New York Housewives Filming Roundup plus Real Housewives of New Jersey Cast Blogs Blogged

New York Weeky Housewives Filming Roundup

Saturday – in New York and the Hamptons…  most of the cast find themselves at LuAnn’s home in the Hamptons at the massive estate sale.  I still cannot believe her gorgeous house sold as a tear down. Is the recession actually over?  I’m not sure where the dancing took place, but the ladies seemed to have fun through the night!

LuAnn’s Estate Sale!


Friday night …

Tuesday the 21st …

Meanwhile in New Jersey – Teresa Giudice is standing by her man

– calling Joe the “love of her life” as they celebrate the 15th Wedding Anniversary.

And in case you missed it, Gia Giudice is in a new girl band — the trailer (just a few seconds) was released on PerezHilton this weekend, but the shoot was a month ago:

1 month ago
so proud of my baby Gia and her new girl singing group @3ktofficial follow them from @3ktofficial with @repostapp — Our first music video shoot!! Thank you to all who came out and took part of this amazing day!! 🎀💎💎💎🎀




Real Housewives of New Jersey

Charity and Tragedy in New Jersey

by Namaste


Melissa Gorga

Melissa:  Continue to Pray for Teresa’s Family

Melissa greets us as her “Bravo Family” (not fambly).  She whines a little about how hard it is to be a reality star.  You chose this.  Get over yourself.

You see it all — the good, the bad, and whatever is in between. I’ve learned to embrace it and be happy that I get the opportunity to share my life with you. I’ve always said there are no other fans as passionate in the world as the RHONJ fans! We must be doing something right that you all have so much love for this show. Thank you!

I am a little weirded out about being a “fan” or any of these ladies.  I am a “fan” of the show the same as I would stop to watch a really bad accident or train that has gone off the rails.  Watching this show makes me feel much better about my middle class life.

This final episode was very emotional for me and hard to watch. On the bright side, I absolutely loved supporting Project Ladybug. Joe and I collected donated items and auctioned them off together that night to raise thousands of dollars! (You don’t get to see everything, but it was a lot of fun). I also LOVED watching Antonia and Milania on the runway. They are too adorable. AND I was very happy that Teresa and Terressa were able to talk it out and move on. We got to hear both of their sides and they hugged it out. We were all standing around for support and hoping it would go that way. 

Yeah, I don’t think they “hugged it out”.  I think they are both still pretty salty about the whole incident.

Even though there were many positive moments this episode, there was just such a sadness around it all. As you saw, I made the decision not to share our reaction to the outcome of the sentencing. It was an extremely hard day for this family, and I believe issues this serious are meant to be private. I know I’ve asked you before, but continue to pray for their family. 

It’s been a season of highs and lows, but I think we all ended with a better understanding of each other and overall respect for everyone.

I gotta give Joey and Melissa credit for refusing the opportunity to exploit this on the show.  I hope they were with Joe’s parents when the news came in.  I will say prayers for the kids and for her parents (though I would like to sit them down and give them a lecture about raising Veruca Salt (obscure Willy Wonka reference)).

I can’t wait to see the reunion; I lived it, but those days are never ending and it all becomes a blur!

Um, no one ever says they “can’t wait to see” this train wreck.  (maybe me, but I am not featured in the reunion so I can enjoy watching their misery.)

Melissa wishes us lots of love and guides us to her website to check for appearances.  Um, no thank you.

Amber Marchese

Amber: I Felt Like I Was Being Hazed

We will jump right into Amber’s Delusions…

We made it Housewife friends! As it was my rookie season, I felt like I was being hazed in a sorority, but as hard as it was, I made it! I learned so much about how strong I am as a person and some areas that I can work on. I learned that I really do have a “no surrender, never retreat” mentality. I will go to bat with anyone, at any time, and will defend myself and my family at all cost. I also witnessed the undying love that my husband has for me and his family. He was not going to let anyone hurt me and will unleash hell if someone tries. He is truly my modern day Spartan warrior. 

Oy.  I just got a visual of Jim dressed as a Spartan Warrior.  Excuse me while I throw up.

