Project Runway – A Suitable Twist / Don’t Be Tardy – Flipping Out

Project Runway

S13E4 “A Suitable Twist”

By Princess Pindy

For tonight’s challenge the designers must revamp men’s vintage suits to create a look for a modern woman. The guest judge is Bethany Mota and I googled her for y’all…  She is, in her own words from Facebook, ~~~~~” I’m a style/beauty vlogger on da youtube! My viewers mean everything to me.” ~~~~ She has 1,264,906 likes on Facebook.  And I went over to Youtube, is there no end to my dedication to y’all, and her video view numbers are in the millions.  Like 5, 6, 7 million!!! Did I mention she is like 18????

PR S13E4_1The designers go to♫ Red Robin♫, did you just sing it??  I did!!  OMG, the suits that they have to use are pretty hideous.  They have to use the fabric.  And they must use the jacket and the pants and it must be a prominent part of the outfit. WOW!!  Leisure suits, corduroy suits, Tuxes from the 70s and 80s…let’s just say FUGLY!!  My BFF in High School went to the Prom with a guy that got a free Tux for some reason.  When she answered the door he was in a white tux a red, white and blue ruffled shirt and a US flag tie, lol, it was 1976!!!  Bicentennial!!!!  I was so thrilled to be there to see it, lol!!!

Sandhya gets to choose first and then she gets to choose everyone’s else’s suit.  I am not sure how strategic she is being but she seems to be thinking of what she thinks they want, so she says.   But she is no dummy!

They have 30 minutes to sketch and eat BOTTOMLESS FRIES!!!  ♫RED ROBIN♫!!!!  Then it is off to Mood for supplemental fabric.  Another 30 minutes, that is not a long time to decide….We have been known to go to 3 or 4 different stores in at least as many cities to find the right fabric…  But sorry, I won’t ever drive to Temecula again…sorry Temecula!!


Tearing apart the suits to see what fabric they have.. Amanda starts sneezing, who knows how old that suit is…  Poor Mitchell got a “denim” polyester leisure suit, I think he is going to cover it in clear vinyl.  Kristine and Korina are both doing motorcycle jackets…almost exactly the same.  Awkward!!!!  Hernan thinks Sandhya is not as sweet as she says and is a different person off camera…the claws are coming out!!


Amanda is making fringe….Tim thinks the fringe is her savior.  Kini is very fast, it is looking kinda cool.  He needs to clean up his angles, I hate angles!!!  You just don’t know how much I hate them!!  Alex is not impressing me…he is trying too hard.  I guess getting in the bottom last week affected him..   Sean has the corduroy suit, it is a gold, yellow color, remember that color??  I do!!  He is making it inside out and it is ugly but Tim thinks it is a risk.  Princess Pindy thinks it is ugly, but turned right side out, it isn’t bad.

Mitchell is uninspired… he did cover the blue poly with clear vinyl…it could turn out okay.  He only has the top so far so he can still blow it with something even more tacky on the bottom.   I feel bad for him.  He is not annoying me as I thought he would, it’s very disappointing.

Hernan, Tim is perplexed, lol.  He thinks it looks like armor. Hernan is also using vinyl and as someone who has sewn more vinyl than she would like, it is not easy to work with…you have to use tissue paper on top so that it doesn’t get stuck in the machine.  So you are basically sewing blind.  There is a special presser foot that you can get online…maybe they have them in their workroom.  I am going to order one!!  Tim actually told him what to do…that is, what is that word that all the “Writer Girls” use…weird.  He gave Hernan specific directions…hmmmm.

Emily, Tim tells her to watch the boobage.  Samantha did not use any supplemental fabric.  Fade, is in the woods.  Char, he thinks it is vintage, and she needs to change it, he is really bossy tonight!!  Sandhya, is doing another ugly creation.  Ladies and Gentlemen we have a winner!!!  Tim is concerned that it looks very junior.

Models are here, looks like they still haven’t eaten. They could have at least brought them with them on a field trip to ♫RED ROBIN♫.  Hernan is not able to fit his model…he is very far behind. Kini is done with two hours to go…  Everyone else is rushing!    And Hernan wants to give up.  I know that feel bro, I know that feel.

