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Real Housewives Of Orange County

S9E18 “All Apologies”

By Stars99

Shannon Beador, Heather Dubrow , Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge & Lizzie Rovsek

Shannon Beador, Heather Dubrow , Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge & Lizzie Rovsek

It’s finally the finale!  Woo hooo! Can you believe it? Don’t worry, though… there’s still 3 reunion shows and probably a lost footage epside – so you haven’t gotten rid of the RHOC too quickly…

This season we’ve seen and learned… Briana’s pregnant again and is moving to Oklahoma City… Tamra’s son Ryan had a health scare, is moving, and is getting married to the Mother of his unborn child… We watched newcomer Shannon’s marriage and other relationships fall apart… We witnessed Tamra be low down and dirty – So, nothing new there… We gasped when Her Royal Heatherness threw Shannon out of her house… We grimaced when no one showed up to Lizzie’s birthday (boo hoo)… We heard accusations that Terry allegedly wanted to “Take the Beadors down”… We learned that Pageant Lizzie doesn’t take crap from anyone and she gleefully spilled the beans on what Tamra had been saying about everyone all season long behind their backs… We experienced a trip to Bali… Tamra ran away and she promised we would never see her again, but like every other promise Tamra makes, she broke it 2 seconds flat.  Daganbit… And once again, Vicki got really hurt by Tamra.

Tonight’s finale begins with everyone anticipating the dinner at Vicki’s house. Tamra is cooking spaghetti but tells Eddie she isn’t going to eat any of it. She felt so attacked and accused of so many lies in Bali. Poor widdle Tamra. Because of course, Tamra has NEVER wrongly attacked anyone (pick the season)… It’s tough when the accusing finger is now being pointed is at you, isn’t it TamTam? Tamra felt oh so hopeless that she had to take early flight home from Bali all alone. This is such a pattern with so many trips these days…  C’mon Bravo – Can’t someone buy a new storyline? Sorry, Tamra – it’s really tough to feel any empathy for you. Well, except for the custody issues you’re having with Simon – Because there’s a lot of crap that I believe and can say about you – But all that aside, I do really believe that you’re a Mom who actively loves her children and who would never knowingly put them in harm’s way. Custody issues have got to suck.  Tamra doesn’t really want to go to Vicki’s party but wants to go to prove them all wrong…

S and D talking at home

David and Shannon are home talking together about Vicki’s party that starts at 8:00 PM.  This is way past their bedtime now that Shannon is going to bed with David and getting up with him every single day. Shannon says that she went on the Bali trip with a lot of perceptions about the others, especially Heather. It was surprising to her at how much she and Heather have in common.  She honestly feels there is a possibility that they can develop a friendship. Really, she’s relieved she’s no longer at war with Heather. David said that he will be sure to apologize for the crass comments he made about Heather at their groundbreaking. Shannon reinforces that Heather said Terry was incensed about his comments.

Heather calls Tamra about Vicki’s party. Tamra tells her that she doesn’t know if she wants to go. With all of the gossip flying around, Heather decided to confront the source of the conflict, in this case, Tamra and ask her about what happened. Heather says she is going to believe Tamra because she’s her friend. Okay, I snorted Diet Dr. Pepper thru my nose when I heard that… Tamra is Heather’s friend? Isn’t this the Tamra you weren’t speaking to for the whole first part of the season? Does Good Day LA mean anything to  you? Lololol… Tamra decides to go to the party because she isn’t going to just run away from it all. Dangabit – I just KNEW it was too good to be true that we wouldn’t see Tamra again.

Tamra on cell

Vicki has hired a caterer and a party planner to do everything for the party.  They’ve got plenty of booze and Vicki is tempted to tell the caterer, “No sharp knives.” I hope Vicki put plastic slip covers on all her furniture.

As Lizzie is getting ready, she tells Christian that she wants to stay away from all drama tonight. She is going to steer clear of Tamra. She thinks it’s sweet of Vicki to host an after Bali party. Christian recognizes that it seems like Tamra is at the center of most of the drama. Lizzie uses her talking head interview to delineate the red flags of a sociopath: They exaggerate and make up lies; They feel no remorse for anything they say or do; When accused they say mean and hurtful things. She says Tamra exhibits some of these red flags. Whoa…I’m certainly no fan of Tamra but I’ve never called her a sociopath.  Yikes!

In the limo on the way to the party, Heather and Terry are talking about how Terry is going to handle David… Terry says he’s not because he absolutely has no interest in David. One of the biggest slams you can make against someone else is implying that they are not worth your time or energy. Heather thinks Shannon purposefully comes into between people.

Brooks arrives and Vicki isn’t dressed and ready for dinner yet.  Vicki says this is the first time she’s had Brooks over to her place for a party. Vicki thinks she probably should have written off Tamra years ago… but that they have some sort of a magnetic force that draws them together.  Yes, that force is named, “Bravo” and without it you wouldn’t give each other the time of day.

Heather and Terry are the first ones to arrive and they knock but no one answers. Of course, this is because Vicki is getting ready – but you’d think they’d have someone at the front door or something. It’s not like there isn’t an army of people serving at this party. Heather made one crazily funny statement to Terry as they walk through Vicki’s house. Heather said, “No matter what happens, don’t put your feet on the couch.”  I died laughing – until I saw the rest of the episode.

Terry and H not accepting apol

The minute that Shannon and David see Terry and Heather at the party, David starts to apologize. I mean the second after they say their “hellos” – He apologizes. David said, “I have to apologize to you guys – I guess I said something really bad at your party – I guess I offended you and I sincerely apologize for it.” Terry said, “That thing about spreading your legs?”  As a point of explanation, David said that everyone was kind of yelling at Heather as she got onto the bull.  They show the footage of exact scene. It was very clear that David yelled at Heather, “Spread your legs – Get on there, baby!”

However, as the footage continues, we see for the first time that Eddie was front and center ALSO yelling at Heather, “Show us how you ride Terry” – but did he get in trouble? Nope… nope…nope.

David continues in his efforts to apologize by saying, “Honestly, I meant no offence by it and I sincerely apologize for it.” Terry says the issue was that his kids and his 80 year old Mom were there.  David continues to apologize profusely. David is still saying things like, “I’m so sorry… I hope you can forgive me, I really do – Because I sincerely apologize. I meant no offence by it whatsoever…  I hope I didn’t offend you too badly.” Her Royal Heatherness and Two-Year Old Terry don’t seem to be very accepting of his seemingly genuine apology. Vicki doesn’t understand why they don’t accept his apology… David confides to Shannon that he all he got were nasty looks from Terry and Heather.

D apol to H

Heather and Vicki go off separately to talk about Shannon behind her back. Heather just doesn’t understand or trust Shannon. She said Shannon stopped liking Heather very abruptly and now Shannon likes Heather very abruptly. Heather wonders if this whole thing isn’t more calculated. Vicki says that she thinks Shannon really does like Heather but is afraid that Heather doesn’t like her. Gosh, are we in 2nd grade again, people? Maybe you could pass a note to Shannon during math class so she can check the appropriate box and return it back to you. Keep in mind that Shannon mistakenly thinks she and Heather are in a good place at the moment. But then again, this IS Shannon’s first finale and this is NOT Heather’s first rodeo. Giddyup!

After everyone sat down for dinner (No Chairgate 2014©™® Revisited, unfortunately) Vicki made a speech thanking the guys for letting the girls go to Bali (Wait, I don’t like the whole “allow” concept. The reality is that Bali was a work trip for all of the women. I do know that arrangements for watching their kids had to take place, and I’m sure the husbands pitched in more than usual to cover all the bases. It just didn’t sit well to me for some reason…) Vicki went on to say how all the women had a really great time… but of course Tamra interrupted Vicki with a very sarcastic, “Oh, it was lovely” and then Tamra physically rolled her entire head.  Lol… Awkward moment at the dinner table… Vicki quickly tells everyone to loosen up and have some fun!

brooks and T

Tamra excuses herself to go to the bathroom but then a couple of moments later she magically is sitting down with Brooks (Ugh!) away from everyone else and they’re having a heart-to-heart talk. She tells him that a lot of stuff happened in Bali even though no one is talking about it. She said that the girls said she said some stuff about Brooks (Ugh!) and that she’s not innocent in all of this. Brooks (Ugh!), in his greasy used car salesman kind of way (no offense intended towards used car salesmen), tells, Tamra, “Listen to me, I don’t care what really happened…”

Tamra interjects that she and Vicki never used to fight. The first fight they ever had was about Brooks (Ugh!). He says they’ve all made mistakes but that both he and Tamra want the same thing. They both want what’s best for Vicki. I’m guessing they both disagree on what “the best for Vicki” is… but I digress. Tamra tells him that he needs to just keep Vicki happy and he assures her it’s all that he wants to do. They hug it out and say they’re moving forward. I’d like to say that somewhere a bell rang and an angel got their wings – but I suspect instead that hell froze over. Tamra has told Vicki that she would be happy for her as long as Vicki’s happy. That doesn’t mean she has to like Brooks (Ugh!) but as long as Vicki’s with him, she will support her.

Heather refuses to take home the phallic bottle opener that Tamra brought for everyone as party favors from Bali. Christian says his 3-year-old kid would probably want to take it to school. They talk about games and it quickly turns to games they DON’T want to play, including Vicki’s Alphabet Game and Heather’s Marry/Shag/Kill game.

Brooks (Ugh!) glanced over at Heather and asked why she thought it would be a good idea to ever play that game… KMN – because I completely agree with Brooks (Ugh!) Dagnabit… Heather said it was because she had been told to ‘lighten up’ and the game was supposed to be silly.  We have yet to see footage showing any part of this game – at least I don’t remember it, if we have.

T and E not having L apology

Tamra asks Lizzie outright if she’s ever going to admit that what Lizzie said to Tamra about Eddie was wrong. Lizzie starts out with a wonky apology, “Whatever you think I said, I apologize…” But Tamra is so not going to let her get away with this.  Lizzie then corrects herself, “Whatever it was that I said…” but Tamra again interrupts and asks, “What DID you say, Lizzie?” Lizzie insists she said, “marry” – But that it wasn’t literal, she was just referencing the game. Then Lizzie tries to use the lame explanation that she was upset about no one coming to her birthday party as the reason why she said it.

Tamra tells us that Lizzie gets mad whenever she doesn’t get her way and that she’s like a spoiled, rotten child. Takes one to know one, doesn’t it Tamra. Neener, neener, neeeeeeeeeeeeener.  Terry confirms that he also heard Lizzie use the “F” word for shag… Christian thinks that people took the game to heart and got hurt feelings over it. (For those who are confused, allegedly, Lizzie told Tamra that Tamra’s jealous of Lizzie because Eddie wants to F*** her… but Lizzie says she used the word “marry.”)

They go back and forth and back and forth. In an unexpected twist, Tamra says that she’s really mad at Lizzie because during the game she had said that she wanted to shag Eddie since she wanted Mexican/Italian babies. Tamra tells us that in light of their recent “shall we have another baby” [stupidly false] storyline that she was sensitive about the subject. In her talking head, Lizzie says she doesn’t feel sorry for Tamra because she has 4 kids, has been married 3 times, and is almost 50 years old.  Lol… Lizzie insists they were all just having fun and playing the game. Lizzie makes the mistake of calling Tamra “honey” And to be honest – it really did sound condescending to me…lol… but it was funny because you know – it was towards Tamra.  During Tamra’s talking head interview, she addressed Lizzie by saying,  “Listen, Kentucky-Fried Titties…” Whoa, Captain Hypocrite… She who is without breast implants, should cast the first silicone. Tamra says that Eddie wouldn’t touch Lizzie with a 10 foot pole. That’s okay, because I’m guessing Eddie’s not touching Tamra with a 20 foot pole – I mean, who would?  lol…

H and T call S 2 facedThen Heather, because there wasn’t an icing bow in sight that she could throw a fit over – Decides to go after Shannon yet again for screaming and yelling at her over and over again throughout the season. Deep sigh.  Heather’s mad because she’s heard that Shannon has said that Heather has black in her eyes and that she’s evil. Heather’s also heard that Shannon has been telling others not to bother to make-up with Heather. Shannon clarified that she said that Heather’s eyes were dark one time and that was when she was thrown out of Heather’s house.

