Jill Zarin “I’ll be back (on TV) sooner than you think” plus 10 Things Teresa Giudice Should know about Danbury Prison

Jill Zarin “I’ll be back (on TV) sooner than you think”

With Bethenny Frankel back on Real Housewives of New York, frenemy Jill Zarin has been fielding questions about her possible return. She has finally broken her silence (good for her for keeping her mouth shut for over a week) on twitter.  When a fan asked her this morning when she and Bobby would be getting their own show, she answered, “I will be back sooner than you think.”  Then someone tweeted that they’d pay per view to see Bethenny and Jill “work it out” and she tweeted in mock innocence “Would you really, why?”

Meanwhile Jason Hoppy is trying to keep his young daughter Bryn from being filmed for housewives.  I may look at Jason with side eye right now because he seems to be making a career out of being locked in legal battles with Bethenny Frankel, but I don’t blame him for wanting to protect Bryn.  I’m sure Bethenny wants us to see her soft and fuzzy side being a mama, but Bravo production is a rougher and dirtier place than when she left the show years ago.   Run Bryn Run.

10 Things Teresa Giudice Should know about Danbury Prison that I learned from Binge Watching Orange is the New Black

by Veena

10.  Accessorize to gray.  Don’t be mislead by all the references to “Orange is the New Black.”  That’s just the newbie jumpsuit.

9.  Conjugal visits.  Nope – no Juicy for you.  (I know, phew!)

8. Jobs.  I’d suggest requesting library.  Lots of dictionaries.

7.  Sex.  You’ve got a few options – prison wife, abstain, or take care of your own business.

6.  Tough Girl.  That’s one thing I wouldn’t worry about – you can take care of yourself.

5.  Working out.  It sure sucks when people embezzle and divert money from building a gym to other crap doesn’t it?

4.  Christmas Pageant – you are a superstar and you know it – go for the lead!

3.  You’ll need a friend.  There won’t be many people “like you.”  If Dana Wilkey isn’t in there yet, see if you can find a Mob Wife to hang out with – that’s close enough.

2. Fabulicious – Don’t mention your cookbook; don’t mention the crappy food; Just smile and try to eat whatever they give you.

1.  Prison Wives.  Don’t fall for that scam, you don’t need one.  But if you are tempted, stay away from Crazy Eyes.

PS – can you find out why they are always washing and folding sheets in the laundry when no one sleeps between their sheets?


No Housewives Blogging this week – so instead we have Photos by Namaste






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388 Responses to Jill Zarin “I’ll be back (on TV) sooner than you think” plus 10 Things Teresa Giudice Should know about Danbury Prison

  1. Veena (NMD) says:

    “The Mole” is reporting that there is trouble with BH footage and they have to edit and re-edit the trailer. Plus

  2. Veena (NMD) says:

    This chick won’t go away. #PRNightmare

  3. T-Rex says:

    Wonder what show Bawby paid producers off for, for filming his Lunatic wife. It won’t be a Ho-Wives show, but Mz Andy is no longer associated with other Bravo programming, just the HO-wives so wonder if it’s even a Bravo show or on some other random outlying cable channel.

  4. Veena – Thanks for posting my pics and captions! I love seeing them on the blog.
    I can’t want to watch tonight…hoping there is a battle!

  5. OneMoreInBoston says:

    So Brandi broke up a happy “gay” couple ?
    c’mon now- can’t be gay if you’re swinging both ways- or was the 23 year old the opposite if a beard?
    like a gay beard? Is there even a term for that? Straight Escort? Arm Candy?
    making my head hurt a little bit
    time for coffee

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      oh okay…
      She met this guy in the “Red Light District” in Amsterdam?
      So he’s a prostitute?
      my head still hurts


    • T-Rex says:

      From some of the other information coming out about this young man, he is an escort, and in Amsterdam that would mean he possibly “plays for pay” with “both” teams. He could most definitely be gay, yet date women for money. I have been Amsterdam more than a few times, and only hit the “redlight” district once, and once was enough. It’s not some place you go at night, unless who want to pay for sex, most tourists are advised to make their visit during the daylight hours. We went when it was just getting dark, against advice, we wanted to see what really happens down there and it was eye-opening. First there are usually oodles of “servicemen” from all countries coming down there via boats on the canal, seriously, like teaming cockroaches. We were there with our gayboyfriends(there were five of us in total so we felt we would be safe) and the stares we were getting from men on the street made us feel very uncomfortable. Those peddling sex have windows and a “menu” on their doors as to what they will do and how much it will cost. There is a gay section section and also a section, very discreet, for women seeking male prostitutes. Says a lot that she met this young man in that district, yeah going to find your next husband or long term boyfriend from that area, NOT. It is, what it is, another PUBLICITY Stunt to keep her lame ass in the news, THE-LIAR-SUPREME-SLUTBAG-MORON-STFUBrandi has taken Fame-Whoriness to all new levels since joining reality television.

  6. Cartwheels says:

    I am calling BS on the radar story about Jason taking Bethenny to court to stop her from filming Bryn on RHNY
    1) Radar is either making it up based on their stupid assumptions (they are known to do that) or
    2) Jason again using his “inside sources” strategy is telling Radar that he would sue to protect his daughter so he looks like the concerned father who wants to protect his child.

    I am leaning more towards option 1 at this moment but I don’t put it pass Jason to use option 2 as one of his manipulative antics to keep tormenting Bethenny and twisting her arm to get to a final split of assets during the divorce.

    The only reality is that Jason doesn’t need to sue Bethenny for Bryn not to be filmed, all he needs to do is not sign the release form that Bravo needs to air Bryn’s images, if he doesn’t sign then there is no permission to film, as simple as that.if Bethenny wants her daughter to show up on the show with her it would have to be Bethenny requesting that to the judge but that has not happened, at least not yet.

    While I don’t agree with kids being used in these shows in an exploitative manner (ala (Guidice’s ) there are some cameos or small scenes that wouldn’t hurt the kids, Jason had no problem when Bryn was filmed for three seasons but he has an issue now, Bethenny probably already told Bravo that Jason would never agree for Bryn to be filmed and they still wanted her back. It would be nice to see Bryn but it is not going to be one of Bethenny’s story lines, Jason is a hypocrite IMO , he is fighting tooth and nails to get a big chunk of Bethenny’s money yet Bethenny’s money comes directly from her exposure on reality TV shows. Jason is living in an apartment that Bethenny is paying, he needs to find another source of income besides living out of Bethenny.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Or #3?
      He is doing it to spite Bethenny.

      Or #4?
      He is truly concerned about Bryn being exposed to it all now that she is older and can understand more.

      Dunno. I sorta hate both of them at this point.

