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S29E1 “Suck It Up And Survive”

By LADebra

Survivor Season 29 Cast. Photo from

Survivor Season 29 Cast. Photo from

The pairs are dropped off on the beach in Nicaragua, and the game has begun! They will spend their first night alone before joining up with everyone the following morning. They get a fire starter kit so those that can, get a fire started but the kit stays on the beach and doesn’t go with the pairs into the game. The next morning they join all the others and Jeff lets them know that they will be divided into teams: Coyopa and Hunahpu. Each pair has one member in each tribe – they are playing against their loved one. The first challenge is one member from each team competing against each other to navigate a rope maze, release hoops and rope that they then use to lasso some little platforms and drag them back to their mat. The first player to get both platforms to their mat wins flint and a bag of beans. After a game of paper, rock, scissors, Hanahpu wins. Jeremy volunteers to compete (he hasn’t been told it’s against his loved one, but he should have figured this out!). Here comes the twist – he is competing against his other half, in this case his wife Val. Jeff also lets them know the loser is going to Exile Island.

                                     The Tribes

Coyopa                                                                          Hunahpu

Nadiya Anderson                                                           Natalie Anderson

Josh Canfield                                                                  Reed Kelly

Alex Christy                                                                     Drew Christy

Val Collins                                                                       Jeremy Collins

John Rocker                                                                    Julie McGee

Wes Nale                                                                         Keith Nale

Baylor Wentworth                                                        Missy Payne

Jacyn schultz                                                                 Jon Misch

Dale Wentworth                                                            Kelley Wentworth

Jeremy wins, and Val is going to Exile Island. And then the other shoe drops. Jeremy has to pick one person from his tribe to send to Exile Island along with Val. He doesn’t hesitate, he picks Keith Nale. Jeremy says he picked Keith because he can make fire, and he thinks Keith will take care of Val out there. Off they go to Exile, and the remaining tribe members get a map to their camps. Exile Island is just desolate looking. There are hardly any trees, not very much to make a shelter, no food to speak of, and even getting into the water is difficult because of rocks and coral off the beach. Yuck. They do find a podium with two vessels. Each pick one vessel and extract a rolled up paper. Val gets a clue to an immunity idol back at camp, and Keith gets nothing (story of his life, ha).

So, let the Outwitting begin –

Back at the tribe camps, everyone is industriously trying to make shelter, gather firewood, scout for water and food. Everyone is pitching in and getting to know each other. At Hunahpu Jeremy gets over sending Val to Exile, and starts making alliances. He makes an alliance with Kelley and he becomes Natalie’s twinnie (her words). Jeremy also approaches Missy and she feels he is trustworthy. Time will tell! At Coyopa, since they don’t have flint, they try alternate methods of starting fire. Dale breaks his glasses into two parts, stacks the lenses, and uses this to concentrate sunlight on fluff and he gets a fire started. I love MacGyver moments – Dale sacrificed his vision for fire. And there is a scene… Dale is at the water well getting water, and he finds an emblem attached to the wooden lid on the well and takes it saying “this might be useful”. Hmmm… And Wes recognizes John Rocker and Rocker comes clean to him. Val and Keith are missing out on the tribal bonding and are worried about how this will affect them. There haven’t been any major disagreements about what gets built and who is doing nothing, so the first few days of the game are drama free.

SurvivorOutplay –

For the Immunity Challenge the tribes meet and Val and Keith are brought back from Exile Island. The teams have to crawl under a low structure made of wood, untie and retrieve three bags, scale three huge walls and then 4 of the team solve a puzzle. Winner takes the immunity idol. The puzzle is even huge – big puzzle pieces of wood, all symetrical, and it takes the teams some time before finally Hunahpu wins.

S S29E1_2Coyopa heads back to camp and has to decide who is going home. It is Dale who brings up that he wants to vote off Nadiya. He watched her play TAR and he thinks her gameplay strategy is backstab everyone you can anytime you can! I like Dale. There are 5 males and 4 females on this team. Dale has the male votes. The females go with let’s vote off the old guy, and decide to vote off Dale. But, Baylor goes to Josh and tells him the plan. She and Josh are acting friendly and she is going with Josh on this vote.

Outlast –

At Tribal… nothing happened. Maybe it’s too early in the game, maybe there is no drama in camp, maybe Nadiya and Dale had no idea they were targeted… but there wasn’t a big AHA moment at tribal. Well, Josh switched his vote and voted off Baylor..wth? but I don’t know if she knew he was her one vote. So Nadiya is voted off 5-3-1. Bye bye twinnie.

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39 Responses to Survivor – Suck It Up And Survive

  1. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Good Afternoon. It’s rare that I have two blogs posted in a day, but it’s just how it worked out this time. So if you are just joining for the first time today, page back to catch up!

  2. Thanks for the blog LADebra. I watched Survivor last night but I missed the first 8 minutes. I gave Debra Messing 8 minutes to “hook” me on her show and she failed to do so, so….back to Survivor. I liked it last night and the previews look yummy!

