry you missed it!

Did the cameras leave first?  Is that why you sang?

I thought Mario singing to Ramona was very sweet! I really wanted to give him the limelight that night, as I knew he’d been practicing and wanted it to be his night. No thanks from Ramona for that one, of course. I actually sang one night with Mario out at a restaurant in the past, and I know he loves the Sinatra stuff. It’s great that he likes to sing. Maybe he can go on the road with Sonja soon?

Sonja is a one woman show. 

Billy Stritch the accompanist and I have sung together in the past at Jim Caruso’s cast party at Town Hall on Broadway to benefit Broadway cares equity fights AIDS. I sang Natalie Cole’s “Love,” which I’ve done on our show in the past! I actually sang after Chita Rivera and before Liza Minnelli. It was truly a great evening! He really is the best piano player around and has worked with many, many Broadway stars — so I was so happy to see Heather living it up with him on stage and holding her own. Holla!!!! Bravo Heather!

It was Mario and Heather’s night to shine.

Nothing Is Too Romantic for Sonja

I try to make my intern hiring process as daunting as possible to discourage any applicants from thinking that it’s all fun and games — because I’m in the business of being entertaining with Sonja in The City and my charity work. Some of the more naive types think my behind-the-scenes work is light and fun. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Managing my homes, investments, personal affairs, sorting through potential opportunities, and maintaining my philanthropic endeavors (all while keeping my daughter as my number one priority) makes for a challenging day at work. Therefore, when I choose an intern — before they even make it to the daunting interview experience — I look for a very high GPA, combined with previous intern experience and hopefully some job experience. And, most definitely, charity work is a must on their résumé. Then, I look to their major, minor, other interests, and what they’re hoping to gain by interning with me. If I’m going to spend my time showing them the ropes, I need to know that they’re going to put it to good use and that it would apply to the right field. Having said that, good life lessons always apply — like learning how to schedule!

So much work for free labor.

I didn’t think telling Aviva about what everyone said about her on the trip was going to spark a reaction. I wanted to her to be prepared. I wanted to tell Aviva that everyone was doubting her illness, and I felt that it wasn’t healthy and that she should be warned. What I have seen since St. Barth’s is Aviva making positive changes. The girls are not experts in the medical field nor in psychology. I feel that it should be left to Aviva’s doctors and other experts, which she’s been clearly advised by. Giving Aviva the head’s up would give her the strength and ammunition she would need to keep it together should a confrontation occur. Believe me, I have been there for all of their “concernings.” It doesn’t help you get ahead. In fact, it can set you back if you’re not strong-minded. The girl clearly has asthma, among other illnesses.

I think you got the crazy wheels spinning in Aviva’s head.  This  is definitely going to lead to a confrontation. 

It’s never too young to start speaking to professionals about cosmetic procedures and to plan ahead. I like to be educated and know my options. Ever since being a young model, I have always availed myself of what information is out there, however I am extremely cautious in my approach. I know that Kristen has been considering using Botox, and certainly Dr. Giese is someone that she could consider as a practioner. There are so many different ways to use Botox, and different doctors have different techniques.

I think if you can use non-invasive techniques early on it would be better.  Botox to me seems so extreme. 

I have to be very careful with Botox because I’m known for my expressions and I have to perform at my different Sonja In The City events, appearances, and sometimes for my charity work. There are so many different machines on the market, I don’t know where to begin! When I go to see Dr. Neil Sadick, he has one machine. Dr. Giese has a different machine. Dr. Kassir has another machine! I have yet to try the vampire facial. Everyone is doing that where they inject your own blood into your face! Even my doctor Erika Schwartz has machines to monitor and increase life longevity and make me more beautiful.

How would you judge how fast you would have aged had you not done the procedures?

Ramona and LuAnn have a very special relationship. It’s very passive-aggressive. Why Ramona decided to badger LuAnn about not getting up to perform, I don’t know. Why does she ever badger LuAnn? LuAnn always gives a great performance with or without practice.

She likes giving Lu some competition.  She went wild when she found out Carole was a princess and outranked Luann.

