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S6E20 “The Last Leg”

By realhousewifeofaiken

Sonja is propped up on her bed while her interns, Pickles and Tyler, ice her swollen ankle.  This is why they need GPAs above 3.2 – to attend to Madame Morgan who falls off her stilettos after another night of drunken foolishness.   She tells Ramona and Kristen how she chased a cab carrying LuAnn and Harry through the streets of New York, only to fall on her face, then had Tyler and another young lad carry her sorry butt back home.  Every other cabbie in the city must have been busy that night.Kristen Taekman, Sonja Morgan

Josh and Kristen are at home, where, oddly enough, he is holding a meeting with an associate about their plans for a billboard for eBoost.  Kristen wants to be the young, hot model for the campaign, and, of course, lands the job.   During the photo shoot, the photographer tells her to look orgasmic and she explains how she can fake an orgasm.  She can add it to her resumé.

Sonja has to make plans for her big “Team Sonja” party and slides down the stairs of her house with Marley in her harms.   Marley had a friend put a little instructional video together on how to make it down a flight of stairs when you’re unable or unwilling to walk.  You can watch it here:  Lazy Dog Slides Down Stairs  When she finally hits the ground floor, she greets LuAnn so that she can straighten things out about Harry’s mysterious disappearance from the Carole’s party, supposedly with LuAnn.  LuAnn swears that she wants nothing to do with Harry Dubin – been there, done that – and that maybe Sonja needs to put a leash on him.   Sonja intends to confront Harry.

Heather and Carole are at Love, Alex, looking at a line of handbags.  They also talk about Heather’s son, Jax, and the level of success he could achieve with surgery on his ears.  A second doctor wasn’t quite as optimistic as the first and Heather doesn’t know which one to believe.  Carole tells her to go with the one she trusts more.  Heather says that Jax  doesn’t think his ears are so bad and she wonders if she should just trust her son’s instincts.

Sonja and Harry have their sit-down and Sonja tells him how upset she was that he left her behind at the party after giving her a friendship ring.   He apologizes and says it was stupid and that he thought she’d meet up with them later.  She reaches into her purse and hands the ring back to him, telling him that this is the end of Harry and Sonja.

Carole’s apartment renovation is complete and her kitchen is no more.  It’s now her office.  When Heather and Kristen arrives the talk is all about Aviva.  I don’t know why, other than they’ve found out that she’s going to the “Team Sonja” party.  Kristen thinks Aviva is an outsider, as she’s really been out of the loop, and has missed just about everything the ladies have done for most of the season.  The three agree that they’re confused about her myriad ailments which seem to appear and disappear just as quickly.  Carole says that she’ll be politely rude because it’s been like a vacation without Aviva around.   It really has.

Bravo treated us to a little filler where Ramona and Carole discussed dating.  Ramona wanted Carole to know that Fabio, from Harlequin novel and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter fame,  chased her for a while.  She also told Carole that she and Marion were like a thunderbolt when they met.  They still have hot sex.  The word on the street is that sometimes it’s with each other.

It’s time for the “Team Sonja” party at Le Cirque.  The guests are there, but the hostess is not.   “Team Sonja” is an eclectic mix of folks – an image guru, a dog groomer, a plastic surgeon, various psychics, Satoko the facialist,  ten lords a leaping, nine ladies dancing, eight maids a milking, and Aviva.  Aviva makes an entrance, accompanied by ominous music, which sets off a new round of chatter among the other ladies.  When she does arrive, Sonja is surrounded by a herd of interns.  According to her talking head,  she’s up to her eye teeth in business deals, all of which are in contract stage.  She may be using the interns as collateral.Sonja Morgan

Sonja has written a speech for the event and Ramona is upset that she didn’t take some time to greet her guests first,  Sonja ignores her and starts reading what she’s written.  It a rambling novella, much like her Bravo blogs, all about her aura and her brand and the people who make up her Team.   Some of the ladies, understandably, giggled though it.   When she finally finished her salute to all of those who made Sonja the woman she is today, she made a beeline to Aviva to make sure that she was still riled up over the others.  Sonja calls them emotional vampires and Aviva says that they’re all mad at her.   The entire group finally gets together and Aviva tells them she’s lost an unplanned 10 pounds.   Kristen says that asthma should make you gain weight but she’s still that pretty tool in the shed.

