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Project Runway

S13E10 “Muse On The Street”

By Princess Pindy

In this week’s episode the remaining seven designers are challenged with convincing a complete stranger to be their model…”their muse”. Getting a New Yorker to stop and talk to you, seriously?  The designers have to convince someone to get a makeover to go along with the look they will design. This is going to be hard, trying to get someone who is willing and also has the time to participate.  Maybe they will get lucky and find some out of work actresses. This week’s guest judges are model Asha Leo she currently hosts on both Access Hollywood and Access Hollywood Live.  Never heard of her, don’t watch either show.  Also actress Michelle Monaghan, she played Woody Harrelson’s wife in True Detective. If you watched True Detective I know what you are thinking right now.

This week’s shameless plug is for Mary Kay. The winner and their muse will be featured in a Mary Kay spread in Marie Claire. There are a ton of Pink Ladies that are so jazzed right now!!  “Pink Cadillac, crushed velvet seats. Riding in the back, cruising down the street.”

So the poor designers only have thirty minutes in Washington Square Park to find someone willing to do this challenge. I don’t think that this has anything to do with design.  I know they are trying to add some interest to the show, however, with the big fan base that the show has they could have gotten plenty of fashion victims to do the challenge.  I don’t know, I just wish they would focus on the design and construction process.  But that is IPPHO.

Sean seems to be the only one who can’t find a model. Tim doesn’t understand why he is having such a hard time.  Finally he finds a beautiful girl…whew!  They are off to Mood with $200 and they have two days to finish their look.

I didn’t realize that Alexander was only 22….or I forgot, or it just really didn’t hit me that he was so young. You choose.  (I probably forgot.)  Kini is having a hard time with this challenge.  His model likes a bohemian style and that is not “his thing.”  But once he hears his Mom’s voice in his head he gets an idea to do denim, his first love. The Mary Kay guy tells Kini’s muse, “When you are on a date they are looking at your eyes” as she pulls up her top to cover her cleavage, ha!

PR S13E10_2Wow, Korina has a TH where she just slams everyone’s look. Tim is concerned about Char’s shorts.  “It needs to be tasteful.”  Amanda has a chevron print that points to you know where, again. Tim says he can’t see Sean in his dress, haha!!  Emily, oh Emily they are going to tear her apart. I think Tim knows it too.  He doesn’t even really try to give her suggestions. He says it is beautiful.  I am not even sure what she did but there is a lot of it. The material looks like it is left over from last week’s American Girl challenge.  Kini whipped up a couple of dresses and is almost done with a jacket.  Oh yeah Korina, I always forget about her, she made another leather jacket.

PR S13E10_3Alexander’s look is horrid. Tim says that for the first time ever in PR history he is going to say, “This is one of the most hideous garments I have ever seen in my entire existence, it is hideous.”  Tim’s not wrong.  Wow, Tim says he “gets it” and then he says, “It’s butt ugly.”  HAHA, it is so funny but I feel bad for Alexander.  Tim saying butt ugly is cracking me up.  And of course Lifetime has to have #buttugly on the screen, your own hashtag!  Tim is adamant that it needs to change.  “It’s just not working.”  Poor Alexander.  Oh wait, no poor Alexander…he doesn’t agree with Tim…#delusional!  But he does start over because he respects Tim’s opinion.  Once again it starts with the fabric choice and he “chose poorly.”

Another Project Runway first: Char’s model’s zipper broke and time is up. Char runs to Tim and tells him she has another zipper, so Tim asks the designers if they have a problem with her having 10 minutes to put in the new zipper.  The designers say ok.  But then bitch about it backstage and think Tim saved Char again….They are not happy…but then Amanda says we let it happen. They didn’t want to look mean, who cares if other people think you are mean. When Tim asked I would have said, “Too bad, so sad, NO!”  It’s a COMPETITION people!!!!  What don’t they understand???


Heidi is wondering where everyone is and when they FINALLY show up Tim won’t tell her why they were late. DRAH—MA!!!  (Heidi is a really bad actress)


Emily; it looks like a prairie dress on acid.  Amanda; the construction is pretty bad.  Alexander; she looks like a Highlander, I think I saw under boob, the skirt is crooked.  Char; the poor woman doesn’t know how to walk..nice legs but oh it’s the heels, it is not good .  Kini; It’s ok…not that impressed but well made.  Sean; another fringe/string dress, string, but nothing new.  Korina; not impressed.  Alexander’s and Korina’s outfits remind me of Band Costumes, bad ones at that. Sean is in and goes backstage.  The rest have the highest and lowest scores.


Nina first tells the models to not take the comments personally. (Rut Roh) Amanda; Nina thinks her execution is off.  The vibe is good.  It is not working for Zac.  Heidi thinks it is dated and too short.  Michelle likes the vest.  Korina;  Nina likes the dress and thinks the jacket is cool.  Michelle likes the jacket.  Asha wants to have babies with the jacket.  Somebody needs to explain the “birds and the bees” to this one.  Heidi is not sure about the outfit.  Me either.  Char;  Heidi only likes the color and there are so many things wrong.  Zac says it looks like she is a tap dancer and it is unfortunate.  Emily; Nina calls it “origami flamingo”, Heidi says, “Carmen Miranda, just needs a fruit basket.” But then Nina says it’s her best work,… huh?   Zac likes it because it has a costume feel.  Asha gets it.  That is the nicest they have ever been to her.  I think she is actually in the top three.  Alexander; Heidi is not liking it.  Michelle doesn’t like the fit.  Kini;  Zac thinks the pieces look perfectly polished, really cool.  Heidi loves this look, her favorite.  Nina thinks the jacket is phenomenal.


