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Project Runway

S13E12 “Who’s In And Who’s Out”

By Princess Pindy

I watched the preview to get pumped up for tonight’s episode. It shows the designers being challenged with taking a losing design and remaking it into a winning design. Contestants that have been given the boot return to help out the designer that picked their losing look. They show Korina coming back with a bad attitude because she has to work with Char.  At first I thought it was production manipulation to cause drama.   Who could blame me?  As I watched a longer preview I realized that the designers got to choose which look to make over and Char chose Korina’s look.  I don’t know what Char’s motivation was….but I felt that Korina was being honest about it being “too soon” to come back and help Char after what had happened last week.  I completely understand where Korina is coming from.  I also know that she signed up for this show and “dems da breaks.”  So I am going to see how I feel when I start watching.  “Fair Warning”*  I am going to take a muscle relaxer about an hour before I watch because my shoulder is in bad shape.  I would take it now but then the blog would end here, lol!   So how I “feel” about the situation could change….  I also don’t feel bad about not watching the second part of  “The Tre & Joe Don’t Know Show” because I am done watching those two thieves.  Eleven  F*ing MILLION Dollars….are you kidding me??  It just is unfathomable.  Think about it next time you pay your bills……next time you look at something longingly and then put it back on the shelf because, “Ehhhh, I don’t really need it.”  It works out to be about a million a month for her, smh!!

Back to our show…

Tim is banging on the doors at Gotham Apartments and tells both the women and the men to meet him up on the rooftop. “On the roof, it’s peaceful as can be and there the world below don’t bother me.”  Five designers are left.  Tim is on the roof with Lexus Corporate Marketing Manager Brian Bolain…He is the LEXUS man.. HERE is the Lexus challenge!!! The Shameless Plug of the Week!!!  YAY!!! Create a look that is Street Chic….  They are going out in Lexus Luxury vehicles with a driver.  They will get cameras and 2 days and $200 to spend at Mood.

So all the designers talk about the car and how great it is, shock, didn’t see that one coming.   They go out on the street and take pictures to get “inspiration” and then back in their Lexus Luxury vehicles. They are off to Mood…where we all know, looks are made or fail with the pick of fabric.  And I have not been impressed yet with any of the choices they have made…..and  this week isn’t going to be any different.  Sean picked a green that I hope he doesn’t use.  Amanda’s colors, well the one reminds me of Star Trek costume I made, ugly gold knit.  The designers take a food break and there is a flashback to Char and Korina from last week  and the designers are eating and smack talking about Korina and her emotions…but they aren’t wrong though, lol.  They are all lighthearted with her out!

PR S13E12_2They come back to the workroom and there are mannequins with “Five big losers” as Amanda says. They are all losing looks from gone designers.  The designers all groan…  What is going to happen they all wonder???   Tim comes in and has his button bag…hmmmm, maybe it really wasn’t Char’s choice exactly.  They have to take the losing look and turn it into a winning look… simultaneously, it doesn’t need to be cohesive with their Lexus Look.  They get $100 for Mood.  Oh, the names in the button bag are the remaining designers and they get to pick which look to redesign.  Char was second and she said she picked Korina’s because it had the most fabric. No ulterior motives or set up. (unless you count the fact that they are bringing Korina back at all, lol)  So that is all cleared up in my mind.

Sean gets Sandhya’s, clown American Girl look and pumps the mannequin in the air a few times and chants “devil baby, devil baby “, it’s funny or could be the muscle relaxer. So off to Mood for the last time!!

So now is when Tim brings in the “out” (I am having a hard time with lose, loose, losers, loosing, looser, so they are just OUT) designers to help with all the work they need to do. Korina is already not happy to be there.  They are there to assist on either look.  Wow, Korina is on the edge.  She looks so angry but I think she is trying not to cry, IPPHO. (commercial break)

Korina explains that she is still upset and doesn’t think that she could put her best effort towards helping Char and that she should not be there. Tim just stares for a minute and tells her it is perfectly fine.  So she is out again… cut to footage of Korina walking down every corridor in the building and opening every door there is just to GTFO!!!  Like I said you signed up for this and she is really showing her immaturity.  Like Amanda said, the judges sent her home, not Char.   Char was willing to work with her… This is sad, I don’t like Korina’s personality and her designs weren’t my favorite and with that said,..she will only be remembered for her childish, spoiled, entitled behavior.  In a few years she will be known as “Oh, you mean the bitchy one who thought she was better than everyone else and left because she didn’t want to help?”  Oh well, not my problem..

