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S9E17 Blogs Blogged

By HydrangeaHussy


Shannon Beador: There’s No Hope Tamra and I 

Shannon jumps right in with the fallout from the dinner/drinks, “I never met up with Vicki and Tamra after our dinner in the prior episode, and stayed up talking with Lizzie and Danielle. As our group got together in the morning, there seemed to be a bit of a divide between us new gals and Vicki, Tamra, and Heather.”  Shannon was still upset by the information she received the night before, but knew better than to confront Tamra in front of the group.  Good girl!  Shannon is learning the ways things work!

They had a busy day “visiting a temple and trying new and adventurous things.”  Shannon admits that she has been very vocal about her dislike of fish, so she was really proud of herself for putting her feet in the water.  “I was also shocked that I allowed a monkey to climb up my body — multiple times! I figured that if I traveled halfway across the world to come to Bali, I should absolutely participate in everything that I could. . .”  I’m finding myself liking Vacation-Shannon.  She’s much more laid back and willing to try new things.  It was fun to see her outside of her crystal-comfort-zone.

By the last day, Shannon “was ready for a little pampering and relaxation at the spa. I couldn’t take another car sick van ride!”  And they even had a crystal healing facial for the crystal queen!  “I had a moment to sit with Vicki alone at the spa and decided to tell her about my long conversation with Lizzie and Danielle. I told her that they both apologized because they made some inaccurate judgments about me before they truly got to know me. I also let her know that Tamra was involved in telling the girls false things about me.”  Shannon says that she opened up to Vicki because she knows that Tamra had hurt Vicki in the past.  She didn’t want to get involved in he-said/she-said, so she suggested that Vicki talk to Lizzie and Danielle herself, “because apparently Tamra has said unkind things about Vicki’s life as well.”

Shannon doesn’t understand why Tamra says so many cruel things about her.  “I haven’t done anything mean to her. I don’t lie and I’m not crazy — and she knows it. I want an explanation as to why. I am a loyal friend, and was a loyal friend to her. I don’t understand it.”  I may not have like Shannon in the beginning, but she did seem to avoid talking behind people’s backs.  She says that she tried to speak with Tamra alone, but never had the chance.  “Tamra was upset that Lizzie told me things that were said behind my back and questions why Lizzie told me. Tamra never denies saying any of those cruel statements. She doesn’t apologize for them. And I never got an explanation before she stormed away from the table.Typical Tamra – deflect, accuse others, then run.  “Time to move on and know that Tamra is not my friend. Friends don’t talk behind each other’s backs like that.”

Shannon was happy to have “some fun moments with Heather on this Bali trip. I thought it would be a nice gesture to pull Heather aside on our last night to thank her for including me on the trip. Heather also extended an olive branch by apologizing for talking about my email to her group of friends.”  I still think that Tamra bears the majority of the responsibility, but It was nice to see Heather take responsibility for repeating gossip and apologize.  Shannon wasn’t there when David made the comments that offended Terry, “so this is the first time I had ever heard that David made such a comment. I know my husband, however, and I know that he said it in tequila-fueled fun. He had no bad intentions, just some bad judgment. I know that when I point it out to him, he will apologize right away.”  She doesn’t know why Heather waited so long to bring it up.  Maybe because you haven’t spoken in a long time?  I do agree that it should have been dealt with when it happened, or let go of.  She chose to tell Heather what Tamra had said about their friendship.  “I did not want to hurt Heather’s feelings, but I always believe that people should know the truth.”

Lizzie Rovsek: Tamra Has it Out for Me

“The Bali trip is coming to an end and I think we are all ready to go home.”  Lizzie addresses the temple outfits first.  “We had an itinerary, and on this day it said to wear workout clothes. So, I packed workout clothes for this afternoon excursion. In addition, when you go to the temples they wrap you in a sarong; so having on shorts isn’t disrespectful in any way.”  Lizzie found it amusing that Tamra commented on her clothes when Tamra’s shorts were pretty short too.  “Tamra seems like someone that just wants to be mad or has to be right all the time.”  I completely agree!  Tamra can’t just be happy and let things go.   “It’s becoming more and more evident that she can’t get over the ‘Shag, Marry, Kill’ game. Every time she tells the story she tells it differently. If her husband said he wanted to shag me maybe she should be mad at him, not me, I didn’t say that he did. Get over it!”  I’m so tired of hearing about this stupid game, it was a horrible idea!

Lizzie says that she was happy to relax at the pool with Danielle.  “Never in my life have I known anyone like Tamra. It’s apparent that she seriously has it out for me. Her interview bites are just appalling to me. It’s one thing to get upset and say something in the heat of the moment, but to be that ugly on a daily basis and to say such vulgar things about another woman is so tacky to me.”  She rightly notes that Tamra is not a happy person.  The women all say ugly things in the TH’s, sometimes prodded by producers, but Tamra rarely has anything good to say.  “I really do think that with the birthday debacle, she could have really taken that and been the bigger person and just said, “Gee, Lizzie, I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.” And for the record, she has never apologized.”  That would have been the mature thing to do.

“Everything that I shared with Shannon about things that Tamra said about her were all things said ON THE SHOW. Danielle and I told her what was said to just her. We didn’t tell her in front of the whole group.”  I’m so tired of these ladies claiming that they said something “in confidence” when there were cameras there.  “I would hope that any friend of mine would tell me if someone was talking cruelly about me behind my back also. Shannon went to Vicki on her own, to talk about Tamra. When Vicki and Shannon came back to the cabana, the women told me a lot of things that Tamra was saying about me, too!”  Lizzie read Tamra’s last blog.  “How dare she say anything about my family or me as a mother? How dare she say I was drunk when I was absolutely not at the Valentine’s party.”  That’s just part of the deal when you join this show, Tamra is going to tear you apart.  “In my experience when people reach at those things about other individuals it says so much more about them.”  Truth!  “I don’t even have to say anything about Tamra Judge. The way she acts and the things that come out of her mouth speak volumes about her character and integrity.”  Well, Lizzie has said a lot about Tamra, but I agree that Tamra’s behavior speaks for itself.

As for the confrontation, “It’s important to understand that everyone was just really hurt by Tamra. Not one of us had any intention to attack her or call her names.”  I must admit that it was nice to see Tamra get some of her own medicine.  “It’s clear to me that Tamra does not handle conflict well. She immediately goes into defense mode; fight or flight. Even in simple conversations.”  Then Lizzie goes back to the stupid game.  I’m over that.  I don’t care who said what on Valentine’s Day.

