Project Runway Season 13 Finale / Brandi Glanville Podcast #34




The final episode starts off with Tim going over the judges reviews with each designer.  This is new and is in line with Tim’s role this season as more than just a, well what was he before…I guess it’s more in line with his teacher role, which is what he was at Parsons.  I still think Sean has benefited from this New and Improved?? version of Tim more than the other designers.  I think that is because the designers that are left have their own vision firmly planted in the ground.  Poor Kini had his vision ripped out by the roots during his judges’ critique last week.  But if anyone can whip up a new collection it is Kini.  But denim might be his downfall…   The judges don’t want so much fringe from Sean but he doesn’t know what else he brought with him.  He could be in a fringe freefall.  Wow, Tim is telling Char what looks have to go.  Such Sass from Mr. Gunn.  Maybe he could spare some sass for Char, she has sass shortfall.


The judges want Amanda to bring more sophistication but basically they love her stuff.  She could be the winner by nightfall.  FOTFL!  The good news is that they are going to Mood and have $300 to spend.  Like that is going to help them!!  I must say, looking at Amanda’s looks from last week that I like them more seeing them again….if that makes any sense.  OMGosh, Amanda gets it!!!  She is not going to Mood and thinks it will be a distraction and a waste of time.  I think in her case she is right.   “Make Good Choices” was obviously yelled out the car window by her mother as she left for the finale.  At Mood, Sean buys 10 yards of orange fabric to make a dress and I said out loud, “Ten Yards???”  That is SOO much fabric!!  Kini came in at $298.45, now THAT is a professional shopper!!


Back at the workroom, Oh no, Kini is scrapping that coat, that pains me.  I am going to take a minute and get some coffee and come back because I need to process its demise.  Char is making a sweatshirt that says “FLY” on the front.  All the designers roll their eyes….if you wear something that says “FLY” on it, doesn’t that automatically make you not “FLY”?  I was wondering if the word was still in use and the Google Machine tells me it is from the 90s and is a little passe’.  So, I think she took the judges calling the one look “flygirl” a little too “literally, can’t even”.

Tim comes to check with the designers to see how they are doing.  Tim tells Amanda that she is “over thinking and filling herself with self doubt” and “don’t”!  I think she is in a pretty good place with her collection.  I giggled to hear Tim tell Kini that he can make any of his pieces look “youthful and hip”, it just sounds funny coming from Mr. Gunn.  Sean is replacing a look he didn’t like with his orange dress.  Tim tells him that he basically needs to trust his gut and he needs to “own the fringe.”  Trust me Tim, he owns it, I think he may be on the next episode of Hoarders with all that fringe.  Tim tells Char to take her two pieces farther away and says, “Yuck”!   That was way harsh Tai!  He asks Char what else she is doing and she says she is going to make a really full skirt and there is silence and music playing and Tim says, “WHY?”.  That made me chuckle. He is not a fan of the idea and he is confused by it.  His facial expressions are priceless. I do have to say that Char is so beautiful.  I keep staring at her during her time on camera and she is stunning. She may not be able to sew fast but she’s prettttyyyy!!!  Maybe she was trolling Amanda about the “FLY”…. Oh a peek at Kini’s new pleated dress, it is cute!!!!


So it looks like the only Shameless Plugs of The Week are going to be the old stand bys of Mary Kay, Aldo and Philip B….what’s this??? Thee Philip B is there for the hair consultation.  LOL, he has a product called Maui Wowie, in my day that was something you smoked!!  Rut Roh, Amanda said in her talking head that she was going to win Project Runway this year…on “Chopped” that is the kiss of death.  We will see if that kind of bravado works on the Runway.  In the last minutes in the workroom all the designers are packing up their designers and Char is still sewing.  Even after time is called she is packing up and she packs the dreaded two looks that Tim hates…….  Amanda waves at her and has a incredulous look on her face that IPPHO says, “are you f*ing kidding me, time is UP!”