Last hours till the Runway…Sean is remaking the top of his outfit.  All except Kini are on edge.  Kristine doesn’t have her pants done.  Amanda’s look is pretty cool.  Mitchell is on the floor trying to look up his model’s dress, she thought it was too short.  I made my daughter bend over in her skirt and took a picture so we could make sure it wasn’t too short, the things you do,  lol!  Hernan is in the weeds… He is not working the fabric, the fabric is working him.  I know that feel, bro, I know that feel.

Hair and make-up is done and they have thirty minutes till the runway.    I don’t really like Hernan so I don’t feel sorry for him OMG, he poked himself and bled on his dress….nope still don’t feel sorry, oh no, he just cut the hem.  That is a PR no no, an unfinished hem..  Tim is going to have to march Hernan to the runway.


Same judges Zac, Nina, Heidi and guest judge the overachieving Bethany Mota, lol, I kid.

PR13E4_2Korina:  red motorcycle jacket with a skirt…skirt too long but not bad.  Char:  she always brings it…bow on side, don’t like.  Fade:  it is his style and I like it.  I really like it.  Samantha:  again with the black, not at all impressed.  Hernan:   it is a big V in the middle of the front pointing right to the….hmmm. Alexander:   nothing new, it is nice.   Mitchell, it is kinda cool, he did a good job.  Sean:  it is ugly so I am sure Nina will love it…  Kristine:  her pants are awful, the jacket is good, not great.  Amanda, I like the fringe it is cute, a little shorter on the fringe so it doesn’t drag on the ground.  Kini, it looks good.  Sandhya: I have no words.  Emily: it is cute, not my style, but cute.


Amanda, Hernan, Kini, Sean, Alexander, Kristine.  YAY, Not Snadhya!!!!!

Out of these six, I think Sean, Hernan, and Kristine are the low scores.  Hernan made a dress with a huge V in the front….  pointing down, to as Tim would say, “the lady parts”.  It is pretty bad.  Kristine’s pants were really ill fitting and I am having a hard time with telling Sean and Alex apart… but I think Sean’s inside out outfit was just stripes sewn together, there was no design.  I think Amanda might win…


Kini, he had a grey and white suit. Nina – wow, powerful but sexy, impressed with the tailoring, outstanding.  Zac –  very polished, looks runway ready.  Beth –  sharp, detailed, gorgeous.  Heidi likes that you can still see the pockets on the back of the skirt.

Kristine, stretchy redish velour suit.  Zac –  not his favorite look.  Bethany likes the shape but doesn’t like the organza on the bottom of the pants.  Nina wants to know to know what happened.  Heidi thinks there are too many ideas.

Amanda, leisure tux.  Heidi wants the dress, loves it all. Bethany is so impressed, (she is really well spoken, knowledgeable and nice.)  Nina likes the styling.  Zac doesn’t think it is the most imaginative design, but it works.

Sean corduroy suit.    Zac says it looks like peeling skin and orthopedic.  Nina says it looks like a mistake.  Heidi –  shredded mess. Sean keeps explaining that it is deconstructed.  Heidi says we know what deconstructed means…. “It is not our first day here.”  Woah, SICK BURN!!

Alexander,  white and black suit.  Heidi wants to know if he thinks he is high or low….he says “high” Then there is silence, so mean to make him hang there out in the wind…  they all loved his look.  Heidi –  stylish, peeka boo.  Nina –  nice balance, flirty edgy, would photograph well for magazine.  Zac –  best work so far.  Beth loves it, classic but flirty, good length of skirt, she wants to wear it.  HE UNDERSTANDS PROPORTION!!!  YAY!!!!

Hernan, old suit, polyester.  Hernan is making excuses for his fabric, saying it was falling apart.  Heidi, points out the V, I mean how could you not?  Nina says, ” A Vagina Super hero!” Comic Con here we come!!  Nina says awkward.  Beth –  pop star Halloween costume.  Zac has nothing good to say.  Hernan, is still making excuses about his fabric, Heidi says, you didn’t like it “So you bought vinyl??”  She is sassy tonight!!

UP CLOSE (and personal with Zac Posen)

Kristine, they don’t like it and it needs to be simpler and it is all pinned and taped…rut roh.  Sean, what was he thinking.  LOL!!!  Zac says, in his very best Tim Gunn imitation “I’m Very Concerned. That was funny.  I think he was serious.  Hernan, Zac is calling him out that the fabric is not falling apart…Zac is all over this outfit…pulling and stretching the material to prove it is not falling apart. He was having the time of his life.  Nina says “SUPER VAGINA!!”  Princess Pindy says, “HAIL TO THE V!”  Kini, they really like it and it looks great up close.  He matched all the stripes and he did topstitching!!!

