Real Housewives Of New Jersey – Trash Talking / Don’t Be Tardy – Making The Cut

RHONJ LOGOReal Housewives Of New Jersey

S6E3  “Trash-Talking”

By HydrangeaHussy

This week begins with Joe and Melissa.  They are beginning a garbage company, apparently invest “a lotta, lotta” money in it.  Melissa doesn’t seem to think it was a wise investment of all of their money.  She asks if its regular garbage trucks, and Joe says that the trucks are very expensive.  They are bright blue.  We learn that they aren’t regular garbage trucks – they are special document disposal trucks.  I work for a court, so I’m familiar with these.  We have someone come to our office almost weekly to properly dispose of confidential documents.  Joe says that he invested more than he told Melissa.  He plans to put-off the house building.  Oh yeah, I’m sure that’s going to make her happy.  Melissa is so ready to be out of their “tiny house.”  You know, the one that’s way bigger than mine.

RHONJ S6E3_1At Amber’s house, her son is playing with a glass at the table and making up rhymes or something.  Her family is old-school and believes in the kids being polite and respectful.  Apparently this includes doing push-ups for misbehaving at the table.  Sounds to me like they’re way too focused on how their kids appear to the world.  They are making another family-oriented commercial for her husband’s company.  They’re going to have the kids play loan officers in the new commercial.  Not sure if that’s a good marketing strategy.  I wouldn’t want a loan company that makes jokey-commercials, save that for the car sales commercials.

They’re taking pictures for the new cookbook at Teresa’s house, but Milania isn’t cooperating.  I heart this girl!  Milania is my favorite so far this season, lol.  That kid tells it like it is.  She is terrorizing the crew – calling everyone a butthole.  Amber and Melissa are in the car, presumably going to Teresa’s tea-party event.  Amber thinks that they have some unresolved issued, but she’s glad to rekindle the friendship with someone she knew before cancer.  She asks Melissa about the twins, but Melissa hasn’t talked to the twins much.  Amber says that she hasn’t talked to them since they crashed her party.  You’re not crashing if you’re invited.  They talk about Nicole’s divorce.  Amber doesn’t want to be a gossip, but she tells Melissa that she heard that Nicole broke up a family, rather than Nicole’s husband cheating on her.  This girl is jumping right in to the gossip, drama, and backstabbing!

RHONJ S6E3_4Dina arrives.  She can’t remember a calm moment at Teresa’s house.  The event is a small group of friends and family to test the products.  They introduce Amber to the kids.  Melissa is Gabriella’s godmother and Dina is Audriana’s godmother.   Dina is amazed that Teresa is still such a good mom and hostess, while she’s in so much turmoil.  Dina is asked by the producers if she’s closer to Teresa than to her own sister (assuming Caroline) and she says that she isn’t answering that.  I was impressed that she chose not to go there, though I shouldn’t be surprised since neither of them has commented on their feud.  Ugh!  I want to know what happened!  Teresa has the ladies blindfolded and they taste some of the food.  Amber takes a moment to apologize to Teresa if she was offended by anyone at her party.  Teresa says that they’re working to get through it and are being strong for the kids.  Amber is touched and emotional watching Teresa with her kids.  She tells Teresa that she survived breast cancer and understands the need to keep your kids close in a difficult time.  Dina isn’t buying it.  Amber barely knows Teresa but is getting overly emotional about Teresa’s situation.  It was overkill to me.

RHONJ S6E3_2Teresa and Juicy are having dinner with the twins at Angelo’s, one of Rino’s restaurants.  Teresa A. likes Teresa, even though people say that she’s dumb.  They are impressed that Teresa has several cookbooks.  Teresa thinks that it’s good for Juicy to get out of the house.  He asks Nicole and Bobby when they’re getting married.  They’ve only been together for eight months.  Nicole is tired of people asking where her relationship is heading; she just wants to let things take their course.  Teresa A. brings up the legal drama, offering any help that the Giudice’s may need.  Rino says that they just met and want to support them.  Teresa is happy that they have people around them to support them.  The guys invite Juicy to a guys’ night with Rino, Bobby, and Amber’s husband.  It seems like it was a nice, low-key, no-drama dinner.  Rino really got on my nerves in the first episode, but he was a little more laid-back and likable in this scene.

Melissa meets Amber for lunch.  The two were young and partied together.  Melissa explains that they are supposed to be building a new house.  Amber makes a comment about women’s independence – she likes being a wife.  Cut to Amber’s house, where things are chaos.  Bobby, Nicole’s boyfriend, arrives.  Bobby brought the kids some McDonald’s, which Amber doesn’t let them have.  He also makes them milkshakes with non-organic milk.  The horror!  Jim is the disciplinarian in the house, but is more laid-back with the kids’ food.  At dinner, Amber and Melissa talk careers.  Amber has done several commercials, so she’s an actress.  Amber says that having cancer made her realize how important family is.  Melissa tells Amber that she didn’t know.  Amber says that she can’t imagine how Melissa didn’t know, and that she wrote Melissa off.  The two agree that they lost touch for some reason, but they are now moving on.  Back at the house, Bobby tells Jim about the guys’ night out.  Jim notes that Juicy and Joe fight all of the time, and he doesn’t want to be involved in that.  Jim is the president of a bank and is involved in fraud investigations, so he can’t be around someone who was indicted for mortgage fraud.  I don’t blame him, he doesn’t need to be associated with that.

Dina visits Lexi at work.  I’m so glad that Lexi is back on the show.  I couldn’t take any more scenes of Dina and her cats.  Lexi got an email from NYU.  She did not get in on early admission.  From what I remember, there’s still a chance she’ll get in on regular admission though.  I remember how stressful college admissions were.  Lexi says that it’s hard to know that a group of people didn’t see her as good enough.  Dina has a gift for her; it’s a snake bracelet to represent strength and change.

