Real Housewives of New Jersey “Reunion – Part Two” Recap

 Real Housewives of New Jersey

“Reunion – Part Two”

By HydrangeaHussy


Andy asks Teresa if she’s really changed since the first season.  She says that she’s a completely different person.  In the first few seasons, she was very materialistic and let petty things bother her.  It was nice for her to have Dina back for support this season, since Teresa was the last original cast member.  Teresa says that she doesn’t blame the show for where she is, but does say that people came on the show with the intention of hurting her and Juicy.  She warns the other ladies to be careful because friendships were ruined because of those people – Danielle, Kim D, and Jacqueline.

Andy shows some clips showing how Teresa’s family has stayed strong despite her legal issues.  Juicy is visibly upset when his father’s passing is mentioned.  Teresa says that he’s changed and drinks a lot more now.  Melissa says that she knows how hard it is to lose a father, so she really feels for Juicy and the girls.  Teresa says that the younger girls don’t really understand.  Teresa is then asked about Milania, saying that she acts out for the camera.  The crew is used to her because they watched her grow up.  Teresa says that her daughters give her the strength to go on.  Joe says that the issues haven’t brought him and Melissa any closer to the Guidices because they are in their own world right now, but that he is there for his family when they need him.  Joe doesn’t blame anyone for what is happening to his sister, he just wants to be there for them.  Juicy blames himself.

NJ 1

Teresa admits that her legal issues have affected her business.  Some businesses refused to carry her products.  Andy references a court document in which Teresa listed her businesses’ value as zero.  She says that Fabellini does not make a profit yet; the dessert line makes no money either.  Andy then plays some clips from the sentencing.  Teresa didn’t understand that her plea deal included prison time, so she was surprised by her sentence.  Ok, I’ve seen plenty of plea agreements, and the judge will carefully outline the agreement and any potential sentence, then ask the defendant if they understand.  You have to tell the judge that you understand the possible sentences before he/she will accept the plea.  Juicy can’t answer questions about deportation, but admits that he is scared by the proposition.

Right now, Teresa is the larger support for her parents because Joe works, but he plans to step in while Teresa is away.  Amber admits that she was melodramatic on the phone.  Ya think?  Teresa A. says that her heart breaks for Teresa, but she can’t pretend like everything is fine because Teresa is the one who brought Victoria on the show to talk about Teresa A.’s mother.  Andy asks about the handcuff comment that Teresa A. made.  She says that she doesn’t wish bad on anyone, but doesn’t apologize.  Dina doesn’t agree with her, but gives her props for saying what’s on her mind.  Teresa says that they never went over the financial statement before court, so she didn’t know that things were not listed.  Nicole isn’t really buying it; she thinks that Teresa’s attorney should have reviewed them with her.  Teresa doesn’t want people to feel bad for her; they’re just trying to move forward now.   Teresa says that now “gets it” but can’t say exactly what “it” is.

Andy turns his attention to the twins.  Teresa A. admits that it may be crazy to have married Rino again.  They were married for 7 years, then divorced 11 years.  She says that things are better this time because they are older and wiser.  Teresa A. says that Rino didn’t cheat, but that he did date a stripper after the divorce.  Nicole says that they do, indeed, fight sometimes.  They don’t try to hide their disagreements.  Nicole is still living with her parents.  Teresa A. thinks that her sister needs to spread her wings and leave the nest.  Nicole admits that change is hard for her.  She and Bobby are in a really good place now.  They’ve been together almost two years.  She is ready to get a ring within the next year.  Teresa A. says that she and Bobby have worked their relationship out.  Nicole says that Bobby is a volunteer firefighter, but that his family has some money.  Amber doesn’t say that Nicole is with him for the money, but doesn’t discount it either.  We see a clip of Amber calling Melissa a gold-digger, but Amber back-tracks saying that Melissa married someone with money for love.

NJ 3

The rest of the men join the ladies, Joe, and Juicy.  I am not looking forward to anything Jim has to say.  Andy alerts Jim that they need to talk about the proper way to use Twitter.  Jim says that he doesn’t have an anger management problem, but Amber says that he has an asshole problem.  Jim says that he’ll be nice if someone is nice to him, but that he will annihilate you if you cross him.  Such a nice guy!  Jim admits that he isn’t a licensed lawyer, but we knew that.  He says that he is an expert that advises lawyers.  He recently took the bar and has submitted his information to the character committee.  He says that it may take time because he went to law school ten years ago.   Here’s how this works – you graduate law school, apply for admission to the bar (which includes a lengthy character review), pass the bar exam, then you get your license.  The time that you went to law school isn’t really what holds up your character application, it’s any trouble that you may have gotten into – like being accused of being a false whistleblower.  Amber says that he didn’t take the bar immediately after law school because he had a profitable mortgage business.  Jim goes into talking about how much money he makes, and says that he didn’t want to be a lawyer because they don’t make $8.5 million.  Andy asks if Jim understands that people hate him.  Jim takes the opportunity to say that Rino and Bobby had everything handed to them, so they don’t like him.  It’s absurd.

They move on to the rumor that Amber spread about Nicole breaking up a family.  Melissa is asked why she told the twins about it.  Melissa says that she didn’t want to be the holder of the information.  Amber is pissed that Melissa didn’t come to her first, but Melissa says that she just wanted to settle it with Nicole.  Amber says that she was told the information from the family that Nicole broke up.  Nicole admits that she was dating someone before Bobby, who was separated but not divorced.  Nicole compares the situation to Dina, but Jim has to jump in to say that Dina isn’t really separated because she still lives with her husband.  This leads to a big argument about how there isn’t legal separation in NJ.  Amber says that the children were upset because they thought Nicole was keeping their father from coming home.

NJ 2

Amber says that she had many conversations with Bobby about Nicole, and it didn’t seem that Bobby loved Nicole.  Jim is loving this and I want to smack the smirk off his face.  Amber says that Bobby just wanted to be on the show.  Jim pulls out papers showing Bobby with various housewives as proof of his fame-whoring.  Dina feels like she’s in court.  Andy says that props aren’t allowed, but evidence is.  Amber keeps going, saying that Bobby was just waiting for the Bravo contracts to come in and would have left Nicole if they had not.  Bobby just laughs it off.  He says that he was at Barnes & Noble while Teresa just happened to be there.  As for the photos of Melissa and Jacqueline, they happened to be in the same restaurant.  Jim keeps mocking Bobby.  This guy is such a child!  Teresa thanks Bobby for supporting her cookbook.  Amber doesn’t seem at all embarrassed by Jim’s behavior.

We move on to the fight at Bobby’s.  Jim says that he asked Rino to help break up the fight because “young ladies” shouldn’t be acting like that.  Did he not realize what show he was on?  He blames Rino for not helping.  Teresa A. says that Rino doesn’t get involved in silly catfights.  Amber was hurt that the twins ganged up on her.  She thinks that they wouldn’t last on their own.  Rino admits that he thought the fight was disgusting, but that he didn’t want to get involved.  Amber blames Bobby for leading her into the fight.  Bobby says that he had no idea what was going to happen.

Andy tells Jim that people don’t like the way he treats women.  Jim says that he treats women like equals, and that everyone else is sexist for not doing the same.  I’m not even going to comment on that nonsense.  Joe thinks that it’s terrible.  Amber and Jim jump on Joe because he used to talk badly about his sister.  Joe gets very upset because they are talking about his sister.  Jim just keeps pushing Joe’s buttons.  It’s nice to see Joe defending his sister finally.