When they sit down, the ladies confront Aviva over all of her issues.  Kristen says that this is more than asthma and Aviva tells Kristen that she’s been a horrible persons.  Carole says that no one believes Aviva.  Aviva then tells the group that her doctor lied to her.  She has an x-ray with her name on them but says the doctor forged them.  They didn’t look like chest x-rays to me, but I’m afraid to tell Aviva what I think.   She then throws the x-ray at Heather.  One brave soul said that it looked like an x-ray of her breast implants. Kristen Taekman

Aviva isn’t quite through and says that her doctor forces her to take asthma medicine and that they should call him to get the truth.   She takes her argument, and storyline, full circle and begins hollering about Carole and the ghost writer nonsense.   As if she hadn’t made a complete fool of herself by this time, she then shouts that there’s only one thing fake about her and slams her fake leg onto the table.  LuAnn is laughing hysterically.  Kristen wants to vomit.  Aviva, who has lost whatever dignity and sense of pride she might have had left, further insults them and us by picking up the leg and throwing it across the room.  Way to go, Aviva.  That’ll teach ‘em for doubting your sanity.   She then looks around at her audience and asks if they’d be happy if she just crawls home now.  Assuring her that that is exactly what they don’t want, Carole picks the leg up off the floor, hands it back to Aviva and tells her that this isn’t right.  And it isn’t – on any level.   The only thing she didn’t do was mention the Kennedys but maybe she saves that for her Twitter rants. Carole Radziwill

All I could think about was Heather Abbott, the woman with the prosthetic leg from Boston and how she was feeling after this.  Carole says, “It ain’t over til the fat lady sings or the crazy bitch throws her leg down.”  If you care, this is Aviva’s explanation as to why she threw her leg.  Okay, whatever.   The joke is on us.

Next week is part one of the reunion.



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  1. T-Rex says:

    Good Morning Peeps!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Morning T-Rex…how you feeling these days??

      • T-Rex says:

        Jill, doing pretty good, am able to walk now without my cane, still look funny though, but every day seems better. I have my next Radioactive Iodine treatment in a few weeks, then hopefully after that we get the good news that everything is cleared. Fingers crossed

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I’m glad to hear all this!! I can’t wait till you tell us ALL CLEAR!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!

        • Powell says:

          Fingers, eyes, toes and legs crossed. Thk goodness you don’t have to ask Aviva to cross her legs. 😉

    • Laineylainey says:


      • not THAT Jill says:

        Hi Lainey-what’s new?

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Hi Jnntjill!!! How are you? Looks like you had a great vacation, so happy for you! It’s important to have that balance…daily hard work with the balance of relaxation with loved ones or communing with nature. Good for you! We all need a change of scenery every now and then. I love how AZGirl has her nature hikes and NMD is having an adventure of a life time and SJP does her arctic (was it arctic) adventures? Maybe our break is an occasional girls night out, etc. No, I’m not high,…just saying how important it is to take breaks from the everyday and I’m always inspired and happy to read about everybody’s fun times!

      • Powell says:


      • ladebra says:

        Where is LaineyPie and what have you done with her?!

    • designernailsdiana says:

      HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I camped with a woman who is as annoying as any ho-wife. I’ll share the story down below.

  2. T-Rex says:

    OMG where to start on the FauxLeg-BSC-MunchausenAdviva. Uhm, Doctors do not FORGE your X-rays, they would lose their medical license, in addition as someone with a lot of doctor visit experience, everything is coded and computerized these days, very little possibility to even have the X-Rays labelled improperly. YOU moron went to a doctor, you told them you had a hard time breathing, they didn’t see crap on your X-Rays, probably told you that, and you insisted you couldn’t breath, so they gave you the inhaler. Doesn’t mean you actually have Asthma and they probably gave you a miniscule dosage. I personally think she went to a doctor with a made up story, so that she could get out of going on the trip with the other Ho-Wives. I hope that Bravo cans this LOSER, which I think they will as she has proven she can’t be a part of the group, has NO storyline other than she can’t leave her husband’s side at any point, even when he probably goes to the bathroom. I have to agree that I don’t think she even uses the inhaler, and yes since it’s a steroid you would possibly gain weight(almost 99.9 percent of folks on a steroid do, I gained 30 pounds in 4 days when on one), not lose weight. The whole Leg throwing, was a completely staged event from FauxLeg-BSC-MunchausenAdviva, she knows she’s on the chopping block and wanted something to show Bravo why they should keep her. EPIC.FAIL

    • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

      On the bigger media site, the recaps are calling the leg toss disgusting and are calling for the end of the show. Aviva just killed RHONY.

      • T-Rex says:

        I am pretty sure that FauxLeg-BSC-MunchausenAdviva(just when I got her an appropriate name), is GONE. That’s how Bravo will solve the issue we hope. Wish they would have called the episode the “LAST OF THE LEG” so that they could fire her properly!