RHONJ S6E3_3It’s guys’ night out.  Richie and Rosie join them for bowling.  She hopes that it’ll take Juicy’s mind off his troubles.  Rino loves Rosie instantly.  Juicy asks where Jimmy is and Bobby answers sort-of-honestly.  He says that Jimmy was nervous to be around them because they fight.  Joe is offended because he’s a straight-up, clean-cut guy.  Yeah, right!  Bobby is having a party to celebrate and honor first-responders.  After Hurricane Sandy, he was so moved by the first responders that he went to the academy and joined them.  This must be the party from previews, where all of the drama starts.

Dina has a medium/psychic at her house.  He has a comforting way of letting people what’s going to happen and he talks to dead people.  He tells Dina that she’s going through great change and will not live in the house next year.  I could have told her that.  Teresa is coming over and James is going to read her.  He already knows about the legal drama.  Teresa immediately likes James’ bright greeting.  He tells her that she’s in a legal dispute.  He asks if she’s thinking of moving, which she knows nothing about.  Teresa doesn’t want to have to move.  She gives James some photos to read.  James asks if Juicy’s father has passed on.  That’s kind of creepy.  Juicy carries a lot of responsibility on his shoulders.  James thinks that Teresa won’t go to jail, but he isn’t sure about Juicy.  He will definitely do some time or pay restitution.  Teresa is trying to focus only on the good and be strong.  She wants to know why this is happening to them.  Umm, because you committed numerous bank crimes!  This isn’t something that just happened out of the blue!  Take some responsibility!

RHONJ S6E3_5Melissa meets the twins for some shopping.  She tells the twins that the guys had fun bowling.  Nicole tells Melissa that Jimmy didn’t go because he was scared of Juicy and Joe fighting.  She also tells Melissa that Jimmy didn’t want to be with Juicy because of the legal troubles.  Melissa is pissed that Amber’s husband is talking badly about her family.  Melissa thinks that Amber has changed since she knew her before.  Nicole says that she doesn’t know why Amber wanted to be friends with Melissa when she had talked so badly about her.  Melissa says that she wants to be honest with the twins, so she tells Nicole that Amber was talking about her former marriage and wrecking a family.  Nicole denies it.  Melissa says that she wanted to give Nicole the opportunity to explain herself, if it was true.  I think she may have wanted to stir up drama, though she’s playing it off like she knows how it feels to have rumors spread about you.  Nicole and Teresa A. decide to go to Amber’s house immediately.   Not what I would have done and a slight over-reaction in my opinion.  Immediate confrontation is never a good idea.  Teresa A. doesn’t even have time to take off the clothes she was trying on.  This is not going to end well.

In the car, Nicole isn’t thinking and is very worked up.  They don’t understand why Amber would make something so horrible up.  Teresa A. says that they should wait until Bobby’s party to confront Amber.  Nicole doesn’t want to have confrontation in front of the kids.  Why would you confront her at your boyfriend’s party?  Is that really the best time and/or place?



Don’t Be Tardy

S3E3 “Making The Cut”

By TexasTart

Last week, there were baby baths in the kitchen with lots of discussion and action taken on getting help in the home. It’s bath time again in grand central station, for the 3 month old twins.  Everyone seems to migrate to the kitchen, except Brielle.  Kroy is bathing Kaia and Kim is up next with Kane.

DBT S3E3_1Kim complains that she’s not feeling good, feels like she has cramps. Kroy asks if it’s her time and she said, it should be, but it’s not happening.  Kim goes to the doctor and he takes a look with an ultrasound.  She’s not pregnant. The cramps could be from ovulation and even though she’s late, he suggests she wait it out.

Back at the house, Kroy is in the home gym doing physical therapy exercises for his Achilles tendon and Kim joins him to complain about how she looks (insert eye roll here).  How she needs to work out (insert laughter here) and she wants her boobs back up to here and her stomach flat (don’t we all!).  She wants the old Kim back.  She asks Kroy what are they going to do about birth control and before he can answer, she says that once she gets her boobs and tummy done, she will kill a bitch if Kroy gets her pregnant.  She wants Kroy to have a vasectomy and there is some playful talk between the two that has to do with his private parts.

Ariana is twelve and boy crazy. She spies the new pool boy and rushes to brush her hair and get out by the pool.  Lana spies Ariana flirting with the pool boy and tries to get her to stop, of course, she doesn’t listen, because she’s twelve!  Lana runs like a little girl, hollering to Kim “Ariana’s flirting!”  Kim rushes out and rounds her up her daughter and compliments the pool boy on a good job.  Kim didn’t want him to feel awkward as she was basically dragging Ariana away by the arm.

Kim’s best friend of fourteen years, Jen stops by the house for a visit.  Jen is pregnant for the first time and Kim says since Jen was there for five of her pregnancies she wants to return the favor. So what does Kim do, but open a bottle of wine.  Way to be there for your friend and don’t forget the Solo cup, because those wine glasses, sometimes stink.  I still have not figured out how that’s possible. Maybe Kim didn’t wash them!  Kim gives her friend the sound advice to have her nipples sucked before the pregnancy and well, needless to say, that’s what Kroy did. I tell you, these two are perfect for each other.

When the new maid was there in the last episode and Jen arrived in this episode, it’s been noted about the Christmas trees STILL being up. I don’t know the time, but obviously, Kim can’t let go of the damn tree!

Kroy is now headed to have a vasectomy and Kim drives him home. He seems fairly drugged and uncomfortable, probably not only from a surgery of this nature, but his brilliant idea to wear denim pants.  They settle him in the man cave, in his denim pants, of course, with a blanket on top.  Kim is laid out on the couch moaning that she is finally having her time of the month and it hurts.

DBT S3E3_2Lana has to care for the both of them and there is a lot of running up and down stairs.  Kroy talks to Kim about snuggling naked and she can’t believe he’s thinking of that now. He tells her with a big grin “I’ll be good in a day”.

Tune in Thursday as the Biermann Bunch will load up in an RV bus headed for vacation in Destin, Florida.


Happy Birthday



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  1. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Good day everyone and special happy one for Zoekayla, I hope you have a wonderful day! 😀

  2. Orson says:

    I figure Kim insisted on Kroy getting snipped because if she got her tubes done, she have trouble snagging another husband.