Happy Birthday Lady Chatterly


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206 Responses to Real Housewives of New Jersey “Reunion – Part Two” Recap

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Birthday Lady Chatterly.

  2. Powell says:

    Tre’s plea deal didn’t include jail time. She was going to get probation. Continuing to lie on the last day when she could’ve told the truth and didn’t got her prison time. She still doesn’t get it !? 😱

    • I really think she thought she could just talk her way out if it.

      She thought being a mother and playing dumb would work in her favor.

      Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Hey OMIB
        ‘Denial is not just a river in Egypt.’…. It’s also an ocean in Tre’s head! She was living in “Fauxlandia” where everything was fake except for the handbags and shoes. Irony at its finest!

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      Powelly – I think Tre’s plea came with a recommended sentence range of prison time, but the judge had the option of just giving probation. Obviously since she got prison time that was a possibility, which was apparently explained to her in great detail when her plea was entered. Didn’t understand – didn’t want to understand …

      Probably what happened was that someone explained to her that it was her best chance of avoiding prison time – to take the plea. I’ve met people like her – they hear what they want to hear.

    • T-Rex says:

      Powell, that is not true regarding the Plea deal. I have read the actual documents she signed in the attorney’s office, and the transcript at the hearing wherein she PLED guilty in front of Judge Salas in April. In those documents the jail time recommendations for her PLEA are “clearly” stated with the maximum months she could receive for Prison time, which was 21 to 27 months!!. She was FULLY aware of what could happen regarding Prison, it was laid out with her attorney, then laid out by the Judge at Plea Hearing. Judge Salas also states unequivocally in her sentencing that ConvictFelonTeresa was aware that she could receive Prison and not probation and that she is not going to recommend the full amount but give her 15 months.

      • I’ve read it too- and you are correct.

        Veena’s theory is as good as I’ve seen- she just believed what she wanted to believe- and now she’s paying the price.

        • T-Rex says:

          Oh, I think their “idiot mouth-piece that bailed on them”, told them she would get probation since she was some supposed expert and such, and they believed her, stupidly, since the attorneys clearly told them not to expect probation.

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            But… big buttttt… had she claimed all of their property as instructed she probably would’ve gotten off with probation or at worst house arrest. Failure to produce the proper financials is what got HER prison time,

            • cusi77 says:

              True OMIB! The fact that she was lying about assets on sentencing day, convinced the Judge that she needed to learn a thing or two in order to be a good mom to her kids (paraphrasing J. Salas).

    • Orson says:

      No, hon. Tre’s plea deal included the possibility of up to 20 some months of jail. Yes, the judge was ready to give her probation and fines until Tre submitted an incomplete and thereby false financial accounting. All she “gets” is that people are being mean to her because they’re jealous of her.

  3. Nice recap- thank you!

  4. Happy birthday Lady Chatterly!

  5. Veena (NMD) says:

  6. 2Stupid says:

    Hey did anyone hear Melissa last night whisper to Teresa that Jim shouldn’t talk about his finances on this show. I think this has more to do with anything about Joey and Mego being quiet. They don’t want their skeletons to come out and be in the same boat as Tre and Juicy. I do think Joey feels bad for his sister, but I get the feeling Tre isn’t buying it, but she’s not about to put her parents through anything else. They and her children are he priority. I think she really blames Juicy but you could tell she is conflicted because she knows how much he is grieving the loss of his dad. It’s just sad. I know you reap what you sow and don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, but after just losing a parent unexpectedly it’s really tough to deal with ordianry life much less something as life changing as going to prison.

    • Is that what Melissa said? Interesting…

      Either deflection or maybe 85M Jim has sne skeletons other than peddling fake cancer drugs

    • T-Rex says:

      I am working on a whole timeline of the fall of the ConvictFelon’s and what led up to all of this, but it’s the jealousy between Convictfelons and the Mego’s that led to a lot some of their problems which started many year ago around 2006/2007. Oh, and for the record ConvictFelonJoe’s family HATES ConvictFelonTeresa, his mother and his brother, both for YEARS have blamed her spending and wanting to live beyond their means for the troubles they are in! You ever notice when they ask ConvictFelonJoe if it’s his fault he never directly comes out and says YES, he qualifies the answer, looks away and mutters, etc.

      • Interesting- where are you getting that juicy’s fambly hates Tre? It’s the first I’ve seen of that.

        Famewhorgas has sone good stuff on the Gorga/Guidice feud.

        • T-Rex says:

          I read it at Famewhorgas, YEARS ago, there are even documented fights between all of them, physical fights, plates and glasses thrown, etc. Then someone posted recently that the reason that his mother is living with his brother and his wife was due to the fact that his mother HATES ConvictfelonTeresa and is one of the reasons she didn’t go to court, the letter she wrote explicitly left her name OUT.

      • Orson says:

        Way back in season 1, I remember Juicy being asked about Tre’s spending and he just shrugged and said “Happy wife, happy life.” And honestly, I’d kill myself if I faced living with listening to Tre’s shrieky voice nagging at me all the time.

    • mrs peabody says:

      So is Jim suppose to be making 8.5 million a year, is that what he is saying? I seriously doubt that.

    • chismosa says:

      I didn’t watch yet but I still hold to my theory that Mel and Joey wouldn’t be flouncing their financial booms by showcasing the new castle and doing the Kid N Play dance gleefully at their castle building and new job prospects with paper shredding unlimited if not keeping an extra eye 👀on what’s going on in their own house.

  7. Veena (NMD) says:

  8. Teresa is actually the LEAST combative person on those couches…NEVER has this happened before at a reunion. She looks like a beaten puppy. Joe looks horrible and embarrassed. Andy kept asking the same questions he had asked them in the last interview which was redundant and boring. I was glad that Joey G. defended his sister. Jim Marchese is the definition of chauvinistic pig.

    • T-Rex says:

      Well, she was on prescribed medication during the reunion, so that helps, in addition, they are still trying to get her out of her Prison time, so she is trying not to do anything stupid in Public prior to going to Prison.

      • Did I miss something? How do you know she is under prescribed mess? I heard one rumor that her makeup artist and hair people give her Xanex before she did the special with Andy and this reunion- but haven’t seen anything confirmed.

        Teresa did carefully chose her words.

        • T-Rex says:

          Xanax, is a Schedule 2 controlled medication and if she is taking it without a prescription in her own name, would be a violation of her probation and plea deal and she could wind up charged for taking it illegally. I was giving her the benefit of the doubt that she had her own prescription for the drugs.

        • mrs peabody says:

          I don’t think she was taking anything I just think she was overwhelmed by all that has happened and very distracted. I think she had a lot of her mind and was unable to concentrate fully on what happened.