    • Powell says:

      I wouldn’t put it pass Jason. And you’re right anything he does is to get more dough out of B. I asked a couple of weeks ago if anyone thought he might go to court to keep Bryn off of tv.

    • Exit4 says:

      The divorce isn’t settled, but the custody is. It wasn’t made public-but he was happy so it’s probably all joint-legal and physical. So, you’re right, there’s no need for him to go to court. He just says no-like Simon Barney and Eddie Cibrian. She’d have to fight him. Assuming that’s the arrangement.

      IMHO-she never should have married him. She didn’t hit the big deal until after the marriage, but they all would have been better off if they just dated and lived together and saw where it went. The relationship would’ve ended anyway and besides custody, there’d be nothing to fight over.

      • T-Rex says:

        I think this just another bogus story from RadarOnLIARLIARpantsonFire(allegedly). Like you stated, the custody arrangement has been settled already and rest assured the issue of Brynn showing up on television I GUARANTEE you was absolutely addressed in that custody agreement. No way Jason’s attorney didn’t address that, and use that issue as part of the custody fight. Sorry the story is a non-story, because this was already hashed out during custody.

      • Cartwheels says:

        Jason knows he doesn’t need to sue, he just loves to generate bad press for Bethenny and if he gets to look like the concern and perfect father then that is just the cherry on top. Perfect Jason was nothing more than a carefully crafted facade .

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I’ve enjoyed watching the kids on the nj housewives. Except for poor Ashlee/Ashley/Ashleigh.

      • Cartwheels says:

        For the most part I enjoy them too, the only part that has made me feel uncomfortable are some of Gia’s scenes, I wish some of those scenes wouldn’t have been showed.

  7. OneMoreInBoston says:

    View this post on Instagram

    Do you think I could be a tennis player for Halloween?

    A post shared by Jill Zarin (@mrsjillzarin) on


  8. Powell says:

    Hello again. Oh no make it go away!! 😈

  9. LaineyLainey says:

    I enjoyed the top ten tips from OITNB, Veena. Cute pics, NAMMI. Looking forward to tonight too. I need to remind my daughter so we can watch the train wreck together.

  10. Powell says:

    HA NMD. Love the top 10.
    #11 Don’t pull a Martha Stewart and make gourmet Italian meals out of vending machine food. You’ll get into trouble. 😉

  11. Powell says:

    Hahaha at the pics Namaste. 👍😀 Why does Dina have on a statement necklace w/a dress/blouse whatever it is w/cut outside on the shoulders? That’s toooo much. It’s just wrong. Fire that stylist. 👎Her makeup looks nice.

  12. Powell says:

    I don’t have a problem w/ Jason protecting his rights as a father and wanting to protect Bryn. What I do have a problem w/is Jason is a man capable of working and earning a living for himself but to me he’s looking like a man that wants money and he doesn’t care how Long it takes to tie B up in court to do it. It’s looking just like what Halle Berry went thru w/ex Gabriel. He’s perfectly able to work. Was a working model when he met Halle. They broke up. We’re not even married and Halle had to fork out millions for him to have a home and mthly income for his 50/50 visitation w/their daughter. He no longer works. Just lives on Halle’s money and I think that’s just what Jason wants to try to do. I feel that B showed Jason who she was from the start but I don’t believe the same is true of Jason. He came off as this “boyscott” that didn’t have a mean, selfish or ulterior motive bone in his body. I think that’s why on BEA B would say to him why was he always trying to show that he was perfect around people.

    • T-Rex says:

      Powell the custody story is BOGUS!! Consider the source, it’s a complete made up farce. As I posted above the Custody arrangements have been finalized and completed, and filed in the courts. NO WAY Jason and his attorneys did not address the issue of Brynn being filmed on any shows without his express permission. I guarantee you that there are oodles of contingencies and approvals needed by both parents, Jason would NOT have signed off on the custody agreements without it. Remember they settled custody outside of the courts, which means ALL parties agreed to ALL issues laid out in the agreement. Sorry but this is another fictitious BS story.

      • Exit4 says:

        For sure the TV issue was laid out. That’s what she does! I remember too-she wanted to go to California, that’s where she wanted to do the talk show and Jason wasn’t having it. Even when they were married-she wanted to go out there and he wouldn’t leave his parents. I’m sure she turned it around on him as well-if he winds up on TV (doubtful-but still) then he can’t film with her either. Like Brandi and Eddie.

        Powell, I don’t think he wants the money so he doesn’t have to work. I think he wants the money and the apartment because that’s what she cares about. Regardless-she worked to get what she has. She got super lucky too-right thing at the togh time. She sold herself, in the beginning, instead of slapping her name on anything and everything. She didnt do herself any favors with her own shows IMHO, but the talk show failure wasnt all her fault, a lot of them fail. Jason just wants to take what he can to punish her. The apartment is the worst though! He’s a douche for not leaving, considering she still owns the other apartment they filmed in. Go live there! He wants her dream apartment because he’s a d*%#.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      I don’t believe for one second B was ever in love with Jason. I also believe she deliberately got pregnant…( what 30 something grown ass street smart business woman accidentally gets pregnant these days). She uses people, but I also think she is still a broken little girl. She certainly doesn’t need the money from Bravo but she’s no different than the rest of these HoWives…it would be a good thing IMO if Jason kept Bryn away and I would have a different opinion of her if B decides that’s the best thing for Bryn as well.

      • boston02127 says:

        cdnfillie58 —- Totally agree about her getting pregnant. And with all her money she should be staying away from TV and making a great life for herself and Bryn.

      • cdnfillie58 says:

        Aside from all that..I seem to remember an episode where B was begging Jason to give up his job and help her launch her business..anyone else?

      • Cartwheels says:

        Jason was a 35+ man living in NYC , doesn’t he know how to wrap it up? He had no kids prior so he obviously knows how to take care of your business? If it is true that Bethenny only wanted to have a child she could have used a sperm donor and saved herself the headache, but let’s pretend that this was her agenda, then what was his agenda? Why did he insisted on being exclusive with him, moving in to her apartment, stop using birth control to see “if it happens, it happens” , promising and insisting on getting married before the baby was born when Bethenny was perfectly fine with just living together, all this Jason has said on screen, he has admitted that he asked Bethenny to stop with birth control, why?

        • Exit4 says:

          I think he’s a little controlling himself! Two controlling people + 1 marriage=💣

          • Cartwheels says:

            Nah, IMO Jason conned Bethenny with his knight in a shining armor charade, she wanted so much to feel loved and to have her own nuclear family that she fell for it and failed to see the obvious red flags that were around him because she was focusing only on the red flags that she has. Jason IMO never loved Bethenny, he might have been atracted to her but that is about it, he saw a driven woman who was on her way up and decided to hitch his wagon to hers, he told her exactly what she wanted to hear and pretended to overlook her obvious flaws and accepted her the way she was, once the deal with Beam was signed and his future looked financially promising he withdrew all his emotional support and showed his true greedy colors, now for merely two years of his life whether he gets what he wants out of the divorce or he gets less that what he is asking for, there is one thing for sure and that is that he will be financially set for life, he can have all the golfing trips he loves, party with his frat boys, visit his parents every weekend if he wants, all on Bethenny’s dime, he indeed played a very good game.