Ramona and I have always shared the bathroom — with or without Mario around. So when I said I’ve heard Mario sing in the shower, I wasn’t kidding. Mario’s performance was incredibly romantic and made me tear up. It’s wonderful to have tens of years of marriage together. I’m surprised the other girls said that it was too romantic. Nothing can be too romantic. I love LOVE!

I’m sure after hearing Mario’s shenanigans in the gossip columns they were wondering if he was singing to his goomah.

I thought Heather’s performance was off the charts, but I wouldn’t say she’s a better singer than LuAnn. I think they are both great performers and I enjoy watching both of them and being a part of it.

Well look who’s Switzerland. 

Heather’s Sasha Fierce Moment

Yee Haw! The trip was really a lot of fun, outside of all the drama mama, and it was beautiful! But I’m happy to be back in the saddle I know the best, with my hubby and our delicious littles, both hands on the wheel at Yummie and my feet planted firmly in NYC — the place I really belong! I loved the adventures Montana brought us and although I still didn’t entirely understand my dust-up with Kristen so much, I knew we were all good. Jonathan, who was entirely innocent of any wrong doing, still caught an arrow from her, too, but he didn’t care. He thought it was funny and we all understood that whatever went down was hard for her. I thought it was nice we could spend some time together as couples after a silly scuffle. To sit down for dinner and laugh about it. . .but I should be so lucky. Kristen is at me for being bossy again! OK whatever — you are bossy and I am the boss, as Jon says (so cute making light of the situation).

What choice does he have?  You’re the boss, clearly.

Kristen wants Josh’s support. We can see that. When she describes our fight and feels Josh was taking my side, she was missing the point that assertiveness is a part of my personality. It’s not that she was wrong and I was right. The fight was behind us and I wanted to move on. But now I realize that Kristen just wanted my support too. As she was explaining the many sacrifices she’s made for Josh and their family, I got it. Kristen picked up, gave up, packed up, and uprooted her life twice! That is not easy. I also know that she and Josh are having struggles and it’s all lopsided. Things are coming out wrong. There is stress for Josh to provide for his family and pressure for Kristen to find her footing when she’s mumming more than modeling — there is tension because they are not aligning and Josh isn’t handling the situation well.

Sounds like Josh’s business is not doing so well. 

Entrepreneurs like Josh, who are natural at building relationships, use their talents to access resources (internally and externally), and to grow their business. I get it. So I try to explain the one thing I think can help: this is the way Josh’s mind is working. Kristen is experiencing “entrepreneurial behavior”:

1. Opportunity recognition: I am starting a new company.

2. Resource acquisition and venture creation: We are moving back to NY.

3. Firm expansion and growth, which is the phase EBOOST is in now: Not only will I be late for dinner, but I’m also not going to call and let you know.

Yes, this may appear to be habit forming but it’s not, it’s just a phase. I’m not saying it’s right, but I am saying I understand it. I’ve been through it myself with my own start up and six years into business I still experience phases, with every new growth cycle, where you bust your ass to see your vision through. It’s usually not convenient and it’s usually not scheduled. But Kristen isn’t biting my worm. I’m trying to help her gain perspective but instead she just sees me and Josh not supporting her and now we’re both not doing a good job — and my lecture in “The Process of Entrepreneurship” is entirely missed!

They are definitely not communicating properly because it seems Josh is putting down Kristen for not being a business person where she couldn’t care less about being a business person but would appreciate some respect and consideration.

And all that jazz. . .

We were invited to Birdland to join Mario at open mic night, which I thought he was throwing. Ramona was enlisting people to sing too, and invited Lu and I to join the fun! What I did not realize was that Mario was not hosting — Birldand was! And the likes of the other people that were performing: mind blowing! Billy Stritch on piano!?! I mean, come on people! This ain’t no karaoke! There’s no machine, there is no teleprompter, and there is no chance Ramona is going to let up on LuLu for choosing not to sing. And I’m now sh–ting my pants. Ramona’s behavior is totally garish and unapologetic and thankfully Lu didn’t let her get the best of her with all she’s got going on with Jacques. But then I realize the pressure really is on me!

