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Dina Manzo

Dina lets us know she I aware that she wasn’t in much of this episode.  She tells us how much she believes in the mumbo jumbo of vision boards (Oprah was all about these years ago.  I don’t get it.  My fridge is my “vision board”.  Unfortunately, I post things like recipes and holiday cards which might explain a lot of my probs.)  I don’t the Vision Board is gonna get TerEsa out of her FEDERAL legal issues.  I am also dumbfounded that Dina made a Vision Board when she was married to her first husband and now she wants us to believe she has everything on that board now…did her Vision Board include hopes for 2 divorces?  Dysfunctional relationships with siblings?

Now I’ll touch on a few of my favorite moments from this week’s show. How adorable is Giovanni? He’s got such a gentle way about him for a boy his age, it’s exciting to see the next generation of a family business bloom. I’m sure Teresa and Rino are very proud of him and his desire to keep that tradition alive. I can tell you first hand that the food is GREAT at their restaurants, and please when you visit will you buy that man a drink?

I thought this was a real scene.  I have a 16 year old son and that is exactly how he behaves when I am in the car with him.  

Speaking of restaurants I appeared to be a bit quiet at dinner with the crew, didn’t I? That’s a LOT of personalities at one table. I tend to shrink in situations like that and do more eating and observing while everyone else takes the stage. I loved to see Rosie happy with her new love. Rosie and I had many talks about her relationship since me and her girl are both Pisces. I tried to give her an inside peek into the wonderful sensitive minds of us fish. You’ll have to stay tuned to see how it worked out for them. I adore Rosie and wish her a lifetime of happiness, she deserves it.  

I didn’t realize Dina saw herself as a shrinking violet.  Hmmm.  I love seeing Rosie happy.  She has always been REAL on the show and I think she comes off as very sincere.

Finally I have to say it was nice to see Amber and Nicole work out their differences…at least for now. I see the good in both the girls, we all mess up once in a while, right? OK, OK, so it might be a little hard to relate to a slutty first responder throwdown, but you know what I mean.  

Yeah, it was nice.  So what.  It ain’t gonna last.  Dina bids us farewell and tells is to get crafting.

Teresa Giudice

TerEsa thanks us for watching this week and was excited for us to see her family.  She is very proud of Gia.  I have a feeling Gia is the most mature one of this bunch.

Milania… again with Milania! I can’t believe she hid my present for Gia in the fridge! I know you only see her acting out, but she loves attention and likes to play up when other people are around. In private though she’s a sweetheart. Believe me, I don’t let my kids run wild. They are all such good kids with good hearts. They make me so proud!

OK, Milania is back to being the adorable Milania we have grown to love.  Here is a tweet from my favorite tweeter, @TheFauxMilaniaG.  If you don’t follow her, please do yourself a favor and check her out.  It is HILARIOUS!

TerEsa tries to make us believe the inmates are not running the asylum.  Not buying.

Gia’s gift was a pave ring that my mother gave me when I was a teenager. I’ve been saving it for her. It’s too big for her to wear now, but she’s mature enough to understand how much it means. I don’t think there’s any better present than something passed down from your mama, no matter what it is.

Contrary to most, I thought this was a very thoughtful gift.  I have a ring that was my great grandmother’s and it has a lot of sentimental value.  Yes, it is a bit big and “costumey”, but I am sure she can wear it for special occasions.

How funny was Joe and Gia’s talk? I love that they have such a great relationship. It’s important for girls to have a strong father figure in their lives. Gia is a daddy’s girl just like I was, and still am! Their heart-to-heart talk was so cute. I can’t believe Gia admitted to her dad that she’s kissed a boy! Ah marone! I don’t even want to think about it. Joe’s so funny: “Next time that kid comes here, I’m gonna kick his ass.” He’s kidding of course, but any boy that wants to date any of our daughters better realize they have to go through me and Joe first!

We are definitely seeing a softer side of Juicy this year and I like it.  He loves his girls.  He also knows the likelihood is pretty high that he will not be seeing these girls grow up.  Very sad for those girls.

TerEsa loved meeting all her fans at her Fabellini signing.  Wonder how much she charged for pics with her.  She wishes us Tanti Baci and signs off.

Melissa Gorga

Melissa still tries to make us believe she wanted wings on that damn truck.  I am really hoping she is not that dumb, but now I am not so sure.  Also telling the Scientist that she is only familiar with the scientist from Back to the Future.  Um, she has a college degree.  Did she get hers through the mail?  Was it a lottery?‎‎‎

I have to say I absolutely loved watching the scenes of Teresa and Rino and their handsome son, Giovanni. It still amazes me that these two were actually divorced and ended up back together and stronger than ever. It really does go to show you that true love conquers all! These two really entertain me and the more you get to know them, the more you’re going to fall in love with both of them!  

