Project Runway – Priceless Runway

Project Runway

S13E7 “Priceless Runway”

By Princess Pindy

This week the designers are challenged to make an “Stand out evening wear look.”  I am hopeful.  The guest judge is Caroline Scheufele, co-president of Chambord Jewelry.  They are also sponsoring this challenge.  I Googled the company and WOWZA!!!  This is not costume jewelry!!  This is fine jewelry and it is beautiful.  I started a wish list and a account if anyone would like donate to a worthy cause- ME!!  Some of the pieces that they show in the preview are stunning!!  Also in the preview we see Tim Gunn get serious and it looks like he is going to get Ramontional.  I love Tim and I hope it isn’t anything too serious.  We will see.

The show once again starts with the designers talking in the apartments, blah, blah, blah, nothing interesting at all.. what a buncha bores, lol!!  OMGosh!!!  This Chambord jewelry is incredible!!  Gorgeous!  Millions of dollars worth of sparkle. I love sparkle.  The designers get to pick a jewel that catches their eye and the model will wear the jewelry on the runway.  They get one day for this challenge.  Sean won last week, so he has immunity and gets to choose first. Then the other designers get to choose. They have thirty minutes to sketch. Rut Roh, Tim has been up all night.  He has the designers gather around and he is in tears.  I want to hug him and I don’t hug!!  Char comes out but doesn’t know why she is there…. Tim is using his “Tim Gunn Save” to bring back Char.  He has such a tender, sweet heart.  I am so glad!!  I like her and her designs….  The “Save” is gone, shit just got real, lol!

Field trip!!!!!  Metropolitan Art Museum, Charles James exhibition.  Oh, I would love to go to that!  Wow what a genius and each dress has a computer screen that shows how each dress was made. They go to Mood to get their fabric.  Two designers get the same color of blue, this amounts to DRAMA on this season.  Korina picks the most hideous red, southwestern, velvet upholstery fabric.  It will be interesting/entertaining to see what she does with it.  Maybe because she is young, she didn’t live through the whole “Southwestern” faze that was the 80’s…all she needs is a howling coyote statue for the model to carry down the runway.  (No offense to anyone who loves Southwestern)  It was just so overdone, ja know??


OH, NOW that Char has a second chance she understands Amanda’s second chance, LOLOLOL!!! She was so upset last week about Amanda’s second chance not being fair but now that the shoe is on the other foot, she is ALLLLL for it.   Now THAT is irony!! It is actually “ironic” but I was making fun of Gretchen of the OC!   Kini is having a hard time.  He is the fastest fabricator there, hmmm.   Tim is giving advice again….another hmmm.  Wow, he is just full of ideas and advice.  Korina has her southwestern fabric kicking her butt.  She is trying to make a coat and the big patterns and repeats are not a good thing with that many seams.  She doesn’t know what she is doing.  She is going to crash and burn, IPPHO.

How weird, Sean has immunity from his win last week and he had a shoulder pad on the hip.  Tim told him “NO”, lol.  Then Tim tells Alexander that his dress won’t work with the necklace he picked.  Tim is just having a “Scorched Earth Policy” this season.  I agree with all of Tim’s advice, I am just shocked by this New and Improved Version of Tim.  I guess, as they say, Tim has “found his voice.”  I feel bad for Korina and her southwestern coat; it is so ugly.  She thinks it looks great; she is delusional. Amanda is having a hard time.  Kini thinks it is funny that Amanda bought organza when she was “ripped” for using organza.  “Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results is the definition of……INSANITY!” Emily asks when they will get the jewels and Tim says they will be handled by security and they won’t even be able to touch them.  Awwww, they are sad.


I hope I see something good because I am not sure what I was seeing in the Workroom.  This is the last immunity challenge.  Once again they are “saying” it’s anonymous. Korina’s evening coat looks bad and the back is worse.  It is just ugly, ugly, ugly!! Char’s look is NOTHING new, but it’s prettyyyy.  Emily again, nothing really new but pretty. Sam’s dress looks like a prom dress. Kini’s dress bubbies, unfortunately, are badly fit. Sandhya looks like a dress that you would wear out to dinner or a wedding, not a evening dress, IPPHO.  Sean, once again, brings it.  Amanda, it does not look like evening wear, it is too casual. Alexander did a good job, I wonder if it will hold up on a closer look though.


Sean, Sam, Korina, Amanda Kini, and Alexander are kept on the runway.  I think Sean and Alexander are on top.. I honestly couldn’t say who is the other top look. I guess it was Kini……. they like his.  Amanda is asked if she is in the top or bottom, she says top and she is…so I am wrong…about either Sean or Alexander.   Zac didn’t like it….the women liked it though….but she is on top.  OMG, Nina LOVES the ugly coat….Zac adores it,  unbelievable…Heidi thinks it is fantastic…So the top three are Kini, Amanda, and Korina????

Alexander’s dress….They say that you can’t see the stone in the necklace.  Jaw Dropping Moment!!! What a bitch Zac is…”Oh there’s a stone?”, he says faux-innocently. That look he just gave to Nina, a totally pleased with himself “Mean Girl” look, what a snot!!! But then Zac doesn’t think it is a bad dress.  Nina thinks it is terrible.  It hides the stone, wrong neckline.  OK, so I can say without hesitation that Alexander is on the bottom.  The judges are right about his dress not working with the neckline.  I thought it was kind of cool but it didn’t show off the necklace and that was the challenge.

They think that Samantha’s dress is drab….not a lot of design..boring. Nina says, “It’s a dress PR interns would wear instead of the important person.”  Unreal.  OK, so Sam is on the bottom too…  they like Sean’s dress…..I am so confused about who is on top and who is on the bottom… I will wait until close up look…  I like Sean’s the best.  I am watching this show so closely and I don’t have a clue what is going on, HAHAHA!!!  I am easily confused I guess.


Samantha, they don’t think it is bad, just not a star.  Alexander they just don’t like it.  Kini, they love that he did something different.  They like his design idea, not the fabrication. Amanda, they love that she takes risks and the styling…I am surprised.  Korina, they love it, I still think it is ugly and I will always think it is ugly!  Sean, they love it and so does the model, that was fun to see the model so happy. I know a lot of people think that the judges favor Amanda and I didn’t believe it but maybe tonight I am starting to.  Her look was not evening and it was a repeat of the organza top that she pieced together…it was just a longer version and they hated that.  I think I figured it out….Korina, Sean, and Amanda are on top.  Alexander, Sam are on the bottom, Kini must be safe.


I AM IN DISBELIEF!!!  Korina and her ugly coat won!!!!!  Korina says it’s amazing and she can’t believe it, I concur, it IS amazing and I can’t believe it either!!!  I am not as outraged as I was when Sandhya won for her ugly dyed dress because I think I am over what the judges think.  I don’t care anymore about their opinions.  They have lost any credibility that they MAY have had!

Alexander is in and Samantha is out….

This season is so weird.  It does not have me questioning MY taste and sense of style but it sure is making me shake my head at the judges…. what a bunch of nuts!!!  No wonder it is hard to find beautiful clothes nowadays….IPPHO!

PR S13E7_1

You can see the looks from this week’s challenge here:

I want to add that as I was waiting for PR to start I am watching Youtube videos of Joan Rivers.  I am very sad. She has always been there.  Watching her on the Mike Douglas Show in the afternoons with my Mom.  On the Merv Griffin show or Johnny Carson late at night if I was allowed to stay up. She made me laugh!  She just kept going, she was a incredible woman. My heart goes out to her daughter Melissa.  Rest In Peace Joan.


