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S9E15 “Valentines and Birthday Whines”

By Stars99

Shannon Beador, Heather Dubrow , Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge & Lizzie Rovsek

Shannon Beador, Heather Dubrow , Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge & Lizzie Rovsek

Remember Last Week… Over-Sharing Shannon flipped a fig (but not a table or a leg) at Heather’s continual insistence that Shannon ALWAYS yells at her. Unfortunately, Shannon finally lost it and actually yelled at Heather outside on the patio at Lizzie’s dinner party. However, Heather has been so mean to so many people in past seasons that for some of us she’s just now getting her just desserts – Which happens to be an anniversary cake that’s conveniently missing an icing bow (It’s in my purse… Shhhhh…don’t tell anyone…). Also, we were treated to huge crocodile tears from Tamra, who somehow made her 28-year-old son’s decision to move away and marry an older woman (he met 2 months ago on Instagram) all about leaving poor widdle Tamra alone in this great big world – Yep, all alone… Well, unless of course, you count Tamra’s other 3 children, a husband and her Mom who seems to have an active role in Tamra’s life. Also, we saw Briana, who, in front of a counselor, told Vicki that she feels like Vicki doesn’t listen to her and that Vicki is not interested in her needs. Briana thinks everything is always all about Vicki and how things impact her life and never about Briana or her needs. Gosh, I see a pattern… It’s all about Vicki… Except when it’s all about Tamra… Or Heather… Or Shannon. Where’s that dictionary again…Narcissist… Yep… All their pictures are still there! 

This week begins… Vicki gets lost driving to Tamra’s house. This kinda cracks me up. I mean, how many times has Vicki been to Tamra’s house? Lol… Tamra and Vicki are going on a power walk… I’m kidding –It’s way more like a leisurely stroll ‘cuz evidently they can’t walk fast and appropriately gossip at the same time. Tamra tells Vicki about her son getting engaged after only 2 months of dating. Vicki can commiserate with her because Briana eloped. Vicki thinks they should date for a couple of years. Tamra knows her son isn’t going to listen to anything she has to say at this point of time. Tamra thinks he’s making a mistake.  

The subject changes to things between the housewives. Vicki thinks Tamra needs to give Shannon an apology. Tamra doesn’t want to apologize because Shannon acted crazy… I dunno, if someone was holding my head like Tamra was holding Shannon’s that night – I would have gone batcrapcrazy, too. Vicki point blank asks Tamra if she has ever acted crazy… (Cue the footage of a couple of Tamra’s wackadoo moments throughout the seasons). Vicki wants to be there for Shannon because she’s down and having marital issues. Both Vicki and Tamra have divorced their husbands before our very eyes while they’ve filmed this show. They both should have some compassion, no? 

Heather decides to throw a Valentine’s Day Party at the St. Regis. Heather loves any excuse to throw a party. Her assistant bought a book to help with Heather’s idea for the theme – Which is kind of an adult “Truth or Dare.” It’s kind of hilarious, because it actually doesn’t turn out to be like “Truth or Dare”… It’s more like “Truth or Truth” – And since most of these people have a very loose relationship with the truth, it should be interesting.  Heather doesn’t want the party to be raunchy but instead a little saucy… Umm… Excuse me, have you even met Tamra? Heather thumbs through the book and finds some interesting sexual terminology – Much of which I’ve never heard of in my life. The terms relate to specific sexual acts. Heather gasps and then cautions us to stay away from the image section… Thanks for the pointer, Heather… Makes a note to self… 

It’s Lizzie’s birthday – She’s turning 34. I bet the others are very, very jealous…lol.  Heck, I’m jelly, too.  Lizzie is turning 34 and they’re taking a “Party Bus” to Los Angeles… Woo hoo!… Lizzie says that with age comes wisdom… I don’t know about wisdom but I’ve sure become more of a smart aleck… Lizzie hopes that Shannon is up to attending but it doesn’t look good.  She knows that Heather isn’t coming since she’s going to Vegas to see Brittany Spears in celebration of Heather’s own birthday.  Lizzie concludes that if Heather isn’t there then there probably won’t be much drama. Which is a good thing for her – But not so good for Bravo.

Empty fun busThe “Party Bus” arrives and Shannon and Christian get onto the cavernous bus and wait patiently for the throngs of attendees to arrive and the party to begin. They wait… And wait… And wait. People were supposed to be there 10 minutes ago – Which doesn’t sound too late except that they’re waiting on everyone to arrive so they can all leave together in the “Party Bus.” Shannon finally calls Lizzie and says she can’t come but wants a rain check. Still no one else arrives.  Lizzie finally calls Tamra who says she can’t come because her child is sick. I wonder why Tamra didn’t call or text Lizzie to let her know about that? Hmmmm…. Lizzie is kind of upset because she’s never had a birthday party and no one shows up.  She calls Danielle who says she is running late.  Vicki and Brooks (Ugh!) finally show up. More Brooks (Ugh!) tonight? KMN! 

L and V on busVicki and Lizzie start talking about the other women. Vicki warns Lizzie about Tamra. It’s Vicki’s opinion that if Tamra had wanted to attend Lizzie’s birthday party, she could have. Vicki tells Lizzie to be careful of Tamra. Lizzie wonders why all of these people who are “friends” with Tamra are warning her about her?  

The whole four of them arrive at “Supperclub Los Angeles” at the Vogue Theatre (Not to be confused with “Stripper Club” as I originally read the sign… lol). The restaurant seems very, very empty. There are Orange chairs around a really big empty table. Only Lizzie, Christian, Vicki and Brooks are there. Lizzie thinks the empty chairs only serve as a constant reminder that she has no friends – At least none from the show. She thinks this whole evening is a bad birthday joke… I’ve gotta eggmit… I’m a little confused… Why wouldn’t they have just turned that dinner party they just had a few days earlier in Laguna Beach into Lizzie’s birthday celebration? It smells like Bravo needed to do some advertising for the restaurant or something – Unfortunately, I’m sure the restaurant is lovely and wonderful but this episode really did nothing to make me ever want to go there.

Tamra has hurt Vicki in the past. Since Vicki just can’t help herself, she tells Lizzie about how Tamra went behind her back and talked negatively to Briana about Brooks (Ugh!). Vicki thinks that they would be further along in Briana’s acceptance of Brooks (Ugh!) if Tamra hadn’t done that…  Vicki clearly still blames Tamra for Briana not liking Brooks. Vicki says that you have to be prepared to be hurt if you’re going to be friends with Tamra. During dinner, Vicki is really surprised at how much she likes Lizzie. She is having way more fun than she thought she was going to have. Gosh Vicki… See? Give newbs a chance before you decide to hate on them. Don’t be hatin’… (Yes, I know “newbs” is usually used within a gaming construct… But after all… isn’t this ALL just a big game?…lol)

Tamra and H phoneTamra meets at Heather’s house to talk about her upcoming Valentine’s Day Party. Tamra tells us that being responsible and having your own business sucks because it means you can’t take off and travel whenever you want. Obviously, “responsibility” is a new concept for our poor lil TamTam. She and Eddie have still not gone on a honeymoon. Wow… That really surprises me in some ways – I would have thought they could have gotten away for at least a few days… Hmmm…. Heather bellyaches that next year her 15th wedding anniversary but she and Terry can’t find time to go on a vacation together.  

Of course, this is all a contrived setup for this season’s big trip.  Tamra and Heather decide on a girl’s trip to Bali… They call Vicki on the phone and tell her about their plan…  Vicki wants to make sure that all the other girls are also being invited – Specifically Shannon.  They’re okay with inviting Danielle and Lizzie but they’re unsure about Shannon. Heather doesn’t want to take an amazing trip like this with someone who doesn’t like her. Heather doesn’t want to travel to the other side of the world just for someone to yell at her.  I dunno, I’d be more afraid that Bali has many places to bury a body. Just sayin’…

Lizzie and Danielle are in a car on their way to go to “Rooten’s Travel Center” to buy luggage and other things for their upcoming trip to Bali.  They start talking about a tidbit of information that we haven’t been privy to up to this point of time that transpired at Lizzie’s birthday party… Evidently, the night of Lizzie’s birthday, just before Vicki boards the “Party Bus,” she talks to Brooks and says, “I can’t believe I have to hang out with ‘Dumb and Dumber.’” We then see the actual footage of Vicki saying it. Lizzie seems to think Vicki was referring to her and Danielle. Wow… Just when you think Vicki is the voice of reason she goes and pulls this kind of stunt. 

Danielle asks Lizzie if she wants to be “Dumb” or if she wants to be “Dumber?” Lizzie decides that because it was her birthday that she should be “Dumb.” Danielle says she’s irritated with Vicki’s comment and that she’s not going to be able to let it go. Lizzie says that for her, she knows that Vicki is loose with her mouth and has said many ridiculous things thus far, so she’s going to let it go… I’m guessing this comment comes up a few times between now and the end of the season… Anyone wanna bet? 

While shopping, Danielle suggests that they buy matching luggage so they can perpetuate the “Dumb and Dumber” personas while on the trip. Lizzie says, “I can’t say too much about her [Vicki] because Vicki was actually the only one besides you that even came to my birthday.” Wait… Whoa…??? Danielle was at Lizzie’s birthday party? That’s hysterical to me because we did NOT see Danielle at Lizzie’s party or on the “Party Bus” at any time. Now, I know there was a phone conversation and Danielle said she was running late – So perhaps arrangements were made for them to meet up at the restaurant or later that evening… But either Danielle was unceremoniously eliminated from the footage from that evening or showed up after they were done filming… But I find it hysterical. I even rewatched to see if I could detect if any of the other place settings were used at the table… It looked like maybe one of the water glasses had been used… but it was hard to tell… Boy, when you’re demoted to be a “friend of the housewives” they really do a number on ya, no?

Shannon and supplementsShannon is helping Sophie to pack for her Italy trip… Shannon has really tried to think through everything that Sophie might need for her 10 day trip. Shannon bought all kinds of things like a neck pillow… blood circulation socks for the plane… a sleep mask that allow you to blink… etc. Her daughter just wants to talk about the clothes. But alas, Shannon is all about the medicines. Shannon has Ziploc bags full of entire bottles of vitamins, probiotics, and a huge assortment natural remedies for Sophie to pack. Shannon goes through each bottle and explains what it’s used for – But also decides she’s going to write it all down for Sophie. The instructions might be the size of a book. I think Shannon was a Girl Scout because she truly lives by the motto, “Be Prepared.” Sophie seems to be prepared. Yet, shockingly I saw no crystals. Go figure. 

In a quick scene, Shannon and David are having dinner at a restaurant and they’re discussing dinners at their house. David grew up in Michigan where it’s almost mandatory to have potato, meat, and a vegetable at dinner. Shannon wants to teach their girls that they don’t have to have a huge potato at every meal. Shannon would rather them have a grilled, lean meat and a vegetable. Shannon says that if you line up 10 “gals” from Michigan and 10 from California who are all Shannon’s age – That the ones from California will look way younger. I don’t know if that’s true – but I will say there’s a much better chance that the ones from California have been surgically enhanced and will melt if you put them in an oven because they’re so full of plastic fillers. But the good news is that you can burp their lids at night to seal in their freshness (Sorry, obscure Tupperware reference…lol). 

Lizzie confront tamraIt’s the night of Heather’s Valentine’s Day Party at the St. Regis. Danielle, Tamra, Lizzie and their spouses show up (Neither Vicki nor Shannon could attend and Heather knew about it well in advance). Lizzie tells Tamra that she found out from Vicki that Tamra really didn’t want to attend Lizzie’s birthday party and that her feelings were hurt. Tamra is astonished that her child being sick wasn’t enough to get her out of going. Lizzie says of course it is – but it would have been helpful to know that piece of information earlier in the day (Remember it was Lizzie who had to physically call Tamra from the “Party Bus” to find out she wasn’t coming). Tamra wanted to know exactly what Vicki had told Lizzie. I’m guessing this will come up while they’re in Bali… Should we send donations now to the Bali Tourist Bureau for what they had to go through with this group? Sighs… 

Eddie had a nice flower arrangement delivered to Tamra while they were at the dinner table… Awww… That was pretty nice. The conversation at the dinner table starts to center around the upcoming trip to Bali – All of the women at the table are going. Terry asks about what they’re going to do if Shannon breaks while they’re in Bali? Lizzie says she thinks that Shannon IS going to break – But that it will be in a good, healing way. I like how Lizzie sticks up for people.