I am not that entertained by them.  But I do love that the kid is going into the fambily business.  

‎‎I loved that Rosie introduced Ellen. You can see it in her eyes that she really loves this woman and feels really comfortable with her. Rosie is such a joy to be around and always makes everything fun!

As I have said again and again, Rosie is the most real person on this show.  I wish we had more of Rosie and wonder why she and Kathy don’t blog?

Can’t get over how big Gia is getting. Love seeing the moments with her and her daddy. There’s nothing like the father-daughter bond. I see it every day with Antonia and Joe. No one gets a little girl’s heart like her daddy!   

‎Beautiful and bitter sweet.  We are all fully aware that the likelihood of Juicy being around for her 14th birthday is HIGHLY unlikely.

Watching Nicole do her thing at work was so great. You could tell she definitely brings the sass and energy to that office! She’s such a doll and she always makes me laugh. 

I actually found this scene to be annoying.  Who else is hoping she is not using that annoying voice on a speaker phone all freaking day?

‎‎‎I really was so happy that Amber and Nicole finally decided to talk to each other. That’s really what I wanted to happen from the beginning at Bobby’s party, and I also wanted to be there with them to explain my part to Amber so she could understand why I told Nicole. It wouldn’t have been right for it to be out there for everyone to hear without Nicole being able to explain that whatever Amber heard through the grapevine wasn’t true. I’m glad they finally talked it out and hopefully we can all move on from the nonsense.

Liar liar pants on fire!  There is no freaking way that when you set this ball in motion that your ultimate goal was for Nicole and Amber to have a polite sit-down to hash out their differences.

Melissa promises she will talk to us next week and tells us she is a busy little bee working on her holiday jewelry line.  Gee, I hope there is a Back to the Future themed piece in that line.  Maybe a Delorean pin?

Amber Marchese

Amber has taken it upon herself to write her college thesis for us each week.  It gets longer and longer as the weeks go by, but the theme doesn’t seem to change.  Amber tells us she doesn’t “want to beat a dead horse” but she goes on to do so anyway.  Yes, she has to rehash “through the grapevine” story.  Great.  We get it.  You didn’t think Melissa would tell anyone.  I am gathering you NEVER watched a real housewives franchise before you got casted, right?  Because that’s what happens on every episode.  Like the old game of telephone, one person tells another something allegedly private or personal and that person tells other cast members and adds a little extra something to make the story better.  We saw it on OC with Tamra and Shannon and on BH between Brandi and Lisa.

What I still do not understand is how this situation ever escalated the way it did in the first place. It would have been a hell of a lot more sane if this “sit down” conversation happened prior to the spectacle that Nicole had put on at the party. Either way, I learned a very valuable lesson from all of this. I pray we can honestly all move on.

Let me share this with you my young Jedi, it happened because you get paid!

As far as Bobby goes, please understand, there is so much back story this situation. Bobby hurt us, my family, and destroyed a long term friendship with my husband.  Jim has done nothing but bend over backwards for Bobby! I have had many conversations with Bobby, and I do not like how he treats people. Whether it be his friends, his family, or women, I have cringed at some things that he has said to me. If Rino, Teresa, or Nicole for that matter wants to turn a blind eye, that is their choice. Trust me when I tell you, I held back what I really wanted to say to Nicole as a friend, and there are things I have kept quiet because my loyalty was with Bobby for a very long time now. However, after what Bobby did to us, I wanted so badly to warn Nicole. I did not feel like she was ready, so I shut my mouth.  Remember Nicole, there is nothing for us to gain by telling you, however, you are handing him everything for free, including notoriety and fame, without so much as a ring on your finger. I hope everyone caught Bobby’s response at the dinner table when asked about his future with Nicole: “Is that grape?” In the end, I warned her and what she does with the information is her decision.

You start out telling us this was your hubby’s BFF, but all along you knew he was a scumbag?  Weird.  Your hubby was hanging out with this guy for YEARS and only know have you found your voice and decided to tell everyone what a terrible person Bobby really is?