I am so blessed to have shared my experience and struggles with breast cancer — the timing of my five year mark, the photo shoot, and growing my hair for five years then cutting it for charity — it was nothing short of a miracle that the Bravo was able to catch that all. It was just meant to be and God was truly working his wonders. Cutting my hair was completely symbolic for me, since cancer no longer defines me. I will never forget, however the pain, fear, and anxiety is in my rear view mirror now. I can sometimes look back to remind myself where I came from, but it in no way defines my future. It is my promise to all of you, I will never take that for granted, especially knowing that there are thousands struggling with cancer every day. 

<drink> <drink> <drink>

On to my perspective on the season finale! I am not quite sure why the twins make it a point to confront others in front of large crowds. As Teresa said, they had two weeks to call her and speak to her about what Victoria Gotti had said to us. If they had an issue or wanted an apology, so be it, but what ever happened to being a civilized human being and picking up the phone to call? They did the same thing to me. Two weeks went by without any phone call from them. In fact, they never returned any of my phone calls or texts! They decided to make a scene in front of an entire party. Difference is, this was at a charity event with children in ear shot. Can you blame me for not wanting to bring my babies to this event? I would have absolutely loved my children sashaying down the runway, but there is absolutely no way I would EVER allow my babies to hear what went on. I spoke with Teresa and I knew the twins never called her. So I knew exactly what was brewing, so did Dina. My children come first and mama was protecting her children. 

Well, I gotta say I think she was right in keeping her kids away.  Those girls are pretty unpredictable and one never knows whose weave is gonna get pulled.

Dina was brazen enough to kick Jim and me out of the Florida home for less of an offense, why wasn’t Dina kicking the twins out because they were making a scene at her own charity function for children?! Can we say double standard? Where were her “heads rolling” that she claimed would happen if someone started anything at a Ladybug event? 

Now let’s not go back on that pity train.  You were asked to leave cause of Jim’s VERY bad behavior.  She didn’t ask you to leave because you farted in the kitchen.  Jim verbally ATTACKED a woman.  I was actually surprised the conversation at the event stay as calm as it did which makes me believe that Dina fed Teresa a Xanax before the event.

I will add that I completely understand how hurt the twins are. I can understand their anger. However, I cannot understand their way of handling conflict. That level of “hot headedness,” I would think, cools down at a certain age as we tend to calm ourselves, think clearly, and with wisdom. It is a level of discernment that should happen after a certain age or experience in life. 

Dina claims to be Teresa’s friend of 25 years, but does not back up her friend at all. If that was my friend, like Christine or Angelia, whom I have been friends for just as long, the twins would not have gotten to the letter T in stupid before I would be dragging them out of the event by their ears. Dina doesn’t have to agree with her best friend, but she should also never allow someone to call her friend of 25 years stupid, at her own charity function no less. Especially knowing what her friend is going through, which pales in comparison to some stupid rumor.

I was surprised that Dina allowed the conversation, which makes believe that production wanted this to take place and Dina allowed it.

Since Dina has unwarranted venom towards my husband and has completely snubbed him for his previous contributions to The Ladybug Project, I am going to thank him on their behalf for coming up with the idea of the children’s fashion show, as well as the connection to East Coast Stars. Since Jim did not attend, he also made a sizable cash donation on behalf of our family. Jim had also worked hard before all the drama to make sure Ladybug even had a venue with all costs covered, including food and beverage. The venue was ultimately not chosen, but Jim had still worked hard to give Dina an option for the event. Instead she chooses to focus on Jim’s comment about her IQ after she interrogated him at an extremely inappropriate, charged moment right after his wife was attacked. Despite her inappropriateness, Jim still ended up apologizing to her. However in my opinion she should have apologized to him for being so glaringly insensitive. 

Its kinda sad that Amber has to spend so much time every week in her blog defending Jim’s bad behavior.

It may seem as if my perspective is harsh for an end of season blog, LOL! But it is what I was feeling at the time. I owe it to you all to give you my honest interpretation of it. However, at the end of the season, I came out having a certain amount of respect for all of these ladies. Being on a reality show is hard; it pushes us to our limits and it is nothing short of psychological warfare. I truly hope you will support all of us, equally. Teams are good, and appreciated; however, keep the hate towards other Housewives out of it. Perspective are OK, different points of view are what make the world go round, however, when your perspective rises to a level of cruelty, it takes the fun out of our jobs. Allow us to be ourselves, with the good moments and even the moments when we could have handled ourselves a little better. At the end of the day, the Housewives are girlfriends that have strong personalities and disagreements — we love, we hate, and we make up. That’s life. 