  9. Veena (NMD) says:

    I’m not loving the look:

    Dots and stripes! Thank you @Dior for dressing me in two beautiful suits for two amazing nights at the @Guggenheim! #GIG2014

  10. T-Rex says:

    One thing that really sticks in my craw, is the whole ConvictFelonJoe drinks too much cause his dad died. ENOUGH! He was an alcoholic for many years before the death of his father, and is still the same alcoholic now, regardless of the terrible tragedy of his father’s death. I have posted here before that my dad died Christmas Eve walking his dog at the age of 58 years old, he had an aneurysm. I worked for my dad’s company at the time and saw him or talked to him EVERYDAY, he was my best friend, and I know folks take to grief differently, but I think it’s a crock of crap to blame your addictions, that you already had, on the death of a parent when you are a fully grown adult with children and a family of your own. They are angling for this whole “send ConvictFelonJoe to REHAB instead of Prison”, or a hardship case to have ConvictFelonTeresa sent to a halfway house instead of PRISON, because her husband is an alcoholic who can’t care for their kids! I don’t know why folks are not reading through this crock of crap they are trying to feed to the public. If they TRULY wanted to get him help, he should have gone to rehab weeks ago, so that he would be in recovery by the time ConvictFelonTeresa goes to prison! They have learned NOTHING, ZIPPO, NADA! They aren’t paying their bills, they still spend on frivolous items, and have nothing saved for their children. TO THIS DAY, they have not even completed the documentation that the courts requested that they do, they have plenty of time to do them, they CHOOSE not to, because they don’t think the laws apply to them! UGH!

    • It’s definitely a ploy to avoid jail time.

      I don’t think that non anyone is buying into tho.

      I am sorry to hear about the loss if your father.

      13 years ago my mother, godmother, and grandmother died on the same day. If I had crawled into a bottle I would probably still be there.

      Juicy is an alcoholic. His father’s death may be a trigger but there are a lot alcoholics in prison.

      • mrs peabody says:

        yes I think he does have a drinking problem and is probably an alcoholic but his dads death is not the cause of it. I have no doubt with all that is going on in his life and on top of it the death of his dad probably does have him drinking more than he normally did but his death did not cause the problem to begin with. I think all these housewives and their husbands drink a lot and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few have a problem with it not just Joe.

      • 2Stupid says:

        That is terrible OMIB. I am so sorry for your loss. I’m not going to lie, I turned to drinking more right after my mom died. Am I an alcoholic I don’t think so. I did tie one on starting at 8:00 am the day my mom died. It was a way to dull the pain. Did it help, probably not, but I was and still am in denial.

        • T-Rex says:

          2- sorry to hear of your mother’s passing. I can’t say that I didn’t drink a bit much after my father died, but I also had to take over the business right away and so crawling into a bottle just wasn’t an option. I had to help take care of my mom! My father passed in 1995 and to this day, I think I am still in some sort of denial he is gone.

          • 2Stupid says:

            Yeah, when you have responsibilites it’s hard to dive into and stay in a bottle. However, I think Joe’s go to coping mechanism has always been drinking. So I think Teresa is being earnest when he says he is drinking more. I think he doesn’t want to take responsibility for how his life is spiralling downward and probably drinks all the time now. She probably didn’t pay as close attention before, but now she realizes this drunk is going to be somewhat responsible for my children.

            • T-Rex says:

              He has had a DUI, and was drunk on television quite a bit, and folks continually pointed that out to her for years, he was also in a drunken barfight years before the show, and had other run-ins do to being drunk, so again not sure as to why it’s a “revelation” now he is an alcoholic. I think the Prison and court situation and NOT having a real job is problematic when you are alcoholic, but if they really loved him, they would have forced him into rehab months ago. His brother and Mother will do fine if they have to part in caring for the children, his mother is only 61 years old! I have read that ConvictFelonTeresa’s parents actually do live with them and have for a while now, her father does have some health issues, that’s a given, but her mom is only 64, and in good health so they have plenty of support for helping with the girls welfare for the 15 months. We know the Mego’s won’t be helping out, they should be at least helping out with their parents but they won’t they are too wrapped up in themselves

              • mrs peabody says:

                She’s a year younger than me so she should be able to help with those kids for 15 months as should Teresa’s mom. They’re not that old. I watch my grandkids a lot by myself, yea it’s tiring and I’m glad I can go home at night. Since Ter’s mom lives with them she is used to being around them on a daily basis. These people act like Teresa is going to be gone forever, it’s only 15 months!

                • T-Rex says:

                  Mrs P that’s why I cannot stand when they CONSTANTLY refer to their parents as ELDERLY, they aren’t even really retirement age! They should be lucky their parents had them young, so that they can be an active part of their grandchildren’s lives!

      • Oh OMIB, I am so sorry for your loss, that is too much!! (((OMIB)))

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        So sorry for your loss.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I am so sorry 😦

      • not THAT Jill says:

        OMIB-so sorry for your loss! XOXO

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Wow,that’s a lot to deal with OMIboston. So sorry.

      • chismosa says:

        OMIB, my apologies i’m all over the place reading the blog today on different devices, so i just read.
        I’m sorry for your losses.
        hugs. xxoo ❤

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Prison will be the best rehab for Joe to help him with the alcohol problem. I think it’s called cold turkey. And he will also lose weight as well. All in all, prison will be great for this health!

      • T-Rex says:

        That’s what the Judge said as well, when his lawyer first brought up the whole Rehab nonsense, she stated that there were plenty of AA programs right there in good old Prison! Again, a lot of this is trying to show he is UNFIT to take care of his kids so that they can try to get ConvictFelonTeresa out of her prison sentence. Trust me, this crap is NOT going to make the Judge all warm and fuzzy, looks like they are still not learning their lesson and trying to get out of doing the time the Judge wants them to do!

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Not a Tre fan but am amazed that the judge staggered their sentences in the first place. So many children have had both their parents taken to prison and were forced to go to family, foster care, group homes or the streets. HabitualLineCrossingGuidices never know when to stop trying to game the system.

          • T-Rex says:

            Amber their lawyers actually tried to have it the other way, where ConvictFelonJoe went first, presumably to see if in three years they would re-consider ConvictTeresa’s sentence and the Judge saw right through that and said NOPE! In fact she said that it was her first, or they could do the time together!

        • mrs peabody says:

          I’m sure it isn’t anything that everyone else tries to, the judge has most likely heard all these excuses many times before

        • shamrockblonde says:

          Hi T-Rex – is it posssible that the lawyers are simply exploring every avenue they can in their clients’ best interest? while you are more than likely right, and this will not work, is it not incumbent upon theoir lawyers to at least make the effort?

          • mrs peabody says:

            I think that is what they are doing too, not that it will work but why not try.

          • T-Rex says:

            Shammy – They are NOT to be overtly doing anything to get out of their Plea agreement and their sentence, Their Plea deal CLEARLY states that they agree and comply with everything the courts say, including their sentence. If they do not the Plea can be revoked and ALL charges will be re-instated, with penalties. The reason the new attorney could ask for the halfway house without retribution was that this wasn’t stipulated in the Judges Orders, and the Judge quickly remedied that with stating NOPE PRISON is where I have ordered her to be! She really needs to stop saying she “didn’t understand” crap as well, she did, the lawyers made sure she did, the judge made sure she did, just STOP. You are GOING to Prison. Suck it up, do as the courts ask and get your “financial” house in order, or you are going to be there not 13 months, but the whole danged 15 months! I don’t know how to post PDF links here, but the Plea agreement was actually astonishing to me of all the stuff they had to stipulate to, for the Federal Prosecutors to accept the deal. You have to remember that the Federal Prosecutors are STILL watching these two and probably looking for any excuse to charge them with more crimes.