Ramona’s behavior shouldn’t surprise you anymore. 

I really had no idea what I committed to and when that man called my name and asked if I’d take the stage I had an out-of-body experience. Nothing like walking up to a microphone in a sparkling dress and saying sh–balls! It was my Sasha Fierce moment, and when I took the stage and the music started, I forgot about everything! The diva performer in me came out, which comes from my dad. I had dedicated the song to him and gave it all I had! Too bad I don’t remember a thing! I swear, it was like I blacked out. I remember nothing from that performance except Jonathan’s face and Billy Stritch. And Lu sitting in the audience instead of fronting my backup vocals!

You’ve acquitted yourself well.

Aviva Defends Her Asthma

In the real world when a group of women are invited on a trip and one is not feeling well, the usual and appropriate response is, “Sorry you can’t come. Hope you feel better!” Generally among real-life friends there is some care and concern for the feelings and health of others. When the group returns and reunites with the one who wasn’t feeling well, a typical response is “How are you feeling?” from those who went away. Or “Hope the trip was great!” from the one who didn’t go.

Well, at least the trip wasn’t about you getting there and needing a parade thrown in your honor. 

But this is Housewifeland. In Housewifeland when one falls ill, your friends say, “You are a liar, and I hope you die, and you can’t have asthma. You have some pathological sick disease that is emotionally based!” In Housewifeland it’s impossible that a change in altitude could exacerbate an already severe condition. In Housewifeland everyone is a doctor except for the New York State board certified pulmonologist who urged the asthmatic sufferer not to go on the trip based on very sophisticated Pulmonary Function Tests, exams etc.

Heather can sing in Housewifeland when you call her up on stage. 

Poor Carole. She googled and came up with some serious disease I must have instead of asthma. What makes Carole so angry and vindictive? What is she missing in her life to cause her to put so much venom in her writing? How does she even come up with this sh–? Alternate diseases that one only hears about on Lifetime TV? The big shot journalist with a 20-year career Googles for information? Carole has a wild imagination. Did she call or “google” the Kennedy family when she needed stories for her own memoir? Would she call this “research” a new definition of “journalism.” It seems like “journalism” as defined by Carole today is as simple as googling….

Another potshot at Carole’s memoirs.  Munchausen has been featured in many medical dramas and it finally appears on a reality show.  Let’s hear it for Munchausen disease. 

Having watched the trip, I am really thankful I didn’t go. Looked like a complete bore. And anyway, with friends like Heather, Carole, and Kristen, who are preoccupied with disliking me, why are they so bent out of shape that I didn’t go? I can’t imagine I would have felt even the slightest bit welcome. Their accusations speak volumes about their own character and how they function as a clique.

I would have been nervous watching you handle a hatchet. 

Ramona: Mario’s Voice Is So Sexy

Mario has a naturally wonderful voice. I remember one time in the Hamptons, LuAnn sang at a karaoke night. Than Mario sang The Doors song, “Touch Me.” He amazed everyone, including LuAnn. I find Mario extremely sexy when he sings. I love his voice! I was so excited to have him perform, as I know how much he enjoys singing — and of course I enjoy listening to him. All of our friends came out to hear him. So many people came in fact, that I knew it added to Mario’s nervousness.

Mario acquitted himself well too. 

Heather does everything well, so naturally it was no surprise how great she performed. She was rocking it!

Maybe there can be a singoff between housewives.  Wait what am I saying!  There needs to be autotune first. 

I must say I was provoking LuAnn. I just could not help myself. She was making all these dumb excuses of why she could not perform that night. They were all bull sh–, and I could not resist calling her out on it. It was immature on my part, I know

There must have been some behind the scenes mastermind plan that would poke fun of Luann’s singing.  Too bad Luann didn’t bite the bait. 

On a more positive note, I must say Kristen and I found our places with each other and I am enjoying her friendship.