Lizzie sticks up for shannonHeather said she is willing to sit down with Shannon to see if they can move forward so they can all go on this trip together. Tamra tells Heather that she has said a couple of questionable things to Shannon. Her Royal Heatherness starts to say how it was not intentional but that she can understand how it could be construed that way. Her Royal Heatherness said she was not exonerating herself (I think Tamra had to excuse herself to go look up that word in a dictionary) and that Heather is happy, well, no not happy… But she’s willing to admit when she says something that doesn’t sit well with people (You see Eddie just hang his head in complete frustration as Heather keeps jibber jabbering and dancing around the possibility of an apology). However, Heather’s willing to sit down with Shannon and hopes that she hears something rational and positive from her so they can move forward and take this trip together. Yep… Sounds like Heather is oh, so ready to apologize to me…lolol.

Heather gaspThey start to play the adult “Truth or Dare” game. Tamra’s question was, “How much money would it take for you to pose nude?” She responds, “One million dollars.”  They asked Eddie the same question but about Tamra, and he responded, “$50.” Lol. Another question was, “How would you go about loosening up a prudish friend?” Danielle’s question was, “What is your freak factor?” Danielle didn’t know how to respond to it. Tamra, since she’s always oh, so helpful, asks her specifically if she “does anal.” When Danielle says that she doesn’t, Eddie immediately says, “Boring.” Heather gasps. Although a “lady” doesn’t talk about her freak factor, Tamra decides that since it’s obvious she’s no lady – She can inform us all that her freak factor is “off the charts.” TMI, Heather, TMI. Okay, that’s all I’m going to say about that subject… Other comments were made that would connect a certain sexual act with one of my favorite sea creatures… But I’m trying hard to bleach that image out of my brain – And I don’t want to put it in your brain. You’re welcome. 

Heather, Tamra, Vicki and Shannon meet for yet another “Friendship Summit” at “Starfish – Laguna Beach.” The goal is to see if they can move forward with Shannon so they can invite her on the Bali trip. As Shannon arrives she tells us that she hopes she’s not going to be ambushed. It is helpful that Vicki is in attendance since Vicki can at times be a good friend to Shannon. Not always… but at times…lol.

H and S BaliPresumably because they’re going to Bali, whose population is predominately Hindu (83%), Heather feels the need to start philosophizing about Reincarnation and salvation.  She launches into this seemingly from left field concept that she feels like they’re all on this cycle and that she wants to see if they all can come to a good place and find their salvation. It was hard to follow, but Heather was speaking Shannon’s language. Shannon said that she was going to initiate a Friendship Summit herself because she doesn’t their relationships to remain at this awkward place, either. Shannon said that somewhere along the way she got her feelings hurt. Regarding the trip, Heather said to Shannon, “We want you to come.” Shannon has never been on a girl’s trip so she just doesn’t know what is in store for her…lol.  Heather can relate to this because before joining this cast, she had never been on a girl’s trip, either. The conversation then switches to the pronunciation of “Bali” and surprise, surprise they don’t even agree on how to pronounce it. This is going to be a fun trip…lol…

Heather reincarnationNext week… They’re in Bali which promises to be entertaining… There are animals to see… Kayaks to tip over… Accusations to make… I’m rubbing my hands together in greedy anticipation! 

Hope to see you next time… Sorry about last week – I’ve not been feeling well. Thanks for reading… Happy trails!


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S6E20 Cast Blogs Blogged

By Ramonacoaster

Aviva: Leggy Blonde

This is going to be the shortest blog entry ever. In fact, you can stop reading now and just look at the episode.

I was interested in watching the episode to see the context of what was being said which would lead to the leg toss.  The episode was named The Last Leg so hopefully this is the last we will see of Aviva and her  father George.

There’s a legal concept (when I’m not a crazy bitch, I’m a lawyer), res ipsa loquitur, which goes all the way back to the ancient Roman philosopher/lawyer Cicero (I’m not just crazy, I’m also snooty). It means “the thing speaks for itself.” This thing does. So don’t listen to me, watch the episode. See crazy/snooty/sarcastic Aviva react to being attacked by the mean girls by banging her fake leg on the table, and see the mean girls react in revulsion at the evidence of my missing limb — led by Kristen’s horrified “I’m going to vomit.”

I don’t think trying to accuse these other women of ableism is going to draw positive attention to the plight of the disabled.  She seems to use her amputation as a source of manipulation and attention getting. She wants to draw out our sympathies and negative emotion because she assumes that is how most people feel.  It negates her work with amputees in that you should feel comfortable with yourself despite your disabilities and that you should not see yourself as a tragedy but a triumph.  I think banging a prosthetic leg on a table that most people can’t afford unless they have financial assistance is rather shameful. 

It’s been a tough Season for me — I’ve taken a lot of sh– from the Housewives on the air, in social media, and in social situations. My character has been impugned. I’m not complaining. It seems to be part of the Real Housewives culture, and even when it’s been a headache, I’m still grateful to be a part of it. I’ve taken a lot of sh– from viewers, too. Again, that’s OK — it comes with the territory. I expect there will be a lot more after this episode. Carole calling me “weird,” or worse Heather calling me “crazy,” or worse Kristen doing that mock horror gaping mouth thing, and many of you supporting your favorites by damning me.

Until you have been publicly drunk with a tampon string hanging out of your you-know-what, it really wasn’t the most disgusting scene.  It was crazy and out of context with what was being said. I agree with Heather who has said on WWHL this week that the leg toss was preplanned.  Why else would you bring x-rays to a party?

It’s the end of the Season — the gloves are off (legs too) and it’s all on the table (pun intended). So watch the episode. If you can stand it (pun not intended), watch it again. I’ve nothing more to say.

Res ipsa loquitur.

I liked that Carole handed Aviva her leg back.  It was the most humane, sensitive thing we’ve seen of this season.  Her kind, good nature speaks for itself.  I loved Millsaps reaction.  Her face was priceless. 

Kristen:  What Else Does Aviva Have in That Bag?

I find it very hard to believe that Lu left with Harry? Lu has been there, done that. Onward and upward! Not to mention she was very upset over her break up with Jacques.

It was confirmed by Heather on WWHL that Harry left with a bunch of people, not just Luann.  We’ll never know for sure what happened the rest of the night unless the facialist knew someone who knew someone that witnessed Luann being “in charge” of Harry. 

Josh is doing an EBOOST Campaign! There is no way in hell that I am letting him use someone else. Case closed! So guess who is the new EBOOST Girl? “Energy Never Felt So Good!”

He should get you a new handbag for advertising his product for him. 

Le Cirque. . .Politely rude.

Sonja decided to have a Team Sonja party, and at this point I had met a bunch of these people and actually use some of them — spray tan, facialist, etc. — so I was looking forward to seeing some familiar faces!  This was the first time we were all seeing Aviva since Montana. The whole thing was so weird when she walked in. You could cut the air with a knife! We had no idea how she would react to us. Ohhh you wait!

Watching the show again I do feel some sympathy for Aviva when you all first sat at the table with Heather telling her that there must be bigger issues that Aviva is not facing and Kristen yelling at her about what a good friend she has been to Aviva.  I don’t know what was said before.  There might have been footage the producers had edited but it did seem like Aviva was taken aback by their tone of voice and what they were saying.  Big deal!  She didn’t go on the Montana trip.  You should all be happy she didn’t go.

Aviva walks in with the biggest bag I have ever seen. Aviva insisted that we all sit down. Fishy. Hmmmm. . .Watching this we really had no idea what was going on, but if you watch it back you can see the signs. She wanted us all to sit around that particular table that had a long tablecloth and when Carole and Heather got up and walked away she insisted that they come back and sit down?So weird. Normally one of us would have walked off and left. I am convinced she had this planned out for sometime. It just felt way too orchestrated.

The whole thing seemed planned.  You guys confronting her about her fake asthma when you all could have just let her have her fake illness and party hard in Montana.  It was just so weird. 

X-rays, doctor’s business cards, inhalers, pills, what else did she have in that bag? I was waiting for her to break out a gas mask and oxygen tank.

Let’s not forget Ciprofloxacin, Xanax, Epi-pens, gas masks, defibrillator and a spare swimming leg.

Asthma, reflux, anxiety? What else? Something gets fixed on her, and then something else on her breaks. Listen I am not bagging on asthma. She just has cried wolf too many times, and it’s just plain old hard to believe her any longer. If Carole says that she actully feels bad for Aviva at his point, then we have a problem!

I feel bad for all of you to be on this shit hole of a show.  Producers should really back out of causing fake drama between castmembers.

Unbelievable. I really forgot about her fake leg. Wow I was in complete shock. One minute we are arguing, the next minute there is a leg on the table!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Aviva is a brilliant actress. And the Oscar goes to — Aviva’s leg for running off with the scene.

PS: She even offered to crawl home!

I thought you were going to run off in horror.

LuAnn: Sonja Only Has Herself to Blame

It’s the last episode and so it’s time to clear the air about what’s happening between myself and Sonja. I always considered Sonja a dear friend but as you can see she obviously thinks I’m the shedevil. I’m not surprised as she needs someone to blame, so guess that’s going to be me?  Well guess what. . .it’s not me!

Luann came off well this season when we don’t see evidence of what a lazy mother she is and she is not acting all hoity-toity all the time. 

She only has herself to blame. I’ve only been a good friend to her and look where it got me.

I had no idea when I arrived at Sonja’s that she had thrown me under the bus once again. This time is was about leaving Carole’s party with Harry. I didn’t leave the party with Harry. I left with all the ladies and Harry jumped in our cab. He ran away from Sonja and she tried to run after him and that’s why she twisted her ankle. Poor girl!

Sure.  I can see your tears.

I think you can see when Sonja confronts me and I tell her the truth that she bounces back quite quickly because her relationship with Harry is not a true one. It’s more of a convenient friendship, which has been going on for years. I don’t know what game the two of them are playing but I don’t want to sit at the card table. When Sonja finally confronts Harry he says, “I wish I left with LuAnn.” Thats says it all!

Even after this episode, I still don’t see what is so appealing about him. 

Heather and John are an inspiration to anyone that’s ever had children. To watch them and what they go through is just so heart breaking. I know because I’ve had them stay with me in the Hamptons with the kids and the routine they have to go through each night with Jax is a lengthy one. Jax and Ella are the most adorable children you will ever meet and I pray that things go smoother for Jax so he can enjoy his childhood. What a pleasure it would be to see Heather and John breath a sigh of relief.

I can’t imagine what they must go through but I’m sure they feel it’s worth it for their son.

What is Team Sonja? All her people that glue her together? The mind reader, the facialist, the poor interns that work for food and no hot water! First of all, we got there on time to celebrate, then Madame wanders in an hour late as if nothing ever happened. I was glad I had all the other ladies there to talk to because I certainly wasn’t spending time with the facialist! Sonja’s interns are very nice so I enjoyed seeing them finally get a bonus party!

Ooooohh, Luann is really pissed and giving it back to Sonja on her blog.  She’ll give it to her during the reunion too.  Sonja has been firing warning shots over Luann’s bow for most of the season. 

I was happy to see Aviva walk in at this point. I was actually worried about her because she looked so frail and thin. I thought the ladies were a little hard on her as she did look sickly. I thought Aviva’s discussion saying “the doctor misdiagnosed her” was weird and when she pulled out the X-rays? That was overkill so I understand why the ladies were so unforgiving. I felt bad for her at this point because I truly believe she is not well.

Aviva needs a check-up from the neck up.

Never in my life could I dream what would happen next. Aviva is usually a lady so her whipping off her leg onto the table was a shocker to all of us. My first reaction was “OMG she put her dirty shoe on the table next to the clean silverware!?!” That’s why I laughed so hard. . .It was really about my reaction at first and then when the leg started being thrown elsewhere I just lost it. Too Funny!. . .I mean who does that?