        • Powell says:

          ITA cartwheels. I think w/Bs upbringing she can only open up her heart so much. I think she wanted to be a family and in a family. She tried. Maybe not to Jason’s satisfaction but she tried how she could.

      • MelTheHound says:

        Same thing I said 2 years or more ago….

  13. boston02127 says:

    I can’t imagine Jill being back on TV. Who would hire her? I can’t imagine Bravo would hire her back after she taped with Andy and recorded the show. Good Morning America didn’t last long with her.

    If there is a reality show about her life in the future, she’s going to need to go get a life first.

  14. cdnfillie58 says:

    I don’t believe for one second B was ever in love with Jason. I also believe she deliberately got pregnant…( what 30 something grown ass street smart business woman accidentally gets pregnant these days). She uses people, but I also think she is still a broken little girl. She certainly doesn’t need the money from Bravo but she’s no different than the rest of these HoWives…it would be a good thing IMO if Jason kept Bryn away and I would have a different opinion of her if B decides that’s the best thing for Bryn as well.

  15. Veena (NMD) says:

    Of course Brandi’s trip to Amsterdam where she met her 23 year old prostitute boyfriend was part of the trip for BH housewives. I think her definition of boyfriend is like her definition of BFF. Smile at her once and you’re in.

  16. Veena (NMD) says:

    Hey look – Albie actually does have a job stocking shelves at the grocery store. And I was worried about him living off his mama forever.

    Boston – I’ll bet you are wishing you weren’t married now! He’s a catch!

  17. boston02127 says:

    It was just snowing out.

  18. boston02127 says:

    Have you guys seen this?

    Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris defends eye implants after going to Africa to change color from brown to grey:

    I think this is reality rock bottom.

    • Orson says:

      I once asked my cousin who is an optometrist if it was possible to get mirrored contact lenses. Because I thought nothing would be cooler than to remove your mirrored sunglasses to reveal mirrored eyes. He told me it couldn’t happen, because the metallic coating wouldn’t allow the eyes to “breathe”.

    • Powell says:

      Yeah. Tmz asked her about it Wednesday night and GMAs Deborah whatshername spoke w/her. Kinda crazy to me to do something like that that’s not approved in the U S.

  19. Veena (NMD) says:

  20. Veena (NMD) says:

    It’s #RHONJ Reunion night! Here w/ the OG’s…

    View this post on Instagram

    It's #RHONJ Reunion night! Here w/ the OG's…

    A post shared by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

    • Exit4 says:

      I saw a picture of dinas dress full on-facing the camera and it’s actually really pretty! Not sure if it’s a necklace or part of the dress, but her whole look is (hair etc) is actually striking. That being said-it does not translate well for the reunion-it’s an event dress and look. Not for a reunion. Not liking Teresas look-I hate those type of necklines. Good color though! Not liking her hair pulled to one side.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I love Teresa’s look. It’s very HER.

      • I Need A Life! says:

        I love it, Lainey. Best she’s ever looked. Though you can tell she looks sad. Before everyone goes on about the money spent on this look, I’ve read that the dress was designed a few years ago and worn previously by Erin Burnett to some occasion. Don’t know if the shoes are this year’s model or not.

    • T-Rex says:

      Very pretty dress, but is it me, or does she look unhappy to be doing the pics? Going to be interesting to see what ConvictFelonTeresa looks like after her Prison term, no tanning beds or fake tans in prison. Personally, I think she will look younger, I think those fake tans make folks look older than they really are.

  21. Veena (NMD) says:

    3 days ago
    #TBT #SimplerTimes

    View this post on Instagram

    #TBT #SimplerTimes

    A post shared by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) on

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Very Elvira. Pretty face and hair, though.

      • Exit4 says:

        I love a black dress-I’m a boring northeasterner in my muted clothes! Lol. I guess it is a necklace, the dress is very plain. I do like it though. Teresas dress IS very her! I just didn’t like it as much this year-maybe it’s her hair? It’s throwing it all off for me!

    • Powell says:

      The necklace messes up the dress. She shouldn’t have on a necklace at all. The dress and her hairstyle dictates bold earrings.

    • Barb (Just wondering in Jersey) says:

      It’s overdone, just like Tommy’s house.

  22. Veena (NMD) says:

    I’m catching up with last season’s ATL – Good lord Apollo and Phaedra’s marriage was over before he went to prison. They could barely stand each other.

    Rumor is Apollo ran around with a federal wire around him after he was charged but before he reported to prison – trying to get some of his buddies to implicate themselves so that he could get a reduced sentence – Peter Thomas included.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      hmmm-I smell a rat

      • Powell says:


        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          you know my future ex-husband? Juicy Joe?

          anyhoo- there’s no way on God’s Green Earth he committed all this fraud without others…involvement.

          kept his mouth shut.

          jes sayin

          • I Need A Life! says:

            No way was he smart enough to collect and forge those papers. They can’t get the information out of him can they. I watch Mob Wives and the most important rule in their world is, “You don’t rat on others. You must remain loyal.” Lord or Victoria Gotti only knows what would happen if he spilled the family secrets.

            • OneMoreInBoston says:


              what I am sorta getting from reading in between the lines? is Juicy is considered a stand up guy, who will do his time and then go about his “business” with his “associates” after he gets out over in It-A-lee.He’s at least smart enough to keep his mouth shut.

              But Poison Joe? ratted out a lot of people because he’s a dimwit and his day is coming…

              jmo- I could be wrong…

              • LaineyLainey says:

                This thread is very juicy. Seriously, I hadn’t even thought about others’ involvement.

                • OneMoreInBoston says:

                  if you read other blog’s comments- the ones where posters claim to be from Paterson and to know Juicy and Posion? it’s very interesting…

              • Exit4 says:

                Joes not “in” the mob. He could have some “friends” but he’s not made, for sure. If he was, his biz partner never would have sued him (he’s still breathing) he’d have never filed for bankruptcy (you never voluntarily invite the government into your life) and they simply wouldn’t have had these $ problems. The mafia takes care of their own.

                That being said, he did have help, from the banks and mortgage brokers who simply didn’t care who they lent money too.

