Project Runway – Past Present And Future / Don’t Be Tardy – Spring Break Forever Biermanns

Project Runway

S13E3 “Past, Present And Future”

By Princess Pindy

The episode starts off with the designers gossiping in the apartments.  Fade and Sean are saying that Angela is lucky to still be there and it’s because of them that she stayed, pretty much.  Hernan thinks that Sandhya should have gone home and her immunity made her not work as hard, perhaps.  Amanda is thrilled to have won and have immunity this week.  She feels if she can “kill it” on this challenge with immunity that will send a message.  And poor Angela believes that she is a “real designer” damn it!!!  She is almost in tears already.


It is Marie Clare Magazine’s  20th Anniversary.  Ann Fulenwider editor-in-chief helps Tim announce the  challenge.  They are to make a look that is inspired by the designers’ past and show what the future of design looks like from their perspective, twenty years in the future. It is a one day challenge.  There is a montage of Tim and the judges in the 90s.  Tim taught at Parsons and looks the same.  Nina was a fashion assistant, Zac was 14 and just getting into fashion.   Heidi has come to New York and wants to be a model.  She looks a lot like Brandi…yikes.  (Brandi before booze and botox, duh.)

The designers sketch and there is a montage of their ideas, Talking Heads, and sketches and all the sketches look wack!!  First trip to Mood!!!!!!!!  WHOOO HOOO!!!!   They have $200 and 45 minutes to shop  I am amazed at the beautiful fabric at Mood.  I am even more amazed by the ugly fabric the designers choose!!  I have been on the website and I will someday drive up to their Los Angeles store…I will not buy ugly fabric!!!


The designers are surprised by pictures of their past from 1994 on the walls!!!  So cute, and the designer’s are having a great time.  And I love Amanda even more!  She is so funny.  Sandhya looks the same at nine years old as she does now.  Emily was 21 and sooo hot!!!  WOWZA!!!!   Sam thinks cliques are forming and is not concerned about friends.  Isn’t that what people that aren’t “IN” say, lol.  The lady doth protest too much, me thinks.


Sean’s design could be cool..Poor Angela, she is just so insecure and lacking in confidence. I want to smack her across the face, a la Cher in Moonstruck and say, “SNAP OUTTA IT!”  Mitchell’s future is wet… working with neoprene, it is messy..sewing is not his forte’ and neoprene is not an easy fabric to work with….   Emily, “Ewok” cowl neck..that she wants to detach and turn into a purse, Tim says it is “too gimicky.”  Sandhya…dress, with gold pieces on the front and back,  reminds me of my drill team uniform.. it is ugly. Amanda, busy, busy future, efficient, separates.  Char, going make a motorcycle vest… women will be breaking fashion rules in the future. I question this because I look around and see a lot of fashion rules being broken in the here and now….   Alexander, making a dress, but it is separates.  I think Tim is concerned, lol, he should be…has to be perfect or it will show.  His stripes don’t match up and I feel him, I know how that is.  He is trying to match angles and angles are my kryptonite.


They are still really skinny, somebody feed these poor girls.  Alexander’s top  has a uniboob, and Dr. Paul Nassif is nowhere to be found to fix it.  Hernan’s dress is barely covering boobs.  Angela says she has a “delicate touch”, I think she is delicate and by the end of this experience may well be “touched.” Alexander has to start over.  I have had to start over and it is a gut wrenching feeling.  But sometimes it goes faster and you are more focused.  And sometimes you wish you had never learn to sew to begin with.


They all say in their talking heads they are concerned about so and so…are they really concerned or are they secretly happy it is not them.  Angela is cracking me up…she tells the make-up artist “I trust your instincts” ‘ Because I sure as hell don’t trust mine!!’  Oh geeze Angela is doing her typical last minute rush…  Last week I felt sorry for her but she is starting to get on my last nerve….and how was she on Wall Street for years if she is only 22, I don’t understand.  I thought she said seven, my daughter thought maybe she said several…but still.  Math is hard but it just doesn’t add up! I love to see how everything comes together at the end.  Mitchell in his talking heads….is growing on me.


The Judges are  Heidi, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, Anne Fulenwider and guest judge Amanda Decadenet…photographer and new reality show star, oh it is the #UNDONE host.  The show that is on after PR and I thought was about PR but it isn’t, lol!!  I don’t watch, something about her voice…..

I guess this is new this season that they are having anonymous Runway Shows.  The Judges don’t know who made what…allegedly.

I liked Kristine, Emily and Char.  All looked good and looked well constructed.  Mitchell and Fade both had outfits that were kinda cool.  Not for everyone.  I didn’t like the seams on Mitchell’s waist.  Hernan, Amanda, Sam, Kini, and Sean did not impress me.  There was nothing new to their designs and Sean should have left off the Mary Poppins hat and picked a better material.  Sandhya, Alexander, Korina and Angela all had horrible outfits.  IPPHO, they were just ugly.  I think Angela’s was really poorly constructed and Sandhya’s was cheesy and cheap looking.


Angela, Sandhya, Emily, Alexander, Kristine, and Sean are either “In or Out.”

~Angela~   Zac thinks it looks like a stewardess from future and he is afraid to be on her plane, Anne thinks it is too short, lapel didn’t work. Heidi likes the idea but it didn’t work.  Nina, “Houston we have a problem.” (Is she a riot or what??)  Amanda is being nice….there are airlines that are looking for new outfits….  THEY ARE FLIGHT ATTENDANTS!!!!

~Sandhya~   blah, blah, blah, B.S…  Nina likes it, refreshing, mix of fantasy and reality.  Amanda thinks it is  brave and bold. Heidi, not a high score…  Zac says it is “weird” in a good way. (his word, not mine, actually, Carole “Writer Girl’s word, not mine) Anne, oxygen tanks…exciting.  They are insane!!

~Emily~   Heidi likes the mixture of texture, stunning, loves, loves, loves.  Anne likes it a lot. Amanda wants one!   Zac  thinks it’s Emily’s best work.  Nina, of course, not one of her favorites.  (Hmmm, maybe there is some truth about who decides the winner.)

~Alexander~  Heidi says it’s an old rag, old blanket. potato sack, doesn’t want to wear it now or twenty years from now.  Nina thinks it is a dismal future, plant of the apes.  Anne says it looks like the Flintstones.  Zac calls it a  maternity mom,  is worried about the technical side.  Nina thinks hard to shoot for editorial and was glad that it wasn’t what he wanted to do.   IPPHO, it is just ugly!

~Kristine~  Nina loves the outfit.  loves it all.  Heidi ‘s favorite look, perfect.  Zac thinks it looks polished   Anne, thinks it is very Marie Clarie,  Amanda, “chic.”

~Sean~  Heidi is disappointed, wrinkly.  crooked hem.  needs to step it up.  Anne wants him to get rid of the hat.  Zac likes the hat.  Heidi thinks it is bad.  Better if you ran out of time and didn’t make the hat. Nina says Mary Poppins also.  Angela is thinking “wow, maybe I won’t go home.”

CLOSER LOOK   (I am so glad they added this last year.)


Angela…it is really badly made.  Of course Zac’s hands are ALL OVER that model, lol.  Sean… Zac doesn’t think it is the worst….  Tim thinks it needs to be euthanized….I think he is talking about  Angela’s look. But they HATE Alexander’s.


Emily… they think it is not new.  Kristine…looks good and they love it.  Sandhya… they still love it close up.    They are what is wrong with fashion, lol!!

The winner is ………….OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, NO< NO< , nooooo  Sandhya!!!  OMG!!!

This is ridiculous!!!!  The back room is stunned when Sandhya tells them, lol, and so am I…

Sean is safe….

Poor Angela!!!!  She is out…..  Heidi thinks she is a great designer…  Angela has never been this criticized before.  Welcome to the real world babe.