Heather then starts excitedly reciting from her previously written, overly rehearsed script. The carefully crafted words just poured effortlessly out of Heather’s mouth. Heather tells Shannon the last time she had seen her was when Shannon was screaming at her in her living room. (Déjà vu or what? Oh, I so do NOT want to rehash this again…) Heather thought it was nice of her to even welcome Shannon into her home and offer her a drink. Wow… She made Shannon sound like a homeless person to whom she was giving a nice beverage. By the way Heather, the camera crews were all there – There was nothing “nice” about it – It was a filming opportunity. Give me a break.

Shannon tells Heather that she’s apologized to her and asked her to forgive her. If Heather doesn’t want to forgive Shannon – She doesn’t know what else to do. Shannon turns to Vicki and asks Vicki if she thought she had been screaming at Heather the night in question. Vicki told Shannon that she had an elevated voice. Shannon uses that as confirmation to assert once again to Heather that she wasn’t actually screaming.

Her Royal Heatherness, in this week’s edition of, “I Kid You Not” says, “Your behavior is incredibly pugilistic – That’s just you – You like to argue.” I had to look up the word because I wasn’t sure of its full and exact meaning. I found that most dictionaries define the word “pugilistic” (or its various forms) as fighting with the fists especially in professional boxing. I’ve not seen Shannon physically throw a punch at anyone, so it kind of cracks me up that Heather misused one of the million dollar words she loves to toss around in our faces so much. I have no problem with people using their large vocabulary because it helps us all learn, but if you’re going to peer condescendingly down your royal nose at someone else’s implied lack of intelligence, it may behoove you to look up a word before you use it in an attempt to disparage them. Shannon is blown away by how Heather is treating her. Shannon honestly came to the party thinking that she and Heather were on a path for getting together as friends… Silly Shannon…lol… This was another of Shannon’s rookie mistakes.

Shannon turns to Tamra, who has now gotten in on the action. Shannon says, “You questioned my marriage. You questioned my sanity.” Tamra responded, “You were crazy at that party – You were acting f*ng crazy.” Shannon acknowledges, “I snapped – Because you told me that day that I was lying again – That I was concocting the lie about ‘taking the Beadors down.’ I didn’t make that up.” Then David said, “Tamra, you put the same thing in Terry’s mind who then confronted me.”

Terry said that he was actually “pissed” because David had said, “Spread your legs” to Heather in front of his 80-year-old Mother and his four kids at the groundbreaking party. Terry says that’s the statement for which he’s holding David accountable.

Terry inexplicably continues, “You were either drunk or stupid or both for doing that…” David admits,  “Probably both.” Terry agrees and repeats David’s own words, “Probably both – Cuz you’re a construction guy used to holler at that girl crap – calling girls names – (Shannon is saying, “wow” in disbelief… While Christian holds up his hand acknowledging in solidarity that he is also a fellow construction person).

Terry calls D a P

David somehow keeps his cool and says, “We cannot all be as educated as you, my friend.” Terry, who is seemingly auditioning for his own spin-off show, continues to go off on David, “And then 3 months later, coming off with a BS apology… That’s right, smile David – We have a term for you in medicine, it’s called ‘penis!’”

Okay, first of all, are we in the 2nd grade again and resorting to name calling?  And “penis” was the best you could come up with? Wow. David said nothing disparaging to Heather – Just that she should spread her legs to get on the bull. Crass, yes – Disparaging or negative about Heather, no.  In addition, I think it was silly for Heather to ride the bull while wearing the dress she had on. She really had no excuse because she orchestrated the whole event – She knew they ordered the bull in the first place. She simply could have worn something else. I think everyone would have still hollered and screamed at her as she got onto the bull – but I think what she was wearing made what was being said sound even worse, if that makes sense…lol.

Second of all, in my opinion, what David said wasn’t HALF as bad as what Eddie yelled which was for Heather to ride the bull like she rides Terry. That was much more embarrassing to me. It makes me crazy how they focus on one person’s words while another person is saying worse things.

And lastly, it took Terry 3 months to get this worked up about what David said – Even though there have been countless times when he could have talked to David in the meantime? Sit down, Terry. Zip it.  In her talking head interview, Heather tells us that in their 17 years of being together, that she has never ever heard Terry talk to another human being this way.

David and Shannon insisted that he apologized but they were quickly corrected by Terry and Heather that it was NOT an apology. Terry patronizingly refers to the apology as, “That sarcastic, sardonic – You might have to look that one up…” David somehow hilariously said that he’d have to look up the word “pugilistic” too.  I completely fell on the floor and died from laughing so hard that I barely heard Terry arrogantly retort, “Obviously.”

S and D at dinner

Heather, whose indisputable disdain for the Beadors is dripping from her Royal Tupperware enhanced face, equally snobbishly and grotesquely offers to buy David a thesaurus.  Really, Heather… A thesaurus? Don’t you mean that you will buy him a dictionary – I mean that IS the book of definitions, is it not? He doesn’t need a book of synonyms… You are both strongly insinuating that David is a stupid construction worker and doesn’t know all of the meanings of the words you’re using to communicate with him. So who is the ignorant one here in this situation? Is it the one that may or may not know the meaning of the million dollar words you’re purposefully tossing around? Or is it the one who foolishly communicates to another person by using words whose meaning may not be known? Heather and Terry are acting like snobby, petty, idiots. It is appalling, really.

Oh and the best part to me… What kind of jerk makes broad sweeping generalizations about the stupidity of construction workers like this in the first place? It’s ludicrous. It’s wrong on so many levels and completely untrue – I mean you can even use David as a perfect case-in-point of it being entirely erroneous. David has obviously done very well for himself and his family. It takes a complete moron to disparage constructions workers by implying they’re all stupid. But, I must say that it takes a special kind of moron to disparage construction workers WHILE CONSTRUCTION IS STILL BEING DONE ON THEIR OWN HOUSE that’s not due to be completed for yet another year!

In the understatement of the year, Vicki says that Heather and Terry are “cutting David down.” Vicki says that’s exactly why everyone thinks Heather is so condescending. Heck, most of the first part of the season was about that very subject. Somewhere off in the night, Stars inexplicably starts to sing, “Which brings us back to doe, a deer, a female deer…” David succinctly summarizes the entire conversation, “So I’m this dumb construction guy…” Heather snottily corrected, “That’s NOT what he said.”  David tries to get Christian to confirm what he thinks he heard, but Christian said he zoned out of the whole conversation 5 minutes ago…

Shannon says just wants to be happy. Wow, wasn’t that what her husband was saying just a couple of months ago? Shannon is thankful for the Bali trip. She thinks they all need time to heal. Lizzie thinks everyone is blowing everything way out of proportion.

They all watch a slide show about the Bali trip. I’m glad Vicki’s caterer hid the knives because I’d hate to see the amount of blood on the floor if he hadn’t.

I’ve got to hand it to Bravo – because they included a fun, short scene with all the housewives humorously apologizing for some of the things they’ve done throughout this season that was actually worth watching the entire rest of the episode to see:

Heather wants to apologize for stemless glasses. She also apologizes to anyone who got a rescue dog and hates her because she did not. And because she can’t help herself from being a condescending gooberhead, Heather says that she wants to apologize that SHE got a chef and YOU have to cook – Wait… nope… she’s not sorry for that after all. Scratch that.  Oh, I get it – she THINKS she’s being funny. I find nothing humorous about you, Heather – Especially after tonight’s episode. Off with her head!

Vicki wants to apologize to the state of Oklahoma and all Oklahomans. She also apologizes to Dr.  Moon’s finger. She apologizes to Italians and Mexicans for confusing them. However, she will never ever apologize for snoring because she considers that to be her God-given right.

Tamra apologizes to people who drink wine at the wrong temperature. She also apologizes to “pricks that drive Porsches.”  Yeah, I didn’t understand either of those things, either. Except the latter may refer to Simon?

Lizzie seems to be just so sorry, so sorry… She says that she’s apologized for things that she’s not even sorry for… Oh yeah? So is that considered a real apology, then?

Shannon is sorry that she’s such an over-protective Mother and she knows it drives everyone crazy. 


Shannon:  She has learned that friendships can turn on a dime and that family is the most important thing in life. She wants and needs to be a present wife and mother.  Bravo says, “Shannon and David want to simplify their life, and plan to downsize. Their perfectly feng-shuied house is currently on the market for 13.5 million. Hospital grade air and crystal-embedded foundation included.”

Lizzie:  She knows that no matter what happens – life goes on. Lizzie has learned that she needs to stay true to herself and not change no matter how her friends may act. She wants to ensure there’s a lot of love surrounding her and her family.  Bravo says, “Lizzie and Christian have designs on adding another baby to their family next year. They plan on starting after Lizzie’s next birthday. Christian has promised to throw her the ‘best birthday party ever.’”

Heather: She would really love it if everyone could accept each other exactly how they are. Bravo says, “Heather is now appearing in the new drama series, ‘Sequestered.’ Her new house is about a year away from completion. She’s already planning a ‘Ribbon Cutting’ ceremony. The party will start promptly at 12 pm.”

Tamra: Sarah and Ryan come over to say their final goodbyes as Ryan moves up to Northern California. Tamra tells us that she is having some really bad family issues with Simon. Bravo says, “Tamra’s child custody battle with her ex-husband is still ongoing. But finally there’s positive news in Tamra’s life… She’s going to be a grandmother. Ryan and Sarah are expecting a child early next year.”

Vicki: She knows everyone is human and that everyone makes mistakes. She is hoping that after all the fighting that it’s possible to move on. In a heartbreaking scene, Briana, Ryan, and Troy are saying their last goodbyes as they move to Oklahoma City. Vicki knows that from that day forward, her life will never be the same. Briana reiterates that Vicki can be in their lives as much as she wants.

Vicki tells Ryan that he’s taking her family away from her and she’s losing her best friend. What a nice thing to tell someone in the military, Vicki. Briana doesn’t think she’s losing anything because it’s not like they’re moving to Japan. Ryan callously says that they could move to Japan. Of course this is true, because they’re in the military and could be stationed just about anywhere – but it was still a brutal thing for him to say at that juncture. Vicki says she feels like part of her body is missing and that part of her heart is moving with Briana. She doesn’t think Briana has a clue as to how much she loves her.

Bravo says, “Vicki has traveled to Oklahoma seven times since Briana moved. She’s also put her Coto house on the market and is looking for a place closer to the beach. If Brooks (Ugh!) moves in with her, she says she’ll charge him rent.”

Happy Trails! Thanks for reading!


Special thanks to Stars99 for recapping Season 9!    HydrangeaHussy will blog through the reunion!


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Real Housewives Of New York

S6E23 Cast Blogs Blogged

By Ramonacoaster


Aviva Says Bye for Now

Hi All! And Bye for now!

Season 6 is over! What a rollercoaster ride for all involved. Reality shows are a huge production in every way. Behind the reality are some amazing people who must be thanked for all the fun, craziness, and laughter that you get to see on your screens. To everyone at Shed Media — thank you for the opportunity and the fun — and for always making us look so. . .good — even as you made us seem so bad. You guys are so talented, patient, and kind while operating in this strange universe and delicately balancing work, feelings, production and reality. You have become like family over the past three years and I love you. To the crew on the ground: your ability to capture it all while remaining so invisible is astounding. Even when you giggled under your breath — I DID hear you! Busted!

I seriously doubt anyone found you funny so cut the act.  They probably just had a weird sneeze.

Thank you Andy Cohen and everyone at Bravo for this platform to help amputees and the physically challenged. Having this front row seat and backstage pass into the television world of pop culture has been incredible. I am truly grateful.

Most of all, thank you, the viewers. Even though I didn’t always come out to good, I’m impressed by your involvement and loyalty to the show.

I am so honored to have worked with a group of women who have courage, strength, and tenacity. The Real Housewives of New York City are an amazing group of dynamic women who really can overcome anything once they have gotten through a season! I loved Ramona’s wisdom and experience, Sonja’s wit and humor, LuAnn’s groundedness, Heather’s strength, and Kristen’s beauty (I could look at Kristen for hours…). Carole and I have had our differences this year, it’s true, but I’m an optimist — I try to find the good in everyone. With Carole, I’m afraid I’ve failed; I just can’t find anything good there. Truly, there is no “there” there. But contrary to the old saying, one bad apple can’t spoil the whole barrel. And I had a ball in that barrel. As life returns to normal, I’ll miss it.

This sounds more like a good bye for good letter.  I’m sure if Aviva never comes back to the show Carole would do the dance of joy.  I’m not shocked that she had nothing good to say about Carole.  Once again, she’s taking this issue with Carole a little too far and really instilling enmity with her.  Carole was the most emotionally receptive and sensitive person out of everyone. 