Now, I am going to gush over my children! They were amazing and so adorable! Their personalities just shined! The Mortgage Now commercials are just so much fun for us as parents to watch.  It helps our children learn their lines and perform, as well as breaking them out of their shells and learning to be comfortable in front of others. Whether they want to pursue acting, public speaking, public office, or anything for that matter, this gives them the foundation to do all of that.  Jim and I could not be more proud as parents. Jim and I truly love being parents. We really feel we are an amazing duo together with the same values, morals, and ethics. We want to raise amazing gentlemen and ladies. Here is a flash bulletin, the commercials are for fun and for the Mortgage NOW, Inc. website, they are not supposed to make you apply for a mortgage – they’re there to make you smile and make it clear the company is service oriented and family based. 

<snooze>  I get it.  Jim came on this show to hopefully get some exposure for his business.  And then, he opened his mouth.

I want to take a moment to remember one of my all-time favorite people, Robin Williams. My heart goes out to his family. I also want to take a moment to outwardly speak about the hate mail/tweets that his daughter received after this tragedy in her life. I don’t understand the level of depravity to send her anything but condolences. I really don’t. She does not deserve this. She only deserves our love and support. 

Yes, this is totally off topic but I 100% agree with her.  First and foremost, we lost one of the most talented actor/comediennes my generation has known.  His children lost their beloved father.  And bastards out there in the world took this opportunity to twist the knife a little more in order to make his daughter hurt more.  There is a special room for these people in hell.

Her experience with hate tweets made me think of #RHONJ. Please, support your favorite Housewife, but it really upsets me to read hurtful, viscous tweets about any of the Housewives. It is OK to have a point of view, it is OK to not agree with us, it is OK to like and support us, however, it is never OK to be mean, vulgar, judgmental, and/or nasty to any of us. I may not agree with a particular Housewife, I might even be angry with her, but I still do not want my supporters becoming nasty to her. We can all get our points across without being cruel to one another. Our supporters are what make this show so amazing. This should all be enjoyable and a fun process, leave the nasty and hateful comments out it. 

OK, you lost me here.  Comparing your situation with Robin Williams’ daughter is just wrong.  She never asked for any of this.  You signed up for a show knowing full well how previous cast members have been treated.  You knew it going in.  Shame on you for trying to get sympathy for being a fame whore.  If you don’t like the negative attention, delete your twitter account, stop going on facebook and get yourself off reality TV.  If your gonna dance, you gotta pay the fiddler.

She closes by thanking everyone (yes, a long list) for their support.  I was not listed so she is not thanking me personally.  I do, however, appreciate her not mentioning the c-word!  My liver thanks you, Amber!

Teresa Aprea

It’s the end of summer and TEReSA is watching it fly by.  She enjoyed this episode and especially liked the dinner with the whole group.

Every scene with my son Gio makes me smile. I’m sure you can tell by now that my son, my one and only, steals my heart. Gio is a good driver, but all you moms know how nerve wracking it is driving with your child in the beginning. As a mom my advice is to constantly reinforce with your children that speed really kills. My heart breaks for so many lives lost this past week in our area from car accidents with teens. I am constantly praying for the youth today to “get it” — drive slowly. Kids think they really are indestructible.

I enjoyed the driving scene.  It was just like watching my son and I when we are out driving.  Sad to hear there has been a lot of loss in her community.  Our community lost 4 teens in an accident the night before graduation a few years ago.  It was a huge blow and hopefully a wake-up call to the other kids.

Having dessert in little Italy with Rino and Gio was quite amusing. Obviously Rino and I have different parenting styles. His conversations with Gio are a lot different than mine, so I will leave the “double, triple bagging” suggestions to his dad. That is definitely a talk that should have been between father and son, without me there. My conversations with Gio definitely pertain to the heart, the way to treat a woman, respect, cherishing, and a lot of love. Rino’s conversations tend to head south. LMAO!

The relationship between TEReSA, Rino and Gio is very sweet and you can see how very much they love their son.  I think it is really exciting that he wants to take over the family business.  TEReSA then goes on and on about the renovation and the new restaurant.  I got a snack.  I wish I had some of those desserts TEReSA and Gio had at that restaurant.

As for Nicole, my sister, my twin, her heart of gold always shines bright. Witnessing that conversation with Amber once again reflected the class act that Nicole is. I wish I could say I felt sincerity on Amber’s part, but I just didn’t see it. There was just so much attitude, so sad, enough already.

Nope, I didn’t see any sincerity either.  I do not see anyone putting this storyline to bed.  Amber is gonna continue to beat this dead horse til it is dog food.

I love that Dina does a dream board. Although we have never spoken about that, having been in the Personal Development arena, I also do dream boards and believe they are a tremendous tool in getting laser focused on your goals. I add a Bible verse under each picture, which I believe makes it so powerful. Thank you, Dina, for sharing this for the world to see — it can be so beneficial to many people.