Wow, unbelievable.  I really am surprised.  I hope the whole season isn’t about Sandhya winning, I am not impressed or happy about this.

Here is the link to the looks, check it out and see what you think…



Don’t Be Tardy

S3E5 “Spring Break Forever, Biermanns”

By TexasTart

Last week the Biermann bunch was in Destin Florida for vacation.  Its’ spring break time and Brielle and Adriana have friends to hang out with in Destin.  We last saw Kim and Kroy having a difference of opinion in whether or not Brielle was a good girl when she was out of mama’s sight. (The producer of the show said it was the first and only time the film crew has witnessed an argument between Kim and Kroy.)

Day 4 of the vacation and we join the entire family on a beautiful white sands beach in front of the home they’ve rented. It’s a private beach and they have the place to themselves pretty much.  Kim is trying to keep tabs on who is where and Brielle wants to Jet Ski. Kim shoots down the idea because it’s a red flag day (very windy).   Brielle claims that Kim is overprotective and she adds that Kroy is strict.  She tries the old trick of asking Kroy if she can Jet Ski, after Kim said no. Kroy says, ask your mom. Chuckles.  Brielle challenges who wears the pants, taking a shot at her mom and Kim corrects her to say it’s a 50/50 parenting relationship.

Kim and Kroy walk down the beach pushing a stroller with the twins inside.  Kim, in a TH said there’s still tension between she and Kroy since the disagreement about Brielle. They don’t disagree often, so it’s kind of weird. Kim said that the thought of Brielle turning 18 freaks her out a lot.  I’m starting to get the feeling that Brielle and her mom are a lot alike and are friends too. I notice this happens more frequently between daughters with young mothers, so I looked up Kim’s age and she would have been 18 or 19 when she had Brielle.   Back to the conversation on the beach; Kim is still lamenting about Brielle growing up and said that she’s not motived to do this and that.  Kroy said it’s because Brielle is not challenged.

At night, the family, Lana and Sweetie go to the Destin Boardwalk, which Kim said was like a redneck riviera. All the girls get in a booth where they film you, on a green screen, with just the head and add tiny graphic bodies. Difficult to describe, but it was very funny and miraculously the music they danced to was ‘Don’t Be Tardy For The Party’.  Kim jokes about how she called Sweetie a bobble head before they ever actually were turned into bobble heads.  Everyone is laughing, but the girls, who are on their cell phones. Kids.

DBT S3E5_1Kim said she would pay Sweetie $75 to get in the big hamster ball.  It’s a big clear plastic ball that you climb into and they use a leaf blower to fill it tight with air, seal it and then they place you in the water.  Sweetie, like most folks is falling all over the place inside the ball. Kim and Lana are laughing their heads off and Kim said this is worth $500 in laughs. Ariana is right in between them, looking as if she was waiting for water to boil.  Kids.

Later at dinner, Kim pays up to Sweetie and she appropriately tucks it in her bra. Kim is wondering out loud if Brielle will still come join them at the beach even when she’s not having spring break (in the future). Brielle tells her, no, she will be in Cancun next year.  What?  Brielle tells her, in a how-could-you-not-know manner, that all seniors go to Cancun for spring break (dummy).   Kim said in a talking head that her parents were so strict she lashed out and was a bad girl, so she doesn’t want to do the same to Brielle.  But this is getting tough!  Kim said she’s probably going to need a shrink to let go of Brielle.

Day 5, back at the beach.  Kroy is setting up his ultra high powered binoculars on a tripod. Kim said she got the receipt from Amazon in her email and flipped a wig that they cost 3,000 dollars.  Wait, so it’s okay to buy a three month old Louis Vuitton luggage, but high powered binoculars to scope out the paparazzi is too much?  Kroy’s binoculars pay off. He spies a paparazzi disguised as people enjoying the beach and shouts they’re fucking taking pictures as he takes off running their direction.  Kim jumps up and runs with a couple kids. It was as if someone said “fight” on the playground.  I don’t know why, other than she was being filmed, that Kim would want to interject herself in this situation, but she did.

DBT S3E5_2It was a man and woman with a beach umbrella that look like regular folks on a day at the beach, but Kroy yanks back a towel that reveals a  camera with a mammoth lens. The lens was probably a 18″ long.  Kroy is telling them he saw them taking pictures and he wants them to leave.  The woman said that it’s not illegal (taking pictures) . Kroy informs them it’s a private beach and they are trespassing, as he points to a sign that says the same.  Kim has her 2 cents to add and conversation, at such time she realizes the man has a cell phone camera running and she tries to knock it from his hands.  Kroy threatens to call the cops.  As the beach paparrazzi leave, Kim realizes she didn’t have her hat on and she had flat beach hair!  (Well, bless her heart. I thought that was her real hair put up and it looked damn good for being a windy day on a Gulf Coast beach.)  And she laments that her titties were flopping all over the place.  Ding dong, she just realized she put herself out there up close to be filmed when she wasn’t put together!

Back at the beach house. Brielle said she wants 6, no 8 friends over. Kroy said, not in the house. On the beach. She acts like she doesn’t know what to do if they were on the beach at night.  Maybe Brielle is a good girl, because I would have been thrilled to be told to meet my friends on the beach and not be inside the house with adults!   Kim and Kroy go out to eat by themselves. I bet that doesn’t happen often. Kim left Sweetie in charge of checking on the girls.  At night, Brielle meets up with a bunch of young people on the beach.  Brielle notes their eyes are red.  Sweetie eventually makes her way out there and notes the same thing and that they have stinky alcohol breath. Sweetie calls it a sausage party because, she said it was 40 dudes.  Actually, there was probably 15 guys and 4 girls.  Brielle takes the advice to break it up and she directs them all to another party she found out about down the way, saying her party is over.  I don’t know what could possibly classify THAT as a party, but anyhow, they take off and Brielle goes back to the house.

Kim and Kroy come home after being updated via text by Sweetie.  They’re surprised to see Brielle and her friend are on the couch already.  Brielle said she didn’t know the people on the beach that well and they were doing things she wasn’t interested in. How they drank their alcohol and got wasted ahead of time knowing she would not have alcohol.  Brielle did a hard sell of what a good girl she is, as she continued to say that she makes good decisions and was raised by the best.  It seems painfully obvious to me that Kim ratted out Kroy for not believing Brielle was on the straight and narrow.

Because we didn’t get enough of Brielle in this episode, next week the family is back home pondering what is the sudden newfound interest Brielle has in cheerleading.


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212 Responses to Project Runway – Past Present And Future / Don’t Be Tardy – Spring Break Forever Biermanns

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning again everyone. 🇹🇬🇮🇫🌅😎 I’ll post this link again that posted earlier. I haven’t watched an entire epi yet. This is about last night’s epi.

  2. Powell says:

    Did y’all check out The Extreme Guide to Parenting last night? I only watched a few minutes w/the holistic mother in the holistic store w/her daughter and her daughter being frustrated w/her mother because it was supposed to be a mother daughter day and her mother was more interested in holistic jabber in the store w/the owner than paying attention to her daughter and her daughter was pointing that out. Her mother didn’t have a clue. She and her husband were on GMA and I have no idea what she was talking about.
    Then last night the showed Tori Spelling’s friends who she refers to as Guncles, Gay Uncles. I remember when they adopted their baby on Tori’s show. Their daughter looks like she’s 3/4 and their problem was finding a new nanny and being frustrated parents in the car w/their daughter crying, whining. That’s all I watched. I need to see the entire epi.

    • chismosa says:

      i saw a snippet on something, i forget what— maybe a first look? then i saw what the season overall will have, i’m SHOCKED they don’t have more “Tiger” Asian moms on. THAT is extreme parenting.