Amber decides to thank a shitload of people.  I will not give them “free advertising” here.  These people must have given her freebies during filming and she is obligated to mention them here.  Amber claims this was “an amazing experience that I would not change for the world.”  Can you say, “Delusional”?  She wishes us all Many Blessings…


Dina Manzo

Dina: The Ladybug Event was Perfection

Let’s jump right in…

Let’s focus on the positive shall we? I was over the moon with how this Project Ladybug event turned out. All the girls did their part. Teresa’s hair care line Youthful 8 provided all the hair for the event as well as sponsoring some decor and favors. Melissa rallied some amazing raffles and her and Joe kicked ass with the live auction. The twins packed the house with all of their friends, and Amber gave us the connection to Stacie and adorable fashion show by East Coast Starz.  

It is nice that each girl did their part along with bringing a side of drama to this CHILDREN’S CHARITY EVENT.  Anyway, Dina goes on to thank every single solitary person who gave a napkin to the event.  I am not gonna give them free advertising here so trust me, the list is long and if you need to see it, go directly to the source.

The night was amazing and other than the little glitch of the girls’ talk (which I’m so grateful happened at the very end of the night), it was perfection.

Still kinda surprised that Dina didn’t shut this conversation down or insist it take place privately in one of the many rooms (that didn’t include a dog cause it would appear that Tre has a fear of big dogs along with her fear of horses we learned about last season.)

Special heartfelt thanks to Jacqueline Collot, mother of Julien, our man bug in heaven that is the namesake of the Project Ladybug fund at Memorial Sloan-Kettering. Along with a touching video of Julien himself, Jacqueline shared her story to help put a face on childhood cancer and those that it affects.  Of course thank you to all of our honored guests, who helped us to raise $50,000, which was presented to the hospital by myself and some of the girls. I was a very happy bug. 

I got nothing.  A little boy lost his life way too soon due to this horrific disease.  This mom is amazing for sharing her story in the hopes that another family doesn’t suffer the same loss.

As for this season…I learned a lot. I may keep quiet but my eyes are wide open.  Namaste Bitches!

Yes, Dina, you are Zen.  So very very Zen.  Namaste Beotch.

Amber Questions





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105 Responses to New York Housewives Filming Roundup plus Real Housewives of New Jersey Cast Blogs Blogged

  1. Veena (NMD) says:

    Happy Sunday Morning!

  2. ladebra says:

    Happy Sunday! I stayed in bed allll day yesterday, and really needed it, but today I have to get everything done! No pressure!

    Thank you for the blog Namaste! And Veena! This RHONJ didn’t feel that long, but that could be my warped sense of time. I enjoyed NJ for the most part. It will be interesting to see if it will be reinvented.

    • Powell says:

      I’m glad you just rested. We all need that every now and then. Have fun getting everything done today. 😉

  3. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for the great blogs Veena & Namaste.
    I can’t believe they are going to tear down LuAnn’s house.
    Love Dina’s RBF (resting bit*h face) LOL

  4. boston02127 says:

    I don’t think there are any 2 pictures of Jacqueline that look alike. She always looks different, in pictures and on TV.

  5. cusi77 says:

    NAMASTE you are a GENIOUS , girl! Your comments on those delusional women are so funny and spot on! You made my day! Thank you very much!

    Buen dia to everyone! Happy Sunday! Here in the neck of my woods is sooOoOo beautiful… Fall colors are all over… *feeling Blessed*

  6. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Yes Happy Sunday NMD. 😀

  7. Powell says:

    Well I’m sorry Lu’s home sold as a tear down. I suppose it was the lot size, how the property faced and the location that sold it. If you’ve got the dough I guess starting from scratch and in the style you want is the thing to do.

  8. LaineyLainey says:

    Hi everyone! Hi Namaste! I loved your “no thanks” to Melissa Gorga’s schedule of appearances, my thoughts exactly. No thanks, Mego!

    Went to a wedding last night, it was really fun dancing with my female coworkers. My hubby was out of town.

  9. Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

    If there is anyone here that still thinks Amber is smelling like a rose next to her stinky husband, check out the stooped site. This horrible piece of work created a new Twitter account to harass Jim’s ex-wife. Oh vey, she’s JUST as horrible as her husband.

    • ICK! That is kinda low. But “when you hang around with garbage you start to stink!”

