Real Housewives Of New Jersey – Guilt Trip

RHONJ LOGOReal Housewives Of New Jersey

S6E8 “Guilt Trip”

By HydrangeaHussy


First, I apologize for the lateness of this recap.  I completely forgot to set my DVR last night, so I had to wait for the episode to be available on iTunes.  Also, I am taking my first vacation since graduating from law school 4 years ago, so Namaste has graciously offered to cover the show for the next two Sundays.  Thanks Namaste!  Now on to the episode that I’ve been waiting for – the plea deal!

We begin with Teresa and the girls cooking dinner.  Based on Teresa’s outfit, this is the same night when the first episode begin.  Joey and Melissa are at home, getting ready to go see Melissa’s sister.  Joey turns on the TV and hears about the plea deal.  Yep, this is where the initial episode left off.  Melissa feels bad that Teresa is having to deal with the media during her tough time.  I feel bad for the kids, but I’m finding it hard to feel bad for Teresa and Juicy.  They did this to themselves.

RHONJ S6E8_3Amber gets the news from a Radar Online article and is shocked. She doesn’t know if the article is true, so she calls Teresa to see what’s going on.  Amber breaks down in tears before she even reaches Teresa.  Hmm, when did Amber get so invested in Teresa’s life?  Gia is also wondering why Amber is crying.  Smart kid.  Teresa tells her that the article is not true and that they have not accepted a plea deal.  She reminds Amber that, on advice of her attorney, she can’t discuss her case.  Ugh, Amber just keeps asking questions.  Her husband is an “attorney,” shouldn’t she know that Teresa isn’t going to tell her what’s going on?  Jim comes home and she explains the article to him.  He says that each will have to accept the plea, that the prosecutor will recommend a sentence, and the judge can either accept or reject the recommendation.  Melissa also calls Teresa to check in.  It makes much more sense for Joey and Melissa to be checking in on Teresa.  Melissa doesn’t pry, she just offers their support.

Gia wants to know what’s going on.  Teresa explains that there’s a false story and that she is handling everything.  When Gia says that she knows what’s going on, Teresa says that she doesn’t want the girls to be affected by what their parents are dealing with.  She wishes that she could take her daughter’s pain away.  I feel so bad for these girls.  They did not deserve any of this.

RHONJ S6E8_6Dina and Melissa are at the gym.  Dina does yoga and pilates, but doesn’t do intense workouts.  She realizes that she needs to step it up because men her age are going after younger women.  They discuss getting out of town, while it’s so cold out.  Melissa thinks it would be good for Dina, Teresa, and her to go to Florida.  Teresa needs some time away so she can relax.  They decide to invite the other girls in an attempt to smooth things over between everyone.  Dina has a Project Ladybug event coming up and doesn’t want any drama there.

There’s a scene of Amber and Jim cooking dinner.  Amber says that she’s been invited to Dina’s charity event.  They agree that it’s a good cause to support.  Amber and Nicole are in an ok place, but Jim and Amber are still angry with Bobby.  Jim feels betrayed.  He says that he has plenty of dirt on Bobby, insinuating that Bobby has other girls waiting on him.  Such a nice guy.  He’s one of those people that has to bring everyone else down to make himself feel good.  He feels like Bobby telling the men what he said was very “high school.”  Umm, trying to get back at your friend on national TV for hurting your feelings is what’s “high school.”

RHONJ S6E8_5Dina, Teresa, and Melissa are shoveling snow.  Melissa and Teresa don’t even shovel their own snow, but they’re helping Dina.  That is a lot of snow!  I live in a place that shuts down when there are a few flurries, so I can’t even imagine.  They tell Teresa about the trip to Florida.  Teresa admits that she’s been very stressed lately.  Dina thinks that tries to keep busy with the kids and the full force of things hasn’t hit her yet.  Dina also thinks that she needs to get away so she can finally relax.  Teresa is very touched by their offer and thinks it’s a great idea.  She just wants to get her smile back.

Nicole is also trying to clear off her parents’ porch.  Teresa A. arrives but doesn’t do much work.  Actually none of the ladies did much work shoveling snow.  Bobby arrives to help.  He tells the twins that Amber has called him three times, but he didn’t answer.  She then sent a series of texts.  Teresa does a dramatic reading of the messages.  Amber calls Bobby a lot of names because he didn’t answer the phone.  Does she think that will make him want to talk to her?  Nicole says that she thought she and Amber were moving forward.  She thinks that Jim should be dealing with Bobby, not Amber.  Bobby doesn’t think his relationship with Amber will ever be repaired.

Dina has a meeting at her house to get all of the ladies involved in Project Ladybug.  Nicole decides not to bring up Amber’s text at the meeting.  The ladies all want to do anything they can do to help children with cancer.  Teresa announces that he friend was just diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing a vasectomy.  Oh, Teresa!  You would think that she would have gotten a dictionary by now, lol.  They decide to do a kids’ fashion show.  Amber kind of takes over, saying that they need a theme.  Teresa suggests old Hollywood, but Melissa notes that might be above their head.  All of the ladies begin trading ideas, while Dina tries to get control again.  She’s happy that everyone is interacting in a positive manner.  She then announces the Florida trip.  Amber isn’t sure she can get away, but the twins are all in.  Finally, Amber agrees to join them.  They decide to leave the guys at home and have a girls’ trip.

RHONJ S6E8_4Amber and Teresa G sneak out to discuss the rumor that Victoria Gotti told them about, but they stay in view of the other ladies.  Amber can’t stand having something like that hanging over her if she’s going on vacation with the twins.  She thinks that the information could be very harmful.  She tells Teresa that she will never mention the rumor, out of respect for Teresa and Victoria.  The other ladies aren’t sure what they’re talking about.  Teresa thinks that it was the wrong time and place to bring it up.  I don’t understand why Amber drug Teresa out of the meeting to talk about it, other than she wanted attention.  Amber is afraid that she’s in the same place that she was in before with Nicole.  She doesn’t want to make the same mistake again by mentioning the rumor to someone else first.  Teresa makes it clear that she has her own issues going on.  Amber just wants to make sure they’re on the same page and aren’t going to say anything to anyone.  When they sit back down, Dina asks about the conversation.  Teresa says that she doesn’t want to get into it and that it was a personal conversation.  They go upstairs to tour Dina’s closet.  I must say, I need that closet!!!

March 4, 2014 – Day of the Plea Deal.  Teresa is in her bedroom, praying for guidance and protection for her family.  She and Juicy are going through rough times, but they’re going to make it through together.  She feels that their legal troubles have made their marriage stronger.  The two arrive at the courthouse.  I remember seeing the paparazzi shots of the two entering the courthouse last spring.  According to an E! News report, the couple plead guilty to multiple fraud charges.  Juicy faces 37-36 months in jail and deportation.  Teresa faces 21-27 months in jail.

 RHONJ S6E8_1Teresa A. and Rino saw the news.  Teresa wants to know what Teresa was wearing, but Rino is more concerned with the proceedings.  He can’t believe that’s what she’s worried about.  He advises Teresa to just be supportive of the Guidices.  Rino points out that they are all bickering about petty things, while this family is facing separation.  I know I didn’t like him in the first episode, but Rino is growing on me.  In true NJ fashion, Rino confuses a “mullet” and the judge’s “gavel” – maybe he was thinking “mallet”?