The designers are up and ready at 3am, I could never be a designer!!  It is time for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City at the Lincoln Center.  HOW EXCITING for all of them!!!  Backstage is a whirlwind of activity.  They all talk about “the energy!!”, I bet!  I just can’t imagine not passing out, or at least getting a little dizzy.  Char breaks the news to Tim that she is putting one of her looks that he hated back in the show and he takes it well.  IPPHO I think he is saying inside, “I wash my hands of this situation.” Char is changing everything around.  Omgosh, she wasn’t kidding about the “FLY”….hmmm, Make It Work!

It is time for the show.  The judges come out on the runway and I say, “Who the hell is that?” so I have to go look up who that other judge is….or they might just say it, let’s see. OMG, DRAMA!!!   One of Amanda’s models changed her shoes!!!  Who does that???  Tim thinks it is “Ridiculous!”  That really sucks.  So Heidi comes out to welcome everyone to the show and all I can say is WOWZA!!!    She looks incredible in her half of a hot pink dress.  Heidi introduces the judges which are the usual suspects and Emmy Rossum, oh I looked her up, she is Fiona in Shameless, I LOVE HER!!!!  If you don’t watch Shameless you are missing a great show!!  <<<===Shameless Plug!!!


Amanda’s collection is up first and she wouldn’t change a thing and is confident and I think that is a great thing to be.  Now I will tell you if I think she should be, ha!  I think she was right to be confident.  I thought it was “cohesive” and I liked it.  The one model I didn’t like, it was probably the one that changed her shoes….she looked “extra” sulky.  So far in my book, she is in first place.


Char is next and comes out to give her little talk and may not know that she is doing it but basically quotes Marlo Thomas’ “Free to be…. you and me.”  With all the last second work I think it is amazing that she is getting her collection out on the runway.  So Tim thinks the collection is “cohesive” but I don’t.  It is a lot of different looks and I think it reflects how scattered she was.  Some of the pieces are not constructed that well, IPPHO, I can see the flaws.  I did like that my prayers were answered and we got to see Korina’s face during the show.  I like to believe that her inner dialogue was something akin to, “Keep it together, don’t move your face, OMG, are you kidding me, I could have done so much better,  don’t react.” ….or something like that.  I did notice that the audience’s faces didn’t look too impressed. I wasn’t either.  So far she is in second place.


Kini’s collection is up next and he says that as he was about “to show” a joyous feeling came over him.  He is just a delight, he got knocked down, but he got up again, you’re never gonna see him down. He is my little Chumbawamba! Well, I loved his collection.  I would actually wear a lot of those pieces, which I don’t think I have ever said watching Project Runway.  Not all, but there were some really cute stuff.  Of course there was a “Hail to V” moment with the last dress that still has me shaking my head.  But overall I likey!!  I think he might have moved into first place, IPPHO.


Sean’s collection is the final to show and he has “sewn his heart out.”  I am glad to see that his family is there, that was a long way to travel.  He still says his collection is based on the “Betrayal of Caesar” but I think it is Nina that will feel betrayed when she sees all the fringe.  I can’t wait!  Nina’s look after the third look was shown said it all. Her whole demeanor changed. I am dying, too funny, what a pout!  Sean’s looks were beautiful and definitely “cohesive”!  I thought he did great and his stuff is so different from the others.  But all I really saw was fringe and I was mesmerized by watching it move.  The looks that didn’t have fringe were rather bland and I just don’t know what to think about it.  But there is no doubt that it was a beautiful collection. I don’t know if he is going to win but I don’t think he will be in fourth place.


Last Chance for the Judges to say Mean things….