I guess you guys aren’t eating off that table. 

Heather Focuses on What Matters

Thank you all for reading my blog and watching our show each week. I loved chatting with you on Twitter and hearing your thoughts.  Most importantly thank you for all your support and encouragement for me and my family.  We all know what really matters. So fill your heart with what’s important and be done with all the rest.

Thanks for making this shorter than Aviva’s blog.

Ramona: Aviva’s Leg Scared All of Us

I could not believe LuAnn left with Harry. How do you do that to a friend??? I can’t believe she said everyone left together. Bullsh–!!! LuAnn told Sonja when visiting her townhouse that she thought Sonja went home!

Heather did stand up for Luann but we don’t know what happened after everyone left.

LuAnn also said how could Sonja be upset with her being with Harry, because LuAnn was upset over her break up and just wanted to have some fun with him. So typical of LuAnn to make what she did “right.” What girlfriend says to someone’s else man, “I am single now. Let’s go out and have some fun”? Then to not even tell Sonja or try to find her to take her with you? That’s our LuAnn, she just loves her men and can’t stay away. Remember the pirate? LOL.

There seems to be a rivalry between Sonja and Luann over men.  Their sexual partners overlap so much that if one lady got VD, then they both have it. 

Sonja loves the people who work for her and they love her. She supports them, and they in turn support her. She has a love of life and has so much caring for people that everyone wants to be around her. At times Sonja and I do have our moments, but she does have a genuine heart of gold.

Quite the eclectic group of supporters. 

Aviva did not look well when she walked into Sonja’s party. She has always been very slim, but that night she was extremely thin. It made me very concerned about her health. Aviva said she lost ten pounds. She was just bones! There was definitely something wrong with her health, and it was obvious for all to see.

Kristen was right that asthma medication would make you bloated.  A part of asthma medications are glucocorticosteroids that would make you gain on average 7-8 lbs. 

When we all sat down together, I thought we could reach some resolution. Nothing was further from the truth. The conversation was so out of control. Why Aviva felt compelled to convince everyone about her illness with X-rays, doctor notes, and records is beyond me.

She was attacked for having something but they were referring to a mental problem. 

When she threw her leg on the table, with such force and noise, it scared all of us. It was as if Aviva took the crazy off her leg and put the crazy on the table for all to see.

One of her long list of mental problems is transference.

There is nothing more that I can say. I still am in shock reliving this as I write about it.

Ramona was in shock, Luann laughed her ass off, Heather had a FML expression, Kristen was going to vomit, Carole was so done but handed her leg back, Sonja was giddy, and Milsaps was like “oh sh-t.”

Carole: Waiter, We’re Done

Waiter, We’re done. Reality Check Please

When Harry met Sonja. Twenty years ago they dated, he cheated, she kicked him out. They remained friends with a few benefits. But unlike the sweeter romantic-comedy version, Harry doesn’t run through the cold streets of New York on New Year’s Eve to confess his forever and undying love to Sonja. They don’t kiss at midnight. They don’t end up happy-ever-after with confetti bursting around them. Sonja and Harry don’t end up together at all. Instead they end up at my birthday party in what is probably the most awkward pre-engagement engagement since. . .well, since George tossed a Jennifer Miller bag to Cody and said, “Hey, we’re getting hitched!” As you know, I wasn’t born yesterday. And from what I can see all on social media neither were any of you. Sonja may think she’s Blanche DuBois, but she’s no Vivian Leigh, and while Harry may be a charmer — he ain’t no Marlon Brando. They are not Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. They are not even Rachael and Ross.

Yeah that whole commitment scene was too played up for the cameras.  Sonja really likes the image of the femme fatale without actually being one on reality tv. 

Sonja may have run through the streets of New York chasing Harry (which, she didn’t) but then she fell and sprained her ankle, drunk in the same club with Harry and LuAnn and Heather and Jonathan. But I admit, Sonja’s version was way better: The charming rogue playboy, the scorned woman running through the streets after a man who proposed to propose to her. She was trailing drama and a fishtail longer than a four-act play. The only thing, is that it wasn’t what happened. Yet, Sonja has no trouble throwing her friend LuAnn under the bus. Implying she had slept with her pre-fiance. Wow.

Well Luann had slept with Harry in a pre-pre-proposal proposal.  It would have been easy to conclude she would do it again post-Jacque breakup.  Luann seemed to like the idea that Harry went off with all of you and left Sonja behind.

I Travel Solo

What the hell? I’m not on Team Sonja? I should have known. She did make this clear in the first episode when she thought it was fine to trash talk my career behind my back. And then later when, instead of shutting down gossip about my ex-boyfriend, she fanned the flames (even implying she slept with him). A girl’s girl she is not. So, yeah. No. Sonja doesn’t want me on her team and that’s OK with me. Her team is really crowded. Healers, psychics, facialists, surgeons, acupuncturists, feng shui experts, dog groomers, image gurus. And, of course. . .interns. Me? I travel light.

Always wondered what the hell Aviva had on Sonja that she would take her side in arguments. 

There is one chick I’d travel anywhere with, though. You know who I’m going to say. Heather! I might not have bought the $9,000 Love Alex bag (although, I’m still craving it) but I would pack a bag to go anywhere with Heather. You would, too. She’s the perfect balance of serious, smart and crazy and funny. We shot a cosmetic TV commercial together yesterday and it took us 10 hours to get through four lines because we kept cracking each other up. Also, because we’re not actors. Having to walk and talk and hit a mark and open a door proved nearly impossible for me. I suppose that’s why we’re on a reality show and not Mad Men. Because we don’t act. There seems to be a theme emerging.

Gee, do other women on the show try to act?

And Another Thing About “Real-ity.”

Yes, it was hard to take Aviva’s 50 percent lung capacity asthma with any seriousness. It’s not because we’re a bunch of insensitive cows, it’s quite the opposite. We spent two months listening to her talk about all her ailments. She probably is sick. But it doesn’t keep her from traveling. I would tell you how I know this (other than common sense) some other time because apparently there’s a gag order.

Who cares?  It’s like you are all mad because everyone else had to go to Montana but Aviva got to stay at home with a doctor’s note.  Be glad she stayed behind.   

I did have to laugh when Sonja outed Aviva’s boob job. So her leg actually isn’t the only fake thing about her, but luckily it was the only fake thing she threw on the floor.

Yes I wouldn’t want her to throw a boob on the floor either. 

I took her doctor’s business card. Hey, why not? You never know when you’ll need a note to get out of gym class. Apparently he’s a “doctor to the stars,” and we all know what that means. That’s the doc who will write letters for celebrities saying they suffer from dehydration and exhaustion or mercury poison to get them out of a movie deal or going to rehab.

I wonder if Lindsay Lohan knows about him or recommended him. 

Aviva said I protested too much about her accusations of ghostwriting? She asked me at lunch and I said, “No.” And that was it. Remember, this was taped. Then, yes, I got spit angry at her and defended myself when she belittled my accomplishments, trashed my novel, impugned my relationship with my late husband’s family and ridiculed my age (Hello??? I’m not much older than her and look 10 years younger. Snap.). I called her some names. It wasn’t my finest moment. But sh– happens. If she thinks I protested too much, let’s look at what she does to convince us she has acid reflux asthma. She starts to use an inhaler at every moment. She carries around a weekend bag full of her medicine ready to throw at anyone who dares to question her. She hauls around medical reports, business cards, and chest X-rays (to diagnose asthma, seriously?). She brings a doctor’s note with her wherever she goes and she regales us with all her other medical illnesses including a bout of Legionaire’s disease that she mistook for a summer cold. Instead of saying, “You don’t believe me? Too bad.”

It’s her list of discussion topics in case the conversation lags. 

As you could see, she was very excited to throw her leg down. After all, she’d been planning it. She even asked Harry earlier if he would carry her out of Le Cirque. How amazing would that have been? Just like in An Officer and a Gentleman. Harry’s Richard Gere to Aviva’s Debra Winger. Sadly, he said, “Absolutely not.”

Sonja gave it a good try to put a romantic comedy on reality tv.   It’s too bad Harry wasn’t on board completely with that.  By the time Sonja printed out the script (cause you know, the dozens of interns couldn’t figure out how, in time) Harry had already left with a bevy of other ladies. 

We were all corralled over to that table several times. I got up to leave and had to sit back down. Heather was right. Let’s get this thing over with and go home. She was waiting for one of us to call her fake and when we didn’t she threw her leg down anyway. I’m glad we gave her the opportunity to do it. It obviously was very important to her. I gave it back to her because it was lying there on the floor and I felt a flash of empathy. Empathy for a woman I cared about once a long, long time ago. And there you have it. A leg on the floor of Le Cirque.

Well now that we’ve seen the episode after watching the previews months ago, I thought there would be more of a reason for Aviva to flip out but it’s pretty much like St. Barth’s.  It was all in her head.

Sonja’s Glad Aviva Threw Her Leg

I felt left out by my girlfriend LuAnn and didn’t feel the commitment to commit from Harry. However, I don’t feel that LuAnn did it to spite me — as Kristen asked when she came to visit. LuAnn and I had a heart-to-heart at Heather and Carole’s party. We discussed how I want her to have a guy thats her “forever guy.” Even though I love Jacques, I told him at the Life and Style party that I love LuAnn a lot more. I knew that the relationship was not going to be forever. I am very intuitive. I have a Pisces moon.

You saw that coming but not your lawsuit. 

Harry should have checked with me before taking off to the club to see if I wanted to go — and if not to make sure I got home OK. I realize they were both drinking and that Lu after her break up that she just wanted to have a good time, but she knows Harry’s my sidekick.

Yup, there it is. Female rivalry. 

That morning when the girls came over, I was feeling very sad and confused. Tyler rarely speaks. He’s like E.F Hutton, when he says something, everybody listens. He heard LuAnn say “I am single now, let’s go Harry.” That didn’t include me. I foolishly chased after both of them, because I wanted to be with them, and sprained my ankle on my fishtail dress. The train on that dress was from here to St. Tropez. I knew I had to get to the bottom of it with LuAnn before I spoke to Harry, because I already had my doubts about Harry’s ability to commit. This was not a good sign that Harry was going to commit to commit.

It sounds like a scene out of a movie.  She trips and falls when she runs after her lover. 

One of the reasons Harry wants to nail me down right now (no pun intended) is because he knows I am ripe for the picking. I have had a fabulous year! I am feeling strong, and I have never felt better about everything! After that morning I was feeling so grateful to all the people who support me and want to see me do well.

You must have been laid a lot this year (and one was a 23 yr old).  Congratulations!

As I said last year, when my ex husband didn’t show up for the settlement meeting with the lawyers — it wasn’t about the money, it was about not having my best friend and father to my daughter in my life. I can take care of myself and my daughter on my own. I have always been independent and was a full-time partner in my relationship. I have come full circle since the film distributer secured the 7 million dollar judgment against me and have learned so many valuable lessons over the course of this experience.

Again?  The ex cannot rescue you from this financial and emotional mess.  I don’t think even your psychics would foretell that JP Morgan will swoop in and save the day.

I was surprised at LuAnn’s reaction when we met at my house because we are girlfriends, and we can talk about everything. Guys come and go. I am not going to let a guy come between me and Lu. I am surprised she didn’t just laugh it off, and say “Son, I dropped him off and went back to my apartment.” Or “Sorry, I partied too much and took off with Harry.” We have been through enough that Lu knows she can tell me anything. I can’t stay mad at Lu because the great thing about knowing people for five or six years is you know them!

I doubt that Luann wants this side of her seen on reality tv.

I don’t now why the girls were joking about Aviva having something on me. As I said before, I see Aviva keeping her word to me, being a great mom, helping amputees, helping other’s through her book and basically bringing it. Plus she is the mother of Harrison, who I adore and spend a lot of time with. I’m glad she kept it together at the Team Sonja party.

Throwing your leg on the table and then on the floor is not keeping it together.  She’s literally and figuratively falling apart. 

I thought it was hilarious when she took out her X-rays and then took out her leg and threw it on the table. I’m glad I warned her that the girls were saying she was faking her illness so she could be prepared.

More like premeditation.


Real Housewives Of New York

Season 6 Reunion – Part 1 Tonight!