Teresa didn’t discuss the plea with Joey and Melissa ahead of time.  Her main concern is the kids.  Rosie doesn’t really understand what’s going on.  She says that it is all foreign to her.  Kathy hopes that there is no jail time and is praying for her family.  Dina says that she isn’t following the trial and is just being supportive of her friend.

The press conference is played.  US Attorney for the District of NJ (Bravo improperly labeled him as a district attorney – they aren’t the same thing) announces that the Guidice’s each pled guilty to mortgage and bankruptcy fraud.  Teresa’s attorney reads her statement.  She plans to address the court at sentencing and express her remorse.  We don’t get much explanation from Teresa directly.  In her TH, she says that she feels numb and that she can’t believe this is her life.  Side note – I heard today that the Guidice’s sentencing, originally postponed until September 23, has now been postponed again, until October 2.  Unfortunately, continuances are pretty common.


Real Housewives Of Orange County

Season 9 Final Episode “Secrets Revealed”

September 8


Happy Birthday



Congratulations to Shannon Beador

being voted E! Online’s Best Housewife Ever!


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  1. Jan (TexasTart) says:


  2. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    LOL, to think I would be first, I couldn’t help being silly after my serious day. Y’all have a good evening. 😀

  3. Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

    You’re lucky we don’t send George anymore. 😀

  4. Powell says:

    Hey TexasTart and JWIJ. What’s up ladies? Ready for OC secrets? (´・_・`)

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Oooooh secrets 😉

      Hi powell! 😀

    • Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

      Hi Powell. I only caught part of the secrets. I’ve been uninteresed in OC since the beginning but Tamara finished me off this year. I’ve haven’t watched most of the season and really haven’t missed it.

  5. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    I died when Teresa said Vasectomy instead of Mastectomy. Upon being revived I thought I saw Wacky Jac with a thick ole’ rolly polly neck….did I see that or was I delirious?!

    • ladebra says:

      She’s baaaack!

    • chismosa says:

      when did Tre say vasectomy— oh my god… was she talking about ‘THE cancer’….. ? Amber alert?

      my god i saw the preview and seeing Mar-crazy eyes laying in florida yelling at one of the twins saying ‘no but i know he fu*ked your mom…’- WHOA.

      If there was no Jim Marcheesyballs on this season- this season would seriously have nothing nothing nothing at all.

    • YES! She looks like she has gained weight.

    • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

      Hi Texas Tart! I loved that scene with Teresa. I wish they’d show more funny scenes of her. Also, what the heck is wrong with Jac’s face??!! Her eyes seem darker and she looks really puffy and just miserable.

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        I love love love that Teresa doesn’t take herself too seriously, and she can always manage to laugh at herself.

        I don’t relish picking on physical traits, but Wacky Jac opened that door by affording herself some very expensive plastic surgery, if y’all recall she flew to Beverly Hills and stayed in a hotel for weeks! That plastic surgery included her neck that she was overly self conscience about – yet I had never noticed until she opened her trap on national TV! Not only has all that money and time to make her thinner gone to waste, but she did that at a time I thought her children’s needs should have come first!

        So yeah, I’m gonna pick on her now, she like, dared me! I don’t know how I got off on that rant, lol, anyway, where the heck are my manners?!

        Hi Foxy!!! :::waves back:::

  6. Exit4 says:

    Hi TRex-replying over here to you! The Juicys houses for sale-we saw that coming-right? Anyway-as for the numbers-if you’re using Zillow, for one, Zillow is horrible. Especially for shore values. Zillow uses public info and doesn’t take the makeup of a neighborhood, or a homes improvement value into account, because they can’t. And they take forever to catch up to reassessments! Realtors do not like zillow.

    The second number, the assessment, (tax assessment) that’s just for property taxes and that number is assigned by your town. It only values land plus structure. The land is always more and that number assigns no value a home in terms of market value. They count rooms and square feet of living space. Nothing else. The general rule here is to take that assessment and double the figure. So, it’s really closer to 3.4 as a sale price (tax assessment 1.7 x 2.) so there’s room to negotiate from their asking.

    A few years ago, I met up with a friend and did a HWs tour. To give you all a picture of what her area is like, it’s not a neighborhood (where zillow does a better job). It’s a very long winding road with a mix of houses all far apart from each other. Some are much older and small, some are large like hers. Some were under construction. It seems lot of people tear down and build larger. It’s not easy to get that kind of acreage in NJ! They’re really stand alones in terms of value.

    The shore is a neighborhood-but where zillow goes wrong is the values can be varied in one block. Jersey shore is tear down central and rehab central. It’s not uncommon to have a home next to a million plus home sell for 500,000. Their numbers average it out. But, where the juicys are is not on the island (it’s bay) and the homes are smaller. Most under 400k, but definately $300s. Zillows estimate was 172. Not happening! Lol. They still have to take a loss though.

    Hopefully, they don’t sell to Kai Patterson!

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Thanks for your perspective, Exit!

    • T-Rex says:

      Exit, I actually used the information from their own Bankruptcy documents from 2010 where they listed the official appraised value of their home at 1.9 million dollars, they have done no further upgrades to the house nor property and taking in the percentage of home sales increasing in the past 4 years, it would be impossible that the home more than doubled in value in 4 years. I never take the Zillow or Trulia information because that as you state is always skewed. In addition this was a home they actually purchased for 500K and either added to or tore down the original home to build the home that now sits on their property.

      • Exit4 says:

        They did make additions. Several of them-the second garage and then the apartment. The outdoor kitchen. There’s something else from the pictures but I don’t know what it is! Lol. That adds some. But the big question is did her town reassess since that bankruptcy? Was that value even correct? That we don’t know. We were reassessed a year ago-zillow stil hasn’t caught up! It’s happened all over NJ, people hadn’t had a reassess in 20 years-and values went up very, very quickly. Along with the taxes. So it is very possible. 3.9-that’s just an asking price-there’s plenty of room to negotiate. Somewhere in the mid to low threes is where it will probably end up.

        • T-Rex says:

          Exit, look at the “comps” in the area for their house, it will appraise no higher than 2.5 million, if even that high. I think we could play a game of what do you think their house is worth, LOL! Again, re-read what I wrote in 2010 their home appraised by the bank at 1.9 million dollars they have done NO work on their home since then, all the work was done prior to 2010. Bankruptcy court appraisals are pretty accurate as they have to be, you get to keep your home in Bankruptcy so they need your asset to be accounted for. Again, no way that the hose went up 2 million dollars in value with NO added work done to the home, and prices have NOT come up that far in their market area

          • Exit4 says:

            Obviously, they’re not getting what they’re asking! 2.5-3 somewhere. Hopefully, they’ll find a real buyer and not a crazy person and end up like their brother and sister in law! There’s got to be something to the numbers though, a realtor isn’t going to creep so high and jeopardize any chance of a sale, because they’ll keep falling through.

            • T-Rex says:

              Exit, that’s what I am thinking regarding the sale. We will have to see if they actually end up LISTING the house, or this is just a lot of speculation thrown out there by their PR team to see if there is any buying interest in the house at that price. It could be also that they are trying to drive up that price to have their house appraise higher, for the next bankruptcy filing as well, who knows with these two. Again, let’s see if they even actually List the house at all.