Alexander. Zac is making me crazy with his hands on policy. They just don’t know what is happening with him.  Nina can’t get over the way it looks like bandages… IPPHO, he should have turned it right side out.  Amanda, they all love it, Tim looks so proud that he might cry, he has been Ramotional this episode with his bossiness and now the tears in his eyes.

It is between Kini and Amanda to win….I will be happy with either.  I think Hernan will be out.

Amanda WINS!!!  YAY!!!!  That’s two and immunity next time.

There was a cute, quick moment with Amanda in the back room with Sandhya and she told Sandhya “watch out girl” or something like that and Sandhya did a little stabbing motion to Amanda.  It was cute.

It is between Hernan and Sean to go home..  Sean is in and Hernan is out…. lol and Hernan is badmouthing and not taking responsibility till the end!  I agree with this week’s decisions.

Whoa, in the preview for next week, it is a two-fer, two are out!!!

You can see all the looks from this episode at this link.  I would love to know what you think!!



Last week the Biermann bunch were wrapping up their vacation in Destin Florida.

This week we join Kim and Kroy at home with the teenage girls in the kitchen.  Ariana is so obsessed with Justin Bieber that she has written his name on the back of her hand with a magic marker! Kim said she writes his name everywhere.  Hopefully she’ll find someone new to obsess over.  Brielle thinks she should be a cheerleader.  She thinks she can just try out and it will be all good.

DBT S3E6_1Kim said that she did dance for many years before she was a cheerleader.  Ariana does cheerleading, tumbling and gymnastics and it takes practice.  Brielle gets ice cream after school and her hair and nails done. As to say, that is the extent of her practice.  They’re all questioning Brielle’s physical ability and her motivation.  Kroy said if she doesn’t follow through and quits, he will give her 1000 hours of labor!  Kim says to Brielle that she’s proud that she wants to do extracurricular activities but she better listen to what Kroy is saying.  Brielle said she can put Cheerleader on her resume. Chuckles.  Everyone is laughing at her and I’m not sure if she understood why. Kim suggested she do a summersault.  Brielle didn’t know what it was or how to pronounce it correctly. Lana shows off that she can do the splits. Brielle tries and can’t manage the half-way point.

Kim is opening up packages and gets a call from her friend. Jen is 43 and expecting her first baby, so she calls Kim often with questions.  Jen is concerned that she is going to the doctor with hairy legs and Kim said she should be more worried about shaving her ho-hah and why isn’t she doing that?!

Brielle gets in her gold Honda with a friend and they arrive at a gymnastics studio.  Brielle says she wants to do High School Varsity Sideline Cheerleading and the instructor laughs at the number of words she used to say Cheerleader.  The instructor asks if she can do a back handspring, because that will be mandatory to make the team. She doesn’t know, so he proceeds to teach her and it’s a good thing there’s a lot of foam to fall on.

Back at the house, everyone is at the pool. Kroy drops in the pool like a cannonball and they actually had underwater footage of his landing.  Ariana starts talking about having a friend over and was told no, so she starts talking about boys. It seems every other thought Ariana has is about boys and she’s only 12.  Brielle is 17 and not thinking about dating. (Wait, I thought Brielle has had a boyfriend for 2 years?! No time to fact check, but I am confused by the statement Kim made.)  Brielle starts talking about her gymnastics training and she seems to think that after a few sessions she will be good to go.  Kim and Kroy remind her again that they expect her to stick with it.  I can only imagine they don’t have faith in her intentions because she has a history of starting and not finishing things. Kim said she wanted to be a Cheerleader for the uniform. Kroy jokingly suggested maybe Kim just buy Brielle the uniform.

DBT S3E6_2Kim and Kroy show up to check out Brielle’s training.  Ariana is working on the uneven parallel bars. In a talking head, Kim says the difference between the girls is Ariana works for perfection and will keep pushing until she does her best. Brielle will just move to the next thing if it’s not easy.  Kroy eggs on Kim to do a pull up on the bar and Kim says that’s not her thing!

Back at the house, Jen calls Kim, this time wanting to know if it’s really safe if you have sex this far into her pregnancy. Kim tells her you can do it up until day you have it and you should because you can’t get it for 6 weeks after. Jen doesn’t want to tell her husband that, so she tells Kim she’s not going with that answer and to forget she gave that advise!