      I hope Bravo comes back in 20 years to see where those kids are then…..

      and also maybe all the Housewives’ kids—

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Hi Chismosa, wasn’t it Tiger’s Dad who was the parental force in that family? Not sure what a “tiger” Asian mom is? Maybe you weren’t talking about Tiger Woods. What’s a “Tiger” Asian mom?

        Yes, it would be verrrrrrrry interesting to see what happens in the future of these kids as well as the HW kids. I’m hoping the Guidice girls will be doing great since so many, understandably, at best worry about them and at worst, predict the worst for them. Esp Milania. Go milania! Fingers crossed for that little girl!

    • AZGirl says:

      Good afternoon. Happy Friday! Watched Extreme Parenting. Mother’s treatment of her daughter was so sad. Gay son’s treatment of his mother was even worse. Alex McCord vlog is right on point with this show. Kids and reality tv don’t mix.

  3. ladebra says:

    This brightened my morning. Sharing is caring.

  4. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Good Day everyone!

    Were these pics taken of Kim and family at the beach the same ones we were looking at? I don’t have time to research.

    Powell, I saw The Extreme Guide To Parenting all I can say is Thank God I was raised the way I was!!!! Good gosh. That’s all, or I won’t be able to stop ! I will never watch that show again.

  5. Jules says:

    Hope she stays strong and take him for all he’s got.

  6. BB says:

    Thanks for the PR recap, Princess. I only watched the last part. I, too, am perplexed by the Sandhya love. Her outfit was tacky. They kept saying she took a risk. I’m all for taking risks, but the end result has to be worth it. Hers wasn’t. It think the judges do this on purpose so that people like us will react and talk about it.

  7. Pindy – nice recap, I thought there were a lot of mediocre looks last night on the runway and wasn’t terribly impressed.

  8. T-Rex says:

    Posting a note about the JackDanielsLurkita’s in response to VV”s TMZ report about them possibly returning:

    VV, like the others have posted, not sure where they got their “source” on this one, but this season hasn’t finished airing, filming is over, and TheConvictFelonJuicy’s haven’t even been sentenced yet. I wonder if Bravo placed this blind item to see what the fan reaction would be IF they decide to even bring her back. She is the middle of bankruptcy crap too, they are also sell their home to move into something they can actually probably afford. I know that the JackDanielsLauritas need money right now, I don’t think Chris is working, except with that lousy water deal, which I think is not making much money. According to Zillow this house is still for sale and on 08/06/2014 they did a price modification and lowered it since they have had no takers. DiabolicalDina needs the show money as well, since TwoTimingTommy may be finally kicking her out of his house, so although she might get mad regarding the addition of her sister-in-law, she may want the show money enough to stay. I wonder if “word on the street” is true and ConvictFelonLyinTeresa is going to serve time, and they need to bring back JackDanielsLaurita because those newbies aren’t cutting it, and they won’t have ConvictFelonLyinTeresa for filming for about a year.
    House information for the JackDanielsLurkitas below, this is directly from
    Price History
    08/06/14 Price change $2,788,888-2.1% – McBride Agency
    05/23/14 Listed for sale $2,850,000 – McBride Agency

    • Powell says:

      HA “word on the street.” But if Jac did come back who would she film w/if Tre was gone?

      • T-Rex says:

        MEGO??? I don’t watch the ConvictFelonsofJersey any longer, but didn’t the MEGO’s move back to Franklin Lakes? I don’t really think the story is true, I personally think someone planted it just to see if folks wanted that drunk-infused WackyJackDaniels back on the show.

        • Powell says:

          I don’t watch them either but I think their rental is in FL. I didn’t think Jac & Mel were friends since Jac & Tre made up.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I think Mego would def film with JackDaniels, now that all her allies got fired, she is gladly pretending to care for and love Teresa for her much coveted camera time.

  9. T-Rex says:

    Regarding the “Redneck Riviera” comment I read about in wonderfully written blog, that GoldDiggaKim said about their vacation area. I can attest that the area of Destin and the surrounding beaches, we here in Florida do affectionately label as the “Redneck Riviera”. The area has adopted the name admirably, and there are even signs in some these areas denoting that you are indeed enjoying the “Redneck Riviera”. I remember when a friend of mine spent a season up there at the Breakers in Okaloosa county in Ft. walton beach, same county as Destin and she explained meeting her first new neighbors. She decided to live in a nice mobile home park as opposed to an apartment, it was really very nice, she was 19, and no sharing of walls like an apartment, plus it was cheaper. Her first night she met her neighbors, who were astonished to learn that at 19, my friend was not only, not married, but that she had NO children! Told her she needed to find herself a nice boy over the next few months and start a family because she wasn’t getting any younger, yep that pretty much sums up the folks that live up there. Oh and they then proceeded to start fixing her up with random single men they knew, it was not pretty, LOL! Let’s just say the teeth average of these guys was in the single digit ranges. This did happen, but there are some really nice high end neighborhoods over there, it’s beautiful, lots of wealthy folks live up there, she just happened to live that season in the redneck zone.

    • Powell says:

      Your poor friend. Toothless blind dates? 😉

      • T-Rex says:

        Oh yeah, and they referred to my friend who worked at the famous Breakers resort up there, lots of rich folks spending lots of money! She was basically an Old Maid to the locals though since she was already 19 with no prospects and no children, I think at some point some woman actually referred to her as that poor old maid. Oh, and she made a FORTUNE that season when she was there, however it is also one of the heavy Meth areas and she got into that, and had to leave the area, she cleaned up right away after leaving. That was almost 30 years ago, and Meth was huge there, so I think that contributed a lot to the toothless nature of folks up there.

        • Powell says:

          It’s good she got out of there. Wow meth big 30yrs ago?!?! I get so astonished when I here stuff like that about a street drug. When the drug/grocery stores took OTD drugs like actifed off the floor and put them behind the counter and you have to sign a document/show your ID when you buy it I couldn’t believe it. I was like who would have thought meth is made from actifed?

          • T-Rex says:

            I think it was pretty new back then I think. I know they were touting it as a cheaper alternative to cocaine and you could use it and stay up for days, way cheaper. Of course it’s highly addictive and back then most folks were injecting the drug. I remember visiting her and being offered the stuff, I declined, because I never wanted to purposely inject a recreational drug into my system. Glad I didn’t touch that nasty stuff, back then we had no idea what actually went in that stuff, I do remember her telling me about folks burning down their homes making it though.

    • chismosa says:

      cute…. the beaches look gorgeous from what ive seen on HGTV shows—

      there’s an Irish Riviera in NJ. I’m sure there’s ‘Rivieras’ all over the country we don’t know about 😆

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      T-REX! Thanks I had a bunch of wording errors, but hope I found and fixed them all before too many read the blog, lol

      Thank you for explaining the Redneck Riviera! I didn’t know exactly what Kim meant by that and I almost elaborated further in the blog and decided if I don’t know what it is, keep my mouth shut!

      • T-Rex says:

        Tartsy, no problemo, folks think it’s derogatory to the area if they are outside of Florida, but the folks there really enjoy being called the Redneck Riviera

  10. Powell says:

    Before I forget. Yesterday or Wednesday it was official that Porsha has joined Dish Nation/the Ricky Smiley show. Dish Nation is really funny and Porsha has been doing a really great job on the show. She’s funny, doesn’t miss a beat, and isn’t affraid to laugh at herself. I’m glad she has a REAL job to go to everyday so that she can take care of herself.

    • SoutheastVA says:

      That’s great. My husband and I saw her on the show and were surprised at how well she kept up with their jokes and laughed at herself. Good for her. All the “housewives” can be a pill but I always felt that Porsha was/is harmless to others. Well, with the exception of Kenya because she’s special.

