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By Namaste

Nicole Nipolitano

Nicole decided to post her blog on Sunday for the previous week and still hasn’t posted her blog for THIS week’s episode. I think she is a bit confused.  So, I will walk you through this, but keep in mind, it’s for the wrong week!  (Her other half did the same thing…)  She starts off telling us how very busy she is.  Yes, we know you have a life, but you actually get paid to do this shit.

I’m not even going to bring up Amber crying, because the world bashed her enough! 

Amber talking to Jim in her kitchen — I feel this whole thing with the invite to bowling got so blown out of proportion. Bobby truly never would want to hurt anyone. Yes, he absolutely told Rino the reason why Jim wasn’t going, but when Jim told Bobby he knew the whole world would eventually hear as well. I think what is more damaging about that conversation was Jim once again trying to ruin Bobby’s reputation with those ridiculous comments about his cheating antics.

Really? You’re not gonna make fun of Amber?  I am disappointed in you Nicole.  Jim is a douche.  We know.

I was extremely excited to go to Dina’s house that day to talk about Project Ladybug. It felt really good for the first time in a while to all be on the same page. I loved the enthusiasm of all the girls being excited to work together. My sister came up with the best theme, Candyland, since it was a fundraiser for children. Candyland was our favorite game as children, we played it constantly. Can’t wait for you to see how beautifully the event turned out.

I am bummed. Nicole just spilled the beans and told us the event was beautiful.  What?  Not dramatic with an over the top hair-pulling incident?  BOO!

Looking back at the day at Dina’s house, I should have been honest when Amber asked what we were talking about. I should have told her Bobby read the text to me and that Jim is the one who should be texting Bobby, not her, and the accusations she made in the text really hurt my feelings. The reason why I opted not to tell her is I just didn’t want another confrontation, and I truly wanted to move forward in our relationship. However after seeing the conversation between Teresa Giudice and Amber…how can can these two women talk about keeping a secret from us when they divulged the false, deceitful secret to the whole world?

Yes, it was shitty. Especially when you went so far as to say, “If we were talking about YOU, we would tell you.”

I was truly excited about going away with the girls to Florida and having the guys meeting us down there! I was looking forward to having bonding time and really taking Teresa Giudice’s mind off of everything she’s been going through. I truly was an amazing friend to her and never ever asked ANY questions, just always let her know we were praying for her. And on top of that, we never allowed anyone to speak negatively about her or her family. I knew we were on the same page with how IMPORTANT family is to us. Although I only knew Teresa for a short time, I watched out for her and felt very protective, trying to make sure nothing would upset her. I felt we had a nice bond going, but after seeing this episode, I realized I was so sensitive to her feelings yet I don’t feel she reciprocated. First off, I don’t think anyone was surprised this was going to take place. This is not Mob Wives and this is not Jerry Springer. How could two women sit there and even say in an interview that this could actually happen!? You knew through our talks how strongly we feel about family. Teresa Giudice and Amber, I would never make anyone say anything disrespectful about your mothers! That’s where we differ, because I would never let anyone speak about one of your children or parents!

I don’t feel sorry for you one bit Nicole. You entered this show after watching multiple seasons of TerEsa only caring about TerEsa.  She will walk all over her “friends” and “family” to earn a dime.  And I agree, if Nicole had said those things about Tre’s parents could you imagine?

nicoleblogIn closing, she mentions Abigail from @Abbeysawareness. This is a 7 year old girl she and her sister have mentioned in their blogs previously.  Abigail is dealing with a brain tumor.  Looks like Nicole took a little time during her vaca to Vegas to visit with this little lady.  There is fund set up to help the family deal with medical bills.  If you are able to help, go to  As always, she thanks her twitter family and her fans and leaves us with the following quote:

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” – Socrates

Dina Manzo

Dina apologies for being so tardy in bringing us her blog. What?  She posted hers on Monday unlike the twins who don’t seem to have a calendar.  She wants us to check her instagram to see all her “zen pics”.  Yeah, I gotta clean out a bathroom drain first.

Watching this week’s show really made me cry…I miss Luke so much, he left early in the season, so I think that’s why I look stressed and tired a lot too! Luke was like my personal jester, no matter what was going on he could always make me laugh. He is truly a son to me and a brother to Lexi and I am hoping he finds what he is looking for back home. If nothing else I’m sure his mom is so happy to have her little boy back on her side of the pond, and like I said, my door will always be open to him (and any other stray that needs a home)!

Again, this is Bravo screwing with the timeline. Seems as though Dina attached herself to this young man while having her troubles with her sibs.

How much do you love Gia? She is such a beautiful kid inside and out. Like Teresa says, it’s moments like that when you know you’ve been a good mother. Kids like that just don’t happen, some of it is luck but MOST of it is good parenting. I know I’m not perfect, but when I look at my daughter I know I can’t be that bad to have raised such a good person in this crazy world we live in. I think after watching Lexi you will all agree with me too. Some of the kids you’ve seen on TV make you just cringe, don’t they? Side note: Have you checked out Lexi’s fashion blog It’s so cute! 