      • I Need A Life! says:

        Who really knows what happened? What if the ex was crazy? Seriously…stoop could be charged with harassment for going on and on and on. And if I had to be harassed, let it be on Twitter. Back in my day, an ex waiting in a car down the street was considered terrorizing.
        Let it go. Amber won’t be back.
        After this Mama June story, nothing, and I mean NOTHING is worse.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          preach sista

          • I Need A Life! says:

            ok, Boston. Years ago when my two daughters were 5 & 7, my neighbor across the street married a man who had spent SEVEN YEARS IN PRISON FOR RAPING TWO LITTLE GIRLS. FOR RAPING TWO LITTLE GIRLS. I saw her getting married in her living room. I thought that was so sweet. Here she was, an obese ugly woman. And she found love.
            Then my next door neighbor told me what was happening. We decided that she had no self worth. No self esteem. That’s why she did this.

            A few days later, a parole officer came out of that house wearing a blazer. The wind blew the blazer open, and I saw her gun. I screamed, “NOW WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?” And she said calmly, “Don’t do anything stupid.” My block, with very nice families and pretty houses turned into MY prison. I couldn’t leave the house thinking that HE was watching. My heart races as I type thinking of how I had to get the girls in our car to get to school without HIM seeing them. It didn’t matter that there were kids on the block. He was free to live there. I couldn’t tell the school because, “he has rights.” I called the major city newspaper and was told, “get a dog.”

            I sold my house immediately. In fact I sold it to a young couple who knew the situation. I never once thought of selling the house without revealing who lived across the street. It was like being obligated to tell a buyer that your basement gets water.

            I moved into a house…with a park across the street.

            How this Honey Boo woman could be in touch with this animal is beyond anything I can imagine.

            • OneMoreInBoston says:


              so proud of you that you left.

              Standing ovation with big claps- for realz.

              but…all I can think it’s *more* than low self esteem for Mama June, after all she was with Sugar Bear- and other men too.

              Personally, I’m not sure how she does it, but she seems to have a pretty active romantic life.

              There has to be something more going on that she is willing to lose everything-including her daughter’s relationship, the show that’s supporting all of them, her reputation, and now that CDC is investigating-her remaining children to see this man.

              I know that studies show that men who sexually abuse children were themselves sexually abused as children.

              Please understand the spirit of my comments-I am in no way excusing or justifying this guy’s sexual abuse- I’m just struggling to understand. Could June have also been a victim and this is the only reality she knows- so she feels “comfortable” with it, like it’s normal?

              Just a tragically limited person aiding and abetting another tragic situation.

              makes me want to go for a walk

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              Because she is a fat disgusting pig. I loath women like who who loved the C0ck more than their own children. These are the same ilk of dirty bitchy who date men who otherwise assault, abuse and murder their children …then help them bury the bodies.

              I have no mercy, sympathy or prayers for women like that…other than they should be thankful I have never come across them.

              TLC also disgusts me…they love to exploit ignorant families . What a foul network.

        • Yeah, Mama June needs to lose custody of those kids and hopefully whoever takes those girls feeds them some fruits and veggies!

    • Austin says:

      Oh, she definitely reeks. Someone said she’s not coming back. If that’s true, that’s the best Trashwives news I’ve heard lately.

  10. I Need A Life! says:

    I hope I’ve copied this correctly. It’s a ridiculously sweet and kind video made by a Tre fan. Tre wrote to tell him that it made her cry. His twitter handle is, “leopard man.” You can find it on You Tube. (Don’t tell me this guy is delusional. I know. But I love how he cares about her.)

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I couldn’t watch the whole thing, but I watched long enough to see our own PVSue!

      • ladebra says:


      • plainviewsue says:

        LOL! He truly is her biggest fan. He actually went off twitter for a small time a few weeks ago cos he was being harassed by Rosie Pierri, as well as anti Teresa tweeters.

        He is a sweet guy. He had asked if he could include my picture w/Tre & I said of course.

        • I Need A Life! says:

          Sue, I love that he stood up for her. The haters are jealous that they don’t have someone who loves them like that. Pity that they’re so perfect.

  11. Great blogs ladies!! Namaste, I will visit you in rehab after the season is over (DRINK)!! LOL! GREAT captions, SOOOo funny!!!! Love it! That picture of Tre is priceless!!!