The Countess: Sonja and I Are on the Outs

Here we are, the end of another great Season! Personally for me, I’m so grateful to Bravo for giving me the opportunity to share my life and lessons learned once again with you!

I thought it was very classy of Luann to be a team player.  Despite not getting housewife status, she still did the job as if she were.  I’m sure if Bravo were to offer her the apple next season, they would remember her contribution to the show.

The double date I had with Carole did look worse than it actually was. We all had a great time talking about the realities of dating these days and Carole opened herself up to Nick who was good looking, but is clearly not into having a serious relationship — to put it kindly. I’ve grown very fond of Carole and think she’s a great girl who has plenty of opportunities to date, but at the end of the day, she really likes being independent! Plus, it’s hard to find a good man these days!

If they sign on the current housewives, Luann, Carole, Ramona and Sonja will be single and out on the town.  That should be really interesting.

When Carole first started the show she thought she really knew me and had judged me! The show is just a small glimpse into my life as there are so many lives to follow. I’m not surprised she had preconceived notions about me. It’s hard to get to know someone well through Housewives! Since then, we’ve spent more time together and have gotten a lot closer.

I think Luann looked better without Jill at her side.  She seemed less conniving these past two seasons.  Luann knows who to be friends with that can win the upper hand in an argument. 

Speaking of being close. . .Carole and Heather are tight! I understand why Heather came to Carole’s defense towards Aviva — that’s what you do when you’re a true friend! I would prefer she doesn’t say MF, but that’s what I like about Heather. . .She’s GANGSTA CHIC! (maybe that’s my new dance single. . .LOL). She really doesn’t care what people think. I thought Aviva said enough to Carole that was hurtful, so throwing out the age comment was really uncalled for!

There have been several age digs thrown out this season and it is really idiotic& unfair.  Imagine a man making those comments and you would throw a shoe at him.  A very sharp heeled pointy shoe. 

I admire Heather. She has two beautiful children, a huge business to run and Housewives! Wonder Woman indeed. The way she handles her son and his illness on the show is inspirational!! I wish there were more women like her on the planet!

She is very inspirational.  She is a good example of someone that should be on this show to showcase strong, successful women. 

When Ramona brought up Sonja’s financial problems I was surprised. It’s really considered inappropriate to talk about the money problems of others! Like I said, “Karma’s a bitch!” I hope Ramona is in a good financial place after the unfortunate split up of her and her husband! Can’t even say his name. I’ve never been very fond of that man! NO big loss for Ramona! Ramona is a survivor and will do just fine!

I thought she was discussing this as a warning to the other women – please back off Sonja, she is not in a good place.  Luann is too self-centered to listen.

I’m sure its not the first time Aviva has thought about throwing her leg at someone? It’s highly likely she gave it thought. I’m not so sure how these things work but it came off really quickly? LOL! Thank goodness she has many limbs!

Not too long ago in the news, a woman’s body parts were found scattered all over Long Island and her neighbor was arrested for her murder.  This story came to mind when I think of Aviva’s anger and picture a bunch of her back up limbs piled in a closet. (feverishly whispering) What if they are not all plastic?

On that note, what a Season 6 we’ve had. Our trip to Montana was epic for me so, Thanks to Kristen our newest Housewife for that! I’m happy Carole and I are closer and sad Sonja and I are on the outs. Until now we’ve had no contact with each other. You all know how I feel about Ramona, and Aviva still has her leg by the way. I love all of you ladies for whatever crazy reason! Doing the show is a very bonding experience that most people don’t get to have so again, I’m grateful!

I think there are a lot of unspoken men problems between Sonja and Luann (and I’m not talking about Harry).  I think Harry was just a tool used to convey what Sonja was feeling regarding Luann.  It would be entertaining if Luann once again would just let it all hang out.  Ramona’s outburst regarding Luann stealing Sonja’s men had an ounce of truth there that Andy let slip through his fingers. 

Sonja: Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

At this point, I am numb to the whole BookGate debate. I am not on anyone’s side, I just hope that both books are bestsellers and that Carole and Aviva are making enough money to pay the bills with their books because BookGate has definitely taken an emotional toll on their friendship. I know that they were close and had great times together. In fact, Carole was once the godmother to Aviva’s daughter. How can this come between them? Such contention over the accusations! I don’t know why they let it get so heated. It’s not worth it! I just hope that they can forgive each other at some point. As you get to know someone, you get to see their strengths and weaknesses — and you have to accept those if you’re going to be friends.

Bookgate got tiring after the first episode.  I think most people saw through Aviva’s  made up drama.  Also, even if you are not referring to someone who sponsors a child’s Christian baptism and maybe Aviva used the term godmother as appointing someone her child’s legal guardian in the event of both parents’ death, why would you pick someone you have only known a short time?  Ridiculous!

I was surprised when the girls laughed at me discussing my ability to forgive and voicing my Christianity. I think that it is one of the reasons that I can live my own life and not worry about everyone else’s or the grass being greener. It’s all relative. We are on Earth for such a short time. I am enjoying every day of my life. I am grateful for the family and friends that I have and my beautiful daughter.

I think the game plan was for everyone sitting on the right side of Andy to scoff and laugh at everything that was said on the left side of Andy.  Luann, I’m sure gave lessons to the other ladies on how to do this beforehand.

I have so much more than many other people, and I remind myself of that every day with the charity work that I do. That’s why I feel so much more comfortable working with artists, animals, the LGBT, and children. It’s such a sensitive, caring, and loving place to be. I love my Sonja In The City event planning business because it lets me be me — an artist and a promoter — while helping others reach their highest capabilities. Plus I get to do all that while helping me get my daughter through school in a stable environment. It keeps me connected to the movers and shakers who help me manage my investments. I love to produce and to contribute. It makes me feel good.

I’m glad you left out the part about having an absurd amount of employees working for you.

I believe some of the women fail to take me seriously because I only show them my party side. There is a private side to me that most people don’t see, because they only see me out at social events and while I’m entertaining. I throw a lot of events, so a lot of people only see that side, as it’s my business and the way I broker some of my deals.

As long as your making money and paying your taxes. 

It is amazing how moms like Heather find strength to do dealing with their children’s issues, like her son’s health and hearing loss. It’s what we do with loved ones. We do it with marriage partners too! I surprised myself when my ex had a terrible accident and I was called upon to deal with all of the doctors, therapists, and financial advisors.

Once again Sonja is living in the past.  When it is family (and your spouse is family), you automatically deal with the ups and downs.    

I dont feel that Ramona called Aviva vile. She said that she had a vile side. That’s different!

Aviva can be vile.  What’s with word discrepancy?

I’m not upset that Ramona spoke behind my back about my financial problems. She’s human, and I spoke my feelings then and we worked through it the way that family does. We have too much water under the bridge to let opinions or men get in between us.

People knew what was going on anyway.  I think she wanted everyone to back off from hurting you further. 

Heather questioning the legitimacy of my friendship with Ramona is just silly. She knows that we have been friends forever and whatever I have said about Ramona I have told her to her face. Heather knows this very well — since I’m very upfront about my feelings with her.

I’m sure she saw the love fest between you and Ramona on the couch. 

The girls saying that Aviva’s leg throw was staged is silly. I let Aviva know that everyone was saying she was fake. Even if she plans to throw it on the table to make a point, that doesn’t make it staged. It just means she was pushed to a limit. I thought she was hilarious. After all, it was a private party in the back room. We weren’t in the actual restaurant. Aviva doesn’t go around throwing her leg around in normal restaurant situations. Maybe she and I should take her act on the road! A real dog and pony show! I always said I was a performer, a comedian, and a producer. At my Sonja In The City parties, now we can include Aviva as part of the show!

I’d cringe at the thought of you and Aviva on a stage.  Having thought about the leg situation, it really doesn’t matter if it was planned or unplanned.  Aviva tried to make a point & get a reaction that would point out the worst in people but it just made people uncomfortable and make Aviva look even more manipulative and scheming.   

My overall thoughts of the season was that the reunion had more drama. I felt the season

flip-flopped around quite a bit. Harry and I will always have a very strong relationship, just as Ramona and Aviva will always be in my life. Aviva’s son Harrison is like my family. 

Ramona was definitely going through something this season. I let her know I was upset, but I can’t change her and she can’t change me. We accept each other the way we are and we work our differences out.

Too bad Luann can’t do that.  It is her way or no way. 

I didn’t know LuAnn was going through a breakup. She never shared that with me, and I was getting upset that she wasn’t trusting my friendship and was blaming me for everything. I didn’t give any credence to any of the rumors that were going around town through the salon that Satoko worked at. Kristen and I just asked the facialist to tell us for fun. I can’t stop LuAnn from running out of parties with my guys — just like I can’t stop Harry from taking off and leaving me because he knows I want commitment and he wants to fool around. But that doesn’t mean LuAnn’s not my friend and that I can’t speak my mind in front of her, and it doesn’t mean that Harry isn’t someone that I love as well.

Luann is a never let them see you sweat type of person.  She doesn’t like to show her bad side.  She won’t even show her bathroom. 

I hope that you found the season entertaining. I hope that you don’t take yourself too seriously! And when the naysayers back you into the corner, just say what Glinda the Good Witch said to the Wicked Witch of the West “Be off with you, your black magic doesn’t work here!”

Heather Says That’s a Wrap

That’s a wrap! Thanks to all you Yummies for tuning in to watch us every week and for tweeting with me through the good, the bad and the crazy. And thank you to the RIGHT side of the couch (and boy is it right!) Lu, Carole, and Kristen — you continue to show me what true girlfriends look like.

Being right doesn’t always make for entertaining tv.  Most of the season and the reunion was not interesting or compelling.  The right side of the couch was more worried about how they looked to the audience than providing the audience with something new to chew over.  If it wasn’t for the antics on left side of the couch, there really wouldn’t be a show. 

Aviva is always literally putting her foot in her mouth or maybe should I say on the table!

“At least I am not 50?”

“Well I thought she was older?”Kristen on Surviving Her First Season

Hmmmmm. . .I am not sure saying you are older is ever a compliment unless it was targeted at a six-year-old kid.

Didn’t you make ageist comments towards Ramona?  Something about not getting her period anymore and all the symptoms that come along with it?

Ramona nailed it, Aviva has no sense of humor. Don’t you all just want to see Aviva let her guard down, let loose, have fun and not take everything so darn literally? Because I know I do. “This isn’t the hood it’s the Hamptons!” What? Heather acts like a gang member?!? Aviva knows nothing about the hood. . .please!

I feel like singing like Cartman “In the Ghetto, (in falsetto) in the ghetto” an Elvis Presley song.

Hello, Heather, is the most authentic person I know. She has her own style and way about her that makes her Heather — and we all love her for that!

Ramona saying that I am the new girl, dismissing me, and saying that my voice doesn’t matter and that no one will listen to me. Wow. . .OK. . . I know where I stand #staytuned.

If she threw a glass at you, it means she heard what you were saying and didn’t like it. 

Well there you go, I survived my first Season of RHONY. It’s over. No more blogging and live tweeting. It will be a bittersweet void in my life not doing it, and I will miss you all and really appreciated the opportunity to have this experience in my life. We will all stay tuned in for the future.

Carole on Elitists and Bitches

Dear Fans,

Let me start with something I stole it from Twitter this week. “The most dangerous liars are those who think they are telling the truth.”

Even more dangerous is when they have a strong personality and charisma that makes other people believe it.  Thank goodness Aviva has neither of those qualities. 

I’ll say it again. The blonde at the end of the right couch, the one who’s prone to lobbing limbs and insults, is an Insulting. Bitch. Some of you didn’t believe me. Maybe some of you still don’t. But after watching the reunion shows I imagine it’s harder and harder to cheer for the anti-hero. Just when you think she can’t get any faker she does.

I believe you. 

The story according to Aviva makes me laugh: We were arguing, she insulted me, I called her a psychopath and that prompted her to affectionately compliment me on my age. Sure. Her disdain for the intelligence of the audience is palpable. It was too stupid for me to even reply. But as I was watching the reunion, and particularly Aviva and the way she treats people, I was reminded of something my Grandma Millie used to say. (I love everything Grandma Millie used to say.) “At 25, you have the face you’re born with. At 45 you have the face you deserve.”

It’s the beauty on the inside that counts.  Aviva is not even pretty.  It’s too bad she didn’t redeem herself this season.

I’d rather be 50 and me than be 45 and Aviva, any day of the week. She aged worse this season than a president in his first term. Holy short dress, I don’t mind at all how I look. Overbite and all. I’ll take it.