Lizzie isn’t proud of the name-calling.  “I am not proud of calling Tamra “crap” or “insecure.” I just couldn’t help myself. She even attacked my marriage and said “Everyone knows you have a horrible marriage!” I’m sorry, why this woman has any room to speak about anyone’s marriage or parenting is beyond me.”  She goes on to say that Tamra didn’t have to run away screaming, she could have talked things through like an adult.  “A few things I have learned about Tamra: a) Don’t invite her to any parties or special events b) Don’t play games with her and c) Unless you want it to blow up in your face, don’t confront her on ANYTHING.”

Tamra Barney: Lizzie is the Worst Kind of Person

“I would have to say that overall Bali was a wonderful experience, and I’m trying to find the positive takeaway of what happened at that last dinner. After months of thinking about it and now seeing what actually went down while Heather and I were at the rice fields, this is what I came up with.”  Tamra says that Heather is a great friend and that she appreciates Heather standing up for her.  Tamra says that she isn’t trying to play the victim.  Yeah right!  “I know I throw out a lot of shade and I have NO problem admitting it. What I do have a problem with is being accused of things I never said. I did not say 95 percent of what I was accused of saying — and what I did say was twisted and taken out of context.”  Isn’t that exactly what Tamra has gleefully done all these seasons?

Tamra doesn’t understand why Lizzie has a problem with her.  “She can not handle NOT being the princess of O.C., and she will fight for the RHOC crown. Good luck girl I am not giving that up without a fight.”  Wait, since when is Tamra the OC queen?  Tamra accusing someone of wanting to be the center of attention at all times is ridiculous.  “Lizzie is the worst kind of person in my eyes. She is a manipulative person who can lie straight to your face without any remorse. My God, she was sitting in front of six people when she said what she said about Eddie and still she will not own up to it or apologize.”  Pot, meet kettle.  Rather than admit her own mistakes, Tamra continues trying to prove that Lizzie is a liar.  “I invited everyone to go on a bike ride, and last minute they decided that they wanted to stay back and hang out at the spa and pool. . . Hmmmm wonder why?”  Maybe because they couldn’t stand to be around you anymore?

“When I sat down to dinner I knew something was wrong, Vicki kept mouthing across the table “I love you” and she had this very somber look on her face. I was worried that something happened at home and she didn’t want me to know about until we finished dinner.”  Really?  Why would Vicki do that?  “I asked Vicki to go to the bathroom so I could talk to her and she refused. Wow what a great friend!”  Tamra knew that she’d been talking trash about Brooks, both on camera and off.  Did she really think that Vicki wouldn’t find out?  What a great friend that Tamra is!

Then Tamra tells us what she actually said.  “Did I say Shannon sees green men? YEP, but not exactly how she was told I said it. As you all saw in the flashback, when asked where Shannon heard about “bringing the Beadors down” I jokingly said “I don’t know, the green men in her head.” That’s a little bit different than saying, “Shannon is crazy and she sees green men.” Did i say Shannon drinks too much? Hell yes I said that — everyone at that table has said that from day they met her. The girl travels with a bar on wheels and I am not joking.”  Ok, it doesn’t matter if what she said was taken out of context, it was mean to say it behind Shannon’s back.  And, if I recall, Tamra didn’t seem very joking when she talked about Shannon’s “little green men” at Lizzie’s party.  And who is Tamra to judge Shannon’s drinking?

“Now let’s address Brooks: CAN WE NOT LET THIS STORY DIE? I WILL SAY THIS ONE MORE TIME AND I WILL NEVER ADDRESS THIS AGAIN. I did not say anything remotely bad about Brooks this year.”  Did she watch the same show as me?  Maybe she wasn’t as awful as she’s been in the past, but Tamra certainly took every opportunity to talk Brooks down to the other ladies.  Tamra need to learn to keep her mouth shut!  “Early on I was asked by the new girls about Brooks. I was honest and said I think there is someone better out there for her and that I didn’t think he was a good guy. BIG DEAL! Given his past who wouldn’t say that?”  So if I say that Tamra isn’t a nice person, I’m not saying anything remotely bad about her?  I’m not sure that she’d see it that way.  “From this day forward I will answer: “I’m happy if he makes Vicki happy”  Good plan.

“The bottom line is Vicki is my friend and what she allowed to happen in Bali is sick! I would have never allow that to happen to her. I would have pulled her aside and talked to her first, because that’s what friends do.”  Again, Tamra was all for attacking Alexis in Costa Rica and didn’t think there was anything wrong with Gretchen joining in.  It was nice to see Tamra getting called out for her BS.  “I choose to run away because I was ready to say or do something that I would regret. I now wish I would have stayed and kept my composure and gotten my words out. But that is what the reunion is for! At that moment I had a flashback of Alexis in Costa Rica — and I want to publicly apologize to Alexis for being any part of that night. I had no idea how bad it hurt to have so many people coming at you like that while being so far from home. But now I do and have learned so much.”  We’ll see how that ‘calmly getting your words out’ at the reunion goes.  I have a feeling it’ll be more screaming and accusations.

Tamra thanks Heather for sticking up for her.  “Thank you for being smart enough to see what they were doing. I am sorry I ever doubted you as a friend, and I love you and cherish our friendship.”  Tamra tells us that she never called Heather anorexic.  “Danielle was talking to me about how Heather and I maintain our weight after having four kids. We are 10 years older than her and several pounds thinner. I told her that you rarely see us eat on camera only because it simply looks ugly.”  Umm, how is that an explanation?  Or an answer to the question of how to maintain weight?  “I know I speak before I think too many times. But I am a human with real feelings — and yes what happened in Bali did hurt, especially since most of it was lies.”  I’m just tired of listening to Tamra try to explain away her bad behavior instead of work to improve it.

Vicki Gunvalson: I’m Tired of Tamra Causing Problems

Vicki updates us on Briana’s new son. “He was in the hospital for a few days with a fever and a respiratory infection — and was discharged today. I’ve been fortunate to go to OKC every few weeks.”  Prayers for little Owen.