    • chismosa says:

      Exit i’m so glad i catch you here—
      a/ how are you
      b/ re: zillow—- i have been using it EXTENSIVELY- mostly for tax purposes- and yes- they seem to always be WRONG.
      i know realtors hate it- one of my best f’s is an agent and has to go on her partner’s zillow accounts to change all the information ALL THE TIME- so that zillow shows ACCURATE info. We have been using Trulia / zillow a lot simply because the app is so easy on our phones- to browse properties.
      Our most important issue is TAXES.. (as it is for everyone here in the ny area)-
      so— i always see this tax listed/ then an assessment on the right side– so i never know what is right!
      my friend sent me a link to find actual correct tax information but that site is so complicated i can’t take it.
      Which in your opinion is best for the lay person to search houses with VALID tax information?
      is good? I know trulia and zillow just merged…
      and many times i go to the actual realtor site of the property i like— say, coldwell banker, douglas ellman, etc- to see what their listing on THEIR SITE says for their property.
      i just want VALID or relatively close – tax info.
      (we are looking to downsize)

      Thanks so much…. I was just wondering.
      Such a wealth of info you all are!

      • Exit4 says:

        Hi chismosa! I’m doing good! Tax Assessments remain constant for a longer period of time-because they’re not done all that often. The actual yearly tax changes year to year. But zillow et al don’t move as fast as the tax dollars do-or the reassesments. Eventually it catches up, but I wouldn’t trust it.

        A real estate website should have the current information for the last tax year. The counties here have sites where you plug in an address and you’ll get the most current info. If there’s a home you really like, you can always call the township tax office and ask them. I don’t know if they’ll give at that info if your not the homeowner, it’s public info-but you never know. I’d trust the real estate site first to have the correct tax info.

        • chismosa says:

          thanks Exit. Yes i think i’d go to the direct site of the seller– where the agent lists their particular listing– and get somewhat close information.

          thanks for all your help and ideas!

      • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

        You need to go to your county website and plug in the parcel number. The actual tax bill should come up.

        Your property taxes are actually a reverse tax. They decide the annual budget and then value your home based on how much they need out of you. The first thing that needs to be sorted is the assessed value. Here in Maricopa County, our houses are assessed on 10% of the market value (more for commercial). Then you apply the property tax to the assessed value.

        A $200,000 home would be assessed at $20,000, and then a 15% tax would mean you owe $3,000 before rebates. Your tax can be also stated as 1.5% of the assessed value to look less. Remember, that market value is determined by the county based on how much they need your home to be worth in order to collect the right amount of taxes.

        An appeal is necessary to have the county re-evaluate that “market value.” If you are planning on selling your home in the next couple of years and you think you can calculate the market value at “much” less then your county, you may want to consider this.

        • chismosa says:

          thank you Reebs for this– it’s so complicated for those of us in non-financial-language fields- it’s chinese to me!
          hope you are well— dragons and all

  7. ladebra says:

    Thank you for the blog HydrangeaHussy, and woohoo! Congrats on taking a vacation 👍

    I like Rino. I do, not to say I’m sure he has his moments, but I like him. I think I heard him say, when he and Teresa were in the kichen and she was asking him to google the story, he said something like these are the big boys, there is nothing we can do, these guys don’t take anything. Good oil’ NJ 😛😜😉

  8. chismosa says:

    hi all– before i even READ THE COMMENTS HERE— i need to play catch up and say i’m sorry to not asking about those in some health woes the past few days-
    Tarts- i think you’re feeling a bit better,
    VV—-> hope you are settled on the EYE matter (emoji emoji emoji)…. i was nearsighted (GENETIC)- and so had contacts and glasses and such and was always told that wearing glasses increases the speed at which your eyesight gets worse… but then at 21 i was at the ‘perfect’ stage of nearsightedness to get PRK (precursor to Lasik, but i think they still do it)- and IT CHANGED MY LIFE.
    would you ever consider doing that? It’s AMAZE B A L L S…..
    I hope you are well and the headaches are gone or at least much better. Stay strong bestie #2….

    – LaDEB- i hope your k.stones are ok…. seems it passed ok. Take care of yourself girl!!!

    – Powell i think you’re ok doctors-wise. The iron thing.

    – PINDY- hope princess baby doll is feeling well.

    So— gossipwise–> my NJ went in and out due to me finishing up my old dvr and soon installing the NEW fios i got which will have like 14,000 hours of HD capacity. But since the Breaking Bad Binges are on Sundays i’m not MESSING with anything on sundays. So… i missed a lot.
    Why were they all helping Dina shovel snow? Do NONE of these people get people to do that?

    The pic of Kenya— i hope she’s getting preggers!

    Who won best Housewife?

    Did you all see the MANZOID commercial? With caroline in NUDE COLORED PANTS….!!!!
    i can’t take it!

    TREX— the house stuff about Juicy and Tre— interesting!
    you reminded me of something that happens in my area- where when people buy houses and they leave JUST THE FIREPLACE— so that the house technically doesn’t become a completely new property?? but the rest is torn down and built up as a new house? I forget money-wise, appraisal-wise, tax-wise why this is done. (sadly will likely be done to our house too, a tear…….)

    i’m forgetting stuff….
    i miss joan rivers and am sad. love you all!
    now i’m reading upwards ^^^^^

    • Powell says:

      LOL love ya chismosa. Hope you’re doing well. Right down to biz. Hahaha. Yes mam I’m doing well. I missed ladebra has kidney stones. Grrrrr. Feel better. I hope you pass that thing. My mom had one yrs ago. Stone was the size of a grain of sand. Unbelievable something do small can cause so much pain. Drink lots of cranberry juice. It’s supposed to help.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Yes, I saw that commercial, lol! My motto is: The Manziods are the “new” hemorrhoid! Good deal about the new DVR! I think Shannon Beador won because she was over Caroline by a wide margin – 20pts! last I checked. I’ll bet her 3 kids were harder working voters than the other 3 “kids”!

      Missed you around here…I know you had changes in your home life and hope all is working out good for you! Sorry you asked about me on the last thread and I didn’t answer…maybe I complained about something and don’t remember (?!) I have had some short term memory issues, but I’m 10 weeks post-op, feeling 100% for the last month! The dogs are another issue, but nothing serious! Thanks for your concern, Chismosa, take care! 😚💐

  9. ladebra says:

    You know, speaking of Utopia …. Many, many years ago when I was a gamer, and we were playing NeverWinter Nights on AOL and paying unbelievable phone bills … ah, those were the days, any way I digress … I thought that given a choice and free will to construct a society that we would all get it right. Kumbaya, MF’er and all that. Wrong. We had cheaters, hackers, stealers, con men and women, assholes, mean girls, liars, lions, and tigers oh my. Good luck Utopians.

    • boston02127 says:

      I watched Utopia. It’s as if production said “lets get the worst of the worst gang of unlikable people in here and make a show.

      When the drinking started, I was out.

      • Powell says:

        Worst than The Real World huh? 😉

      • ladebra says:

        They quickly saw the error of that choice. I bet it’s not the last time they over do it.

      • T-Rex says:

        Boston, even without the drinking I could not get over all the FIGHTING and arguing that were going on for NO apparent reason. One breath the dudes were chastising other dudes for talking “down” to or with “disrespect” towards the females, then they would turn around and do the same thing. Some of the guys were clearly going for the ALPHA male status right away, and so were some of the females. I just see this group as being comprised of the worst stereotypes in our society and they are personified, in this FAKE ASS supposed society. Oh a society who clearly has access to the outside world, and production, which isn’t the point.