Char is up first to the chopping block and they all say a lot of nice things.  Emmy Rossum is very into this.  She is a fan and she makes really well thought out comments.  Nina says that Char shouldn’t have shown the look that was like a box of Kleenex (Shameless Plug???)  Bottom-line their comments tell me that she didn’t win.  Next up is Amanda and the love in Zac’s eyes as she is talking is something else…….I don’t know what but I think he is a fan. ( I wonder if he is going to get one last chance to feel up the models.) Nina thinks her looks are effortless.  Zac thinks her pattern cutting is very impressive.  He loves her jewelry and wants to see it everywhere.  He said it “was the most original collection on the runway today.”  Heidi and Emmy loved her collection too.  When Heidi said she didn’t like a certain look, Nina was right there defending Amanda…hmmm.  Sean is up and Nina thinks his is the most “editorial” collection and his presentation is very polished but thinks he could do better.  The other judges think he put on a great show but thought some of the looks were lacking. Kini is the final designer to hear what the judges have to say.  It is mixed, some looks they love, some not so much.  Nina loves that he used denim in such a sophisticated way.  The judges think he has the tendency to put too many ideas in one look, try too hard and in Zac’s words, “Drag Queen.”  They ask the designers why they should win, which is stupid because they can’t talk their way into a win…waste of time.


Time for the judges to discuss, discuss, discuss.  Ahhh, poor Zac, no touchy!!  Char is the first one out as far as the judges are concerned.  They love Amanda and Zac says if she wins this she will take it far.  Emmy likes that Amanda wants to build a brand, a big brand.  Things are looking good for her.  The judges think Sean has “wow” moments and has a fresh point of view.  They like that he has taste and surprises them with “wow” moments and take risks.  Kini’s ability to come up with a collection re-do amazes the judges.  They love what he came up with.  Emmy said a lot of words that were really good about Kini learning from the judges.  They think he can go far. I just have to say the Emmy has been the best judge so far, she is so well spoken and really has thought this all through…

Now to name the winner….I think it is between Amanda and Kini and I am okay with that…actually I don’t care, lol, it won’t change my life.  But it will change THEIRS!!!   Char is the first one out, but we knew that.  Ohhh, I guess I do care, Kini is out, that hurt.  NOOOOO!!  SERIOUSLY, Sean won?????  That is so bizarre.  I am such a liar, I really do care… I figured after Kini was out it was Amanda….the curse of saying you are going to win in your Talking Head is alive and well on Project Runway….oh well….I think Amanda will do just great.  Maybe she can get her brother to invest some that Maroon 5 money to get her brand off the ground.  But seriously she has to stand there the whole time while Sean is reacting, not cool. Sean is the winner of Project Runway Season 13!!



 Brandi Podcast 34

By Kit9

Guest: Comedian Stevie Ryan from VH1’s, Stevie TV

Yeah, I have no idea who this Stevie woman is either. Brandi describes her as an Old G Youtuber since that’s apparently where she started. Ryan thinks the industry is terrified of offending people. She’s had celebrities pull out of parodies at the last moment including one about Linday Lohan(really? Someone is concerned about offending Lindsay Lohan?). Brandi thinks people today are censoring themselves “more than they ever have” because of  social media, etc. She’s annoyed by the apologies(others but not her own, of course)and want people to stand by the things they say. Stevie says she refuses to apologize. Stevie has done parodies of Paris Hilton, the Kardashians  and Jennifer Lopez.

Stevie, who speaks in a sort of Val Gal accent, three times pronounces “mannerisms”, “man-your-isms”. Brandi continues to whine about how people can’t be funny anymore(and by people she means her and by funny she means not her)because everyone is so sensitive. She says that everyone is thinking these things, so why not just say them(preach, TamponBrandi, preach!).

Ok, the following rant by Brandi is incredibly dumb, self serving, delusional and hypocritical. So, instead of trying to describe it, I’m just going to quote her verbatim so you can soak up every ounce of unfiltered goodness. Brandi,  continues her tiresome rant as she has a half dozen times before about censorship and social media but starts things off by throwing a bit of a curve ball and says something she’s said on the show only once before(progress!)—

“Our President is black. We are not a prejudice nation anymore. Like, it’s not how  we run. But now because of everyone’s heightened awareness with every single thing  that you say, you have to be a kick ass bitch to deal with a million fucking crazy ass haters in middle America sitting behind a computer screen. It’s a voice they’ve never had before. This is their way IN. And if it’s to hate to get noticed, they’ll do it.”(there aren’t parenthesis big enough to contain the adequate snarky parenthetical response to that mess so feel free to pick that mofo apart piece by piece at your convenience. Spewing hate for attention? Brandi’s freaking mastered the art)