In the kitchen, which is truly the hub in this household, we find Tracy, a new chef Kim hired, is mixing up some macaroni salad. Kim’s friend Shun, the maid, Jam and the girls are there.  There was cheerleader talk and Jam said she can do the splits. Kim tells her to show Brielle. Jam asks if she’s insured before she tries. Kim doesn’t hesitate to say yes, which I found hilarious and Jam does the splits.  I don’t guess she actually split anything, so no need to file a claim on Kim’s insurance.

Kim in a talking head says that Brielle has no idea what she getting into and if she doesn’t follow through, Kroy will give her the 1000 hours.   Jen calls and she heard if you fall asleep on your back, you could kill your baby. She wants to know how to avoid that and wants to know if ankles are supposed to swell. Jen was rapid firing questions and Kim said these are questions that all first timers have.

Brielle is getting an adjustment from a chiropractor who’s come to the house. I assume the chiropractor is there for Kroy, but maybe Brielle had issues from falling in the piles of foam.  Kim walks in and Brielle said she can’t be a cheerleader because she didn’t have her physical done. Kroy jumps in and reminds her of the 1000 of labor. Kroy wants her to have a reality check.  Brielle is mumbling some stuff, looking away from Kroy talking about paperwork, how she gave it to Sweetie but Sweetie didn’t follow up to make sure…Kroy interrupts and says to Kim, “you see what I have to deal with here?!  She talks to me this way and never takes responsibility for anything.”   Kroy said her new job as his assistant (the 1000 hours of labor) start now!  There is talk of dinner and foot rubs.  Kim said she had to work for everything when she was a teenager and Brielle does have some to learn.  The chiropractor works on Kroy while Brielle is already scheming how to get her mother to talk Kroy into lowering the labor to 10 hours. Good luck with that girl.

Next week Jen had her baby. Kim decides Lana needs a man.  Breille is driving with people in the car screaming and I can’t figure why anyone would let Brielle drive them across the street.


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. 🇹🇬🇮🇫 With all the crazy weather lately I hope everyone is safe. Have a great day. 🌅🌅

  2. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good morning from Norway – Day 8 blog

  3. Sus says:

    It makes me uncomfortable that Kroy is disciplining Brielle. Maybe it’s fine but I kept hearing “STFU Kroy” in my mind. Obviously Kim isn’t very strict but too bad. That’s on her. I think the girls are too old now for a guy to move in and discipline.

    I saw Kim’s appearance on WWHL. It looked like Kim almost flipped out on Andy when he asked about Brielle getting pregnant. She caught herself but I do think she was pissed that Andy asked her that. I don’t think it’s a necessary question about a 17 year old. I would have been so embarrassed. Andy can be a big jerk.

    I did think it was sweet that Andy gave a tribute to Edith from Million Dollar Listing LA. I thought she was awesome.

  4. T-Rex says:

    Good Morning, day two of four of captivity. Doing great, no side effect so far that I can tell, started my lemon drops this morning for the saliva glands, have to do one an hour to make sure nothing “seizes” up. It didn’t last time, but even the nucmed guy said to still use them just in case. Oh, PPindy I probably never mentioned this by I got to shop at MOOD about 11 years ago, I think after the second season of PR. We were in NYC on vacation and I wanted to make a dress for my brother’s wedding and so we got up early on a Sunday morning and had breakfast at a neat little place across the street from them and it was a rainy day. I remember pretty much everything from that day, LOL. I got the best fabric, it was a silk type fabric, and I was able to find a sheer fabric in EXACTLY the same print. I could have spent hours there, my husband just sat and played with the dog running around the store. I wanted a 40’s type vintage style of dress flowy and the sleeves were done in the sheer fabric and I added that also in the neckline, and I created some panels at the bottom that included some sheer pieces. You will LOVE LOVE LOVE going there some day. Just hanging in the notions sections seeing the new pieces, the vintage pieces, new pieces that look vintage, etc. DO NOT take your husband, LOL! I made that mistake because he didn’t want to hang out there so I couldn’t spend as much time as I wanted, and thought I would always get back there, which I haven’t. I don’t sew much any longer either, Oh, and I have a Vinyl foot for my machine and it works Fantastic. I did some covers for some outdoor furniture and tables, i hate sewing vinyl I found out, LOL

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Glad to hear your day is starting out good – hope it stays that way!