    • Powell says:

      HA!! I only watched a little last night so I’m going to try to watch all of it tomorrow.

      • Powell says:

        OMG though T-Rex has painted a pic of two or three epis and then it’s cancelled. But I’ll see cuz it sounds like a hot mess. Is it live?

        • ladebra says:

          It’s not live. But, this is a very ummm eclectic group. And more than one appear to have anger problems. And more than one are in a bubble of delusion. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. But as long as I can FF through a lot of it, I’m in! LOL

          • T-Rex says:

            You can actually watch it live if you pay the $4.99 a month to Fox to do so. But the stuff on the show is edited, for your view DIS-pleasure. I thought it was odd to have this supposed “closed” Utopian society to see how they all would work together, then have production pull someone out, give them medical treatment for ALCOHOL abuse, then send them back in. HUH? If this is supposed to be how a “domed” or “separate”, “closed off” society should work, she should have had to nurse that hangover on her own, or be taken out of the “game” completely. This is worse parts of every reality show pieced together, plus it’s completely FAKE TO THE FAKE TO THE FAKE. I have also read that a lot of the BIOS they had listed are also FAKE. Now, whether folks FAKED them to get on the show, or FOX, FAKED them to make someone look more interesting, we won’t know until after the show is cancelled and folks start selling their stories to the rag mags for money.

            • shamrockblonde says:

              Hi T-Rex – I agree – I watched on and off, but when I saw that I was done – what a bunch of annoying people! – will not be watching this one –

  10. chismosa says:

    TOODY BIRD- happy birthday! hope you had a lovely lovely day ⭐
    ❤ ❤

  11. boston02127 says:

    Melissa has to burn those pink work out pants. AWFUL. Hugh camel toe.

  12. Toodybird says:

    This is 62 year old Toodybird. Thanks for your wishes. I weeded a friends yard ( God thing. Why send money when you can do something local. It is great to be alive and only hurt in one’s hip and index finger.). Another friend took me out for a huckleberry shake, and Mr. Toody treated me to a romantic restaurant. This day was great until 7:30 and then it puddled with two nasty e-mails from the same relative. Really? Had I been younger it would have deflated me. At 62? Who gives a flip. I get to read YOUSE GUYS whenever I have an opportunity to log on. I really enjoy Lynn’s Place. You are the best!!! ((Lynn’s Family))

  13. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Ugggghhhh. I’ve got a migraine and am feeling so sick to my stomach. I hope I’ll make it all day at work. 😳 It’s overcast this morning. I hope you have sun in your neck of the woods. Have a great day.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that! I suffer from migraines too, so I feel your pain!

    • Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

      Feel better Powell. Migraines are awful things. They usually send me back to bed and here you are at work. My heroine.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Dang those migraines Powell. I feel for ya. Not raining here (yet), but it looks like we could be in for some tricky weather later today. The National Weather Service released a map of tornado possibilities today and there’s a big yellow blog over where I live. Could be a fun day. Feel better Powell!!

    • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

      Fell better ((Powell)).

  14. Powell says:

    What did y’all think about OC last night? I thought Tamra had a nerve talking about Heather making notes for the nanny to take care of her kids. I think Heather is an on hands mom. Yeah she has a nanny. Uh Tamra’s first season she had a nanny PT and Simon took the kids to school while Tamra was still in bed.
    Tamra talking about Vicki would be jealous of Lizzie’s looks. NO Tamra is jealous of Lizzie. She’s always been jealous of anyone whose looks rivals hers.
    In a way Vicki has her head on straight about Brooks when it comes to him not taking advantage of her financially then he says something that makes you feel like he can talk his way around Vicki.
    Um if Shannon had her house feng shuied why does she have to have it feng shuied again? 😉

  15. vilzvet says:

    What is the consensus of how much prison time Teresa could get? I read 21 months somewhere, but I thought it was only going to be possibly house arrest or only about six weeks, while Joe would receive 24 months at least.

    • T-Rex says:

      Vilzvet, my take, and I am biased, but I say ConvictFelonLyinTeresa gets 12 to 16 months and will have to serve at least 8 months in Federal Prison, with the remainder being 4 months House arrest, with a year probation. ConvictFelonGorillaJuicyJoe gets the max time, which he will serve concurrently(at the same time) with his State charges. My guess will be he pleads guilty to the State charges that day and they will bundle those with the Federal charges, which is why I see him receiving the max time. He will probably have to end up serving at least 90 percent of his time as well due to having to serve Federal with State time together. I personally do not see him as having a deportation issue though, he is married to an American citizen and his children were all born here, and even though he has the felonies on his record, I don’t think that the government would persue those charges to deport him. Now, that being said he will have not only Federal Felony charges, he will have State Felony charges against him on his record for the rest of his life, and may have his Drivers License revoked due to the charges, we will see.

      • vilzvet says:

        Let’s bookmark this and come back October 3rd (can’t believe it’s postponed again) to see how this stacks up. This is a good analysis. I don’t think he’ll get deported either, it’s not like he was a drug dealer. And having no driver’s license never stopped Joe before, right? I wonder how far away the prisons will be; there’s a federal one in Pennsylvania I believe.

        • T-Rex says:

          ConvictFelonGorillaJuicyJoe will probably be sentenced to serve time at the FedPen in Ft. Dix or Fairton, New Jersey, these are both low security prisons. ConvictFelonTeresa is a bit trickier as there are only a handful of Federal Prisons for Female convicts, so her two choices would be in Danbury Connecticut or in West Virginia(which is where Martha Stewart served her time, by the way on LESSER charges than the convictJuicy’s pled guilty to)

      • Exit4 says:

        TRex-I have solved the house mystery. Well, sort of! If you look at the tax assessment of their home-it’s changed dramatically. Which changes market. In 2009-the year they filed for bankruptcy-their assessment was 425,000. Today, 5 years later-it’s 1.7 million. In 2011 it was 1.1. So there’s obviously been changes. Clearly a reassesment. Market is roughly double that assessment number. The comps aren’t that reliable-because there’s not a lot of equality if you look at square footage and lot size. 10000 square feet on a 3.7 acre lot is way more valuable then the neighbors 2000 sf 1.5 acre lot. I see this a lot at the shore-so they’re on basically on the money with the sale. With negotiating room. You have to factor the land value into the sale price and land is always more then structure-even with improvements.

        • T-Rex says:

          I still say that there is no way that a realtor puts that house on the market at 3.99 million dollars, I don’t see anyone buying the property for that amount, nor a bank giving a loan at that amount. I looked at the comps in their county and there are a number of homes in roughly the same square footage and acreage and not a single one is over 2.5 million dollars. There is one for sale with 4.26 acres in a gated community with 8600 square feet, comparable amenities to the ConvictFelonJuicy’s, and it just reduced to 1.35 million. Another with 3.65 acres, more Square Footage backed up to a 1500 acre preserve with a spectacular Pool and grounds(the ConvictJuicy’s grounds are appalling!) and this is listed at 2.6 million. There are several others that are comparable to these two homes in acreage and square footage and price. There is only ONE home for sale at a higher price and it’s magnificent, WAY WAY WAY better than the ConvictFelonJuicy’s home and grounds and it’s at 4 million, and it’s in a better location(you should google this one, it’s gorgeous way better than ConvictFelon’s home and more rooms!). Again, let’s see if they even place it on the market, or just use this as a tool in their next bankruptcy filing.

        • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

          The first assessment will be behind a year. It would take two years to catch up to the construction of a new house.

          My take is a lot of the furniture will be staying with the house and is included in the price. There is wiggle room for negotiation and there’s a probably the celebrity factor now attached to the house. Like when a celebrity buys a $1 million dollar house and turns around and sells is a year later for $1.5. The fact that a celebrity had his/her name on the title at one time apparently adds value.

          • jezzibel says:

            But in the scheme of things, they are not big name celebs, they are top of the Dlist at best, outside of the sphere of reality shows, they don’t have the name cache to net big bucks, not like Jolie-Pitt, Clooney, Streep, et al. There is the notoriety factor, but I thought the US had laws that prevented criminals from banking on their crimes. One thing I wonder is if you strip away the veneer, how much of the house has been made with substandard building materials and is not up to code(like the Gorga’s house).

            • Powell says:

              LOL Kathy Griffin considers herself D-List and I would guess somewhere near the top of that list. I don’t think Kathy would like being at the top w/Tre & Joe. 😃 I don’t consider her a D-Lister though.

          • Orson says:

            I’ve read somewhere that the place will probably sell for the low to mid 3,s. And I figure that even though they’re C-listers at best there will still be some people who will be attracted to their Bravolebrity. Remember, people have bought her cookbooks and have stood in line for her autograph.

            • jezzibel says:

              There is a big difference between a fan buying her cookbook and buying her house(several million actually). Again I would be looking at that house to see if underneath all that expensive finishing if it was built really well(top of the line stuff) or was it built with substandard building materials. It can look nice but be nothing more then cheap plywood/particle board underneath. I think if someone has that kind of cash to splash, they would want to make sure they are getting the most for their money and like TRex has pointed out there are nicer houses and property for less.

  16. Overit says:

    I know this has already been talked to death but it just infuriates me that joe and Theresa are using those girls for sympathy. It is sickening to me. People go to jail everyday… They leave kids behind. Yes, this is heartbreaking, but the majority doesn’t have the luxury of displaying their kids on camera to avoid jail time. These girls are being brainwashed to believe that the big bad government has randomly pointed out their parents to pick on. In reality, joe and Theresa thought they were above the law, and essentially chose material things over their own children. All the marble, expensive shoes and cars… And not a cent towards a college fund for those girls. It might actually be better off for the girls to live a more humble, down to earth lifestyle with family members for a few years while their parents serve their time. Imagine how things would be if people didn’t have to be held accountable for their actions just because they have kids….I don’t get it.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Total agreement Overit.

    • Powell says:

      Overit I was thinking I wonder if they will tell the girls “the truth”. Tell them that what they did was dishonest/illegal/a crime and the Government has the right to go after anyone that commits illegal acts.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I don’t think Joe and Teresa will tell the girls any form of the truth because I don’t think they believe they did anything wrong. At least they think they did the same things as others do, but they got caught. Until I hear the words out of their mouths that they totally screwed other people/institutions and did it knowing it was wrong, I will never believe that they think they are criminals.

        • T-Rex says:

          Husker, I saw an interview with their current PR folks and even she said that these two were the most Pathological Narcissists she had ever met, and the ConvictFelonJuicy’s are paying HER for her PR work. Of course this is the same PR person that spent time in Jail herself for illegal activities. She also said that ConvictFelonLyinTeresa could benefit from some heavy duty psychological help as she is another Ho-Wife that lives in Delusional-Land. Like you said they didn’t think they did anything wrong, they just got CAUGHT. Well douchebags the truth and your actions are catching up with you, Karma is a big ole BIOTCH! I do feel sorry for their kids though, because they are going to have a very skewed look at the world because of their moronic parents. Seriously, who allows their very young daughters to go on Twatter, and thinks it’s cute that her 7 year old is “twerking” for the cameras(and for every pedophile to get their kicks with), there is something wrong with these folks!

          • Powell says:

            Well Husker and T-Rex Apollo apparently didn’t think he did anything wrong the first time cuz he just did it again. So after Tre & Joe do their time only time will tell if they get what they did was wrong and if they do it again.

        • Overit says:

          I don’t think they will tell the girls that they were wrong either, which makes it all the worse in my opinion. I honestly think in Theresa and Joe’s minds, they think that many people have cheated the system like them, and this is “normal”. They feel they were just the unlucky ones that got caught. They have both made numerous statements about the fact that they are, “good people” and that no one should judge them. “Good people” do not steal money, lie, scam, and cheat. It makes me very curious what must have happened in Theresa and Joey Gorga’s upbringing/childhood because of how obsessed they are about appearances and materal things. Something’s off there….

    • chismosa™ says:

      SOOOO with you Overit.
      I’m OVER IT 😉
      her “nightmare” that SHE CREATED.

      • Overit says:

        Yes exactly 🙈🙉. Although, even though I say I’m totally OVER IT, I still am drawn to the hot mess housewives like a magnet. Guess it makes me feel like maybe I’m doing an ok job in life?! 😬😉

    • kit9 says:

      Perfectly said. Every word. There is just no shame with this lying thief. Her kids are tools to use for Teresa’s needs. Her need for publicity and revenge in seasons past and her need to garner sympathy this season. Sick. And, couldn’t agree more about the prison comments. This idea that she should go to prison because of the kids is absurd.

  17. T-Rex says:

    Okay then, I think I have some of this Real-Estate-gate crap figured out and again TMZ “DO YOUR FREAKIN HOMEWORK!!!”. Okay this elusive, ridiculous 3.99 million dollar listing for the ConvictFelonJuicy’s home is NOT a new listing. It’s a listing “supposedly” from 2010 and folks I am not even sure it’s legitimate either!! I just pulled the information, and some website claims that the ConvictFelonJuicy’s listed their home for 3.99 million dollars back in June of 2010(the article is from 2010!!). The Realtors listed are now in Aspen Colorado, but have information that they indeed, at one time, worked in Northern New Jersey, they worked with foreclosed and auction homes, along with other regular real estate listings. They list an MLS number on the page, but I am having an issue resolving that number, and there are 4 photos on the screenshot, two of them are NOT of the ConvictFelonJuicy’s actual home. I don’t feel comfortable with providing the link, but I can send it to anyone that wants it, I got a couple of glitches while on the page. The MLS number they list is 2774211 from June of 2010 and the Realtors were James and Anita Bineau if that helps anyone. I have the old link as well. I think it’s absolutely LUDICROUS that E! and other news outlets are quoting the bogus TMZ article. Oh and note that as of today their home is not listed on Real Estate sites as for sale!

    • T-Rex says:

      Okay good grief, I am wrong on PART of this!!! They did list in 2010 and have listed as of this morning their house again!!! Can you just delete my post above, LOL!!! Although it’s correct in the fact they listed in 2010 as for sale! Here is the NEW LISTING as of 10am this morning:

      • Exit4 says:

        It’s a cluster isn’t it?!?! None of us can figure out what’s really going on-there’s too many variables that we don’t know about. One of these days it’ll all come out….but I did hear something today that may explain joe and the chickens! John Runyon who was our house rep was mentioned on the radio today. I remembered back when he ran-there was some controversy because he had a special subsidy on his property because he had some chickens and goats. Basically a tax break for agricultural use. It occurred to me-maybe that’s why juicy got the chickens!