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  1. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good morning. Thank you PP for the recap, and Jan for running the blog.
    We haven’t dropped off the face of the earth – we’ve mainly been enjoying the beaches in Crete. Had time / energy for a hike

    • ladebra says:

      I heard that the Seahawks won last night, and thought “I wonder what Veena is up to!”. Enjoying the beaches in Crete sounds just lovely! What a trip! Rhodes is close yes? I remember the dolphin mosaic in the palace ruins – my gosh that was 50 years ago. Some memories stay forever.

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        Rhodes is somewhat close – but the ferries between islands suck. We went there on the cruise and aren’t planning on going back – hubs has volcanic islands on his mind right now. We just went to Knossos today – the museum with the mosaics yesterday. Stunning, but I can’t help wondering how much was creative filling in, and how much was actually found.

    • Powell says:

      NMD nothing but beautiful scenery on your trek. Poor little goat scrounging for something to eat. I’m glad you’re enjoying the beautiful beaches.

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        That was a baby – mom was around as well. The trek was good – but I don’t do well on ferries and hot windy bus trips, and barely made it back in one piece. I’ve never been one to lay out on the beach – but when the weather is scorching and the beach is beautiful …. snorkeling isn’t great here though – not very colorful.

  2. BB says:

    I’m probably in the minority, but I liked Korina’s design and I’m glad she won. And Sean’s design was impeccable. I hated Amanda’s and couldn’t believe she was in the top. Something fishy is going on as far as Amanda is concerned. Yet another reality show that has lost its integrity but I still like to see what these designers come up with and I still like Tim.

    • ladebra says:

      Just looking at the on line pictures, but Amanda’s design looks like something a 10 y/o would put together playing dress up . I don’t get it either BB.

    • Powell says:

      Hey BB. How have you and the family been? I bet Jack is having a great summer. I hope the weather hasn’t been too uncomfortable for your daughter.
      Are you going to watch Utopia? I think PrincessP is looking forward to it.

      • BB says:

        Hey Powell. Everyone is doing great and yes my daughter is over it but she has 2 months to go. No I’m not going to watch Utopia. I’m not watching much tv, just a few shows here and there. I’m doing a lot of reading. I hope you are doing well.

    • Sam says:

      Well I don’t think you’re in the minority. I loved the Southwestern coat and thought it deserved the win.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      I don’t think Project Runway has lost its integrity. It is really quite simple. DO NOT BORE THE JUDGES and do quality work. It seems to me that, especially this year, if you design something out of the ordinary (such as Amanda’s jump suit and sheer overcoat) and you do it with quality sewing skills, that will always win or at the very least, keep you out of the bottom. Samantha’s dress was boring and Alexander’s dress, though not boring, it was a mess in construction. Boring loses! Korina’s coat (and I didn’t like it as well), made a huge statement on the runway and set itself apart from the other designs. Unique wins!

      My biggest complaint is and always has been, give them more time and more money. Especially last night’s challenge. I would love to see what some of those designs could have been if given two days. One does not design a statement dress in 12 hours. Sean’s dress was not a statement dress, but it fit his jewelry beautifully.

      • Powell says:

        Especially more time. Zac Posen has months to do his design, give it to a pattern maker, get it to the sewing room, fit it on a model, tweek, tweek, tweek, sew, sew, sew, fit it on the model, tweek, sew, fit it on the model and tweek and sew again sometimes up until NYFW for the season. So they most definitely need more time. Time is the killer.

        • SoutheastVA says:

          I agree with you Powell. Zac Posen has so much time to show his process, he instagrams the whold dang thing in between posting pictures of meals he cooks.

    • chismosa™ says:

      I Don’t Like Amanda. Sorry.

      I agree about korunas dress and I’m so happy Char is back! I love a teary Tim !

  3. ladebra says:

    Great blog PP. You are making me watch this on demand, which takes some doing since I can’t ff through commercials:D

    I am so sad Joan Rivers didn’t make it. I loved watching her on QVC. She was so funny, and on QVC it was mostly one-liners that just had you LOLing literally. She didn’t take herself so seriously, she loved Kathy Griffin, she spoke to lots of groups on suicide and how you just had to hold on because it got better. Her husband left her broke and broken and she just kept going and rebuilt it all one day at a time. RIP.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      I’m just not ready for Joan Rivers to be gone. My Friday nights revolved around Fashion Police. Although I’m not a shopper on the shopping networks, I loved watching Joan on QVC. I grew up watching the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and remember her being the first female comedian ever that I can remember. Such a strong and accomplished woman. She was one of a kind and we will never see her likes again.

      • Powell says:

        IDK how they’re going to do FP. FP is Joan. She’s the best part of the show w/her brand of truths about the celebs. She’s irreplaceable.

      • SoutheastVA says:

        I love Fashion Ploice too. I DVR it every week. The last one I saw was the VMA and Emmy special. She was a hoot. My husband would watch it with me because of her. He thought she was a HOOT! We liked the honesty of her jokes, good or bad. Always made us laugh.

    • Powell says:

      Yeah Joan Rivers death is devastating. I loved her on QVC I have a few pieces of her jewelry. Impeccably made. I watched religiously but had to cut back because I would have been buying jewelry all the time. The last piece I bought I think 4 yrs ago was a bee pin. Bees where on a lot of her jewelry. I also have a gorgeous necklace that I can wear in different ways and it has a bee on one side of it. I was on Twitter yesterydat and I saw a tweet to QVC asking them to put something on Joan’s line page. I checked and they hadn’t done anything not had they tweeted anything. I haven’t checked today to see if they’ve done anything. I hope they do.

      • SoutheastVA says:

        Hi Powell. I love Joan Rivers jewelry as well. I bought several of her bees, watches and items from her faberge egg collection. I love love faberge eggs. I’ll have to wear some of her peices next week in her honor. My favorite is a gold bee with red white and blue enamel. Whenever I wear it I get compliments especially from the military personnel at work. The only reason I joined QVC was to buy Joan Rivers items back in the day. Other than her jewelry, I think I’ve only bought a kitchen appliance from QVC.

        • Powell says:

          Her watches and egg collections are great. She has real Faberge Eggs and adored them so much she replicated them in her jewelry.

      • ladebra says:

        I went to QVC and bought a Bee pin this morning! I always wanted one (Hebrew meaning of Deborah/Debra is bee …. Or so I think). I don’t know if they will keep getting them so I went and got me one!

    • Powell says:

      I’d like to see Joan and Melissa’s movie they did about their life after Edgar died. Melissa was in college and Joan was working her ass off cuz like you said she was broke and had a daughter to put through college. It’s a good movie. I hope someone has it on.

      • Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

        I seem to have missed the latest reality show they did on We. I’ve seen the other seasons but missed this one. I hope they rerun it. I’m not ready to let Joan go!

        • Jules says:

          I loved her daily show. THE JOAN RIVERS SHOW with gossip gossip gossip Mondays. My first boss would stop the office and have us all gather around and watch.
          what a smart funny lady with a such a positive take on life.

      • Laineylainey says:

        U talking about the documentary, Piece of Work?

  4. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. No doc today. Doc called yesterday and he doesn’t want to see me until November because my ferrotin levels are up. That’s great but I get nervous when I don’t go mthly because my levels have gone down in the past when I was changed from mthly to three mths and I was so tired and had migraines more often. But we shall see. So no doc so I’m at the MVA to get my license renewed. I haven’t been here in yrs because in MD you can do renewal by mail but they want me to take the eye test. Wish me luck.

