Don’t Be Tardy – Kimmie’s Back / Brandi Glanville Podcast 32

DBT LOGODon’t Be Tardy

S3E11 “Kimmie’s Back”

By TexasTart

Last week we watched Kim contemplating getting her figure back to where it was before this last litter.   This episode opens with Kim packing to go to Miami for her Mommy makeover. Plastic surgery that includes new breast implants and lift, tummy tuck and a hernia repair. And I’m assuming a vaginal rejuvination based on a comment she made and another that KJ made during this episode.  Yes, her young son KJ, but we’ll get to that a little later.

Kim is wearing pink pants that are reminiscent of sausage casing, while telling Sweetie how she might need to pack a wig to make her feel better about herself.  Kim says she’s staying in Miami 3 – 4 days and Kroy corrects her to say 5 or 6 days.  Kim can’t wait to come home to her babies.  She wants a lockdown on the house while they are gone. No one leaves, no one comes over. She wants her girls to help out the nanny and the girls don’t understand why.  Kim tells them they need to spend time with their brothers.

Kim whines so much about leaving her babies and how sick it makes her feel, wah wah wah and of course, she will leave them.  By choice, so stop your whining bitch!  She tells the girls that Kroy will be watching them on the security cameras while gone.  Kroy and Kim are driving to Miami because she will not be able to fly post surgery.  They arrive and get settled in their hotel room, which involves stocking a lot of food and drink. Kroy then takes her to Dr. Lenny Hochsteins’ office for the surgery.  Despite Kim’s nerves being shot, she looks beautiful in her natural hair and no makeup.  Shortly after they enter the building Kim has a bit of a breakdown and cries. Kroy talks her down gently and they continue on.

DBT S3E11_2

Back at home, the girls are in the kitchen with KJ and Kash. I’m not going to take the time to figure out the smart ass or inappropriate things that KJ just said to his sisters. He’s apparently heard that Miliana has a huge following and is determined to find his claim to fame.  He’s also getting rough with his sisters. Clearly taking advantage of the situation and playing to the cameras. It’s not cute no matter how cute of a kid he is.

DBT S3E11_1The surgery is complete and Kroy is helping her out of a wheelchair to situate her in their hotel room.  I love the view in this scene.  Kroy must have a collection of white pants that rivals Yolanda.  Kim is hunched over, as required for the surgical work done to her abdomen. She’s in her Pink sweat shirt and sweat pants that are pulled up way high and over the sweatshirt, she looks like a very old woman and she wants to know why her pants are so high. Chuckles. I’m trying to figure how the hideous decoration of this hotel room is beneficial to recovery. It’s making me nauseous just looking at it on TV.  But not Kim. No, she’s drugged up and repeatedly asking for pizza, Snickers and Gatorade.  Pizza?!

Back at the house the man child KJ is being disrespectful to Ariana.  Kim calls the girls who are with KJ on Facetime (video phone).  She tells them she can’t see her titties yet and is anxious to see them.  KJ asks his mom if she likes her vagina. She acts surprised and partially disgusted. I’ll bet none of you are surprised based on what this boy is exposed to hearing at times.  Kroy tells KJ he’s coming home to spank his butt. The girls tell their Mom to hurry and come back. Brielle claims helping take care of the boys was enough birth control for the rest of her life and she’s never having kids!

DBT S3E11_3

Kroy packs up Kim in the Escalade for the drive back to Georgia. I can not imagine subjecting a post surgery and multiple surgeries body to all the vibration of such a long trip, but at least she’s fairly loaded on painkillers.  She asks Kroy if she thinks her boobs will turn out okay. He replies fuck yeah, they are going to be like porn star meets soccer mom and some more graphic descriptions.  These two have a special love, I tell ya.  They endure the 12 hour drive and arrive at the house in the early morning to sleepy eyed kids in PJ’s.  Kim is so happy to see them and wants to love and hug them all over but can’t and whines some more about it.  Kim knows KJ wasn’t good. Kroy reminds KJ they know things because of the cameras are always watching. Kim says that KJ is always good for Kroy, but not good when he’s gone.  It’s something they’re working on, especially with football season coming up.

I’d rate this episode as my all time least favorite DBT, based on subject matter, excessive descriptions and language, for which I spared you a great deal of that.  The only saving grace was Kroy in those white pants!  Tune in Sunday, September 21st for the season finale where Kim throws Kroy a going back to work party.