  3. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. So far it’s a beautiful day. I hope you get a piece of it. Have a great day.

  4. Powell says:

    Happy Birthday Zoekayla.

  5. not THAT Jill says:

    Good morning everyone-hope you all had an enjoyable weekend!
    Little excitement in my neighborhood this morning-one the neighborhood cats had her kittens under a dumpster that was in a driveway-the dumpster was removed this morning and 3 brand new kittens were underneath. The Mama ran away b/c the noise from the truck was so loud and she hasn’t come back yet. I’m not a cat person so I’m not sure what to do but thank God one of my neighbors came out and is watching over them from a distance. We have a very large cat population in my neighborhood b/c one family is feeding like 15 cats-we are over run!! It’s getting a bit crazy!! The kittens are so tiny -I hope the Mama comes back for them. I can’t spend all day sitting on my steps watching-I’m taking Maggie to the City to shop at American Girl!! Although she may want to wait till the Mama cat comes back!!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      The Mama came and picked up the kittens-idk where she moved them but I’m glad she didn’t leave them!!

    • Powell says:

      Have fun Maggie. 👧

      • not THAT Jill says:

        We decided not to go today-looks like rain is coming and Maggie doesn’t feel so great-I think she’s coming down with a summer cold!

    • chismosa™ says:

      Jill – glad it went ok with kitties.

      American Girl—-my friends and I were discussing. My one friend with 2 boys is dying to go there so she’s trying to convince my friend with one girl to MAKE her go. LOL
      That daughter is only in I believe going into first grade. But she’s such a shy girl- I don’t think she knows of them or wants one.
      My friend with the boys (crazy redhead Irish bestie of mine)- just wants to go regardless!
      I remember because I used to work down the block from there women walking with bags and bags from there. That place is SO successful!
      You can eat and stuff there too right?
      My friend said she’s sad they “retired” the original girl- Sarah? I don’t know ….
      Have fun and it’s sunny here in Long Island so ….

      I hope Maggie feels better 😦

      • not THAT Jill says:

        It turned out to be a beautiful day!! Maggie slept a little more and felt much better-but it was getting late so we didn’t go- we will go after our trip to Cape Cod (another vacation-I’m a lucky woman!!).
        I love American Girl-love it! Everything is super expensive but it’s just a fun shopping trip to take once a year!! You can “tea” or lunch and dinner-it’s all very cute and girly!! One of my sisters has 2 boys and she was so mad I was going to take Maggie today b/c she was working and couldn’t come! She’s making me promise to go on a day she has off!!

  6. So couple thoughts on last nights episode: First, I don’t think I would trust that my important documents be disposed of properly by a company that Joe owns. Also like I said last night I don’t find Milania’s behavior cute or funny. Now, I know some kids are energetic and over the top at times, but she is just plain disrespectful and over the top in her behavior. A lot of parents these days just let there kids run wild then when they get older try to reign them in. They then wonder what went wrong. Nope doesn’t work that way, you have to start as soon as you can. The new girl that used to be friends with Melissa needs to chill. Yes she had cancer but if she and Melissa lost touch how was Melissa supposed to know. It seems that she and her family are kind of just being fake. When they were about to pray over their food all of kids kind of looked like they were thinking we never do that. I think one of the kids even said why are we praying. I don’t think that the twins add anything to the show accept to confuse me on who is who. Last, the physic that was on has been on lots of shows, I think he even had his own for awhile.

    • Powell says:

      I can see she’s going to be a handful as a teen.

      • Yup, my husbands cousin has a son who reminds me of Milania. He was just like that and his parents never said anything. One time they were visiting us and the little boy was just running arround all over. He started jumping on my bed and trying to reach the light fixture right above it. He finally decides to throw a phone at it. It was sort of a small chandelier and glass went flying everywhere. His parents just said oh ” child’s name”. That’s it didn’t even try to clean it up or offer to replace it or anything. The boy can behave and follow direction because he has with me and others his parents just don’t feel like dealing with him. He is now medicated just so he can behave his mother has admitted to that.

        • jezzibel says:

          If I had to be in the same room as Milania, I would be looking to see if I could get elephant tranquilizers on Amazon or Ebay, its not cute or funny any more.

    • Powell says:

      LOL “why are we praying?”. She should’ve had them saying Grace two mths before taping. Haha. Rookie. 😝

    • jezzibel says:

      Gabriella has and will always be my favorite of all the HW children, she so quiet, self-contained, and appears to be self-sufficient(from what little we’ve actually seen of her).

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I agree with you about MIliana, yes she has said some funny things before but part of the humor of it, was that it was said with some childhood silliness and innocence but what I saw last night was truly awful and rude behavior (it was the same last week or the week before when she was screaming at the hairdresser). I can understand how kids can be rambunctious sometimes and say things that make us cringe but last night took it to a whole other level. Miliana was straight up MEAN and if I was her mother I would be mortified..and do a heck of a lot more than just say her name…then go back to whatever it was I was doing.

      I can only hope she doesn’t treat the other kids in school this way or she will be labeled a bully.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I also agree with you about not using Joe’s company. I mean, his sister and BIL had a 49 count indictment against them for fraud

      • jezzibel says:

        Milania is at the point where her words and actions are no longer cute or precocious.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          That little girl is just plain FRESH!! She used to crack me up but now I see she is no longer funny-she’s mean and rude. Grabbing the camera and calling the camera man a butthole?? OMG!! Someone needs to show that child that she is not the boss and she needs to learn to have respect-she has NONE! It’s not cute-it’s annoying and sad. If Maggie called anyone a “butthole” (especially an adult) she would be in so much trouble and she would know it the second the words came out her mouth!!

      • T-Rex says:

        I don’t watch the show, but this sounds like trouble brewing for TheConvicFelonLyinJuicy’s, if at her age they cannot control her. Oh and did I read this right was ConvictFelonLyinTeresa actually telling her very young daughter to “twerk” for the cameras? Seriously, Seriously, for the cameras you are going to have your small daughter do something very adult like that. We already know that their daughter has an inappropriate twatter account, I say inappropriate because someone that age should not have a twatter account and she has had it for two years.

