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S9E17 “Eat, Pray, Run”

By Stars99

RHOOC S9 castRemember Last Week…

Bali issued a worldwide travel advisory for the next few days ‘cuz that’s where this polite, culturally aware, and sophisticated group of women have decided to vacation. Bali will never be the same. They didn’t get the memo that it’s hot and humid in Bali so for some reason they’re all surprised by it. The women do what they do best – They eat… They gossip… They tip over a kayak that had no cup holders… They gossip… They ride elephants… They gossip, gossip, and then gossip some more… 

Shannon was filled in by Lizzie about what Tamra has been saying about Shannon behind her back all season long. Heather’s silly game of “Shag, Marry, or Kill” (at the Valentine’s Party) has created hard feelings – Duh! Evidently, as they were leaving the party, Lizzie told Tamra that she was jealous of Lizzie ‘cuz Eddie wants to ______ her. Now, it depends on which version you believe as to what fills the blank: 1) “Marry” her – If you believe Lizzie’s story; or 2) “F***” her – If you believe Tamra’s version. We didn’t see any of this – So we really don’t know what word was actually used – at least not at this point of time. Hang on though… This comes up again later. Like I said before, this whole “Shag, Marry, or Kill” game was an ill-conceived idea when you use people in your social group as the only choices – So therefore, it’s all Heather’s fault…lol… I kid, I kid… 

This week’s episode… The morning after the evening’s little blow up, Heather, Vicki and Tamra are the first to gather for the day’s activities. Tamra is still angry at Heather because Heather had the audacity to tell Tamra to her face that she had indeed, made fun of Lizzie’s dress. Tamra just stares at Heather who doesn’t understand why Tamra is still mad about the whole situation. Heather accurately pointed out that she didn’t say it in front of anyone other than Vicki – So she wasn’t throwing Tamra under the bus nor was she stirring the pot. Since she couldn’t argue with that logic, Tamra decides she’s also still angry at Lizzie for what she said after the Valentine’s party. Heather asks Tamra if she would still be this mad at Lizzie if she had used the word “shag” instead of the “F” word. Tamra said, “No.”

H-whatThe newbies arrive wearing gear they thought was appropriate for a day of walking through a temple and through the woods. Shannon wonders where everyone’s workout gear is… but Vicki said they had decided on wearing dresses. Lizzie doesn’t understand why Vicki, Heather and Tamra are wearing cutesy outfits when they’re going to be walking outside all day. Tamra specifically points out that Lizzie’s bootie shorts are inappropriate for their visit to a Temple. It’s a sad day when Tamra is able to point at someone else and be right about inappropriate dress.

V and T hate L

When the women arrive at the Temple, they are immediately asked to wear, “Traditional attributes.” This means all of them basically put on additional clothes – To me, it looked like a sari or sarong. As they walked in they were sprinkled with holy water to keep their heart clean. Of course, Vicki and Tamra recoiled when sprinkled with a couple of drops of water. Insert gratuitous eye roll here. I’m getting more and more embarrassed by these Americans.  

Vicki, because evidently you can’t take her anywhere and expect her to behave… Decided to poke her nose into places in the Temple that she shouldn’t have… She opened the doors of a shrine sitting on a pedestal and purposefully reacted like there was something hideous inside. Shannon confirmed with their guides that they shouldn’t look at what is inside the box unless it’s during a ceremony. The women’s actions and reactions were very disrespectful. The first time I ever visited a Temple like this was a teenager. We were told to be on our very best behavior and to respect that it was a place of worship and sacred ceremony. We were aware people may be actively mediating there at the time of our visit – Even though there was no ceremony actually taking place at the time. We would never have wanted to do anything to disrupt or disrespect anyone’s worship. Tamra doesn’t get the whole thing – She says she doesn’t understand how a rock with moss is spiritual. Wow. So that’s all you got from that experience? Yikes! 

Next, they go into the marketplace and buy some stuff. Vicki is really great at negotiating and is horrified that the others spent $100 on a lot of what she refers to as “crap.” Vicki reiterates that Lizzie and Danielle are “Dumb” and “Dumber.” She is kinda right in this situation – Just because it seems they spent so much on so little… But Vicki is just so nice, isn’t she?

PedicureThe women stop at a place where they have garra rufa fish that have the sucking ability to eat the dead skin off your feet. You basically sit down and dangle your legs into an aquarium tank. Hundreds of little guppy-looking fish swarm around your feet to feast on your dead skin. We’ve already seen this in a previous season of RHONY. Yawn. 

Heather, who has been an amazing sport all trip (Perhaps it’s because she’s the host of this trip?) called this process “a little pedicure”… Vicki doesn’t want any part of it and walks away.  Heather’s feet are perfectly coiffed so there’s not much for the fish to feed on – but she points out they’re going to town on Tamra’s feet. Okay… and this is where I get so shocked… ‘Cuz Shannon – Whom we’ve now heard say on two separate occasions that she doesn’t like ocean water SPECIFICALLY because of the fish swimming around your feet – Actually concedes to put her feet into the water.  After some gratuitous screaming (Puhleeze make her stop…), Shannon finally settles down. Afterwards, Shannon says she feels a real difference in her feet. Tamra just thinks it’s a clever way to get their money. We find out that Shannon’s fear of fish stems from her Mom grabbing her foot as a kid and pretending to be, “Jaws.” Come on, who DIDN’T have someone grab them and pretend to be a shark in the 70s or 80s? Just when you thought it was safe to take a bath…lol…

S freaks at pediThey all pile into the van again and arrive at the “monkey place.” Vicki is screaming at the top of her lungs at the monkeys and she’s not even out of the van yet… KMN. They all decide they shouldn’t scream… ‘Cuz well, ya know… lol…  

Okay, I am sick and tired of these women screaming like banshees… I bet banshees are even sick of them, too. I started thinking about the times I scream in my normal life. I scream when I’m startled… Sometimes I scream when on a roller coaster (but generally, I just laugh)… I scream when I’m watching sports… And of course, I scream – You scream – We ALL scream for ice cream. However, I tend NOT to scream at elephants that have my life in their hands… I tend NOT to scream in restaurants… I tend NOT to scream around wild monkeys… I tend not to scream while in moving vehicles. Why is it so hard for these women to refrain from screaming? It’s just embarrassing. 

The women are shown the types of food the monkeys eat. Tamra is quickly nvited by the monkey population to be their queen…lol… No, that was just a wishful thought I had. Heather demonstrates to the others how to feed the monkey by holding the food above her head so that the monkey crawls up her body, grabs the food, and climbs back down again. As they’re walking down a path, Tamra and Vicki are flipping out from all the monkeys and Heather tells everyone to “Chillax.”  It didn’t quite have the same impact as “Take a Xanax” – but that phrase has already been overused, no? 

Tamra says she just got rid of her crabs and she doesn’t need any more fleas. No seriously, she said that…lol.  Shannon, surprisingly, allows a monkey to crawl up her body also. In this week’s First Edition of “I Kid You Not” Shannon says, “I’ve got a monkey on my back and it’s a big ass one.” Awww, Shannon – Truer words have never been spoken… Oh, and Shannon also has a furry creature on her back…lol. Vicki and Tamra separate from the others because Tamra doesn’t want to be “gang banged by a bunch of monkeys.”  I’m not even exaggerating. 

Our happy little tourists decide to pair off for the next few hours. Heather and Tamra go off on a bike ride to see the beautiful Balinese countryside. Heather didn’t travel across the world to go to a spa… She wants to experience the scenery…They bike through various scenic areas including a rice paddy. 

In this week’s 2nd Edition of “I Kid You Not” Tamra says, “I never knew where rice came from – I thought it came from a rice tree – Doesn’t everything come from a tree?” Oh Tamra, not everything grows on trees. Even things that infer they do – don’t necessarily. For example, just because there’s such a thing as a “shoe tree” doesn’t mean there’s a “Manolo Blahnik” tree. Also, contrary to popular belief – Money doesn’t grow on trees. Puhleeze, what adult has NOT at least seen a picture of a rice paddy? Embarrassing… Just so embarrassing…

L and D in poolLizzie and Danielle head for the pool to relax and catch some rays. Shannon and Vicki decide on a holistic spa day complete with forays into a hot pool, an ice room, and an aroma therapy room where they receive a “crystal” facial and a Balinese massage.  