RHONY S6 Reunion


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It looks like a bright sunshiney day. I hope everyone is doing well and has a great day. 😄🌅👍

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Howdy Powell! I like the bright sunshiney day song reference . . . I can see clearly now, the rain is gone!

      Hate to sound like a broken record, but it’s beautiful here. Mid 80s. Nice way to end July.

      Happy Tuesday!

      • Powell says:

        Husker don’t say “end July”. It just makes me sad. I’m not looking forward to the cold weather. I’m s Spring and Summertime girl through and through. ;D

        • HuskerHuny says:

          I’m sorry Powell – I don’t really want to make the summer go any faster either, but fall is my absolute favorite time of year! Bring on the football and volleyball. As for the snow, ice and extreme cold – yeah, it can stay away forever.

  2. not THAT Jill says:

    Good morning-can’t wait to have a cup of coffee and get to reading!! Thanks for the blogs-you all rock!!


    • Jules says:

      ending it because of the lawsuit loss with waitress?

      • Anne says:

        The headline and the reporting in the article are misleading. The actual property listing says that the property is available for lease, not sale. I don’t know whether the building is owned by the Vanderpump/Todd family or one of their LLCs. There are lots of different ways that a lease deal could be structured. The listing is just the offer of a property available for lease. With regard to the lawsuit, Lisa and Ken were found personally liable for damages, which means that the judgement can be paid from personal accounts. I suppose that they could divest of the restaurant to raise funds to cover the judgement, but I think it would be difficult to get a deal closed before the judgement comes due (if they don’t appeal). Also, since RHOBH is filming now, I wonder if the timing of the listing is related to a story line. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Anne-the Vanderpumps may be leasing the property themselves-so only the business would be for sale. Can’t sell what you don’t own right?

          • Anne says:

            If the Vanderpump/Todd family is leasing the location, then the landlord would be the one who placed the ad to lease the space. The LLC owns the business (the name, goodwill and equipment — tables, chairs, dishes, linens, uniforms). The fixtures (appliances and other things that were installed in the property), may or may not belong to the landlord. Depends on lease terms and also California law. I don’t know what is customary in leases for a restaurant in CA. I would think that the business would be worth more if sold as a going concern, rather than selling the equipment, etc. after it closes. Then again, it depends on whether things like refrigerators, ovens and other equipment belong to the landlord or to the tenant and what kind of value those things have. Also, if the restaurant is closing and employs more than a certain number of people (it used to be 50 under federal law, but CA may be different and the federal law may have changed in the 15 years since I needed to know it), then there is a specific notice period for employees prior to closure. It will be interesting to see what happens and entertaining to read how badly the reporting gets handled by the tabloids and the Truth Cannon herself.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              Thanks for all that info Anne! You should have written the article -you make waaaayyyy more sense !!!

            • Powell says:

              It’s possible they own the property in some way and leadership it back to Villa Blanca. Lots of biz owners do that.

            • Powell says:

              Anne can’t you just see The Truth Cannon say “Lisa and Ken lost Villa Blanca”? She’s such an idiot.

    • T-Rex says:

      jNNTJ- I remember reading a few years back that the RoyalVpumps only want to own two establishments at a time, so I knew that Villa Blanca would be hitting the proverbial chopping block. It’s run it’s course, so to speak, and I actually thought it would go up for sale the same day they opened Pump.

    • BB says:

      I’m sure something had to give. Three restaurants? Two reality shows?

    • Powell says:

      Oh well. I guess she wants to focus on SUR and Pump. SUR is more than likely making serious 💰💰💰💰💰 because of the show and I’m guessing Pump is also benefiting from the show. Well good for them.

  3. not THAT Jill says:

    Wait-did we know Camille was coming back?? I don’t remember?!?!?

    • T-Rex says:

      She has been leaving little Twatter-Turds for the past few months that she would be back. I would assume it’s going to be a friends only type of situation, but we shall see.

    • Powell says:

      I think a few of us have been speculating she was.

      • Powell says:

        I’m sorry the ex BF allegedly abused her but I bet that’ll be her storyline.

        • jezzibel says:

          I can’t wait until she she holds up the plastic penis ring he slipped on her finger when she was medicated…that horrible prankster

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Jezzibel -what is this about? Who slipped a penis ring on who??

            • jezzibel says:

              Apparently Camellia’s dastardly ex-boyfriend, slipped a bachelorette party favor on her finger when she was medicated before her surgery, she wore it for a several days before realizing what it was(it happened before he allegedly beat her up in that hotel room) and now she is using that as a reason to sue him…again

              • not THAT Jill says:

                WHAT??? OMG I never heard this story before…it’s funny and sad all at once!!!

                • T-Rex says:

                  Jnntj – Yep also the Einstein TwoFacedCamillaSlimyBitch went on twatter to blast her ex for some bedroom antics, apparently not realizing she was making an ass of herself for allowing her then boyfriend to perform these acts on her! Yep Brains, not her strong suit!

                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    I CANT EVEN!!! I’m speechless over this whole story-and I’m wondering how I missed it!!!

    • chismosa™ says:

      Ash is Brandi imploding over Schaenas wedding ?
      Nothing new? Lol

    • T-Rex says:

      Yep that’s TrailerTrashTrampySue right there in a nutshell, she can dish it out but she cannot take it. UGH. Simon must thank his lucky starts everyday that he is rid of that evil creature. Oh, and I did hear that the son was apparently granted his wish to leave his mother and live with his father, could be another reason she is pissed off a lot lately. Oh and the Gym is “tanking” I would venture to say that it might not even be open when and if they film another season of this has-been of a franchise.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Tamra’s son? I thought it was the oldest daughter….unless the son wants out too? I don’t blame them.

    • ladebra says:

      Oh boy! Bye Felicia! Hopefully this is the end of the road for Tamra.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        It’s funny how angry she is with production now that she is getting the crap edit…she reminds me of Brandi last season. Brandi never complained about editing until they showed all the dumb things she said!!

        • T-Rex says:

          I am not watching but from reading, I don’t think the editing is any different, it’s just that with this crop of ladies, her poor behaviour finally sticks out like a sore thumb. There is no Wretchen and SlimeySlade to take the heat for bad behaviour, and again I stopped watching the season that Wretchen’s fiance Jeff passed away. TrailerTrashTrampySue was just awful and the reason I quit watching, she lewd and crude, who can’t forget setting up Wretchen to be naked, wasted so she would hit on her son RoidRaginRyan. Remember all those emails and phone calls she made off camera to SlimeySlade’s ex-wife and Wretchen’s exboyfriends to dig up dirt, she is a POS. It’s just this season there isn’t anyone else standing out as evil, OverSharingNEEDYASSShannon, is crazy, needy and in need of some psychiatric help for her insecurities and her marriage is going down the tubes because of her mental problems(my opinion), but she isn’t mean and vindictive like the viper TrailerTrashTrampySue.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            T-Rex considering the fact that you don’t watch -you are spot on about all of them!!

          • Powell says:

            T-Rex Gretchen wanted Tamra as a friend so bad that she took on Tamra’s persona of being a mean bit*h. A
            Tamra treated Gretchen the exact same way she treated Alexis but Gretchen joined in on the twisted reindeer games and hurt her friend Alexis for no reason. Alexis did what they all do. Brag about material things. Tamra did it all the time her first season. All of a sudden Gretchen didn’t like Alexis because she bragged? No the idiot wanted Tamra’s friendship and in the end Tamra stabbed Gretchen in the back the last few epis and at the reunion. Tamra should have been fired right along w/Gretchen.

      • Powell says:

        👍. Hahaha. Ladebra I just luv it when you say that. 😀

    • Powell says:

      I’m tired of them blaming editing of the show and the blog. Oh gosh I know I would have to curse producers out if I was on this show. These are some stupid women for letting production run their lives while they are filming. I’m so tired of hearing it’s production’s fault. Whatever they want to say production can’t make them do some of this stupid stuff. If your kid is sick, you tell them my kid is sick I’m NOT coming. If you don’t want something in your blog posted don’t send it in. STUPID!

  4. F.Y.I: From another site. MTH/Jeff is in the hospital and had surgery. That is all I know. Anyone?? Sending MTH/Jeff good vibes and a speedy recovery.

    • Orson says:

      Latest tidbit is that he’ll be moving to a facility with internet access. Or that’s the way I read it.

      • Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

        Thanks Orson. that should help him recover faster. Having just experienced a hospitalization where you are incommunicado it is very frustrating. My very best to Jeff for a speedy recovery.

        • Powell says:

          Barbara are you ok?!

          • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

            I’m better than I have been for a while Powell. I just have to get used to using oxygen and I need to find out if it’s temporary or permanent. I’m having a frustrating time with the oxygen company which is delaying me from doing my post hospital doctor visits to find out what’s what.

            I have been far more active in the home than I have been which is great. But I also have to get used to having a cardiac condition which has gobsmacked me. Never had an inkling of a cardiac issue ever in my life.

            Thanks for asking Powell.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          On no, poor Jeff. I didn’t know he needed surgery. I remember him asking for some prayers a while ago tho. I hope and pray it was for nothing serious and he is recovering well.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      Thanks for the update, you guys – Hope he’s back with us soon!

    • Itsnotreality says:

      Sending healing wishes to Mel.

    • OH! Sending him happy thoughts and prayers! Hoping all is well soon and he is back up and sharing his thoughts with us!

    • Wow – I have been sparodic lately and had no idea. I hope he has a speedy recovery!

    • SoutheastVA says:

      Sending MTH prayers for a speedy receovery.

    • Powell says:

      Oh no!! MTH I’m sorry to hear you’re having surgery. I’m saying a prayer for you and BIG hugs 🙅

    • designernailsdiana says:

      MTH get better fast!! I’ll be praying for you.

    • Boobah says:

      My thoughts and prayers are with you MelTH. Feel better soon.

    • VV™ says:

      MTH, Prayers your way. Who’s taking care of Lucy?

  5. So off topic but I always forgot to post. So does anyone remember the dentist from Housewives of Miami, I forgot her name. Well she comes on this informercial that shows on all the Spanish channels. It is a pineapple weight loss tea. She is only on for like a couple of seconds. She says that as a doctor she would only use all natural supplements to help her with her weight. They even have her title of Dr…. on the bottom of the screen. I just don’t understand the need for accomplished individuals like her and Dr. Dubrow to whore themselves out on tv. I would not want to go to either for any work I needed since they might be more focused on being famous than the work they are supposed to do.

    • Also I think that it is irresponsible for someone in the medical field to come on a informercial that says you can lose tons of weight by drinking some overly expensive tea.

    • Powell says:

      Karent Sierra. IDK. I can understand doing Botched that Dubrow and Nassar do but not a diet infomercial.

      • I guess that Botched is better than a informercial as they are helping people. I meant them being on the housewives it just seems like putting there life out there in order to be famous just makes them look like they care more about the fame than being a good Doctor.

  6. Butters'Mom says:

    MTH- hugs and healing energy to you…come back to us soon.

  7. designernailsdiana says:

    Before I finish reading I have to say Stars99 you cracked me up “the ones from California have been surgically enhanced and will melt if you put them in an oven because they’re so full of plastic fillers. But the good news is that you can burp their lids at night to seal in their freshness (Sorry, obscure Tupperware reference…lol). ” I once sold Tupperware so this was all the more hysterically funny.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      That was hilarious to me too!

      • Trashy T says:

        Me three…just reading today blogs. And want to send best wishes to Jeff…I’ve been worried by his absence. And I hope everyone with medical stuff is on the mend. I’m old. I forget names. But I sincerely send good wishes to all.

  8. Foxymel11(Mel) says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful blog today! Also, get better soon, MTH!

    I caught up with NJ and OC.

    I was thinking how different the dynamics of this show would’ve been if Melissa had gone in with the attitude (fake) of trying to be a nice SIL rather than what we’ve seen in the past. I am finding this show so boring, so I hope it picks up. Milania has gotten to be a little too much for me–it used to be cute when she was young and it was funny, now it seems like she enjoys putting on a show for the cameras and she was just plain disrespectful. What if she had broken that man’s camera?