                • T-Rex says:

                  Exit EXACTLY! He was a scumbag that thought he wouldn’t get caught at not doing the right things and his wife condoned and participated in that act. Look at the counts folks, they are NOT anything MOB or MOB like related at all! I have also heard of his “supposed” interaction with folks that may be MOB related, he isn’t. Also is anyone under the delusion that once these two folks were under suspicions before the indictenents that their phones weren’t “tapped” and that their comings and goings weren’t recorded??? Puh-Leeze the Feds aren’t stupid. If they thought that they had ANYTHING on these two regarding the MOB those charges wouldn’t have been reduced from 41+ to just five, he wouldn’t be serving his state crime concurrently etc.

                • I Need A Life! says:

                  I’m sure he’s not, “in.” But banks didn’t give him those forged forms. Banks didn’t explain how to collect fake w2 forms. Mortgage brokers didn’t provide W2 forms. Where he got those forms is the mystery.

                  • Exit4 says:

                    He owned his own business and his partner, also owned his own business. Teresa “fake worked” for both of them. Getting the forms are simple-if you do your own payroll-you create a fake one. It’s easy. W2s don’t come from the government-it’s from your payroll company-you just supply a copy with your taxes. There’s another way to do it too with outside payroll-but I think they did everything in house.

                    • OneMoreInBoston says:

                      babe- never said he was “made”. I believe he has connections that he never talked about.

          • T-Rex says:

            DID NOT HAPPEN! ConvictFElonJuicy;s were not connected, Sorry they weren’t their crimes weren’t even remotely close to what would be MOB related. They took out Fraudulent loans, they Spent beyond their means, they didn’t pay their IRS taxes and filed Bankruptcy and lied all over the paperwork. Sorry, they were given 41+ counts if they had even a REMOTE chance at turning MOB folks they wouldn’t have had those charges taken down to 5+ charges! Oh and why does everyone seem to think the FEDS are MORONS, they are not, if they had even an inkling ConvictFelonJuicy was mobbed up this would have gone a whole different way.

            • Exit4 says:

              Plus-the mob deals in cash-never leave a paper trail! Caroline’s father in law was legit connected though. I don’t think his sons followed that path-but then again it’s not something they’d advertise.

              • I Need A Life! says:

                Thanks, Exit. I appreciate your explanation on W2 forms. I agree with One More In Boston..he had help/connections, and he is not saying anything.

                • Exit4 says:

                  No problem! It actually wouldn’t surprise me if teresa was on the payroll all along, but never actually worked. A no show job they call it. A lot of business owners do this with their spouses and kids (if they’re old enough) there’s a lot of advantages to it. It’s not legal-but it’s pretty common. Ironically, mobbed up people do it as well. It’s a way to appear legit.

              • T-Rex says:

                Exit and don’t you think if he were remotely mobbed up with all his legal difficulties if had an INKLING of mob information he would still be alive. What a coup the Mob would use as an example a member of a famous show, Oh it would have been totally an “accident”, so again he is NOT mobbed up!

                • Exit4 says:

                  I don’t think he would have done the show if he was deeply involved. Renee from mob wives father won’t speak to her or her sister (who created MW) because of the show. They really don’t like attention. Even if he did do the show, he would have dealt with the money problems in another way.

            • Orson says:

              Before the RE bubble burst in 2007, it was easy to get a sub-prime mortgage. “Liar Loans” aka non-documented loans were common. And then there were the HELOCs that got a lot of people in trouble.

  23. OneMoreInBoston says:


    This is sorta sad. But not entirely unexpected.

    I will watch carefully at 9 tonight.


    • I Need A Life! says:

      It’s incredibly sad. But I wouldn’t doubt it. No one would have the emotional strength to face the cameras 2 days after her sentencing. She does the, “walk into hell,” one day and faces the judge. That night she faces her children and family. Next day she talks to Andy on television. And a day or two later she has to face Kathy Wakile who is jumping for joy inside. The person who is spilling the story is that bitch Feldman. It’s going to backfire. It already has. We’re sorta sad.

      But….Dina Downer here….Tre is nothing but a strong woman who is doing what she has to do. A weaker person would have taken all the pills rather than face the music.
      When there’s a death in your family, you take the little pills to get you through those first few days. Tonight we’re going to watch someone who just saw lost everything. Whether she deserves the pain or not….it’s sad.

    • Powell says:

      I’d be on valium or something if I had to sit there.

    • cusi77 says:

      I think that that was very obvious during the First Responders party. She must be in tranquilizers or antidepressants really heavy… I would! I know that everything what is going on on her life was self-inflicted but… her daughters… This is really sad.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        hmm- I never even noticed Cusi- what with the hair pulling- the extensions on the table- the screeching twins, the billionaire fire fighter- but maybe you’re right.

        explains that heinous Nurse Ratchet costume tho doesn’t it?

    • Exit4 says:

      I’m sure she’s taking a little something. High on drugs is a little dramatic though! That site over does it, all the time. I don’t doubt she’s popped a few xanis or Valium. Maybe she borrowed some from Jac? Lol I don’t see her smoking though.

    • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

      No, I’d wage cash money this is another made-up story, kind of like Heather Maclean walking away. (Same blog).

      Since Tre was a reported two hours late and she was sentenced just days before, it makes more sense that Juicy was refusing to go and they were probably fighting about this prior to going. I wouldn’t blame Juicy one bit if this was the case.

  24. Veena (NMD) says:

    This is an interesting article about Utopia’s terrible ratings (they’ve just announced it is cancelled). and how we all want less editing on Reality TV shows, but are more likely to tune in to the highly produced reality shows. Although – Utopia’s ratings – while terrible for a network show – were better than housewives – so I’m not sure if that point is that valid.


    • Powell says:

      I tried to watch it. I just didn’t get it. Then they thru in the viewers voting them out. 👎

      • T-Rex says:

        Powell, you all knew I tried to watch but gave up at after the second show. They were unlikeable folks that were put in a Hamster cage, and not really in any real Utopian existence. They just sat around drank, had some flirtations, some had sex, but nothing of real value. They could leave and come back as they pleased through the Entrance, someone over imbibed on alcohol, left to be treated and then returned. Then they had things sent to them through the gate, didn’t have to really forage for food, didn’t really have to create any societal rules, etc. It was clearly staged, I believe that through that fence that there were “notes” passed to the cast as to what to play up and direction. Then they allowed in their outside mates to visit, it was just weird. It just didn’t make a danged bit of sense for a show. Going to be interesting what the cast has to say, I bet they have to keep their mouths shut for a year but after that they will talk

  25. OneMoreInBoston says:

    “…but it also seems that people aren’t nearly as high-minded as they think they are.”

    nodding head

    • Exit4 says:

      Exactly! To make the HWs comparison-every year people want a recast and to change it up. They change it up and everyone hates it and wants the old people to come back. People complain about the petty fights and rumors, but when a fun episode airs with everyone getting along-they say its boring and sucks. Ratings always spike when a fight airs. People don’t know what they want. Which is why the networks rarely listen to the fans. With some exceptions, Aviva and George being one.