    • Powell says:

      Yup T-Rex. I think she went w/a made up story too. I guess it’s like when someone says “my back hurts” & the doc can’t find anything wrong but they give you meds and a doc note for work saying you need to rest for 24-48 hrs. Aviva said “doc I’m having a hard time breathing. I have a hard time climbing stairs. The Times I can breath a bit it’s labored.”. The doc finds nothing but gives her a low dosage inhaler and meds. The doc doesn’t want to be responsible if something happens. Yup. Made Up.

      • T-Rex says:

        Powell, EXACTLY, as you all know my first of Bad-Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, but they sure were dolling out the pain meds and other meds to me, because I stated I was in pain. When I got to the Good doctors, someone who graduated with higher than a C-, they found all the problems. She made the whole thing up! She didn’t want to go on that trip, couldn’t figure out a way to get out of it, so she faked a breathing problem. Again, I think Bravo knows this, it’s why they took her out of the pictures for those weeks, they aren’t going to put up with that behaviour especially with someone who has zero storyline other than she is almost surgically attached to her husband.

        • Powell says:

          Yeah I think Bravo knew too. IDK why she lied. Just say she didn’t want to go to Montana, didn’t want to leave Reid, didn’t want to leave her kids. The truth. But maybe she does have Manchauseun.

  3. missusmc says:

    With Luann laughing so hard she had to wipe away tears, she became this season’s MVP and absolved herself of any wrongdoing in previous seasons. She actually became my favorite of the bunch last night (sorry, Heather) with her ability to recognize the absurd in this situation and laugh rather than getting upset. I just adore her and hope she will come back next season (if Bravo doesn’t mercy kill this city, which it should.)

  4. jezzibel says:

    Life Lessons the Aviva Edition
    1) when Life gives you lemons….run screaming from the room, because your Dr lied to you and told you that you were deathly allergic to lemons(not citrus, just lemons)
    2)When in doubt…..take you fake leg off and swing it around like you just don’t care.
    Thats all I have for the moment, please feel free to add any you guys have(maybe we can get a ghostwriter and get it published)

  5. Exit4 says:

    The best (and I say that in an absurdist way) comment I saw about Aviva and her leg was on Twitter. Someone felt that from a “marketing perspective” throwing her leg was “bringing awareness” to amputees! SMH

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I saw that too-big Aviva fan. Can’t see that Aviva was acting like a raving lunatic.

    • emily says:

      I think it brings the wrong kind of attention. Today, everyone with a prosthetic leg has probably heard at least a half dozen jokes by now. “Calm down, Sally. Don’t throw your leg.” “Do they have leg throwing classes?” “Do you carry a spare leg in case you need to throw one?” The list goes on and on. Way to go, Aviva. Way to make yourself look like a joke.

    • I imagine many amputees are disgusted by her using her “leg” as a crutch (oh snap!) at every opportunity. Please watch this Ted Talk and see how a person with disability views their disability…

  6. ladebra says:

    Watched WWHL this morning, it was great! I’m watching NY now, can’t wait for the leg toss lol.

    And since I’m obsessed with Ladies of London

  7. not THAT Jill says:

    Great blog Empress!!
    When Aviva said the doctor lied to her about having asthma and Kristen (that dope) actually believed her I couldn’t get over it!! Heather had to keep telling Kristen that Aviva was making fun of them!! The whole thing just flew over Kristen’s preeettttyyyyy little head! The only better than that was Luann’s hysteria over the whole thing-her laughing so hard was the best part of the night!! Well that and Carole handing the leg back to Aviva….oh and when Aviva threw her X-ray and said “take them home”-Ramona was like “WHAAAAT take them home????”….it was all so fake and phony but in someway hysterically funny. I think Aviva did no favors for herself or the amputee community by making a mockery of herself and her leg-That part isn’t funny…but the rest is!!!

    • ladebra says:

      Lu’s reaction was hysterical lol. She said on WWHL she was so upset the dirty shoe was on the table with the silverware, she couldn’t stop laughing at herself lol. Lu also debunked the whole Harry meets Luann in a cab kerfuffle. Sonia is just as crazy as Aviva.

  8. Thanks for the blog Empress! I am trying to care about NY but it is hard to do that.

  9. Exit4 says:

    Carole handing avivas leg back and telling her she needs help shows she’s a better person than I. I would have pulled a Richards sister stunt and hid it like Brandi’s crutches. 😈

  10. Eastbayca says:

    I really must look for “the last leg” episode online and watch.