We have now come to the portion of the blog where we suck up to Dina.  I don’t get the whole dream board.  Dina is a little too kooky and crystals for me, but hey, whatever works, right?  TEReSA checks out and thanks her fans and friends for all their love and support.  You’re welcome.

Nicole Napolitano

Nicole starts out apologizing for her blog being a wee bit tardy.  She didn’t post her blog until Saturday morning.  Let’s jump right in.

It was great to finally get an apology. Going back to that night and remembering how I felt, it was a really good feeling to forgive and let go. I truly feel what I said in my interview: “Bitterness is leprosy to the soul.” At this point weeks had gone on with a lot of hurt , lies, and deceit, and with all the anger that I had towards Amber also came deep hurt. Once it involves my family, then it must end. Again I always feel people make mistakes, and if they are really sincere, they should be forgiven. So I left that café after our long conversation feeling really happy we were in a much better place and actually feeling hopeful for our friendship. It was hard for me to go back to that happy place this week due to the negativity in Amber’s blogs this season and both Amber and Jim’s comments on social media. There’s a difference between right and raunchy, and my children do not need to be subjected to their vile and inherently evil comments. Especially since my children loved and respected my boyfriend, Gary! So my advice to Dina, since you are separated or may date a man who is separated, is make sure the Marcheses don’t call you a “home wrecker” next season.

Hmmm, seems as though we are getting a clue into where the whole “homewrecker” came from.  Did Nicole date a guy who was separated and then his scorned wife claimed he was a cheater and Nicole was a homewrecker?  Whatever.  I am so sick of this “storyline.”

I actually enjoyed seeing myself at work. My office is like my second home. One of my best friends, Adriana, is one of the assistants in the office, so I absolutely love seeing her in the morning and having our coffee together. It wasn’t a shock at all for my office to hear that phone call, because I’m extremely close to all them. They are like my second family, so they knew exactly what had been going on for weeks. I hope everyone will get to see more of me in the workforce, because it’s really exciting and I would love for you all to see some amazing private jets. That is what I call sexy!

I found this whole scene annoying and staged.  I am still hopeful that she is not on her speaker phone all day.

Loved having dinner at Ponte Vecchio with everyone. Not only is it a beautiful restaurant, the food is outstanding! It was a great group. Joe Giudice’s homemade wine was outrageous, and I truly love the two Joes. They both have a genuine sweetness about them and I enjoy being in their company along with their beautiful wives. We had such a great dinner at Angelo’s with Teresa and Joe that I was excited to have them at Ponte Vecchio. I loved seeing Rosie happy. She deserves the very best, because she has the BIGGEST heart and gives so much! Her sisters Kathy’s cannolis were out of this world too! Amazing how Rosie and I started dating our significant others both in March. Yes, my brother-in-law mocks Amber and says “Nicole and Bobby’s relationship is facazy.” Well I don’t know why Amber keeps on questioning or even cares so much about my relationship and whether Bobby is with me for the right reasons. Well I had a magnificent dinner with Bobby that night as well. We always have an amazing time wherever we are as long as we are together! 

Yes, Rosie deserves to be happy, but I guess not with this gal.  It has been all over the gossip sites that this woman felt used and that her relationship with Rosie was more casual than the show made it out to be.  That makes me sad for Rosie.  Amber is one of those women that doesn’t wish happiness for her friends.  She must be pretty miserable in her own head.

It was incredible to see Dina’s dream board. I had a personal development business for five years and I feel strongly about dream boards. Dina has a beautiful spirit and I love what a great friend she is to Teresa. Those are the kind of friends people need in their lives.

Whatever.  I don’t believe putting stuff on a corkboard gets you any closer to the things you want.  WORKING HARD is what gets you closer things you want.  Nicole closes by asking us to pray for the family that lost 2 children and a father and boy who are in critical condition.  She asks us to talk to your children about speeding (also mentioned in TEReSA’s blog).  I will take a moment to do this today.  We all live in this lightening fast world and we just need to remind ourselves to slow down.


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Happy Birthday



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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s slumber Sunday and cloudy. I hope you had a great Saturday and enjoy today.

  2. ladebra says:

    Woo Hoo! Happy Birthday shamrockblonde !🎉🎉🎉

  3. ladebra says:

    Thank you for blogging the blogs Namaste. I can’t imagine why Bravo doesn’t post comments <—- pure sarcasm. But there is always twitter. Isn't this lovely!