Of course, as Danielle and Lizzie hang out in the pool they begin to talk about Tamra. They noticed that Tamra said “hi” to everyone but them. Lizzie doesn’t understand what she’s done to make Tamra so mad at her. In her talking head, Lizzie assures us that she doesn’t “want” Tamra’s husband because after all she’s taller than he is – So it’s “not even a thing.” Really, Lizzie? I would think that it isn’t a “thing” because you are married… I would think that it isn’t a “thing” because he is married… Plus, even if those things weren’t applicable, you’re basically showing us you’re so superficial that you would let someone’s height alone be the determining factor of having a “thing.” Lizzie has drunk too much of her own Kool-Aid. I think she believes that any man with a pulse and a “thing” would have a “thing” for her. You’re pretty, Lizzie, but delusional. And you’re pretty delusional. 

After Shannon and Vicki’s wonderful spa time, they sit down, relax, and of course, gossip. They  talk about how Tamra has been talking poorly about Shannon behind her back. Shannon fills Vicki in on the details of her conversation with Lizzie about everything that Tamra’s been saying behind Shannon’s back. After Lizzie and Danielle also join them, they talk about how they’ve been comparing notes about what has been said. 

V apol for TShannon says that she feels betrayed by Tamra. Lizzie tells Shannon that Tamra said she wished that she could give Shannon a colonic so that all the s*** would be sucked out of her – Inferring, of course, that Shannon is full of s***. Vicki is really sorry that Shannon has been so hurt by Tamra’s words. Vicki says, “The fact that somebody that I have been close with tried to hurt you – Makes me very embarrassed and very sad.” Wow… this is a first… A “Real Housewife” apologizes on behalf of another “Real Housewife?” Quickly looks out the window ‘cuz I know pigs are flying… 

Shannon tells Vicki she thinks she also needs to have a conversation with her because Tamra has recently been talking badly about Brooks (Ugh!) to the newbies. Danielle tells Vicki that Tamra is still bashing Brooks (Ugh!) to the new girls… Tamra just called Brooks (Ugh!) “creepy” as recently as a month ago. Heck, I think I called him “creepy” just last week – So what’s your point? Shannon decides she’s going to talk to Tamra about it at dinner tonight.  Right.  Like this is going to end well… Well, it will for Bravo – Because they get the highly coveted dramatic dinner party from hell on the last night of vacation…lol. 

Evening comes and the women are treated to an authentic Balinese dance. Lizzie mocks the chantings from the dance in her talking head interview – Which I find to be pretty distasteful and disrespectful, although probably prodded by Production’s questions… But this is NOT how I would expect a beauty queen to act who has been around multi-cultural people for most of her life. Heather and Tamra come sprinting in late and take their seats while the dance is continuing – While still wearing their biking clothes.   

After the presentation, they take a quick break so Tamra and Heather can quickly change into dinner attire and so that Shannon can assure us she’s not nervous about the dinner tonight. Nope. Nope. Nope. As they are walking into the restaurant, Shannon genuinely thanks Heather for including her on the trip. Heather tells us she likes “Vacation Shannon” and they both hope they can somehow get past all this monkey business. Lol… 

As they’re sitting at the table, Tamra notices that Vicki is being uncommonly quiet. They do some gesturing back and forth to each other. At first Vicki implies she’s relaxed and kinda “Zen” from her spa day – but Tamra still senses awkwardness.  

In another, “holy crap on a cracker did that just happen?” moment, Heather tells Shannon that she owes her an apology. Wow… I’m stunned! Heather wants Shannon to know that she isn’t one to gossip and that she didn’t repeat the information maliciously but that she’s sorry it caused Shannon pain and that she feels terrible for it. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… In other news, Heather says that David’s comment for her to “spread your legs” when she got onto the bull in the “There’s a Ho Down at the Hoedown” episode really upset Terry… and he’s still upset by it. Shannon wasn’t aware that had happened – but that David was very drunk on Tequila that day and she’s sure he thought he was being funny. Shannon’s sure that David will apologize. I dunno, I think if Terry had such an issue with it – Why didn’t he already talk to David about it? That seems weird to me… Especially because there’s been ample opportunity for him to do so… Oh I get it – They’re setting this up as the big fight during next week’s final episode. They’re tricky, aren’t they?

T what did i doHeather and Vicki are talking across the table without actually talking. Tamra wants to know why Vicki is acting strange and so Tamra starts playing her own rendition of “20 Questions.” “Is it about home?” “Is it me?” “What did I do?” Tamra wants Vicki to go to the bathroom with her so they can discuss it.  Vicki refuses.   

After Tamra excuses herself to go to the bathroom, Vicki chooses to talk about why she’s mad at the only person NOT at the table. How very adult of you, Vicki! Vicky clues in Heather that she thought Tamra was her friend but that she found out that Tamra has recently been bashing Brooks (Ugh!) again… She asks Heather, “How good of a friend is that? I’m hurt beyond words that I let her back in my life again.” 

Tamra rejoins the table. Shannon asks Tamra to explain why Tamra has said that Shannon has green Martians living in her head and that she makes stuff up.  Tamra smells a setup – And after confirming Vicki wasn’t part of it – She tells Shannon that her words are being taken out of context. She motions to Lizzie and Danielle and says, “So you’ve been hearing about it from these two?” Shannon continues with her litany of items on her list that she thinks are untrue that Tamra’s been saying about her, “That I need a colonic so all the bulls*** can come out of me… That I need an ambulance, that I need medication, That I’m crazy… That I’m a psycho…” Tamra, in her talking head, says, “Clearly, Lizzie told Shannon our conversation that we had – What does she have to gain from that?”   

Okay Tamra, so let me get this straight… You’re not being misquoted, you actually DID say these things to Lizzie – but Lizzie’s the villain because she told Shannon about it? There was absolutely NO apology from Tamra about anything she had said.   

Tamra tells Shannon that she didn’t say anything bad about her until the night of Lizzie’s party (OMG – That’s so not true…lol) when Shannon acted strange. Shannon concedes she went crazy that night but insists, “I don’t have a drinking problem which is another thing you’re alleging.” Tamra says that everyone at the table has talked about Shannon’s drinking problem. Vicki clarifies that she hasn’t. Lizzie said that they have all apologized to Shannon for what they have said because they had a very wrong impression of her.

Tamra loses itLizzie continues on the subject of drinking… She tells Tamra that if she’s going to repeat a story that she should get it right – If she drinks too much and can’t remember the facts of the story then she shouldn’t say anything at all. Lizzie said, “I never said your husband wanted to “F me” – I said ‘marry.’” Danielle confirms Lizzie’s version of the story. Tamra leans back and sees the entire setup of the night… Then Tamra goes into a shrieking frenzy… And calls them “F**ing liars.” After screaming back and forth, Tamra looks at Danielle and says, “Now I know why nobody likes you.”  They continue to go back and forth and back and forth about the word that Lizzie used or didn’t use. 

Now right about now, an untrained novice might actually feel some compassion for our little Tamra because it seems like everyone is ganging up on poor widdle her. However, let us remember – That most of these things are things that Tamra has actually said… To be fair, sometimes context does matter – but sometimes it really doesn’t. If you said I needed medication because I was crazy – I’m just not sure how context would soften that blow… or that I had Martians running around in my head… Again, no amount of context would help that… lol…Well, unless you were referring to “Marvin The Martian” – THEN it would be kewl. But I digress… Oh yeah, my point is that there was a certain trip to Costa Rica that happened a couple of seasons ago – When Tamra and Heather and Gretchen mercilessly attacked Alexis for merely being materialistic. Tamra has no leg to stand on. She may want to borrow Aviva’s leg – She sometimes doesn’t use it, I hear. 

Heather looks across the table at Lizzie and calmly says, “Lizzie, honestly, I adore you – But that’s not what you said.” In her talking head, Heather confirms she heard Lizzie use the “F” word… In addition, Heather says that Terry also heard Lizzie use the “F” word… As an aside, we’ve seen a couple of situations where Lizzie has misremembered something – So it’s not surprising that this could another one of those times… Plus, we’ve seen a really bad, dark side of Lizzie, too… I’ll never forget what she said about her husband’s manhood on national TV when she was cranky after her birthday party. I bet he won’t forget it, either. 

After more arguing, Lizzie says, “You’re crap, Tamra – You’re the most insecure women I’ve ever met – Get it together!” Tamra then makes like a tree and leaves. Tamra threatens as she dramatically exits, “You will never see my face again.” Really? Can we get that in writing?  No seriously… I’d like to see a signed contract. 

Daggers are coming out of Heather’s eyes at the rest of the table as she consoles a crying Vicki. Vicki is saying that Tamra is talking out of both sides of her mouth. She’s tried so hard to forgive Tamra but she betrayed her again.  

Shannon tells Heather that Tamra’s not a true friend of hers, either. Shannon says that even though Heather was in Tamra’s wedding that it wasn’t a true friendship but that it was all fake. Well, duh – Of course not, it’s a Bravo friendship – Don’t we all know that?  Lizzie tells Heather that Tamra called her anorexic. 