Tonight’s Episode:

“There’s Something About Harry”

Carole turns fifty and decides to celebrate her birthday with an extravagant, all-out bash. Ramona and Mario prepare for life in an empty nest as they send daughter Avery off to college, while Kristen and Josh seek professional help to put their marriage back on track. Sonja receives an unexpected piece of jewelry and a promise from Harry Dubin , Aviva’s ex, but a shocking turn of events rattles their relationship to the core


Let’s Chat!



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    what an echo! 😉

    So Boston said the leg comes off tonight?!!!

  2. Austin says:

    I can’t stand Kristen. That is all.

  3. Toodybird says:

    Did Kristen’s diamond initial necklace read CAT? CRT? Josh’s EBoost and Kristen’s Love Me Tender T- shirts. Shock.

  4. Toodybird says:

    Ha! Now we know Ramona’s secret of keeping her cool. Breathe out. Breathe in…Although it must have been hard when dealing with the harridan, JZ.

  5. Boobah says:

    Where is Avery going to college??

  6. Toodybird says:

    Midnight in the Garden of Eden for Carol’s birthday theme party. Interesting book and movie. Looking forward to the party.

  7. Toodybird says:

    Mario was mildly attractive in the early seasons. Weird how now he just looks like another horn dog.

  8. Boobah says:

    Ugh – my TV reception is acting up due to a T-storm. I think it’ll pass quickly though.

  9. Austin says:

    We totally lost reception last night with storm after storm. It’s better tonight.

  10. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Boston, look at RT.

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      Are you talking code?

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        Wish I knew how, lol. I want her too look at a web site.

      • Boobah says:

        I think so Stars because Boston’s last comment on the previous blog was like a covert-ops code name. And I quote, “The Leg Flies Tonight”. I’m tellin’ ya, Boston and now TT know sumtnin we’d don’t!

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          lol.. Boobahahahaha… “The leg flies tonight and french pirates find jelly beans in satchels of gold.”

          • Jan (TexasTart) says:

            …..and I actually watch this show O_o o_O

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            Hey LadyStars99!!!!! Miss ya but lovin’ your blog posts – hope you wear a bullet-proof vest cuz that’s a lot of bullets you’ve taken for us!

            So your in on the code, huh? So then you know about : The time of the turtle begins when the pinot is empty.

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              Thanks so much, Boobahaha… I’m not in on any code… but I pretend and play along PLUS I’ve started watching old “Columbo” shows on Sunday nights… lol

        • boston02127 says:

          I read it on Twitter. I could be wrong.

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            Hey B – you totally know I’m kidding, right!? That comment made me laugh so hard I HAD to incorporate it into this blog again!

  11. Austin says:

    Lumann and Jacques broke up. Oh, well. . . who thought that was going to last?

  12. Toodybird says:

    I KnEW a Carol would dress as Lady Chablis. I’m having a drink to celebrate that prediction.

  13. lillybee says:

    I thought that he imported wine.

  14. lillybee says:

    Is anyone watching Wife Swap with JZ?

  15. Toodybird says:

    Luann, Sonja may be making your breakup with Jacques about her, but you didn’t have a problem with JZ doing it. I have a running list if you want to call me on it.

  16. Toodybird says:

    OH, my bleeding ears! I beg of you, Louann. Stop. Geeze, McGee! Auto tune! Stat!

  17. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Kyle tickled my funny bone – she Tweeted “does this make my butt look big?” and posted this hilarious photo

  18. Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

    Okay… So I’m not like… actually watching the show right now cuz it doesn’t come on for a few more hours here… So should I just make up the storylines? lol

  19. Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

    Why do these women find Harry charming? I don’t get it… At all…

    • Austin says:

      Harry must be. . . uh. . . gifted. That’s the only explanation I can think of.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      ME TOO! Uh, I mean me neither!!!

    • NJBev says:

      Because he is very, very, wealthy.
      Some sort of huge trust fund. Family endowment.
      The guy is loaded. Take that however you want.
      Woo hoo. I love being able to “talk”my comments.
      You guys are going to start to hate me soon.

  20. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Oh Gosh, I tuned in 🙄
    That hair cut is NOT flattering to JZ’s face!

  21. boston02127 says:

    I already can’t stand Jill!!!!!

  22. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Stop the presses…is THAT the same former Ms USA at JZ’s house that was in a recent RHONY episode?!