I don’t know about the rest of you, but that scene with Gia made me a little sad. I think it is sad that Gia has to give her mom a pep talk.  Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?  I am sad that Gia is aware of this BS and is having to live through it knowing her friends all know.  I checked out Lexi’s blog.  I guess I am neither young or boho.

Dinner at TerEsa’s was lovely, it was so nice to meet Santa, Giovanni, and their niece. Rino was very sweet to cook in between visits to the bathroom. I hope he washed his hands! Kidding…the food was great and at this point I’m really starting to enjoy the twins’ company. We had spent more time together than you get to see and they are really growing on me. I like their family values and their positive outlook on life. 

I like these scenes and the food makes my mouth water! Next time I am in NYC, I plan to stop by one of their restaurants!

Giovanni is a doll. I won’t say he and Lex would make a cute couple, because Lexi’s boyfriend whom I adore would kill me, but I will say I wouldn’t be upset if Lexi wound up with fiercely loyal in laws like TerEsa and Rino and married to a sweet kid like Giovanni. It certainly looks like if you mess with their family, you have a problem on your hands. I dig that. But NOTHING would make me happier than to know that Lexi may have kids with a beautiful colon just like their Grandpa. (Wink wink.) 

Yes, Giovani is adorable. And I am sure he has a beautiful colon, too!

dina blogI’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million times, I am that friend that is silently there for you, but WHEN and IF you want to talk about anything, I’m here for you in a heartbeat. I don’t pry and I never will. It’s just not my style. I’ve realized in life most people like to hear of others’ misfortune and 90% of the time they’re asking about your business because they’re nosy, and just need ammo for the gossip train. I’ve seen it so many times, it’s sad but true. That’s why my circle is small but it’s TIGHT! 

Hmmmm, maybe this is a hint about her probs with Caro and Jac? Very different personalities.  Amber is definitely that friend that is like a dog with a bone.

Dina tells us she is not looking forward to the upcoming episodes. Also, she is still running her contest for those who are busy creating inspiration boards.  She adores her fierce Jersey fans and appreciates all their support.

Melissa Gorga

Melissa hopes we are having a great September and tells us she is so happy the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back.

Melissa BlogJoe cracks me up when he talks about how he builds houses. The fact is he really is so talented and has such an eye for custom homes. It’s his craft, it’s what God blessed him with. The only problem is he absolutely loves doing it, so he keeps wanting to build new homes! Eventually I’ll put my foot down and say this is the last one, but I can’t deny I love it too. I could move every ten years and be happy to change it up a bit. He loves designing them and I love decorating them. We make a great team! 

Is she delusional? After we have all read about the house filled with beavers and leaky faucets she is still trying to tell us what an amazing builder her man is.  I wonder if they are every embarrassed after the fact because we all know now the old mansion is vacant and they are moving back in to save money cause Joey spent all their money on the garbage trucks.

The dinner at Teresa’s house looked yummy. Rino is a great cook and he was cracking me up when he kept running to the bathroom. I love people who are goodhearted, mean no harm, and just like to have fun. That’s how I see TeRESa, Rino, and their family. However, the thingy on his thingy — I could have gone without seeing that, LOL!

Um, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones! We have seen way too much of Joey over the years.  What we saw of Rino was nothing compared to the ridiculousness we have witnessed over the past seasons.

Gia is such a strong young girl, and she’s grown into such a wonderful little woman. I loved watching Teresa’s morning routine, because it makes me feel better that I’m not the only one running around like a nut before school every morning! It’s those little things in life we take for granted that one day when they are all grown up we will miss doing. I enjoy every minute with my kids and spend as much time as I can with them, because one day they are going to get in their car and drive themselves to school and I’m not looking forward to that. God bless all the mommies out there! 


I will say I had no idea when I introduced Amber to my sister-in-law that she was going to have such strong feelings toward her. I know Teresa doesn’t like all the questions, and I think by now Amber should realize that. It’s not about us understanding exactly what’s going on, it’s about making sure Teresa knows we are there for her if she needs us. I do feel for Amber with her scare at the doctor. She has four beautiful children she wants to stay healthy for, so it’s completely understandable that she is so stressed waiting for the results. Cancer is no joke and I would be a mess waiting for an answer.  

<drink> I do feel for Amber, but not every situation relates directly with your cancer <drink> experience. What Teresa and Joe are going through is in no way the same unless Amber did something that CAUSED her breast cancer <drink> which I can think I can safely say is not so. Joe and Tre are going to pay the piper. I feel sorry for their beautiful 4 girls. I feel sorry for their parents and the shame they must feel. I DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR JOE OR TRE!!! My husband and I bought our home in 2000. We took out a 30 year mortgage using our very own W-2s. We pay our bills and make an effort to live within our means. Have we gotten into credit card debt? YUP! Did we work our asses to pay off that debt? YES!  

Jac is back! Surprise! I know the fans love her honesty and the real struggles she shares with us all. I can’t wait to see Nick’s progress! He is so adorable and his voice gets me every time! ‎ 

Surprise? Worst kept secret in Bravo history.  I am anxious to see the progress Nick has made, but wish Jac would stay far away from all this drama and just take care of her kid.

