Project Runway – Finale Part 1

Project Runway

S13E14 “Finale Part 1”

By Princess Pindy

PR S13E14_5YAY, YAY!!! Tonight is the first part of the two-part season finale!!!  There are four designers left: Kini, Sean, Amanda, and Char and they are going to New York Fashion Week.  Amanda and Char are very lucky to be going.  Most of us know that Amanda got a “do over” from Season Eleven and Char got saved by Tim Gunn, more than once.

Heidi excitedly announces that they are going to Rome, ITALY!!!  She threw in the ITALY in case they were confused and thought they were heading to Rome, GEORGIA!!!  (In the county of Floyd, the county seat, no less!!!)  They are challenged with making a 10 piece collection inspired by the city of Rome, ITALY.  Now I know that some people have posted that there were other collections done by designers that were kicked off before the finale.  That was done to confuse the masses. Interesting that they had Korina (yes, I first typed Amanda and had to delete it) do a collection….I wonder if they popped for a ticket to Rome, ITALY for her, “Not with that attitude.”  Maybe they just told her to look up pictures on the internet to get inspired.  I saw pictures of her collection and wasn’t impressed.

The designers get to go to Rome, ITALY with Tim Gunn. I just have to say again how much I like Tim Gunn.  He is such a gentle soul, a true gentleman.  I am envious that they get to “hang” with Tim.  That would be a cool show, “Hanging with Mr. G.”…I would watch!  Just from the previews I have to say that watching tonight is going to be worth it just for the looks on the faces of the designers when Tim is talking to Char about being in the finale.  Shade is being thrown like you would not believe.  Imagine Tim sitting there in an open air cafe and instead of saying “Where’s Andre?” he is saying “Where’s the Sun? It was here a minute ago.”  THAT is how great the looks are!!  Better than any looks I have seen on the runway this season.

They have $9,000 and five weeks after they come back from Rome, ITALY. Dorothy Dowling from Best Western Hotels represents our Shameless Plug of the Week….  So is there a Best Western in Rome, ITALY??  Georgia maybe, but ITALY???  They leave that night!!  There IS a Best Western in Rome, ITALY!!!!  So many voice-overs and bad video from around the airport and Rome, ITALY.  They go to all the usual places.  At the Coliseum, Tim tells them that is was filled with water for Naval battles, never heard of that.  Tim is doing a good job as a Travel Guide but I would much rather have Rick Steves from PBS.  This is pretty boring to be honest, IPPHO.

They go out to lunch and Tim finds out that Sean needs to figure out a studio space when he gets back. Now the shady part with Char and all the designers “shade”.  Tim reminds her that she is the only one that hasn’t won a challenge.  Char is grateful and feels like she is the underdog.  She is one lucky bitch.  More bad voice-overs and more sightseeing.  Tim has one-on-one time with each designer. Char asks Tim why he used his save on her and he thinks her voice hasn’t been heard and that in the finale we will hear it.  He better hope so.

Tim takes them to Valli, (  I looked it up) a high end fabric store, they have 30 minutes to shop.  OMG this fabric is amazing, me want-y!!  Sean is going to have to use some of the money to set up his studio, so he isn’t buying anything. Neither is Kini. Amanda is buying and so is Char.  Char is worried about the price and Tim badgers her into buying it, just kidding, he said it would make him happy if she bought it.  How could you NOT buy something???  Wow Amanda has a huge tattoo on her shoulder, a crown maybe, never noticed before.

PR S13E14_4Tim is going to visit all of the designers. This is always amusing to me to watch Tim.  He is so well mannered and I enjoy watching him interact with the families, especially when it’s awkward.  First up is Kini in Hawaii.  Tim admits to be a little nervous.  Kini had designer’s block.  He doesn’t have his collection done.  Shocking. He is sticking with Denim. Shocking. Tim loves what he sees.  Kini says now that he hears that from Tim his collection will be done in three days.  He may not be kidding.  Tim is going to meet the whole family.  King of the Morning Star….that is what Kini’s whole name means.  You can tell he has a loving family.  They throw a luau in Tim’s honor.  Tim learning to do the hula is a crack-up, so awkward and fun!