  12. austin1963 says:

    Those twins are pretty gross. Teresa got what she deserved for her actions with regard to financial fraud. It has nothing to do with some silly rumor about their family. Karma indeed – they’re the ones who should watch out for it.

  13. Boobah says:

    I’m confused….is the NJ reunion on tonight??

  14. cusi77 says:

    Do we know the date of this trip to Atlantic City? Anyone?

    There was still snow … My guess is that this was before the Giudices pleading guilty .

    • Exit4 says:

      It was in December. The hotel they’re staying at-Revel-closed down in September. The 3rd of 4 casino closings this year. With a fifth looming.

      • cusi77 says:

        Thank you Exit! I guess it was before pulling hair… Amber was trying too much, just to have the cameras on her face.

        With the twins… They are a bit intense for my taste. Those three can go or stay but I don’t think they are interesting…

        • cusi77 says:

          Geeeee… Amber and Nicole besties? Ok!

          • cusi77 says:

            Anyone watching on TLC 90 Day Fiancé ? I got to watch the whole First Season last Sunday and I loved it!

            Right now is the first episode of Season 2 with -this time- 6 couples… Being Mexican and coming to the USA 11 years ago to marry my American husband I know a LOT about prejudices! Interesting!

        • mrs peabody says:

          I don’t like the twins, can’t stand people like them.

  15. Veena (NMD) says:

    I’ve been binge watching Orange is the New Black this weekend. #It’sTeresa’sFault

    Now it’s time for Walking Dead.

    I seem to be catching up on no TV for 7 months.

  16. mrs peabody says:

    I wouldn’t write a blurb for her either after all Kathy has said about her. I’m not surprised she asked her though, ride Theresa’s tail as long as you can Kathy, that gravy train is about over for you.

    • I Need A Life! says:

      So true, Mrs. P. Is there a Tre blurb on Kathy’s book?

      • I Need A Life! says:

        Caught the end of the exchange between T&K. Clearly no blurb!

        I read a blog that was written a few years ago about these two. SO dead on. Tre’s father brought Kathy’s mother to America. In old school Italian families, that puts Kathy behind Tre. No matter what Kathy accomplishes, the children of the first family in America hold themselves up to a higher order. The cousins who come over are secondary. Even if that first cousin is a felon!! It’s too complicated but I see that in these families.

        • chismosa says:

          Wait so you’re saying it’s good or just typical that TRE holds herself “over” rosie and kathy? Just wondering ….

          Wow that is just CRAAAAAAZY about OTB italians!
          My father came over AFTER my uncle – and my father superseded my uncle (who was the eldest) in business, family, achievements in this country, etc . [And also my uncle was a prick. RIP but he was. But my father worked his hardest to get where he is – as did MOST that came/come from his country. My uncle was entitled, lazy, etc. ]
          We don’t speak to his a$$hole of a son, my first cousin, either.

          If the one who brought over looked down in my situation it was because he never did as well as him!
          And my dad’s cousin who also “technically” brought him over never ever in his wildest dreams looked down at my dad. 😳

          There was never any looking down or up at who brought who over that I had heard of.
          If anything you’d imagine a MAN bringing his sister – a WOMAN –over would be more caring over her and her family.
          Unbelievable. !! I’m shocked.
          Have to ask any of the italian OTBs I know. That’s just CRAAAAAY!

          I think something’s VERY FISHY in the business dealings of mr Gorga and Kathy’s father. My money’s on Gorga did something wrong. Jmo

  17. Exit4 says:

    For some Godforsaken reason I have Manzoed with Children on. Except for Chris, they are so unlikable! I saw a bit of jersey. Kathy is a bitch. She really is. The best was the stolen recipes a couple seasons ago. It turned out the one she was referring to (pizzelles) actually called for store bought cookies. Every time I see them in the store-I hope Kathy’s mom is getting her cut, since she’s been wronged by every baker, ever.

  18. VV™ says:

    Jac Daniels IS EXAUSTING! Bravo are you sure you want her back? The woman is deranged. She is/was tweeting about Dina tonight. Dina only tweeted once.

  19. VV™ says:

  20. VV™ says:

    Kathy WakiZzzzz Zzzzz Zzzz

    • Exit4 says:

      OMG she’s an idiot!

    • I Need A Life! says:

      Catholics are encouraged to have sex and love! The Golden Rule, Kathy. Breaking it is offensive.