“Now onto Bali. I am not that fond of heat and humidity (bad frizzy/curly hair), or a callous fish eating pedicure, a monkey petting zoo and any type of friendship betrayal. I had thought we would go on this spiritual journey to relax, pray, and simply bond together as girlfriends are supposed to do. Boy was I wrong!”  Vicki admits that she may not have handled the conflict with Tamra in the right way.  But, “I was so hurt and so upset that I really wasn’t interested in hearing her side of the story.”  She doesn’t agree with Tamra’s accusation that Vicki wanted to take her down.  “I’m tired of her causing problems and never being called out on it because of people fearing her backlash. Every season and every year, she has gone after someone. I don’t know if that’s for the show or if it’s really how she is.”  I am really enjoying Vicki this season.  Very astute observation, even if it took her several seasons to figure it out.

Vicki explains that she thought Tamra had moved past her bad feelings toward Brooks.  “When we left for Bali, we were on really good terms, and, although I didn’t really trust her with personal information on my relationship, I didn’t have any issues and had hoped she supported my decisions as I did hers. In fact, she would tell me “let’s us four get together for dinner” or “plan a trip together” or “go to church together,” and on and on.”  Vicki just wants the hurting each other and talking behind backs to stop.  Wow, she sure has grown up!  “I have come to be very good friends with Shannon and she’s a great wife, friend, and mother. I was proud of Lizzie to stand up for herself to Tamra and have really come to like her as well. Heather was in a tough spot that evening and I am proud of how she handled herself as well. I think Heather has gotten some unnecessary “heat” this year — and I for one am sorry for being any part of any hurt I caused to her.”



Real Housewives Of New Jersey

S6E5 Cast Blogs Blogged

By Namaste

Teresa Giudice

TerEsa gives us her greetings and explains the Lion King like debacle.  Our neighbor keeps chickens and also has a German Shepherd.  The chickens and the dog chase each other around the yard.   She comments briefly on Dina and Lexi’s tattoos suggesting that when Audriana turns 18 maybe?

As for the ugliness of the first responders party and what came after, I will say I’m very proud of my brother for keeping his cool. Jim Marchese came at him, said terrible things, and he didn’t take the bait. I did feel sorry for Amber because she was just in a physical fight and what her husband was saying wasn’t her fault. But I wanted to hear the rumors about what Jim said directly from him. So I asked him. And he lied. Right to my face. That is not what an honorable man does. Dina and I were giving him the benefit of a doubt, trying to be nice to him, and he got even madder and uglier with us. You don’t need to speak to women like that, you don’t need to speak to anyone like that.

I’m not sure I would call Joe’s reaction as “keep his cool” but compared to his past overreactions, this was mild.  Jim was incredibly rude to TerEsa and Dina.  Actually, he was a chauvinistic pig and I do not feel sorry for Amber.  I am sure this is not the first time (nor the last) that Jim has behaved in this manner. 

Then we got to hear Jim’s little lawyer speech. There are no words. What professional talks like that? I know Amber tries to defend him saying he was protecting her and got dragged into all this, but that amazingness was all said in an interview with him, apart from the fight. No one tricked or forced him into saying those awful things. That was all him.

I am stuck on the work “amazingness”.  WTF does that mean?  She says she doesn’t blame Amber for her jackass’s behavior, but I kinda do.  She goes on to tell us that the bird poop facials left a little to be desired.  Didn’t she says something about the facial smelling like peanut butter?  Never smelled bird poop that has a peanut butter scent.  TerEsa bids us a “Tanti Baci”

Melissa Gorga

Melissa starts out telling us she is not enjoying writing her blog.  Boohoo.  You are getting paid a small fortune, write the damn blog!  Melissa tells us she thinks Amber came back into her life to spread feelings.

I don’t buy that she just wanted to rekindle our friendship and make me “her friend of the year.” I don’t see her trying to be my friend at all. 

I agree.  She isn’t your friend.  I also don’t think you wanted her to be your friend again.  Funny, I think Melissa views Amber the way TerEsa viewed Melissa when she entered the show.

Amber wants to act as if I’m not loyal? Well, where is her loyalty to me? Was she being loyal when she came right off the bat saying that I married my husband for money? Is she being loyal when she came on accusing me of being a horrible friend, after not seeing me for close to ten years and accusing me of not being there for her when she had cancer? No, I don’t see that as a friend trying to rekindle a friendship at all. I see it as an old friend coming around to try to throw me under the bus. And there is A LOT you didn’t get to see, so no, I don’t believe Amber has nothing but good intentions. 

Shit.  Melissa mentioned cancer.  (drink)

…Amber, do me a favor and stay out of my family business. It has nothing to do with you and you don’t know the true details. You were a guest at my wedding ten years ago and never even met my children. So the ONLY things you know about what has been happening in MY life is by watching our show as a fan for the past three seasons.

Well, it is kinda hard to stay out of your family business when you air your family business on national tv.  She goes on and on about this and I got bored and got a snack.  Trust me, you don’t need to read any more about that topic.  She then went on to whine about the spa visit with Dina and TerESa.  I got up and got a glass of wine.

As far as Dina calling me passive aggressive, I actually found it kind of funny because I know throughout the season you’ll probably see me call Dina passive aggressive too. I really feel like she gives a lot of mixed signals to a lot of people, especially Amber. She’s constantly questioning her sincerity, her tears, her authenticity. She’s constantly rolling her eyes at Amber and she definitely doesn’t like her husband. So if I’m passive aggressive, then I guess pot meet kettle, LOL! 

I am not sure I would call Melissa passive aggressive.  I do think she likes setting a situation in motion and then stepping back to watch the chips fall and then claim she had nothing to do with it.  She has no loyalty and will move whichever way the wind blows.

And finally I want to say that I am proud of my husband for having self-control with Jim. I know it probably wasn’t easy, but I think he took one for the team for what it’s worth.

This is just creepy that everyone is SO proud of Joe for behaving like a normal adult, although I still think he overreacted.  He should have shut down the conversation with Jim when it got heated and walked away.  He had no reason to follow him outside.  Melissa tells us…There’s plenty more to come!…  And I feel we have all been safely warned.  Watch at your own risk.