Brandi Glanville Podcast 32

By Kit9

Guests: Lisa Rinna, Vivica Fox

Brandi asks Lisa why she didn’t take her husband, Harry Hamlin’s name. Brandi asks if it’s ego and Lisa says no, she wanted to to take his name but he encouraged her not to. Brandi says that if Lisa took his last name people would make “ham” references if she got fat(nice, Brandi). Brandi would like her kids’ names to be hyphenated, Glanville-Cibrian because she did all the work to have them. What’s the best/worst thing about Harry? Best – he’s very smart. Brandi thinks that most the time, hot guys are dumb. Worst – he sshhhushes Lisa all the time. Lisa admits she’s “fucking loud” and it “fucking pisses her off” when he tries to quiet her.

Brandi (jokingly?) asks if Lisa’s done porn. Lisa says, no! Brandi points out she did pose for Playboy -twice- but says that’s not porn (if it’s designed to have guys jerk off to it, it’s porn, imo). Brandi mentions that one of Lisa’s pictorials was when she was pregnant and thinks it’s “creepy”. Lisa says that what Playboy is really about is “procreation, when you get down to it” (um, no, no it’s not, Lisa). Lisa was 45 when she posed last. Brandi compliments Lisa’s body and mentions she did Chicago on Broadway.

Lisa says that DWTS was the hardest thing she’s ever done followed by the musical. She got the role in Chicago as a result of DWTS. Lisa says her fav dancer on DWTS is Derek. Brandi mentions Julianne Hough and how she used to have a lot of sex with Ryan Seacrest (that’s apparently Brandi-speak for “dating”). Lisa says that it was a good career “move” for Julianne and says she was kind of responsible for them hooking up. Lisa says Julianne was 19 and engaged before meeting Ryan and when Brandi says she’s surprised she was engaged so young Lisa says, “Mormon”.  Brandi says she’s known Ryan for a long time and that Julianne was a little “natural” compared to his other girlfriends.

Lisa’s just done two films. Lisa has two teenage daughters. Lisa is 50 and Brandi wants to know what she does to look so good. “I try not to eat”, laughs Lisa (joking? Hard to say). They talk The Lips and Brandi mentions Lisa had it reduced. Lisa says that unless you get cut, it’s not surgery and she hasn’t had a face lift. Brandi says she has a zit and says she named it “Kyle” (ruh roh! New season drama alert?).

Both Lisa and Brandi use Retin A. They talk about how dirty and polluted LA is and Lisa’s QVC line, which she’s had for 6 years. Brandi asks about Lisa’s experience on Celebrity Apprentice. Brandi says Lisa was the only normal one on the show. Lisa agrees and says that there were certifiably crazy people on the show with her except for Penn Gillette. In addition to the QVC line she also has dance videos.

Vivica A. Fox: Vivica was on CA with Brandi. Vivica has a wig collection. Vivica is obsessed with fashion and, according to Brandi, always looks perfect. Vivica asks about Brandi’s boys and they talk about her son’s medical problems in NY.  She says angioadema(?) and he can go into shock at anytime and that’s he’s never without an Epipen. These two seem friendly and Vivica gave Brandi a housewarming gift (on house #3? I’m losing track). Vivica has been in the showbiz since the late 80’s.

Vivica has a shoe fetish and resells them so she can get some cash back to buy more. Vivica only wears high fashion designer clothes. She just finished Sharknado 2 (did I hear that right?!). Then she’s doing a play. She started in soaps and thinks her big break was the movie Independence Day. Vivica has no children is fine with that. She hasn’t ruled out adoption.

Brandi asks about her love life and Vivica says she wants a friend, a good partner and someone who has a lot of money (lol!).  She thinks he’s going to be from Europe. Holy gossip alert!  Vivica had a big fight with Jimmy Kimmel back in 2005 after he was talking smack about her good friend, Star Jones. Apparently, he will never have her back on his show as a result. Brandi offers to start a rumor that Jimmy is racist. Brandi says that Jimmy has “feminine eyebrows”(which she means as a diss, I guess). Brandi is angry that Jimmy had Eddie on his show and they talked shit about her (cause she’d never do that to Eddie).


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69 Responses to Don’t Be Tardy – Kimmie’s Back / Brandi Glanville Podcast 32

  1. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    How surprising that Vivica would be interviewed by Brandi after the big clash they alledgedly had on Celebrity Apprentice! I remember hearing about Brandi stole her phone and tweeted as if she was Vivica about being menopausal. I think Vivica is not serving herself well as of late…

    • VV™ says:

      They need to promote Celebrity Appretince. Neither one of them want to have The Donald on their bad side.

    • kit9 says:

      Really? I haven’t been following the CA reports. Brandi and Vivica seemed very chummy and they talked about Brandi going to her birthday party. Interesting.

  2. VV™ says:

    TT, I used to watch Kim’s show mainly for the little ones but I am not so interested anymore. Kim’s daughters are starting to act like her mom, KJ who in my opinion physically is looking more like Kim now is too bratty for my taste. I quit watching RHONJ because the Gorgas came back. I read Milania is over the top. I used to like Milania in previous season. The things that would come out of her mouth were funny. KJ is just spoiled little boy nothing amusing about that.
    Kim had all this surgery for vanity but didn’t agree to a C-section tells you were her priorities are. I didn’t watch the show. Thanks for the recap.