RS S13E14_3Off to Detroit to meet with Char and her family. Her mother gave her away when she was 2 months old and her father went to jail.  Her Grandmother raised her.  She was successful doing hair and quit to do design.  Her family loves her so much, so much love.  Tim goes with her to see her collection.  She spent $1000 on her fabric in Rome, ITALY, wow.  No wonder she was nervous.  She took her colors from that fabric.  Tim “has a very positive response” to some of her looks.  Others he feels lean toward “costume.”  Tim wants to stay and coach her till the last day.  I bet he does.

PR S13E14_7Tim is in Nashville, Tennessee to check in with Amanda. Tim thinks she looks great.  Amanda took a lot of pictures of architecture in Rome, ITALY.  She is doing a bohemian/mod mix.  None of her looks are finished.  Tim thinks her fringe stuff looks like Muppets.  She seems scattered.  She has had jewelry made.  Another “positive response” from Tim.  He says she is a “Whirling dervish”, I understand that.  She wants her collection to be chic and modern.  Tim meets Amanda’s husband Will.  Will’s role is to critique and he “understands her brain”, so he asks questions.

PR S13E14_8Finally off to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY to see Sean. Sean came from the “middle of nowhere”, New Zealand. He made his own patterns out of newspaper, I know about that. He is doing a collection based on the “Betrayal of Caesar”, that is some deep shit dude!  “How fascinating”, is what Tim says.  Sean is doing red fringe to represent the blood from the stabbing of Caesar.  He is concerned about Nina telling him that she didn’t want to see fringe again.  Then he says some brave words, “Nina is not the dictator of fashion and she can’t tell me what to do.” Tim’s concern is “You really have two collections.”  There is a definite divide in his collection.  He tells Tim about his Nina concern and Tim “sets him free” from that concern.  Sean needs to figure out what to do.

The designers are back to New York for Fashion Week. This group gets along really well and seems to really enjoy each other’s company.  But as Kini says, “It’s a competition.” In their Talking Heads:  Char says that every piece that Sean did has fringe.  Sean thinks Amanda is his competition.  Char thinks that everyone went with their comfort zone.  Kini doesn’t think Char is on the same level as he is, snotty as that sounds, I concur.  Sean thinks Char is great competition.  The designers meet with the Mary Kay person for their make-up consultations. Borrring!!  But it pays the bills!!!  Tim comes into the work room and tells them the judges would like to see three looks from them in a few hours.  Tim is pushing this as a great opportunity if they listen to the judges.  They have one hour to style with hair and make-up.  Tim admits it is stressful but the clock is ticking.  I thought I wasn’t going to have to type mean comments from these soul sucking judges tonight, oh well. 



Amanda’s looks are first and I don’t hate them, I might even like them. They remind me of stuff from the late 70s, early 80s. Sean’s looks all have fringe, can’t wait to hear Nina, haha.  Char’s first look is nothing new, the second look is ugly, and the final look is not as bad as the first two.  Kini is the King of the Morning Star!  I like all of his looks.  Not all will like the last look but I think it is very “Sherlock Holmes.”  If I lived somewhere that I actually needed a coat, I would wear that with six inch heeled boots and “work it.”

PR S13E14_6THE soul sucking JUDGES SAY:

Sean is up first.  Heidi likes what he has done.  She can’t wait to see the rest of the collection.  Zac thinks it is exciting.  Nina loves that he is working with separates.  Nina is worried that his entire collection is all fringe.  Nina thinks it would be a one trick pony if it is on every piece…..haha, it IS on every piece.  Char is next on the judges’ radar.  Heidi doesn’t see it as cohesive.  Nina doesn’t like the second look, she says “I hate it, I hate it”.   They want her to add her attitude.  They want to see her, she is eccentric and they want to see that in her looks.  Amanda designed her fabric and had it made.  Zac loves the jewelry that she designed he thinks it is exceptional.  Heidi loves her clothes. Nina says her looks are beautiful, gorgeous, but wants her to elevate her looks to another level.   Kini is up and Heidi thinks it looks “old lady” and he needs to restyle it…they don’t like the shoes or bags.  They like the construction but need him to change the styling.  They don’t like the coat.  Zac thinks the coat needs to go.  (It can go right here baby!)  They don’t like the hair and make-up .  They like the items but not the styling.  Zac says “Not cool, not sexy not edgy.”