        I am sorry I know folks keep saying these two dolts are good parents, but I don’t see it from what I read here on the blogs. They sound like selfish idiots who are out for themselves, just because you provide food and clothing and don’t beat your kids, does not mean you are a good parent. I remember the first season wherein their kids tore up an entire store and she did NOTHING, she just threw down wads of cash to purchase some items and left the mess behind, she didn’t even try to clean it up!

      • Orson says:

        She strikes me just as a chip off her mother’s block.

  7. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Thanks for the blogs ladies, they were a fantastic read. I don’t watch Tardy but can anyway tell me how the little boy broke his leg and why the nanny was getting blamed for it?

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Hi Rabble! The nanny, Lana, said she was horseplaying with KJ in his closet and if I understood correctly, they fell down in the process. It was a fracture and she was terribly distraught that it happened on her watch. Kim didn’t throw any blame and said she knows that Lana loves her boys…but Brielle said that Lana was crying “because it’s her fault.”

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Hi Jan, Thanks. I feel bad for that poor kid, didn’t he also fracture his arm last year? I am sure it was an accident though. I am sure that Kroy and Kim have nanny camera’s everywhere and if something concerning was happening they would figure it out.

        • Jan (TexasTart) says:

          I don’t remember anything happening to his arm…not to say it didn’t, I just don’t remember that and I follow her on Twitter for many years.

          In the first episode Kim said they have 59 cameras in her house and she doesn’t trust anyone and want’s everyone to know they are watched with her babies…or something to that effect. They showed actual images (a four way split screen) from cameras as a scene separator in the show (which I think is a really cool aspect of the show). Therefore, when this happened, they actually showed footage from the boys’ room, steps that lead to the room, other adjacent rooms. We (the viewer) hears what I believe is actual audio from his cry and actually see Kim and Kroy running through to get him. Wonder if they don’t have a camera in the closet now?! I think it’s an accident though.

  8. rabblerouser2010R says:

    I also don’t think Joe invested 2mil into that truck. I think he is lying and is trying to play like a big time spender.

    • mrs peabody says:

      The only way that guy invested that kind of money was if he took out a loan for it, there is no way he has 2 mil just laying around to invest. And since I doubt he could get a loan for that I call BS on what he said. I think the only people on that show that ever had money was Caroline and her family. The rest of them just live on their credit cards.

    • T-Rex says:

      Okay, I happen to have an “in” with two major truck manufacturers for the Trash industry including shredding trucks and NO they do not cost that much money! I asked them what a “tricked out” top of the line truck model 2015 would run, and they said the top of the line could run $300K each and this is for a state of the art model, with a LOT of upgrades and she has only “heard” about this price, they don’t sell one that high. She said that most run around 125k-225K, new, with loads of bells and whistles. NOW, this is Florida pricing, she joked that what someone might have to pay for up in New York and New Jersey is the rights to “own” a truck, i.e. the Mafia-price(allegedly). The trash industry is still from what I understand owned by the mob(allegedly),

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I don’t think Joe was talking about the cost of only the truck-I think he was talking about buying the business.

        • T-Rex says:

          JnnTj, that would make MUCH more sense then, I am not watching so going by what folks are posting and asking. Also, it is New Jersey I would assume that the business would cost a chunk of change to get into, it can be a very lucrative business. Our local Trash pickup is Waste Management and they are a 15 billion dollar company, now this company started in 1971 in Chicago, but they grew that business to a billion dollar industry over many years. Now, with that being said, I researched Shredding companies and the largest one started in 1989 back when this shredding stuff really started and he grew it to 22 million by 1996, now also note this company is the largest company and has offices/franchises across the world. JoeDontTrashMe-Mego, is not going to probably make anywhere near that, and I can’t see anywhere, where he has actually “purchased” the company or purchased a franchise of an existing company. I will keep digging though!

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            On Melissa’s blog, she said the shredding was only one part of the operation,. She said they then take the shredded documents then convert it into energy or magic beans ( I can’t remember).

            Either way, I don’t think Joey had 2 million or even 200k to toss in.

            • T-Rex says:

              RR- I do remember now, that JoeDontTrashMe-Mego was in the Trash business when he met Melissa, then they started flipping houses. Could be he went back into it, but NO WAY they have 2 million in cash on hand to buy into a franchise or business, unless they threw in that tragedy of a house they are trying to STILL unload after stating(lying) they sold it. This business would have been purchased almost 8 months ago and there would be some documentation of his ownership filed somewhere at this point and I find NOTHING, but still digging. New Jersey business information is harder to get to.

              • T-Rex says:

                Okay just checked the Business Entity, Trade Name and Trade/Service for New Jersey and NO new businesses with a GORGA last name has been issued since 2011 for anyone with that last name as a party to a business as “Principal Name (Officer/Director, Manager, Managing Member, etc.)”

            • not THAT Jill says:

              I’m not believing Joey had MILLIONS to put into anything!! He probably put Ina little and the 2 other guys who were there put up the rest…where the hell would he get MILLIONS?

  9. not THAT Jill says:

    Hi hi-so Piper and Leann were in Coyote Ugly together-at some point Piper started messing around with Leann’s boyfriend-Andrew something. This was YEARS ago.
    Leann came out with an Album called Spitfire sometime last year. The picture on the album cover is being compared to an old picture of Piper-the Leann haters are saying she is still stalking Piper (I don’t know if she ever was but the haters love to say she stalks people) and is still jealous of her after all these years.
    Stupid story made up by stupid people who live to hate.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Here is a link to the picture that the haters use as proof that Leann is a stalker and a copy cat

    • chismosa™ says:

      THANK YOU!

      I know coyote ugly but didn’t know that stuff! Wow.