      I think his point is valid V-a network is almost always going to have bigger ratings then cable. You can’t compare them-a lot of people don’t even get all the cable channels, like Bravo. Pretty much everyone has Fox. I think he’s looking more at the big brothers, the voice, amazing race, even survivor-where there’s a lot of behind the scenes manipulation and of course editing. My friends mom was on TAR-I learned a little of what goes on.

  26. cusi77 says:

    Good Afternoon yous all!

    Thank you Veena and Namaste!

    In a crazy note:
    Have you heard from Daredevil Nick Wallenda? Someone has to let him know that there are bridges to cross to the other side of the Chicago River!

    CHICAGO – The tightrope is waiting for Nik Wallenda in Chicago.

    The 35-year-old high-wire artist — great-grandson of Karl Wallenda of the famous Flying Wallendas circus family — plans to perform two nail-biting walks that will be televised Sunday to millions of viewers around the world.

    The Discovery Channel will use a 10-second delay for the broadcast, allowing producers to cut away if Wallenda falls. He plans to perform the walks without a net or harness.

    The daredevil’s challenge starts just after sunset when the skyscrapers up and down the Chicago River will be lit up and sparkling. First, he will walk uphill at a 15-degree angle from the Marina City west tower to the top of a skyscraper on the other side of the river. Next, he’ll walk blindfolded between the two Marina City towers — Chicago landmarks with Hollywood credits

    Holly S#!T on crackers!!! (Thank you Stars99)

    • I Need A Life! says:

      Cusi….We’re having a, “watch party” here. Roads downtown are shutting down. You can’t get really close. You won’t see it from the Trump. What if the weather was like Halloween night????? Should be a gorgeous night.

    • cusi77 says:

      This morning the winds were crazy! I was laughing trying to walk and not go flying across the street! I will not be watching him! I will make hubby to do it!

    • Powell says:

      I watched the last one on the edge of my seat. I’ll be doing the same tonight. 😨😱

    • Powell says:

      The countdown starts at 6est.

    • T-Rex says:

      Having “grownup” in Sarasota, well at least through highschool and after, the Wallendas are living legends to us. They were always around SarasotaCircus training performers and doing various stunts, etc. My brothers sixth grade teacher was a Wallenda, so we are watching this intently. Their family has gone through loads of tragedy along with their triumphs. I don’t know what is in their “blood” that makes them do this crazy stuff. MsWallenda always had to explain to her classes that she was not a part of the circus act and would not be performing stunts in her class.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      So cool. I was always drawn to this family.

  27. cusi77 says:

    IN a L: Do you live here in Chicago, dear?

    • I Need A Life! says:

      You’re cute, Cusi. Yes. I was just downtown a little while ago. My nerves are shot. My son was driving on the Kennedy and we were through the city. He’s learning how to drive. He’s 17. I just never had the courage to do this before. But now, I have to find the strength. My daughter in is Wicker Park. The other lives in Ukranian Village. We saw the barricades going up along the river. Young people are starting to filter in. I was there the night of the big fiasco, “Chicago Fire Anniversary.” I was the only person there over 25. I’m happy to stay home. I need some valium, though, after driving.

  28. Veena (NMD) says:

    Kandi said she was 14 when they formed Xscape – so I youtubed their first hit to see if it was as sexy as Gia’s video. Times sure were different (and no – not sexy at all – more gansta

    • T-Rex says:

      Oh and those girls had talent and were writing a lot of their own music and doing all their own choreography without having a family that spent oodles of money on them to MAKE them something. They were “church mice” that formed a group and got discovered. They had a good run of about nine years, then Kandi wasn’t really performing after that, she had been writing and producing music for other artists, and making a VERY good living at it. Kandi wasn’t an idiot with her money either, she didn’t have an entourage to support, she did support her mother and siblings but not to the extant of her going broke, most of the other girls involved with the group are broke! Interesting to note that Keith Sweat, former ex of Lisa-WHO? had them perform on one of his albums back in the day.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Interesting! What about Britney, Cristina…were they as young as Gia is now?

      • ladebra says:

        Britney performed on The Mickey Mouse Club starting when she was 11. It was not that long after that she started singing pop music I think.

      • T-Rex says:

        Actually Britney and Christina BOTH were on the Mickey Mouse Club. Look they have talent scouts out there that have a “FORMULA” of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to child actors for a show like this and others. They know in an instant whether they are going to work or not. Gia has been promoted, been to NYC agents(who declined to promote her), she has been on a reality-scripted show, etc. and still her parents had to shill out money to make a video to get her attention. I am NOT saying this young person doesn’t have talent, but at this point it’s not her “time”. I hope that she does achieve what SHE wants but it’s a hard life.

  29. cusi77 says:

    So Jill Zarin is threaten us with coming back… “a fan asked her…” she still has ONE WHOLE fan!!!!

  30. Veena (NMD) says:

  31. Veena (NMD) says:

    Favorite look?

    • cusi77 says:

      Is there a “None of the above” option?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Tre and Mel are my faves

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        I sorta like Amber’s dress- but it would be prettier with her hair up.

        wtf is Terehssa wearing? Makes her implants look ginormous…

        Melissa’s dress is simple and pretty but her posture and bizarro expression kill it for me-

        Teresa looks like a golden zombie goddess

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      Mel’s looks too big to me – and she’s sloughing a little. I like Tre’s look and the one under her (still don’t have a clue who the new ladies are.)

    • LEAST favorite look is Ter ESSS a. Her boobs look super weird in that Grecian monstrosity. Nicole and Teresa’s look “gold lame'” which reminds me of a tacky dress my mom wore in the 70’s. I do like the braids in Dina’s hair, but she totally over accessorized that dress. I don’t understand when these reunions went from “cocktail attire” to “prom”.

    • Exit4 says:

      Teresa is meh to me this year, but her hands are normal in this photo! Usually they’re straight. Must be all the drugs. 😉

      Melissa looks good. She almost always does. Good stylist! My only thing is the dress lining seems to stop mid-way-it should go all the way through. Have to see it on TV though.

      Dina-like-but now looking at Mel, she should have said no to the necklace. Too much for the reunion-good for a formal party though!

      Nicole-I like. Teressa-that’s not working for me. The boobs are freaking me out. They look weird.

      On the fence with Amber-have to see it tonight to catch the details of it.

    • T-Rex says:

      While I dislike how Camille acted on the Ho-wives, I think it’s great that she is supporting and promoting this cause. GOOD for HER!! Cancer SUCKS a big fat wad, and anyone making money towards a cure and giving money to a reputable group I am always going to be behind.