    • ladebra says:

      Luck! Same thing happened to me last November. I had renewed by mail for as long as I can remember, but I reached the limit. I thought I had to retake the test so I studied like crazy, and all they did was the eye test. After a certain age here in CA you can’t renew by mail. I think I have one maybe two renewals before I hit their limit. Then time to move! 😀 just kidding, sorta

      And enough about me! Good luck!

      • Powell says:

        Hahaha. Ladebra?! You studied? HAAA!! 😂😂 I knew I didn’t have to study. HA! I tried to avoid the MVA. I went to an eye specialist last week just for a check up. He’s my mom’s doc and always asks me to come see him so I thought I would go ahead just because last yr my regular eye doc had such a hard time fitting me for soft contacts which I’ve been trying to change from hard for the past 2 yrs. I thought the specialist could find something different w/my vision but nope everything is just fine. I thought he’d be able to complete my MVA eye exam form so I could just mail it in but only my regular doc that prescribes my lenses could compete the form. So I just went ahead to the MVA since its 5 minutes from my house. I still have to see my regular doc to get new contacts/glasses.

      • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

        I really am lol between you and Powell! Too funny! Hehe

    • chismosa™ says:

      Powell sorry I must have missed you saying something about the doctor on another blog, I hope you’re ok? Maybe having to do with your migraines?

      Please feel better. ❤

      • Powell says:

        No I’m fine. Every month I go to the doc for my iron infusions. My doc said I’m doing well so he doesn’t want to see me until November. I’m just hoping I’ll remain ok because the last couple of times he changed me from monthly to every two or three months I didn’t last the whole time.

  5. ladebra says:

    I love naps too!

  6. Powell says:

    I can’t believe I was in the MVA for 15 minutes. 😱 Shocking!! I was home in 5 minutes. 🙂 I wasn’t sure about the eye exam since my contacts are for distance and reading the letters at the MVA from a eye exam type of instrument. But I had no problem thk goodness.

    • Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

      You’re lucky. Last time I was at MVC I had to stand in line for hours. My back was out so I actually had to lean on something whenever I could. To top it off, I picked up a case of the flu as well. I have a photo ID and it was time for a new pic otherwise I would have done it online.

    • chismosa™ says:

      I kept reading like what’s MVA, MVD? Here it’s the DMV- and 1000 jokes to go along with it!
      Glad it went so quick!

      • Powell says:

        In MD/Dc/VA it’s called different things. Motor vehicle administration in MD, Department of Motor Vehicle in DC & VA. IDK why they’re called something different when it’s all the same. 😀

    • Woohoo! That’s great! One less thing. 🙂

  7. VV™ says:

    As expected all of the Shahs of sunset tweeted acknowledging Joan Rivers death; EXCEPT Asa and Lilly. I knew Asa wouldn’t do it. She is the most political of the bunch and the one that walks around with a chip on her shoulder about this country. I can see and feel her anger through the TV. Yet, she takes advantages of the opportunities this country has given her. I am surprised about Lilly but she hides her true self on the show.
    I know they didn’t tweet anything about Joan because of the comments taken out of context that Joan made on a street interview. You can watch the entire clip on YouTube ( not the edited version ) and judge for yourself.

    • shamrockblonde says:

      completely agree with you VV – I knew Asa would have no comment regarding Joan’s passing – something tells me Joan didn’t miss it at all –

      I said it yesterday, and I will say it again – heaven just got a lot funnier – she and Robin probably have the angels laughing their wings off – my prayers are with Melissa and Cooper – they were her world, and she theirs –

    • MM in OC says:

      Asa and the other ladies on Shah’s “coming to Alah” moment on the show was a complete insult. I’m sure practicing muslims would not claim them.

      I have a problem with anyone that claims to be a certain religion but fails to practice.

    • Powell says:

      Yeah I don’t think Joan meant any harm w/that joke.

  8. On my way to Kaiser for my daughter’s barium swallow test. We have a new Primary Dr. and he ordered this and a CT of her neck. That will be next week… I am not use to being up this early. But afterwards we are going to Fashion Valley Mall!!!! She is still coughing and he wants to rule out any obstruction, he didn’t know why these hadn’t been run, which I am thankful for, he is very detailed. Thank you for the nice comments. I will check back from the waiting room if there is wifi, lol!!

  9. SoutheastVA says:

    Take a look at this mutant spider dog video. Funny!

  10. chismosa™ says:

    I know you all would be happy to hear this?
    Put link on bottom – about the OC

    Also I think Peggy ???– Tanous??? Am I getting her name wrong? Is on that david tutera show tonight.

    I can’t stand Andy but his bestie on CNN had him on and Andy said he was doing some pitches to Joan about her doing a show called “what’s your problem” sort of a judge judy to Housewives.
    Like – someone was late to their party
    Or – someone’s jewelry isn’t big enough. Etc. That would have been funny.

    Tonight 20/20 is on Joan FYI

    • Powell says:

      Chismosa Alexis will also be on. Is David having all the HWs on?
      I saw Anderson and Andy last night and omg that would have been a great show for Joan. DAMN she loved the idea and they were set to pitch it to a network next week. DAMN!! I was telling my mom and she said it sounded like a great show for Joan. I’ll be watching 20/20 tonight. They will have great ratings I’m sure.

      • chismosa™ says:

        THATS WHO I MEANT — woopsie sorry for the mistake! I don’t watch the OC and get all the (many) blondes mixed up!

        Alexis —- the religious “Jesus boobs” one – whatever —

        These aren’t even weddings. I don’t get tutera. I was never a huge fan of his to begin and then he changed his physique and look so much, I think post- his bad separation – and now WE has him doing any tom dick and Harry’s party !!!

        Frankly WE should be showing a non ending marathon of Joan and Melissa

        • Powell says:

          Ok. 🙂 I was never a huge Tutera fan. He’s ok. Do you remember Celebrity Apprentice Joan’s season she won she and David had a fight? He was the designer the teams were to use for their event. When Joan took David to her spot he acted like he didn’t get her vision so she sent for her team that she uses and they did her spot. David got insulted and refused to help the other teams. He quit. He had his people kick any Apprentice people out of his office. The other teams were mad at Joan. I can’t remember who the other teams used. That was good. 🙂

        • Powell says:

          Oh. Yes I hope the do a marathon of Joan Knows Best. I didn’t realize I missed this season. It was only a week or so before Wendy Williams went on vacation that Joan and Melissa were on her show talking about the new season.

  11. Powell says:

    I just saw that David Tutera Celebrations David will do a party for Alexis Bellino. They showed one part where Alexis says”If I don’t look good I’m not going.”. Oy Vey. Another diva HW. 😏

  12. kit9 says:

    Sorry if this has been posted before but I hadn’t seen anything about it… Jim Marchese saying some cray cray stuff about the cast…says that Bobby and Twin2’s relationship is a sham and they only met when the show was cast and a whole lotta other stuff….

    • T-Rex says:

      Kit- This whole Bobby and Twin2’s storyline seemed a bit contrived, and I am only reading the fabulously written blogs here, not watching, but someone noted that they didn’t seem that “into” each other. I am not a PDA kinda gal, but I have seen other folks write that they look like mere acquaintances and not a couple that is avidly dating. I remember my first year dating Mr T-Rex, while we weren’t the PDA-folks, you could most certainly tell we were a couple. So this is another “showmance” to give her some sort of storyline, ugh.