          • T-Rex says:

            Woot woot found a link that will work for the Plea agreement:
            Number 12 is where they agree to not appeal or make a collateral attack on the sentencing handed down by the judge as long as it’s within the guidelines. Those guidelines were 21-27 months and the Judge gave her 15 so well below the guidelines

            Click to access Giudice,%20Teresa%20Plea%20Agreement.pdf

    • Cartwheels says:

      I saw through that ploy thru and thru, Teresa playing the poor idiotic moron who doesn’t know how to read and is signing papers right and left (still no comment on who was swearing in person in front of loan officers) , Joe blaming his alcoholism on his father death just to get rehab instead of prison time.
      I didn’t think about the angle of Teresa also pushing the issue of Joe’s alcoholism to work her way out of jail and into a half way house so she can take care of her daughter being that drunki is passed out, but you are right, there is absolutely not one thing that Teresa would not do to get out of jail , except doing the right thing that is.
      Teresa is dumb as a fox.

  11. cdnfillie58 says:

    That was a terrible thing to have happen OMIB….hugs

    • Sigh

      It’s a shitty club to be in


      Everything -even the horrible awful things -happen for your higher good. I’m hopefully a better person and I know I try to represent them everyday in the best way I can.

      Thank you

      Hugs back

      • Cartwheels says:

        You are definitely a much better and stronger person because of it. Hugs to you, I can’t even imagine losing one of my parents, let alone both at the same time 😦

      • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

        What a terrible thing to go through ((OnemoreinBoston)).

    • sparklemuffy says:

      😦 sorry OMIB — so awful I don’t have any words ((( hugs)))

  12. Exit4 says:

    Schedule changes for NJ again!

    Reunion Part 3 is Tuesday the 11th

    Secrets Revealed Part 4 is Thursday the 20th

  13. Good Lordy they are dragging this crap out aren’t they

    • T-Rex says:

      They are getting every DIME they can off of the backs of ConvictFelon’s, I hope they are compensating them for all of this publicity and ratings! They need the money and they are the ones bringing in the ratings.

    • Exit4 says:

      I counted and it’s only 18 eps this year. Short for HWs.

  14. Soo….I’m hearing Booby was sued for sexual harassment at his fathers car dealership and settled out of court for 300K???

    Off to research this winner

  15. boston02127 says:

    Great blog, thank you! The reunion was a fiasco. I think they all lie and it comes so easily to them.

  16. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Great blog as usual. This seasons reunion is lackluster at best. Pt1 was dictated and paced by Dina and Tre. They were controlling the questioning and protecting each other by co-signing, piggybacking and digression. Quite annoying. In Pt2 Andy was finally able to get his prison questions in much to Tre’s chagrin. She loves loves loves to spend but hates hates hates to be accountable. The Twins and JAmber came ready to fight but can’t seem to get out the gates. Maybe Pt3? I’ll be watching.

  17. boston02127 says:

    I wonder if Jim and Amber really teach their kids to treat others like they treat you. Jim has so much anger and is adamant about living by this rule. Amber never speaks up when he explains this way of life. Even thou I don’t have kids, I can’t understand why you’d want them to grow up being so defensive. I think it’s sad for the kids. I don’t see any happiness or just being light hearted and silly in their future.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      They seem ok on the t.v.

    • mrs peabody says:

      Why not try to take the high road and treat everyone with kindness. I agree that Jim is a very angry man, maybe one of the reasons is he has such a high opinion of himself and no one seems to share it, maybe that is one of the issues he is angry about.

    • mrs peabody says:

      Are all the kids both of theirs or is that older boy his from his first marriage?

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      I think Jim was a short ass little nerd in school and most likely bullied… This is his way of coping … Beating everyone else to the punch … IMO

  18. T-Rex says:

    Since folks were questioning the breakup of the ConvictFelons and the Fabellini folks, here is their twitter post regarding no longer working together. In addition, as I noted they have taken down all information on their website and it’s just a home page with their contact information, they used to have other links on their webpage which are all gone now. I am not taking any glee in this, I think folks should pay them, if folks want to line up to meet them. I find it rather odd that if a product is making money, why you wouldn’t keep working with the folks making you that money! They pled guilty way back in April, so they wait until they are sentenced six months later to part ways? Chisy posted that the Fabellini Twitter page is still alive but I double checked and no event postings have been updated since February 2014. They did have an event scheduled in October that was cancelled the day they were sentenced.

    • Exit4 says:

      I think they waited until after sentencing because the business going forward or not depended on how much time she was going to serve. I believe her when she says the businesses aren’t profitable. The gelato bars never really got off the ground, the other stuff she had with fabulicious/skinny Italian foods hasn’t gone anywhere, Milania hair care is over, now fabellini. Did she get paid personally? Probably, for the licensing and for promoting the products, but that’s not making a profit. That doesn’t come until you’re selling more then you invested. These HWs products are so niche-they won’t sell without promotion by her. 15 months is too long to wait it out. The gelato company did put out a statement that they weren’t done working with her, that they are on hold, but I don’t see it continuing. Her best hope is to spend everyday in prison writing and put out a book when she gets out. And if bravo does what I think they’ll do-it will be as if she never left the show. I’d be suprised if they fired her.

    • Cartwheels says:

      I do not blame any businesses from distancing themselves from the Guidices.

      Teresa and Joe has shown such disregard for the law hiding assets at every step of the way until the very last moment that I am sure the feds will be on their backs for a long, long time. They will scrutinize every deduction, every cent earn by them and what business would want to put themselves through it?
      There is already talks about how Teresa only accepted cash for her book signs or her product signs, don’t you think that this raises a huge read flag with the IRS as far as tax evasion, something that they have just been convicted of? I know that if I was a business owner I definitely would not want to have the feds and the IRS looking at my books every so often.

      • T-Rex says:

        Cart- Yes they took cash for their appearances and such, and it’s why the Judge got so mad, it wasn’t just the information of what they didn’t provide regarding their assets, their finances were so convoluted with what they reported that even their own lawyers said it was “complicated”, nope it’s what they call CRIMINAL. They are supposed to be going through all their finances and correcting all of it and re-submitting to the courts, which has not been done! I am with you I think a visit from the IRS-Fairy is not going to be a happy one in their near futures!

        • Exit4 says:

          The problem isn’t taking cash for appearances-that money is tracked because her reps get a cut-and they document it in their companies returns. People deal in cash all the time. The problem was they just chose to omit possesions and income to the court. What they did tax wise is seperate. Except for Joes lack of paying taxes-so far she hasn’t been accused of anything like that yet. Yet. See below about the signings.

          • T-Rex says:

            Exit – I am going to beg to disagree regarding the traceability of the cash appearance payments. It’s in one of those files I sent, the Judge said that they had willfully enjoined their personal and business finances and that they were ordered to get all of that separated out and resubmit that to the courts. From what was read it had to do with specifically “cash” they were receiving, that did not match what they claim to have received. i think she was handing them a “proverbial softball” to get their crap together and if they don’t she will be handing this back to the Federal prosecutors and the IRS.

            • Exit4 says:

              I just went back to read-it never said anything specifically about cash or appearance fees? Separating the accounts, cooperating with the IRS, disclosing the financial record etc. are all part of their standard supervised release (probation-after their jail terms are done). That and no alcohol, drugs, not being allowed to open new credit etc. As far as the IRS goes, they have 6 months to fix anything that was incorrect in the past-the rest of it is conditions of probation. Meaning, they have to pay their taxes and submit financial info in a timely manner during those 2 years. And provide everything asked of them correctly during those 2 years. The paper trail still exsists from her past income, there’s always a trail. That’s how they got caught with all of this by the trustee. The only tax issue was Joe not paying. Prior to the bravo years. There’s nothing regarding her-I’m sure she’s been or will be audited-and if there’s discrepancies-they’ll be found-by the paper trail! Lol

      • Exit4 says:

        The book signings would not be a red flag because she’s not making money off those books. Signings that are done outside of bookstores are always cash only. All of them-meaning authors besides teresa. When you write a book-you’re paid an advance and if your book sells beyond that advance you might (if that’s your deal) get some royalties. Whether the literary agency or teresa herself purchased books for promotional signings-her income is based on the advance and her sales-all of which are tracked by her publisher. So whatever cash is made-is actually a reimbursement to her literary people or her. Most likely the literary people. You only pay taxes on actual INCOME, which in her case is tracked and documented by her publisher. People made a big deal about that because it’s her-not realizing how often you purchase things cash only no receipts. I went to a signing 4 years ago-at a jewelry store and it was $20 cash, she signed the book and took a picture if you wanted. I happened to have the book-several people did. So I paid nothing for her to sign and take a photo. You only paid for the book.