Tim is off to find Char a new helper and everyone is working, working, working.  Tim walks in with Alexander to help Char.  So now everyone is happy, oh, except Korina, hahaha.

PR S13E12_1Tim is going around to see what the designers are doing. He gives Char some good advice but she ignores it.  He likes what Amanda is doing.  And once again he has an awkward interaction with Emily. I don’t know if it is because he is trying to be nice and is too subtle or if he knows she is not going to listen so why push.  Their consultations are so odd to me.  IPPHO, I think Tim is just done with her, she doesn’t hear what he says.  Tim thinks you could go to Michael Kors and buy what Kini has made. Tim tells Sean that his outfit is looking like a uniform for a service worker.  Also, he thinks his redesign dress looks cheap.  So the guys need to “Make it work.”

Time is ticking in the Workroom and Sean is reworking his look. Emily is doing exactly what she wants, which is not the redesign.  The models are very excited to see the “out” designers!!!! YAY!!!  I think Sean is listening too much to Sandhya on the redesign.  It looks like another one of her monstrosities.  Speaking of monstrosities, I don’t know WTF Amanda is making for her street chic look.  So they are all doing their last minute crazy making fittings and of course hair and make-up  by what were those companies again…oh yeah, Phillip B and Mary Kay, 😉

PR S13E12_3This runway show determines who moves forward to show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The guest judge is Shay Mitchell, I know, who??  Google tells me not a hell of a lot…oh, she is on “Pretty Little Liars”, don’t watch.  I am not the target demographic of that show, even though I do watch Teen Wolf.



Amanda;  I don’t like her look, IPPHO, it is ugly.  I like her redesign, I think it is cool, I liked Fade and you can see him in the outfit, well not “IN” the outfit, his style.  Emily;  Wow, I thought Amanda’s was ugly, I didn’t know ugly until Emily’s look came on the catwalk.  The judge’s faces say it all.  I like her redesigned look better than her original design. It was a pretty dress. Sean; His look is really nice… I like it, I really, really like it.  The redesigned clown outfit is bad…and he added fringe, or he let Sandhya add fringe.  It would be better without the fringe. Although as the model was walking away I liked how the fringe moved but again, that could be the muscle relaxer.  Char; I like the skirt if the attached piece were done better.  It was a good idea, I am not sure it was executed properly or as well as it could have been.  The redesigned look is that hideous poncho that Korina made and she turned it into a dress that is pretty nondescript, yawn.  Kini;  I think he knocked it out of the park.  The trench coat is beautiful and the skirt is really cool, can’t wait to see the up close look!  The redesign is WOW, WOW, I said wow a few more times but I don’t need to type them, lol.  That red dress was simple, elegant and what a transformation.  He rocks!!

IN THE JUDGE’S OPINION (or what mean bitchy things can we say to break them this week)

Kini is first and Heidi and Shay are loving the trench and the top but don’t like it with the skirt.  Nina thinks it is too much together. Zac thinks he needs to edit and that what he did with the red dress proves that point.  Zac loves the dress and so do the other judges.  Emily is up next and Heidi doesn’t mind the street look but it might not have been too smart to do it, might read pajama.  They have her take off the hoodie and it’s a cute outfit.  Zac felt the hoodie made it look “homeless”… (It is so much better without the hoodie!!!) But Nina thinks it looks like a Circ de Solie costume.  Nina thinks the redesign doesn’t look like Emily’s look.  Zac doesn’t think either look is runway ready.  Amanda is told by Nina that her street chic look is amazing…walks beautifully and loves it…(oy)   Heidi loves the street chic.  Zac is a big fan. They really don’t like the redesign.  Char; Nina says she has a nice eye for color.  Nina thinks there is a lot going on and it is too much.  And Zac agrees with me as far as the execution of her skirt.  (I can sleep well tonight!)  They don’t like her redesign.  Sean; Heidi thinks the white look is spectacular.  She has never seen anything like it.  Shay loves it.  Nina thinks it is one of the best pieces she has seen on Project Runway.  Zac says it’s sublime, modern, he’s blown away.  The redesign they think is silly and just bad.