I think Kini is going to cry, I don’t blame him. I don’t want to gravel, gravel him…come on Kini, chin up!!!  Awww look, someone’s crying, darn.  Kini is wiping his eyes. He has been one of the most joyful contestants ever and I hate to see him sad.  I don’t really look at the styling, I only really look at the clothes.  But he can change the hair and makeup. They do look kind of dumpy.  Kini doesn’t have time or fabric but I think if anyone can, he can do this!!!

So the first part is over and the finale is next week. My blog will be late next week. I will be up at LA International Airport (LAX) next Thursday night during the finale. I am picking up my daughter’s friend from Canada.  A group of four 10 year old girls met online 11 years ago and they stayed in constant contact.  She is the only one they haven’t met. The other two have been here and we are hoping for all four to be together that weekend. SO EXCITING!! The plane lands around 11pm.  Then after an hour of customs and baggage….home by 3am maybe??  I hope the Hazmat suits I ordered today from Amazon arrive in time for our foray into LAX.  (Almost kidding.)

Click here to see the looks from tonight at


Happy Birthday



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48 Responses to Project Runway – Finale Part 1

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. 🇹🇬🇮🇫 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊 Yes!! 🙂 Unfortunately it’s going to be getting much cooler so it’s probably good bye 70s. Boo hoo. ;(
    Foxymel I hope that stupid migraine is completely gone. No way to enjoy your weekend. I hope you and the family can do something to make you smile a bit more.
    Don’t work too hard everyone and have a great day.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      We are enjoying a true Indian summer here. Day time highs in the 70s and cool evenings. Love this time of year!

      Great recap PP. Of the four looks that we saw last night, I’m even more Team Amanda now. Her style is very easy and casual, but unique as well, which the judges love. Always be unique and have good skills. That will win for you every time.

      Lose the fringe Sean or Nina will hang you with it! Char’s three looks look like they came from three different designers. She has no idea of how to make her collection cohesive. But individually, most of her looks are pretty good. Poor Kini, I so wish he would leave the denim to Levi Strauss and find himself some color and different textiles. His red dress last week was so knock out. Next week will be exciting in that right now, there’s no cut and dried front runner. Every designer has changes to make – some more than others though.

      Looking forward to a great weekend and hope all of you have one as well!

  2. ladebra says:

    Great blog Princess! I want Kini to get his happy back and blow away the judges and win😀

    You have me thinking I will order a onesy condom suit for my Thanksgiving trip lol. Hope you guys can get all 4 of the friends together. That sounds like so much fun! .. All except the home at 3am part, that is 😦

  3. ladebra says:

    Happy Birthday JustDee!🎉🎉 you can party for 3 days!

  4. ladebra says:

    I’m not the cleaner upper, so this is funny!

  5. Powell says:

    I’m sitting here in the waiting room at my mom’s routine doc appt. This lady brought her 3 bad ass kids. They make noise, roll on the floor, pull at one another and she sleeps. I can’t stand bad kids and their idiot parents. 🚫 bad ass 👶

    • HuskerHuny says:

      I so agree with you Powell. Last winter I was being treated for a severe burn to my lower leg/ankle area. While sitting in the waiting room, some mother allowed her child to run back and forth in front of me while the kid kept tripping over my bad foot (narrow path between the rows of chairs) and never once told him to sit down. I couldn’t move anywhere else as the waiting room was full. Whatever happened to kids should be seen and not heard?

    • chismosa says:

      Powell i love kids, want kids, would die for kids. But can’t stand misbehaved ones (yes, extenuating circumstances, yada yada whatevs) . NO way no how. i’ve been on planes since i was 5 months old so i had to learn how to behave in public crowded places FAST. ha ha 😀

  6. Veena (NMD) says:

    How exciting for you PP. Great blog!

  7. Shiny says:

    Happy Your Day, Just Dee!

    And thanks for birthday wishes a couple of days ago. I’m still running behind on reading (and life chores) for no particular reason, but I appreciate being remembered.

    Hi DIVA! Good to read the post from you.

  8. Veena (NMD) says:

    Happy birthday JustDee!