Anyone notice how Dubya didn’t age by the end of his term?  It’s like he never had to worry about running the country. 

When I first met Aviva she was lovely. Really lovely. I meant what I said on the couch, I wish we had seen more of that. Her easy laugh and funny neurotic ways. Instead all we saw was a mean and angry woman. All because I asked her if she hired a writer — a writer she did hire. It makes no sense. Three years ago she told me she’d read my memoir, What Remains. This was a book published in 2006 about my childhood, my family, my career and marriage, and then the death of my husband, Anthony Radziwill. A man I loved more than anyone I had loved before or have loved since. She gushed over my book. She quoted from it. We hugged. She seemed so sincere. Flash forward and she now believes it was written by a ghostwriter. She even knew his name, and it wasn’t Truman Capote. It was Bill Whitworth, she told me. She repeated this over and over to anyone who would listen. And it doesn’t matter how many times she repeats it — it will never make it true.

It’s her crazy storyline and she’s sticking with it.

When they stopped listening she started saying in the press and on social media that not only was my book written by someone else but that it was not my place to have written a book about my life, and my marriage. And, as if I didn’t remember, she reminded me that I’d written about people who had died. Um, yeah. I know. It was my husband and my family and my closest friend who died. Just. . .wow. But I wasn’t important enough to tell my story because my husband’s family was famous, or historic or whatever she said. Because they had money and privilege and yachts. Really. Who do I think I am?

I remember when that book came out and a lot of people were interested in reading that story.  I’m surprised it is not a tv miniseries yet.

I’ll tell you. I’m a girl from upstate New York who grew up in a loving, if sometimes kooky, Italian working class family. I worked for everything I earned, just like my parents did and their parents before them. I have a proud family history of hard work and small but precious rewards that followed. My family won’t be in any history books. I didn’t grow up privileged. We didn’t spend summers in Europe or Christmas in Palm Beach. A day spent at the town pool or playing in the woods behind our house was great. Much like Heather, I was taught strong values and decent manners. I learned to live with integrity and honesty. I’m proud of my upbringing and the woman I became, as was my husband. As is his family to this very day. I’ve known people who lived in what Aviva would consider the “ghetto” who have more class and decency than she shows.

All this talk about class and ghetto — you’d think we were living in communist Russia. Here is the thing. This is America. In our country it doesn’t matter a lick where you are from, it only matters where you’re going. So don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough because you didn’t grow up on Park Avenue or in a family that had some history, or because you enjoy saying mother-f—er now and then. I’ve met people from all walks of life. I spent time in refugee camps in Southeast Asia, and in the projects of Chicago. I’ve been to State dinners with Presidents. I met the Queen of England on a beach in Anguilla. No one is any more valuable or important than you are. No one is more important than your family and your friends.

It sounded like Aviva really made Carole feel bad about herself and she is pushing back.  I’ve known women like Aviva and it’s really their own insecurities talking.

Let the elitists go slow into the night.

In spite of the BookGate dust up I had a great time this season. I made wonderful new friends in LuAnn and Kristen and my friendship with Heather is more special and important to me than I could have ever imagined just three years ago. Friends have each other’s backs. I love her, madly. And while we didn’t always act appropriately, we had a lot of laughs. I hope you did too.

I wish the editing showed more laughs.  I would have been able to connect with the show better.

Thank you all for your supportive and funny and brilliant tweets. And while we didn’t all agree on everything all of the time I enjoyed your participation in the show. Even the mean tweets about my skinny neck and my overbite were amusing. Like I said, I’ve stolen some tweets already. You may see others as dialogue in my next book, and yes, you can all say you were my ghostwriters.

Ramona on Her Divorce From Mario

Well everyone it’s an end to Season 6. Little did I know until we finished filming several weeks later in October that my husband was having an affair. Little did I know I was the last one to find out. I was shocked beyond words.

It must have been embarrassing on so many levels.

When I filmed the reunion Mario and I had reconciled only the month before. I so wanted to try to get our relationship back on track. Mario was extremely adamant about me not speaking about our relationship and his infidelity. This is so not who I am — I always speak freely on all subjects. I was allowing my husband to control my behavior.

Now why couldn’t he say that to his crazy psycho mistress?  

Yes it was not filmed on the show, but it is still, as Andy said, part of my current reality. I must say I was not as respectful as I should of been to Andy. I also now understand what LuAnn went through and should have been more kind to her no matter how she pushed my buttons.

It was bad form but she did bring it up first and challenged you on the state of your marriage.   

Having your husband betray you is the worst feeling in the world, and I wish it on no one. How ironic that last week during Reunion Part 2 when I was protecting my husband and not being polite to Andy, just the week before I kicked Mario out and it came out in the press a day later, August 6.

And pics of Mario and the mistress at a restaurant came out before that.

So I am opening up now about why I was not candid as I should have been. Yes Andy all the women on the show, including LuAnn, were supportive of my situation with Mario. My friends were also. Without them I would never have been able to handle what I was going through. I thank all my fellow Housewives for their support and continued support.

That’s nice.

I feel like I was emotionally bruised for the past five months by Mario. I felt at times as if I was walking on eggshells. We were working with a marriage counselor. I was in a fragile state.

No mud pies? 

Thank you viewers for supporting me and RHONY.

Ever since Sonja said in Morocco, “no one wants to see Ramona single” I said, “yes I do.”  I thought it would be entertaining for her to be out on a blind date or try to flirt and see how out of practice she is.  Ramona goes to parties in the city and the  Hamptons so there are many eligible bachelors out there.  The dating scene is very exciting and I’m sure there would be some entertaining footage out of that.  


That’s all for RHONY Season 6!

Special thanks to Empress for sharing her recaps with Lynn’s Place and Ramonacoaster for translating the blogs for us each week!


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254 Responses to Real Housewives Of Orange County – All Apologies / Real Housewives Of New York Cast Blogs

  1. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Good day to you all. Apparently the reunion was the end of RHONY, I do not find a lost footage/secrets revealed episode on tonight or the near future.

    • T-Rex says:

      I am wondering if they did that so that they would not have to pay FauxLegMunchausenAdviva another DIME. Weird, Word on the Street is that she is SO FIRED! MzAndy wants her banned from the show and not even as a friend or in those stupid, oh they are coming back, but then just show them in little snippets of attending some random party. He wants it made very clear that when you are a HO-Wife, you have to do as Bravo commands and pays you to do, you don’t get to just do what you want regarding trips, events. etc. This could be the reason for the whole BHills “call to attention”, all your asses better be at these Bravo-induced parties or else, we don’t care if you hate each other, you are being paid to show up and you better damn well do so! We shall see. Also word on the street has her begging to come back, but Bravo has told her that ship has sailed, especially in light of the Reid bargaining with Bravo about FauxLegMunchuasenAdviva going to Montana.

    • Powell says:

      Hmm. Interesting. Maybe because OC just wrapped up and their reunion will be soon? ???😏

  2. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    T-Rex – how’s it going?!

    • T-Rex says:

      Okay, got my Pet Scans this morning and then it was back to the office. Taking time out for lunch to come and read the blogs. Still feel sleepy and not eating and not losing weight, YAY to being what they call HYPO, you don’t eat and have zero metabolism. Thanks for asking!! 🙂

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        Cool, you answered all the questions in my head too! That is the craziest thing how you’re deprived of food for so long and don’t lose weight…I guess that is not just you, but other people who have endured the same thing. Glad your out in the real world and hope you gain strength and appetite back. I can’t wait until you pop that medical guys cherry. 😆

      • I’m thinking about you, T-Rex! 🙂

  3. T-Rex says:

    Ramonacoaster, as I have said previously looks like next season is going to be a more of a GoldenGirlsMeetsSexInTheCity, since most of the Ho-Wives are single and over 50(or close enough to being over 50). Heather T and KristenT are the only two that are married, and under 50, that are probably coming back to the show.

  4. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s a cloudy day. No sun in sight. I hope it’s bright and sunny where you are.
    The finale wasn’t bad. Shannon did learn something from their trip to Bali. She was very composed and explained herself well when attacked by Her Heatherness and Tamra. I thought David’s apology was sincere. It was the most sincere apology I’ve ever heard on the HWs. David was only smirking when they were at the table because he thought Heather and Terry were being so stupid and petty. David said to Shannon they weren’t accepting his apology. I don’t know any man that would let any comment they thought disrespectful to their wife and family slide. They would confront it right then and there. Terry could have brought it up many times so I think he just brought it up to help w/Heather’s defense of all she’d done to Shannon. Heather and Terry can suck it. Terry was getting hammered on Twitter for his Contractor comment. Idiot!!

    • mariareads says:

      Oh Powell I was so angry at Heather and Terry while watching this finale! I was surprised by my reaction because I try not to get that invested w/ HW’s shows but they are really smug and pretentious and certainly DO look down their noses at others. I can’t stand either one. I have never heard anyone apologize the way David did when it comes to these crazy HW’s scenes. Did they want him to cut off a hand as an offering? I think the make your body fake doc has a very high opinion of himself which I don’t share. He’s a whiney, needy joke. I wouldn’t give him a 2nd look nor the time of day. I truly felt that Shannon and David were gob smacked and the Dubrows are very typical of people who have earned a lot of money but never had, nor ever will have, any class.

      • Wasn’t it Heather that said at the reunion something like, “do you want me to cut a vein and bleed?” when she was asked to apologize….irony…(if it was her, lol) I agree with you Mariareads, Terry and Heather were stomach turning last night. I don’t think it can be said enough when it comes to the HWs, “Who does that?”

        • Powell says:

          Yes Heather did say that. Was it to Alexis?

          • I looked it up, she said, “pop a vein”, lol, and it was to Lydia…From……Lydia confronted her about a blog post. (Heather criticized Lydia for her anti-stripper stance, which hurt Lydia’s feelings.) Though Heather claimed she apologized, Lydia couldn’t help but ask again if she was regretful. Heather flipped. “I said I was sorry! Doyou want me to pop a vein?” she shouted.

            • Powell says:

              Ok. Yup I remember that clearly now. Thk goodness Lydia said she wanted no more of the craziness. She’s smarter than them all.

      • Powell says:

        Last night I tweeted did they want David to roll out the red carpet and have a banner. 🙂

  5. Sus says:

    Ryan completely pissed me off when he teased Vicki. My dislike for him is so unreasonable! I’ve been laughing about the 7 visits. Ryan must HATE that. Haha.

    Terry has the housewives husband syndrome. Move over Slide Smiley, Terry is coming to sit by you. Too bad because I liked him before this season. I agree that the legs spreading thing wasn’t as bad as what Eddie said.

    Tamara Sue didn’t have a good season. This was worse than saying she wanted Gretch the Wretch naked wasted and then watching her son take her into the bathroom to feel her up. I do feel badly about the custody thing. In my opinion parents should always have 50/50 unless there is clearly defined abuse. If there isn’t abuse, you are an asshole if you don’t share them. As bad as Tamara is, I think she loves her kids and takes care of them. They aren’t in danger when they are with her. Simon is a big jerk.

    • jezzibel says:

      I kind of agree with Simons stance on not letting their kids appear on the show, while I do agree, I’m sure that she loves her kids, but it protects them from being used as props and storylines(like Lauries poor son), and may also give them some relief from being bullied at school or embarrassed by their actions or their mothers actions(bathtub scene). When Tammy Sue and Eddie get divorced(and they will) she will level every accusation at him in the book(physical, mental, emotional abuse, and financial shenanigans), because thats who she is.

      • Sus says:

        I agree with Simon that their kids shouldn’t be on the show. She can share custody without them being on the show. It’s still embarrassing though!

        She’ll definitely throw Eddie under the bus when the time comes.

        • T-Rex says:

          Oh yes we should start the list of charges she is going to levy against NotGayMaybeGayEddie once he “exits stage right”. I pointed this out yesterday that NotGayMaybeGayEddie is a freakin workaholic by having a full time job, then also running that Gym when he isn’t at work, he runs at least one or two classes a day and also does personal training, since many of their original trainers have left. TrailerTrashTrampySue does NOTHING in that place, I am not sure she even works out there, LOL. I know if I opened a Fitness Studio I would want to go through the certification process to at least teach a class, or do some personal training to help MY business. She could take some business courses, so she can do some business management, or at least scheduling or help out with customer’s at the front desk, etc. NotGayMaybeGayEddie has been quick to note on Review websites that claim that they called or walked in and got TrailerTrashTrampySue on the phone or at reception and she wasn’t helpful, that he STATES she NEVER answers the phone the studio, EVER, nor does she ever great customer’s at the reception desk. WOW, how bad is she at Customer service that you don’t even want her answering the phones, or greeting customers at her own company. Go to Yelp to see the responses NotGayMaybeGayEddie has given to some negative reviews. SO what does TrailerTrashTrampySue actually DO all day. She isn’t working at their business, her one child that lives with her, for now, is in school during the fall/spring, she tapes about 8 weeks a year for Bravo, and she doesn’t seem to be using her real estate license either.