      Will check out the links. Leann is just a big BAG OF CRA-CRA.
      She and Brandi should be besties the way they are with men and not “closing your legs to married men”
      Trash boxes! 🙈

  10. T-Rex says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would question as to why Jim wasn’t around TheConvicFelonLyinGorillaJuicy, espescially on FILM. He is in the bank and loan industry of course he wouldn’t want to be seen with someone who committed bank and IRS fraud. Especially since a mere 3 months after this is filmed they plead GUILTY to some of those charges. Nice to hear at least one Ho-wife husband on this franchise has an actual brain.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I totally understand why he wouldn’t want to be around him too but what did he think was going to happen when he went on this show. Did he not think about that when him and his wife signed up for it…..he knew the Joes fight so he knew the husbands were filmed together (with the exception of Dina’s husband when she was on in the early years), did he just think he’d get a pass on that. If I was him I would not want to be associated with Tre/Joe period given my position at the bank and how I have to work with the prosecutor at times, therefore, no way would I agree to be on this show.

      • T-Rex says:

        I think his wife really, really wanted to be on the show and I don’t think these husbands realize what all is involved, seriously I don’t. The Manzo men as you point out really didn’t have much air time, and I don’t believe for a minute that the families don’t get extra money by having their husbands and children also appear on the show. I have to agree that I can’t believe ,given his position, that he would do the show.

        • cusi77 says:

          Not defending the fact that the Giudices,,, BUT the Banks and the Loan companies are as guilty as the ones who lied to obtain the loan… have they checked correctly …. not loan had be approved

          • T-Rex says:

            The bank officer they used was given probation and other items for her part, however, the bank isn’t liable, TheConvictFelonLyinJuicy’s forged and lied on the documents to obtain the loans, the paperwork looks legitimate, it’s just everything they used to get the loans were a complete and utter lie.

    • Go online and research Jim Marchese a little…he has his own set of legal issues. Those in glass house should NEVER throw BRICKS!

      • Jeannie5233 says:

        Yup. And maybe shouldn’t appear on reality shows where it is pretty much assured your dirty laundry will be aired. Marchese’s dirty laundry is pretty filthy. In fact, much dirtier than anything any of these other cast members have done. Allegedly messing around with people’s cancer drugs and trying to sell them off market with a kickback scheme is dangerous and could actually cause someone’s death. He’s got real cojones to say he shouldn’t associate with Giudice. What a joke. Hypocrite, much?! And that’s the least of his character flaws.

        • Jan (TexasTart) says:

          Hi Jeannie, I had to edit your post to allow it.

        • mrs peabody says:

          Isn’t that interesting, guess it’s kind of like calling the pot callilng the kettle black. I wonder why the prosecuting atty would want to work with someone who also has had his share of problems. Interesting indeed.

        • chismosa™ says:

          Interesting Jeannie —

          Their little fire drills and eating organic crap and no this and that seems too annoying. I’m ALL for strictness but – get a life !

          How he could have been doing stuff with cancer -related stuff is crazy—as his wife had her battle !?!?!?! (Wait – did she ? Because I don’t remember if Amber said ‘cancer’ or not at all. 😆 😉) not putting down cancer- just it’s use as a ‘story’ and ploy in these shows

          The manly looking one VanASSa on Crowns 👑 also battled i believe.

  11. HuskerHuny says:

    It’s going to be a wonderful, unseasonably cool week in my neighborhood. The a/c is off and the windows are wide open. Bought me some really good sweet corn at the local farmers market on Saturday and it was sooooo good. Went to my hometown county parade yesterday and then down to the fairgrounds. A typical county fair with cows, pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens, baked goods, quilts, school art, 4-H, carnival, rodeo, demo derby, live music, etc. It’s good to be from a small community and county. Life is so good.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I grew up in a small town but live in the city now and have for 40+ years. Sometimes I still miss that small town living. Used to love going to the county fair growing up.

  12. cusi77 says:

    Good Afternoon Everyone!

    Gtrsy Blogs HH and Tartsy!

    I was very impressed by James Van Praag (I watched a movie of his life) Gee… If this scene was taped before Juicy’s dad passed (RIP)… The guy could be the real deal. JMHO.

    I am still without Computer and thinking about all of you dear friends! I am a dope to read and comment by my new iphone… I am happy at least I can be in contact by FB.

  13. Powell says:

    Yes Hydrangea. “Honey lets get a loan from that company that does the commercial with the kids in it.” 👎👎

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Yeah, like the kids are doing the paperwork, I agree with HH, maybe that’s okay for a car dealership, but not for mortgage finance!

      I also thought it was so funny when HydrangeaHussy said “I’m so glad that Lexi is back on the show. I couldn’t take any more scenes of Dina and her cats.” LOL

  14. Powell says:

    So the Joe’s fighting and Juicy’s legal woes are just a figment of everyone’s imagination huh? Jim is 💯 correct and Mel should have just kept her mouth shut.

  15. Happy Monday!!! Good wishes to everyone for the week.

  16. Can we start a drinking game? Every time Amber mention “The Cancer”, you must drink. Kinda like on WWHL only better! Maybe each week we could choose another word to add to the mix.

    • Itsnotreality says:

      I know she said it in every scene she was in. I get it, that is a life changing thing but use it as inspiration to be better and grateful for everything. Instead she uses it as a crutch I think.

      • ladebra says:

        The twins on WWHL (there’s no love lost between the twins and Amber so who knows) said Amber actually said she was playing the cancer card as part of her story line.

        • T-Rex says:

          This I could totally believe. Now, I have Cancer, and if I were to ever go on a reality show(i would never do a reality show), I might play up the Cancer to bring awareness, not as a martyr like she is doing though. She did survive her cancer, and she should bring awareness of the disease, but not use it like a crutch either and to make people feel bad they didn’t know. I couldn’t give two craps about someone NOT knowing I have cancer, even if they are all over my Facebook page or should know through mutual friends, etc. People have their own lives and trials and tribulations why should they remember I have something I don’t bring up on a constant basis. She is ridiculous, look show you raising awareness through charity, visiting hospitals etc. not berating someone who didn’t remember you had the disease.