  4. Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

    Ice cream cake for Shamrock’s birthday. Happy Birthday to you! I will refrain from singing. I don’t want to ruin your day 😀

  5. AZGirl says:

    Happy Birthday ShamrockBlond. From one Irish lass to another I wish you a happy day! Have we heard anything from Veena lately?

  6. VV™ says:

    Going to go on record here…
    The fact that Lisa Vanderpump nominated Brandi for the ALS Bucket Challenge only is a major disappointment. They both posted the video the same day 08-18-14. Lisa posted hers first in the morning and Brandi posted 2 hours later.

  7. Veena (NMD) says:

    Happy birthday Shamrockblond

    Final Norway Blog

    We are back in Greece and it is very very hot.

  8. plainviewsue says:

    I have a like/hate relationship with Rosie. I feel for her cos in my opinion she is totally used by Kathy, Richie and Bravo for a storyline. While I don’t know if I believe everything that came out by Ellen’s girlfriend (and I certainly hope that the story of them being molested by their brother is untrue), the fact is she can be a nasty belligerent person. I like her best when she’s with Juicy, cos then I think she is the most true to herself.

    I totally believe that Kathy had issues with her being gay and Rosie always felt left out of the family. I believe Teresa when she says that Rosie would be more welcome in their house then with her sister. Being on RHONJ gave Rosie her first taste of being well liked and popular. Everyone loved Rosie. Kathy was in the background.

    Oh, and I met Teresa, and she didn’t charge anyone for pictures. I know you’re not a fan of hers, but I think she has shown a lot of growth over the seasons. I just watched the first look for tonight’s episode, and whether it was phony or not, I liked the scenes between her and Melissa.

    • VV™ says:

      PSV, not sure why my reply to your post, posted as a separate comment. It’s below.

    • OH MY! I had not heard a story about Rosie and Kathy’s brother abusing them. That is awful if it is true. I may come off as a “non fan” of Teresa, but I kinda am. I am rooting for her in a quiet way. I think she has changed from season one and her “I can’t live in a house someone else has lived in” to today where she is looking at a bigger picture. My hope is that Juicy will do the “time” in the pokey and Tre will get probation. I feel very bad for those girls.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Oh Namaste, I hope I didn’t offend you by saying you’re a non Teresa fan!!!

        I understand the quiet rooting. A lot of people on twitter are so vicious and wish her the worst. I get that what she and Joe did was very wrong. I do believe Juicy should serve time, but like you I’m hoping Teresa doesn’t. Bottom line they didn’t kill anyone. Unfortunately a lot of people did what they did. I blame the mortgage companies as well.

        I couldn’t imagine living through this. I think Teresa has learned a lot over the seasons of this show.

        • mrs peabody says:

          I also am hoping Teresa get probation, I suppose Joe should get a couple of years but there is no way I want him deported. Once he pays for his crime he should go back home to his family here in the USA. He is a white collar criminal and given he has lived here since he was a baby I think he should not be deported. There I said it. There are a lot worse people in this country illegally and if they want to deport someone go after the ones who are here illegally and worse than him first!

      • kit9 says:

        The “story” came from Teresa, the pathological liar and thieving felon. And it was completely refuted by Rosie herself. In fact, Rosie said it was Teresa, not Kathy that once had a problem with her being gay.

        • plainviewsue says:

          Disagree. Don’t remember what season it was but Teresa and Rosie were talking, and Rosie agreed there was a time when she and Kathy wasn’t close, and she was welcome to Teresa’s house. This is my opinion. I think Kathy’s family has a lot of skeletons, which is why we hear nothing about her brothers.

        • Exit4 says:

          There were 2 letters posted on another blog-supposedly from Rosie’s fake girlfriend Ellen’s real girlfriend. Lots of accusations against Rosie. It definitely didn’t come from Teresa. Teresa really doesn’t need to say anything about Kathy-she managed to become and remain irrelevant all on her own!

          PVS is right-I don’t remember the season either, but both Kathy and Rosie have admitted to not being close at times. Happens in a lot of families. Whether it was because she was gay-at this point they’ll never admit that-but it’s not unusual at all for families to have a hard time with it in the beginning.

      • T-Rex says:

        Not to be argumentative but she hasn’t changed ONE IOTA! She is still spending money like it grows on trees, they haven’t paid ONE RED CENT back to all those people they owe money too, while vacationing at the SHORE, going to country clubs, etc. From what I have read she still spends wads of dough for clothes, jewelry, shoes and other unnecessary items for her spoiled children, she just isn’t doing it for the cameras, they are hiding it now. Sorry, these LyingConvictedFelons haven’t changed at all and are still the same lying scum they were since season one.