The designers all tell why they should go to Fashion Week. The judges are trying to decide if there could be a fourth spot….This is it…

PR S13E12_4Kini is IN!

Emily is OUT… I am surprised she lasted in this competition as long as she did.

Sean is IN!

Amanda is IN!

Char… she in or is she out, will Korina’s head explode????   OMG, Char is IN!!

What was that sound I just heard KABOOM!!!  Oh no, Korina’s head just exploded……

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*this is from a TV show I use to watch, the woman auctioneer would say this before she closed the bidding. Do you know it?


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95 Responses to Project Runway – Who’s In And Who’s Out

  1. ladebra says:

    Great blog PrinessPindy! I liked Kini’s looks, and you are right about the fringe. It sort of reminded me of a Halloween costume grown up style. TGIF. Woohoo!

  2. ladebra says:

    Random thought… Brett Michaels is wearing a headband attached to a weave.

  3. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. TGIF thank goodness.
    I ‘m not watching PR. From the pics I’m loving the designer w/the colorful pixie cut’s hair. I don’t know how she is as a designer but I love her hair, she’s cute and I like how she dresses. 🙂
    Have a great day.

    • That is Emily. I feel so sorry for her. Nina hated her. Only said one nice thing the whole time she was on. I think she is good but just couldn’t get a break. I am surprised she lasted as long as she did because Nina just couldn’t stand her. She seems like a really good person too.

      • Powell says:

        I don’t get Nina’s attitude w/not liking designers and showing it. I’m sure there are many BIG designers that she doesn’t like but she doesn’t show it and respects their talent. That’s the name of the game. “Talent”. Unless the young designers are showing attitude and are just nasty to others it doesn’t help a designer to have the likes of Nina hating on them for no good reason. I wish they’d get another mag editor to replace Nina.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Emily is quite beautiful

  4. T-Rex says:

    PPindy, again a wonderful Blog and recap! Do you think they are using Char as sort of a fail-safe boot-off-the-show just in case the three front runners fail a bit next week? I can’t believe they kept her, not that Emily shouldn’t have gone buh-bye, she most certainly should have, but to keep Char too? Hmmmm I think the REAL competition is between Kini and Sean, IMO, I can’t wait to see their Fashion week looks.

    • I don’t understand the Char thing at all… I don’t think Tim Gunn should have a save at all. Maybe she doesn’t work well under pressure. I did like the designs she should to get on the show and thought she was going to do well. I can’t wait to see FW either!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I agree that char & Emily should have left, but I think Amanda is a contender. IMO IMO IMO. Why do I do that. Annoying, I know.

  5. HuskerHuny says:

    It was Korina’s look that Char chose – not Amanda’s. Korina was the one who was kicked off last week with a bad attitude and when she returned last night, the attitude was not any better.

  6. Veena (NMD) says:

    Second to last trip blog – Antalya –

    • Powell says:

      Yet again more fantastic pics NMD. You’ll be able to re-visit your travels for many, many years.

  7. HuskerHuny says:

    I cannot wait for Amanda’s, Kini’s and Sean’s runway shows. When given time, I think the three of them will kill it. I just hope that Kini doesn’t go totally denim. His designs are so wonderful that I hope he uses other textiles.

    Sean’s street chic white outfit . . . well, if the girl had a white paper boat hat on her head, I would have ordered an ice cream cone from her! The design was killer, but so much white! Doesn’t matter; the judges went bonkers over it. No more fringe already!

    I liked Amanda’s street look. She’s putting edgy designs out there and the judges are eating it up. Don’t know what else she could have done with Fade’s look, but she put something out there that was totally different from the original design. Darn those yellow stripes!

    Kini’s red dress . . . a total red carpet look that would have probably gotten him best of show on Fashion Police. Amazing. His trench was way cool as well. He’s the one to beat but he will have to take some risks. Tim compared his trench to something that could be bought at Michael Kors store now.