      • Powell says:

        You and Mr. T-Rex had goo goo eyes for one another. 😍 😍 🙂
        I guess Bobby and Twins2 are the NJ Ken and Kenya. 😉

        • T-Rex says:

          Yeah, we met way before cell phones and texting, so god knows how much texting we would have done, but I am pretty sure it would have been A LOT! I do know there would not have been and sexting though and no bootie or hoo-ha shots either. I was smitten, not stupid, phone shots will wind up in someone else’s hands somehow, just like there are no videos or polaroids rolling around anywhere from back then starring either of us, LOL! My comment being, if god forbid something happened to both of us and someone had to clean our house out and happened upon that, I would be embarrassed from the “netherworld”, especially if it was our parents. But like I said from reading the blogs it doesn’t seem like Bobby and Twin2 spend a lot of time together, they aren’t in that goo goo eyes period that most couples go through, especially their first year. I think Bobby is a “player”, and probably has a few “phillies” on the side, away from the cameras, and that Twin2 is his “showmance” girlfriend to get him “showtime” on the franchise.

    • chismosa™ says:

      The incandescent Faux Milania has Jim “the lawyer” cough cough – as her wallpaper on her twitter account. I just die. Die die die.

    • Powell says:

      Shamrock it doesn’t mention Sonja. The show will highlight Heather, Carole and Kristen. Aviva has been FIRED!! Well if Ramona wouldn’t have gone bonkers on Kristen about her stupid hair, hadn’t hit Kristen in the face & the last straw hadn’t refused to answer Andy’s questions about Mario and then said to Andy who’s he sleeping with then she wouldn’t be in the State that she is. Lu was the best “friend of” that I’ve seen in the franchise, so her demotion did wonders. I don’t see Ramona having such success. I think the “Lucy and Ethel” that Bravo liked about Ramona and Sonja wasn’t there last season so that’s another reason Ramona’s being demoted. If Ramona had been a real woman showing her frailties regarding her and Mario she would’ve been back as a HW next season. She was paid $600m. I think Bravo feels they were robbed.

      • Powell says:


      • chismosa™ says:

        I’m fine with Ramona wanting to not put the marital $hit on screen. Good for her for screwing andy over. His ratings will PLUMMET even more with just overbite, Holla, and pretty holding the show together. This is going to be HYSSSSSSTERICAL.
        Can’t wait to see what Simon says about this.

        I just pray 🙏Luann isn’t given full reign. Please take a seat!

        Go ramona. Same issue with nene. Too high paycheck>>>demoted.
        I don’t doubt Teresa will have this happen to her for next season unless she REALLY shows what’s what on the show and i don’t see her doing so.

        Andy’s shows are sinking and I’m loving every minute !

    • T-Rex says:

      Hmmm, I would find it hard to believe that Bravo demoted her, you all know I dislike OldCraggydrunkenBitchRamona, but LOADS of folks, especially here seem to really like her. Now, I could see her wanting a more limited role this season so that her divorce isn’t played out for the cameras to film. I don’t think it’s going to be very amicable and maybe she doesn’t want that all to play out for her daughter to see, just my opinion. The only other thing I could think of is Bravo is cutting her salary and therefore she is going to cut down her screen time to match the salary she is being paid. Again, this is purely opinion and speculation.

  13. chismosa™ says:

    And y’all what’s with Andy getting KATHY AND ROSIE —–
    As guests for his premiere? I’m into seeing this jamie girl, haven’t watched her show yet. She needs a new foundation or something with her brows. She’s very harsh nose up – I think it’s her makeup. You all say it’s such a good show. She was hitting up Andy’s BFF for shoes to wear to WWH. Umkay.
    I’m so RHoMel-BIRN-ed out …. 🔥
    Plus I’m trying to get intruders plus binging on Breaking Bad I can’t take it!

    • Powell says:

      Chismosa I like the show but haven’t watched much. I do think it’s her makeup. She hasn’t hired a makeup artist like the Bravo ladies do. But it’s her first season so. But she looks like she’s fashionable but she might not be that into making sure her makeup is on point.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Jaime doesn’t care about makeup and she doesn’t need to! Jamie thinks it’s fun she is getting on WWHL with those broads but she is getting ROBBED! She is by far talented enough to hold the audience attention for an hour…not that the show is that long, but you get my drift.

      Oh yeah, she tweeted asking SJP to hook her up with shoes for the show and SJP is happy to oblige. Several A listers have tweeted her, it’s pretty cool to observe (on twitter). I think Jaime missed her calling, she should be a comedian.

      • chismosa™ says:

        I think she’s robbed too. I don’t like when he splits so many different people together. Just realllllly scraping the bottom to have Rosie and Kathy. Someone should call in and ask if Rosie’s girlfriend was a REAL GIRLFRIEND or not! LOL

        I’m excited to see Patrick Wilson (a legit “actoORRRR”) on next week. 💘

  14. chismosa™ says:

    So you mean to tell me.
    Let me tell you a’somethin—> we have MANZOIDS,
    Atlanta, Beverly Hills, AND Jim Marchese Amber Alert to contend with all in the next few weeks?
    Along with network tv?

    Kill me now

    • Powell says:

      ATL already? Seems like it just ended. 😯

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Chismosa – Funny post! I don’t know what’s going on with their schedule, like right now is when I thought they would bring in BH, but it’s nowhere in sight…as you know they promo them for a month in advance (typically) and not a peep yet.

  15. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Where the heck is your gofundme account, Princess?! Thanks for the blog, I had been looking for who to blame for the clothing choices these days! I hope you and PBB get some answers in the days to come. 🙂

  16. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    I hate to be selfish, but what in the world am I going to do with myself, I had a date every Friday night with Joan Rivers and she went off to entertain elsewhere. 😦

    There is a new special on tonight on E! and 20/20 has one also.

    I have read some very interesting tributes and here’s an outstanding one…

    • chismosa™ says:

      Ooh what is E doing? I had only seen fashion week coverage – so they’re going to do something special ? Oh I hope so, yes.

      I’m so mad that I don’t have FP anymore.
      I seriously don’t want to watch anymore. Give George his own other fashion-y thing on the network, maybe with that Orly girl, Gouliana is needing to concentrate on getting healthy and being with her family in Chicago, especially with the troubles with Maria menounos having come on. Kelly – just- blech. Never had credentials. Bye girl. Bye.
      Put the show to end.

      Plus Melissa is EP. So I wonder what that means. :/

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        That show was all Joan and Melissa, I’m surprised some people watched and didn’t know Melissa was 9n the camera side producing the show. I think they should retire it. Cover what everyone’s wearing in new show with new people or why not a side segment in E! New? Speaking of E! News, I got fed up with them hocking goods on that show…WTH .. that what advertisements are for NOT during the show!

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        It’s called E! News Special. It’s on now!

  17. TGIF! PP I hope everything does well at the doctors today. I liked Alexander’s dress. I thought it really accented the ruby necklace. I don’t get the Amanda love this week. I guess I don’t get PR.