  3. ladebra says:

    I watch DBT, but I might skip this one! Thank you for the recap Tartsy, you saved me 30min of brain cells 😉 And I agree VV, the Vivica /Brandi thing is to promote apprentice. Wonder when they are going to air?

    Today is GetItDone Saturday. After weeks of hibernating out of the heat, I’ve got a dozen errands that have to get done today. I’m gonna need a nap!

    Hope everyone is safe and doing something Fun!

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Glad I could save someone the 30 minutes, lol, as you know, it normally has lighthearted fun topics, but no more elective surgeries please!

      Last I heard NBC is holding back CA for a mid-winter premiere. If that is January, can you imagine they’ve had to keep a lid on the outcome for 1 year?!

  4. not THAT Jill says:

    Good afternoon all-hope you all have a great weekend!! Thinking of Boston today-hope everything is exactly the way you want it to be!! XOXOXO
    I’m heading over to Yankee stadium today to say good bye to Derek Jeter…

  5. chismosa says:

    Hi all!
    I’m up and at ‘me spraying my house down like a whirling dervish – I HATE SWARMING SEASON and that it’s during my favorite season 🐞😩😭

    I am thinking of Boston and am hoping she has a wonderful day! (It’s today right, not tomorrow right? Pretty warm here so I hope her weather is not too off)

    KIT—- thanks for this – I can’t believe there’s a GRAPHIC for the podcast 🙄
    Jill must be super excited ! LOL

    I don’t think Lisa Rinna eats. I love Harry H.
    I can’t believe they were able to mention CA since I thought they all were told not to –

    So if Vivica is good with B>>>> does that mean Vivica is on the outs with Kenya?
    Vivica – Newsflash 📰 Wendy is the one who originally came up with the concept of getting a guy in Europe, older, a “count” type, with money.
    She’s gotten annoying the past few years I forgot what shows I’ve seen her in. And wayyy too much work on her face.

    Tarts – thanks for the recap on trailer tramp Kim.
    Actually I think I would go to Miami for work too.
    All the South American 1st and 2nd place miss universe gals get all their best surgeries in Venezuela (#1 in plastic surgery in the world last I heard) – and Kim K goes to Miami secretly to get her but injected, allegedly by a S. American doctor.
    I.e. May I direct you to Iggy Azalea now as well. And I’m sure niki minaj uses a similar doc. And funny- iggy was based out of Atlanta. I bet she went to Miami for her butt.
    This is all to say>>>> great doctors there in Miami. (Not dr Hochstein)

    I have to look up hernias.
    I thought I had a hyetal (????) one when I got my upper endoscopy last.

    And my mother claims I gave her a “hernia” after she had me but possibly pre- my bro?- so she had to have surgery on that. Not sure if she had it pre him or post him.
    However aren’t hernias not plastic surgery but GASTRO?

    Tangent ⤵️
    VV—— have you upgraded the OS yet? Just wondering if it’s good or not?
    I wait to do it on my PC as they always tell me that’s better than just via phone.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      You and your stink bugs, lol. Oh, sorry, I know it’s not funny to you…only to me! At least it’s a seasonal thing, seems to happen at the same time we have the cricket plagues here. I’ll take crickets over stink bugs. Good luck dealing with them. The first cold spell, they’re gone, right?

      That was interesting what Lisa R. said about food she is a bit on the lean side, matter of fact she has been the same size for-ever, but she is not sickly looking thin, like Harry! He looks entirely too thin – damn near a living bobble head figure. He’s ruining his good looks by whatever he’s not eating, IMO.

      I had that mixed up about Brandi and Vivica in not getting along, it should have been Kenya – Vivica. And another thing is I was aware I mistakenly lumped the hernia following the words plastic surgery but didn’t fix that. Hernia repair should be general surgery, isn’t that just sewing up a torn muscle or tissue? I can see how a plastic surgeon can do that, but it is not plastic surgery.

      So you think the best plastic surgeons in Miami are in relation to the fact some of the best are in South America…could be. Surgery or not, I always thought when it comes to international beauty that the most beautiful are from South America, namely Venzuelans and Columbians. That’s all, I don’t have a tangent today, at least, lol.

  6. Powell says:

    Hey everyone. Happy Saturday. I hope you’re having a great day. It’s so nice out. I was up early cleaning the garage out. Then went to a flea market and chic fa -lay. I’m so tired now so I’m resting. I hope everyone is well.