        • T-Rex says:

          Also, looks the OLD house that was original to the property is still there, probably where Teresa’s parents live, since we know that they pretty much live there helping with the kids. I think they were the ones that probably had the chickens and goats, but again like you said, WHO KNOWS with these folks

      • Thank you for posting! I love seeing the inside of “celebrity” homes!

    • Powell says:

      T-Rex it’s a shame if news outlets are going solely on what TMZ have on their site and aren’t doing their OWN homework. TMZ does break a lot of news and is right on many stories and it’s ok if other outlets want to quote TMZ but I think they should also say,” and through our investigation we have uncovered….”, and actually do their JOB and investigate.

      • T-Rex says:

        Powell, my big MEA CULPA! They did list their house this morning, but the original information still stands that in 2010 they also tried to unload their house at the ridiculous price of 3.99 million dollars

        • vilzvet says:

          Well bottom line is they STILL are going with that ridiculous asking price! That is so weird that it just went up this morning, so no apologies necessary lol.

  18. HuskerHuny says:

    It’s pouring outside!!! Wasn’t supposed to happen until later this afternoon. Blows my trip to the grocery store for supper supplies. I’m so over this rain. Can’t imagine how much is in my basement now. I would love a good old fashioned two week drought about now.

  19. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  20. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Does anyone want to recap the Shahs?

  21. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Does anyone want to recap Dancing With The Stars?

  22. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Does anyone want me to take you out for lunch?

  23. T-Rex says:

    In other Ho-Wife Real Estate News, this is I think the whole list right now, but feel free to add anything I left out:

    YOLO-NextExWifeofDavidBananasFoster has reduced their home from 27.5 mil to 24.9 million still no takers.

    PhaedraParks New Smyrna home is an affordable $349K, she did some movin on up and into Buckhead(a very expensive part of Atlanta) a couple of years ago. This has been on the market for a while. No word on whether she will be placing her Buckhead McMansion on the market once she divorces her ConvictFelonhusband. Note the house in Buckhead was purchased in HER name only.

    IckyVickyGunvalson- has reduced her home by 200K back in July and home is still for sale at 2.69Million, I would bet another reduction is on the way.

    DrunkenSlutDELUSIONALGreyGardensSonja- Home is back on market for 7.8 million dollars, no clue if the rumors are true and she has rented it out again while selling.

    Lu-manTheCountLessofHubcaps- House in the Hamptons is still for sale started at 9.9 million is now listed at 8.495 mil, and there have been issues with her renters and her being able to show the home properly.

    OldCraggyBitchDrunkenRamona- Not sure as to whether the Hamptons home and the really Neato apartment in Manhattan are on the block yet, but they soon will be, as I don’t see an amicable end to the divorce for her and LetharioMario.

    OverSharingShuidFengedShannon- Has listed their home at 13.948 million, they had it on the market over a year ago at a 15.48 million, then took it off market, now it’s back for sale at the reduced price

    MEGO’sTheLincolnLogBuilders- Still has ongoing disputes with the current tenant/owner regarding the debacle of a house he bought/rented/leased(who knows, the contracts are so convoluted), this one is going to have to meander through the civil courts to resolve.

    WackyJackDaniels – home has has been reduced from 2.85 million to 2.78 million, still for sale, better neighborhood by the way than the ConvictFelonJuicy’s.

    ConvictFElonJuicy’s – Two homes currently on the market, their Shore House is selling for a reasonable 375K, their UGLYMcMansion is at the ridiculous price of 3.99(since the Mego’s sold/leased/rented/WTF got 3.8 mil I guess they want to show them up!), and we can take bets on where this one will bottom out, I say it sells for no more than 2.8 million.

    • T-Rex says:

      WOW already an update!
      MEGO’sTheLincolnLogBuilders – House is back in their obsession, Kai-TheSquatter/Tenant/Buyer/WTF is vacating the residence. He lost a battle in the courts, as the courts actually sided with MEGO’sTheLincolnLogBuilders. So I would venture to say that their house will be back on the market within a month or so. I am sure for far less than the 3.8 they originally listed the home at, after all the information about the shoddy construction has come to light.

    • Powell says:

      Yo, Shannon, Vicki, Sonja, Lu, Phadera home #1 – great homes and/or desirable addresses. They should eventually sell. It’s a buyer’s market at this time so people want a bargain.

      Ramona home #1&2 – desirable properties. I can see Ramona being in Vicki’s shoes. Mario is going to want the money. IDK who is worth more Mario or Ramona.

      Phadera home #2 if she decides to sell its in a desirable area. It’s her home. The price has to be right and it will sell.

      • T-Rex says:

        Those homes that are supposed to sell that you listed above, have all been on the market for more than 6 months, that’s an eternity in Real Estate especially in this market. They are all WAY overpriced, with the exception of Phakedra’s house which is in a neighborhood that has a lot of homes for sale. DrunkenSlutDELUSIONALGreyGardensSonja and OverSharingShuidFengedShannon have both tried to sell their homes over a year ago with NO luck and both pulled their listings from the market. GIven the horrible condition that DrunkenSlutDELUSIONALGreyGardensSonja’s house is in I would venture to say that it doesn’t sell much past 5.5 million dollars, if she ends up taking an offer that low.

        • Powell says:

          Yeah the all need to set realistic pricing so their properties don’t continue to stay on the market. We’re getting into the school yr and if families are in their target market parents no matter how rich and can hire someone to move them don’t like moving during school time.
          Sonja esp needs to set a realistic price cuz her home has numerous repairs, remodeling to bring it up to today’s design aesthetic. I can see someone knocking down walls UN that house to open it up.

  24. I didn’t watch NJ last night. I saw the clip of the spokesman, not sure if he was from the govt, it was before their lawyer…any whoooo, he said the word, “Decade” and something in me just, idk, a switch flipped and I got SO PISSED OFF!!! A DECADE, 10 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These thieves have been doing this SH*T for TEN F***ING YEARS, THAT WE KNOW, Who KNOWS how LONG REALLY!!!!!!! I hope they rot. And their kids have to pay the price. I hope all the HWs and everyone that is doing this crap ROTS!!! I spent a hour on the phone with IRS this morning because they sent a check to my son and the next day sent a letter saying he still owed…..but the letter was dated 2 days before the check was cut. I told him he couldn’t cash it until I had them tell me his account was zero. I spent 45 mins on hold, 5 mins of him telling them it was okay to talk to his MOMMY and ten mins of this woman telling me the whole story…I figured out 2 mins in that I was going to have to let her do her thing. So I just kept saying “Uh hu, yep, right, ok” and finally she STFU and said, “Yes, his account is at zero, he can cash the check.”…… So WE do what is RIGHT and these MUTHERF*CKERS just screw the system AND the ONLY F*ING thing THEY are SORRY FOR is THAT THEY GOT CAUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KNOW THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • T-Rex says:

      High Fiving PrincessPindy! This is why I don’t get the folks that are still backing these two convictedfelonCriminals. Oh and let’s be clear these two would STILL be doing the same things today if they hadn’t been CAUGHT! Look they haven’t paid back a SINGLE DIME to those they listed in their bankruptcy paperwork, they still spend wads of cash like they are freakin millionaires, and then want everyone to boo-hoo for them because they got caught doing the criminal deeds. The whole TEN YEARS thing is exactly why I don’t buy for a second and a half the ConvictFelonLyinTeresa didn’t know what they were doing and what she was signing, of course she did! She KNEW they weren’t filing their IRS paperwork, she KNEW she was signing fraudulent paperwork stating she was a Real Estate agent and making $5K to 15K a month, etc.

