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Dina Manzo

The Divine Miss Dina greets and tells us how very busy she has been with her Project Ladybug events and apologizes for not tweeting during the episode…I didn’t notice.

As I expressed back when we were filming, my condolences go out to Melissa and her entire family. Cancer is such a monster, I pray for the day that we see a cure. 

<drink>  Shit.  I am writing this at 9am and I already have to take a drink.

You all know Vikki from Bravo’s Untying the Knot as a feisty divorce attorney, but she’s also an old friend of mine from high school. I love that I can turn to her for advice on my separation; I know she’ll always have my best interest at heart. It’s a very hard subject for me to talk about, and I think you could tell by how swollen my eyes were from crying the entire drive to her office that day. I am doing the best I know how, and I’m so grateful for all the support that I have in my life. 

Nice cross promotion Bravo.  Now we know where this Vikki came from, too.  I find it hard that people have to pay good money for someone to speak plain common sense.  I have seen this with Dr. Phil, too.  People go on his show and are all shocked when he calls them out on their BS.

Valentine’s Day can go scratch… I’m over it. I choose love every day, not just one cliché holiday that makes people feel like crap if they’re alone. I’m learning more and more about relationships everyday —  why we choose and attract the mates we do and how to attract the right one for you. Use today’s new moon to manifest what is meant for you and how to get rid of the blocks that are preventing it. 


It was nice to see how everyone else spent their holiday, and I like how the twins included their parents. To be honest that is exactly how I usually spend Valentine’s Day, with my first and forever Valentine, my Dad. When I said I never had a nice Valentine’s Day, I meant in the romantic sense. It will be hard to find a man that loves me more than he does across the dinner table anyway, so there you go.

I agree with her here.  My dad will always be my first Valentine.  What a super cool guy.

Finally although I think it was very sweet of Joe Gorga to get the kids a dog, I really wish he adopted a pup instead of buying one. There are so many beautiful rescues out there that need a loving home. Check out one of my favorite organizations here and see what I mean!  

OK, I support rescues, but they are not always a perfect fit for everyone.  We saw on Orange County how Heather bought pure bred pups to make sure the kids would not be allergic.  We attempted to bring a rescue dog into our home a few years ago.  We were told he was not aggressive and very social with kids and other dogs.  Unfortunately, that didn’t turn out to be true and the very next day we had to take him back while I sobbed in the car.  Anyhoo…why didn’t Dina pass judgement on Tre and Juicy when they brought their fancy pup into their home?  I just think it is a crappy dig from Dina!

No comment on the last scene of the show, other than I’m still baffled why Jim would join this group if his intention was to distance himself from the Giudices. Who’s the one with the IQ of 12 now? 

Oh snap!  Game, set, match – Dina.

Keep your vision boards coming, and remember, I’ll choose a winner at the end of the month! Winner gets the life they’ve always imagined AND a pair of Ladybug sleepers!  

Holy crap on toast!  I didn’t realize there was a CONTEST going on!  I am all over that.  I will take a pic of my “vision board/fridge” and send it to Miss Dina right away.  I totally need a new pair of slippers.  Dina invites us to follow her on social media, but reminds us this is Lexi’s last week at home before she moves away forever and Dina will dress in black and cover all her mirrors…

Nicole Napolitano 

Nicole starts out telling us how her blog is gonna be short and sweet since she is a little bit salty over the recent episode.

I loved seeing my whole family spend Valentine’s Day together. It was the first Valentine’s Day with Bobby, and I’m thrilled this year I’m spending it with the man I love. Yes, you will see in this episode my mom and I having a conversation in my kitchen about Bobby and then Teresa and I having another talk in her bedroom. As you can see, I have a very protective family who just wants to make sure I never get hurt again and live happily ever after. 

