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Screenshot 2014-10-06 16.42.52Dina Manzo

Dina Reacts to the Sentencing

Dina tells us she is gonna keep it brief this week…

Amber, you are so off with last week’s blog; you play the victim so well, I’m surprised you don’t carry around your own body chalk. You can blame me all you want, if that’s what you need, take it. I totally get it, no one expects you to write a nasty blog about your own husband. It’s all about standards girl…and it seems to me I have heels higher than yours. It all seems so unimportant right now anyway.

First, I love that they are talking directly to each other through their blogs. Makes me feel privy to their conversations.  I am also thinking Amber might want to buy chalk in bulk.  Costco probably has it in their clearance section right now.

I have no words for the outcome of the Giudice sentence. All I can say is if you’re doing anything other than sending this family some love right now, you need to really rethink that. No matter what your opinion, there are children and elderly parents involved. Please take a moment and just send them some positive energy and warm thoughts.

I took a moment. And then I will remind everyone; if you’re gonna dance, you’re gonna pay the piper!

I’m not really up to an after party on my website this week. I promise I’ll do some filming next week. Just in kind if a numb mood. Wishing we can all go back to the people we knew before this show started. No, I take that back, wishing we can just all be better versions of those happy-go-lucky girls you got to know in the beginning of Season 1.

Awe, I am so disappointed cause this was the one week where I might have watched the after party. OH, I guess I will just trim my puppy’s toe nails instead.

Namaste Bitches xo,

Back at ya Miss Dina!

Screenshot 2014-10-07 16.03.42Melissa Gorga

Melissa: “We are Heartbroken”

Melissa apologizes for her tardiness in posting her blog. These days, since the twins don’t even bother, I don’t consider her late…

‎I’m not going to touch on the rumor, because it is so outlandish and ridiculous it doesn’t even deserve another mention. Let me just say again that I feel for TeRESa and Rino. It sucks when friends of friends come on and drop bombs. There is no excuse for it and it just gets old. But they were strong, came to dinner, and laughed at it. Kudos to them!

I agree. It was cool that they came to dinner.  I think the consensus is that Rino maybe did make this remark in an offhanded way…possibly a very poor joke, but NO ONE believes that Rino slept with Teresa and Nicole’s mother.  (Did he sleep with strippers?  Probably, but let’s not forget that Rino and Teresa were divorced for a time.)

Obviously this has been a very tough week. We are heartbroken for our family and especially those four sweet girls. Pray for them. No matter how you feel, I hope everyone is wishing their family strength and faith. 

I kinda like this better than Dina trying to guilt us for agreeing with the court’s decision. I will pray for those 4 sweet girls.  Melissa signs off with “Lots of love” and no instructions to check out her latest jewelry line.  She must really be down in the dumps.

Screenshot 2014-10-06 16.41.42Amber Marchese

Amber: “Dina is Jealous”

Again, I am gonna take some liberties with Amber’s blog. I am removing the stuff that she has repeated (although leaving in the stuff that makes me giggle).

Florida…well let me start by reminding you I was there to celebrate being 5 years cancer free!

 Holy shit!  Why didn’t she tell us earlier in the season?  I would have sent her a card. (drink)

 As I watched the last two episodes I caught many things I had missed that night. I probably missed them for several reasons. First, I was outside with Dina. Secondly, I had way too much to drink and not enough to eat (plus I had just flown in), and lastly, I was talking to Bobby in the bathroom. Hey, rookie mistake, with four kids we do not get out much on “adult nights,” so to one or two drinks at dinner max. Neither of us is accustomed to large quantities of vodka. We had started that day flying out early from New Jersey, we jumped on a plane had “airplane” food only…big mistake. Because when we landed our group was to go out to dinner. Unfortunately, our plane was late, the restaurant we picked was too packed, so we only had drinks and a few appetizers. Bigger mistake…leaving without food! I learned a few funny lesson, and in truth, I think we all did. I realized I can no longer drink like I did in my single days with Melissa, and I am not smart enough to do algebraic equations while intoxicated. But hey, my makeup looked good, so it wasn’t all bad. 

Um, your make-up looked like crap. Have you never heard of waterproof mascara?  Also, the hair.  I get it.  You told us you had cancer (drink) and probably lost all your hair at some point so maybe you are growing it out.  But put it in a ponytail, it’s a big bushy mess.  Oh, and eat crackers when you drink.

I asked myself, how did the whole crazy thing get started? If you go to, you will see we were all having a blast. Everyone was teasing everyone, Melissa was Dr. Ruth, Joe was saying he wanted to be hugged like a “bitch” after sex. Dina was saying Teressa was her date, and the group was cheering, “I want to see Amber and Jimmy make out.” All in good spirits. Jim and Joe were having a blast, Jim even rubbed and kissed Joe’s bald head!  Even Bobby and I were back to teasing one another. We were really having a great time, but I think as with anything, too much alcohol is not always a good thing. 