Heather says that the wedding thing really bothers her. Shannon says that Tamra said they weren’t that close. Shannon knows that it’s hard to hear things when you know you’ve gone above and beyond to be a good friend to that person.  

Heather is sad that she’s hearing that she’s just a fake friend – It is very hurtful… But in light of all of the other things she’s hearing – She wonders if any of it is true? Or is this another way to twist what people say to make them look bad?

T says Lizzie is a liarHeather goes to find Tamra. Tamra asks, “Where’s Vicki?” Heather tells her that she’s crying. Tamra asks, “Why?” Heather explains that it’s because she feels betrayed by Tamra because you  told the other girls that Brooks (Ugh!) is a creep. Then Heather wants to clear the air with Tamra, too. She describes how Shannon told her that Tamra really didn’t want her (Heather) in Tamra’s wedding. Tamra confirms that she loves Heather and that she wanted her in her wedding. Tamra says all of this has a little truth but the rest is twisted. Tamra thinks that if Vicki had a problem with her that she should have come and talked to her.  I don’t think Tamra knew this was new news to Vicki… “Lizzie is the most manipulating, lying b*** I’ve ever met in my life.” Evidently, Tamra has never seen a mirror. 

Vicki doesn’t want to see Tamra if she comes back… She says that “all that happened tonight is that I lost a friend.” Vicki feels sorry for Tamra. Shannon tells Vicki that every time she feels that way to think of Brianna and their relationship right now and the role that Tamra played in it… Vicki knows that the best part of her life is that she has good people in it. Gosh, I hope she doesn’t mean Brooks (Ugh!).  

Heather comes back down to the group. She tells them that Tamra is really upset. Vicki asks, “Where do we go from here?” Heather responds, “We go home…” 

Next week – Season finale… Tamra’s son and Vicki’s daughter are leaving (cue tears).  There’s a gratuitous big fight during the season’s, “last supper” between Terry and David… I know, shocker, right? 

Thanks for reading… See ya next week… Happy trails!


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Real Housewives Of New York

S9E22 Cast Blogs Blogged

By Ramonacoaster

Kristen: Ramona’s Out of Touch with Reality

Sonja is really getting the brunt of the this reunion so far. Many of you have called me a “bully” for voicing my opinion about Sonja. I LOVE Sonja, I do… She is extremely smart, successful, beautiful, witty, and I could go on and on. However she is straight up delusional about the state of her businesses and the number of people she claims she employs? It is none of my business, but when you talk about it on the show and then it comes up on the reunion, then you need to be held accountable for the facts. Like most of you, I am sure you want to know more about all these businesses, and new businesses, and businesses on top of the businesses… I know we all want the best for Sonja, and she is more than capable of promoting and marketing any business. But after you hear her continue to talk about these ventures and when you drill down and say, “Sonja, where can I go buy any one of these products? Where do they sell them? When is the official launch date?” You start to get a lot of mumbo jumbo for a response from her. Let’s just say we are all very excited to go the official launch of any one of these businesses, and I will be the first person to buy any one of her products the day they are available.

You know they are not going to be available.  Unfortunately, Sonja gets no sympathy for her declining mental state. 

The interns… Calling them volunteers is very funny. It’s wonderful that she has the team she has, and they all seem to love being part of Team Sonja. I am slowly learning that being a Housewife is a full time job.

Bookgate… Ugh, this went back and fourth. Andy finally just had to cut this topic off and move on. The whole thing is ridiculous. I think Aviva just needs to clear the air, regardless of the infamous “word on the street,” and apologize to Carole for saying she had a ghost writer!

I seriously doubt that would happen.

Aviva referencing that To Kill a Mocking Bird was ghost written? What is she doing!? She needs to stop with all of the rumors and hearsay! What is she doing? She is digging a deeper and deeper hole every week!

Aviva always barks out the most bizarre analogies. Always comparing having kids and pregnancies? So weird and confusing, and a majority of the time completely irrelevant.

Carole said it best: “Not all Housewife fights are created equal.” 

Our Trips: Ramona is digging a deeper hole too! For her to imply that the only place people spend weekends and vacation is the Hamptons is ludicrous. It just goes to show you how far out of touch with reality she really is! Can’t she just except that not everyone enjoys the beach? To each their own. The Hamptons are wonderful, but not everyone wants to deal with the traffic and bumping into everyone you see all week in the city. The Hamptons can be very pretentious!

With all that freaking traffic, it does make you think that everyone spends their vacation time in the Hamptons.  Maybe if they think the “it” crowd is in the Berkshires, they’ll all head up there and clog the roadways.  Wishful thinking!

Throughout the whole season, during interviews, and even on the couch Ramona still refers to me as “she” or the “new girl.” Excuse me, I have a name and and if you took two seconds to actually be genuine and try to get to know me, you probably would treat me differently.

She saves that for the next season. 

LuAnn and Sonja: Deep down inside, you know that they love each other, but they have this disconnect. Lu has her gorgeous dress line on SHOPHQ, she sent us all an email and in support we all tweeted it out. That’s what friends do, and to think that Sonja didn’t do that and blamed it on the fact that some homeless girl in Ireland is tweeting for her? Hmm…a little random? See, this is what I don’t understand, we are all very busy! Many of the girls have assistants, interns, kids, what have you. But no matter what, they all check in on their emails, calls, and texts. Take Heather as an example — running a company, shooting the show, taking care of two kids — yet she will ALWAYS get back to me within an hour, ALWAYS. Sonja has no excuses for that. She has all of those interns, what are they doing if they are not checking her email and letting her know whats going on? Hmm…

The Men of NYC: You didn’t get to see 100 percent of Josh’s personality. The show is a small slice of a few minutes of a 168 hour week — and unfortunately you got some bad moments, minus the context of our whole lives to complete the whole story. Josh is a great guy, a supportive hubby, and a wonderful dad. Josh and I have a strong foundation and a tight bond, and we are in it for the long haul. We are not going to let criticism from a TV show sway us, but it has actually helped us improve our communication and also recognize things we saw about ourselves that we would want to improve upon. #TEAMTAEKMAN 

Ramona: I literally bit my tongue during this scene! I didn’t feel it was my place as the “rookie” to comment on Ramona’s relationship, but Lu knows her much better and they have a history, so she felt it was her place. I was happy to hear Lu speak up, because someone had to.

Ramona not saying a word about what went on behind the scenes in her marriage last summer was just plain old silly. Say something, anything! “We went through a rough patch, but we have worked through it.” Something! It was in the papers, we all heard about it, so set the record straight. By not saying a thing, in my opinion, it looked and felt like she had a ton to hide. 

The worst part was turning on Andy. Asking him about his sex life? He is not on the show, honey, YOU ARE! And BTW he is the BOSS.

Aviva’s “Foul Ignorance”

Well, here we are again for a second week sitting on the couch. I have to reiterate how grateful I am to be next to my girls, Carole, Kristen, and Lu. Can you say, “Same page?”

Makes you wonder if there was a secret meeting beforehand a la Beverly Hills to be on the same page.

Anyway, this week we get into the trip to the Berkshires. All in all, I really enjoyed the weekend with the ladies up at our Berkshire nest. As I write this blog, I am sitting at the kitchen table looking out at the mountains watching Jax and Ella play in the yard. It is truly a tranquil, lovely, and most of all, relaxing place away from the busy life we all lead. For my family and me it’s a place full of memories, get-togethers, activities, and laughter, and I hate to even defend its value to Ramona, who is acting like a pretentious brat and quite frankly, is being ridiculous. There is almost nothing worse to me than elitist behavior. That and foul ignorance (but more on that later).

There have been a lot of people on Twitter, Facebook and blogs that have wondered why a reality show that focuses on affluent women from New York City would go to the Berkshires.  It’s a nice, pretty area but most people like escapism.  They expect Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.  Other housewives know this which is why they eventually file for bankruptcy because they cannot afford to live the fantasy.  They never were able to afford this lifestyle but most of the women on NYC housewives with the exception of Sonja actually can live this lifestyle.  Actually Sonja does have enough friends and connections that she can live this lifestyle on other people’s dime and sympathy.  This makes me question why Heather wants people to see her Berkshire home and gets angry at Ramona for pointing out the house values of the area.  If people have the impression that the Berkshires are an up and coming area, more people would buy and the property values would go up.  Great for Heather, right?  Sell girl, sell.