          • Powell says:

            Well T-Rex Tamra’s always just wanted to be at home and really do nothing. Remember Simon said he took the kids to school while she was still in bed. Like Sus said I think she loves her kids but if she could have a nanny or two to fo the grunt work she’d be happy.

            • T-Rex says:

              Yeah, but she wanted to be able to shop, shop, shop with all the money Simon was supposedly making too, which she did until his money “ran out”. I guarantee you that she and NotGayMaybeGayEddie have separate bank accounts, by HIS request. I would be SO bored to just be home all day doing nothing, it killed me working from home for a few days this past week while doing my treatment, I could not imagine just sleeping 12 hours a day and doing nothing but figuring out where to go for lunch. She doesn’t grocery shop, she hates to cook, etc.

    • MM in OC says:

      At this point I think the two oldest kids are living full time with Simon by their choice. The youngest will likely follow suit when she’s old enough to choose. Tamra is a narcissistic sociopath whose primary concern is always herself. You can tell that by those text messages between her and her daughter.

    • T-Rex says:

      Sus, regarding the TrailerTrashTrampySue custody issues, here is at least of of the issues, her older two children with Simon, want to live with him permanently. Simon has primary custody of the oldest daughter and now the middle son has also gone to live with him, and of course Simon doesn’t want to have to pay for children residing in his household. There has been a lot of back and forth between these two idiots regarding their children, wherein TrailerTrashTrampySue has said that Simon is brainwashing them to live with him. They are both playing tug of war with the youngest child and this shouldn’t be a contest of “who wins”, the child should always win. Look I am not on Simon’s side AT ALL, from what I gather he is a very strict parent and the older kids STILL want to live with him, not her. I think both parents love their kids, but they love the drama and themselves, more than their kids, it’s about the WIN to them which again is not how this should work. I also agree with them not being on the show, TrailerTrashTrampySue has been fighting that part of her custody now since the divorce, she has wanted her kids on the show. I wonder how awful the Judge home life is if these kids don’t want to live there anymore, just sayin’

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I can’t help but think that the older children of Simon and Tamra just might be very, very, VERY embarrassed by what their mother chooses to put out there in TV land and that’s maybe why they choose to live with their father.

        • T-Rex says:

          Her daughter clearly stated that she didn’t appreciate all the things TrailerTrashTrampySue was stating in interviews about her father, she was embarrassed by her mother and I think there was a Twatter war which a MOTHER should never have gotten into with her daughter in a public realm. She called her mother a complete LIAR and said that a lot of things she was saying just wasn’t true. The second oldest son leaving had to do also with an incident where he broke his arm or leg and TrailerTrashTrampySue didn’t think it was bad enough to take him to doctor, so Simon did the next day and they found out it was broken. I don’t think she meant ANY harm to her child at ALL, but it’s clear she doesn’t seem to “listen” to her kids, something both kids have stated in court. He was also embarrassed by her antics and I think they both said that she puts herself first then her kids, in their opinion. But then again they are teenagers, but the fact they choose to live with the stricter parent, the one with actual rules for the household says a lot. IMO Like I said Simon is a POS and a control freak but it’s refreshing kind of to hear that a kid wants to live with rules and structure. I think also that dig about the Porsche was at Simon, since he did “win” the reduction in child support payments since he has two of his children basically full time so he must have gone out and gotten a Porsche, but who knows.

      • jezzibel says:

        Simon may be a @$$, but I’m willing to bet $5 that the kids living with him, have their clothes, rooms, and laundry are clean and in order, they have chores to do around the house, their homework must be done before they can play, and they have 3 meals a day, and they have a dedicated bedtime. I don’t know what their home life is like with her(lush) and Eddie(doesn’t seem to care for her kids or want anything to do with them), but seeing the bangup job she did with Ryan, I’m guessing not all that great .

        • T-Rex says:

          I don’t think NotGayMaybeGayEddie has any interaction with her children. As I stated he works a shit ton of hours between his regular job and the studio and the last thing he wants to deal with, is his wife’s teenage children. I am sure he comes home, makes his own dinner, has some sort of “man cave” or office area of his own and then goes to bed, that’s why they failed the baby test miserably, I doubt outside of camera shot he even touched that fake baby. As you stated, I don’t think there is any regular discipline at her home, no structure, nothing they can count on, no kid really wants to raise themselves, no matter what they say.

          • Powell says:

            T-Rex on the finale when Eddie came home he said, “OH you’re making DINNER?!”, like it’s a rarity. 🙂

      • Powell says:

        Yeah T-Rex it’s a big “I win you Lose” with Tamra and Simon.

  6. Lola says:

    Maybe its just me but I find David to be very attractive. I especially find him more attractive after the way he handled Heather and Terry. Heather and Terry have clearly proven yesterday that they do believe they are better than others. Hope the “construction guys” see this episode.

    • Powell says:

      Oh on Twitter there were lots of guys that didn’t appreciate Terry’s comments.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      The best thing about David is that he doesn’t play to the drama/camera, unlike another idiot husband on this show. I’m happy that he and Shannon seem to have found their happiness again even if it meant that they had to show all of the ugliness on TV. Filming with Tamra HRH Heather would make anyone go berzerk.

    • T-Rex says:

      Lola although I don’t watch OldCronesOfBeverlyHillsAdjacent, from reading the wonderfully written blog seems like David was a class act throughout the tirade by TooGoodForANYYouTerry. Uhm clue phone to you, TooGoodForANYYouTerry that “construction” worker actually lives in a multi-million dollar home in your own neighborhood, so he must be doing something right financially. His company seems very upstanding and in the real estate bust a few years back his home wasn’t underwater and his company not only survived but was still making money, that says a lot about his workmanship and how he runs his company. Oh and as others have pointed out, don’t diss the folks that have to build for a living, like your house, he isn’t going to probably get a “deal” on anything and will have to pay top dollar for everything in their construction project, no breaks for you moron!

      • Lola says:

        My thoughts exactly T-Rex!!! David handled himself wonderfully and more respectfully than I would have. I laughed at how Heather wrinkled her nose and pointed her finger. I believe it was because the Beadors were starting to get the best of them. First thing David did was apologize and they chose to say nothing then. Why bring it up at the table?

    • MM in OC says:

      It’s not just you. He’s hot.

  7. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    • Powell says:


    • T-Rex says:

      By the way they also reported in June of 2013 that Cynthia and Peter were having a baby back then. I would doubt that at 46 years old, with a 55 year old husband they would be wanting to start a family. Doesn’t Peter also have a thing about women getting fat too, that includes pregnancy, I think he made some snarky remark about Phaekdra about that at one time.

  8. Foxymel(Mel) says:

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to share that I had two breast biopsies done last week and just got the results that they’re both benign. I feel really grateful and ecstatic!

    Thank you for the wonderful blogs and I hope you’re all having a great day! 🙂

  9. The thought of Tamara’s son having a baby make my stomach hurt :). Seriously what is with this kid’s beard? Yosemite Sam YEE HAWWW

    • T-Rex says:

      What is even Weirder is that this woman has 3 babies from several different BabyDaddies, Oh and she decides to go with an uneducated, unemployed, drug abuser, oh yeah that screams JACKPOT! Although her past is quite sordid as well, and Oh and she works for a gun store and she has a temper and a record, this should make for some mighty fine parents.

      • T-Rex says:

        Oh, I have to revise, she doesn’t have an adult record, it’s a juvenile record, she was arrested for some Domestic Violence stuff but charges were dropped.

    • Lol I would like to know what this woman finds so desirable in Ryan? He doesn’t even have a job. Gosh.

    • MM in OC says:

      That’s a good one – Yosemite Sam!!! hahahaha

  10. Foxymel11(Mel) says:

    You all are the best!! Thank you! 🙂

  11. boston02127 says:

    Foxymel(Mel) ~~~~Great news!!!

  12. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    TRex – I enjoyed reading all your posts and you have the number on all the OC… very well for not even watching this season…which must be some pretty good blogging! The other good thing about your posts is they’re telling me that your spirits are good. I admire you for enduring all you have thus far and appreciate you sharing the good and bad with us!

  13. chismosa™ says:

    Wait you all just read quickly the end of the last blog –

    CYNTHIAs pregnant ?! 😳😳😳

    And dr penis is on DWTS?

    • kit9 says:

      Jill cleared up the latter and it’s not true, thank god! Dr. D-bag was kidding.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Dr. D-bag!!! Hahahahaha!! PERFECTION!!!!

      • chismosa says:

        thanks i just saw, reading upwards ^^^^

        where do these people get this stuff from!

        Dr. Di ck would love to see himself on tv. Any more than he is now…. and Botched is renewed so he has that.

  14. Foxymel11(Mel) says:

    I am wondering about last night’s OC finale. Didn’t it seem odd that Heather went out of her way to create drama and catch some heat to make Tamra look less despicable? I think I’m over analyzing the dinner scene a little too much. Tamra didn’t look too much of a shit stirrer since Heather had her back 100%. I can’t stand Heather, but Tamra better not lose her as a friend.

    Also, the scenes for the reunion… All I could focus on was Shannon’s new look. She got something done, because she looks different.

    Thank you for the great blogs, btw.

    • I was thinking about that too…does Tamra have dirt on Heather, I don’t get it….maybe she realized early on in filming that she better kiss Tamra’s ass or Tamra would come after her….Vicki just kept her mouth shut at the dinner AGAIN when the whole “take down the w/e their last name is” came up…she already said in her TH that Tamra told her the same thing….

      • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

        I know right, PrincessP?! Tamra must have something in Heather or Heather really likes Tamra. Lol I forgot about Vicki telling us in her TH that Tamra told her too. She was desperate for a soft edit–I wonder how it will all play out for the next season. With Tamra in the mix, she’s the perpetual bad guy. 🙂 how our your kids doing? Please update soon.

  15. not THAT Jill says:

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Ok so here’s the thing-Terry said on WWHL that he wasn’t asking Eddie for an apology at the final dinner b/c he didn’t know Eddie said gross things about Heather until the episode aired right? So how could Eddie apologize before David if Terry didn’t even know Eddie did anything that needed to be apologized about? I guess my point is…Tamra is a big fat mean liar…a liar face!!!!

      • ladebra says:

        Lieing liar face liar! You betcha. Terry said on WWHL he wasn’t told Eddie said anything — Dr Penis said that after he saw what was said he even thought WTH ? That wasn’t all that bad.

      • chismosa says:

        somebody tweet that to her!!

        Get Maggie to do it! LOLOLOL

        • kit9 says:

          Yes, please! Someone call her on her BS. I can’t, the cow blocked me

          • chismosa™ says:

            Sorry, twitter 101 but if someone blocks someone can another person see that tweet to them – you know
            But she herself can’t see it?

            So if I were to respond to your tweet to her and she hasn’t blocked me would she then see the response from me ?

            Sorry- this may be more for VV 📡📡

  16. VV™ says:

    Not to be outdone by Brandi. Here’s LeAnn

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I don’t know why I’m surprised that the twitter peeps turned this into a Brandi/Leann thing but COME ON!! Every celeb I follow on twitter has done the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge so it’s really no shock that these 2 dopes did it too-but all over twitter people are saying how Leann copied Brandi and how horrible and inappropriate it is that Leann had the boys dump the water on her-seriously?? Who cares?? All I can say is at least Leann had the sense to not dump a bucket of ICE on her head like ding dong Brandi!!!

      • VV™ says:

        IceOnlyBucket = Brandi’s an idiot!

      • PJ says:

        Leann should have left Brandi’s sons out if it, so inappropriate.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I don’t want to start trouble but what is inappropriate about the boys being part of it?