Best I could tell, Jim was busting on Bobby and complimenting the twins. I know Jim is ball buster and gives as good as he gets. He and Bobby had been friends for years and were having a great time, so when Bobby started with the faces and talk, Jim busted back in kind. Clearly, he struck a nerve, which set off a time bomb! Bobby got mad at Nicole. Teressa, feeling the need to defend her sister, got mad. Teressa started coming at Jim because of Bobby, not because of anything he said about Nicole or Teressa. Not sure why Teressa was defending Bobby…oh yeah, he was hiding in bathroom. In any case, Teressa and Jim emptied the largest bottle of vodka I have ever seen that night. So when the two clashed, it was not pretty. I wish Rino was there, because he may have brought reason to the party. But then again, who knows. The last time Jim spoke to Rino, Rino called Jim a jerk-off at Bobby’s house. But Jim and Joe worked it out with a shot of vodka, so I am sure Jim and Rino would have done the same.

Does she write her blog for blind people? Like for those that can’t watch the ridiculousness, she feels the need to give the exact blow-by-blow…or is it Jim writing this?

Nice thought, but back to reality. Teressa came at him on multiple occasions and the more Bobby hid, the meaner she got. She came at Jim on many occasions. When you see Jim pop up and call her uneducated, dumb bleep, she had already been attacking him with crude remarks. Bad move! If you notice, Jim is sitting on the couch when Teressa comes at him the last time, and no doubt was lying in wait. When Jim smirks, the sh– is going to hit the fan! He dropped the bomb. I of course was so hammered that after he dropped the bomb, I went into crying mode, which was normal for me the last few months as I was emotional wreck due to my health. Then I smoked a cigarette, which is a big, BIG, stupid mistake. My father died of pancreatic cancer when I was 19 inside of three months — that along with my diagnosis should have kept me more in check. Did I over react? YES! Too much alcohol, the highly stressful situation, no food, not enough sleep, and coming off the scare of my test results really lowered my better judgment.

Is she really trying to make this “health scare” into months of worry and panic? With her previous diagnosis, I am sure her results were rushed.  I imagine she was told one week the “not so good news” and then the follow-up was a week later with the good news.  I don’t think this was dragged out for months except in Bravo-time.  She goes on to tell us how Jim was laughing and thought the whole thing was a “mama joke”.  Not buying it.  Jim was malicious and his intent was to hurt Teresa.  She tells us how Jim is the breakfast guy in their house and how he cooks breakfast every weekend.  Its like she is trying to improve his image in her blog (written by Jim) after we just watched him make a complete ass-clown out of himself.

I think they were really hurt, because while Jim let the cat out of the bag, they realized this rumor had been around for a while. The only time I spoke of it was to Jim and to confirm with Tre that I was not going to repeat it. Tre decided to tell Dina. I repeat, I think the way Dina told the twins caused animosity and it was shady. I truly think Dina’s comments about the rumor and my relation to it created unnecessary tension. Think about how she told them the night before we came down. Dina did not say it came from Gotti and that I had nothing to do with it, she placed it squarely on my shoulders. 

I did think it was interesting the way Dina planted the seed. I personally think Dina should have said nothing.  She should have zipped her ginormous lips shut and kept her secret to herself.

When I called and spoke to Dina to tell her that I was coming down because of my good test results, she should of relayed that to the group, not a doomsday message that set a negative tone. Worse, why didn’t Dina remind everyone we were celebrating my being five years cancer freeafter we had a scare? Certainly the group would have been happy for us instead of feeling tension when we came in. Also, the way Dina called me outside was shady. She loves to gossip, but pretends she does not gossip. In short, Dina caused tension due to her shady “rumor gossip” then didn’t tell anyone our good news. I am calling “ZEN PENALTY FOUL” since I feel Dina was protecting her friend and placing the fault squarely onto me. Dina feels needed when she causes bad sh–, and she enjoys it. I saw pictures of her smiling and laughing when the twins and I were fighting in Bobby’s basement. Dina likes to cause trouble behind the scenes and then plays the “healer” with her spiritual “love.” It’s called passive aggressive behavior. She attacks and then pretends to be victim as proof — look how she has treated my husband.

(drink) OK, I think she might be on to something.  Dina is a shit stirrer who likes to run away once everything goes to shit.  She likes to set everything in motion, but doesn’t want to see the bloodbath.  Hmmm…

She never civilly spoke to my husband, yet feels comfortable enough to call him names? Unsolicited she called him a dick, vagina, douche, and told him to stick it up his a–. I remind you, Dina, without knowing my husband, approached him at the first responders party. Why? It was none of her business! This was an issue between Jim and Joe. I was just attacked and she thought that was a good time to ask about bowling? She has a pattern of starting trouble to justify her nasty comments. She consistently pokes her nose in gossip, like the Gotti rumor and the first responders party, then decides to attack my husband. I notice she does not call anyone else’s husband names when they act less than gentlemanly. If you have watched all year, there have been plenty of times Dina could have offered her opinion. Dina is the type to speak in vulgar terms about a man she never took five minutes to know and then acts offended when he speaks his mind. Dina thinks she is all high and mighty, but in reality she has a cold heart that has displaced her anger due to her own personal heartaches. It is clear she is jealous that my husband loves and adores me, protects me and fights for me, while her husband doesn’t give her the attention she needs. I actually feel bad that she got to this level of anger and resentment. I pray she finds her true love, so she can finally get off my husband’s jock strap. 