          • Itsnotreality says:

            Yes, I completely agree with you and hope I didn’t offend you. It’s not that she can’t or shouldn’t bring it up. She should use to bring awareness and help others that are going through it. Instead she brings up in every scene as a way to bring the conversation back to her and to make others feel guilty. I have lupus and I don’t go around telling everyone I meet about it. I go to a support group and try to help others that are older or worse off than me as much I can. I also try to contribute and raise money for lupus. English is my third language and sometimes things I say come out in the wrong way.

            • T-Rex says:

              Oh gosh NO, you did NOT offend me in ANY WAY, shape or form, and I apologize if it seemed that way. And I am totally with you, she is using the word and her Disease in a lot of wrong ways, in my opinion. As you have a debilitating disease as well, you know you wouldn’t just go around accusing folks that they “should have known”, it’s ridiculous. Now, if she was saying the word in a positive light and doing things for the cameras to enhance awareness, that would be different. You are on a national Reality TV show, I would be going around and talking to survivors and going to hospitals to be a positive message, and drag those damned cameras with me everywhere to promote this type of awareness, it’s free publicity for a horrible disease. I am sending you some great healing vibes for your Lupus, I know what a really debilitating disease that can be! Hugs!!

              • Itsnotreality says:

                Oh thank you, I am actually doing pretty good right now. I actually found this blog a couple years back when I wasn’t doing great and feeling like crap. I was flipping threw chanels and stopped on the Kardashins. I just could not belive this family and googled” I hate Kim ” and Lynn’s blog popped up. I have been reading for a longtime and commenting once in awhile, but mostly not due to me being embarrassed of not writing so great in English. Sending healing vibes to you so that you continue to kick cancers butt.

                • rabblerouser2010R says:

                  Hi Itsnotreality. I am surprised to read you don’t feel your written English skills are very good. Please do not be so hard on yourself, I haven’t read anything by you that was hard to understand or incorrect and even if they were, I still enjoy your posts.

            • chismosa™ says:

              It’s very hard to offend the TRex.

              Third language – wow – that’s amazing! You sound perfect – better than native speakers!

              I’m sorry about the lupus. Best wishes on your health.

              • T-Rex says:

                Chis- you got that right! I don’t take offense to too much, everyone has an opinion and they should have the right to state it whether it agrees with mine or not. I have learned life’s too short to sweat out folks that don’t like me or don’t get me, I just gotta be me at this stage of my life, LOL!

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  T-Rex…you never take any of this crap personally-never ever!! I always loved that about you.

                • chismosa™ says:

                  What Jill said ^^^^^

                  Also you’d think that after battling the big C, this Amber chick would CHILLAX and enjoy her kids.

          • adamay411 says:

            T-Rex: I agree. I am a 2-year survivor of Breast Cancer and would want to create awareness on one hand — but on the other hand, I would not want to tempt fate

    • chismosa™ says:

      Agree with all of you !

      I said the same. Am pretty sure amber has to be the next NJ one on WWH. So we’ll see what people tweet to her and Andy

  17. designernailsdiana says:

    I just finished catching up on the blogs I missed. OMG PP you cracked me about Project Runway. I imagined your hands flopping around and you screaming every time you accidently raised your arms. I’d have done PR if I knew what it entailed. I enjoy sewing like you, but I hate pressure. I’d be the crying woman giving up every 30 minutes.
    You quoted Princess Bride and I burst out laughing. Thanks because I needed that today!!
    I missed RHONJ but alas I guess I didn’t miss anything, except a rerun of old sh*t with different playas.
    I won’t miss WATCHING Bravo. I’m discovering “regular” tv on network channels to be enjoyable.
    However, I must come see my Lynn Fam. Ya’ll are like coffee to my day. Can’t start properly without it.

    • I’m glad I made you laugh!! I really did end up under the table in a ball sobbing, lol!! It is all just too much pressure. The whole Con, with the train schedules and this is the first year in 3 that she didn’t MISS the train!! The first year I called my BFF and she went downtown to get her. Last year I went to the train station to get her friend that made the train and then went downtown to get her. I told her that this year if she missed it she could park her butt in the Hyatt lobby and wait overnight for the morning train!! She made sure she was at the station a half hour early, lol!! I love Princess Bride!!

  18. chismosa™ says:

    Thanks for the recaps above ^^^^^
    What a shocker it’s Kroy who had a vasectomy! Lol 
    I still think Kim got tummy or lipo pre- these later pregnancies. She’s just going in to “refresh”- has to keep her young husband interested. 

    As for NJ – I agree with you above ^^^^^^^ on Milania. I know as a non-parent it’s hard to put my opinion on this but I was a VERY hands-on godparent (more than an ‘aunt’ in a way)- to 2 small kids- they had to behave with ME. And I know how I will be with my kids, I just know- and people say “eh it changes just you WAIT until you have them!” — um – NO. ✋ I was raised to be well-behaved. I can still have a crazy and fun personality but be a well-behaved kid at that! Lesson to learn Milania! 
    I had better not hear you on a plane or in church. Shut it or don’t go! 
    Planet of the Apes had KIDS at it. Young ones !!!! I don’t understand ….. Smh 🙇

    These are the days of let kids be “themselves” and freedom of personality and call child services if a parent scolds a child in public and every kid gets a trophy no matter what. These kids are really going to be prepared for the real world in 
    10-20 years. 🙄 What a MESS. 

    Lexi got a BULGARI bracelet !??? 😳😳😳😳
    Back in my day, ahhhh, a simple Tiffany bracelet of simple silver was considered super-pricey. 