Dina Manzo

Dina starts out telling us that this was her “—hole” episode (does Bravo not allow potty language?)  She goes on to discuss the date…

Let’s start with my date. I came across as so cold, didn’t I? Well I won’t say it wasn’t awkward, but I certainly was not rude to him. I didn’t just turn down the hot yoga offer, I explained to him that I think hot yoga (or as I like to call it bacteria yoga) is so gross. Sweaty, smelly butt cracks in my face is not my idea of a good time, so that’s why I said I doubt that will happen. I swear everyone in my life tries to drag me to hot yoga, so maybe there is something good about it and I’m just being a germaphobe nutcase. Anyway…although there were no sparks on my date, I will say that Matt’s mom raised him right. He’s sweet and kind and a COMPLETE gentleman. We still keep in touch, and one day he is going to make some YOUNGER girl very happy! Oh yeah, and that BJ comment? My mother will be washing my mouth out with soap for sure! Oops!

I actually don’t think she came off as cold and I would have been pretty pissed if I had been sitting alone for 3 mins.  The guy could have at least texted to say he was running late.  And hot yoga?  WTF?  Does anyone here do this horrible activity?  I do not like to sweat.  I have a treadmill and I wear a Fitbit (I swear by this little bugger).  I walk 15k steps a day and have lost 24 pounds.).  I bought box fan earlier this year and placed this fan at the very end of my treadmill.  I keep that fan on HIGH when I walk.  When I start to feel sweat, I am done.  I also keep Gold Bond on the bathroom counter.  I swear by that shit!  Ask any guy in the military and they will tell you that Gold Bond is a prized possession.  Anyhoo, hot yoga just sounds disgusting and not something I would ever want to do with a hot guy.

Now let’s talk about the first responders fall out and what I said to Amber’s husband Jim. At this point in our relationship there was so much sexual talk between us girls that you didn’t get to see. You know chicks get together, open a bottle of wine, and the giggles begin. Amber had shared some of her hysterical stories of shall I say…taking over in the bedroom with us, and I would tease her endlessly. 

Very common.  The part that is uncommon is the part where Dina embarrasses Amber over something that was shared privately and as a joke.  Not nice Dina.

So calling Jim a bitch and telling Amber to shove it up his ass was COMPLETELY inappropriate but actually more of a joke, because I knew Jim didn’t like it when I teased Amber about their bedroom life. It just went along with what I know would annoy Jim, but it was wrong and I’m sorry. And guess what? If he does, more power to him — a healthy sex life is all about keeping it interesting. Watch my video on taking back that BITCH word here, and find out  why I don’t put up with men talking down to a queen EVER. 

Um, I am at a loss for words here and that doesn’t happen often.  I have to go scrub out my eyes with acid cause I got a visual of this.  Excuse me for a moment.

Let’s move on to our bird sh– facials. I could have saved time and money and just stayed home and spread my parakeet poop all over my face, but Amber invited us and we did have things to discuss. I felt for Amber, I don’t think she was completely innocent, but I don’t like that all against one mentality. I am super sensitive to it, because looking back on Season 1 it was wrong to do that to Danielle. Although some made Danielle think she was not alone, trust me, she was. She did bring most of it on herself like Amber does, but I learned from that experience, and now I vow to always try to hear the other side of the underdog’s story. 

OH!  So that’s what Dina meant when she became all “ZEN” and shit.  I get it now.

How cute were the heart tattoos Lexi and I got? It did hurt like a mother and guess what? The guy went easy on us because they hardly took! We’ve been trying to get them touched up for months now. I’ll post a pic on my insta when we get them redone. This time I’ll tape Lexi’s mouth shut so she doesn’t drop the F-bomb. My mom will have to double up on the soap so there’s enough for both of us! 

I didn’t think it was cute.  I find it weird.  I am not one of those people that believe your kid should be your BFF.  You are PARENT; not a friend.  You have plenty of years ahead to be friends with your kid when they are in their 20’s, but it has always been my belief that my kids have plenty of friends and they last thing they want is me as their FRIEND.  I see this is a Dina issue.  Lexi is all she has that is all hers and I imagine this is hard.  But no reason to project your issues on your kid.

Oy vay.  Dina then goes on to educate us about betrayal and loyalty.  She admires TEReSA’s loyalty to Nicole and was pleased that Joey Gorga stuck up for Joe Giudice.  Now this is the part where it gets juicy…

I am a FREAK about loyalty and I am loyal as a freakin’ dog until you are not to me. Then guess what? I don’t go out for revenge, I simply cut you out of my life as if you died. I am BAFFLED when I see people put their loyalty where it doesn’t belong. I don’t always agree with what my friends and family do, but I WILL ALWAYS have their backs. That is unless I’ve had a funeral in my head for you because you didn’t have mine. Watch more here, and yes, the funeral in my head is real, I mourn your loss and then I move on. It may not be very spiritual, or perhaps it actually is…think about it. 

Hmmmm…did she just give us a clue?  Has she had a funeral in her head for Caro and Jacqueline?  Maybe this is why she cannot answer my pleas for more info because in her little noggin, they are already gone.

Dina bits us farewell and tells us about her party planning class at a local college.  Oh, is this like underwater basket weaving?  I just don’t see parents being really happy shelling out their hard earned $$$ to have their kid take party planning courses.

Teresa Aprea

After apologizing for her blog being late, TEReSA jumps right in.

Getting into Sunday’s episode, I’ll start off by saying how great it was to see the Giudices having wonderful family time together with their new chickens. Being the family-first person that I am, I absolutely loved seeing Teresa and Joe with their kids. Milania was adorable with the chickens. Can’t wait to get some of those fresh Giudice eggs.

Milania was adorable in THIS episode, but in previous episodes this season we have not seen this version of her.  Perhaps Bravo only shows us the ridiculous?  WHAT?  They would never do that!  However, I do blame Joe and TerEsa for any and all judgment her girls get for their behavior on the show.  Other RH make an effort to protect their kids from the cameras and keep their kids away from the spotlight, but not Tre and Joe.

Seeing Dina and Lexi together is always heartwarming. I can relate to the love of a mom and her “one and only.” The connection is immense, and I love the bond the two of them shared getting their heart tattoos together — a permanent symbol of their love shining bright. 

Still weird to me (channeling my inner Carole)

As for Melissa giving Nicole a head’s up on the rumor that Amberzilla is spreading… That is not called betrayal, that is called being a girls’ girl and having Nicole’s back. Amber must stop insulting the intelligence of everyone watching, because it is obvious to everyone that she is one BIG habitual liar, and she is constantly back peddling. Also thank you, Melissa, for reiterating what took place that night at the first responders party about how Amber did grab Nicole’s arm first while having dinner with Amber. Amberzilla was the aggressor and Nicole was defending herself — the truth always comes out!