Melissa reminds us how life is short and that as she gets older she knows life isn’t perfect. Oh, enlighten Obi One!

Teresa Aprea

As I mentioned with Nicole’s blog, she and her sister have decided to blog last week’s episode instead of this current week’s show. Not sure why they didn’t just “double-up” and give is a twofer.  Anyhoo…I guess the girls were at Fashion week and ended the summer with a birthday celebration and Gio is starting college.  She tells us this blog is way overdue and only because she is really really really ticked at Ms. Gotti, Teresa and Amber.  She is also pretty salty about Jim have twitter diarrhea.

What kind of a man would go after mothers and children? 

Well, I don’t think we really need to answer that, but I would say Jim Marchese is THAT kind of man.

Teresa A BlogSo although we met at Dina’s home as a preliminary meeting for the fundraiser, the subtext of this episode was the private conversation that took place between Amber and Teresa Giudice. Anyone who attended Victoria’s house that day knew there was going to be more lies to follow. At that time the idea of going to Florida for some R&R, especially for Teresa Giudice who was going through so much, seemed like a good idea. However, if I had known that Teresa Giudice and Amber met with Victoria previously and listened to lies about my mother, I would never have considered going to Florida with either of them. It appears the real purpose of the Florida trip was to ambush me and my sister. Obviously this would be revealed at some point and you’ll see how it plays out. I would expect something like this from the Marcheses, not from Teresa Giudice, because I did nothing to hurt her or her family. She was my friend and I considered her a good one. My entire family has done nothing but love and pray for the Giudices. As you have seen, Rino has expressed such compassion and stood be their side from day one. But now I sadly see that there was an agenda to hurt my family with all these disgusting lies. Some people will say and do anything to get attention and be in the spotlight.

Hmm, not really buying the ambush thing. I do see that Tre might have been a little more than happy to have Bravo pay attention to something other than her dismal storyline.

Especially interesting how Teresa Giudice responded to Amber on this episode by saying she has enough on her plate with her own problems, when it was Teresa who brought Victoria around to spread these lies for the world to hear. What kind of person does this? I signed up for this show not my mother. There used to be a line of respect when it comes to parents and children. I guess these types of people don’t live by those standards with which I was raised. 

Has no one learned anything? When you sign up for these shows, make sure you are an orphan or your family has already disowned you because everyone you know and love will be dragged through the mud.

Teresa is done for now. She thanks God and her family.  She thanks all her fans who have been so kind.

Amber Marchese

I gotta egmit this. I wanted to like Amber.  Really, I did.  From the previews, I thought she was fun and would bring something fresh to the show.  On the first episode, I thought she was witty and OCD (like myself) and I even enjoyed when Jim brought the dead pig into the house and scared the bejesus out of Amber and her daughter.  But most of all, they have a boxer.  Yes, I love boxers.  They are my favorite breed.  I thought Amber and I would be fast friends.  I was wrong.

She starts off with a quote…

“Man is made of such a seemly shape, that friend or foe is not discerned by face; then hard it is the wickeds’ wiles to scape, since that the bad to mask with honest grace.” Geoffrey Whitney

I’m already thinking of throwing in the towel. What the f does that mean?  I have read on other blogs that people are suggesting that perhaps Mrs. Marchese has a ghostwriter.  I am no Aviva so I will not throw around accusations…but this blog does seem different from the previous blogs.

I read Nicole and Teresa’s blogs and see what they tweet about me. It is clear that they have made up their minds that no matter what, whether their thoughts are logical or illogical, they will displace their anger and frustrations onto me. It is a classic textbook definition of displacement, “aggressing against a substitute target because aggressive acts against the source of the frustration are inhibited by fear or lack of access” (Kassin, Fein, Markus, 2008). I believe they are displacing their anger at Victoria Gotti and other potential factors could be a possibility in this entire scenario. 

Wow. She (or GW) has researched the definition of displacement.

I can’t control others’ actions, however, I can control mine. I am completely confident that I handled the information that Vicitoria Gotti said to me in the most appropriate manner. Call it a chess move. In my mind, whether I was set up to take the fall or not, I had to deal with the situation. I had to make a move. I was told this information, so I made a conscious decision to put Teresa on notice that I thought it was all weird and I am not saying one word to any of the girls. What Teresa and now Dina do with this information is up to them. I firmly stood my ground on that and kept to my word. However, I do not believe the twins should be taking it up with anyone but Victoria Gotti and TereSSA’s husband, Rino. They especially need to stop misdirecting their aggressions towards me. I got ganged up on at a “party” over something that was true, here this rumor was crazy, weird, and I was not going anywhere near this one. NOWHERE. Nor was I at a comfortable point with TereSSA or Nicole to have a discussion about what Victoria Gotti said, moreover, since Victoria is Teresa’s friend, it was not my place to say anything. Follow me? 