      • Exit4 says:

        Well….I wouldn’t say that exactly! Lol! You are encouraged to have sex at certain times and a certain temperature! Natural Family Planning. I had to sit through it at Pre-Cana. It works, but everyone in the class, after listening respectfully-looked at each other like-“yeah, I’m still taking the pill!”

        I’m not sure what the churches position on Sex toys is! I guess just throw some holy water on them. But not while its turned on. 😉

    • chismosa says:

      They should bring this up to stupid andy who was making jokes about “our savior” Jesus during easter or christmas – I forget which- and i found them SUPER distasteful and wondered if anyone made jokes about the jewish high holidays in the fall or spring — would that be ok???

      And I ain’t no super devout catholic/orthodox either. I just hate that he got away with that unscathed. Jerkoff. 💩

    • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

      What’s most offensive is a family member and her pig of a husband showing up just to ruin the dinner for everyone else. She reeks of desperation.

    • VV™ says:

      ….and because Kath-Zzzz thinks viewers are stupid. She tweets the following.

      • kit9 says:

        But, that’s what happened. She didn’t buy the gift for Tre so Tre being upset about it was absurd.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          I respectfully disagree. Rosie placed the bag right in front of Teresa.

          IMHO- it was a set up.

        • chismosa says:

          Oh I didn’t know if people were placing things in FRONT of people. I didn’t see that so closely.

          I’m with KitKat on this one, so far.

  21. VV™ says:

    Funny! Because Jac still tweeting and retweeting…

  22. Howdy all. Just got back from San Diego for the weekend. Happy Birthday to 2Stupid. Hope you had a wonderful day. Thank you Pindy for the recap. Love it. Off to bed. Long drive long weekend. 🙂

  23. VV™ says:

    Bravo needs to get rid off the Twins and Amber. They fired Joyce and Carlton from RHOBH. I’m sure they can do the same with RHONJ newbies.
    Potential replacements: I’m voting Victoria Gotti. I rather VG than Jac or Kathy.

  24. VV™ says:

    …..and she’ll be tweeting throughout the night and until the sun rises and then some.


    • I Need A Life! says:

      That’s funny, VV. I wonder if it’s the black water?

    • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

      if some random crazy anti-jaq fan hasn’t sent a straight jacket to her house by now, I would be flabbergasted.

  25. boston02127 says:

    Tweeted by:

    The Mole @InsideBravo

    HUGE HUGE scoop on @Jillzarin coming tomorrow!! 100% confirmed from Jill’s camp!

    I’ll also have a little something on @ramonasinger and #RHOBH tomorrow. Fun day!

  26. boston02127 says:

    Cusi~~~Thank you. xo

  27. Watching last night’s episode really proved how self-involved and cruel the twins really are. My biggest pet peeve is people who cannot be on time and when those twins bitched and moaned that the other girls went down to the casino, I was floored! And those twins kept going at it and wouldn’t let it go. They are classic mean girls and I can only imagine how bad they were in high school.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      That Ter-essa is a nasty, bitter, mean piece of work.

      Funny how it seemed like she got a pretty good edit until her TH’s last night.

      Completely unlikable.

      • YES! The whole seasons she was so “nice” and once the Rina-Santo rumor hit I was all about defending her, but had they shown the AC episode when it was supposed to air my opinion would have been totally diff for the whole season!

  28. OneMoreInBoston says:

    So you guys know I’m not so great at interpreting Twitter- but someone tweeted Dina that she would be better suited for RHONY than RHONJ- so she retweeted it.

    She has already foreshadowed in TH that she will be in a new home in a few months.

    Andy loves loves Dina- am I the only one that all of sudden can see Dina moving to NYC and becoming a part of RHONY?

    Plus Dina alluded last night that she wants to reconcile with Caroline. Andy also loves loves the Manzos, and will need a new tie-in to prop up their show after RHONJ’s season ends…

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      I’ll look up rating for the Manzod mess, but my guess is we won’t see it again. Granted I only watched about 10 minutes, but it was really awful. They were all just trying too hard to be funny or something, it was painful and awkward. I think Dina will be forced to stay on Jersey – and they’ll bring back Jaq to stir up trouble.

  29. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you had a great weekend. It’s chilly but will warm up later and tomorrow 80 degrees? 🙂 Have a great day.

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