    OC– I gotta say that I don’t think Tamra is getting a bad edit at all, even if she did cancel at the last minute with Lizzie and ran her mouth to Heather.The problem is that she sticks out like a sore thumb with these ladies. It’s like Vicki got the memo and turned things around for herself. Seasons past when I didn’t care much for Alexis or Gretchen, her antics weren’t as bad. It’s time for Tamra to leave the OC–doesn’t fit it!

    I hope everyone’s having a nice day. 🙂

  9. HuskerHuny says:

    Shannon’s remark about comparing Michigan and California women was so uncalled for. Just because one lives in California means that they eat a more healthy diet? Phooey! Eating healthy is a choice Shannon, not a location of residence. I’m so over the east and west coasters thinking they are all so much better and smarter than those of us who live in the middle. I usually laugh most of it off and chalk it up to stupidity, but Shannon’s statement goes way below stupid.

    Go ahead Shannon and make fun of us midwest girls and our diet. I’m having my pick of farm fresh veggies and fruits as we speak that were picked fresh this morning. I bet you a whole dollar that I don’t spend as much on them as you do Shannon.

    • I didn’t watch the show but yes she was totally wrong for saying that. I think that just because you are a size zero doesn’t nessarilly make you healthy. These women starve themselves, take crazy products, get procedures, and probably work out all the time. I try to eat as healty as possible and do work outs when I can. I may not be a size zero but I chose to focus my attention on my family and my business instead of constantly worrying about how I look. So these ladies may look at us and think that we are not glamorous as they think they are but what do they have to show for it. My husband loves me no matter what size I am and no matter how I look.

      • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

        Preach it, sister! 😉

      • mrs peabody says:

        The one family hat really put so much on looks is the Kardashian family. I feel bad for the son who has such a problem with his weight. I think a lot of it stems back to how important they consider looks to be. Sad

        • I would feel sorry for Rob except the first or second season of that show…early on, lol, he had a wonderful girlfriend and he cheated on her. So Karma is a bitch and so am I and I have no sympathy for him. He needs counseling. He blew it, cuz that girl was amazing, then his life went downhill from there. And he has said HORRIBLE things to his sisters on the show, he is nasty!! IPPHO

    • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

      Hi HuskerHuny! I must’ve missed that. I usually clean while I’m watching anything. That is an ignorant thing to say!

      What do you think Big Brother this week? I hope it somehow gets more entertaining because it’s boring!!:)

    • MM in OC says:

      You can really chalk this up to how shallow southern california people are, not diet. There’s this idea here that you have to be thin, tan, and blonde. I’m none of those things so people assume I’m from somewhere else. Nope, born and raised in OC. My skinny, tan days are over and I’m not willing to make my weight a full time job. But that’s what many of the women here do. And the men aren’t much better. Perpetual peter pan syndrome.

      • mrs peabody says:

        after awhile they don’t even look human anymore. I call people like that lollipop people, big heads tiny bodies. They look horrible.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Jeeeze Shannon and I’m sad because I thought many (and rachel dratch) thought she was overall nice and “real”

      If anything – if you must !-
      pick the states that are known for being the UNHEALTHIEST – the southern ones.

      I can’t believe these cheese bombs from the OC are going to Bali.
      Vicki looked so cheesy on WWH ! I was expecting her to continue to look fantastic

      • not THAT Jill says:

        At least Vicky’s hair looked brushed!! It was kind of dumb looking with the light/dark crap thing going on but it was smooth and brushed!!

        • Jan (TexasTart) says:

          It was, but I’m still miffed over the other 39 times she was filmed and didn’t bother to brush her hair!!! Kinda scary that Vicki’s hair has reached pet peeve levels for me, lol.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Im miffed about her messy hair too Tartsy!! I can’t stand that rats nest she usually sports!! Last night was the first time ever that her hair looked BRUSHED-it was shiny and everything….I bet it was a WIG!!!

    • Exit4 says:

      Don’t feel bad! My cousin married a girl from Colorado and we went into AC one night and she pronounced east coasters “fat and ugly”. Atlantic city isn’t the bear gauge of east coast beauty-but she totally believed the west is hotter.

    • Powell says:

      So sticking crystals in your head and under your home’s foundation, going to kookey docs is a Michigan thing? Oh Shannon. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  10. chismosa™ says:

    WOW the NYPost article about the HWs is amazing. Looks great !
    Aviva is larger than the others.

    CAROLE 😳looks 10000000000x better than she does at the reunion !
    Girl WHY did you fry your hair like that! She looks terrible !

  11. EllaMinnoPea says:

    I like that Eddie chooses to stay out of the fray as much as possible, unlike other Housewives’ husbands (I’m looking at YOU Terry Dubrow!). He also seems genuinely stumped by Tamera’s behavior most of the time. I think eventually he’ll see the real Tamera and dump her perky butt.

    I really dislike Terry. Her Heatherness is one thing, she’s supposed to be on the show and do the things that Housewives are supposed to do. But the husbands are not supposed to stir the pot with the other wives. Now, I would never use him as a surgeon.. I feel like he’s too invested in celebrity.

    Speaking of which, did I see a promo for a TV show starring Dr. Terry and Dr. Paul (Maloof)? Or did I imagine that?

    • mrs peabody says:

      you didn’t imagine it, I think it’s called blotched. they fix plastic surgery gone bad. I haven’t watched it myself and don’t intend to. I don’t care for either one of them and would not go to either one of them.

    • Powell says:

      Yes Botched is pretty good. Terry and Paul have done some great corrective surgeries. They’ve turned down doing some too.

  12. not THAT Jill says:

    I just saw on twitter that Tamra tweeted Lizzie’s phone number-I didn’t see the tweet and Tamra has deleted it-idk why she did it but I’m trying to find out!

  13. Powell says:

    PrincessP I’m so happy about your little Princess making it thru CC and enjoying herself w/o being sick like previous yrs. Every time she’d get I’ll and just power thru it I knew she was a strong young lady. Takes after someone we know. 😉 I hope you’ve told her that we’be been cheering for her. I hope you’re recuperating and resting your fingers. 😊👍

    • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

      Powell, I love your comment to Princess P! You’re so so sweet! I really enjoy coming on this blog with all youse nice people. 😉

    • Thank you Powell!! I am trying to not do anything…it is hard cuz because I neglected so much to get all the stuff done. But I am taking it easy. I think my brain is coming back, it is so hot here and is going to be in the 90s for the next few weeks. And of course our pool pump broke down this weekend. The guy is coming tomorrow, I am sure a new one is in order. But I really am just laying around watching stuff online and doing short bursts of cleaning. I always tell her about her support group, lol!! She loves hearing what you all say and loves that I have this blog. I do too!!!

    • Rah Rah Princess Beaniepoo!!!

  14. chismosa™ says:

    Oh just wanted to mention that I watched Botched for the first time and saw a middle eastern- I think persian girl- get her old nosejob fixed. She had said she was dreaming of dr Nassif for ages to do her years ago.
    He did a FANTASTIC job – I’m quite impressed. I think the nose is one of the hardest places on the body for the artists/ plastic surgeons to work and manipulate. They’re essentially artists with MD’s.

    I take it that Terry does the boob jobs more?

    So, I’m impressed with Adrienne’s hubby. Very

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Hi Chi, yes from what I gather Paul’s speciality is noses and Terry is a boob man.

  15. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    I just found a documentary on Showtime – David Beckham Into the Unknown….so of course, I had to throw on the brakes and gawk! Looks like he’s added a lot of ink since the underwear ads a while back.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I don’t like a tattooed body but I’m not mad at him!!!

      • chismosa™ says:


        Me too. He’s so hot. His voice is a tad high for me. Was a GREAT player.

        I think he’s in the amazon Jan– my mother couldn’t watch – snakes- cannibals – we have it all there. LOL

        • Yes he isn’t what I consider hot usually but somehow he is. Another one who is the total opposite of my ideal is The Rock I don’t know why but I just love him. My type is light eyes with dark hair combo like Matt Bomer now is HOTTTT!!!

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        Right, let me see if there’s a Brody Jenner documentary on. 😉

      • Powell says:

        His tats look GOOD on that phine body. 👍👍👍😄

    • T-Rex says:

      I watched this a few weeks ago and I really liked their adventures. Imagine being so happy to be someplace where he wasn’t known. Loved the scenery and it looked like they were having genuine fun and not scripted

  16. not THAT Jill says:

    Preeetttyyyyy Kristen got new boobs for her anniversary…how lovely!!!

  17. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    This New York Reunion set is TOO busy for my eyes! O_o

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      UGH, it’s like the carnival meets Las Vegas…nah, LV is more classy, no?!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        It’s way too much and the color is dark and then bright-it’s making me a little dizzy!!

      • Powell says:

        I didn’t watch long enough to take it in. Maybe it’s the carnival theme like Summer by Bravo, which I think is a stupid summer theme.

  18. Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

    I just love Heather – there I said it

  19. Formerly Addicted to Bravo says:

    Aaaand I’m tired of Ramona.

    • Powell says:

      Yes. Why couldn’t she just say it was wrong to throw the glass at Kristen and apologize again. Sheesh.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        She kind of did-they wanted to go on and on about but she already said it was wrong. HWs never let things go-even after an apology.

        • Powell says:

          But she had to explain it was a plastic cup that had wine in it, she was in the water so I threw liquid at her, blah blah, blah. It was wrong and I’m sorry Kristen right from the get go would have sufficed.

  20. Powell says:

    I see Lu is on the couch and she was a “friend”. Good for her.

  21. not THAT Jill says:

    Oh a question from my town!!!! (Not from me)

  22. not THAT Jill says:

    These women got it bad for Sonja!! They are letting her have it! They are trying so hard to make it seem like she says all these things that are untrue and all they are doing is making me believe he whole Harry and Luann story more than I already did!!

    • NJBev says:

      Sonja is not working with all cylinders.
      SHE clearly is not the sharpest tool in
      the shed–
      AND she is very lucky her ex is 85 yrs
      old, or he would be suing for full custody,
      as she runs around destroying the Morgan

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Sonja’s ex is no prize-any man that tries to hurt the mother of their child is not a good person-he’s an ass-and a cheap ass at that!!!

    • No I think Sonja has been revealed for the ridiculous woman that she is. She tries to make herself be some kind of business woman and she is not. You don’t invest in movies/production companies if you are not familiar with the industry. That is why she has a 7 million dollar judgment against her. The home in France is a mess and she got lucky.
      The lies have piled up and Sonja is a fake. She is joke in NY and the Hamptons. Seriously.
      Luanne does not give a shit about Harry.
      LuAnne walked away from a divorce and managed her money and now is going to make some serious money off that Hamptons house. So far she is renting it in the summers for enough money to pay all her expenses including the new house.
      Luanne has put up with a lot of bad rumors spread by Ramona and Sonja and she is done.

      • Jill please name me one product that Sonja has on the market. I have not seen anything at all with her brand on it.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          AZ-I never said anything about Sonja having a product on the market?

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Luann gives a shit about Harry-that’s why she left with him that night. Luann lies-we saw her lie to Jacques last year about the pirate-Italian friends my ass-the only person she came home with that night was a Johnny Depp wannabe not any Italians-just a pirate!! Luann is above a roll in the hay with Harry.

    • chismosa™ says:

      You should tweet that

  23. NJBev says:

    I’m going to say it again, I know y’all answered me- but Luann was
    a full time housewife, and why was she not holding an apple??
    But , apparently , she was holding out for more money and didn’t settle
    until the show had started- her punishment.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      She didn’t hold an apple b/c she wasn’t a full time housewife-she was a friend of…

      • NJBev says:

        BUUUTTT. she was on every single episode.
        not like a friend of…..
        every single episode…

        • mrs peabody says:

          when I think of the NY housewives I always include Luann as one, she’s not a friend she is a housewife

  24. putchka says:

    Jeez, this is GREAT!!!! Best line “Luann came off well this season when we don’t see evidence of what a lazy mother she is and she is not acting all hoity-toity all the time.” You go, honey!!