      • Powell says:

        Yes she’s good. I tho she was just filling in for Ebony, that she was on vacation but I need to investigate that because Ebony is a cancer survivor and I don’t know if she had a reoccurrance. But Porsha now has a J O B. I’m sure she got a good contract since she put Kandi thru the wringer for her contract. 🙂

  11. Powell says:

    T-Rex I think since Avery is now in college Mario no longer feels the need to be discrete. Like he’s been waiting for her to no longer be a child. I don’t think he could care less in the past if Ramona heard the rumors or not. He’ll find out the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

    • T-Rex says:

      I do feel sad a bit for Ramona though, as I posted earlier on the other blog I think she was truly, madly in love with LetharioMario and really enjoyed that she thought her husband was so good looking, but he cheats and when he was discreet, she put up with it to keep being married to him. I don’t know who put it in her head she couldn’t do better than him, but any man that will love her for her and not cheat is way ahead of the game in my book. I think she also stayed in the marriage for Avery’s sake since her folks had such a dysfunctional relationship.

      • Powell says:

        Yeah I feel bad for her too and Avery was probably part of the reason she stayed. IDK why she would think Mario was the best she could do but I bet he told her that because of how she’s viewed in their social circles. But it’s sad if she put her happiness on the back burner because she wanted to have the picture perfect marriage and family for Avery when that was far from the truth. And it wasn’t her failure it’s Mario’s.

        • chismosa says:

          Powell i’m wondering if it had to do with that she wanted to hurry and have kids. I know she had had many engagements and relationships- but had never followed through and gotten married- so when Mario came along at what, 37? She went ahead because maybe back then that was considered late?

          I don’t know… people think it’s odd my mom gave birth in her late late 30’s/ early 40’s and they were not ‘oopsie’ babies – and that was the 70’s. People always look at me wide-eyed. : O

          Maybe Ramona really wanted to make sure she had kids–? I know nowadays it’s a LOT more common to give birth at the age she was when she had Avery. It’s a cliche these days.
          Also she came from a broken home, so that’s never a good thing for what may come ahead for her. Sad to say :/

          I could never be with a man more good looking than me. 😆 And i do think Ramona was and IS an attractive woman. I think men just AGE more gracefully (most) and i do think Ramona has done great minor work to keep her face and body fantastic. jmo

          • Powell says:

            Yeah chismosa I get her wanting to get married at that age and having kids. That’s why she loves Avery so much her love is overwhelming, overpowering at times. But that’s no reason to stay w/him thru the cheating all these yrs. She grew up in an abusive household. Being cheated on by your spouse is emotional abuse. Abuse is abuse and that should have made her say enough is enough.

            • chismosa™ says:

              I get you.

              My mother had a nonexistent father so I don’t know how she was lucky to find (and be attracted to) my dad. 👫
              I get having an unnaturally close relationship with mothers and daughters because my mother had the invisible father and no actual mother so she’s unnaturally close to me. (I think it was Rosie ODonell who said that women like she and Madonna who had lost mothers very young had very different relationships with their kids, and it always stuck with me)
              I think Ramona looks to Avery in the same way. I wish she had had more kids like she says she did (last season or I don’t know when, she said that)

            • mrs peabody says:

              I agree 100% that cheating on a spouse is emotional abuse and abuse is abuse no matter what kind it is. There is no way anyone should have to put up with a cheater even though a lot of people do. I wish the best for Ramona and hope she finds someone who really cares a lot for her. I truly think she stayed for her daughter but sometimes it’s just better to get the kids out that type of relationship and raise them alone. I know from personal experience it was better for me and my boys to live in a happy one parent household than live in a horrible two parent household. My boys grew up not having to see their mother treated so horribly by their dad and when I did remarry they have a wonderful role model for a stepfather.

  12. Powell says:

    T-Rex I was just reading your comments from yesterday RE:Ramona & Mario. I don’t understand any woman hiding or having a blind eye at her husband’s cheating on her. #1 is the betrayal of their vows & #2 the betrayal of her trust and I can imagine that just breaks a woman’s heart. But after coming to terms with that heart break I don’t get how a woman can let her husband in her bed, touch her or her children. He’s had his hooha, body, hands on some other woman/women. How can they have a blind eye to what he’s doing when there’s so many STDs that he could possibly bring home and give to his wife and possibly kids? Since he obviously doesn’t care I would think the wife would.

    • T-Rex says:

      Powell, I am with you on this one. I am long time married, going to be 23 years at the end of this month and I don’t think even after all these years married I could get over my husband cheating even once on me. I am lucky, I got a good guy who wouldn’t cheat on me, I mean if he can stand by me through all this crap I am going through and still be with me, I know I hit the jackpot, he’s not rich, he is cute though, but he is my rock but not a Rockefeller! I agree about the STD’s, that alone heebie jeebies me regarding the adultery, let alone all the other stuff. I know women that do put up with their husband’s constant infidelities though, and I don’t get it. One is a friend from school, I had to de-friend her years ago on FB, her husband cheated all the time, but she stayed for the money. Her husband came from a wealthy family, he also made his own wealth, they were in the papers all the time for charities, social functions, etc. They belonged to the best Country Club, had several homes, etc. She did not want to give up that lifestyle because her husband liked to screw other women, she said it was part of trappings for her lifestyle. I know that he did finally leave her for a younger woman, and she went crazy, hence the FB de-friend, I couldn’t take the nonsense posted on my newsfeed about it, and I couldn’t believe she was posting all of that for public consumption it was not pretty. She even accused me of sleeping with him, and I didn’t even live in that town any longer, and only came down to visit my family, and usually with my husband, so I have no clue whatever happened with her since I broke off all communication after that.

      • Powell says:

        LOL “he’s not rich but he’s cute”. 🙂 Youre both lucky but I get what you mean.
        See you de-friended friend wasn’t smart. My mom and I laugh all the time about these rich wives/celebs that get divorced and then cry poverty. If I were married to a rich guy and say he gave me $10 grand a mth for me to do whatever with. Not money to run the house but just for me. One month I’d spend $1,000; next mth $500; the next mth $5,000. Spend whatever. But the point being I’d be socking away my money and my husband wouldn’t know if I had $0 or $100,000 in the bank. So as the yrs have gone by your friend could have had millions of her own and then divorced him and gotten more. But she chose to stay miserable emotionally and in her heart and soul for the “lifestyle”. She could have divorced him and still had the “lifestyle”. But she stayed and lost her mind when he left.

        • Itsnotreality says:

          Yes, If I were to get married for money I would be stocking that money away. Also I would make sure he bought things that keep their value. I would also start my own company of some sort. I would charm the pants off all of his friends and contacts.

          • Powell says:

            Yup. IDK if you watched Untying the Knot, the lawyer helping couples split their assets, but she had a couple where the husband bought his wife a gorgeous diamond necklace as a gift of course. Unbeknownst to the husband and the wife he bought her a diamond necklace w/ ity bity diamonds that totaled carats. It wasn’t one carat each clusters that totaled say 10 carats so the necklace went down significantly in value. The wife won the necklace but if she wanted to sell it it wasn’t worth much. So if your man gets you diamonds don’t accept chips that total a carat. 😉 LOL

        • T-Rex says:

          For her too, she relished the fact she was married to that Rich, successful guy, and got invited to social events, etc. They didn’t have a pre-nup either, so I am SURE she got money out of him, but she liked being able to say she had milions, and the great guy. What she was also bitching about, was the fact that folks weren’t including her in society events but were including the husband and his mistress. It was weird. She definitely went off the rails, calling out all these people that supposedly slept with him, etc. Uhm people aren’t including you in the society events cause you are CRAZY.