  18. Had a great day today. Got there early and they took her early! The tech was wonderful, the nurse and doctor were wonderful. Then we went to IKEA, a tradition when we go to this particular facility, and had Swedish Meatballs, yummy! We did a little damage there. Then we went to the mall and shopped. We exited through Macys and it was a ZOO!! I saw the sign and there was 80% off on shoes… But with the crowd and the music it was too much. My daughter said, PLEASE can we leave. One of the store associates passed us and my daughter said, “He was growling.” LOL! I don’t blame him. It was like a scene from a movie. The women were going nuts. Then we went to Nirvana, that is my nickname for The Container Store. We also stopped at a couple of places on the way home. It was exhausting but fun. Thanks for the prayers. I don’t want them to find anything, ja know…. We have come to the conclusion it is nerve damage but if the tests rule out other stuff I am ok with that. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      I love IKEA and Nirvana too, good nickname ^5

    • chismosa™ says:


      Do you like Michael’s too? Or Jo-Ann fabrics ? That makes me think of you

      • I love both! But I have an addiction to fabric, I am a fabricholic….I love to look at it and touch it. It holds so many possibilities. I like to just imagine what I would make with it. So JoAnns is more fun.

    • T-Rex says:

      Mr T-Rex and I went to IKEA for the very FIRST time a couple of weeks ago. We have a really big store here in Tampa, but for some reason we had never gone in one. We really enjoyed it, we did not enjoy the fact that when we were there, a large number of parental units figured that their children could run amok in the store, but that wasn’t IKEA’s fault, and in fact a few employees actually told some of these parental units to corral their youngsters, one family go mad and left, good riddance I say. Anyway, we got a lot of great ideas from their kitchen layouts for things we want to do when we remodel our kitchen! Next time we are going with some measurements to see what will and won’t work in our kitchen area.

      • I love IKEA, I remember when the one in Burbank, L.A. area opened. I would go with my Mom and my son, he was a toddler. They use to have a kid’s area where you could drop off your kid to play. I think they got rid of them, lol. I don’t know why parents allow there children to scream. I have never understood that.
        Anyway, I love “The Marketplace”.

        • T-Rex says:

          Princess- Our IKEA has the kiddie drop off play area! These kids were climbing the kitchen cabinets, closing and opening those fake closet doors, while another child was in the cabinet, almost breaking a door. The aisles in ours are fairly small since they have so much on display, so we were trying to get around them, and of course once we were, we would stop to look at something and there they would be. We didn’t get to MarketPlace at all, maybe next time, we are vegetarians so the Swedish Meatballs are “out” for us.

          • Well, my advice is if you can don’t EVER go on a weekend. I don’t go look at the furniture anymore because I don’t need any. And they send me their catalog and I look thru that. I don’t have the energy to go thru that whole place. I had to save my energy for the mall, lol. And I found a place for PBB to sit in the container store so I could go up and down the aisles. The best thing I ever got there were these yellow garage “bumps” that you put on the garage floor so you know when you have pulled in far enough.

  19. Here is the link to the interview with Joan Rivers and Dr Pamela Stephenson, she is a clinical psychologist and married to the comedian Billy Connolly. I love his voice. I looked her up on Wiki and it is an interesting read, indeed.

  20. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Joan’s throat endoscopy was just to look at her vocal cords. It was not a procedure. I’ve had that done but was not sedated. They sprayed a numbing agent in my throat. I can only guess she wanted sedation? The scope could have triggered the trouble breathing and the sedation made it difficult to know? sigh.

    • That is horrible, my daughter didn’t want to be sedated for her endoscopy. But the lidocain did nothing and it was so bad for her.

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        Oh no, so the numbing agent didn’t work for her, sorry that was bad! Well maybe Joan had an experience like that before and it’s why she wanted sedation. I wasn’t given an option, they just did the spray and let me wait a while and did it. It was uncomfortable and weird, but was not painful.

      • chismosa™ says:

        I’m sorry it was hard for her :/

    • chismosa™ says:

      So wait — is it when they go through your nose to see your throat? I’ve had that done like 10x sans any type of spray – but that was to check sinuses.

      It must be different. Oh poor joan. Just not fair 😦

    • T-Rex says:

      I had an Endoscopy done before my Thryoidectomy they needed to see what, if anything, was obstructed. I had the kind that went through your nose down your throat to my lungs, I only had the spray as well, it was weird feeling thought, and mine was only for pictures of the area from the lungs up the throat. Personally, I think there is WAY more to this story regarding Joan Rivers, that will come out in the next few months, then just a run of the mill Endoscopy. Some actual surgeries are performed using Endoscopy cameras, so maybe they were actually operating on her, like I said it’s rare to have an issue during Endoscopy’s, and while it’s rare to have issues with sedation, this is far more likely to have caused her issues. Almost ninety percent of those sedation issues causing harm or even death, happen in doctor’s offices and clinics, instead of having a procedure actually done at a Medical Hospital.

  21. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Good morning. I hope each of you can do something you enjoy this weekend! 😀

  22. not THAT Jill says:

    What a good little Bravo employee…hype up the drama-that’s what Brandi is good at

  23. VV™ says:

    If Brandi is going to be promoting her “FU” line on RHOBH, I’m done done, done. Brandi has no business coming back to a series like RHOBH. I love Lisa but hatred for Brandi runs deeper. She’s classless, does not have the income and plain nasty. She’s the opposite of BH. I want to see the lifestyle and what dies she bring? FUs and classless behavior. She’s not a housewife, doesn’t own a mansion, can’t see her kids, and is nasty to look at.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I don’t think her “FU” line is really a “line”…it’s just a few t-shirts and a hat! Once the Brandi Bunch buys what she stocks it will be done-she’s really not very ambitious about things it seems-remember her dress line? She had that for a HOT MINUTE!! the fact that she has been complaining on twitter about how much it cost her to get the shirts and hat I can’t see her really keeping the line going. Her second book -even though it was on the BS list didn’t sell as well as her first-which isn’t surprising since her star factor hit the skids right before the book came out-. I don’t think her fanatics even watch BH-they just love her b/c they think hey can relate to her single mom cheated on status.

      • VV™ says:

        I hope so. I do think we’ll see those FU on the show a lot. That’s her only product and her agent (Alex) is no dummy.

      • Orson says:

        Isn’t her tee-shirt line one of those things where they don’t actually print up an iron-on for the tee-shirt until someone actually orders one?

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Brandi had no business ever being on that show!

  24. ladebra says:

    Karma is a boomerang

  25. Boobah says:

    Hi Everyone!! Its been so long, but I’ve been reading whenever I get a chance. You have all continued to put out VERY entertaining blogs! Lovin’ ’em!

    MelTH – My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hang in there, my friend.

    Powell – I was so sad for you when I read about your Aunt. You had such a close relationship – I could feel it through your words. I am so sorry for your loss.

    T-Rex – I am amazed by your strength – I can’t wait to read when this is all over for you!

    PrincessPindy – I sure hope they find something to help your daughter. I feel so badly for her and that procedure sounded AWFUL! Poor PBB.

    Chismosa & JNNTJ – your posts crack me up!

    Rabble – the pic of your girls is adorable!

    Diva is back! I am sorry about the year you’ve had, Diva. Hang in there! Glad the red is back, now all we need is sparkly hairspray and flip flops!

    And finally, RIP Joan. So sad. Between her and Robin Williams – just so sad.

    As for me…
    I am still smoke free!! A little over 5 months (and 10 friggen lbs – grrrr) now! It’s been a super busy summer but one of my favorite things is coming here. I’m watching RHoNJ against my better judgment and so far I’m finding it a snooze-fest. Maybe these HW shows have run their course? I though RHoNY was boring as hell – although the foot launch was silly. Surprisingly Luann seemed so cool this season!

    Have a good one everyone…gotta run…


    • not THAT Jill says:

      Boo!!! Nice to see you!!
      Screw the 10lbs-smoke free is the main thing!! Good for you!!

    • ladebra says:

      Hey Boo! Good for you on the smoke free – it’s definitely worth it. When I think how I used to cough my head off, and just ignore it! It’s definitely worth it!