        When Ramona did her wine signing-you paid the store if you bought a bottle. Not her. In NJ, you can’t sell liquor outside of a liquor store or restaurant with a liquor license. But those things are a little different-she’s fulfilling her obligation to promote the products on behalf of her alcohol dealer. So her pay, like Ramonas, is an appearance fee or part of her licensing agreement. Which is income tracked by the company that hired her. These appearances aren’t like craft shows, where you mark up your creations (to cover materials and time) and make a few bucks for each item you sell. It’s part of a larger deal. The income (that’s taxable) comes from the larger deal, not the small appearances.

        Oh-I replied to TRex earlier but it’s in moderation. Whenever I switch from iPhone to iPad I end up in mod! Lol

        • T-Rex says:

          Exit – But there has been proof they were paid $5000.00 in cash for “appearance” fees to MANY of their events, so wouldn’t these be subject to the IRS? They are supposed to file self-employment quarterly taxes on these types of income correct?

          • Exit4 says:

            First thing-I don’t doubt she received $5000 for appearances, but I doubt it’s in cash. It’s not just teresa who has to declare income and expenses etc. the businesses she works with have to as well. There’s a paper trail. Appearances aren’t set up by them personally. She has a management team. The management team is paid-not her. They take their fee first-then pay her. The management team does the tax documentation. They are a business too. They probably 1099 her, maybe, but I’m sure there’s other ways based on the type of business it is. I’m not sure how someone like teresa is classified. Independent contractor, entertainer? That I don’t know. Ultimately, it’s up to teresa and her accountants to file her income taxes correctly. But as far as the way her signings are set up-it’s no different then any of the other wives.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I believe they wd be required to file a 1099 for for her. Well, where I work, we use them for vendors who earn more than $1500 per year. Where I work those vendors would be guest musicians or guest speakers.

  19. chismosa says:

    PINDY are you back??????

    i see a gravatar……

    i thought of you when i watched Nightline the other NIGHT IT WAS ALL ABOUT the HELLO KITTY convention!!!! in LA?
    It was adorable !

    Hope your daughter has had fun with all her stuff going on
    🐻 🌯

    • I am back but I have had a horrible head cold, so been out of it. It was HELLO KITTY CON!!! We were driving around down there and saw all the people with there Con bags, I was jealous!! But I talked to a family in the elevator and they said it was RIDICULOUSLY crowded, so that’s just fine with me. We saw the lines at all the restaurant because we were going to try and have lunch in Little Tokyo but we ended up at a restaurant in the center where the Nokia Theater is…it was delish!!

  20. boston02127 says:

    Did anyone else think it was kind of funny that Jim’s “evidence folder” fell flat. You could tell he had more to show after the pictures were shown and that he & Amber wanted to go on with their “evidence”.

    • It was funny. He is all bark and no Bite. Plus he already tipped his hand on twitter.

      It’s also much ado about nothing. One fame who’re calling another one a fame whore.

      Kinda like the kettle calling the pot….

    • HuskerHuny says:

      He may have shown the rest of his evidence folder, but it might have fallen on the editing room floor. If so, it probably wasn’t too exciting!

  21. shamrockblonde says:

    Happy Birthday Lady Chatterly! – may all of your wishes come true! – *sets down ice cream cake*

    OneMoreInBoston – my prayers are with you and all your care – I cannot imagine the heartbreak of that big of a loss – my Grandmother used to say that God never gives you a cross that you cannot bear – He must know you to have a strong and gracious heart – that you continued on is in and of itself, an example of the very people that you lost – you honor them in a truly courageous and loving way, each and every day – I pray that your memories of your loved ones ease your heart, bring a smile to your beautiful face, and remind you always that love is the most powerful blessing and best weapon against the hurt that exists in our lives –

    *hugs One MoreInBoston really hard*

    • Awwww thanks my Irish blondie- you’ were always such a wonderful writer- this is beautiful
      Thank you

      My mother used to say that too.

      Also- put down the cross someone else needs the wood- when I was being a martyr and melodramatic – lol

      • shamrockblonde says:

        LOL!! – it must be an Irish thing – my Mom and my Grandmother too! and always for the same reasons!!

  22. So I’m still poking around looking for he settlement but this is all I could find regarding Bobby’s sexual harassment lawsuit.

    • T-Rex says:

      Usually settlements are not listed in the courts, they close the case and state that a resolution by all parties has been met, or that both parties withdraw the case without prejudice, but the particulars aren’t ever really given. They usually pay-off the plaintiff and have clause that they have to keep their yap shut about any payments and give no other information or interviews about the case, especially to the media

  23. not THAT Jill says:

    IT’S FRIDAY!!!
    Y’all know what means right??

  24. Orson says:

    I’ve thought of Tre’s next campaign for getting out of going to prison. Billboard, buttons, and bumperstickers that read:

    For every day Teresa Guidice spends in jail, God kills a kitten.

    Please, think of the kittens. 😥

  25. T-Rex says:

    OMG! I don’t even think if I won Powerball I could buy this place. WOW! This was also developed for the owner by none other than Mohammed Hadid! Guess he isn’t friends with Murray because his firm didn’t get the listing.|main5|dl21|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D559625#!slide=3090408

    • T-Rex says:

      Okay those of you with dogs, you have to see picture I think 3 or 4 with this Amazingly beautiful walkway through some part of the house over water. All I could see is my dogs constantly running through there in the water and back into the house. That would be one of the first things that would have to go, LOL!

  26. LaineyLainey says:

    Thanks for the recap, HH. I didn’t get to watch it, but unlike you, I LOVE that Jim told Joey basically that he has no room to criticize him for the way he talks to women,when he called his own sister garbage on t.v. I totally agree with Jim. And when Joey took offense with this, he was offended for himself for being called out as a hypocrite, he wasn’t really that offended that Jim said Teresa’s name. We all know, It was Joey who called his sister garbage and scum. Not Jim. He was just quoting Joey. I don’t see why it’s wrong of Jim to refresh the memories of those who are casting stones at him. It’s only fair. I just cannot hate Jim. He is treated like crap by the others and no one seems to care. No matter, Jim cares and is willing to stand up for himself. Like him or hate him, he is NOT BORING.

    I wonder why no one mentions Rino’s part in the Victoria Gotti rumor that (didn’t) shake the RHONJ? Or did I miss that?

    • chismosa says:

      i didn’t watch yet but why the EFF didn’t grecian-boob-goddess-dress go after her hubby for STARTING the damn rumor???



    • Lainey- I hate this guy with a purple passion.

      Not because of the way he treats others- which is pretty shitty btw- but because he knowingly marketed fraudulent cancer drugs to cancer docs to prescribe to their patients.