  11. T-Rex says:

    Oh, and regarding this so-called party planner one DrunkSluts-R-Us-Sonja, first off, as a hostess first rule of a party is to actually BE there to great your guests! UGH she really is losing touch with reality. That whole scene of her in bed was ludicrous, and look you fell off your heels because you were so drunk you couldn’t walk, and who runs after a taxi cab when your so-called boyfriend leaves with another woman, yep someone in high school, which is where you seem to live emotionally. I laughed when she said that poor intern had to take her home, she is probably too broke to even afford a taxi. Oh and seriously, “Bravo induced editing” Lu-Mann just “happens” over to DrunkSluts-R-Us-Sonja’s house the very day after she left in a cab with one HarrytheDebonaireGigoloDubin. Yeah right, also DrunkSluts-R-Us-Sonja has the same magical ailments as The-Liar-Supreme-Slutbag-moron-STFUBrandi because she didn’t even have a limp after her ordeal with the fall because she was drunk off her ass in the streets.
    Regarding this mysterious money she claims is owed her from Mr. Morgan:
    I did some digging and she was given a very nice, hefty settlement when she divorced Mr. Morgan. It including several expensive properties and a decent chunk of change. That 3 million she is seeking was during the whole movie deal fiasco, she claims Mr. Morgan agreed to give her that as part of a deal to help her back that movie, this was before that deal landed her in bankruptcy courts.

    • emily says:

      I was cracking up when Sonja made the intern go get another towel to wrap around the ice pack because the first towel wasn’t “aesthetically pleasing” to her. I guess that microscopic ice pack worked because moments later she was wearing boots and scooting down the stairs.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I could have swore when she stood up from sliding down the stairs she was standing on the leg she sprained. I had to stop and think about it and it was her right leg she stood up on and it was the right leg on the pillow.

      • T-Rex says:

        Emily, exaclty, and yes Mrs P I don’t think she could remember which leg she sprained either. If you sprained the ankle and couldn’t walk the thing would be ballooned so much no way you could get on a trendy pair of boots. I have just twisted an ankle when walking in heels and your ankle starts swelling immediately and by the next day it was still swollen even with ice packs. She is SO going to wind up some sad old lady.

  12. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Hump Day. Its going to be hot. I don’t mind a bit. 🙂
    Now last night was CRAZY as hell. OMG #LegLegLegLeg. Nuts. And I forgot who commented that they read/heard or Carole said that Aviva often undoes her leg when she sits. How come we’ve never heard that before? But yes it did seem she planned it. She asked the ladies “can we please take a seat”. Now who walks around “pun intended” w/their ex-ray, doc excuses and a boat load of meds? Doesn’t make sense right? 👎😯
    Well you groovy people have a great day.

    • mrs peabody says:

      She must really carry a big purse to hold all that stuff.

    • Eastbayca says:

      I just watched the episode online and I would have been laughing with Lu, Sonja (as she was telling Aviva to get it together) and Ramona.
      Aviva is a certifiable nut…OMG

      Some of the story lines look contrived….the whole Luann, Sonja and Harry story. Per Heather T tweets….(don’t know if it will copy well)

      Heather Thomson @iamHeatherT · 14h
      Here’s 2 those really fakin it-We all went 2 the club together @sonjatmorgan @countessluann @harrydubin #puttingtherealbackinreality #rhony

      Heather Thomson @iamHeatherT · 15h
      PUHLEESE, why don’t you tell us how you really hurt your foot? @SonjatMorgan @CountessLuAnn @harrydubin #rhony #puttingtherealbackinreality

      • T-Rex says:

        OMG Heather is really tweeting up a storm, oh and she retweeted something from HarryDebonaireGigoloDubin that basically infers that he is probably still sleeping with DrunkSluts-R-Us-Sonja

      • Powell says:

        Funny. It’s a shame they fake stuff. It didn’t used to be this way.

  13. Powell says:

    This was last summer right? Can someone point me to a deal from those contracts Sonja speaks of? Where/What are the JOBS? 😏😏 I’m so tired of hearing about it and nothing is ever come to fruition.