    Char – c’mon, she should have gone home last night. That purple skirt? I have no idea what the judges expect from her. I’ve seen a few nice things from her, but she’s worlds away from Kini and the others.

    I liked Emily. She just couldn’t put one design out there that captured the judge’s eyes. She was a class act though and Korina could learn a thing or five from her when it comes to graceful exits.

    Thanks for the blog Pindy and I’m hoping that your shoulder feels better soon! I know what you talk about when it comes to pain killers. I only take them when I’m in bed for the night.

    • I agree with you, Char is not in the same class. After Tim said that about the trench Kini redesigned the back and added all that volume. He loves denim. There are these people that stand out side of Walmart and some of the grocery stores asking for donations and Sean’s outfit reminded me of the women’s all white outfit. I guess I have a mental block when it comes to Korina.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      HH – so true what u said about Emily… Such a graceful exit. A lovely person.

  8. cusi77 says:

    Good morning peeps!!!

    Excellent Blog Pindy! I am very happy that Amanda, Sean and Kini are in to show in Fashion Week. I like Shakita but I am not sure she has what it takes to be finalist… I think that Emily was way more qualified than Char.

    Korina was not that agresive like the previews pretended to be. I wish they would have a reunion… By now all of them know how mean comments she did behind their backs… Yikes! Generation “y” of spoiled brats!

    BB sending lots of love to Jack, your daughter , the baby to arrive, My heart full of love for you and all your family, hon!

    Good day everyone!

    T-Rexy STAY well Honey!

  9. HuskerHuny says:

    Thanks to all for your support yesterday. It really helped! I’m trying to be strong for my other co-workers (there’s only 18 of us and we really are one big family), just like all of us on this blog. I can feel your hugs and I hear your kind words. You guys are the best!

    • Powell says:

      Here’s some more for you Husker. BIG FAT HUGS. 🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅

    • T-Rex says:

      I don’t know if your company has done this, but our HR brought in Grief Counselors, and for some folks they really helped to kind of understand how such a tragedy could have happened. I didn’t need it but I know that several of our co-workers really found it very helpful.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        My daughter also recommended getting a grief counselor which probably would help. But as we are learning more facts about her last days, it’s making more sense. Well, as much sense as suicide can make. She went through many trials and tribulations, but she seemed to beat her demons and was raising a very happy and healthy teenager with the support of her parents and sisters. She was even a Habitat home recipient that she took so much pride in. You just don’t ever really know for sure. I wish her peace and that her family can some day have their peace as well.

    • I missed your post yesterday, I am so sorry. (((((HH)))))

  10. Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

    Why is it that Zac Posen is always touching the models and the clothes? Is he a pervert? He creeps me out.

  11. MY GAWD DID I MESS UP!!!!! LOL, Just say no to drugs!! I don’t know why I kept saying Amanda instead of Korina….the funny thing is that all season I just kept forgetting about Korina…..Freudian….maybe… I sent TT the changes…. So sorry about that….

    • HuskerHuny says:

      No prob! You did/do an amazing job and if you switch a name or two here and there, it’s still a scream to read!

      • Thank you! It is really weird to me that every episode I would forget about Korina when I was typing out the names during the commercial break of who was in and out…every time… and I read the blog at least 5 times before I send it, LOL!! I must have really strong “Bitch Boundaries” she couldn’t get past my defenses!!!

    • trudie says:

      FYI: Korina did show at Fashion Week. She was one of the decoy shows. If you google it you can see her collection.

    • Vegas Chick says:

      Great job on the blog, Princess. We all knew what you meant. lol. I am glad that Korina is gone but Char should have been out too. She was too simplistic and lacked depth. Looking forward to fashion week and your spin on it. Hoping Kini wins because he is a sweetie1

  12. Veena (NMD) says:

    Phaedra is ending her marriage.

    No surprise, except is he free now to testify against her if anyone presents a case against her?