What’s funny is Ramona is painting a lifestyle that is seemingly much grander than what it really is…let’s be honest. And seriously?! Mud pies!? Panic attack? I don’t think so, and I broke it down for her: if you wanted to leave early, (which she had planned all along), just say so! I could have cared less. In fact, we had more fun after she flew away! Flying away from the problem is instinctual for Ramona after all. She drops a bomb and runs for cover. It’s the same pattern again and again; she can’t deal with the absolute truth and changes the subject when she doesn’t like the subject at hand… And she is doing it again with Andy when he tries to bring up the Mario situation, but Lu’s not really havin’ that! But enough about Singer… Unlike a great workout, she is exhausting but for all the wrong reasons!

Those first few sentences don’t make sense.  How does living a grander lifestyle than what you live have anything to do with mud pies and panic attacks.  The fact that you are mad that Ramona planned to leave early shows that you cared that she did.  I feel like Heather is having a temper tantrum because people aren’t doing what she wants them to do.  If you really didn’t care that Ramona planned a getaway then why bitch about it?

Now onto foul ignorance… Ghetto? Gangster? Really? Are you referring to race or a socio-economic situation? Nice, Aviva, you ignorant cow. I think it is actually easy for this sedated narcissist to label me ghetto because I stood up for my friend. Sadly, she wouldn’t know what that feels like. I would NEVER get physical with anyone no matter how pushed I am (remember her minion she tried to sic on me?), but I WILL use the strongest language when defending what I believe is right. My upbringing was barely middle class, and I make no apologies for that. My mother raised my sister and me with very little help, and I am very proud of my upbringing and my mother, especially as I reflect back on what she gave us as I raise two children of my own.

Aviva does try to put people down by using socioeconomic class insults.  You did bait Aviva’s faux friend personal stylist to get into a physical fight with her.  Maybe you shouldn’t let out that you wouldn’t get physical with anyone.  The next irate person that threatens a beat down with you will not believe you.    

From both my parents and grandparents, I was taught strong values and ethics and I was given the tools to build a moral code that money can’t buy or sell. I was taught the value of hard work and the importance of good manners, but most importantly, I was taught to stand up for my beliefs and the value of honesty. I believe my success in business now is attributable to the lessons my mother taught me growing up. Aviva needs a mirror and she needs to open her eyes and look into it. Start there, girl. It’s never too late! I am a woman and I am allowed in 2014 to be as strong as anyone without being labeled. And what’s more, you wouldn’t last a day in the ghetto, Drescher. Just a few words out of your snobby mouth and they’d likely take off that fancy leg of yours and beat your sorry, elitist, ignorant ass with it. Holla!

Oh you just gave her more ammo to verbally beat you with. 

Carole on Stupid Things You’ve Heard on Bravo

Harper Lee had a Ghostwriter And Other Stupid Things You’ve Heard on Bravo

(This week’s blog is dedicated to my favorite vocabulary word: weird.)

Dear Fans,

Wow, that was so weird! Let’s recap. Harper Lee, the Pulitzer prize-winning author of To Kill a Mockingbird — a seminal work on race inequality that is arguably one of the best novels in American literature — had a ghostwriter it turns out. Yep. Well, at least I’m in good company. But weird, right. Who knew? I’ll tell you who knew: Aviva Drescher knew. Not only that, she even knew who the ghostwriter was, and she told us. It was Truman Capote! Now that is just really weird. Don’t you think that’s weird, guys?

It’s weird.

According to Aviva “every writer has a ghostwriter.” Well, everyone but Aviva. Isn’t that weird? She didn’t need a Truman Capote, she just wrote a long email to her team. She’s amazing! Weirdly.

I wonder if she knows who Truman Capote’s ghostwriter was. 

It’s true there was a weird unfounded Lee-Capote rumor decades ago that everyone, including Truman Capote, quickly debunked. It was referred to in their circles as the “biggest lie ever told.” It’s an urban legend, and a really weird and dated one at that. There is also a rumor that Harper Lee contributed significantly to Truman’s book In Cold Blood, a rumor that not even Truman disputed. Word On the Street was that she was his ghostwriter. Weird. Right?

Ah you answered my question.  Capote’s ghostwriter was Harper Lee.  It’s odd.  (I needed to use another word other than weird).

No one with half, or even a third of a brain would repeat this silly tale for fear of sounding like a nitwit. But Aviva did. She’s fearless. Nothing is too dumb or too nasty for Aviva to repeat on national television. No one is safe. Not me. Not Miss USA. Not even Harper Lee, who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Weird.

Debunking Urban Legends

I bet Aviva has a cousin who knows someone who knows someone else who passed out drunk in a hotel one night and woke up in a bathtub short a kidney. Or a babysitter who gets creepy phone calls coming from inside the house. Maybe it’s a weird urban legend that “real writers” (as Aviva calls them) hire writers!

I don’t think she understand what a ghostwriter is.  She hasn’t googled it yet. 

“Real writers” don’t hire writers. Margaret Atwood doesn’t hire writers. Alice Munro doesn’t hire writers. Nathan Englander doesn’t have a writer on retainer. Call them and ask. It’s true. Writers don’t hire writers, because they’re writers. It doesn’t take a village or a team, it takes a writer. It takes one person to write a book. And after it is written it takes a bunch of people to publish it. Come to think of it, it takes more people to conceive a baby, assuming there is a man involved, than to write a book. And, trust me, it’s much more fun!

Conceiving a baby can take an egg and sperm and maybe some alcohol.  Delivering a baby can take several people and a lot of pain and waiting.  Maybe the same amount of people it takes to publish a book.    

I’m not ever getting a Pulitzer prize and my books aren’t on high school reading lists, but for better or worse I’m a working writer. So, ostensibly, I do care who writes books. Isn’t that weird? I built a career over 20 years that I’m proud of, like I should be. Like anyone who spends 20 years building a family should be. Etc.

As long as you’re making money, who cares. 

So let’s ask it again. “Who cares who writes books as long as they get written?” Sure. Whatever. Who cares. All the ladies have nannies. Aviva has one or two, and so her nannies raise her kids, right? No one cares who raises kids as long as they get raised? Right? Weird. The way Aviva beats her chest you’d think I accused her of ghost-parenting. She appears to be tone deaf to condescension and insults which probably accounts for her tacky habit of interrupting, and her screaming and that weird chest-pounding thing. I thought she might bust an implant!

Bust an implant! Ha! 

I get it. I’m a writer and I’ve had some success. People like to gossip about people who are successful. Six publishers were in a bidding war for my novel, five of them lost out — including Aviva’s publisher. The publishing industry is not immune to gossips. (I don’t want to go over this again. Blah, blah, blah. Read here if you want the back story.) I may not ever be an “important writer,” but I do have a brain. And I know our audience does too and sees right through her silly act.

You are her storyline. 

Aviva may have gone to law school but she’s no Atticus Finch. Our contracts preclude us from suing each other, which she knows. So it’s a weird thing for her to say. But if I did sue I’d hire Harvey that hot lawyer from SUITS. He’d crush her in court. Wait, Harvey is so brilliant, it wouldn’t get to court. He’d settle for a large undisclosed amount. I’d buy Sonja’s yacht with the money and invite all the girls aboard. Well, almost all. . .

And invite P Diddy to your yacht too.

Aviva: Who Cares How Carole Wrote Her Book?

I am so glad the viewers got to go on this wild journey into the publishing world with me. It’s amazing. Who knew that book titles, cover photos, release dates, price points, and book stores were all chosen by the publisher and not the author? The book gets edited by a publishing legal team, as well as an editor for content. It seems my experience was very different from Carole’s. I am glad she is such a big writer that she gets to make all these decisions herself that are normally made by the publishing company. It’s incredible that every word she writes doesn’t get touched unless it’s two letters or less. It’s also amazing that she wrote her first book without any help. WOW.

That’s not what ghostwriters do.  That is what editors, public relations, marketing consultants and artists do.  She really doesn’t know what ghostwriting is.

The publishing world is tough. I thought the PTA was filled with gossip and some vicious behavior. . .Like the magazine, television, and fashion worlds, the publishing world can be vicious and riddled with gossip. I heard from someone in that world (and I did tell Carole the name of one source), as well as from other people, she used a ghost. I was the messenger and I got shot. It happens. It would have been easier to sit there and smile and tell Carole how wonderful she was and keep quiet about all the mean things said about her — but I didn’t and I won’t. And that’s why Carole dislikes me — for being the most real.

You put it on a reality show which could have tarnished her career.  The audience isn’t stupid.