  23. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    This wife swap show should not involve little children in this mother swap. So wrong. 😡

    • Boobah says:

      I thought the same thing when I saw that sweet little girl crying. It was that ‘really sad’ cry…breaks your heart.

  24. chismosa™ says:


  25. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    After the Swap when Jill met Jenna, she proceeded to unwittingly insult her, repeatedly!

  26. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Complaint of the day! ABC: YOUR COMMERCIALS ARE TOO LOUD!

    • chismosa™ says:

      There’s actually a law that has been passed to lower the volume of commercials. All commercials air louder than the shows. It’s a way to GET YOUR ATTENTION TO BUY BUY BUY !!!!!
      He-LLLLLLLOOO! 🔔🔔🔔📢📢📢

      So I’m not sure when it comes into effect. But it’s coming. I can’t stand the volume discrepancy. I’m sensitive to that though since we work in sound systems.

    • NJBev says:

      I have a couple of comments on the wife swap episode. (This is the first time I am writing a comment from the iPhone, which I use the microphone, So I can just speak my comment, so get ready for a long one.) lol
      First off, I thought Jill’s haircut looks great. I thought it was very flattering to her face and I was impressed by it.
      I cannot tolerate this woman’s overbearing sense of entitlement to luxury and wealth. I did notice that the necklace they put on the other girls neck still had the price tag on it which means it was a loaner piece and it was definitely going back.(This was when Jenna took it off and handed it back to Ally, but it was definitely an edited cut so I don’t know when the price tag was taken off but it was on when Jenna took it of and said She didn’t want to wear her children’s college education.
      Jill cannot change. This woman cannot change, everything about her is about wealth and entitlement and always presenting an “image”.
      Unfortunately, the image is a fake one.
      I don’t doubt for a minute that she is extraordinarily wealthy. However, the images she tries to present are almost ludicrous. All those diamonds?? Please, give me a break. Like I said, probably all on loan.
      I gave her a lot of credit for the way she spoke about the house though.
      She is so shrewd, if not actually quite smart about marketing. She never said They owned the house.
      Never. They mentioned several times that it was their vacation house or their Hampton house, blah blah blah blah. But, You can say that about rental.–/
      If you pay the rent, it’s yours.
      When I rented an apartment, it was my home. And, at that time, if anybody told me otherwise I would have probably been very insulted. If not, probably punch them or something.
      When you rent a house or an apartment you consider it your home.(For her we knew this was just a play on words.)
      She was so condescending.
      “I knew my workers had to live somewhere so I guess this is like where my workers would live…”
      J-Z, that was a very lovely home that you got to spend a week in.
      Overall, I enjoyed the episode. It confirmed everything I disliked about the woman. I realize that My animosity towards her was well earned.
      She is a pompous, overbearing, narcissistic(I don’t like that I have been using that word a lot lately.) woman,
      That craves love and attention so badly it’s almost sad.
      “Children are over rated”
      (That’s because they take the attention away from you.)
      The one thing that having children teaches you, is that you are not the center of the universe. Jill needs to be the center of her universe.
      I am impressed by her daughter, Allie. She is surprisingly well-adjusted and excepts her status for what it is.
      I would adopt her in a heartbeat.

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        Oh Man!!! I am so jealous you are talking to us!!!! I don’t have an I-phone, but maybe I should investigate my voice recognition software for the Galaxy Note. I’ve only used the part where you can say “Call whatshername”. I should look into that in all my vast amounts of free time (sarcasm).

        Great post Bev! At least someone besides Jill likes her hair cut that way. ITA with “Overall, I enjoyed the episode. It confirmed everything I disliked about the woman. I realize that My animosity towards her was well earned.”

        • NJBev says:

          Thank-you, Jan.
          I will do the best I can to use
          self control when using the
          “microphone/voice recognition”
          But, that was so much fun!
          (I hate typing)

  27. lillybee says:

    It must be painful for Ali to hear her mom say that kids are over rated. Like Bev said, I would adopt her in an instant. Bobby does have adorable grandkids.

  28. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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