    • T-Rex says:

      We knew this was probably coming down the pike, He also may be able sell some tawdry tell-all book as well. Be careful when you take up with career criminals their ethics meter is about zero and they will give up the dirt on you in a heartbeat for some good old hard cash. Hopefully Phakedra will be more careful with her next marriage, although I personally think they only got married because he knocked her up with the 5 month gestational baby, that came into this world at perfect full term weight and vitals. I really do hope she wasn’t involved with any of his shenanigans and she really is a “clean” as she says she is, regarding the ConvictFelon-CareerCriminalNida’s nefarious enterprises.

  13. shamrockblonde says:

    for me its between Kini and Sean – I like Kini – so happy all the time and passionate about his work – love Sean’s designs, BUT did not care for his outfits last night – at all – or the Maxi dress that Nina was obsessed with – the red dress was my fave for last night – absolutely gorgeous – as for Korina Princess P summed it up the best –

    In a few years she will be known as “Oh, you mean the bitchy one who thought she was better than everyone else and left because she didn’t want to help?”

    great blog beautiful – thanks so much!

    *hugs HuskerHuy really hard*

    • Thank you! I think Kini is amazing and yes, his attitude is delightful. He loves what he is doing and he is super talented. If Tim didn’t tell Sean in the last few weeks that he was going the wrong way Sean would have probably been cut. Some of the designers listened to Tim and others did not. Tim really gave a lot more advice this year…not sure how I feel about it….

  14. 2Stupid says:

    I know this if off topic of Project Runway, but I was watching first look of NJ last night with Kathy and Rosie. It made me so irritated. I know there aren’t many Teresa fans here, but Kathy and Rosie have to get in their subtle digs at Teresa. Kathy literally has made a career out of bashing her cousin. I don’t care how much you disagreee with Teresa, there is something wrong with coming on nat’l television with the sole purpose of bashing family. If it wasn’t for Teresa, Bravo would have no interest in them being on the show.

    • Who does that??? I can’t stand either one of them, actually I don’t think there is anyone I can stand on NJ…..nope, not a one!

    • T-Rex says:

      2- Like you said, who goes on TV and bashes their family. Look I can’t stand my SIL or any of my “out-laws” as I call them but I don’t think I would be going on TV getting paid to bash them. These also aren’t my “blood”, i would MOST certainly not bash any of my cousins, my BLOOD, whom I have known basically my entire life. NOW with that being said, after reading about the fact that ConvictFelonTeresa has basically gone on record to state that at least THEIR particular production company(almost all the franchises have different production agencies), looks to heavily script and direct this franchise in a certain direction. Is this bashing real or what they are paid to say to create drama that isn’t there.

      • Exit4 says:

        I think with the families-Lauritas/Manzos included-the specific situations they get put in may be scripted out-but the animosity is real. So much was always made of teresa and Melissa, I think teresa and Kathy are the real “enemies”.

    • plainviewsue says:

      People ask why I am a Teresa supporter, and this is why. She had to deal with family coming on a show and do everything in their power to bring her down. Without Teresa, there would be no gross cannolis for Kathy to be trying to sell. And then Richie’s attempt at humor with Felon-oninii. Until he can clean up his own legal sh*t, maybe he should shut his mouth.

      Kathy has tried to come off as the “nice” one. I haven’t bought her angle since day one. I believe that she didn’t accept Rosie for a long time. I believe she wants everyone to think they are all one happy family. Yet there are brothers that are never mentioned.

      There was talk that Richie’s family hates her, esp his brother’s wives. Kathy tweeted a picture today of herself and Richie’s sister. All of a sudden.

    • Exit4 says:

      Kathy had a little Twitter tantrum because Teresa told Andy Kathy never called or texted her after her sentencing. Who cares? Kathy needs to get over it.

      The stuff with Teresa and Mel and her brother was always about petty BS. With Kathy, there’s real resentment and personal issues. Their families didn’t talk for years, I suspect the Pierri house was not the perfect little family Kathy tries to paint it as. I am sure those 2 have been passive aggressive with each other forever. It is what it is. Families don’t have to get along-and a lot of times they don’t.

      Kathy to me, is hapless. She’s just there. I think Kathy has always been a ghost in her family. she just doesn’t stand out and it bothers her. Last year in AZ-she was upset that no one was hearing her. Her Marcia, Marcia, Marcia moment! Her whole story has been trying to get someone to hear her and no one does. That demotion must have killed her.