  9. Veena (NMD) says:

    This morning a good friend of mine and former contributer/poster on Lynn’s blog is having a hard time. Q – if you read this please know that I care deeply for you, and if you need anything please let me know. Veena

  10. boston02127 says:

    Happy Birthday JustDee!

  11. Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

    Speaking of weather as some were, I had the heat on Sun. and needed the AC on in the bedroom Wed. and Thurs. Is it summer or fall?

    I think if Kini had left the top of his hair blonde he would be the happy designer with a completed wonderful collection. With the gray he looks as dark and drab as what he showed. I just know he will overcome at the end!

  12. chismosa says:

    Pindy i’m sitting here DYING DYING DYING laughing….

    where’s ANDRE??????!!!!!
    and to clarify, it’s ITALY…..

    dying!…. ok back to it…. just had to tell you.

    ANDRE….. (best season EVER)

  13. chismosa says:

    Please add one to your cart for me, thanks so much!!!

    The families: Kini ⭐ – what a warm and loving family. ANYtime you hear parents say ‘you make us proud every day’ or whatever they said, it’s just phenomenal. Bless Kini- he really has it made. How lucky of TG to go to Hawaii! wowsa!
    Tim is such a warm and loving guy. I really wish he was my LIFE GURU.

    I feel so so bad for Char–! Doesn’t she have a similar story to Kenya from RHOA? Both from Detroit? Both mothers abandoned them? Such sadness- my god, i couldn’t believe it.
    Char is a lovely person- and i don’t know why the soul suckers (lol) call her quirky, not what i would use to describe her. She’s more- street-style/ urban – but I just don’t see the Char talent from the earliest challenges, the one that Tim wanted to save…. i don’t. I don’t think she’s evolved enough. Maybe it’s stupid Korina as a stick in her craw. Not sure. I think her taste level is a bit challenging also. Though i didn’t hear the t- word at all yesterday. Huh.

    It’s between Sean and Amanda…..Seeing Sean “at home” – makes me root for him moreso than during the competition. I really hope his parents are able to fly over to see the show.
    Screw nina and her anti-fringe/ anti-one trick pony issues. I get her, and her criticism was super super valid, but please. /hand emoji/

    please don’t let Nina dictate the winner… ughhhhh 🙄

    Did you see Tim taking down SO MANY notes furiously at all the criticism the judges gave….
    Pindy, you’ve been right- this whole season Tim has been overly overly suggestive and almost– directing in what to do. Before- he was VERRRRRRY hands off.
    Andre and Santino NEVER GOT THIS TREATMENT!!! lololololol

    If Kini can change things over, he may have a fighting chance. Overall I think it’s Sean vs. Amanda and blech i think Amanda will win… cue the cutesy commentary she always gives. vomit
    If that bit*h wins and then ALSO COMES BACK FOR AN ALL STAR I WILL TWEET PR 30000000 times to complain.

    Did you all see Korina WALKS OUT AGAIN at the reunion. Like GIRL- sit down for ONE MOMENT on this show!?!????? Jeeeeesus. Gretchen 3.0. Not even 2.0.
    After the TEARS.

    Um, i’m sorry but i think this was after Heidi started dating her newest (much younger) boyfriend, but i WANT HER DERMATOLOGIST. Her skin looked even better than ever— what does this woman do!!!!??? i demand to know!!!! She puts Cindy Crawford to shame!

    thanks for the hysterical blog Pindy. LOL

  14. shamrockblonde says:

    Pindy! “whirling dervish”!! – I get that too – your blog was hysterical!! – I love Tim Gunn – such a good man – with a huge heart – too bad he can’t give a sliver of it to Nina – she is just soo full of herself – completely agree with Sean’s comments about her – and “WHERE’S ANDRE?” agreed – best season ever!! – as long as Char does not win, I am ok with anyone else – but – I kind of hope Sean wins just to irritate Nina –

    *hugs Quincy really hard* – I will keep you in my prayers, dear one – whatever it is, please know that you are not alone – we are walking with you –

    Happy Birthday Just Dee!! *sets down ice cream cake* – may all of your wishes come true!

  15. Laineylainey says:

    Happy Birthday, justDee!!!!