      The drugs were ***useless*** and he KNEW that.

      Jim Marchese is Satans’s spawn.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I hear ya, OMIB. This issue was discussed at great length here and it’s not as black and white as all that. But I’m not here to argue, first, I’m not good at “apologetics” unless it’s something I about which I care deeply and 2) you are entitled to your opinion and your passionate hate for Jim Or for anyone else.

        I just see the show so differently than some (not everyone)!!!! Because I do not hate him. But I should also point out that I was a Brandi fan for her first (and 2nd?) season, I thought she a little rough around the edges but harmless. And Now???? Completely turned around. I wish they would get her off the show because I like it a lot and would like it so much more without her. (I think)

      • Exit4 says:

        Not to defend him-but that’s not exactly what happened. It was a real legitimite drug-but it was only approved to treat a certain type of cancer. His company did what a LOT of pharma company’s do, found ways to market its “off label” uses. The thing with drugs-they are always being researched and tested and people on the inside know that many drugs can treat many other things. But you can’t offer a specific drug for another disease without approval from the FDA. Which takes forever. So, the companies push off label use. It doesn’t make them fake or even Ineffective-you just aren’t allowed to do it. But it’s done all the time. And they were billing Medicare incorrectly-another no no.

        No one has ever come forward claiming to be hurt by any of it-generally people with cancer take multiple drugs-this wasn’t marketed as a cure-but as one option in treating patients.

        One example of off label is Wellbutrin. It’s an antidepressant-but it also helped people stop smoking. Drs used that off label for smoking cessation. I think it’s approved for that now.

        • T-Rex says:

          Viagra was discovered as on off label brand originally as well. I remember reading it was a drug that went through the FDA the fastest to get it re-classified as a boner pill. That’s why in the beginning they were having issues with dudes having a heart attack in the initial days of usage.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          No. This is incorrect information.

          It was not merely off label.

          It was being marketed illegally. Which why Jim ratted the company out.

          But then he lost out on any reward $$$ because he was considered the architect if the fraud.

          He was also accused of kickbacks which is illegal.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            The article you linked says he was never indicted. Yes, he was accused. But was he ever officially charged or convicted? I’m really asking. I feel like I read that he did not completely lose out on a whistle blower reward. I think, I think he still got something.

            • OneMoreInBoston says:

              Yeah that’s what he says too.

              That if he was guilty than the government would indict him.

              Well, he was the one that blew the whistle. He was in line to make beau coup bucks offa that. The govt said no way Jose because he was the one that initiated the fraud itself.

              Interestingly it was the testimony if his ex girlfriend that caused him to lose out in the 10% of the $$$ that was paid in fines-2.5M for him alone. He hid and destroyed documentation of what he did.

              And if course the “author” wrote a manuscript outlining his role in this fiasco.

              federal prosecutors said he should not be rewarded for “egregious wrongdoing” .

              So whether they convicted him or not is not relevant to me.

              He concocted an elaborate scheme to market a worthless drug to oncologists full well knowing it was fraud.

              I’ll take a thirsty fame whore rich playboy over this POS anyday.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                I wonder why he wasn’t charged, though? It makes me wonder if there was no proof. You’ll take Bobby over Jim? LOL! I’ll take neither. But if push came to shove I’d take ….Jim? He doesn’t go around spontaneously singing ‘Figaro” like Bobby.

                • OneMoreInBoston says:

                  He wasn’t charged because he destroyed the evidence! So all the Justice adept could do is reneg on the $$$.

                  What’s the matter- don’t like opera? You take the Fraud – I’ll take the Fugazi. 😉

          • Exit4 says:

            Promoting the off label use is the illegality. Having seminars telling doctors it was approved for other uses when it wasn’t. My gf has been In This business for years-kickbacks were standard operating procedure when she first started. They cracked down so hard on all of it. No more expensive dinners, sporting events in box seats all kinds of perks to get a doctor to buy from you. No more sweetheart deals with suppliers. He was prosecuted for anything and he got his reward. Over a million bucks.

            The drug isn’t even the interesting part of the story. That’s business. The fact that he helped create the schemes and later blew the whistle isn’t the interesting part. Most whistleblowers are part of what they blow the whistle on. What’s interesting is that when he was fired (the company claims it was over kickbacks-I suspect it was something else) then he blew the whistle. He took revenge on the company that wronged him-In his mind. Just like he’s doing to his cast mates. It’s not a put on-he’s a pitbull. I wish he’d start a revenge taking service-Id hire him. There’s a few people I’d like to see get marchase-d. Lol

  27. Exit4 says:

    Some of you may have heard this story from my area on Facebook or your local news. I’ll post a link but if anyone is sensitive to things regarding children-don’t read it. It’s horrific.

    Anyway-at 7pm tonight if any of you can-light a candle for this little 3 year old boy! His short life was ruined by the animals he called his parents.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I will light a candle Exit. This is pure evil, as there have been no reports of drug addiction or mental illness that I know of. That poor child. Imagine the suffering. He deserved so much more.

      • I saw this on the news. Just makes you sick to your stomach.

        And I agree- pure evil.

        • Exit4 says:

          As more stuff comes out it just gets worse. There was also an 11 month old in the home-as well as the 6 year old who was also abused. I don’t know if the 11 month old was hurt at all-as of yet. How no one knew this was happening is beyond me. Abusers are good hiders, but the 6 y/o had to be in school….senseless.

    • T-Rex says:

      I am going to post something controversial and Veena if needed you can remove, however Stories like this one make me all for sterilization of some humans! This woman and man should never be able to reproduce or be around another child ever if they ever get out of prison.

      • Exit4 says:

        The going to seek the death penalty. They’ll never see the light of day again.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I for one agree with you. Some people should not be allowed to have children.

      • cdnfillie58 says:

        I’m not for capital punishment but I do believe in an eye for eye…do to them what they did to this little baby…breaks my heart..I’m hugging my little 3 yr old grNdson extra hard today

        • Orson says:

          Now I feel sorry for the thousands of 3 year olds who are going to have to put up with getting extra long and strong hugs from their moms, aunts, and grandmothers for the next week or so.

    • mrs peabody says:


  28. T-Rex says:

    Gawd, I just thought she was a brainaddled drug addict and now she has added “piece of shit” to her repertoire. Again, will point out that if this was a mere little “bite” she would not have been hospitalized. I am unfortunately well versed in hospitals and most doctors try to do things Out-patient when possible, so this isn’t just something to blow off you drug addled SpaceCadet. I get loving a dog, I have had dogs my whole life, but crap, that dog could have killed a smaller child that accidentally opened the wrong door. Again PIECE OF SHIT is too good for how I feel about this moron

    • T-Rex says:

      GOOD! I wish she would lose a ton of money, but unfortunately she probably has Homeowners Insurance and that will pay out for the injuries! Good that finally someone is going to file charges! Again I do NOT advocate this dog being “put down” but it needs to go to someone who can handle this dog, like a Rescue that focuses on these type of dogs. She is the ABSOLUTE REASON this dog has behavioural issues!

      • Exit4 says:

        I’m glad it’s happening this way. I know you don’t agree, but given that you have to take legal action to remove the dog-I get why Kyle may be reluctant. It’s not for lack of concern for her child or anyone else-but the idea of having to go after your own sister legally (and publicly) could be more then the family or any family can handle. I’m going to stick with my theory that Kyle put this out here to force action. Because it’s out there, people are talking. They weren’t before. The trainer, the bravo crew, this friend-no one was willing to speak until kyles daughter was bitten. No one was willing to hold Kim responsible. I’m the end the result will be the right one-the dog will have to go, as it should.