      Kathy to me is a wolf in sheeps clothing. She never sat right with me at all. Oh and the last thing to say about Kathy-Richie. No other words needed!

      • mrs peabody says:

        I think Kathy has always been jealous of Teresa and her and wacky jacky have bonded because both of them hate Teresa.

      • chismosa says:

        I don’t know whose family would be worse – Kathy’s parents or Teresa’s parents. Not a fan of what Tre’s father allegedly did to Kathy’s parents.
        I see why there’s bad blood.
        That stupid &hit happens all the time in my family so I get it, unfortunately.
        Just not so sure that tres family is//was the better//happier one.

        I also think the stress of the legal issues totally caused elder Giudice to die early.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I don’t know why these guys keep showing up on my tv and why after all this time they are still complaining about Teresa. From what it looks like to me and from what it sounded like in the interview with andy Teresa does not seem to have any relationship with them anymore and I can’t say I blame her. They blame her and knock her every chance they get. I also found it interesting when she was answering the questions about who would be helping with the kids it was her mom and only Joe’s side of the family, no one from her family except her mom. That tells me a lot about her relationship even with Melissa.

      • chismosa says:

        IMHO TRE should lovingly send her daughters to spend time with the family where the same-aged daughter as milania didn’t know what “TWERKING” was and isn’t wearing hoochie heels and a short dress in her opening montage. Melissa must raise those kids really badly. Look at how well behaved Milania is.
        That spoke volumes. It could do some good for those girls !

        TRE is just her stubborn dumb resentful self. Only Juicy’s family can do no wrong and NOBODY is allowed on HER show without her explicit permission. LOLOLOL

        Her brother didn’t care about her legal drama, he and Mel and Kathy didn’t reach out to her ever. Ok sure whatever. 🙄
        And NO ONE informed teresa her sister and cousin were coming on the show. Andy didn’t even want to touch that dead issue on wwh pt 2 because SHE KNEW. And only SHE was allowed the opportunity to be on that show and make money from what that show gave her opportunities for, because as we see, she’s such a hardworking moral citizen that she didn’t need the show anyway. So she should have that show just for her and live it up baby!💰💰💰

        Whatever TRE. Focus on your husband’s siblings, who I’m POSITIVE must have stellar records since they had Juicy to look up to. 👏👏👏😂

  15. LaineyLainey says:

    Great blog princess! I wonderrrrrrrr if Char picking Korina’s losing outfit was the work of the producers? It’s just too much of a set-up like something that the real Hw’s producers would do. You know like a “let’s push Korina’s buttons!!!” I just don’t trust them. Reality producers, I mean.

    • I know, I was thinking that….she said that it was because it had the most material but it made me wonder if she was thinking, “I’ll show this bitch.”, lol! Who knows…She was the 2nd one to pick so I think the amount of material was probably on the designer’s minds….it was all so awkward….I love awkward. That is why I loved watching Tim interact with Emily! But I didn’t like the way Nina treated her at all this season, so rude, IPPHO!!

  16. ladebra says:

    Giggles! Disclaimer – no kitties were hurt taking this picture!

  17. kit9 says:

    Confirming what we already knew…..The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Newark, which prosecuted the case, said in a statement Wednesday that “Teresa Giudice, like all defendants entering guilty pleas, stated under oath that she understood all of the terms of her plea agreement, including the possibility of prison and admitted — one at a time — to a series of 30 specific questions regarding her criminal activity.” …..

    Salas said, according to a transcript of the hearing: “What I want you to know is that if at any time you don’t understand a question or you want me to rephrase it, just let me know, raise your hand, or if you are confused about something and you want to confer with counsel, again, raise your hand,” Salas said. “I want you to know that if you need five minutes with your attorneys, I will give you five minutes. If you need five hours with your attorneys, I will give you five hours. And I give you the time that you feel necessary to confer with counsel. Do you understand that?”

    Joe answered, “Thank you, your honor.”

    And Teresa followed with, “Thank you, yes.”

    • kit9 says:

      Best part of this? “One at a time”.