Yes, Dina was name calling and talking nasty. Did we expect anything less?  I hate hate hate saying this, but I just might agree with Amber’s assessment of Dina.  Although, I don’t think Dina in any way, shape or form is jealous of Amber’s relationship with Jimmy.

Finally, on a sad note, my heart aches for Teresa, Joe, and her children. Jim and I’s thoughts and prayers are with Tre and Joe. I do not know Joe well, but I can see from the times I was at their home he is a good father and loving husband, and Teresa is an amazing mother. I really hope that you all just extend your well wishes and keep the nasty comments away. 

I don’t think I am nasty. Snarky?  Abso-fucking-lutely!  Honest?  Hell yes!  She signs off with “Much Love to All” but certainly not me.  I don’t think I am gonna lose any sleep.

Screenshot 2014-10-09 10.23.04Nicole Napolitano

Bobby’s Unacceptable Behavior

Nicole jumps right in…

These past two weeks the episodes in Florida were not easy to write about. As a matter of fact I’m going to make this extremely brief, because it was too upsetting to watch and comment on. One thing I will say, on a positive note, is we did actually all have a really good dinner together with the Marcheses earlier in the evening. Everyone actually seemed to finally be getting along, and quite frankly, it felt good. I must say I wish we all did not have as much to drink, because when things got heated in the house, the alcohol only escalated the situation and made things a thousand times worse. 

Yeah, they must be really hard to write about cause you DIDN’T write about it at all last week. I forgive you.  I kinda wish Bravo had shown the fun dinner and then the sharp turn into the dark side.  I am gonna say this hear and don’t get mad about it, this was not Scary Island.   As we watched Scary Island, we realized we were watching a person having a “break” with reality (like real reality, not TV reality) and that was truly scary.  This was a booze induced conflict and we are kinda immune to these after years of watching RHNJ.

It started with Bobby getting totally upset with me when I was falling for Jim complimenting me. I totally get why Bobby was aggravated seeing my ego getting stroked by a man who has caused so much grief and aggravation in our lives, but I will make something very clear: There is no excuse on this planet for a man to talk to a woman and use the word “stupid.” It was totally unacceptable! Yes, of course Bobby apologized, but for all the woman reading this blog, I feel verbal abuse can be just as hurtful and damaging as physical abuse. I’m a firm believer that words are extremely powerful and can lift a person up or destroy a person’s spirit. That is why these past two episodes have been extremely difficult for me to write about. There were horrific words and verbal abuse coming from Jim that night, which made both me and my sister very upset. It actually broke my heart to see my sister cry; Teresa is the toughest, strongest woman I know. I’m proud to call her my sister. 

I guess I missed the part where Bobby called her stupid. Hmmm, Bobby is smarter than I thought.  I’m not gonna say Nicole is stupid.  I will say (homage to Wendy Williams) that she is less than smart.

I did not appreciate Bobby leaving me downstairs, but most importantly, he should have opened the door for my sister when she came knocking. She was there without her husband, and he should have shown her respect by opening up the door. 

Yep it was super crappy of Bobby to hide in the bathroom. Not one of the ladies hid in a bathroom (I would have, but I would have found some food first!).

I truly want to thank Dina for her good intentions and for keeping peace in the house. I admire Dina for her smarts, and I thank her for being a good friend. 

Ahhh, we have reached the part of the blog where we kiss the ring of the Divine Miss D. Was she watching the same episode I was?  Miss D. was at ground zero of the shit stirring and did nothing to help diffuse the situation.

The yachting day was fun but bittersweet. I wished my sister and Rino were there the whole time. I was truly shocked when Teresa and Rino came back to the house that night. That made me really happy and I’m glad that’s how we ended the vacation.

I am a little weirded out by these sisters’ attachment to each other. My husband is a twin and I have twins.  Most twins do not behave like that.  They are very individual and independent.

This has been a horrific week for the Giudice family, and my prayers are with them and their amazing children.

Agree. Nicole closes by wishing us a beautiful and blessed week.  Surely she means me!

Screenshot 2014-10-07 16.04.20Teresa Aprea

Teresa: I Don’t Blame Jim

I’m sure the last two episodes in Florida were very entertaining for some and very upsetting for others. There was a lot of fun that happened in Florida. Going to the Everglades with Nicole, Dina, and Melissa was a blast. It was a whole day affair — lunch and all — in the Everglades, wish you got to see more.

Yes, I am sure it was fun, but I guess fun does not bring ratings. Welcome to Bravo.

Amber and Jim’s arrival was a shock at first. It actually started off well, and we were having a really good night with them both. Unfortunately (and I will take responsibility as well) the night ended horrifically. Seeing that whole episode was very enlightening on many different levels. First and most importantly, it made me see how destructive alcohol can be. Watching it was even worse than being there! Seeing a bunch of adults out of control and spitting disgusting lies at each other was beyond distasteful. This is not an episode I am proud of due to the excessive drinking that took place. Nor was it the type of weekend I expected it to be. Rino made the right decision not to join us. 

I am impressed that Teresa took some responsibility in this! Usually everyone deflects blame.  I am sure the booze was the truth serum of the night.  Rino was actually the genius of the group.