So, we managed to bring up the party. Again.  The horse is dead Amber.  Move on.  Maybe when Ms. Gotti shared this delicious tidbit with you (while on camera) it would have been best if you had simply said, “I know these people.  I know Rino.  There is no way in hell that happened.”  You also somehow manage to be the victim in this situation by believing you were set up in some way.

I am not sure why Teresa told Dina in the manner that she did. She of all people knew that I was nothing more than an ear to what HER friend was telling me. Furthermore, I had already made it unequivocally clear that I was not saying a damn word to anyone. I took the risk to tell her at the party to make sure we were in agreement, so I am not sure of her intentions. I do know from past conversations that we have had, that she was burned many times before, even by people she loved dearly. I am not making excuses for Teresa, however, I do have an understanding of what she’s been through. However, it is me she is distrusting, so I have to defend myself, and honestly there is nothing to really defend. I tapped out of this situation, now how others handle it is it up to them. Remember, I can only control my actions, not the actions and behavior of others.  

I get why Tre told Dina…it is a delicious tidbit meant to be shared and Dina reacted appropriately by immediately saying she didn’t believe it!

Amber BlogAddressing my annoying phone call to Teresa. OH dear Lord, what can I say, I just wasn’t myself. There were two reasons that I consider to be the driving force to calling Teresa and asking her questions like that. One, I obviously was going through a lot of health issues. I was so scared. I just wanted to get through this five year mark so I could finally go on with my life. I wanted to put cancer behind me and get to a point where it no longer defines me. I love my babies so much; I live and breathe for them. I don’t want to lose them. My burning fear has always been that they will grow up without a mother, as I lost my dad at a very young age. Being diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer at a young age when my babies were little made that fear a real possibility. And it came out of nowhere and hit me like a ton of bricks. I just never thought it was possible for me, I guess I was arrogant. Instead of enjoying young motherhood, I was fighting for my life, while trying to remain as “normal” as possible. I really relate to Teresa. Granted, her situation is a different, but the fear of losing time with our babies is the same. 

<drink> <drink>  So, all of Amber’s bad behavior can be blamed on cancer <drink>.  When does that excuse get old?

Another reason for my overly sensitive reactions to Teresa is that I am familiar with these types of cases due to Jim’s line of work. I did not want to place judgment on Teresa. I wanted to know where she stood so we could move on with our friendship. It was very difficult for me to separate my own personal experience while watching a friend deal with a similar situation. One thing that kept me straight is that just like cancer, each case is different. And, what I know, love, and respect about Teresa is that she is a fiercely devoted mother just as I am.

So, from what we have learned so far, Jim is believed to be an owner of bank, a lawyer, a mortgage broker, a witness for the prosecution, a superhero… I hate women like Amber who act as though their spouse is God’s gift to the planet.

Hearing the word, “inconclusive” brought me right back to when I was first diagnosed. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I had just put my 6-month-old and 18-month-old down for a nap, the older guys were in school. My doctor called and I was alone. He told me to sit down and then relayed to me that I had invasive carcinoma. At that point, he did not know what stage, but I would be doing many tests and surgeries over the next couple days to determine the full diagnosis. I remember feeling like I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t see, I just dropped to the floor in fetal position and screamed, however, the sound never actually came out. I called my husband who was in a meeting; I remember screaming to him that I have cancer. His office is twenty minutes away, but I swear he got home before I could even hang up the phone. He held me that day and told me it would be OK, that I was not going to die. He said that to me every day after that, too. Each morning I would wake and ask if it was all just a nightmare, he would say, “No, but you will just fine, you will be will be the one kissing me goodbye.” I know you all have not properly gotten to meet this amazing man that I am honored to call my husband, but I promise you, he is not getting a fair shake. A man can be measured by how strong he is by how strong he remains strong for his family in times when it all seems unbearable and hopeless. He was my sanity when I thought I was losing my mind. He was mother/father when I had no energy to do my job. He kept our home and fought so hard to make sure that although others stole from us, he was not going to let anyone hurt us. 

<drink> <snore>  Again, I am sure Jim is an amazing husband (I guess we will just take her word for it cause I have not seen one redeeming quality in this man).

Yes, I know it is LENTEN season, not lentil. Apparently, I believe we should eat lentil beans for forty days and forty nights, which, I am sure the other parishioners would not like. Just to clarify, I grew up Catholic but religion was not a huge part of our family life. In fact, I only received Confirmation three years ago after I was done with treatment. Being a Catholic is a working process and there is still so much to learn. 

Thank you for clarifying. I was worried about the next LENTEN season.  Amber goes on to rehash the whole “shit she read in the twins’ blogs”.  She is still salty about Nicole reading her texts aloud.  She also takes Teresa Aprea to ask over the whole “ambush” comment.  Whatever.

Wow, there was a lot in this one. I seriously could write forever. I do love it. I was at my children’s parent/teacher conference last night. There was a sign in their literature class that read, “Truth fears no questions.” I believe this and that is why my blogs are so long. I have a lot of faults, but lying and being deceitful is not one of them. I enjoy speaking my mind, and getting tough questions back, because I speak with integrity and passion. 

HOLY CRAP ON TOAST! Does this woman ever shut up???