    • Powell says:

      PrincessP I’m sorry you and the younger Prince had to go thru that. YES us “little people”, law abiding that pay taxes weekly, monthly, annually, file our taxes on time and are truthful in our filings have to deal w/IRS mistakes because someone has their thumb up their butt and the Guidices, Wesley Snipes, Willie Nelson and on & on & on don’t pay their taxes. I don’t feel sorry for the IRS/feds putting any liars and cheaters in prison.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Princess whoa –
      So sorry this HOLLA mess you are in with the IRRRRRS—

      Totally agree with you — DEH—-CADE.

    • Boobah says:

      PP, first and foremost, I’m sorry you had to deal with that aggravation. Those types of phone calls are VERY frustrating!

      Secondly – HELL YA TO YOUR POST!! LOVE every word and agree 1,000%!! Woohoo!!

  25. ladebra says:

    Somehow this doesn’t make me want to read her blog …

  26. not THAT Jill says:

    VV-I hope you stop by and let us know how things went yesterday-thinking of you!!! ❤️🎾❤️🎾

    • ladebra says:

      I am thinking of you VV, every time I get a chance to read the blog I think I will hear news that everything is ok. Hope you are peachy! (All I see are apples and tomato emojis so you aren’t getting one haha)

    • chismosa™ says:


      Hope you’re well my lovelEEEE 😳😷👀👓👓x1000

  27. JumpTheShark says:

    “Manzo’ed With Children”? What “children”? The spawn of the Don are, what, in their thirties? Caroline is the most likable of her family (and that is the bad news). Re: Tre and Juicy, I’m so sick of people saying that they are good people who do bad things; SO WRONG, your actions are a manifestation of who you are.

  28. VV™ says:

    Thank you your prayers. Lots of hugs and kisses to all ❤️💐
    The OCT indicated my left eye is fine. The doctor wants me to go back in 6 months to check it again. I’m still going to see my regular doctor and get his opinion. It is not common to have an increase in a prescription like I did. I am being cautious about it.
    Again, thank you all for your support.

    • ladebra says:

      Good! And good for you for going to follow up. 😉

    • chismosa™ says:

      Woopsie should have read below faster. Glad to hear this.
      No need to go to a neurologist right ?

      Not to be jumpy- just when I had super super bad sinus pain yrs ago they ran by the ENT as well as neuro. All connected up there I guess ?

      Hope you’re ALL good.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Thanks for the follow-up! ((VV))

    • T-Rex says:

      WOOT WOOT! Sounds like you are okay, and we know in six months they will find nothing else wrong!! 🙂

    • Powell says:

      Good for you. I went to an eye specialist a week and a half ago now. The tech asked me if I could see some letters on the wall w/o my contacts/glasses. I told her no. She changed the image. “Can you see it?” No. She said ok. Took me to another room to look into a machine. It was a road, letters. “Can you see it?” No. She changed it. “Can you see it?” I said what I could see. She said when you told me you couldn’t see it I thought you were kidding. I told her no. These are they eyes I was given. I can’t help it. If I can’t see I can’t see. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was a toddler. I’m not a candidate for Lasik. I would have to have a procedure where basically contacts are surgically placed. It’s expensive so I haven’t really looked into it.

  29. ladebra says:

    Oh, Dale and Tiffany are on Top Chef Duel tonight. Might be good.

  30. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    • chismosa™ says:

      Sorry I need to understand this — haven’t read the link yet – sorry –
      She gets to say why “she” doesn’t want to return, when she could have just been fired right ? (Or “not renewed contract”)

      Same with Andrea in Melbourne. — I thought she was let go. But it’s “she decided”.
      I never understand.

      Like on the E ticker it said that Aviva was out and out FIRED from NY

      • Powell says:

        Right She could have. But I thought I saw on Bravo a pic of the cast for this season although it could be an old pic.

        • chismosa™ says:

          That’s a new chick. She stands hunched over in one shot they air on tv. STAND UP STRAIGHT

          ASSa looks big in her dress. And why isn’t she engaged yet to love of her life. Very very odd.

          • Powell says:

            Would you get married to your BF that you call “Daddy”? Creepy. Besides the Jackson’s have so much weirdness going on in the 💰💰💰 dept so maybe his dad put the kibosh on their relationship going that far.

            • chismosa™ says:

              She’s not 25. Or 30– she should move on.
              (……storyline, cough, cough…….)
              Asssa really annoys me in her 2 facedness since s1 so whatever. 😴😴😴😴😴😴

              I hope I like the new hunched girl. I’m team Mike and GG – the ONLY ones who’ve been who they are since day 1.

  31. Jan (TexasTart) says:
  32. ladebra says:

    Oh my, looking at the weather map is scary! All youse guys in the mid-west, north east are in for some rough weather! Stay safe!

  33. not THAT Jill says:

    Brandi is all over twitter saying that this story is not true…which makes me think it’s kind of true!!!

    • ladebra says:

      It has that ring of truth. I can see Kim getting under her skin, and I can see Brandi loosing her brain cell. 😜

      • chismosa™ says:

        Ok please keep us ABREAST👙 OF ANY TURTLE TWEETS

        • Orson says:

          I think Kyle is more likely to tweet something than Kim. So, Kim and Kyle on one side and Brandi on the other. I think Lisa should just stay out of this one. Whose side do you think Yolo and the 2 new ones will take? I can sort of see Yolo taking Brandi’s. After all, she’s already invested a pair of shoes on her.

          • chismosa™ says:

            I have a feeling Yo is seeing the light and how low class and trashy her bestie is and is playing nice with her but truly will try to get in good with Lisa.

            She won’t go over the top though to look desperate.

            • Powell says:

              Yo can say all she wants that “Brandi is Brandi. Let her be herself.” all she wants but she knows that Brandi is crass, vulgar and doesn’t act like a lady. So she’d rather be bosom buddies w/Brandi or w/Lisa, someone who has class and refinement? And no Lisa isn’t perfect. She has her faults. But Brandi’s outweighs Lisa’s any day.

    • Powell says:

      I don’t not believe it. It may not have gone down verbatim but it sounds like those two to a tee. I totally believe Brandi has a huge ego because of Apprentice and her book and she didn’t get fired after last season. I can see her telling Jennifer that SHE’S the show and no longer Lisa.

  34. chismosa™ says:

    There was this huge 2 page spread in the Post this past week on Gigi Hadid and I couldn’t find a good link to it to post here.

    Also she’s allegedly dating a Jonas bro.
    I wonder if Andy will ask the Jo that’s on WWH.

  35. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I forgot to say hello. How’s everyone this morning? I hope well.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      TMZ is reporting he didn’t arrive at the designated time and is currently considered a wanted man and a warrant is out for his arrest. If stupidity had a face, I know what it would look like.