    • ladebra says:

      The preview looks like they are bringing the DRAMA next week. We’ll see who is who! And did you catch John Rocker? “I’ve changed, really, I’m not that person” first challenge “Shut your Face or I will rip it off!” .. ok, I might be exaggerating but he didn’t look like he has mellowed 😀

      • I thought it was so funny when he tried to lie…I can’t wait to hear what my husband has to say about Rocker. He is out of town and I need to hear his take, it will be funny and honest I am sure!

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        Good catch Ladebra – I very seriously doubt John Rocker is a changed man.

    • chismosa says:

      LOL @ Debra messing. That has “cancellation” written all over it.

  3. Powell says:

    T-Rex and Exit thks for the 411 on Tre/Joe and their homes, B and her mullah & The Situation and his non- paying taxes self. Yeah I did hear Wendy Williams say Mike’s bro also is in trouble for not paying taxes. Don’t these reality tv folks get it? After nailing Tre & Joe the Feds are looking closely at reality tv peeps. Mike made $9 mill plus in only 2/3 yrs. Why didn’t he pay taxes on the income? It’s ridiculous. He should’ve paid them quarterly so that he wouldn’t have a big payment at the end of the yr. And he should have made wise investments w/that income. Idiot. “Knock knock. Who’s there? Joe it’s me. The Situation.”. Mmmm hmmm. Mike can Knock on Joe’s cell wall and say howdy to his neighbor.
    VV IDK who’s giving Tre/Joe a mortgage. 🙂

    • T-Rex says:

      Regarding that Guy Situation and his brother, they received a warning almost two years ago and yet they continued to not pay their taxes, uhm seriously, Martha Stewart went to jail for a 53,000 dollar offense, you don’t think the Feds like making examples of folks in the news? This is why I think that ConvictFelonLyinTeresa will get some time in the pokey, they haven’t learned their lesson, are still spending money they don’t have, and note they have millions in fines that are owed to the Feds still as well. They can’t bankrupt that off either. I did also read that the reason the ConvictFelonJuicys are selling off everything as they intend to indeed file Bankruptcy again, once they are sentenced to charge off the bills they owe(which they haven’t paid one single dime towards), other than the Fed Charges, which they will probably claim they can’t pay in a year or two and try to negotiate a payment plan at a fraction of the fines.

    • Exit4 says:

      The foreclosure thing on their third property, after I actually read it, was a public notice from a lawyer (one local to me) who is representing joes old business partner, the IVF clinic and a couple others. Pretty much, what that means is when that property is eventually sold, whatever is left goes to them minus legal fees. That will probably be the case for the other homes. They also stated that if they don’t respond they could in effect lose any judgement. And they’ll get what they get. NJ consumer protection laws sometimes favor the “bad guys”. Look what happened to joe gorga and the shady renter.

      No one really, actually knows what’s been paid or not paid. But their unsecured creditors have surely long made the proper moves to collect from them. They aren’t sitting around waiting for this settlement and whining about the giudices! The clock is ticking on the debt. New Jersey has a 6 year statute of limitations on almost all debt. Mostly unsecured like credit cards. Contracts. Secured is different. Medical and property is a little longer, depending. Utilities don’t apply. That bankruptcy is already 5 years old. 2009. Withdrawn 3 years ago. But all that debt is not 5 years old. Some of it is older. So if any company never attempted to collect a dime from them and it’s been 6 years-bye Felicia-they don’t have to pay you. And you can’t sue them.

      Businesses are not that stupid. Unlike housewives fans, they cut their losses, go home and move on! Their CC debt is in someone else’s hands and who knows what if any moves have been made. Probably a judgement and wage garnishment. That could be happening right now. Some of the other properties were sold, I believe. They could have easily paid the small debts over the last 3 years. They have no choice-their bankruptcy was denied. Because of fraud no less. Even if they refile with new debt-(like legal fess) all that old debt will be denied. They have to pay it. It’s not an option except under very specific circumstances. Any anything punitive from the government isn’t subject to bankruptcy protection. The government does not mess around they want their money, honey!

      I know it probably seems unfair that ultimately they won’t payback 100% of what they owe and that the responsibility to collect falls on the business and not them, but that’s the law for good or for bad. Yeah, no one is ever going to give them a mortgage. Even a high risk loan is probably too risky for them. Minus reality tv, they’ll never work again. Even joe won’t be able to get licenses for a private business. They’re pretty much done. I know that’s not enough for some people, but it’s over. Gordon Gekko was wrong. Greed is NOT good!

      • “Unlike housewives fans, they cut their losses, go home and move on!””……
        Hey, I resemble that remark!!

        • Exit4 says:

          Lol! I’ll be so happy when this is over. Then we can find something else to obsess over. Brandi? Amber and Jim’s crazy genius? I don’t know!!

          • Yep. I haven’t really been following too closely. I only feel sorry for their victims….the kids and the people they stole from…cause bottom line that is what it is…it is lying and stealing.