As I have said before, who cares if she used a ghost? Or help, or whatever? I stand by my knowledge that many intelligent, professional writers have help. I suppose this really hit a nerve with Carole as she defines herself by her writing, which I find terribly sad. My love for my family, friends, and amputees are what fill me with happiness. Carole’s happiness seems to be derived from loving herself. This my friends is complete narcissism and her books are an extension of HER love for herself. The saddest thing that Carole ever told me was that she never experienced love for anyone. She calls it her curse — that everyone loves her and yet she has never felt love. Well, she loves herself and her books. Sorry Carole for being real and being the messenger. Let it go and I hope that one day you experience love. The best kind — for others.

There is nothing wrong with loving yourself.  On Tumblr I saw a post asking “would you ever keep a friend that talks to you the same way you talk to yourself.”  We are hardest on ourselves.  If Carole is happy with her career and wants to protect and defend it from her selfish, manipulative cast member on a reality show then that is her prerogative and her right.  Aviva really has no clue how she comes off.  There is such a lack of self awareness along with self centeredness that it must be very frightening and frustrating to deal with her. 

LuAnn: For Ramona Ignorance Is Bliss

I think Aviva was honest about only having one nanny! I’ve been to her home on numerous occasions. Aviva does like to entertain, so she brings in help when she needs to. Who cares how many nanny’s she has anyway?

Carole and Heather were making parallels about ghostwriting a book and ghost parenting your child.

Ramona never ceases to amaze me, her level of crassness and rudeness are beyond! Heather’s home in the Berkshire’s is lovely! Who is Ramona to judge people by where they live? It’s so untrue that the Berkshires is for people with less money. I don’t even know where she comes up with this bullsh–! Like they say “ignorance is bliss.”

Well who are you going to complain about and be shocked about, if not for Ramona.

I don’t know why Ramona even bothered to come to the Berkshires. She complained the whole time and then bailed for a bash in the Hamptons. She totally set up that plane beforehand and knew the entire time that she would leave. Then she tried to cry her way out .REALLY?!? Acting 101.

You would be scolding people on the reunion couch for picking their noses while staring at each other if you didn’t have Ramona and Sonja’s antics. 

I don’t trust Sonja for one minute! She has changed so much over the years I barely recognize her. She even believes her own stories about homes, yacht’s and Harry? I’m sad to say that our friendship is in the can. What more can I say than that!

The nurse in you is absent when you scoffed at her and  laughed about mental illness. 

Ramona’s reaction to Andy about her questionable marriage was not unusual. She tried to avoid the topic by deflecting to Andy and his love life. I thought Andy handled it beautifully. She is a piece of work isn’t she? She put down my marriage every chance she got and even tried to blackmail me and my children. What kind of woman would use your children? Especially one with the same age daughter!

In the past you questioned her marriage first.  She just gave it back. 

Unfortunately for Ramona, karma was there to save the day! I don’t think Ramona is even remorseful for what she has done to me in the past and that’s why she will always be Crazy

Speaking of karma, I think it would be interesting to see Ramona single and dating.  It seems that Sonja and Luann compete over men.  Throwing Ramona into the mix would make a hell of a reality show.  


Real Housewives Of New York Tonight!

Reunion Part 3 – one hour earlier than usual

RHONY S6 Reunion


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  1. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Good Morning everyone. Super busy day. Hope yours is productive too.

    Stars, I almost called them screaming banshees on the blog last night and your saying “I bet banshees are even sick of them too.” was so hilarious! Thanks to you and Ramonacoaster for the blog. I will agree that would be a whole different Ramona in a new season if she were single.

  2. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good morning – day 5 of this amazing cruise / ferry ride. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see Norway, likes ships, and doesn’t love mainstream cruises.

  3. ladebra says:

    Happy Tuesday! I woke up this morning with no internet at home. It’s amazing how much I miss it. So I called the ATT tech line and a guy is coming this afternoon to hook me up!

    Great blogs Starzy and Ramonacoaster. I watched the OC and WWHL this morning. I thought it was interesting that Terry said on WWHL that he was “told” what David said, and what he was told was more exaggerated than what was actually said. Things that make you go hmmmmm. So is it production that is playing “Chinese whispers” (RHOMelbourne obscure reference). Maybe this is the crux of the your husband wants to shag me brouhaha. Who knows. I know that Tammy Sue can’t take the heat though. If they keep her, they got to give her the producers edit again. It’s just so much fun to watch. 🙂 ok and I hate to comment on appearance I really do, but what is with Tamra in her talking heads? She really looks weird (thank you Carole).

    I am really glad NY is on an hour earlier. Holla! (Giggles)

    • mrs peabody says:

      I thought she has been looking a bit strange too in her TH’s this season. I’m glad I haven’t had to see those white eye’s for the last few. That was truly weird!

    • Powell says:

      Well you must have the Midas touch. You call this morning and the tech is coming the same day? 👍👍

  4. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. It’s a rainy, rainy day. No sun shining my way but I hope you’re having a bright sun shiny day.

  5. Powell says:

    All I can say is Tamra lies so much and stories change as they’re passed on that I don’t know what’s a lie and what’s the truth.
    I think Tamra was overacting at Ryan’s news. Yes I think Ryan should have told her and it was kinda puzzling that he/they would have a date and a venue and then tell Tamra. The GFs parents are deceased so I don’t think she thought about asking Tamra for help and Ryan probably told her to go ahead and he’d tell his mother. When Tamra was outside w/Eddie I think that was a bit much and not all about Ryan. It seemed like she wanted to say that she was going thru so much w/Simon.

  6. This episode was the perfect example of why foreigners think Americans are idiots. These women can’t be respectful in a place of worship! How rude and disrespectful! Holy cow, did I just agree with Shannon?

    • Orson says:

      There are worse things than agreeing with Shannon. :: shooting a hairy eyeball at ladebra ::

    • Powell says:

      I know. I can’t believe Vicki opened the door to the temple.

    • T-Rex says:

      HH – Exactly! I am proud of my country and to be an American but when you run into dolts like these morons, the thoughts of just saying your Canadian certainly come to play in your mind. My mom is British and we have traveled Europe extensively when we were younger, we did things like, oh I don’t know, read up on the cultures we are visiting so that we not only don’t offend anyone, but also show that not all Americans are Idiots. The OldCronesOfBeverlyHillsAdjacent seem to be one of the most sheltered, self-centered, self-absorbed franchises that is truly clueless of anything outside of Orange County California, it’s quite amazing how they can know everything about botox, plastic surgery, and shoes, but not a thing about any other people outside of OC.

      • Powell says:

        T-Rex I’m always aghast at Vicki. She thinks because she smart w/Insurance sales that that automatically makes her smart at everything. I think she only reads insurance books/articles/periodicals.

  7. MM in OC says:

    Sorry, but I was literally saying chaka kahn, chaka kahn right along with Lizzy. How could you not if you are a child from the 80’s??? It was funny. It would have been inappropriate if she did it during the dance.

  8. Great Blogs Stars and Ramonacoaster. I actually felt really sorry for Viki last night. She was so vulnerable at the dinner table… so sad. Tamara is a piece of work….. and I am glad tonight is the last of the reunion, I am over NY!
    Maybe they could have an “All Stars Edition” of the HWs, more like the “All Worst Edition”…I nominate Tamara and Aviva!

    • Orson says:

      Don’t forget the gatecrasher from RHDC.

    • Powell says:

      I kinda felt bad for Vicki too. Tamra kept saying “What’s wrong?”. I could see on Vicki’s face of she started talking she was going to burst out crying.
      LOL Lizzie said, “Tamra you shouldn’t drink. You can’t remember a thing when you drink.”, or however she said it.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I felt bad for her too. You could tell she was really hurt. Think what you want of that jerk she dates, at least he makes her happy when she doesn’t think of how others feel about him.

        • mrs peabody says:

          But on 2nd thought Tamera has said on the show he is not a good person and Vicki was going to see that so she was going to be hurt then, she’s just hurt a little earlier and we’re seeing her find out whereas when she watches the things Tamera has said during the season she is probably watching it alone.

          • Powell says:

            I think if Tamra told Vicki “I don’t like him and never will” Vicki would have accepted that but Tamra is telling Vicki “I’ll give Brooks a chance. I he makes you happy I support you.”. So like the ladies said Tamra is saying one thing to Vicki and something else to the ladies. That’s what’s making Vicki sad. I do wish Vicki would stop saying Tamra speaking to Brianna is why Brianna doesn’t like Brooks cuz that’s not true. Last season Brianna told Vicki she either saw an email from Brooks to Vicki or it was a phone call from Brooks to Vicki, before Donn and Vicki separated. So Brianna was made w/Vicki and Brooks for having an affair while Vicki and Donn were still together way before Tamra knew anything about Brooks. Vicki just needs to own that.

    • Powell says:

      I forgot to say #RIPRobinWilliams. One of the great funny men of his time. And a pretty darn good actor.