  32. Veena (NMD) says:

    My reunion look: dress by @rhodes_ny necklace by @thadcline shoes by @versace_official hair by @vickirocco & makeup by @thelaurakoski zen with boundaries by me #rhonj

    I’m not sure about the necklace with that dress’s neckline.

    • T-Rex says:

      Okay I sent a shot of this picture to one of my gayboyfriends, who said doesn’t DiabolicalDina have a gay Stylist?? Uhm, he said no and no and no, to that combination. If you wanted to wear the neck piece she should have changed the outfit to a high collar dress with the front being totally covered up, NO BOOBAGE(his words). He also noted the arm cutouts were very unfortunately placed as well. He loved the neck piece but thought she should have had someone pull a better black dress to highlight it.

    • chismosa says:

      I’m not sure about ANYTHING on that look from hair to toes.

  33. Veena (NMD) says:

    Big show tonight will be Jacqueline’s twitter account – and Ashleeeeee – and Dina – grab a box of popcorn and enjoy the show.

  34. cusi77 says:

    RHONJ Should be now called “The Walking Debt”Lol!

  35. Powell says:

    Omg!! He’s walking to 2 towers and people are out on their balconies. And it’s FREAKING WINDY!! AGHHHHHH! 😱😱😱

    • cusi77 says:

      It is! Why… Why is he risking his life this way? My first husband was crossing a wide avenue in Mx City, when he reached the Meridian… He collapsed dead with a massive heart attack… It is so sad to see a perfectly healthy man with a family doing this for… Attention? Not even for a charity it’s worth all this cirque he is doing. IMO.

  36. Veena (NMD) says:

  37. Exit4 says:

    OMIB-tell me more about what kind of associations you think Joe has. If not mob then what? I definitely want to hear your take on that! It was too skinny above to ask so I came down here.

    • I Need A Life! says:

      Exit, let me butt in. I had never really listened to Joe G. until the WWHL special. He’s just not bright enough to have figured out this fraud plot on his own. This is not a guy who could have gone through all those forms without help. I’m sure he knew how to put the papers in the mail box. But all he could say was, “I dunno.” It was a brilliant idea. He is not brilliant. Who helped? He’s not going to say. Was it his father? Where did his father get the information?

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        Apparently he – ya know – just did – ya know – what the bank – ya know – told him to do. #itsthebanksfault

      • chismosa says:

        Wow what interesting theories …….

        The mob …..

      • T-Rex says:

        I totally DISAGREE, sorry but just cause someone is incoherent verbally does not mean he is that stupid, Sylvester Stallone would have no career if that were true! ConvictFelonJuicyJoe figured out from his partner how to obtain illegal loans and STUPIDLY didn’t figure out that when the bottom fell out he could just file bankruptcy and no one notice his illegal actions! Sorry the dude did have an actual business for many years he is NOT the idiot they are now portraying

      • Exit4 says:

        It’s not all that tough to pull off, really. But someone did have to teach him. Maybe his partner, maybe his dad. A friend who knows the business. I agree that Joe is inarticulate and not educated in the scholastic way-but he’s street smart. He works the angles and he works the schemes. Look at Appollo-his schemes were pretty advanced.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      oh hai.

      I don’t think Juicy is in the Mafia or the Mob or that he’s “made”. But he’s a not as stupid as he wants people to think- again IMHO.

      IMHO- Someone(s) was showing him what to do to obtain these fraudulent loans- I mean, would you know how to do it? I wouldn’t.

      Again-in my opinion- Joe Gorga took a dirty loan (loan sharks) without his parents knowledge. They had no clue they did not own the home until Poison failed to keep his loan sharks paid, because all his money was tied up in making Melissa a “star” and living in the spec house without the banks knowledge.

      His parents were surprised with a quick, foreclosure/eviction that left them homeless. The spec home was never intended for Joe and Melissa to live in, but Melissa convinced Joe if they got on the show they could keep the house and make enough money to cover it.

      Again- IMHO- Juicy introduced him to the loan sharks. And that’s where the bad blood started.

      because the vig is very high- and if you don’t pay you will get hurt, so that’s where Juicy and Poison’s $$$ was going- not to the contractors, tradespeople or the IRS.

      Kim D nailed it when she says that all the feuds stem from business.

      “Joe and Melissa, you r broke. Don’t get it twisted. ahhh Joe Gorga wanted to shut me up as soon as I came out. He knows I know too much to mess with me.****All the feuds stem from business.**** QUESTION OF THE NIGHT: what # is bigger, the # of cupcakes you’ve made, eaten, or the # of $$ Melissa Gorga owes to the Gov’t? Melissa Gorga ‘s PSE&G was turned off 4 3 days. Idiot. Melissa Gorga you’re poor, you’re a sleaze, your world goes around, so long as you’re on your knees… – Tweets from Kim D (‏@KimDPosche), during the premiere of part 3 of the reunion special

      anyhoo- I have alot saved- some other stuff I didn’t -but basically I just sit back and read through everything and this is what I’ve come up with. It’s okay of you all disagree- it’s all good.




      • cusi77 says:

        I think you really nailed it OMIB with this comment… ITA.

        Ah! Allegedly!

      • Exit4 says:

        I don’t disagree at all. I can see juicy dealing in dirty money. Paying the vig instead of the Nordstrom bill. It’s possible. I’ve heard that about Joey Gorga. I actually think the business problems stem from teresa and Joe lending $ to Joey to help him get started and Joey never paying them back. Or bailing him out of trouble.

        As far as the fraud goes-I said above he would have to be taught by someone-but if you have the tools at your disposal-it really isn’t that tough. Especially when the banks didn’t care. Greed all around. He knew enough to use his wife as a straw buyer. I figured out how he got around the income tax to get the loans. He used his LLCs to commingle accounts. There’s a lot more then we know.

        The thing with this is there’s an obsession with the debt and the mortgage fraud. Probably because it’s measurable. But in the end-the consumer debt isn’t a part of their case or their sentence. That’s civil. In the end they were charged with 1 count of bank fraud each. One. Then 3 each for lying on the bankruptcy and one tax charge for Joe. They got sent up for lying to the government. Had they been straight forward on the BK and the fraud was uncovered, they’d have probation and restitution. No jail. The lying is what fried them, the government gets really mad when you lie and waste their time.

        • MM in OC says:

          Same with Martha Stewart. The feds like to add on all these piddly little charges to bump up the number of charges and force most into a plea deal.

  38. Veena (NMD) says:

    Chateau Sheree drive by on Atlanta

  39. Powell says:

    LOL Miss Lawrence and Derek found Chateaux Sheree. HAAAA!! 😉

  40. Powell says:

    I’m watching Nik, ATL and OUAT.