Stevie says that social media is a whole new medium-that never before have people had direct lines to celebs and vice versa. She thinks some of the censoring comes from celebs getting the unvarnished real opinions of the public that they’ve never heard before. Brandi just tells people to “fuck off” and blocks them. Yet, Brandi claims she respects opinions that are different from hers and doesn’t block simply because someone says something that disagrees with her. Brandi says she never “throws hate”(L). She says it’s “not who I am”(O). “I’ll say fuck off or fuck you…but we can agree to disagree(L).

Stevie gets annoyed when people say they like this character of hers but not another(I don’t get what’s wrong with this, frankly). Stevie has live tweeted the HW’s before and she can only imagine the stuff Brandi gets on Twitter. They talk Teen Mom. Brandi saw it once and thinks it “sends a bad message”. Stevie says she’s watched for years and knows the kids now and feels invested in their lives.

They talk living in LA. Brandi thinks everyone’s gay. They both complain about dating in LA. Stevie says everyone is in LA for their career and are self centered. They talk about growing up poor with a rich girl’s taste…”why don’t I  have Guess Jeans? This is bullshit!”, Brandi recalls thinking growing up. But, she says she wouldn’t change anything about her upbringing for the world. They both credit their background with their drive to succeed. Brandi thinks  people who are born rich are “not gracious” and don’t say please and thank you. She complains about how rich people treat wait staff.

Commercial break. Brandi reads the commercials and it’s pretty excruciating. With her marble mouthed delivery, I can only pity the crew and the multiple takes it took to get it right.

They talk about LA’s meat market atmosphere and the pressure to look good even when going to the grocery store . They talk hair extension addiction. That once you do it, you can’t go  back. Brandi says she never wore extensions before the show and says there was peer pressure to wear them(no word on what type of pressure made her remove them at dinner). They both pimp hair products including…Hair Finity,  Vivascal(?).

They talk skin problems and Brandi talks about something she has called “milia”. Stevie notes that Brandi is accident prone..she always has an injury-the leg, the hand. Brandi says she has “85 accidents” on their recent BH episode abroad.–completely sober, she claims. Stevie moved recently and got so many bumps and  bruises, it “looked like I was dating an NFL player”. She says she had a bruise on  the palm of her hand and Brandi, predictably(and lamely), makes a hand job joke.

Stevie talks the physical pain of being in costume for parodies..20lb fake butts and painful contacts. Stevie’s fav person to impersonate is Justin Beiber. She claims men find her attractive in her Beiber drag. Brandi calls the  Beebs a “hot mess”. Brandi doesn’t think he’s really hurt anyone except the monkey he abandoned(really? How about the poor janitor that had to deal with the piss bucket he left?). They both make excuses for him, saying he’s rich and nobody says no to him. Stevie thinks anyone would behave the same in the situation. Brandi thinks he’s a “little d-bag”, but it’s “interesting and cute”(thanks for that, Ms. Don’t Send A Bad Message).

Stevie has an idea for a show for Bravo….a Real Housewives Fantasy League, like Fantasy Football, where you get to mix HW from different cities and build your own franchise and get points based on what happens on the show for different players(lol. This is a pretty funny idea. You could score points for wine tossing, throwing shade and subtract them for bankruptcy, foreclosures and prison terms). But, since Stevie has parodied Andy a couple times, she’s afraid he hates her. Brandi loves the parodies she’s seen of herself(as any real fameho would). She and Stevie agree it’s a compliment.

Right. A compliment. Here’s a compliment Stevie paid Kim Z


Happy Birthday 2Stupid


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  1. Veena (NMD) says:

    Happy Birthday 2Stupid!

    A big thank you to PrincessPindy for her first full season of blogging a show. You can tell how much she loves loves loves fashion when you read the blogs – her happiness is infectious.