        • ladebra says:

          I don’t think she has changed. I think she is sorry she got caught. But I don’t think she will ever see that what they did was against the law and did hurt others. “I want my life back, I want the life I had before, and that’s the truth.” “I don’t understand why this is happening to us.” There’s a court date in September isn’t there? Or has that been postponed?

          • T-Rex says:

            There sentencing is on for September I highly doubt there will be any further delays. Exactly she is sorry they got caught and I think she knew EXACTLY what they were doing and was IN on the scam 100%. I hope they throw the book at them both, sorry for their kids but if these two idiots really actually cared about their kids they wouldn’t have committed the multitude of felonies that they committed.

        • Exit4 says:

          You argumentative? Never! 😜

          It’s hard to say if she’s really changed-what we see on TV is such a small picture of “real” life. But if she hasn’t changed-she’s definately going really soon!

          About the shore thing-I have a shore house as most of you know-it’s actually my family home, my dad bought it right after I was born. I’m here all the time. I’m actually here now! Lol. As of now-the juicys are still in possession of their shore house, so the mortgage/taxes are obviously being paid. For now. 😉 Its a waste to have a second home and not use it. My life at the shore is exactly the same as life at home, except I sit on the beach. It’s very different owning then people who “vacation” at the shore.

          I know what you’re going to say-they acquired the home through fraudulent means-(I know you by now lady! :)) but until they have to get rid of it-they have a right to use it. Although she really could refrain from posting constant photos of them at the beach!

          But trust me when I tell you, they are not the only felons at the shore! Not even close. My town is the summer residence of the last 2 Philadelphia mob bosses. One went to jail-the other got acquitted. I see the one guy all the time. The other moved to FLA. They whole crew if them sit together. It’s kinda surreal. My next door neighbor (he’s dead now) was removed from the PA legislature for rigging votes. Another guy went to jail for voter fraud in Philly. He used absentee ballots from dead people. There’s countless former and current politicians, judges and business people that live down here in my town and the town next door who’ve been indicted for all kinds of stuff! And they carry on as if nothing’s going on…one guy a few years ago, had a party when he came out of prison!! I’m serious! In the 40 years I’ve been coming here-the stories I could tell! A Murder, suspicious fires and robberies-OMG!

          I guess that’s why I look at Teresa and her situation and while I know it’s wrong and they are going to pay for it-I sort of say “eh” and put up my hands. When you are walking to the beach pushing your kids in the stroller and a guy you’ve known forever says hello and comments on how big they are getting and wishes you a great day-and you know full well he’s probably made a pair of cement shoes for someone-the juicys crimes are small potatoes!

          Again-it doesn’t make it right-but in the scheme of things, it just doesn’t register too much for me. I guess they’re so much more that I’ve seen and heard about.

          Glad you’re feeling great!

          • Exit4 says:

            Just for the record-all of this crazy isn’t happening now! It’s a collection from over the years. This summer has been quiet-no real scandals! I forgot to add one that most of you are familiar with-especially if you saw American hustle. A kid that used to hang around us, his father did time for the abscam scheme. I used to feel bad when people would say “oh you’re so and so’s son”. But no one ever made a big deal about it.

            • T-Rex says:

              These guys are career criminals you talk about, but none was stupid enough to try to think they could out maneuver the Federal courts by not paying taxes then doing something so very idiotic by filing bankruptcy after committing fraud to many banks and hiding assets, then lying in federal court about it under oath. Look murderers need to go to jail, but unfortunately most of these guys kill other criminals so for some reason they get a pass, they should ALL be in jail instead of the Feds making deals to get higher bosses in the crime families to make a name for themselves. Sorry but I think folks like the ConvictFelonJuicy’s need to be the example to folks that you do the crime, you do the time. Lots of folks sitting in Federal Prison for copping to lesser crimes than these two idiots.

              • Exit4 says:

                TRex-some if these folks may not have tried to get out of their debts by filing for bankruptcy-but they’ve all committed federal crimes and tax evasion, lying under oath-happens all the time! My point wasn’t that they don’t deserve to be punished because others have done worse. They are guilty. My point was that there’s so much white collar, non violent crime committed everyday. (Minus the mob!-although they’ve moved into white collar crime these days) and sometimes it puzzles me the level of vitriol that gets thrown at the juicys. There’s a couple sites out there that go on and on about it. I guess it puzzles me because they’re not getting away with it. Everyone knows what they did and they will be punished. Post sentencing is going to be worse. Their lives are effectively over and they did it to themselves. So why keep pressing on what they did (not you-in general). Isn’t it enough that they’re paying the price? Sometimes it feels like overkill.