Obviously I wasn’t aware of the severity of the vile rumor (which is a lie) that Dina wanted to share with me. Dina was just looking out for me and what she wanted to do was absolutely necessary. I did appreciate Dina standing by my side and supporting me. When Jim threw that in my face, I felt so betrayed, not by Jim or Amber, but by Teresa. I considered us friends and I thought she would have had the decency to call me since Amber knew and she had told Dina. Teresa Giudice holds her parents in very high regard, and I would have expected the same respect for my parents, especially after Rino and I have stood by their side with everything they have been going through from the beginning. Although we have not known the Guidices for long, Rino and I have always been very loyal to them both. That night it was like a bomb exploded, and I felt so betrayed. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a loyal friend, and I was raised to have the utmost respect for MOTHERS and CHILDREN! I realize now that Dina was trying to protect me from the start.

Um, I don’t think Dina was “looking out for you”.  She was planting a seed.  Interesting that she has moved the blame on to Teresa.  I do think Teresa could have spoke up to Ms. Gotti and said, “Hey Blondie, Teresa is my friend.  I have met Rino and know he is a jokester.  I can’t believe for a minute that this is true.”  But, we all know Teresa is NEVER gonna go against someone like Ms. Gotti!  I agree that MOTHERS and CHILDREN are off limits.

People have asked, “Why did I get so upset?” As strong as I am and as much experience as I have had with people, I have never felt such cruelty and venom like what was directed towards me and my family. I want to be clear, I’m not blaming Jim for this. He was the drunken messenger and threw it out there. This is what Dina was trying to protect me from. The origin of this untruthful rumor is V.G. and Teresa Giudice for not shutting it down immediately, like I would have done if anyone was discussing somebody’s mother. It was especially shocking since it was directed at me, who has been loyal to her and Joe. This was simply a malicious attempt to hurt my family. 

Still not sure how she is blaming Tre. I think the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of V.G.

For the people who knew off the bat that this was a lie, you are obviously the intelligent group of fans and kudos to you. I want to say thank you again. But for the ones who have even questioned whether it’s true, shame on you; your ridiculous opinions will never have any value to me. I do want to send lots of love, light, and blessings to Dina for being the women she is. 

I didn’t believe this for one minute! Teresa and Nicole have a very good relationship with their mother and father.  If rumor was truth there is NO way in hell that would be possible.

 Also as I end this blog, my heart goes out to the Giudice children and my prayers are with them all. 

She shows she has class. Even after she threw some shade at Tre for not protecting her family, she offers prayers and support to them.  Not sure I could rise above.  She sends us on our merry with much love, hugs and kisses.  Back at ya babe!

Screenshot 2014-10-07 16.03.53


Real Housewives Of New Jersey Tonight!

“Sorry, Not Sorry”

Back from their explosive trip to Florida, Teresa and Rino plan a tasting party to launch their new restaurant, but several names are conspicuously absent from the guest list — Teresa Giudice and Amber. With her Ladybug event only weeks away, Dina takes it upon herself to get Teresa to apologize to the twins for spreading the rumor, but getting Teresa to apologize could be a fool’s errand. Meanwhile, Melissa questions Amber about her home life with Jim, and Nicole meets Jacqueline for the first time.


Watch What Happens Live

Amber and Jim Marchese


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  1. Thanks Tartsy! I love all the fun pics! Hope everything is doing well this fine Sunday morning. We woke up with frost. I am gonna spend my day convincing myself I don’t need to click the furnace on. Wish me luck!

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      Thank you for the blogs blogged. Time to break out your blankets with that frost!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Great blog, namaste. We’re on the same page regarding Dina. Teresa aprea was a lot more generous toward Jim than I thought she would be. If I were in her shoes, I would have been more upset at him in my blog for blurting that out the way he did. And I’m one of the very few who don’t hate Jim!
      I think I’m gonna have to watch wwhl tonight! Thanks for the heads up, Tartsy!

  2. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Lainey, I thought you might want to make an exception and watch it tonight!

    Good luck holding out on the furnace, Namaste. Thanks for the blog! This last part of the FL trip was no more than a typical alcohol fueled HW argument – there is NO comparision to Scary Island and shame on Bravo for indicating in some of their promotions it was all that!!! Sigh. They are so desperate.

  3. Veena (NMD) says:

    Istanbul – scams and fake purses

  4. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  5. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  6. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Lainey, you will LOL over this tweet from last night. Am I out of the loop – it’s not just for Texans, Blue Bell is nationwide?!

  7. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone!! 😃😃😃

  8. ladebra says:

    Hi Hi! I have to read the blogs but just saw this so I’m sharing. Sharing is caring!

  9. Exit4 says:

    Ugh with this rumor. Victoria was brought on for a reason. Like the “book” in season one-this rumor was a gift from bravo. I don’t think Amber or teresa knew what Victoria was going to say. They knew it was something-but not what specifically. Even if they had heard it before, there’s a difference between that and putting it on camera. Victoria didn’t make it up either. A decade old joke has come back to haunt Rino.

    Even though teresa is the cause of all the worlds problems-this time she didn’t do anything wrong. Neither did dina. Teresssas anger is so displaced. She comprehends dina trying to give her a heads up, but not that teresa g. was doing the same. She (Teresssa) makes no sense when she says she wanted teresa to call her and tell her personally. When dina tried to talk to her-she said she didn’t want to know anything about her family. Would she have even listened if teresa tried?