    • T-Rex says:

      Yes, she always states, you know I did this or that party, on her website I think there is a total of six. Real party hostesses and planners have testimonials, pictures etc, She has a cheesy website replete with bathtub pictures, because nothing says Event Planner better than a naked bathtub picture. Her Event planning site isn’t even it’s own website but a page from her original site. There are NO testimonials and all the pictures have been removed from the so-called events she supposedly planned, several of which were Bravo induced events for the show. If you want a real laugh read her BIO on the website, you can truly see that she is extremely delusional about her life! Again, I would love to say that I am a 6 foot tall Beauty Queen and working on 10 doctorates, numerous books, including several cookbooks, and working on climbing Mt. Everest, however I am pretty honest with myself about what I am doing and what I have done in the past. DrunkSluts-R-Us-Sonja has made up this complete fantasy world. and I know we joked about her being the next Big Edie ala Grey Gardens, but truly she really is as delusional as Big Edie Was

      • Powell says:

        T-Rex she’s on her way to Grey Gardens. Tsk tsk tsk.

      • emily says:

        If she would listen to the experts instead of her spiritual psychic, maybe she would have accomplished something substantial by now. She is all over the board. You can’t start 5 businesses at one time especially not with the ensemble of wack-a-doodles otherwise known as Team Sonya.

  14. Nickel says:

    Long time lurker since the IHJZ days. Y’all have kept me from losing hours of my life i’ll never get back from watching a lot of these shows and for that, I am eternally grateful! 🙂

    I bit the bullet this season because of all the Ramona/Mario drama and tuned in. I haven’t faithfully watched since Jill and Alex’s last season, whenever that was. I really like Heather and Carol. Kristen: I didn’t ‘dislike’ her, she was just a little annoying but tolerable for me; she’s ‘prissy’ like Luann said last night on WWHL, . I hate that Lu wasn’t a regular cast member (although she was in almost every episode) cause she was on fire this season! If the show comes back I hope she’s a part of it. Ramona and Sonja- ugh- over them!

    I LOVED this episode. Aviva and her obviously staged ‘only thing fake about me…’ leg throw. GOLD. Everyone’s reaction was hilarious. Absolutely enjoyed it. I think I would have been like Luann and laughing my head off at the absurdity of it all. I deleted it but I might have to go back and watch On Demand for the hell of it.

    • ladebra says:

      Hi Nickel ! I was laughing my tucas off this morning watching NY. It was so absurd it was hysterical! … And I think the reunion is going to be a rough one. Buckle up 😉

    • Powell says:

      Well Nickel you should have a bunch of “nickels” for all the time you’ve saved. LOL. Stay out of lurkdome and hang w/LynnFam. We’re not scary. At least I don’t think we are. 😉 👍

    • Toodybird says:

      So glad you posted on Lynn’s Place realhousewifeofaiken’s! Guess this episode pushed you to post, eh? I watched because of Ramona, then Ramonja. This year has been good. Every year is good without jz. Just SO thankful Aviva’s fazher was absent. Yeah, that Mario. Why do so many men stray? So, maybe…oh, another time. It’s not just men. Please continue posting. We love good people to come to our party.

  15. Powell says:

    At the very beginning of the season, even before that when Bravo put pic teasers on their site of the leg did anyone guess it would happen on the season finale?

    • Exit4 says:

      I figured it would. The always save the best for last!

    • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

      Hi Powell! I figured it would be a little closer to the end since it took so long for this season to air. I can’t wait for the reunion when Andy asks Ramona about Mario.

  16. EllaMinnoPea says:

    Good morning all! It’s been a long time since I’ve commented but I’ve continued to lurk. (I love to read the recaps here because then I don’t have to actually watch the scream-fests, so thanks!)

    I am part of something called Viewers Voice Panel and I basically get surveys from NBC about all their shows. I only answer the ones pertaining to the NYC, OC, and BH Housewives.

    A few weeks ago I answered a survey about NYC Housewives that asked a lot of questions about current cast, their husbands, and various of their friends – who we liked, who we wanted to see more of, who we wanted to see less of, etc. They wanted specifics as to why we liked or didn’t like particular housewives, and they wanted to know whose husbands we liked the most, how we felt about the interaction between some of the wives and their husbands, etc. I said that if I never saw Aviva and her disgusting father again it would be too soon. But I like Reid well enough. The next question was why, specifically, I didn’t like George so I said he’s a disgusting old letch who makes my skin crawl and I turn the show off when he’s on.

    The most interesting part was the question about former housewives returning (would we be more likely to watch if they returned). The options were Jill Zarin, Kelli Bensimon, and Cindy Bashop. I know Bethanny wasn’t a choice but I can’t recall if Alex was. I said NO! to all of the above.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Hey Ella! Thanks so much for representing us. I cosign your feedback 🙂

    • Powell says:

      Hey LMNOP. :-). What’s shakin? That’s interesting that you’re apart of a tv show panel. I think you answered for all of us. LOL. Excellent. 👍👍 I wonder if they really use the surveys.