          • T-Rex says:

            Exit actually they did the scummy thing most criminals do and decided to hide the assets, the Shore house is in I believe her parents name, which is why they didn’t list it in their bankruptcy. They don’t technically “own” it on paper.

            • Exit4 says:

              It’s theirs. It’s on the bankruptcy. I remember it completely because they live in stafford. It’s on the bay-over the bridge from LBI.

          • mrs peabody says:

            That’s why I think Teresa should do probation, Joe a couple of years and no deportation. There are a lot worse people out there than him and they make deals and get little time and disruption to their family. I think a lot of this with him is due to them being on this show. I’m not saying what they did was right as it wasn’t but in the big picture of things they are really small potatoes.

            • T-Rex says:

              There are also loads of folks that aren’t famous doing far more time than these two may do for lesser crimes, so they are getting a pass on some of this because they are famous or infamous. ConvictFelonLyingGorillaJuicy also has State Criminal charges to face as well, probably will make a deal the same day they are sentenced in September and fact is he will have Federal Felonies on top of State Felony charge, folks are deported EVERY DAY for lesser charges than this. Again, if you want to stay a citizen of this country then don’t commit crimes, it’s not that difficult not to be a criminal. If you really cared about your children instead of your narcissistic selfish self, then don’t commit a crime. Sorry it really roils me to for them to get a pass when they would do it again tomorrow if they could. They don’t care about anyone but themselves, and I think they put themselves over their children any day. I have seen some of the reports they have done on these two, even from their mouthpiece they pay and they have all said that there is something wrong with these two morons, they don’t care nor think about anything other than themselves.

              • Exit4 says:

                Honestly, and this is just my opinion, we really don’t know what people who’ve done similar things have gotten. Because they’re not on TV so no one cares! The only thing their fame or infamy has brought them is the ability to get really good legal representation. The kind of representation that knows how to nit pick and knows every loophole and is well versed in how the federal court rolls. You know as well as I do-there are some lawyers who salivate at the opportunity to have a high profile client and will hammer out the best deal possible. All in the name of bringing more business to themselves. And it works. People seeking out attorneys for this type of thing are obviously guilty themselves and want the best.

  9. VV™ says:

    Rosie is well aware she’s being used. She’s not that dumb. I’ve seen enough nastiness from her on Twitter to not feel sorry. She needs psychiatric help.

    I too believe Kathy had issues with her being gay.

    I’m with on Teresa and still like her. Melissa is/was/will always be a snake in my eyes.

    • mrs peabody says:


    • plainviewsue says:

      Melissa is the snake. Does anyone else see how now she’s making mistakes in pronunciations of words? She wants to become Teresa and she wants her children to be the new Milania. Having said that, even if it’s fake, I so prefer all of this than the last 3 seasons of bashing Teresa.

      • VV™ says:

        I “eggmitt” I havent noticed because Im not watching RHONJ.

        If Mego is trying to be Tre, it will be an epic fail.

      • Laineylainey says:

        I’ve noticed.

      • mrs peabody says:

        try all she wants she will never be Teresa and when this season is done I’m done. The only one I even watch is Teresa, I fast forward through all the rest of them.

  10. ladebra says:

    I know I shouldn’t laugh, but honestly, look at this face!

  11. T-Rex says:

    Good Sunday Afternoon blog peeps, happy birthday to our Green Shammy! Now I just caught up with our lovely DesignDiva’s woes since October and whoa girl I am sending you out my healing vibes! You and I been dealing with medical crap it sounds like for the same time period and since my stuff is clearing out, sending you vibes so your crap follows my crap into the craptastic universe and away from us and from anyone else on the planet, it needs to go away into some abyss! So, you are in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery and that you bounce back soon.