    • How fun to go to Mood. I don’t shop with my Husband, occasionally we will go to a specific place for a specific reason. He is on a mission!! He has his objective and he will accomplish that goal. I like to “shop”, he goes to “buy”, lol!!! I see women with their husbands and the men are sighing and complaining and I am thinking, “why did you bring him?”, it is like bringing a child. I love going to the fabric store, I love touching each fabric and thinking of what I could do with it. Sometimes my daughter will say, “do you want me to go with you?” and I will say, “well, I really just want to look at the fabric, so if you are willing to be patient, come, but if not, I am going on my own.” 🙂 Your dress sounds beautiful! Vinyl is the worst! To make that utility belt for Batgirl and then to have to put cording around the pockets, ugh. This year PBB updated the thigh pockets to fit her new phone, she glued them together and used these tiny clamps I bought at the Fair. I debated buying them, now I wish I had bought 2 sets, of course. She did a really good job!

      • T-Rex says:

        We were on vacation and he wanted to see what I so ga-ga about going there, thank goodness there was a dog running around and I think they had a cat at the time too so he was occupied for a little while. I don’t know what I was thinking bringing him though. They used to be open on Sundays, but they aren’t open any longer on Sundays though. I don’t know if the little diner is still there across the street but it was SO GOOD. I think because it was raining he didn’t want to walk around, he did just remind me that he indeed did take a walk and he was gone for an hour, HA, of course I didn’t remember that part, LOL! I do remember going for Dim Sum after dropping the materials off back at the Hotel Mr T-rex just mentioned he wished we had some great Dim Sum place here in Tampa. See I remember that day pretty clearly and apparently so does he.

        • I was just talking to my friend about Chinatown up in LA. She recently took the train up to Olvera Street to meet a friend. She told me that it wasn’t the same as when we were young, what is? But it reminded me of how my parents would take me to Chinatown for Dim Sung and the carts would come out and all the people would basically attack the carts, lol! And we would watch to see what the Chinese people were grabbing and try and get it. Because we really didn’t know what anything was the first time we went. Then the waiters would come and count the plates and that is how you would be charged. It was so much fun!!!

    • boston02127 says:


  5. Pindy – I think you meant “I hate angles” and not “I hate angels” – who could hate angels!

    So glad whiney Hernan is gone – what an untalented loser who takes no responsibility – it was almost like Ramona had turned into a bad, latin, male designer! Just saying!

  6. HuskerHuny says:

    Happy for Amanda’s win. I really liked the red and black ensemble that Korina made. And I’m surprised by Fade’s look as well. Doesn’t he remind you of Mike Myer’s Dieter character from SNL? I’m ready to see what some of these designers can do when they don’t have to use funky materials or stupid inspirations. Just let them use their skill and imagination. That’s when we will see the goods.

    • I feel that way too, let them run!! I feel that way about Top Chef, all the hokey challenges…but some of them have become tradition… I thought Fade’s look was really well done, he really mixed the fabrics well.

  7. Powell says:

    🔔🔔🔔🔔 NY reunion is on. 🔔🔔🔔🔔

  8. Veena (NMD) says:

    TT – for some reason I can read emails but not respond, but it sounds good to me. Thanks for all you are doing for the blog!!

  9. Powell says:

    The Reelz Channel will show a retrospective of Robin Williams tonight 8pm est.

  10. Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

    Thanks for the great recap, Tiara – You do such a great job with them – And you totally have the experience to be able to your unique spin on it – Plus you “feel” their pain…lol… I think you should go on the next season of “Project Runway”… We would campaign for you and everything!

    Also, thanks Tartsy for watching “Don’t Be Tardy” for us – I can’t handle watching it – and even reading your great recaps makes me have a visceral reaction to Kim and how she handles things. Yeah, who WOULD trust Brielle to drive across the street? The thing is… this driving thing isn’t funny to me… There would have been NO way that I would still be allowed to drive if I had the driving issues she had… Well, it wouldn’t matter – cuz my parents would have KILLED me… lol… Thanks so much for all you do for us all, Tartsy!