I have never been one to fuss over a Hallmark holiday.  I have been married for 20 years and my husband and I sometimes remember to exchange a card.  And now, let’s move on to the main course…

When it comes to that hideous conversation that took place with Teresa Giudice, Amber,  and that blonde (who really must cut those hair extensions, because she looks like Grandma Strega from a bad porn movie)… In Italian households you can talk about many people and things, but a mother? That’s one thing that’s off limits. All I have to say is Karma’s a bitch! 

First, let me say, I am a little nervous talking trash about Ms. Gotti.  The last thing I need is for her to put the Malocchio (pronounced Maloik and means evil eye) on me!  So I will try to hide my snark.  Anyhoo…Victoria has the most beautiful hair.  Long, luxurious, blonde hair.  Strangely long and blond for a woman of her age.  While I am a “long haired gal over the age of 40” mine is au naturale (I don’t even dye mine).  I don’t necessarily agree that talking shit about someone’s mom is forbidden only in the Italian culture; it’s pretty much the norm everywhere.  What Ms. Gotti shared was pretty juicy.  I am curious, what was her motivation and intention (Dina, could you please help with that one?).  Why would she share this very salacious piece of gossip on national TV?  Why would she invite a complete stranger (Amber) into her home and share this tidbit, again, in front of cameras?

Nicole cuts it short and wishes us a wonderful week.  She says we all “rock and make social media a lot of fun!”  (She still doesn’t know us very well.)

Teresa Aprea

Blah blah blah.  Teresa begins by going on about Valentine’s Day being her fave holiday.

Always love late night conversations and cocktails in my bedroom by the fireplace with my sister. Having a sister as a sounding board is always therapeutic. It was so much fun taking pictures of her for Bobby — wish you could have seen the ones in her bikini, because forget the fire, those were really hot!

I get it; the sisters are close.  They like to take pics of each other cause basically, taking a picture of your identical twin is like taking a picture of yourself.  Dressing up your identical twin is like dressing up your very own My Size Barbie.  I am quite OK that we did not see the pics of Nicole in her bikini.

As far as the coffee klatch conversation, it’s so sad how other people need to build themselves up by attempting to take other people down. One thing which everyone should know about me by now, and will learn if they don’t know already, nobody is more real than I am. I don’t sugar coat anything. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. To know me is to love me, to cross me is the worst thing you can do when it comes to the people I love. We all know what we signed up for with #RHONJ and being a Housewife…it’s not The Brady Bunch. Although for me, there is a line of respect I draw when it comes to parents and children. This scene was nothing but a total lack of respect — filth and lies. Shame, shame, shame on anyone involved. My family, my blood, my mother, my father, my sister, my nephews Anthony and Joey, my husband Rino, and my son Giovanni are my world, my loves, and my life. And so help me God, anyone that tries to hurt or destroy any one of them… All I will say is there is God, and karma is a bitch. So beware, because everyone will get served exactly what they deserve, while I sit back peacefully.

Hmmm, so she knew what she was getting into when entering this realm.  Let’s hope she thoroughly cleaned out her closet of skeletons beforehand or at least checked with Rino about his closet…  I gotta say, I don’t believe the story.  I could believe that while he was divorced he talked crap about his X and said things he prob regrets, but I just can’t believe TEReSA would take him back if he had, in fact, slept with her mother (and she has a pretty nice relationship with her mom, too).  She also eludes that she is pretty pissed at everyone who was at the table; Amber (no shocker) and TerEsa.  I am a big believer in Karma (funny how that word has floated in and out of all the HW franchises).  I believe the energy you put out into world comes back at you ten-fold.  (I also believe that when you hang out with garbage, you start to stink ~ Don Caro)

TEReSA is so upset she does not even say adios.  I will forgive her, but just this once.

Melissa Gorga

Melissa begins by thanking Bravo for sharing the beautiful pictures of her Aunt Louella.  I agree with her 100% when she says:

Cancer is so scary and we need to find a way to beat it soon.  

Yes, it sure is.  And I will not take a drink cause this is not a reference to you know who and The Cancer.