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Boobah! 😀 So wonderful to hear from you and to know you’ve been successful with your goal! Weight gain is normal, just set a limitation number in the back of your mind to help keep your happiness in check!

    • Good for you on the smoke free. You will lose the 10lbs. First Born stopped smoking 4 months ago and gained weight. He started running before work and it is frigging hot here. He has already lost the weight gain and feeling like a champion.

      • Boobah says:

        Thank you, guys!! Yeah the coughing, smell, etc – so glad I’m not dealing with any of that. I appreciate the words about the weight gain because I am upset about it!

        Yesterday I went to my orthopedic doc to see what my limitations are (I had a back and ankle injury) so that I can get some exercise going. He said I can’t run or do treadmill, but as long as I’m careful I can start a low-impact work out . So, of course, today I did everything except exercise. *sigh*

        • Bike or eliptical machine.

          • Boobah says:

            Yes! Except that he wanted me to get special foot cups for the bike pedals so that my ankle is rotating less. The pedal is supposed to fit so that the heel of my foot, rather than the ball of my foot, is applying the pressure. I didn’t get a name/company and I cannot find what he meant! I figure its an adaptive device but I haven’t found anything yet.

            Ever hear of this??

            • ladebra says:

              Boo if you have access to a pool, swimming or even walking in the pool is great exercise and not too bad on joints.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Thank You so much Boobah.

  26. ladebra says:

    Just wowsa … And if it’s photoshopped, good job!

  27. ladebra says:

    Oy vey, what was that line? I am on a twitter high? Haha

  28. ladebra says:

    I need some advice, and I asked my sister first and didn’t like her answer, so I’m really in search of an answer I like …. Ok, let me put that another way, scratch the advice. If I have a kidney stone, and I’m just going to take it easy and drink cranberry Joyce and lots of water – do you think that will work? I don’t think if I called a Dr. especially on Sat, that they would do anything except tell me to drink water, right? (And my sister told me to call my Dr so let’s not go with that one hahaha)

    • ladebra says:

      Cranberry Joyce, rofl, and it hurts to laugh lol.

      Juice! Cranberry Juice!

    • Trashy T says:

      You won’t like my answer either. Do drink lots and lots of water to try to flush it out. I was in the emergency room twice in July for strong pain killers and anti nausea meds to keep the pain killers and Cipro down until this latest stone went bye bye. I had previously passed one a year ago with no drama, just feeling like I had a UTI.. This one was terrible. Cranberry juice might help with an infection but with an actual stone I’m not sure if it will do anything. Good luck and I hope it passes quickly and painlessly.

      • ladebra says:

        Thank you T, I didn’t know it could get that bad. Hmm. I passed one on Thurs afternoon and thought I was done but it feels like there might be another one. So I hear you; and I’m a big baby, so if the pain gets worse I will head to urgent care. Thank you for answering, and sorry you had to go through that 😦

        Darn, I really don’t like when my little sister is so smart lol. Just kidding!

        • Are you taking too much calcium? My Dr. wants me to take more Vit D but warned me about too much calcium can cause Kidney stones….. He gave me a prescription for Vit D but I read the reviews and there were horror stories. So I bought gummies and am sitting out in the sun with my hat for short periods of time. I am sorry you are going thru this!!!

        • I just did some “research” and there are some home remedies that include lemon juice, olive oil and good old Apple Cider Vinegar…..

          • ladebra says:

            I looked up the home remedies too just now! I’m trying these next time. I don’t take calcium, just a multi- vitamin. But this darn diabetes does weird things to kidneys. I have a bad lower back, but this back ache had me in tears. It took two days for me to realize this wasn’t just a sore back, but more like kidneys. Now I know! It truly sucks to get old. 😜

            Hope PBB finds out what is bothering her PP. Annoying tests are only worth it if they find out what is wrong.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      I don’t think Cranberry Joyce makes any difference. I’ve not had them, but my husband has on several occasions….he waited out all his, but he has an unusually high tolerance for pain. So we know the plumbing is different, but his ‘trick’ to speed up the process was a bumpy 4×4 ride or riding mower…would shake sumthin loose and the process would get to moving along again. I seriously doubt you have such equipment, lol, but his advise is it’s better to at least take walks to help shake it down so to speak. All depends if you can deal with the pain. Sorry you have that problem.

    • ladebra…what makes you think you have a kidney stone….have you had one in the past ??
      my last trip to ER with my diverticulitis which actually was a 3 inch abscess on the colon..the stupid beeitch dr in er presses on my left side and says..Oh you have a kidney stone…as I firmly grabbed her arm I told her NO BEEITCH …it’s not a effing stone…. read the chart….she’s lucky I didn’t knock her out….
      if you are hurting you really should go to the ER and have it checked…don’t PEE before you go…the first thing they will ask for is a sample……
      hugs and peace

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Sorry I am just seeing this…how are you??? I guess u got the message from others that if u think it’s a stone, drink water not Joyce. I’m late to this…so I’m wondering if u passed it. Two of my friends had to have their stones surgically removed. Their stones were “lodged”

      • ladebra says:

        I’m all better. I’ve never had a stone before, took me a few days to figure out it wasn’t the mother of all back aches! Now I know! It’s gone, and all it’s friends are gone. Whew. When people say it hurts, they mean it! I can’t imagine a guy… Next time I won’t mess around, I’ll start drinking gallons of water right away. (I bought so much Joyce though, I will be drinking it for a week haha). Thank for asking 🙂

  29. Good morning everyone. Hope you all are having a great saturday. I am participating in a fundraiser for Make A Wish this a.m. 90 minute spin class. Hip Hop. This is the first time for the instructor to try this but it looks like fun. I am sure it is not going to be good as this clip but fun none the less.

    • Powell says:

      LOL well they look like they’re having fun. I hope you have just as much fun. I can tell you I’d still be laying down on that floor waiting for someone to rescue me. 😝

      • It was fun. It is really hard. A lot of core strength. I was glad to be able to get through it. I got home and jumped in the pool. I will be sore tomorrow. I take a day off and go to church with Mr. AZGirl.

  30. Powell says:

    Happy Saturday everyone. How you doin in my Wendy Williams voice? I hope you’re having a great start to your weekend.

  31. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    E! Online’s Best Ever Housewife poll is down to 2! Shannon Beador or Caroline Manzo. Go vote for – or against – one of them!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Who is the source???

    • VV™ says:

      I don’t believe this story. Radar has as much credibility as Brandi.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I don’t think anyone believes the story-I really just want to know who the source is!!

        • T-Rex says:

          Jnntj- I don’t think they actually have “sources” they just make stuff up whenever it suits them! Maybe some paparazzi or Neiman Marcus staff saw TheRoyalVpump enter Neiman Marcus then made up the story. It’s not true, and it’s so stupid, they just assume that they can print whatever they want and no one will sue them. You have to watch that show about the Stalkarazzi, I think it was on HBO or ShowTime where PUBLIC(Starts, Reality-whores,etc) folks are just told to ignore the stories, don’t sue, by their own publicists. There are stars that absolutely do SUE and you know what, they don’t get in the tabloids! I could never even imagine TheRoyalVpump raising her voice in public, she doesn’t even do so on her reality show, she is not STUPID enough to do so in public, it’s not the “british way”

    • VV™ says:

      @LisaVanderpump: Well thank you Neiman Marcus… Always nice to see the truth.