  25. NJBev says:

    A word of caution to Heather-
    Next year
    (if you are invited back)
    you are going to get the “producers” edit–
    (Ask the west coast Heather!!)
    You have floated for too long, and too many people
    are “routing” for you. The only way to spice it up is
    to pummel you-Just ask Jill, – you will NOT be
    able to speak to people the way you do, and get away
    with it—- you are not “all that” and they always
    destroy the 3d year—

    I hope I’m wrong. cuz I like her.

  26. Crazy train has left the station. Sonja is the engineer.

  27. Powell says:

    OMG T-Rex Andy said to Sonja how do you feel when people say you have a little Grey Gardens?!?!?! YOU said that. Bravo is reading our blog. 😀 👍

  28. not THAT Jill says:

    Look at Luann she is lying lying lying!!!

    • NJBev says:

      (i just wanna know what I’m missing)

      • not THAT Jill says:

        All that crap she said about Sonja not talking to her until,she signed on for another season-she’s lying…I also think she is lying about what happened that night with Harry. Luann lies easily-remember the pirate??

        • NJBev says:

          ohhhh, yeah. You are 100% right.
          I think she did sleep with Harry-
          Only to say “eff you” to Sonja

          • Powell says:

            We know she’s slept w/him in the past. You thi she slept w/him this season?That night?

            • not THAT Jill says:

              100% yes! I think Luann would hop in the sack with Harry without giving it a second thought. I think she’s pissed off that Sonja brought it up on the show and she’s going to make Sonja pay for that. Pirates last year -Harry this year!!!

  29. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    I’m so glad that’s over, I kept muting, the raised voices all at the same time was really grating my nerves tonight. They don’t need 3 parts….

    • Powell says:

      I was trying to watch the whole thing at 10 then Aviva trying to explain away why she told Kristen to STFU just got on my nerves. I already saw Ramona try to explain away why she threw the wine glass at Kristen. They just got on my nerves so I turned to Tyrant. I’d rather watch a dictator kill order people killed.

  30. NJBev says:

    I think Ramona may have just screamed out her walking papers-
    “Who are you gonna sleep with tonight, Andy???”

    • mrs peabody says:

      I’d ask him the same thing if he didn’t stop about my marriage when I told him I didn’t want to discuss it. Interesting the things he won’t let go and the things he shouldn’t let go but does. He has no respect for women.

  31. NJBev says:

    I just want to wish MTH a speedy recovery.
    I hope we hear from him soon.
    Miss you MTH!!

  32. Powell says:

    I told y’all Sonja is ALL talk. Not a toaster oven, any product in sight. And there never ever will be . Her excuse is she’s too busy running her house. Well how in the hell do you run a house w/no money? Thk God her daughter is taken care of financially by her father. Sonja just wants to party and troll for men.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Luann was burning with jealousy that Sonja actually made investments and married higher in ny society than Luann ever did.

      She got a tiny pied a terre in the city and the hamptons house while Sonja got much more.
      Luann’s a bully and can’t stand her.

    • EllaMinnoPea says:

      I think that Sonja still thinks she’s that 25 year old party girl and her biggest ambition is to be a trophy wife. She may have all those real estate investments (which apparently make her a ‘lifestyle expert’), but I really think she’s hoping to catch another sugar daddy.

  33. catmom1 says:

    Just read Aviva’s blog. Oy….wanted to bring over one little part of it here, just in case it disappears later. Here it is:

    “Asthma? Still? Boringo. This was like a modern day Inquisition and it didn’t matter whether or not I was ill. Instead of basing judgements on medical facts, judgments about my health have been based on five post-menopausal bitches.”

    Wow, the insults to older women just keep flying. At least she’s consistent. Looking at the couches, I’m wondering where the heck she is coming up with FIVE women who are post menopausal. Then, as a post menopausal woman myself, I’m wondering why this is supposed to be an insult? What exactly is Aviva’s problem with older women???? I know you can’t argue, reason with, or possibly understand crazy……but lord that woman is in desperate need of a full service medical facility.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Oh my gosh, that woman….I guess she’s not planning on getting old herself?! 🙄

    • Powell says:

      So does she think this will get Anyone to believe her? De lu sion Al.

    • chismosa™ says:

      How old is SHE?!?!!! because she looks to be hitting 50 or so- especially with all the fillers & such people get. Like she’s one to talk !

    • T-Rex says:

      Well she is almost 44 years old, so that’s just a mere few years behind most of these ladies, and both Kristen and Heather are younger than she is, so suckit FauxLegMunchausenAdviva. Catmom I went into menopause at 37 years old and turned 51 this year and I am with you calling someone menopausal as an insult shows just what an idiot she is. And uhm FauxLegMunchausenAdviva if you didn’t go around lying about your myriad of fake illnesses folks wouldn’t keep bringing them up! Especially telling folks that a doctor “forged” information about her illness, NO doctor forges information if they do they would have their medical license yanked! If I were that doctor I would sue her for that line alone!

  34. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Joan Rivers on WWHL tonight!

  35. putchka says:

    Hey Jan, ya Joan will rip all those idiots apart. My mouth was agape, so funny!

  36. mrs peabody says:

    I can’t stand Kristen, she’s a bitch and she doesn’t know her place.

    • Powell says:

      LOL and what’s her place?

      • mrs peabody says:

        Behind the rest of them. She’s too outspoken for a newbie (NCIS popping out). I expect a new person to not to be so outspoken taking it a bit slower before they are so bitchy.

        • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

          I think we discussed Kristen a few months ago….she got off too easy. I didn’t like how she got up from her chair like a stupid peacock and said, “You’re delusional!” Pft take a seat, biatch. Lol

    • chismosa™ says:

      I agree yet she gets FIRST CHAIR ???


      Don’t get it. Don’t.

      • mrs peabody says:

        yea what’s up with that. I would expect one of the others to get that chair. Seems Ramona gets it every year. Wonder if she’ll be on any of the couches next year.

  37. I thought the reunion was on at 8…..oh well, one more hour!!

  38. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    At the end of the reunion (I didn’t notice the opening) they showed the graphic with the ladies holding the apple and they added Luann!!!

    NJ Bev was asking why she didn’t have an apple and they decided to give her one for the reunion!

  39. mrs peabody says:

    I just honestly can’t stand Kristen. She is really irritating me.

  40. lillybee says:

    Why can’t talk one at a time?

  41. chismosa™ says:

    Oh my god I just saw the scene of Eddie carrying Leanne and she hit her head. LOL

  42. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Good morning! I didn’t think to ask Empress if she was blogging the reunion….there may not be a new blog today. Either way, we were fortunate to have her recap 20 episodes! I have to get to work extra early…will check back later!

  43. Reading the comments this morning and I love my Lynnfam! I was too pooped to post but enjoyed watching last night. A few comments – I agree with mrs Peabody about Kristen, I can’t get over the Brandi connection and I think she is very high maintenance and likes to play the victim, but did like a lot of her cloths. I also think Kristen got a good edit this year at the sacrifice of josh. I am just over Sonja and find her sad so glad Andy went there with the Grey Gardens reference. I admit there have been times when I have found Ramona entertaining, but so over the double standard. I enjoyed Luann for the first time this year and have come to admire and enjoy heather, but agree that she should be careful she is getting too much support so may be in line for bitch edit next season. Leg – no comment, just put a nail in that coffin.

    Go Lynnfam!

    • Eastbayca says:

      From the several recaps i have read and the few episodes i have watched…my conclusion:
      Aviva – had no friends coming into this season. Somebody had to be her friend the Mandy/Amanda chic didn’t work so Bravo might have requested Ramona and Sonja to be sympathetic/friendly.
      Ramona – her tag line makes sense…She basically had pinto and let loose.
      Sonja – tag line makes sense…she basically acted her way through the season probably with the help of her producers.
      Heather – real
      Carole – trying to do something (?)
      Kristen – new girl…she held her own.
      Luann – better than the last five season.

    • Powell says:

      I don’t lump Kristen w/Brandi. Kristen has questionable taste in friends. I did think her standing up telling Sonja she’s delusional was over the top. No drama was needed for that.

      • Lady Chatterley says:

        Agree, Powell – that whole thing with Sonja was such a pile-on. Uncomfortable to watch them relentlessly poking at Sonja. She’s not all there, we get it, we’ve been watching this circus from the start. And then, Kristen jumps and kicks her in the ribs. It didn’t make Sonja look any worse, but it did reflect poorly on Kristen, from my vantage point.

        Enjoying the great weather, Powellie???

      • mrs peabody says:

        I don’t lump Kristen with Brandi either, in fact I never even think of her relationship with Brandi, I just plain don’t like her. I got tired of the bigger couch (4 people) picking on the other couch (3 people) reminded me of the last reunion Jill was on. I think the thing with Sonja is she only knows how to be a wife of a guy with money and can’t seem to realize that is not her life anymore. She doesn’t (as Luann pointed out) a yacht anymore, she doesn’t have the funds she once did, she doesn’t have access to royalty and rich people, she is nothing anymore. She just refuses to realize her place in life among the rich and famous is gone. Sad but true. She needs to start living in the real world. Kristen standing up and singing that was just out and out rude and it did make her look bad. She is a whiny BITCH who would not surprise me at some point her husband gets fed up with her clinginess.

        • kit9 says:

          I would feel sorry for Sonja but she is so haughty. It’s really gross. She constantly tossing out lines like, “I’ve had a butler for 20 years”. And, forcing her poor intern to go get a different, prettier towel? She’s absurd! And, I wish people would stop calling her delusional and call her what she really is-a liar.

    • EllaMinnoPea says:

      I don’t see Kristen being like Brandi. We’ve never seen Kristen drunk off her butt, strutting around in teenie weenie bikinis, or outlandishly flirting with the other women’s husbands. I do think Kristen can be a bit whiny and, based on the edits, I think she needs to be careful about here whininess before she drives her hubby away. Seriously, who wants to come home to that?

      I only saw the second half of the show but in that, my favorite line was when they were talking about Josh having tried to help Sonja and Aviva pipes up with, “Oh, is you husband a branding expert??” and the whole other side of the couch says, in unison, “YES!”

    • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

      You nailed it, SJP! I can’t recall much of the reunion because Carole’s horrible hair color was just too much.

  44. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Hump Day. 😀 I watched A little of the reunion at 9 then was going to watch all of it at 10 but they got on my nerves so I turned to watch Tyrant. After hearing Ramona’s excuse for throwing the glass at Kristen then Aviva’s excuse for telling Kristen to STFU and Sonja say she busy managing her house so she doesn’t have time to do her “products” and that she gets calls all the time to do xyz, I’d had enough. I couldn’t deal w/them when I have to get up at 5 in the morning. I’ll watch this weekend when I can have some drinks and yell at the tv. T-Rex Andy told Sonja people say she’s a little Grey Gardens. LOL Bravo has been reading our blog. 👍👍
    Have a great day everyone.

    • T-Rex says:

      DrunkenSlutLazyAssNimrodGreyGardensSonja does NOT have clients clamoring for her expertise in marketing, if she did, she would have someone re-writing her entire website which is atrocious and she wouldn’t be some, run down, broke ass wannabe. OMG she really is delusional and I loved MzAndy quoted this lovely blog started by our Beloved Lynn. I never could stand OldcraggyBitchDrunkAssRamona and she didn’t redeem herself in any way this season and again I will point out some plastic glasses you get at Target or Pier One are heavy duty plastic and even heavier than glass, so saying it’s “plastic” is not some free pass for chucking the glass at someone’s face. Look I don’t like Kristen either, but no one deserves to have something hurled at them, especially at their face. I do like that Carole and Heather seemed to have formed a true friendship after meeting each other on this show, so as I posted earlier at least one time a good thing can happen on these shows. I don’t think the Countless-Lu-Man slept with Harry that night of filming, I believe Heather when she says that they ALL went to a club and DrunkenSlutLazyAssNimrodGreyGardensSonja fell beause she was so drunk. She was so drunk she probably doesn’t hardly remember the evening. Good for countless-Lu-Man making a nice chunk of change on her Hamptons estate and buying a home is Sag Harbor, suckit to the loser LunaticZarin who doesn’t own any property out there while pretending she does.

      • Good point – I thought props weren’t allowed anymore at reunions? That flimsy plastic glass was a joke – big difference between that and a heavier plastic, molded glass. I am totally done with Drunky.