  17. Exit4 says:

    TRex-Simon put up the jersey ratings. The Sunday episode at 8 was 1.6 million-a big decline. The 10pm had 760,000. So if you figure probably a little more then half were first time viewers, it’s still at around 2 million and change. Good for the franchise as a whole, still number 2 after Atlanta. Not good for NJ-since they usually beat that easily.

    Season 6 is around the right time for viewer fatigue-plus all the other drama. They need a good brawl-that usually brings in the viewers!

    • Wow! That really is low for a premiere. I think you’re right about viewer fatigue– that’s why I can’t get myself to even give the new cast members a chance. I can’t stand Tamra and Heather, btw.

      • Powell says:

        I haven’t liked Tamra since her 2nd season. Heather is very smart, well read and well spoken but she’s not smart enough to get that she shouldn’t use her good qualities in a belittling, condescending manner. That’s why people don’t like her.

        • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

          Exactly, Powell. I always gave Tamra a little pass, but she’s just too much and she goes out of her way to stir crap up because she feels like she’s doing the show a favor. Heather with the whole ambulance fiasco–I can’t! 🙂

    • T-Rex says:

      Well at the very least give the Bravo Folks reason now to drop the salaries on the show and the newbies can’t press for more money. I think the ratings will continue to drop, especially if they keep showing the ConvictFelonJuicy’s not taking responsibility for their actions, complaining about having no money, while spending wads of cash. I still think that this is ConvictFelonLyinTeresa’s last season, of course she has stated that she is going to whore her family out to any reality show that will have her. She is now a certified fame-whore and considers this fame-whoring her job.

    • emily says:

      I’m not watching NJ. I was kind of over it last season and now the Juicy Jo situation is just too sad and the new girls just seem skanky to me. I’ve really grown weary of all of the fighting and backstabbing. Who acts like that in real life??? I have never been in a fight or screaming match in public or my home…EVER!!! I just don’t understand those women.

  18. designernailsdiana says:

    I admit I watched last night. Empress Thank You for the blog today. My DH was half watching with me and he was shocked that Adiva tossed her leg on the table. She looked like she planned to do it, almost smiled or laughed as she did it too. Gotta keep a straight face when you’re acting like a ho-wife. The ending where they said what happened after filming flashed so fast I couldn’t read them all.
    I heard Adiva was fired from Ho-wives so no Chicklets George next season WOOHOO
    Her rambling Bravo blog was useless. She shed no light on anything we didn’t know already. Harry is a slimeball and is the NYC version of Brooks.
    I was on vacation last week enjoying the great outdoors in Northern Minnesota while camping with friends. It was gorgeous weather. Warm not hot days and cool nights. Lots of laughter around the campfires every night. Since we were camping with 18-22 people we divided the cooking duties. First night were sliders, fruit and salad. First morning was egg bake with toast and mimosas. Second night BBQ pulled pork, cole slaw and fruit. Now each couple provided everything for their meal, but the beverages. Second morning was French toast stuffed with cream cheese and bacon. Since I’m gluten free I gave the cook 2 slices of my g-free bread to use. It was terrible, but I ate every bite and thanked her for the meal. Third night was Sloppy Joes, Garlic grilled mini potatoes, green beans and chips. Here’s the kicker. The “french toast” maker “Linda” asked me if there were peppers in the sloppy joes. I had no clue, but I said it’s manwich sauce. She turned to her hubby and said “You can’t eat that”. I asked my DH to make him some brats so DH asked if he’d like brats. He cooked them up for him right away. She had a plate with 2 potatoes on it and didn’t eat. She went back to her trailer to get a yogurt. I was confused, but she’d been a bit of a complaining biatch for 2 days anyway so I wasn’t too surprised. She sat with a sour puss look on her face thru the entire meal. She left first without a word to anyone and we didn’t see her again until later that night around the fire. Did I miss something?? Nope, I had thwarted her plan to be a complainy biatch at our meal too. Ha ha. I didn’t speak another word to her. Now let me explain that “Linda” is the sister in law of our friends and she had been mean to my girl friend “Roxi” all the way to the campground, imagine how 18 hours of snippy bitchery would make you feel. Linda even made a snide comment when Roxi got up to go to get something from the trailer. “You want some wine with that?” Really???? She even said it wrong, like a few ho-wives we know.
    That was my drama while camping. Now, I don’t care if she comes back next year, but someone did say something to them about getting their sh*t together before next year because this was vacation for everyone else too.
    Best part has been 10 whole nights with my DH to be together, no work for him until tomorrow night.
    Not sure what I missed here, but fill me in on anything I need to know about please!!