      • mrs peabody says:

        He was the best but even though he made all those movies but favorite of his was still Mork from Ork, esp when Jonathan Winters was on it.

        • Powell says:

          Yes. When I saw a pic of Robin w/Jonathan it made me smile remembering Jonathan was Mork and Mindy’s son.
          Robin did so many movies but I haven’t seen them all. Channels AMC, TCM and Fox Movie channel will probably begin showing his movies soon.

  9. Good afternoon everyone. Looking forward to the last NY Reunion. I am curious with all that has happened this week with Mario and Ramona that some changes were made on the editing. We will see.
    Monsoons are hitting us again but mainly rain not a lot of dust which is easier to clean up. BBL

    • Powell says:

      Yes we shall see.

      We had a massive storm from about 1 to about 4pm. I got that blaring emergency broadcast on my cellphone saying massive flooding. I’m glad it’s over. I hope your bad weather passes.

    • chismosa™ says:

      IMO AZ— Ramona released her statement last week after part2 aired, since part 2 would reference her and Mario.

      As part 3 is next up she knew it was not going to be a topic again so she let the news come out last week.

      Despite these being reunions I still think they get to see them before they air.

      Tonight is about the STREETS and the GHETTO.

      Just a theory I have.

      • Powell says:

        Good thinking chismosa. Rsm held back announcing it until after part 2 aired. Smart on her part I guess.
        Yes the STREETS and the GHETTO. I sure hope Aviva’s kids don’t take after her .

    • T-Rex says:

      I wouldn’t think so since this was filmed a while ago, there probably isn’t anything there for them to re-edit regarding the situation. Let’s face it LetharioMario NEVER stopped sleeping with his mistress, even after he got caught, he just got more secretive until he finally just said F*** it and went back to being out in public with her. Interesting they waited until OldCraggyBitchDrunkenRamona vehemently refused to answer any questions about her relationship and just yelled at MzAndy that they were FINE and TOGETHER. It’s horrible that they did that, but she was a fool to take him back. Glad she is rid of him and can move on to find someone who will hopefully love her for her, and she won’t have to put up with a cheater just because she didn’t want to be single, and wanted everyone to see that she had this attractive(in her mind, not mind) guy married to her.

  10. Random question – Is anyone watching Jersey Belle? I caught up on the first two episodes & it’s pretty entertaining. Maybe that’s just because I’m such a southern girl and lived the “fish out water” story with a college friend from Boston!

  11. Powell says:

    I haven’t watched yet but it’s funny how RHOMel comes on Sunday at noon.

  12. Powell says:

    LOL watching MY finale again and Sonja says, “We have a contract on the table with a dept store, we have a contract on the table for the French clothing line, we’re working on our scents for the perfume…”. 🎻🎻This was taped Summer 2013 right? The reunion was taped June right? In a whole year wouldn’t she have just one of these products in the marketplace if this wasn’t a figment of her imagination?
    When Sonja is giving her speech I had to LOL at the looks on the ladies faces. They were like “huh?” 😏 😒

    • Orson says:

      You have to give them credit for not breaking out in hysterical laughter.

    • T-Rex says:

      Exactly!! DrunkenSlutDELUSIONALGreyGardensSonja has all these contracts somewhere in her own delusional brain, but not a danged thing signed and ready to go to market. It’s like saying something like oh, she was a producer on an Oscar winning movie, which was a flop of a movie that was open for exactly 3 days at ONE theater, and made only $338 dollars, it just happened to star someone who LATER that year one an oscar for a completely different film. D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L. She doesn’t really twatter, I don’t even think she knows how to use it, so those things are posted by some random intern, she doesn’t respond to emails, she has some random intern return her emails, I don’t even think she knows how to use a computer, and she clearly doesn’t write her own blogs, that is also intern-induced. Because she doesn’t own a computer, I don’t think she understands how things work, that her business and information is PUBLIC knowledge, especially her lawsuits, so I don’t know why she is astonished and humiliated about people knowing this information, uhm lady, you put your own “bidness” out there for public consumption!

      • Powell says:

        When she and Team Sonja entered the restaurant Sonja told the manager I guess he was that “we’re late because we couldn’t get my printer to print.”. Uh you push the PRINT button. Her and 3 interns couldn’t figure out how to print?

  13. not THAT Jill says:

    BRANDI HAS OPENED A WEB STORE!! Hurry and buy your STFU tanks!! Also F.U. Tanks available!! Hurry hurry before they sell out!!!

  14. Powell says:

    LOL I’m watching the “Leg”.
    Ramona says “Oh sh*t.”
    Carole says “I’m done.”
    Kristen says “In going to vomit.”
    Lu has her eyes covered and is shaking her head and says “My God.”
    Sonja her crazy self says in her TH “I’d throw my leg. I’d throw my other leg. I’d throw my arms too.”
    Too darn funny. 😀

    • chismosa™ says:

      Powell the part I really LOL’d was when the X-rays were being passed around and Sonja starts checking out herself in the reflection of the X-ray.


      that’s why I love her- right there. Delusion or not.

      • Powell says:

        And “That looks like an x-ray of her breast implants.”. HAAAAA!! That was a good one from Sonja too.
        But what was even more funny, she didn’t say it to be funny though, she say to a guy, “Aviva’s been working on herself for over a year and a half now. I’ve seen her growth.”. WTF Sonja? 😀
        I want to know why Sonja has really been supporting Aviva? Maybe because Aviva is as delusional as Sonja is and it takes one to know one. 😯

        • chismosa™ says:

          My theory has always been since Ramonja both saw the complete CRA and EVIL of her ways last year, they’re keeping her under control and not instigating anything.

          They don’t TRULY like her IMO.

          They’ve seem scary island, they’ve seen JZ at her last reunion, they’ve seen it all, didn’t want to antagonize Leg👢

  15. chismosa™ says:

    Not to be a (Dina) Debbie downer but I just want to say to
    Trudy and Rebecca (bit$h I miss you around here you know!)-

    What you said late on the last blog re: the recent events with Oh Captain My Captain- it was all touching and so very true.
    So thanks from me I found it so well put ❤

    Back to the bravo blahs

    • Powell says:


    • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

      Hey there chisy…. I’ve had two friends from HS commit suicide so I’ve had time to process some of this. Here’s my take: there is absolutely no way to reconcile the fact that the person you’re mourning is the same person that killed your friend. None.

      I also think that Robin was such a good actor that he covered up the depth of his depression from his closest loved ones.

      Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, and George Carlin met St. Peter at the pearly gates. Unfortunately this is not a joke. Godspeed to that poor suffering man.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Reebs so sorry for your loss of the two friends. And I’m sorry for them and how I incredibly terrible they must have felt to go “there”.

        I was just discussing how I can count on my one hand the amount of comedians who came from a loving, stable childhood.

        Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell are two.

        I’m still searching.
        Most needed to use the comedy for attention and to get approval from people. They lacked it growing up 😦
        So so sad

    • trudie says:

      Thank you chismosa. The topic of mental illness is a topic close to my heart. There is a difference between feeling down at times and having an illness, and too few people recognize that fact. I am proud to say that my daughter who struggles with this illness every day of her life is now working for a national organization whose purpose is to bring awareness to this issue. Every time something like this happens, I think that real change will happen. It is a slow process, but hopefully, progress will be made.

  16. T-Rex says:

    Chisy – TOO FUNNY you posted the Golden Girls photo. I was thinking today that since most of RH Ho-wives are no longer wives their franchise is morphing into the GoldenGirlsOFSexInTheCity, LOL!

  17. iceNfire says:

    “If she really loved me, she would love my decisions” ….Nope, try again icki One

    • Powell says:

      No. If she loved her she’d respect and support Vicki’s decision. Just like Vicki didn’t love Brianna eloping to marry Ryan and moving to Oklahoma. Vicki didn’t like either decision Brianna made but she respects and supports her.

    • I think you can respectfully and lovingly disagree with a friend’s decision….

      • ladebra says:

        Yup. Unless it’s one of those core, deal breaker things, I don’t expect my friends to agree with every decision I make. And I respect their right to disagree, but I always reserve the right to make my own mistakes and let em say I told you so!

  18. Powell says:

    #RIPLaurenBacall another one of my favorite actresses.

  19. not THAT Jill says:

    Did anyone watch part 3 of the reunion? I haven’t even seen part 2 yet!! I’m over this season!!

    • chismosa™ says:

      It’s over YOU too.

      Haha jk. Just felt like saying that. LOL 😘😘😘

      Haven’t watched yet. Ughhhhhhhh
      Can’t wait to see Aviva go super loco

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Haha -I’m sure it’s over me too!!
        Now I’m watching Below Deck-nothing like rich people acting like dumbass fools!!