  7. HAPPY WEDDING DAY BOSTON!!!! I know you probably won’t see this but I know we are all there with you in spirit!!! I now get to read the blog, thanks for the writing Kit and TT… I can’t believe that Brandi is still gonna be on BH, ugh… I have no HWs to watch right now, not doing NJ…oh well, I have the Roosevelts and man, oh man, talk about cray, cray and juicy dirt!!! Nothing these politicians do nowadays is new!!! The media just didn’t know or report it if they did know….

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      You’re welcome. I still can not believe that I typed AND posted “American Doll Girl” yesterday! I have dyslexia with numbers, but not words….or do I?! LOL

  8. azgirl2345 says:

    “GOING TO THE CHAPEL AND WERE GOING TO GET MARRIED” Happy Day for Boston. Saying a prayer that all her dreams come true. Thank you TT and Kit for taking the bullet and recapping Tardy and Podcast.

  9. Great Blogs!! I watched Lisa Rinna on QVC the other night and my daughter walked in and watched and would have bought almost all the stuff if she had $$…. The items were cute and she is fun to watch. I am looking forward to seeing her on BH. Viv Fox was in Sharknado 2, my hubs and daughter forced me to watch it and it was funny, I must say. Yeah I agree Kit, Brandi would never talk smack against Eddie.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Lost my comment, I guess I talk too much, lol. I liked Lisa R from her being on Days Of Our Lives and remember her launching Belle Grey and thought it was quality stuff – have not looked in a long time, but glad to hear she is utilizing QVC because she is an excellent spokesperson for her product.

  10. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  11. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  12. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  13. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Can anyone confirm if that is the new RHOA cast member?

  14. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  15. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  16. chismosa says:

    Tarts I’m seeing lines ! No photos. Could be my phone.
    Didn’t upgrade yet.

    Beautiful flowers for Boston Princess P

    And thanks for the blog Tarts, if I forgot to say thanks.

    Oh I don’t think the absolute best but maybe some top of the line docs are in Miami.

    Venezuela – yes GORGEOUS however they start surgery early so I don’t know whether it’s all natural or not! 😜😷🔪💉
    Many Nightlines I’ve watched on that
    In fact they’re facing a shortage of breast implants.

    I just do know Kim k goes to Miami to get her bum plumped. Supposedly a Colombian surgeon. Maybe BH hasn’t caught up to the grotesque overinflated unnatural butt surgeries yet.

  17. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Another stupid Instagram link, lol

  18. chismosa says:

    Tarts you were right. 😦
    Not happy. 😒😞

    I may, like Lainey not continue.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Well, let’s see what happens…Joan was the sun in that galaxy.

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        Of course, the planets do not survive without a sun….and I’ve already said it three times, that Fashion Police would be a failure if they tried to keep the people and format….so I won’t say that again….well I might have something to say when they come back in January, so don’t hold me to that, lol.

  19. LaineyLainey says:

    Sexy Texy, I just read your blog. You had me smiling and laughing with your love of the white pants (to rival Yolanda’s) and your GREAT observation that she prob got her chuckalina rejuvenized…you have an eagle eye or eagle ear, woman!!!!! Looks like Kj blew it!! Hahahahaha. kim acting shocked was sooooooo bad. I remember thinking why isn’t she telling him it’s not appropriate to ask her that vs. Acting like “why wd u ask me that?” I also loved your nod to Milania, too! Hey if the Gorga boy can try to pull a Milania, I guess KJ can throw his hat in the ring, too. No one can take Milania’s place, IMO.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Now why couldn’t I think of “chucklina” when I was writing?! LOL! Glad you enjoyed the blog, Lainey, thanks for the comment. 😀

  20. kit9 says:

    Oh, dear! Don’t settle into that new mansion just yet, Kim and Kroy? “Local media has also been less than kind to Kroy, with some claiming that he’s a coach favorite who is played in spite of his performance. Fans have latched onto the idea, with some even calling for the veteran to be cut outright.

    • ladebra says:

      Do you think that’s a real photo? Again, I don’t watch football much anymore, but that Bengals (?) player with his hand wrapped through Kroy’s face guard looks like “face guarding”. That’s how you snap someone’s kneck isn’t it?

    • Laineylainey says:

      This article was kinda wishy washy

      • Exit4 says:

        It’s a fan site-never listen to the fans! He’s a defensive end/special teams player-a very unsexy position in general. Obviously, the injury has affected his speed, so they have to utilize him differently. The season is all of 3 weeks in, there’s a while lot more football to play. That being said-I have to start prepping for today’s game! (Eagles vs redskins). Desean Jackson is back! This is the 2nd time the redskins took our sloppy seconds-and I doubt it will work for them yet again.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Interesting, thank you Kit!

  21. Plain Jane says:

    I’m just curious to how the other football players and their wives think of Kim. To me she’s disgusting.

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