Um, no I call it “shit-stirring”, but you say tomatoe and I say tomato.

TEReSA signs off by complementing Rino for standing up for his new friends, she believes minions have taken Amber’s mind captive.  She loves David Arquette (he does have a fun laugh) and thanks all her fans.  She says she is blessed.  Argh

Amber Marchese

Amber decided this week she needed to compete in the longest blog olympics.  I will attempt to cut out the crap that makes me wanna take a nap.  Amber wastes her first paragraph asking Melissa what she did to deserve this and then telling us disloyal Melissa is.  All very boring and re-hashed from last week.  Moving on.

Nicole says she wanted an apology. Hmm, well, I would have loved a chance to apologize, however she acted like a lunatic right off the bat. Nicole wanted a scene, not an apology. She made sure everyone was there, which kind of makes you think she planned it all along. We are all human, we all make mistakes, but we cannot go around attacking every person that speaks about our mistakes. I could have told her who was telling me the rumor and we could have dealt with it together. The fact that Nicole escalated the situation like that is just disgusting to me. She could have talked to me. I would have heard her side of it, and she would have gotten an apology out of me for not coming to her first. Maybe she reacted that way because she had no intention of just dispelling a rumor. Maybe there is more to it, and the reaction was a distraction from the truth…apparently, it is working.

Well, not sure a simple “I’m sorry” was gonna get your out of telling the national audience that Nicole was a homewrecker.  I think Nicole was justified in being a little bitter about the whole thing.  She then goes on to criticize Bobby for being a crappy host and for being unaware of the tom-foolery that was going on in his basement.

As far Joe, trust me when I say this is a condensed version. Not only did my husband just watch his wife get ganged up on, Joe thought this was an excellent time to confront Jim on his reasons for not attending bowling night. It took a lot to provoke my husband to lash out as he did. Sad thing is, Jim never got a chance to know Joe because of the smack Bobby and Rino filled Joe’s head with about Jim. I have been raving about Joe for years, minus the fighting part, I really wish they got a chance (without Bobby and Rino’s influence) to know one another. I really think they would have gotten along. They are true family men, great fathers and husbands, and hard workers. I do not understand what was happening at that point, I just knew it stemmed from Bobby and Rino. 

And this is when the episode turns into the Real Househusbands of New Jersey.  I’m gonna go take a little snooze.  BRB.

The next day, Bobby comes to our house and pretends like he did nothing… Really, is it normal to invite a couple over and have them abused by your guests? At a minimum he should have told us in advance that the guys had an issue and so did the girls. We would much rather have stayed home with our babies. Also, he should have told his soon to be “brother-in-law Rino” to back off. You are watching it and have background, but Jim and I had no idea what was coming. We were going to Bobby’s house like we had a hundred times before. For the record, we missed lots of nights out in the past and were never ganged up on like that for it. 

I’m back, but I am not happy about it.  I DO NOT think you were abused by Bobby’s guests.  You got your “just desserts”.  Take it and move on.  Jim is a big-boy (or little boy) and a big talker.  He was handling himself and did not need Bobby to step in and fight his battles.  I thought Jim behaved like a jackwagon and, perhaps, Bobby just didn’t want to associate himself with that kind for ridiculousness.

Side note to Melissa, after reading excerpts in your book on marriage and then watching your husband tell you to “shut up,” it does not lend much credibility to your opinions on marriage. More laughable is Joe saying how much he loves Joe Giudice and Tre. Does he not remember the fights, the name calling? He called his sister a scum bag and started a fight. Please, before you share your opinions of how you think my husband treats me, look into your own home. My husband treats me like gold. I appreciate your concern, but I actually feel bad for you, since your husband does not think before potentially putting you and your family in harmful situations like mine does. 

Amber has a point here.  Joey “defending” Tre and Joe is pretty silly given the way Melissa and Joey have talked about them.

Melissa and I go to lunch and instead coming in with complete concern for my wellbeing, she lays into me on how it was my fault for getting ganged up on! It is clear that Melissa does not care about me. She did not have any empathy or even take some responsibility for why it occurred. Instead of owning a modicum of anything that happened, she twists it around to validate her actions. 

Amber, are you high???  Why would Melissa go on and on about your wellbeing???  Your hair was pulled; you were not scalped!  Nicole did not bite you.  You were not burned at the stake.  Get over yourself.

And no, Joe, insecurity is when you hear a rumor and go ape sh– on someone for it. Or you need to get aggressive to prove you’re tough. What I was doing was defending myself after being given no explanation as to why everyone was ganging up on me. Joe, you should realize that disputes can be resolved with simple communication at the right time. Last point, the Joes need to stop talking about my husband’s height, since they are shorter than him. And, everyone needs to most definitely stop talking about my husband’s penis. After three strong boys and a beautiful little girl, trust me, faculties are marvelous. 

I just threw up in my mouth.  Please stop.

…Or is she mad because she feels like I am on her turf?

DING DING DING!  I do believe we have a winner.  Tell her what she won, Bob!

Amber signs off telling us she had so much fun with David Arquette and again bringing it back to what a hard time this has been for her and her husband.  Yes, I am sure it is super hard going to the bank and cashing your Bravo checks.

Nicole Napolitano

Nicole tells us all how much she enjoys chatting with everyone on Twitter.  She says we are amazing.  She needs to wait before passing judgement.  She tells us she enjoyed seeing David Arquette and “Scamber” on WWHL.  Not sure I like that nickname, but whatever.  She then overshares and eludes to the fact that she shared too much with Amber about her previous marriage…guess Nicole even shared the NAME of the woman who may have been with her X?

…My response to you, Amber, is to turn the other cheek and not cast pearls before swine. So I choose not to roll in the mud with you!

Um, I am at a loss.  Is this biblical?  Is it Caroline Momily?

This episode had some really fun scenes to watch and of course some filled with drama. Starting off with Jim being a condescending ass.

He was just being himself.