        • Powell says:

          SJP I thought props weren’t allowed either but Aviva had her inhaler and Andy and Ramona took a hit off of it.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I’m sure Sonja was drunk that night-but Luann is lying-she left with Harry. We know Luann is not very good at telling the truth about who she goes home with!!

        • T-Rex says:

          Heather clearly stated that she was in the same Cab with them and that HarrytheDubiousDebonair jumped in with them, and again I can’t see why Heather would lie about that.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Heather is lying-she didn’t get in the cab with them-the truth will come out -maybe next season Heather won’t be on team Luann and then she tell what really happened that night.

            • T-Rex says:

              Look I am NOT saying Countless-Lu-Man didn’t have a “roll in the hay” with the guy that night, she could have and probably DID. What I am saying is that Heather was in the cab, HarrytheDubiousDebonair jumped in with them and they all headed off to a club. I find the whole thing weird though and I think the whole ring fiasco was a “staged for Bravo production” to somehow give DrunkenSlutLazyAssNimrodGreyGardensSonja and Harry some “backstory” it’s odd. Look HarrytheDubiousDebonair sleeps with pretty much anything that isn’t nailed down, he is constantly in Page Six with this or that woman, I think it’s like the Manhattan equivalent of a Girl Scout badge to sleep with him.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                And all I’m saying is that Heather is lying-Luann and Harry left together-just them. The question is why is Heather protecting Luann???

                • T-Rex says:

                  She put out a BUNCH of tweets that she was there, so I can’t fathom why she would lie, she is one of the Ho-wives that DOESN’T have a reputation for lying. Why are you so sure she is?

                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    Think about it T-Rex-what would make me so sure??

                    • T-Rex says:

                      Jnnntj, that’s what I figured but are you absolutely sure, could be they didn’t see her, that’s all I am saying. Look I would believe she slept with him too, but we weren’t in whatever shack they decided to hookup in(allegedly).

      • Powell says:

        T-Rex I don’t think Lu slept w/Harry either and yes Sonja probably had her share of drinks and that’s why she fell.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          That’s not why she fell-but it doesn’t matter. People have made up their minds about what they think happened that night.

    • Powell – How is Tyrant? I watched the first episode before I left for arctic and thought it was interesting idea, but is it worth going back and watching?

      • T-Rex says:

        SJP – hijacking the post to Powell to weigh-in on Tyrant, Mr. T-Rex and I really like this show. The ratings aren’t so great and it’s getting backlash in certain media, but I do hope that this comes back for another season.

        • Great – I trust your recommendation so I will go back and watch. Thanks!

        • Powell says:

          Shoot I hope it’s renewed. The Prez poking at least 5 women w/his little friend and killing or having multiple people killed per epi is pretty good. 😉 OMG he’s the definition of Tyrant. His dead father had nothing on his son.

        • Powell says:

          T-Rex how did you like him asking the blonde he was poking if the people loved him? She said everyone loves you. What else was she supposed to say? 😉

      • Powell says:

        Tyrant is good. I’m glad I watched the dictator Prez slammed a choking man’s head against a toilet and he died, rather than watch NY. Yeah NY got on my nerves that bad. 😉

        • chismosa™ says:

          LOL Powell.
          I should have gotten into it. I want to know who’s the blue eyed guy. Infiltrator?

          I am LOVING the Strain. Didn’t think I would. Really really didn’t. But I do.

  45. HuskerHuny says:

    Ramona – I don’t care if you threw the cheapest plastic or the most expensive crystal of wine glasses at Kristen. You threw it at her in anger! You tried to throw the oar of the boat and thank goodness you missed. Your intentions were very clear that you meant harm to Kristen and you succeeded. As for your apology, it was shallow. All you needed to say was, I’m sorry, I was wrong and I will never do it again. Please forgive me. Even when Kristen went off on you, you should have kept your mouth shut and just take the medicine. Coming back at her was wrong.

    Sonja – she’s not of this world. She’s totally out there in her Sonja world and it’s/has crumbled around her. I don’t believe all of her big talk about every business venture she has going for her. She’s all talk and no substance. On her yacht? What yacht? Dozens of paid staff/employees? What other staff than interns (and they are not paid). Delusional? Oh yeah, big time. All of the other ladies know it, only those on the opposite side of couches had the nerve to tell her. Ramona tried earlier this season and decided to keep her mouth shut to keep their friendship. Aviva has to keep her mouth shut around Sonja so she can stay on the show otherwise she has no friends. Sonja is going to stay in her make believe world until they put her in the ground. Sad.

    Aviva – I so hate to say this but I do think Carole and Aviva had a conversation where it was said that Carole’s and Russ’ relationship was an ‘open’ one. I think I remember Carole saying last season that when she and Russ were apart they were allowed to live their own lives (if you know what I mean), but when they were together, they were exclusive to each other. Other than that, Aviva has Carole all wrong due to her jealousy. Carole is the true author that Aviva so desperately wants to be and she’s not. So she talks, talks, talks about the word on the street and trashes Carole with no real facts to back up her statements.Aviva is a wannabe, but I will give her props for working with the Boston bombing victims and I so hope this was an actual moment and not something fake that was filmed to keep Aviva somewhat involved in the storyline.

    Darn it! I’ve had to back up Tamra yesterday and Aviva today. But they both are rather damaged individuals.

    I’ll hit up the other couch later. There’s less to talk about with those ladies.

    • Itsnotreality says:

      I am sorry but there is no way in h*** that Sonja owns a yacht. My husband builds and repairs custom yachts and boats. I handle all the paperwork so I know that there is no way that she would be able to afford the upkeep on a yacht. Yachts and boats usually require some type of paint or varnish every couple years or less depending on where they are kept in order to continue being operable. This is a labor intensive and can run from $10,000.00 to $200,000.00 depending on the size and condition of the yacht. Even a small boat would cost about $2,500.00.

      • designernailsdiana says:

        I think Sonja(GreyGardens) had someone named Pea Dideee but not THE P. Diddy on a yacht she was on. I highly doubt she has been on a yacht she owned/rented in the last 7 yrs.
        That is all for now. Carry on…

      • T-Rex says:

        DrunkenSlutLazyAssNimrodGreyGardensSonja lives in a very delusional world. When she was married, her then husband, Mr Morgan owned a Yacht that they would use but she has been apart from Mr. Morgan since 2007 and that yacht wasn’t a part of her “severance” package. I have done a lot of reading, she got a very large chunk of dough a couple of houses, her daughter’s life financially secured, etc. when she divorced and blew through a lot of the money she was given. This 3 million dollar court deal was NOT in writing anywhere, she claims that Mr. Morgan agreed to help her out with her 7 million dollar debt, which he is denying.

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      I was thinking the same thing, HH, when Carole denied the open relationship. I remember her saying last season that she and Russ were free to see others when they weren’t together. And she was dating last season…so, yeah, not a committed relationship.

    • Powell says:

      Carole did say they had an open relationship because he toured and she had no delusions about what he may do on tour.

  46. catmom1 says:

    Another great recap blog of the RHONY reunion at Vulture by Brian Moylan.

    A couple of my favorite bits from his recap:

    “The worst part of the whole ordeal is when Andy Cohen goes around the horn and says hello individually to each one of the Housewives with his Mr. Potato Head plastic grin. He’s pretending so hard that he’s going to be nice, but he knows it’s not. He knows what spliced-together footage he has and what gotcha questions he’s gonna ask and couch them as something that Rhonda from Massapequa Park sent in.”

    “Aviva’s problem is that the truth is a moving target. The truth, to her, has no intrinsic value. Her truth is whatever might win her an argument at that moment.”

    • chismosa™ says:

      Rhonda from Mary Tyler Moore? Was she from Long Island ??
      Must Wiki …. (Pre my time, my parents’ fave show)

      If that’s who they’re referencing … 🙂

  47. cusi77 says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am taking advantage of having access to a computer now, to tell you that I talked to MTH Monday and he told me that he had surgery last week and he is in the Hospital, he does not know when he will be back home… Yesterday his sister called to let us know that he is doing good,,, I was planning in going see him next Friday but his sister told me that they are going to move him to another facility. He will have access to be in touch with us.
    Today I haven’t had any news, I am hoping for MTH’s sister to call again (crossing fingers) He Knows he is very loved and thanks everyone for the good thoughts and Prayers -He told me that on Monday.

    Much love to all!

  48. catmom1 says:

    Thank for the update Cusi.

    • cusi77 says:

      You’re welcome catmom! I wish I could have given the report here… but with no computer I couldn’t… so I did it in FB.

  49. I think the word the “ladies” were looking for last night was “Acrylic” …she threw an acrylic wine drinking implement at Kristen…. I just wonder why none of the women said to Aviva regarding George, “If you know he is vulgar and inappropriate then why do you bring him around, and Andy why do you allow production to have him on the show.??”

  50. JumpTheShark says:

    Joan Rivers did not disappoint on WWHL, when asked by Andy to review the NYHW reunion fashion and she blurted out that they look like a bunch of whores.

  51. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading all of your opinions on NY reunion during lunch! I’m getting a lot of run-around this week and it’s really starting to run me down! :-/

  52. Exit4 says:

    PDiddy comes to parties on my yacht???? Lol. She was trying to insult Heather by insinuating her husband just works for diddy-I’m his friend. I doubt it.

    • mrs peabody says:

      PDiddy may have come to parties on her ex-husband’ yacht but not on her yacht. Any yachts that she would have would fit in the bathtub only.

    • T-Rex says:

      Well that Yacht sailed some 8 years ago, when Mr. Morgan jettisoned one Mrs Morgan from his life. I think, she thinks, she is still married to that man somehow. DrunkenSlutLazyAssNimrodGreyGardensSonja just proves that delusional point about her again and again and again.

    • chismosa™ says:

      I want to know why ears/ Kristen’s hubby left a successful career in a still-shaky economy to start something there are 10000s of already in market.

      Uprooted them from Cali to the apt in manhattan.
      I don’t care for him.

    • kit9 says:

      I am so glad to see Sonja get ripped at the reunion. She was just awful all season, imo. Her insane diva behavior-I’ll never get over the towel incident,defending the indefensible Aviva, her boasting constantly about all her nonexistent successful businesses, the crack about Connecticut, even. And, her dig at Kristen’s husband is another perfect example. She was a real ahole this season.

    • That statement proved that the poor girl is living in the past!

    • T-Rex says:

      Actually I think she was insulting Heather, she was the one that worked for P. Diddy, which she successfully did and was the Design Director at SeanJohn his clothing company. I remember reading that P Diddy is very “hands on” with his clothing company and certainly would have known and worked with Heather. Heather’s husband is in Commercial Real Estate, so unless he sold P Diddy some office space they didn’t work together. I believe Heather left P Diddy(SeanJohn) not only to start her own line but also to be home with her son when he was born with the life threatening ailments, It is yet another EPIC.FAIL on the part of the DrunkenSlutLazyAssNimrodGreyGardensSonja.

      • Exit4 says:

        Yes, Heather worked for Diddy-she had his drinks at her party. It was Kristen’s husband that worked with Heather at his SJ before EBoost. That’s how they knew exh other beforehand! I mixed up the husbands! For some reason I thought john still worked there….wrong guy! Lol

        • T-Rex says:

          Exit thanks I thought maybe I missed something, LOL they were all yelling so much. Oh and still to further that thought, again, will point out that P Diddy is a very “hands on” kinda guy with his SeanJohn brand especially when he was starting it up, so again I don’t believe that DrunkenSlutLazyAssNimrodGreyGardensSonja would have had more interaction with him then his employees. She is ridic!

          • Exit4 says:

            Like I said above-I’m not sure Diddy rolls with the Morgan crowd! LOL. It’s funny because sonja probably could have presented the image she’s trying to present and people would have believed it. Until Heather tried to help her last season and josh this season and she exposed her complete haplessness!

            • T-Rex says:

              Exit, Diddy did this weird period where he did try to roll with the upper crust of Manhatten society, even did some parties with Martha Stewart. But again meeting someone at a party or him showing up at a party ONCE they threw on a yacht does not make you close, personal friends, but we aren’t living delusion-land either.