    Now we have to hear about this the rest of the season and the reunion. It’s really dumb. Normal people could solve this in 5 minutes. Even this show is starting to give me fatigue! Ugh and jac is still haunting us. The Eagles are in tonight and they’re playjng the Giants so I may have to skip this! But I probably won’t-lol

    • T-Rex says:

      Exit, I also think that TerESSA and Nicole knew perfectly well that this rumor was out there in their little Neck of Colts. I can’t imagine that a DrunkenRino(at the time when he was separated) only made that joke once, he probably did so numerous times. His own wife said that when they were divorced he was a Stripper/Hooker-WhoreMonger that drank too much. He came to his senses and cleaned his act up and they were remarried and it seems as if he has overcome his wandering ways. Mind you they got divorced because he had SEVERAL mistresses. So they had to have some knowledge this little nuclear bomb might be detonated since they joined the show. Now, why Ms Gotti was the one that delivered the nuclear bomb? MY opinion is that of course we know that she is trying to get her butt back on Reality TV, and maybe she thought this was her foot in that proverbial door. The FAULT in all this lies squarely on RINO for making this joke to begin with! No matter what I feel towards ConvictFelonTeresa this is NOT her fault at ALL! OH and let’s please also look at this WHOLE MADEUP DRAMA by noting that one Rino was IN Florida at the time, but conveniently at another house nearby, not at ground zero. Bravo has been trying to recreate the Drama of SCARY ISLAND for years, but this wasn’t it, and this was to me completely staged!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Great post, TRex. The twins didn’t really seem all that surprised by the rumor, IMO.

      • Exit4 says:

        Another thing with this too (I know you don’t watch so you miss some things)-teresssa was glad that dina immediately said in her talking head, it’s not true it’s disgusting etc. Teresa G. didn’t. She said basically, it could happen, it’s possible and she is right. Ill defend teresa on this, because we know that the talking heads are one sided interviews. The producers ask questions, the wives answer and its edited in. So if she was asked-is it possible? She answered it was and it makes it seem that she believes it. I don’t think she buys it, but victoria is her friend, so she probably believes not the rumor itself, but that Victoria did hear that out of rinos mouth.

    • Austin says:

      Exit, I totally agree with that assessment. In fact, when people were wondering why Dina felt the need to address the rumor before Amber arrived in FL, I think that she was trying to head off the accusation that she didn’t have the twins’ (and their mother’s) backs, which is exactly what the twins seem to be gearing up to accuse her of. They seem to forget that they’re the ones who shut Dina down when she was trying to deal with it before Amber got there.

      And I think that Teresa told Dina because she wanted someone else who was actually going to be in FL besides Amber to know the background of the rumor. She didn’t do Dina any favors in telling her, but I kind of see why she did it.

      • Exit4 says:

        Exactly. Nobody trusted Amber to keep quiet. Teresa didn’t trust Amber not to throw her under the bus. She told the one friend she does trust (Dina) to make sure someone had her back. This isn’t spreading a rumor-Victoria spread a rumor. Jim spread a rumor.

        • T-Rex says:

          EXACTLY EXIT! I am also convinced the folks that Produce the Ho-wves of Jersey also set all of this up! Sorry, but I think this was a well orchestrated event to ‘OUT’ this rumor in Florida. They didn’t know at the time ConvictFelonTeresa wasn’t going to actually be there, and I think they were going to “set her up” big time in person regarding the rumor, again only my opinion but it certainly makes sense. OH and let’s NOT forget that KathyWakiki was in Florida a mile away from everyone else while this was filming on the BRAVO dime as well, so why would they have done that?? So you have KathyWakiki stashed nearby and also Rino was conveniently stashed at another house, sorry but this just wreaks of a SETUP.

      • chismosa says:

        I can’t stand dina and teresa but I totally agree with you

        Bravo is just so dumb with these shows now.

        I mean, which do well?????

        As wendy says, I guess the ratchet of Atlanta will perform well.

    • chismosa says:

      Great post and LOL at the last part

  10. ladebra says:

    Great blog Namaste! And I agree Exit, producers grimy fingerprints all over this. Although,bi think this show is more script-suggested, and manufactured shots and March filler scenes

    • ladebra says:

      Sometimes my iPad has a mind of its own. What I meant to say is, Although I think this show is more script-suggested than reality and has been for a long time.

      • Exit4 says:

        Me too. Script suggested is the perfect term. I think they throw information at them and place them in awkward situations and then film the reactions. Eventually, they all become suspicious and cagey with each other and it just writes itself!

      • Hey Ladebra, last night the local news here in San Diego did a long story on the opening of the Hello Kitty exhibit. So now I don’t have to go, lol! I didn’t realize she was 40 years old!!

        • ladebra says:

          Oh good! They have a LOT of Hello Kitty stuff!

          • It is $20 to get in and I would probably end up paying for my friend to go with me, so I would rather spend that $40 on buying Hello Kitty stuff, lol!! But wow, they showed so much stuff while they talked about it. I was surprised at how long the segment was. We are planning on riding Angels’ Flight, I remember it as a kid and my parents telling me about it. They refurbished it and we are both very excited to do that.