She says goodbye and thanks us all for our support. I don’t think she is referring to me.

Teresa Giudice

Let’s jump right in…

So who knew this was going to be The Real Housewives of Medical Conditions? I think it’s great that Amber is choosing to share her cancer journey with the world, that Rino shared his colonoscopy adventure, and next week we get to catch up with Jacqueline’s son Nicolas and see all the progress that he’s made! It’s very brave of anyone who’s struggling with a serious issue to use the exposure they have to share their experience with the world and help educate others. Between the other Real Housewives cities, we’ve all also learned about Lyme disease, prosthetic limbs, depression, suicide, eating disorders, Autism, brain tumors, and learning disabilities, along with the not-quite-as-serious leaky bladder, which isn’t a huge problem unless you’re sitting on a friend’s bed… I’m proud of Rino for “exposing” the benefits of preventative tests, and for Amber for sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of cancer with us. My heart goes out to anyone who suffers, and of course, to their families.

<drink> So, this just reminds me that Tre does not write these blogs.  I highly doubt she sat down to write down all the ailments that have affected the different housewives over the years.

Teresa G BlogCompared to that and other serious, real issues in life, gossip just does not interest me. I was not interested in getting involved in the rumor about Nicole and certainly not the rumor about Rino. What’s important to me is how people are in the present with their family and friends. I think Rino and Teresa are a wonderful couple and hope they stay together forever. I have the same wishes for Melissa and my brother, and for Amber and Jim. Joe and I have been together through thick and thin now for twenty years, fifteen of them married, and I know how important your spouse can be — Joe is my best friend, my love, and along with my girls, my life.


I was the unfortunate stander-by (Is that a word? Well, I’m making it one.) when Victoria told Amber about the rumor, and wished I never heard it from the get-go. I just met Teresa and Rino and didn’t know them from Adam. Victoria was interested in getting Amber’s opinion since Amber had been friends with them for years. The information bothered Victoria and I think she saw a way to finally put it to rest by asking one of Teresa and Nicole’s friends if it was true. I think Victoria was expecting Amber to have heard this rumor before because it apparently was so well known around their neck of the woods, deny it, and stand up for her friends. We’ve all come to learn though that Amber’s reactions aren’t quite what any of us expect… 

Um, I don’t get it. Ms. Gotti is YOUR friend!  You took your new friend to your old friend’s home so Ms. Gotti could share a delicious tidbit to see how far a rumor had traveled.  Now, you are distancing yourself from this somehow?  As we have heard before, when you hang around with garbage, you start to stink!  BTW, you certainly didn’t speak up for Rino or Teresa during that little gathering.  I didn’t hear you say, “Oh, Victoria, that’s just not possible!  They love each other and I could not believe that rumor for one second.”  Also, you and Ms. Gotti sat in what I presumed was her toasty warm home with your ridiculous fake (your’s; her’s was prob real) fur coats!

So while I wanted to forget the rumor, Amber pulled me aside in front of everyone at Dina’s Ladybug planning party to talk about it some more. I told her then, I want nothing to do with it. But it was obvious to the other girls that we were talking about something, and they all asking me to tell them what it was. I didn’t want to be involved at all, so I didn’t tell anyone — not even my husband!

I’m not buying. I think she went right home and told Juicy.  Surely she needed something to distract from their own misery.

…until I decided I wasn’t going to Florida, but Amber was. I had reason to believe Amber would tell the twins, and to be honest, I didn’t really know Amber all that well. I knew she used to be friends with Melissa, then they had a weird vibe. I knew she was friends with the twins, and then they had a weird vibe. Then she was all friendly with me… How would she bring up the rumor? I didn’t want to get dragged into something when I wasn’t even there. So I told Dina just in case Amber had a different version when I wasn’t around. 

I think she told Dina cause she wanted Dina to hear the rumor from her and NOT Amber!

So, I guess we’ll all see together what went down in Florida and how the story evolves. I have no idea since I wasn’t there and I’ve only heard bits and horrible pieces from everyone. It sounds like it was the new Scary Island, and I’m so sorry to have missed a chance to get away with Dina and Melissa, but I’m so, so glad not to have gone!

From what we are hearing, yes this may very well be the next Scary Island and who didn’t love scary island with Kelly and her jelly bellies? Tre is excited for us all to try her Gelator and she love love loves to hear from us all.  Except me.


Real Housewives Of New Jersey Tonight!

“The Day Of Jacqueline”

Seriously? Sorry, got hit in the face with the episode title, but there’s more to it than that.  “Fugetabout” the Jersey snow as Dina, Melissa, and the twins travel to the Sunshine State for a little bonding time. It’s all in good fun until a nasty secret Dina holds about the twins’ family threatens to derail the trip. Meanwhile, back in Jersey, Amber awaits news about whether her cancer has returned, and Teresa faces the new realities of her financial situation.  Plus, Jacqueline returns and attempts to confront Teresa about her past.


Don’t Be Tardy Tonight!

“Off The Bench”

In the season finale; the new and improved Kim throws Kroy a surprise party with his closest friends from near and far before he heads off to training camp. Having been out of commission for almost the entire season with a torn Achilles, the moment of truth has arrived for Kroy to say goodbye to his family and return to football.