  16. Laineylainey says:

    Omg, I just wrote a super long comment and hit “post” and it went away to…I don’t know where. I’m using the Core power yoga hotspot wifi while my daughter teaches this morning. I think their wifi disconnected right as I tried to post my comment.

    I am in L.A. Visiting my daughter. We went yo SUR lady night. The service, atmosphere and food were wonderful.

    Ppindy u had me awkwardly lol here as I read your blog. ” where’s the sun? It was here a minute ago.” And also your description of how badly Tim wants to help Char (more). And then how you did not want to “gravel, gravel” but…SOMEBODY cried! You have yo gravel gravel. LOL

    • Laineylainey says:

      I’m using my phone to post, thus the typos. Lady night shd be last night.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Ughhh! Yo = To

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Awesome that you are with LaineyGirl-how she doing?? You went to SUR!?!?! What did you eat-tell me everything!!

    • chismosa says:

      lainey hi!!!
      how is LA??? please describe EVERY.THING. from there!!!!

      I just saw the commercial for the new VP Rules. Why is stassi on —- ? She moved ! She’s like the Teresa— without her there there’s no show apparently? And spinoff and all??

      She was like “i don’t know what i did but I’ll take a pinot grigio” LOLOLOLOL

      Hope you’re having a blast out there! how is the weather?
      Is the drought still going on in LA?

      have fun!

  17. trudie says:

    Did anyone else think Heidi looked pregnant in the top she wore at the beginning of the show? It was so distracting to me.

    The is the first time I can ever remember where they told the designers what their inspiration should be for Fashion Week. Seems unfair and limiting to me. But, they did get a trip to Rome…Italy out of it.

    • chismosa says:

      i do get your point about telling them WHAT their inspiration should be- however i find in so many challenges when the designers are just left to their own devices to think of their own ‘inspirations’ – many of them faulter.
      This italy thing may or may not work. It will be interesting to see how the judges (nastyNina and ZacAttac) use the “Italy” as a way to critique.

      It is a bit limiting. But the designers could have taken anything from Rome.— like literally made up a story about anything they saw and just ran with it– Fiction!

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I was expecting a bunch of Roman gladiator outfits. Char’s were urban, Amanda’s were boho, Sean’s brought the fringe and Kini likes denim. Where was Rome?

    • Powell says:

      I hope she’s not pregnant. Her new BF is 30 something.

      • chismosa says:

        yeah and she’s ferrrrrtile. i was looking for a clip of the line Cher says in Mermaids where she says she just hung her underwear up near her ex’s pants after a wash and she would get pregnant. I’m paraphrasing but it’s one of my fave lines from one of the best movies.

  18. Happy Birthday Just Dee. PP thank you for the blog. I really liked Sean’s and surprising Amanda’s collections. Kini, Kini, Kini,……

  19. Sam says:

    While searching for photos of Korina’s fashion week looks, I stumbled on an article I thought someone here might find interesting. It’s about her claim to be a member of a particular Native American tribe. (The tribe says she’s not.)

    • chismosa says:

      this is interesting. I wonder how it works in the NA world– i mean i can say i’m a certain religion or minority but if i don’t contribute or tithe does that mean i can’t FULLY claim i really am. Very interesting. Good find.

      She’s super annoying and I totally totally see producers already wooing her back for an All Stars 🙄

      Could you imagine if Lumann actually got called out by Native Americans for running around with hubcaps and feather necklaces and the non-PC way she spoke of being NA last season? i hope this group went after her too!

      • Sam says:

        I’m glad you liked the article! It really was an accidental discovery. I’m not sure how my search terms got me to that page, and I’m surprised that other sites didn’t pick up the story.

        And in regard to your question about how it works in the Native American world, I found this article that provides a pretty good explanation:

        It sounds to me like Lumann should have been called out just as Korina has been — and wouldn’t that have been something to read about!

  20. plainviewsue says:

    The reunion First Look of NJ is up on Bravo.

  21. chismosa says:

    I just walked into a bravo show filming !!!
    It won’t be on until next year – it’s called Odd Mom Out – it was parked all around our block. The guy there was super nice when I asked what was filming.
    I asked if it was “scripted” … He was like “not really”

  22. ja moore says:

    does anyone else think amanda looked pregnant iast week and this week

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