  11. Veena (NMD) says:

    Bravo fires the entire editing staff of Shahs because they want to unionize. I remember reading about how reality TV pays terrible wages because the people behind the scenes cannot unionize. I mean – shouldn’t you get paid extra to sit through all that whining and edit it into something watchable? Especially since we know the editors have to piece together words out of sounds to make the story lines fit.

  12. Prince Ali says:

    Hi all, I’ve been with this blog since it was originally IHJZ. However, I seldom post. I’m amazed though at how much all of you care for each other despite never having met, and I’m asking if you can share a little bit of that love with me. My health has been deteriorating fast lately, and I need all the prayers and good/healing energy I can get. Thank you!

  13. looneylucy says:

    Seldom poster here also, Prince Ali. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

    Thoughts and prayers from my house to all. Especially MTH, Jeff, that recently raised his head.

  14. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Heather Thomson retweeted this….

    • chismosa says:

      I hope she doesn’t suddenly get an apple. The tall mannish one.
      Carole girl DYE YOUR HAIR BACK darker! It looked awful this week irl!

      Filming in October ??? Huh

      Thanks for this.

  15. Exit4 says:

    I have to disagree that dina was shit stirring. I see S$&) stirring as forcing something to come out. Jac does that. To me, if dina was SSing-she would have waited until Amber and Jim arrived and then said-tell Teresssa the rumor, tell her what you know and basically pull it out of them to cause drama. She didn’t do that. She cut her losses. She knew the big secret and chose to attempt (and failed) to give them a heads up. Had she not, it would fall squarely on her. Obviously, the way to go about it would be off camera-which for all we know could have happened. But at that point-no matter what-it has to play out on screen.

    • T-Rex says:

      Exit I didn’t watch and we all know that DiabolicalDina is one Sh-t-Stirring maven, but again regarding this despicable rumor, I don’t think she really had anything to do with the “outing” of the information. I don’t care for her, but not going to blame her for crap she didn’t do either. I think this was a planned event to bring up this rumor in Florida, by the Producers(not Bravo, the actual production team), I think they originally were going to blast ConvictFelonTeresa for having this information and giving it to DiabolicalDina, but when she decided not to go to Florida(for good reasons), they outed it a different way. Again why have RINO and KathyWakiki stashed in separate homes if this wasn’t going to be an ambush of ConvictFelonTeresa?

  16. Is anybody else getting last week’s episode instead of a new episode? My tv guide is saying the new episode is on now, but it’s not. Very odd.

  17. chismosa says:

    JILL you made such a good point about why the brandi brigade doesn’t promote her podcasts – so weird ! And she doesn’t either??

    Rabble I hope you’re feeling better

    Exit – whoa mama! My best F has two boys and the 2nd she had such issues with and such scares of things they couldn’t for certain determine….. (I also think her gyn/ob is not great but I keep that to myself !)
    And he’s ok -generally- now – but it’s sad because she comes from a family of women (lost her dad when we were in h.s.) and she is so so so GIRLY, gossipy, frilly, and we always joke she needs to have a girl- but the pregnancy went so roughly that i don’t think unless it’s a whoopsie whoopsie years from now, that it will happen. 😦

    So- you had your big issues – you made me LOL with “the store is CLOSED”. Haha
    And post- hypertension, wow never heard of it!
    I know all about eclampsia and preeclampsia (my grandmother died due to eclampsia but I don’t think women get that anymore? They screen quicker and act faster I believe….)
    Preeclampsia ain’t no joke though I know.
    8 weeks to find out the sex —- so crazy now!!!!

    So – onto the MARCHEESIES and

    DARYL 💥😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    • Exit4 says:

      My little one is fine. He’s never had any problems after the NICU thankfully! I had a placental abruption. When you are pg-the placenta stays intact until you deliver. After the baby’s born you deliver it (I had 2c sections so they just remove it) and some people (Kim Z.) eat it! Ew. Never. When you have an abruption, it starts to tear away from your uterus when’s its not supposed to. In my case 5+ weeks before he was due! It can be really bad. The baby loses oxygen and it makes you bleed-like nothing I’ve ever seen. It was horrible and as the day went on it got worse. So my guy was in utero breathing in blood. I went to the hospital by 7 am, when I woke up and saw it-but I didn’t deliver until 3. I’ll never forget, the doctor said go and there were like 20 people in my room in seconds. When they wheeled me into the OR-I saw people outside in scrubs with an incubator but it didn’t register. My husband said once they put the sheet up-they came in. I saw him-but only for a minute. He was struggling to breathe. I couldnt hold him until the third day. That made me sad. He has all these IVs and a CPap. To this day he’s a stubborn little fighter! Tough guy! Total PITA! But he’s a lover and a snuggler too and I never want him to grow up!

      With the BP, I was fine the whole time I was at the hospital. They monitored it. It just spiked suddenly. Hormones, stress, all contributed. I was on BP meds for a year until it resolved. It took until this year for me to actually start feeling normal again.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        That made me cry Exit. Thanks be to God for the healthcare professionals who cared for you and your little man.

        • Exit4 says:

          They were incredible! Those doctors and nurses (especially the nurses) care so much, I don’t know how they do it. There were babies there who were much sicker and had to be hospitalized much longer then my guy. It’s so sad. The nursing staffs love and dedication to their littlest patients, you need to see to believe. They are just as fiercely protective and diligent as any mom! They’re heros!