    Found it- no longer made, but it’s there. ASHY- please put me down for one similar for next year’s bday in place of the Jo Malone YoFo 500$ candle. Thanks ! 😉✏️📆🎁

    • Itsnotreality says:

      Yes, I have a 7,almost 3, 1 1/2, and 3 month old and all of them put together are better behaved than Milania. I am fun parent but the same time I don’t allow my kids to run wild just because they are kids. I teach my kids to have manners and to be respectful always. One of my two year olds first words was actually Thank You. I am just amazed how little Adults actually use basic manners.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        That’s so cute about your 2 year olds first words. My 7 year olds first two words were “NO WAY” yet as stubborn and strong willed as she can be, she is a piece of cake compared to Miliana. 😀

        • Itsnotreality says:

          Yes my 2 year old is stubborn and strong willed also. She is the one that is defiantly paying me back for my teenage years. The other day our ac went out here in humid as h*** Fl, so I opened all the windows. The windows in my living room are very low so she kicks out the screen and climbs outside. I start looking for her because everything is just a little to quite. I find her outside under a tree laying in the grass just relaxing.

          • chismosa™ says:

            That sounds SO Milania …… Lol! Just kidding. I’m sure she’s wayyyyyy better behaved or at least you know to reign her in.
            Cute story.

      • chismosa™ says:

        You’ve got yourself quite a crew there !

        Congrats. So cute.

    • I wonder what type of discount she got since it was total product placement???

  19. Itsnotreality says:

    I just can’t with Kim. She is the most selfish, vain, lazy ….. Of all the housewives. On last night’s episode she had that poor nanny running up and down multiple levels of staircases to take care of the babies and her and Kroy. At first I thought I missed something and Kim had some type of procedure also. I rewound and nope in typical Kim fashion it was because she had pms. She also was talking about vaginal rejuvenation in front of her daughter. She even said something about “p***y flapping” in front of her. I also remember seeing a pic of her smoking while pregnant somewhere. Now back before people knew smoking was so harmful some moms did it not knowing the risk. This is a ” supposed ” nurse and she put her child’s life at risk. She doesn’t do anything not even workout instead getting procedures. I think she puts on wigs because she is to lazy to do her own hair. At first I liked Kroy but now I can not because I can’t grasp why a man would chose Kim as a partner and mother of thier children. She must have some mad skills in the boudair.

    • mrs peabody says:

      He’s just as nasty talking as she is, with all his sex comments. There is a time and place for that and it’s not national tv. I wonder what his mother thinks about how her son acts, I’d be mortified if it was my son.

    • chismosa™ says:

      So with you. ……

      And now it’s funny that since nene seems to have alienated everyone (most everyone) on RHOA- she’s all buddy buddy with Kim.

      I do believe she smokes and drinks during pregnancy – (I know this is a debatable thing- the drinking) – and I think she has nonstop procedures on her body.

  20. So I said last night that I didn’t want to jinx it….and it didn’t get jinxed. For the first time in 3 years my daughter didn’t barf at Comic Con, lol. The last 2 years I was surprised she made it, she has had a long recovery and would just power thru for the Con… But everyday she would end up getting sick multiple times and have to step away to find a trash can. This year, more important to this mommy than pictures or videos is the fact that she made it thru without getting sick, she stayed longer each day than she ever has AND she was up this morning cleaning up!! Oh and she didn’t miss the train this year too!! I just am so overwhelmed at what wonderful news this is!!!!! I told my hubs last night I didn’t expect to see her until Tuesday. So I am encouraged at this because it means that she has more endurance and can hopefully take a full schedule of the classes that she has registered for this fall semester.


  21. NJBev says:

    Just watching a repeat of RHOC at the dinner table at Lizzies.
    I cannot effing stand Heather and Terry. This whole scene is an effing joke-
    Tamra complained about Simons’ controlling ways, and I used to agree with her!
    It must have been Hell for Tamra to control herself all those years,
    because she clearly has no self control(or conscience) at all anymore-
    Simon- God bless that man for having stayed with her
    for all those years, and for fighting to keep his kids away from that
    narcissistic fame whore. What a B;tch. what a B;tch.
    I would be loving Vickie if I didn’t find her to be so selfish for not
    backing Shannon. Vickie is lying by omission-

    • mrs peabody says:

      I can’t stand Heather and Terry either, they smirk and act like they are above everyone. Makes you wonder why someone who thinks as highly as they do of themselves would ever come on a show like this.

  22. mrs peabody says:

    Sheena from Vanderpump Rules got married and Lisa and Joyce Girard were at the wedding and Pandora was a bridesmaid. Guess Brandi wasn’t invited.

  23. Powell says:

    Hey peeps. I’m just flipping thru channels and what do I see? HSN Melissa Gorga Collection. WTH? Did y’all know she had a jewelry line? I saw a bracelet that I’ve seen many times this Summer in mags and stores online. No imagination. 😏

    • boston02127 says:

      At least the singing is over and we don’t have to listen to it.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Hi Boston, I meant to comment on your post about your wedding and some of the struggles you’ve had. I’m so proud of you for working through all of that, it sounds like though painful, it was a necessary journey. Wish I could hug you sweet girl! Your wedding plans sound absolutely heavenly. Sigh! We heart you!!!!!!!

  24. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    I think everyone stands up Lizzie for her birthday tonight….

  25. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Okay, I would have had the restaurant get me another table than look like half my people didn’t show!

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Spot on!
      “…… that’s basically the issue with all current “Housewives” shows — they’re too strained, forced and labored”

      I like it the writer even referenced the screaming and the fighting over nothing…a well written opinion a lot of us, current or former watchers could agree. Thanks, exit!

  26. not THAT Jill says:

    Ummm so Tamra…I know waaaaayyyyyy more about her than I ever needed to know.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Right, but since the door was opened, lol, Terry’s dolphin reference was funny!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        The dolphins thing cracked me up…Tamra srcreaming “DO YOU DO ANAL”…not so much. That woman has no sense of decorum what so ever!!

  27. NJBev says:

    When Ava Gardner heard that Frank Sinatra married
    Mia Farrow (who at the time was in Peyton Place, weighed
    about 95 lbs and had that tiny pixie short haircut)
    she said ” I always knew he’d end up with a little boy”

    I say that, as since Eddie seems so proud about the “Anal”—
    many have speculated regarding his sexuality…………….