          • PJ says:

            It’s my opinion and if these were my children I wouldn’t like it. I feel that it’s Leann rubbing it in Brandi’s face, and after reading reviews of the Leann and Eddie show and seeing a couple of clips of the things said by both Leann and Eddie about Brandi I think it’s probably Eddie as well. From what I read about this challenge Leann’s boobs were pretty prominent after she got drenched with cold water, to me that is not appropriate behavior for a step mother in front of step children. Please don’t tell me that Brandi has probably done worse in front of the boys first of all we don’t know that but whether she has or not is not the point, it’s not appropriate no matter what. The boys can’t film with Brandi but Leann and Eddie can video them and put it all over the internet whenever they want and really for what reason other than to get attention? To me this shows a callous disregard for the mother of these boys and by constantly putting Brandi down in my opinion this also shows a callous disregard for the feelings of those boys. Eddie sits in a barber chair in a clip from the show and complains about Brandi talking about him while he is talking about Brandi. What astounds me most is that there are people who actually defend Leann and Eddie. Just my opinion you don’t have to agree.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              In my opinion it’s astounding that anyone would still be defending Brandi-but everyone is allowed an opinion.
              Brandi has pictures of her boys all over her twitter-it’s not like she keeps them out of the spot light-she puts up pic of them in their underwear for the world to see. God only knows what she would do in front of them if they were actualy allowed to film stupid BH with them!!
              You didnt watch the video? I wonder who is saying that Leann’s boobs are “pretty prominent”? I bet I could guess.
              Brandi has said so many things in print and on TV about Leann and Eddie -some pretty graphic disgusting stuff-so I don’t know why anyone would think that they wouldn’t return the favor. Brandi sold 2 books that are filled with slams against them-she turned “callous disregard for the feelings of those boys” into a career-in fact-she’s written the book(s) on it!!

              • PJ says:

                I guess it isn’t possible to give an opinion about Leann and Eddie without it being turned into a competition between Leann and Eddie v Brandi, with it being assumed that the comment on Leann and Eddie is an automatic defense of Brandi, that really sad. As my mom used to say two wrongs don’t make a right, if Leann and Eddie want to be thought of as the morally superior ones then they need to actually be the morally superior ones, and I don’t see them doing that. I guess I’m not the only one since their show does not seem to be doing well as far as viewers go from what I’ve read anyway. If you google the video of Leann doing the ice bucket challenge and read the accompanying article you can see where the comment about boobs came from so no need to guess.

                • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

                  I watched the video and I didn’t see Leann’s boobs anywhere. Plus, she’s wearing a blue top. All I could focus on was her horrible looking hair, I didn’t even notice the boys in the video. And I have to agree with Jill about Brandi posting very inappropriate pictures of her boys constantly–making them vulnerable to pedophiles who just love it.

                  I also watched Bird Brain Brandi’s ice bucket challenge. Good lord, she dumped ice on her head with no water. Smh lol

                  I tried to tune into Leann and Eddie’s show, but it was just awful!! No wonder the ratings are low.

                  • PJ says:

                    I did not comment on Brandi, my comment was about Leann and Eddie. I don’t think it’s the kind of thing where you can say you think Brandi does inappropriate things so if Leann and Eddie do it that’s ok, it’s not ok for any one of them. So why turn Brandi’s behavior into a defense of Leann and Eddie? If they had been faithful to their respective marriage partners Brandi would still be a housewife in Calabasas and no one here would have any idea who she was. As for things posted on the Internet Leann has posted things that in my opinion should never have been posted including one video that made it clear where they go to school so if pedophiles are your concern I would be really concerned about that posting as I don’t believe Brandi has ever done anything like that. As for the boobs that’s what the article accompanying the videotape said it’s not what I said. So perhaps what is seen is a shortened version of the video, I have no idea. However if you pour a bucket of cold water over someone it’s pretty likely that their shirt is going to get soaked and it’s going to look like they were in a wet shirt contest with their bobs pretty much defined under their shirt and leaving very little to the imagination, that’s what I took the article to mean and if that’s the case it is really inappropriate for that to have been done in front of the boys. The boys are clearly seen in the video.

  17. KTinCT says:

    I know we’re not discussing the show here, but I’m flipping back and forth between Jaws, Napoleon Dynamite and Below Deck. Did this stupid, dumb f*#k of a woman on Below Deck who couldn’t fold a napkin really just state that she “couldn’t fold a napkin, what am I, deaf and dumb?” Are you effing kidding me? She got the dumb part correct….

  18. chismosa says:

    will have to do it on my phone- on a pc (zzzzz’s) right now—- but has anyone seen this?
    something to vote on best housewife?
    Andy…. grasping grasping at his failing shows!

    Jill ZarinVerified account ‏@Jillzarin

    Has anyone seen this? ( hint hint?) Time to Name the Best Housewife Ever on E! via @eonline @bravotv

  19. chismosa™ says:

    Before new blog – not sure if one comes:

    A quickie note: 
    Hi all- I had missed a couple of blogs, which lately has been odd of me to do, so I just NOW sat to read the whole Lynn-memorial dedication blog. 
    You are all so wonderful. 

    Boston – what a beautiful photo of Lynn !

    Empress- if you see this, I had missed it was your birthday in addition to Sasha’s so I wish you a great one, belatedly. 

    Powell – you have such a loving story about your aunt so I am truly feeling for you. Such love ! I’m sure she’s watching out for you all the time. 🌟🌺
    I hope Lynn’s son and family are doing well. I agree with everyone saying how awesome she was – 
    She often let me “be” when I had divergent (?right word?) opinions. 
    As you all said, she was– in the best way- snarky and awesome. 

    Big thank you lastly to Veena, and TARTS for keeping this trudging along. – also to Mel. Thanks to those blogging the crapfests and blog-messes too! 

    Some changes happening in my home life soon and I have youse guys here to depend on daily – and it helps. 

    So much love to Powell’s aunt, Nancy who we all still miss fiercely, and to our beloved Lynn! 

    Ok – back to the daily crapfest chatfest. 😜
    And this voting thing ? What!?!? We’ll delve more into this I’m sure. 
    Danielle over Jill ANY day of the week! 

  20. Powell says:

    I’m just reading NY today. So does Aviva call herself thanking the “village that makes the NY HWs what it is today?” Oy Vey.

  21. shamrockblonde says:

    like a few of you here, this season I found Vicki way more tolerable which was surprising – unless of course Crooks/Brooks made an appearance – then I could no longer watch – I have also for the most part not minded Heather this season – Shannon – my daughter’s name mind you – greatly exaggerated her visit to Heather’s house and never let it go – I found Heather to be actually funny at times- however – at that last dinner her acting was really bad – it was so obvious that the whole interaction with Shan and Dave was scripted – as for her husband – someone said that Slimey should slide over and I agree – no class at all – that apology was well said and very sincere – if he really is that crass, I can’t imagine that his business reputation is doing that well – I like Lizzy and especially her husband – as for Tammy sue – she will never change – I pity her and pray for her children – I do like her husband though –

    • Powell says:

      This was Vicki’s best season since maybe S1 or 2. She was better as the season went on. She didn’t want any part of the constant drama Tamra was causing. I just laughed when at Lizzie’s party and Vicki’s season end party Vicki didn’t jump in to get involved w/Tamra’s messiness and Tamra said in two TH’s “Vicki didn’t jump in to say a thing “. No Vicki was jumping on that bandwagon.
      Yes Shannon over exaggerated what happened at Heather’s . Heather was calm, didn’t raise her voice and politely asked her to leave. Shannon was wrong. Heather however did owe Shannon an apology for opening up her trap that night.
      Like I’ve said before, David gave a totally sincere apology. The best apology I’ve heard in HW history. David cracked me up when they were at the table and Heather and Terry went overboard and Terry said “go ahead and smirk David”. LOL David couldn’t help himself at that point because H & T were being so stupid.

  22. shamrockblonde says:

    sorry! last comment was meant for Lizzy’s husband not for Eddie!! Eddie is just – meh – for me and when tammy sue is done with him she will chew him up and spit him out –

  23. ladebra says:

    This is funny 😀

  24. Powell says:

    Sonja’s blog makes just as much sense as she did st the reunion. The ladies do not take Sonja seriously because they only see her party side? No that’s not it at all. The ladies don’t take Sonja seriously when it comes to biz because Sonja has 50 business contacts “on the table” and none will come to fruition because she has no biz sense and thinks her looks and sex appeal will get her what she wants. How come Lu has had a couple of songs/music videos, a couple of books and now a clothing line and w/in the same time period Sonja just has deals “on the table”? 😏

    • kit9 says:

      The ladies don’t take her seriously because she’s a compulsive liar. And, excellent point about Luann. She’s somehow managed to actually get something done but not Business Woman of the Year, Sonja.

    • T-Rex says:

      Here is part of DrunkSlutDELUSIONALGreyGardensSonja’s issues, first off let’s face it she lives in some fantasyland that she has created in her mind. I think she is so financially in shambles that she has decided to completely ignore that part of her life, and live in some past life from 15 years ago when she had money and the Morgan name “meant” something attached to her, which it no longer does. I believe she has a lot of “enablers” around her, many in the form of WONDERFUL interns, who love her and want well for her, enough so that they give up a part of their lives “for free” to help her, yes they get credits, but if they didn’t like her or want to help her they wouldn’t stay. DrunkSlutDELUSIONALGreyGardensSonja doesn’t know how to even work a computer let alone get emails, nor does she maintain her facebook, website or twatter accounts, those are all manned by her “unpaid minions”. So, when you get that email from Nigeria about investing in their Football team, of course any sane person deletes that email because we know it’s spam, DrunkSlutDELUSIONALGreyGardensSonja interprets this to mean a business opportunity. So when one NORMAL PERSON wades through their Spam Folder cursing at all the junk, DrunkSlutDELUSIONALGreyGardensSonja looks at those as her “opportunity knocks” box, on that thingie that people send stuff to, that we like to call the email box on a computer/phone. . I am sure those “unpaid minions” print out all her emails for her to scan through and she can’t tell the difference between SPAM and actual business opportunities at this point. I actually started to save my SPAM folder information for a few days just as a lark, and yep, a lot of those opportunities that DrunkSlutDELUSIONALGreyGardensSonja has received, I have also received, wow, I feel just like a HO-wife, j/kidding. I actually think that she is in a severe depression and trying to “act” her way out of it, but she really should seek some professional help to deal with what is happening to her. She has Fraud charges levied against her to tune of 7 million dollars and let’s be clear that the courts said she committed FRAUD in that movie deal, I read the documents and I don’t think she thought she was doing that at all, but unfortunately it’s what she did. In addition she has had to relinquish a home in France that will go directly to that lawsuit payment, and then a lot of the salary she has acquired the past two seasons will also go to paying back her creditors, she will be paying folks back for many years. She gets to keep her primary home, which she is still trying to sell, and is now renting out for money, and still receives some monies from Mr. Morgan. I was astonished to learn that she had blown through a large portion of what she originally received in her divorce, but she invested in another Movie that only made $338 dollars and I think maybe another $30.00 bucks from the 3 people that bought the DVD. She is also desperately looking for another sugar daddy or sugar preppy(a youngster with money) to take care of her, but paging Blanche Dubois, the reliance on the kindness of others wears thin after a while, and what happened with the Beale’s of GreyGardens, people eventually even forget you exist.

      • shamrockblonde says:

        ” I actually think that she is in a severe depression and trying to “act” her way out of it, but she really should seek some professional help to deal with what is happening to her. ”

        yes T-Rex – exactly this – also completely agree about LuAnn – but her background is very different from Sonja’s – Lu was a model and grew up in a business environment – Sonja did not – she relied solely on her looks and her ability to attract men – and now she is losing that –

        • T-Rex says:

          Shammy, I think too that the Fraud case was the first time she got “called out” for trying to capitalize on the “MORGAN” name, which is what she did, without the MORGAN Trust, or Mr. Morgan’s authority to use their family/trust/bank name as collateral. Again, I don’t think she did this maliciously, she has just done that for as long. She has used the name to help her open doors, and this time she got her ass handed to her for doing so, to the tune of 7 million dollars, and that was the compromised amount, they wanted over 20 million in the original complaint I believe. I really think that hit her hard to know that just because she has MORGAN as her last name, it no longer has any real clout attached to her! Like you said, in her mind she is still this 29 year old and holding, carefree spirit, and thinks that’s how others see her. To me, she doesn’t understand men at all at this point, she doesn’t realize she is an interchangeable “mattress pad” by flittering around from this “tomcat” to that “tomcat”. CountlessLu-Man is a hubcap-rolling Snake, but she understands to keep her affairs private, while I am sure she is also looking for a sugar daddy, she goes at it more secretly, she has invested her monies from her divorce wisely, and other than continuing to ludicrously use that “Countess” moniker, doesn’t live in the past of what she “had”, she is making her own money and is focused on a select number of projects that she can complete and focuses on what she can get done, not what she can “potentially, hypothetically” get done.