      • chismosa says:

        Exit, I’m SUPER happy to hear any issues left when he left the hospital. God bless your boys 🌟🌟<3
        I can't imagine the stress at the hospital. That is just horrific. Poor baby. So that's a crash csection, correct ? Those are like done in 10 seconds!

        Wow , you know- thinking of what may happen to women who have these extraordinarily stressful situations, I wonder why doctors don't try to give a temporary mood stabilizer or anti anxiety just after leaving the hospital.
        ——Well now I think of breastmilk, and woops that can't be good.

        They should have some measures in place to ensure the mental/emotional levels of the new mommies are well stabilized and taken care of when leaving this highly stressful situation.

        I'm glad your BP is so good now. Watching DR Oz the other day I saw just how important it is and to have a good gauge of it at all times at home.


        • Exit4 says:

          When I came back with the BP issues, in addition to those meds, they gave me meds for anxiety. I had to pump for him-and everything they gave me was safe. He was always a half and half kid-(breast milk and formula) because he needed the nutrients. They fed him through a tube in his nose. Poor kid. 😦 He didn’t have the tube towards the end-he was finally able to eat-but they wouldn’t let him go until he gained more weight. I think they based it on what he should have been at birth-without the complication. He’s still a peanut! We have to give him a lot of milk and protein-the joke in our house is that when they’re older-my oldest will be reading a science book or practicing for the SATS and my little guy will be sucking beer out of a keg and calling the older one to bail him out!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Thank You Chi,
      I feel a bit better every day. I go see the surgeon on Wed so hopefully then they can take the staples out my leg and the surgical tube. Once that is done, I don’t think I will feel lumbered.

  18. chismosa says:

    I hope FAUX MILANIA calls in to WWH tonight. 😜😜😜😜😜

    – and Thanks for the blog! Namaste!
    Dina – your standards are STORIES above amber’s. Getting married to a guy set up by your sister and saying to reality TV cameras day of wedding be cheats on you multiple times. LOVELY

  19. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Housewives and speakerphones. 🙄

    • austin1963 says:

      Probably would be better to answer the phone and then ask, “May I put you on speaker?” I don’t know. Is there etiquette on that? I don’t really talk on speaker very much unless I’m on hold with customer service.

  20. chismosa says:

    Love him with the shorter hair

  21. austin1963 says:

    Seems like Dina is throwing Teresa under the bus a bit. . .

  22. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Teresa to Gia “ the Italian religion your a woman…”
    I did hear that, right?!

  23. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    I’m sick and tired of this stupid rumor and over and over about who said what! Arrrrgh!

  24. mrs peabody says:

    Why is wacky jacky and the 2 cousins from h_ll and the creepy husband back on my tv again? They’ve been getting as much face time as they always have, I thought they were gone.

  25. chismosa says:

    TARTS I have a lovely picture up in moderation that I feel would be wrong to deprive people of!!!!

    LOL 😜😍

  26. Exit4 says:

    If you sway towards Team Teresa-you always feel like you’re on the defense. It’s exausting. Lol. This time I think its justified! She didn’t do anything wrong. If my buddy TRex feels the same way too-there’s something off right? 😉 If Kit weighs in and even reluctantly agrees teresa isn’t guilty here, bravo SERIOUSLY effed this one up!

    Of all people to blame its Teresa? Not Rino? Not Victoria? Not Jim? Blaming bravo is obvious, but out of the question. Even Ambers hands are clean here. She didn’t want what happened to occur. It’s really ridiculous! Truly. The only people giving life to this at this point is the twins. I will agree though, that what Dina was trying to say to teresa was correct. Just bite the bullet and say your sorry. You don’t have to be sorry, just do it.
    keep the peace.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I don’t agree, she does not need to apologize. The twins must have watched the past seasons when everyone was blaming Teresa so they are just playing it forward. Guess they didn’t read any of the blogs. The only one here to blame and that owes anyone an apology is Rino, he should not have said.

      • mrs peabody says:

        sorry I misread the last part of your comment, I do think that was Dina was trying to say as but she said what she thought and Teresa said what she thought. I agree with Teresa’s thought.

        • Exit4 says:

          I understand both sides. If it was me-I’d explain my intentions (assuming they’d listen which is a tough one!) apologize for upsetting them and move on. I’d definitely be sorry not sorry, but I’d do it to placate and keep the peace.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      I agree.

    • T-Rex says:

      Exit- I actually don’t blame Bravo this time, I DO BLAME the production company that produces this disaster for all of the Drama. What does ConvictFelonTeresa have to apologize for? That she did her job, that producers told her to go to Ms Gotti’s house so that this despicable Rumor could be brought up on the show? Sorry, even I don’t think DiabolicalDina is responsible for any of this either, and no I didn’t take too many of my happy pills before writing this. ALL of the production teams that film these shows for Bravo have tried “in vain” to get a SCARY ISLAND of their very own and have tried to manufacture drama to create one. Look, the reason SCARY ISLAND became what it was, was that it WASN’T staged nor scripted, they had a psycho fruitcake that completely lost her marbles while filming, you can’t manufacture that. I again think this RUMOR was completely staged, I think that Production was going to OUT this in Florida and they were all going to CONFRONT ConvictFelonTeresa about it, but thankfully she didn’t go due to her “bigger issues”. There was also a clear diabolical reason for the PRODUCERS to have stashed RINO and KathyWakikiki nearby as well, it’s too fishy and I am so glad for ConvictFelonTeresa that she didn’t go to Florida, sorry but she has other issues and to be blamed for this mess is ridiculous!