      • designernailsdiana says:

        I’ve always liked the sayings “You deserve what you tolerate” and “Never make someone your top priority who treats you like an option”. Too many wives look the other way when their husbands decide to take another woman. WHY??? The wife should be the one cherished and loved. Not tossed aside like an old worn out sock. Sure we all age and some of us don’t hold the same “shape” as we age either. That doesn’t mean we don’t have value.
        I love seeing how you all brag about your DH’s and your long marriages. It took me a while to find my soulmate, but I hope we have at least 25 years together.

    • Itsnotreality says:

      I married really young. So he is the only person that I have ever been with. I think I would be completely devastated if he cheated on me but I would not stay with him. Also I just do not see how some women blame the other women and not their husband.

      • Powell says:

        Right INR. It’s the husband’s fault. Not the skank. Unfortunately the skanks totally believe the husband. They don’t verify anything. There are women that get caught up in relationships w/men that after they do some investigating they come to their senses and break it off.

        • chismosa™ says:

          What I want to know is why the FEMINISTS of the world don’t unite and take these idiot SKANKS aside and edumacate them!
          Where are these idiot girls and why do they have NO self esteem that they lower themselves this way. 😡
          I mean I know that the ratio of men to women is sad sad sad and it’s a battle out there but come on LADIES.
          Get with it!

          • T-Rex says:

            You know what though I have known women that call themselves feminists that have NO issues being the mistress, some actually like it. Some get off on the power of getting a married man to go outside his marriage bed and into theirs.

      • T-Rex says:

        INR – I totally agree with you on that front, the cheater is the one to blame, it’s not like that person unknowingly went out and had sex. They made a conscious decision to disrespect their spouse and actively participated in finding another person, outside the marriage to have sex with, be that the husband or wife, I don’t want to gloss over that many wives cheat also, but not Ramona I don’t think that woman even looked really at another man. Someone posted they remembered that LetharioMario whenever they were out at parties or restaurants, on camera, was ALWAYS looking at other women. Look he has saddled himself to a BSCrazy woman, but he pursued that relationship, he could have said NO.

        • Sus says:

          Very true. But I still call her slut pig because I’m immature like that. The married person is the one that’s responsible though. Who knows what story he’s telling the slut pig in the beginning.

          I’ve said this before. If Mr Sus cheated, I’d say I forgave him, let’s try to stay together, I love you and all that crap. But, he’d end up leaving me because I wouldn’t be able to keep my mouth shut. We would be having a nice evening and I’d go psycho and accuse him of thinking of her. I’d swear I’d stop it but then the crazy would come out again.

  13. LaineyLainey says:

    Thanks for the blogs PP and TT. Did I just say that, PP and TT? I loved Project Runway, I was happy Sandhya won, because it pisses off the others. Not, nice Lainey! Angela needed to not be there anymore. Bye Angela! She seemed relieved,…poor thing. Why does everyone (the judges) always do what Nina says? The judges all seem a lot snarkier this season, don’t they?

    I missed Don’t be tardy! My dvr didn’t tape it, weirdddddd. I was out last night. Went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and then went to see “get on up”. Loved it.

  14. chismosa says:

    PP i have not watched PR so i’m averting my eyes JOHN FLYNN…..

    Thanks for the recapping and the laughs last night i needed them after being on the phone for like 2 hours bit*hing about my dvr box issues – so we’re getting the new Verizon Fios boxes that have like tetrabytes of storage! i can have like hours and hours and hours of HD saved up! can’t wait.
    I’ve lost a lot that i had on my dvr, sadly. wahhhhh 😳

    ok i digress, thanks for the recap, will look back once i watch and

    TARTS thanks for the Bimboboobies recap. Was this the photo spectacle where Kim was showed to be smoking? While early pregnant?

    Maybe Bravo is not choosing to air it? (is she a producer?)
    you know- but of course Andy would have or would have NOT attacked her about offscreen antics if there was a reunion, cough cough Ramona, cough. 🙄
    Boobs is on WWH next week.

    TRex—– AMBERCANCERALERT is on wwh sunday! can’t wait. what a looney.

  15. Itsnotreality says:

    Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing great and I am sending love to (((MTH))),(((Powell))), and (((T-Rex))). This week has been crazy for me. On Monday I ended up making close to 800 tamales, I over estimated how much ingredients I needed. My family didn’t leave until 2:30 in the morning. So of course me being so OCD I couldn’t go to sleep until the house was swept,vacumed, mopped, pledged, and windexed. By the time I finished it was time to start the day so i didn’t sleep. I went from 4:00 am Monday until 11:00 pm Tuesday without sleep. Wednesday I could not even move. I haven’t been taking care of myself so this was a sign that I need to.

    • T-Rex says:

      INR- Just amazing that you made that many Tamales, wowza. Glad you got some much needed rest, always take care of yourself and don’t do too much!

      • cusi77 says:

        Tamales!!!! I die for ONE single home made Tamal!!!!!!!! You are my hero INR! Sending love to T-Rexy , Powelly Pooh and MTH!

        • Powell says:

          Love you right back cusi. Thks. 💞
          I know I want one of those tamales too. My stomach is growling.

        • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

          Can I ask a stupid question? What is a tamale? Never had one so I really don’t know.

          • chismosa™ says:

            Barb – I’m 1/2 Latin and I don’t care for them.

            Some sort of grounded corn with corn husks wrapped around. I think you can fill with all sorts of different meats and olives and such.

            I believe they are around all of Latin America but I keep telling my mother they don’t have them in her country and we’re debating it. (I’m next to her right now)

          • T-Rex says:

            Barb, they soak corn husks in water to make them pliable, then slather in a layer of Corn Masa, which is a corn paste for a better word, then fill it with meats and/or cheese, I am a vegetarian so I make a Poblano cheese filling, then you wrap it all up you have one end that stays open and you steam them standing up in a steamer open side up until the corn masa is cooked and hardened a bit, some folks place a dollop of sauce in the end prior to steaming. We serve them still wrapped in the husk, some unhusk and wrap in plastic or something else until they serve them. I find them very yummy. We were lucky my parents had some wonderful mexican friends when we were kids, and they either owned a restaurant or catering business, but they would make these by the hundreds and give some to my dad. Plus we paid them to make them for our yearly big party we had, and our freezer would be chock full of them for the event, and there was never any left overs.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Wow!! I would love some of your homemade tamales! I wish I could have some of your OCD. Just a lil bit, once a week.

    • Powell says:

      Thks for the hugs INR. Right back atcha. 🙅
      800 tamales? Wowzer!! I wish you could send some leftovers thru the keyboard. 🙂 You are totally OCD if you didn’t go straight to bed after everyone left. I’m glad you had a fantastic time and you can now rest. You need a vacation. LOL. 😀

      • Itsnotreality says:

        I didn’t have one leftover as my and husband’s family alone equals over one hundred people(and that is just close family).

        • chismosa™ says:

          That sounds like a FUN party and fun food event.

        • designernailsdiana says:

          TAMALES!!!!! I just tried them thru Schwan’s home delivery. Not the same as yours I’m positive, but they are gluten free and microwave nicely at work. Corn Masa with a kind of bbq meat inside. I might have to learn to make them so I can spice them up a bit. These are very plain, but filling.

  16. Itsnotreality says:

    Ok so we are supposed to believe that paparazzi just happened to be in DESTIN, FL. This was set up for the show. I didn’t watch the show because i just cant with Kim. I had a friend like Kim. She is married to my husband’s cousin and lives down the street from me. So she loved spending money. She went shopping every week and spent half of her husbands check on herself. She was always needing me to watch her daughter but anytime I needed her to help me she was all of sudden so sick. Well I put up with her because of her being family. She became pregnant and you would of thought she was dying. She wouldn’t get out of bed to feed or take care of her three year old daughter. Her Husband actually had to make breakfast and lunch for the little girl. He would leave it in the fridge and the little girl then had too heat it in the microwave by herself. After this I just couldn’t be friends with this girl. She then went around telling everyone that I was jealous of her and how great her husband was.