Alexander’s is put together with tape.  The proportions are wrong on Amanda’s.  Char’s is bad proportion.  Zac is all over these models,… again.  The judges like Korina’s jacket, Heidi is not sure.  Asha says it looks like Kate Moss and Kate Middleton had a baby… Asha has babies on the brain and doesn’t know where they come from.  Nina is having a hard time saying nice things about Emily’s look.  I think it pains her.  Kini’s work is amazing, he really does a great job constructing garments. The lining and other finishes are impeccable.

Heidi asks why they were late, Tim tells the judges about Char’s zipper. Asha thinks that Char should be penalized for her look falling apart. Zac waves her off and says that it happens all the time.

Char and Alexander are the bottom two.   Kini and Korina are the top two. Korina is the winner so she gets the spread in Marie Claire.  It is between Alexander and Char.  Alexander is out and the designers aren’t happy, well they should have said something.  I know I have said this before and I will say it again……SPEAK UP PEOPLE!!!

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  1. not THAT Jill says:

    Good morning all-FRIDAY FRIDAY!! I’m off to Virginia to visit my niece and her beautiful baby Ayla-I can’t wait to hold that baby!!!
    Have a great weekend everyone!!🍼🍼🍻🍻🍷🍷🍹🍹🍸🍸

  2. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone and JNNTJ. JNNTJ enjoy your nieces and have a great weekend.
    #TGIT last night. ABC was on fire. Grey’s, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder were all soooo good. ABC should be very happy with the ratings.
    TGIF everyone and have a great day.

  3. ladebra says:

    Great blog PP! In the main, I have liked Alexander’s designs, but they got it right this week. It’s funny though, just yesterday ET or whatever one Mario Lopez is the host, ran a shot of Jessica Simpson in an all plaid/Tartan outfit, and Kris Jenner in a red plaid short skirt, saying plaid was a new thing this fall! So this show was shot and edited months ago and he rolled out plaid! I think there is a secret club where they sit around and decide “let’s do plaid, A Kardashian will wear it!”

    I’m taking a vacation day today and Monday, and I’m just so excited I’m purring! I don’t know what to do first! Well, first I need to get rid of this sinus headache, but then I don’t know what to do first! I have naps scheduled in every room in the next 4 days, lol. 😛

    • Powell says:

      Ladebra I’m glad you took a few days. Good for you. 🙂 👍 By the time you read this if you still haven’t found anything to do then do a jig. 💃💃 🙂

  4. T-Rex says:

    Good Morning, happy Friday. Thanks for the Recap and Blog PPindy! I will say that while Char got a break regarding a zipper malfunction, that Alexandar’s outfit was WAY worse, IMHO. Having a girl that isn’t a size two, with an open midriff and in plaid not the best look. Plus the skirt top and the bottom of the midriff top, looked like my eighth grade sewing project(seriously it did and I got a C on that project), with the lumpy seams.

  5. chismosa says:

    Thanks for the recaps PP! I seriously only rush to watch the show thursdays because i want to be in the “know” for your recap friday– i could honestly just leave the show till the weekend i’m kind of so over it… zzzzzz’s

    Korina was getting the Gretchen ‘bit*h’ edit and it was funny- i’m sure at the reunion it will all be discussed.

    Um AMANDA – you say you won’t get a ‘third chance’ — EVER HEARD ABOUT PROJECT RUNWAY ALL-STARS???? Ugh if shes back a third time… vomit.

    I liked Alex’s last look just because cut outs and middriffs are all IN right now — (at time of taping)- now in real time, i think they’re on their way out. Execution was a prob.

    I loved the Carmen Miranda dress, sorry kill me. On a taller model it would look stunning. Makeup was SO fab.

    I like Char but she better step away from the peplum … (again another thing that was so “in” and now on it’s way out… ) but they tape so far back so …. ehhhh.

    PP: i am doing it TONIGHT. So scared! lol. I’ll be fine. I am learning these terms like “frosting” … i even bought neosporin to just have on hand??? oh lordy.

    Powell– feel better girl…. I got this gel mask for the eyes from Groupon that you put in the freezer and that would help with sinuses.

    Happy friday all.

    PS – Amazing Race starts tonight! … so (not) EXCITED! Used to be my fave show. Please god let it be good casting. I don’t check out online early to find out i like to be surprised.

  6. Thank you PP for the recap. Once again I am just stunned. I think PR has jumped the shark once it left Bravo. The last good season was with Christian Serrano. I really think they are running out of good ideas for challenges for the designers. Remember the haute couture challenge? That was so great.

    • Exit4 says:

      It’s been a long time since I watched it-but for some reason I remember that they’d want innovative and every year the winner was whoever had the most black and gray clothes! But I loved Christian!

  7. ladebra says:


  8. I just finished watching “How to get away with Murder”…I liked it. I will be watching.

  9. My poor husband’s flight got diverted from Chicago to Detroit because there was a fire in the control tower in Chicago…. So he flew from Boston to Detroit. He called to tell me he did get on the flight from Detroit to San Diego. So then he calls me a few minutes later and says, “Guess what I found?, a Hello Kitty store!” He was almost as excited as I was!!! So, we will see what he brings home for his two Princesses!! It is so funny because he thinks Hello Kitty is so cute! That is what happens to a Marine after being with a Valley Girl for 33 years.

  10. VV™ says:

    Just a suggestion to all the people that tweet blogs here. Use the hashtag for the show being blogged. For example blogging about blog the Amazing Race use the hashtag for that show #amazingrace

  11. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good morning – thank you for the Blog PP.

    We are off to Turkey this morning – but are staying in the western parts – far away from the Syria border. Back in less than three weeks!

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