 I wasn’t surprised one bit. After speaking so horribly to Teresa, Dina, and Melissa it was a little painful to hear Teresa ask Dina if he was looking to help the Giudices. That answer was pretty obvious. Happy this episode at Bobby’s house is over. Again this was supposed to be a fun-filled night for all…along with a chance to hear an apology that now (knowing SCAMBER’S true character) I realize she had no intention of giving. This was the first time ever that Bobby and I were hosting a party at his home. I never wanted it to go there. We had our friends who are police officers and fellow firefighters from our town attend, and I would have never wanted to put them in a bad position. I was happy to hear Melissa state when she met Amber for lunch how Amber was the aggressive one and how she whacked my hand first. Amazing how when the Mar-crazies left the party it was like all the evil was swept out of the house. The black cloud had lifted!

OK, I am NOT going on the defense of the Mar-crazies, BUT you did plan this confrontation beforehand.  You knew you were gonna have a “come to Jesus” chat with Amber well before the party.  You cannot be upset that there was a scene when you were the one that wrote and directed that scene.  Yes, I agree you had every right to confront her, but you could have chosen another place/time.

I love how Bobby had my back going over to Jim and Amber’s house. I’m proud he went over there returning her hat so calmly and looking to have a normal conversation, which they both didn’t even deserve after Amber’s filthy mouth called me a “two bit whore” and how out of line they both acted in Bobby’s home. So frankly I think Bobby was a complete gentleman and gave them a chance to redeem themselves. But of course, as us viewers could have bet any amount of money on, it doesn’t go that way and Jim starts making up tons of lies right to Bobby’s face about me. I’m glad Bobby was a gentleman and smart enough to just leave at this point. 


Now on a lighter note, I loved watching me and Bobby at the gun range. We had a blast on our date and a lot of fun. Bobby was an awesome teacher and loved how I got a bull’s-eye! We have a really good time when we are together! Watching Milania, Rosie, and Juicy buying chickens was a cute scene. Dina and Lexi were adorable getting tattoos. Again, Lexi is precious and so sweet! I wish Dina’s date had gone better. She didn’t seem too stimulated at all. I guess she could have gone to Dylan’s Candy Shop next store if she wanted eye candy.  

I’m not a big fan of the gun range, but whatever blows your skirt up I guess.  The Milania, Rosie and Juicy scene was fun and as I have said multiple times, if Bravo could just give us Rosie and Juicy every week, we would love it!  At least I would!  Nicole closes by telling us next week her nephew will be on…will we see her kids?  She thanks us, her fans and offers blessings.  I feel better and can sleep now.


Real Housewives Of New Jersey Tonight!

“The Family Business”

It’s a family affair in New Jersey as Melissa and Joe strive to take their new age garbage business to the next level, and Teresa and Rino embark on plans to expand their family’s restaurant empire. Nicole and Bobby, meanwhile, try to prove Amber wrong with a little PDA, and Rosie introduces her girlfriend to the family. Isolated from the rest of the group, Amber turns to her own family for support, until a phone call from Nicole changes everything.


Don’t Be Tardy Tonight!

“I Need A Man”

Kim and her family teach Lana the art of snagging a man. With a makeover from Sweetie and Kim, who can resist the beautiful, Bulgarian nanny? Thanks to a little happy hour coaching from the pros, there’s no way Lana can fail. Or can she? Kim throws a baby shower for her soon-to-be-mommy friend, Jen.


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108 Responses to Real Housewives Of Orange County Cast Blogs / Real Housewives Of New Jersey Cast Blogs

  1. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good morning LynnFam!

  2. ladebra says:

    Sunday Funday! HydrangeaHussy and Ramonacoaster Great Blogs! I laughed all the way through them!

    Going to see 100Ft Journey today. I 💖 Helen Miren!

    • Powell says:

      I love her too. Oprah and Steven talked about it on GMA and the clip they showed looks like it’s a fun film. I hope you enjoy it.

      • ladebra says:

        Loved this film! You leave feeling full of joy. The Bollywood actor that plays the patriarch of the family is wonderful! Mirren as a French restaurateur is perfect! And the two new actors that play the chefs are just delightful. The food looks amazing – so colorful you could almost smell it – and the film was shot in a village in France. I really enjoyed it.

    • T-Rex says:

      Love this tweet.

  3. jezzibel says:

    Tamara has been going after various HW since she joined, she went after Jeana(sp)Keough(albeit more subtly)her first season, Gretchen was her punching bag for a few seasons, and then Alexis, she attempted the takedown on Vicki(but needed the fan goodwill for her wedding spinoff), but it didn’t work, this season, she’s gone after Heather(but backed off) Shannon(whom has her number now) Lizzie (who seems to be able to hold her own). I’m enjoying seeing the tables turned, and I doubt the reunion is going to work out in her favor either.

    • Sasha says:

      Jezzibel, I totally agree with everything you have said. New people join the show and automatically bow down to Tamara and Vicki.

      Tamara’s schemes don’t work very well when she can’t get all the soldiers to fall in line. Heather is the only one that didn’t get the memo that you can like who you want to like and that there would be no official take down this season. She made herself look bad when it came to her treatment of Shannon.

      • jezzibel says:

        I think Shannon’s issue with Heather, was Shannon(and Tamra) induced….and Heather wasn’t all that sympathetic and unwilling to take the blame for what Shannon(and Tamra) accused her of doing. I think that her Heatherness is capable of being introspective about her behavior(might not happen often but it does seem to happen) after the fact, or she and Shannon would not have had that moment of reconciliation in Bali. I suspect that Shannons marriage has been in danger of collapse for awhile(the show(and Tamra) might have exacerbated the situation) and I do believe that Shannon drinks to much(despite her protestations that she does not). Tamra was going to use Shannon to take down Heather and vice versa, the spanner in that works was that despite her fondness for the bottle, Shannon is pretty sharp, and Lizzie being able to hold her own.

        • ladebra says:

          Tamra’s game was over as soon as Lizzie, Shannon, whatshername, Vicki and Heather were in the same room/conversation and the comparing notes started. Lieing liars never do well in the light of truth. And I totally agree with you guys Jezzibel and Sasha, well said.

        • Powell says:

          And Tamra wanted to take Heather down all because Heather used big words and Tamra interpreted that as Heather talking down to her. 🙂

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I know it’s frowned upon to utilize the word “bully”… But that is a classic bully tactic. Tamra has displayed bully behavior EVERY SEASON that I have watched. That has been her currency on this show.