  27. mrs peabody says:

    I agree with Teresa on this one.

  28. chismosa says:

    I started reading my US magazine article and it said something about Juicy attacking some woman when he was 20.

    Yikes 😳

    Then I fell asleep. Thanks sublingual melatonin.

  29. ladebra says:

  30. Exit4 says:

    Mr Exit did get in one good line tonight! When Melissa was saying she’d get more CDs for the event, he said they’d make good coasters!

    • chismosa says:

      Good one

      DRINK !

      • chismosa says:

        Wonder if TRE will drink in the clink. While scrubbing the sink and not wearing pink. Boy I think

        That’ll stink.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Do u really wonder? Cause, she won’t.

          • chismosa says:

            I don’t know I keep hearing all this contraband gets snuck in/ it’s all minimum security/ it’s “club” Fed, etc……

            Don’t know.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              Some people (that doesn’t mean YOU..or Lainey ❤️) are talking about Fed prison like it’s Club Med-ask Martha Stewart if it was Club Med…I believe when asked about prison Martha replied “it sucked”….Martha! Such language!!!

              • ladebra says:

                You get told when to wake up, when to eat, when to go to bed, when to turn the lights out. You get to walk everywhere with a guard, in a line, single file, and you get to be verbally abused by guards who are just overgrown school yard bullies. There is no way Teresa is prepared for being in prison.

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  I would be a wreck-I don’t think it’s possible to mentally prepare for prison!!

              • T-Rex says:

                Jnntj- This is NO walk in the park, and it certainly isn’t Club Med. Back in the 80’s when folks were making jokes about the Low security Federal Prisons, they did a complete “crackdown” and it’s not a nice place to be. You are housed in a cell, with minimum time outside that cell. You are told when to sleep, when to get up, when to eat, when to work(yes you get a job in prison), etc. You are in low security which means about the only thing you can count on, is not being physically harmed,

  31. chismosa says:

    My news is talking about Ebola and how it’s getting worse.

    How can people be so naive. Don’t LISTEN to the government!
    It’s worse than ever ! DUHHHHHHHHH 😏🔫💣

  32. chismosa says:

    Oh man

  33. 2Stupid says:

    Watching it in real time, I really cannot stand Rosie, Kathy and Jacqueline. I could throw something at the TV.

    • I Need A Life! says:

      I just watched and I agree with you. The cannoli thing. Enough. In the Italian religion we have those in the morning, not at night. And the Wakile husband has Theresa and “felonini” to thank for helping build that house. No Theresa…no cannoli kit or paycheck. Without her there never would have been a season 2.
      The twin who celebrates her new restaurant needs to tie herself to Theresa for publicity. Clink clink to you to. We’ll see how Rino stops himself from skimming the books.

      Exit…your comments were right on. Namaste…thank you for the blog and a fun read.

      • 2Stupid says:

        I know when I was watching on the second airing my husband woke up and saw the preview for next week. Let me by clear, he HATES the Housewives and Andy Cohen even more, but he saw the twins going after Teresa and he said why don’t those bitches just leave her alone. All this show is about is people talking about Teresa. I was floored because I didn’t think he even paid attention! The preview for next week made me lose respect for Teresa. I don’t think Teresa perpetuated that rumor. I think she had/has more things to worry about at that time. And all that BS about being a good friend to Teresa. WTH they’ve know her what two weeks at that time? Give it up ladies!!!!

        • 2Stupid says:

          I meant lose respect for the twins. I’m no Teresa fan, but I think this rumor storyline is so contrived- it makes me mad for Teresa. Stop it already.

        • Powell says:

          I think we’ve all said it since Tre became the popular one that ALL the other ladies hate Tre because she’s the most popular one, has gotten the most opportunities, has been on the cover of the mags more than any of them, the one that has the most admired style. They just don’t like Tre.

  34. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Good morning, feel free to keep posting here, I don’t have a recap yet.

  35. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you’re weekend was relaxing. I was watching OUAT, Resurrection & Revenge last night and didn’t see WD but saw some tweets and OMG!! I just read an article on it. There’s also a video at Comic Con. It’s so funny to hear the actor that plays Rick (I can’t remember his name) speak hearing his British accent when as Rick he has that great Southern accent. PrincessP your little Princess will like this article cuz they refer to some of the comic. &
    Have a great day everyone.

  36. T-Rex says:

    Not sure if this has been posted, I was not really on the computer this weekend, but caught just a little bit of the Couch people show, I think I have only watched this once before, but they were talking about the DonClownCaro’dwithAdultChildrenhwhowon’tmoveout show, and it was hilarious. They were joking about the fact that the two boys will still be living with their parents when they start receiving their social security checks, How the boys had made fun of their sister throughout the years, but she looks to be the only one that is actually leaving home!

  37. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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