I was very grateful that Amber came by after she heard my aunt had passed. I am not a grudge holder, and I always appreciate when someone has good intentions. It was sweet of her to bring me soup, and I definitely needed a hug. It was also the first time she ever met my children, so it was a very nice visit. 

I thought it was weird and very scripted given the way their conversation ended when they met for dinner.  Amber seems to try too hard to insert herself into other people’s lives.

It was also good to spend the night with my sister-in-law. We love each other and our children love each other. We had a great time and I actually enjoyed watching The Godfather! Life is about health, happiness, and family.

I have watched The Godfather many times and it does not remind me that life is about health, happiness and family.  But to each their own.

Speaking of family, how cute is little Valentino? I love that Joe was trying to cheer everyone up and it completely worked! That puppy is a king in our house! I’m still trying to get him to stop peeing everywhere, but we love him!    

I love puppies!  We got a boxer puppy 4 weeks ago and he is absolutely adorable!  I can say, he is better than reality TV!

I had such a fun time doing the boudoir pictures for Joe! Every woman should try it. It’s so empowering to be a woman and it makes you feel confident and sexy at the same time. Linda Marie made me feel so comfortable and she is just the best at what she does! Check out her website and go for it! Your significant other will be very grateful.

Ick.  I don’t need to know about anyone’s sexy time and I think we all know way to much about theirs.

As far as what Victoria Gotti said on the episode, I think it was completely unnecessary, and as a fellow Italian woman, we all know to speak about someone’s mother in a negative way is a BIG no no! I adore Teresa and Rino, and I feel for them with what was said. 

Ms. Gotti had a motive.  Rino or TEReSA have wronged her in some way and Ms. Gotti wanted to get even.  I am sure Victoria could have found a much more private way to end her grievance with the Aprea family.

Melissa bids us a fond farewell and asks us to check out the website with her boudoir shoot.  NOT.

Amber Marchese

Oy vay.  Amber has decided to re-hash the last 3 episodes.  Again.  She claims to not have a manipulative or lying bone in her body.  She also claims to be a student of life.  What the hell does that mean?

With that said, yes, I did apologize to Nicole and I meant every world of it. Now that I have had time to reflect and watch as things unfold this season, I realize how much crap went on. It still irks me to no end how Nicole acted completely shocked and surprised when Melissa told her what I had heard. It doesn’t make sense, Nicole has publically admitted to being with a married man who was separated from his wife at the time! Nicole acknowledges she dated him and that this was right before she met Bobby. How could she have been so shocked and appalled? Why didn’t she simply say, yes I dated Gary, but he was separated. Instead, Nicole and TeResa acted surprised to the point of driving to my home to confront me and then a week later attacking me at what was supposed to be a fun party. They knew exactly what and how I heard what I heard! Here you go, I’m calling your B to the U to the double L sh–…bullshi–! And please, for the love of God, both Nicole and Teresa need to stop referring to me as “evil.” I am not an evil-doer, I don’t have weapons of mass destruction, and I don’t order sharks with freakin’ laser beams on their heads to kill innocents. Get a grip! I heard Nicole slept with a man who was technically still married, and guess what, she did! Call it what you like. But both TeResa and Nicole acted like children to be cool in front of their new friends. 

And we are now back to beating that dead horse.  Nicole may have admitted in the past to dating a man who was separated (dating a man who is separated is COMPLETELY different from dating a married man whose wife believes they are in the “happily ever after” stage), but I am sure she never thought a FRIEND would tell the world she was a home wrecker.  I see the difference, but Amber does not.  She thinks it is odd that Nicole would be upset that Amber suggested she was a homewrecker.  I personally think, the label of homewrecker would be the worst!  No other married friend will ever trust you again so I, too, would be just as upset if not more so than Nicole was.  If Amber sincerely apologized for spreading this rumor, she would not be discussing it or trying to defend herself in this blog 8 months later.  Just sayin’.