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      You’re welcome Stars. I was not much a fan of Kim on RHOA, I liked the chemistry with her and Nene in the early years, but Kim has been a much better person removed from the ‘wives and being in her own family element. And that’s what I love about DBT it’s a good reality TV family (less cursing would be nice with the kiddos though). They did a poll, when Kim was on WWHL on Wednesday. It was who do you like more the Real Housewife Kim or the Don’t be Tardy Kim and it was 83% for the latter.

  11. Good news T-Rex. You are 2 days down and 2 more to go. I watched Extreme Parenting and I wanted to punch the father. Who raises their kids in tents? No home. Wash in public restrooms. Just nomads. Sad. They did get a camping trailer in the end along with a dog that the kids wanted. Extreme Parenting name needs to be changed to Selfish Parenting.

    • Limespider says:

      I caught a few minutes of Extreme Parenting when it ran again this morning. I too wanted to punch the father for subjecting his family to that kind of life. The public restrooms thing made me sick.

      Back in the 1960s, when my family moved into our first home, there was a couple who were building a house by themselves on the property behind ours. They lived on their property from spring until late fall in a tent along with their four children. No electricity. With an outhouse for a bathroom. Catching rain water in barrels. I can’t even imagine what it must have been like to be on such an extended camping trip. I found out that one of the sons, who was 2 or 3 grades ahead of me in school, did a similar thing of moving his wife and three daughters to a tent in West Virginia to build their dream home. He got as far as a one room structure with a wood stove and eventually an outhouse, but that was it. Needless to say, they are divorced now.

    • Powell says:

      AZGirl I didn’t watch any of it. I need to check these parents out more.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Oh my gosh, AZ, I watched the first episode and I wanted to reach into the TV and slap those parents! They were ruining their kids and their relationship with other family members! I will never watch that show again, it aggravated me 10x more than any RH having a bad day!

  12. chismosa™ says:

    TRex so happy to hear you are feeling better – YAY!
    I seriously do.

  13. chismosa™ says:

    Whats up with the blog?
    Let me try again:

    TRex so happy to hear you are feeling better – YAY!
    I seriously do.

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    Something is wrong here 🔨🔩🔧

  15. chismosa™ says:

    Another try

    TRex so happy to hear you are feeling better – YAY!
    I seriously do.

  16. Powell says:

    I just turned to David Tutera’s Celebratons Taylor’s epi. You should see how big Kennedy is. I wonder how she likes her stepfather?

  17. Powell says:

    Adrienne and Paul w/their dates were at Taylor’s wedding.

  18. Powell says:

    Oh. John adopted Kennedy.

  19. chismosa™ says:

    Here we go!

    Please post ! 🙌

    TRex so happy to hear you are feeling better – YAY!
    I seriously do.

  20. chismosa™ says:

    Ok copying from another page to here – maybe this will work –

    TRex so happy to hear you are feeling better – YAY!
    I seriously do. 

  21. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    CHISMOSA! I’m gonna have to suspend your account!
    Not really! But obviously you can not see that they are posting! I will remove the duplicates later, lol, I need some dinner first!

  22. VV™ says:

  23. chismosa™ says:

    I want
    To be

    Come on!!!


    • VV™ says:

      It isn’t so much being able to post ( in my case ) as having to log in each and every time that I post. It’s a pain. I type test because when I change settings on my iphone I want to see if keeps me logged in or not. I’m trying to figure it out.

  24. VV™ says:

  25. chismosa™ says:

    Ok it’s quiet here tonight so I’m going to try again:

    TRex so happy to hear you are feeling better – YAY!
    ❤ ⭐

    I'm a couple days behind on the blog but Pindy thanks for recapping I did actually watch on time this week and I'm so HAPPY Hernan is out. He blamed everyone but himself. 

    Amanda – eh, she's a little too – talking head-ish for me this season. I'm annoyed. 
    Love the fringe though I agreed with Zac – kina (?)'s was better. 
    Maybe him saying he did it in like 5 hours was bad. 

    Loved when the Indian gal said "don't ever speak to me like thy again" 

    HERNAN is one of those (possibly OTB's only do this?) like Reza from shahs that just says "Bit&h this Bit@h that." 
    STFU. Just because you're gay doesn't give you the right to use that word. And I'm no NO ardent feminist. 

    Fort Lauderdale with the new geek chic Weird Science glasses has got to go. His taste is awful. 

    I feel like it's always whoever NINA likes, wins. I seriously do. 

  26. chismosa™ says:

    IT POSTED 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊

  27. Jan (TexasTart) says:
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