          • chismosa™ says:

            So agree on Luann. Snakey and being very sly about her next “moves”.

            Plus her “great” personality this past season and recruiting new “friends” on the cast.

          • mrs peabody says:

            I think Luann does have brains, she actually had a real career before she married, she was a nurse, Sonja was a hostess (with the mostess), even then she was using her looks whereas Luann had a nursing degree that would have kept her employable as she aged and the men started falling away. Sonja just has all these business opportunities that aren’t amounting to anything.

  25. chismosa™ says:

    Uh……like a ghost town in here. 👻👻👻👻

    ………crickets ……🐞…….

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Hi-I’m here…reading comments and being nosy!! I’m also reading a really good book and don’t want to get to the end yet…I think I know “whodunit” but I don’t want to know just yet!!

      • My really good book…I just finished, lol. Linda Fairstein, “Terminal City” I love her books with Alex Cooper, ADA….

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Mine was “Disturbed” by Kevin O’Brian-first book I read of his and it was pretty good. I started it this morning and I’m already done…at least I know “whodunit”!!!!

          • chismosa™ says:

            Oooh sounds good !
            I need to reread Gone Girl before the movie comes out …. Not sure if that is the category of “thriller” –

            There’s like NOTHING to watch on bravo anymore ! So funny

            • not THAT Jill says:

              One f my nieces just finished Gone Girl and I told her I’m going to read it again!! It was so good-Annabelle wants to read it but I keep telling her she’s too young…I feel myself starting to give in-she’s read so many books that are creepy and weird already!!!

              • T-Rex says:

                You know that they are making that into a movie right now with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike? I read the information, the original author is writing the screenplay, but they are going to be changing it a bit from how the book reads. I haven’t read the book but could understand why it may need to be changed up to be made into a movie, due to how the book is written.

        • lillybee says:

          I love her books and impressed about her knowledge of the stranger places in NYC like Fresh Kills.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      👻 lol at the cricket substitute 👻 just blowing through here 👻 that’s all.

  26. mrs peabody says:

    I’m just getting ready to leave work, it’s been a long day. I started at 7:30 this morning and it’s 8:00 tonight. Can’t wait for the weekend. I only have to work a few hours.

  27. VV™ says:

    View this post on Instagram

    Lisa Cathy Hilton and Haifa

    A post shared by Lisa Vanderpump (@lisavanderpump) on

  28. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Good Morning everyone, I’m keeping this blog up one more day, because I don’t have new material. Project Runway and Don’t Be Tardy are on tonight. And I have ladies Bunco tonight…I’m sure you were dying to know what I do on Thursday nights besides watch DBT! 😉

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Bunco!! I keep trying to talk my sisters into getting a game together! It seems like fun!!
      Have a great day all-I have the FireHouse family picnic today-one of my favorite days of the year!!

      • ladebra says:

        I love picnics! I remember working for this company that had an annual summer picnic for all employes and family. It was the best fun! Enjoy!!

      • Powell says:

        Have a great time. 🚒 🍔 🍗 🍡 🍺 😃

    • Powell says:

      Hey TexasTart. Happy Bunco. 🙂

    • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

      Good morning to you, Tartsy! I hope you have a great day and you’re starting to feel much much better. How is the pup doing too?

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        Hiya Foxy, I’m okay, I think the dog has a different problem, so off to the vet again very soon. I hope you are past the discomfort of when they cut on you last week.

        • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

          I’m sorry to hear about that. I hope it’s nothing big with your pup. I’m feeling much better….until I go outside and feel the heat and start sweating. Sorry tmi

          • Jan (TexasTart) says:

            That does not help when you’ve had medial stuff done either! I was out making deliveries yesterday and it was 106 and yes, I have A(see)….my letter (see) gave out today! Need a new keyboard STAT! Anyhow, this early morning 80 with 80% humidity, was not fun either.

        • Powell says:

          Oh no I hope he’s going to be ok.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Bunco? I need to wiki

      Have fun 🏆🏇🎲🎯!

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        You made me look! It’s such a silly game, because it’ not skill, just based on luck. I had no idea it dated back to 19th century England!

  29. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s Friday eve. I think it will be a rainy afternoon. I guess we need it. I hope the weather is nice in your neck of the woods. Have a great day everyone.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      How have you been Powell? Did they have a service for your Aunt already? Hope everyone is coping as best they can.

      • Powell says:

        Hey. I’m in the “I’m ready for this to be over” state . The funeral is tomorrow. I was telling my mom a little while ago that I don’t want to do this, I wish we didn’t have to but since we do I want it over with for our family. Thks so much for asking. I appreciate everyone for their hugs, prayers and kind words. 🙂

  30. Powell says:

    Y’all remember Lisa Wu right? Just saw she’s going to be on a new reality show. “Hollywood Divas” starts in October on TV1. I recognize her co-stars as actresses that have been on tv in long running comedies. I’ve heard Lisa has done some small parts over the years. Nothing I’ve seen so I don’t get how she’s a part of this show. Also I guess she now lives in Hollywood. Hmmm.

    • T-Rex says:

      She had been trying for YEARS to get acting jobs, even before she met her last ex-husband, she’s another one you have to keep count of the ever mounting ex-husband list. I know that she made some pleas directly to Tyler Perry about being cast in his movies, and when she was married to either her first or second husband, the one that was the video producer she had tried to get him to cast her in his videos. She TOTALLY went on TheTHUGHO-wivesOFTHUG-Lanta to secure an acting career.

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:


      • Powell says:

        Yeah she was married to singer Keith Sweat. He’s suuuper smart. Was a successful stockbroker before music. IDK if you remember from ATL but he has full custody of their kids, 2 I believe. Once he was on Wendy Williams and said he didn’t want his kids adopted by Ed. He’s their dad and no way would he allow them on the show.
        I think I did hear she was trying to be in a TylerPerry film. LOL I was watching either TMZ or Dish Nation and they talked about a singer Carly something who’s on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta tried to get a role on a TP film and was told no because she’s on that type of reality tv. So that may be why Lisa has not Been able to be in one of his films.

  31. Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

    Apria Unhealthycouldcareless has struck again. I tried to order a 4 hr. tank and now they say they can’t deliver it. I HAVE TO GO GET IT. The rule is if you have a home fill machine and a portable concentrator you have to go get your own tanks. My request for the portable is back ordered so I do not have the damn thing. I called the liaison who is going to see if he can get it delivered but I will not hold my breath since I am still waiting for him to call me from my last discussion with him. And nobody can give me directions either. I HATE THIS COMPANY. I HATE THIS COMPANY. I HATE THIS COMPANY.

    Rant over. Thanks for listening.

    • Exit4 says:

      My husband does this for a living-respiratory supplies. He’s strictly for vets-but will your insurance allow you to use another company? If so let me know and tell me your town-maybe he knows someone.

      • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

        There is another Co. But online there are reviews of it by their employees and it sounds like it’s the same BS as apria. I think it’s called American Home patient? I may have to consider changing my medicare HMO to something else to avoid them? Depends on what the state of NJ will allow me. I’m in Metuchen Exit. I’m curious who hubby works for. Is there a good Co. Out there?

        • Barb…hope you don’t mind..I did some research for you, I know the frustration you are going thru..we are lucky that our little cow town does deliveries…
          Not sure if this pharmacy is still open..but according to what I read they supply oxygen and have free delivery… hope this helps
          412 MAIN ST
          732 548 0123

          FEEL BETTER
          hugs and peace

          • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:


            I appreciate your detective work on my behalf. Unfortunately, that pharmacy closed many years ago. The owner retired. If I want oxygen paid for by my insurance I’m forced to use the companies who contract with the insurer. If I win the lottery I will tell them where to go and buy my own equipment 🙂 pure wishful thinking on my part.

            I’m so glad you’re back on the blog. You have been missed. I kept asking for news of you. I hope you and Mr. Ford are well.

          • VV™ says:

            Diva ❤️❤️❤️!!!

        • Exit4 says:

          He works for a company called eagle medical, but they only service VA patients. No private. But I’ll ask him who’s good in that area. They tend to all have the same issues. Some are unavoidable-but they should call you back To address your problems quickly. I’ll check back in tonight!

    • JumpTheShark says:

      Reminds me of Lily Tomlin’s skit: “We don’t care…we don’t have to; we’re the phone company!” Definitely DON’T hold your breath.

      • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

        😀 I can’t hold it very long any way. No call yet either. Leaving for a dr. Appointment soon which I told him.

    • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

      Sorry to hear that, Barb. Gosh. You’d think that these companies would try to make it easier for their patients?!

      • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

        I havent experienced anyone willing to make things easier for the patient. I used one of the 2hour tanks for the doctor’s appointment today. It’s supposed to be 2hours but it registered 1.5. I had to wait to see the doc over 1hour beyond my appointment. I kept checking the tank watching it go lower and lower. I asked if there was oxygen in the office I would use. No. I turned the litter dosage down twice while waiting and I finally had to make waves to get the doc to see me before it ran out. I knew it was a quick wound check so I wouldn’t be taking much of her time. An orderly got the message to her, she came in apologizing, did her thing and I got out of there in 5 minutes. Had to hike half way to the end of the building to my car on a dosage less than prescribed. I jacked it up as soon as I got in the car and quickly drove home to call the liaison, who had NOT called me back to tell him again how important the 4 hour tanks are. He told me he would submit the delivery request directly to the proper people avoiding customer service. Then he told me the portable concentrator is on back order and he’d call me when he knew more. Told him I’ve heard it before and nobody calls back.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Barb, that makes me so mad they are so neglectful and in your situation it’s not excusable. That’s my problem with the insurance is that it’s such big business they do not to listen to the customer/patient and administer care from a common sense prospective. It’s all about the money and honoring procedures – even when they don’t work! Sorry to hear you are still having problems. 😦

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I am so sorry you are going through this.
      Can I ask, is your insurance through an employer ? Some company’s have an advocate that can deal with the insurance company for you.

      • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

        Rabble I have Medicare. The employer part is the HMO from aetna. I might be able to change that part but I figure Medicare is still the controlling force because they put me in their Medicare advantage program as soon as I hit the magic number age wise.

        You should see what the visiting nurse and physical therapist charge versus what they did and I can tell you there is serious money being wasted.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          Hi Barb, I believe you. I know a girl who works for an orthopedic surgeon. She told me her husband got injured and when his x-rays were read by another surgeon’s office for a consult , they got this big bill and she recognized the billing code used for was for an actual surgery- when all the doctor did was look at an X-ray.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Barb best of luck and I hope things get better with this.
      Ugh ! I can’t imagine the frustration

      • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

        Thanks chismosa. Frustration with all capital letters. I’ve never been much of a complainer about things. Looks like that will have to change permanently.

    • Powell says:

      Oh I’m sorry JWIJ. This is very frustrating for you. I hope your liaison can work miracles.

      • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

        Thanks Powell. I’m trying to fill a canister now. Thought it wasn’t right and I was given NO written materials to refer to so I googled the maker and found the manual online. I was right I messed up but I got it fixed, I think. Fingers crossed anyway.

  32. chismosa™ says:

    Jill / Ashy- Gone Girl is a bit racy and just overall disturbing – but hey your daughter is so mature maybe she can handle it!

    TRex– I know about the movie and was unhappy with Ben Aflac 🐤 being cast because I find him such a dopey actor but I think it may work towards that character

    My best friend knew the ex of the writer and says that the male character is completely based on him despite the writer saying it’s about her current husband. Lol.

    Rosamund Pike seems like a Brit who plays tons of Americans (😴😴) but I hope she’s good. Love the director.
    And Neil Patrick Harris is in it too. And my fave, Casey Wilson, playing dramatic once. She’s the most hysterical.

    They had to change the ending. Writer said it on Nightline. Wouldn’t work for movies !

    • Hi Chismosita! I ordered Gone Girl on the Kindle a few days ago. I can’t wait! I love comparing books to movies. I hope you’re doing well. 🙂

      • chismosa™ says:

        Mel you’ll get through it in like 2 hours !

        I actually am the opposite – I refuse to watch a movie if I’ve read the book (Gone With the Wind for example)

        I’ve made like 2 exceptions.

        With this one, since the director is so AMAZEballs I may have to try it and go against my pattern.