As far as my tweets on Twitter. I do not post mean comments that are verbally attacking anyone or are abusive. I state facts as I see it and I only retweet comments that have a good point of view. If they are mean, I do not engage. It is not kind, and I will not engage in that, so please do not send nasty tweets to me about anyone. 

I went and read through some of her tweets.  She retweets other’s quite often and I believe if you retweet something someone else says, you are basically saying, “I agree with you!”  So, when you retweet something nasty and someone else complains you can’t just say, “Well, I didn’t tweet that!”

You might have seen Jim on Twitter as well @jlmarchese111. He is definitely a different cat than me. I truly have the ability to forgive and forget when I feel that apology is real. Jim has an “eye for an eye” mentality. Once you cross Jim, that’s pretty much it. Contrary to what you have seen so far, Jim is truly a man of his word, honorable, and will give you the shirt off of his back. He is just no nonsense when it comes to certain matters. I have seen Jim get hurt on so many occasions when he tries to help others. He had been nothing but kind to TeResa, Rino, Nicole, and especially Bobby. They screwed him over for no reason other than to be “popular.” Bobby knew what kind of cases Jim worked. Jim asked Bobby not to put him in a bad position and not to embarrass him. Crossing Jim for the entire world to see is like opening the gates of hell. And I assure you the gates are wide open. Jim will expose everyone for who they are and call them out on the wrong they did. He does not care about being popular with the group. I might not agree with everything he says and does, but I do very much respect him. I respect his point of view, it is extremely rational without over-the-top emotion (unlike me). 

Yes, Jim does seem to have his own mentality and it proves him to be a real a-hole.  And Amber, because you are married to him…well, you are guilty by association.  All the obnoxious and rude things he spews on twitter rub off on you.  Nothing I have seen this year show Jim to be an honorable man.

Now on to the rumor heard around the world. It is ironic that this episode aired on August 24. Because August 24, 1814 was the anniversary of the burning down of the White House, and over 200 years later, we just witnessed Victoria Gotti burn the house of Napolitano/Aprea down to the ground. I’m kidding, but seriously, you can see my absolute shock when I was told this. I remember feeling a range of feelings: Was this joke on me? Was this a test to see what I would do with the information? Was this Rino just spouting out stupidity? Was this a joke on Victoria? I have to say, Victoria did seem sincere, so at first I thought that this was your typical “your mama’s so fat” joke from Rino, however, there was never an “I’m just kidding” follow up. Either way, I am wearing my hair in a bun for the rest of the season just in case now that I know the consequences of the deplorable offense of hearing a rumor. Jim purchased state of the art ear plugs and Kevlar plated hair nets for Valentine’s Day. What I do with this rumor well…stay tuned! The Dunkin Donuts and the post office will never be the same. 

Dear God, did this woman google the date the show aired so she could make a ridiculous reference?  I could see she was shocked and her expressions are really quite funny!

I would like to dedicate my blog to Melissa’s aunt. I know how much she meant to Melissa and her family. It was always so amazing to me that she looked so much like Melissa’s mom even though she was her father’s sister. My heart goes out to the family. Cancer bites. 

<drink>  We almost made it through this entire tome without her mention “the word”.  And dedicating your BLOG to Melissa’s dead aunt is just plain weird (sorry Avivia, there is no better word here!).  She sends us on our way with love and blessings.  Obviously not meant for me.

Teresa Giudice

TerEsa lets us know she is soaking up the last bits of summer at the Jersey Shore.  Audriana starts kindergarten (has it really been 5 years since we saw her baptism???)

I liked seeing everyone celebrate Valentine’s Day with their families and supporting each other. Melissa and I hanging out like that on the couch, drinking Fabellini, and watching The Godfather, that’s how it always used to be before all this nonsense. We know how to have a good time together, and I’m so glad we’re back to that!

Still weird to lay on a chaise lounge with your sister in law.

It was very sweet of Amber to bring Melissa chicken soup after her aunt passed. It was a terrible loss for her. My brother bringing them a puppy was so sweet too. I hated seeing Dina upset about her marriage, but I know she’ll find her happy ending. She’s a wonderful woman and she deserves it.