    • T-Rex says:

      Oh good grief, I wish someone would get the cajones to finally sue this rag mag with a track record of 99.9% getting things absolutely WRONG! RadarOnlIarliarPantsonFire(allegedly) needs to be put out of it’s miserable misery!

  32. Exit4 says:

    If anyone was planning to take off of work September 23 to glue yourself to the computer for Teresa and Joes sentencing, switch it! It’s postponed until October 2nd.

    • ladebra says:

      I had my whole day off planned around east coast breaking news! Breakfast with CNN, lunch with ROL, afternoon tea with Jane Velez Mitchell … And a wrap up on HLN with some family shrink and reality expert Alex, oh and maybe HLN would have V Gotti on to comment on what Joe is going to face in Jail!

  33. VV™ says:

    I am freaking out. Went to my eye doctor to get new prescription. I mentioned to him my left eye vision had gotten worst. He checked and told me that needs to do additional testing. My right eye had only gone up .25 but my left eye had gone 1.0. I am nearsighted. I have a head ache right now on my left side ( I don’t know if because of what he told) I have an appointment at 8 o’clock Monday for additional testing. 😟

    • ladebra says:

      Oh boy, wth? It’s good that you got the testing though. So here’s what I heard, if you have a headache that is the mother of all headaches, go to the ER and tell them that. People get the mother of all headaches as a warning before a vein pops in your brain, or you have a stroke. I am quite the alarmist today, and I don’t mean to be, but I’d rather over share than have someone not know it could be a problem. Sorry.

    • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

      VV, I know this is a little late, but I hope they get to the bottom of this and can tell you what’s going on. Feel better. 🙂

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Keep us posted, VV! 🙏👀

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  35. ladebra says:

    I’m up way too early, and I had on First Look NYC, and Shannon’s house is on. Oh my gosh! We just saw the tip of the iceberg. Her house is amazing! There is a a basketball court in it. The is a bathroom dressing room off the master that is bigger than my entire apartment. There is an unbelievable gourmet kitchen that we never saw, cause there is a second kitchen we saw that she uses for parties, cause she shuts off kitchen #1 so it isn’t trashed … Wowsa, She and David built and designed and it is really something!

  36. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Good morning! On Sunday we normally have Namaste’s Blog, but there was no NJ episode last Sunday, so to say no fresh blog today.

    Today there is Real Housewives Of Melbourne, Real Housewives Of New Jersey “Guilt Trip” and a Jersey Girl repeat. WWHL guests are Jamie Primak (Jersey Girl), Kathy Wakile and Rosi Pierre. Personally, I’m irritated that Jamie has to share with those two – or anyone! She deserved to have had the whole show to herself!

  37. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Good day everyone. Well wishes to anyone worried about their health. 🙂

    • ladebra says:

      Hi Tex! Hope you are going to do something fun today, and I hope your puppy is better.

      Is this the Miami trip were all the drama goes down? Oooo 😜

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        Yes, this should be the episode! Nothing fun today. I hope you’re feeling better..sorry to hear you have to deal with diabetes on top of it all.

        • Jan (TexasTart) says:

          I didn’t convey that well, but you know what I mean. Had a thunderstorm middle of the night, for which one dog looses it, but then she really freaked at this loud alarm! I was too! It didn’t sound like any alarm we have and I venture outside and it’s deafening! A horn on a vehicle was stuck! I guess by virtue of maybe a lightning strike? IDK but my man had to get in the wiring and disable it! That was fun. 😉

          • ladebra says:

            I get ya! I can still remember some of the TX boomers (lived in Dallas before moving to CA, but that was in the 80s …. Sure I can remember the lighting, and sideways rain and I can’t remember what I wanted to google 10 min ago …. ) I’m with your doggie, I dont like storms either.

  38. ladebra says:

    Hey Veena, does this look like your ferry?

  39. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Make sure to read what she wrote on Instagram

  40. Exit4 says:

    Lol Ladebra AKA Lady Bra! From your comment above! You’ll just have to rearrange until October 2nd. Or whenever the next postponement will be.

    • ladebra says:

      IKR? I think they will work the postponements for as long as they can. And I don’t blame them. Reality is hard.

  41. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  42. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  43. boston02127 says:

    I found you! I was so lost on the blogs.

  44. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  45. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Watching NJ….Amber Marcrazie gets her new from Radar Online. SERIOUSLY?!

  46. Boobah says:

    Dina annoys me. A. Lot.

  47. Powell says:

    Hey everyone. I hope you’ve had a great weekend. And all moms & dads I hope y’all survived the kids first week(s) back to school. Poor kids. I know they wanted to either be sle or playing & not in school. I remember just how they feel. For some reason summer vaca seemed like it was soooo much longer when I was a kid. 😉
    I just turned to Utopia. I forgot about it watching Snapped marathon most of the day.
    I saw on Andy’s Twitter this A.M. that Steve Harvey who I listen to in the morn during the week & Nick Jonas are his guests tonight. Andy asked for questions. I told him to ask Steve does he know who the Jonas Brothers are? Steve has NO idea who they are. 😉 It may be a fun show.
    Lots of football on. I’m sure many of you and your husband’s have been watching. I thought about Nancy. Her 49ers played right?

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Hi Powell, I thought of her to while watching the 49’rs. I can’t get involved in Utopia. Hey, the guys you mention will be Andy’s guests on another day, he’s having NJ people tonight.

  48. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Ladebra – tonight is not the NJ trip, they’re planning it, so probably next week!

    • ladebra says:

      They’re gonna draaaaag it out! Thanks for the heads up. It’s been just the weirdest day. Not bad weird, just strange things happening. Hey Chissie, is Mercury in retrograde?

      • chismosa™ says:

        YES I actually think it is because this friend/-renemy of mine is getting married on 10/10 and I looked up that it’s during MR which is a bad time to get married. I believe the MR started already but i shall check to verify.

  49. boston02127 says:

    Dina…………….Vicki yawn.

  50. ladebra says:

    Oh snap Tiny Jim is in a twitter war of words with Dina.

    • plainviewsue says:

      Yes he is. And I kind of joined it………………………Oops!!!! He is a total douchebag. I can’t screen shot the back and forth. His excuses are so pathetic.

  51. lillybee says:

    I feel sorry for Gia, right now she seems to be the only one with a lick of sense on this show.

  52. Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

    • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

      • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Not sure I understand this one… Did he mean “you’re 2 husbands down…” ? “Worry about the privates in your life.”.. Ummmm what? Does that mean that she shd manage her private life better? Then he says “…and maybe your man won’t.” He won’t what? The man won’t manage his own private life? Or his own privates? If they are going to bicker on twitter, it needs to make sense. Spell it out, people!

          • ladebra says:

            I was scratching my head on those also!

          • Mel says:

            I think he meant so maybe your husband won’t……cheat it was rumored that Dina’s hubby stepped out on a regular.

            • T-Rex says:

              Mel, Dina’s husband Two-TimingTommy stepped out on her the week she married him! In fact it was a couple of days prior to the wedding. He wasn’t faithful to her when they were dating, nor after they were married. Two-Timing-Tommy said on their reality show where they got married, that he pretty much cheated the whole time, and from all accounts, including DiabolicalDina, he never kept it in his pants once they were married.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I agree with him, she immediately goes “vulgar” and then acts all passy assy when he responds to her crass posts.

        • ladebra says:

          I didn’t take Dina’s anatomy reference as vulgar so much as “you are not a housewife, stop playing in the housewife games”. But Dina has always been the Queen of passy assy. It is like watching a slow motion car wreck though.