        • iceNfire says:

          I thought the passengers were actors and the crew was ‘real’

          • Orson says:

            Last season the crew (cast) and the passengers were all asses with delusions of entitlement. Except for maybe the chief steward with the mutinous crew.

          • T-Rex says:

            The passengers were paid actors. The REAL captain busted that show wide open last year. Bravo chartered the Boat and paid for it(or the Bravo producers of this show), they couldn’t use most of the real crew since this boat is out of the Islands and 99.9 of the real crew are not US citizens and somehow Bravo couldn’t use them because of they weren’t US Citizens, not sure why though. Also, there was the language barrier issues with the real crew due to the fact that English was a second language to most of them. So, the actual “guests” never paid a single dime to go on the ship for their Gilligan experiences, so they just decided to bring in actors instead so that they could create the manufactured drama of overpampered, overthetop antics. I believe that only two or three of the fake “crew” that were brought in ever actually worked on a boat previously. In addition the ONE thing the owners of the Boat insisted on was that they had to use the REAL captain of the boat, they couldn’t bring in an actor or anything, they didn’t want their Boat damaged or harmed in any way.

            • iceNfire says:

              Hi T-Rex – Thank you!

              • T-Rex says:

                icyFire- From what I understand this year they did bring in a couple of more folks that actually worked on a boat before. The one guy from last year actually liked nautical life and started working on tug boats, the chef has worked yachts before, and it’s up for debate on whether Kat(the drunk dumb blonde) had really worked on a yacht before or not. The NEW Chief Stew has worked on boats, but I don’t believe ever as a Chief stew and the others I don’t think have any real or practical experience other than having been on a boat, but not actually working on a boat, let alone a luxury yacht. Several of these folks are aspiring models so they are here for their looks and their fifteen minutes of fame. I can tell you this from the front page of the new season, if any crew were caught romancing a guest on a real Yacht, they would be fired on the spot. That came from The Captain’s own mouth last year when he gave that great interview, “busting” the show on how kind of fake it was.

                • iceNfire says:

                  I’m thinking thee must be experienced crew members somewhere on that ‘boat’ just not on film

                  • not THAT Jill says:

                    I’m pretty sure the whole show is scripted but I don’t care-it’s silly and fun and I love the captain-all I need is to be entertained!! It’s better than other shows that swear they a rented scripted like VPRules -it’s dopey and corny with just enough nonsense to occupy my mind for an hour!!!

  20. Exit4 says:

    Stick a fork in Aviva-she’s done. She wrote a goodbye blog.

    • iceNfire says:

      We’re sorry to see you go
      We’re sorry to see you go
      We hope the heck
      You never come back
      We’re sorry to see you go

      • There’s a sad sort of clanging from the clock in the hall
        And the bells in the steeple too.
        And up in the nursery an absurd little bird
        Is popping up to say, “CUCKOO” (CUCKOO, CUCKOO)
        Regretfully they tell us but firmly they compel us
        To say goodbye to you.

        • Orson says:

          Ding dong the witch is gone
          Which old witch?
          The wicked witch.

        • iceNfire says:

          coo-coo Regretfully they tell us
          coo-coo But firmly they compel us
          to say goodnight
          To you

          • iceNfire says:

            So long, farewell
            Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight
            I hate to go and leave this pretty sight

            • shamrockblonde says:

              f *hugs iceNfire really hard* – I LOVE that song! and the movie! and I LOVE Julie Andrews too!! thanks for the smile and the happy heart feelings!! now never again refer to them while discussing anything Aviva! – its blasphemy I tell you!!!

              *hugs iceNfire really hard again* just cuz!

              • iceNfire says:

                Hi shamrockblonde – My husband loves this song too! When kids were little he would line them up and do the step, bow, and waves with them. It was Too Funny 😛

    • T-Rex says:

      Well we HOPE it was a goodbye blog, but she left just enough wiggle room in there so if Bravo in their infinite stupidity brought her back she could say it was a goodbye to the season. But yes, I think Bravo is DONE with one FauxLegMunchausenAdviva and thank god we never have to see ChickletWhollyInappropriateDisgustingOldManGeorge ever again. The fact she showed to NO outings, and half the crew won’t film with her kinda makes it impossible to keep her. IMO

  21. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone and happy hump day. It’s a bit cloudy in my neck of the woods. I hope you have lots of sunshine and you have a great day.

  22. iceNfire says:

    Hello- Last night on wwhl KK said she sent a pool to a little girl in Thailand b/c its very dry there and the stream she used to play in has dried up. Did she send a filled pool? Where is this little girl suppose to get the water?

    • Powell says:

      I like KK. But when she said they sent a pool I was like “didn’t she just say there was no water in the stream”? Where’s the water coming from? She would have been better off sending a water truck w/a tank to them. Not a pool.

    • mrs peabody says:

      Wonder if that is the pool they took to the orphanages when they were there. The stream didn’t look dried up to me. I remember wondering at the time how they were to get the water in it and where did they get that pool from. I wasn’t sure if they even had a hose and a facet to get the water from. I just thought it was an odd thing to take.

    • T-Rex says:

      Anytime anyone posts anything she says, the only thing I hear is the song is “if I only had a brain” from the Wizard of OZ

  23. shamrockblonde says:

    *hugs T-Rex really hard* – me too!!!! hahahaha!!!

  24. T-Rex says:

    So quick update, tomorrow is my RAI treatment, going in at 7:45 am probably will be home by noon then happily(well unhappily until I can eat real food again on Saturday night), incarcerated in my bat cave until Sunday. SO you will either get sick of me posting because I am so bored and want to chat with all of you, or I won’t be posting because it’s made me a bit under the weather taking the treatment. So just throwing that out here in case you don’t hear from me after tomorrow for a few days. NOT watching anything Bravo(well maybe watch the Top Chef show), going to catch up on Project Runway I hope and some movies that are On Demand on Fios. Oh and to go even MORE off topic completely shopping for new pillows, after two RAI treatments and all this sickness going to break down and get new ones, we keep pillows way to long in our house so trying to find the best ones, thanks

    • Bed Bath and Beyond and Target have really good deals. I change mine out all the time because I need to have my head propped up for my ears.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Best wishes Miss T-Rex.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      T-Rex, I pray this is the last horrible treatment you have to endure! Good luck with it all, I will keep you in mind. ❤

      If you find something new and interesting to watch while incarcerated, let us know! When I was laid up in the house last month, I parked it on Netflix…watched the last season of Dexter and the first season of Orange Is The New Black. You know, the cheery sort of, feel good shows you need while recuperating! 😉

    • chismosa™ says:

      TRex best of luck and you KNOW we all will be thinking of you.

      Rock on.
      Food Saturday. Awesome!

    • ladebra says:

      I will be sending light and love your way Rexy!

    • Itsnotreality says:

      Hi T-Rex I hope everything goes well tommorrow and that you feel better soon.((((T-Rex))))

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      Stay strong my little dinosaur!

  25. FYI Edith Flagg passed away this morning. Really sad. Death does happen in 3’s

  26. lillybee says:

    My cable provided is changing to Comcast. Do any of you have experience with them? I like my cable service.

    • iceNfire says:

      Hi lillybee – I have Comcast and hate it. I have to watch live streams on my computer if I want to see the East Coast airing of anything. They own NBC and therefore Bravo. It’s good for an internet connection but it’s expensive. When there is an outage I call 1-800 comcast and they are always on top of things and get the problem solved quickly.
      As a new customer you will probably be offered a ‘bundle’ at a discounted rate. Take it and cancel when the offer expires. Then … idk

    • Limespider says:

      Comcast’s customer service is truly terrible. Over the last three years I have lost countless hours of my life dealing with them on behalf of my mother who has Alzheimer’s Disease.

      I needed to have internet service added to that I could work from her home when I was staying with her. In order to make the change I had to bring not only the power of attorney (POA) allowing me to act on her behalf, but I also had to bring my mother to their office where she had to answer questions before they would accept the POA. This was the epitome of stupidity since you could have asked my mother if the sky was purple and she would say yes. The fact that she has Alzheimer’s and I had a POA which was legally filed and stamped by the county courthouse went right over their heads. I have dealt with banks, financial companies, utilities, insurance companies, and hospitals but have never encountered as much difficulty as with Comcast. My name was then added to the account and a copy of the POA was taken, and the internet service was added.

      All should have been right with the world, but it wasn’t.