  17. Thank you Princess Pindy for Blogging Project Runway!!! My very favorite program ever!

    Anyone heard from our dear MTH? I haven’t… I hope he is doing well! McTricky sending many hugs and good thoughts your way!!!!

  18. shamrockblonde says:

    wow! finally got back in – for some reason my work place will randomly block my access to all of you for a period of time and then suddenly, I’m allowed to access it again – we are uber security concious here, but I have no idea what it is about this site that sets off the block – annoying as all get out!!

    the very night that Kerry, my daughter, found out that her husband was cheating on her she left him – packed up the twins – then just over a year old and came home to us – the next morning I took her to the doctor for a blood workup just to make sure that she had not contracted anything – she cried the entire time – he cheated yes, but the worst of it was what he stole from her – she loved that good for nothing idiot with all of her heart – his actions broke her heart, but more than that it broke her spirit – it was heart wrenching watching her those first few months –

    my heart goes out to Ramona because I do beleive that she truly was in love with that clown – sewing seeds of self doubt is a horrid thing to do to someone who has placed their absolute trust in you – no matter how well you may seem to be doing, on the inside hidden away is just a frightened miserable young girl, lost and afraid to trust in anything, and unlike Kerry, I don’t think Ramona has much of a support system – she will do everything she can to shield Avery from seeing her hurt as that would only make it that much worse for both of them but I pray that she has someone – other than Sonja – to help her through this –

    thank you for the blogs everyone!! will catch up with NJ and PR over the weekend, but I love getting the recaps ahead of time!!

    *hugs Jeff really hard* – hope you are doing better my friend – I miss you – my love to you all!! have a great weekend!!!!

    • Powell says:

      Hey shamrock. I don’t access blogs/social media at work. I access radio to listen to music or CNN/HLN to watch/listen to the news and every now and then for some reason they block my radio station, then it’s unblocked, then blocked, again and again. IDK what that’s about either.

    • Powell says:

      I’m sorry your daughter went thru that but glad she had the strength to leave and that she knew she could come home. Good for you to take her to the doc ASAP.

      I hope Ramona has someone too. She can’t put all that on Avery. Sonja is really no help. Sonja is all about Sonja no matter what she says. If she couldn’t be a little sympathetic to Ramona missing Avery when she went to college, she won’t be sympathetic now.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Shamrock I feel like I have a memory of you telling us about this terrible thing with your daughter. She is a strong lady! And she was very lucky to have you – you are so right!
      You put it into words perfectly how awful this is– despite the horrible things people online (not here) are saying about Ramona’s personality.

      I truly think that, as we’ve seen Ramona film on camera- with the same girlfriends since S1, that she’s got a good support system. She seems to have a good core group.

      And despite the ditziness of Sonja I find her to be a true friend to Ramona. I love their love. #callmecrazy

  19. Powell says:

    I just saw a tweet from E! Online that Jac is coming back to NJ so they’ve also picked up on the rumor.

    • chismosa™ says:

      That’s like, legit.

      Yo VIV!!??📢📢📢

    • designernailsdiana says:

      I saw a WWHLAD video and Andy commented about a ROL rumor. he said something like “Oh we know who fed them THAT rumor” like the ho-wives feed stories/rumors to those rumor mills.
      I hope she’s not coming back because I don’t want to read about her here.

  20. Exit4 says:

    TRex and Powell the only plausible thing about that Jac article would be her popping into the show at a party or an event. Not an unusual thing-OC used to do it all the time. TMZ made it sound like she’s rehired now and filming now to save the show! Not possible as we’ve all agreed with! It’s 4 episodes in. Is it moving a little slow? Yes, maybe-but there’s a new cast and dynamic. It’s an introduction phase. It can’t all be like season 3 and a christening brawl right off the bat!

    The other thing with this article is that other then taking into account that filming is over-it’s making it seem like production is tearing their hair out over the cast not “bringing it”. It’s so dumb-they filmed these people for MONTHS. The show was edited months ago. Production knows EXACTLY what went down. If it was that bad-they’d have fixed it during filming!

    The problem with the gossip sites etc and some of the fans is that reaction is all based on what we are seeing now. I think social media has something to do with it too. So you end up with constant hired/fired articles and rumors as if the show was like Big Brother and happening in real time. Bravo never makes decisions about a cast until the season is over. Bravo doesn’t make a cast decision when an episode airs-because they are already well aware of what happens and have been for months! Not to say that they aren’t always evaluating and looking for new people, because they are. But bravos decisions are based on long term plans for the show. The public reacts to the short term.

    • Powell says:

      Exit what you said makes total sense. Yep tmz, E and every other media outlet is helping the rumor along. Giving it legs.

    • T-Rex says:

      Yep I am totally with you, I think it’s a BLIND item being sourced around to see what the fan reaction there is out there for her to come back and from what I have seen there isn’t much, no one wants that drunk WackyJackDaniels back on the air. These same dumbass publications said that Heather T and Carole were canned right after last season aired, and guess what there they were all this season. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not coming from the PR of WackyJackDaniels herself. Here is the one thing I noted, Bravo isn’t declining nor condoning the story, they are ignoring it, that says a lot!

    • chismosa™ says:

      Exit I get your point but I do tend to separate
      Rob Sh*tter and Radar Online (though I love the ease of that site)
      VS. E & People.
      I also feel like tmz seems to be somewhat on point at times. Better than others.


      And did NJ end filming?? I hadn’t realized.
      They’re so “winter” obsessed with time of filming there. Id prefer more summer hi jinks.
      Like RITCHIE in the bathtub at a shore house. LOLOLOL

      • Exit4 says:

        They ended filming in April I think. And they haven’t begun yet for next season and won’t for months. TMZ is usually pretty good-but they are only as good as their sources. Not too long ago TMZ blew it with the Teresa bankruptcy story-saying they only had to pay back $7500 when that wSnt even close to true. I remember TRex being suprised because Harvey is a lawyer and should know how to read a court document!

  21. Foxymel11(Mel) says:

    Thanks for the great blogs today! Tartsy, Kim is too much for me to take but I enjoy your recaps so much. PP, how did Sandyha win again? Her outfit looked like she sliced a cobra an placed them on each shoulder. What am I missing her? I liked the dark look with the lady that everyone wanted an order from. Smh

  22. Powell says:

    Oh gosh I need to change the channel. I’m watching Diners, Drive)ins and Dives and Guy is at a Mexican restaurant. I’ve never had guacamole. The owner made a guacamole w/smoked trout, bacon, hot peppers. OMG it looks fantastic. He also makes one w/pineapple, one w/crab and the traditional. The diners are eating all kinds of tacos, enchiladas, and on and on and on. First INRs tamales, now this. I’m sooooo hungry. 😯😏😖

    • Itsnotreality says:

      I love that show. Oh and to make you more hungry today I am making Pambazos. I don’t know if you know what they are but they are amazing. Sometimes I try making things beside Mexican food but my husband still likes me to make tortillas and salsa with everything. Like the other night I made Chicken Parmesan with garlic bread and he put it in a tortilla and salsa on top. I actually want to open my own restaurant when my kids are older. You guys are all invited to the grand opening.

      • Powell says:

        Nope don’t know what Pambazos are. I just love Mexican food. I always say if my family cooked traditional Mexican and Italian food I’d be a 4ft 11in big girl. Those are my favorite international foods.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Pambazo – must look it up.

        I hope you do get to open your restaurant one day.