    • T-Rex says:

      Kit did you see the YouTube i posted a couple of days ago, it shows someone “allocuting” to the charges they are pleading guilty to, now the YouTube was for a murder charge, but my cousin the lawyer said it’s basically the same. The judge goes through a very detailed list of questions and asks the same thing every way they can so that you understand what you are pleading guilty to. Sorry, after reading about last nights interview, that whole “she didn’t know anything” crapola is out the window. Oh and that whole ConvictFelonJuicyJoe trying to pull the I need Rehab crap to get out of some jail time ain’t going to work! They tried that in court, the judge said he could join a Support group in prison, guess what, that’s the final word! He has also between now and January to get in a program, then he will have 13 months to get in a program before he has to report to jail. These two folks really are a complete joke! Oh and after hearing the real details of the presentencing paperwork, holy smokes, no wonder the judge was PISSED.

      • chismosa says:

        Wait TRex so juicy has to enroll in rehab NOW or into 2014
        – and NOT in 2015 when he’s in prison?

        Salas ain’t messin’ !!!!

        • T-Rex says:

          Chisy- Salas ain’t messin and she isn’t buying their BS to get ConvictFelonJuicy to spend part of his jail time in Rehab, which is what their Wendy-convict-helper is trying to put out in the public. Remember their lawyers are now GONE, all they have is that mouthpiece they hired. By the way the Judge has to sign off on any rehab offers, the BOP doesn’t take that up on their own, and Salas isn’t going to be impressed by their current activities and lies, so she isn’t going to sign off on some ruse to get out of jail time

  18. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Kit – I see Brandi had Heather McDonald on Podcast…are you up for it?!

  19. ladebra says:

    So after I had a chance to watch part deaux, I see cracks in the carefully presented United front! What was with Teresa and “can I tell it? Can I speak?” Thing. She was telling something that Joe should have been talking about anyway, he had the first hand knowledge… I just think she’s as dumb as a box of rocks.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      That was very interesting. It seemed she had a different version of an answer than the one he was attempting to provide. Also, I think she doubts his ability to care for the children…there were numerous pleas or reinforcements about caring for her girls. At one time she corrected herself to say “our girls”.

      • Exit4 says:

        I picked up on that-she doesn’t think he can handle the girls. Or she’s nervous about maybe the drinking? A lot of moms are loathe to leave the kids with the husband! I hear this all the time-for just one evening. Imagine 15 months.

        • mrs peabody says:

          I’d be worried about leaving him in charge to if he’s drinking that much each night. Gia is the one who is going to be watching those kids and comforting them if there is not another female adult in that home the whole time she is gone. I sure hope his mom or her mom moves in with them. I’d be worried sick about those kids if I was her. I caught that my girls our girls thing to.

      • chismosa says:

        Are the girls in catholic / private school?

        So are they moving to public school now?
        How would they also transition to that — and mom leaves in the middle of the school year. Yikes.

    • Vegas Chick says:

      I only saw parts of it… here and there. No doubt, Teresa really didn’t want Joe to speak his mind and was fairly fearful that he was going to say something wrong or actually be honest or truthful…. ‘ like’ OMG!

      My take away from it all is that their biggest problem is that they aren’t planning (or, at least, not admitting to do so). All of this, b.s. about living day by day, in the moment, staying positive etc. is what got them in trouble, and it’s going to keep them there unless they start figuring out how it’s going to work day to day, in the moment. Teresa only has a couple of months to really ‘wake up.’ They obviously knew how to plan how to defraud banks and creditors in pretty certain detail. Denial is a deadly sin.

      • chismosa says:

        Totally with you.

        I really hope TRE has a fantastic gastroenterologist checking her out. Her ulcers and stomach lining must be ripped to shreds.

  20. Dwight Schrute says:

    I LOVED after the tension of Korina leaving Sandhya thanking Sean for picking her outfit only to have everyone laugh and have her learn she was the last pick. I haven’t always liked her but she was a good sport about it.

    Emily’s departure showed how to handle a difficult situation with class. Despite being the only one not going to Fashion Week she seemed genuinely happy for everyone else and supportive.

  21. ladebra says:

    PP the Hello Kitty exhibit is all over the news (breaking news!) . It looks so pink and fabulous!💕🌟

  22. Jan (TexasTart) says:
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