Both very staged scenes.  Also, not sure why Dina is so upset about her marriage falling apart.  Her marriage was falling apart the day she married him.  No surprise there.

It was also sweet of Amber to come to my Fabellini signing. Thank you all so much for continuing to support me! I really do love meeting you all and getting to know you! That signing was really close to Victoria Gotti’s house, and I was so surprised and happy she stopped by. We’ve kept in touch since we were on Celebrity Apprentice together. Everyone thought we wouldn’t get along, but we really did. We have a lot in common. We’re both strong, Italian women who love their family more than anything. I had no idea Victoria knew Rino. Small world! Actually, I take that back, I shouldn’t be surprised because Victoria knows everybody. She’s like the Kevin Bacon of the East Coast. 

Again, I thought it was weird for Amber to go to the signing THEN park herself at the table next to TerEsa while she signed the bottles.  People aren’t there to see you, Amber.  It was funny that when Ms. Gotti got there she was not about to stand on line!

I was SHOCKED about what Victoria said Rino had told her. Shocked! And pretty quickly wished I had never heard it for about a million reasons. I really like Rino, and I think he and Teresa are very sweet together and have a beautiful family. I hope they stay together for a million years.

It’s hard to believe that when sitting down for these staged scenes that NOONE knows what’s about to go down.  Amber did a great job looking super surprised.  Tre, not so much.

She wishes us our weekly Tanti Baci and reminds us to check out her wares on her website…cause you know, those kids are gonna need to eat when their daddy is “away”.


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Sunday. I hope you’ve had a great weekend. I hope everyone is well. BIG hugs to you all. 🙅🙅 😚😃

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    Bringing over, cause I love this face!

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    Happy Sunday all.
    I got sucked into the RHOMelbirne (the way they pronounce it)

    I have to watch with cc’s on but it’s interesting.
    I forget who everyone here has said they like the best — I think La Chica is the nicest. Though before I saw her husband 😳I thought she was in her mid 50’s or so—- she looks way older than him.
    She seems super sweet.

    One looks like Dana Delaney and another like Stockard Channing in drag.

    I’m dvr’ing the rest.

    Hope all are well. 🌸

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      Hope you are well too and things are transitioning okay at home.
      You got me ROTFL over Stockard Channing in drag!!! 😆

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      Hi Chismosa! I just got up an hour ago,…happy that my dvr did it’s job, looking forward to watching the ladies of Melbourne. Er Mill-birn.

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    She is funny!

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    Namaste, I haven’t even finished reading the blog but you made me laugh right off the bat with this… “The Divine Miss Dina greets and tells us how very busy she has been with her Project Ladybug events and apologizes for not tweeting during the episode…I didn’t notice.” Hahahaha!

  9. plainviewsue says:

    No recap of Teresa’s blog? Otherwise, great job!!

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    I just discovered “Crazy, Stupid, Love”…what a good movie!!!

  11. Overit says:

    Namaste.. You do an amazing job with the blogs! I never go to bravotv anymore because Id much rather wait to read your recaps!
    I kinda do think The Rumor is true! No one has flat out denied it, and furthermore, something in that family seems off to me. We all know Theresa and Nichole’s dad was in jail at the time and hey, Santa is a beautiful older woman! That being said, it was certainly no business of Victoria Gotti’s to bring this information to light! This is the type of “family secret” you go to the grave with!
    On a side note, has anyone noticed Theresa (rino’s wife..can’t remember last name) looks exactly like Taylor Armstrong in the old family photos they show?! I had to do a double take…

  12. thedesigndiva2 says:

    Morning all….. update from MTH…

    • VV™ says:


      So, good to hear from Jeff. Sending prayers and good vibes for continued progress.

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    Absolutely great blog Namaste! … I tried but I don’t much like Amber. Or her husband. And no offense meant to any Italian-Americans, but seriously are there not any other people who live in Jersey? Greek-Americans, Southern Americans, mid-West Americans? And preferably without a police record.