      • Powell says:

        I don’t like Vicki’s attitude towards a new HW. She hates them before saying one word to them. But at least we know that’s Vicki’s personality. It’s been that from day 1. But Tamra invites a new HW somewhere, says she likes them, then she’ll begin to “talk behind their back”, while still smiling in their face. Why is she so upset w/Lizzie about shag or f*ck when they were all drunk playing a silly game? I can’t imagine Lizzie saying it whereas that’s Tamra’s everyday way of speaking. Unfortunately we expect it from Tamra like we expect Vicki to scream. I hope this is Tamra’s last season. I believe if it wasn’t for Tamra Gretchen would not have turned on Alexis. Tamra should have been gone twi seasons ago and they could’ve kept Alexis and Gretchen. As a matter of fact Tamra is the reason Heather&Terry and Alexis&Jim had such a big problem by the end of the season. Tamra’s always a part of what’s gone wrong in the lady’s relationships.

        • jezzibel says:

          Tammy Sue really goes hard after the HW she perceives that the viewers like or potential fan favorites, Vicki has a love/hate relationship with viewers, viewers initially like Gretchen(Tammy sue started the ball rolling on that one, but Gretchen did the rest with Slade Smiley), Jeana(sp) was always a fan favorite, I like Alexis in her final season(she grew up and evolved from her first season). Heather, I as a viewer, am casually indifferent towards. Shannon is potentially likeable(especially if she gets a hobby). Lizzie can go either way. But so many seasons watching Tammy Sue, try and destroy people(and relationships, and earning potential), I am done, she needs to be gone and disappear down the Bravo memory hole. I have a feeling if they are stupid enough to bring her back for another season,no one will want to film with her(especially if she acts up at the reunion).

          • Powell says:

            Jezzibel I never thought of Vicki having a love?hate relationship w/viewers but I think you’re right. Tamra does like to destroy relationships. She used to be friends w/Jeanna but that turned out like all her HW relationships. I think Vicki is the only one she had/has a true relationship but only on Tamra’s terms.

            • jezzibel says:

              with Vicki its more of a, we love Vicki and hate Brookes type of deal…personally I liked season 1 Vicki the most.

            • T-Rex says:

              Powelly, the whole Jeana and TrailerTrashTrampySue fallout had to do with their real estate connections from way back, Jeana succeeded and TrailerTrashTrampySue’s career didn’t. so when she started popping out kids she gave up doing that full time. TrailerTrashTrampySue for some reason thinks she is the HBIC, but she is just a BITCH. The OldCronesofBeverlyHillsadjacent are somehow so afraid of her, that’s not being in charge, that’s being the bully of the show. She definitely dishes it out but CANNOT take it what so ever. Jeana said this from the minute that bitch came on the show, she has known her and Simon for years before she came on the show.

          • Sasha says:

            I am going to start referring to Tamra as Tammy Sue too. I have a habit of changing her name to Tamara. I have a friend named Tamara and it is stuck in my head.

            I actually want her to come back next season with all the same women returning. She only began to suffer at the end of the season. She hasn’t quite learned her lesson yet bwahahaha.

    • Powell says:

      So true. Lizzie had it right when she said Tamra is the most insecure people.

  4. Sasha says:

    Good Day People!!!!!

    All this talk about loyalty, funerals in my head and I was at your wedding is pointless. None of that comes into play when you are trying to be the HBIC of a stale reality show.

    I actually like Kim’s show and I prefer it on Sunday.
    Kim really does have plenty of people working for her. It seems like she enjoys having them around. Sweetie looks much better this season.

    • Buttercream says:

      Hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday Sasha, happy belated greetings!

      Tammy whammy Sue just has been handed back a plate full of her own smelly rotten ugly rumor trash talking actions .. and she apologizes now to Alexis in her blog .. ha! Lizzie and “the mute + one side kick” along with Shannon will take Tammy Sue to task for all her lies as they froth over her botoxed lips ..let’s see how fast she can run off the HWOC Reunion set when she is in the hot seat …
      Have a great week to all of you and to the Ladies who blog and to Mel, too 🙂 …

    • Powell says:

      I like Kim and her show. I don’t like everything she does but I like her and think they are funny. Does anyone know if she and her mother made up? If not she’s missing out on 4 new grandkids.

      • Powell..when wig was on wwhl she says that she does not speak to either her mother or father… sinful

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Powelly, I like her too. Diva, I saw that wwhl, and I was surprised that she is not talking to her parents. She mentioned how grateful she was to them for watching her daughter when she was in nursing school. She said they were very supportive of her. How sad that they aren’t still close.

      • VV™ says:

        I catch her show on rerun. I do sense heavy editing though. I hope for the sake of those kids that that marriage last. I’m sensing big cracks on that relationship.

        • VV.. glad I am not alone thinking the same thing about them… should be an interesting football season… I can see WIG losing it when some young hottie starts making googly eyes at Kroy….lol

        • Orson says:

          I dunno about cracks, but Kroy after being fun stepdad, he seems to be stepping up to be responsible stepdad. And Brielle isn’t used to responsible adults raising her. I just hope he keeps on playing and earning.

  5. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you’ve had a great weekend. The tribute to Lynn was very special. Thks so much for your prayers and hugs. It means a lot.
    I’m sitting here watching RHOMel. I’m not quite sure about these ladies. I guess I need a couple of epis to Learn who they are. It’s funny how it is regularly scheduled at 12 noon.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  6. iceNfire says:

    Hello – Free live feeds for Utopia start on the 29th
    “There will be no production crew inside Utopia at any time.
    We’ve installed 129 inconspicuous cameras — some dangling from trees, others wedged between floorboards — that are never to be addressed. At no point will community members pour their hearts out, confessional-style, in attempts to heighten drama or shift your perception of their characters. UTOPIA isn’t a stage — it’s a window”.

  7. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    T-Rex – how’s day 4?

    • T-Rex says:

      Tartsy, okay, woke up pretty crappy, but today was the day to pack up all the bedding and clothes and hold for a week before washing it to get rid of any residual radioactivity. Had to take showers all along, but today was a hair wash, and long shower, new jammies, towels, etc. I had purchased new pillows, the ones I ended up with are really good, and I purchased a new comforter a few months ago, when on sale at Kohls and we even flipped around the mattress too. Puppies are back allowed near me on a limited basis but my little peaches has been with me at all times, if she isn’t on the bed she’s under it(right now she is under it) she is part dachshund and she has more of those traits than the Pomeranian traits, she is a complete burrower. Oh and anyone with a burrower we bought her a hooded pet bed for the living room and she LOVES it. I was able to eat a nice sandwich today on some nice deli rolls and some potato salad, took about an hour to eat, but I did at least eat it all. Felt a bit better since eating, but still feeling kinda yucky. Hoping to finally eat the apple pie later today. Got to start back on my meds this morning, so that should help as well.