  28. chismosa™ says:

    I just looked through my entire NY post today and didn’t see this article.
    I wonder when it ‘breaks’

  29. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Whaaaat?! What Tamra said to Vicki in the preview?! 😯

  30. chismosa™ says:

    Haven’t watched yet but I’m glad someone is dissecting this. I can’t recall a producer’s voice EVER being heard on the TH’s.

    Only in the Laurita/Manzoid wars with Dina Downer©®™

    • Exit4 says:

      It happened in DC-when they were trying to get the salami woman to show her invite to the whitehouse.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking last night, that I had never heard the questions posed…except maybe on some lost footage. They’re keeping the mystery alive by showing it.

    • NJBev says:

      Thank you so much for posting this.
      I freaking loved it, and it reminded me
      how much I liked Alex. I still cannot
      believe that her contract was not renewed.

      the thing that pisses me off the most–
      and, I MEAN THIS- is that effing Bethenny
      did not use Alex’s logo for Skinnygirl (which, by
      the way, I think B will be sorry for that forever-
      it was the only thing that tied B to the line forever,)
      stupid move B- in 40 yrs dont you wanna say, “that’s me?
      Nobody is going to rmbr who the eff B is in 40 yrs–
      crap, in 5 yrs.. that Logo would have made B immortal-
      NOTE to B- you may be laughing all the way to the bank now-
      but in 5 yrs aint nobody gonna know this was your baby-

      I see they are making Skinygirl cereal now. Phuking overkill

      • Exit4 says:

        In Bethenneys defense-and I don’t love her anymore-she may not have had a choice. It could have been a decision her partners at the time wanted. Could have been money or copyright stuff. I don’t know….she replies to the FB group-maybe someone will ask her!

        • NJBev says:

          I know Exit, but I remember those episodes very clearly-
          B waited till way after the fact to tell Alex (at Ramona’s house
          in the Hamptons) and blamed it on her “partners”
          She very definitely had a choice(imo) but just did not want
          to be bothered by Alexs’ “baggage” (Simon)
          -in other words, B chose the easy way out . imo

  31. ladebra says:

    Hi guys! Hope everyone had a great Monday! And I hope everyone is just feeling fine!

    I watched part of this clip on GMA (no worries Chissie, the dog is fine), but it just warms my heart. Warning, turn your sound down, it’s a little shrill.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Deb thanks for the warning —- but how does a dog faint !!????

      I will prep myself to watch it. Schnauzers are really adorable.

    • NJBev says:

      you cannot believe this- yesterday my daughter was watching this
      video and I came upstairs screaming “what’s wrong with the dog????”
      thinking it was my puppy………………………
      these videos are the best thing that is coming out of the internet.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I watched this several times! Adorable!

  32. chismosa™ says:

    I don’t know if any of you saw this — but did you know they’re going to air a RH of Melbourne? On Sundays I believe, at noon? Or Saturdays.

    I saw a couple of commercials.

  33. Orson says:

    I got a message over on FB that MTH is in the hospital and will be out of contact with us for a while. So I guess I’ll have to post more often to keep the estrogen fumes down so that he doesn’t suffocate on them when he returns in a weakened condition. Or maybe you ladies can just go to town and get it out of your systems about that “not so fresh feeling” and ill-fitting brars so it’ll be easier for you to dial it down for his return.


    • NJBev says:

      he told me he was going to be fine-
      he said it was nothing to greatly worry about
      and he would be fine in a week or two—
      What is wrong???????????????

      • Orson says:

        I got the impression he had surgery and is recovering from it. And that would cover being fine in a week or two.

        • NJBev says:

          ohhh, ok. as long as he is recovering from something
          completely recoverable?
          I don’t want to be nosy, or press too hard- I just want to
          know he is going to be fine. That’s all I care about.
          Thank-you, Orson.

    • ladebra says:

      Oh no! Well I’ll be a money’s uncle. Thank you for sharing, I thought he might just still be under the weather. Hope he is on the mend and getting better every day.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      WOWZA! Thanks for telling us!

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Thanks, Orson. I’m not on FB, but had voiced concern about MTH to Stars and she sent me an email this evening and all I know is he had surgery and is in a hospital.

      Prayers and good thoughts for MTH, may he come through medical issues fully and swiftly.

      • NJBev says:

        prayers and good thoughts for our crazy friend-(crazy cuz he’s friends with us)
        May God sit on his shoulder and guide the Drs. all the way to swift and great health-

  34. NJBev says:

    I love Ratchel Dratch

  35. mrs peabody says:

    What is Tamara talking about? Is she saying he wants to F her or is she repeating what someone else said? I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t touch her with a 10 foot pole.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      IDK, one of those out of context snippets they give us….I said “Whaaat?” out loud and my husband in another room echos back “Whaaat?” LOL

  36. Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

    I was just fixing to ask if anyone had heard from Jeff so thank you for the info. Best wishes for a rapid recovery.

  37. chismosa™ says:

    Schaena (??) got married — VRules. Wonder if Brandi went ballistic

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Interesting. So now that they’ve trained the masses to come there, it skyrockets the value….. I never bought into the fact Lisa and Ken needed RHOBH to advertise their restaurant – but selling it after years of exposure is brilliant!!! Maybe THAT was the goal all along.
      Thanks Jill. Oh, Hilton and Hyland was noted, lol.

      • zoekayla says:

        Hey everyone! I’ve had a long day, but wanted to thank you for the birthday wishes. Turning 60 is kind of a big deal to me…
        I’m sorry I’m not here as often as I used to be. Still caregiving got my mom, and being the best mom and grandma I can be.
        Still working hard, but from home and as an LLC.
        I’m active on the FB groups, so you may know me by now…
        Love to all, and to all good night💜💜

        • Jan (TexasTart) says:

          Hey Zoekayla! Glad you found your birthday wishes and had a good one! I have missed you here, but I’m not on FB to know that’s where you’ve been. Good luck with the business! 🙂

      • mrs peabody says:

        Is that the one Kyle’s husband used to work for? Interesting they didn’t list it with him, maybe he only does residential sales and not businesses.

  38. boston02127 says:

    Sending prayers to Mel. I hope he’s better soon.

  39. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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