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  1. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Hello folks, I had a delay being under the weather as well as Namate and her family. We hope you are feeling fantastic and enjoy the blog today. 😀

    • Thanks for always keeping us on task Miss Tart! The allergy/virus crap that has been traveling in and out of our house since school started has been miserable! Hoping we get the last of it moved out today and the coming week is better. SO looking forward to a return to Scary Island tonight! WOOT WOOT!

      • Exit4 says:

        Us too! Love the back to school illness! I’m getting a little nervous about the older one, that endovirus is in our area, so every cold is freaking me out! I worry about my little guy too-he was pre mature and had pneumonia at 9 months and lung issues (nothing really serious though) his whole life. He has a hard time shaking a cold.

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      Great blog, Namaste!

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  2. Exit4 says:

    I think people are missing the point with the rino thing. In the past, with strippergate and cheatergate-it didn’t take a brain surgeon to pin point Teresa’s involvement. She didn’t like her SIL and wanted to besmirch her. Period. She had motive. Plus, the willingness of outsiders to help her along. Melissa obviously burned a few bridges in her life.

    This rumor is totally different. Teresa G. has no reason to hurt Teresa A. She didn’t even know her. Victoria Gotti did not pull this out of her ass. I’m not buying it was some kind of deflection of Teresa G’s issues. NOTHING can deflect from her real life issues! There’s people online who are laser focused on her issues to the point of obsession and overkill. It’s been taken so beyond what it is at this point-they committed crimes, got caught (due to their own stupidity) and are being punished for it. End of story. Whatever the legal system and however the legal system chooses to sanction them-is the legal systems job. Not ours. Not bravos (there is some talk of a boycott if she doesn’t get the sentence people want). It is what is. It’s not the Lindbergh baby people! Lol!

    What’s weird is this whole thing is actually being handled normally by everyone involved. Except for Teresa seeming to believe it. Maybe because she feels like Victoria wouldn’t lie to her. Or she can’t comprehend that rino would make a JOKE like that. Which I think it was. Anyway, her and Amber handled it right. They decided to never speak of it. Teresa handled it right, because as everyone knows, when a group gets together and one person isn’t there-everyone is soooo going to talk about you! So, not knowing amber well and obviously not trusting her-she told her one friend that has her back (Dina) what was going on. That way, when the inevitable happens, someone can defend you. I would do it the same way-Except cameras would not capture me covering my butt!

    The blame is so skewed. Rino started it. Victoria repeated it. Bravo chose to air it. Amber, well Jim really, has gleefully promoted it since it aired. But the twins are blaming Teresa? It makes no sense. That’s why I think people are missing the point-and believe that this is a Teresa G. Storyline. I don’t think it is. I think it’s a Teresa A. Storyline. Bravo out this out there, not to create or deflect for Teresa G (since it’s impossible to deflect anything, given what’s happening in her life) but to create something for Teresa A. We’re focusing on the wrong Teresa here!

    Namaste-Dina’s assistant Luke has been around since season 1-long before the family issues. Which I have my own theory about!

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Hi Exit. You nailed a lot of the story but I feel TeresaG does have a hand in perpetrating the Rino/Santa rumor and TeresaA has every reason to blame her as well. (whew!)

      While everyone knows that Tre is pretty gullible she can also be very cunning, albeit in a clumsy way. How is that she always manages to give a platform to some outsider that has a damaging rumor about her castmates? Coincidence or is this a planned attack on the newbies?

      We definitely know that BRAVO and VGotti planned on bringing the rumor to the show. She shows up mic’d to the liquor store and they also set up in her home. For what? Last year she already did the be strong for your kids speech so they weren’t going to repeat it. VGotti was going to blow up Rino and BRAVO wanted Amber there to make sure it was going to be a storyline.

      How does Tre not know about this rumor? Is VictoriaG so disrespectful of their friendship that she would use Tre and her connections i.e. BRAVO to get revenge on Rino et al? Because this seems to be a a vicious attempt to seek revenge on Rino who is supposedly a good friend of hers. VGotti went to great lengths to ruin TheApreses. She could’ve whispered this rumor to friends and families but instead wanted to splash it across TV screens. For What? 15 additional minutes or vengeance. She’s aged terribly, looking like an old ass scraggly skeleton who want us to believe that Rino a man who loved strippers and easily looks 15 years younger than her was obsessed with her. This smacks of a woman scorned who is finally retaliating and hitting hard. Why take down a family if she and Rino were ‘great friends’? I think they probably dated then he went back to TeresaA and that pissed VictoriaG off. Even if he said it jokingly OR (shudder) it was the truth, why would she blast it to the world? WiseGuys should be shaking in their boots.

      All said Tre is once again left holding the bag of poo because not only did she give VictoriaG a stage, but she was a willing audience who did nothing to defend her new friends or discredit the rumor. Dina immediately did what any normal person does who hears such outrageous gossip. She refused to give any credence to it…. ON SCREEN! Meanwhile Tre is always kindling the rumor mill with the old ‘you never know’ or ‘it has happened before’. Patsy or Willing Participant? I choose the latter.