        • T-Rex says:

          DrugAddledSpaceCadetKim is still a piece of shit! Sorry, but to go in public and blame your niece and others is reprehensible! No wonder that dog has the issues it does, the owner is crap!

          • Exit4 says:

            I agree with that! My point was that I know Kyle was getting a bunch of shit for not doing more-and I can understand that. Bottom line, Kim Richards can barely take care of herself-far less a dog of this breed. Not trashing pit bulls-I know people who own them as well as Germans, rotties and dobermans. Very intimidating dogs! Sometimes-like people-dogs can have a bad disposition. Little dogs can be terrors and bite too. My friend I posted about yesterday had problems with her Dalmatian-an iffy breed. Training of course, is important but the disposition of the dog plays into it as well. Bottom line, Kingsley is not the right pet for a Kim Richards. He’s just not.

            • T-Rex says:

              Sorry but VileKyle is just as much a piece of crap for not reporting either! I am glad she is being trashed all over the internet for not reporting. I am sorry, if my sibling owned a dog, of ANY breed and that dog had a history of attacks, and attacks that led to major medical treatments, and it was freakin chihuahua and you did nothing you are crap. Big dogs just cause more damage which is why they require proper training and owners who know how to handle them, but I already disliked VileKyle on a number of levels and she has even gone further down the crap level for me for this incident. She is a terrible mother for NOT standing for her children and reporting this incident!!

      • Powell says:

        T-Rex isn’t it funny how Kingsley is in Kim’s room. She knows he’s in her room and people keep going in her room and getting bitten.

      • T-Rex says:

        Rebecca, just posted the new article wherein her friend is now going to SUE her for the dogbite. See above. Good thing is that she will HAVE to give up the dog if she tries to use her Homeowners Insurance to pay off the lawsuit, because the Insurance company will require the dog be removed from the home, or PieceOfShitDrugAddictKim will have to fork over the money out of her own pocket, which I doubt she has, she is the LOWEST paid Ho-wife.

        • mrs peabody says:

          I’m surprised someone at the hospital did not report the dog once they found out what happened to her niece. I’m really surprised Maurico didn’t do something about it, it was his daughter and she could have been killed. What if it had been the smaller child of his.

          • Exit4 says:

            Even if they did-it’s still a process to remove the dog from the owner. Like I posted above, Kyle and Mauricio would have to legal actions-even just filing police reports. They’re in a bad spot. Kim stated that she told her niece not to go into her room-she did anyway. But in Alexia’s defense-Kim wasn’t specific as to why. Was she alone? With one of Kim’s daughters? Her mom? With Kim? I’m not blaming the victim-but sometimes with animals, you have to listen to the owner. My oldest loves dogs and cats-he pets almost every dog in the neighborhood! My neighbor lets him walk one of her dogs with her, if she sees us outside. But we have some other neighbors who are good dog owners and say upfront-my dog doesn’t do well with children. We stay away. We respect that. At the same time-if you can’t manage to socialize your dog with family members and frequent visitors-it’s a problem. Alexia and Kim and whoever was with her bears responsibility here too. Again, not blaming alexia, odds are she simply didn’t understand how temperamental Kingsley was. Where’s AZ girl? She knows this subject well!

            • T-Rex says:

              Exit, that is NOT the law in California. As long as the victim was NOT an intruder in the home, if they were attacked, the owner is liable, period. If an animal has the potential for violence they are to be placed under strict control. I posted the statutes yesterday. I guarantee this was NOT as DrugAddictKim and VileKyle are reporting as to what happened. This is their lawyers carefully orchestrated response to the media! I am SO glad that the friend that was bit is now coming forward and suing. Under the extremely strict statutes in California that a dog with a potential issue of attack should be muzzled when any contact with others may arise. Again Pit Bulls were outlawed in California for more than a few years, when that was overturned and folks could own again it carried very strict policies should that animal be a threat to humans.

  29. Exit4 says:

    I was telling Mr. Exit the dog story-OMG he’s not as kind as me! He asked me how old alexia was. 18-19 she’s in college. He had no sympathy. It’s one thing (in his mind) for a younger child to be impulsive and ignore a directive-at her age? That shouldn’t be the case. I made my argument that if your dog has these issues-maybe you should rethink owing it. Bad Mr. Exit declared its her choice (Kim). As well as every other adult who enters her home. It’s their choice to bring their kids…his position is that if this is an issue-make her visit you and simply refuse to enter her home. Damn Mr Exit! He made sense! Lol.

    • T-Rex says:

      WOW! So, do you have kids? You are saying that if someone stated to your children that their dog that has an issue of attacking other folks to the point of biting to the bone, attacked your child for opening a door they may have done in error, that causess so much damage to YOUR child that it required a hospital stay and two surgeries, you still would blame your child, even if that child were 21? We don’t know why Alexia was in that room, whether it was even true that the dog was IN a room or not just roaming around like it was when it attacked her friend!

      • We also don’t know if the dog has been beaten or abused.

        We don’t know where Kyles daughter was- just what Kim is saying- and I’m taking that with a big grain of salt.

        • T-Rex says:

          DrugAddictLyingPieceofCrapKim asked her friend, that is now suing, to LIE about the incident where she was severely bitten! So, if she asked her to lie, why wouldn’t folks think that she is also lying about this incident!!

      • Exit4 says:

        I do-7 and 2 1/2.. Like I posted above-I do not allow my children to approach a dog without permission from the owner. I don’t pet a dog without permission from the owner-and I’m 41! My youngest won’t approach a dog-he loves them-but then he gets scared! My oldest loves them-but I always question the owner and defer to them. I have taught my oldest to let the dog sniff him and I always tell him-pet the butt not the face! I also would not bring my children into a home where I knew there was an iffy dog-and if I did-at their age Id be on top of it. Again, I
        am not blaming the victim- even at 18-19, you don’t always get it it’s a family pet-they won’t bite-you’re not a stranger-there’s a comfort level there.

  30. Orson says:

    For some reason I feel I should mention my experiences with dogs with a bad rep.

    First was a cousin’s timber wolf hybrid. I had never met the dog before when I came for a 3 day visit with my cousin. Just before I entered her house, she warned me to take off the ball cap I was wearing. She explained wolfie was a rescue, and his previous owner was a male who wore ball caps and abused the dog. So, I took off the cap, left it off for the visit, and left wolfie his space. On the 3rd day of my visit, cousin had to go to work and left me home. I continued to leave poochie alone until I realized he might want to go to the bathroom, so I called the dog, asked him if he wanted to go out as I held a door to a fenced yard open for him. He ran out and I closed the door. A while later, I opened the door for him and asked him if he wanted to come in, and he did so. Later that afternoon, after cousin had returned, I was sitting in a rocking chair talking with cousin when wolfie walked over to me and planted his head on top of my thigh and looked up at me with big sad eyes. So I petted him on the head and neck and he seemed pleased. Did you know the coat on some wolf hybrids is a different texture from the head and shoulders then for the rest of him? Anyway, after a bit, I stopped petting him and he let out a quick bark saying “Hey, you’re not done!” so I continued.