      We added security cameras to my mother’s house which we could look at over the internet. This meant we needed to have a static IP address, which meant changing the service from residential class to business class internet. When I called Comcast to do this over the phone, they absolutely refused, saying my name was not on the account and they had no record of a POA on file. I argued with them and was transferred numerous times. Finally, I had to open a whole new account in my own name with the understanding that the residential account would be canceled. When the tech came to do the installation, he took back the residential modem and replaced it with the business modem. However, I was billed for both the residential internet service and the business internet service even though I had no way of using the residential service even if I wanted to. Another call to Comcast resulted in no satisfaction until I went to the local office in person. Again. And with my POA. Which was supposedly put into their document system. Finally, resolution, but I am not refunded for the service I paid for which should have been cancelled.

      Back in the spring time, my brother realized that my mother was missing a bunch of channels that she had previously been receiving on her main television. The television in the bedroom was receiving all channels without any issue. Another call to them was another “you’re not authorized to act on this account” bit. They would not send anyone out to even check on the service unless the request came from my mother, who is not capable of do these things anymore. I live 250 miles away, so I asked my brother to take the POA up to Comcast’s local office and to have them again put the POA on file in their document system so it could be seen by all customer service people. They refused to accept the POA.

      On my next stay with my mother I found that the bedroom TV was now missing channels. I had to make yet another visit to the local Comcast office armed with my POA and a boiling anger at having to waste more time away from my mother to address these silly issues. I poured out my story, AGAIN, about all the issues I have had with them and that I was ready to cancel the service and go with Verizon FiOS. The magic word must have been “CANCEL” because suddenly they were all over me trying to rectify the situation. My name was added to the account AGAIN, and the POA was put on file AGAIN. The issue of the missing channels was resolved by swapping out the cable boxes with different ones. A call from my mother’s home to activate them also confirmed that my name was now indeed on her account.

      All is finally right with the world. For now. Until the next time I have to call Comcast. I don’t trust them.

  27. Eastbayca says:

    Vulture’s Brian Moylan recap…

    “But Aviva is the real loser, a dried-up snakeskin sitting in the grass unable to move and unable to strike, but still seeped in plenty of venom. She is reprehensible, pathological, and another really bad adjective that I will fill in someday but I’m still to filled with rage to think of now. She wasn’t a villain, because a villain has a plan or at least a want. She was just a black cloud of malevolence, a swarm of locusts willing to pick apart every morsel of decency. No one wants her around any more. That’s the thing about awful people: They eventually find a way to ruin things for themselves.”

  28. sparklemuffy says:

    I thought this was fascinating. Pat Loud– I had never heard of them— shoutout to MTH– where are you?

  29. VV™ says:

  30. VV™ says:

  31. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Kim is on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday night!

    • chismosa™ says:

      Ewwww WTf for ??!!??
      Smoking while pregnant ? Getting pregnant too close together?
      Not doing csection when your doctor advises you to?

      Or wait —–> a “thyroid” issue leading to her hair being “thin” hence the WIG™®©s
      (Not to knock thyroid, I have it myself)

      She’s so trashy. What on earth. Ughh

  32. chismosa™ says:

    Love her believe her and found her eloquent.
    Sorry I’m not going to blame her. It’s not like she peed on a pregnancy stick in front of CAMERAS and nailed down some guy.
    Love Ramona, know I’m in the minority 😭

  33. Orson says:

    Here’s some perspective on something or other. I caught an episode of Springer the other day. Either way, it was the basic “If You’re Not My Baby’s Father, Take A DNA Test To Prove It!” show. Well, he wasn’t the father and the mother went ballistic. To make it Springerworthy, this was the EIGHTH time, the EIGHTH candidate she’s had on Springer as the father of her kid.

    You don’t think some producers for one of the HWs franchises might borrow this plot, do you?

  34. Exit4 says:

    The bravo war room will be quite busy trying to figure out this mess!

    Heather, Carole and Kristen are easy. They’ll all stay. Unless one of them wants to go.

    Aviva is easy. No one likes her at this point. They won’t bring her back.

    Luann, Ramona and Sonja are the hard ones.

    Luann had her best year-keep her as a friend or give her an apple? Not having the apple was better for her. She’ll be asked back in the same capacity as this year-IMO-but she may fight for more. They may not give it. If they lose Luann-it will be over money and role.

    Ramona and Sonja. Ramonja. I’m personally over them. As are a lot of others. They can’t fully fire ramonja-they’ve got a good amount of fans. And people don’t like watching too many newbies as last seasons NY and this seasons NJ are showing.

    I guess if I had to decide-add one or 2 new people but keep everyone but aviva. The old fans and new fans will be happy. Then, when they’re editing the season, gradually phase out Ramona and Sonja. So you can paint a picture of what it will be like without them-but still have them there to keep your ratings. Kind of like how the berkshires were more fun when Ramona left.

    I think if Ramona didn’t file for divorce-she would have been let go. And maybe Sonja too-although she’d do well in a friend role.

    • iceNfire says:

      Without Ramona and Sonja there is no way to balance the other side

      • Exit4 says:

        For now that’s true. They can’t be fired right now-it wouldn’t work. That’s why they need to bring in some new people and work them into everything slowly and phase Ramonja out slowly.

        Ramona’s mean act has always been there-never cared much for her. She brings everything down. But Sonja-I’d always want her to pop in! The delusions are funny and the ladies reactions to them are hysterical.

    • mrs peabody says:

      they should hire you and let you make the hard decisions as you do a good job of it.

    • chismosa™ says:

      I like the idea of adding 1 newbie. I have to venture to bravo to read the lunatic’s goodbye manifesto.

      Berkshires would have been fine if I think, Ramona wasn’t dealing with finding mario cheating around that time.
      And I’m sorry – but for Sonja and Ramona to have these MUCH more laid back Vaca’s than previous seasons Id be pissed too !
      That + Mario that summer=== extra cra Ramona.

      My thing on LU is that she needs allies since she’s so anti Ramona (since S1, and not just for divorce issues), and she’s aghast at not having Sonja be as close to her as she clearly is with Ramona.
      So Lu needed new friends. I would LOVE to see in 5 years if Luann is still hanging out with Heather and Carole if they’re not on the show together anymore. And Carole is a “royal” level above her so that won’t count (pun!) because Lu has to cling to any royalty she can.

      Heather’s a hardworking hustling businesswoman just like Ramona – and I agree they are the roosters. Clearly. ( I mean with kids)

      • Exit4 says:

        I kind if agree with extra crazy Ramona because of Mario-but she’s always been abrasive and rude.

        The vacations weren’t that bad! I mean sonja doesn’t have hot water in her house-the conditions were probably better on the trips! Lol

        • chismosa™ says:

          Sonja addressed the hot water thing and everyone forgets it because she’s delusional of course. And her way of talking is very flinty.
          It’s an old building in manhattan, something about those pipes being too scalding or something, so for protection for her daughter ? I forget the specifics.

          I agree Exit – Ramona has always been abrasive – I get it.
          But so was Bethenny –
          Were people going after Beth this harshly when she was divorcing (and I’m sure with no couples’ counseling)

          All the people who hate Ramona REEEEEAAAALLLLY are having a blast now. 😦 😟

          And the vacations weren’t that bad, I agree, I’m just COMPARING to morocco, BALI, etc. Oh well the way things are going, next season they may take a trip to atlantic city or montauk !
          Ramona was just in bad spirits. I’m sad for her.

          • lillybee says:

            I own an old house and I have had problems with my hot water, too. so I can understand Sonja’s problem. It did cost me a small fortune to get it fixed.

            • Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

              I have to get all my pipes replaced as well. Takes forever to wash dishes.

          • ladebra says:

            I like Ramona. She’s not perfect, but I don’t ask for perfection. She is ambitious, she’s a good mother. She has her demons, but I like her. Hope she gets her happy back.

    • Eastbayca says:

      One thing about Ramona, when she is on the wrong she admits and apologies.
      Though, I understand her reasons for not wanting to discuss things when the reunion was taped.

  35. chismosa™ says:


    Did we ever see kristen stand up and say “you are DELUSIONAL!!!!” to couch 2?

    I forget ???

  36. VV™ says:

    Testing 1 2 3

  37. amylowblow says:

    Lose Carole, Luann, and Sonja. They all bore me and are one trick ponies. Keep Aviva (car crash I can’t look away), Ramona (I want to see her post divorce), and Heather (clever and talented) because despite their flaws they are all entertaining. Kristen is ok. They need to find a witty Bethenny type and a warm motherly type woman. They need to find a really rich super fabulous extravagant type of woman that we can all escape our dull lives through. Just my opinion.

    • mrs peabody says:

      Get rid of Kristen, I just don’t like her period. Send Aviva with her and the rest I’m ok with staying.

  38. Veena (NMD) says:

    Day 6 of the fabulous trip to Norway –

  39. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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