  53. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Good morning, I forgot to tell Hydrangea that I have an early Monday appointment, so bear with us, be back in a couple hours.

  54. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s bottom lip Monday. OMG it was dark at 6:30 when I was leaving! That happened over the weekend. Sighhhh. I’m not ready y’all. 😦 Oh well.
    We are getting rain today. I hope it’s all sun and blue skies in your neck of the woods. Have a great day.

  55. T-Rex says:

    Did anyone catch the new Fox ridiculous attempt at a Reality Show “UTOPIA”? I wasn’t going to watch but Mr. T-Rex was watching Football, and left the TV to Fox, and OMG what a horrible show. It is every bad stereo-type of humanity, that could not possibly be ever picked for any other Reality show. Let’s see, sex, nudity, drunkeness, fighting, tempers out of control, BatShitCrazy folks, etc. Yeah WOW even Mr. T-Rex told me to turn that crap off! Oh we did find it amusing that the Pentecostal minister had an issue with the nudity because his “wanker” may choose for him to break his marital vows, WOW, day one and he can’t control his “wanker”, and he is a minister, pentecostal to boot. We have known some Pentecostal folks and not sure they would even be allowed to watch this show, let alone participate!

    • Powell says:

      T-Rex I was on and off during commercials on HGTV. A guy got drunk, made a nasty pass at one of the ladies and they many of them tried to vote him off the island. And one of the ladies is pregnant. “Are you married? Is the father coming here for the birth?” “I didn’t say I was in a relationship with a man.” “Oh. You’re cool.” LOL. Did I get the gist of that T-Rex? 😉

      • T-Rex says:

        Pretty much, then two African American guys, one a crazy convict, the other a well decorated service man(I think army), now a respected chef want to scream at the top of their lungs for no apparent reason, I couldn’t understand why the military guy would act like he did. Then we have the white trash redneck with no teeth, wants to call women names, a guy who likes guns and lots of guns and hates liberals shouting at the top of his lungs telling several women to STFU. Then the women have this Kumbaya, goddess crapfest in the woods, while all the men are actually working, yeah can’t wait for the evil green eye of jealousy to finally show it’s ugly head amongst these women, cause it’s coming. The two youngest folks have already “hooked” up in their sleeping bags. One of the moronic women who thought that the idiot drunken-sexual-predator should leave the complex, then started flirting with him later in the show, because according to her bio, this 40 something moron wants to get knocked up too, hopefully on the show. UGH! The Pentecostal minister shocked me the most, again I am NOT religious, far from it, and having some minister on day one say that he is afraid his wanker may stray, uhm day one, really caught me off guard, as I have known folks that have done mission groups far away from home and not felt it necessary to have their “wankers” “serviced”. Thankfully, almost every single review has also called this a convoluted, mess of a show by the folks and stereotypes they threw together. Looking like and EPIC.FAIL for Fox after they spent 50 million dollars setting up the show.

    • Powell says:

      And the voice over said the pastor was having a hard time. Then they showed him crying. I’m like he’s having a hard time. Isn’t he reading his bible? What’s his hard time? LOL.

      • T-Rex says:

        Uhm seeing six naked ass women running around and swimming with other men, think that’s what giving him his “hard” time. Oh and here is where it gets really unbelievable! The one chick with the fake name of HEX she gets all drunk, so drunk she gets alcohol poisoning. Now she is the one that got man-handled by the sexual predator, now could he have been misreading her signs, could she have been sending signs but that convict guy Dave misread what was going on between them, how knows, her ass was so drunk she didn’t know what she did or did not do. BUT here is the kicker she gets taken “off-site” to get medical treatment then brought back. UHM if this is UTOPIA, then her ass should have toughed out the hangover or left the “game” permanently. So it’s already fakey, fake, fake, fake. Oh and where is that other broad going to have her baby, in some “barn” out there, nope they will take her off to a nice warm hospital, again fakey fake fake fake.

  56. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    HydrangeaHussy’s DVR didn’t capture Real Housewives Of New Jersey – but we will eventually provide a recap.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Toodybird!

  57. Powell says:

    VV how are you? I saw you’re having issues w/your eyes and you had a headache. I hope you’re ok. BIG hugs to you.

  58. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    • T-Rex says:

      Looks like MzAndy will be asking her back on the show? Ya Think?

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        He should! She really had it all in her 1st season. The handsome husband, great kids, home. And each episode delved into a different zone with her. She came out strong, got attacked, retreated, left to look crazy and came out on top IMO. Her marriage got better than worse in a season – give her renewal and a prize for THAT alone!

  59. Orson says:

    A friend of mine is making the rounds promoting a short film she made. It’s done very well at the festivals where it’s been shown. You may want to check out “Pie Lady of Pie Town”. The reason I’ve mentioned it here is at one todo with the film, 3 RHBHs showed up. Lisa, Kyle, and one of the new ones. Rinna? The one who got the bad lip job.

    • T-Rex says:

      OMG you had me at PIE!! Now there is a whole Pie-Town, T-Rex needs to plan a trip to New Mexico STAT!! Loved the film previews i saw on line

  60. Jan (TexasTart) says:
  61. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  62. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  63. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  64. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  65. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    A lot of Twitter activity with the reality actors today, but that is all the time I have. Never did know what Lisa V and Kyle were yacking about….

    • vilzvet says:

      I guess they don’t have a choice, and I also read that their Jersey Shore house is on the market too! Maybe she’s not earning as much income as necessary to pay the debts. I’d rather they sell the house and pay off those who helped build that tacky house, and then the bank can settle the fraudulent mortgages too.

      • T-Rex says:

        Yes, their house in the Jersey Shore was listed last week as for sale. They look to be selling that home at a loss for what they supposedly paid, and according to the appraisals again this home is selling for higher than what it may appraise for, although maybe closer to a correct value than their Towaco house

    • T-Rex says:

      I checked out Zillow, Realtor and two other sites and so far nothing posted as for sale, I did look up their projected home price and NO WAY they get any where near 3.99 million in appraisals. So, Unless it’s an all cash sale, no bank will give a loan on a home whose value is listed well below that, after appraisal. Let’s see what gets posted if it is for sale and what they are selling this at. Now, maybe they are selling it possibly “fully furnished” at that price, but right now the home is listed at approximately 2.1 million to possibly 2.5 million. You can stick ANY price on your house, but if the bank appraises the home for less than that, they won’t give you a loan for the full asking price.

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:


        • T-Rex says:

          Tartzy, another tidbit of information is that this was NOT a new house when they purchased it, it was a smaller home that they added to, to become a 10,000 square foot home, interesting. Also note that in 2010 during their bankruptcy they listed the house as appraised at 1.9 million dollars, so no way again that the house would appraise for double that in 4 years with NO other upgrades on the home since 2010. I will say that TMZ has been known to be wrong and until we actually see the listing it’s pure speculation that it is even for sale. Again the shore house is definitely for sale, and since I believe they will try to file bankruptcy again once the legal situation is over, they may be just trying to state their home is worth more than it is for that paperwork. They can’t bankrupt the court fees, costs and fines, but they haven’t paid back any of their other debts either, so they may still try to bankrupt those costs

          • Jan (TexasTart) says:

            Thanks for that info! Now answer this query…how would we know they have not paid back any debts contained in the bankruptcy?

            Is it a matter of public record?

  66. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Paid the ransom on my dog and he’s happy to be home with his bright white teeth. My other dog is doing much better on her meds. I’m sure the vet will have a far better retirement than I’ll ever see, lol.

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