    Next, a Pit Bull Terrier. He was owned by my second cousin once removed, whom I was meeting for the first time. Both the cousin and the dog. I had taken my mom to visit her cousin at her cousin’s home and grandson and dog were there. Well, I know enough about dogs to know they can be very territorial and wary of strangers, so I was cautious. With Sean watching, I approached to about 5 feet and bent and offered the back of my hand for a sniff. Dog approached, sniffed, and then licked the back of my hand. When he started running figure 8s around my legs and rubbing against them, I figured petting would be in order. And I learned I should have been wearing shorts, as he was wagging his tail so vigorously he left red marks that lasted a half hour.

    So, what did I learn about dogs with bad reputations from this? Basically, that I didn’t know much about them. And that in the future, I’ll be cautious around them. I don’t back any dogs I don’t know very well into a corner (or whatever equivalent) and if they shy or retreat from me, I’ll respect that and leave them their space.

    Having said all that (sorry), both Kim and Alexia were at fault. Kim, for never being serious about training and socializing the dog. And she should have warned Alexia to stay out of her bedroom BECAUSE THE DOG WAS THERE. And Alexia should have respected the dog’s safe place. And THAT being said, the sad thing is considering the dog’s history (4 attacks?) and his age, I suspect it’s too late to try to train the dog and there’s only one thing left to do with him. 😦

    • Powell says:

      Yes you have to respect a dog’s space. That reminds me of when I was growing up. One of my aunt’s neighbors had a female German shepherd named Broomhilda. She was big and beautiful and scary. The only one that could handle her was the owner. She only listened to him and sadly he didn’t teach her to be obedient. I grew up w/my aunt’s neighbors kids. The kids were afraid of their own dog. When she would come out on the porch no one would go on the porch. She was so bad that she killed several if her puppies from different litters she had. She was so scary that when she escaped from her dog house the word got out around the neighborhood, “Broomhilda is loose!! Broomhilda is loose!!”. All kids, every man, woman and child stayed their behinds in the house until she was caught. The neighborhood was quiet until she was caught. Can you imagine a neighborhood full of kids playing ball, riding bikes, playing music not doing those things because of a vicious dog? I don’t recall her biting any kids or anyone. But she was scary and everyone took it seriously that she was not a dog to mess with.

  31. Of course we are all taking what Kim, Alexia, the friend are saying at face value.

    All we really know is there was a dog bite requiring hospitalization.

    The rest is pure conjecture- including being told to lie.

  32. chismosa says:

    Not sure if this one was posted :

    FRIDAY NOVEMBER 07, 2014 05:10 PM EST
    Kim Richards May Have to Put Down Her Dog After Its Fifth Attack on a Human,,20870360,00.html

  33. So, I have a history with dog bites. My son was attacked by a German Shepherd when he was about 6. The kids were playing outside on the 4th of July. The owner of the dog had left the dog out during fireworks and we all know that is a no-no. Kids were running between yards and the owner’s son yelled “sic him” to the dog and the dog attacked my son (I found after the fact the idiot owner actually had been training the dog as an attack dog by using the padded arm cuff, etc.). The dog took a hunk out of my son’s upper back, bit his hands and his forearms. When I realized what happened I confronted the owner and went ballistic. I told the guy I would shoot his dog! (LOL this is humorous since I don’t ‘own a gun nor have I ever used a gun, but I was really). This ignorant owner called the police on me! The police came after I had taken my kid to the hospital and told the guy “yeah, she threatened your dog because her kid was attacked, but you just called the police and told us your dog bit her kid!” Not the brightest. Anyway, because of the ordinances in our city, the dog was under quarantine for 10 days and then had to have Rabies vaccine. THAT’S IT!!! Yes, I held the owner responsible for the medical bills, but the city did nothing. Guess what? The dog then bit 3 other kids after mine and the city still did nothing.
    Now, another story. We got a boxer puppy (I am familiar with this breed as I have an 8 year old boxer, too). My 16 year old was laying on the floor under a blanket and was playing with the puppy. We all know puppy teeth are like shark teeth and terribly sharp. The puppy caught his ear and put a 2 inch gash in his upper ear. I had to take him to the urgent care to get it glued and taped. THEY HAD TO REPORT THE “BITE”!!! Even though it was my dog and it was a 12 week old puppy, they were required by law to report it. It was silly and when the health department called they even kinda laughed, but said it was standard procedure and accept that.
    My points, I think the hospital reported it and the health dept. will deal with it accordingly, but if the city ordinances do not have a “punishment scale” (3 bites, your out!) then she can keep the dog.
    On a side note, my good friend has a pitbull that she got as a puppy from a rescue. He is absolutely adorable and the friendliest dog ever. He has a wonderful disposition and I do not hesitate to play with him and have my kids around him. I am a strong believer, it is not the breed! It is the owner (or previous owner)! If you adopt a rescue pitbull, you need to be aware of it’s history and be cautious. You need to bring in a trainer and LISTEN to that trainer. Bully breeds dominate by nature and need to understand “pack mentality”. If you do not respect this breed, you will create a dog that is dangerous to others. SHAME ON KIM!!! She has now contributed to the bad reputation that this breed has.

    • Powell says:

      Ooh Namaste sorry that happened to your son. Wow!! But yeah it’s the owner in my book too. Poor dogs don’t stand a chance w/improper owners. I live in MD and one of the counties has a no pit bull ordinance. I think it’s so sad. Obedient pit bulls and responsible owners pay.

  34. ladebra says:

  35. Powell says:

    Hello everyone. Good morning. I haven’t gone out yet but my mom said it’s cold. 39 degrees. 😨😨😨😨 Yikes!! But it’s supposed to warm up around 60. Don’t you just hate it how the bright sunny day is deceiving? It looks so nice and warm but it’s cold. Oh well. 🙂
    Has anyone watched “Chrisley Knows Best”? I’ve only seen maybe the last 10 minutes of aa couple of epis. Just watched. This is their 2nd season. I don’t know who Todd and Julie Chrisley are. I started looking but not thoroughly cuz I’m being lazy but they’re in the midst of what may be, allegedly be bankruptcy fraud. Their bankruptcy trustee has asked the judge for more time to review docs cuz he thinks a few of the docs are fraudulent, the Chrisley’s aren’t being truthful about their assets. Sounds sooooo familiar huh? Who are these people? 🙂

  36. Powell says:

    OMIB, NMD, T-Rex and Orson sorry I wasn’t back on after my comment yesterday about Tre. I was at the doc getting my treatment, went shopping not feeling well and when I got home I mostly slept. I’m back to normal today. 🙂 I know what you said regarding Tre’s sentence was how it went down. That was just my medicated short hand frustration at Tre saying she didn’t know her plea deal included prison. I’m really tired of her saying she didn’t know this, she didn’t know that, she didn’t understand. Do y’all think it’s going to just take her being in an orange jumpsuit for her to take her head out of the sand or is this just going to be Tre’s modus operandi?

    • It’s al good baby doll ! No worries- I’m glad your feeling better today.

      IMHO- sometimes God, The Universe, whatever you believe in- has to send a very powerful message in order to facilitate change.

      Look at the amazing platform the RH franchise provides, yet very few try to do anything meaningful to benefit our larger society

      Yet Teresa’s “story” is being followed around the country- and is even in the European tabloids.

      It’s a compelling morality play and when she gets out? I really don’t think Teresa will fade into obscurity- she is very charismatic and my fervent hope is she will begin to use her power for good.

      We may see this situation turn into something amazing.

      Maybe Melania will become the first female president.

      Or a stripper.

  37. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good morning new post – “Jill Zarin sticks a straw up her nose”

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