    And as always, thank you Kit for sticking with the Brandi Glanville podcasts. You are probably the only person who’s listened to all of them – or as much of them as you could stomach. I love your reactions to Brandi more than I care what she actually says.

  2. boston02127 says:

    Great blogs guys, thanks!

  3. boston02127 says:

    Happy Birthday 2Stupid!!! I hope you have a great day!

  4. Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

    Pindy you are a hoot. Can you pretty please blog other shows too? I like to laugh 😀

  5. cusi77 says:

    Great Blogs PP and Kit!!! You ladies are amazing!

    Thank you Pindy for Blogging the WHOLE PR Season! I enjoyed every minute reading your intake! I was rooting for Kini or Sean… but I was a bit let down by both of them… Amanda was a bit of the same in different color and Char surprised me with a couple of pieces… I wonder if the rule is that the one Tim Gunn brings back goes to Fashion Week (Lololol!)

  6. Barb (Just Wondering In Jersey) says:

    I’m slipping. I forgot to wish 2 Stupid a very Happy Birthday and many more.

  7. Laineylainey says:

    Happy b-day 2 stoopid! Hope it’s great!

    Ppindy-thanks for the blog. I was sad for Kini and Amanda too. I too thought it was between them. Not the car wash fringe brushes of Sean’s. It was fringe overkill IMO.

    Loved your chumbawumba ref. it fit! He got knocked down, but he got up again! Sweet Kini! And his aunts Hawaiian song melted my heart.

    Kit9 nice job as always. B is insufferable with her constant whining and projecting. She seems completely uninterested in her guests. I had never heard of Stevie. Now SHE is funny. She has a talent, a shtick…unlike B who’s got nuttin honey. I’m glad you wrote this cause otherwise I never would have seen her funny spoofs. Very funny stuff. Gross but funny.

  8. Sandy Beech (BB) says:

    Happy Birthday 2Stupid!

    Thank you Princess Pindy for the wonderful recapping of Project Runway this season. Tim and company must have been drinking something when they said, more than once, that this was the most talented group of designers in PR history. NOT! and I’m sure that some PR veterans would agree with me. This was a boring season in my opinion. Sean was definitely not my pick to win. Too much fringe and orange is not my favorite color. I would have been OK if Kini or Amanda had won.

    Thanks for the podcast review Kit9. Don’t know how you can stand listening to them.

  9. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. It’s sooooo nice out. 65 degrees. LOVE IT!! I hope you’re having a great Saturday. 😀

  10. Thanks everyone for your kinds words!! Happy Birthday 2Stupid

    Kit!!!! You make me laugh! I can just imagine you listening and shaking your head the whole time! She is walking contradiction, or is that a fall down and go boom contradiction. She doesn’t even know what she thinks or means…..and neither do we. Great Job!! Oh and I can’t believe I watched that video, so gross.

  11. ladebra says:

    Great blog PP! I am ok with Sean winning, but he wasn’t my pick. Meh! I really like Tim this season.

    Thanks for blogging the podcast Kit. I freely admit I am not her target audience. 😜 But I wish her Dad a quick and full recovery from his surgery.

  12. boston02127 says:

    Teresa Giudice Will Have to Clean Her Cell, Complete a Work Assignment in Prison:

    Prison Rules

  13. Cityside says:

    My Cardinal friends will surely approve of this gravatar……until the WC is over of course. Then back to Cardinal Nation.

    Go Royals.


  14. ladebra says:

    I like kinder, gentler,

  15. shamrockblonde says:

    I’m glad that Sean won! – was rooting for either him or Kini – mostly I’m glad he won because Nina hates fringe!! heehee!! I was watching Top Chef Boston with Katie, one of the twins, and after hearing Padma comment negatively on one of the contestant’s dishes, she looked at me and said “wow – she’s kind of the Nina of Top Chef” sooo funny!! – both of them are so unnecessary to the show – and both are overall mean –

    thanks Princess P for the blogs!! and Kit9 – I don’t know how you managed those podcasts! may God bless and keep your ears safe!!

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