    • Powell says:

      Hey Diana. I hope you and your dad are doing well. I hope you’re right about no more Leg. She blew it big time for her charity. She claims to do great work w/them but she’s a poor Ambassador. She should have had a benefit for them, highlighted more recipients. But she’s an idiot so into her illnesses.
      Wow you had a great vaca. Sounds like so much fun. And the food sure wasn’t campfire food. All very yummy. I’m glad you were able to luxuriate. But next time y’all leave cranky crabby Linda at home. She was trying to be a buzz kill. Glad you had her number. 👍

      • designernailsdiana says:

        Hold on a sec.., Adiva has a charity?? Must’ve missed all the talk about it.
        Dad is doing good tomorrow is eye injection day. 😉

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Hi Diana, welcome back! Good to hear about your vacation and quality time spent with 18-22 people…I’m sure you mostly appreciate time you and your husband had together!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Diana that sounds like a fun trip-even with the “complainer”…all those people and only one pain in the ass-I’d say that’s pretty good!! Glad you got some time with the Hubby!!!

  19. Amalfi says:

    I do believe that Carole has some good taste, but that sunburst clock on her wall was hideous. And she converted her kitchen into an office? I know she doesn’t care about food, she said (read…doesnt eat unless in public to satiate the nosy) but she must also not care about resale value on that property…. or she doesn’t mind living in a what is basically a luxury dorm now.

    Carole is 50, smart and doing pretty well, even though I find less and less to like about her But seriously…you are not a 20 yr college jr and living and acting like your is getting… well old.

    • Amalfi says:

      *your = you are

    • I liked her apt too except for that hideous looking thing. I didn’t even notice it was a clock.mon her not having a kitchen– I think the contractor friend told her to keep the kitchen but she insisted that she’d never use it. Who knows? 🙂 did you see the reunion preview? Carole has platinum blonde hair –not a good look on her.

      • Amalfi says:

        I havent seen that preview! Wow I think platinum blonde on her will be very aging .. like one of those beautiful white gray women – though that is probably not the look she is going for 🙂 And you;re right if she really likes it the way she is and intends to live there forever, then it will suit her well… it isnt as though she will have to worry about children and if she gets married, she strikes as the kind of chick who would keep her place.

        • Foxymel11(mel) says:

          Amalfi, the blonde seems to look like an ombre color– blonde on top and very blonde on the bottom and she has it stick straight and same length. I think with that color it may need to be cut at like the collar bone level. She should’ve left the ombre she had on the show, it looked better.

          • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

            Amalfi, the blonde seems to look like an ombre color– blonde on top and very blonde on the bottom and she has it stick straight and same length. I think with that color it may need to be cut at like the collar bone level. She should’ve left the ombre she had on the show, it looked better.

            Sorry if this posts twice

          • chismosa™ says:

            I AGREE

            Brunette worked better for her

        • Amalfi, the blonde seems to look like an ombre color– blonde on top and very blonde on the bottom and she has it stick straight and same length. I think with that color it may need to be cut at like the collar bone level. She should’ve left the ombre she had on the show, it looked better.

          Sorry if this posts twice

    • Powell says:

      Well if Carole ever sells her apt she’ll have no choice but to put the kitchen back. It’ll cost her but if done right for the time she’ll get the money back plus some. I hope she bought the $9,000 and the smaller purse. 🙂

      • Exit4 says:

        The kitchen is still a kitchen! There’s pics online, stove, oven everything. She just has a desk in there. You can’t see the fridge-I think with the angle-the person taking the pic is next to it behind it.

    • Itsnotreality says:

      I have not seen the episode so I have no idea what her apartment looks like. Does she truly not have not even a microwave or fridge? So does she have to go out and get even a cup of coffee or a snack? I sometimes am supper busy and maybe go three days eating takeout or eating out, but then I just need to make something myself since I just start feeling so blah. I mean she can’t even heat up takeout. To me this is just so impractical but then again I don’t live in NYC so maybe that is more the norm there.

      • It still looked like a kitchen to me but I didn’t notice if she still had a fridge. I know I didn’t see an oven. She has what a lot of kitchens now have–a little desk inside the kitchen.

    • kit9 says:

      Ok, as far as I can see, the kitchen is still there. I saw a stovetop, a dishwasher, a sink and a fridge. The only thing different is a tiny built in desk.

  20. HuskerHuny says:

    She (Ramona) also told Carole that she and Mario were like a thunderbolt when they met. They still have hot sex. The word on the street is that sometimes it’s with each other.