        Let me know what you think of the book!

        • Orson says:

          I’m usually disappointed if I read the book before I see the movie. I know you can’t really fit all 400 pages of a book into a 2 hour movie, but still…

        • Haha the movie never really does the book any justice, right? Have you read the novel Freedom? Jonathan Franzen is an amazing author. He also wrote The Corrections–I’d love to see a movie about those two books. My husband and I, already did the casting for the book Freedom. Ha

          • chismosa™ says:

            He’s a real jackass that author — never got to him yet. He’s on my list –

            I literally have piles of books, no joke – in storage from what I ordered up while working in publishing.
            I don’t throw out books.

            He’s the one who –I believe— refused to be on Oprah. But in addition to that, a jackass.

            You can still be a good writer I know …..
            Heehee 🙂

            Hbo was going to do the Corrections and then nixed it.

  33. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Back? I distinctly told Bravo “No more clowns!”

  34. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Does anyone know the connection to The Bailey Agency?

    • chismosa™ says:

      Well I think towards the end of the last season Kenya made nice with cynthia and they got over “coochie crack” LOLOL – so they’re buddies ?

      Much to Nene’s chagrin 🙊

    • T-Rex says:

      Smells like the THUGS-of Thug-Lanta must be filming again for their next season. Looks like some teams are a-changing it up this season. We know that Phaekdra is OUT this season, and I would bet that she doesn’t come back either, her choice, Bravo probably wants her back and threw tons of money to have her back, good for her to backoff for the sake of her family.

    • Orson says:

      I bet the line for that gig will be going around the block, huh?

  35. Orson says:

    I’m pretty sure I mentioned here my friend who’s doing the Grandchild Hat Trick? Grandchild #1 made an early premiere last month. #2’s mommy went to the hospital last night around midnight but he still hasn’t come out. They’re going to think about a c-section this evening. And #3 still has until January before its debut. Waiting is hard, even from a distance!

    On a lighter note, Dad To Be reports that when he talks to Mom’s swollen belly, the monitors can tell that the baby’s heart rate increases. 😀

    • Orson says:

      News just in; they’re going with a C-section. We’ve been promised newborn photos fairly soon. I bet he’ll be mostly bald, toothless, and cute.

      • shamrockblonde says:

        *hugs Orson really hard* – good luck!! sooo worth the wait!! post the pics when you can and Congratulations!!

  36. I know a lot of people(including myself) that are reading Gone Girl but if you have time for two amazing books check out Freedom and The Corrections (if you haven’t already) from Jonathan Franzen. I read it a few years ago and I swear it uplifted me so much–I wanted to cry at the end because I had no more pages to read.

    • chismosa™ says:


      That’s like when I got to the end of GWTW. And any real real GOOD book. I’m pissed when it’s done !

      One of my all time faves is one called “The Post Birthday World” by Lionel Shriver. (Not her real name)

      I was so mad!
      Not uplifted though 😦

      Oh also: The Hours is a SUBLIME book
      Lolita… I have too many being a Lit major and all.

      I thought Franzen wrote very depressive, real world real life people. Like, sad.
      I’ll keep that in mind when looking him up …..could be great

      • Ok, your officially my go-to person for books, and I’m going to jot down the books you mentioned. Yes. His books are real life but with a silver lining IMO.

      • shamrockblonde says:

        I read books faily quickly, so when I read “The Deathly Hallows” I actually forced myself to read only ten pages a night – no more – in an effort to slow down the ending – I have since read each of the books at least 7 or 8 times – favorite series of books I’ve ever read – I know – but I loved each of them – still do!

  37. Exit4 says:

    Barb- He said Community Surgical in Toms River has a medicare contract. Look into them. If given the choice between apria and American Home Patient-stay with Apria.

    He tried to interpret what’s going on-he had a bunch of questions which I can’t answer! Lol. So-you own a home fill with 2 hour tanks? He said if you’re not doing it already-fill all of your tanks at the same time and bring them all with you when you go out so you don’t run out. Your delivery problems are because of the self fill and the portability. You will always have this. The belief is that they should always be filled.

    Next thing is-do you want 4 hour tanks so you don’t have to carry the extra? And your waiting for the 4 hours to come off back order? If that’s the case-it’s a supply issue and not under aprias control. This is common. Medicare and what they’ll allow to have may also be a problem? He did say after 3 years you will own your equipment. That’s medicares rule. At least in jersey. It may be hard to change companies if you’ve been with apria for a year or more because of that.

    You can purchase the tanks on your own-I think he said they’re $70-80. I’ll ask again.

    I don’t know if this helped or not-he needed more specifics-but his main piece of advice was to keep all your tanks filled consistently until your new one(a) come in. There’s not much a resp company can do beyond that.

  38. Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

    Exit, I don’t own anything. It’s rented. Their rule is if you have home filler AND a portable concentrator there are no deliveries. (Not what I was lead to believe). I’ve been a p proved for the portable concentrator but I don’t have it yet. On back order like everything else. The liaison is supposed to talk directly to the proper people to see if they will deliver since I don’t have the portable thing yet.

    These tanks are too heavy for me. That’s why I want some 4 hour ones instead of dragging two with me down my front steps. I use the cart thingy for both sized tanks. I noticed today the thingy wheels wherever it wants not where I want it lol. No mention of the backorder for the 4 hour tanks.

    I just started with apria on July 24 when I was discharged. I might consider buying the 4 hour but what do I do when it needs to be refilled? The filler thingy is for the 2hour tanks only.

    I’m a believer in keeping things ready so the tanks are filled in advance. And I truly appreciate your help and your hubby. A great big thank you to you both.

    The resp. Co. Could keep better watch on when things are running low if they were at all interested in their customers. No?

  39. Exit4 says:

    No problem! Anytime. He said your self filler should accommodate a four hour tank. Most do. If not-because you have only been on it since July-they should switch out the self fill. It’s under warranty. As far as weight-2 two hours full are about 8 lbs. A 4 hour full is about 10. It’s pretty much the same-but a four hour is easier. You’re smart with keeping them filled! A lot of patients do not fill them all at once-they do one at a time because they think it saves money on electrical. It’s doesn’t! It’s actually the opposite.

    As far as the back order issue-it’s many things. His company uses an outside supplier. Occasionally back orders happen. But he keeps up as best he can. He runs the branch that supplies the entire Philly VA-they have 1000s of patients-but a staff of maybe 12. But they only supply certain things. The VA has multiple small companies under contract that play different roles. Apria on the other hand, is huge! They have their own supply chain and all of that. And As far as he said, they don’t relent.

    Sometimes “back order” is code for “we’re not giving it to you”. This happens mostly when new patients come on from other companies and want exactly what they had before. Certain machines etc. and the new company doesn’t have that machine. And they won’t buy it-because of costs and contractual stuff. Normally, they just get a patient to take what they offer-and 9 times out of 10 they see it’s ok! Although there is better equipment then others. Tank size should not be an issue, unless that’s what Medicare deems you have to have. But 4 hour tanks should not be this difficult to get. The delivery issue will still exist. If you haven’t already, call your insurer and get the info from them. They are really the ones you should talk to-because they’ll tell you exactly what your policy covers. The resp. Company really can’t. Because they’re bound by certain rules as well.

    So, talk to Medicare-see what you can do! Good luck! Oh, one last thing-if you didn’t know already-ever penny you spend out if pocket, keep track of. It’s deductible on your income taxes.

    • Exit4 says:

      Barb-I’m sorry I read that wrong! The tanks aren’t the issue it’s the concentrator. Right? I’m not in the field-so I’m clueless! But I do know what a concentrator is! Lol. They could be out at your branch and the delay is coming from apria. When he came to this company from his old company-they had to switch the entire patient load to different machines. It took 3 months.

      • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

        Dang. I wrote a reply and now I don’t see it? I’m pretty sure I saw it posted before. Gremlins? Of course I don’t remember what I wrote.

        Thunder here. Something else to worry about. Will this day ever end?

  40. VV™ says:

    I am sure Pandora knows who is the ROL “source”.

    • VV™ says:

    • Exit4 says:

      Who do you think it is? Brandi?

    • T-Rex says:

      This is actually RadarOnLIARLIARPantsOnFire(allegedly) twisting a funny tweet meant as a jab, as real. They need to hire some British folks to their staff to get that dry sense of humor that some Brits have, I have heard that she has filmed extensively with LisaRinna and some with Eileen Davidson, again she has been friends with these two ladies way before the show. I have heard that VileKyle has come around and is also filming with the RoyalVpump, but my producer friend has heard that there is VERY LITTLE interaction between THE-LIAR-SUPREME-DRUNKEN-SLUTBAG-MORONStFUBrandi and the RoyalVpump. They have filmed at Bravo-Induced functions that they are mandated to show up to, but that’s it and also that she has had very little interaction with SpaceCadetKim. I don’t know if this item is true or not, but she said that SpaceCadetKim has an even lesser role this season of filming, and is very much more like a “friend” of the Ho-Wives. They are going to use the excuse she was too busy with her daughter’s wedding to film, but my friend says that she other than the wedding, which was moved to accommodate filming she had NO STORYLINE what so ever and they didn’t know what to film with her. She also said we are going to be inundated with more of the YOLO-LemonHead-NextEx-WifeofDavidBananasFoster struggle with Lyme Disease this season as well. There is also “word on the street” that THE-LIAR-SUPREME-DRUNKEN-SLUTBAG-MORONStFUBrandi was told by Bravo to shut her twatter-up regarding filming this season and she wasn’t to give any interviews without Bravo approval either.

  41. Exit4 says:

    This is interesting-it’s radar-but there’s parts of documents.

    • Powell says:

      So Exit who do you think this is? Kyle, NeNe.. Maybe not Kyle since it says recent. Heather?

      • Exit4 says:

        Did it say recent? I missed that-I thought it was just HW-their favorite subject, when it comes to money, is Teresa so it could be her. Who knows!

  42. AZGirl says:

    Watching The Guide for Extreme Parenting anyone with me?

  43. This show is painful to watch.

  44. I run several schools – I could read that guy’s mind. She is not giving her son “an edge”, she’s giving him therapy bills for years as an adult. The husband seems to get it but he’s been trained to only listen to mommy. ugh.

  45. VV™ says:

    This is pretty awesome.

  46. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Just got home from Bunco and remembered I had to recap Don’t Be Tardy and surprise, surprise. it wasn’t on tonight! Sorry I lied upthread – I assumed it was on! Bravo moving around stuff on me. Whew! I can go to bed now. 🙂

  47. chismosa™ says:


    Just saw that RHOA – has ” added two new cast members for upcoming season.”

    Wonder if it’s the BS like “Jackie” back at NJ –
    But it did make E…… 🔥

    • T-Rex says:

      Chis- Well they needed at least one new cast member since Phaekdra has decided to leave the show, so usually they do bring in two new folks for one “veteran” to see which one may work out as a regular cast member. As I posted earlier, Phaekdra has left voluntarily since she doesn’t want to discuss the ConvictMULTIFelonNida situation for the sake of her family.

  48. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Love you all, this is life in Rabbletteland

    So this is the conversation going on in my house right now.
    Me: Dylan, it’s almost 8:30, time for the girls to go to bed
    Dylan :Yes Dear
    Me: Girls, you are going to have to get ready for bed soon
    Girls: Daddy is the one who tells us when to go to bed
    Me: Yes but I am the boss…

    Which resulted in them saying how daddy is the boss- and daddy indulging this delusion and more taunts from the peanut gallery such as “Daddy’s is the boss’ and clapping and chanting “Daddy”

    Me; You girls are about to find out who the boss REALLY is
    Reese: You will never defeat us evil demon. (chant) USA, USA, USA.

    • Hi Rabblerouser, that is so cute! Have your girls started school yet? Give us a little update on your daughter’s first week—you mentioned a little while back that she’ll be mainstreamed this year? Wishing them both good luck. 🙂

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        HI Foxy, we don’t start until Sept 4th although a few districts near us started last week and another two weeks ago.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          PS- thanks for the well wishes.
          Ryanne was also in general ed last year but was pulled out an hour a day- then there was an aid that came in once a day every other day for her an another girl (although she really helped the whole class if needed). This year they don’t think she will need as much support but we have planned to go in..then start to pull back as the year progresses depending on how she is doing.

          Reese starts Kindergarten at the same school this year . Fortunately, she has some friends that were in her old pre-school attending, so it will help her with her shyness and anxiety.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Hilarious! Nice to see you posting again, Rabble!

  49. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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