      • Powell says:

        I just posted that below. I’m late. 😉

      • T-Rex says:

        AND TMZ got it wrong, wrong wrong. Okay, let’s all put a “pin” in this information to see of the Bravo folks filming timeline also adheres to this LIE in the schedule. ConvictFelonNida reported as scheduled to a Lexington Kentucky Federal prison that is a six hour drive from Atlanta and this is according to a reputable source CNN

  36. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    I wish the media would not try to hash this out and wait for the NY state medical investigation to be complete. This article is disputing what type of sedation and what was done to Joan Rivers….

    The most interesting thing I found was this explanation of what might have happened “…That caused Rivers’ vocal cords to tighten up — a condition called laryngospasm — cutting off her air supply and causing her to go into cardiac and respiratory arrest, the source said.”

    • chismosa™ says:

      I started watching on demand the Nancy Grace episode where she was initially going AT IT over this entire thing. She had some woman specialist on and she stated the two reasons that the heart stopped/ oxygen didn’t get to her. But I didn’t finish watching.

      I was just seeing the pictures of all the people at the funeral. I’m so sad again.
      Melissa has been so so gracious to people. Joan raised her right.


  37. T-Rex says:

    SO I did not watch the second episode of UTOPIA on Fox> neither apparently did anyone else, it took a 55% drop in ratings in just the second episode, wow that is a definite EPIC.FAIL, it was already not a great first showing in the ratings and then to have a 55% drop is definitely BAD. They just wasted about 50 million dollars. Now bets are whether or not FOX will cancel the show mid-season or let the show air for the whole year. Yep those yabbos in this show were to spend an entire year together.

    • Powell says:

      T-Rex I only watched a bit. The two guys created their own Utopia. They seem like idiots to me. “$20 for Brown rice. Regular rice is $6. They’re wasting my money.”. LOL. They just wanted to hear themselves speak. 👎

      • T-Rex says:

        I read something about it when i was reading about the ratings. The two morons that have zero education and one has no teeth and lives off making moonshine, the other no real life experience outside of prison, yeah these are two you want to follow, this show is a joke. Oh and the broad that calls herself a “prepper” folks that actually know her says she is far from a prepper, she is just BatshitCrazy, who called the drunk guy a “sexual predator” is now a bitch in heat around him. Her Bio says she wants to get pregnant on the show, yep this is one classy show. Some have speculated on whether FOX is wanting one of the contestants actually try to commit murder on TV to see what the world’s response would be. I don’t believe that, but wouldn’t put it past some to think that’s what they are going for.

  38. Powell says:

    I didn’t know Apollo didn’t report to prison this A.M. This is what RealMrHousewife is reporting. &

  39. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  40. Jan (TexasTart) says:


  41. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  42. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  43. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  44. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  45. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Kandis’ tour schedule

  46. Exit4 says:

    ((Hugs)) for JNNTJ and everyone close to her who went through so much 13 years ago and who still live with the memory….❤️🚒🗽🇺🇸

    • Powell says:

      🙏 Yes.

    • SoutheastVA says:

      (((Hugs))) I say a prayer for piece for an ex-coworker and friend who lost his young son on 9/11 in the Pentagon crash.

    • shamrockblonde says:

      thank you Exit – much appreciated – please remember all of the heroes who were murdered by souless cowards that day – remember too those murdered at the Pentagon, and Flight 93, where the first heroes rose up in defiance of evil with Todd Beamer saying “Let’s Roll” – NEVER FORGET and may God Bless the United States of America –

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Wonderful words Shamrock and everyone else. Even though I ache for those who were lost on that day and for their families and friends as well, I chose to remember 9/11 in another way . . . it’s the day my wonderful brother was born and the day before my anniversary. It’s my greatest wish that our wonderful country never again has to suffer such a tragedy. God bless all of us – believers and non-believers, and show us how we all can live in peace.

  47. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Remembering September 11, 2001 ❤ to those who lived it.

  48. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Gosh it’s September 11th. It’s still hard to believe our country went thru such a horrific event. Bless everyone who has lost a loved one or been touched by this tragedy.

    • ladebra says:

      God Bless our country, and never forget there is real evil in this world.

    • T-Rex says:

      It’s Mr-T-Rex’s birthday today, so we will never forget this day, even if it wasn’t his birthday we wouldn’t be able to forget either. Hugs to those here that lost loved ones, I know we have a few board posters that were directly affected by this tragedy, we are thinking of you and your families today!

  49. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  50. BB says:

    I’m seeing from several sources that TMZ may have been right about Apollo showing up late for prison, like not until late/middle of last night. So it’s possible he could have paid a visit to Phaedra and then driven to KY. Who knows, this might be included in the upcoming season of RHOA.

  51. putchka says:

    Nothing like a felony to bring a couple together. Like a second honeymoon. Someone please take care of Gia, the only one with a brain!

  52. chismosa™ says:

    Jill- my love to your hubby and thanks for all he does! Our BRAVEST. ❤

  53. chismosa™ says:

    Luann 🙄 on steve Harvey. 👅
    With deirdre hall.

  54. HuskerHuny says:

    To all of you in California or other areas in desperate need of moisture, I so wish I could send you all of the rain that has and/or is falling here. This is just too much!

    • chismosa™ says:

      This sounds terrible. I saw that one of the shahs of sunset said “fu** the drought”

      Be safe all.

    • ladebra says:

      It’s really serious. And now they are saying the El Niño is going to be weak on the coast.

      • ladebra says:

        I apologize for this photo. We are in a serious drought, and it is bad – but in one of the comments on this photo a guy says he lives near this place and every August they drain this lake …. I’m not sure why you would drain a lake, especially during a drought, but stranger things have happened by water management government agencies in CA. This isn’t the only comparison photo I’ve seen, but this one is dramatic, and might be a false representation.

    • lillybee says:

      Please do. We are having a ton of fires around me.

  55. Boobah says:

    Thoughts and prayers to those that lost loved ones in 9/11. Today I got side-tracked looking at pics from that dreadful day – so sad and horrific. oxox

    • chismosa™ says:

      Boobah, I completely blanked out- I had meant to say “hi” from back when you commented the other day. I hope you are well.

      It’s sad to think about – that it was actually 13 years. Feels nowhere near that long 😦

      • Boobah says:

        No prob, chis. I wasn’t offended or anything. 🙂 I’m good, hope you are too!

        I know what you mean about 9/11. Feels like just yesterday. I’m not sure I can handle the memorial museum yet. I understand that its VERY emotional.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      How the hell are we going to hear from him shortly? Did he think he’s keeping his phone? Did a camera crew go in the clinker with him? Maybe he recorded something to be played after he’s locked up.

  56. VV™ says:

    Watch the video of Sonja. She is wasted. It is gross.

  57. ladebra says:

    I have been waiting for this. I hope it’s as good as I want it to be!

  58. not THAT Jill says:

    FRIDAY FRIDAY!!! Hope everyone is well!! Have a great weekend!! Love you all!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  59. ladebra says:

    Hey PP, our Fashionista! Take a look at the jacket she is wearing … Is this a thing? It looks unfinished? Am I just not with it?

  60. Witch says:

    One thing you are missing here is: Amber said while crying; “I thought you were gonna be exonerated” at some point Teresa must have said something to her.

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