    Classic line Empress – good work!

  21. mrs peabody says:

    I want everyone to know I have a team too, I have a hairdresser, a person who does my toe polish, a mailman, a neighbor, a clerk at the grocery store I really like, a person who waits on me when I go drive-up at Wendy’s, a paperboy, a yard person so my husband doesn’t have to do it as much anymore, I guess he is part of his team not mine, a mechanic, and I think that is all. I don’t have any contracts but I do go to this office every day where they pay me to show up (of course I do have to work) and I got my legs smashed between 2 cars once. I think rather than a team party for them I’ll send them all a Xmas card, that way no flying legs. I just wanted you all to know I too have a team!

    • Powell says:

      LOL Mrs P. Then I have a team too. 🙂 Sorry about your legs being smashed at one time. My uncle had the same thing happen to him in a car accident. He’s perfectly fine now but it wasn’t pretty at the time.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I’m fine now too but was in a lot of pain for about 6 weeks. Scared me to death though, the guy reared ended us and hit us 3 times and I thought he was going to hit me 3 times too and cut my legs off. Moral never walk between your car and the car that hit you when the driver is drunk.

  22. Veena (NMD) says:

    I am just shaking my head reading the recap. Avila is all kinds of wrong.

    Finished the hike, seen the Matternorn, resting and hoping to be able to walk again at some point ….

  23. not THAT Jill says:

    Hahahahaha hahha

    • Powell says:

      Idiot. Shouldn’t the books have been sent to her publisher so that she could sign them and they send them back to the owner?

      • T-Rex says:

        How would they have her address? I call complete BS on this. She doesn’t have money for a doctor X-ray, and a book return would be at least 5 to 6 dollars per return plus envelopes, how would she afford that. Nope I think folks are sending her back her books for her to keep them cause it’s garbage. But She is THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-MORON-STFUBrandi so no telling what the hell she is really talking about since most every thing she says is a complete and utter lie

    • chismosa™ says:

      LOL Jill you must be dying ! Hysterical !

      She’s such an idiot !!!!!

    • Toodybird says:

      Yyyyyyow, rrrrright. Ssssssso many people desire your (place adjective here) signature.

  24. catmom1 says:

    When Aviva threw her leg up on the table and yelled that it was the only fake thing about her, all I could think of was, “But what about your breast implants (ok, in my head I said boobs)????”

  25. Itsnotreality says:

    Hi, I hope everyone’s doing good, I was just wondering if anyone has heard from Diva and how she is doing. Tommorrow I am actually going to be passing by through her town, so I thought about her.

    • Powell says:

      Hey. No Diva hasn’t been around for some time now. Every now and then one of us will comment how we miss her. I often think of her and Mr. Ford. I hope they are doing well too.

  26. VV™ says:

    I don’t know if this is true. How did they come to the conclusion she was filming from these pics?

    Lisa Rinna Caught Filming RHOBH in Revealing Little Black Dress (PHOTOS)

  27. boston02127 says:

    @designernailsdiana ~~~~ I think the leg toss was planned too. I think she had a 3rd leg in a bag. How can a prosthetic leg pop off that easily? I would think the leg would have some suction or some prosthetic glue substance that we don’t know about to keep it on when she walks.

  28. Anne says:

    Am I the only one hoping that the next edition of the People’s Couch will include the RHONY finale? I think that might be more entertaining that actually watching it myself.

  29. lillybee says:

    Slightly off topic, but today I found some Skinny Girl hummus in my local discount grocery.

    • chismosa™ says:

      She’s got a whole bunch of things – kale chips, all sorts of snacks.
      I was into the sparkling water —to at least try – but it has sucralose – certainly NOT natural.

      I wonder how much Bethenny nets off these extra foods.
      I bought the agave sweetener.
      She can’t make thaaaat much from it, no?

      I wonder. Maybe she can afford her own size pajamas now. 😉

      • lillybee says:

        She said that she only sold the booze part of Skinny Girl, so who knows. The fact that her hummus showed up at a discount grocery leads me to believe that it isn’t doing so good.

    • Good morning Chismosita! Just saw that Lisa Rinna along with ex. Soap Star, Emily joining. Thanks for posting. I guess Bravo figures since they are pros, then they should be able to follow the script. Can you imagine if they reduced Brandi’s role to friend? One can only hope.

      Have a great day!

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Oh my gosh, as if they need two more actresses! 🙄
      And I watched Days for decades – so I know their work and they’ll bring “their work” to the show.

  30. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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