    I’m quilting! I haven’t made a quilt in a year, and the spirit moved me this morning 😀 hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend. Lainey, you should post that picture so Lainey Girl!

  14. VV™ says:

    Why do the Wakile kids have Verified Twitter accounts? They are no longer on RHONJ and were never main personalities on RHONJ. We only saw them on very few occassions on the show.
    People like Terry Dubrow doesn’t have a Verified Twitter account and he has his own reality show and appears on another – OC. Jenna Keough was one of the stars on OC for 3 seasons – I think, she doesn’t have a verified account. Avery singer, who has been featured on RHONY since the first season, doesn’t have a Verified account. Why do Wakile kids do? Can they take the little blue dot from Twitter as they are no longer relevant?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I’m tempted to go online and ask them…but I don’t feel like having my life threatened or worse have them make fun of me and my kids.

      • VV™ says:

        Don’t do it Lainey because if you do…The wrath of the filthy Fly will come after you. I wonder if we can ask Twitter…

        Your daughter looks great on the pics. OK! magazine is great exposure for her. You must be so proud. We’re rooting for Lainey Girl here big time.

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    The blog has been updated with photos of LaineyGirl featured in advertisements in OK! Magazine!

  16. Great Blog Namaste! You so funny!! So has anyone denied what Victoria said, just straight out said, “That’s a lie.” or has everyone just said, “Karma is a bitch.” ??? ……hmmmm

  17. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    The blog has been updated to include Teresa Giudice!

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    It’s Sunday and there’s one more day off! And NJ is on tonight! It’s party time!

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    So awesome seeing the beautiful Lainey girl, she is just so stunning.

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    I just want to say a big thank you to all the folks who keep the blog up and running be it on the admin end or the blogging end. Your efforts and time are very much appreciated. xoxoxoxo

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    HOLY CRAP!!! LaineyGirl!!! OMG!!!! Amazing outstanding beautiful!!! How friggen exciting!!! LAINEY!!!!! I can’t even!!!

  22. VV™ says:

  23. kit9 says:

    Ok, watched Don’t Be Tardy and Kim’s big problem with her mom is some rumor(?)that she sold a story about Kim’s girls having different dads? I knew that long before that ever came up on the show so it had to be out there before any real or alleged story selling by her mom. Didn’t Nene say it, too? Also, nobody gave that story(nonstory)more exposure than Kim, herself, talking about it on the show! Not once, but now TWICE. I sort of assumed that things from Kim’s childhood were the real issue between her and her mom but Kim said last night she had a great childhood. So, the issues we saw on the show are what’s really at the heart between Kim and her mother? What? Kim’s mom wanted to use the bathroom? Her mom was furious that Kim had lied to her about Colin whatshisname? THAT’S why Kim cut her parents out of her life?

    Also, interesting to hear that Kroy isn’t talking to his family either and how Kim spins it. Kim claims it’s because she had two girls when she married Kroy. Please. I really doubt that anything to do with Kroy’s family’s disapproval of Kim and everything to do with Kim flaunting the fact the was a mistress/gold digger to a very married man on national TV.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      I agree, I tend to think Kroy’s parents judged Kim for the type of person she is, it’s hard to imagine the emphasis was on the fact she had two children already.

      Kim said that Brielle did not want people knowing she and Ariana had different fathers and I assumed this damage was already done when Kim talked about it on TV. It seemed to me, the info about the girls, stories being shopped to the media and the lawsuit was enough reason to turn one’s back on their mom.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I have to agree with you, about Kroy’s family’s issues with Kim. I highly doubt they would have issues with the existence of Ariana and Brielle (excuse my spelling) and it was more a concern about how Kim revealed her character/personality/priorities on national t.v. Prior to meeting Kroy. I can understand their concern, but once Kim and Kroy committed to each other they grinned and beared it. Grin and bore it? You know what I mean.

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