            • Exit4 says:

              Lying is definitely something that they make a habit of doing and I do feel bad for people that didn’t get paid for services they provided. It’s a risk of being in business, but it sucks.

              As far as “stealing” from the banks-I have zero sympathy for the banks and other financial lenders. Zip, zero, nada. None. The whole culture that led to the bubble and crash is on their backs. As much as those 2 should not have done what they did-they didn’t show up at the counter with a gun and demand millions of dollars. The bank gave it to them. Willingly. Even with fraudulent applications-the sheer amount of money they were able to borrow and refi, even using LLCs, it’s well beyond the ratio. And the fact that with all those bank fraud charges, the government was happy to reduce it from 20+ to 1? Tells me there’s more going on. Yeah, not shedding a tear for the banks at all and I didn’t even mention derivatives! Lol!

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        Very interesting information, confirms some things I thought…thanks for sharing Exit!

  4. Powell says:

    Oh one of the twins got kicked off first? Wow. This is their 3rd or 4th competition show right?

  5. I noticed last night on Survivor that the players had the WORST bug bites I have ever seen!! The one woman’s face was just ravaged! UGH!!

    • Powell says:

      Well that’s why I don’t try out for Survivor. Me and mosquitos are not friends. YES that’s why I’m not on Survivor and I’m stickin to it. 😉

      • ladebra says:

        The bugs — and the challenge that makes you eat the grossest stuff on the planet! No thanks, Holiday Inn and room service all the way.

        • shamrockblonde says:

          no Survivor for me – my idea of roughing it is when they forget to put a mint on my pillow at the hotel! I would last less than an hour – one bug, crawly thing of having to go – outdoors – and I would be sooo gone – I love watching, but actually doing the show? no nope never –

          and YAY for twin 1 to be gone!! – ooohhh I detested those two on TAR!! – so far I am liking Keith – his son is another story – and the guy who broke his glasses – we will see! so far so good!!

          thanks to LaDebra and a shout out to Jeff!

          thanks too to Jan!!

          *hugs entire lynnfam really hard*

      • I don’t “do” sun so that is why I wouldn’t do it, lol!

  6. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    I have to eggmit that I had to scream at the TV “SURVIVOR IS NOT FOR CRY BABIES!” Thanks to Jeremy and John for showing how tough they are in the first 20 minutes. Poor Val.

  7. T-Rex says:

    Thanks for the recap and blog, again we are so thankful for those of you that blog our shows!
    I watched the show last night, and while I had never seen those twins on TAR, however I was glad one of those whiney brats went home. I loved the old man and I hope that he stays more than a few weeks, breaking your glasses and making fire was awesome, and shows he can think on his feet.

  8. VV™ says:

    Dedicated to all of you Bethenny’s fans

    Bethenny Frankel Reflects On ‘Real Housewives’ Run via @accesshollywood

    • chismosa says:

      VV I read an article the other day, not from a tabloid saying her products are NOT selling well. Meaning, the skin care stuff I used to see at big chains are now only at 3rd person merchants online, etc.

      That’s why she’s banging out kids’ books she writes on her phone. Easy to do and fast to get an illustrator. Take it from someone who worked in childrens’ publishing.

      • VV™ says:

        I think she has way to many products in way too many areas and maybe some of those investments are not profitable. I don’t think she’s broke though.

      • T-Rex says:

        Chis- She as SO much money, she doesn’t need to work another day in her life! So if some of the products aren’t selling at the pace they were originally, doesn’t matter. That’s the nature of the Retail businesses, you are Up one day and Down another, that’s why advertisers get the big bucks to shill new products, or just re-configure old ones to make you think they are new. Proctor and gamble and Unilever have been selling the EXACT same soap and lotions for years, they just re-package it and give it new names to make you think you are buying something new, which you aren’t really. They just change the scent, or add a scent and voila we all think it’s new.

        • chismosa says:

          Yeah I get that — I am just stating what I read —
          I get retail, have been in it for decades.
          My friends at unilever give me the scoop a lot too. 🙂

          It’s just schadenfreude is all.

    • ladebra says:

      Thank you VV. I’m a Bethenny fan. Just love her, and Cookie, and Bryn. Hope her secret project happens and we get another Bethenny in the City show. Yay!😉

  9. ladebra says:

    I just love kitties 😻

  10. chismosa says:

    KIT —> thanks for the blog on Brandi. May God bless you for your work with that !!!

    Diana—-> want to wish you a belated happy birthday. I forgot to mention it!

    PRINCESS – I’m doing my peel tomorrow night ! Can’t wait !

    Hope everyone is great tonight. ⭐

  11. Veena (NMD) says:

    Kit – I was dying laffing at your podcast review – Dr. Kit should be interviewed by Brandi – knock some sense into her!

    LADebra – TY for the survivor recap – it sounds like they are off to a good start getting rid of one of the twins!

    TexasTart – thanks for running the blog. We’ve got one day left in Greece then on to Turkey.

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