  53. Eastbayca says:

    Unbelievable….Amanda Sanders the image consultant is still blogging about the RHONY… LMAO

  54. chismosa™ says:

    Hi all – TARTS please take car of yourself and chillax

    The Ramona shade at Lu was awesome 

    🙋Jill I totally agreed with all your comments last night ! TOTALLY 

    I think kristen got her boobs pre-reunion. During the season they were pretty big too. And I could never tell what type of sheer brawer she was wearing, it always looked good. 
    AZGirl mentioned Lumann is renting her house in the hamptons ? She is? How did she film so much there summer 2013 then? I guess post 2013/ demotion filming. Now that she can finally finnnalllly lose those pesky kids of hers – such a burden to her. 

    I disagree that Luann had been “hurt” by Ramona’s comments when all Luann does all season long is talk badly about Ramona. She found allies in Heather, Kristen, and Carole since the OGs didn’t want her. Even Luann goes and films that she wants a friendship with Sonja back. 🐍 She loves to gang up on a couch and be preachy and accusatory with a self satisfying smile.

    Lu wants to have the left side couch war huddle the same way from that reunion with Alex & Jill and simply attack Ramona all the time. 

    Can’t stand luan and her sneaky snake ways 🐍🐍

    • mrs peabody says:

      I noticed almost everytime Kristen said something negative toward the other couch she would always look to the other girls, like I did good didn’t I saying that. She looked like she was making sure they approved of what she said. Luann is always on the side attacking the side Ramona is on. She gets her strength from the other mean girls. I think that whole side was a bunch of mean girls, united to attack the other couch. Just like said b/4 it was like the last reunion that had Jill on it.

      • T-Rex says:

        Now see I saw that TOTALLY different I took it as her trying to show off to the others as like “this is how you should do it” kind of thing. I dislike Kristen and I don’t think that Carole and Heather are mean girls either, I think Kristen was trying to show them up, but that’s my opinion. I wanted to stand up and shake that delusional idiot DrunkenSlutLazyAssNimrodGreyGardensSonja too, so while I think Kristen was wrong and had no place calling her out, someone should though, she really is sinking into some weird world that no one else lives in. Oh and I have no illusions that Countless-Lu-Man has changed one bit either, she is still someone who would stab you in the back the first chance she could get, she is another viper

        • Powell says:

          Someone should have most definitely called Sonja out but not like Kristen did standing up Saying “Sonja you’re De lu sion al!”. My only problem w/Kristen is she nags and whines like others have said. But Josh is such a butthole that I don’t feel sorry for him that she nags. It is sure annoying as hell.

          • T-Rex says:

            My problem with Kristen is, she is a newbie she has her own serious marital problems, as you point out she is a whiner so she should be the LAST one saying anything to DrunkenSlutLazyAssNimrodGreyGardensSonja. The person that should have called her out was OldCraggyBitchDrunkRamona, but she wouldn’t since that’s the only friend/ally she has any longer on the show.

      • chismosa™ says:

        I caught her eyeing backwards also mrs P but I think it was like “can you believe this chick” — and I’m a kristen fan (generally)

        Yup Luann gets her strength from other meanies.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Luann has always been and will always be a snake…and pirate hooker!!!

    • Lady Chatterley says:

      SO agree, Chism. I enjoyed Luann this season, but I never forgot who she is. I suppose that she can afford to be more gracious and suppress her inner snake, if she’s not in the middle of the drama. But, with a full-time role, she’ll be right back in the mud, slinging away with the rest of them. I’d like to see her come back next season, but she should stay in the Friend of HW role, IMO.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      I hear you, Chismosa!

  55. kit9 says:

    RO, grain of salt, all that but wooofreakinhooo! A couple seasons late but I sure hope it’s true….

    • Exit4 says:

      They always do this-they never make decisions until after the season is done! But here’s hoping!

    • T-Rex says:

      You know I wonder if Bravo doesn’t feed RadarOnliarLiarPantsOnFire(allegedly) false info or rumors knowing those idiots(allegedly) will print anything, to see what the fan reaction would be to certain information. TrailerTrashTrampySue is getting beat up pretty badly on the blogs and other websites this year, she clearly cannot take when folks beat up on her, but has no problem doing so to others, PLUS she did a big no-no by outing something we all knew that Bravo production manipulates stories(shocking, insert huge eyeroll), and then going on WWHL and basically laughing in Mz Andy’s face and professing that she is acting for the cameras to bring the drama, yeppers don’t piss off Mz Andy

    • Powell says:

      If true hip hop hooray!!! 👍 Don’t write a check your ass can’t cash. No storyline huh? So they don’t find filming at her gym interesting. Oh well. 😀

    • Powell says:

      And she’s not getting her own reality show. Maybe she’ll do next season’s Celebrity Marriage Boot Camp. 😀

  56. Exit4 says:

    The tiny bit my hisband caught was George. His assessment? “Who the hell was that guy? He’s a little inappropriate!” Ya think honey? Just a little?

  57. Foxymel11(Mel) says:

    I am confused. Andy will bring up Mario in the next episode–why didn’t be bring up tampon-gate during the BH reunion. True it wasn’t filmed but neither was Mario’s cheating.

    • mrs peabody says:

      Because that’s how Andy rolls……like I said he lets some things go that he shouldn’t and others that he should. If it wasn’t filmed then it shouldn’t be in the reunion. Let me rephrase that if it was filmed and shown during the season then it’s off limits for the reunion.

      • MM in OC says:

        I’m glad Ramona told him off. My guess (based on Ramona’s reaction to the question) is Ramona advised that she wouldn’t be answering any questions regarding Mario and the cheating rumors. She was P.O’d that he brought it up and shut him down.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Excellent point amiga mia

    • EllaMinnoPea says:

      Ramona never had any trouble discussing anybody else’s alleged cheating. But now that the shoe is on the other foot, she wants to say it’s off limits. Yeah, notsomuch.

      • Powell says:

        Nope she didn’t. Mmmm hmmm. 👠

      • chismosa™ says:

        I know and Ramona is whack and there’s no logic nor rhyme or reason to it but I still “get” her and love her. ((And I’m VERY black and white))
        I guess it’s like the Tree-huggers 🙂

  58. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Took off work early, trying to catch up on Twitter….oh my gosh way too many tweets from the NY crew….apparently a lot of live tweeting during the reunion. So many but hardly any worthy of posting here. This non-housewife tweet made me giggle…part of it had to do with her Twitter pic though, lol

  59. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Kandi reveals that RHOA starts filming in August.

    • Powell says:

      Good. Her list should also say 11. Lock my momma up in the closet. I reallllyyy hope Joyce isn’t back.

  60. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Okay, remember Kim was talking about getting her tummy and boobs done on the last episode of DBT? Well, it’s probably 4 months (guessing) since that was filmed and here she is…..remember mother of 6 – three deliveries in 2-1/2 years. Don’t you hate her?! 😉

    • That’s not why I hate her, lol!

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        You don’t say, well, it could be anything, we’re talkin’ about Kim, second only to Nene for Queen of laziness…and backtalk…and….

    • Powell says:

      She looks good. I believe she’s done some type of cosmetic thing. Maybe the thermag if she didn’t do Lipo. I’d love to get that. It’s something like what Ramona and Sonja had done . Kim had it before on her show before she was pregnant w/the twins. Kroy probably got her to do a little workout her and there.

    • Orson says:

      Was that a wig or her real hair? Is she the type who’d have a wig for THAT look?

  61. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Chismosa – you know you want to – don’t miss this opportunity! 😛

    • chismosa™ says:

      That place is very big —-
      OMG vomit !!!!! Lol

      Get her fans to pay back her fees owed. Hustle hustle !
      Help her fans ! Help her!

      Thanks for this jan. LOL 💀

      Traffic is TERRIBLE getting there, especially as it will be Thursday and people head out to the hamptons early on Thursdays.
      I’d be surprised if she was on time at all.

  62. chismosa™ says:

    Do all “FRIENDS” of HWs, non-fruit holders get allowed to stay through the Entire entire reunions ?

    Just wondering if we have to see Luann and the hubcap earrings for 3 episodes.

    I forgot to mention I loved Ramona deferring to Heather on her answer on something. She knows Heather has her head straight on and knew she’d word it well. I like their camaraderie.

    (My issue with left couch is Luann 🐍🐍)

    • Powell says:

      They have never had a “friend’ on night one & they never stay throughout the whole reunion. So Lu being there the first night was pretty good and I think it’s because she was such an integral part of the season. I can’t remember who said it but Lu is holding the Apple on the reunion. They never give a “friend” the city’s symbol to hold.

  63. chismosa™ says:

  64. Powell says:

    LOL T-Rex and JNNTJ. Sonja slept w/Harry 20 yrs ago she’s practically said and Aviva got a marriage license to sleep with him . What I’d like to know is why are any women sleeping w/Harry? He’s not all that and a bag of chips. 😉

    • chismosa™ says:

      Powell I say that about bill Clinton, Kennedy, so many others — yet women get hypnotized and some are truly “pant@ droppers” (hate that P word!)

      Many other men, can’t think of names right now.

      • Powell says:

        Hey I wouldn’t sleep with any of them but I see why cuz those two had/have swag. 😉

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Powell I can’t figure out the Harry Love!! Is he the only man in NYC?? What’s the attraction??

    • T-Rex says:

      Like I posted earlier, apparently it’s like the Manhattan Girl Scout Badge to sleep with him apparently. He must do something right in the privacy of his trysts, or he wouldn’t be in demand. He and his brother grew up in a wealthy family of Real Estate developers in Manhattan, so they were those rich kid, sort of bad boys. Harry’s brother is bit more famous for actually working in Real estate and HarryTheDubiousDebonnaire is more famous for schtooping anyone in Manhattan.

  65. chismosa™ says:



    • Powell says:

      I don’t think they lied.

    • T-Rex says:

      Okay what?!? Did they lie, did they force you, did you lie did you force them to take you? I guess she doesn’t want to be upstaged by DrunkenSlutLazyAssNimrodGreyGardensSonja on that whole living in delusion-land and being crazy. WTG for reminding us just how BSC you still are KooKooForJellyBeansBeenSomeone

  66. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      They waste no time getting to the action and ROTFL at Kelly’s performance! 😆 I’m pretty sure the pilot of the plane was Leslie Nielson’s co-pilot in the movie Airplane!

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      This stupid movie is loaded with cameo appearances….Andy Dick as a cop and I think Downtown Julie Brown from way back when MTV was a nurse….they don’t have all these people credited online…..didn’t they know we would google it? Sheesh.

  67. Exit4 says:

    Speaking of radar-why I read that crap I don’t know-they had a story today that Teresa G from NJ is in hot water for not attending the Miami trip? But wasn’t she on the trip in the previews? Am I imagining that?

    • Orson says:

      Editing could have inserted some clips of her in the previews. Unfortunately, the stories I read about T being in trouble with Bravo I think were in ROL, which is not the most reliable source.

  68. VV™ says:

    Carlton proudly tweeted this.

    @CarltonGebbia13: And they said it would never work! @PlanetBeauty 💋

  69. ladebra says:

    I can’t believe I missed Sharknado :(. 😀
    This little kitten is hilarious!

  70. ladebra says:

    I really hope MTH is feeling better and will be back soon. I miss seeing his comments!

    And not related but related!

    • Powell says:

      $2 billion huh? Well at least their reporting on men and their insecurities about aging and paying to reverse the clock. Women are always the focus on aging and the billions spent on beauty/aging.

      And How you doin Miss Ladebra? 🙂

  71. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Friday eve. Its a beautiful day. I hope you’re all feeling well and you have a great day. 😀 🌅 👍

  72. Powell says:

    MTH I hope you’re recuperating well and on the mend. BIG hugs to you. 🙅

  73. Exit4 says:

    My hometown made WWHL last night! The game was jersey towns-real or fake? Andy totally butchered the name-and they thought it was fake! Lol. It’s real!

    • chismosa™ says:

      Who was on Kate Hudson ? Pretaped right ?

      You and Jill are both making WWH these days!

      I have to catch it on demand. Can’t believe his show is on demand.

  74. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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