      • T-Rex says:

        OMG I looked those Pambazos up. Do you make those with Lard? I just read one recipe and it showed that as an ingredient. INR that’s awesome about opening a restaurant, kudos to you, I don’t think I would have the energy to do that, and I hope you get your wish very soon, you sound like the perfect person to own a restaurant!

        • Itsnotreality says:

          No I don’t use lard. First I make the bread or you can just buy them they are bollios you can actually find them in Walmart or Publix in the bakery section. Then I make a red sauce by roasting 10 chiles guallios then blending with a clove of garlic and water or I use the broth of the chicken I fill them with. After you blend it you put a little oil in a pan and strain the sauce into it, you then add salt to taste. I fill them with shredded chicken, shredded lettuce,creama( like sour cream just a less thick), queso cotija or queso fresco crumbled( I use queso fresco since I make my own every week), and some of the red sauce sponned over. Before you fill them you cut the bread in half so you can fill them. Then you dip them in the sauce and in a pan with a little oil you kind of lightly toast on each side. Then you fill. Sorry about all the mistakes

    • chismosa™ says:




      GUACAMOLE ?????


      I hate Mexican food and even I love guac. 😳😳

      Ps we should eat 1/2 an avocado every day.

      • Itsnotreality says:

        I am not sure if I am remembering correctly but I think you have mentioned being half Greek. So I have always wanted to try Greek food, what would be something you would recommend?

        • T-Rex says:

          OMG you have to find a REALLY good place and try a Gyro(pronounced YEER-O), but it must be some place that does them right. It’s meat shaved off a huge cone of Lamb/beef(in other countries it’s other meats I think) meat on a spit, and served in a warm pita with a cucumber sauce called Tzatziki which is a cucumber, yogurt and garlic sauce with dill(the amount of dill varies from region to region). That’s one thing as a vegetarian I miss a lot. I can get it here with a soy meat substitute at my local place, it’s still good but not as good as the real GYRO.

          • Itsnotreality says:

            That does sound good thanks. Do you know of anything I could make myself. I love to cook, especially new foods.

            • T-Rex says:

              Moussaka! That’s another dish I really truly miss as a vegetarian. I make a veggie version though with soy. Personally you put potatoes with a bechamel together and I am going to be in heaven!

              • T-Rex says:

                Oh and PASTITSIO another bechamel dish. I am not greek but my Gramps lived one block from Greek town in Chicago so we had the pleasure of eating lots of really excellent greek foods. The best Gyro was right on the corner by his house, little dinky place, pretty greasy but the absolute best ever

              • My Big Fat Greek Wedding “Moose Ca Ca”. he,he,he,

            • chismosa™ says:

              I’m sorry I wish I knew of a good website or well known cookbook to offer.
              I’m looking at amazon it’s a bit crazy.
              Maybe there are some sites that are good for this.
              If I find any I will post here !

              If you like lemon, dill, oregano – then you’d like greek food 🙂

        • chismosa™ says:

          Yes I am- good memory !

          Well we are not all GYROS and souvlaki/kebabs as many think. And I’m a HUGE cheese lover and find feta to be my least favorite of all the greek cheeses. There are tons of greek cheeses.
          And olives. Kalamata olives are the most famous (the dark purple/brown)

          To be honest- fish – fresh fish, lightly cooked with olive oil and lemon is what is real greek.

          But to try something I would say–
          If you like eggplant– Moussaka- it’s like eggplant lasagna with bechamel sauce and I think it has ground meat.
          A bit of tomato sauce if there’s ground meat. No cheese. Not tomato based.

          Pastichio– is a tomato sauce-less- lasagna with no cheese. Bechamel, ground beef and large noodles.
          I love it

          Fried or grilled calamari and grilled octopus are awesome.
          Mostly if we eat at our fave authentic greek spot- we tend to have just the apps- which are like “tapas” but in greek called “meze” meh-zehhhh.
          There’s a fish roe salty dip that I love called taramosalata. There’s the cucumber dill and greek yogurt dip- “tzatziki” – what is usually added to gyros.
          (Gyros if you didn’t know are pitas filled with sliced pieces of either lamb or beef/ or chicken – lettuce tomato and the dill sauce – this is what people think of as typical greek. It’s greek fast food IMO)

          Stuffed grape leaves are good. Giant lima beans in tomato sauce is another app we eat often.
          Oh one of my fave apps bc I love cheese is saganaki—>> fried cheese – it’s an app. We put lemon on it.

          Oh all those dips above ^^^^ – we dip bread or pita into.

          Greek desserts are mostly all honey-based.

          The most basic thing about greek food is we put lemon on every.single.thing. we eat.
          And honey in desserts!

          Greek yogurt – REAL homemade – is to die. With honey.

          The only store brand I’ll get and support is FAGE.
          Full fat is healthy!

          Ok sorry so long – but ask away if you ever have questions. 🙂

          • T-Rex says:

            OMG Chisy, I just added Moussaka and PASTITSIO to my comments too, I LOVE those dishes. Growing up we had the pleasure of some excellent greek foods in Chicago in the neighborhood my gramps lived in!

            • chismosa™ says:

              Oh yes I know of the greek town in Chicago – super well known!

              So happy to hear you like it.
              Sorry about the meat 😦
              But you can eat moussaka without meat. I don’t like eggplant so I don’t eat moussaka.

              Oh that reminded me – stuffed peppers – that is very greek. Meat :/ and rice stuffed in them.

              • T-Rex says:

                You know what I looked up the Parthenon website, just to see if it’s changed after so many years and they actually make vegetarian versions of Moussaka and pastitsio, that was the first really fancy greek restaurant we ever ate in as kids. I think it had only been opened a few years before you had lines coming out the doors every weekend. Need a trip to Chicago i think!!

          • Itsnotreality says:


      • T-Rex says:

        Mr. T-Rex is allergic to avocados so we don’t get them much at my house 😦 Since I end up sharing my food with the Mr. T-rex I don’t order it much either.

  23. Powell says:

    I’m watching Don’t be Tardy. I’ve seen the epi when Kim has the twins but this time I’m really looking and Kim had on a black t-shirt and not a hospital gown. It seems like she has on her bra too. Is that allowed or was that just editing?

  24. Powell says:

    Oh gosh now Guy is at a restaurant and the chef was making tamales. Boo hoo hoo. 😭😭😭😭 I’m hungry!!!

  25. Powell says:

    Next takeetos. I’m turning and I’m not turning back. 😭😭😭

  26. AZGirl says:

    I AM HUNGRY WITH ALL THE TAMALE TALK!!!!!! Yummy love tamales.
    Powellypoo has never made guacamole? So good. Avocados are really good this year. Just mash 2 ripe avocados and add a small spoonful of sour cream, pinch of garlic power, few drops of worchishire (sp), spoonful of salsa and a dash of hot sauce. Boom guacamole.

  27. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Oh my gosh, I have to stop reading before my appetite swells! Be back later! TGIF! 😀

  28. Powell says:

    Since watching Guy w?food is driving me crazy I’m watching David Tutera and he’s getting his nursery ready. He talks about going thru the divorce and it just makes me mad that they split up the twins. I hope not but I think they made a huge mistake. Twins have such a crazy bond that the separation could do some psychological damage. I don’t think they thought about the twins and just thought about themselves.

  29. designernailsdiana says:

    I’m having a sleep study tonight from 8 p.m. until tomorrow at 7 a.m.
    Then I’m going back to my friends cabin to clean up from last weekend, a disaster prevented a good cleaning before we left, I was there with my son and daughter along with the 3 grandkidlets, one of which was so sick with a high fever Mommy and I took him to ER.
    I’ll get alone time and reading time while I’m there. I’ll head back home Sunday morning. I’m only going 2-1/2 hrs away.
    I’ve been so tired the last few weeks that I’ve been almost falling asleep at work. My Fibromyalgia has been flaring up and that sure hasn’t helped my fatigue.
    Thanks for the blogs, I kept looking for a new blog…finally today!!
    MTH get well my friend. Powell and T-Rex keep getting stronger and healthier we need your snark here too.