  41. VV™ says:

    Dear Bravo,
    Please don’t bring this insane/unstable person back.

  42. Powell says:

    Lawrence and Derek are a mess. 🙂

  43. cusi77 says:

    Holy cannoli, I almost passed out watching this crazy man crossing in a wire in my Windy beautiful city.

  44. chismosa says:

    Is the DON really on WWH again?????

    That’s what my guide says —-

    Wasn’t she on like 2 weeks ago !!???????


  45. OneMoreInBoston says:

    oooh did anyone else see Melissa totally imitate Dina’s little hand chop move when she said she’d cut a bitch off? Very…creepy.

  46. Powell says:

    The non-double mint twins are a piece of work huh?

  47. kit9 says:

    Tre starts right off the bat with bs- “she texted me”, seemingly angry and chewing gum like a cow. And, what the hell is Dina talking about-she didn’t hate Danielle? That’s the reason she gave for leaving the show, right? That’s what I remember.

  48. kit9 says:

    That exchange with Tre and Andy was really weird. She thinks he “admitted” something? huh? I did like him pointing out she doesn’t have to be on the show-excellent point. And, first blatant lie of the night from the Queen of Lies!, “I’ve never hit below the belt” ROFL!!!!

  49. Veena (NMD) says:

    Jacqueline alert – she seems to be on her meds tonight – no weird tweets yet.

  50. cdnfillie58 says:

    Tre is doped to the gills

    • mrs peabody says:

      I don’t see that. But I just started watching so I may change my mind later.

      • mrs peabody says:

        To me she just seems sad. I remember when I was going through my divorce years ago and was so sad I just couldn’t seem to concentrate for long periods of time and seemed out of it to some people. This is what I see in her. A person who is so sad that she just can’t concentrate.

    • kit9 says:

      I have to say when I saw that claim from that article that it was probably complete bs but she does seem a little doped.

    • chismosa says:

      I thought so also. It’s like 3 days since sentencing.

  51. cusi77 says:

    Kathy’s mother should follow her own advice about making up between sisters… What about her not talking to her brother… Not even when Mr Gorga was in the Hospital . Family is first in Italian Culture my arse!

    • I Need A Life! says:

      Yes. The aunt knows the camera is running. Shut up. It’s family. This show is too dark.

    • chismosa says:

      I feel mr Gorga did something shady with Kathy’s father. And they don’t let the issues go.

      We have some extraneous relatives (non blood) that we don’t even C-A-R-E have been diagnosed with things. For the evil they’ve done.

      Again just an inkling i get about mr Gorga and Kathy’s dad. Just some feeling I get……. 🔎

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Nonni was the only one who put a stop to Joe bashing his sister when they were all at the shore. I would be a million bucks she wasn’t the one holding the drudge. I bet it was her husband and her brother who couldn’t let it go.

  52. VV™ says:

    That’s the only storyline Froggy and Rosie —–> Talk about Teresa

  53. Veena (NMD) says:

    I agree with Jaq on this one ….

    • VV™ says:

      Yes, but Dina was on the show and she chose to talk about what she wanted and that included Caroline. Dina knew viewers wanted to hear her version.

      Was Jac already signed for next season? She sure sounds very confident that she’s coming back.

      • Exit4 says:

        That appearance by dina was all of 5 minutes and she said very little. Nothing more then she’d said all along at least up until this point. Dina was on WWHL multiple times before she came back and the subject always came up. Jac and Caroline brought it up at reunions. It’s never been a closed issue. It’s been talked about for years. By everyone. On and off the show itself.

        Jac is trying to rewrite history here. There’s a big difference between a short cameo and Jac actually rejoining the show. Assuming dina stays. At some point-it’s all going to hit the fan. They will have to interact. This is what Jac is banking on, she’s trying to pull a gorkilie.

      • chismosa says:

        Yeah didn’t Jacq send some cryptic tweets saying just that a few weeks ago????

    • kit9 says:

      Oh, right! I forgot about that..Dina coming on the show for one episode when she wasn’t on the show to talk about Caroline. Freaking hypocrite with all the don’t talk about family on the show bs

  54. boston02127 says:

    Who’s dress do you like best?

  55. Powell says:

    Are y’all believing this?

    • VV™ says:

      Bravo edited heavily this part. Everybody knows that Teresa and Melissa were not okay.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      Not one bit … Maybe they’ll show ” lost footage ” of this reunion .

    • Boobah says:

      No, Powell. Not one bit. Dina is a total liar and she taking shots at people left and right! Melissa is being respectful though – it almost looks like she’s worried about upsetting Teresa so she’s holding back.

  56. VV™ says:

    Jaaac Waaac is tweeting away…

    🚨🚨🚨🚨 STRAIGHT-JACKET 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

  57. Veena (NMD) says:

    And here we go …

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        (Okay – I have to agree with Dina that a 4 year old isn’t likely to realize that he hasn’t seen his Auntie – especially in such a large family.)

  58. mrs peabody says:

    Melissa looks nice, I like her dark hair better.

    • I Need A Life! says:

      I applaud Tre for leaving. It has to be part of anger management training. Take yourself out of a situation that you think will make you explode. (She needs it for jail.) I would have exploded watching my aunt tell me I should have known better. The aunt is right. But I don’t need to hear it. And Tre didn’t need to talk about this with people who don’t give a crap about her. Good for her.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I agree, Teresa was right to leave. Andy should not have brought it up and Bravo should have left it off the show.

  59. VV™ says:

  60. VV™ says:

  61. mrs peabody says:

    I don’t like the twins. Esp the one in white.

  62. VV™ says:

    Dina posted a video. My phone is taking forever to download it. I’ll wait for somebody here to comment.

  63. kit9 says:

    Uh, what was that from Dina? Seemed to be downplaying Nick’s struggles and it’s no big whoop cause he’s not in a hospital hooked up to machines like the kids with cancer? Dude, no.

  64. mrs peabody says:

    What does Andy not understand about I don’t want to talk about it. It means shut up Andy.

  65. Exit4 says:

    I’m just watching now-bottom line- I know a lot of people here don’t like dina manzo. However, has no one noticed Jacs special brand of crazy over the years? Her MO and the way she treats people she claims to love, including her own daughter? She humiliated that girl-humiliated her and so did her extended family. Ashlee’s a loser was a storyline! Why would anyone subject themself or their child to her? Would any sane mother allow their child to go see this aunt and uncle alone? You all know as well as I do-it would be “tell your mother this, tell your mother that” it’d be an ambush. To top it off-you couldnt be sure that Jac wouldn’t go off the rails and share the entire thing with her Twitter feed. You can’t trust her. Dina is in the right here. Jac wants a sit down, masked as an ambush to air all of her real and imagined slights. It’s so manipulative. If she was decent person she’d simply let Chris and dina meet in their own-no stipulations.