      • Exit4 says:

        It’s a tough call! Teresa discrediting the rumor, means she’s discrediting her friend Victoria and maybe she’s unwilling to do that? So, she plays it like its possible. Sadly, it is possible! But in this case, I don’t believe it. Rino did love the strippers though, even his wife copped to that!

        After reading your comment, I’m wondering if there’s more to rino and Victoria. I’m not convinced they dated or shesna scorned woman-but maybe something else involving their families. Something we don’t know about yet! Maybe this is juicier then we think! Odds are, it’ll have something to do with the mob.

  3. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. I hope you have had a great weekend. I saw on the commercial for tonight’s epi that Jac cries about something, I suspect her friendship w/Tre. What’s she crying for? Didn’t she wish that Joe would go to jail? She got her wish. Not feeling bad about what they are going thru legally myself but Tre was supposed to be Jac’s girl. I still don’t understand that break up.

    • Hi Powell, I’m with you. I want to tell Jac to shut up because she told Tre and Juicy that she wished they’d go to jail. Jac looks terrible, btw. I hope it’s not all the BLK water she’s drinking. Seriously, she looks terrible.

  4. rabblerouser2010R says:

    I don’t really get Teresa’s explanation on why she told Dina.

    Amber had already told her that she didn’t want to address the rumor at the Project Lady Bug gathering.

    And even if Amber did tell anyone else, what exactly is there to spin,

    Amber and Teresa ended up at Victoria Gotti’s house after Teresa’s book signing.
    Victoria implied that when him and Tesa were divorced that Rino was interested in her.
    Victoria also stated in room full of people that Rino said that he and Tessa separated because he had an affair with her mother .

    Just what exactly is it that Amber could have added or embellished to that cluster f*ck of a rumor?

    I also don’t get Teresa suggesting that somehow Amber was at fault for not immediately dismissing the rumor.

    I don’t feel that Teresa or Amber are responsible for this..other than they were both complicit in a PRODUCER DRIVEN FIASCO.

    • Exit4 says:

      It’s definitely a fiasco! I think Teresa’s motivation in telling Dina wasn’t about amber embellishing the rumor, but blaming the rumor on her. As if she said it.

      Have you noticed that everyone is fighting about this and blaming each other-bit I don’t think anyone has said flat out-“it’s not true”. If it didn’t happen stop giving it life!

      • I agree, Exit! When that scene aired with that whole conversation, I told my husband that. Teresa would be the one to blame, like in the past with Melissa. I think she was just trying to cover herself in the fact that she didn’t start the rumor nor did she chime in.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I have noticed that (now that you mention it).

        Oh gosh why are Katfish and Jac Daniels on my t.v.!!!!!!

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      The most innocent one in VictoriaGs house was Amber because I feel Tre already knew of the rumor. I think producers wanted Amber there to pick up the rumor and run with it. As you see Tre is already trying to blame Amber for possibly spreading a rumor and spiking it up.

      • Exit4 says:

        It’s still a tough call! She may have heard this after rino joined the show. Or Victoria took some pleasure in dropping a bomb! I’m not seeing Teresa blaming amber for anything, other then her being surprised that she never heard it. Or discredited it immediately-amber did know the apreas way better then Teresa at that point. I think both Teresa and Amber were like WTF do we do with this now? Other then pray it stays on the cutting room floor. Which it certainly could have-and honestly should have. It’s beyond! Lol.

        I don’t know if you follow social media stuff-but Teresa hasn’t said a word about it-but amber and Jim won’t stop. Jim especially, he keeps alluding that it’s true. The 3 newbies are the warring factions.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      “PRODUCER DRIVEN FIASCO.”I like that. It happens on every show now!

  5. ladebra says:


  6. chismosa says:

    Hi all! Please feel food tarts and Namaste. Have to read upwards

    Going to AT&T to upgrade my parents’ iPhones. 😎

    So much tv tonight ….. 😳

    And why is WWH so early ?

    • Hi Chismosita, have you done your peel yet?!

      • chismosa says:

        Hi hon! Not yet– this week for SURE as I have a big wedding on 10/10.
        I’m seeing my dermatologist tomorrow and I’m going to run some things by her.
        About how best to neutralize, when to get back on the tretinoin, etc.
        I’m truly excited !

        This company really seems amazing. What a FIND!

        I hope Princess has good luck with hers.

        I’ll keep you posted. Besitos

        • Yes, please keep us posted. You’ll definitely get peace of mind when going to the dermatologist. Can’t wait for you to tell us how the peel turns out.

          Besitos to you too. 😉

  7. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    I’m thinking there was a party and I wasn’t invited?

    Haha. Anyone watching NJ with me? I could have done without wacky jac :-/

  8. LaineyLainey says:

    I am watching NJ now. So many annoying people. Jac Daniels’ crying about the words SHE TEXTED to Teresa g. PUHLEEZE. “Look how nice I am! look how genuine I am!” But She still managed to talk crap about Teresa G…”she is a blame shifter, never admits to wrongdoing, etc.” Go Away! Jac Daniels!!!!!