  8. Great Blogs!! I noticed in Dina’s she says, ” Although some made Danielle think she was not alone, trust me, she was…” <<=== IS SHE TALKING ABOUT WACKY????

    Powell, I am so sorry for your loss. (((Powell)))
    T-Rex, you got this!! I do think you need to tell that tech about your cherry popping plans!!!

    Too sad to post yesterday. I miss Lynn and love this place and all of you!!!!

  9. VV™ says:

    I wonder if Yolanda had a painting party for Bella like she did for Gigi.

  10. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    I’m here for New Jersey, if any one has any thing intelligent to say about ….wait, sorry, wrong show! 😉 Great work on Amber Marcrazies blog, Namaste! 😆 Somehow the comment “whatever blows your skirt up..” stuck in my head and I keep saying that out loud. And I’m still hung up on “famehoeyness” (by Kit)…so I should be super annoying at work tomorrow!

  11. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    OC, vacation Shannon outside of her crystal comfort zone, lol, she seems really sane now, wonder if all that crazy was Tamra infused misery/paranoia. I liked Lizzies blog the best. I’ve noticed that one women each week of late has yelled in their blog, lol. I mean by typing in all caps. Lizzie, Vicki and now Tamra.
    Thanks HydrangeaHussy!

  12. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    UGH KMN!!! Why Rich? Isn’t Rosie on this show every week?!

  13. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Melissa has the physical ability – LOL

    • not THAT Jill says:

      They annoy me….she feels like a “little school girl”…he thinks that’s “sooooo hot”….God help me!!!!

  14. Sasha says:

    Loved the heels that she had on.

  15. Sasha says:

    It’s nice to see that now Teresa has come down to the level of being able to live in a used house.

  16. chismosa™ says:

    TRex hope you’re doing well

    Powell- I saw something about a loss, I’m behind, I hope you’re doing ok.

    TREX- I read about one of the mob wives crying and crying in court so she was just put on 4 years probation for helping her husband with documents and stuff.

    Is this what could happen to Tre? Just cry and cry in front of the judge (but never the Bravo cameras 😜) and get off on everything and get all probation ?

    Just wondering and I think you would be the one on top of this legalese.

    • Exit4 says:

      It’s not about the tears-but the actual offense(s) and prior criminal history. Most people cry in court-judges don’t care!

    • T-Rex says:

      Chisy- EXIT is absolutely correct, Federal judges have heard it all, they could care less how much you cry, ball, plead for mercy, etc. it’s DEAF EARS, they PLED GUILTY, courts don’t give a crap about anything other than the charges.. No matter what ConvictFelonLyinJuicy’s try, it won’t work. In addition the charges against the other Mob Wife were no where near the Felony charges the ConvictFelonLyinJuicy’s pled out to, their charges are FAR more serious. So, just let’s you know that ConvictFelonLyinTeresa is proabably lookin at some sort of jail time, I would say she serves about 9 months, IMO, her ConvictFelonLyinGorillaJuicy going to be probably the max that he can be charged with and he will probably plead out to the State Criminal charges the same day. I think he gets the max so he can serve the State and Federal charges at the same time. JMO

      • chismosa™ says:

        Thanks for the explanation.
        I didn’t know that the mob wife- Alicia- was not at the near level to Tre.

        How much total juicy will serve and if he’ll be deported will be interesting.

        • Exit4 says:

          With the deportation thing, they look at the length of time he’s been here and his crimes. All of which are non violent white collar crimes. Murder, rape, drugs…anything truly heinous he’d be out. This is a little different-he has a strong case to stay. Like everything else it’s up to a judge-and by the time that is even addressed-housewives will probably cease to exist and we will have long forgotten about joe and Teresa!

          • mrs peabody says:

            I hope they don’t deport him, I don’t care about him personally but I don’t want to see those kids hurt like that. He’s wrong in what he has done but he did not murder anyone and I think once he’s paid for his crime he should be allowed to go back to his family.

          • ladebra says:

            True. But don’t forget when RHONJ fires Teresa she is just going to get another job on TV. 😜

      • Exit4 says:

        We talked about this last week-I’m just repeating for Chis-the federal judge is the only one who can allow joe to serve a concurrent sentence in his state case. Fed trumps state. So the federal judge has to rule on that the day they’re sentenced. If he does allow a concurrent sentence-then whatever happens with the license case-he’ll serve it in federal prison. If there’s no ruling from the federal judge on that issue-it’s consecutive, meaning more time served.

        Keep hanging in there TRex!!! Prayers to you. 🙂

  17. chismosa™ says:

    Just read next week’s description (though it’s emmy night so ?) 

    Dina “eats chocolates alone and contemplates divorce” 

    Her only storyline. 😴

  18. “I let Milania be Milania.” I don’t think that’s a good idea!

  19. LaineyLainey says:

    Wow Melissa is so funny…”ya know, the birds that circle? The blue ones?” How old are you????!

  20. mrs peabody says:

    I have found myself fast forwarding through all the new ladies and even Dina. I don’t like any of the new ones at all and am not going to watch them. I am enjoying Tre and her family, I still don’t like Melissa, I think she is an idiot and why is she the face of his new company, does he want it to fail right off the bat. Why are we seeing so much of Kathy, Rosie and the creepy husband? Are they going to be like Luann. Not missing Caroline and her attached to the hip kids and that other sister n law. When Teresa is gone I am gone.

  21. rabblerouser2010R says:

    I really hate the twins. I want to smash them in the face. I just find them to be obnoxious try hards. Their dad also reminds me of the guy who played Cher’s dad in Moonstruck. I also hate Rino, Bobby and Jimbo. I can almost tolerate Amber..but I think if she was stacked against regular and normal people, I would hate her too.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      There’s our Rabble!!!! I’m still giddy from no Caroline,, and no Jaclyn, I can’t muster up new hate for the newbies,yet. I cringe with Mel & Dina. Mel’s schtick is not working on me. “I’m ditzy. I never did good in science.” Maybe she’ll grow on me?

  22. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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