    • THANKS BUNCHES T REX…. my crap follows me where ever I go… see I made a funny there….I have been following your medical saga also and I was HAPPY to read that things are looking sunny for you.. YEA… I kicked CANCERS ASS many years ago…. this THING however pales by comparison for sure… I know it’s hard for some to understand why but I know I bounced backed quicker from cancer surgery … this one has knocked me on my ass.LITERALLY….. Dr. doesn’t know when he can plan next surgery…for some strange reason they cant get my white cell count down to a reasonable number.. am taking a break from anti biotics… like a detox…. if numbers don’t improve , they plan on putting another port/ pic back in and I’ll have to go in outpatient for push anti biotics every day…. did that before and it sucked…..
      when I was going thru that in May , on day 5 they wanted to remove the pic… told them HELL NO not till you do bloodwork… I am sicker than shit..nurse gave me a hassle I told her to FUCK OFF.. call the dr or I’ll start so much shit right here…. they did bloodwork…white cell had climbed from 11.2 to 15.7 in 2 days and sed rate was 97…dr freaked…. they had to readmit me… do another drain ..OMG..never have this done w/o being knocked out….. after day 3 they decided they needed to do surgery…..I put on my brave diva face for Mr ford…and off I went…..
      it’s been an adventure for sure…… lol
      hugs and peace

    • VV™ says:

      #TeamT-Tex & #TeamVivaLasDivas

  12. ° ིྀ.¸ღ¸ ིྀ ´´¯` ིྀ.¸¸.ღ.HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAMROCKBLONDE ¸ღ.¸¸. ིྀ.´´¯` ིྀ.¸¸.ღ. ིྀ °

  13. Great blog Namaste, lots of giggles!!! I think all these women are nuts. I didn’t really watch the episode, it was on in the background. Hope everyone is having a great day!!!

  14. Laineylainey says:

    Happy Birthday Sweet Shamrock!!!!!!!

  15. Exit4 says:

    She’s definately right about The Godfather! Love 1 and 2 and watch them over and over. I pretend 3 never happened.

    • But 3 had the best. line. ever.
      “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!” ~Michael Corleone

      I love watching 1 and 2, but I love it even more when you can watch them in chronological order! That is freaking awesome!

      • Exit4 says:

        This is true! But the rest if the movie is a no! Lol. Sophia Coppola was awful!

        AMC shows them in order a lot. I have literally dropped everything and spent 5 hours in front of the TV to watch. Minus 3! Lol!

        After Godfather-my favorite mob movie is Goodfellas.

        • I have a few friends that we all do the nonsense facts about The Godfather movies. 3 is worthwhile simply because I get to feel closer to Andy Garcia! Oh snap! (bothers me that he is not Italian…but I always bothered that James Caan wasn’t either! lol)

  16. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Why the wigs? I don’t get it!

  17. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    I’m watching the VMA’s…anyone else?

  18. Exit4 says:

    What the f%€k??????? No. No. No. No.

  19. VV™ says:

    Kroy is only 28! 😳 I get now, why Kim (who is 36) mops the floor with him.

  20. VV™ says:


    neneleakes’s video

  21. So I just watched a video on where Victoria Gotti tells Teresa G. and Amber that Teresa’s husband Rhino, lol, slept with his mother-in-law, that HE told Victoria himself…and that is why they divorced….now if Victoria Gotti is talking shit about you, what recourse do you have?? I wouldn’t call her out on ANYTHING….I don’t want to disappear, allegedly….

    • LOL! No, don’t speak negatively about Vicky! THAT would be all wrong. And, I imagine, if she is repeating this story, she has verified her story very well!

    • Exit4 says:

      I apologize if you’ve heard this…but back when John Gotti was alive but before he actually ran the mob-a neighbor of theirs accidentally hit his son with his car and the son died. The neighbor disappeared. They found his body years later-when Gotti was in jail.

      Victoria Gotti has no real power at all-but just to be in the safe side-I wouldn’t eff with her!

    • LOL… now do you really think that RENAL would be still be walking around if he really did the dirty with his MIL….. no way in hell….. and that was a shitty thing for Victoria to even bring up on film…. guess she thinks cause she’s GOTTI she still GOTS it…

  22. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    How do they justify putting Lorde (Royals) in a Rock category 😕

  23. Jan (TexasTart) says:
    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      That was supposed to say “snore”. I thought all of the newer artists were a snoozefest! Not one of the better VMA shows. I think Beyonce is going to close it out.

  24. VV™ says:

    I dislike this young woman. I think she’s stoned on this video.

  25. chismosa™ says:

    Hi all— I hope no one is near the earthquake in Napa – I just heard about it.

    Hope all are good- catching up. I have like 300 things to watch tonight

  26. chismosa™ says:

    Happy Birthday Shamrock 🍀🍀🍀Blonde

    Hope you had a wonderful day.

  27. Jan (TexasTart) says:
  28. shamrockblonde says:

    thank you all sososososo much for all of the Birthday wishes!!! AND the ice cream cake!! – I love you all so very much!!!

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