  30. chismosa™ says:

    Oh she’s so funny.

    Where did this Kermit and Lipton thing start? I feel like I saw it all the time during the World Cup. I’ve never seen it here in reality tv world when talking about “tea”

  31. chismosa™ says:

    TRex — you had me ROLLING – Pindy/ JohnFlynn- style laughing at the Parthenon thing above ^^^^^^

    I was thinking the actual structure – the Parthenon !
    If it’s still standing there. HAHAHAHAAAA

    Any of youse interested in a sort of funny follow up to My Big Fat Greel Wedding should watch MY LIFE IN RUINS – it was her second movie about working in Greece being a tour guide. Richard Dreyfuss is in it. Some others. It’s cute.

    • T-Rex says:

      Well this T-Rexxie is old but not as old as the actual Parthenon in Greece, LOL!. I loved My life in Ruins I thought that was a really good movie

    • T-Rex says:

      If you are ever in Chicago though, you MUST hit The Parthenon, it’s one of the oldest true Greek restaurants there, crap, I think I remember when it opened, LOL! I was a very little kid and my folks went there without us for a few years, we were too young I guess, but when I was around 7 or 8 we got to go with them. I remember the big spaghetti type noodles with the holes, it was the greek version of pasta noodles, and they were so good.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Yeah those are the ones that are either in the pastichio – or if they’re super long (like spaghetti) but large – those are a very specific greek pasta – yes very good.

        I may have eaten there, I’ll bookmark it.
        Have to check …..

        • T-Rex says:

          They were the super long ones, I will never forget my first real greek restaurant experience, LOL! I think my parents may have ordered the pastitio but I don’t remember eating that until I was a bit older. I remember my mother really loved the way they cooked their lamb, she always ordered that. My dad got famous for ordering whatever was the special for that day.

  32. chismosa™ says:

    Dear God make the lambs stop screaming !!!!

    What a wacko 🚑

  33. T-Rex says:

    JohnFlynn’sEx, has been reported to have been indicted by the FBI, well here is a link to some of the information from the FBI website. One DanaJohnFlynnsExWilkey was indicted on wire fraud charges in defrauding a company out of California called Blue Shield. It also notes that she is now a resident of Miami, not California. Oh and for added bonus her new boyfriend owes tens of millions of dollars in Ireland for a defunct business that is also under investigation. Nice, hope she wears those 25k sunglasses as she enters the Fed Pen.

    • T-Rex says:

      Exit must some weird “word on the street” nonsense, We all know that they edit out of sequence and may re-film the TH interviews, but I never heard of doing re-shoots once the season is over. Bravo manipulates timelines, but I don’t think they do full reshoots way after filming is completed. In addition, buried in the story is information that WackyJackDaniels was filmed “during” the filming season in the winter, so IF and that’s a big IF she is shown it’s probably going to be a scene she filmed many months ago.

      • chismosa™ says:

        I agree about talking heads — IN FACT (VV will appreciate this) – I saw one of the twins (who the hell knows which) – doing a talking head and then continue a bit later and she looked different.
        Her hair was re-styled to make it match the original TH, makeup, jewelry, etc. So funny. I could tell. It was more recent.

        This happened in BH.
        They’re so dumb.

      • Exit4 says:

        I don’t doubt Jac would film an appearance as a friend-at a party or an event or a visit. Like when Taylor and Kennedy were with Kyle and Portia when they got Portia’s ears pierced. But exactly, that would have been months ago!

        I can almost guarantee they will film after Teresa’s sentencing next month. Like they did when Russell died. That makes sense. I wouldn’t be suprised to see Jac then either.

        But as for shooting scenes now-adding Jac to boost ratings, which is what they’re trying to say, definitely not happening. I think they think were dumb Rex! They are writing these articles as if producers have never seen the show until now! Did they not spend roughly 5 months actually shooting the show? Watching 100s of hours if tape and spending the equivalent of a few months meeting, going over storylines and editing the narrative? Lol

        Jersey moved on without Jac and Caroline just like NY did after the firings. I’m sure they may be disappointed in the ratings-but there’s a lot more season to go and opinions change quickly! As for next year-jersey is trapped until Teresa’s business is done. They aren’t doing anything about her until they know what’s happening.

        • T-Rex says:

          Like you, I believe that Bravo is sneaky enough to have filmed with WackyJackdaniels on the “down low” and will now re-edit that into the season. We know that WackyJackDaniels will do anything for that Bravo money, what I think is whatever they did is so out of context they need to create drama about it. OKAY, SO I did a search on some of this information, and guess what information also came up, the fact that WackyJackDaniels is going to be a part of the new Manzo’dwithAdultChildrenAttachedtoTheBreast show. Hmmmmm could this be just a ploy to draw attention to their show?? Weird, word on the street.

  34. Orson says:

    Sometimes I suspect the only reason Bravo signed Teresa G for this season is they wanted all the trial/sentencing drama they could get on tape. The courts refused to co-operate, I guess.

    • T-Rex says:

      Orson, how could you ever think that, when they decided to debut the show the same week the ConvictFelonJuicy’s were to be sentenced, they claim it was just a big ole coincidence, weird, word on the street.

    • Exit4 says:

      Andy basically said that they wanted to follow her story. After everything-why would they stop now? The way the courts are here in NJ-I wouldn’t be suprised if it got pushed back again.

      • T-Rex says:

        Exit the charges are Federal though not state, I don’t think there will be another continuance, in addition, from some paperwork I was looking at on the net, their lawyers asked for this sentencing delay due to the minor children, the death of father and them having to find adequate childcare lined up. Leads me to believe that ConvictFelonTeresa will be going to jail for some period of time. Word on the Street.

        • Exit4 says:

          I know-I did mean the NJ Federal Courts. Very overextend. And there’s only 3 so they can’t move it to one of the others. They’re overextended too! Besides giudice like cases-they’re packed with drug, murder and gang related cases. No big mafia cases though. Give it time! I forgot corruption. It’s NJ after all! 🙂

          The Feds have their conviction-it’s formality at this point. I do agree she’ll get jail time. I will be suprised if she doesn’t. I do believe her and joe will serve seperately.

          I was curious, so a couple weeks ago I looked up what the deal is when parents go to prison. I found that in some instances-the people who become their care givers can collect aid for the children. Similar to the foster care system-to make sure they’re cared for without burdening the caregiver. I’m not opposed to this personally, the kids are innocent and deserve to have their basic needs met. But I’m thinking that’s part of the reason for a split sentence-so that doesn’t happen.

          • T-Rex says:

            Exit I would agree, but I think that ConvictFelonGorillaJuicy’s parents were going to be the caregivers, they were not that old, and then the grandfather passed away and they didn’t have another plan at that time. We shall see what happens next month though

            • Exit4 says:

              Honestly TRex-I can’t wait for it to be over! Not because it affects (effects? I always foget the rule!) my life in any way-but because it will just end the chapter and put it all to bed!

              Although I’m sure ROL will have multiple prison “sources”! AKA stories created from Orange Is The New Black episodes! 😊

            • Orson says:

              Juicy has some brothers, right? Maybe even a sister or two?

          • Orson says:

            So, eventually, each of them will be sentenced. Either at the same hearing or different hearings. This is what I’m wondering… after the sentence is announced, will the judge just order the baliffs to take them into custody, or will they be sent home with a date to report somewhere?

  35. boston02127 says:

    Pssst…..We bought our wedding bands last night. 🙂

  36. Jan (TexasTart) says:
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