    And then Mego at the pool? You are not 20 y.o., lady! But she did push Dina’s buttons. Dina showed a little bit of the green eyed monster, didn’t she? Heh heh

  9. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Thankfully The Cancer will remain a past tense reference (that we will have to continue to endure!)

  10. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    YAK YAK YAK! I can talk a lot but these twins talking just to talk with barely a breath between them would make me insane.

  11. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    SHE’S BRINGING JIM?! OMG did she not see the NY trip?! Besides that he’s a complete asshole!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I like him!!! Well, let’s just say I like Jim more than I like Dina.

      What are you saying about NY? You mean when Simon came to the dinner and Ramona went coo-coo? Or crazy island when Jill and Bawby showed up and she was like a foghorn….hellllooooo! Hellooooo!

  12. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    I don’t know, but maybe I use ear plugs to hang out with the twins if they cook for me…nice spread of food!

  13. LaineyLainey says:

    I can’t believe how hard Dina is pushing to spread this rumor. “…my intentions are not bad.” Oh my gosh. I admire how TerEhSa tried to rebuke the devil woman!

  14. LaineyLainey says:

    I am so happy to announce that my evening is now Andy Cohen free and Gorga free because I no longer watch “What the hell just happened”

  15. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Good, they nailed Joey on using the babysitting for his own kids, lol

  16. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    So Andy said sentencing Oct 2nd (for Giudices) and he and the Gorgas then whispered a a bunch of words – WTF?!

  17. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    So Mego was asked if she could be any other housewife – who would you be?

  18. LaineyLainey says:

    I just saw this on twitter:

  19. Exit4 says:

    Ok-so teressa doesn’t want to hear any rumors unless they are about her personally.

    Nicole wants to hear them if they are about her family. And her. I think.

    Dina doesn’t like having this info and doesn’t know what the hell to do with it. Either way, she knows it’s going to bite her in her butt!

    Melissa went to bed happy she wasn’t the subject of rumors this year. So far. She was actually funny tonight.

    I’m thinking that the twins are trying to control their edits. Like a high school freshman who thinks they can give dirty looks to the seniors and not get a swirly. The problem is they are in reality tv-which controls you-you don’t control it. From the looks of it-it seems Dina maybe says nothing in the end (but who knows). Then him shows up. Amber is clearly trying to shut him down, but we know he spills the infamous rumor. So I get the twins hating him.

    Still not getting the anger at Teresa and Amber for hearing the rumor? How do you prevent that? It’s like Jill not talking to bethenney because she didn’t have her notes. Even if they stuck their fingers in their ears and said “lalalala I can’t hear you”-it was coming out of Victorias mouth. Even if they needed subtitles. Like I said above, this wasn’t a Teresa G storyline-it was a Teresa A storyline.

    I was hoping tonight would make things a little clearer, and it did a little. The vets know exactly how this game is played and exactly what they have to do. The twin newbies think they can outsmart it all by trying to dictate what can and cannot be said and what can and cannot be heard. Amber and Jim think they’ve got an advantage over the twins because they know too much-and neither one of them give a sh€£ what anyone thinks. They’re all about amber and Jim and it’s kinda brilliant!

  20. VV™ says:

    RHOBH via @DailyMailCeleb

  21. LaineyLainey says:

    Pvsue mentioned on twitter that blk water was in the scene with jacD. And her baby. HE WAS DRINKING THE MIRACLE MURK! I totally missed it!

  22. LaineyLainey says:

    Watching DONT BE TARDY…I was just thinking that Kash seems to get no attention because of MilaniaJR (Kj)…and then they show Kash and Kroy saying bye to each other….awwww….so sweet.

  23. VV™ says:


    JacDaniels and Kathy Wakaka are vomitorioum material! Jac’s face is frozen and Kathy’s smirk are not good TV.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I’m paraphrasing from a tweet: “The real cast was in Florida and Jac and Katfish are visiting #theHousethatbetrayingTeresaBought in Jersey.” Loosely quoting

    • kit9 says:

      The only thing vomit inducing in this episode was the LyingThiefFelon talking about how her “priorities have changed”(translation: she’s about to go to the pokey and be fined every dime she owns/stole)so she’s going to do the financially responsible thing by looking for a smaller house and having the “smaller” house still be a huge mansion. Projectile vomit time.

  24. chismosa says:

    Morning all!

    Didn’t watch anything yet. Sort of passed out after dealing with new iPhones for hours.
    Going to watch today but naturally MY PRIORITY IS MELBOURNE

  25. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s Bottom Lip Monday. Brrrrr it’s chilly this AM. One of the local weather ladies said it’s time to take out the Fall clothes. 😭😭😭😭 I don’t like it. 👎 Oh well. I hope the weather is a bit more agreeable for you today. Have a great day everyone.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      It’s 93 degrees here. I’m baking brownies for a birthday tomorrow. My bananas are past their prime so now I’m going to make banana bread. I’m doing fall activities, but it still feels like summer!

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