    FTR-this isn’t from a fan perspective. It’s personal to me and I relate. We no longer have a relationship with my BIL and SIL. We are all to blame for the division. But I have made it very clear to my husband, since everything, that he is free to have whatever relationship he wants with his brother. It’s his only family and I will never impede on it. I simply don’t want to be around them. It hurts my in laws, but they get it. My BIL is difficult. It’s very hard-but sometimes in life you make hard choices.

  66. VV™ says:

    She really thinks viewers are stupid.

    • mrs peabody says:

      Exactly how are they hurt? they are not going to jail. IMO they are happy Teresa and Joe got sentenced to jail and their marriage is most likely over. They will be separated for almost 6 years by the time they are done with jail and then who knows what will happen in regards to Joe’s residence. NO I think they are happy this has happened to her. Kathy is so jealous of Teresa.

  67. cdnfillie58 says:

    I don’t particularly care about ANY of these other women… I care about Teresa. She should NOT be at this reunion and subjecting herself to all this rehash. She appears zombie like to me…which tells me she is still in denial, and she will continue to be in denial right up until she has to walk through those prison gates…scary stuff

    • VV™ says:

      This was filmed a few days after her sentencing. I think 2 days after.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I don’t think it’s so much denial as it is shock, this was recorded only a couple days after the sentencing. You know you have to give her credit for showing up knowing that a lot of this was going to be about what happened yet she still showed up. You know of all the housewives out of all cities she has been beat up on almost every reunion (with except maybe the first one). It has to be hard preparing yourself for the reunion knowing what is coming your way. I hope she comes back when she is done. I’m not watching it without her, it doesn’t interest me without her. Does anyone besides me think Kathy is putting on weight esp in her face?

  68. cdnfillie58 says:

    I know that … 🙂

    • chismosa says:

      I don’t get why she “followed through” on her “contract” to do the interview with Andy like 24 hours after sentencing.
      Nor the interview. I don’t think it shows strength.

      It’s not like she has a non-compete clause like newscasters on daytime shows l, right?

      Doesn’t show strength to me. Shows me nothing admirable. Spend time with your kids.
      So fake about “her last reunion” MY A$$

      • VV™ says:

        It was her decision. You don’t like her so, you see it as bad. Only she knows why she decided to do it. I don’t think we need to dissect her every move. 😘

  69. VV™ says:

  70. chismosa says:


    I’m getting a “crown” 👑 put in tomorrow – I feel so young to get this done ! My parents in their 70s have these 😬and I’m just nervous. It’s like a fake new tooth right ??
    Ughhhhhhh….. 😳

  71. Exit4 says:

    Teresa seems distracted and preoccupied (obvs) but not drugged out. It is only part one though!

    • mrs peabody says:

      That’s what she seemed to me to and who can blame her. At least she showed up knowing what was waiting for her. Like I said of all the women on all the different housewife shows she has been the one who has always been beat up on almost every reunion yet she shows up and never lets them break her. I think she is a pretty strong woman. It’s sad to see her family treat her like they have and still do. It was nice for once to see Melissa keeping her mouth shut.

    • T-Rex says:

      I personally don’t like the words “high” and “drugged”, she was probably “medicated”, i.e. a legal medical prescription given to her, which she took, as prescribed, to handle her anxiety and possible panic issues during a very contentious situation. The last thing she wants to do is to be shown “losing it” and yelling in someone’s face or god forbid laying her hands on someone because of all the chaos going on around her in her life.

      • Overit says:

        ITA T-Rex. There is NOTHING wrong with her being on prescription anti-anxiety and/or antidepressants at this time, IMHO. No big fan of Tre, but she already did a Two-part special with Andy on her reaction to her sentence. A few days later, is expected to keep it together again while people/family fires questions at her and dissects her every move. Id say that gives her a pretty good excuse to take advantage of these medications ordered by her Dr!

  72. kit9 says:

    Thank god the Manzo’s are on now. Need some laughs. Although next week looked pretty good. Off this old stuff and start the Jim crazy train.

  73. 2Stupid says:

    I cannot stand those bitchy twins. I think they are the nastiest people ever. I mean they are right up there with JZ and after only one season that is pretty tough to reach that level of hatred.

  74. VV™ says:

    After RHONJ reunion, I changed channels I don’t watch Caroline and her adult kids moronic show and she was going to be on WWHL. Apparently, Carolina said something about Dina. People are tweeting. WHAT DID SHE SAY?????!

  75. VV™ says:

  76. VV™ says:

  77. VV™ says:

  78. VV™ says:

  79. VV™ says:

    Froggy is fighting for a cast spot next year.

  80. chismosa says:

    Hate the Don but

    how she went at Dina on WWH!


    • kit9 says:

      Yeah, she’s been pretty guarded in terms of actually saying anything negative about Dina in the past. That’s over.

  81. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you had a great weekend, enjoyed ATL w/Miss Lawrence & Derek and the wild ride of NJ reunion. I only watched a bit and I just don’t understand what is truly going on w/Dina, Caro, Chris and Jac. Why wouldn’t Lauren invite Lexi to her wedding? IDK. The Laurita family does the opposite of what they preach.
    Well you peeps have a fantastic day and even though it’s Monday, don’t work too hard. 🙂

  82. VV™ says:

    For some reason this link still in moderation dince last night. So, I’m going to copy/paste here:

    Apparently @CarolineManzo states that @dinamanzo told Chris Laurita to leave Jacqueline. I don’t believe that for a SECOND. #liar #RHONJ

    @dinamanzo: @bravo_rhony @CarolineManzo not true~I’d be quiet now my “sister”Don’t go there or I won’t be so quiet. I would text u but I don’t have ur #

    • T-Rex says:

      See VV I totally buy that Diabolical said this. She has an extremely short fuse, she is extremely vindictive and she extremely dislikes her sister in law. Look I have In-law issues, I can’t tell you how many times my evil sister-in-law has told my husband to leave me, she hates me, so like Exit4 posted, I also have severe in-law issues so I can sort of relate to what’s going on. You can say what you want about DonCaro, but she and her husband took in DiabolicalDina and her daughter into their home when she had no money and no home, and they lived with them for several years. Apparently so did wackyJack and BLKChris at some point. Diabolical lies and re-writes history constantly to “suit” whatever argument she is involved with, she tweets crap then deletes the twatter when she knows she is busted.

      • VV™ says:

        I think this tweet from Dina threatening to spill is the reason why Jac has a different tone on Twitter this morning.

        • T-Rex says:

          VV – I am SURE that Diabolical has nasty information on her Brother and WackyJack, I bet those two have oodles of skeletons just waiting to be unleashed from their closet.

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